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Sailing on The Blood Money River.

Bon giorno good readers and friends; it’s another day in the Empire. Money and blood are flowing in twin rivers, turning into each other and then turning back into themselves. Blood is flowing out of your body and into the banking system. Money is flowing out of the banking system and turning into blood. It may well be a perpetual motion machine.

Before I try to figure out what it is I’m going to say; what the subject will be and where it’s going to go I want to thank Michael Rivero for having me on his What Really Happened Radio Show yesterday and to provide you with the link for listening to it if you are so inclined. I’ve gotten many emails about the show from people who listened and even more from people who didn’t get to listen or only heard part of it so... there it is and now we’ll return to our Hobie Cat and continue our sail on Blood Money River.

It’s difficult for me to be as precise as I would like to be because I don’t have any sources at the NSA and none of the flies on the wall are fixed up with transmitters to feed into my listening devices. So... I have to ponder and speculate and imagine.

There are two things that keep popping up in my mind and I’m thinking that maybe they are connected somehow and maybe I should talk about them and it could help me to understand them better or someone out there might have some ideas about what it all means.

I keep thinking about PNAC and the serendipity of 9/11; how one flowed into the other on the Blood Money River and then traveled in the ocean currents over to Afghanistan and then into Iraq. I think about the conditions on the Turkish and Pakistani borders and how Iran is snuggled up in the center of it all. You throw in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan and a couple of bodies of water and you have the boundaries of this country. There it sits.

I may be going out on a limb here but it seems to me that the main goal of the neo-con psychopaths in PNAC was and is Iran. Now it goes without saying that PNAC is dominated by dual national, Israeli/Americans and that the whole putsch of the organization is to benefit the interests of Israel. Somehow this little- made up out of false rhetoric and historical fantasies- country, which didn’t exist until 60 years ago has become the most powerful and problematic nation on Earth. Power on Earth comes from money. There’s no two ways about it. You could say that it comes from armies but you don’t get armies without money, ergo...

Where does money come from? It comes from banks. Banks are where money comes from and banks turn money into a blood river that flows around the world changing into money and back into blood and back into money. You can learn all about the blood money exchange if you’re of a scholarly bent or, if you are one of those people that likes to watch then here’s three and a half hours of it. You’ll know all you need to know once you’ve taken the time to learn; which is always a big part of understanding something and, let’s face it... we’re all sailing on The Blood Money River one way or another and it doesn’t hurt to have some charts.

Of course... if you just would rather be uninformed you can just keep drifting with the currents on The Blood Money River and see where it takes you.

When you look at all of the trouble that the low to the ground, blood-sucking, shit weasels at PNAC have been to; bringing down the towers at the World Trade Center and decimating Afghanistan and Iraq as well; reeling in the opium drug-blood money as well as their corporate connections to the war supply profit machine it would be foolish to assume they are not going to go after Iran.

My good friend Paola over at does not agree with me and has got precise arguments concerning it. I want to believe but... once again... all that trouble they went to... Iran is the ultimate prize in the chess game which is really about Russia and China when you look deeper and... I just don’t know. Whatever does happen, you can count on a false flag event that will conveniently track back to Iran. There’s a good chance they will try to kill The Pope because THAT would put all the pieces where they want them.

People don’t realize that Iran would have long ago been bombed flat by the US and certainly by Israel except for Russia... that’s a big consideration that no one is talking about.

The other thing that keeps coming up in my mind is... all over the world, many of the people and all of the governments know that 9/11 was a Mossad/CIA hit. It’s known. And an interesting thing is happening with what looks like the formation of a UN investigative agency to look into the role of the American neo-cons in what happened on 9/11. But... how come, for so long... so many people have kept their mouths shut? How come, with all this threatening of Iran... how come Ahmadinejad does not take himself before the world and lay out what is threatening his country and ask for help? Why doesn’t he talk about his people and their dreams and a desire to live in peace and directly address the lies? I’m having a hard time saying what I want to say... Where are the passionate voices of powerful individuals who should be standing before cameras and writing for newspapers and saying what needs to be said? Why is there no grouping of good guys, in a position to do something, traveling the world and speaking out on behalf of the world in the face of this terrible monster who wants to swallow civilization and drown it in a Blood Money River that will have neither blood nor money if it destroys the thing it is feeding on?

We know that all mass media is in the hands of this monster. But if enough powerful individuals started traveling from town to town and talking about what they know and what they suspect... if they started operating pro-actively like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, the world would notice. Where is the man with the stature of a Jimmy Carter, or the woman of noble character whose job is to call upon all of the good and decent people in positions of power (if there are any) and demand that they come forward and join together for the good of the human race and who have the courage to shame those who will not come forward?

