Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Good Guys Dance While the Beat Goes On

While the general public sits, in a drugged stupor, as hallucinating television sets bring them Donald Duck reporting the news, or Porky Pig from the runway at Milan, other things are being said and done which might have escaped the notice of the wider world. Japanese lawmaker and former Chief Cabinet Secretary under Koizumi has had a lot to say about 9/11 and then there is the former President of Italy as well as the one time head of their secret service who has said 911 was done by the CIA and Mossad and then there is the former German Minister Andreas Von Buelow who has something to say and all those professional airline pilots who have something to say as well as all those scholars and scientists who have something to say and then, there’s me. I’ve got something to say too and we’ll get to that.

I want everyone reading this essay who is in denial about 9/11 to ask themselves what they base that denial on. Ask yourself, “Why do I believe that Bin Laden attacked the WTC and points south?” Go stand in front of the mirror people and ask yourself what your credentials are for determining the scientific aspects of the 9/11 attacks. Ask yourself if you are or were at a high level in your government and privy to classified information. Ask yourself if you are trained in the sciences represented by those doubting the official version of the event or a commercial pilot like those linked here. Ask yourself if that really is Porky Pig talking to you from the runway in Milan.

The answer to the first question has to be, “Donald Duck told me so.” He may have been dressed like whatever wax figure reads you your news but it was Donald Duck who actually said it. You believe it because it is what you were told and nobody is going to tell you different because the people in charge are the good guys or they wouldn’t be in charge, right?

These are the good guys that told you the proven lies that have led to the mass murders in Iraq. These are the people who orchestrated and are covering up THIS! Go ahead... read it. You see Halliburton, the former playground of the vice president, reaping obscene profits from the war and poisoning American soldiers with bad water and you say, “These are the good guys.” You see Dick Cheney go to Saudi Arabia and right afterwards you see that the Saudis are now preparing for nuclear war and you say “These are the good guys.” You see the sub prime mess and the food and energy shortages and the bees dying from genetically modified seeds and all of it because your government takes their orders from the money men who run the corporations and banks (and which is the clinical definition of fascism) and you say, “These are the good guys.”

April is here and strange doings are afoot. Al Sadr has shown the world that the U.S. and Israel along with ‘The City’ in London have lost control of the Iraq War, as if they ever had control outside of an insulated bunker on a small piece of real estate. What’s a fascist to do? Next stop Iran. The good guys are working out the details of the next false flag that will justify their long term plans.

Zionist controlled AOL is shutting down websites that question 9/11 while newscasters call for 9/11 truthers to be put in camps.

Twenty eight million Americans are on foodstamps. Isn’t that about one in ten people? Repossessed houses are being stripped of their copper and other fittings. And the beat goes on. And the beat goes on.

A person still in possession of a mind would ask themselves... why? You can’t say that the people responsible for these things are just stupid and incompetent. You have to know that there is a point to all of this. Ask yourself what this point must be. Why does the big freight train of life seem to be heading for a collective disaster of monumental proportion while your news sources are chattering away like Ritalin infused chipmunks searching for Jodie Foster and D.B. Cooper's parachute?

I’m not Nostradamus but you don’t have to be a seer to see. Most of you know that the official 9/11 story is garbage. By a wide margin you have been polled and found to have said so and yet... and yet... the beat goes on. High ranking figures in governments around the world are coming out and flat out saying that the CIA and Mossad engineered this event. Scientists and scholars are rebutting every aspect of the lies and still the beat goes on and these are still the good guys; over a million dead, people tortured and children raped and... these are the good guys.

It is a dark and dreadful thing, given that 9/11 was done by the intelligence services of certain governments that elements of those same governments can imprison and torture men for information they could not possibly have since the events they are being questioned about are being carried out by the forces that are torturing them. This is beyond Kafka folks and it is happening in real life.

Mark my words people... the day will come when all of these things will be widely known and you will remember that you did and said nothing.

As the arrogant, rogue nation of Israel carries out it’s genocide on the original inhabitants of the land they occupy, your voice is not heard. Hundreds of thousands of people who have committed no crime live under the iron boot of a merciless regime which has abandoned all pretense of humanity and it is not only the Palestinians who suffer. And you say nothing because you are ignorant or afraid. You are afraid that you will be tagged with bankrupt terminology for daring to question the methods and motives of mass murdering demons dressed in human form. Because you cannot stand up, one day you too will kneel and receive the same tender ministrations that others have before you.

