Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Torture; the other Red Meat.

Wiping out humanity is not something that happens because the government is playing God at the behest of their corporate masters. It isn’t something that happens because science has become so perverted that it’s no longer about discovering the truth in combinations and applications for the benefit of us all but rather about how to put an artificial shine on a surgically, reconstructed face; a face concealing an empty, abandoned room. Humanity gets wiped out by removing what makes us human from our behavior and intentions so that we spend all our time in service to our appetites at the expense of our fellows.

If there is any one thing that shows that this former senator with two years of government experience is an empty suit... if there is any one thing that shows this unknown product spokesman is no different than the guys giving away drink coupons outside a strip club it is the question of torture; the other red meat.

I’m going to say it simply and you can do what you want with it. This morning I had the dubious pleasure of reading some other empty suits jeering at a fellow who implied there was something up about Air Force One making some kind of maneuver over New York City. One of them quickly segued into a belittling harangue about 9/11 conspiracy people who couldn’t possibly know what he knows because, get this; he was in New York City when it happened, so he’s an expert. So... let me state it one more time, 9/11 was an Inside Job and only those too stupid to tell the difference between a hole in their body and a hole in the ground or... personally involved in the attacks... could possibly still believe the official story.

There’s a kind of irony in the fact that the former, talk out of this particular hole in their body and the substance of their words is the very substance known to proceed out of that very same hole. They might well know that 9/11 was an Inside Job but they don’t want to know because the obvious conclusion of ‘who’ was behind the 9/11 attacks threatens the pursuit of their appetites and threatens their position among the other chimps in the zoo, as it threatens their ability to spoon feed their children with preposterous lies in the interest of protecting them from dangers that only the truth could deliver them from. Don’t look for any sense in this because there isn’t any and they will get what everyone gets who thinks integrity and courage can be acquired by adding magic powder to a glass of water. It’s just Kool-Aid and they’re all headed to Jonestown sooner or later.

Who did 9/11 is an important feature in what I want to talk about today because it’s the main point missing in all the points being made about torture. We’re hearing all kinds of arguments from the usual crew of Nimrods who all want to tie a yellow ribbon around Tony Orlando’s dick every time America destroys some extended family at a wedding in some foreign country and the brave soldiers, who were only following orders, come marching home to brass bands and confetti and... a job at the Smithfield packing plant along with a stool at the neighborhood bar where they can talk about their glory days.

This group of complicit criminals tells us torture is a necessary evil. Another group of complicit criminals, which includes Slick in the White House, wants to put it behind us and move on. It’s as if whatever happened may or may not have been wrong but... it’s in the past now so just get over it. We’ve got important things to do to get the country back on track and this will just be divisive and mean-spirited. Somehow they think they can get the country on the right track by ignoring the fact that the country was on the wrong track... and has been... for a long, long time. They think that every time it turns out that the country was involved in something that would make the Khmer Rouge blush that all you have to do is just move on because surely that won’t happen again.

The larger majority of the American people actually want some sunlight on this matter and... the truth is... letting the truth come out will actually bring the country together because the country was never behind this shit in the first place but... why confuse reality with expediency? Let’s just move on. Your face isn’t the only thing with two cheeks and that may be why so many people have forgotten which end is up.

Here’s the real deal, people; 9/11 was accomplished by a joint operation which included the CIA, the Israeli Mossad and other individuals from various intelligence services, corporations and sundry. For anyone who actually takes the trouble to study what preceded the event; what happened on that day and what has followed since, the facts and circumstantial evidence are irrefutable. And... here’s the point about torture. Here’s what makes the torture under discussion an even more hideous crime than it would have been in any case. The people being tortured had NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11. In many cases, the people being tortured were just rounded up by warlords and sold for the money that was offered. In many cases, the people being tortured were people who objected to the presence of foreign invaders who made war on their country based on false intel dummied up by the same people who did 9/11.

Here’s an even more dreadful irony. The people who ordered the torture are the only people that had the information which they were allegedly seeking to extract from the people under torture. They were torturing people for information they could not possibly possess while already possessing the information because... they were the ones who did the deed in the first place. It gets worse. This whole rats nest was fabricated in order to provide justification for mass murder in Lebanon; genocide in Palestine, resource theft in Iraq and drug dealing out of Afghanistan. That’s how it is. You don’t like it? That’s how it is.

This is what’s wrong with the torture issue so let’s not hear any more about the usual arguments from people who have no right to call themselves human beings.

Your Howdy Doody president wants us all to move on because he knows damn well what happened and if he doesn’t then he’s even stupider that GWB because... he knew what happened. How cold and evil do you have to be to walk through your days believing the same convenient lies? How do you do it? How do you ignore what is happening in Palestine today? How can you rationalize women and children being bulldozed out of their homes; used for target practice, assaulted with banned weapons, locked in a ghetto where food and medical supplies are not allowed entry? What makes it possible for gunboats to fire on innocent fishermen and no one says anything? Goddamn your eyes... you evil swine who do this; who tolerate it, who justify it, who ignore it, who laugh about it. Your day is going to come. Your day is going to come.

Let’s not wallow in this odious hypocrisy any longer. Let’s stop nodding our heads while sold out whores, wriggle their excited asses on their special chairs as they discuss whether to seek the truth; to charge, to investigate, to prosecute, mass murdering war criminals about whose guilt there can be no doubt. They tortured people based on a horrible, criminal act that THEY COMMITTED. They went ahead and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Today, one group of these psychopaths are brutalizing an indigenous people whose land they flat out stole and whom they torment and have tormented for more than sixty years.

We need to know no more about President Obama than what has been said here. This country tried and executed people for far less than these nasty little weasels engaged in. If you commit a crime then you are a criminal and if you conceal... or whitewash... or evade your responsibilities in any office where you have been placed to deal with crimes then... you are also a criminal. That is how it is and that is how it is. You don’t like it? That’s how it is.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Waiting outside the Theater for the Curtain to go Up.

Thank you to those who pointed out to me that it is “still April’ and we have our first signs of coming events for the year. We have a nasty selective virus that is doing one thing on one side of a border and another on the other side. It makes some people wonder. You don’t have to go too far to wonder some more. It makes sense that the next thing that the people who have been hard at work on the majority of the bad things we have seen so far and are due to see more of... it makes sense that they would target the populations with something certain to strike fear far and wide; something that would make travel very undesirable.

Yes... biological attacks would put a real crimp into all sorts of things and trot out the usual solutions that turn out to be worse than the thing itself and which pour profits into the pockets of some of the worst people on the planet. It takes no great stretch of the imagination to see how something would play very well into the government publicized ‘summer of rage’ and make the different population groups immediately paranoid of the other population groups.

I don’t have to provide a lot of evidence about the governments’ involvement in these things because we’ve seen enough to this point to know that certain governments are deeply engaged in nefarious acts against the citizens of their own countries. We saw it on 9/11 and we saw it on 7/7. We most likely saw it in Madrid a few years ago as well.

Bio-warfare has a fine economy, precision and safety to its performance. All you need are a few people with test tubes, or whatever conveyances, to drop them on a street corner or toss it off a rooftop. Just add a little air and you’ve got an instant atmosphere. Then Big Daddy steps in and tells everyone to “remain calm” while they set in motion all of their reasonable, emergency measures.

It is in times like these that you have to have faith in something because... well... it’s scary to think about.

Government sponsored bio-ware is a fantastic idea for those performing it. You can inoculate anyone important to you before hand and then just let the games begin. You’ve got camps for unruly survivors and you’ve got coffins stacked outside Atlanta and at many other locations and we’ve seen the planning that is going on for major disasters over recent times.

It’s just a matter of time before some or all of these features come into play as well as any number of scenarios that we will leave unmentioned. I know many people have got backup stores of food; water, weapons and fuel but it is in the cities where you are going to see the serious action. It is in the urban centers that the worst of it will play out with the greatest speed and dramatics. Yesterday it was in Mexico and parts of the American southwest. Now it’s in Queens, New York and New Zealand.

