Friday, April 4, 2008

April...May well be the Cruelest Month.

The clock is ticking. The second hand spins. The minute hand slides and the hour hand crawls. Hours become days. Days become weeks and months and years. Within the spectrum of passing time, all that we know has happened, is happening and will happen.

Is there any one of us who has not said to themselves, as they look back on their life; “How did I get here?” Have we not all wondered what might have been, had we not taken that fork in the road, had we not hesitated at one point or rushed impulsively forth at another? We’ve all been there.

This dream-stuff out of which our lives are woven is a dense composition. We struggle to step outside of it, to wake up but it is an arduous task. Most do not struggle at all. They move through it at the mercy of circumstance on the one hand and whatever personal power they imagine they bring to the mix on the other. Some thrive for a time and some perish. They all depart in the end.

The clock is ticking and never before has such a smorgasbord of possibilities been spread before us. When you think of all the ponderables and imponderables at work, it seems impossible to calculate which way it will go. Think about it; the Middle East and all the percolating locations around the globe; the diametrical oppositions of which we see only the surface; Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Israel as well as the always forgotten Palestine.

There is the world wide financial tightrope trembling. There are the rising food costs, primarily due to the bio-fuels industry. There is the seldom mentioned but serious problem of water. There are the dying bees and the poisoned landscape. There are the ceaseless lies and soporific snail tracks of the mass media. There is the obvious fascism of corporate control in the most powerful country on Earth; presently in the hands of deranged psychopaths. There is the complicity of Europe and whatever strange pressures are taking place behind the scenes. There is the quiet presence of Russia and China in respect of the world picture. We hear very little about them in consideration of things but they are very large animals in a very small room.

There is the presidential election where the biggest consideration is surely who will be McCain’s running mate. This is a major key to much of which lies unsaid. I would look very hard at this in relation to everything else.

In the past there has always been the illusion that the so-called democratic countries of the world were the white hats. Now it can be clearly seen that the evil empire is in fact America and her handlers in Israel and London; NOT the other way around. We have seen that there is no limit to what these forces will do to achieve their ends. They are without conscience or compassion. They are not human at all.

We know that both 9/11 and the London tube affair were put up jobs. It is likely that Madrid was as well. We know that the white hats were the entities in control of these events and that they were carried out in order to turn world opinion against the Arab/Muslim world for geo-political advantage and for profit. Democracy is no longer at work and we shall soon see what that means. The voice of the people has lost the audio portion of the program.

When one studies what was done by the SCOTUS in 2000. When one looks at what has happened to basic human rights and to the quality of life itself, the atmosphere becomes ominous. Factor in what you have seen from the turn of the century until this moment in time and tell me... what does this imply? When you know that everything that was done was done by the so-called white hats to protect you from a non-existent threat; when they ARE the threat... how can you be sure of anything except that trouble will come?

Have I said some variation of this before? Yes I have. It needs to be pounded into the insolent and indifferent minds; waving their tired blood stained flags over the pyrrhic accomplishments of a prowling red-eyed madness. It needs to be hammered home. Better the hammering of truth in advance... of the hammering of clubs and whips to follow. Now... let us go to a new place. You’ve heard the rest of anything else I can say about these conditions many times before. Let me talk about the light at the end of the tunnel that is waiting beyond the birth pangs of the coming Aquarian Age. The clock is ticking in its agonizing march between the measured breaths of the moment being born. Light is breaking here and there. Even though some few years of darkness may remain, light is breaking.

It is not by accident that various political figures from Italy, Germany and Japan have named the culprits in 9/11 and other affairs. It is not by accident that the UN is considering an investigation into 9/11 as former Italian President Francesco Cossiga has stated, "All the [intelligence services] of America and Europe...know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the Mossad, with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part ... in Iraq [and] Afghanistan."

