Monday, April 20, 2009

The Rise of the Fourth Reich and the Weapons of War

All I ask is that you ask, “Is it true?” Do not concern yourself with whether you want to hear it or whether it fits your belief system. Do not concern yourself with the spin cycle or whether you achieve orgasm by sitting on the washer. These may be personally important but they are not relevant or important to what is being said here. There will be no belief system, no washing machines or Stress Management Release taking place here today. Today we are going to make some statements and provide certain evidence and you are going to ask yourself, “Is it true?”

Today we are also going to launch a number of virtual, international organizations and millions of watchdogs all over the world to be the foot soldiers for truth. Today we announce the creation of the Iranian Anti-Defamation League in virtual space. I say so, so... there it is. We are also launching the Palestinian and Lebanese Anti-Defamation Leagues as well as AAPAC and AIPAC which will be the American Arab Public Affairs Committee and the American Iranian Public Affairs Committee. We will also be creating the Anti-Israeli Genocide (our own people’s AIG). We will have the TDL (Truth Defense League), the IDL (Iranian Defense League) and the ADL (Arab Defense League). You are all members and you are called upon to counter all offenses against these people by the Axis of Evil; the American, British and Israeli alliance with their satellite operations of Canada and Australia.

All bloggers are requested to activate their memberships in these and any companion organizations that they may also wish to create and issue position papers; statements, memos and complementary coffee cups, ball point pens, bumper stickers and news conferences. All members are required to attend the United Nations conference on Racism in their hearts and minds wherever they may be and to boycott all products made in Israel and to boycott all states of mind that might influence one to even consider anything being said by any representative of the Axis of Evil.

Israel is just like Nazi Germany in the 30’s. If we do not unite as a people against this emerging horror then we are all responsible for what happens and deserving of the consequences when they get around to us. There is no difference in the treatment of Jews, Gypsies and whoever else during the Nazi years than there is now in the treatment of the Palestinians. Just as the Nazis did, the Israelis are making war on all of their neighbors and using propaganda and lies as a justification. In many cases they are engineering terror events against themselves for which they then punish whomever they wish.

The Iranian Anti-Defamation League must consider, as its first order of business, the clarification and refutation of the statement attributed to Ahmanedijad where it is claimed that he called for the destruction of Israel. Here is what actually happened, "The Imam [Khomeini] said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time." They didn’t even get the person quoting it right, much less the quote itself. It is also claimed that he denied ‘the’ Holocaust. Ahmanedijad NEVER said the holocaust didn’t happen. His concern was that scholars should have the right to investigate what appears to be number fudging among those who have been using the holocaust to blackmail the nations of the world and to justify the genocide of Palestine.

Is this true? It is most certainly true. It has been exposed and revealed in places too numerous to list and both of them thoroughly debunked except in the Zionist controlled press.

We, who are members of all of these instant, new organizations, with full membership privileges, and a lot of other organizations that you may create on the spot, are all required to refute these and all of the rest of the lies as we go thru our day.

Israel is just like Nazi Germany. Millions of us in one voice must chant, “Israel is just like Nazi Germany.” Chant it in your mind as you drive to work. Chant it when you hear the news which fashions the lies that seek to make all of us little Nazis.

Dennis Ross is a BIG TIME Nazi that Obama appointed to a post which will stand as an act of the most aggressive, lunatic irony of all time. Is this true? Did Obama appoint him? Did Obama appoint dual national Mossad agent, Rahm Emanuel to control who sees and speaks to him? Where are the Muslim; the Arab, the Iranian, the Pacific Islander in his cabinet? Does his cabinet reflect a cross section of the population or is it tilted to the operations of The Fourth Reich? How does this reflect upon whatever future actions Obama will engage in???

Is Iran in compliance with the IAEA? Yes it is. Does Iran have a nuclear weapon or is Iran engaged in creating a nuclear weapon? No. Is Israel threatening to attack Iran (as she has attacked everyone else in the region)? Yes. Has Iran attacked anyone in over a thousand years? No. Has anyone attacked Israel? No. Has Israel given the appearance that she was attacked while actually launching the primary attacks in all cases? Yes. Is Israel just like Nazi Germany? Yes. Should Iran have a nuclear weapon to offset the vicious aggressions of Israel in the neighborhood and around the world? Abso-frickin- loutely!!!

People of the world and new members by the millions in all of these new Anti-Fascist organizations... we must go to war. We shall not war on the ground or with conventional weaponry. We shall war on the plane of the mind. We shall use ideas, thoughts and words as bombs; depth charges, mortars and IEDs... bullets and whathaveyou. We shall fight them in the forums and comments sections that follow the news articles. We shall fight them in the public places with our public statements. We shall sit down by the millions in the thoroughfares. We shall stymie them in the workplace. We shall become insurgent within the military and wherever we are employed. We shall use our hearts and our humanity as deadly weapons, as lie-killers. We shall boycott all products from all fascist nations.

I am going to give you a powerful truth now, which I have not seen revealed before this time. The reason for the creation of the Cluster bomb of anti-Semitism smear labeling... the real reason which was the impetus for this powerful anti-personnel device is because the AshkeNazi forces knew that they were not Semitic but that the Palestinians are.

In order to use the Biblical claims of regaining territories that never belonged to them they HAD TO supplant the natural and legal and spiritual claims of the real inhabitants by co-opting their identity. The people of the Bible are the Palestinians. They knew this and this is the reason for the creation of the Anti-Semitic weapon. It is all a subtle and pervasive fraud.

I here declare this truth to be the revelation that ends all phonied up legitimacy to Zionism and the goose-stepping Nazi dance revue whose marching, blood-stained, hobnail boots are crushing the innocent for the profit of the wicked. The true anti-Semites are the ones masquerading as Semites as they torment and murder the people they are pretending to be.

We are hundreds of millions. They are very few. Simply by focusing our minds on the truth of what we know we can effect a paradigm shift. Use humor; use scorn, use the higher arts and weapons at your disposal. You have only to scroll down the page at The Truthseeker and What Really Happened to see what The Fourth Reich is up to.

I am coming to the end of my 1500 word limit and must end this call to virtual arms but you must each of you, in your own way, begin to arm your fellows with the Swords of Truth and the Mirror Shields that flash the lies of the deluded enemy back into their own vitals. Let us draw upon the collective power within and drive the servants of darkness back into the pit. The tyranny of the vampire is at an end. Let your personal sunlight provide the disinfectant and let your heart takes wings. Pass it on... pay it forward... Tag, you’re it.

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Peter Greene said...

'Mornin, Les. Heavy stuff. Very interesting what you say about the construction of 'anti-semitism' - that is just the sort of recursive social trickery that gets you both coming and going. Fun (intellectually) and scary (emotionally) at the same time to notice these things, I find.

