Monday, April 28, 2008

Denial is a Holocaust River in Lebanon.

Lately I’ve been catching a lot of flack about not denying a particular holocaust that affected a Jewish population ‘along with a number of other populations’. This particular holocaust was just another of the ongoing holocaust routine that is part and parcel of life (and death) on Earth. It wasn’t the biggest holocaust or even the second biggest. One of the biggest is going on right now in The Congo but since that is primarily happening to black people it isn’t a real holocaust. When I mentioned it once, a Zionista Israeli told me not to “compare those animals with my people.”

I thought maybe I ought to state my perspective and perceptions as they relate to the absolutely most important and only one hundred percent genyouwine holocaust for which all those hundreds of McHolocaust McMemorials stand as emblems of the world’s biggest victim franchise on the planet; accept no substitutes.

I realize that nothing I say is going to satisfy those who want me to come right out and say something so that they can turn around and use it against me. The truth is- I’m pretty certain- that the people hassling me to come out of the closet I'm not in are actually members of the Self-Chosen Ones; the only people whose lives matter. They would like to have me on record as saying something that would give them the opportunity to call me a something or other according to a particular bankrupt terminology. They are, according to their own infallible judgment, the only human beings on the planet and their Holy Scriptures say so. They wrote those scriptures so there’s no arguing with it or the imprimatur of that bloodthirsty demon they worship as a God.

I’ve read a few things from the people that have been declared ‘holocaust deniers’. I don’t know if there’s a death penalty, preceded by torture, for that blackest of all crimes yet but I know they’re working on it. I’ve read the forensic report that there were no mass graves at Treblinka. I’ve seen where the numbers crunchers from the holocaust industry office at Auschwitz lowered the number of human dead (as opposed to any insects who might have died) by about 2.5 million over the years while being able to maintain a steady six million ‘human’ victims over all. That kind of math is a little too fancy for me and I wouldn’t know how to present an argument using facts based on their own numbers when it is certain they would prove me wrong.

I’ve seen the official Red Cross numbers and I don’t work for the Red Cross and, once again, I’m puzzled as to why they aren’t holocaust deniers. This kind of thing is beyond my scope and capacity. It just confuses me.

I don’t know why certain people want me to come right out and say that something didn’t happen. There is certainly some confusion in the numbers. It is even stranger because I’ve always said what I thought all along and anyone who reads in the archives can find more than any one inquisition will ever need to convict me of thought crimes and prove (not that proof is ever necessary in these cases) that I am a hateful pariah who should be executed on international TV after which peace and prosperity will dawn upon the Earth within a few minutes and last for a thousand years.

I’ve already said most of whatever I can say but for some reason I just haven’t said it the right way. But... isn’t it usually the case that you just make up what people say and put words in their mouth anyway? So why do I have to say anything at all? No, I just don’t get it.

I’ve said that the Zionist movement is equally as responsible for the suffering in the Nazi camps as the Nazis were. They refused to allow aid to the prisoners and they refused to let them be shipped to other countries. They did this and more and it’s all well documented. They even declared war on Hitler before Hitler got around to doing much at all.

I’ve said that the holocaust industry has used this holocaust to justify behaving just like the Nazis as they work tirelessly to replicate the behavior of the Nazi in their calculated efforts to wipe out The Palestinian people whose land they stole and who have not had the grace to disappear into the desert or commit mass suicide.

It’s an observable fact that Israel is no different than Nazi Germany in its behavior and philosophy. The Nazis were the Master Race and now the Israelis are the Master Race. Any fool can see that most of the wars of the last decade were planned and pushed into being by dual national Israelis who are in control of American foreign policy. If anyone wants incontrovertible proof that Israel is a land of psychopathic demons they only have to look at what they are doing to the Palestinian orphanages. Of course there are hundreds and thousands of examples that this is a nation of psychopaths but just this one particular series of events is all that is necessary to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that Israel is a land of monsters.

Well... let me get to my point and then get on with whatever it is I do from day to day. Here’s what I think about this ‘particular’ holocaust and the world wide effort to suppress any inquiry into the facts of what really happened. I think that when you go to extraordinary lengths to suppress free speech and to virulently slander, ruin and imprison anyone who questions or criticizes something (and ONLY that something) my reason and my intuition tell me that you are hiding something and that furthermore you are using your version of events to enrich yourself and justify the most brutal behavior on Earth. It is my opinion that this event and the figures that go up and down and never change are used to blackmail the governments of the world and to control the world.

I’m on record as to saying, unequivocally, that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks and that they were also involved in the London tube and Madrid bombings. Of course they were. I have more proof of this that anyone has proof of the official story.

Israel and Israelis worldwide are involved in so much criminal enterprise from Aruba to Columbia and all point north, west, east and south that they are probably the biggest crime syndicate going and it’s all perfectly legal and fine because somewhere in the way-back somebody did bad things to them and now they can do whatever they want to anyone whenever they want and no rules or laws apply. They can take helicopters that the Americans gave them and then sell them to their partners in the Columbian drug business. They can do anything they want... for the moment. They can go ahead and attack Lebanon again and maybe this time they will get the Litani River and so on and so on. It will be Lebanon’s fault too. We, the rest of the peoples of the world are just a bunch of chicks that got gang raped and were ‘asking for it.’ The way we were dressed and the way we behaved, we forced those poor Israelis to ‘do us’ and we, specifically requested ‘anal’, just in case one of these whore chicks is saying otherwise.

Somehow I am sure that I didn’t say enough again to satisfy the people who write me and tell me I’m not saying things hard enough for their tastes. Look, I have my area of operation and it’s not just about Israel. Yes... this is a monster and an abomination upon the Earth but it’s not the only one. So please forgive me if I take on other subjects and don’t make this ‘particular’ holocaust my sole concern. I don’t really think about it that much. I’m concerned with things that ARE HAPPENING, not things that ONCE HAPPENED. Whatever actually went on back then is more the concern of scholars and statisticians and I am neither. I will say this... out of all the holocausts that did and didn’t happen whenever that was... there are more holocaust survivors now than there were at the end of the war and they have certainly gotten their moneys worth. It’s a cash cow of incredible fecundity.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jimmy Carter, The Pope and The Mean Machine.

In the last offering, I was talking about religion and ‘some’ of its negative features as well as some of its negative figures. As could be expected, not everyone agreed with me. That’s fine. This will be along that vein and will deal with the potencies and personalities of two men; Pope Benedict and former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter.

I’m going to talk about them in the context of the horrible genocide being practiced by the reprehensible Israeli government upon the Palestinians, happening right now in real time. This odious mass murdering that goes on day after day is, along with 9/11, one of the infallible measurements of any leader’s honesty and courage. Whoever is not speaking out from the power of their position against either one of these conditions is either a cowed lackey of the perpetrators or a willing accomplice. There’s no middle ground here. There’s no wiggle room. There’s no excuse.

No one can tell me that The Pope or any other posturing figurehead in any religion or government the world over does not know that Israel was and is behind both of these situations. If they don’t know then they are stupider even than George W. Bush and even Bush knows who did and who is doing what and where in connection with these two events.

It’s all very well for The Pope to ‘deplore’ (don’t you love that word?) all the things that he deplores as expressed in all the vague generalities that his office is known for. When it comes to something like the Palestinian situation there are two ways that you can go. You can state the plain truth and let the chips fall where they may or you can talk out of both sides of your mouth.

Every single day we see things like this. Every single day we see more and more of the same thing. You can see it if you are there. You can see it through the eyes of those filming it and writing about it. You cannot see it in the mass media and that can only be because those controlling it do not want you to see it. Go and see who has controlling interest in the collective mass media and that will tell you specifically who does not want you to see and hear about it.