One shouldn’t bother to even ask themselves if certain governments are capable of such a thing. We can be certain of this. They have been at work at various nefarious schemes for a long time. They’ve put all manner of legal frameworks into place and removed other critical legal protections. They’ve been pounding the complicit media outlets with lies about certain imaginary enemy combatants and organizations. They’ve invaded and nearly destroyed countries based on events with which these countries had no association and they’ve manufactured evidence, since proven to be false, as a pretext for invasion, mass murder and populace dislocations. They’ve opened secret torture prisons around the world and been hard at work performing violence upon men with no connection to the crimes they are accused of.

One country is systematically wiping out the native inhabitants of a country whose land they covet as if it were the old American West come back for a re-run and viciously attacking any and all with the courage to criticize them, while the majority of the world’s most powerful nations do nothing.

There is no telling where we will be a week from now, a month from now, a few months from now. So far there is no one visible who has provided any opposition to the violent behavior of Israel, the United States and Great Britain; to name the three most blatant practitioners of genocide mass murder and global disinformation.

Over the course of the last several days we are hearing that porcine little Nazi, Avigdor Lieberman, declaring that Israel isn’t going to attack Iran and that the United States needs to be responsible. By this time we should know that this means there will be an incident designed to provoke the U.S. into going after Iran. Your immediate reading should be just this or... you should assume that Israel means this as a smokescreen because they are going to attack Iran just as soon as enough time goes by to convince everyone that they are not going to attack Iran. That’s how nuts it is.

The other day an Israeli went nuts on an airplane and stormed the cockpit. Immediately- and with no evidence given- we are told that the Israeli “probably” experienced a panic attack. Never at any recent time in any similar event have we ever heard such a thing before. Never has something like this been so quickly labeled and dismissed and then we see that the planes in the air are less well protected than before they seemed to need protection and no one knows where all the money that is earmarked for Air Marshals has gone to.

Now the president of the United States, instead of being concerned with important matters, is spending his time giving pointless speeches about people criticizing or questioning The Holocaust, which only further serve to prove who controls him instead of doing ANY of the things he promised to do. It is readily apparent that the truth about the holocaust is coming out and that more and more people every day are realizing this. By this time it doesn’t even matter if the numbers are real or imaginary. No one wants to hear about it anymore. We all have holocaust fatigue and we’re all tired of seeing these ‘victims’ wiping out the Palestinians, the Lebanese and anyone else they decide they want to eliminate and we’re all well aware of the tens of millions of deaths that they are responsible for during the Bolshevik years and in many another time and place across the palette of history.

Given how extraordinarily out of wack everything presently seems to be, it’s just a matter of a short period of time before they roll out the stage-work for whatever they have in mind. With Howdy Doody in the White House and Hitler, Himmler and the SS Rockettes Dance Revue camping it up in the Knesset it’s not going to be long at all.

I realize that this isn’t an example of my better work and I’m not telling you anything new. There isn’t anything new to tell you because the same old empty suits are up to the same mischief in front of the same clueless audience. The same vaudeville act is smacking each other around with the same nail-studded pig’s bladder and then blowing up sections of the theater to make up for the lack of entertainment on stage.

I’ll be talking about this on tonight’s Smoking Mirrors Radio show over at Feet2theFire Radio tonight and probably you will be hearing what you are reading because ...what can anyone say when they are waiting for the curtain to go up on the next act and the only thing that’s happening is the sound of the customers rustling in their seats and a lot of coughing that ...might well be caused by more than nervous excitement or just a little dust in the air?

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tel Aviv Jane Steps in her Own Fewmets.

Oh the delicious irony. I keep coming back to the Apocalypse factor and all of the revelations that continue to surface as per the dictionary meaning of Apocalypse; apocalypse c.1384, "revelation, disclosure," from Church L. apocalypsis "revelation," from Gk. apokalyptein "uncover," from apo- "from" (see apo-) + kalyptein "to cover, conceal". Not a day goes by that something doesn’t crawl out from under the rocks, like those strange creatures you see appearing on the beach as the sun goes down in Venice, California.

Jane Harman, the Zio-con Congresswoman who covers the ground from Santa Monica to San Pedro has been caught offering to subvert the course of justice or, as they call it in Congress, performing ‘business as usual’. The delicious irony is that Jane was a serious player in all of the illegal shit that the Bushitas got up to and she got nailed by a legal version of all the illegal operations she was such a cheerleader for. You won’t find any mention of her being Jewish anywhere in the MSM because that would connect certain dots in the mind of the public that have been connected so many times before by so many dual national traitors in the last several decades that well... I don’t really know what to say here. I really don’t.

As usual there’s the implication of a lot more going on in the background and if you’ve got the sort of mind that some of us have, who still have a mind, you might speculate about whether it was Israel that levered this whole thing into the public eye because of what gets discussed in this little item right here. You might wonder if what happened to Tel Aviv Jane is a warning to other members of Congress and people in the justice department to mind how they go in relation to the AIPAC spying case. Then you get the usual bedfellows in a little public snog with the usual self-righteous, Joan of Arc grandstanding and indignant outrage about being exposed... of course... she did it (and has probably done worse) and I don’t really know what to say here. I really don’t.

Then we’ve got another strange suicide by a guy in charge of the books at the place that used to be home turf for this guy. Oh, what the heck, certainly that deserves two news items. There doesn’t seem to be too many details coming out about this, which usually means there’s a lot involved in setting the stage for what we are supposed to believe because the truth just won’t do at all. In the meantime we have this. And we also have the looming specter of the next 9/11 that is on the drawing board somewhere and which involves the same neo-con architects, while the agencies appointed to protect the national interest are also headed by dual nationals who are loyal to another government besides the one they were created to serve. One has only to look at Michael Chertoff and Joe Lieberman’s positions and one can be forgiven for being apprehensive in the extreme. You can see whose interests are being served by Homeland Insecurity right here.

It doesn’t matter what government agency you look into these days. You are almost certain to find a dual national in charge or highly placed there. Obama’s cabinet looks like lunch hour at a New York Deli. Then there’s the looting of America by yeah... uhhuh... more of the same. I don’t know what to say here. I really don’t.

Something has to happen and something will happen but... I have no idea what that is. You know how it is when you see a cockroach? You know there are a whole lot more of them hidden in the walls and other out of sight locations. I never see any in Europe and I don’t know why that is but it’s got nothing to do with the example I am going to make. Just like those cockroaches in hiding you know... YOU KNOW that the sort of thing Tel Aviv Jane did is happening all over the place in both houses of Congress, in federal law enforcement and in the court system. Dirty deals and quid pro quo hum jobs are the order of the day.

I guess I have to say that crime is the normal character of government and business in the UnitedStates and probably over most of the world. Decent and capable people are not allowed anywhere near the levers of power until they’ve been compromised one way or another and then they’re no longer decent though they may still be capable; capable of anything.

So, I see things like this and I read all the explanations that people give for why and then I look at America at the moment and what is happening to her and, I don’t know what to say here. I really don’t.

Something has to happen and something will happen sooner or later. I think that some things are a lot closer than they appear, just like objects in your car’s wing mirror.

Where I live there are criminals who go around in trucks and empty houses of ALL of their contents; appliances, fixtures, the tile on the floor, the windows... everything. There are criminals everywhere and depending on the state of the economy there may be more criminals at one time than another. When the people making the laws and enforcing the laws are criminals then, it is only natural that many an enterprising soul will also take to crime.

Some days I sit here reflecting on all of this sordid business and how it affects the quality of life. These things get inside my head and send off poisonous fumes. It dulls the natural impetus for joie de vive and I have to go outside and do some kind of work among the olive trees ...or the succulents in the planters that I built to remind me... to remind me that there is another side to life besides epidemic corruption and the violence of business interests expressing themselves through a nation’s military upon whatever hapless souls might be living in the targeted landscape.

It’s an act of treason to tell the truth. It’s an affair of slander to tell the truth. It’s against the law to tell the truth. It’s against the law to question lies and it’s a dangerous act to protest against injustice in a public way. Meanwhile, bland announcers and world leaders talk in circles about why this is happening and why that has to happen as if they were discussing the weather instead of deciding to torture and murder people.

The president of the United States has the unbridled nerve to say that it wouldn’t be helpful to prosecute people for crimes against humanity and that we should move on. He pressures congress to keep an enemy of his party and his nation in control of policy over at Homeland Insecurity. Instead of stopping the illegal conflicts engineered by the last crew of gangsters he has increased the conflicts and opened new ones while appointing the usual gangsters to be in charge of ‘change we can believe in’... or else.

