Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Torture; the other Red Meat.

Wiping out humanity is not something that happens because the government is playing God at the behest of their corporate masters. It isn’t something that happens because science has become so perverted that it’s no longer about discovering the truth in combinations and applications for the benefit of us all but rather about how to put an artificial shine on a surgically, reconstructed face; a face concealing an empty, abandoned room. Humanity gets wiped out by removing what makes us human from our behavior and intentions so that we spend all our time in service to our appetites at the expense of our fellows.

If there is any one thing that shows that this former senator with two years of government experience is an empty suit... if there is any one thing that shows this unknown product spokesman is no different than the guys giving away drink coupons outside a strip club it is the question of torture; the other red meat.

I’m going to say it simply and you can do what you want with it. This morning I had the dubious pleasure of reading some other empty suits jeering at a fellow who implied there was something up about Air Force One making some kind of maneuver over New York City. One of them quickly segued into a belittling harangue about 9/11 conspiracy people who couldn’t possibly know what he knows because, get this; he was in New York City when it happened, so he’s an expert. So... let me state it one more time, 9/11 was an Inside Job and only those too stupid to tell the difference between a hole in their body and a hole in the ground or... personally involved in the attacks... could possibly still believe the official story.

There’s a kind of irony in the fact that the former, talk out of this particular hole in their body and the substance of their words is the very substance known to proceed out of that very same hole. They might well know that 9/11 was an Inside Job but they don’t want to know because the obvious conclusion of ‘who’ was behind the 9/11 attacks threatens the pursuit of their appetites and threatens their position among the other chimps in the zoo, as it threatens their ability to spoon feed their children with preposterous lies in the interest of protecting them from dangers that only the truth could deliver them from. Don’t look for any sense in this because there isn’t any and they will get what everyone gets who thinks integrity and courage can be acquired by adding magic powder to a glass of water. It’s just Kool-Aid and they’re all headed to Jonestown sooner or later.

Who did 9/11 is an important feature in what I want to talk about today because it’s the main point missing in all the points being made about torture. We’re hearing all kinds of arguments from the usual crew of Nimrods who all want to tie a yellow ribbon around Tony Orlando’s dick every time America destroys some extended family at a wedding in some foreign country and the brave soldiers, who were only following orders, come marching home to brass bands and confetti and... a job at the Smithfield packing plant along with a stool at the neighborhood bar where they can talk about their glory days.

This group of complicit criminals tells us torture is a necessary evil. Another group of complicit criminals, which includes Slick in the White House, wants to put it behind us and move on. It’s as if whatever happened may or may not have been wrong but... it’s in the past now so just get over it. We’ve got important things to do to get the country back on track and this will just be divisive and mean-spirited. Somehow they think they can get the country on the right track by ignoring the fact that the country was on the wrong track... and has been... for a long, long time. They think that every time it turns out that the country was involved in something that would make the Khmer Rouge blush that all you have to do is just move on because surely that won’t happen again.

The larger majority of the American people actually want some sunlight on this matter and... the truth is... letting the truth come out will actually bring the country together because the country was never behind this shit in the first place but... why confuse reality with expediency? Let’s just move on. Your face isn’t the only thing with two cheeks and that may be why so many people have forgotten which end is up.

Here’s the real deal, people; 9/11 was accomplished by a joint operation which included the CIA, the Israeli Mossad and other individuals from various intelligence services, corporations and sundry. For anyone who actually takes the trouble to study what preceded the event; what happened on that day and what has followed since, the facts and circumstantial evidence are irrefutable. And... here’s the point about torture. Here’s what makes the torture under discussion an even more hideous crime than it would have been in any case. The people being tortured had NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11. In many cases, the people being tortured were just rounded up by warlords and sold for the money that was offered. In many cases, the people being tortured were people who objected to the presence of foreign invaders who made war on their country based on false intel dummied up by the same people who did 9/11.

Here’s an even more dreadful irony. The people who ordered the torture are the only people that had the information which they were allegedly seeking to extract from the people under torture. They were torturing people for information they could not possibly possess while already possessing the information because... they were the ones who did the deed in the first place. It gets worse. This whole rats nest was fabricated in order to provide justification for mass murder in Lebanon; genocide in Palestine, resource theft in Iraq and drug dealing out of Afghanistan. That’s how it is. You don’t like it? That’s how it is.

This is what’s wrong with the torture issue so let’s not hear any more about the usual arguments from people who have no right to call themselves human beings.

Your Howdy Doody president wants us all to move on because he knows damn well what happened and if he doesn’t then he’s even stupider that GWB because... he knew what happened. How cold and evil do you have to be to walk through your days believing the same convenient lies? How do you do it? How do you ignore what is happening in Palestine today? How can you rationalize women and children being bulldozed out of their homes; used for target practice, assaulted with banned weapons, locked in a ghetto where food and medical supplies are not allowed entry? What makes it possible for gunboats to fire on innocent fishermen and no one says anything? Goddamn your eyes... you evil swine who do this; who tolerate it, who justify it, who ignore it, who laugh about it. Your day is going to come. Your day is going to come.

Let’s not wallow in this odious hypocrisy any longer. Let’s stop nodding our heads while sold out whores, wriggle their excited asses on their special chairs as they discuss whether to seek the truth; to charge, to investigate, to prosecute, mass murdering war criminals about whose guilt there can be no doubt. They tortured people based on a horrible, criminal act that THEY COMMITTED. They went ahead and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Today, one group of these psychopaths are brutalizing an indigenous people whose land they flat out stole and whom they torment and have tormented for more than sixty years.

We need to know no more about President Obama than what has been said here. This country tried and executed people for far less than these nasty little weasels engaged in. If you commit a crime then you are a criminal and if you conceal... or whitewash... or evade your responsibilities in any office where you have been placed to deal with crimes then... you are also a criminal. That is how it is and that is how it is. You don’t like it? That’s how it is.

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Mouser said...

Thank you Les for putting these feelings and truths into words.

Murphy151 said...


Nothing more to be said, that's how it is!

Great post my friend, you are on fire yet again.


gurnygob said...

Les. Who gives a shit? We have the flu to worry about now. We can't be going backwards, not now, not in the middle of a pandemic. Sure it was only some Arabs, or whatever, that got tortured; it’s not as if it was civilised people.
As for Palestine and Gaza, they are always going on about something and causing all sorts of problems. Iraq and Afghanistan and all those other terrorist foreign countries they need to get into the 21first century and all we are doing is helping them. I heard Gordon Brown say just this morning, that we are building them a road; and what do they do for us? They blow us up. I would love to stay and give you some more of my wisdom, but I have an appointment at the tanning clinic and I have to get my hair done. BTW if you think 9/11 was an in-side-job then you need to get a grip, because, well it just wasn’t. I watched the TV that day so I should know.

Anonymous said...

out fucking standing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

john said...

If Dr Eric R. Pianka thinks he is right maybe he should lead by example and take his enthusiastic audience with him.

Mouser said...