I suspect that there are people coming forward but we don’t hear about it... but we do hear about it so... where is the mind that can comprehend the simple answer to a complex problem? Leaders from around the world in every field of human endeavor must join together... must stand up and say to America and Israel, to the bankers and the corporations that this madness must stop. Let them stop traffic on 5th Avenue. Let them throw bloodstained dollars down on to the floor of the stock exchange. Let them dress up in George Bush and Dick Cheney masks and chant, “I am a murder, a liar and a fool!” Let us make a spectacle. Let us use irony and comedy about that which is not funny. Let those who have the power stand before the police and the cameras and demand that these jackals be driven from the halls of power. Let the truckers stall their vehicles on the highway. Let the conductors refuse to drive the trains. Let the pilot refuse to fly and we shall see what will happen. You know what will happen. A revolution does not have to be bloody but it must be a revolution.

Someone in congress needs to stand up and accuse Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the sold out whores who are selling out their country. This isn’t a government. This is a crime syndicate. It is past time to act. We see now how insidious and pervasive is the power to control the flow of information. We see now why unscrupulous individuals have seized control of it. It’s time to do something about the blood money river. It’s time for the whole world to stand up and say that they ‘ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s Farm no more.”

I’m tired of sailing on The Blood Money River. I can see where it goes. I can see where it drains. It drains into The Ocean of Human Tears.

(What more can I say?)
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Anonymous said...

Besides the Butcher's Map laid out by PNAC, you should also look at this document, written by some of the usual suspects, partially copied and pasted below:

A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm

Following is a report prepared by The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies’ "Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000."

The main substantive ideas in this paper emerge from a discussion in which prominent opinion makers, including Richard Perle, James Colbert, Charles Fairbanks, Jr., Douglas Feith, Robert Loewenberg, David Wurmser, and Meyrav Wurmser participated. The report, entitled "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," is the framework for a series of follow-up reports on strategy.

Securing the Northern Border

Syria challenges Israel on Lebanese soil. An effective approach, and one with which American can sympathize, would be if Israel seized the strategic initiative along its northern borders by engaging Hizballah, Syria, and Iran, as the principal agents of aggression in Lebanon, including by:

striking Syrian military targets in Lebanon, and should that prove insufficient, striking at select targets in Syria proper.

Given the nature of the regime in Damascus, it is both natural and moral that Israel abandon the slogan "comprehensive peace" and move to contain Syria, drawing attention to its weapons of mass destruction program, and rejecting "land for peace" deals on the Golan Heights.

Israel can shape its strategic environment, in cooperation with Turkey and Jordan, by weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria. This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq — an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right — as a means of foiling Syria’s regional ambitions. Jordan has challenged Syria's regional ambitions recently by suggesting the restoration of the Hashemites in Iraq. This has triggered a Jordanian-Syrian rivalry to which Asad has responded by stepping up efforts to destabilize the Hashemite Kingdom, including using infiltrations. Syria recently signaled that it and Iran might prefer a weak, but barely surviving Saddam, if only to undermine and humiliate Jordan in its efforts to remove Saddam.

Source: Information Clearing House

Securing the Realm? If Israel is the Realm, another word for kingdom, what in the hell does that make the rest of us? Subjects?

Anonymous said...

And mountains of soap and oceans of water are not going to wash away the blood. The world stands on the cliff with the constant fear of not looking down being put inside our heads so that it prevents one from the thought of looking up.

If one falls you can still rise again when evil is renounced. Just remember those very evils will try to catch you on the first bounce.

Anonymous said...

Glad you mentioned and posted a link to the "Money Masters" video. That movie should be part of the required curriculum at every college in the U.S. It allows one to very easily connect the dots on nearly everything - including 9/11.
At the end of the day it IS all about money, because money is the ultimate means of control.
I truly believe that if our youngest and brightest were to understand what has been done to them over the last 100 years (or more) they would take it upon themselves to re-frame the future.

Anonymous said...

I think this nasty alliance between oilmen and zionist psychopaths makes a lot more sense when viewed from an historical perspective. Why would the military industrial complex allow the US military to be hijacked via a false flag op blamed in the Caliphate? Well, the lion's share of Earth's remaining oil supplies is located there, and the military does need oil if only to keep it flowing in the right direction.

The story of the Khazars is fascinating, and a good place to start is with a few maps;

They were actually descended from Vikings, embracing judaism in the eight century I believe. Anyway, they have had a long standing beef with Persia, and what weapon could be more formidable than the United States Army? See, something for everyone.

The deafening silence may be due to the lack of an alternative game plan. That is to say, were they going to let the Caliphate dictate where the lifeblood of our modern industrial society flows? Not on your life.


Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

I once again enjoyed reading your latest article. You have a talent for journalism that gets to the point of truth in a concise and accurate manner.

I think all people who possess the ability to think know what you stated is the absolute truth-that is if it weren`t for Russia other countries (Iran, Syria and Venezuela, among others) would already have been bombed and terrorized and murdered in the (despicable and evil) sacred name of "american democracy". There must be reasons why the evil of (jew terrorist controlled) "freedom" and "liberty" has not yet rained down on more sovereign, peaceful nations. About three years ago I came across Joe Vialls website and proceeded to read all his reports including one entitled "Iran and Syria armed with s-300 missiles". Might this be one reason why these nations are still allowed to live in realtive peace? It would also be prudent to assume that Russia has armed Venezuela with weapons to defend themselves against the eternal jew evil. I only wish that the Russians had taken a more proactive stance in Iraq and hope that they are working behind the scenes to arm Hezbollah and that one day they will finally help the Palestinians in eliminating the bloodsucking, cancerous vampire that has terrorized and murdered such a good and noble people for the past 60 years.