We need a revolution more than a person being waterboarded needs oxygen. We need something to rise up in the hearts and minds of the people of the world; some kind of spontaneous revelation accompanied by a collective resistance to the perpetuation of criminal behavior abroad and at home.

Something has to get ignition in the common mind. Something needs to change so that we can find something to believe in. I sit here waiting. I know it can’t go on like this. It just can’t go on like this. I don’t really know what to say here. I really don’t.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Rise of the Fourth Reich and the Weapons of War

All I ask is that you ask, “Is it true?” Do not concern yourself with whether you want to hear it or whether it fits your belief system. Do not concern yourself with the spin cycle or whether you achieve orgasm by sitting on the washer. These may be personally important but they are not relevant or important to what is being said here. There will be no belief system, no washing machines or Stress Management Release taking place here today. Today we are going to make some statements and provide certain evidence and you are going to ask yourself, “Is it true?”

Today we are also going to launch a number of virtual, international organizations and millions of watchdogs all over the world to be the foot soldiers for truth. Today we announce the creation of the Iranian Anti-Defamation League in virtual space. I say so, so... there it is. We are also launching the Palestinian and Lebanese Anti-Defamation Leagues as well as AAPAC and AIPAC which will be the American Arab Public Affairs Committee and the American Iranian Public Affairs Committee. We will also be creating the Anti-Israeli Genocide (our own people’s AIG). We will have the TDL (Truth Defense League), the IDL (Iranian Defense League) and the ADL (Arab Defense League). You are all members and you are called upon to counter all offenses against these people by the Axis of Evil; the American, British and Israeli alliance with their satellite operations of Canada and Australia.

All bloggers are requested to activate their memberships in these and any companion organizations that they may also wish to create and issue position papers; statements, memos and complementary coffee cups, ball point pens, bumper stickers and news conferences. All members are required to attend the United Nations conference on Racism in their hearts and minds wherever they may be and to boycott all products made in Israel and to boycott all states of mind that might influence one to even consider anything being said by any representative of the Axis of Evil.

Israel is just like Nazi Germany in the 30’s. If we do not unite as a people against this emerging horror then we are all responsible for what happens and deserving of the consequences when they get around to us. There is no difference in the treatment of Jews, Gypsies and whoever else during the Nazi years than there is now in the treatment of the Palestinians. Just as the Nazis did, the Israelis are making war on all of their neighbors and using propaganda and lies as a justification. In many cases they are engineering terror events against themselves for which they then punish whomever they wish.

The Iranian Anti-Defamation League must consider, as its first order of business, the clarification and refutation of the statement attributed to Ahmanedijad where it is claimed that he called for the destruction of Israel. Here is what actually happened, "The Imam [Khomeini] said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time." They didn’t even get the person quoting it right, much less the quote itself. It is also claimed that he denied ‘the’ Holocaust. Ahmanedijad NEVER said the holocaust didn’t happen. His concern was that scholars should have the right to investigate what appears to be number fudging among those who have been using the holocaust to blackmail the nations of the world and to justify the genocide of Palestine.

Is this true? It is most certainly true. It has been exposed and revealed in places too numerous to list and both of them thoroughly debunked except in the Zionist controlled press.

We, who are members of all of these instant, new organizations, with full membership privileges, and a lot of other organizations that you may create on the spot, are all required to refute these and all of the rest of the lies as we go thru our day.

Israel is just like Nazi Germany. Millions of us in one voice must chant, “Israel is just like Nazi Germany.” Chant it in your mind as you drive to work. Chant it when you hear the news which fashions the lies that seek to make all of us little Nazis.

Dennis Ross is a BIG TIME Nazi that Obama appointed to a post which will stand as an act of the most aggressive, lunatic irony of all time. Is this true? Did Obama appoint him? Did Obama appoint dual national Mossad agent, Rahm Emanuel to control who sees and speaks to him? Where are the Muslim; the Arab, the Iranian, the Pacific Islander in his cabinet? Does his cabinet reflect a cross section of the population or is it tilted to the operations of The Fourth Reich? How does this reflect upon whatever future actions Obama will engage in???

Is Iran in compliance with the IAEA? Yes it is. Does Iran have a nuclear weapon or is Iran engaged in creating a nuclear weapon? No. Is Israel threatening to attack Iran (as she has attacked everyone else in the region)? Yes. Has Iran attacked anyone in over a thousand years? No. Has anyone attacked Israel? No. Has Israel given the appearance that she was attacked while actually launching the primary attacks in all cases? Yes. Is Israel just like Nazi Germany? Yes. Should Iran have a nuclear weapon to offset the vicious aggressions of Israel in the neighborhood and around the world? Abso-frickin- loutely!!!

People of the world and new members by the millions in all of these new Anti-Fascist organizations... we must go to war. We shall not war on the ground or with conventional weaponry. We shall war on the plane of the mind. We shall use ideas, thoughts and words as bombs; depth charges, mortars and IEDs... bullets and whathaveyou. We shall fight them in the forums and comments sections that follow the news articles. We shall fight them in the public places with our public statements. We shall sit down by the millions in the thoroughfares. We shall stymie them in the workplace. We shall become insurgent within the military and wherever we are employed. We shall use our hearts and our humanity as deadly weapons, as lie-killers. We shall boycott all products from all fascist nations.

I am going to give you a powerful truth now, which I have not seen revealed before this time. The reason for the creation of the Cluster bomb of anti-Semitism smear labeling... the real reason which was the impetus for this powerful anti-personnel device is because the AshkeNazi forces knew that they were not Semitic but that the Palestinians are.

In order to use the Biblical claims of regaining territories that never belonged to them they HAD TO supplant the natural and legal and spiritual claims of the real inhabitants by co-opting their identity. The people of the Bible are the Palestinians. They knew this and this is the reason for the creation of the Anti-Semitic weapon. It is all a subtle and pervasive fraud.

I here declare this truth to be the revelation that ends all phonied up legitimacy to Zionism and the goose-stepping Nazi dance revue whose marching, blood-stained, hobnail boots are crushing the innocent for the profit of the wicked. The true anti-Semites are the ones masquerading as Semites as they torment and murder the people they are pretending to be.

We are hundreds of millions. They are very few. Simply by focusing our minds on the truth of what we know we can effect a paradigm shift. Use humor; use scorn, use the higher arts and weapons at your disposal. You have only to scroll down the page at The Truthseeker and What Really Happened to see what The Fourth Reich is up to.

I am coming to the end of my 1500 word limit and must end this call to virtual arms but you must each of you, in your own way, begin to arm your fellows with the Swords of Truth and the Mirror Shields that flash the lies of the deluded enemy back into their own vitals. Let us draw upon the collective power within and drive the servants of darkness back into the pit. The tyranny of the vampire is at an end. Let your personal sunlight provide the disinfectant and let your heart takes wings. Pass it on... pay it forward... Tag, you’re it.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Political Correctness in the Court of Byzantium

Despite its seeming veneer of civilization, its appearance of uniformity and routine, this world is a jungle where predators roam by day and by night. The ordinary focus is upon those at the ground level who break the usual laws which we all agree we need to maintain order. Even before Hammurabi there must have been some system. When we think of crime, we think about things like robbery, rape and murder along with all the white collar variants of the ancient shell games and cards tricks. Then there are the Badger and Murphy games and whatever else they’ve come up with since. Some laws are reasonable and some are not and... most often... the unreasonable ones come about without any connection to the well being of the public.

There’s a whole lot of hypocrisy combined with those who have the gold making the rules and we see it in things like alcohol and tobacco being legal while marijuana is not. Marijuana is illegal because of the alcohol and tobacco lobbies. Alcohol and tobacco kill more people in one year than all the illegal drugs in the world across a century or more and... when it comes to manufacturing violence and guilt; alcohol has no equal. If we could package and sell violence we could make a fortune, come to think of it... we do. I’m not just talking about movies and videogames and sporting events, I’m talking arms and the money for the causes for the wars from which the bankers rake in the profit from both sides of the conflict. Meanwhile, hemp production could revolutionize the world and that is also something that someone... doesn’t want to happen.

