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Blood and Excrement... the Movie. Coming Soon.

{The graphic that was formerly here has been removed due to a temper tantrum by (what I assume to be) the alleged author who accused me of attributing it to myself and ripping him off. He's some kind of a psychic who claims to have predicted all of the major events of the previous years although no one has ever heard of him. I'm not going to mention his name but you can follow some of the commentary in the comments section.}

April is almost here. The day after tomorrow is April Fools Day. I hope we don’t get fooled again… as the song goes, more or less. There are great stinking piles of excrement all over the place. The world has become a marsh of hog lagoons and you’ve got to watch your step. The problem is, when people are watching their step they tend to notice shit; pun intended. That’s not good for the people who put it there and nothing will take the mind off of the smell quite as well as the smell of blood.

Blood and excrement; it sounds like one of those BBC miniseries like Buggery and the Lash; “an award winning adventure on the high seas, in three parts, brought to you by Roto Rooter” or… well, I think you get the picture though you might rather not. Yes, the smell of blood and the news feed of large structures burning in the distance will surely take your mind off of watching your step and it might not take all that much to convince you that the hazards you are negotiating around were actually placed there by the people serendipitously named as having spilled the blood and started the fires.

I don’t want to be an alarmist. I do want to keep mentioning something because it is only a matter of time and opportunity after all. The means and motive are in place and… we’ve already been here a time or two; have we not? I can hear conspiracy theories spinning like silent, road apples in space. What always fails to get mentioned is that conspiracy is an inseparable part of business, government and religion and they could scarcely operate or profit without it. We are all of us, for the most part, conspiring all of the time after one thing or another.

The fact of the matter is, when certain elements have activated the FUBAR machine it is only a matter of time before they have to orchestrate something to blame on someone else so that they can hunt them down and kill them. Someone has to come on stage with buckets of raw meat and toss portions out to the slavering crowd. There is the added benefit that any measures which need to be taken for protection and defense get the automatic rubber stamp and… we’ve already been here a time or two; have we not?

I’ve mentioned this before but it bears mentioning it again. What you are seeing in the MSM does not reflect what is going on behind the scenes. What you are being told about the G-20 is not what is going on with the G-20. What you have been told about most anything does not reflect what is going on about most anything if it has anything to do with the manipulated swine who left all those hog lagoons behind them as they marched back and forth from the trough.

They’ve gotten themselves into a bit of a bind you see. They went just a tad crazy with the greed and the feeding frenzy and it’s that bad that you can’t hide it very well. They would like to blame it on the elephant or the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room but both of them look pretty small next to the enormous hog that broke the scale and so we can’t really give you any dimensions at the moment.

This unveiling… revealing… uncovering thing is proving to be a real pain for the miscreants and that great sleeping beast of a public is getting somewhat wrought. I’m guessing you can hear the rattling of the rakes and pitchforks in the dawn’s early light.

Some perspicacious reader sent me the interesting graphic, of unknown provenance, which you see above. You will remember my mention of Chicago and Seattle and it’s a curiosity to find Chicago dead center and Seattle on the precise tip of the upper left hand point. This probably doesn’t mean anything but you know how we conspiracy nuts tend to latch on to anything in reach that adds some sensation to our claims and insinuations.

It’s not a good thing, those Iranian Jews being all comfy in the home court and it’s not a welcome thing to have the Turkish authorities nail the Israelis for land theft. Of course, when your intelligence agency gets caught plotting the murder of the head of state it’s likely to cause a little bad feeling; eh wot? After that, it can be assumed that Bob’s not your uncle any more.

I don’t know if it’s my tinfoil hat or all those sessions I had with The Leary Gang over the course of the millions of years of experiences that took place in the wink of an eye but… I feel things. It doesn’t seem to me like the same things you feel when you’re drunk in someone else’s house and feeling for the light switch. It’s more like things arriving down a thin column of light and making pictures in my head. Then someone or other, I can’t see who, connects these pictures into a story line and off we go making all kinds of connections. But I’m not the Lone Ranger am I?