I admire Smoking Mirrors for allowing total freedom of speech - even when what the poster says is completely incorrect.
It is good for the majority of us who are awake and post here to see there are still people who believe the mainstream media fairytale where two planes caused three skyscapers to fall at freefall speed.
You Gurnygob, are NOT part of the solution therefore you are a part of the problem.
Tanning salongs and hairdressers will not improve the world as we know it.
Are you going to get yourself some Tamiflu vaccine today because the MSM told you to?
That way you can be a part of the sheeple herd which gets kulled!
Even through you are a trolling male (not female) there comes forth an element of what you really do believe. People such as yourself - who are blind because they refuse to see the truth - are paving the way for our puppet leaders to lead all Western peoples into the desert.
Your comments about "they were only Arabs" shows a predjudice more common in simple people.
Welcome to your lot in life Gurnygob - you are but a bit of flem that I strongly desire to spit out of my mouth as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

President Orhama

Visible said...


Gurnygob was being facetious and sarcastic. I know there are actually people like that out there but gurnygob isn't one of them.

Mouser said...

Okay Les.
I'll take your word on that.

paolocaruso said...

Usually great essay Les. Amazing the media coverage of this Arlen Spector changing political party. Just another cameleon changing his skins.
BAD BAD Republicans, with all that torture and stuff... not trendy for jewish politicians to be on the right these days. The fake now is to the left.. BUt its all the same team. Just half of the team has turned their shirts inside out.

Visible said...

He's been around here for a long time. He's one of the good guys. I just thought you'd want to know.

Visible said...

What makes the Spector (any relation to Phil?) switch such a tawdry affair is that it was looking like a good bet for him to lose in the next election and switching parties played into the base of the huge new population of democrats in his state; 200,000 new democratic registrations. This makes him a whore but in today's world being a whore makes you the belle of the ball... one more blushing debutante with six different STD's.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,Mouser. Like les said, I was being sarcastic. Ha! I have to live with people like this, how do you think I feel.

Anonymous said...

Me too Brian.

Anonymous said...

911 was inside job and the people, on the news being tortured, arent the men behind it, true. Will you not see what the torture was for. Two things, bring down the ethos of the US and get local movenments countered. Its also true these "kids" are having fun calling out the bad guys and then do the same in dark corners. This is true of all upper mangement, do as I say and not as I do. We get mad at them, as they wish. Its a way to create a planned response to group thought. If they hate us, we at lest now what fight we're looking at? Its a form of smoke and mirrors. Get us mad and running in circles over things no one put their own hands on.

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

I know you are very well informed Les but the following might be something you aren’t aware of.

With tax receipts cratering due to all the unemployed and the dramatic reduction in business activity it is imperative that the federal government finds new sources of tax revenue to bail out our financial institutions. One proposal that has been bantered around is an oxygen tax. It has been suggested that high tech collars could be locked around the neck of every citizen. These collars would be attractively designed and come in a multitude of colors (at additional cost of course). A generic version would also be available. They would be designed to monitor your respiration and each quarter you would be charged according to the oxygen consumed. Athletes and those who breath excessively would be charged more. Cut down on your breathing and you save money. Everything would be monitored by GPS and you would be billed quarterly.

You might be wondering what would happen to those deadbeats who don’t pay their oxygen tax. By the way Hillary suggested it be called the patriot tax. If you miss a payment your collar would automatically tighten down making it more uncomfortable to breath. (a side benefit would be a more affordable bill next quarter) Also the latest in Taster technology would deliver a periodic sharp reminder to get current on your obligation. The collars would be motion sensitive so no adjustments or discharges are made while driving a vehicle etc. If you are out in public and the person next to you drops to his knees gagging for breath or screams after being zapped you know he is someone to be scorned, a tax deadbeat. After several missed payments the collar would lock down, completely depriving the individual of oxygen. Cut the collar and a minute nanothermite cutting charge would detonate. After watching the towers on 911 we all know what this material can do. Henry Kissinger said this would be a excellent way to comb through the population and eliminate useless eaters. What a great way to guarantee every patriot pays their fair share. No free loaders here. It would also give everyone an incentive to work, even if just enough to pay for oxygen. This is change you better believe in.

Homeland security has gotten into the act. Janet butch Napolitano was quoted as saying, “with GPS collars everyone could be tracked and their conversations monitored“. No need for those illegal wiretaps. Think of the money law enforcement would save. Anyone walking the streets without a collar would be immediately arrested. People entering the country on visas would receive a temporary collar.

There are a multitude of details still to be worked out. Will some collars malfunction, sure, but with the exemplary manufacturing standards in China this should be kept to a minimum.

Well, just giving you a heads up. As our beloved president George W. Bush once said “ Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people and neither do we“.


Visible said...


Would it be too much to ask for links about this. You are correct, this has slipped by me.

Anonymous said...

COUGH………GAG……I’m in complete panic. I’m about to run out the front door screaming and pulling out my hair. I think I have Swine Flu. No time to find links.


Anonymous said...

How about THIS?!

Aaron Russo, (from Freedom to Fascism, anyone?) producer of: Trading Places- Eddie Murphy. Dan Aykroyd. Conspiracy in high places. The weed smokers figure it all out. The World Trade Center Buildings. Jamie Lee Curtis` tits. And Clarence Beeks gets sent to Africa as a female gorilla.

Or is this just "synchromysticism"?

I think that about sums it all up, people.

Take five.


Wilber "Bruce" Lee Put the Fist into TheosoFist

Hank said...

It is true that 911 was an inside job, and as already stated, anyone that still believes the government fairy tale is living in elective ignorance.

That said, I am not so quick to condem Obama. Also as has been said, Obama has to know what went down on 911, but knowing that, he knows what he's up against if he indeed wants change.

The change that we want will not be attained by overt means, unless the american people have the epiphany of a lifetime, and march en masse to DC with their guns, and invite the government to leave. Let me play prophet and just say that that is not going to happen.

I recently watched a star trek where the ferengi, the space jews, took over the ship, and only by playing along for a while, was the captain able to lead them into a trap, and regain control of the ship. There is still that possibility with Obama, and I see signs.

This torture thing, where Obama has SAID that he wants to move on, but it is HE that is releasing the information to the public. Also, he has said that he does not favor a commission or special prosecutor. I think he knows that if that happens, the flow of information that the media are providing would come to a screeching halt, and be filtered through the investigator. It may be just as you say Les, but some of what I see leaves open the possibility of Obama leading his and our enemies into a trap, where we the people are waiting for them. Why else would he be facilitating the flow of damning information about Bush administration policies. He's a smart guy, and I think he knows that the american people will have to be saturated with information about the illegalities during the Bush administration, before they can be compelled to actually DO anything about it. Only time will tell, but I'm not willing to give up hope after only 100 days.

It's going to be a process, and the first thing that has to happen is for the american people to realize that waterboarding is torture. We still have many israeli trolls in the media, that are trying their damnedest to convince people that there is grey area about waterboarding, and given the level of intelligence of the average american, it will take a while for them to "get it". Once the majority understand and accept this one simple fact, the rest should progress more quickly, and if the majority of comments I have read concerning torture are any indication, I think there will be a loud outcry for prosecutions.

Of course, there is always the possibility that I'm blind and full of shit, but I don't seem to be able to let go of my hope. I mean, don't mistake my hope for trust, because I don't trust any of them farther than I can drop kick a grand piano, but I will be watching very closely....and hoping. Peace my friends.

Anonymous said...

goddamnit, didn't you people see where the expert scientists tracked it to a Mexican girl who had the flu while she was herding her pigs in the mountains of Veracruz, she sneezed on the pig, who happened to also have a pig flu, then a bird flew over, who happened to have a bird flu, and shat in the pig's slop, where it ate the poop, whereupon the girl picked her nose just as the pig sneezed. And there you have it.

