Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sometimes Blogging is no Fun at All.

Sometimes it is no fun sitting down to write this blog. It’s always the same players relentlessly pounding on the same victims and then wringing their hands and singing about how “nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.”

I’ve got all kinds of links; links about Israeli bus drivers deliberately running down Palestinian children on the highway and links about Jesse Ventura coming out about how 9/11 is not what they tell you it was and how Israel is going to wipe Iran off the face of the Earth (does this comment sound familiar in reverse? Except it turned out never to have been said?) and links about who Al Sadr really is and what is actually happening in Iraq. I’ve got links about how the Israelis are Nazis and the disappearing bees and how (snicker) supposed anti-Israel, left wing bloggers like Daily Kos are going to Sderot to get the real skinny on what’s really going on.

You’ve probably noticed that most of those links relate to Israel. Let’s take those links one by one before I get into why writing this blog is no fun sometimes. In the first case; this is one of several incidents where illegal settlement bus drivers have run down Palestinians on the highway. They actually speed up and cross into the opposite lane in order to do it. It’s all perfectly okay.

In the second link, Jessie Ventura (whom I supported for president a few years ago) has added his voice to the increasing number of public figures coming forth about the load of bullshit the present junta/administration has sold the American people and the world about 9/11.

In the third link we are told, according to a man who looks like John Goodman (if one of his parents had been a gorilla) that Israel will destroy Iran if Iran attacks them which Iran has no intention of doing but which makes good copy in the Zionist press.

In the fourth link Justin Raimundo makes his usual penetrating observations about a situation and infrastructure you wouldn’t know anything about (except for the lies you are told). I’m none too sure about Raimundo. He goes all over the map on many important connections and then he says something like this “But it is false to posit a "Jewish-controlled" media, no matter what the ethnicity or political persuasion of editors, owners, or whatever: these media companies are beholden to their shareholders, and to the market. Reporting the news is an intensely competitive business: there is no way to enforce an embargo on certain information, not in this day and age. There is no "Jewish conspiracy" – only the machinations of a particular foreign government and its uncritical supporters in this.”

Perhaps Justin didn't hear about how it was made to appear that the Israeli soldiers were kidnapped on Israeli soil when, in fact, it happened in Lebanon and how nearly every site reporting otherwise had their article scrubbed from the net. Of course there are horrendous examples of what Justin says doesn't happen... every single day... but I suspect Justin has a patron or an income to worry about; luckily I am spared either of these.

That the news isn't fabricated, filtered and controlled is bullshit and Raimundo also doesn’t pass the 9/11 litmus test. How he can say that there is not a massive control of the media by Zionist interests is beyond me. You have only to read the full article by Raimundo and look at where he takes it to realize he is fully in the camp of the Zionists. He makes good points about a lot of things as he does in the fourth link above ...but like Greg Palast and Noam Chomsky and all the other so called truth tellers with their own feeding nipple on the Great Pig of Darkness, he’s a disinfo agent either by commission or omission.

Do I want to have to say that Neo-con Zionist, Jewish interests are directly involved in a calculated day to day increase in world suffering and profiting from thereby? Is it a leg up for me to have to say definitively that they control most of the world’s media and as a result are given a free hand with their Nazi-like extermination of the Palestinian people? Am I going to get a Nobel Prize mention because I state that they absolutely were involved in the planning and operation of the 9/11 attacks? Is this a positive career move for me?

Why do it? Because it is the truth... If the truth had led somewhere else then that is what you would be hearing about now.

In the fifth link a courageous UN Investigator has stated that the Israelis are Nazis. Let us say this should be analyzed according to the Duck Rule’... as in, “if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...etc” It should come as no surprise that Israel was South Africa’s good buddy in applying apartheid against the black residents.

In the sixth link we have the disappearing bees which if it is sustained will mean catastrophe for the world’s food supplies unless they plan on using Mexican migrant workers to cross-pollinate every flower on every plant and tree.

In link seven we are treated to a warm Israeli embrace for bloggers of the Raimundo, Palast, Chomsky stripe who, allegedly are critical of Israel, although we’ve never seen it and who, as a matter of fact ban any and all pro-Palestinian bloggers from their website (Daily Kos) whenever they show up. When you read the article you don’t see any long list of bloggers named and you can use your reasoning to determine why they might not want us to google the names like we can Daily Kos editor David Waldman and former lobbyist Tom Matzzie. These two are Israeli critics? Who are the others?

I’ve got no beef with the Jewish people any more than I blame the German people for the Nazis, or the American people for Bush, or the Russian people for the Soviet Empire. They may be culpable in part due to their docility and ignorance but they’re not the players. The world domination bent, Zionist Empire is not about Jews per se. These psychopaths hide among their Jewish brethren and then claim anti-Semitism when you point out their bloody antics. They are the ones who refused Red Cross aid for the Jews in the camps in order to increase their suffering.