The Pope, this Vicar of Christ, knows what’s going on. He could do the job he got installed for according to the teachings of the one whose will he represents here on Earth but he does not do this. Is he busy shopping for shoes with Condoleezza Rice? Is the glare from his glitter suit so great that he can’t see at all? Is he just a bird in a gilded cage?

Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter is doing what should be done by The Pope. He’s doing, as an ordinary Christian, what so many supposedly extraordinary Christians can’t find the time to do. The uproar in the mass media is outraged that Jimmy Carter would meet with a member of the LEGALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT OF PALESTINE. He’s catching it from shit weasels like Jackie Mason I don’t know if you can actually bear to watch this video but it is telling on more levels than my words will ever accomplish. He’s getting it from Alan Dershowitz and every Zionist mouthpiece that can slither up to the microphone.

He’s being pilloried by every talking head whose ass belongs to the Ashka-Nazi’s. He’s being inundated with a tidal wave of slander and lies and he goes on about his business of being a real Christian in a world of plaster saints.

People write me often and tell me that I’m too soft on The Jews; that I don’t address the Holocaust Hoax, that I don’t say this and do that. I’m not going over to the dark side just because a handful of psychopaths, both Christians and Jews are redefining the word ‘evil’ in these present times. I am not unaware of the lies and motivations behind them. I’m not unaware of the forces of revisionism and decades of devious manipulations that were every bit as responsible for everything that happened as those upon whom it has been blamed. The truth of the matter, or rather, the transparency of the lies in cold, hard statistics are there for everyone to see.

I know there’s more to the story always and there are a number of Jews who are doing everything possible inasmuch as they can I know that there are Jews who have been against the terror state of Israel since its inception. There are true Jews who have opposed Zionism all along. Anyone who thinks that all Jews are evil hasn’t listened to Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen or appreciated any number of the fine contributions that certain Jews have added to the treasure house of human endeavor. It can be a convoluted work indeed to try to separate fact from fantasy as seen in this brilliantly researched article on Einstein.

You’re not going to get me to declare all Jews evil. Jesus Christ was a Jew. If there is any one criticism that I could level at The Jews as a people at this time it is that far too few of them are speaking out against the ugly and pernicious behavior of Israel. That’s my complaint about The Pope as well. He knows what’s going on but he’s too busy having lunch with the people causing world hunger and over-seeing the milking of nickels and dimes from bloody Third World hells.

It is history’s job to judge these characters. It’s the jobs of the agents of powerful, material forces to fabricate history for the benefit of those raping the populations. It’s the job of the human conscience to remind us of our duty and it is the passion of any realized soul to answer the call of their conscience. But what of those who have no conscience? Aye, there’s the rub.

In my opinion, all of the things being done at this time are being done in plain sight, or when they aren’t, are being exposed to the witness of the world after the fact for a very good reason. This reason is unseen and unknown to those participating in the heinous crimes of the time. They are out manifest ‘here’- masquerading in human form- in the production of evil on the plane of judgment to come. The powerful never imagine that their day will arrive. “Who can touch me?” “I will destroy all who oppose me.” This is what they tell themselves. Just as Robert Mugabe will tell himself this morning as he has so many mornings in the past.

Jimmy Carter is doing what none of his fellows are doing. He is standing forth and speaking truth to power. He is unafraid. In his heart he knows that he is right and he most certainly is. Let him stand as an ongoing embarrassment to all of the rest who cannot find the courage and honor required of them. Let him stand as evidence of what The Pope is not. Let the wounded psychopaths howl and scream for blood... and more blood. Let everyone who is here in this moment understand that it is here in this moment that what is required of you should be said and done.

None of these things need to be but they are. What strange miasma clouds the Earth and human perception that denies the inhabitants the capacity to SEE THINGS AS THEY ARE? We do indeed “see through a glass darkly.” For all of you who are doing what you can in these uncertain times, be assured, it is not unknown or unseen and neither is anything else. Life is full of surprises and you may all of you, every one, be certain that there are surprises to come.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Darkness that Feeds on the Darkness in Itself.

One of the problems I have with religion... wait a minute... I’ve got a number of problems with religion and I think I’ll cover them all here today. It’s a perfect time to discuss something like this; given that the world’s priciest drag queen is doing his “King of Hearts” tour of America in the Elvis-mobile.

Religions are all based on principles, set down in laws and theories of behavior delivered by the founders and then pounded out into the hard metal of enduring time. The priest class gets into the act about as soon as the founder is sent on his way by the preexisting Pharisee class through whatever Sanhedrin they’re operating... or it might be bad food; as is attributed to the passing of Buddha, or poison as is associated with Mohammed. You check the histories in the mythologies and you get the idea.

The priest class sets up a schematic which, coincidentally is designed to transfer the operation of the founder’s power to their intermediary operations as they negotiate between God and man all the little niceties that are required for the smooth functioning of the operation, which amounts to a business no different than any other company or corporation you may be familiar with. So... in the space of a couple of hearts-beats lawyers appear as well and the priests and the lawyers manipulate their siphon machines for the benefit of those closest to the trough.

This is a little cynical, I know. Many churches and members under the umbrella of the greater corporation do outstanding work. At the same time, many members and churches engage in missionary work promising violence or with-holding food in order to quicken the conversion. Then there’s always the threat of hellfire before and afterward. So, maybe the good and the bad cancel each other out while the ugly remains untouched in the hard drive.

You’d be a fool (my opinion) to believe that governments and religions and corporations do not engage in a conspiracy of control for your attention, your freedom, your sweat and blood and the fruits of your labors.

Okay... that’s one of the problems that I have with religion, or several of the problems I have as parts of the central problem. Another problem I have is the ridiculous outfits of some of the religious heads. I think the purpose is to lend majesty to the weight of the office they occupy. To a sane person it looks like the rank vanity of deluded mortals appearing in dreadful musical theater while viewed on bad LSD. Its purpose is to lend to the atmosphere of mystery which is the main product that religion sells. Mystery is a great product because no one knows what it is and it’s easy to sell according to whatever fears and desires you may be preying on; or is that praying on? Some Christian sects will promise you eternity in Heaven if you leave them all your goods on departure. I’m assuming you need to have some amount of goods otherwise you’re flying economy class and you’ll be getting the full body cavity search on the higher planes; presuming you are going in that direction.

The chief by product of religion is hypocrisy along with profit and perpetuating the organism. Survival is as much a priority of soulless enterprise as it is in any life form capable of recognizing threat. So it is that you get the obfuscator in chief of the pedophile scandal now operating as Pope and wringing his hands about what a tragedy it was while he was the main force behind its continuance. Religion gives us many terrible ironies and this is only one of them. Yackety yack, don’t look back.

This is the age of bad religion. Well... it has pretty much always been that age. But in this age it is the major mechanism that drives the war machine. You could say that the psychopaths are merely using this because it’s a great hot button for encouraging the canon fodder to die uselessly once again while they fatten their wide asses off of human misery. You could say that and it is probably true but it’s still the big clarion cry with the most amount of face time at the moment.

If The Pope was just performing in the longest running Broadway musical of all time then that might be fine as mere fatuous entertainment but he’s a player in the whole game and he’s got about as much connection to and the same relationship to God as... the fabled devil.