All this negativity, sheesh! Didn't you see the headlines yesterday: “Times not so bad, experts say”

And all this uproar about torture - c'mon, its just certain people who have a legitimate medical NEED for this stuff havin a little pronographic fun. As someone wrote the other day, "Torture some poor bastard to death and make snuff movies about it so you can watch them in the privacy of your room later on and beat off to the sounds of the man's death rattle... and get promoted."
These are 'exceptional', and sometimes also 'chosen', people, so just leave it alone!

And speaking of 'torture' and '90%' -
Last week one wack UCLA scientist dude, who forces monkeys to take PCP, meth, and coke to "find a cure for addiction and schizophrenia", who heads a pro-animal-torture group called Pro-Test, who unfortunately had his SUV torched by "eco-terrorists", who favors waxed/painted eyebrows, called a demonstration on campus.
400 supporters/torture-cheerleaders showed up, and 40 ecoterrorists showed up. That would mean 90% of L.A. 'humans' are on-board for torture.
Hmmm, maybe that other 'scientist' has a point?

Like, that most of the human race has now completely accepted their severance from the rest of nature and creation.
Ain't civilization great!?


Visible said...

I have got the best and most intelligent readers on the internet bar none. That's a given.

Show me a site anywhere with this much insight AND accord. I wouldn't be shit without you and may not be anyway.

I've factored all you say. I have played it out just like this in my head and I am open and willing. However, I consider it my right and duty to point this stuff out. It could well be what you say. I haven't seen it yet over all this stretch of time and only Jimmy Carter had the humanity I look for but, as you say... he might be that savvy. He might have put all those Israelis in sensitive positions so that they could nail them and he might have left the other Israelis in charge for the same reason. I don't know and that is my motto but... I still have to say what I say. My job is not to cheerlead what looks like 'business as usual". My job is to point out that it looks like 'business as usual. His job is to prove me wrong and on that day I will put on my short skirt and do splits. You can count on it and I can be just as sexy a girl in that get up as I can be the guy who actually does what Steven Segal used to be able to do at any time I have to and that's not just words.

Having made peace with both ends of my spectrum I can act either out should I choose; that I choose not to is predicated on my wanting to be had by the force that is really in charge.

I know (I think) what this is all about and I would suggest it is for demonstration purposes only.

Visible said...

I get emails like this every day.

People... send me your comments if you can't get through. Zionist controlled Blogger has been messing with me for a long time. That is why there is a Wordpress Mirror Site.

Please people... email me your comments if you are having problems. I can even correct your spelling which... sometimes is atrocious.

Hola Les

I apologize for sending this by email, I have tried many times to post to the site but nothing appears, of course this could be because the content of my messages were not satisfactory and know the rest....

Anyway regarding this particular posting, you have once again done a bang up wonderful job! I really do admire the way you can put it all into words and do so with a certain

I have been wondering for a while now, at least since the pre election time frame, when there were several high ranking officials Biden and Powell are two who immediately come to mind, spouting off about how the next President would be facing some dire situations to (wink wink) test him, what was being concocted in the dark hallways of the cabal.

They knew back then that their raising and lowering of of the terror level threat faster than a hookers panties was wearing off the general populace so they must have had some other plan in mind. The embarrassment in recent days regarding the so called captured terrorist cell in GB at a cost of over 100 Million pounds and resulting in a conviction.... yeah right, resulting in the release of those captured only to further dampen the enthusiasm for Terrorist Threats.

Lets face it the general population is starting to get complacent regarding terrorists and some are even starting in some cases to realize who the real terrorists are, THEY can't have this! THEY need to keep the masses, the stupid masses in a state of fear, and what better way to do it then to introduce an evil that has the possibility to reach every one? This virus scare is in perspective not as big a deal as people dying of malaria, so treat it as such but hey it is working working like a charm.....booga booga better cover your nose and mouth when you cough, wash your hands, wear this ineffective mask etc etc.... and the masses fall for it. When this calms down and people get complacent again, then it will be be evil alien, Planet X, 2012, Armageddon or something else that scares people silly...

To me once again the plane over NYC was a diversion tactic. The debate regrading torture, what constitutes torture what doesn't who is responsible who isn't this whole ploy was again to scare the bejesus out of those who would most rally a cry for the use ans sanctity of torture and that would be those most traumatized initially....New Yorkers. Using Air Force One, well would any other airline company pull such a stunt? Don't think so as if their particular industry isn't in enough trouble, and with using AF1 well you can say what ever you need to to cover up the story. Again the whole scenario is to scare people back into conformity....and again (sigh).... it is working cause people are talking the talk that if torture is what prevents another 9/11 form occurring then balls to the walls boys. Nothing could be further from the truth but to the weakest minds what the MSM and the politicians tell you is the truth.

You know the human species is by and large a very stupid animal.....

Enough for now

Cheers LEs, again thamks for putting it all out there!


Visible said...

I left the last line just to show you how good I can make you sound.

Thank you Lawrence for sending me this and you should all remember... We have ALREADY won. You need to know this. Some things are going to happen soon that you may not be expecting. I know THEY are not expecting it. Be of good cheer.

Anonymous said...

I just love your calm, understated, mellow, relaxed way of getting at the truth Les.

suraci said...

You simply speak truth Les: condensed, distilled truth.

100% proof truth.

Masher1 said...

When God throws down man will have no doubt about the justice and it's target.

Something wonderful is coming.

Something so filled with Justice and Good even the most isolated and remote humans will see the dangers of following the ways of Satan.

God can't be fooled or tricked. His way will be of serious consequence to every satanic scumbag. Just punishments for EVERY evil deed WILL be served and borne.

Education on this whole concept WILL not be avoided.

Sorry satanists but your day will come and YOUR ashes will be trodden upon by those willing to hear the message and DO the work.

Palestine IS free and every attempt to change this is going to slam into God and his justice. Pain and loss WILL visit the Evil men of our day in such a way as to provide AMPLE example of the end of the road for the followers of Satan and it's horrific agenda.

Faith in God is a good path. I have seen this VERY clearly in this event filled year and can say those who spit such venom as "I don't believe in God" will GET IT TOO soon! They all have a tune up so large coming it's manifest will dumbfound even the most hardy and resolute Satanist.

Good folks will inherit the WHOLE remaining world and there is ZERO the Satanist can do about it.

Good riddance and Learn your lessons well in the days to come lest ye become ASHES.

Anonymous said...

As far as big O's first 100 days, check out the first 100 days of the first female president of Chili and see what is possible. She set up prosecutions, passed sweeping human rights laws, environmental laws and much more. In the first 100 days.

The flu is much better than using bombs or airplanes. How can you blame nature? :) Or, how can you prove it was done in a lab? part II had to be widespread to cause maximum panic and distraction.

After the masses are in a panic there will be another action taken. Only the masses will be to worried about themselves to pay much attention.


Anonymous said...

I imagine the innocent animals, slaughtered by the billions, and whose horrible torturous deaths all the pseudo civilized meat eaters are complicit in, think just about every one of you all is a 'satanist.'

Hank said...

Les, I know you gotta do what you do, and I have yet to read anyone else that does it so well. When my thoughts get hungry, this is the first place I think of to come for food, and as you have noted, not just from you. Your other readers and posters have been a constant source of knowledge for me.