Seven hundred thousand Palestinians were driven off of their land into increasingly smaller ghettos and are there being exterminated daily and are daily beset with horrors of basic survival that you have no idea of.

Israel is once again getting ready to kill the Lebanese to get their hands on the Litani River water. We flat out know that they caused the invasion of Afghanistan through the 9/11 false flag and instigated the Iraq War; this isn’t debatable. They are now ceaselessly beating the drum against Iran and threatening Syria and Lebanon. No one is doing anything to them except occupying land and water that they want. A handful of toy rockets into Sderot (of questionable origin) are not provocation enough for all the murder that they perform every day. It doesn’t justify using Palestinian children for target practice, or denying them basic medical care, starving the populace and locking up their democratically elected leadership. In any case, Palestinians have a basic human right to fight for the land which was stolen from them.

You see why writing this blog isn’t fun? Telling the truth; which anyone who wants to know the truth can see right in front of their eyes or achieve through some basic research, is not fun, nor is it profitable. It goes against the grain of hegemonic interests and it interferes with the profit margin; well, let’s face it, so few people are interested in the truth that I doubt it causes much distress to the markets and the banks.

I guess I’ll go on saying these things because, for some reason, all of these, so-called, liberal bloggers and investigative reporters and fearless proponents of the good of the people; all these truth-seekers and truth-tellers can’t seem to find the truth. It’s right there in front of them but... they can’t see it.

It gets so heavy having to repeat what seems obvious to me and watch the parade of lies and the resulting torment and bloodshed that attends it. I don’t want to come to the conclusions that I come to. If someone can show me how two and two doesn’t make four and how what actually is isn’t then I guess it would be easier for me. I don’t expect any help in that regard any time soon. I think it comes down to how much shit you will eat in order to get by and whether you don’t mind being a liar who is praised for telling the truth.

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kikz said...

newp.. polite society doesn't like the truth, nor anyone who dares speak it or repeat it.

even if they wail in horror questioning some
tidbit of reality that somehow managed to get thru the haze of day to day existence and distraction.... and you figure that.. since they already noticed... and you can shed some light on the matter...............truth spoken on the matter is .... recoiled from, it's bearer shunned or avoided in future encounters. social leprosy as it were.

by speaking the "awful truth" about a situation, no matter how it is diluted or defanged or scrubbed even as to tell a child a thing.......
your intrusion on their conscience & consciousness w/awful truth, truth brings pain. pain they don't like.

aside from a few family members.....who give quarter to my sometimes loud notation of the latest "big hairy awful truth"......

if there were not places and people like you les.. and your website...... where i see that i'm not suffering some mental deficit and that my analysis of situations is on target and not some deranged embellishment of a waking nightmare..... that others.. do indeed...see what i see.................see as i see........

i fear i would've long ago gone mad from the disconnect of it all.
i guess it's a variant on the Cassandra Syndrome......

your website is a heavy burden. no it's not always fun.

but you do it.. simply because it is the right, correct thing to do.

to tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

That's why you stand virtually alone brother. I see the pains you take to distinguish the nogoodnicks from the general population. You won't be thanked for it. They have had many years to hone the efficiency of their slander machine. The internet is changing that but it won't happen over night and it won't happen without a lot of broken eggs and heads.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your take-down of Raimondo. I've been suspicious of him for some time. Selling out to Taki's blog is another indicator. As he becomes more prolix and unfocused, he becomes more unreadable. Definitely a 9/11 truth denier and OBL/dead denier. He's taking down with him, imo.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,do not fret.Do not despair.Your burden is heavy yes.A beautiful song writer said,"It Just Can't Last."She's right.Your musings send my mind soaring with thoughts,ideas,hopes,yes even timetables.I love it and am forever grateful.Many of my friends and myself reinforce each other rehashing exactly,objectively what we see happening.Knowing so many others see and feel the same things has incalcuble valve.Pulling each other along.Pushing each other forward.
In my opinion the European mind is one of objective thinking and decentralization.A genotype even.Control of the media,of Madison avenue and constant distractions create a dull herding mentality.Hysteria through selfishness and consumption.Who fights on a full stomach?America is now arrogant.Arrogance goeth before the fall.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with you Les is that you believe your lying eyes. Don't ever change!
As to the 'feeding nipple on the Great Pig of Darkness' is this what you are talking about?
Pig cuisine
It can only be answered with the fact they all have their snouts in the corporate/military feeding trough of complicity. A lot of people!
They all partake of the spoils!
As to the 'no beef' thing, the world is one big happy Mafia family!
And no they aren't ‘the’ players but they are participators; in support, compadres, bosom buddies, the enablers of 'the' players.
The individuals who are enabling all of the vicious psychopaths are every day citizens. This is half of the problem, or maybe more.
Vicious psychopaths + enablers = one f***ed up world.
As a kid at school my romantic bone was tickled with the stories of the Bedouin; large family tents in the desert, roaming as the wind took them.
They seem to be the next group of people to disappear from the face of the Earth.