It’s the nature of the psychopathic personality to be unable to control the impetus to do really nasty things and then blame them on a convenient target. We’ve already seen that a time or two; have we not? I’ve a vested interest in it not being the Iranians because of my extremely fond regard for the pistachio nut and, I’ll have to admit, I don’t want anyone killed for someone else’s bad behavior. I probably should have sequenced it the other way but I’m out of pistachios at the moment.

The signs are telling me that as one day follows another the pressure is going to increase. The massive effort being given to propping up the stock markets each day is a seriously draining affair. Then there’s the goat factor. You may or may not know that when goats get into rut that they piss all over themselves in the excitement but that is true. So on one side you’ve got a major problem with an artificial picture of the world’s economy and on the other hand you’ve got a particular nation with a priapean hunger for blood. AND… you’ve got that ticking clock that’s counting the minutes until the wrong evidence becomes widely public. As I said… what’s going on behind the scenes is quite different from what is going on in front of you.

See, there’s another kind of pressure that exists in the rat culture which guarantees that a number of rats are going behave like rats and turn on each other in hopes of surviving the fallout from a long period of rat behavior.

Public opinion is not going the way that the wolves in their sheep jackets want it to and, for some reason they can’t fathom, their control of the news is not controlling the news. Nothing frustrates a psychopath more than the sense that he is not in control. When that happens he’s all about forced compliance so… like the sergeant says at the Hill Street Blues, briefing sessions, “Let’s be careful out there.”

I think I’ve been obscure enough and wack enough for today and I hope some amount of what I am trying to say will filter down through the syntax. My guess is that things are going to start to heat up the same way the coming season brings a welcome rise in temperature, although this one may not be as welcome as that one.

So… mind the rats and the goats as you negotiate the blood and excrement and I’m hoping we can meet up at that Japanese Garden just past the mine field. We were born with the map in our head so it shouldn’t be that difficult to make it through if you don’t forget the reason you came this far in the first place. They may not be done yet but neither are we and there’s the added comfort of knowing that we are headed to different destinations so, let’s just see if we can soldier on for a little bit longer. Much love to you all in these interesting times.

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psychegram said...

So you're expecting an Event too, eh? A lot of people are, and soon ... they need one, I think. Every administration does: before Bush's 9/11 was Clinton's Oklahoma City, and ... I could go on but won't. They need a new one to justify what it is they really want to do, but the difference between this time and all those other times is that there are so very many of us who started paying attention and taking notes the last go-round and when It (whatever form It is) happens, we will know. And we will not be quiet.

Of course if the psychopaths were as wise as they are cunning they would recognize this and it would cool their ardor for a long time to come. But of course, they are not, and there's the added desperation of sensing that they too only get one more chance, and if they give up they go down, down, down for a very long time. Of course this leads desperation, which makes it that much more likely that even if they don't give up they'll slip up or even fuck up, royally.

Anyone here who's taken any time to read the Cs might have come across the passage where they say something about a major miscalculation being made, one that reveals the man behind the curtain to a critical number of people. Methinks that's close.

It's sad, in a way. Tinfoil hats are gonna be all the rage next season, and I hate fashionable trends.

Anonymous said...

Great work Les!
I could probably ramble out a stream of sentences, but I think you've said all there is to say! Lately I have been calling around and pricing certain things. These things are not the tool, they are simply accessories to the tool. I check availability, quantity, and price. I do this every few weeks and then I compare notes etc. This work allows me somewhat of a litmus test. I once read that some jewish guy said he could read the future in his morning stool...(fitting I know),but if my analysis is accurate thing are indeed picking up as we speak. I am kind of tripped out to see that I live on one of those lines in your picture..Hope they are not those crazy Ley Lines.
Stay safe

Anonymous said...

Dinner last night was an odd affair. I just couldn't keep my mind on the meal or conversation around me. I was distracted by distant sounds of screaming and shouting, of guns going off and people running in fear. I kept looking around and could not see from where this was coming from other than someplace inside my head.

I commented to my girlfriend on this. She asked me if it had anything to do with G20. I didn't think so. It could be a distant memory having really heard those sounds before or something coming around the corner. Yes, it is feeling warm in here.


GlobalistShill said...


Hank said...