All the religious scams that are about as efficient and user friendly as Best Buy just go on spinning their web of disinformation along with governments and corporations ...and the web that binds you into a hallucinating belief in anything they do is all spun out of the strange sexual orgies that they participate in with each other. Don’t think about it. It’s not a pleasant image. They are joined in present time with the new breed of rip-off which is the majority of New Age operations and Scientology and any system that has got you putting fruit and children’s bodies out in ceramic dishes to appease the God of Blood and Thunder.

The kicker is... there really is a divine agency. I know this to be so. I know it... not believe... know- beyond a shadow of a doubt due to personal experience that perpetuates from one day to the other. This is the good news because ultimate karma takes care of these thieves, liars and murderers in good time. Unfortunately it doesn’t accomplish it until enormous harm gets done and that, I suspect, is because so many people are waiting in line to replace these people and would love to do the same thing to their fellows, given the power and opportunity. That’s the key. People stupid enough to believe in this rubbish are also often venal enough to want to practice the same things that they are suffering now. This is why dumbing down and propaganda, mumbo jumbo, mystical hand signs and outfits from “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” are employed as they are.

Meanwhile, all of these religions and governments and corporations send out the message that we should respectively, love each other as ourselves (probably not loving ourselves accounts for a problem here), obey the law and be a good citizen ...and practice able dealing for fair profit when... when... their closest connections to any of these things occurs when they are mouthing the words.

There have, maybe, been good Pope’s. There has certainly been bad Pope’s but I suspect this one is one of the bad ones. Millions of people will go on attributing divine agency to this over dressed clown. Millions of people think George W. Bush is a Christian. Millions of people believe lies and order their lives according to these lies and would love to be among the people spreading these lies because there’s nothing like being in a position of power for being able to exercise all of the worst traits in the human spectrum.

I’ve got no good words, or the usual upbeat closure that often attends my posts, to offer you today except to use your common sense and to realize that we, the mass of humanity are the real power. If we would stop supporting these religions, governments and corporations they would have to change the way they do ‘business’. If we shut off their water they run dry. Until humanity realizes this they will be sheared and slaughtered and sold to their fellows as packaged meat. I suspect they are going to have to be pushed into terrible desperation to get their priorities right. It’s a crying shame but that is the way it is.

For those of us who can see, I suspect we are doing what we can. It’s not a requirement that we win the battle. What is required is that we did the best we could manage. The battle against ignorance has raged through recorded time and ignorance has generally won. However... it would have been a lot worse and possibly over already if so many of us had not striven (often at the cost of the life) to hold out a lantern and a helping hand to each other. If you are looking for the essential element that religion distorts for a profit. If you are looking for that mysterious force that can transform your life and the lives of others, I suggest you look into your own heart where it has always lived. Call it what you will. Call it God or Love. Call it Truth or what have you... it’s there and you’re good to go when you find it. You don't need a priest class to bugger your beliefs.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Slip Sliding on up out of The Behavioral Sink.

It hasn’t been a walk in the park, living in this world, these past eight years or so. Since the Bush Crime Family and whoever is running them, or whomever they are running, slithered into the highest office in the most powerful nation on Earth it has been a time of grayscale existence. It’s been dark. I don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about this. Talking about it is nearly as depressing as the fact that it happened in the first place.

Maybe you’ve had a good time these past years, I haven’t. Sure... I haven’t starved. I haven’t been sent to Guantanamo. I haven’t... never mind. I don’t want to get into it now. I need to find some good in things. I need to believe in a better world and try to come up with something to say that will leave people more hopeful. It isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible. I get so angry sometimes when I see what should be obvious to everyone. I become angrier still when I see that it isn’t obvious to everyone. I want to find a way out of this bad dream and it would make me very grateful if others could find their way out too.

While The Sleaze Ball in Chief and his merry band of animal rape artistes have been gangbanging the world in the hope that they can reproduce Damian from The Omen by the sheer number of their forced violations, some few lights have refused to go to sleep in the submissive darkness of the times in which we live.

While The Pope, who used to be the guy who was in charge of covering up all of the pedophile scandals, tours the U.S. in his pimpmobile and waves at the crowds of clueless Schmoos, some people just went about their business behind the scenes and did some remarkable things that nobody seems interested in.

Sometimes I feel like every blow that lands on the legs and hands and feet of the people of Zimbabwe is landing on me somehow. That no one has just marched into that country and hung Robert Mugabe on Pay per View tells me all I need to know about the world and shows me that maybe we are just bacteria. That Israel has no qualms about going into Zimbabwe and messing with the election with the same calculating profit motive that they used to support and maintain South Africa’s apartheid regime makes me think that the bugs from Starship Troopers won the battle and then just dressed up in human clothes and we finally started calling ourselves humans while we went on acting like psychopathic flesh eating bugs. Maybe we are just pond scum whose natural disposition is to eat and breed and kill. And then along comes a guy like Dean Kamen.

Most people don’t know who Dean Kamen is, even though he is everything all of the rest of us ought to be. I struggle to find the nobility of the human spirit. I struggle to find it in myself and to see it in others and it is not any easy task. It’s the easiest thing to see it in Dean Kamen though hardly anyone bothers to look. The first time I heard about him was when he invented the AutoSyringe then I heard about The iBOT then I heard about The Segway and finally there is The Slingshot There’s a Wikipedia page of stats on Dean one of the great human beings of our time and this is what he gets. There are no trumpets. He should be brought forth upon the cosmic Lupercal and crowned with as many laurel wreaths as he could stand up under. He should be feted and wined and dined and given his own day of the year and a key to the Seven Cities of Gold. He gets what amounts to a chamber orchestra of kazoos. His latest invention hardly got any mention at all.

You might wonder why I used Wikipedia several times when some of you know I despise Wikipedia. I did it so you could see how little time they devote to Dean Kamen and his wonderful, wonderful work. Someone once put up a Wikipedia page on me and sooner or later Wikipedia decided I wasn’t important and I’m not; neither is Wikipedia. Dean Kamen is important. One Dean Kamen is worth ten million Jimmy Wales and you can’t make book on number equivalent comparisons to trolls like Bush or any of his capos because one of them is too much.

If you bothered to read about the Slingshot then you can see that Dean Kamen has solved one of the biggest problems facing the bug culture in the human suits. I expect that there probably isn’t anything Dean Kamen can’t solve when it comes to technological necessity. I will never in my life achieve anything close to what Dean Kamen has done but that’s no big deal. What is a big deal is that almost no one will and yet we celebrate all the rank pretenders. Hey, it’s okay to peel off and go find out what Paris Hilton is doing. Go ahead... we’ve all got our priorities.

In a decent world they would make turf fertilizer out of the Robert Mugabe’s and Paris Hilton’s of the world so that Dean Kamen could walk across it while we throw flowers and money and beautiful women at him. He’s my idea of a rock star. He has made the world a better place. And hardly anyone has said anything about his latest and greatest invention. He’s one of the truly great men to ever come down on “this sweet swinging sphere.” (To quote Lord Buckley) and we just don’t care. Has Dean Kamen received the Nobel Prize? They gave it to Henry Kissinger so it’s probably not worth shit but still...

They gave it to Al Gore for talking up Global Warming so that the bio-fuels industry could starve half the world to death so it’s probably not worth shit but still....

There are a lot of little minds out there that don’t think Dean deserves the award it makes me wonder what awards are for anyway.

I didn’t feel so good when I started writing this. I know some heavy things are about to hit and there’s nowhere on my couch or under my house where I can get any respite from the gravity of it but Dean Kamen makes me feel good. I haven’t talked about the other things he has done. I wonder how many people will care to find out.