It's funny, I was only thinking the other day you'd be a good'n for Michaels radio show, Congratulations. Be cool.
Get a copy of it and let us download it if you can. Thanks in anticipation.

Anonymous said...

Being truthful Les, we are 'Odd men out' aren't we?
I've allowed myself to be politically incorrect ladies - being true to the idiom, but it includes all of 'us'.
‘Odd persons out’ doesn't have the same ring.
I'm OK with that. I love honesty..., truthfulness and maybe not the American way but the concept - yes.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you've seen this Hannity and Colmes bit with Ventura, it's a classic. I thought he might just bang their heads together for fun, that would be some pay per view shit.
Thanks again


Anonymous said...

Coming back on Raimondo, as well as a 911/Truth and OBL/Dead denier, he's also a 'Toilet' believer. If you can't get your mind straight on 911/OBL/AlQ, you'll be forever floundering in the dark.

His Antiwar commentators are similarly afflicted, pushing the same old same old party line. Pushing themselves into irrelevance.

kikz said...

congratz on the gig, break a leg :)

Duke said...

Peace be with you Les.
Your blogs are refreshing, be careful that you do not become part of 'filtering'
mass media clan. I see comment moderation is enabled :-)

The Faithful Witness

Anonymous said...

If it is worth anything silver and gold you do not possess you possess something far far more superior the one knows and keeps the tabs.
Go get 'em visible.

Tracy V said...

That is why I stopped blogging!! I had a blog called "Some extreme Views ..." and every single thing that I pointed out ahead of time got bashed and no one wanted to hear it.

So kudos to you for having the strength to keep it going!


Tracy V

lb said...

Maybe it's an ego thing to be able to turn a lie into a truth (pseudo truth). The situation is both macro and micro. My assessment of the situation is that the core beliefs of the masses are what need to change. It isn't by exterminating the elite that the truth seekers will change the world. IMHO it is by changing the core beliefs of the everyday joe.

Changing the core beliefs of the masses is a bit like getting six billion people off of heroin. Of course you and i are already there Les as are others around here, and if your journey is anything like mine then you have several days where you would kindly take a hit of that Magic Dragon and say all.

I call it the collective evil.

May the spirit guide you during your radio show. I really need to put that on my calendar.

BTW i have seen and read most of those films and articles.

I don't know where i stand with Alex Jones. Is he the real thing or just a shill. It's nice to see guys like Ventura coming forward like that and if enough people are touched at the core during the next four years then maybe he will make a fair US leader. The question is whether or not the entourage would corrupt him. Power seems to have that effect.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing what you do. It serves as a validation to the minority of us "reality based" individuals that, yes, the emperor really has no clothes.

There are 2 reasons why the Zionists have been able to get away with it all: 1) they own the media (which is more important than owning the politicians -- because a good journalist can bring down any politician single-handedly) and control the message and 2) people have hemmed and hawed over what is going on just to avoid having to mention that this is indeed a problem of Jewish interests being placed above American interests. We are so afraid of being called anti-semitic that we self-censor. That has to stop.

I still fail to see how publishing derogatory cartoons of Mohammed is defended as free speech, but in many of those same countries, if you even question ANY aspect of the Holocaust -- you can go to JAIL. We have free speech if we want to incite violence against Muslims -- but we can't even ask Israel politely to stop killing Palestinian kids without being called an anti-semite.

The only way to stop this is to start being vocal. If we start making enough noise -- protesting in large numbers on the streets, at local town meetings -- anything -- eventually they'll have to start reporting it. If they don't, people will start to wonder why not. Either way -- the message gets out there. Just the way that attorneys often ask questions they know can't be answered just to plant the idea into the jury's minds. If it happens often enough -- they'll have to talk about it. And once that door opens -- truth will be able to get a toe in to keep the door from being slammed shut. After that, it is just a matter of pushing hard enough until we break down the door and the truth can come flooding in.

Anonymous said...

WhatReallyHappened + LesVisible = taking SOMETHING to a whole new level, who knows what??? LVX!

two beneficent planets (human ones) aspecting this saturday at 11 a.m. central time.

love to you, love to Mike R, both my heroes, and lots of other people's.

ellis t

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, your writings do make a difference!!

As long as there are those speaking out and thinking thoughts, and projecting the truth out into the Universe in the face of all Zionist lies, the Truth will win and more people will be awakened.

Thanks for all your hard work on this blog!

Ben There said...

Well you have sure helped to open my eyes to alot of shit by doing what you do. Keep opening eyes Les.

Anonymous said...

As always an excellent, well written article.

You are but one of a few beams of rational, accurate light on the delusional, confused and incompetent populace. What you say about most people (especially americans, I`ve come across enough to safely come to that conclusion) not wanting to know or hear the truth and instead sticking their heads back in sand is hitting the nail on the proverbial head. More power to you, brother. Let the phony "liberal" bloggers continue to deceive those fools who choose to be deceived.

