Thursday, April 2, 2009

Darth Vader and Mr. Potato Head Go to London.

Because of a minor problem associated with the use of a fanciful image that was traveling around the net without attribution, I’m going to just post this link to an MSNBC slide show because it says a lot about some of the participants at the G-20 and it gives some pretty good images of some of the protests that are being launched and casually dismissed by the media arm of the people causing the problems that caused the protests. Image #21 is a good metaphor. I can just see a pink suited Darth Vader calling to his minions to come on over to the dark side even though they are already there.

I think that’s sort of what happens when you set out to sell your soul to the devil. When you finally run into him, he informs you that your very intention to sell it removed all of its value and automatically transferred it to him in the first place... “But it was nice meeting you all the same and... see you around.”

Does it matter for the purposes of argument whether there is a God or a devil? You can see Hell on Earth in various locations at any time of the day in any season of the year and you can see Heaven on Earth too. Albeit these conditions appear temporary as far as any particular residents go but the conditions continue. Both of them have been around as long as history records this sort of thing. Omar Khayyam said, “I sent my soul into the invisible, some letter of that afterlife to spell. And by and by my soul returned to me and said, “I myself am Heaven and Hell.” You can see where Pinhead and the Cenobites have been by following the tracks of the bloodshed and the tears.

Why are all these world leaders laughing and smiling? What is this, Feast Day in the HighTower? Maybe for them it is. They get to strut around with all of their protective escorts and act important with the other self-important fools who got paid to allow what happened in the first place. I’m no expert but I can see what they’ve been up to and I can see what really happened. Surely they know. They engineered it. So why are they laughing?

What would a real leader do? A real leader would step forth on the world stage and apologize for the venality and stupidity of their colleagues. A real leader would look grim and concerned and say that his heart was with the protesters who have every right to be outraged at the indifferent machine rape of their lives and circumstances. A real leader would stand up in front of the press and tell the people that they elected the wrong people and that the public should stand back and sit down and refuse to work or spend until these vampires are forced to exit.

Geithner admits that it’s the U.S. that caused this problem but you get the impression that he feels everyone else is also responsible because they went along with it. This is like saying that you are to blame because you believed me when I lied about the value of the toxic assets that I sold you. This is like a crazed gunman saying that the victims shouldn’t have been standing there when he went off.

It got announced yesterday that six million more homeowners in the U.S. are in serious danger of losing their homes in the next three years. Meanwhile you hear that there are already too many people on the planet. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this financial crisis was orchestrated to make jobs disappear so that the youth would be forced to join the military based on promises that they would have a life financed for them once they left the military for that free, all expenses paid education but... as we saw in Iraq, it’s hard to know when your responsibilities end as one tour follows another. Let’s pause for a moment and do a few choruses of that old standard, “You’re in the Army now...”

Of course, I’ve got my own theory on why there are so many people here at this time and that is because of the ending of a 25,000 year cycle which poses incredible opportunity for those who can take advantage of it. Unfortunately, most of the people forgot all about that as soon as they got here and jumped right down into the consumer beltway of the biggest going out of business sale of all time.

Emerging pimples are like tiny volcanoes below the surface of the skin. You can feel the heat and the pressure before you see the thing. The skin fabric of Reality Earth is in just such a state now. You can feel it coming. Some agencies are using cosmetics in anticipation of the event and some agencies are using distraction to take your mind off of it and some agencies are manipulating it to get it to the surface sooner and none of these operations are going to change the certainty of appearance coming to a theater near you soon.

So Darth Vader and Mr. Potato Head go to London to see what they can do about all the eruptions that are festering below the surface in Eastern Europe and Asia and... let’s be candid... everywhere. The holographic dominoes are lined up all over the world like that snake wrapped around the egg in the occult graphic and sooner or later something touches something else and the gears engage. We pretty much know what to expect from both Darth Vader and Mr. Potato Head. Like the Chinese say, “Character is fate.”

Whatever comes out of this meeting is not going to be good for the great unwashed. If the world wide looting of the last few months by the very people empowered to restore equilibrium is any indication, I would have to say. “Look out!” and “Gangway!” You can expect the usual padlocked exit doors once the stage catches on fire.