Today someone told me that Michael Rivero was an agent for MI-6. I guess it is because of his Hawaiian ancestry. I’ve had people tell me bad things about everyone I have ever heard about. I figure even I, without knowing, am probably a CIA agent and was involved in 9/11. What am I supposed to do with all this negative information? How am I supposed to rise up above the clouds that circle this Earth with all the paranoia on one hand and all the packaged crap on the other? Dean Kamen is a piece of evidence that providence has not deserted us.

Bush can rage like the impotent jackass that he truly is. Government terror cells can terrorize the people. British court evidence on 7/7 can reveal the same 9/11 passport- phony ID’s strewn around the wreckage in the ongoing seven come eleven crap game of these endangered times. Hell can walk the Earth in a spandex glitter suit so that our dreams can be consumed in whether to be the hole or fill the hole but Dean Kamen keeps on chugging.

There are other Dean Kamen’s laboring in their laboratories in search of one more answer to keep us going one more day. There are hearts burning and sprits yearning and deep in the center of our being is an urge for freedom and understanding; a helping hand extended for no other reason but the desire to help one another and make the world a better place. That’s what I want to think about today. What I want to think about is those noble, often unknown and unsung portions of ourselves that are not bugs... they are human beings. Dean Kamen... you rock my world. For all of us that do give a damn; thank you! Thank you as much for your selfless drive; your restless energy to create and your magnanimous heart as much as for the things you have done to ease the pain and sorrow of this troubled world.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sailing on The Blood Money River.

Bon giorno good readers and friends; it’s another day in the Empire. Money and blood are flowing in twin rivers, turning into each other and then turning back into themselves. Blood is flowing out of your body and into the banking system. Money is flowing out of the banking system and turning into blood. It may well be a perpetual motion machine.

Before I try to figure out what it is I’m going to say; what the subject will be and where it’s going to go I want to thank Michael Rivero for having me on his What Really Happened Radio Show yesterday and to provide you with the link for listening to it if you are so inclined. I’ve gotten many emails about the show from people who listened and even more from people who didn’t get to listen or only heard part of it so... there it is and now we’ll return to our Hobie Cat and continue our sail on Blood Money River.

It’s difficult for me to be as precise as I would like to be because I don’t have any sources at the NSA and none of the flies on the wall are fixed up with transmitters to feed into my listening devices. So... I have to ponder and speculate and imagine.

There are two things that keep popping up in my mind and I’m thinking that maybe they are connected somehow and maybe I should talk about them and it could help me to understand them better or someone out there might have some ideas about what it all means.

I keep thinking about PNAC and the serendipity of 9/11; how one flowed into the other on the Blood Money River and then traveled in the ocean currents over to Afghanistan and then into Iraq. I think about the conditions on the Turkish and Pakistani borders and how Iran is snuggled up in the center of it all. You throw in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan and a couple of bodies of water and you have the boundaries of this country. There it sits.

I may be going out on a limb here but it seems to me that the main goal of the neo-con psychopaths in PNAC was and is Iran. Now it goes without saying that PNAC is dominated by dual national, Israeli/Americans and that the whole putsch of the organization is to benefit the interests of Israel. Somehow this little- made up out of false rhetoric and historical fantasies- country, which didn’t exist until 60 years ago has become the most powerful and problematic nation on Earth. Power on Earth comes from money. There’s no two ways about it. You could say that it comes from armies but you don’t get armies without money, ergo...

Where does money come from? It comes from banks. Banks are where money comes from and banks turn money into a blood river that flows around the world changing into money and back into blood and back into money. You can learn all about the blood money exchange if you’re of a scholarly bent or, if you are one of those people that likes to watch then here’s three and a half hours of it. You’ll know all you need to know once you’ve taken the time to learn; which is always a big part of understanding something and, let’s face it... we’re all sailing on The Blood Money River one way or another and it doesn’t hurt to have some charts.

Of course... if you just would rather be uninformed you can just keep drifting with the currents on The Blood Money River and see where it takes you.

When you look at all of the trouble that the low to the ground, blood-sucking, shit weasels at PNAC have been to; bringing down the towers at the World Trade Center and decimating Afghanistan and Iraq as well; reeling in the opium drug-blood money as well as their corporate connections to the war supply profit machine it would be foolish to assume they are not going to go after Iran.

My good friend Paola over at does not agree with me and has got precise arguments concerning it. I want to believe but... once again... all that trouble they went to... Iran is the ultimate prize in the chess game which is really about Russia and China when you look deeper and... I just don’t know. Whatever does happen, you can count on a false flag event that will conveniently track back to Iran. There’s a good chance they will try to kill The Pope because THAT would put all the pieces where they want them.

People don’t realize that Iran would have long ago been bombed flat by the US and certainly by Israel except for Russia... that’s a big consideration that no one is talking about.

The other thing that keeps coming up in my mind is... all over the world, many of the people and all of the governments know that 9/11 was a Mossad/CIA hit. It’s known. And an interesting thing is happening with what looks like the formation of a UN investigative agency to look into the role of the American neo-cons in what happened on 9/11. But... how come, for so long... so many people have kept their mouths shut? How come, with all this threatening of Iran... how come Ahmadinejad does not take himself before the world and lay out what is threatening his country and ask for help? Why doesn’t he talk about his people and their dreams and a desire to live in peace and directly address the lies? I’m having a hard time saying what I want to say... Where are the passionate voices of powerful individuals who should be standing before cameras and writing for newspapers and saying what needs to be said? Why is there no grouping of good guys, in a position to do something, traveling the world and speaking out on behalf of the world in the face of this terrible monster who wants to swallow civilization and drown it in a Blood Money River that will have neither blood nor money if it destroys the thing it is feeding on?

We know that all mass media is in the hands of this monster. But if enough powerful individuals started traveling from town to town and talking about what they know and what they suspect... if they started operating pro-actively like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, the world would notice. Where is the man with the stature of a Jimmy Carter, or the woman of noble character whose job is to call upon all of the good and decent people in positions of power (if there are any) and demand that they come forward and join together for the good of the human race and who have the courage to shame those who will not come forward?

I suspect that there are people coming forward but we don’t hear about it... but we do hear about it so... where is the mind that can comprehend the simple answer to a complex problem? Leaders from around the world in every field of human endeavor must join together... must stand up and say to America and Israel, to the bankers and the corporations that this madness must stop. Let them stop traffic on 5th Avenue. Let them throw bloodstained dollars down on to the floor of the stock exchange. Let them dress up in George Bush and Dick Cheney masks and chant, “I am a murder, a liar and a fool!” Let us make a spectacle. Let us use irony and comedy about that which is not funny. Let those who have the power stand before the police and the cameras and demand that these jackals be driven from the halls of power. Let the truckers stall their vehicles on the highway. Let the conductors refuse to drive the trains. Let the pilot refuse to fly and we shall see what will happen. You know what will happen. A revolution does not have to be bloody but it must be a revolution.

Someone in congress needs to stand up and accuse Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the sold out whores who are selling out their country. This isn’t a government. This is a crime syndicate. It is past time to act. We see now how insidious and pervasive is the power to control the flow of information. We see now why unscrupulous individuals have seized control of it. It’s time to do something about the blood money river. It’s time for the whole world to stand up and say that they ‘ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s Farm no more.”

I’m tired of sailing on The Blood Money River. I can see where it goes. I can see where it drains. It drains into The Ocean of Human Tears.

(What more can I say?)
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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Friday, April 11, 2008

Noam Chomsky, White Knights and 9/11 Truth.

Well now... it seems that my mention of Chomsky and Raimundo, as well as Palast (but no one chimed in to defend Palast) touched a nerve here and there. Most people agreed with what I had to say and a couple did not. I would appreciate when you have an opinion that you identify yourself on certain occasions. Some of you have given good reason not to and I accept that but... I use my real name. I stand behind what I say.