As I`ve commented before one can only hope that the next time the (cowardly, murdering) jew terrorists attempt to invade and subjugate another country (with 100% american backing, as always) in the middle east the Russians and their allies decide to become a bit more involved and arm those countries with enough high tech Russian goodies so that they will be able to defend themselves and send all those parasiting warmongers home in bags. After all, every country has a right to defend itself against all forms of aggression. Unless, of course, you`re Iraq or Afghanistan or Palestine or Syria in which case the terrorists label you the "terrorist". Always too funny.

It is not unrealistic to assume that one day the (criminal) american/western way of life will slow down and eventually come to a screeching halt. Maybe that will wake the sheeple up and perhaps at that point they will start behaving like real "christians" and "free" and "brave" people instead of the programmed wannabes that they are. Maybe at that point their israeli terrorist masters (and all their obsequious minions in the goverment) will flee in droves, lest they hang from the end of a rope. Romantic, I know. And something that is as probable as dubya winning a spelling bee. Although I have little hope for people in america I`ll (and the rest of planet earth) will keep our fingers crossed.

I look forward to reading all your forthcoming articles. Please don`t stop blogging, Les, for without you we are all that much worse off.

Anonymous said...

The time for picketing and protesting and for that matter blogging is well past, for they will find ways of seeking revenge via their high tech, and they will cause black outs within the media that they own. What we need is definitive lists of the real perps (anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand I would think) with as much personal information as possible, and then we need "special" people who are able and willing to check these people of those lists, one by one. Thinking of suing them or trying to impeach, imprison, or rehab them is worthless thinking. And we need to make sure it is them, and not some body double, or some hologram, or some clone / artificial. We need to understand their real tech and weaponry and be able to fight fire with fire so to speak, and this would take the use of various "insiders" I would assume. We then need some creative ideas to begin The System anew, quite literally. We need to be able to broadcast happenings to the masses, unfiltered. I was so hoping that Benjamin Fulford and his plan was legit, but it appears not. Action, not blithering is needed now.

Anonymous said...

I have been searching in vain for credible information on what, if anything, Iran is doing to protect herself and her citizens against the coming US aggression.

Can anyone provide any links? Thank you.

kf said...

You have a gift, and I'm glad you're sharing it. As has been said (better), because of what you write, I know I'm not crazy and not alone.

Looking forward to Saturday!

Anonymous said...

One finds truth in those that have given up on the system built on greed , the selfishness and competition of having more for the self rather than sharing means hiding from the truth that greed is evil.

The arrogance of zionism is one with the devil who places himself above all. The greater israel they seek is for satan to rule the earth from. They that have the great potential for being close to good choose instead to be closest to evil.

Anonymous said...

"I’ve got no beef with the Jewish people any more than I blame the German people for the Nazis, or the American people for Bush, or the Russian people for the Soviet Empire. They may be culpable in part due to their docility and ignorance but they’re not the players."

* * * * *

Les Visible: The "Good," Honest Jew
(Apollonian, 9 Apr 08)

Above quote fm Visible demonstrates typical Jew presumption and fatuity, presumption then actual essence of Jew lies, lies simply restating otherwise implicit presumption, thus essential Judaism (lying), Visible himself, just another Jew, just another liar--though pretending to agonize over it all, like he does so effectively (to judge by all the brainless little toadies checking-in on Visible's blog, telling Visible how moving his "writing" and lying is).

For good Talmudic expo, ck,, and

For the Nazis, truth be told, were simply German patriots, pure and simple--OF COURSE PATRIOTS MUST BE ANTI-SEMITIC, by definition--though of course this conflicts w. typical Jew demonology and Talmudic religion of lies, lying, and liars, as these Talmudic monstrosities CREATE THEIR OWN LITTLE REALITY within their psychopathic mentalities. Visible is no essentially different fm any other Jew liar w. his brainless presumptions regarding Nazi demons.

Judaism--it's just solipsism and subjectivism, but of a sublimely collectivistic organization--whereas gentile solipsists and subjectivists are so isolated and individualistically ineffective and hence negligible. Jews?--they're actually just a criminal "family," and of course one can find some who are less "connected" than others--as Visible himself pretends.

CONCLUSION: For comparing Jew psychopaths w. rest of humanity--and pretending this is legitimate comparison sociologically then is entire game of Les Visible. Les Visible--the "good" Jew (who lies as little as possible); right. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Visible said...

The Apollonian has shown up again. I think he's on a cycle and it sort of waxes and wanes. I don't generally let him spew but I thought in the context of this post it would be good to see what a real anti-Semite sounds like.

For awhile, a couple of years ago, he was so incensed at me for being reasonable that he took his anger with me to other web sites where he went into a frothing rage at my resistance to his exhortations that I should rail against the Jew in all his permutations.

When he first approached me I think he thought I might be an ally in his cause but that was not to be. I instantly became an enemy and he could think of nothing worse than to label me a Jew as well.

