Friday, April 11, 2008

Noam Chomsky, White Knights and 9/11 Truth.

Well now... it seems that my mention of Chomsky and Raimundo, as well as Palast (but no one chimed in to defend Palast) touched a nerve here and there. Most people agreed with what I had to say and a couple did not. I would appreciate when you have an opinion that you identify yourself on certain occasions. Some of you have given good reason not to and I accept that but... I use my real name. I stand behind what I say.

Here is where it is really at and this is going to shake the world. I don't know how this has managed to come about but it is a major league event!

Some of you may think that Chomsky is one of the good guys. I am more inclined to grant Raimundo more leeway than Chomsky or Palast but the fact remains that you can’t be a bonafide voice of the people. You can’t be a standard bearer for the truth. You can’t be a legitimate voice of conscience and all the other things these public white knights present themselves as if you avoid or deny the truth about 9/11.

I’ll put out a few links concerning Chomsky that should say it all. There’s much more and you can find that on your own time. First, why don’t you look here and here and here...

As for Raimundo and Palast I’ll just give you a Google page. You make the call based on what you find there and I’ll go have myself an espresso and an American Spirit rollup and catch back up with you in a few minutes.

Alright then, let’s get down to it. Before we get into the body of my argument let’s talk about me for a minute. Somebody made a comment that my having comment moderation might indicate that I censor comments. Of course, my wearing a red shirt might indicate I’m a communist and the fact that I am a good dancer may indicate I’m gay. You’re free to make up your mind on these things according to your own criteria.

I have comment moderation because spam bots get you otherwise. I also have it because occasionally someone gets into a rant about Jews or just wants to anonymously curse at me. I’m okay with that but I expect you to at least give your name. It’s important to understand that I have no problem with Jews per se or anyone per se. I’ve got a problem with psychopaths. It could be said that you have a problem with psychopaths too. And whatever creed or color they hide under... I’m not fond of them. It’s unfortunate for me when some of them turn out to be Jews because you’re not allowed to criticize them for anything period. But I’m not going to let genuine anti-Semites use my blog for their rants. No more than once a week do I reject a comment, it is rare.

Today, someone anonymously screamed at me about speaking to such a supportive audience; all the good comments I get. What am I supposed to do about that? I’ll tell you this, just because I get a lot of laudatory statements doesn’t give me a free pass when it comes to the truth. I’m grateful most people like rather than hate me but I can’t get into the headspace of thinking I’m better than others or more worthy. I’m not. If you catch me shying away from the truth or fashioning an agenda then you have every right to call me on it. So far my track record looks pretty good and I’ve got a highly intelligent audience. You may be sure if I fuck up that I will be very publicly sorry about it. I will apologize and ask for your forgiveness.

Okay... here’s how it is. Everything... everything we are going through; all the draconian security measures that screw up our freedom of expression and movement are because of the 9/11 attacks. They are also pointless because the terrorists in question happen to be the state itself, with the assistance of at least one other nation. All of the deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq; the savage butchery in Palestine and the raping and pillaging of the American economy by Halliburton and so many other blood sucking siphon machines are all happening and have happened because of 9/11.

9/11 was blamed on a man who denied it and who supposedly headed up an organization that high ranking members of the CIA say does not exist. The myriad of connections between Israel and 9/11 is tremendous and no amount of coincidence can account for it. People who have been connected to their countries secret service; ex-presidents and high officials in various lands have said that 9/11 was an inside job and some have laid the blame at the feet of the CIA and Mossad. I tend to believe that MI-6 had some connection to it as well. They certainly were connected to 7/7 in the London tube. The same Israeli security firm was in charge of all 9/11 airports, the London tube and the Madrid train station. I can go on and on about Dancing Israeli’s and Odigo... the sheer weight of the evidence is... I can’t find a word for it.

Every rock you turn over you find someone like Larry Silverstein or Bennie Netanyahu looking back at you. The absurdity of three enormous towers coming down at free fall into their own footprints and so on and so on and so on and then... who benefited? Boom! ...right back to the same people again.

So I don’t see how I can trust all the articulate commentary from these men on a wide variety of subjects when they ignore or deny the linchpin of the whole deal. And what does it matter what they have to say about these things when the cause of all of these things is the very subject that they ignore or deny? Do they ignore or deny it from good sense... from fear... from complicity? I don’t know. Whatever their reasons are cancels out any standing they might have in my mind. I’m only giving my opinion. This is only how I see it but that is the way it is for me. These men are posturing from their ivory towers as courageous combatants for human freedom and veneration of the truth yet they will not address the MAIN ISSUE. It all comes down to 9/11 period. It’s all happening because of 9/11. The buck stops there.

“But visible, they’ve done a lot of good... yackety yack, yackety yack.” That’s like saying Paul Wolfowitz doesn’t beat his wife or Rupert Murdoch donates a lot of money to good causes (which I wouldn’t know about, it’s just a hypothetical example). It doesn’t somehow make it all okay.

9/11 is the litmus test. If you aren’t focused on that and if you aren’t out front about where the evidence leads then what good are you? Let’s face it, if you tell the truth about 9/11 then your book deals and speaking engagements; your cozy associations with powerful individuals who open the doors are all going to take a hit. Read those links on Chomsky and you tell me what I’m supposed to think. 9/11 was an inside job! 9/11 was an Inside Job!! 9/11 was an Inside Job!!! 9/11 was an Inside Job!!!! And Israel was involved...

If you are a public figure and if your livelihood and your reputation are based on telling the truth and you can’t say this then you are not what you make yourself out to be and that, according to me, makes you a hypocrite. Remember that these are highly intelligent individuals. These are people with great research skills and reasoning ability. There is no way that they do not know what we know. There’s no way around it. It’s fine if they are in some other line of work but they are not. This is their line of work.

I’m tired of these men and so many others. I am tired of Daily Kos and so many others who make out how they are all about freedom and democracy; transparency and truth... high-minded words with no more substance than a dream... shining white knights with feet of clay.

You can go ahead and get angry at me, be offended, think I’m too righteous about the whole thing... “Hey, visible, ease up, cut some slack... we all have to make compromises to get by.” I’m sorry but that’s not going to fly with me. People have died. PEOPLE HAVE DIED! People are being tortured and locked up for years. An entire nation of people is displaced in Iraq and the suffering is immense. In Palestine... oh... what can I say? I want to cry but my tears will serve no purpose at all... all because of 9/11... all because of lies... all this murder goes on every day, courtesy of the people who did 9/11 in the first place and now they murder those whom they have accused of their crimes. They torture them for information that only they possess.

If you are in a position to know the truth and you have a reputation for telling the truth and you do not, then maybe this will shame you into it but I suspect it won’t. I’m sorry I had to say these things but you show me another way. Maybe you know something I don’t. Maybe you can help me to understand because I don’t understand. I see lies and I see murder most foul. If you support these lies then your hands have blood on them.

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Anonymous said...

Noam might still believes in the tooth fairy.
My apologies for the frivolity of the above comment which does no justice to your once again superb piece of writing - but the absurdity of the entire situation has rendered me speechless apart from the absolute arcane.
I think at this point in time those that don't believe it was an inside job will never believe it. Their synapses just won't make that jump.

Visible said...

Well now, a little levity is not a bad thing.

For the rank and file it is acceptable to me that people might have problems believing the truth. For those who must know- or else they are incompetent and the evidence shows otherwise- it is different. They do know but they won't say or they play dodge ball. Chomsky's position is indefensible and subsequently he is a fraud. I'm sorry that some people's feelings get hurt by my saying this but somewhere else people are dying because of it.