Now we are talking about bigger crimes and bigger criminals. I’ve a new blog called Profiles in Evil and in coming months I’m going to feature some of these people, the same way that Hustler used to profile their ‘asshole of the month’, complete with a list of their crimes. I’m thinking it should look like a baseball card with all the stats. We might even make them like the playing cards that circulated with pictures of the Iraqi leaders so... stay tuned.

Ordinary crime is something most of us want controlled and contained. However... these days there are so many things that have become criminal that most of us are lawbreakers without even knowing what we’ve done. Somewhere there’s a great big book of laws about crimes we may not have even heard about. The book is written in lawyer speak and authored by anyone in a position to do so for the purpose of control and financial profit which benefits all of the industries that feed off of their enforcement. The crimes in this book are not the real crimes. The real crimes are the laws that have been created to enforce them. These crimes are all associated with the regulation of social behavior for the purpose of behavior modification and the primary kingpin, mob boss of the whole shebang is Political Correctness.

If you want to see Political Correctness, when it becomes the ruling entity in the lives of the people, you have only to study the Khmer Rouge and you can trace that back through China in the 60’s and then back to its Marxist origins in Lenin land and then back into the brains of those who fashioned the template that preceded the presence. Here’s a conservative take on PC.

Its right about here that I start to get in trouble with the people who don’t want to know because... I tend to look under the bed and in the attic; behind the shoes on the floor of the closet and even in the slaughterhouses where the parts destined for sausage are stored. Because I am looking around, I find things like this. You have to scroll all the way down to see the list and it becomes apparent that a certain group of people have a vested interest in this particular industry. Then you see the parallel to this industry. Then you swerve around through historical realities and bend time a little to wind up behind the thing you are talking about and you see things like this. You can snake back over the course of time and find so many parallels that maybe you really start to wonder. Then you can come into the present day and you see Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza at the end of last year.

No one can dispute the massive carnage that was Gaza and no one can dispute 60 years of land theft and genocide. No one can dispute the apartheid status of the Palestinians but that isn’t the point of this piece. We are talking about Political Correctness and we want to tie all of these links into what happened when George Galloway wanted to speak in Canada and the ruthless suppression of free speech, including imprisonment whenever anyone criticizes the behavior of Zionist entities, due to politically correct laws that are designed to prohibit one’s ability to reveal the truth or to draw attention to bad behavior which... would have been against the law in Hammurabi’s time as it ‘should be’ against the law now.

So what we are getting is things like this and things like this. You have to trace that back to this peculiar period in history when Theodor Herzl founded Zionism and declared the uses of Anti-Semitism. The uncanny sensation that I am getting is that a certain group of people created Political Correctness in order to use it as a system of control against anyone who speaks out against the industry of control. It’s a powerful system.

It appears that one of the main targets of Zionist endeavor is to destroy Christianity and you can see how that is being accomplished by simply studying what is being shown in the links previously given. It’s not just Christianity that is the target. It is Islam too, which was the point of 9/11. It all connects. What we have is a not so Holy War against competing religious groups for control of the human mind. I’m not a fan of religion but religions, like the family unit, cultures and governments, are the glue that holds society together. I wouldn’t want them all done away with because, first of all it isn’t possible; something else will always replace what went missing but... what? That is the question you need to ask.

Now, of course, those who criticize what I say here will question the mindset behind the links given but... that’s not the important point. The important point is... is it true? Are the points being made true? Are the names given as being on various boards and representing certain industries true? Are those said to be responsible for the deaths of tens of millions true? Did these people occupy these offices and did they carry out the executions that history shows them to be responsible for?

In the game of Political Correctness, telling the truth is a hate crime. In the game of Political Correctness, what is is shaped into what is not and what is not... is shaped into what is. This is being worked in the sub-basements of the educational system. Very strange things are going on at every level. Football game schedules are conflicting with God’s time slots? The level of ridiculous has rendered the word obsolete. Now... what do you get when you sift all of the components presented here? Furthermore... what do you get when you look at the players involved in the financial crash and then look at those who are empowered to fix it? Which banks were unaffected by the financial crash or... are actually reaping enormous profits? Here is a bonus question... how does the present state of epidemic foreclosures relate to the drama detailed in the book, “The Grapes of Wrath”?

So... what are we to make of political correctness and how correct is it? Is it about what it says it is about or is it about something else entirely? Did I pull all of this information out of a particular part of my anatomy or... is it true? Is it true? Show me how it is not true. Please take the time to show me that these things are lies and fabrications. Furthermore please reflect on what seems to be the point of it all; use your imagination to connect the dots and look at the image. Now tell me if the picture you see is a credible portrait of a calculated effort by a certain movement over the last however many decades or... is it just coincidence? Since this is all affecting you in real time or... it’s all a product of a deluded imagination well... you probably should analyze it to see if what is affecting you is real or not. Does that make any sense?

Somebody has too much power and that power is being used to the detriment of us all. Where does this lead and... do you want to go there? The thing is... you are going there. You are flowing with the current. You are not swimming against the tide. If one and one adds up to two then... where does that leave you? I realize that some people are telling you that one and one do not add up to two but... you might want to think about that.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Always Darkest just before it goes Black

I’ve been thinking about that Madison Avenue thing that brings us mind molders like reality TV and fake news as our models for contemporary life which presents humanity as a life form capably stupid enough to buy the crap they package along with the morons who tout it. This also brings us the shape-shifter politicians and cultural grooves that are like railway tracks from cradle to grave and which convince us we are just tubes that put things in one end only to send them out another; as if we were ambulatory tubes of toothpaste. If it weren’t for the coloration and flavor of the items going into the tubes we wouldn’t be able to distinguish them from the thing going out of the tubes. Garbage in and garbage out; through the speakers and headphones, from fork to mouth, from bottle to skin, from shelf to cart, from speech center to speech maker and so on and so forth.

I’ve been noticing signs of revolt at all levels of the social spectrum and it’s surprising me. I realize that I’ve been pretty tough on the mainstream fish caught in the nets and not giving enough credit to what looks like a revolution catching fire all around the world. I’m starting to think that some indefinable force is moving through the people of the world and they are starting to react as if they really were capable of independent thought and then I ponder what I hear from so many sources which tell me that the mysterious elite have all of the situations and circumstances programmed and that no matter what I see it is all part of ‘their plan’. It’s enough to make your head spin.

I made a comment the other day about how people like Phil Spector can get away with murder and whoomph! They nailed him and denied him the right to stay out of jail while the weasels work the system. All of a sudden there’s a lot of good news that looks like justice; I can’t be sure because I haven’t seen justice in a long time. Now the Spanish courts are going to indict a few Bush-bots and I happen to know that this is a prelude to nailing some larger sharks.

Here’s what I think. I think there’s a movement going on behind the scenes with a collection of people pretty high up in the power scheme who have had enough of what has been pro forma for so long. I can’t seem to come up with any other answer for what I’m seeing unless... you include unseen forces from mysterious locations or freedom beams from cloaked UFO’s or some variant on the theme. I get the distinct feeling that something has shifted in the deep end of the pool and is gradually spreading into the more visible, shallow end like some kind of purple dye.

If you look at history and isolate periods like The Age of Enlightenment or The Renaissance... the flowering of the Middle Platonic Period or any of the cultural stage sets that came out of nowhere or somewhere, you have to ask yourself... how did this get here? Sure, there are all sorts of academics that will give you a theory based on something they learned at some place where the information gets controlled and packaged and passed on but... I get the sense that you never know what’s going to appear based on what you are told and the confusion of appearances in any particular moment.

One thing seems to be increasingly clear... the truth is coming out on a lot of levels. Someone said that ‘they’ wanted it this way and it’s all part of ‘their plan’. Also we note that nothing has changed in the transition from Bush to Obama. We see the red-eyed boar hogs are hard on for Iran. We see the pirate distraction and H.R. 875 which is the Greenburg driven DeLauro bill and we’ve had The Patriot Act and all of the nasty business coming out of our corporation ruled governments and it looks like the world might want to mutate into a flaming dumpster but... you never know. I get the increasing sensation that it’s all going to blow up in their faces. I just can’t see them taking over the world. What I see is them ‘trying’ to take over the world and doomed for failure just as every previous effort was and ever will be.