Also interesting what you say about Israel being 'just like' Nazi Germany. I think in some ways you are right...especially regarding this right-wing minority character (whassisname Avigdor something?) and the inexorable warward drift of internal Israeli politics...and the way the U.S. was joined to Nazi Germany at the hip, shoulder, and d*ck too. Just like Israel.

I wonder just how much of that 20th century passion play will be repeated, in amplified and corollary forms, before either the bad weather starves us under (Ice coming! Sow seeds! Dig deep!) or the Chinese/Russians put a catastrophic stop to it all.

I feel that there are some distinctly different possibilities, though. When the Germans ran out of fuel, they tried to squeeze it out of Czech shale and European forests (and if you think we won't stuff those California redwoods in our collective gas tank before the end think again son). When the Israelis run out of fuel, they may just nuke everyone else's to level the playing field. Couple big boys in the right oilfields and everything from the African coast to Saudi Arabia to the Black Sea will be unuseable radioactive junk suitable only for on-site power generation in an already contaminated area. Then, those with nuclear tech will rule the world, and everyone else will starve. Notice how Iran is NOT ALLOWED to have nuclear fuel production can buy all the reactors you want, but don't try to make the fuel or We Will Kill Your A*s.

A similarity though - when Germany went under, the top business people (and on upward) were allowed to escape to new lives - leaving their countrymen to be raped and slaughtered into gene-family extinction. What you say about the Askenazim roots of the 'cuckoo in the nest' culture replacing Semitic peoples....well, I wonder if there was something similar about the top levels of German society...i.e., were they particularly German? (well, Germany is an amalgam country, but geographically and historically Germanic folks are who I mean, you know, the ones the Roman Imperials STILL hate...the last European resistance to Mediterranean culture-crack hierarchic farming systems but I digress)

I mean, if things go on like they are, Tel Aviv could wind up a cinder. The Semitic peoples rooted there - Jewish, Philistine, and even any hidden Zoroastrians or non-theists there - could end up getting wiped out...

...while the top-level people of the Zion Project get new names, new titles, new lands...just like the ratline Nazi politicos and business pros. The whole Middle East one big pillar of salt, hatred satisfied, stoked, and banked for next time...

...and a new, nuclear/natural gas/methane/bio economy, free of dirty ol' oil and under the




as before.

Anyway, thanks for another thought-provoker and keep on truthin'. As soon as the sun comes up, I'm going outside with the cat and work on integrating food plants seamlessly into someone else's land. Early kale is super-tasty in this chill spring. And it stops one turning yellow from living on staples.

Rep out.

Peter Greene said...

Ooo - while I'm here - let me share my recipe for Reptor's Ragnarok Stew. With me in the kitchen, Armageddon moves to second worry on the list.



1 (one) set self-constructing, human-infesting nanobot/vores. Oh, let's name this shiny new unsuspected beginning of thinking matter 'Morgellon's Disease'. Good. Start this disinfo machines up right away. Some of them are going to have unpredictable bioreactions to the things despite testing, so some of the fool Herd will certainly notice. Convince them it's a military accident and make sure the info is put about by unpleasant-looking street people who smell bad and give everyone the creeps.

2: One (1) set globe-straddling antennae for high-frequency output of coherent radiation. Ignore the health effects. I mean, really ignore them. The Herd is going to have a cancer problem like a man with a slit carotid has an athlete's foot problem in a minute or two. Heh.

3: 1 (one) set of software downloads for the waiting, mostly invisible self-assembling Morgellon's "plague".

4: Assemble several sets of super-antennae for those out-of-signal areas. Like Kamchatka. Or Alaska.

5: Phone up the human race and tell it to die. Drrring! Hello? Oh, Hi, Mr. Reaper! I thought you'd be calling via missile line! Dissolve into grey goo? OK!

6: Ding! It's done! DNA has been replaced on a global scale, and new eyes are opening silver lashes to see the new Dawn. Ice and radiation are no longer a problem - physical form can be adjusted and development embraced!

And so we shall sing with one Voice, in our many forms, silver hair flowing, eyeshandsminds ready for Space, for the Father, for the Future, for Time.

Anonymous said...

Women who are still of bleeding age, I am going to share an ancient secret with you that will make the baby killers shake in their shitty little boots. You have the ability to activate the divine feminine principle on and within the planet Earth and shut the war pigs (of both genders) down with your monthly cycle.

Some are already doing this via using 'soak water' (that would be tampon or pads soaked in a discreet, clean jar full of water) in the garden.

What I am telling you will scare the bejessus outta the kosher war pigs, as they suffer from 'menstruation envy'. The kosher war pigs will of course vigorously deny this and use arrogance to mask their insecurity in their reign over most of humankind. They try to overcompensate by co-opting the sacred feminine by staining the ground with the blood of innocents and women, not just in Gaza, mind you.

If you really want to shut their nefarious wet dreams of nuclear reality down, oh bleeding women, return your fluids to the earth. En masse. Spread the word, you heard? Let it bleed. Save your soak water, pour it discreetly into your backyard, at the foot of a favorite tree or at a Sacred landmark. Do not use on indoor houseplants unless the soak water is highly diluted. Visualise the war pigs toys deactivating as you do this. There is a lot invested in convincing you that your moon blood is loathsome, that is because it is highly charged and very, very powerful.

No need to be afraid of the FEAR that they want to use as a means of mind control. We are done with fear. It's a new day, kosher war pigs. Oink, oink.

Randall said...

Holy shit. I just posted on the below post, come back, and this one is here!
So, I'll add from my comment below, that someone asked what was up with me, and I said you've heard that phrase "ignorance is bliss"? They said yeah, and I said I'm not ignorant anymore.
I told them anyone who isn't doesn't have the right to be happy.
Really man, that may sound trite, but it's the truth.
I've been ready do die since the gaza and the kids.
These fucks need to be opposed much more than our ability to oppose them...those were OUR kids.
That was my kid, the one with white phosphorus burns and blue tinted bullet holes.
Too bad we only get to fight thier flunkies and not them personally.
Right Wing all the way baby.

Randall said...

Anon 2:02..Are you serious?
WTF, I'm ready to try anything. Does virgin blood have more mojo?

Peter Greene said...

@Anonymouse Of The Moon: To each their own. But I swear there may be techniques closer to the mainstream (further from the moonstream?) that may be more effective than, do you say...attracting coons bears and dogs into your that interesting way you describe.

I mean, I see the personal-empowerment value of ritual, and I guess there's some kind of religious taboo-busting involved or something (not really up on the ritual details of being a modern practitioner of Abrahamic religion), but really as a political act the whole menstrual protest thing would have to be more public, and as a magical act...well, to each their own. But like I said, put blood, wildlife come. Which can be cool, or wind you up with a bear problem.