Visible said...

I'm going to post some comments that went on to the last post as I was writing this one. It doesn't seem fair that their comments should be missed by unfortunate timing. See them below.

Visible said...

Anonymous DodgyOne said...

Sort of like the pagans of ancient history that sacrificed people to the god of the volcano so does israel and the zionists practice the daily sacrifice of the palestinian people to their wanabe god called satan and once they have taken the greater israel they expect their anti-christ to come and rule over all the world.
Evil sickness is them whos arrogance allows/excuses any depravity.

Anybody wana join me in creating a self sufficient organic commune south of Perth ?

8:02 AM
Blogger nobody said...

Hey Les,

Somebody mentioned Cassandra before. The Cassandra story meant nothing to me until the last couple of years. Now I get it utterly. And then there's Sisyphus. Cassandra and Sisyphus had a love-child you know. His task was to roll a bloody, severed head up the side of a mountain of corpses. When he got to the top he'd hold up the head and address the masses telling them of the wickedness of those who'd brought it all about. Sure enough, the multitude below weren't listening. They were all too busy scavenging watches, jewellery and gold teeth. But every now and then, one of them would here him and they'd look about, aghast. Who am I? What the fuck am I doing? How did I get here? And you know what they say - If you save one life, you save the world. We can steal that phrase can't we?

Messy metaphor aside, you and Mike and doing good things. No circle jerk this, mate - not like some other blogs I frequent, ha ha. You two work well together. Speaking of circles, the yin and yang just popped into my head. Might that describe it? Or perhaps Mike is an engineer providing the nuts and bolts and you're the artist who puts them together into inspiring sculptures. Both with a similar focus but coming from different directions. Who knows? Either way, long may the partnership last.

PS. On the subject of Raimondo and Chomsky, it's not what they mention that counts. It's what they don't mention. Take Howard Zinn. I would recommend that everybody read A People's History of the United States. It's brilliant. But they need to keep in mind that, miraculously, private ownership of the Fed gets no mention at all. How is that possible? It almost, but not quite, makes the discussion worthless. And sure enough it reinforces (by omission, sure) the impression of the Fed as a force of nature, an Act Of God. Well fuck that. The Fed should be in flames, says I.

There's a word for an opposition that selectively tells part of the story. It's called limited hangout. And Raimondo, Chomsky, Zinn, Blum, Fisk and even kindly old Ray McGovern are masters of limited hangout. And limited hangout merchants are still worth reading. I read all of the above. But I know that they're going to hold back. If people choose to take them at their word and base their world-view on them, and them alone, they're going to come up short and confusion is inevitable.

PPS Anytime you feel like blitzing apollonian, it's fine with me.

8:22 AM

Visible said...

One further thing in relation to that organic farm near Perth. I and others are all working on some idea of making a scene where we can pool our talents and have a good time working with and entertaining each other. It's going to happen. I don't know when and I don't know where (it might be several places) but it WILL happen.

I'm presently writing an online book about Spiritual survival in a temporal world over at another site and a lot of my ideas about this sort of thing will be hashed out at This location

kikz said...

the book sounds like a great idea:)

if anybody could pull it off, it'd be you , les :)

p.s. preliminary thoughts.....
i hope that tzun tzu's lessons (which can be applied spiritually as well as physically) get mention. i'd more than venture to say, that individually cultivating such a strategic/tactical mindset is essential.

glad you found my wonked cassandra reference useful noby :)

Visible said...

"that individually cultivating such a strategic/tactical mindset is essential."

Very astute nobody. This is precisely the atmosphere I'm looking to create. Command of one's situation begins in the mind and I'm hoping to make that apparent through the medium of the disciplines and routines suggested.

I guess I'm sort of hanging out in the forum today.

Anonymous said...

I can't claim to know the motivation of Chomsky and others for failing to to tell the whole truth -- but it is clear they are doing it. Even if they disagree with the idea of an Israeli connection to 9/11, they should still be able to discuss it and prove why they think no such connection exists. The fact that they are silent on the matter speaks volumes.

My parents always taught me that lying was not merely telling something that wasn't true. You can also lie by omission. Technically, everything you say is true -- but without the missing pieces, a false impression is given. That is why in a court of law you take an oath to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth.

As for the anti-semitic posts -- I am always suspicious of such postings. The case in Canada with the Human Rights commission and the revelation that members were posting under aliases (using the unsecured network of a woman in a further attempt to hide their true identities). They posted the only truly anti-semitic messages -- hoping to lure others into the same type of talk. Then they used these postings as examples of anti-semitism and attempted to bring charges against the websites. So, things are not always what they seem.

I think sometimes the silence on the matter is based on good intentions. No one wants to encourage violence against all Jews or true anti-semitic feelings. I think they know that if the truth were known -- that there is a good chance such a backlash will occur. Which isn't the fault of the truth tellers -- it is the fault of the Zionists for using ordinary Jews as a cover to avoid criticism.

Some, however, like Alan Greenspan "admitting" that the Iraq war was for oil -- is just meant to divert us away from the truth. The oil companies were nervous about attacking Iraq because they were worried it would affect relations with the Saudis. So, they weren't pusing us into this war. That is why Palast pushes the oil thing. Sure, technically it is partially true. The oil was a bonus -- but it wasn't the main objective.

We would all do well to remember the motto of the Mossad -- "By way of deception thou shalt do war".

Anonymous said...

I'm a union member.Been one approaching 30 years.IBEW trained apprentice lineman early part of 1980's.Worked for a large utility the 80's,90's,through 2003.Lot of seniority huge amount of skepticism.The entire time the company used the threat of competition.This threat was always used,to cut cost.Simplest way to cost,cut wages.Every contract bought to the union would be misrepresented in a subtle way.The old timers in the union taught us to think ,who benefits?
9-11 occurred.Hugely Dramatic!Over time my skepticism crept in,even as the"threat"of terrorism continued to grow.It took me a year to see clearly the screwing that had been put on America.A screwing without being touched is painful indeed.I never trusted isis-ra-el.Still I had no idea the jews and the us gov't would be so arrogant as to carry out something so horrific.I read endlessly that first year.Tireless individuals putting forth bits and pieces of this tragedy.The most thorough investigation in history.Someone who will deny is guilty.Thanks Les for continuing the work of the weary.You and others leave no doubt of the US,Israeli,British gov't connections.Still the nightmare continues to unfold.

Anonymous said...

Those folks that deny 9/11 and are of sound mind, can read and write at a 1st grade level are cowards 'under the circumstance' there is just no other way to put it!

I certainly would not assign such to watch my back! And if I had no choice in the matter, well, I kissed my arse good bye long ago...

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, I have never commented on your blog which I have been reading for several months now. I feel compelled to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts at spreading the unadulterated truth. Your words resonate deep within my mind and I thank you. A donation is forthcoming.


Anonymous said...

Not to be a negative nape, but I've given up on the hope that most good people won't be doing anything other than sitting around waiting out the clock. Now that the New Bolshevik Empire has engulfed the American continent (one does not have to be blind to see how America has adopted the former Soviet empirical formula), those who are in power in this part of the world will no doubt do to us what they did to the millions of Christians in the past. And very soon. They now have control over the entire mainstream evangelical TV networks. Even telling the flocks to ignore the evils of government and to simply enjoy life and live each day as if it were your last.