Increasingly I hear that ‘they’ only let us know what’s happening in a small way so that they can see who we are and liquidate us. There’s a hard core contingent of people who really think we’re going to be fighting from the rooftops against black helicopters and herded into FEMA livestock pens. Call me Pollyanna but I can’t see us living in some version of The Terminator. Back in the sixties, a large group of people attempted to join hands around the Pentagon and levitate it. This freaked them out in such a way that it suggests they know very well the power of unified human thought and it also suggests why they have been at pains to set us against each other. Here is the key to our victory.

I think we’re looking at a number of variations on The Storming of the Bastille which, I hope this time, is focused on Rothschild banks and certain corporations. I’ve had people tell me that boycotting Israeli goods does no good but... they are really hurting from it and people; the people I’ve been at such pains to criticize are really coming through. Just the other day a crowd of Palestinian supporters emptied the shelves of a French supermarket of Israeli goods. This video has been removed from youtube just as all the Gaza videos keep getting removed while all the Pro-Zionist whitewashes remain.

A whole lot of people are not buying the bullshit any more. I’m removing my Intel processor and putting in AMD because it’s the right thing to do and you can be sure I check carefully now to see if anything I buy has anything to do with the number one terrorist nation on Earth.

Okay... it’s a given that some amount of noxious actions are going to take place. It’s a given that things will get worse before they get better. The financial illusion is being artificially propped up at the moment but there are so many holes in the dyke that it just can’t sustain for much longer. It’s a given that war is the usual response and it’s a given that the red-eyed vampire swine are going to be pulling out all stops but... I can’t shake the feeling that they are going to shoot themselves in the foot and each other in the ass at the same time.

I’ve got a powerful engine of hope just chugging along in my heart. It’s all that much more powerful now that I see that Obama is no hope at all. I’ve got a real anticipation of change now that I see Obama’s change translates into more of the same. Every negative, faith killing thing that comes up just makes me more optimistic. I know that sounds crazy but that’s how it goes... or is ... or seems.

WE... WE have to link our minds across the distance between us and get all of our dynamos humming inside the dominoes in a unified voice. WE have to become one determined group consciousness that automatically rejects the lies and embraces the truth as we encounter examples of each of them in our daily affairs. We know who the bad guys are. We know some of them are aware of what they are and some of them are just following orders. We have to find the place inside our minds where those orders get accepted and we have to free these people by rejecting the orders. We have to drag our feet and not cooperate and accidentally get in the way of everything that ‘they’ are after and head full steam into everything that counters whatever they do.

When you look at the accomplishments of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi you have to realize that there was something inside of them that made everything they said and did a powerful act. That’s no less inside of us than it was in them. We’re just lacking the full commitment that they had developed. We know that what they stood for was the right thing and we know that those who opposed them are the same forces which oppose us today. If we consciously embrace within ourselves the same qualities and bring that forth into our lives we will literally change the world. If there was ever a time for each and every one of us to make up our minds about what is important and what is not... that time is now. Let’s levitate the Pentagon.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Glory Days of Bush and Cheney go to Spain.

This is Easter. Obama’s going to egg roll with gay parents and heal the nations disaffection with everything unlike itself until everything is everything ...but first he’s going to go eat bitter herbs in a SKULL cap as the Angel of Death passes over Tel Aviv and lands in Gaza for an ‘all you can kill’ buffet. He’s going to assume so many positions that he’ll look like Steven Hawkings combing his hair with the Chinese Acrobats in a massively magnified spider’s eye. He’ll be like The Scarlet Pimpernel in reverse.

On the way to pleasing everyone and pleasing no one; on the way to fixing everything and fixing nothing, he’s going to reverse none of Bush’s extraordinary assaults on The Constitution. He’s going to leave everything just like it was as he makes everything different while changing nothing at all and The Daily Kos is going to be serving dog vomit that’s been reclassified as oatmeal and Moveon and all the other Peace Now... End the War...bullshit artistes are going to dig in and hum Kumbaya as the Terminator Drones cruise the shooting galleries of Pakistan.

When I said that 9/11 is the Litmus Test. You’ll see it there at the top of The Google Charts with a bullet; I didn’t realize how very true that is. So keep it in mind that everyone and anyone who doesn’t stand forth to declare that 9/11 was an Inside Job is part of the job. You want to go deeper, you only have to look at those who question 9/11 but make no mention of Israel. These are the one’s who are working the 9/11 money circuit but don’t want to offend the money. These are the people who will criticize Fox News until they can appear on Fox News.

Do I sound a little ticked off and acrimonious on this lovely Easter morning? Gee, I wonder why that is? ‘sup with that Visible? This is wasup with that. This Zioshill authored ‘just a regular guy’ doing normal things and having one of his buttmunchers relay what we’ve heard about a hundred times now... “Bush told former White House press secretary Dana Perino that he had found comfort reading several biographies of George Washington. If the first president still required analysis, Bush joked, then what could the 43rd president have to worry about?” This is what ticked Visible off this morning.

Well, this is one little detail that I don’t believe The First George ran into. Oh “tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.” Here at Apocalypse Central; Division of Slip Lifting and Upskirting, we like to point out how progressively... step by step... things are coming out all the rats hiding behind the drywall are having their little midnight confessions about what so and so did to so and so in/at you know where.

Yes... if dirty laundry was dollars some of us are soon going to be billionaires and some of us who lied are going to be known as liars and some of us that told part of the truth are only going to be liars by omission and some of us that said it doesn’t matter who did 9/11 or who pretend to be investigative reporters, pretending to be Humphrey Bogart playing an investigative reporter ...and who snarl and sneer on TV about how deluded the people are who tell the truth... well... they’re not going to be the grand lions of the college circuit and liberal drawing rooms any longer come the main hour of The Apocalypse.

Go ahead... make yourself sick... read that whole disgusting article on that sick, torturing, mass murdering, conscienceless clown, George W.T.F. Bush. And spend a little time thinking about everyone who made what he was and is, possible. Think about all the nasty crack whores in Congress and on the Supreme Court... all their associates in the press... all the true believers and easily deceived on Main Street everywhere who made it all possible and who keep making it possible... now that another turkey-jerking manikin has replaced the former manikin with zero Change we can believe in.

Just for today let’s forget about the new clown in town dancing to the same murderous orchestra. Let’s stroll backwards a little ways down Memory Lane, over the dead and still twitching bodies and body parts... dead economies and homeless families and gaze... just for a moment upon that awesome train wreck that was Bush/Cheney Murder Inc. and in that moment consider... yes consider that... the same Al Qaeda that didn’t exist before but kept showing up everywhere is still doing the same thing. Consider that not a damn thing has changed in Afghanistan or Iraq except that maybe it got worse. Consider the death drones in Pakistan and the neo-con screams of “Death to Iran!” Yeah... go ahead, make my day.

Wait a minute. We aren’t going to focus on the same old same old in present time. We’re going to reflect back on the same old same old from the time before; those halcyon days of the Haldol sired spawn; Mr. High Heeled Sneakers, little Georgie Bush. I’m feeling poetic so I’m going to blast off a little stream of consciousness for our boy and his lawyer shotgunning side kick, the man who kept telling the military not to send up the interceptor jets, Dick’em Cheney.

lost in the bushes
with the WMDs
and all that compassion
running like the clap from
an infected dick
and everybody lost and nothing got found
back in the day
when the lies seemed so real
but were not enough to win
so ...they let the court steal the country
and the heart and the mind
as the neo-cons got up as one
to kiss his red behind
spanked in private
kissed in public
and came all over himself
couldn’t remember where or when
hum a few bars
I’ll get back to you
Do lunch
Do your wife and kids too
If you
mess around
all the kiddies that got left behind
along with truth
and the AmericanWay
getting skull-fucked by Spiderman
Cock-blocked by the frogs
On the Champs Elysses
lost in the bushes
and screwed behind the bushes
and discovered in the bushes
somebody needs to beat the bushes
till the tigers appear
♫and the beast ran away on the spear ♫
and Venell
up on the hooks
drying in the sun
Justice jerky
“Did it make your nipples tough?”
Got to be a Lecter moment
while the twins hit the bongs
could be from Laura’s dimebag
go to girl in college
dead man on the highway
and the Iraqi children bring the water home
that shimmering radioactive water
from the nuclear containers
that they found in the caverns
while we
were protecting
the oil ministry
and the museums were smashed and looted
and someone’s
having tea with Osama
on the beach at Tripoli
WMD’s sitting in sun-chairs on the sun blasted shore
of purple mountains travesties
Maui Jim sunglasses and
cocktails at six
with the great whore
of Babylon
who squats on the banks of the Potoma
where the necessary work gets done
and the vultures soar
over the looted plains
the blasted limbs of children
that will never dance again
in the streets of Baghdad
As Nintendo jet fighter pilot bush
lands on the aircraft carrier
with his sock stuffed crotch
packed like a Piñata
waiting for history
to kick him in the nuts.