@Randall: Yes, shooting people and burning them is pretty lame. It's also sometimes an intentional provocation. But I have to say, other than the sort of basic colonial-territorial imperatives being engaged and enraged over there, I find it very difficult to suss the full levels of intention behind the main actors. Layer after layer of puppets and dupes. Social trickery on a historic scale, but for who? For what? I can see some major results in the Western psyche, which if not intentional are certainly inexorable - our moral compass points have been replaced with pins on a shifting map as we are batted and gamed from horror to horror. Certainly the oil is there...but the Zion game has been going on for longer than the oil economy has existed.

Or has it?

After all, we look to be a somewhat older species than we thought. Like 300,000 years of being sapiens sapiens.

Our history is only 10,000 years old at best. Chances are, we've risen to tech and high population, and fallen before, many times.

Perhaps some people remember things, while the rest of us die or turn back into Ice-Age cavemen under the severe privations of Ice Age weather.

Perhaps some people knew where that oil was, and just what we would be doing with it...and this whole shebang is gamed to peak right now, at the cusp of the next Ice Age. So that the technological and basic wealth harvest will be maximized for the herdsmen.

That's right, the herdsmen. Moo. Baaa. Who's your shepherd again? That's right, the Lord. The LandLord.

Happy Ice-Time, everyone!

Randall said...

And I'm horny for Kate Winslet! (is that wrong?)

miseducation of the cushitic girl said...

The war is SO on!

These suckers have already lost, because we know, increasingly many know what is going on.

Even the cattle that graze in the malls and live off their propaganda will soon be too broke to purchase the new high school musical and wake up, hey where did ma money go?

Somehow, whether its the morgage stress, the lack of money for the next boob job, they will have to question. Because the next couple of years is not going to be as rosy as the last couple of years. The high heels and the cosmopolitans will have to be put aside for some food, and the mind will have to think.

Having said that, it takes alot to wake up this population; even with the chemtrails us being sprayed like bugs, the false flags, gaza, the pre planned financial crisis, the liberties being snatched away, they still continue being herded around.

Speak out people!
with your actions, with your mouths, with your hearts and with your minds! I think I'll speak with my legs and do a runner!

Anonymous said...

How does one access your new additions? I'm game!

Anonymous said...

I have been having a discussion lately my little community about the question of why Americans are so passive. Below is part of that answer.

The Romans discovered the power of 'bread and circuses'. Now they have added a chemical component.

Another question for pondering: How do you know how intelligent you should be? If your intellect was intentional reduced, how would you know? Remember, they control the educational system. They control the rating system.

It comes back to this point which I have made before - at what point will they not need the herd anymore?

Can the average American even understand the threat that they face? Time to make a stand before it is to late...


William Wilson said...

Hi Les-Mainstream media report from the US West:
Yesterday, from war profiteer General Electric subsidiary NBC, criticism of Ahmadinajid claiming he made anti semitic comments while he really criticized Zionism.
Today, news from ABC asking the question of whether Obama was being too friendly to Chavez at a recent meeting of Latin American leaders, film clip of Chavez and Obama shaking hands. And critical commentry from one of the Bush Adminisration's press agents(WTF???!!!) The media and their backers really hate Chavez. Of course he must be doing somthing good.
Man, our media in the US is vile vile vile rancid and putrid in the extreme, lying SOBS.
Oh, it's hard to judge, by listening to the US media, whether the corporate right is trying to co-opt the "tax revolt" movement or whether the same powers that be are going to paint it as just another wing of the white supremacist, neo-anti-semite, fringe right. It doesnt look like theye made up their mind whether to demonize or turn it. Lord forbid it could se seen as transcending old labels and as a real populist expression of anti -elitist opinion.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Brilliant Sir!
You are very correct, the true Semites are the Palestinians.
I am anti-Zionist but I am NOT anti-Semitic.
A Mouser

paolocaruso said...

What do you do when a bully keeps threatening you? Israel is a racist bully that relies on boasts, bravado and the backing of their big buddies (CANUSUK). Iran its seems is the gentleman on the defense.

A few years ago, I stopped by a night club, with a paesano of mine. We sat at the bar for some beers, but a group of guys across the bar kept giving us the stink eye. They were big guys and local to the area. After about a half hour of this, the group of them came over and one of them said, "me and my friends dont like wops and we dont want you fking with our women". As if they were capable of getting women. With that I responded with a "go fk yourself" where he proceeded to throw a punch...which I right stepped and landed him straight in the face with a solid combination. My friend, who was not stranger to conflict, leaped in with gusto. Punches were flying and the whole place broke out into mahem. Evidently fighing was a favored past-time in this part of Boston. Minutes past, which seemed like a blur, but I grabbed my pal by the shirt and headed crouched for the door to avoid projectiles. By then police cars were lined outside, and the cops were piling in through the entrance. We straightened up and walked out past the cops as if disgusted from such violence. We could see fighting still going on inside the bar. Not sure who was fighting who at that point.

Israel and its big pals USUK will keep provoking and insulting Iran. Mahem will erupt if they attack. But to be sure, Iran has a response. There will be many bloody noses, loose teeth and broken jaws for sure. But Mahem will continue.

jackruby64 said...

GENEVA (Reuters) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad prompted a walkout from his speech to a U.N. racism summit on Monday when he accused Israel of establishing a "cruel and repressive racist regime" over the Palestinians.

The summit had already been badly undermined by a boycott by the United States and some of its major allies over concerns that it would be used as a platform for attacks against Israel.

The boycott left Ahmadinejad, who has in the past cast doubt on the Nazi Holocaust, as the only head of state in attendance. His speech produced the kind of language that the Western countries and Israel had feared.

"Following World War II they resorted to military aggressions to make an entire nation homeless under the pretext of Jewish suffering," Ahmadinejad told the conference, on the day that Jewish communities commemorate the Holocaust.

"And they sent migrants from Europe, the United States and mother parts of the world in order to establish a totally racist government in the occupied Palestine," he said, according to the official translation.

"And in fact, in compensation for the dire consequences of racism in Europe, they helped bring to power the most cruel and repressive racist regime in Palestine." end of quote
full artcle here:

I'd like to find the complete text of his speech so we can fact check it for the masses, and create a report for the newly formed IDL (Iranian Defense League)
James aka jackruby64

Anonymous said...

Les, aren't you being a little hard on the Nazi's, comparing them with THEM? Who wrote our history (books) in the first place, painting "that" picture for us baby boomers?

Hitler knew about "their infectious ways" and was always one step ahead of the rest of us...he just got a little bit carried away...too much Pervitine or was it D-IX sprinkled on his vegies?

Auf Wiedersehen Bekannter!