No matter how fast America is headed down the road to self destruction a good Sunday Christian must always pretend to be happy [trying to become wealthy along the way] instead of finding the reasons why the world is so unhappy . So, no more warnings of the anti-christ at America's doorstep. That will be other peoples problem. ( I wonder who will be the front line mockers? )

There are very few good people left on this world today. But donot be afraid. These evil gypsies smiling down on us from lucifers empire, they know themselves is running out of time.

Anonymous said...

Someday there will be judgment for these left gatekeepers. These alleged intellectuals whose job many people believe is to "think for us", are the greatest deceivers. In the interests of Truth they do more damage than the mainstream media. I can only imagine their lives and the lives of their loved ones were threatened. They sold their last inch of integrity, I only hope my grandchildren will live to spit on their graves.

kikz said...

feigning severe pout!

hey! that was me being strategically/tactically astute :)!


noby'z always astute :P)

vive la reezeeestaaawce!

sidebar...we had some tornado's pass thru the dallas metro area round 4am ystrdy... (hope benthere's ok) still hav 45K w/power as of this am....nothin' like skootin by the razors' edge of survival and doin w/o power for over 14hrs (first time in decades) to once again, reignite old synapses as to the tenuous nature of our cocoon'd existence w/in surburbia and civilization at large... :) man o.. glad to be bak online.

Visible said...

Sorry man; I knew that and spaced. As unique as you are it should never have happened and I only hope it will never not happen again.

Anonymous said...

Some Canadian guy - Barry Zwicker - got onto Chomsky's case a few years ago in a chapter in a brilliantly argued book about the 9-11 coverup and the gatekeeper issue.

Despite agreeing wholeheartedly that Chomsky's true role is to help control the left, I'd say his 'propaganda model' of the mass media is extremely powerful and probably the best means we have of understanding how so-called democracies control their populations. So regardless of who he's working for (and I feel sure he must be CIA or NSA), he deserves credit for having given us some very good intellectual equipment.

- PTBA (Proud To Be Anonymous)

Anonymous said...

"So I don’t see how I can trust all the articulate commentary from these men on a wide variety of subjects when they ignore or deny the linchpin of the whole deal. And what does it matter what they have to say about these things when the cause of all of these things is the very subject that they ignore or deny?..." [And all that followed.]

Exactly, exactly. See the purity of truth, the might and the glory of it!

Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide,
In the strife of Truth with Falsehood, for the good or evil side.

but also this:

New occasions teach new duties: Time makes ancient good uncouth;
They must upward still, and onward, who would keep abreast of Truth.

- James Russell Lowell

sorry to inflict 19th century poetry on your blog, Les.

Ben There said...

Kikz -

We made it through all the storms with nothing but a few hours without electricity. Thank you for your concern.
I did happen to see some news footage last night of what happened out in Allen and I thought about you. Hope you and yours made out okay. The damage in Allen looked especially nasty.

Visible said...

Wow! this is so cool! ERic Huffschmid of judicial inc; a very heavy anti-jew site is implying that I am a Zionist stooge and that I force Christopher Bollyn to recommend one of my articles. You can check it out at This location

It gets crazier all the time. I didn't realize that this wack job even knew who I was. You ought to check out his site for the most exhaustive Jew intensive you have ever, ever seen.

I'm honored. It's not just your friends who define you but your enemies too.

Visible said...

Boy I am here a lot today. Hoffschmid may not be it just looks a lot like the page. I didn't want to say something I'm not sure of. Sorry to be all around the place today.

Visible said...

I believe Zwicker's commentary is in one of the links I gave. That's a penetrating beauty of a brevity driven analysis my friend and speaks to the high intellectual level of the people that visit here and one of them be you (grin)

As for poetry... this is a poetry friendly site and that's a nice piece I haven't seen before and spot on. Nothing like that is ever an affliction. Take a look at the front page of, foxnews or any of the rest... now that's an affliction. It's like looking at the world through Madonna's vagina (sorry about that. I don't know what came over me)

You see why I stay out of the comments section most of the time? I begin to behave badly after awhile.

Ben There said...

"It's like looking at the world through Madonna's vagina."


(almost sprayed tea all over the desk and keyboard)

Anonymous said...

I like what you write. I can't disagree with you in any way. However, guys like Chomsky do teach that these wicked truths do exists and show how to uncover them. Using their past teachings, you can arrive at the truth. They may have helped people get to the real truth while at the same time not supporting the reality (for personal survival reasons). This is a good thing and I can live with myself if I were them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying this !!! The beauty of 911 truth is one can immediately identify who is working with the criminals despite whatever else they say. If you deny Israeli involvement with 911 you are working with the criminals. I don't accept 95% truth to consider someone a real truth teller. It's 100% or nothing and that includes the truth of 911.

Anonymous said...

At one of the links you posted, i just read an interview with Barrie Zwicker, whose 911 book is called "Towers of Deception."

The book has what BZ describes as a 15,000 word chapter on the subject of Left Gatekeepers, and Chomsky in particular. BZ ends the interview by reading the concluding paragraph of that chapter, and this paragraph reads to me like a powerfully definitive summary of Chomsky's public career:

“Chomsky’s recommendation that people practice intellectual self-defense is well taken, but, how many could dream that the person warning you is one of the most perilous against whom you’ll need to defend yourself? That he is the Fire Marshall who wires your house to burn down? The Lifeguard who drowns you. The doctor with the disarming bedside manner who administers a fatal injection. If Noam Chomsky did not exist, the diaboligarchy would have to invent him. To the New World Order, he is worth 50 armored divisions.”

In the previous thread, nobody commented, ". . . Raimondo, Chomsky, Zinn, Blum, Fisk and even kindly old Ray McGovern are masters of limited hangout. And limited hangout merchants are still worth reading. I read all of the above. But I know that they're going to hold back. If people choose to take them at their word and base their world-view on them, and them alone, they're going to come up short and confusion is inevitable."

And those limited hangout merchants' actual function (in most cases, their DELIBERATE actual function) is to PRODUCE that confusion. They keep people confused *decade after decade* about certain key topics -- by the trick of providing brilliant, reliable, anti-establishment, "insider" information and analysis on all kinds of topics EXCEPT the key ones that hold the whole deception in place.

To nobody's list of disinformants i would like to add Palast, who of course is mentioned in your post.

AND ALSO . . . right next to kindly old McGovern, let's put Daniel Ellsberg. Google ellsberg phoenix, or read this article . . .

and see if you think DE is really a lifelong idealistic anti-war activist, or a CIA asset who played a key role in Nixon's downfall for the CIA's own reasons.

ellis t

Anonymous said...

The following websites tell the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth:

Anonymous said...

PTBA said, "I'd say [Chomsky's] 'propaganda model' of the mass media is extremely powerful and probably the best means we have of understanding how so-called democracies control their populations." And, isn't it just the MOST ironic thing, that while his model describes how to control "democratic" public opinion, simultaneously throughout his career, he's been DEMONSTRATING HOW TO DO IT!! Like, the theory is the operating manual, and his career is one big long test drive. And for decades he's been performing this deception-magic right out there in front of the entire world, and yet, until very recently NOBODY called him on it. (But of course many or most of the people who WEREN'T calling him on it, were his media fraud-conspirators.)

ellis t

Duke said...

Peace be with the reader.

The destuction of the World Trade Center is history. The site has now become a monument. There is no need to speculate about who the culprits are. Everything about the past that is concealed, will soon be known.

What is important, is that 9/11 ushered in a war between two major religious groups, the pseudo christians, and the pseudo muslims. The United States of America had to do something drastic to stem the tide of Islam, which has become the fastest growing religion on earth.