I wish it to be known that I did not agree with everything Joe Vialls (whoever he or she was, or is) wrote. The report entitled "France, Russia and Germany responsible for 9/11" was an obvious wake up call to me that this person might be serving some zioscum agenda to deceptively get the readers attention away from the real culprits responsible and instead shift the blame for the murders of over 1 million Iraqis so far to others. But I agree so much with the rest of what he wrote. Would anyone like to chime in with their opinion? I`d be glad to here what other posters think.

One can only hope that other countries stand ready to defend tehmselves if and when the american/jew terrorists attempt their next war crime. The best thing that could happen is that they will be eliminated and thrown out of the middle east once and for all. Can you imagine what a better place planet earth would be? And maybe then the sheeple of america will wake up and start to retake their country and make it a member of the world community and something resembling what it is supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

Michael was right when he hyped you so much about how good your blog is. I would say that no one I have seen writes as well as you. It's hard to define but it's there. You have a very special magic and sooner or later you are going to break big. You are going to break very big.


Anonymous said...

Satanic Simplicity Of The "Big-Lie"
(Apollonian, 13 Apr 08)

Comrades, pls note US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see for expo/ref.) is quite literally mere COUNTERFEIT scam. Rigamarole, mumbo-jumbo, and ritualistic then merely add that cloaking, otherwise known as "smoke and mirrors," which hides the crass, simplistic nature of such glorified counterfeiting, seeming then to lend substance and legitimacy to such scam/fraud.

Best expo I ever read on Fed was G.E. Griffin's "The Creature From Jekyll Island" (that's Griffin's site at, a most brilliant work, well illustrated, w. page summaries at end of each chapter.

So how then did people in general allow themselves to be so bamboozled?--as by such Fed scam?--it happens (cyclically) in history, as in present "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. My own theory is such fraud rode in along with onset of Pharisaism-moralism of Rousseau, Kant, English Utilitarians, and German Transcendental Idealism (GTI), mere resurgence of Pelagian heresy ("good-evil" fallacy/delusion).

Large question/issue then has to do with HOAXES, and how these amazing mass-hoaxes "get over" on folks--but the pt. is, no matter how, it happens.

And hence here we are now, the few, attempting to extricate ourselves, and helping the people in general, fm consequences of this mass hoax/fraud, known as the Fed--and other related entities (Euro, for another example, is same basic system, "fractional-reserve").

Note then this Fed fraud has successfully existed and presided now for nearly 100 yrs. Topmost masterminds have all the advantages and tools to stay on top, keeping a move ahead of us poor fools who are only lately waking-up.

Thus parasites (socio-biologically--see will succeed until they destroy the host-victim, parasites then having to turn-in upon and against one another--that's what were hoping for presently. Such is the cyclic mechanism.

Why did masterminds allow the MIGHTY INTERNET which internet threatens them for information of so many people, as presently? Surely it was/is the HUBRIS of these masterminds who thought they could SPIN ANYTHING. For such is nature of HUBRIS rendering mad "whom Gods would destroy."

So that's historic stage at which we find ourselves now, trying to take advantage, best we can, of this Internet Godsend in order to inform the people, or enough of them to bring about a public "EPIPHANY," as again, fm Christian New Testament (NT).

So finally, I submit, large issue is Truth vs. lies, in general--as featured in Christian NT, esp. Gosp. JOHN. Philosophically, such truth vs. lies then is paralleled by objective reality vs. hubristic subjectivism, thus DETERMINIST nature vs. perfectly free human will conceit.

This foregoing analysis I give can be specified even further and indeed exemplified fm instances in history, but I think I'll stop here, and reiterate dialectic is much improved when and as we understand that fundamental banking/money problem for what it really is in way people, even at working-class level, can grasp: we're up against a bunch of criminal-types, con-artists, and in a word (again), COUNTERFEITERS, pure and simple.

CONCLUSION: It's literally a simple matter of confronting the storied "big-lie," so simple, people don't want to face it: again, just strip-away the "smoke and mirrors," and we see it's just a counterfeiting scam we're all up against. The difficulty really is in the simplicity of it all. People too often insist upon needless complexity which then tangles them up so easily ("smoke and mirrors"). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Visible said...

starsailor has left a new comment on your post "Noam Chomsky, White Knights and 9/11 Truth.":

Les, you gotta check this out:

Chomsky on camera saying he was glad the WTC got hit and 'so-what?' about 9/11...

how that makes him any different from Cheney, I don't know!