Man... this is depressing to have to say this. I’m going to see if I can move into some better perspective before I get to the end of this thing (grin). If I wasn’t confident of a positive outcome for a great many people who had no part in this, I don’t know what I would be saying now or even if I would be saying anything. I can’t get over the idea that life is a movie and that the director is on the set. History shows me that no matter how bad it ever got, it always started up again into something new and this is what I expect and my admonition is to get with that something new now and get far away from all of the old mindsets and conditions that are going to be coming down.

There is no way to fight this thing. If the people of the world were to stand down and refuse to cooperate, then that would be the best thing, because then... these clowns, science fiction villains and potato heads would be helpless in their efforts to herd the majority of the world into whatever they have planned for them.

It doesn’t seem likely that the sleeping classes are going to wake up short of massive catastrophe. They never do. They believe what they are told and that is the one thing, given all of the evidence we have from the past, which you should never do. Those who do not question will surely be led to a place where there are no answers.

Lao Tzu speaks of the progressions of degenerating governance. “A leader is best when people barely know that he exists, not so good when people obey and acclaim him, worst when they despise him. Fail to honor people and they fail to honor you. But of a good leader, who talks little, when his work is done and his aim is fulfilled, they will all say, we did this ourselves.”

There are no such leaders on the world stage today. What can you possibly expect from a congregation of potato heads and stone cold villains? You’re not going to get the Magna Carta, baby. The only good leaders are closed out and ridiculed for speaking the truth, when they are not being directly slandered for their words. No... it is inevitable that the accumulated lies- also known as self-perpetuating bullshit- are going to hit a great big fan and it’s not going to be pretty. Nothing good can be accomplished by those who do not have the common good in mind.

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NOTE: While these protests were being played out, financial workers in 'The City' were at their windows waving stacks of money and sneering and laughing at the protesters. I just thought I'd mention that and add a link that just appeared at The Truthseeker which 'some' of you will find very interesting.


Visible said...

One of the regular readers here (Jody) sent me a video of his Cellphone song some weeks ago and I only listened to it now. This is one of the unfortunate aspects of my situation. A lot flies by me and I strive to catch it all and sometimes it takes me awhile to do it.

Although I'm not a fan of the medium I have to say that, if you like Hip Hop, this is cutting edge and as good as it gets and is professional in every aspect of the presentation. It more or less blew me away how good it was and so I have to share it with the readers here.

Cellphone Song

As for the fellow who wants me to shut down the FEEDJIT dialogue box in the sidebar, that's not going to happen so my suggestion to you is to read these things at the Wordpress site in the future where there is no sidebar at all. See... there's always a solution.

Will Wilson said...

Hi Les
"Those who do not question will be led to a place where there are no answers"

Yeah, like a slaughterhouse.
If you could capture all the hot air at these different "summits" zeppelins could make a comeback.

Randall said...

I always wonder to what extent world leaders "know"
what they are doing, and how many are simply
greedy, and doing it for power only.

See Les, America (and really The West) is really and truly a Cult, with all the pathology attendant in
any cult, like Moonies, Scientology etc.

The fact that one has to go through a period of
cognitive dissonance to arrive at a mental state where they can even begin to perceive truth proves this.

Thus the sometimes violent reactions you can get
when you try to enlighten some folks about what's going on.

I talked to a phone company tech who was fixing
my adl connection. At one point I told him about the video where 3 firemen are at a bank of phones and one of them is calling his mom, when a huge
bomb goes off (you know the one).

I asked him if he'd seen it, and he said no.
Then I described it, and he shouted "that was the building falling!". I said, "but you just said you hadn't seen it".

That was a display of denial that rivaled the worst alcoholic denying he has a problem.

There are those who trust there own brains and eyes, and then there are those who can't take the pain of "waking up" and who need a deprogrammer
to take them through it, but how do you do that?

Anonymous said...

Re: the photo link
Did any of you get the feeling that a lot of these folks have not had the sun on their waxy, almost translucent, powdered faces--EVER
Black-pinhole eyes darting about like rats in a maize--and in walks MR. Dark slick-swagger with just the right amount of Oprah-get-your-(minimal)black-on sway--
Something about his wife makes me think she used to box professionally or is taking steroids from Maria Shriver's pillbox--
"Dude looks like a lady"--and of course, the media was running photos of princess diana for the comparison-like sisters separated at birth-she'd chop your nuts/boobs off for even looking at her sideways--
Those pictures, had they been in black and white would have shown Bella Lugosi in attendance---"Just like witches at black masses"
The creep-out meter just pegged---
If your skin didn't crawl looking at those photos of the "elites" you are officially dead--
And, those cops, just looking to crack someone over the head--for fun--wonder how many of them were military and mercenaries--$1,000.00 a day and all the skulls you can crack--


Will Wilson said...