The opportunity came with the fall of communism. The void that came about with the collapse of communism, had to be filled, Islam was the obvious choice. The search for a new enemy came to an end with 9/11. Islam become the enemy from without. Communism has been replaced by the new enemy, 'terrorism'.

The worst kind of conflict imaginable is a religious war, armageddon. The world system as we know it, is now in a state of collapse.

Visible said...

People... this is going to flip you out if you haven't seen this. After you read it, please tell me what you think.

Danny Steinberg

it starts a little ways down the page.

Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh but not in a derogatory way.
Being South African for so many years friends of mine have immigrated to Australia. Always to Perth. So much so that the slogan came into being Packing for Perth.
Well guess what with the inspiration I feel, Packing for Perth seems a perfectly sensible thing to do.
I love cooking for large numbers - I would like to do kitchens.

Anonymous said...

Not long after 9/11 I was suspicious of the cover story. I asked myself, why has no one come forward and admitted to planting explosives in the towers. (I know how people just can't keep a secret.) The answer came to me in an instant. Who could be trusted to keep such a thing quiet? ONLY the Israelis with the use of Mossad, or some new more insidious invention!

Anonymous said...

Spot on friend. Many of us I think are outraged by the past few years. The blatant criminality of the elites and the almost total inertia or the majority of the public is astonishing.
As to Chomsky, clearly he is there to frame the debate. As you say, anyone who denies 911, or even refuses to consider the evidence, is one of "theirs". Chomsky is one of the enemy with blood on his hands. Hopefully one day we can start holding these scum to account.

Anonymous said...

The CIA, Mossad, and MI6,5 all work together under the direction of The Elite: The Wealthy. The Illuminati.

Their goal? One World Government. How? Mass Brainwashing using Terror/Shock through Mass Media.

These Calabistic, Satanist Freemasons and Zionist Jews believe the Anti-Christ is about to take over. Princess Diana's son. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

Empire of Cities : Ring of Power on google video.

Fritz Springmeier : Bloodlines of The Illuminati.

It's Fight Club Time with Revolution right around the Corner.

Visible said...

Man.. what a great collection of thinkers and writers on this particular essay. I want to thank you for taking the trouble to show up and turning into stage lighting via your intellects.

Susannah, through these people it is my hope in the writing of this book and the input of the readers as we go along that it will inspire many to aspire to such a possibility. The owners of the site have that in mind too and were a little floored when I came out with the concept which dovetailed with their own and neither of us knew ahead of time.

I went into this without any idea of where I was going to go with the offer to write there and sitting down as I started it turned into something different than anything I had been considering up to that point. When you are trying to work with life instead of against it, it has an uncanny way of working with you.

The point being that I see five or six such spots that we can travel between. People may laugh at the immediate assumption of the possible but to me, anything is and I think a series of way stations manned by those who want to live there and which are open to the rest of us to visit, enjoy and contribute to is no stretch at all. It's a lot less about money and a lot more about vision and energy.

I've lived in communities that worked and they were the happiest moments of my life. I also worked in the kitchen having made my wages at points in my life as a food provider and restaurant owner now and then.

At this site almost all of the people who contribute are highly intelligent and articulate and have a number of skills (Where is the Village Idiot? I really miss that guy when he's not around and lately he hasn't been. he's like the spirit of this place in some ways) and together we could do many things. I've studied Shiatzu and various forms of body work and the martial arts and some of this and some of that but I'm really weak in areas that others are competent in. I bring my gifts, you bring your gifts and the key is in the structure and our willingness to combine rather than compete.

Religion and sexual trips, the various paranoias of power struggles and other problems can all be defeated by embracing a loose libertarian concept based on the Golden Rule. It's quite workable as a company of friends and there is a vibrational filter that automatically catches particular intruders and when positively charged makes any and all such approaches impossible. I've seen it.

One just has to realize that change cannot be opposed and that self-interest is a private affair that can be accomplished in the wide world.

Anyway, you're on! It will happen. I've already seen it in my mind... no leaders, watch your parking meters; to paraphrase Dylan. It can be very easy and effortless in the commission once everyone agrees to the ideal which is.... "so I hear you can get along..." to the tune of "I hear you're fast." (grin)

What a moment when we have that solstice and remember we were talking about it here and the band will play and the people will dance and the food will be served and the fire will burn until dawn and long, long after in our hearts.

Such a thing is my personal dream, if I could be said to have one at all.

Tom said...

This conspiracy stuff has hurt efforts to end unjust policies. It has undermined the work of serious and logical thinkers like Noam Chomsky.

Please see this and my other work (the links are int he video description): Sorry Decky11, 9/11 was NOT an "inside job"

Tom said...

This conspiracy stuff has hurt efforts to end unjust policies. It has undermined the work of serious and logical thinkers like Noam Chomsky.

Please see this and my other work (the links are in the video description): Sorry Decky11, 9/11 was NOT an "inside job"

Anonymous said...

Oh at last, I've found a site where someone is ANGRY, where someone CARES, where someone wants ANSWERS. Thank You, so much, for speaking out and voicing what I have been thinking - here I've have been silenced by being called a 'conspiracy nut'. I just hope truth will out this time, unlike Kennedy, MLK, etc. Keep it up!

Susan Morris
Le Guerrat

Anonymous said...

I had a problem with Chomsky before 9/11. Each books of his I read was the same experience. Nine chapters of "yes, Noam, tell it like it is! No difference between the two business parties!" followed inevitably by chapter ten which told the reader to completely neutralize themselves by voting for one candidate or another.

Then came 9/11. When confronted with the question, Chomsky tells us that it "doesn't matter" if 9/11 was an inside job.

Considering that 9/11 is the justification for the rape of Iraq and Afghanistan, and soon Pakistan and Iran, Chomsky appears to be exactly the opposite of what he has always been presented as: an American who thinks non-Americans are actually human beings.

But when it comes to the fallout from 9/11, Iraqis and Afghans don't count becuase it "doesn't matter."

Raimondo is a different case. While it's clear that Chomsky is doing what he is doing because of either a carrot or a stick - either he is being compensated or he is being blackmailed, Raimondo is just spewing the result of his stupid Ayn Rand-based ideology.

When the Iraq war broke out, Raimondo chastised protestors for being "violent" and suggested that the right way to oppose the war would be to have "town hall meetings." Of course, he didn't actually organize any town hall meetings.

Friends, the only option for resistance left is the option of individual action. There is not a single group nor a single leader in the USA worth listening to or following.

Look at Admiral Fallon. Here's a lowlife member of the lowlife US Navy - a man I would be loathe to share a breath of air with, a man who deserves a lifetime of prison for dedicating his life to killing innocent people.

And yet he stood in there, opposing an attack on Iran, for over five years. Could it be that this lowlife scumbag has done more for the cause of peace than any Chomsky or Raimondo ever could?

Individual action. Now.

Anonymous said...

This item was posted yesterday at WhatReallyHappened -- it's a quotation from a book called "Understanding Power: The Indispensable Chomsky."

Noam speaks:

"Suppose it was discovered tomorrow that the greenhouse effects has been way understimated, and that the catastrophic effects are actually going to set in 10 years from now, and not 100 years from now or something.

"Well, given the state of the popular movements we have today, we'd probably have a fascist takeover -- with everybody agreeing to it, because that would be the only method for survival that anyone could think of. I'd even agree to it, because there's just no other alternatives right now. (page 388)."