Here is where it is really at and this is going to shake the world. I don't know how this has managed to come about but it is a major league event!

Some of you may think that Chomsky is one of the good guys. I am more inclined to grant Raimundo more leeway than Chomsky or Palast but the fact remains that you can’t be a bonafide voice of the people. You can’t be a standard bearer for the truth. You can’t be a legitimate voice of conscience and all the other things these public white knights present themselves as if you avoid or deny the truth about 9/11.

I’ll put out a few links concerning Chomsky that should say it all. There’s much more and you can find that on your own time. First, why don’t you look here and here and here...

As for Raimundo and Palast I’ll just give you a Google page. You make the call based on what you find there and I’ll go have myself an espresso and an American Spirit rollup and catch back up with you in a few minutes.

Alright then, let’s get down to it. Before we get into the body of my argument let’s talk about me for a minute. Somebody made a comment that my having comment moderation might indicate that I censor comments. Of course, my wearing a red shirt might indicate I’m a communist and the fact that I am a good dancer may indicate I’m gay. You’re free to make up your mind on these things according to your own criteria.

I have comment moderation because spam bots get you otherwise. I also have it because occasionally someone gets into a rant about Jews or just wants to anonymously curse at me. I’m okay with that but I expect you to at least give your name. It’s important to understand that I have no problem with Jews per se or anyone per se. I’ve got a problem with psychopaths. It could be said that you have a problem with psychopaths too. And whatever creed or color they hide under... I’m not fond of them. It’s unfortunate for me when some of them turn out to be Jews because you’re not allowed to criticize them for anything period. But I’m not going to let genuine anti-Semites use my blog for their rants. No more than once a week do I reject a comment, it is rare.

Today, someone anonymously screamed at me about speaking to such a supportive audience; all the good comments I get. What am I supposed to do about that? I’ll tell you this, just because I get a lot of laudatory statements doesn’t give me a free pass when it comes to the truth. I’m grateful most people like rather than hate me but I can’t get into the headspace of thinking I’m better than others or more worthy. I’m not. If you catch me shying away from the truth or fashioning an agenda then you have every right to call me on it. So far my track record looks pretty good and I’ve got a highly intelligent audience. You may be sure if I fuck up that I will be very publicly sorry about it. I will apologize and ask for your forgiveness.

Okay... here’s how it is. Everything... everything we are going through; all the draconian security measures that screw up our freedom of expression and movement are because of the 9/11 attacks. They are also pointless because the terrorists in question happen to be the state itself, with the assistance of at least one other nation. All of the deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq; the savage butchery in Palestine and the raping and pillaging of the American economy by Halliburton and so many other blood sucking siphon machines are all happening and have happened because of 9/11.

9/11 was blamed on a man who denied it and who supposedly headed up an organization that high ranking members of the CIA say does not exist. The myriad of connections between Israel and 9/11 is tremendous and no amount of coincidence can account for it. People who have been connected to their countries secret service; ex-presidents and high officials in various lands have said that 9/11 was an inside job and some have laid the blame at the feet of the CIA and Mossad. I tend to believe that MI-6 had some connection to it as well. They certainly were connected to 7/7 in the London tube. The same Israeli security firm was in charge of all 9/11 airports, the London tube and the Madrid train station. I can go on and on about Dancing Israeli’s and Odigo... the sheer weight of the evidence is... I can’t find a word for it.

Every rock you turn over you find someone like Larry Silverstein or Bennie Netanyahu looking back at you. The absurdity of three enormous towers coming down at free fall into their own footprints and so on and so on and so on and then... who benefited? Boom! ...right back to the same people again.

So I don’t see how I can trust all the articulate commentary from these men on a wide variety of subjects when they ignore or deny the linchpin of the whole deal. And what does it matter what they have to say about these things when the cause of all of these things is the very subject that they ignore or deny? Do they ignore or deny it from good sense... from fear... from complicity? I don’t know. Whatever their reasons are cancels out any standing they might have in my mind. I’m only giving my opinion. This is only how I see it but that is the way it is for me. These men are posturing from their ivory towers as courageous combatants for human freedom and veneration of the truth yet they will not address the MAIN ISSUE. It all comes down to 9/11 period. It’s all happening because of 9/11. The buck stops there.

“But visible, they’ve done a lot of good... yackety yack, yackety yack.” That’s like saying Paul Wolfowitz doesn’t beat his wife or Rupert Murdoch donates a lot of money to good causes (which I wouldn’t know about, it’s just a hypothetical example). It doesn’t somehow make it all okay.

9/11 is the litmus test. If you aren’t focused on that and if you aren’t out front about where the evidence leads then what good are you? Let’s face it, if you tell the truth about 9/11 then your book deals and speaking engagements; your cozy associations with powerful individuals who open the doors are all going to take a hit. Read those links on Chomsky and you tell me what I’m supposed to think. 9/11 was an inside job! 9/11 was an Inside Job!! 9/11 was an Inside Job!!! 9/11 was an Inside Job!!!! And Israel was involved...

If you are a public figure and if your livelihood and your reputation are based on telling the truth and you can’t say this then you are not what you make yourself out to be and that, according to me, makes you a hypocrite. Remember that these are highly intelligent individuals. These are people with great research skills and reasoning ability. There is no way that they do not know what we know. There’s no way around it. It’s fine if they are in some other line of work but they are not. This is their line of work.

I’m tired of these men and so many others. I am tired of Daily Kos and so many others who make out how they are all about freedom and democracy; transparency and truth... high-minded words with no more substance than a dream... shining white knights with feet of clay.

You can go ahead and get angry at me, be offended, think I’m too righteous about the whole thing... “Hey, visible, ease up, cut some slack... we all have to make compromises to get by.” I’m sorry but that’s not going to fly with me. People have died. PEOPLE HAVE DIED! People are being tortured and locked up for years. An entire nation of people is displaced in Iraq and the suffering is immense. In Palestine... oh... what can I say? I want to cry but my tears will serve no purpose at all... all because of 9/11... all because of lies... all this murder goes on every day, courtesy of the people who did 9/11 in the first place and now they murder those whom they have accused of their crimes. They torture them for information that only they possess.

If you are in a position to know the truth and you have a reputation for telling the truth and you do not, then maybe this will shame you into it but I suspect it won’t. I’m sorry I had to say these things but you show me another way. Maybe you know something I don’t. Maybe you can help me to understand because I don’t understand. I see lies and I see murder most foul. If you support these lies then your hands have blood on them.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sometimes Blogging is no Fun at All.

Sometimes it is no fun sitting down to write this blog. It’s always the same players relentlessly pounding on the same victims and then wringing their hands and singing about how “nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.”

I’ve got all kinds of links; links about Israeli bus drivers deliberately running down Palestinian children on the highway and links about Jesse Ventura coming out about how 9/11 is not what they tell you it was and how Israel is going to wipe Iran off the face of the Earth (does this comment sound familiar in reverse? Except it turned out never to have been said?) and links about who Al Sadr really is and what is actually happening in Iraq. I’ve got links about how the Israelis are Nazis and the disappearing bees and how (snicker) supposed anti-Israel, left wing bloggers like Daily Kos are going to Sderot to get the real skinny on what’s really going on.

You’ve probably noticed that most of those links relate to Israel. Let’s take those links one by one before I get into why writing this blog is no fun sometimes. In the first case; this is one of several incidents where illegal settlement bus drivers have run down Palestinians on the highway. They actually speed up and cross into the opposite lane in order to do it. It’s all perfectly okay.