The fact is that I am all those things just as we all are. I'm black and white. I'm a Muslim and a Jew. I'm a man and a woman. I am all of these things, just as you are by virtue of reincarnation. The thing we all have to remember is that we are all treating ourselves in another life a certain way. Once we have the hang of that we are free.

It is possible that The Apollonian is not what he seems and his intention is to wear me down or get me to commit to something that I am not. You can never know with the internet.

Thanks for all the great comments. I wanted to tell you that I am now writing at another location and you might want to check it out as I am doing an experiment which is writing a book online, chapter after chapter about surviving in these times. It is at

This location

Thank you Tony for the html help!

Anonymous said...

Antiwar is backed by right-wing CATO Institute- undisclosed. They are hooked up to Big Tobacco funding, support pro-globalization, and pro-privatization of social security etc. Their top columnist, Doug Bandow, was caught taking thousands of $$ from Jack Abramoff to pen slanted stories at a business mag- and fired for it. Antiwar/CATO hired him and Raimondo defended the hiring- "He would have written those things anyway", said Justin. Would he let NYT get away with that??

Matt Barganier, another blogger didnt like another bloggers post, so he posted that bloggers' employer for readers, encouraging them to contact the bloggers boss and get him fired. That is like Rovian fascist, sneaky shit and a huge red flag. Their site is almost all MSM, and all the guests on the libertarian or Israeli- or brownshirt? -side.
Uncivil blogging
Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
Max Borders announced today that he’s signing off early from the blogging world. I don’t know if that’s a direct result of Matthew Barganier’s post on encouraging people to write to his employer, the Institute for Humane Studies, in response to Max’s posts. I haven’t talked to Max or anyone else at IHS about it (and I certainly hope that an organization so committed to the free exchange of ideas would not have put pressure on him). Whatever the reason, I think it’s a damn shame that he’s quit.

Full disclosure: Max and I are friends, we used to be coworkers, and I occassionally write for the IHS websites he maintains.

Barganier’s original post is here. He links to Max’s post and quotes him as saying, “If boiling people alive best served the interests of the American people, then it would neither be moral or immoral.” Then, a few paragraphs later, Barganier says, “Feel free to express your disgust to Max Borders’ employers.” The sentence is linked to the IHS contact page.

There are a number of things wrong with this. First among them is that Max’s quote was taken quite out of context. Here’s the full paragraph:

If boiling people alive best served the interests of the American people, then it would neither be moral or immoral. It would just be grotesque, or indecent, or harsh. But since it doesn’t have any strategic value, we don’t boil people or nuke them. A “sentimental should” means that most of us find such behavior unsavory, even barbaric–but it doesn’t match up against any grand moral standard etched into a Libertarian Rosetta Stone. To momentarily digress into pop-philosophical obscurantism, it’s intersubjectively “wrong,” not objectively wrong (i.e. politically circumscribed).

Max is making an abstract point about how morals are defined. He’s not saying, “You know, I think we really ought to consider boiling people alive.” In fact, he says that would be grotesque and pointless. His argument is that it’s an issue that isn’t defined by his contractarian moral framework. That’s a philosophical stance with which one can agree or disagree, but no one reading the quote on Barganier’s weblog would have any idea it’s what Max was talking about.

A second problem with Barganier’s post is the argument he makes before directing people to IHS:

Some issues are beyond debate for libertarians, and even if you don’t count preemptive war among those issues, you damn well better include the impermissibility of boiling people alive. Vegans don’t debate skinning baby seals. Libertarians don’t debate boiling people alive. Period.

I dissent! Libertarians, and anyone else for that matter, can debate whatever the hell they want. Should torture be permitted in exceptional circumstances, perhaps as a necessary means of getting information about an imminent terrorist attack that would take thousands of lives? That’s a question libertarians could reasonably disagree about. Similarly, I’d expect vegans to debate whether they could kill a seal if they were shipwrecked in Alaska with no other source of food. Both are examples of unlikely scenarios, but people should not fear posing them at the risk of being drummed out of their jobs or ideological communities. Forbidding edgy questions is a terribly illiberal way to support inquiry.

Which brings me to my last point. Barganier’s suggestion that his readers complain to IHS crosses a line that bloggers should be very wary of crossing. Barganier is in the fairly unique position of getting paid to blog.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Les.

Anonymous said...

If you've never read anything by Chomsky in which he is critical of Israel then you obviously don't bother to read his work.

The Fateful Triangle released by Chosky in 1999 really opened my eyes to what is going on in that country.

Raimondo regularly writes about the Israeli lobby and the actions of that state in highly critical terms.

Is your problem that they don't tar the Jewish people widely enough in everything they write?

Anonymous said...