As Leonard Cohen said, “Everybody knows.” It doesn’t get talked about on your televisions. It doesn’t get mentioned in your newspapers but it is being discussed in offices and wherever political and financial movers and shakers congregate. Behind the scenes, those who have had enough, those who see what is planned... the coming false flags... the major devastation... the financial unrest, calculated to cause confusions and chaos. Wiser heads and concerned minds are considering what they can do and so they are beginning to speak out and to orchestrate the dissemination of information in such a way that they might retard and hinder what the psychopaths have planned.

Major efforts are underway behind the scenes and you will see evidence of this in the time to come. We are watching the death pangs of the evil of a passing age. We are witness to the last gasp of the last generation of Piscean slave herders. Beneath all of this darkness is a new world being born and you are living in the midst of the transformation.

Hard things must happen because hard things must be broken. Do not despair, no matter what you see or hear. These are just appearances. The battle has already been won and we are living in the echo of their defeat though it seems to be still going on. It’s all over but the shouting.

You can take heart and take heart you should. It’s all coming out and despite all of the difficult problems that seem to beset us, it is all working out. Why I am certain I cannot tell you but I am certain. This has been long coming and it is a spectacle indeed. Your chief concern is to conduct yourself as a human being and do what you can where you are and when you are needed.

It is hard to see though the foliage when it surrounds you on all sides but the world is changing in front of your eyes. I know it seems grim. I know there is a tendency in all of us to fear the unknown and especially given the undeniable presence of madmen at the wheel. Little do they know that they have been driven forth into prominent exposure so that they can be clearly seen. Watch yourself, do not get swept away, let your humanity come forward. The clock is ticking and sooner or later it is going to be now.

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Visible said...

Anne Marie, are you out there and well? People have been asking about you and -as you can see- so have I.

Auberon Barnable said...

I agree with your intimations Les. Each of us is here for at least a reason. Having lived our lives before and after singular moments in time where we act according to script, actions congruent on the many levels of our existence. Dreams are the dress-rehearsal. Waking Life is only the interface for the shadow play. The closed-minded, sleeping among us are Extras on the set but still unknowingly have their parts to play. For the awakened, it is our curse and luxury to realize we are actors and not the characters themselves.

Out of the class of the possible, certain things are selected for the formality of actually occurring. But who is in control? We are. We are all powerful and all knowing beings who have for some reason chosen to limit themselves (or allowed other to and the same) for this great show. Let us all choose our own reality and turn the page together. Three, two, one, action!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning the light and forces opposing the inhuman ones.
Too often we are being awoken with the gloom and horror but not with potentialities and unfoldings.
Once again you shine.
Once again gratitude abounds for what you are contributing to my own unfolding as a person.

Ben There said...

Humanity is something worth having faith in... Doesn't it always have to get worse before it gets better? Wake up calls are never very pleasant experiences.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the affirmation thank you for all you do I realise it is not easy and sometimes the money
is hard I pray we will find a way there is a way if only all who come here can see that and do something I am working on something.
Thank you,

rosie said...

If you are thinking in terms of astrology - it is going to get worse before it gets better.
Pluto is in the process of moving from Saggitarius into Capricorn and that bodes ill for freedom,democracy and human rights for the next 10-15 years or so check it out).
No doubt the concentration camps waiting in the USA will get plenty of use from our corporate fascist 'masters'. When Pluto moves into Aquarius the light will start to kindle.
For the next 10 years or so hunker down and get ready for the repeat of France 1789. I will watch corporate America, Israel and Europe face the guillotine with some pleasure.
Pass the needles and knitting wool please my friends! (the Old hags used to knit as they watched the retribution - me too!).

lb said...

I don't know if you take requests Les but here's mine.
Write Bushes final address to the Union speech and the new Presidents' first address to the Union.
Only you could come up with something like "Piscean sheep herders". I had to think of that one for awhile!!!
Welcome to the age of Aquarius. Goodbye Fish.

Anonymous said...

“They are without conscience or compassion. They are not human at all.”