I'm just leanin Les, just like people do when they let go of the bowling ball, and they're not sure it's going where they want. You know, that post delivery body english that the ball never seems to understand. The american people, at least most of the smarter ones, delivered the ball election day, and I'd venture to say that we're all leanin like a mother fucker, because we know what has happened in the past, post delivery and we just don't have the faith in our shot, to just turn and walk away. I'm just hoping that, like in bowling, that we are pleasantly surprized by the outcome of a shot we don't have a lot of faith in. Peace.

Visible said...


I carried a 192 average and have several plus 290 games to my credit; no 300 games yet. Then again, I haven't bowled more than 3b times in 20 years.

Yo... my friend, unknown defender of the animal realm... we're all food pilgrim and you are confusing corporate life with essential life... there is a difference. Me and my consort save animals every single day. At our own expense we traffic and feed them and not a drive in this benighted landscape does not reveal a hungry dog which we feed and water.

I have been a half veg for decades. I refuse to give up fish and nothing about the Vegan outlook motivates me to copy hypocrites I have seen at work more times than you can imagine.

My house is a menagerie of abused animals and it's hard for me to do what I do with these creatures around but I do it for Ganesha whom, last time I looked was Lord of the Devic Realm. However, I know that you cannot stop animal abuse until you stop human abuse.

I have sat at tables with the Woody Harrelson's and others who mouth the thing and eat raw foods diets but when it comes to the nitty gritty almost no one and I mean almost no one puts there time and money where it counts. I have very little money at all but I feed my devic friends like I feed myself. If you want people to support what you believe in then you must not hassle the ignorant as much as you should set the example. Nailing people for a burger has never saved a cow.

Once you have sorted out the karma that has made you strident, I will show you the portal.

Ron said...

Not to be flippant about the grave matters this article brings up, but there's a great book about writing called "Story" by Robert McKee. McKee mentions a concept in storytelling called "the negation of the negation," which basically means taking something terrible that happens in the story and making it 10 times worse. He gives the example of the movie "Chinatown," where the evil grandfather not only commited incest, but went on to commit incest with the child of his daughter. 9-11 and torture are examples of the "negation of the negation." Instead of John Huston, however, we have our own government committing unspeakable acts. And instead of being a movie, it happened (and in the case of torture is still happening) in real-life. We need to negate the negators with public trials investigating both the inside job of 911 and those who gave the go-ahead for torture. All Americans should hang thier heads in shame until they convince their elected officials to investigate these reeking, wide open, totally unsolved crimes.

Anonymous said...

In my lifetime I have seen four recessions. So it would appear things change very little, for the little man will get it in the gob all the time.

This time I think it is a tad more serious. It is made a lot more serious as a whole generation has been weaned on a concoction of filth and purile drivel, which has been fed to said generation by a corrupt and adept media.

Despite my better judgment I still have a vain hope in Mr Obama. For we have to hope and perhaps dream of one just man. This I might add, is written by a man who was decried for daring to mention the words Uncle Tom a long long time ago.

We have to remember JFK was no paragon of justice in the beginning, but I do believe, he would have come good in the end. This is why he had to be murdered.
I am nearly of the opinion this will be the lot of Mr Obama, as he is the suit measured for a more evil devil... enter Mr Biden.

Just keep telling it as it is Les, and I will keep telling people of your rants. For I do believe the time left for telling is getting shorter. But we can all only do what we can with the time given us.

Best wishes, Mac.

Just A. Human said...

I have posted, “India: Past and The Future – Part III”.

(It is all about the “Banking Empire” – And, The Empire is always on the move. It is pertinent that we understand these moves.)

The Part III sheds light on the operational structure of the British Empire. After reading it, you will have a different understanding of the politics of the Indian subcontinent, Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere.

When The British had to leave, they made sure that they were leaving their priced possession in the hands of their trusted servants.

You will also have a different perspective of the word “Hindu” or “Hindi” or “Indi” – It was the British magic that transformed a regional identity into a religious identity.

You will like to look again at all those greatly touted “great leaders”.

You can read the whole article at:

I am working on Part IV, the final in the series. It will cover the real freedom movements and the leaders in India, and role of the hyped and Made in England fake leaders.

Just A. Human

Mouser said...

Barak Hussein Obama...the first "Jewish" president?

Anonymous said...

Is this 'portal' meant for all the jivas or are some barnyard animals created a little more equal than others?

Myself? I'll cast my lot with men as these..

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
"To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being."
Mahatma Gandhi

"Thou shalt not kill" does not apply to murder of one's own kind only, but to all living beings; and this Commandment was inscribed in the human breast long before it was proclaimed from Sinai. ~Leo Tolstoy

"For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love."

"Can you really ask what reason Pythagoras had for abstaining from flesh? For my part I rather wonder both by what accident and in what state of soul or mind the first man did so, touched his mouth to gore and brought his lips to the flesh of a dead creature, he who set forth tables of dead, stale bodies and ventured to call food and nourishment the parts that had a little before bellowed and cried, moved and lived. How could his eyes endure the slaughter when throats were slit and hides flayed and limbs torn from limb? How could his nose endure the stench? How was it that the pollution did not turn away his taste, which made contact with the sores of others and sucked juices and serums from mortal wounds?" ~Plutarch

Anonymous said...

I sit with cat in lap and dog under foot. I feel their spirit more and more. They have been our companions through time and space.

I wonder about all of the barking about the flu but no real bite. No real actions just lots of hooting and hollering. I suspect it may be just a lot of noise, or not. It will only take a few weeks to know.

I least I am already in Boulder. :)


Anonymous said...

This would be a perfect read for Barry's telepromter

Zellie said...

I see what you see, I hear what you hear, I understand a lot of what you say, and learn from what I don't understand but what you clarify, explain, simplify, expound upon...seems a simple seek the truth, to learn, to grow, to do...

Why oh why do so many not do this? I often wonder how little Bushie goes about his days, wandering about his ways, carrying on writing his book, thinking he made such tough decisions on his watch...I guess it is a tough decision to sit in that school room, not moving, just doing as he was told, glued to the seat, unfettered from action. Cheney now the ex-cheerleader criticizing all actions portending our weaknesses as a country - wide open for our next attack....when it becomes clear to the average American that we have ALWAYS been wide open to an attack, and ARE STILL wide open to an attack...5% of trucks are inspected, less that 10% of buses, 650,000 people cross our southern border every day...what part of that makes any one feel safe?

This FLU-k-ey thingy...I think it is the 2nd act, as I wrote about a while back...but I think it's a test shot across the bow of humanity...somewhere out there are eager beavers, lighting up their cities on their maps of the world, seeing how fast and how far this flu-k-ey thingy will go, how many it kills, how many it sickens, what's its shelf life, will Tamiflu work against it, how soon can they can a vaccination together, will they make it a law that you have to take the injection,'s a marker...

I think the seedlings have already been going on, through the chem trails...I think they have already seeded several areas of the do I know this, where is my proof? Well, the proof is in me, 2 sicknesses in 2 months...sickness like I've never had before, that's how I know.

How did I know 911 was an inside Job? It spoke to me as I sat there, unemployed and was so obvious, it just was...that's how I know, so quickly posted highjackers photographs (never contradicted later when some were still alive), Bush sitting there, commander on the chair is all he was, no natural action, no courage, no conviction, no CURIOSITY...all the undeniable proof came later....the proof that no respectable MSM organization will even peek into much less research...