Hi Les, shoulda inluded this in my last but I JUST saw it.
On the news-on KING5 TV- warnings that those in the vincinity of Fort Lewis, south of Tacoma, would or might hear explosions from tests/maneuvers from south of the main base.
This relates to the topic in your previous article.
Just a heads up

Visible said...

Thank you Will. It's coming soon. Where or exactly when I have no idea but soon.

Jj- You nailed it! Those were near exactly my thoughts as I scanned the images. These are very telling photos, more so than usual. It is as if something has shifted in the atmosphere all of a sudden and pulled away a few veils.

As you may know, Bella was an addict and acted under the influence at all times. It definitely gave a certain hit to his performances.

jackruby64 said...

Has anyone seen this article yet about Israhell's new foreign minister's comments at his swearing in ceremony?
This ass-clown is a Soviet born former nightclub bouncer, fer crying out loud, just the type of guy I'd want to handle my foreign affairs. We've got Netanyahoo crying for an attack on Iran, and now this douche bag saying "Whoever thinks that concessions... will achieve something is wrong. He will bring pressures and more wars." in regards to peace talks with the Palestinians.
Also, if an economy is in need of stimulus to stay afloat, doesn't that imply that there is something intrinsically wrong with it?
I've got a lot more I need to vent, but I'm just really pissed off right now. Turn it over, and let go of it. Sometimes easier said than done.
James aka jackruby64

Zoner said...

Those pictures were pretty revealing in some strange ways. It really goes to show the huge chasm between the lives and surroundings of the VAST majority of humans occupying this space right now and the select "elite", who surround themselves with the trappings of luxury and wealth. They all seemed real happy with themselves, and I suppose there are networks of hundreds of people to kiss their asses and remind them of exactly how special they really are.

Why are the Chinese not smiling, unless greeting someone one-on-one?

Why do the cops all look the same and seem so eager to get a lick in? What's in it for them when they go off on someone and start to bash away? I guess I need to remind myself why one would pursue the role of cop or politician for the answer.

What have any of these people ever done to deserve our admiration and loyalty as they attempt to lead us down a path not of our choosing? Being elected to office or becoming Queen or Prince or Sultan or President says nothing about the person other than that they were selected, one way or the other.

Our leadership is no better than lowest of us, the just seem to have nicer shit.

I hope the Queen digs her new iPod.


Mark: Worcestershire, England said...

G20... a bit of a get-together to ratify what they were told to do last year at Bildeberger, or wherever. They're just going over their lines, having a quick rehersal, having a slap-up feed and big chuckles.

That pink-suited stormtrooper looked the biz, didn't he? I'd love to see Gordon Brown come through the door at #10 in full Vader threads. One last chuckle before the Empire takes over.

Ah, nadgers to them all. Everyday for the last decade - ever since Y2K fear got ramped up - that Who song has played in my head. Not 'Magic Bus'! Not 'Boris The Spider'! You know which one.

Glad to be on the planet at this time with you, Les and readers. Sad for everyone getting the brown end of the stick, of course. Even more sad for those in denial.

There's a good article - which bears plenty re-reading - in the new Nexus mag about the magnetic covering of the Earth weakening, and the solar wind going into fifth gear. Let's see their crap cannon defend THAT. I don't fear anything the cosmos has to hit us with - I really want to see it!!! Good old cosmos.

peace, love, the lot...

Mark - Worcestershire, England

Anonymous said...

They almost looked like a semi-bad photoshop job celluloid cardboard cutouts--it probably had to be done that way because vampires don't reflect in a mirror, or possibly a digital photo--
very surreal--
"peraliz"--verification word

jackruby64 said...

Just came across this on the BBC about our new pal Lieberman

Anonymous said...