You are right as usual, and herein lies the problem. A hallmark of being human is to have a conscience and be compassionate. Many of our leaders, captains of industry, military, and especially those in the shadow government are beholden to the dark forces. They are diabolical pathological liars. People with conscience have little defense against these individuals. They assume that being these people are our leaders they have our best interests at heart. These good people buy the lie. In a weaker moment, J. Edgar Hoover once said, “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous they can’t believe it exists.”

You may have a different circle of acquaintances, hence your optimism. The vast majority of people I run into are handicapped in the manner Hoover described. To the indoctrinated mind the truth is a radical idea.


kikz said...

i do anne is ok.. she has been conspicuously absent of late...

nice piece les, as always....

this seems to be one of my hardest lessons... aside from patience......

when i hav questions or fears about something.. i go and reread uncle al. he concurs w/you and sez...
"Despair not."

so that's what i'll try my best to do. he's not ever steer'd me wrong, and neither have you :)

Anonymous said...

Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better before Aquarius truly is born ! That's my feeling. Much much worse. The average American will wish he had never been born before it gets better.
Maybe a few billion souls wiped off the face of the planet - at sea level environs first - and a "remnant" left?
Perhaps we are all going to die and then be reborn into another less material dimension where the evil ones can't come !!? Who knows ? Nobody.

Anonymous said...

I get criticism sometimes for the things that I do.
Part of my philosophy is 'whatever it takes' with the proviso 'so long as no one is seriously hurt'.
Egos can be bruised, trusts can be shaken, beliefs can be adjusted, minds can be changed and positive truths told.
If there is no positive outcome, forget it!
The ends do not justify the means.
All things should be accomplished within a framework of peace however, what must be done must be done.
So, laws will be broken, subterfuge could possibly be the order of the day, lies may be promulgated, fragile minds may daze or reel or even lockup, tensions must be controlled but above all the majority must be on the same playing field. It will get crowded and confusing so ‘networking’ is most important. Credibility can be spent so long as there is advancement of the cause. It will be crucial that someone be there to pick up the ball. As a result hopefully allegiances will be re aligned, confidence instilled and new trusts built.
Whatever it takes.
The outcome will include our taking a more active interest in the running of our country/world instead of forfeiting our responsibilities to a little over a handful (6%) of disordered individuals.
Oh! I forgot. All of this can only happen if the population of the world is 2; me and you and… I’m still… not … real sure… of you…

Visible said...

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Anonymous said...

Les - I read all your blogs - and this one is the best one yet and ties many of your previous blogs together -very nicely done and just in time. This one should be distributed far and wide!!

And no offense - but I think maybe you should give up the music and spend that time writing more - cuz we need it more than ever.

Visible said...

Sorry that your comment didn't go up where it was supposed to. Something went wrong with the interface. It came and went and came again.

Duke said...

Peace be with you Les, as well as those able to read this message.
Your premonition of the end of this present age, is spot on Les.
The time is now, the time has come.
I am here to bring judgment to the living and the dead. This is the dawning of a new heaven, and a new earth.

The Faithful Witness

Visible said...

So I put it in both places.

Anonymous said...

The war pimp renaissance will go on business as usual. Later this year we'll have a sham farce demokratik "election". Don't wastte time trying to a wake up the mickey mouse crowd corporate logo sporting slave master praising crowd they are busy having a group hug on dr phil.

Anonymous said...

I read today that if all 4.7 billion years since our earth was created could be compressed into a space represented by the length of our arms outstretched from our sides, someone running a file over one of our fingernails would represent the time since humans first arrived. I don't think we know very much about anything, and that fact has been exploited by organizations totally dedicated to mind control.

They really didn't count on the internet and the free exchange of ideas wrecking their plans. Remember, television was always first and foremost a one-way street. I think the small group of people responsible for this mayhem must be kinda old. Forums such as this can go a long way towards inverting the pyramid. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I always look forward to reading your posts. As always an excellent, well written article.