Here we go: at 0.51 mins, he says the following:

"I mean, you couldn't predict that the plane would actually hit the World Trade Center... I'm happy that it did but, y'know, it could easily have missed *pause, slight smile* er, the, eh..."

Deviant or useful idiot, my friend asked me:

My verdict: DEVIANT

Publish this comment.

Reject this comment.

Moderate comments for this blog.

Anonymous said...

No Ghandhi or MLK step forward cause they like breathing. Any real "change" candidate will get the JFK/MLK/RFK treatment. Chimperor Shrub has what 8-9 months to get us in WWIII which will be great profits for a handful of corporations alot of ppl could die but oh well profits first.

The_SRV said...

I am an American. My name is Steven G. Erickson.

I believe much of what is told to Americans and to the world out of America by our government is a bunch of lies.

I used to own rental properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Police protected drug dealers.

There have been no big heroin and cocaine arrests in a long time. It is only users and small time dealers.

This tells me that the police and probably the military brass are involved in drug smuggling. The cash makes the upper 1% rich and gives money for political assassinations and for illegal wars and conflicts.

If you do the math, you will see what they are doing is beyond disgusting.

Anonymous said...

flimflam, apollonian

Anonymous said...

"how come Ahmadinejad does not take himself before the world and lay out what is threatening his country and ask for help?"

Well he did. And you answered your own question in your previous paragraph.

What good can the world, and all those good people you talk about, do for 60+ million, mostly young, mostly progressive people, just like us, really?

Putin can do it for them, the only one who can. It's eyeball time again, and since Cuba, '62, the world has changed sides.

Anonymous said...

Someone hacked your account and actually made some sense. Armenian or Russian, I think. Anyway, it is a CON. While it may include counterfeiting, it is a con, nonetheless. It has been in the works for generations, literally thousands of years. Unfortunately, like most cons, the longer it works, the more likely it is to fall apart.


annemarie said...


Thanks for posting the link to your conversation with Rivero. That was cool and the first time I'd ever caught a broadcast of his. He's clearly a big fan of your writing. Not sure why. ;)


Anonymous said...

Great essay.
The "Blood Money River" has been
draining into, and sailing across,
the "Sea of Human Tears" for centuries and centuries.

kikz said...

nice article les. i'm in eternal awe at how you do what you do, and how well you do it.........

the good, bad, and fugly....

the good.
running remedials on PNAC as few have heard of it or its history.

rummy/cheney had many years running continuance of gov. exercises.. they knew where all the holes in the system were... and made a few of their own.. one example can be found in the joint chiefs of staff's general myers' post 9/11 testimonies...buried, vast reductions of SAC/TAC scramble/intercept wings nationwide orded by the dynamc duo as they were considered an obsolete expense from the cold war.

also good.
the "moneychangers" article seems accurate & in agreement w/ other sources that i've read on the subject...

the bad...
but, other articles on the site, concerning freemasonry from various contributing authors, were not well researched and contained many common inaccuracies and outright errors which cause me, to question the validity of other info found there... :( to even fathom to put crowley and pike in the same article is just.. beyond the pale...eyeroll. i know it's the rage to hold freemasonry as heir to the throne of satan himself >:) but until possibly very recently... a cursory look back at history shows no other influence which has made more effort to stop the tide of religious and political tyranny than freemasonry. end of soapbox rant on that.. the fugly.
i am loathe to acknowledge apollonian.. on any account...

none the less... his supposed grasp of the Pelagian Heresy is woefully incorrect.

Morgan/Kelly's "call to account" of the debauchery and whorish money-grubbing vulgarity of the vatican and its minions; stands as antithesis to ANY/ALL corrupt centralized omnipotent power and its attempts at total oppression of the sovereign human from birth to death and beyond.

maybe he'll enlighten us next with his theory that Theon couldn't add 2+2.

Anonymous said...

Talking about rivers of blood.
They are flowing on all continents.
Don't want to post off topic but is anything off the radar?
During the Zimbabwe elections, the leader of the opposition categorically claimed that Mossad was in control of the computerized voting.
Something they have mastered.
In the immediate aftermath of the election I was absolutely convinced that Mugabe would stand down.
But some instigating force kept him in power and then set about torturing dissidents and destroying the few productive farms that are left.
Bear in mind Zimbabwe used to be the bread basket of Africa.
Things are really tough there.
Yesterday our finance minister (one of the few people in government I vaguely trust) gave a message to the people.
It was "Plant as much food as you can grow - do it now".
Sobering - It just made me wonder how much of the manipulation he is aware of and when the rivers of blood are going to flow red here.
So I am off to try and purchase some non modified seeds and to all of you here I send you greetings and love. Lights on the shore is what you are.

nobody said...

Hey Les, Folks,

I'm going to repeat the recommendation that everyone who hasn't seen the Money Masters, see it. It's unmissable.