That's enough to tell you all you need to know...and don't forget...another nail in the coffin of the truth, as far as I am concerned...a tape was released Bush's last week in office, of never before seen footage of one of the towers falling...a beautiful unencumbered, steady video... I took it as a warning to Bush, to keep his mouth shut.

I think the truth is going to come out...someone, somewhere is going to reveal'll be there coupe de grace (excuse me if I spelled that wrong), but you know, the height of their existence...let's hope they can get it out before they go bye bye.

I, too, come here for a refreshing drink...

Ivan de Coward said...

While we all were chewing on the swine flu hysteria the pigs have orchestrated at long last the passage of The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, HR 1913 in the House. When this becomes a law a simple participation in Les Visible's blog could land you in jail.

What God wants God gets God help us all - Roger Waters, Pink Floyd.

Learn Morse Code.

Predicted 531.0 % increase said...

"FY 2009 Outlook
Increased Sales and Income Expected in FY 2009
Due to Higher Sales of Growth Drivers.

For the year, we forecast sales of Tamiflu to reach ¥53.0 billion, up 531.0%, due to expected resumption of government stockpiling in FY2009 and the ongoing recovery of the prescription rate for seasonal influenza."

George Orwell said...

" The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them."-- George Orwell, English writer, 1903-1950

Mouser said...

Illuminati=NWO>Rothschilds>IMF=Bilderberger=CFR>Freemasons=Zionists=Neocons>police state=martial law.

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now and it is dedicated to you, the reader.

Mr Visible Meets the Invisible Man.

salialioli said...


That's exactly what I've been complaining about for, dear me, soooo long now.

It's nearly ten years. Ten years of excrutiating frustration.

Thanks for saying it, yet again, Mr. Visible. Keep on saying it. We have to have a patience that is superhuman ...

love and peace

Hadik said...

In many cases, the people being tortured were just rounded up by warlords and sold for the money that was offered. In many cases, the people being tortured were people who objected to the presence of foreign invaders who made war on their country based on false intel dummied up by the same people who did 9/11.

i'd like to have more info on that

anyone got some sources?

Hadik said...

We have ALREADY won. You need to know this. Some things are going to happen soon that you may not be expecting. I know THEY are not expecting it. Be of good cheer.

i'm gonna eat my pants if this has something to do with Fulford and this ancient secret society he spoke of

Anonymous said...

How cold and evil do you have to be to walk through your days believing the same convenient lies? How do you do it? How do you ignore what is happening in Palestine today? Les, you make assumption that they know what you know. President and congresspeople have other sources of information, such as Washington Institute for Near East Policy, funded by Israel, and this "institute" is delivering regular analytical memos to all congresspeople. Israel has realized long ago that it's the information that is the weapon of this century. They have achieved owning all major mass media influencing the ordinary folks in the country; do you think they have forgotten about those channels that influence the decisionmakers? Rest assured that everybody on their payroll, which is everybody in Washington, does receive more than enough "analysis" to actually believe that it's Palestinians who are terrorists, that Israel is only defending itself, and so on - yes, in all seriousness.

1. "AIPAC meets with every candidate running for Congress. These candidates receive in-depth briefings to help them completely understand the complexities of Israel's predicament and that of the Middle East as a whole. We even ask each candidate to author a 'position paper' on their views of the U.S.-Israel relationship, so it's clear where they stand on the subject."

2. "Members of Congress, staffers and administration officials have come to rely on AIPAC's memos. They are very busy people and they know that they can count on AIPAC for clear-eyed analysis. We present this information in concise form to elected officials. The information and analyses are impeccable, -after all our reputation is at stake. This results in policy and legislation that make up Israel's lifeline."

Anonymous said...

Very good Les.

This virus is no more came from nature than a car comes from nature.
Love it!

couple interesting tidbits:
Swine Flu Smoking Gun? CDC was Combining Flu Viruses in 2004

Now 88 Dead Scientists And Microbiologists deadmicro.htm

Instant denial by Fuduka:"No Evidence Swine Flu Is Bioterrorism Attack"

Keiji Fukuda's credentials also come into question: event...daBio_final.pdf

Dr. Fukuda is team leader of the epidemiology unit, influenza branch, Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC).


Keep up the good work man.

Masher1 said...

Well Les we are now engaged in the Swine flu garbage stream for a few days now so let me ask you this... Do you think the TORTURE thing was Why all this lame duck Flu noise was all so suddenly thrown into our faces?

Mouser said...

Time (no, past time) to cut the "life-line" to Israel. The bully needs to learn to stand on its own two feet in order for it to come down to reality.

Anonymous said...

Please don't regard this as trite because I agree with what you've writeen and it is as serious as serious gets, but I still can't stop thinking about this "game" below, and how it possibly relate to all that's going on. Wanted to link it a copule of posts ago but ...anyhow here it is for what it's worth:

I think that the fuckers have launched multiple attacks/cards at once for maximum chaotic effect.

I also know thta they cannot win, that it's impossible for them to do so. It's only the kknowledge of this that gets me through countless moments. But thatnks for putting it out there, stating it as a reminder, which many of us sorely need. Thanks

haha the word verification is -- idest
ides or tides? yup, both.

Anonymous said...

In the paradigmatic words of Larson E Whipsnade (president and general manager of Whipsnade's Circus Giganticus): "As my grandfather said before they sprung the trap: "never give a sucker an even break, or smarten up a chump."

Visible said...

HI Folks;

Susanne, who is off on a trip was supposed to let you know I've been off the internet all day. At least she did post your comments. Hi Sweetie, if you're reading this then you know something really strange happened and... heh heh. It's about as strange as the things that are happening around the world.

Anyway, I was writing what follows when I blast of thunder hit the air and there was no internet; makes no sense since nothing electrical was affected.

I'm putting up a new Visible Origami now.

The Spiritual Master Game and Official T-Shirt.A few comments;

You want fries with that? I've never even heard of Fulford. What has to be understood about me is that I have certain and sure evidence of the existence of a conscious and benevolent all powerful divine presence. I base what I said on that.

As for sources on people being sold by warlords you can google that. That is pretty much common knowledge as for those tortured for defending their country (insurgents) you have Abu Ghraib and all sorts of things. The false intel is of the sort spread around by people like Michael Ledeen, Niger yellow cake and lots of other lies.

For the fellow concerned about animal treatment. Sometimes it is difficult for me to be comprehensive in this format and I often don't reply when I should; even when people ask me direct questions. So much happens in the course of a day that these things slip by me so... if you really need an answer from me (anyone) about something you have to email me. I don't mean to let things slip but they do. Anyway, back to the animal thing.

You have to realize that this is the Kali Yuga. I'm not justifying anything it's just that these are the times we live in. There's a lot of ignorance around.

I realize that you are upset about this but the best you can do is what you do by example. We're all food sooner or later; again, I'm not trying to justify or excuse anything. As it so happens I am familiar with most of those quotes and I agree with them.

For myself, I even relocate insects when I see them in danger with the exception of flies and mosquitoes and certain dangerous ones on certain occasions. We are living in a dark age my friend. I try to be realistic about it. There are a great many worthy causes. This is but one of them although to you it might be the most important.

I hope I didn't offend you with anything I said. I can't remember (grin). I have great affection for Lord Ganesha who is the Lord of the Devic Realm which is also the kingdom of animals.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply, Les..

The animal fellow.

greg said...