America is like a huge ocean liner; let’s call it the US Liberty. We have all signed on as “citizens” passengers. We have agreed to abide by the rules of the ship, while in fact, there are so many rules, we could hardly know all of them. We are led to believe that we own the ship, and that the captain (president) who we elect will always steer our ship in the direction of FREEDOM. We trust that if he does not that the congress or senate will take care of it (the crew). We trust the “independent press” will let us know if there is something amiss. So we go about enjoying the cruise, the games, the movies, the pool, the dance hall, etc. As we pass other smaller ships, passengers jump from those ships and swim to the US LIBERTY. We are told this is because we have the greatest ship in the world, We are all so proud of “our” ship. We fly our flags, with pride, and hold celebrations. However unbeknownst to most, the ship has changed course. The turn has been so subtle that most of the passengers don’t even know it occurred. A very small few have realized that a change has occurred, when they see the sun is now in a different position. These people question the “crew” and the “independent press”, but no valid answers are given. Secretly some break into the “captains log” and discover that the ship had been sold in 1913, and that the “captain” now takes his orders from the new owners. The name of the new owners is a corporation known as The Federal Reserve. The new direction the ship is heading is not clear, but what is clear is that it is no longer on the course of FREEDOM. Those who have discovered this change try warning others on the ship. While some do come to realize the truth, most ignore, or worse, criticize those trying to enlighten them. The only hope lies in enlightening enough passengers, that they might put the ship back on the course of FREEDOM. Speculation is that the ship is heading to a salvage yard, as it is no longer of any VALUE to its new owners. The Congress, Press and President, have been promised huge rewards if they deliver the ship. Should this ship reach the salvage yard, the US Liberty, will exist in memory only. It will be melted down and made into something of more value to its new owners. Perhaps its passengers will be sold off as slaves. Those who are of no value to the new owners will be sacrificed.

How this story ends will be known in due time, but with each passing day the fate of the US Liberty looks increasingly more bleak as it draws ever closer to the salvage yard.
Bob L.I. N.Y.

Anonymous said...

The Magna Carta was a gag order and nothing else. Yes history says there will never be another John as king after giving people more rights but that just a big fat misunderstanding. The Magna is based on having land and thats much like having money today. Yes land has real value where money doesnt, but to link voting with anything more than having a mind and heart, is control and goverarnce.
Papers cant help you find truth, and agreements between groups of people arent to help alone truth. They seek to control or guide a certain outcome.
To date the "powers that be" arent looking to control anything or create a future state of control, they just live off the monument much like a coke user. They need to have their house in order and line the walls with other users. They want to keep people like you (Les) out of the main stream but they dont seek to control you, but the people hanging on their walls.
Lao Tzu quote works here, if you seek change, other must see a reason before action. You cant just think up a good idea and share it with someone hoping of it outcome. You must let others ideas become part of your grand plan. The power on high dont care about our ideas at all, they like the magic mirror much better. They then teach the masses to do the same, look a reflection of the world and stop right there.


Anonymous said...

Anybody know when the next jewish "holy day" is?
I think purim's passed already. I'd put my money on that number for the next 'big one'. Carnage, horror and looting being the main 'religious' themes of the cult.

Now that a settler youth has been killed, and the weepin and a wailin has started, even that might be enough to start a world war or the sampson option, no? No jewish death is less than cosmic, right?

Interesting communiques on Tom Paine's Corner today - (on another subject).
New pro-active ALF group called "The Justice Department" - bitchen name!
Puttin a little fear into those sick fucks that force macaques into cocaine addiction.
[Macaques are the little guys that hang out in the trees in Indian temples - exported by the "New India" pathocrats to the 'west's best scientific minds.]
A certain deity of 'monkey' form told me to go home and do some 'work' on His behalf once upon a time. Now 'retired', I can still support the younger workers, and I have no 'Gandhian' sympathies left.

Salutations to the brave youth in London!


Anonymous said...

Pauvre Michelle.... mais elle n'est pas ma belle.
My 88yo mother calls her "Piranha Face"!
Not nice, I know.

Visible said...

If you're wondering how the U.S got to where it is today, wonder no more.

Mark Glenn sent this to me.

They can't be that stupid can they?

Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

Thanks for highlighting the Truthseeker article.Part of the conditioning for acceptance of the 'saviour' is 'The Secret' which you can read about here

People were so sick of Bush and conditioned for 'change'and look what happened, more of the same only worse, much worse. People are being trained to be so sick of banksters and the fear of losing 'our way of life', they are being conditioned for the final phase coming real soon and the G20 leaders will fare no better than the rest of us.

I wonder will sunrise be as beautiful rising from the west....

Keep writing Les, you are working wonders and good things happen to good people!

Peace be upon you all and always


jackruby64 said...