See, global warming must be a real threat! Because the ultimate lefty, Noam Chomsky, takes it SO seriously, that he even said he would accept fascism as a way of dealing with the problem!

ellis t

Visible said...

Hi Susan;

I live in Southern Italy most of the time but I am also near Basel Switzerland in the hot months. We're not that far apart. My heart's companion Susanne and I are not opposed to meeting new people. We'll be heading down into southern France at the end of May to visit These people

Anyway...just letting the linkage do it's thing.

As for the strange post newly arrived and sent to me twice, i posted it twice. You can never have too much of a good thing.

Anonymous said...

susannah this is for you
I travelled just recently to see some dinosaur footprints left by 4 or 5 different animals in some sandstone in central Queensland, Australia.
On my way to the dinosaur site (a 3000K round trip) I stopped for lunch at a cafe in a small but legendary (poetically speaking) town called Barcaldine.
To my surprise (being in the middle of nowhere) the people who owned the cafe were S/African. Beautiful people (aesthetically pleasing), tall, nicely proportioned and black as. I was tempted to talk to them as to ‘how come’ but felt they may be offended. I know next time I won’t be as hesitant as I am sure they have a great story to tell and as I get older I’m getting used to apologising for my rudeness (first).
So, by all means ‘Pack for Perth’ or anywhere in Australia as I am sure if you are not white SA you will be more than welcome.
Without prejudice (Ha!)
Barcaldine: 600K inland 1000K from any capital city.
ps. Beautiful food too, by the way.

Joe, Webmaster said...

9-11 was an obvious inside job. You just have to look at the numerous lies and physical,indisputable evidence that Fl 93 was shot out of sky, a large commercialjet did not hit Pentagon and WTC 1,2 and 7 were controlled demolitions.Most likely Mossad and elements of military and CIA were involved.
Go to

Joe, Webmaster

Anonymous said...

I don't mind giving my real name. It's John Welch.
The three you mention are false gods of the left. They are allowed to write whatever they like about whatever they like so long as they toe the party line on the really important stuff. Then the establishment can point to them and say, "Look, even Dopey, Sleepy and Sneezy agree with us."
I rumbled old Gnome Chumpsky years ago. The other two I don't know so much about but I don't trust them one little bit. All three of them are what I call "celebrity lefties".

Anonymous said...

I don't mind giving my real name. It's John Welch.
The three you mention are false gods of the left. They are allowed to write whatever they like about whatever they like so long as they toe the party line on the really important stuff. Then the establishment can point to them and say, "Look, even Dopey, Sleepy and Sneezy agree with us."
I rumbled old Gnome Chumpsky years ago. The other two I don't know so much about but I don't trust them one little bit. All three of them are what I call "celebrity lefties".

Anonymous said...

If something is popular it probably had a sales pitch behind it and as such is exaggerated. Exaggerated = not true, so I don’t normally bother with popular ‘things’; Chomsky, Gore, Barbie Dolls, Big Macs, Fords, etc.
The western world does not possess any ‘good guys’ any more and as for US of America, well the only ‘good’ American was/is Batman and he’s a figment of someone’s imagination.
It may be prudent for me to remind you that in the world we have built for ourselves the individual must make his/her own way through life? This does not allow leeway to espouse unpopularity’s. The result being the general populace is fed mediocrity, half truths and outright falsities. So not much happens in the main stream that is unpopular, you must have power and money for that.
Sure there are niche dwellers and while their ‘thing’ may attract some the general populace is not educated to allow these people into their lives. ‘Oooowh! That’s a funny idea, Mr. Bush being a mass murderer. We won’t go there anymore’.
Or ‘Mariejuwanah for medicinal purposes. Oh! No, no, no, no, no’.
You get the idea.

Anonymous said...

In three weeks the British government is going to start micro-chipping it's police forces.
In three weeks.

In less than 3 weeks the world we know today will be gone forever. And my guess is alot of people too.

kikz said...

steinberg speil....

anybody who's read even a goy translation of the babylonian talmud would know the attitude expressed throughout steinberg's "bag of shit" is not in the least the mark, even if it's a joke.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

Thanks once again for a well thought out and written article.

Palast and raimundo I have never heard of or read. Now it`s obvious to me I need never waste my time there. Chomsky I`ve seen a few times on tv and I rather quickly came to the conclusion he`s phonier than a $7 bill and is by no means what he wants you to believe he is. But let these spineless, disinformation jelly fish parade around in denial and spew out there laughable nonsense. At least they`re good for a quick laugh or two when one seeks entertainment. Those who have yet to figure out which real terrorists (america, israel and I`m sure some other rogue states) orchestrated 9/11 are still debating whether the flintstones are a real family or not.

As for the retards that post their mindless garbage here (ostensibly all bush terrorist supporting warmongers and the product of inbreeding)-fuck`em! Don`t let the mutants bother you in any way. If they choose not to wake up, that`s their problem.

Let it be known there are intelligent, aware, thinking people out there in cyberspace that look forward to reading your articles because we know it takes an intelligent, articulate, gifted writer like yourself to have the courage and decency to say it like it is.

More power to you, brother.

Anonymous said...

Wow Les Visible, i like your blogger a lot, you are real smart. By the way when is your new book gonna be ready about spiritual awaekining? That's what we need !!

Visible said...

That book is going to be written online at the justgetthere site at the rate of about two chapters a week so let's say in about nine months as we go along. Could be less, could be more but it will be what it is. I'm glad you like the concept. It is dear to my heart.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly on-topic, but as you mentioned the bee disappearance in the previous post, we now also have "catastrophic disappearance" of salmon . . .

San Francisco Chronicle, 04-10-08

"Salmon Fishing Off California, Oregon Banned

"No commercial or recreational salmon fishing will be allowed off the coast of California and most of Oregon this year. The Pacific Fishery Management Council [a federal agency] voted Thursday to cancel the chinook fishing season in an effort to reverse the catastrophic disappearance of California's fabled run of the pink fish popularly known as king salmon . . . . The council canceled the seasons after the fall run in the Sacramento River and its tributaries saw the number of spawning fish drop from more than 800,000 just six years ago to just over 68,000 last year. Experts are predicting that a little more than 50,000 fish will be in the river this coming fall. . . .
[N]obody knows for sure what has caused the precipitous decline of the chinook salmon. . . . ‘The reason for the sudden decline of Sacramento River fish is a mystery at this time,’ said council Executive Director Don McIsaac. . . ."


Anonymous said...

In your out-ing of left gate-keepers, you didn't reach quite far enough left. Alexander Cockburn is so alienated from anything that reasonable people would call reality that he believes that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK and that Sirhan Sirhan assassinated RFK.

(Yes, Sirhan Sirhan shot RFK -- from the front. The fatal bullet, however, was fired from behind RFK, entering behind RFK's right ear, from a distance of no more than three inches.)

He is not merely dismissive of 9/11 truthers, he is outright contemptuous toward us.

Moreover, in true gate-keeper style, his site,, posts voluminously on the suffering of the Palentinians, under the yoke of Israel. However, false-flag operations of Mossad evade his scrutiny.

Vierotchka said...

Hi Les - I am Mrs Existentialist Cowboy. So much to think about in your articles and in the comments, I need time to explore, digest and assimilate it all, so I won't comment about any of it all right now. On the other hand, for those who are planning an organic farm/commune near Perth, I have two modest suggestions which might be of use: Earthships and Square Foot Gardening, which can certainly be most fruitfully combined. Both are my dream but are way beyond our present extremely modest means.