It is not a question of maybe this or maybe that any more. The stark truth is there before you in black and white and Technicolor and the beat goes on. It is within yourself that you must finally deal with your silence, your indifference and fear. All of the convenient lies that you tell your conscious mind percolate in the depths beneath your awareness and one day... one day they will rise to the surface and convict you as the beat goes on.

There is no hiding place from the truth of your complicity in the tragic events of your time. While you feed in your dreams in the land of plenty, the land of plenty is no more. While you imagine any one of your candidates will address the real issues that surround you, they mouth platitudes and bend their knee to the forces that cause all of the horrors of the time. You will have to answer for why you did and said nothing as the beat went on.

I gain no pleasure from having to tell you these things. I do not fabricate these things in my imagination. They are there for you to see for yourselves but something within you has failed. Something that should have been there went missing. Some quality that made you human has traveled on to more willing locations and you remain as something indefinable... not human... not yet a beast. But when the thin veneer of civilization is at last stripped away we shall see what you become.

For the moment the music is still playing. You travel to your jobs and you go about your activities and entertainments. Despite all of the evidence of these uncertain times you do believe it’s just a rough patch in the road and that mysterious elves will come out in the night while you are sleeping and fix your world. We shall see what ‘the good guys’ have to say about that. We shall see how you dance in time as the beat goes on.

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kikz said...

mornin les...

there is a trucker strike in progress stateside over the hi cost of diesel... 4USD a gallon...if it continues to the point of emptying the groc store shelves... we might see just how thin that veneer really is, and just how easily it peels off. here in the burbz, north of dallas, i'm sure the large majority...have never experienced having a rude reality such as natural disaster impede their daily routines for even a very short time. water, food, shelter, looters... natl guard in the streets... they don' know.. can't fathom it.

i've seen grown men, draw weapons on ea/other over a 50lb block of ice. not something ya forget.......and
these were people generationally used to such things as killer hurricanes... and life's inconveniences for months after.

when it goes here......
it's not going to be patient nor orderly.

instant gratification is all they know.

i intend to stay well outta the way.

Anonymous said...

This is just to tell you that we've posted a number of your recent posts at The People's Voice. You write so well, so honestly about the things that really need to be said! There's an unbelievable BALANCE in what you write, a dignity almost beyond belief. -Please go on writing!

In L.V.X.
Ragnar B. Johannessen

Anonymous said...

I thought you might like to know (unless you already do so) that we've posted a number of your articles on The People's Voice the las couple of months. We appreciate your writings VERY much and hope you will go on and on, and on writing like you do!

In L.V.X.
Ragnar B. Johannessen

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The stuff about fascism here is nonsense.

Ben There said...

I agree with every word of it. Sure wish I knew what the solution was though.

lb said...

Fortunately i am a mere mortal. I was trying to post some pics of Abu Ghraib but the html won't take so i suggest to anyone who thinks you are exaggerating to search youTube torture soldier abu ghraib.
The collective evil seems to be working just fine.
If you do watch the vids remind yourself that those soldiers who look like they are having the time of their life will someday end this tour of duty and most likely be employed has security officers in your neighbourhood.
I feel real safe.

Anonymous said...

"...natl guard in the streets... they don' know.. can't fathom it. ...."

I'd almost forgotten.
This is a slow, deliberate plan with the end being, of course, the dissolution of the Republic we known as the United States of America.

Beginning with OKC and WTC-I as the trial balloons, and on through 911, our 'elected officials' have been systematically dismantling our Democratic Republicy. The stolen elections of '00 and '04 and the current Democratic primary 'crime Scene' of Ohio via Diebold and others, are more than ample proof that not only is our Republic going to be supplanted by fascism and tyranny, but that the 'democrat' party is nothing more than a complicit tool in place to give the appearance of an opposition party when in fact there is none.

Pelosi's "clean table", Reid's war funding votes and Feinstein's war profiteering show us beyond caval that there is only one party in this country - the WAR party; the OIL party.