European American

Anonymous said...

Most people miss the idea of what a revolution is. It is a complete 'turn-around' in peoples thinking. R-e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n--a complete rotation. It is more in the mind than anywhere else. It is the knee-jerk reaction to the understanding that the 'status-quo' is insane.

When enough people reach that point and go through that knee jerk reaction opposing insanity, the world around us changes.

What's wrong with the status quo now is that the truth is hard to believe. The status quo has turned lies into the truth by repeating them over and over. So the lies are believable, and the truth isn't. And because of this, we are in a state of surrealistic limbo. What it takes to press this revolution forward is to help people stop believing the lies. You are doing a good job in that regard. I get some good insights from what you write.

A. Mouser said...

"the Rothschilds created Zionism"
Who also runs the international bank system.
Who continues through its minions to control 85% of the media.
Who also continues genocide against the Muslims.
Who is contstructing a one world government.
Who has combined industry with government to create fachism.
Who through its minions did 9/11.
Anaughty Mouser

A. Mouser said...

Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild famously said in 1791:

“Allow me to issue and control a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes its laws.”

Barbara said...

We all know that the Israeli nation is racist beyond belief. No one should be surprised at Obama and Canada (my country) and Britain and Israel avoiding such gatherings. Britain is the grand imperialist nation and these others are its spawn. And they all kowtow to Israel.

In Obama’s case, he is served by primarily Zionist bankers and is puppet of the pitbull known as uber Zionist Emanuel Rahm. Stephen Harper pals around a lot with the Chabad Lubavich and cannot be subservient enough to the propagandists and well Britain is run by the Rothschilds who basically created Zionism for fun and games.

There is nothing to gain by going there according to their twisted standards and certainly not weapons to be sold!

Anonymous said...

In the past there were other people who felt the same way and decided to unite and fight against the common enemy.
The common enemy were the Bolsheviks, or the Jewish Bolsheviks, as they were known back then, and the ones uniting were called the Waffen SS.
Most people do not realize who these men really were and only know and react to the SS part.
The Waffen SS were a one million strong volunteer arm with men from every nation in Europe who gave their all to defend their nations and families from the demonic communist Jewish Bolsheviks.

Anonymous said...

As if the writing were not enough, I listened to your song Every Day and in an instant fifty years fell away from my shoulders and I was back in the 1960's and everything that they meant to me. Your work which is still undiscovered will endure for long after you are gone. I can't tell you what an impact this just had on me.


Murphy151 said...

Just came across a nasty piece of disinformation

Won't be long now.


Anonymous said...

I love you Les. Bitter or sweet what you post here feeds me. Peace, C

Anonymous said...

I think the Fourth Reich is the United States of America!

It rose from the Roman Empire, then switched to the Byzantine Empire, then the Holy Roman Empire, going to the British Empire, then finally, to the New American Empire.

This American Empire really took off at the slaughter of Wounded Knee, and after the Spanish-American War.

The abuse of the Indigenous Peoples - which are STILL IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS - AND Latin America and the Caribbean Islands (Grenada,Haiti) is beyond belief.

What's happening at the Tex-Mex Border is the harvest planted in Central America in the 1980s.

Now, we have the problem of the scum country, Israel, who is being sponsored by the United States of America, and the latter, which keeps sending the latest Military weaponry to the jew socialist State.

Anonymous said...

Les-ji, sir, sahib -

As the psychic pressure cooker whistles away, and the organic shade-grown dark roast and sensie crystals dissolve in the correctly calibrated ratios through our blood-brain barriers, and we're still free-range and cage-free, and we still have enough focus to somehow incorporate ever-accelerating-and-doubling amounts of info and contemplate the implications of things such as: the piles of used condoms found by returning Palestinian families under their beds (see - uhhh, wait...breakfast is coming back up into my mouth -

(returning from bathroom)....anyway, the CodePink folks here in N. NM last Fri. screened the film THE IRON WALL. If anyone has friends/relatives who are still fence-sitting, this is a MUST SEE! Can be found and downloaded at Google Video.

Bro, about vomit.....this 2006 Palestinian-made film is not more depiction of the nauseating wars of the SLC, contains no dead babies (exc. maybe 1948) - but "merely" follows the "settler" movement and the building of the zionist CONFISCATION WALL. We're talkin undiluted pure hallucinatory psychopathic evil behavior in all it's technicolor glory. If pics are worth 1000 words, this is 57 minutes of full-frame mental horror, yet it just merely shows imposter-humanoids going about their daily degenerate demonic 'work' of 'civilizing' their own chosen-alien-slime-"creator-god's" 'god'- given real estate.
At the showing I had to bail, my body shaking, heart pounding, at about 45 min. to go outside and smoke to keep down the vomit and to talk myself out of going postal on a...well, never mind. My bodily reactions really surprised me, and I'm no stranger to witnessing/viewing psychopathy. I did finish viewing the film over the weekend. I'd not before seen so clearly-depicted the scale of the nightmare-hell being built in that little archon-portal-by-the-sea. Spectacular aerial photography, detailed maps, 'jews-only' traffic-less freeways, and the ever-present pig-tailed, uzi-toting, chain-saw-wielding nature-and-human-raping neanderthals daily gleefully terrorizing the defenseless actual normal human beings (of course predominately women and kids- these "jews" are such monumental chickenshits). You don't have to see any more than this to "get" the whole picture, the whole ball of shit, what the demon sharon called "the facts on the ground". Their vision/grand-plan in-progress of zionistic Planet Hell-On-Earth.
FIFTEEN fucking MILLION DOLLARS per day, for 60 YEARS - for this WE'VE PAID.

Of course everyone here knows it all completely, no need to explain. But.....
Anyone with a fence-post up their ass in la-la oboingo-land who's still open to seeing/hearing a grain of truth needs to be shown this. THE IRON WALL. It really brings things to a very clear focus.
(And it's already been 'tagged' - for adults only - and will likely soon be scrubbed.....)

...Not that I think the truth isn't as Ras Bob said, "can't stop them now"....but just so our grandkids will know how and why things went down the way they did, and that we did our best....


Visible said...


I don't doubt it. They have various actions in operation and in planning but I have it on the highest authority that they will not prevail.

Seeing the mockery at the racism conference today was almost enough for me to lose my lunch; luckily I don't eat breakfast or lunch so, no problems there.

I'll stick in this old entry of mine in consideration of certain things hoping people connect it to the present.

More crying in the wilderness.Thank you R. And C. it's amusing to me that these are the initials for Christian Rosenkruz

Anyway, I am really disappointed to see that no one in a position to say anything has the stones to say anything. I'd like to get a little angry with my words here but I've already got a lot of people mad at me.