As to A Clean Break, you can go even earlier. google 'oded yinon strategy for israel'. Oh wait, I found a link (delete the spaces I inserted) - http://www.information article1025. htm#contents

And on top of that, anyone who's ever wondered about the fabled Protocols of Zion, stop wondering and just read the damn thing. It's googleable (if there's such a word). Feel free to read it in a spirit of doubt under the assumption that it's a forgery. And then see where you stand at the end of it. If you make it all the way through, that is. The translator apparently couldn't do more than a few paras a day he found it so hateful. I can dig it. For mine, if you put it together with A Clean Break, Yinon's Strategy for Israel, the Talmud and the obvious daily shit you see in Palestine it's a no-brainer.

Otherwise apropos your article I'll make a small side point. When people hear the word 'money' they think of a desirable thing. The obvious thought that follows is that the people who own the reserve banks of the world (the Fed, Bank of England, etc) are doing this for the money. They ain't. They don't need the money. They already have it all. They own the printing presses. They have room after room of palette after palette of insanely huge gold bricks. They have more property, jets, yachts, helicopters, yachts with helicopters and zircon encrusted tweezers than anyone could even keep track of. Richie Rich ain't in it.

So what are they doing it for? Control obviously. the people of the world are to be kept impoverished, a variation of slaves. But how many slaves do you need? Why do they persist? They're already richer than God. Why would they not say, 'Oy, enough already? Why don't we just let those poor suffering bastards get on and lead lives of happiness.' I'm not going to pretend I have an answer. I suspect that these people are possessed of a belief. I don't know what that belief is. Hubris describes it, sure, but that's merely the nature of their belief, not the belief as such. Me, I'm a nihilist and can offer nothing beyond saying that their belief is bullshit. If you can figure it out Les I'd be up for it.

Otherwise I have to race off. Mike Rivero kindly linked to me and my place is going nuts. Well the counter is anyway. Talk about an insane hit to comment ratio! Ciao.

canard_du_jour said...

A cartoon I saw once:

Castaways adrift in a lifeboat fighting amongst each other and coming perilously close to capsizing their boat. They are so engrossed in their inter-personal squabbling and bickering that they are unaware of anything else around them.

"It's OK to rock the boat, just never question the sea upon which you float"

We then see that the sea that all the castaways are at the complete mercy of, yet at the same time totally ignorant of, is actually a sea of money... the economy.

Just from memory, I may have got a few details wrong, but the gist is there. I'd love to see it again, it was an important signpost along the road on my search for truth.

What's the connection between 9/11, 7/7, JFK, RFK, the type of computer you're viewing this on, the chair you're sitting on, the fact that you have time to sit and read and, ...what's the connection between all these things and everything else?
You're right, it IS the economy.
Everything that happens in this world happens within an economy. The economy is NOT some mysterious beast with moves so wily it continuously confounds economic 'experts'. The economy is an artificial creation under complete and total control of a few humans. If you're not one of the elite your every move every second of every day is informed by or dictated by economic decisions made by you and for you. Even your dreams: the fact you dream of having a better house or car means you don't have a better house or car... why not? If you want it, go get it! Oh, that's right! I've been fucked up the arse so long and so hard and bled so dry of life spirit that all I've got left are dreams... oh fuck it I'm rambling and not a good writer, I should just go and vaccinate my son like they say then downsize my carbon footprint 100% by throwing myself off a building...

Duke said...

Peace be with the reader.

The Blood Money River is only part of the vicious circle, The tip of the iceberg.
The vicious circle is broken, it is broken because the time has come.
There is no place to hide, be prepared to meet your Creator.
All together now: "....the Truth goes marching on..."

Visible said...


I'm in agreement with you on freemasonry and that is why you never hear me mention it. It's not that I don't think there are abuses in that formula by the same kind of people that abuse everything and are representative in every movement. I just don't get freemasonry as evil. I would need the kind of evidence that I do possess in terms of many other organizations and movements. I just don't have that when it comes to freemasonry.

kikz said...

well said and agreed, les :)

the A.A.S.R. is indeed
a testimony to the nature of humanity's greatest treasure; freewill... and the duties and responsibilities which accompany the well reasoned use of it. :)

i've studied quite a bit of world religions and philosophy from many sources and other creed surpasses it w/respect to individual liberty, as in its "prime directive" Uncle Al sez it all;

" Everyone is entirely free to reject and dissent from whatsoever herein may seem to him to be untrue or unsound. It is only required of him that he shall weigh what is taught, and give it fair hearing and unprejudiced judgment."

how can one improve on that? :))))))

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"flimflam, apollonian
Tony 12:47 AM

* * * * *

Mere Assertions Without Premises Make Inferior Dialectic
(Apollonian, 14 Apr 08)

"Tony," I'm presuming, of course, but Visible publishes my posts as he considers they're informative--or at least somewhat entertaining.

CONCLUSION: U're getting a little repetitive for ur own "dialectic," aren't u? Do u have an argument?--Don't u think it's getting time to attempt to try to make one? Let me help: I got more expo at, under "commentary." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Eric the Viking (the_srv) - you are right.
'We the people' are the 'enablers'.
When's the next do nothing/buy nothing day?