In the second link, Jessie Ventura (whom I supported for president a few years ago) has added his voice to the increasing number of public figures coming forth about the load of bullshit the present junta/administration has sold the American people and the world about 9/11.

In the third link we are told, according to a man who looks like John Goodman (if one of his parents had been a gorilla) that Israel will destroy Iran if Iran attacks them which Iran has no intention of doing but which makes good copy in the Zionist press.

In the fourth link Justin Raimundo makes his usual penetrating observations about a situation and infrastructure you wouldn’t know anything about (except for the lies you are told). I’m none too sure about Raimundo. He goes all over the map on many important connections and then he says something like this “But it is false to posit a "Jewish-controlled" media, no matter what the ethnicity or political persuasion of editors, owners, or whatever: these media companies are beholden to their shareholders, and to the market. Reporting the news is an intensely competitive business: there is no way to enforce an embargo on certain information, not in this day and age. There is no "Jewish conspiracy" – only the machinations of a particular foreign government and its uncritical supporters in this.”

Perhaps Justin didn't hear about how it was made to appear that the Israeli soldiers were kidnapped on Israeli soil when, in fact, it happened in Lebanon and how nearly every site reporting otherwise had their article scrubbed from the net. Of course there are horrendous examples of what Justin says doesn't happen... every single day... but I suspect Justin has a patron or an income to worry about; luckily I am spared either of these.

That the news isn't fabricated, filtered and controlled is bullshit and Raimundo also doesn’t pass the 9/11 litmus test. How he can say that there is not a massive control of the media by Zionist interests is beyond me. You have only to read the full article by Raimundo and look at where he takes it to realize he is fully in the camp of the Zionists. He makes good points about a lot of things as he does in the fourth link above ...but like Greg Palast and Noam Chomsky and all the other so called truth tellers with their own feeding nipple on the Great Pig of Darkness, he’s a disinfo agent either by commission or omission.

Do I want to have to say that Neo-con Zionist, Jewish interests are directly involved in a calculated day to day increase in world suffering and profiting from thereby? Is it a leg up for me to have to say definitively that they control most of the world’s media and as a result are given a free hand with their Nazi-like extermination of the Palestinian people? Am I going to get a Nobel Prize mention because I state that they absolutely were involved in the planning and operation of the 9/11 attacks? Is this a positive career move for me?

Why do it? Because it is the truth... If the truth had led somewhere else then that is what you would be hearing about now.

In the fifth link a courageous UN Investigator has stated that the Israelis are Nazis. Let us say this should be analyzed according to the Duck Rule’... as in, “if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...etc” It should come as no surprise that Israel was South Africa’s good buddy in applying apartheid against the black residents.

In the sixth link we have the disappearing bees which if it is sustained will mean catastrophe for the world’s food supplies unless they plan on using Mexican migrant workers to cross-pollinate every flower on every plant and tree.

In link seven we are treated to a warm Israeli embrace for bloggers of the Raimundo, Palast, Chomsky stripe who, allegedly are critical of Israel, although we’ve never seen it and who, as a matter of fact ban any and all pro-Palestinian bloggers from their website (Daily Kos) whenever they show up. When you read the article you don’t see any long list of bloggers named and you can use your reasoning to determine why they might not want us to google the names like we can Daily Kos editor David Waldman and former lobbyist Tom Matzzie. These two are Israeli critics? Who are the others?

I’ve got no beef with the Jewish people any more than I blame the German people for the Nazis, or the American people for Bush, or the Russian people for the Soviet Empire. They may be culpable in part due to their docility and ignorance but they’re not the players. The world domination bent, Zionist Empire is not about Jews per se. These psychopaths hide among their Jewish brethren and then claim anti-Semitism when you point out their bloody antics. They are the ones who refused Red Cross aid for the Jews in the camps in order to increase their suffering.

Seven hundred thousand Palestinians were driven off of their land into increasingly smaller ghettos and are there being exterminated daily and are daily beset with horrors of basic survival that you have no idea of.

Israel is once again getting ready to kill the Lebanese to get their hands on the Litani River water. We flat out know that they caused the invasion of Afghanistan through the 9/11 false flag and instigated the Iraq War; this isn’t debatable. They are now ceaselessly beating the drum against Iran and threatening Syria and Lebanon. No one is doing anything to them except occupying land and water that they want. A handful of toy rockets into Sderot (of questionable origin) are not provocation enough for all the murder that they perform every day. It doesn’t justify using Palestinian children for target practice, or denying them basic medical care, starving the populace and locking up their democratically elected leadership. In any case, Palestinians have a basic human right to fight for the land which was stolen from them.

You see why writing this blog isn’t fun? Telling the truth; which anyone who wants to know the truth can see right in front of their eyes or achieve through some basic research, is not fun, nor is it profitable. It goes against the grain of hegemonic interests and it interferes with the profit margin; well, let’s face it, so few people are interested in the truth that I doubt it causes much distress to the markets and the banks.

I guess I’ll go on saying these things because, for some reason, all of these, so-called, liberal bloggers and investigative reporters and fearless proponents of the good of the people; all these truth-seekers and truth-tellers can’t seem to find the truth. It’s right there in front of them but... they can’t see it.

It gets so heavy having to repeat what seems obvious to me and watch the parade of lies and the resulting torment and bloodshed that attends it. I don’t want to come to the conclusions that I come to. If someone can show me how two and two doesn’t make four and how what actually is isn’t then I guess it would be easier for me. I don’t expect any help in that regard any time soon. I think it comes down to how much shit you will eat in order to get by and whether you don’t mind being a liar who is praised for telling the truth.

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

That Same Old, Same Old- Here it Comes Again.

Before I go wherever this essay takes me I’d like you to read this. Every now and again I read something that pulls at the fabric of my shirt, just above the elbow and seems to say, “See...?” It’s one of the reasons that I think the light is breaking; all the little evidences of people waking up and wondering how they came to fall asleep in the first place.

I see the same news that you see. I see where oil is expected to rise to $160.00 a barrel and I remember when they said it would go to a hundred if Iran were attacked. I guess that was some kind of serious under-estimation at the time, given what they are saying here. Then there is the disappearance of the bees which, since I mention it a lot, you can assume I think it’s a very big deal.

On the geo-political stage the neo-con American government is foaming at the mouth about Iran. Every day they’ve got some new piece of information being delivered to the press by, “a source who can’t be named because they are not authorized to speak on the subject”; about how Iran is behind everything from canceling Deadwood to the long brown hair in your hash browns. They fired Admiral Fallon and General Hayden got all choked up about the people the neo-cons murdered on 9/11. It’s not as cutting edge Theater as Bush and Cheney doing the Walrus and Carpenter but it’s good enough for TV.

Israel hasn’t missed a beat either. When they’re not building massive settlements anywhere they can find a Palestinian family to evict ("double your pleasure, double your fun..."), they’re doing things like this. I’d like it if you took the time to read that article carefully. These despicable Swedish aid workers have the nerve to walk Palestinian school children home, right in front of Israeli settlers who are already contending with Palestinian sub-human’s occupying land that God gave to the Israelis and which involved keeping it clean of pests and a player to be named later. It’s an established custom for Israeli settlers to have the opportunity to pelt Palestinian children with rocks as well as club them to the ground and why the Swedes thought they could just waltz in and interrupt what is basically a religious ritual... well, I think you get the picture.