Sooner or later justice is coming and I don’t want to hear any more from the people who tell me that nothing is ever going to get done. I don’t want to hear about how they got it all locked down and we are all screwed and how Bush will sit on his porch steps and rewrite history through tear filmed eyes as he gazes back upon the glory that was Rome. On this Easter I want to believe that the truth, however dead it may seem, is going to roll away the stone from the tomb of denial and deceit and rise triumphant into the air and right into the face of everyone who helped to roll that stone into place.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Gentile Declaration of Independence

I pledge allegiance to the wind, the moon and the sun but not to a six-pointed star, nor to the small artificial nation for which it stands, with tyranny for the many and a rank, manipulated and selective justice for the few; this one nation under Zog with liberty and independence for some.

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bondage which has subjugated them to another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes that impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident that the Gentile is in all ways equal to any Ashkenazi, who masquerades as a Semitic Jew, while practicing genocide upon actual Semites whose lands they have stolen under the guise of fraudulent, scriptural interpretations and who have also taken control of this, the most powerful Gentile nation on Earth whose coffers and economy they have also systematically looted.

We believe that every gentile is endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights and that there is and never will be any specifically ‘chosen people’ on this Earth except inasmuch as they distinguish themselves by their acts among their fellows though nobility of purpose and self sacrifice to the common good and- That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just power from THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, - That whenever ANY Form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such a way that the damn thing works for the greatest good for the majority of the people and does not exclusively serve the interests of a handful of jackbooted Ashkenazi’s’ masquerading as a Semitic people.

Prudence tells us ( and we’ve all met Prudence) that governments should not be changed for light and transient causes but when the government has been systematically taken over by Halloween characters with dual national loyalties that honor only one of these nations and- that not being the primary nation -and when it has been found that agents of that ‘other’ nation have engaged in spying and acts of treason, not to mention serious financial crimes against the Gentile people then, it is the Gentile’s duty to throw off such a government.

The history of the present Tyrant of Israel is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Ashkenazi tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

He and they have compromised every branch of the government with the corruption of bribery, blackmail and social pressure through a captive media so that the needs of the ordinary citizen are ignored.

He and they have used the ‘one size fits all’ anti-Semitic club (even though they are rarely Semitic) to silence all criticism and dissent and made a national religion out of their particular holocaust, while ignoring and even participating in holocausts themselves- EVEN IN THE PRESENT DAY. As they well know, they are directly culpable for the millions of murders- though their control of The Cheka -in the former Soviet Union AND satellite countries whose actual numbers dwarf the numbers claimed by them.

He and they have taken control of the nation’s finances through the control of the nation’s financial structure via their control of the Federal Reserve and central banks which has given them control of the money supply which they have used to enrich themselves and to beggar the Gentile population. With these funds they were able to take control of much of the world media and many other aspects of industry and government.

He and they have made war upon their neighbors from the country of their true allegiance and waged these wars with Gentile lives and weapons secured from Gentile nations without payment and have caused the murders, torture and displacement of millions for purely hegemonic and fascist motives and with the intent of world domination.

He and they presently seek to plunge the world into a Third World War which would result from their intended attack upon Iran- once again in the hope of using Gentile lives for that purpose –with the argument that Iran is developing nuclear weapons which every watchdog agency says they are not doing and... This nation, Israel, already illegally possesses nuclear weapons of their own.

He and they collaborated with various government intelligence agencies in an attack on American soil on 9/11/2001 whose purpose was unending war against Muslim nations and interests for the profit and gain of this small nation, Israel, to which they owe their complete allegiance.

These are only a few of the crimes of these agents of a foreign power who have taken near complete control of all Gentile freedom of movement as well as their very lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness and THEREFORE, we The Gentiles of the Planet Earth DEMAND that they cease and desist and that they relocate to the nation where their allegiance lies.

We demand that they be bared from any position in government or any entity that does business with government except in those cases where they may be seen to have the interests of ALL PEOPLES in their heart. We demand an end to the control of their financial siphon machine, The Federal Reserve.

We most especially demand an explanation and an apology for the declaration in their Holy Religious book, The Talmud, which says Jesus Christ is eternally boiling in excrement in Hell and for saying that the mother of Jesus was a whore. We ask for explanation and apology for the litany of racist and satanic commentary in this Talmud that is directed against Gentiles.

Until these agents of a foreign power and a foreign God who, resembles no God we can imagine who does not wear horns, until they cease and desist from their evil oppression of the Gentile People, we shall purchase no goods or services whose origin is the nation of Israel or which serves Israel. We shall elect no politician who receives campaign contributions from Israeli sources both domestic and foreign. We shall serve in no military engagement that serves the interests of Israel. We shall assume that Israel is in fact a natural enemy of Gentile interests as has been seen in the attack on the U.S.S.S, Liberty and their involvement in 9/11. We shall assume that any statement made by Israel concerning the welfare of any people other than their own is a lie and a part of a continuing effort to further enslave the population of the Gentile people across the Earth.

We shall consider the nation of Israel to be a pariah nation devoted to endless war against the Gentile people both literally and in all other ways, be they economic or through the proliferation of false information. We shall counter every claim of Anti-Semitism, by these largely non Semitic people, with the counter claim of Anti-Gentilism. We shall recognize the Palestinians as the true Semitic inhabitants of that land presently called Israel and shall henceforth call that land, Palestine- for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

We finally demand that all suppression of natural inquiry into forbidden topics concerning any particular history now legally proscribed by the energy and entities of the nation of Israel shall be at an end and that truth in all things shall be considered a vehicle of the greatest good for the greatest people and we firmly declare that the holocaust of Black Slavery and the genocide of the Native Americans was of far greater duration with far greater casualties and a greater and more pervasive torment than their own holocaust and we demand to know how there can now be 350,000 survivors of their holocaust when there were only 100,000 at the end of the conflict in which this holocaust occurred. In respect of this we demand an end to all further reparations for their holocaust as of this moment we collectively occupy.

May this be the prototype for a coming charter that clearly and more explicitly defines what is so poorly and hastily outlined here in this virtual document. We, the Gentile People of the Planet Earth do proclaim that the tyranny of the few over the many is hereby at an end.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Magic Thermite and the 9/11 Fairytale.

Well... there it is in black and white and irrefutable; all three colors complementing truth. This won’t make much difference to those who have gone to such great lengths to deny the truth in the first place. The first place they deny the truth is within themselves and then they are kind enough to extend that courtesy to everyone else; lucky us.

But there it is, scientific proof from the Scholars for 9/11 Truth. This is a clarion call for the weasels and dissimulators to see what kind of lies and obfuscations they can manifest in the face of manifest truth. It’s time for the bombastic, red-faced martini addicts to rail against one more terror organization. This one appears to be terrorizing their ignorance but... it’s not just ignorance, it’s blind support of domestic terror in the service of personal gain and aggrandizement. It’s time for another chorus of the Shitshiller’s Serenade; time for another lullaby of death.

The last time I was here, I said I didn’t see much in the way of a collective human effort to change the course of the last, however many, years. Well here’s something. Here’s some change we can believe in. Here’s the opportunity to open a crack in your hardpan denial and let in some disinfecting sunlight. Because it appears that 9/11 was an Inside Job... ah...duh.