Too bad the people of america live in such terrible denial. They believe the age old lies that they are "christian" and "free" and "brave" when in reality they are none of the above. Perhaps one day americans will be wise and responsible enough and mature to the point where they will become what they believe themselves to be, instead of parading around like a bunch of mindless, programmed robots who do nothing but spread murder and evil around the globe.

I hope that what you`ve written comes to fruition, Les. That there are awakened forces behind the scenes that know who the real cuplrits and terrorists are and that their "new world order" crimes will one day be stopped dead in its tracks. Without that the human race and planet earth have no future.

We must all remain optimistic, for that is our greatest hope.

GodSend said...

Well, can anyone recognize WHO is The Light at the end of humanity's tunnel?

"Let those who have eyes to see, SEE!"

You need spiritual eyes to SEE!

Anonymous said...

Well, you may have a point. I think we can all hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
In May, John Cusack is launching a movie called War,Inc. Supposedly based on a Naomi Klein book.
He said that is was difficult to get financed but he got it done. He also said some pretty strong stuff about the military/industrial complex and who should be in jail. He named some names. Good to see him speak out and put a movie out there that might get Joe Sixpack thinking. Who knows?
As far as us Americans, cut the common folk a little slack. We've only been given one possibility for a very long time. All the things the world despise about Americans are pounded into our heads 24/7 by the media, education system and the government. Imagine living in a room where there was only one type of music and you were told how good it was and that everyone else loved it.
That has been the U.S. for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

To an anonymous poster here: I do not know if you are American, but I say this respectfully to you and the many others on other sites who post comments about the people of America being dumb, fat, and in denial. I assure you that there are many Americans who are none of the above. There are many of us who are quietly going about our lives, enlightening our family, friends and coworkers about the truth of 911, NWO and the grave threat we all face, keeping TV and propaganda and junk food and vaccines away from our children, teaching them to think independently and refusing to send them to government indoctrination facilities, aka public schools, at great personal financial sacrifice. We are preparing for the day when we will stand strong against the forces of evil.

Even if it costs us our lives, we will not submit. We are here and our numbers are growing. We will not be tagged, we will not be branded or chipped, we will not be herded. We are not sheep.

There are more of us than you realize. We are quiet; we do not advertise. We are next to you at the stoplight, at the market, at the bustop, at the library. You judge us without knowing us. But I assure you, we are here and we are awake.

Do not be surprised when the one you thought only cared about beer and football is the one who has made preparations to protect and sustain his family. Do not be shocked when the soccer mom that you judge as being vain and self absorbed is actually the one who spends every free moment she can find researching and learning and soaking up information from every corner of the internet and would sacrifice everything she has to ensure freedom for her children.

We are talking to one another and our courage and convictions are growing stronger by the day in the face of seemingly overwhelming evil.

Evil will not prevail. The wicked will be consumed by their own greed, their own murderous schemes, their own hatred of everything beautiful that the Earth has to offer. The Earth will swallow them. Good will prevail and we must never lose hope.

Anonymous said...

It isn't by accident that figures from Japan in particular have formally expressed divergence from the official 911 story as they would have known for 20 years now that FDR engineered Pearl Harbour as a way of getting into Europe.

Earlier post war study of the unfolding war against them would have made them realise that by May 1942, not 6 months after Pearl Harbour, with the loss of its capital ships, Japan could have been easily blockaded and terms of surrender imposed.

Clearly a subtext of the getting into Europe FDR agenda was extra domestic war profiteering thru prolongation of needless killing and destruction in the Pacific area, as all those Pacific islands occupied by the now stranded Japanese could have been left severely alone until word got to them that terms had been accepted by Tokyo. That simple.

The American assaults on these Japanese occupied islands served only, by intent, to destroy hundreds of thousands of American and Japanese lives and, as indicated, use up war materiel.