There aren’t too many things that possess as much sheer poetry as watching a ten year old girl’s head explode into a red mist through a sniper scope. Little cameras on the rifles make it possible for all Israeli’s to share those special moments and it’s totally déclassé for foreign vermin to get the mistaken idea that they’ve got some sort of right to interfere in another country’s business. God didn’t just give the Israelis all the land from Antarctica to the Tigris and Euphrates. He also gave them the Palestinians to do with as they wished. I got so mad when I saw this that I nearly hopped a flight to wherever that was to see if I couldn’t bring some succor, healing and closure to the settlers who must be suffering terribly from the interference.

Along with the rising food prices and the subprime gold rush are a host of shadow dancers, hoofing it like deranged Rockettes in front of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Let’s face it, it don’t look good but...

I’ve seen this before. I’ve seen it in other lifetimes at Waterloo and Gettysburg. I’ve seen it along with the rest of you when we ran out of potatoes in Ireland and during the pet rat period earlier on in the rest of Europe. We saw it in the blood-soaked trenches of Second Ypres and on the Russian front in the next war after that. This isn’t anything new. Somehow all of those darknesses went away and things got stable for awhile until some new darkness formed, west of Mirkwood and east of Eden, by way of the Same old Same Old, Here is Comes Again.

I’ve got a funny feeling this time. I can’t give you hard evidence of why I feel the way I do. I don’t like to talk about it because people’s eyes glaze over when I get all mystical and stuff. I’d ask you to imagine that I commune with my invisible friends and they tell me it’s going to be alright on down the road.

This doesn’t mean that hundreds of millions of people won’t die. They well might. This doesn’t mean that plague and famine won’t be doing a tango across the landscape. It could get a whole lot worse before it gets better but it will get better. It’s just something I feel and I want to tell you that because a lot of you are getting a little too down in the mouth for my tastes.

People talk about Armageddon but Armageddon comes to someone every day. Doesn’t the whole world end inside someone’s mind every time they die? In a hundred years almost no one presently living will still be here. They’ll all have died and gone. Is that any less of an Armageddon just because it happened in stages instead of all at once?

Not everyone’s dream comes true either. Look at poor David Rockefeller. He’s been dreaming of eugenics all his life and he’s still waiting. What will the poor Israeli settlers do when they run out of Palestinians? Have you considered that? I can see a time in the future when sad eyed, neo-con settlers sit by the roadside with signs that say, ‘Brother can you spare a Palestinian?” or “Will work for Palestinians.” It is to weep.

We need to be more grateful for what we have, although it occurs to me that it might be better if we could identify what we actually possess.

I’m going to get a little esoteric on you now and I hope you’ll forgive me for this and I hope it won’t prevent some web sites from reprinting this just because it gets a little spiritual. Anyway, a lot of the evil against which humanity contends is invisible. You can’t see it. Often these invisible entities will possess a person in a moment of weakness and do terrible things and then abandon them like a stolen car by the side of life’s highway ...before they move on.

Every two thousand years, at the beginning of each new age, a teacher comes. As this teacher approaches, he drives all of the darkness of the inner planes before him. These invisible entities have nowhere to go but outward into human form. This is the actual meaning of Armageddon in occult terms.

All of the dark denizens are forced into vulnerable flesh where they can be dealt with. It appears to them that they are wielding great power and that they are untouchable; even as we see it now in Bush and Cheney, Rupert Murdoch and all the rest of what are, in fact, demons clothed in human form. The stage is being set for them to get a big wakeup call and that goes for the human race as well. You may think that things are out of control and that the big Roadmaster of life might go off into the ditch at any moment but... I assure you that EVERYTHING is very much under control.

The safest thing you can do for yourself is to keep an understanding heart and behave according to what your conscience tells you. These are the times we always heard about. We are living in them right now. Do yourself a favor and assume the mantle of a true human being and live and act in a reach to your higher self. This is achieved in all the little things we do every day. This is achieved by knowing what is right and not being afraid to say and do it.

In any case... turn off your TV set and turn on your heart. Everything is going to get sorted out. You don’t have to worry about that. Just do your best and don’t walk by those in need when the moment is upon you.

And now I'd like it very much if you would listen to this song.

Visible sings: God in Country by Les Visible♫ When Darkness Falls ♫
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God in Country by Les Visible

Friday, April 4, 2008

April...May well be the Cruelest Month.

The clock is ticking. The second hand spins. The minute hand slides and the hour hand crawls. Hours become days. Days become weeks and months and years. Within the spectrum of passing time, all that we know has happened, is happening and will happen.

Is there any one of us who has not said to themselves, as they look back on their life; “How did I get here?” Have we not all wondered what might have been, had we not taken that fork in the road, had we not hesitated at one point or rushed impulsively forth at another? We’ve all been there.

This dream-stuff out of which our lives are woven is a dense composition. We struggle to step outside of it, to wake up but it is an arduous task. Most do not struggle at all. They move through it at the mercy of circumstance on the one hand and whatever personal power they imagine they bring to the mix on the other. Some thrive for a time and some perish. They all depart in the end.

The clock is ticking and never before has such a smorgasbord of possibilities been spread before us. When you think of all the ponderables and imponderables at work, it seems impossible to calculate which way it will go. Think about it; the Middle East and all the percolating locations around the globe; the diametrical oppositions of which we see only the surface; Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Israel as well as the always forgotten Palestine.

There is the world wide financial tightrope trembling. There are the rising food costs, primarily due to the bio-fuels industry. There is the seldom mentioned but serious problem of water. There are the dying bees and the poisoned landscape. There are the ceaseless lies and soporific snail tracks of the mass media. There is the obvious fascism of corporate control in the most powerful country on Earth; presently in the hands of deranged psychopaths. There is the complicity of Europe and whatever strange pressures are taking place behind the scenes. There is the quiet presence of Russia and China in respect of the world picture. We hear very little about them in consideration of things but they are very large animals in a very small room.

There is the presidential election where the biggest consideration is surely who will be McCain’s running mate. This is a major key to much of which lies unsaid. I would look very hard at this in relation to everything else.

In the past there has always been the illusion that the so-called democratic countries of the world were the white hats. Now it can be clearly seen that the evil empire is in fact America and her handlers in Israel and London; NOT the other way around. We have seen that there is no limit to what these forces will do to achieve their ends. They are without conscience or compassion. They are not human at all.

We know that both 9/11 and the London tube affair were put up jobs. It is likely that Madrid was as well. We know that the white hats were the entities in control of these events and that they were carried out in order to turn world opinion against the Arab/Muslim world for geo-political advantage and for profit. Democracy is no longer at work and we shall soon see what that means. The voice of the people has lost the audio portion of the program.

When one studies what was done by the SCOTUS in 2000. When one looks at what has happened to basic human rights and to the quality of life itself, the atmosphere becomes ominous. Factor in what you have seen from the turn of the century until this moment in time and tell me... what does this imply? When you know that everything that was done was done by the so-called white hats to protect you from a non-existent threat; when they ARE the threat... how can you be sure of anything except that trouble will come?

Have I said some variation of this before? Yes I have. It needs to be pounded into the insolent and indifferent minds; waving their tired blood stained flags over the pyrrhic accomplishments of a prowling red-eyed madness. It needs to be hammered home. Better the hammering of truth in advance... of the hammering of clubs and whips to follow. Now... let us go to a new place. You’ve heard the rest of anything else I can say about these conditions many times before. Let me talk about the light at the end of the tunnel that is waiting beyond the birth pangs of the coming Aquarian Age. The clock is ticking in its agonizing march between the measured breaths of the moment being born. Light is breaking here and there. Even though some few years of darkness may remain, light is breaking.