Yes, those ‘scientists’ have been as busy as a cluster of disappearing honey bees and we are going to see two guaranteed results present themselves in the coming weeks. One of them is no result at all. One of them is the possibility of a complete MSM blackout of this remarkable bit of news and the other... the other; please take your moment to laugh or weep according to your disposition. The other will be new and improved lies and rebuttals that would strain the credulity of a household pet. Unfortunately... in too many cases... this might be the smartest member of the household.

There it is people... thermite where no thermite was supposed to be and which we were told was not present but is indeed present and that means what? Well, it means a few things. It means that the people behind 9/11 who are in charge of the governments of the United States, Israel and Great Britain are going to have to have another 9/11 kind of event to counteract the brushfire that this report is going to cause around the world. The days of being able to block out the publics right to know are gone. This is going to get legs. This is something that can’t be spun.

Thank god, Mr. Small Change we can believe in is tall in the saddle of his hobby horse. They did it. Yes they did. Will we now be hearing that Bin Laden and his numberless crew of non-existent Al Qaeda slipped into the towers and planted the explosives? Maybe they are the ones who took advantage of Marvin Bush’s security firm closing down sections of the towers and security systems in the weeks preceding the attacks. This is the obvious course. The administration is now going to discover new evidence that shows Al Qaeda planted these bombs. What else can they do? Or...

They can blow up something new. Nothing takes your mind off what you were wearing yesterday like something new today. Nothing sweeps everything under the rug as well as setting another part of the house on fire. Of course... even if we do find out the truth we’ve got Chomsky to tell us, “So what?” and “It’s doesn’t matter who did it.” Now that’s what I call a left gatekeeper. I’m past imagining what it takes to be this kind of a person. I can’t imagine what it takes to be in a position of public trust and to murder those entrusted to your care. This is well outside of the parameters of what I can process and understand. Ask me how alien life is on other planets and I can probably be of more help.

Every now and then you get those great partnerships that work together so well; Tinker’s to Evers to Chance, Tippiecanoe and Tyler too, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Rodgers and Astaire, Laurel and Hardy. Here we have The Land of Liberty with The Land of Eternal Victims, joined by The Nation that Invented Slavery, engaged in what they actually do as opposed to how they present themselves. As a wise military man once said, “Every ship of state sails on a river of darkness.”

Murder for profit, combined with treason; what’s the penalty for that? Besides Hellfire, should there prove to be such a place?

What does this show us? What is the most glaring indication that we can extract from this wonderful revelation? It is the indication that much of the ancillary evidence of who is responsible is also true. It ties directly into the further efforts of the psychopaths upon the world’s stage in Afghanistan and Iraq and it points to whoever is most vocal for an assault against Iran. Why not take the time to inquire into who was responsible for orchestrating the wars mentioned and the war pending. The names and agencies you discover were also the architects of 9/11. You might want to also ask yourself if five dancing Afghanis; five dancing Iraqis or five dancing Iranians were discovered in the area of New York City on 9/11. I guess the ones who were can speak for themselves. I had to use this link because this video has been nearly scrubbed from the web. Google “Israeli MOSSAD admitting 9/11 we were trying to document 9/11” to see what I mean and listen to the closing statement on the video.

Now you must consider Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib in connection to 9/11. You must consider ‘rendition’. You must consider what you encounter passing through an airport. You must consider the expensive price of telling the truth at universities and in the workplace. You must consider the disappearance of everything you had before 9/11 occurred and you must consider that it is the people who carried out 9/11 who took these things from you. You must consider the horrendous Kafkaesque condition of those tortured at Guantanamo and around the world for information possessed only by the ones torturing them.

Then perhaps you will consider who heads Homeland Insecurity and who heads the Homeland Insecurity Committee AND you might consider which present president of the United States used to be on that committee; hint... he's not buried in Grant's Tomb. Then perhaps you will consider all manner of things that are hiding in plain site. If you are afraid of the truth, I can understand. It could be that possession of the truth threatens your livelihood and possibly even your freedom. It could be that you are not opposed to living in subjugation to those who caused the fears they are protecting you from. It could be that you don’t want to know because knowing might require some personal sacrifice. And there’s always the slander and mockery. Readers of this site have seen what happens when I post these articles at Zionist Occupied Slate forums as I will this one today.

Whatever one chooses to believe for whatever ones reasons may be it can no longer be denied that the official version of 9/11 is a deliberate lie whose motive was the personal gain of the principals involved. It can no longer be denied that the governments of the United States, Israel and Great Britain are the real axis of evil.

We are on the verge of enormous transformation. People are making their decisions as to whether they will embrace a lie to insure the protection of a life whose quality diminishes by the day or whether they will seek out the truth no matter the cost and perhaps find a life worth living based on a personal honor and dignity worth preserving. One thing one must surely consider, physical life is mortal. It is how you spend it that counts and... what determines the value of the life that was lived.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Modern Art of Cluelessness.

I really wish I could dedicate this site and all of my sites to the miracle of humanity and their sterling accomplishments. I wish I could laud the way they treat one another and isolate particular acts of selfless heroism; nobility of spirit and grand acts of magnanimity and generous giving but... alas... this is not so commonplace in the larger scheme, nor so prevalent in the individual as some would like to believe. The fact is that, if these things were commonplace the world would look different than it does.

I supposed we could chicken and egg it to death, whether the leaders or the people themselves are responsible for the state of the world. We know that the majority of the leaders are self-aggrandizing scum who line their pockets and the pockets of the ones who own them with the fruits of the industry of common labor. We know they have no shame. These days they do it right in front of their victims and then laugh about it. The people play their part in this vicious cycle as you can see here. This has been done before by others and Jay Leno used to have it as a part of his show in the feature called “Jaywalk”. I honestly don’t know what to make of something like this but the leaders certainly do.

So... as a result of monumental stupidity, as the public looks on with a gaping fish mouth at their changing world, it is no surprise that you are getting things like this. This sort of thing is becoming routine and the general public buys it. The general public thinks 9/11 was done by Stone Age Arabs who couldn’t pass small plane, pilot exams. They think three buildings came down at the speed of freefall into their own footprint within hours of each other with one of them not even being hit by a plane. Or... they know better but easy living (now on its way out) has taken their balls, their dignity and their honor and they don’t want to wind up on a list or get laughed at by their neighbors. But they are on a list. They are on the lists that says, “Dumber than Dirt” or “Too Chickenshit to make a scene.”

They think there is an Al Qaeda when their own media has reported their own spy agencies admitting that there is no Al Qaeda. You could watch the BBC videos at that site and then you can ask yourself if this is the same BBC that announced WT7 falling 20 minutes before it did or... is this the same BBC that refused to announce about the relief effort for Gaza because it might offend the country that investigated their own murderous actions and found no wrong doing?

No rational person gives a damn about inbred royalty poncing about and pretending to be important but a lot of people who worship tacky glamour do. They want to know all about how Michele touched the Queen or the Queen touched Michelle and, speaking just for myself, I would much rather see them in a nude, hot oil and mud wrestling death match.

The peace president... the president who was going to end the war is now sending drones into Pakistan, already killing hundreds of people; the usual people who had nothing to do with anything important and so the Taliban has sent him a lesson on his home turf, or so they say. Whatever the truth of that may be, it is part of the procedure for greater violence abroad and a precursor to the coming event that is intended to set off war with Iran. And of course... this president... this president who has access to all sorts of intelligence and who is supposed to possess intelligence, is talking about Al Qaeda. He’s either dumber than dirt or evil as sin, take your pick.

Yes... I wish I could point to some wonderful new vision that is loose in the world. I wish I could present evidence of a mass awakening and a joining together of humanity into a common effort to transform the world in which we live but, the only positive signs I see are that small percentage getting gassed and beaten by storm troopers because they actually do see what’s going on. So... kudos to you!!! I’ve seen what the press has to say about you. I guess that explains the police posters in London.

Millions of people have been tortured, murdered or displaced by what can only be described as corporate greed for resources and geo-political advantage; money and power covers it, I think. Some part of it is for the purpose of enjoyment I don’t doubt. Meanwhile the people, who do react, kill the wrong people so... stupidity is epidemic on both sides. Or... these people aren’t who they are made out to be but rather graduates of Tavistock or MKUltra.