Then, of course, came Hiroshima and Nagasaki, again needlessly destroyed, for in January 1945, Japan was still seeking an end to the war thru the Swiss, but America did not respond, as they had two different kinds of bombs to drop on those cities on the 6th and 9th August 1945 - for laboratory reasons.

If anyone thinks that Washington and London would not needlessly throw away the lives of their own and Allied people in foreign wars with an eye to profit and easier post war domestic social control , they should consider the needless multiple ground and air assaults launched on Monte Cassino, Italy, in May 1944.

This was a monastery which the Germans had taken over in wait for the inevitable Allied assault on Italy, but again, like the Pacific islands occupied by the Japanese, it too could have easily been bypassed and the Germans would not have been able to do anything except accept terms of surrender when the food ran out.

But, no, the monastery had to be destroyed because it was a powerful Christian symbol, and many tens of thousands of soldiers on both sides were killed for reasons of, as i've said, later easier domestic control. Again, in passing, it was highly profitable to destroy the monastery and kill the soldiers of all sides.

It's quite clear just by these examples, people can introduce others, that there was even then a powerful psychopathy at work which manifests frequently in world affairs with deadly consequences for those on the scene, and long term malaise for others at a distance.

So, when 911 happened and the official version made no sense, i am sure that the Japanese having additionally suffered so cruelly under gratuitous nuclear destruction when the war need not have happened at all, may well have wondered if the same diabolical forces who brought about the destruction of Japan, were thru 911 seeking to inflict another bout of suffering on hapless humanity.

For by doing their part in moving publicly on the issue of the 21st century, it may be possible to unravel the true chain of command which lead to the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagaski.

Anonymous said...

Stop hoping and start building.

Freedom and democracy have never existed in the united states. They are cultural mythology. The people who control your society treat you like dirt on a daily basis. Lie to your faces. Use you as economic slaves. And all you do is march around waving signs or write articles.