Hello .I haven't posted in a while-- not much to say.
I think I may agree with Hank Re: Obama. I've been watching all this very closely and I think Les and many others are being very hard on Obama. Just think for a minute: He's black (different culture),from a background in a number of countries (world view), worked as a community organizer making very little money
(dedicated), finds himself as President, in the beginning of a financial meltdown caused by---the BANKS), a couple of false and murderous wars he had been against, etc,etc. Assume for a minute he really wants to deliver on his promise of change. Think about what he said in an answer to a question from the NY Times last night about what had suprised him as the new President. After thinking about it for a few seconds,he says " that the president can't just push a button and make everything better. I'm suprised how many power levers there are out there." (paraphrase).
Think about the fact that some Senator (I beleive it was) said the other day,on the MSM that, "The banks own the Senate."
Now just think of the forces arrayed against the change he ( and us) wants to bring about. Think about John Kennedy.
How could anyone change this rotten system ?
The only way is slowly, and in a way, semi-covertly.
He has to say all the "correct" things Re: Israel, but he knows what's going on (Bill Ayres, etc.), and what would happen if he suddenly came out against Israel? They'd impeach him in record time.
Why isn't he coming out for prosecution of the former Gang of criminals? He's letting the pressue build.He's stoking the fire and leaving the door open. The AG is quietly working away- door open. The peope are split as a result of the Republicans (what's left of them), and the gang of idiots on FOX News who are rabid on this issue, stirring up the fear again. So Obama just keeps feeding the fire slowly (the Pentagon is going to release 2000 torture photos any day now). This will go on until he buids more poplar support for prosecution, meanwhile he remains above it all, so he can't be accused of a "witch hunt" for political gain when the proceedings are forced to begin.
That's one example.
He also took a lot of heat when Justice filed that State Secrets Act brief to prevent a trial. He said last night that that happened because they just got in office, the filing was due, they'd have to revamp the Act to file differently, and there wasn't time so they had to file what had been prepared under Bush. But that they were working on changing it.
Sounds reasonable to me.
The examples go on but you get where I'm coming from. The man is hugely popular as a person. This is his only power and "they" will go after him like wolverines as his agenda moves forward. I don't think he was "chosen" by the elites to be President. That was McCain's job. But when Obama took out Clinton to everyone's astonishment, and beat hell out of McCain, Their plan went awry and- we'll see what happens next because the real struggle going on now in the halls of power is unscripted, so it's playing out in front of us and it needs to be watched with a careful and probing eye to see what's really hapening and where we're heading.

This analysis is not necessarily my belief (remember that rant) but it is a sound hypothesis, I think.
I hope

Dadnerd said...

We do live in a violent culture. It is based on violence, and maintained by same.
There were from 8 to 140 million indigenous people living in the Americas when the 1492 voyage of Christopher Columbus began a historical period of large-scale European interaction with the Americas. Where are they now?

If we could personify this government, any government, he would be an outlaw. And to misquote a favorite line of mine...

"He's not hard to find—he leaves bodies behind where ever he goes."

But, I know what youre thinking punk.

sounder said...

Thanks Greg and Hank for your perspectives.

It is a large stretch for my imagination to carry these thoughts, but it does remind me of an idea from Beryl Lang from his book 'Philosophical Style'. He pointed out that in the old days that often the only way to generate new ideas was for the 'teachers' to promote old ideas in an exaggerated form, in the hope that the students natural questioning would undermine those ideas.

This was taken as a better option than getting ones head chopped off.

Hank said...

First, thanks to greg and sounder for the nods. It's good to know that others are bothered by these little anomalous things that Obama does that a, dyed in the wool one of them wouldn't do. If questioned by "them", they can be written off as inexperience, and if not seen by "them" as having intent, may not be seen as a threat. Especially since they do seem to be over reaching either in arrogance or desperation.

There is something about this Obama guy. I don't know exactly what it is, but when you look at the positive response he gets around the world, and to understand the power that comes with such approval, it strikes me as something potentially huge. There is an approval for this man that exceeds his deeds, and it is, for whatever reason, for him personally. Maybe it's just because the world is pleased that we now have a president that can actually pronounce the word nuclear, I don't know, but the potential for real change that comes with that level of approval is huge.

Do I trust any of these positive possibilities? No, but I can't stop smacking myself in the head with my palm, saying why, why, why is he doing THIS, when most of the evidence points to the same old thing in black face.

If I had to choose today, I'd be with Les, and flush the whole lot down the toilet. They have led us to the brink of distruction, and up til now, deserve no better. I just hope I end up glad that I don't have to choose today.

Yes, there is something about this Obama guy, and he may very well be the real thing. Just now though, I don't know wheather he is the real good thing, or the real bad thing. Til we know for sure though, I'll be leanin. Peace my friends.

Oh! One other quick question. Why do they call it word verification, when it's never a real word.

Visible said...

Well... I hope somehow Obama will come up with some change I can believe in but so far this is not the case in all the wrong ways.

Obama's 100 days.

sounder said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sounder said...

greg wrote...

'I don't think he was "chosen" by the elites to be President.'

I first thought he was 'chosen' when he gave the keynote speech at the DNC. McCain seemed to be groomed also, but overplayed his 'independent' scam and has an ornery streak.

Still, a tool can sometimes find uses for which it was not originally designed.

Anonymous said...

We, the European Americans, along with a veritable kaleidoscope of other ethnics who, over the last few hundred years, have reached the shores to this “U. S. of A.,” are the invasive species! However, humans in general may also be the invasive species of this planet...another story for another time.

With that being said, Obama is, in my opinion, a Fraud. The perfect Fraud, a perfect Fraud, in fact.

When main stream America finally figures out they've been duped regarding the '9/11 who done it' scam, then, it is possible, the next logical step, as our make believe, picture perfect postcard world unravels around us and that smidgen of Consciousness finally begins to grab hold, the Obama scamster will be exposed for who he truly is; the drug taking, sexually perverted, smooth talking shyster. In the mean time, he keeps us "wanting to believe!" And, he is good, sooooo very good with that delivery. Why, it makes me want to be a Black Man, er, a White man, um, a Malado? Now wait a minute here. His daddy was black. His mommy was white. Black + White = Black? Hmmm, something ain’t quite right here, Kingfish. Oh, pardon me, sorry for the slip. Was that a hate crime? If it isn’t today, it probably will be tomorrow. Unless I live in Canada, or Austria, or Germany, or where ever the masses of that particular country have laid down on their tummies with their rumps in the air and pointed: “Here, stick it here...make it hurt...that feels so good!”

Anyway, this “white” man Obama was not born in this country. But just as most people over looked the perfect illusion created by those who painted the picture of the collapse of that third building on that “tragic day” back in ‘01, the same “people” are in denial about our so called dictator, savior, Messiah, Golden Boy. And the picture that continues to be painted of him is total, absolute, filled to the top, down the back side, around the bottom, and through the center, BULL SHIT. If those here want to "believe" in the miracle white...blite...whack...whatever, magic piper, then remember, you will get exactly what you deserve. He's been impeccable with his delivery as long as he's got that teleprompter dispatching directions to him; reassuring words of hope and change holding us in his spell. But he’s an empty suit, "an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill." And he’s going to try, with their unwavering support, to take us all to the cleaners.

I'll wash my own clothes, thank you very much.

Hope? Nope!

European American

Still alive said...

Hey, I have a really good idea!

Let`s take all those mass murdering, international terrorist war criminals (and all their supporters) in america and israel and england and the other "coalition of the willing" pariah terrorist states and send them of to guantanamo bay for some of that good old fashioned torture!