When the dollar fails completely and deliberately, which is not far off, the resulting chaos will require the national guard in the streets. Martial law will become necessary.

SB 1959, already passed through the House (404-6) is waiting for the right time to enact. A national emergency is just what the doctor ordered. All blogs, internet traffic, opposing political parties and dissenters will be open to charges of 'homegrown terrorist'.

I'd almost forgotten the National Guard in the streets. Thanks for the reminder.

Les, thank you for your efforts and your brilliant writing.

Unknown said...

Thank you Les for another to-the-point article. Someone needs to say these things and you are always spot-on.

It is a crime when the citizens of the US wander around like drugged sheep following their perverted caretakers right to their own slaughter. And at the last minute they will wake up and wonder just what happened.

Keep the articles coming. Maybe someone will read them and wake up to the fact that their government is not as it seems to be.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that the framers of the Constitution didn’t allow for the fact that all three branches of government could become so corrupted that they no longer represent the interest of those governed. The “system” is at the point where it is virtually impossible to change. The news media and all government organizations work hand and glove with this “system.” The schools no longer educate and people are left with their feelings and opinions and these opinions are given to them by the news media. They live in a world of illusion, devoid of truth, but none the less real to them. It is a perfect hermetically sealed matrix. People like you do their best to chip away at it, but it’s an uphill battle and I’m afraid it will take more than internet bloggers to change anything.


Unknown said...

9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB. Professional people of all types -- architects, engineers, physicists, pilots, firefighters, degreed and educated people of many types have been banding together to say THE OFFICIAL CONSPIRACY THEORY OF 9/11 IS A LIE.

ZERO professional people support the official conspiracy theory.

However there are still a few remaining faith-based right-wing nut jobs who still defend the real 9/11 mass murderers Bush & Cheney.

Who are you for, the mass murderers, or the truth?

Anonymous said...

I fell for the wtc attack hype for about 15mins. The media is the key to it all. Goebbels would be proud of our oil soaked corporate whore presstitute media. Rest in peace journalism.

Anonymous said...

As always a well written, thought out article that exposes the delusional, clueless state of mind of americans.

What the people in the good old usa don`t know (or see coming) is that sooner or later everything comes full circle. The horrific, vicious terrorism (I believe it`s called "american democracy") that has been unleashed in Iraq and Afghanistan at the behest of your jewish terrorist owners has led to your country being hated and despised even more than before and ensured the eventual downfall of your criminal way of life.

But, as les says, never mind. Go back to Donald Duck spewing out what passes for news in america and watching the Simpsons and whatever 400 pound american lard#ss lost another 6 pounds last week.

The people of america will have earned every bit of what they have coming. Perhaps that will finally wake the zombies up. But I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, if folks understood the logistics of the transport industry and how it is that the truckers have been at wits end for some time now. The bigger lines will maintain the rigs for most part but the independants are most surely lagging "Stay clear of these rigs on the road, is extreme danger"...

Round here 'stateside' folks are gearing up for what is obvious 'fallout 9/11, zionist mind control...'on a day to day basis more info is being spread 'word of mouth...' and each of us are determined to stand up and do exactly what needs to be done 'when the timing is right'...

We keep our friends close and our enemies closer, we work day and night and we would rather die versus be enslaved...

So, what is to come will reveal those with true grit around here and I for one will have more friends 'same boat' and we are calling in all of our markers.

Unfortunately, America needs a wake up call and now, is just what the doc ordered!

Hell, let em dance 'they are still mostly fat and all of them are UGLY! Such bandwagons are a dime a dozen and when I hear of someone sucking up to this swine 'u mention here les,' I give them no attention, for my time is too valuable not to mention they 'good guys so to speak' are sooo grotesque 'would be liken to sucking up the aroma of pure human crap right under your nose "YUK"

Anonymous said...

g'day les,been reading your articles for a couple of years now,it's always good to read them.anyway.alot of people i know are quietly afraid about the worlds situation at present.they think i'm off me nut because i tell it like i see it.everything we were ever taught has been a lie,our world is built on a lie.people like you and i tell the TRUTH and never avoid embarresing situations because people like you and i refuse to be hypocrits, while the good guys dance we prepare as best we can for the worst. all the best to people like you and i,we out number the boys dancing to the lie.something tells me we are very close to atime when we will have only two options,kneel or fight.i knell for no man.

cook said...

g'day les.always enjoy a read of your thoughts.we are in a world built on lies,people like you and i don't tell lies we say it the way we see it,most of the time we are right,we never avoid embarresing situations unlike the good the not to distant future we will have two kneel or to fight.i kneel to no man.take care les you're a in australia like everey where else you look people are still asleep including good friends of's a sad world.