Anonymous said...

An associate of mine works for the NSA. When I first discovered the truth and lies of 9/11 I plumbed him for information. For a while he denied outright that it was an inside job. Eventually he admitted it was common knowledge, but that all of these things were coming to pass for a good reason. He says this is why Chomsky, all the others, why there are no leaders with integrity or compassion stepping up to plate for this. Not because their lives or the lives of their loved ones were threatened. But because there's some unspeakable but once known, understandable and acceptable reason for all of these orchestrated events in these chaotic times.

Absurd I know..and probably false. But he mentioned something about it being related to the holy grail of biotech having been discovered. Something about anyone having the ability to cause untold havoc in solitude with little effort. The potential for real terrorism on a massive scale committed entirely by one individual will be so great in the near future, that a little fake terrorism to start getting people into the defensive mindset and to start getting governments and societies on the right path is necessary.

The only way to preserve the human race from self-destruction is to create the grid, thought-police, one world rule, the works.

This must all come to pass before we can know the reason, and in hind-site we will all believe they acted in our best interests.

Utter BS if you ask me..but then..

lb said...

In a nutshell you say what i think, you reference music that moves me. You have the macro picture pinned to a T. This is where our likeness starts to wane. I am a health care worker by trade yet i can't get meaningful employment due in part to my opinions and conflicting personality.
Strangely enough, last night i was watching a documentary on the Bergen-Belson prison camps of WWII and i felt for the loss of life. I have ancestors who took bullets in that war and i am watching my ass getting pushed ever closer to the status of those who starved or where beaten to death for the ideologies that ran that war. Many of those that my ancestors saved are now immigrants and neighbours of mine and they are getting fat off of the economy that is killing me.
Where are the good people you ask?
They are quietly working for the man. Their cup is half full and the other half is my share and they are not about to level the playing field.
You are fortunate my friend that your artistic talents give you the liberty to speak out against the tyrrant???(i guess tyranny is relative to the perspective that is relative to the micro picture)...not everyone is that priviledged.
I hate big international banks as much as you do but i'm beginning to hate my neighbour even more as every day is another day where i lose another drop of dignity to the average joe - those same average joes that my ancestors took bullets for.

ELP - C'est la vie!!!

The average joe's life could be summed up in this way.
Two people are asked to perform a task. One person gets the job bang on while the other struggles by and produces a bearily passable job.
The judge comes by to assess the results and concludes that the second guy is to be promoted for further work.
The first guy gets totally flustered and ask why?
The boss says, " We'll the work may be a little crooked, but he has a great personality."

Moral of the story.

It's o'k if the world is a little crooked if it doesnt' cause any problems for the man.

That's where all the good people are Les.

The rest of us are in a pseudo prison camp already.

Serves us right for giving them their freedom in the first place.

This may sound like the rants of a bitter man (they are) and yes i will get another job eventually but that doesn't change the situation.
How many times do i have to be pushed to the back of the line for the lies of average joe.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Anonymous said...

Les, all you say is true, and the world is in grave peril, but what to do. Those of us that have sought the truth and found it, find ourselvs in the wasteland of awareness. I try at every turn to relate what I have learned, but I have learned in the process that many, most in fact, do not want to know. Even some of my close friends, who know me for the rational, scientifically minded man I am think I'm out of my mind. They simply cannot wrap their minds around the idea that their government is not actually looking after their best interests. Americans have become the stepford people, controlled by the corporate owned media, and if they don't see it there, it doesn't exist. When I first learned the truth about life in the world, that is, money blood money... I was like the guy in invasion of the body snatchers, screaming in the street that they are here and they are taking over. It didn't take me long to realize that that approach does not work. The rational scientific approach has worked better, but still the inroads are insignificant compared to what they need to be to actually change anything. The beast is comming, and I can see it clearly, but the masses are blind, and cannot. We are the frogs in the pot of water being brought slowly to a boil, and those of us that know what is happening, don't seem to be able to convince the others that it is not just a nice warm bath. My idealism is dead, and my hope for the future is withering on the vine of life, and I feel like I'm standing alone on the ocean shore, waiting for the tidal wave I know is comming to wash us all away. It's an ocean of money, and a wave of blood. What to do?

Anonymous said...

I really miss Terence McKenna.

His riffs on Controlling the World were fuuuucking hiarious.

I like you, Les, because you are a voice of Truth.

You speak Truth about many of the things that are Really Big these days.

It`s nice.

The idea that we have to take control somehow, of the situation, though, I disagree with.

Terence preached that a good role to play in these times was the role of the allayer of anxiety.

"History is a runaway freight train on a dark and stormy night."

"No one is in control!"

I really miss Terence.

Anonymous said...