Les, I just watched that video linked from Truthseeker. It makes me cringe every time I realize that I am surrounded by idiots.
James aka jackruby64

nina said...

Zoner: ...the select "elite", who surround themselves with the trappings of luxury and wealth. They all seemed real happy with themselves...
And yet Congress threw a hissy fit when the Big 3 CEOs flew in on private jets. The Club has rules that may not be broken under any circumstances.

Anonymous said...

At the Downing Meal Night...the summit was reached, each of the gathering received their orders,so hidden inside a large brown envelope.

The restis telimission.

Edric Treewick of Broken Toe .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the Truthseeker Ahriman article. Here's another one which provides much more information. Awareness is key...

Anonymous said...

trying again with the link. Above this time rather than below

nina said...

It is interesting at this gathering, conceived only last November and bringing so many bondholders to the table, the US President and his entourage exude slick confidence, savvy and domination of the events while standing face to face not as equals, but as celebrities to these creditors holding vast US debt. That's Geithner's real genius as you have noticed, a Meyer Lansky kind of genius. There but for fortune go you, the foreclosed, the homeless, the elderly returning to the labor force or I. The strategy is obvious and appears to be successful ... to a point. After the hangovers and jet lag, some of the bondholders will notice they arrived home empty-handed.
Humility would have saved this moment.

Anonymous said...

Does it not seem that there is some powerful evil elite who wants to treat the bulk of humanity as cattle? Since they force you into a lifestyle, take control of the land and resources as if they made it, and if you let them; they totally control the information that you receive thereby creating your paradigm?

Now if there is this attitude of rulers and ruled, would they also not hesitate to cull the herd?

Being a life long member of the chicken farm I consider this to be more than a trivial concern.

Sadly, from my perception, I see the herding of the animals. I also see the mistreatment. If the puppet masters who control the 20 monkeys in London did not want war, there would be no war. It is to there profit that war is made and it is with the sheeple that it is fought.

So it is with intention that portions of the herd (masses) are killed off. Again, this is no trivial matter.

It is sad how the in this peaceful valley we continue to chatter way while the drums of war beat in the distance; yet we do not act.

We can not wait like cattle until stampeding is our only option. We will be stampeded off of a cliff.


psychegram said...

Well, lads, you seem to have this whole fiasco pretty well sewn up and I'm left with very little else to add ... save that these evil swine haven't the proverbial snowball's chance in hell. The smarter amongst them know that, contrary to all appearances, it is indeed their own kind that are in desperate straits, and that they'd best move with a sense of purpose or free humanity will rise like Gulliver, squash a few of their number out of principle and then stride off to another, better land much faster than their stunted little legs can carry them.

Which is of course no excuse for us to start getting cocky. Confident, yes, but never cocky. That, after all, is their game.

psychegram said...

Oh! And I almost forgot. 'John Howard' from CNNN was not the first to have the brilliant idea of showing the world just how ignorant the average American is by asking simple questions of even simpler people. Any Canadian in the audience will know that Canada's very own Rick Mercer opened that territory:

Remember Mike Huckabee? Yup, Mercer got him, too:

With all due schadenfreude, enjoy ;)

nina said...

continuing here ... in simple words what we are witnessing is a hustle, a.k.a. a con job. Keep in mind the overarching dilemma is that of Pipelinestan. The con job takes on colossal proportions when you realize how badly the west pines for the prize, a fact well known to the oil rich nations. Without easy access to oil, material wealth will quickly vanish. But the oil issue is skirted while Mister Cool pumps palms and signs autographs. After all, this gathering is about the global economic crisis allegedly engineered by Smoothy's very own Wall Street partners. How many swaps do you think are riding on this hustle? Easily more than you want know. Bush was too buffoonish and naive to have carried off something on this scale. This is why Obama was chosen. It is the only reason.
Imagine McCain juggling this circus? Huckabee? Edwards? Hillary might have done it, but would not have been able to do it so convincingly without possessing the masculine part required to be a true Mister Cool. Besides, after the Buffoon, what was required was his exact opposite in every way, some one antithetical individual that could placate the bondholders away from their mission long enough to avoid any serious committments that have potential to interfere with the greater goal. The only consensus they have agreed upon to date is an IMF bailout who, in exchange, promises to continue its compassionate credit arrangements with underdeveloped target nations. At this time we can say it does not further one to cross the great water. No change.

Charley said...