I see you regularly go to Basel - if you pass through Geneva, give us a call. I won't post details here for obvious reasons, but we can figure out a way of communicating such details. Keep up the good work! Oh, and I love your music!

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts and musings in print give solstice to my worried mind. I am concerned as to what my actions will be if there is to be a government action agaist those who think and act in a manner of dissent. I have had at least three-score years on this planet. Perhaps it is left to we in this position to sacrifice our heritage for those who may follow. In so doing, we would be required to act in ways which , viewed in retrospect might be called heroic, albeit that we should perish in defense of those who will do nothing but reap the benefits of our sacrifice? Might we vainly believe that we do these acts of defiance for the good of yet unborn children, thus salving our tarnished egos? If revolution is the answer, who then will man the ramparts? I, You, Who?

petkov said...

All this talk Chomsky this, Raimundo that doesn't really matter. What matters is who will win the White House in November. NONE of the fuckers running are worth voting for. THAT's the truth. You al think Obama is any good? Read up on Obama. He said he will NOT recognize Hamas, the democratically chosen gov of Palestine. He is already cosing up the the people running the military industrial complex and he is already giving speeches to jewish groups. Do you think he will stop the illigal war in Iraq? Do you think he will magically stop the falling of the dollar?
Do you think he will return the manufacturing jobs in USA? He will do NONE of these thins.
Let me repeat, NONE of the fuckers running are worth voting for.
All this talk, yet everything will stay the same and even get worse. My original question remains: What will you Americans do? Otherwise you are still gonna get fucked over and over and over, endlessly wile bitching about who is better, Reimondo or Chomsky.

annemarie said...

Senor V,
With you all the way here bro.

911 was an inside job AND Zionist Israel was/is a principal beneficiary of the fallout.

Excepting the 'rank and file', anyone who doesn't know or won't acknowledge the whole truth of that day (especially by now) is not to be trusted.

Raimondo, Palast, Chompsky and their ilk? Mealy-mouthed disinfo agents not worth the time of day. Fuck 'em!

I, for one, have not learned a worthwhile thing from any of them, except maybe how to be a successful media whore ;)

And in this case, I don't agree with the 'baby and the bathwater' comparisons . When you provide "cover" for criminals, perps, or bad guys, that makes you complicit, and a bad guy.

Thank you again Les. Not only for your spot on analysis but also for your forthrightness, candor, straight talk. Like you said, people are suffering, being tortured and killed over 9/11 (and the lies attached to it). And those who enable the criminals or provide any cover for them are complicit in the bloody, monstrous deeds.

Someone referred to them as "celebrity lefties". Good one. But where I come from we call 'em fuckin' guilty! haha

btw Les, what are we sposed to be looking at on that link to D. Steinberg?

Gonna' see if I can tune in and catch you tomorrow a.m. Might not be able to though, don't quite get the GCN thing as of this hour. Hope somebody will be saving an audio file of it?


Duke said...

Who is Chomsky ? :-)

Visible said...

Hi Annemarie! Nice to see you back. I'd meant to add my comments to those of the others but... got distracted.

Well... we had a little rush there over the last couple of hours.

Noahide laws are spiritual fascism. I'd think of them as a cat 0' nine tails for our backs but there's only seven of them.

Yes, I left out Cockburn and a few others but I didn't want to go making lists so I just snatched what names I'd been seeing a lot of. You can probably figure that nearly all of the so-called lefties are wagging their tails somewhere.
I have to walk a careful line and not get into excessive tagging and blaming. I'm one hundred percent behind what I said but I'm not going to stay pounding; rather move on to something else after this. It would make me feel terrific if any one of them stood up and said, "You're right." and turned away from the smoke machine and joined us in the struggle. I'd welcome them with open arms.

I don't understand these people and I don't know if I ever shall. When I find out I've been deceiving myself or acting badly I change course about as fast as I can manage and thank heaven that I saw it. My feeling is that as soon as you realize you were wrong you become right so it is a cause for celebration , not self-flagellation or hang dog remorse.

I too thought that 'celebrity lefties' was also a nice bit of snarkasm (hey, that's not bad either (grin).

Mrs. Celebrity Cowboy, we will indeed be passing by Geneva intentionally because we had already decided to do so on our way to France at the end of May. I wanted to look at some of the houses on the lake.I thought that once I made a few million from my blogs that I might buy one. Communicating is a snap. You just write me at

I don't know who man's the ramparts but since I do know that life is a movie that the director has got all of that covered.

Who is Chomsky? (grin) Indeed. As long as we don't ask him we might be able to from some kind of clayamation figure in our minds to go with all the abstruse language. Think Steven Hawkings breakdancing to, "You Sexy Thing." ...maybe a little ketamine...

I am going to look into that Earthship and square foot concepts when I get a moment.

One day we will have a place to go, even if most of us can only manage to be there some of the time. We owe it to ourselves to have a place where we can dance our beings outside of the neon confectionery world. Being people of an unusual sort we are likely to have more than a normal human good time in the process. In fact... I guarantee it.

Visible said...

Right, I forgot, that Danny Steinberg thing. Now that's some riveting reading, made all the more so because he seems to be having you on but then... hmmmm.

If he is having you on then it is genius and he is one of the good guys.

Unknown said...

All you wrote is true, at least to me. For others it should be the reminder of what sick times we are in.

Thankfully, a bit tired, I have to acknowledge the will of God and his power - so basically relax sheep, or angel of the devil - a day will come to pass - which will balance all the sickness - and than the show goes on - different.

Unknown said...

i love you les. it took me some time to read your entire blog and i know it's been a while (20 yrs.?) so i'll just drop right in and save the niceties for later........
after hosting a 911 truth conference in my home some years ago, i turned my attention to an analysis of the people around me so that i could understand how so many could fail to understand the obvious. in question are bay area people, mostly stanford, U.C. Berkeley educated, most with masters degrees, lots of doctors and lawyers. admittedly a small sample, maybe 100 in all, but large enough to draw some conclusions about the population at large and the causes of this mass denial. here are some of my findings: these "liberals" are fond of "self-awareness" camps (spin-offs of e.s.t.) where the virtues of real estate investment and the relativity of truth itself among other things are preached. they readily admit they don't believe in "truth". they cannot conceive of a white person in a suit as a dangerous criminal under any circumstance and are obsessed with the wrongful actions and criminality of blacks, and by extension arabs, and most recently sexy young starlets. they suffer from attention deficit disorder, but they often feign a.d.d. to avoid uncomfortable conclusions so it's difficult to tell how bad their a.d.d. actually is. they claim they're working hard so i guess it's just coincidence that they're either shopping online or making travel arrangements every time i see them "working". maybe an economist can explain how this is possible. they hate children and older people including their own and can only relate to people within a narrow age group. both men and women are inclined toward pedophilia, the men are repressed homosexuals, the women suppress their sexuality to gain material or position. they can't discern or make meaningful qualitative assessments (they have bad taste). starwars is both their favorite film and greatest work of literature , their music is short lived so they fill it in with nostalgia. they claim to hate bush but you can feel them hate nader in their gut(!?) if it seems like i'm broad-brushing alot of people i can assure you that they're more homogeneous than you can possibly imagine. the myriad problems we're experiencing can largely be attributed to black "crime" being their overwhelming law enforcement priority. blacks are 65% of the prison population but are not the ones stealing their children and making snuff films with them (or buying the snuff films). they're not cooking up meth. they're not destroying the oceans or the forests. they're not building weapons of mass destruction or launching illegal wars. they're not bringing drugs into this country or looting the treasury or blowing up buildings. they're not contaminating food or water. incidentally, didn't bush get into office in the first place by framing blacks in florida? has this been fixed? this black "thing" is at the root of the culture of denial that has enabled 911. the idea isn't to destroy black people, the powers that be are not simple racists. they are using racism to get at us, to tear us apart. whether we decide to protect these defenseless people will determine if we will be free. isn't that how it should be?
p.s. this is san fucking francisco and all i see are some backwards-ass pompous hillbilies (sic) with some phoney yuppie bullshit up in my grill 24-7. right now, i'd say bush is to good for their asses. nobody's protesting shit around here. what these bitches need is an ass whippin and then re-education and i don't see it. tell it like it is and don't ever let any half-assed pretenders pull you down one inch. justice will be served......much love......