It appears that dumbing down is in freefall too. I haven’t been in America in years. I’ve never been to London. My guess is that the general IQ has really tanked in the last few years. It doesn’t seem possible. It could be that it’s always been like this but I just presumed more and believed more out of some cluelessness of my own.

We need an international Declaration of Independence. We need a charter that says, “I will fight in no more wars for vampire corporations that have been dressed up in patriotism and duty”. “I will no longer buy useless crap that serves no useful purpose.” “I will no longer shop as an avocation.” “I will boycott the products of any country that practices genocide upon the people whose land they have stolen.” “I will no longer accept what my leaders and the media tell me and will assume they are lying every time they speak.” “I will not assume that another country is my enemy because corporations commanded our leaders and their media to proclaim it.”

There’s more that could be added but those who know already know and those who do not... possibly never shall. It is inexplicable to me. You can see it coming. You can see it coming down the line like a monstrous train with the face of a nightmare bull blowing fire and smoke from its nostrils and... the same inane shit is woven like macramé through all of the little hints and warnings that no one is paying attention to. It’s like Twitter. As I understand it this is some kind of a text messaging forum for people with bubblegum where their brains used to be. It says it all.

How did we come to such a pass? How do we ever get into these places? How does a man come from some dream of life, to lie bleeding in a cold, wet trench in some foreign land... dying in battle for the profit of bankers who created the war for personal profit.

How can bankers and stockbrokers, set up a system that they milk so far beyond the actual resources and then, once they have stolen what was there, prevail upon their victims to make them richer still? How can people, seeing this happen before their eyes, then buy into the coming, fabricated war, which will be just one more pointless engagement for even more profit and control by the darkest enemies that life has ever known? Well... there are other enemies; stupidity, ignorance, cluelessness and unbridled appetite are a few. These elements are combined into a noxious compound whose sole, and unchanging motive is to end all life on this planet and turn it into a landfill of dead bodies and broken dreams.

I wish I could applaud some thousands of community organizers who are diligently working to awaken their neighbors. For all I know, they are there... working and hoping against hope that some fortuitous light will break and that for once and for all the psychopaths and scammers would be exposed and given a swift and telling justice but... I don’t see it. I hope it’s there but... I don’t see it.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Darth Vader and Mr. Potato Head Go to London.

Because of a minor problem associated with the use of a fanciful image that was traveling around the net without attribution, I’m going to just post this link to an MSNBC slide show because it says a lot about some of the participants at the G-20 and it gives some pretty good images of some of the protests that are being launched and casually dismissed by the media arm of the people causing the problems that caused the protests. Image #21 is a good metaphor. I can just see a pink suited Darth Vader calling to his minions to come on over to the dark side even though they are already there.

I think that’s sort of what happens when you set out to sell your soul to the devil. When you finally run into him, he informs you that your very intention to sell it removed all of its value and automatically transferred it to him in the first place... “But it was nice meeting you all the same and... see you around.”

Does it matter for the purposes of argument whether there is a God or a devil? You can see Hell on Earth in various locations at any time of the day in any season of the year and you can see Heaven on Earth too. Albeit these conditions appear temporary as far as any particular residents go but the conditions continue. Both of them have been around as long as history records this sort of thing. Omar Khayyam said, “I sent my soul into the invisible, some letter of that afterlife to spell. And by and by my soul returned to me and said, “I myself am Heaven and Hell.” You can see where Pinhead and the Cenobites have been by following the tracks of the bloodshed and the tears.

Why are all these world leaders laughing and smiling? What is this, Feast Day in the HighTower? Maybe for them it is. They get to strut around with all of their protective escorts and act important with the other self-important fools who got paid to allow what happened in the first place. I’m no expert but I can see what they’ve been up to and I can see what really happened. Surely they know. They engineered it. So why are they laughing?

What would a real leader do? A real leader would step forth on the world stage and apologize for the venality and stupidity of their colleagues. A real leader would look grim and concerned and say that his heart was with the protesters who have every right to be outraged at the indifferent machine rape of their lives and circumstances. A real leader would stand up in front of the press and tell the people that they elected the wrong people and that the public should stand back and sit down and refuse to work or spend until these vampires are forced to exit.

Geithner admits that it’s the U.S. that caused this problem but you get the impression that he feels everyone else is also responsible because they went along with it. This is like saying that you are to blame because you believed me when I lied about the value of the toxic assets that I sold you. This is like a crazed gunman saying that the victims shouldn’t have been standing there when he went off.

It got announced yesterday that six million more homeowners in the U.S. are in serious danger of losing their homes in the next three years. Meanwhile you hear that there are already too many people on the planet. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this financial crisis was orchestrated to make jobs disappear so that the youth would be forced to join the military based on promises that they would have a life financed for them once they left the military for that free, all expenses paid education but... as we saw in Iraq, it’s hard to know when your responsibilities end as one tour follows another. Let’s pause for a moment and do a few choruses of that old standard, “You’re in the Army now...”

Of course, I’ve got my own theory on why there are so many people here at this time and that is because of the ending of a 25,000 year cycle which poses incredible opportunity for those who can take advantage of it. Unfortunately, most of the people forgot all about that as soon as they got here and jumped right down into the consumer beltway of the biggest going out of business sale of all time.

Emerging pimples are like tiny volcanoes below the surface of the skin. You can feel the heat and the pressure before you see the thing. The skin fabric of Reality Earth is in just such a state now. You can feel it coming. Some agencies are using cosmetics in anticipation of the event and some agencies are using distraction to take your mind off of it and some agencies are manipulating it to get it to the surface sooner and none of these operations are going to change the certainty of appearance coming to a theater near you soon.

So Darth Vader and Mr. Potato Head go to London to see what they can do about all the eruptions that are festering below the surface in Eastern Europe and Asia and... let’s be candid... everywhere. The holographic dominoes are lined up all over the world like that snake wrapped around the egg in the occult graphic and sooner or later something touches something else and the gears engage. We pretty much know what to expect from both Darth Vader and Mr. Potato Head. Like the Chinese say, “Character is fate.”

Whatever comes out of this meeting is not going to be good for the great unwashed. If the world wide looting of the last few months by the very people empowered to restore equilibrium is any indication, I would have to say. “Look out!” and “Gangway!” You can expect the usual padlocked exit doors once the stage catches on fire.

Man... this is depressing to have to say this. I’m going to see if I can move into some better perspective before I get to the end of this thing (grin). If I wasn’t confident of a positive outcome for a great many people who had no part in this, I don’t know what I would be saying now or even if I would be saying anything. I can’t get over the idea that life is a movie and that the director is on the set. History shows me that no matter how bad it ever got, it always started up again into something new and this is what I expect and my admonition is to get with that something new now and get far away from all of the old mindsets and conditions that are going to be coming down.

There is no way to fight this thing. If the people of the world were to stand down and refuse to cooperate, then that would be the best thing, because then... these clowns, science fiction villains and potato heads would be helpless in their efforts to herd the majority of the world into whatever they have planned for them.

It doesn’t seem likely that the sleeping classes are going to wake up short of massive catastrophe. They never do. They believe what they are told and that is the one thing, given all of the evidence we have from the past, which you should never do. Those who do not question will surely be led to a place where there are no answers.

Lao Tzu speaks of the progressions of degenerating governance. “A leader is best when people barely know that he exists, not so good when people obey and acclaim him, worst when they despise him. Fail to honor people and they fail to honor you. But of a good leader, who talks little, when his work is done and his aim is fulfilled, they will all say, we did this ourselves.”

There are no such leaders on the world stage today. What can you possibly expect from a congregation of potato heads and stone cold villains? You’re not going to get the Magna Carta, baby. The only good leaders are closed out and ridiculed for speaking the truth, when they are not being directly slandered for their words. No... it is inevitable that the accumulated lies- also known as self-perpetuating bullshit- are going to hit a great big fan and it’s not going to be pretty. Nothing good can be accomplished by those who do not have the common good in mind.

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NOTE: While these protests were being played out, financial workers in 'The City' were at their windows waving stacks of money and sneering and laughing at the protesters. I just thought I'd mention that and add a link that just appeared at The Truthseeker which 'some' of you will find very interesting.