Now that would be taxpayer money well spent! In fact I would gladly donate to any organization that supports such proceedings!

And then sell the videos for $19.95. I would gladly buy the entire series!

And just to remind the american people how "free" and "brave" and "christian" etc. they are today your israeli puppet government dropped all charges against the aipac spies for passing top secret, sensitive documents to that international terrorist rathole.

God bless america!

What a country!

greg said...

You have added exactly nothing to the discussion.

nokilli said...

Israel is blackmailing American politicians and directing them to do their bidding. They are able to do this because we've allowed them access to our telecommunications infrastructure, i.e., they know who (and what) everybody is fucking. More importantly, it is very likely that we've also allowed them to deploy nuclear warheads within the United States, in the unlikely event the former persuasion proved insufficient.

During the Iraq war, every national news network in America has featured a Jew as President of either the network itself or the news division within. Major newspapers like The New York Times are famous for being controlled by Jews. Even an news organization like NPR (National Public Radio) has now featured three Jewish CEO's in a row.

If you are really serious about "change you can believe in" as it pertains to American foreign policy, then you need to think about throwing off the yoke of the fear of being accused of anti-Semitism, and start pointing at the wholly improbable aggregation of power exercised by Jews within America.

Obviously, all Jews are not to blame for this. But there is a minority within, a group of racist Jews, who can and do direct this nation to do its bidding. They are in part successful at this effort because so many of you are so afraid of directing criticism at anyone who is Jewish because, again, of the fear of being accused of being anti-Semitic.

We know that there are racist whites, racist blacks, racist Asians and racist Hispanics. Is it really so incredible to believe that there are racist Jews as well?

I would ask you to consider carefully this one question:

Do you really believe that the news we receive about the Middle East would be the same if, rather than Jews dominating our newsrooms, we saw Muslims instead?

And as for being accused of being anti-Semitic, the term is itself more racist than even those it intends to smear.

Enough already.

notamobster said...

hola vis - I have missed you in my travails in the real world. I have been incredibly busy fighting for real hope for man..... Unfortunately, as one of my employees showed --- the words are not working (he came to work wearing a surgical mask today.....FUCK!!!! I mean, seriously.... more people die from malaria every single day....1 every 30 seconds)

Anywho... I miss you a great deal vis. I have deleted my blogs, as I just don't have time to keep them up. I'm too busy being surreptitious (huge smile).

I would like to congratulate those who have hope for Chairman Mao-bama. I have never been able to believe in anyone as much as they do.
He has been fashioned by Brezinski and others to be what the people need (check his professors at Columbia).

It has nothing to do with his status as a democrat/liberal/what-have-you.... he is window-dressing people! Wake up. He is there keeping you from being a reactionary. He is keeping you quiet while they set the stage.

You simply must wake the fuck up, folks. Think about it.... who were the most pissed off? Blacks and young progressives. Who are the biggest cheerleaders, now?

notamobster said...

European American - bravo.

notamobster said...

hey vis - here's a huge god-damned surprise:

AIPAC espionage charges dropped! Hope and Change. Hope and Change.... Maybe he's just letting them go so he can catch them in a bigger crime next time!

Mouser said...

I wish Hank had it right, but I sincerely think EuroAmer has it correct. BTW it's not our dirt that is demanded it is our money, our liberity and our freedom of speech that he wants to clean us out for.
Think about this: if WhackBlite were just bidding his time to make an honest move to cleanWhitehouse, WHY would he send 27,000 more soldiers to Afghanistan? Would he not be then trying to pave the way to heaven with the innocent lives of young, poor blacks and whites?
Naaa, sorry folks, EuroAmero is correct. We are being led as lemmings to our american/western world deaths.

Anonymous said...


Faith That Is Un-Shakable In Financial Hard Times
Dear Friends

The current financial shaking that dominates the earth is a spiritual shaking, as well as a marketplace one. Hebrews 12:26 says God shakes not only the earth but also the heavens. And He has an express purpose for it.

"the removal of what can be shaken, that is, what he has made, so that what cannot be shaken may remain."

In a time of shaking, God purifies the inhabitants of the earth of those things that are not of Him, that what is of Him may come forth. Of course many do not receive it, and harden themselves. It is then destructive to them. Believers also experience the shaking, but if we walk in faith, allow Him to expose our hearts and repent, we come forth as gold. The current shaking is working in several ways.

1. This Shaking Confronts Mankind About his Fundamental Trust.
For those who trust in mammon, the shakings generates fear and anxiety. Most men are looking for financial stability to solve their fears. But what we all need is spiritual stability.

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will trust in the name of the Lord our God.
Psalms 20:7

As Christians we say "we trust in God for our provision".... but our hearts betray us... most of us have the same anxieties as the world! This is OK! It is exactly what God wants to show us. He is using the shaking to reveal that our trust has been in horses and chariots more than Him. Now we can repent and come forth as gold!

That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:
I Peter 1:7

2. The Corruptions of Capitalism are Being Exposed. Mans Sinful Systems are Being Revealed.
Many Christians feel capitalism is a God given financial system. There are reasons to think this since capitalism allows man the freedom and creativity God made him for. But in reality capitalism is part of mans kingdom and can only work when there are the virtues of honesty and trust. Currently the greed and manipulation that dominate capitalism are being exposed, and many of us invested in it! Lets get it straight, the marketplace has been under the dominion of sin! Capitalism can work for a godly people, but it collapses for a corrupt people.

This calls for a reform of soul, a salvation from corrupt character. Without revival our nations will only descend deeper into the mire of financial sin! In short, without a conviction of sin, righteousness and judgment, there is no hope! Oh church, where is the preacher of righteousness in this hour? Why is the church praying for finances to be saved, rather than souls to be saved? We should be praying that hearts get back on track before we pray for the marketplace to get back on track! It is time to declare that we have been serving mammon and are reaping the rewards of sin. It is time for Gods people to demonstrate righteousness in the marketplace!

3. The Shaking is Separating the Leaven of the World Out Of The Church
Jesus told the disciples to beware of three kinds of leaven. The leaven of the pharisees, the saducees and Herod. Leaven is a way of thinking that permeates everything. The current financial shaking is separating the church from the leaven of the world. Here are some features of the leaven.

The Leaven of The Pharisees is depending on religious performance and legalism, a Christianity without Gods love or grace. This shaking will strip us of the leaven of the Pharisees, and we will see that provision comes because of God's love for us. Our own righteousness does not bring His provision. A few years ago I asked God why we were financially struggling when I tithed and gave. He taught me to depend on His love and not my self righteousness. Jesus taught us that the Father loves us and knows we need these things, and will provide.

Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? 32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. 33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
Matt. 6:31-33

The Leaven of the Saducees is a life of unbelief, a Christianity without the supernatural intervention of God. This shaking will strip us of the leaven of the Saducees as we become desperate for His invention. Like the Israelites learned in the desert, either Jehovah acts or we perish! We must learn to depend on Him for daily bread during the crisis. We must expect miracles! Many times my wife and I have seen many times already. I may have no work for my business and bills are mounting. We pray for Gods Kingdom to come, and for our daily bread, and even while the prayer is being said the phone will ring with a Good Paying Contract. He IS the God who acts! We WILL depend on Him for our daily bread.