Simply put, there are precious few who have the capacity and courage to sustain the world view that becomes apparent when you analyze the information regarding our social condition. And I have found none who have the courage to face the fact that only a different way of thinking and acting at the individual level is the only viable long term solution. Further, 99% of the population does not want a new culture and does not have the capacity to function in one due to their social programming even if it were made available.
I have read dozens of articles and books from many sources which discuss and review the horrific effects and sinister nature of American society. Invariably, at the end of the book or article, the author states “the public needs to do this” or “people need to that” or some such. The bottom line is that the “public” is not capable of the type of behavior required or the world would be a different place. And no author is willing to stand up and say that the internal programming of people is the root of the problem. People are either members of the ruling classes and therefore have no motivation to change because they are benefiting from the situation. Or people are members of the “ruled” and they are conditioned, managed, and manipulated by the ruling classes to the point where they have neither the knowledge, motivation, or means to effect the kind of personal change necessary to build and maintain a new world.
I think Edward Bernays described the situation effectively in his book “Propaganda”:
“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a democratic society. Those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.
We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of….
Whatever attitude one chooses toward this condition, it remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or in our ethical thinking, we are dominated by a relatively small number of persons……who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.”
Edward Bernays 1928
As communication technology advances, the implementation of these ideas becomes far more sophisticated and powerful. Ultimately, it is all about control.
“If you control what a man thinks, you don’t have to worry about his actions….”
Carter G. Woodson, The Miseducation of the Negro, 1933
This being the case, or more accurately this being one of the basic assumptions I am working from, I believe there was never any “republic of freedom” in the first place. The concept itself is part of the cultural mythology of the united states. Howard Zinn’s work “A People’s History of the United States” is a veritable litany of how the upper class has manipulated the masses since the very beginning of the country. The irony of flowing rhetoric about freedom, liberty, and democracy flowing from the lips of the rich, male, white, slave owning “founding fathers” is completely overlaid by the general “education” system. Further, the facts that it took 89 years ( almost a century ) to abolish slavery, and 144 years before women have the right to vote, should by any reasonable examination lead to the obvious conclusion that whatever modifications may have been made in the interim, the original system was NOT designed or intended to include these populations. And “Surely it must be disturbing to the thinking citizen that shortly after the Civil War and while the Federal Government was still basking in its release of the slaves in the South, that the American Indians were subjected to brutalities and slaughter far greater than anything that the Negro slaves had ever experienced….”
Much has been written on these subjects so there is no point in reviewing it here. I think you see my point. Why are the atrocities of the past relevant today? Because whatever it is in the human makeup that allowed those brutal actions is still with us today.
The problem is that the social conditioning puts the general population in the worst possible position: they cannot recognize the enemy. I’m not subscribing to the class warfare ideology. Class is a symptom, not the problem. The problem as I see it is the manipulation, domination, and control of the general population by a subset of the population. Class is nothing more than the systemic result of a group of these individuals working together.
In the context of the united states, Abraham Lincoln foresaw the logical progression of the advancement of social control when he said:
“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”
1864, Abraham Lincoln only a few months before his death
So the thought that formulated in my mind as I read your article was this. The “survivors” exist in every age and every state, for no political or social design is free from the effects of the type of individuals I describe. And in each age and state the survivors keep their heads down and survive. The general population, enthralled and enslaved through economic, psychological, and military force, also just tries to survive. While the “upper class”, for lack of a better term, continues their program of consuming the life energies ( in the form of goods and services ) of everyone else.
Examining this process leads me to think that unless a completely new process can be put in motion, there is no reason to think that the rapacious and completely psychopathic tendencies of the controlling individuals will ever be checked except by the fatal consequences of their behavior. And I mean fatal at the global level. I’m sure you are much more aware than I am of some of the possibilities in that area.
In my opinion, we need to stop thinking in terms of just surviving. And we also need to stop thinking in terms of just the age and state we find ourselves in. We need to think globally and for the ages ahead. We need to understand that the enemy is not at the gates. The enemy is inside our lines, inside our hearts, and inside our minds. Yes, the most terrifying of scenarios, I agree. But if we run from it, if we who can actually see it turn away in horror and despair, tell me who is going to do the job? And are we really going to “wake up” the general population? The people who have been conditioned for 30, 40 50, 70 years by the most advanced propaganda and social conditioning systems in the history of world? People whose personality, belief system, and psychological and emotional configuration is based on, supported by, and integrated with the social control programming? I’m not seeing that as a remote possibility. The best we could achieve is to “convince” them of our perspective using similar techniques of “education” and “convincing” that are used against them in the first place. What would be the point of that? If they can’t think for themselves, then we simply become the next oppressors. Zero sum game.

The process of social control you are enslaved by is thousands of years old. Working inside that process is completely ineffective. Either you will take on the task of creating a true new social order, or you will, as in the past, just rail futilely against the Masters and at the end of the day, you will kneel. Kneel by supporting the system that the Masters use to enslave you like the good little Eichmanns you are.

Visible said...

I'm always amused when someone comes along and tells people not to write articles and then goes ahead and writes one of their own; albeit, in this case, more convoluted and less entertaining than my own (grin).

What's your point? I didn't quite get that either, honestly.

New essay here-

Anonymous said...

the clock is ticking... (shooting for Intel...) You are in a deep sleep, now put your subject under, who will proceed to put another under...and here is your will recall nothing when you awake...

I own books over 100 years old with the documented proof of this medical/scientific technology applied.

Link to The Silent Coup Abridged:

You may or may not get it, it is short yet complex; the answers are all in there!!! The general masses were not ready then, are they ready now?

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster that replied to my anonymous post (if that makes any sense).

No, I am not an american. I wish it to be known that all good, decent, moral people around the world are with all good, decent, moral americans that are not going along with the program and are actually doing something to fight the machine and enlighten others etc.