I don't care how it looks right now and I don't care how many fucking soldiers they think they have and I don't care if they have endless hallways lined with Room 101... they can kiss my dust. I don't have much and I am not much but I am better than that. I will not kneel before your demon king. I WILL NOT!

In closing, this piece from the inspired e.e. cummings

i sing of Olaf glad and big
whose warmest heart recoiled at war:
a conscientious object-or

his wellbelov'd colonel(trig
westpointer most succinctly bred)
took erring Olaf soon in hand;
but--though an host of overjoyed
noncoms(first knocking on the head
him)do through icy waters roll
that helplessness which others stroke
with brushes recently employed
anent this muddy toiletbowl,
while kindred intellects evoke
allegiance per blunt instruments--
Olaf(being to all intents
a corpse and wanting any rag
upon what God unto him gave)
responds,without getting annoyed
"I will not kiss your fucking flag"

straightway the silver bird looked grave
(departing hurriedly to shave)

but--though all kinds of officers
(a yearning nation's blueeyed pride)
their passive prey did kick and curse
until for wear their clarion
voices and boots were much the worse,
and egged the firstclassprivates on
his rectum wickedly to tease
by means of skilfully applied
bayonets roasted hot with heat--
Olaf(upon what were once knees)
does almost ceaselessly repeat
"there is some shit I will not eat"

our president,being of which
assertions duly notified
threw the yellowsonofabitch
into a dungeon,where he died

Christ(of His mercy infinite)
i pray to see;and Olaf,too

preponderatingly because
unless statistics lie he was
more brave than me:
more blond than you.

There are a lot of us. Do your best.

Anonymous said...

A brilliant mind! That is the only way you could possibly write such fantastic stuff, blog, after blog, after blog, week in, week out, month after month, etc.
Reed's book The Controversy of Zion is a free download from the google folks. Long (600 pages) but should be read by all Les readers.

Visible said...


it is eerie sometimes how your state mirrors mine. I had just written and posted my comment only to find yours waiting... breakfast? lunch?

heh heh


neil turner said...

Present day Israel is nothing like Nazi Germany of the 30s. Hitler's war was against the Judeo Bolsheviks who would have overrun Europe if they had had their way. Hitler prevented them from doing so.

The danger of Nazi Germany was that it established a new financial system which was not based on Gold or usury, and it worked. If neighbouring countries adopted the same system then the power of the Jewish banking cabal would have been smashed forever and mankind would have been freed from the debt bondage introduced in 1694 with the creation of the Bank of England.

Hitler was an admirer of the British Empire. He did not believe it to be perfect but saw it as necessary in preventing a communist insurgency into those countries within the Commonwealth, which is what happened to many of these countries when GB granted them independence.

Whereas Roosevelt, of Jewish descent, wanted to see the destruction of the British Empire Hitler actually offered GB the use of his military to quell any unrest in the Empire. Unfortunately Churchill, also of Jewish descent, was only interested in following orders. It is curious and displays the total ignorance of the British people that in a recent poll Brits voted Churchill, the man who oversaw the dissolution of the British Empire, as the greatest ever Brit.

After the 1933 Jewish imposed economic blockade on Germany Zionists offered the Nazis help in breaking the blockade. The pay off was the Race Laws of 1935 which, amongst other things, made it impossible for Jewish professionals to pursue their careers in Nazi Germany. The only alternative was emigration, to Palestine. Offers by other countries to accept Germany's Jews were rebuffed by the Zionists. How else could you get the most sophisticated Jews in the world, at the time the German Jews, to move from comfortable and decadent Germany to the wilds of Palestine. You had to give them no choice.

The emigration of Germany's Jews to Palestine is known as the Transfer Agreement, the Ha'avara. By this agreement Nazi Germany provided the coming state of Israel with a population and an industrial infrastructure. Without the Nazis Israel would not have been established in 48.

The forced emigration of Germany's Jews was for the same reason as the Jews were expelled from Britain in 1290, they were destroying the country. BTW, the law of 1290 forbidding Jews the right of domicile in the UK has never been repealed.

In the 30s the Nazis introduced the 40 hour week, overtime to be paid after the 40 hours. Luxury liners were made available for cheap cruises for the working class. These ships were later sunk by the Brits and the Russians while carrying refugees, the sick and pows out of the Baltics and away from the Judeo led Soviets. Tens of thousands were drowned.

Families were offered low cost cost mortgages which reduced 25% every time they had a child. The Nazis also introduced laws that protected women and children from the workplace. Last year a famous German TV presenter was fired for praising Nazi family values. At about the same time the German government gave its support to a book promoting paedophilic activities between a father and daughter.

Les, you are a fine writer and have exposed much of the misinformation in todays mainstream media. Maybe you could consider that we have been similarily misled with regard to Nazi Germany.

Hitler's fight was against the money power. Napolean's fight too was against the money power. Neither have been remembered fondly by history. More recently it was JFK who started to fight the money power when he issued $4.5 billion in non interest bearing government money under EO11.010. 5 months later he took a trip to Dallas. Today he is portrayed as a womaniser, by the Jewish press of course.

To be damned by history is the lot of those who stand against the money power.

Murphy151 said...


Ditto on the racism conference. Made my blood boil (I forget myself sometimes, old habits die hard). These fu*kers are meant to represent ME as a constituent and they have the audacity to walk out of a conference while representing ME without asking me whether it was okay to do so! Not good enough, the fu*kers are fired...

As my blood is flowing a little faster, I would like to refer to an earlier posy regarding pot, mary joanna et al. The reason, the sole reason it is banned over alcohol is that THC allows one to see things clearly and THEY don't want that level of clarity and awareness to permeate society. Ketamine takes things to another level and I can only recommend this step if you are prepared and have a friend who will assist/guide you. DMT/Mushrooms/Aceeeeed will open many doors but I can only recommend this for the most grounded of people (do your homework on this level first). Cocaine is good for sex and little else as it makes assholes into huge assholes and enslaves the weak by providing the false confidence to walk on thin ice. Pills/MDMA are synthetic created by the very people discussed in the article above and should be avoided whenever possible.


Peace be upon you all and always.


Visible said...


Regardless of what I may think about the Nazi period in Germany and it is different than most people might think, my use of the phrase that Israel is the same as Nazi Germany has to do with the prevailing perception and also has to do with pissing these swine off.

As a student of history and, I most certainly am one, I am well aware of the realities of what National Socialism was all about BUT, I am also aware that it is just as failed a response to this mosh pit of a world as everything else has been. It was not a golden age situation.

What I know is that this time we are in is different than all of the others. We are at the summing up of the age. We are at the summing up of more than an age but of a complete cycle. Things are going to happen that never did before and those who have like the terrible creatures that they are- profited and taken over after each switching of the track and each turning of the table- are going to get theirs. God is not happy; whether you believe in God or not. Asses are going to be kicked and they will be the right ones.