Once you are a member of Elite Club there is but one rule: You never talk about Elite Club.

salialioli said...

Just a link to refresh everyone's mind which gives substance to readers' musings from the great Chris Floyd:

Nice date to write an article about Satan in action ....

keep going Mr Visible, excellent work!

Just(is)... peace and keep yer hats on

Anonymous said...

Did you listen to a word of what Les was saying?
I heartily recommend the ibogaine treatment prevalant in Mexico and Canada.
Do you hear what is coming? Why might you think it is forbidden to hear in Amerika?
The Spirits tell me that Iboga Amerikana has yet a long, long, way to go before apotheosis.

Anonymous said...

"I think that’s sort of what happens when you set out to sell your soul to the devil. When you finally run into him, he informs you that your very intention to sell it removed all of its value and automatically transferred it to him in the first place… “But it was nice meeting you all the same and… see you around.”

Very interesting. And, as ever, spot on - especially re the a/m para.

There is, of course, one true leader in whom we can all take refuge and courage: Gesu

God bless one and all

Pax Verbum

su said...

I am currently being hailed as a pariah by those surrounding me.
Why - because I refuse to get my knickers in a knot about the Dalai Lama being refused a visa to attend a peace conference.
My hero Tutu, bless him is currently being lambasted by the ANC for saying he is not looking forward to living under Zuma as president. And that for a country who has fought long and hard for civil rights, to just surrender them at this point is a travesty.
Daily my inbox gets petitions dropped in to put pressure on the government to reverse the decision and give him his visa.
And of course I sign these.
And on the same petitions they show photographs with his holiness embracing Mandela and Tutu and yes it seems a travesty.
However they don't include the photographs of the Dalai Lama deep in an embrace with George Bush. So obviously he hugs a lot of people.

Now the reason he was denied a visa was because China and South Africa signed an undisclosed trade agreement in December, and China whispered into our leaders ears that allowing him presence in our land would throw the bilateral agreement into a tight spot.
In other words a blatant threat.

So I should be fuming........
Except I am not.
Our currency is pegged against the dollar, and despite being in far better fiscal health than the U.S. - the exchange rate is pegged 1 - 10 - which does not serve us at all.

We have a future criminal coming into power - what can one do but I do believe he is a people pleaser - and his following is the poor masses. After the G20 summit, the only people there that looked as if they were not at a miss world pageant were the Chinese contingency.
If we have to sell our souls, as we obviously have to - than rather to the Tiger than the Eagle - who has never really served us at all.

Freddamedgjedda said...

I really hope something radical and positive will happen. Something that "gently forces" a wake up, and it is all there, or here. All the right kind of websites, organizations, foundations and such, are operating and popping up everywhere.

Like the legalize industrial hemp and/or marihuana battle, it has been going on for decades in most of the world. This issue is a HUGE ELEPHANT in these "Co2 panic times".

The politicians all babble on about cleaner energy and spending time and our money on "restructuring". This is BS! "The hemp revolution" if you will, would be minimal restructuring and clean, and environment friendly, and cheaper, and... Your cars needs small adjustments to run on alcohol. Alcohol can be made from hemp. Strong fabric, plastic,better paper, building material stronger than steel, all you need for consruction, even nails!! and more. Remember: I am NOT talking about the big bad "Marihuana"!

And there are other technologies that would make this world abundant in food water and clean energy. And this could all happen worldwide in a few years or less if we at least would get this across to the general population(GP). Maybe I should tatoo "Google Free Energy" on my forehead.

What could actually trigger the GP to see? To wake up? I figure it must be "invisible", to the untrained(unaware) eye. I hope it's the stars and cosmos thing. It would be unstoppable and faster, and also maybe gentler than many other possible events. Because I figure it must be some "shaking of foundations" going on, maybe even litteral, to step up the wake up.

Not saying I am the awake one, I am rubbing my eyes trying to focus, half sleeping half awake I assume. I don't know. The best to you all!!!

Independent truth-telling hip hop: Immortal Technique

Anonymous said...

The Darkness Within:

"Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon or star."---Confucius

"Man - Sheep or Wolf?"

There are many who believe, that men are sheep; there are others who believe
that men are wolves. Both sides can muster good arguments for their positions.
Those who propose that men are sheep have only to point to the fact that men
are easily influenced to do what they are told, even if it is harmful to themselves;
that they have followed their leaders into wars which brought them nothing but
destruction; that they have believed any kind of nonsense if it was only presented
with sufficient vigor and supported by power--from the harsh threats of priests
and kind to the soft voices of the hidden and not-so-hidden persuaders.