I`ll keep my fingers crossed that one day you retake your country from the dark, insidious forces that have stolen it and are murdering everything in their path (which includes america itself). What a great country you will have.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time here and I haven't been able to leave this website all day except to visit some of your other sites. I don't think I have ever seen anyone write with the power and conviction that you display. This is large. it is immense. It is like someone coming out of the pages of history and speaking the words inside my mind. I don't mean to embarrass you, I'm embarrassing myself is what I'm doing. I just can't get over all of this. You're the real deal my friend. Thank you so much.

Bob Grace

Anonymous said...

Kevin M Washington ends with,`. . .like the good little Eichmanns you are'.

Would either Adolf have placed a sniper scope reticule onto the head of a 10yo Palestinian girl, i ask ? I notice that IDF snipers have a fetish for turning a Palestinian's child's head into instant pink haze. Endless replay back at barracks, courtesy of a vidcam integral to the scope, to the accompaniment of weird laughter? Hmm?

You might reply that both Adolfs would be happy to throw Zyklon B crystals into a gas chamber with 10yo Jewish girls in it.

To which i would say i would be happy to step into a gas chamber for 1hr with a chamber temperature at 16C into which you can throw in the Zyklon B - no Jewish tricks now.

A learned man like you would know well that nothing would happen unless the ambient temp exceeds 25C at which point the HCN gas slowly begins to be given off. A higher temp accelerates the process.

Seeing as you so kindly gave me the prompt, i will ask you to explain how it was that in winter when the temp at Auschwitz was minus20C the gassing of Jews could be done at all, as we are assured there was no pause in the program ?

Remember, that if heating was applied to the crystals in winter the temp would have to traverse from -20C to, say, +80C, a range of 100degrees. Was it done something like that, or not at all, as we are told that in a matter of 3 minutes the chamber full of people would be dead ?

That would have needed a fast outgassing from the Zyklon B, so what was the temp of the crystals in winter ?

Also too, in summer, was the temp too low much of time necessitating a heating of the Zyklon B crystals ?

Anonymous said...

It is almost sad how ppl will fight tooth and nail for a system that never was for them to begin with. I have given up trying to wake up ppl who will never put down the corporate kool aid. I won't give up on those that are alert, aware, awake.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, thank you for this post, I have been feeling down lately, like a cloud hanging over me- and your post has left me feeling less alone and encouraged. Sometimes it all seems like too much, when you try to live life with eyes open- some knowledge can become a burden, though I would never wish to live life ignorant in oblivion.
Thanks for the reminder to 'not despair'.


(...I don't know how much I really invest in astrology but...remember that April brings a time of renewal, involving Aries- the first sign of the zodiac - my birthday just passed so for me it can be a time of new beginings- anyway, for what it's worth I read a line in one description of Aries that I thought was fitting here...
"In Aries, we move from the potential to the actual, from dormant to active participation.")

Anonymous said...

Ragnar B. Johannessen

Szarka's said...

Beautiful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

real quick: I post as anonymous because I refuse to reigster with every single site I visit. I'm sure there are plenty of others who do the same.

Also, please search "September Clues" on Youtube. The MSM should not be let off the hook for their involvement and the coverup.

Also, there is an INTERNATIONAL mafia controlling those including Dubya who were resonsible. This was another cog in their movement for a one world government where dissent will be crushed and slavery for all. The time is running short. Want some names? any pope, Rothschilds, rockefellers, warburgs, the Windsors (really they are the Hapsburgs - "royal family") ... Bush family were connected to the Nazis, the nazis were holding hands with the Vatican, the Rothschilds are the Vaticans bankers and intermediaries, they own the central banks and control most governments. They start and fund wars, finance both sides and desotry theior enemies for their patient plan of world government. The EU, NAU, etc. are just incrmental steps. The Jews are involved and Rothschild is the top one. Religious endtimes also play a part and the media allows them to keep most people completely in the dark. They ARE planning WW3 in the not too distant future. It is time for all truth seekers to unite and expose this plan to the masses before its too late. Keep up the good fight!



Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

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