Truth is fact. Whether someone states truth, or not, doesn't change the fact.
But, truth, like fire, spreads.
Do you remember the analogy of the Cave, in Plato's Phaedra? The people lived in the dark cave. They were told that it was horrible outside the cave, and to never go out. They huddled together in the dark, around a fire.
One day, one went out. He looked at the blue sky, the trees, the river, and the beauty of the land.
He came back, in hushed tones and told another. The story spread.
One by one, they went to the light.
One by one, they abandoned the dark. Once they saw the light, they could never be happy living in the dark.
That is the function of truth. Once you know it, you can never go back. You are forever changed.
When I first started blogging, myself, nobody was with me. I blogged on AOL message boards, and was attacked, daily.
I kept it up, as my patriotic duty to this nation. I have never given up on the fact that Americans are good people. I believe that if Americans are given the truth, they will always chose to do the right thing. If they can come out of the dark, they will never live in the dark, again.
Truth is like fire, it spreads.
People are learning, due to blogs like yours, and others.
Don't be so quick to attack those like Raimondo, as he has exposed a lot of truth. It is up to the readers to figure out where the distortions are, and an honest reader will do some research, to find the truth.
I read that 65% of all military intel comes from the web. That is the source of the majority of these people's info, so it is possible to read parts and bits, and piece it together, to fill in the missing parts.
No one source is always reliable, but I give cred to those who have even partially led me to truth.
Don't give up, bc the facts are unpleasant. The most important duty any patriotic American can do, is to inform every person that they know and love. The honest American needs to discuss this. The honest American needs to lead others to the truth, despite the forces of darkness.

BTW, I am always anonymous, bc people have threatened to cut off my head, for speaking the truth.
I take that seriously, because I won't do anyone any good, if I can't speak out.

Anonymous said...

The simple formula promulgating the mess we are in:

Anonymous said...

Great Drama Regarding "Truth"--How Could It Exist?
(Apollonian, 10 Apr 08)

Les, I gotta tell u--I'm amazed u publish my stuff. And I think now I know why: u're just tired of all the toadies who just suck-up to u and patronize u, and agree w. u, giving u no arguments. And so u publish my stuff basically as change-of-pace--for ur own entertainment, even. Hey, we Christians gotta hand it to u for ur fearlessness.

So now I see u're really metaphysician, very good--so am I. And question is whether reality is one or many. And if reality is one, question then is OBJECTIVE or subjective?

For "TRUTH" could only possibly exist within objective (hence Greek/Aristotelian). Jew Talmudism (see above-posted ref.s) is foremost defense/assertion of the subjective, Jews then foremost collectivist subjectivists, who make their subjectivism so effective in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Hence then it's (reality) all CYCLIC, u see, again according to Spengler, Jews (leading subjectivists) prevailing cyclically during the "decline" phase of cycle, which we've endured in West since advance of Pharisaism-moralism of Rousseau, Kant, Eng. Utilitarians, and German Transcendental Idealism (GTI).

Specifically then, Jews run the COUNTERFEIT scam known technically as "fractional-reserve" money and banking (see for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud). And this counterfeit operation/racket is what gives these subjectivists/collectivists all their earthly, practical power.

So the trick for us gentiles then is to "resurge" fm present Western "decline"--and how to do this--it's the whole problem, drama, and large-scale agony which u urself feel so poignantly.

And hence as "resurgence" of West is matter of anti-subjectivism, u see, it is necessarily matter of anti-semitism, by definition, Jews foremost subjectivists, as I pt. out. For yes, there are gentile subjectivists (as I conceded), but these are relatively insignificant as they're so isolated, individualized, hence ineffective.

For there is no subjectivism as brilliantly organized as by Jews (Talmudists), and that's why they rule within present Western "decline." Jews lose as they're isolated, analyzed, and identified--which is why Jews' downfall is and has been direct effect of MIGHTY INTERNET information.

And foregoing then is basic script (metaphysical analytic) of the big "Movie" playing at theaters all throughout the world, within people's consciousnesses. U deserve much credit for trying to figure it out, this "movie," I've outlined above, best u can--at which u've worked so hard.

So take good care, fellow metaphysician, u've done well, and u only have one more step to figure out: again, objective vs. subjective. And note as Christ teaches in Gosp. JOHN, "TRUTH" could only possibly have meaning in that objective reality, "God-created," so to speak. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Visible said...

To those bloggers that mentioned Raimundo and Chomsky. First, a careful reading will show that I praised Raimundo for his general work in many areas. The thing is that he won't touch the fact that the press is Zionist controlled and his words say it all in that respect. As for Chomsky, yes, he criticizes Israel. However he is a 9/11 denier and neither he nor Raimundo will cover or discuss Mossad's involvement in 9/11 and I know they know. That they do not and that they skirt this issue or sneer at it like Palast does tells me volumes. I do recognize the good work they do in other areas but for me... for me alone and speaking only for myself... if you are playing footsie with the dark side then you are in their camp and I am going to call them out. I've got chapter and verse about who did what. I don't have all the details but I have the picture and it wouldn't take me or anyone like me very long in a debate to show you just where these men's limits are.