Me loves the comments section it is more edumacational than enything tenured professor ivory tower down at know nothing state has to offer. Gotta get me one of those mba's so i can know about echonomics like dear leader asspuppet the decider. Is our childrens learning?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 5:54 PM
That fact could possibly be true as it only takes one bio 'thing' to start the ball rolling.
However, as Les says, follow the money. Too much money/power is being concentrated in too few hands. And don’t forget 6% of the world’s population are psychopaths. I’d like to see the psychological profiles of the top few percent of the moneyed/powerful individuals in the world.
If the NWO was for the people 'they' would be looking after 'us' and the world we all live in. It’s very obvious no one is looking after anything except their greed.
I believe it's about reducing the world population and money/power for the few to reach some sort of equilibrium (of their agenda). I have seen a figure of two billion; who knows. I do know our earth could support many more people than it does now if we all had the right mind set; an impossibility!
Our world society is getting too unmanageable - too many of us and too few of them; too big an imbalance in the haves and the have nots, a dangerous situation for them.
Solution: reduce us; they don't need so many to support them.
We are riffraff, the great unwashed, a burden on earth’s finite resources, goy.
The real solution of distribution of wealth is beyond our capacity at the moment (if it ever would be attainable).
Nature is doing what Nature does best!

Visible said...

There is another essay here. It is Chapter two of a book I am writing on line and it will also appear at Visible Origami but

You can find it here.

notamobster said...

With the invocation of PNAC and the roadmap which is "Rebuilding America's Defenses" you may find it interesting to read the following (Revolution in Military Affairs in Conflicts Short of War), which was written as a "hypothetical future history scenario" in July 1994.

This scenario is absolutely DISTURBING in it's accuracy. It even uses the very term "stay the course" in reference to the hypothetical future war which became unpopular. They stayed the course until the public outcry caused the situation to become untenable. The future of this hypothetical U.S. has not played out all the way. Enjoy the read.

Visible said...

Hmmmm... a lot of new things pouring in all of a sudden and - to get back to the Terrence McKenna thing; no one is marching into confrontation here. Alieving anxiety is just what's in mind... for those of you stressed by your situation we're trying to get a global help solution into the works for those who are ready to drop out and be useful the way they always wanted to be but some things take time.

You need to have something you can hold to inwardly at this time and I suggest reaching for it because it is there. Be patient and be aware... these are the times that try men's/women's souls. This is a bad period. Stay strong and be alert and seek the succor within. There is a light within... reach for it. Shit is meeting fan people... Don't run out from behind the refrigerator so the cat can catch you. Keep your head down and wait it out.

There will be communities and places and new worlds. I don't want to get into anything more here because that gets gotten into at all of the other locations depending on what it is about and a new link just went up in that regard...

Be calm and trust... It really is going to work out but... it might get a little scary; thuderstorms and faces at the window... Hang in there. I don't know what else to tell you right now. Reach in. It is reaching for you too.

Anonymous said...

There are no white knights, there is no man in a mask on a subway full of explosives. Just about every Congressman outside of Cynthia McKinney has sold out the country with regards to 9-11. Ron Paul certainly hasn't used his voice in Congress to impeach to the Bush cabal and try them for treason. Dennis Kucinich voted yes on waterboarding.

The people must secede from the government.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Visible. I love what you write, but I do (completely) relate to Hank's pessimism and despair. And it's getting worse. Because now, not only am I faced with most of my friends being scornful of my views (nothing changed here), but among the scant few that appeared to have a handle on the 'truth' - most of them are now BORED and DISINTERESTED in talking about it any more.
(from a 57-year-old woman who comes to websites like this, just to reassure herself that she is not going completely mad).

Visible said...

Well... there are reasons to be blue about the state of the times and everyone has to manage their minds in the face of appearances.

All I know is that I have struggled with some very dark situations since before I was able to walk. I've been in prisons and maximum security wards of mental institutions for the criminally insane. I wasn't criminally insane of course. I just didn't cooperate with their system; never have and never will. And they can get rough about it too.

There were times when it looked like they might never let me go and there were times when I did not know if I would survive and at all times i had to keep my eyes open because life and death (and worse) was going on around me all the time. But I did get out and I avoided many of the things that happened to other people because I know where to draw the line and mostly because I had protection from on high. That is what it appears to have been on reflection.

There were also very dark times in my life out in the world and times when it looked as if I might sink under my own excesses and despair. Then, once again the government came after me and tried to put me in prison for life and this time I beat the system on their terms and walked away from it. There was never anything I was doing that called for the response on their part except for what you read in these blogs; though it was done on stage.

Yet here I am, far away and things have been well after so much horror and trial. Will they come again? I don't know. Will the world blow up? I don't know. Will it get darker and darker across the landscape? I don't know. I only know that I have to reach for the light and try to live according to what seems compassionate and helpful and real. I can't do better than that and when I fall, I pick myself up and move on again.

Maybe there is no cause for hope and maybe we're all screwed. I don't know but I'm not going to get into that headspace. I am going to try to live with optimism and work as best I can, in my very limited way for the greater good of the greatest number of people.

Things could be far, far worse than they are and I have found that when you are busy focusing on others and lost in helping where you can you forget about yourself and there is a great reward in all selfless endeavor. The whole world may go dark but it can't extinguish the light in our hearts. Even if we cover that light with fear or self-absorption the light is still there.