Visible said...

Hmmmm. Which Rob would you be? after twenty years?

In any case, I get what you're saying and I've seen those people. Maui has a bunch of them. Their navel gazing and strange appetites are apparent as are the secret crimes that shine in their eyes and their lack of faith in anything but what they want. The a self of the moment defined by its icon of need.

The whole blog? (grin)

As the world turns so does the spit.

Anonymous said...

He hardly let you talk at all did he? But you handled it with grace and punched in the lines you needed to. He didn't let you talk about what you wanted to talk about. It's funny when you are listening to someone that you have imagined a certain way and when you hear them they are so different but just what you would expect. You did good Les but you didn't get much of a chance.

Anonymous said...

You sounded great during the rare times you got to speak. I don't know if you worked out what you would talk about before hand but it didn't feel like it.

Good work! Like your writing it's fluid and always finds its way back to the point. :)


Anonymous said...

Every one has become a 'toon.
What else other than a cartoon character would say things like this?
(I) would confront Russia and China*
I can see the character now; (a US flag) cape draped over one shoulder, firm stance and clenched fists on hips, a soft breeze ruffling his cape every so often.
Les you are right. We live in one big never ending movie. A cartoon populated with idiotic characters and unreal situations.
What a revelation!
* gleaned from WRH

Anonymous said...

"We'll be heading down into southern France at the end of May to visit These people."

now that's what i call getting invited to the good parties!!!!!

ellis t

Anonymous said...

frankly I was pissed. who are you, Ed McMahon? If you invite someone to be interviewed you should let them speak. That didn't happen and you practically had to force your way through on occasion. It is to your credit that you weren't offensive.

I feel like giving him a real piece of my mind but I got your email and so I'm going to go along with what you said. I'm really looking forward to the videos.

Visible said...

Hey, Ellis... you know we won't start without you if we know you are coming.

GodSend said...

The epic of physical human existence, directed by God, is approaching THE END. Funny thing is, each person will be writing his/her own ending! Make sure it's an ending you can live with - beyond the earthly, physical episode! ;)

Who will direct the next epic of the new, spiritual humanity? None other than God's Son, Jesus the Christ. It is written! :) Make sure that you'll have a role to play in that Never-Ending Story, as well.

Anonymous said...

Heroes come and go Les; you and Batman live on. At least we can poke you with a stick.

Anonymous said...

godsend - Why?

Anonymous said...

I really don't want to be any part of your gods Never-Ending Story godsend.
I want to make sure my life is one I can live with - forever. The only way I can do that is with my Creators consent, between Him and Me. Not with your approval or instruction or any other religious fools. If you really can’t learn anything here, go away! The future holds nothing in store for people like you.
ps. May I also say this, we are so far from the ‘end’ you won’t see it in a thousand of your lifetimes (if an ‘end’ as such exists).
pps. ‘The epic of physical human existence, directed by God’
I live in the devils domain as do you. My Creator has seen fit to direct me in my life and protect me from persons such as yourself and others.
That you are here, now, tells me you are still not quite sure of ‘here’ and yourself. Your Creator gave you the mind you have; there is a spark there so He hasn’t abandoned you altogether, use the facilities (and direction) He has given you.

GodSend said...


Your recent 2 cents are non-cents and worth only that much, at best - even with inflation! From now on, better leave them in your piggy-bank instead of revealing your spiritual ignorance by posting them here in public view. I would classify your non-cents comments as a thinly veiled ad hominem attack. All I see from you is Smoke and Mirrors - where's the beef?

Ben There said...

Tony -

Well said. One question though...are you saved? (hehe)

nobody said...

Hey Folks, late as usual,

Sorry kikz, was I quoting you mate? How dizzy I am. And then I cop your compliment! Ha ha ha. Sorry, I'm not laughing at anyone, it's just that the little dog barks to see such fun. Otherwise back at ya. And hey Ellis, where you been, bra?

Hasn't it all been raging lately? There've been a ton of good comments. Very inspiring.

Hey Tony, actually I can think of one person mate. George Galloway knocks my socks off every time he speaks. We know he's for real because MI5 (or somebody like) went to the effort of forging documents attempting to pin him with eating babies with Saddam Hussein or somesuch. The forgeries fell to pieces in three seconds flat sure enough. Attention motherfuckers - get better photoshop operators! Otherwise go to youtube and do a search for 'george galloway sky interview'. It's as good as it gets - he eats the interviewer alive. I doubt he's been on the telly since.

As for an organic commune - Aargh, you're doing my head in! I already tried organising my friends into this and got nowhere. If I'd have been up for some variation of investment property cum weekend retreat I could have talked them into it. But I was only up for a cash-money-down, debt-free, all-in, go-for-broke proposition. With what's coming, it's not a run, it's a sprint, I said. People thought I was nuts and all I got was tedious discussions of titles, deeds and contracts. Anyway they chose mortgages and I chose oblivion.

As it is, I'm with my father until the cancer takes him, and then I'm off to join a buddhist monastery, if they'll have me. I'd prefer some sort of family-based communal thing sure, but I have no idea how to find like-minded individuals. Lots of people were keen to tell me lots of stories of hippy communes that devolved into bickering, back-biting and variations of fascism. And Perth? Jesus Christ, that's a long way away. But you never know. In my favour, I ran a workshop for ten years and am fairly handy with most everything. And if there's some music, somebody hand me a djembe and I'm your man. And I bags looking after the chickens. And the orchard.

PS I'm glad there's some nice South Africans out there. I lived in Sydney's eastern suburbs which is thick with them (and Russians). One was my landlord. Another married an old girlfriend. I (and my buddy) found them both to be the most perfectly vicious greed-heads who deep down viewed the rest of humanity as beasts. But whatever, it's years ago and thousands of kilometres away. I do miss Bondi Beach though. Good surf.

Anonymous said...

Nobody says he is glad there are some nice south africans out there, the ones he met in Sydney were scum-bags.
I don't think nice is a word you would be able to stick on me very easily.
Adaptable, courageous, honest, intolerant at times and easy to laugh could stick but nice - never.

For the kitchen we will need a steady supply of chickens and eggs.
Oh god I do hope we will not run into all that vegetarian being best stuff. I have 6 kids - if I don't give them meat for a week - they take their catties and come back with a guinea fowl.
Anyway I have packed (grin) only problem is I don't think Australia will want me.

Anonymous said...

"The case in Canada with the Human Rights commission and the revelation that members were posting under aliases (using the unsecured network of a woman in a further attempt to hide their true identities). They posted the only truly anti-semitic messages -- hoping to lure others into the same type of talk. Then they used these postings as examples of anti-semitism and attempted to bring charges against the websites. So, things are not always what they seem."