The Leaven of Herod - is a life of living by expediency, doing our own will, even if it is unrighteous. The leaven of Herod is a Christianity without the Kingdom of God. But for the the kingdom is becoming real. The Lord wants to show us His government on earth. through His people. It is not 'anything that works", but a walk with Him. Sometimes its a road that makes no sense. For example, when I left pastoral ministry five years ago it made no sense. I had no salary. I felt the Lord say I should not receive unemployment insurance. We became desperate and began to learn the lessons about finances and trust that the church faces now. We have been learning a new way of walking with Him seldom seen in the church. He wants a people who know their God!

4. The Shaking is Forcing People to Depend On God
In many places people are praying as never before. Now they see the shortcomings of their faith. When God was shaking my life I began to ask Him "why am I so dependent on my circumstances?" "Why is my joy tied to money?" "Lord, show me how to live in full dependence on you and not financial circumstances. Teach me how to trust you." David discovered the joy of the Lord apart from circumstances in Psalm 4 and I wanted that joy and trust!

There are many that say, "Oh that we mights see some good? LORD, lift thou up the light of thy countenance upon us." (in other words help us in our financial problems. ed.) 7 But thou hast put more joy in my heart, than they have when their grain and wine abound" Psalm 4:6,7

Paul said he learned the secret of living in plenty and want. It's contentment with God! The current shaking is forcing us to face what our heart is like, and LEARN to be content! Remarkably, once we are content He gives us our hearts desire, and supplies us all we need. The secret is contentment, and we can learn it!

I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. 12 I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. 13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.But godliness with contentment is great gain.
Phillipians 4:11-13

5. God is Using The Shaking To bring Forth His Kingdom
The Spirit of God is transforming His church into a Kingdom people. For nearly two millenea it seems like a cloud has obscured the Kingdom of God from view. In periods of revival there seemed to be breakthroughs, but eventually spiritual freedom and love seemed to be overrun by legalism, worldly systems, or unbelief. Now we are pressing into the kingdom again. Financially we understand the Kingdom of God is different from other Kingdoms. Heres how.

The Kingdom of Creation - Sowing and reaping dominate the created order. Sowing and reaping is fundamental to all living things. God has made us to participate in nature and sowing and reaping .But it is not the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of Man - Buying and selling dominate the kingdoms of man. God gave man ability to create and profit by it. But greed and sin have perverted it and have generated the current crisis. It needs to be redeemed. But this is not the Kingdom of God either.

The Kingdom of God - Giving and receiving dominate the Kingdom of God. God is filled with love and favor toward man. He has reconciled Himself to us at the cross! He is full of mercy and compassion towards us. When we participate in His Kingdom we receive from His bounty and we too are filled with love and favor towards others. We give and bless with the same heart as God. The Kingdom of God flows through the world as it flows through our life. .

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken,
let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe,
for our "God is a consuming fire." Hebrews 12:28-29


Terry Somerville

Anonymous said...


I have not studied Wallerstein, so I’m curious about his “socialism or barbarism” view — what does he mean by a worse system?

I understand worst-case scenarios, like an inter-imperialist war going nuclear or biological leading to a kind of 'Mad Max' feudalism, but worst-cases are rare and not much to base your theory on. In the last 100 years we’ve seen some major crises and world wars that lead to new rounds of accumulation. How are things significantly different today?

As I see it, there are two new factors in play here: resource and environmental exhaustion, which can only be overcome by large-scale planning, and the widespread IT infrastructure, which makes possible economic planning beyond the dreams of the 1930s. Both of those tend toward socialist solutions.

I don’t really understand how a large-scale break down of accumulation leads to something which is exploitative and hierarchical and not capitalist and not socialist, unless he’s talking about the “Mad Max” scenario. Even that would seem to lead back to capitalism.

Wallerstein is not saying that socialism is inevitable which was the position of mechanical marxist predictions in the past about the demise of capitalism. The Second and Third International prophecies about the end of capitalism tied together the thesis of the "inevitable end of capitalism" with the thesis of the "inevitable emergence of socialism."

The latter was deterministically thought as a result of the former. In Wallerstein we have the thesis of the "inevitable end of capitalism" without the "inevitable emergence of socialism."

As a matter of fact, Wallerstein is very insistent on the problem that the new historical system that emerge might be worst than capitalism and that all will depend on our agency and political struggles in the next decades. The thesis of the inevitable end of capitalism as a historical system that have lasted 500 years, is very well argued by Wallerstein not in THE NATION essay but in his books

Immanuel Wallerstein sees capitalism like other historical systems in the past: they rise and demise, they have a beginning and they have an end. The Roman Empire was a particular form of world-system that Wallerstein calls World-Empire and that lasted one-thousand years.

The Modern World-System is a particular form of world-system that he calls a capitalist world-economy and that so far have lasted more than 500 years. He explains in detail how historical systems end out of its own systemic contradictions.

In his recent books, Wallerstein has analyzed at length in what consist the contradictions that are going to lead to the end the present capitalist world-system (read his work to find out more about his analysis because it is impossible to summarize here).

However, there are important epistemological issues involved here. Wallerstein’s perspective represents a revolution in the social sciences because of his challenges to the analytical TIME/SPACE unit that informs most of social scientists today.

If you think about capitalism as many traditional social scientists, that is, from a nation-state unit of analysis, the argument Wallerstein is making does not make any sense. But if you take the global system, or as he says, the world-system as the unit of analysis with its large scale and long-term structures, then his argument is very coherent and easier to understand.

One of the points made by Avakian in his so-called new synthesis is about internationalism. He claims that the international system is decisive over the national context. Well, I find dishonest that Avakian does not acknowledge here the contribution and influence of Wallerstein on this point.

This is a point developed by Wallerstein in many of his historical sociological works since the 1970s. However, Avakian takes ideas and just cite the "founding fathers" or himself and never acknowledges the influence of contemporary marxists and neo-marxists in his perspective.

But coming back to the question of Wallerstein, I think that it merits a profound consideration because he is not only arguing about how capitalism is coming to an end but also about how if the global left does not create a new historical system that is better, the transnational capitalist elites will create for us a new and worst world-system than the present capitalist system in order to protect and defend their own privileges.

This is Wallerstein’s historical sociological thesis of what happened in the 15th century with the demise of feudalism in Europe. The feudal aristocracy created a new historical system to preserve their wealth. They created the capitalist world-system by going global and expanding to the Americas. This is what is called in history the European colonial expansion that created the world market and a new international division of labor. One of the many points raised by Wallerstein is that something like this could happen today but that nothing is guaranteed. There are no apriori outcomes for the coming struggles for the formation of a new world-system….

Class and race privileges still reign among the "white" left and this is why solidarity is extremely retarded in the U.S. And let’s not forget the power of Zionism that has confused and diffused the Left


steve said...

The language the MSM use is significant - 'harsh interrogation techniques' - Orwellian indeed. They put the 'terror' innto 'interrogation'...

notamobster said...

It's good to see that in my months away, Marxilist is still posting entire articles..... and I hear if we don't all turn socialist now, we may see a mad max scenario like the mad max movies. OOOOOHHHH, I'm terrified now. Thanks. I think you've converted me about as well as threats of hellfire and damnation.

I would rather live as a free man in a society of bandits, than a slave to socialist overlords.


Visible said...

MS hasn't actually been around for a long time which is why I let this pass but I won't be letting it pass if it keeps up because too many people get annoyed at seeing it and this also means it isn't effective which is my real concern.



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