It is not by accident that various political figures from Italy, Germany and Japan have named the culprits in 9/11 and other affairs. It is not by accident that the UN is considering an investigation into 9/11 as former Italian President Francesco Cossiga has stated, "All the [intelligence services] of America and Europe...know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the Mossad, with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part ... in Iraq [and] Afghanistan."

As Leonard Cohen said, “Everybody knows.” It doesn’t get talked about on your televisions. It doesn’t get mentioned in your newspapers but it is being discussed in offices and wherever political and financial movers and shakers congregate. Behind the scenes, those who have had enough, those who see what is planned... the coming false flags... the major devastation... the financial unrest, calculated to cause confusions and chaos. Wiser heads and concerned minds are considering what they can do and so they are beginning to speak out and to orchestrate the dissemination of information in such a way that they might retard and hinder what the psychopaths have planned.

Major efforts are underway behind the scenes and you will see evidence of this in the time to come. We are watching the death pangs of the evil of a passing age. We are witness to the last gasp of the last generation of Piscean slave herders. Beneath all of this darkness is a new world being born and you are living in the midst of the transformation.

Hard things must happen because hard things must be broken. Do not despair, no matter what you see or hear. These are just appearances. The battle has already been won and we are living in the echo of their defeat though it seems to be still going on. It’s all over but the shouting.

You can take heart and take heart you should. It’s all coming out and despite all of the difficult problems that seem to beset us, it is all working out. Why I am certain I cannot tell you but I am certain. This has been long coming and it is a spectacle indeed. Your chief concern is to conduct yourself as a human being and do what you can where you are and when you are needed.

It is hard to see though the foliage when it surrounds you on all sides but the world is changing in front of your eyes. I know it seems grim. I know there is a tendency in all of us to fear the unknown and especially given the undeniable presence of madmen at the wheel. Little do they know that they have been driven forth into prominent exposure so that they can be clearly seen. Watch yourself, do not get swept away, let your humanity come forward. The clock is ticking and sooner or later it is going to be now.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Good Guys Dance While the Beat Goes On

While the general public sits, in a drugged stupor, as hallucinating television sets bring them Donald Duck reporting the news, or Porky Pig from the runway at Milan, other things are being said and done which might have escaped the notice of the wider world. Japanese lawmaker and former Chief Cabinet Secretary under Koizumi has had a lot to say about 9/11 and then there is the former President of Italy as well as the one time head of their secret service who has said 911 was done by the CIA and Mossad and then there is the former German Minister Andreas Von Buelow who has something to say and all those professional airline pilots who have something to say as well as all those scholars and scientists who have something to say and then, there’s me. I’ve got something to say too and we’ll get to that.

I want everyone reading this essay who is in denial about 9/11 to ask themselves what they base that denial on. Ask yourself, “Why do I believe that Bin Laden attacked the WTC and points south?” Go stand in front of the mirror people and ask yourself what your credentials are for determining the scientific aspects of the 9/11 attacks. Ask yourself if you are or were at a high level in your government and privy to classified information. Ask yourself if you are trained in the sciences represented by those doubting the official version of the event or a commercial pilot like those linked here. Ask yourself if that really is Porky Pig talking to you from the runway in Milan.

The answer to the first question has to be, “Donald Duck told me so.” He may have been dressed like whatever wax figure reads you your news but it was Donald Duck who actually said it. You believe it because it is what you were told and nobody is going to tell you different because the people in charge are the good guys or they wouldn’t be in charge, right?

These are the good guys that told you the proven lies that have led to the mass murders in Iraq. These are the people who orchestrated and are covering up THIS! Go ahead... read it. You see Halliburton, the former playground of the vice president, reaping obscene profits from the war and poisoning American soldiers with bad water and you say, “These are the good guys.” You see Dick Cheney go to Saudi Arabia and right afterwards you see that the Saudis are now preparing for nuclear war and you say “These are the good guys.” You see the sub prime mess and the food and energy shortages and the bees dying from genetically modified seeds and all of it because your government takes their orders from the money men who run the corporations and banks (and which is the clinical definition of fascism) and you say, “These are the good guys.”

April is here and strange doings are afoot. Al Sadr has shown the world that the U.S. and Israel along with ‘The City’ in London have lost control of the Iraq War, as if they ever had control outside of an insulated bunker on a small piece of real estate. What’s a fascist to do? Next stop Iran. The good guys are working out the details of the next false flag that will justify their long term plans.

Zionist controlled AOL is shutting down websites that question 9/11 while newscasters call for 9/11 truthers to be put in camps.

Twenty eight million Americans are on foodstamps. Isn’t that about one in ten people? Repossessed houses are being stripped of their copper and other fittings. And the beat goes on. And the beat goes on.

A person still in possession of a mind would ask themselves... why? You can’t say that the people responsible for these things are just stupid and incompetent. You have to know that there is a point to all of this. Ask yourself what this point must be. Why does the big freight train of life seem to be heading for a collective disaster of monumental proportion while your news sources are chattering away like Ritalin infused chipmunks searching for Jodie Foster and D.B. Cooper's parachute?

I’m not Nostradamus but you don’t have to be a seer to see. Most of you know that the official 9/11 story is garbage. By a wide margin you have been polled and found to have said so and yet... and yet... the beat goes on. High ranking figures in governments around the world are coming out and flat out saying that the CIA and Mossad engineered this event. Scientists and scholars are rebutting every aspect of the lies and still the beat goes on and these are still the good guys; over a million dead, people tortured and children raped and... these are the good guys.

It is a dark and dreadful thing, given that 9/11 was done by the intelligence services of certain governments that elements of those same governments can imprison and torture men for information they could not possibly have since the events they are being questioned about are being carried out by the forces that are torturing them. This is beyond Kafka folks and it is happening in real life.

Mark my words people... the day will come when all of these things will be widely known and you will remember that you did and said nothing.

As the arrogant, rogue nation of Israel carries out it’s genocide on the original inhabitants of the land they occupy, your voice is not heard. Hundreds of thousands of people who have committed no crime live under the iron boot of a merciless regime which has abandoned all pretense of humanity and it is not only the Palestinians who suffer. And you say nothing because you are ignorant or afraid. You are afraid that you will be tagged with bankrupt terminology for daring to question the methods and motives of mass murdering demons dressed in human form. Because you cannot stand up, one day you too will kneel and receive the same tender ministrations that others have before you.

It is not a question of maybe this or maybe that any more. The stark truth is there before you in black and white and Technicolor and the beat goes on. It is within yourself that you must finally deal with your silence, your indifference and fear. All of the convenient lies that you tell your conscious mind percolate in the depths beneath your awareness and one day... one day they will rise to the surface and convict you as the beat goes on.

There is no hiding place from the truth of your complicity in the tragic events of your time. While you feed in your dreams in the land of plenty, the land of plenty is no more. While you imagine any one of your candidates will address the real issues that surround you, they mouth platitudes and bend their knee to the forces that cause all of the horrors of the time. You will have to answer for why you did and said nothing as the beat went on.

I gain no pleasure from having to tell you these things. I do not fabricate these things in my imagination. They are there for you to see for yourselves but something within you has failed. Something that should have been there went missing. Some quality that made you human has traveled on to more willing locations and you remain as something indefinable... not human... not yet a beast. But when the thin veneer of civilization is at last stripped away we shall see what you become.

For the moment the music is still playing. You travel to your jobs and you go about your activities and entertainments. Despite all of the evidence of these uncertain times you do believe it’s just a rough patch in the road and that mysterious elves will come out in the night while you are sleeping and fix your world. We shall see what ‘the good guys’ have to say about that. We shall see how you dance in time as the beat goes on.

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