I've been following that - they entrap patrons and obtain thier real name from thier ISP, while also pressuring to close the website, if possible

another tactic is to go after the DNS (domain registration) like they tried with wikileaks

re: our options

I suggest the vision of business as usual vs. collapse of society is a false paradigm presented to keep us from wanting change (because the only change presented is extreme)

I constantly hear about how "the banking system is the lifeblood of the economy" too

it's showing right there..

the future I see is farmer's markets, flea markets, yard sales


life goes on - people still eat.

we've had another idea, buckets with crops ready to pick, for sale/trade

- eat today, set in sun & water to keep providing food

even if they don't sell they still provide us food

KELI 104.1 FM

The Sea Dreamer said...

Les Visible, 9.25am

There've been a few from me, under anon, but I haven't really been commenting, I've been cheering. As you do, when a man is at white heat, and going for it.

You're right, we do not live by adhoms alone. We've a cultural thing against it, but it does good to let rip occasionally, when the odour wrinkling the nose becomes the stench of dead fish.

Worthwhile to remember, that it's argumentum ad hominem, and nothing more. Of course, when the SWAT teams turn up at our door they will be ad hominem, and they won't be arguing.

So now the excitement's over, back to your usual prose-poetry. We know the power of the adhom, and use it sparingly, unlike some I could mention. We're above all that.

By the way, did anyone include Scott Horton, that slimy, slithering b*****d?

Anonymous said...

ben there, the safest!
godsend, with religions there is nothing to argue. You confuse spirituality with religion two completely different things.
spirituality - concern with things of the spirit
religion - a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects

Anonymous said...

godsend - Please.
Never-Ending Story

Anonymous said...

godsend - the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.
Argue with this! It makes about as much sense as any other religion.

kf said...

I’m late to the party, but I’d like to add a few things if I may.

The trade centers were blown up and no scientist or demolition contractor will ever convince me otherwise. I can not prove what I saw, what I smelled and what I felt but the evidence that landed in my world is very reliable to me. The evidence that landed in the laps of authorities has been destroyed or altered or loaded on a ship, though hopefully a few tidbits fell through the cracks or got lost in different pile (may they find their way to us),

These days I am very picky about who and what I read (I’m back in the salt mines with little alert time left over). I skip those prospects known to offer only a nugget of truth. I imagine there are good reasons (threats of death and complete ruination) why some writers avoid the obvious. Throw them in with the paid disinformants and the party faithful, and it becomes the national chorus.

As for the soapbox shrills, I skip over their comments. I prefer the civility of debate rather than playground name-calling. (Not that I don’t have a few names up my sleeve if the situation insists.) As the saying goes, these folks have too much time on their hands. I would judge you as fair if you banished them from your island, Sir.

Kathy F.

Visible said...

Thanks for stopping in Kathy. The thing is, I can't just banish people without good reason. Some things are automatic but being a jerk or stupid or boneheaded isn't enough criteria. Anyway. nothing proves something to be what it is so much as seeing it does and the contrast is good overall. But when it comes to hanging out in the living room... then... I might say something.

One time I had this temporary girlfriend. We got thrown together by circumstance. I was leaving town and she had to get out of town. According to the taste of some men she was very., very attractive, if you like the stripper motif. But she was a good person too and after a momentary little fit of passion we realized that we were friends, not lovers. Anyway, she stayed in my house in Nahiku, Maui (about two hundred yards from George Harrison's house- just trivia) and she liked to run around with her top off and she was very sexual. In that area are a lot of alcoholics and horndogs. These horndogs were sleazy little creeps and one in particular would come around and make a nuisance of himself. I'm pretty tolerant so I let him be an idiot. My friend wasn't interested in any case. But then he started to get on my nerves and I told him to leave.

He ignored me, this irritated me more so I told him again and he continued to ignore me. So then I told him if he didn't leave by the time I counted to ten I was going to pick him up and throw him out the door without opening it first. He ignored me. I was quite serious.

My friend knew I was serious too. So I started counting. She told him he really ought to go. He ignored it. When I got to three and started to get up she came flying around the counter and tossed him out herself. She's a very athletic girl. I don't know why I'm telling this story but something got me thinking about it. I wonder where my friend is now. She was a lot of fun.

Susannah; I'm wondering if I earlier missed your comment that I just put up. Sometimes things get confusing with so much to sort. Anyway... I've got no problem with people eating meat. I can't eat it... just can't and my teeth will tell me about it if I do; plus.. the oil from it makes me physically ill. For myself, I only ask that people don't cook pork around me. That will make me ill just from smelling it. But it's not a terrible compromise given all of the meats available. In any case, I don't police what people eat... this is just if it were my kitchen.

Thank you people for all the great comments. We're pushing 90 on this post. 65 was the most before. I believe we might hit a hundred here. And a couple of years ago I was lucky to get two or three. Onward and upward.

Anonymous said...

so another site deleting my comments about the Vatican, wow you are some truth-seeker.

Anonymous said...

If your writing reflects your being you are beautiful and I'm sure Australia would be a better place for your being here.

Visible said...

I hope you're not talking to me. I didn't post any comment on The Vatican that I can remember and I certainly didn't delete it. Some times posts don't come through but I don't understand the part about deleting it. It would have had to have been posted for it to be deleted.

In any case, I wouldn't inflate your paranoia if I were you. Everything gets posted here with very few exceptions and the definition for that is at the op right side of the comments section.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a real greenie (I just hug trees, a bit) but this is too much.
...'seal protection regulations which make it illegal to watch, photograph or film a seal being killed without permission from Canada's Fisheries minister'
... the Coast Guard has declared war...
Who makes these laws??

Anonymous said...

Ah, I hope I am not being off-topic here, but the thought occurs to me that listenership at Mike's show was likely at the highest all time rating yesterday during the first hour.

Kniall said...

Les, you gotta check this out:

Chomsky on camera saying he was glad the WTC got hit and 'so-what?' about 9/11...

how that makes him any different from Cheney, I don't know!

Here we go: at 0.51 mins, he says the following:

"I mean, you couldn't predict that the plane would actually hit the World Trade Center... I'm happy that it did but, y'know, it could easily have missed *pause, slight smile* er, the, eh..."

Deviant or useful idiot, my friend asked me:

My verdict: DEVIANT

nobody said...

Yeah Yeah,

Come on down Susannah. If you're here, you're alright.

Anonymous said...


You don't make any sense. If no one running for president is worth voting for then why are you concerned about which one wins if it doesn't make any difference? It does make a difference if disinfo agents keep writing crap that misleads people. It's also interesting to the people who are talking about it. If it doesn't interest you then why don't you go pay attention to what interests you? If other things are important to you then go spend your time on them. Doesn't that seem like the simple solution? You don't even have a grip on the debate going on here and are projecting positions and exchanges that don't exist. Maybe if you were a little more clear and maybe if you had a point or a course of action then that could be useful.


Shrink Rat said...

Just wanted to say, Thanks for your website. I will be a regular visitor and when I have money, I will donate.

Like Mike Malloy, who quoted you yesterday, you speak truth to power. There are damn few of you.

Bless you.

dr. richard welser.
and I have not been very anonymous for a long while.


Mystylplx said...

"You can’t be a legitimate voice of conscience and all the other things these public white knights present themselves as if you avoid or deny the truth about 9/11."

In other words, you are saying anyone who disagrees with you about the events of 911 can't be a legitimate voice. This kind of baseless circular argument is, unfortunately, all too familiar to 911 "truth" activists.



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