Anonymous said...

You grew up and lived in America. You know that they teach you in school to conform and obey, and not to be a dissenter or you will be singled out for 'special treatment' --something that is left to your imagination. That 'training' is reinforced in the media and in the workplace.

This 'programming' is what you are struggling against. The powers that be have a keen eye out for anyone with leadership abilities who dissents. These people are removed--one way or another. Look at Eliot Spitzer. People need some feeling of safety when they go against the powers that be. What exists is a sense of paranoia--that someone will attack you for stating the truth--or for even just stating the obvious. We are dealing with bullies. The public schools, the media, and the big corporations have completely avoided, perhaps deliberately, teaching or advising or even mentioning how to deal with bullies. So, the bullies have everyone cowed. Just watch what happens to dissenters. Do you think people want to live with the lies and moral sewage we see around us? It's fear that shuts people up. We don't want to appear like we're 'not supporting the troops'.

Unknown said...

Well said..and thank you for saying it.
A former, but now deeply repentant zionist.

Visible said...

Dear Friends;

Sorry to be tardy with the comments and the mail. Due to some electrical problem at the tower near here I have been off line for 24 hours. Thanks for the good words and especially for the intelligence level that shows up. That makes me feel better than just about anything.

Anonymous said...

Les, you're right of course- most Americans are, unaware, unconcerned, and in denial about the evil that has taken over this nation.

For those of us who are aware, at least enough to read your piece all the way through (which means we know 911 was an inside job, and that we are aware that the Zionist plot for world domination is progressing towards its final stages), what exactly should we do?

We could post a blog, as you have, which is something, certainly, but let's face it Les, how many 911 blogs and anti-One World Government, anti-War, pro-Palestinian, Ron-Paul-loving, Conspiracy(true and proven)- chasing blogs are there? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

Why do you suppose we have terrorism laws (Patriot Act)? It is because the Evil has successfully redefined armed revolt as terrorism. Why do we still have the internet? It provides two useful services: 1: it gives us an outlet, a way to let off steam. Rant and rave all you want, it will keep you from fomenting plans of REAL action. 2: It allows the Evil to put your name (not Les Visible, your REAL name, i.e., the one they can FIND you with) on a list... at the appropriate time, you will disappear. When that happens, there won't be any more blogs like yours on the internet, nor any more comments like mine.

Really, Les, I would do something, but I don't know what to do. Perhaps I could... well, see, I'm afraid to say it, because even though I'm surely on the List, I now have fear inside me. In any case, whatever it is I'm afraid to do, I couldn't do by myself, because everyone else is afraid as well.

I'll tell you what I am doing. I'm praying for comets. Big, nasty, plasma discharging comets, which will rain burning hydrocarbons, rocks, and giant mega-lightning bolts onto the earth. Big, nasty comets that will disrupt the orbital paths of the planets and cause massive gravitational shifts which will bring massive earthquakes and untold devastation to the planet.

I might not survive, but neither will those wretched, pathetic international bankers. At least I get to go to a better place than they do when we die.


GodSend said...

Dear Lochness:

Your outrage, frustration and sadness at the seemingly overwhelming problems which bedevil humanity today are shared by Les and many others who post here from around the world.

However, I have good news for you!

Your prayer will be answered - and soon!

There is A LOT more to this Puzzle confronting humanity and you can get a full view (including the Solution) on my website or blog. The blog is sort of a trailer and the website is the entire film. Start at and go from there (down the rabbit hole).

God answered your (and others') prayers many years ago and the promise He made is about to be fulfilled. God fulfills ALL His promises.

The best part about this story is that it CAN have a Happy Ending! :) - for you and for others.