I don't have any limits and I'm not afraid of the darkness and I am not in the pay of the darkness and however it might prove unwise for me to be me... that's just how it is.

When I go off or don't have my facts right, people tell me and I change them. That's how it is.

I'm sorry if, in the limited framework of my essays which are always about the same length that I might not cover everything.

Anonymous said...

apollonian thank you, I see it all now. You're a Christian, metaphysical, subjective fruit cake!
And stop being amazed - Les lets me post here.
And 'Comment Moderator' could we have a change of pace - would you please comment moderate more carefully this... flimflammer!
Your toady

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The point on Chomsky & Raimundo was that they do criticise Israel in often quite vehement terms. The observation mad ethat they don't was factually inaccurate. To bring it around to 9/11 is to change topics.

Visible, how do you "know" that Chomsky & Raimundo "know" about Mossad and 9/11? Could in be that their disbelief it your version of events is genuine?

Presuming that all who disgree with you on a topic are part of some vast conspiracy sounds like a textbook defintion of paranoid. I think those kinds of attitudes are what turn many off of the 9/11 truth movement.

If you were in a debate on a topic and you did not come to agree with the other side and then the other side began to accuse you of being part of a satanic plot for not agreeing wouldn't you walk away thinking, "Weird guy, I won't listen to him again"?

Chomsky has done too much work bringing truth to light to be dismissed like this. And yes, he has said things about 9/11 truth that made me mad.

Visible said...

Hi... I'm sorry I can't print anonymous comments that break the basic rules set on the right side at the top of the comments section.

I can address the most recent Chomsky/Raimundo comment.

Look at it this way. If a person presents themselves as intelligent and informed and let's say their subject is math and they deny that 2 and two is four; would you think they were lying? That's a reasonable assumption isn't it?

If a person works in a particular field and then appears to be ignorant of basic facts that are known to others in that field then you would be right in assuming certain things wouldn't you?

One of the problems in the 9/11 situation is that people who should be forthcoming are ominously quiet and evasive. These people also are less diplomatic than I when it comes to seeing across and commenting on the other side of the fence so... I think my point is valid. I could be a lot less restrained about this and throw a lot more words and terms around but I'm not doing that.

High ranking members of the CIA have admitted that there is no Al Qaeda and a great deal has been said and published concerning Israel's connection to 9/11. when someone refuses to debate what is now obvious. When someone dances around the issue and denies the issue and makes comments about people who are not afraid to address the issue and uses terms more disparaging than any I am using here then I think it's a fair call on my part to call them out.

I've got emails that have been exchanged between two parties and one of them is one of the people we are discussing and that person directly states that 9/11 wasn't an inside job and "where are your facts?" This is meant to get me to have to itemize and list a whole lot of information and then once it's been looked at I get to hear, "So? This doesn't prove anything."

You see what I mean?

You may have your opinions on Chomsky and Raimundo and that is fine. I was clear in the article about Raimundo's value in other things. That isn't the point of 'my suspicions' concerning him or them.

I've expressed my suspicions and my opinions and if you want to take this any further you are going to have to bring forth comments by Chomsky and Raimundo that reflect on 9/11 in some way that indicates they are seeking to get to the truth of it.

None of the things Chomsky or Raimundo say can be valid if they ignore or deny what is now common knowledge and which HAS LED TO ALL of the conditions presently going on. Do you get this?

It's all about 9/11 and unless you are dealing with 9/11 everything you say is tainted by refusing to consider the most important element of it all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"apollonian thank you, I see it all now. You're a Christian, metaphysical, subjective fruit cake!
And stop being amazed - Les lets me post here.
And 'Comment Moderator' could we have a change of pace - would you please comment moderate more carefully this... flimflammer!
Your toady"
Tony 9:23 PM

* * * * *

Is It Truly Either-Or?--Or Is It (Reality) Different?
(Apollonian, 10 Apr 08)

Tony!--u're so brilliant, exciting, and witty, indeed. I'm impressed, truly, inspired even. Thus I find one of greatest virtues of blogging to be DIALECTIC, and I have simple question for u:

(a) If there is such thing as "truth" (as Gosp. JOHN 8:32), then in what realm would it lie?--

(b) would it be in OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian-type) reality where there is criterion to give such truth actual meaning?

(c) Or would/could such truth possibly be subjectivist whence there'd be no real meaning for such word ("truth"), since in subjectivism ANYTHING GOES, and everything and nothing is both true and false at same time?

(d) Wouldn't it be fascist tragedy if u or I were censored at this pt. of blogging adventure and exciting dialectic?

CONCLUSION: This is ur life, Tony! And the World breathlessly awaits ur answer. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Sort of like the pagans of ancient history that sacrificed people to the god of the volcano so does israel and the zionists practice the daily sacrifice of the palestinian people to their wanabe god called satan and once they have taken the greater israel they expect their anti-christ to come and rule over all the world.
Evil sickness is them whos arrogance allows/excuses any depravity.