Things are not like they always have been. You have to trust because I can't really say much more than that but... Heaven and Hell are both going to open wide.

Jim... you know your substances. Interesting point about the X. I noticed when the Israelis took over the manufacture and distribution of X. It wasn't MMDA any more.

I accept visitors who don't mind being bonafided and promise a remarkable and free experience BUT... you have to bring the goods.

Visible said...

As it so happens I will be at this party but not for the ten days that I planned on, only 3 due to prior committments. But I have a large villa for the event and anyone who wants to drop in is welcome provided they are not a vampire or a materialist.

A ten day musical party.

Still alive said...

Brilliantly wriiten as always.

Fight the good fight my fellow human beings for the future of humanity depends on it.

Let us all make sure that the sons of satan are in their final throes and will one day be vanquished from our midst.

And the sooner the better.

Saleem said...

Hi Les,
Your a breath of fresh air my friend.You have wisdom beyond your years.

I visit your blog daily and cannot help but agree with your analysis.It is a truly rare individual who can see what others cannot.
I only wish that the Muslim Nations and the West would come together on that which we share as a common interest but alas the Israeli thorn has manipulated events to ensure that does not take place.

Maybe one day God Willing we can all sit together and talk,acknowledging our shared values and common humanity.

Peace to all those who seek it and Woe to all those who subvert it!

Richard Welsh said...

I didn't mean for that to go out with my email

Visible said...

I'm sorry RJ, I don't know what you are talking about. I looked back a ways but didn't see anything. Cue me.

Richard Welsh said...

I had this crazy mentor who was a real anti-Semite and he told that he thought the bodies at the camps were christian Russian men, women and children brought in by boxcars while they delayed the us army to take berlin -- And gies who delayed us taking Berlin?

Richard Welsh said...

Just saw it on there. No to worry. Everything is fine.

Richard Welsh said...

Sorry about all typos. I do that sometimes because I like people to think of me as a moron

Anonymous said...

Les pido disculpas por mi mala Inglés. He estado leyendo su trabajo por un año y ahora me parece increíble que usted sea. Aquí en mi casa se escucha su música y mis amigos y he leído lo que usted dice. En Andalucía es muy pobre, pero la gente es fuerte. Los viejos, pero no tienen la iglesia y muchos de nuestros colegas se beben todo el tiempo de vino barato, pero hay aquí y simpático corazón les doy las gracias por lo que usted dice. Debemos impulsar la Judios de nuestro país, pero de nuevo no tenemos Judio en Andalucía, simplemente porque son pobres. Dios te bendiga senor visibles.


Richard Welsh said...

Les --

The only reason I shared that story was to show how seriously unhinged the anti-semitic mind really is. You know what he and WVB told me about Boing? You know that plane place up in Washington where the first UFos came from. He said our friends cut off funding to the original company to turn into a shell. Then they used wvb's plans for 707. And when Werner and our boys confronted them they told them to f off. Oh, and then here's the real whopper. After our friends stole the 82nd and turned it into the Air Force and turned over Werner's teams other plans so the Air Force would know what to protect us against. How's that for crazy???

Richard Welsh said...

Les --

The only reason for the earlier post is to show how damaged the thinking of the average anti-semite is. As an example, this crackpot and his idiot friend WBV also told me our "friends" turned BOING BOING -- you know up in Washington where the UFOs came from? Anyway this mentors cracked friend said he designed the 707 -- and BOING BOING AND the Air force has been rotten at the core from the beginning.

Anybody remember Scoop Jackson? Guess which budding NEO- Con-victs worked on his staff?. Not going to tell -- look it up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les and responders in kind,
Bravo, Bravo, Encore, Encore.
Do all those out there have that lukewarm and fussy feeling all over?
How long ago was it said: The pen is mightier than the sword???
“All the world is a stage”; Those in the castles are the players of our illusions. It doesn’t matter what country or area of the world they’re in now, technology has enabled or own demise. Why hasn’t anyone actually gone back past the Grandfather of the “Red Shield”? How can you-all not understand?? Just try to imagine where such an evil bloodline may have derived from; it started long before the 18th century my friends.
I was watching the speech the Iranian Pres. Made that fateful day and even Les got it wrong reading it from somebody else. From the days of my youth I spent ¼ of this Life in Southern Iran, Farsi is my second nature and most everything said is MISINTERPETED.
El messengarie este nolo importante. Look inside the music of the words to hear the message, stop looking at the talking head spouting the rhetoric… They all come from the same alter, same mold…
How many of you out there are willing to actually put your money where your mouth or your pen is??? Just try to find a single everyday product that isn’t taxed by the deliverers of evil. So while your having such a great day or week partying your Asses off 24 / 7 on the beach of some exotic far away place just try to remember the message of this Article we all take so much for granted. Ask yourself: to what common cause does my personal well being have at this time???
Oh sorry did I hit a nerve?
Can any of you truly understand what it means when all the dominos have tumbled and there is nothing left to be taken or loose???

Have a nice day
Mr. Nobody

Peter of Lone Tree said...

The forced emigration of Germany's Jews was for the same reason as the Jews were expelled from Britain in 1290, they were destroying the country. -- neil turner
neil, you, Les, and the other readers might be interested in the website entitled 109 Locations whence Jews have been Expelled since AD250 (Carthage is first on the list.).

Anonymous said...

I thought the snake was coiling back to strike. I was right. It is a war indeed Les. And each to his abilities in the battle.

Whenever the subject of zionism comes up in blogs or billboards, I like to close my comments with variations of the following. It is effective. Anyone is free to use/borrow/claim it. And feel free to change the definition if you like.

ZIONISM: because White Supremacy just doesn't go far enough.
ZIONISM: Because White Supremacy has an even uglier sister.

All the best Les.

pot said...

This is more in reply to your previous post but is also related to this one. Where this is all leading is to One World Government w/o much, if any freedom.

Herzl founded Zionism, so popular history says. But Zionism is anti-Jewish, and many Torah (Moses) following and secular Jews were against it. Only the Holocaust changed that.

The leading advocates of Zionism were British Zionists, Christian and Jew alike. The non-Jews believed themselves to be from one of the non-Jewish Lost Tribes, and equally entitled to Palestine, a belief once called British Zionism in the late 19th century.

Those backing the Zionist movement sought to sacrifice those Jews who rejected the Kaballah, and Christianity was subverted via institutions like the Freemasons which embraced the Kaballah. The American Revolution and French Revolution in fact was an Illuminati project using Freemasons to create a secular government in the New World, free of royalty. It was time to end religous rule and rule by royalty, too many kings had gotten killed and they wanted a safer job out of the limelight.