It seems that the majority of men are suggestible, half-awake children, willing to to surrender their will to anyone who speaks with a threatening or sweet enough voice to sway them. Indeed, he who has a conviction strong enough to withstand the opposition
of the crowd is the exception rather than the rule, an exception often admired
centuries later, mostly laughed at by his contemporaries.

It is on this assumption that men are sheep that the Great Inquisitors and the Dictators have built their systems. More than that, this very belief that men are
sheep and hence need leaders who make the decisions for them, often gave the
leaders the sincere conviction that they were fulfilling a moral duty--even though
a tragic one--if they gave man what he wanted: if they were leaders who took
away from him the burden of responsibility and freedom.

But if most men have been sheep, why is it that man’s life is so different from that of sheep? His history has been written in blood; it is a history of continuous violence, in which almost invariably force has been used to bend man’s will. Did Talaat Pasha alone exterminate millions of Armenians? Did Hitler alone exterminate millions of Jews? Did Stalin alone exterminate millions of political enemies?
These men were not alone; they had thousands of men who killed for
them, tortured for them, and who did so not only willingly, but with pleasure. Do
we not see man’s inhumanity to man everywhere--in ruthless warfare, in murder
and rape, in the ruthless, exploitation of the weaker by the stronger, and in the
fact that the sighs of the tortured and suffering creature have so often fallen on
deaf ears and hardened hearts? All these facts have led thinkers like Hobbes to
the conclusion that homo homini lupus (man is a wolf to his fellowman); they
have led many of us today to the assumption that man is vicious and destructive
by nature, fiat he is a killer who can be restrained frolli his favorite pastime only
by fear of more powerful killers.

Yet the arguments of both. sides leave us puzzled. It is true that we may personally know some potential or manifest killers and sadists as ruthless as Stalin
and Hitler were; yet these are the exceptions rather than the rule. Should we assume
that you and I and most average men are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and
that our „true nature“ will become apparent once we rid ourselves of those inhibitions
which until now have prevented us from acting like beasts? This assumption
is hard to disprove, yet it is not very convincing. There are many opportunities for
cruelty and sadism in everyday life in which people could indulge without fear of
retaliation--yet many do not do so; in fact, many react with a certain sense of revulsion
when they meet cruelty and sadism. Is there, then, another and perhaps better explanation for the puzzling contradiction we deal with here? Should we assume that the simple answers to that there is a minority of wolves living side by side with a majority of sheep? The
wolves want to kill; the sheep want to follow. Hence the wolves get the sheep to
kill, to murder, and to strangle, and the sheep do so not because they enjoy it,
but because they want to follow; and even then the killers have to invent stories
about the nobility of their cause, about the defense against savage enemies,
about revenge for bayonneted children, raped women, and violated honor, to get
the majority of the sheep to act like wolves. This answer sounds plausible,
but it still leaves many doubts. Does it not imply that there are two human races,
as it were--the wolves and the sheep? Furthermore, how is it that sheep can be
so easily persuaded to act like wolves if it is not in their nature, even providing
that violence is presented to them as a sacred duty? Our assumption of wolves
and sheep may not be tenable; is it perhaps true after all that the wolves represent
the essential quality of human nature, only more overtly than the majority
do? The answer to this question is of crucial importance today, when nations
contemplate the use of the most destructive forces for the extinction of their
„enemies“ and do not even seem to be deterred by the possibility that they them-
selves may be extinguished in the holocaust. If we are convinced that human nature
is inherently prone to destroy, that the need to use force and violence is
rooted in it, there our resistance to ever-increasing brutalization will become
weaker and weaker. Why resist the wolves when we are all wolves--only some
more so than others?