Any wana join me in creating a self sufficient organic commune south of Perth ?

nobody said...

Hey Les,

Somebody mentioned Cassandra before. The Cassandra story meant nothing to me until the last couple of years. Now I get it utterly. And then there's Sisyphus. Cassandra and Sisyphus had a love-child you know. His task was to roll a bloody, severed head up the side of a mountain of corpses. When he got to the top he'd hold up the head and address the masses telling them of the wickedness of those who'd brought it all about. Sure enough, the multitude below weren't listening. They were all too busy scavenging watches, jewellery and gold teeth. But every now and then, one of them would here him and they'd look about, aghast. Who am I? What the fuck am I doing? How did I get here? And you know what they say - If you save one life, you save the world. We can steal that phrase can't we?

Messy metaphor aside, you and Mike and doing good things. No circle jerk this, mate - not like some other blogs I frequent, ha ha. You two work well together. Speaking of circles, the yin and yang just popped into my head. Might that describe it? Or perhaps Mike is an engineer providing the nuts and bolts and you're the artist who puts them together into inspiring sculptures. Both with a similar focus but coming from different directions. Who knows? Either way, long may the partnership last.

PS. On the subject of Raimondo and Chomsky, it's not what they mention that counts. It's what they don't mention. Take Howard Zinn. I would recommend that everybody read A People's History of the United States. It's brilliant. But they need to keep in mind that, miraculously, private ownership of the Fed gets no mention at all. How is that possible? It almost, but not quite, makes the discussion worthless. And sure enough it reinforces (by omission, sure) the impression of the Fed as a force of nature, an Act Of God. Well fuck that. The Fed should be in flames, says I.

There's a word for an opposition that selectively tells part of the story. It's called limited hangout. And Raimondo, Chomsky, Zinn, Blum, Fisk and even kindly old Ray McGovern are masters of limited hangout. And limited hangout merchants are still worth reading. I read all of the above. But I know that they're going to hold back. If people choose to take them at their word and base their world-view on them, and them alone, they're going to come up short and confusion is inevitable.

PPS Anytime you feel like blitzing apollonian, it's fine with me.

Anonymous said...

I will point out again that the defence I offered for Raimondo and Chomsky was that they are highly critical of Israel whilst you stated they never say anything about it.

Rather than accept your statement was incorrect you segued into 9/11. And now argue that anyone who disagrees with you on that issue cannot be trusted on any level. In that way you don't have to correct the record on your initial statement because anything ever said by Chomsky and Raimondo is irrelevant.

I tend to agree with you on 9/11 but I don't follow through into a fundamentalist position that all who disagree with me are evil and corrupt or CIA stooges or Mossad, etc.

Visible said...

I'm assuming you put this here because you know it's flat out lie and won't be see by the people who can catch and comment on it. This means I should put it in the operating thread and let everyone see it.

Point out to me, you who are hiding behind your anonymity where I SAID they never say anything about Israel. Put your proof here.

Using your argument, since that is a lie then nothing that follows needs to be discussed. I suggest you look at the comments coming from others and see where the power of opinion lies...that says it all.

You're full of shit and you know it. I imagine if we knew who you were it would tell the tale wouldn't it?

I guess the hardest thing for you is that you have no impact. You even have to write me as if you are two separate people when I can see the same people wrote both of those recent comments.

Anonymous said...

mister mind
Your puny arguments will get you nowhere fellow, picky, picky, doesn't gel here.

Anonymous said...

I thank you for telling the awful truth.

Raimondo. I've been suspicious of him for some time.

Your comments on the zionists using anti-semitism smear like clusterbombs meant to kill innocent bystanders and create confusion was the most memorable and succinct comment on the strategy.

Keep meaning to look for that article to save the whole paragraph. Wish there was more good news. I hope the MSM exposing so many of the bush regime complicity in torture bears fruit of war crimes trials and convictions for crimes against humanity.

Do you think the comments on the Noahide Laws on Fisheaters dot com is accurate?

Anonymous said...

The Methodists called the creation of Israel "original sin" and Rev. Stephen Goldstein has an article and book on why Jews are too traumatized to have their own state and of course he is being attacked. The Methodists attempts to divest from Israel is being attacked by some very underhanded tricks as was the duel citizen attack on the Evangelical Lutherans and Presbyterians when they spoke out against Israel's attack on the USS Liberty and the murder of Palestinians.

This was an encouraging sign but I do not know what was used to stop the divestment but have seen some signs in local churches of some of the methods.

See Herescope.blogspot for how the mainline churches are being destroyed from within esp. the article How the Camel Got His Nose Under the Tent.

Anonymous said...

great column. you've given eloquent expression to many inchoate thoughts, especially regarding Raimundo I've had for some time - dead on the mark you are. He's a well-poisoner and gatekeeper - 95 percent factually correct, but the remaining 5 percent is deadly. Looking at antiwar's list of neo-liberal contributors, no real surprise. Just keep spreading the word.



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