Of course, religions were created for control purposes by the ancestors of those behind the Illuminati, but it was time to change and pit the religous against a secular enemy. Their descendants are behind the stuff going on today that will finish off religion as we know it, and give us a Green religion (actually Red, but in this Orwellian world, it's all the same).

The Conspiracy gets handed down generation to generation which is why it is so effective, for most people, history starts when they are born, not for our rulers.

The Kaballah is not really Jewish, having nothing to do with Moses, and taking heretical themes from Babylonian and Persian pagan religions in 600 BC. Plato introduced it in it's literary form, which is all about a New World Order and rule by a philosopher kings, an elect, ruling elite, call it what you will.

Zionism is closely linked to those who backed Marx and the Communist Manifesto, in preparations for the revolutions in Europe which spread the Communist ideology, but did not lead to Communism in Europe. They also planned the Civil War to divide and rule America, but this failed when the Czar intervened on the side of the US and prevented a blockade. Both Lincoln and the Czar some time later were assassinated for foiling their plan.

At about the same time of the 1st Zionist conference in Basel (home to the BIS which financed Hitler) in 1893, plans were being made for Revolution in Russia to set up a Communist state. On the agenda was a World War which would break up the Ottoman Empire and remove the threat of Germany to the British Empire. Their Industrial power, plans to build a railway to Baghdad to trasport oil, and naval expansion, not to mention it's colonies in Africa were a growing concern. Not because the Germans would invade Britain, heck, the Kaiser was related to the King, and the Czar for that matter.

Anyways, Zionism gave Britian the excuse to offer Palestine as a Jewish Homeland and support for the Mandates which gave Britain a base in the oil rich Middle east in the former Ottoman Empire. Britain had no sources of oil, unlike Russia and the US, and their ruling elite which controlled the Money Power in London, as well as on Wall Street had their eyes set on this oil.

At the same time, Cecil Rhodes secret plan to recover America following the failed Civil War attempt was being executed, financed in part with wealth he left behind in his will for this purpose. In short order, America would become a defacto British Commonwealth nation and Britan would outsource their Empire building to the US, all paid for by Americans.

This was formalized with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 and the Income Tax, the tax being a tribute to the Crown and to ensure we could pay the interest on the debt to the Fed, an agent of the Money Powers in London. This was made possible with the efforts of JP Morgan, as he was an agent of the British and House of Rothschild. Today our leaders get knighted by the Queen.

With all of these steps in place, it was time for WW I. The US stayed out of it in the beginning, but financed the British with the House of Morgan being the sole agent to handle all procurements and shipments to Britain. Britain entered the war, supposedly to protect Belgium and help France, but it sent it's 2 million troops mainly to the Middle East to fight the Ottoman Empire.

At about the same time, the Bolshevik Revolution was beginning, financed directly by German Jewish bankers on Wall Street who were closely aligned with the Money Powers in London before the war, and who had been behind the 1st attempted Revolution in 1905 planned in London. They had gotten Japan to invade the Russians to distract them, with financing coming from Wall Street, and though it failed, it weakened Russia enough to set the stage for another go at it later in 1916 while the Russians were again distracted with a war.

In order for the British to win WW I, in the end, the US needed to enter on Britains side. Wilson despite promising not to enter the war did exactly that after winning the election for a 2nd term in 1916. The Balfour Declaration promising Palestine as a Jewish (British controlled) Homeland was required in order to get the backing from Londons agents on Wall Street, who worried that without something in writing, there could be a double cross. Although released and dated in 1917, it had been agreed to in 1916.

Lusitania in 1915 was a false flag operation in an attempt to lure the US into the war earlier, but it served a purpose of damaging Americans pro-German sentiment.

After WW I was won, it was time to plan WW II, which the unfair Versailles Treaty ensured would happen. This next war was needed to spread Communism, and exterminate as many Christians and Torah following Jews as possible. The war was to be between Fascism (anti-Communists, anti-Jews) and Communism, and it had to discredit conspiracy theories that were prevalent at the time about a Money Power working in the shadows hand in hand with the Internationalists (Communusts).

As a step to uniting the US and Britains foreign policy, JP Morgan started up the Council of Foreign relations (CFR) in 1921. This was a sister agency of it's British counterpart, both controlled by the late Rhodes Round Table Group. Members of the CFR
began to infiltrate the State Department to ensure foreign policy would be conducted in the interests of the Groups plan and aligned with British interests.

And in 1919-1920, certain publications such as Cosmopolitanism and Zionism published by the English Zionist Foundation which made it a point to link Communism and Zionism in a common cause, and translating and publishing the Protocols which unleashed the conspiracy theory of a financial group of Jewish origins who sought to control the world and enslave Christians was unleashed, as was Mein Kamph which made use of both themes shortly thereafter.

The Financial Depression in Germany in the 1920's caused by the international banksters and reparations, and the Great Depression elsewhere, both orchestrated by the Money Powers backing the Illuminati goal for One World Government, set the conditions for Hitler to take power in 1933, and FDR as well. FDR became a defacto dictator when he got Congress to grant him these powers with the 1917 War Powers Act as amended in 1933, while Hitler needed to Reichstag Fire. FDR did nothing to prevent the financing and technolgy transfers by American companies to Hitler.

But FDR immediately recognized Stalins government as he was in the midst of exterminating millions of Christians in the Ukraine via starvation, ensuring that the Soviets and the US would be on the same side in the coming war.

The British did their part to set the pieces as well. They ended a treaty with Japan after WW I that required both parties to side with the other in case of a war with a 3rd party directed at one or the other, and they did this after they had encouraged the Japanese in invade China, after having financed the 1911 Revolution ending the Qing Dynasty.

Sun Yat Sen, also having a questionable Hawaiian birth certificate, married one of the Soong sisters and later accepted help from the COMINTERN and tried to work with the Communists. The Soongs were Rothschild agents and when Sun Yat Sen got too big for his britches and started working with the Communists, he was taken out and Chiang Kai Shek was brought to power, and his marriage to one of the Soong sisters ensured he would follow orders, which was to fight the Communists until the US enetered the war. However, when the orders changed he had to be kidnapped at one point to set him straight and go after the Japanese. An alliance was not desired, nor was the destruction of the Communist forces, the plan for the end of the war was for total control by the Communists, and the KMT could not make peace with them, or effective war with them.

Anyways, all of this opened the door for Japans treaty with Hitlers Germany sometime later. FDR triggered the war with his embargo of Japan, allowing the Pearl Harbor attack, and ensuring Hitler would declare war on the US after the US declared war on Japan.

At the same time, he prevented immigration from Jews fleeing Europe, especially the poorer religious ones, turning away ships that arrived at our ports. Had to have plenty of victims you know. Message to Jews was their only hope for refuge was in Palestine.