The following link will take you to a recent article in the TimesOnline with some very interesting and corroborating information about relevant events in the past - and future. Here:

"All's well that ends well"

lb said...

Fed ink is red ink
They print the money and they own the subsidiary financial institution.
Lend 30 billion to yourself and have your CEO's find people who will turn that red ink black.
3% of 30 billions is not a bad paycheck if you can get it.
If the boat goes down in the end take back the suckers houses and anything else they may have.

What's the solution?

1. Don't borrow or keep money in their banks.

2. Form co ops and out trade their manBot traders.

3. Buy, steal or borrow an island and move the co op there. Live off the land and find someway to stealth the island.

Extreme measures demand extreme

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent godsend.
I was going to direct Lochness to Les'
Visible Origami
No fear brother.

GodSend said...

That's right, brother Tony - No Fear!

"What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies. Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written:

“For Your sake we are killed all day long;
We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”

Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

from Romans 8

Anonymous said...

You remind me a little of The Oracle in the Matrix movies.

I'm afraid to read what you write, and afraid not to.

Anonymous said...

Bow Down Before The One You Serve.

You're Going to Get What you Deserve.

Nine Inch Nails "Head Like a Hole" ON CENSORED LIST.

Screw the Brainwashed Amerikan Fascists.

I hope they enjoy the comign Economic Crash.

Check out Fritz Springmeier. ALL his material is available online. Bloodlines of The Illuminati. How to Create and undetectable Mind Slave.

Also read The Protocols of The Elders of Zion. The "debunking" is a COMPLETE LIE.

I have fought for 9/11 Truth and My Cuntry the past 5 years. Amerikans CHOOSE Ignorance. These Goyims Deserve their Fate.

Anonymous said...

if you so worried about anonymity i recommend a program called JAP (spelled just like tha) it will make it look like your IP is coming from a German edu. But don't assume some software designers from Deutschland will have your back if leaned on. Never fear the skeevy, degenerate fascists they have no "soul power"

Anonymous said...

The Burning Bush

Blistered souls float scattered about,
adrift on a sea of pain.
Crimson waves of death crest near,
as The Decider lies in vain.

Fear the horde, no, the other horde,
he plies throughout the land.
As our children’s children disintegrate,
perhaps an eye, or yet a hand.

He says he guards our very lives,
the existence of civilized man.
But in the alleys of ancient Baghdad,
America’s Best wish he’d share his plan.

Vacant cries of “who could have known?”,
amidst the pyres of World Trade.
Lay bare the myth of his compassion,
“My Pet Goat”, his cowardly shade.

Proxy war and proxy dead,
to The Shrub it matters not.
Provided Dick can exercise Options,
as long as Haliburton stays red-hot.

Treasure bled in flesh and gold,
across dunes of soulless oil.
Simmering cauldrons of historic hate,
churned to a gently rolling boil.

The Burning Bush admits no errors,
nor the ditch into which we’ve steered.
Back into the breach he madly proclaims,
after all, “you volunteered”


Unknown said...

I join with others in praising your writing. Can't say I 'enjoyed' reading this (as another commenter did), as it's too dread-fully true.
One of the many tragedies is the cops & National Guardsmen who will be out busting heads of the common man, still not realizing they themselves are in the same position as those they bust - they are the common man too, being used, being beaten down also by the powermad 'elite' who order them to bust down their fellow man.

kikz said...

we'll be lucky if/when.. it's the natl guard.

i should've rephrased that to be..
blackwater mercs and or can/mex or un troops.

Anonymous said...

Les - I read all your blogs - and this one is the best one yet and ties many of your previous blogs together -very nicely done and just in time. This one should be distributed far and wide!!

And no offense - but I think maybe you should give up the music and spend that time writing more - cuz we need it more than ever.

Greywolf said...

Les, thanks so much for sharing your inspiring writing.

If I may make one small correction about Mr. Fujita, he has never been the Chief Cabinet Secretary in Japan. Somebody must have gotten him confused with current PM Fukuda, who was in that post for several years, posted it online, and Google did the rest.

Visible said...

Greywolf, thank you for that. And I found this story in six different places too. I'll set about clearing that up when I have time. I ALWAYS want to hear things like this.



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