Anonymous said...

To the above poster regarding Terence Mckenna. You also should remember he didn't believe in large scale conspiracy theories. I'm a great fan of his work, but this is obviously one thing he got dead wrong. To allay anxiety regarding this coming situation is to be apathetic and give complete control to what would be your masters. You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Whether or not you believe something world changing will happen in 2012 or not, intimations of Truth will be your friend in times of crisis.

GodSend said...

"I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the Light of Life."

John 8:12

Anonymous said...

Nice radio interview Les! The host did a lot of dancing around and I found him a bit did as you do 'brought things into perspective' and it was very nice...

Dang, the blood money exchange was excellent 'thanks for bringing it into this thesis...Would y'all believe Pres. Martin Van Buren took the largest land grant in America and put it in an International Trust Never to be sold just passed down...'but one reliance' secondary to his knowing what was going to happen to America via Fed Reserve...present day the trust is worth over 10 trillion free and clear...this is one major factor in the clean up in finance...the Scharfs 'Schifs' Roths...are bankrupt and the Fam (Van Buren is Maes and I am Maes...) is calling in the $$$ "Trust/Debenture"

The battle has begun 'hold on to your bunny folks'

Anonymous said...

I believe, to a great extent, that hopes of engaging in a direct struggle against the overwhelmingly powerful world corporate/financial/drug-running, money laundering syndicates, which control all matters related to peace and war, are futile.

Yet, once we working-class, wheel-treaders realize that we constitute the goose that lays the golden eggs that the powerful require to remain powerful, a change in focus on our part has the potential to make all the difference in the world.

In the US, consumer spending represents 70% of GDP, which means that, if only by virtue of spending habits, the working class, joined in number by a dwindling middle class, is in a position to make or break centers of power.

What if we in the West® were to cease buying the goods that fuel the economic beast that underwrites the pillage of resource-rich nations and the enslavement of entire continents? All of us know in our heart of hearts that high tech gadgets: plasma TVs, cellphones, iPods, iPhones, etc, don't bring happiness. Recall that societies functioned perfectly well without cell phones, home cinema get-ups and mass-manufactured Ikea crap. Whom do these purchases serve, ultimately?

Stop buying, and/or buy smarter, through exchange, barter and attic-emptying. And why do we not ask ourselves what would really give us pleasure by way of work, if we were in a position to choose. I have an accountant who has assured me repeatedly that she loves what she does. Good gods, power to her! For my part, I work as a graphic designer, unhappily chained to a computer. I'd be delighted to advise my neighbors on container- and roof-top gardening, one of my sub-specialties, or sew and/or remake clothing, at which I'm an ace.

What would please you best by way of work? What you enjoy and do best is likely to be precisely what your community needs.

Time is now to think in terms of sustaining one another in solidarity against hard core profiteering. World finances are presently in the process of self-inflicted self-destruction, for having exhausted the proverbial goose.`

'Tis ultimately we, alone, who have the means to eliminate the usurpers, and reverse war-based exploitation.

Anonymous said...

'... I had protection from on high. That is what it appears to have been on reflection.'
That's the way I feel too Les. With a little bit of thinking though, that may be how I explain away the unexplainable.
With my 'protection from on high' events, unasked for, they just happen!
It does have me puzzled.
With the financial 'events' (they are the easiest to recognise) the link to anything associated to 'me' is tenuous at best.
With the other, well, as you say ‘on reflection’. Part of the Great Mystery mate.
You and your writing are an example of the ‘good’ events that have been placed on my path through life, unasked for. I know, things like this are a result (partly) of me recognising a gift when I see it.
And I give thanks.

GodSend said...

Life-consciousness and God-consciousness are not the same thing. God-consciousness and Christ-consciousness are not the same thing. Spiritual understanding is ONLY given from 'Above' and CANNOT come from Soul(Self)-searching. Saul/Paul is a good example of the spiritual progression to Christ-consciousness. As a Jew (Saul), he was God-conscious but he did not become Christ-conscious until he received spiritual understanding of Christ on the road to Damascus. He reached a higher level of spiritual understanding when he became Christ-conscious. That's a continuing process. The same process applies to all who receive Christ-consciousness by the Grace of God. You can't earn it; you can't demand it; you can't conjure it up; you can't buy it. How do you qualify for the Grace of God? You humble your Self before God (not before men!) and you seek Him with 24/7 commitment, no matter what the consequences. That's what 'coming to the Cross of Christ' means. It's not an intellectual (reasoning) decision! It usually comes out of a state of spiritual or physical or emotional despair, when the futility of 'Self-realization' hits home in no uncertain terms. The soil has to be tilled and prepared before it's ready to receive spiritual seed from which spiritual maturity (Christ-consciousness) can grow.

You can only understand this process through looking back through your own experiences - IF you should be so fortunate to have had them. It ALL comes from God's Amazing Grace (the unmerited favor of God).



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