At the end of the war, China ends up red, the Soviet Communists have control of much of Europe, and Eurasia is Communist, and 40 million religous Jews and Christians are dead. Also, the US has plenty of debt with lots of interest due, a tribute to the Crown and her London and Wall Street agents. Mission almost accomplished.

Before the war ended though, FDR was getting too big for his own good, and not willing to go along with the new world economic order sought by the British which was later known as the Bretton Woods accord. He was also not disposed toward a Cold War with Stalin, whom he called Uncle Joe, and was likely not going to go along with nuking a couple of defenseless cities in Japan which was needed to terrorize people and children through the 60's. So he was sent packing, having served his purpose, and someone who would take orders, like Truman took over. The ruling elite sometimes fight amongst themselves, it's the Money Power's way or the highway, as JFK later found out himself.

The holocaust story then gets headlines. Much of what was said to have occured was in Soviet occupied territory, and there is no question many Jews died in the camps. But anyone questioning the details is jailed in Europe, and it is not politically correct to do so in the US. Any discussion of a financial conspiracy is written off as anti-semitic since the world then and the internet today is awash with a Jewish banking conspiracy. How convenient.

Anyone suggesting a Communist Conspiracy is written off as a neo-nazi or a McCarthyite. Hitler was rightly discredited although some of this is hyperbole, and McCarthy was discredited in the popular history, but it turns out he was right, as shown from declassified intercepts of Soviet communication to members of those in government, especially in the State Department. This was released in 1995 and ignored by the MSM.

And to suggest that the Holocaust was planned, or even exaggerated by a ruling elite as part of a larger conspiracy gets you called a nut job or a holocaust denier, or worse. Hate crime legislation will soon be passed in the US and will have the same effect.

So essentially they close off discussion of the true conspiracies by associating the truth with evil folks and groups. Having been a Bush basher for years, my views today get me labeled now as a right wing nut job. My head spins.

These all seem like events which are not related, but they are all planned. Like any mission, there are multiple plans, back up plans, etc. So while the Civil War did not go their way, they executed the back up plan. It is said there are currently 112 options on how to reach our final destination. Once the herd smells one of them out, they change to another. The internet is useful in this regard.

Anaughty Mouse said...

Thank you for that wonderful succinct history lesson.
A Mouse

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up.

Shame of you, you Pathetic Blood-Stained Clowns.

Visible said...


I can't find where your most recent comment went (grin) but just let me say that I respond to ideas not to personalities. You are one of the most valuable contributors here as it evidenced by this classic you just penned. I'm not unaware of any of what you said earlier, I just wanted to ameliorate it with some of my own input and I do tend to ham it up sometimes as a result.

m_astera is also a valued contributor and I've never felt otherwise. He and I have had our flareups in the past, in fact, we originally met due to a flareup. Spirited exchanges are vital to this process and we would be fools to think they can be avoided because they cannot. We just dust ourselves off and carry on. That's all there is to it.

Anonymous said...

Pot! Don't stop there, I'm riveted. Truly!

"It is said there are currently 112 options on how to reach our final destination."

European American

Anaughty Mouser said...

It looks like the war mongering Zionist swine are seriously thinking of invading Iran. Boy will they be surprised when in stead of the US and Nato coming to defend them that the world is going to sit back and let Israel get the shit pounded out of them as a sort of recompence for the atrocities (read: war crimes) the Israeli army committed against the Palestian civilians (men, women and children) in Gaza in January 2009.
Ain't nobody wanna shill for dem Yids no mo'.
A Mouser

A Mouser said...

"Any logical person can tell that there is a very big difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

Israel was actually established through ethnic cleansing. The Zionists drove about 800,000 Palestinians out of their homeland in 1948 and are still denying them the right of return. And Israel is still committing war crimes, human rights violations, and racist acts against the Palestinians, as was exemplified in the recent Gaza war."
A Mouser

Khalid Muhammad said...

Dear RJ Dewhurst,

Can't fool us with your antisemitic canard. Antisemitizm, if anything, is an expression of individual anger, and not as you imply a form of mental ailment. Nor is antisemitizm a form of racial hatred since Jews come in all colors. A quick look at the black community illustrates it best. You should know that the reason Khalid Muhammad was axed was that he dared to be more effective at mind control than the mainstream media and all the black pastors combined. His message, however abhorrent, rang true to his black followers. Now Obama is faced with a dilemma, as in this headline:

Avoiding World Conference on Racism Shows Obama’s Deep Disrespect For Blacks

Greg Bacon said...

Did you clear this with Abe FARTMAN of the ADL first?

Hey, I know! We can pay some dupes to hijack a couple of airliners and fly them into a skyscraper in a world media capitol, like NY and then blame it on Israel!

Within minutes of the airliners crashing and setting off fireballs that will be forever imprinted into humanity, news anchors will breathlessly report that source inside the WH and Pentagon say this it the work of Israeli PM Bennie "Boom-Boom" Netanyahu and his fellow mass murder, Avi Lieberman.

We gotta make sure that plenty of dark grained photos, showing "Boom-Boom" and Avi scowling, are available for the cameras.

We should...

What's that?

It's already been done?

Anonymous said...

The Good Old Days Revisited: When battling the repigLIEkkkanzionazis and dmc-dims it's always wise to take a break and re-energize ones get-go every now and then. And I've found music to be one of my methods to accomplish this task. Willie Nelson is one of my favorites, he's a real human being and sings from his heart and takes care of important business. While surfing the web today I came across this old tune and thought that I would share it with you all.

"Funny How Time Slips Away"

By Willie Nelson:

Well, hello there
My, it's been a long, long time
How 'm I doin'
Oh, I guess that I'm doin' fine
It's been so long now, but it seems how
That it was only yesterday
Oh, ain't it funny, how time slips away

Say, how's your new love
I hope he's doin' fine
I heard you told him
That you'd love him 'til the end of time
Now that's the same thing, that you told me
It seems like yesterday
Oh, ain't it funny, how time slips away

I gotta go now
I hope I'll see you around
But I don't know when, though
Never know when I'll be back in town
But, remember, what I tell you
In time, you're gonna pay
Oh, ain't it funny, how time slips away

(Repeat All Of The Above One More Time)

Check out the crew with him on this 97' version on the link down below:

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Visible said...

Sorry about that people.

There wasn't an email so this is where I put it.

Kevenj said...

And now another terrible .."suicide".
David Kellermann decided that turning 41 was too much.Or was it the long hours on the job?

Or maybe it was the 'pressures' from his ..boss?

Kellermann is a nice name don't you think?Just asking.

Randall said...

Pot, that was an EXCELLENT essay! Rang with EXCELLENT
historical analysis.
Mucho kudos dude> That rocked.



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