I believe that there are specific answers to these questions, and that we do not have to’ be satisfied with general and abstract speculations about the inherent
goodness versus evilness of man. Depth psychology has offered us ample
clinical material and useful hypotheses which can help us to establish the following
facts: there is a special type of personality, not rare, yet not the rule, which
loves destruction and death. Men who belong to this type find their most intense
satisfaction when they can kill or torture; all of their energies are directed to the
aim of destruction although they often do not permit themselves to be aware of
the nature of this passion. This „necrophilous,“ death-loving orientation can be described and understood in its dynamics, its manifestations, and its genesis.
Such inquiry leads us to see that destructiveness is neither the nature of man,
nor is it contrary to his nature; that it is also not one pole of a Manichaean-
Freudian dualism of good and evil. I shall try to show that the pleasure in destruction
is a „secondary potentiality,“ a perversion which occurs necessarily when the
primary, life-favoring potentialities fail to develop. There are those in whom destructiveness has become the dominant passion--they are the true killers; there
are the many in whom the passion for destruction remains secondary in strength
to the life-furthering tendencies, yet is strong enough to be aroused by the
killers under special circumstances. Finally there are those in whom the life-
loving tendencies are so strong and dominant that no circumstances will make
them join the killers. The following pages are devoted to the detailed examination
of the most malignant type of destructiveness, the one rooted in the love of death:
necrophilous hostility. There are other and more frequent sources of hostility
which I shall not deal with in these pages but which I want to mention at least: 1)
hostility as a response to a threat to one’s life, dignity, property, etc.; this hostility 3may be called reactive hostility: it is a hostility in the defense of life; 2) destructiveness which is the compensation for a deep sense of powerlessness and impotence.
It is to be found in a person who feels incapable of influencing or changing
people and circumstances by reason, love, example, etc., yet who cannot tolerate
the resulting feeling of impotence, and who uses force, and thus gives himself the illusion of strength. Force is the universal coin which is used to hide and
to deny impotence. Hostility of this type may be called compensatory hostility."---Eric Fromm (The War Within Man-1963)

Posted By Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

As to the "ending of a 25,000 year cycle" reference, it may be the dark horse event that finally puts the kibosh on the reptiles' plans of world domination.

For an interesting and detailed look into the truth surrounding 'myths' and 'folklore,' such as the aforementioned cycle, a book titled "Hamlet's Mill: An Essay Investigating the Origins of Human Knowledge and Its Transmission Through Myth" by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend, is heartily recommended. Its a tough, dense read, but packed with interesting info.

jody said...

hi Les,

thanks for the plug! now all we need to do is push it firmly in the hole after we empty the G20 sink.

a caption for image 33:

Nicolas Sarkozy: "Parle vu francais?"
Hillary Clinton (in thought): "Oh My God! What the hell is this guy saying? Who is he? maybe he is from Canada?... be calm, act like you know what he is saying, then pretend i need to go to the ladies room..."
Nicolas Sarkozy: "êtes-vous vivant? vous semblez mort"
Assistant: "Hillary, this is the president of France!"

carry on!

Anonymous said...

"tell the people that they elected the wrong people"

No, they didn't. As RAW used to say, if voting could change the system, it would be illegal; if NOT voting could change the system, that would be illegal too.

Visible said...

Deacon Blues asked me to post this for people that might be interested since I have the html frequency for doing this.

So and here it is-

Ericc Fromm War Within Man

Anonymous said...

They're grinning. And the masses,majority really still love them. They do need to personally get hit with a two by four before they wake up. Someties not even then. It's for sure a cult mentality.

If the U.s. and other parts of "the west" turn into say Cuba (which is a slave nation btw, I was recently there for the first time and saw that disgrace first hand and wouldnnt have beleived it otherwise, hardheaded fucker that I am) , then it will be becasue the people of "the west" allowed this to happen. Karma. Meaning that you did not care for decades and decades in your lifetime when the elites exploited, raped, and persecuted other people. So now karma is coming for you. All.

Anon at 10: 02 p.m. ,does your mother have any pet names for Lara Bush, or is she "discriminating" as most people in that regard?

veritas6464 said...

Greetings Dumballah.. Bitter sweet is the truth when it obviates a numbing regret... something to pick the bone out of
Templar Castles in the Holy Land completed Baghras, Darbask, Destroit, La Roche, de Roussel, Port Bonnet
Gaza granted to the Templars
Death of Bernard of Clairvaux
Hierarchical statutes added to the Templar Rule
Statutes on daily monastic life, chapter meetings, and penances added to Rule
Templar headquarters in the Latin East moved to Acre
Templars occupy Cyprus
You are getting angry, we cannot fight angry, we can only focus cold. Like steel, cold steel cuts cleaner, deeper and quick!
I shall buy the first round in Jerusalem my brother!

Still alive said...

I wonder why Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (pardon me if I got the name wrong) were not invited to the terrorist 20 conference.



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