Les, my friend, those are not torches and pitchforks. Those are the sounds of cleaning, locking and loading of guns. Just like the rats that sense impending doom on a ship, the american people are sensing a big dry ass fucking comming, and they are arming themselves in record numbers, and THAT is the wild card that the psycopaths have not taken into account.

Let's face it, a one million man second ammendment march on DC, and the world changes, and due to the over reaching that you alluded to, the glaring, aiming eye of the american public is on "them". I think the possibility of that march increases every day, dispite Obama's efforts to placate the masses with tax cuts and rhetoric. Even his deriding the rich will not put the laid off americans off for long.

Yes, it's looking like the dam of propaganda is about to burst, and the flood of truth could be the apocoliptic fuse. I have to admit, as much as I want the perpetrators of 911 fried in their own juices, I am not looking forward to what's going to happen when the american people can no longer deny the truth. Yea, the cleaning, locking and loading is getting louder and louder. Can you hear it? Peace my friend.

Will Wilson said...

From Seattle area here.
We had one of those Israeli "moving companies" busted here for "fraud" a few years back, so, yes, I know about what your reference to this area implies.

Hopefully enough people know about this to forestall anything they could be up to.

Anonymous said...

Interesting times indeed; some native american cultures consider it an honor to be living through these tough days, and while I struggle to appriciate that sometimes.. Well, I think I see their point at others.
re: temperatures rising - Well they've made the threat allready for us to stay in our places this summer via news coverage of riot/disaster/counter terrorist planning coverage (in England at least).

Zoner said...

All 100% tingly here, too. Lots of things - really big things, shuffling and swirling around just out of clear view I think, creating some kind of static discharge that is making the picture come into sharper focus for those paying attention. I don't think that was accounted for, somehow, because the underlying feeling is optimism. Just hold on, me lovelies!

When we get to the minefield,let me go first. I might be able to help clear the way, and I just discovered I'm indestructable.


kenny said...

Hank is on track. Strength is in numbers.

The movie will have an ending and we as creative scriptwriters can tweak that ending over the objections of the producers and directors.

Bit players can often steal the show.

Will Wilson said...

It seems a large demonstration of ingratitude to run or even consider a false flag on a nation (the US) which has treated the Zionists as generously as it has.

Scarlett said...

I was watching an old Outer Limits episode the other day and one of the characters was a greedy advisor to a wealthy man trying to use a medium to con the wealthy man out of money. The medium got exposed by someone else and when he refused to pay her afterwards he asked, condescendingly, if she was going to put a curse on him. I found her speech to be very interesting and apropos for the times:

You have a curse on you.
You want to take over, to run everybody and everything.
You want power but you're not big enough so you steal it, piece by piece.
But it's tainted, Mr. Sawyer. Tainted and spoiled.
And you're weakened. And you're sickened. Step by step, you're weakened and the power will leave you.

Honestly, I'm not even sure we need to fight them, per se. Resist them, yes. But it seems to me like they are really the ones bringing about their own destruction. All we need to do is keep the light of truth beaming in their direction. Their ultimate destruction will come at their own hands. Can't say why I'm so optimistic about the outcome -- but I just feel it. Maybe I won't survive whatever is coming ... and I've made peace with that, too. I guess I just find comfort in knowing that they aren't going to win.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to have discovered this site and know I am not alone. I feel the disturbance in the force and am having a personal Gethsemane moment. I wish the cup could pass from me, but know that it can't. I came here for a reason even though I'm not yet sure what the reason is. It is obvious we are surrounded by lies. And what are our options.? We can't--wouldn't join them. We can't fight. Violence cannot work. My "new age" friends want to visualize peace, but I don't think that's the answer either. It's going to take a mass peaceful resistance. Who will lead that? Who can be trusted? I feel alternately depressed and sometimes accepting that the old must be removed before the new can be rebuilt. The good--read as the one--will prevail in the end. I think that is assured. But in the meantime ? . . .I would welcome suggestions from those who understand how I feel.

Anonymous said...

My head is still spinning from "The Usury Vampire Game" and I'm truly not kidding. That one's a corker of a post and the thread posts that followed were unbelievably interconnected on a deep level. Sort of like there was a code embedded in the thread that fit together from the "collective" creating a extraordinary "whole" evolving out of the amazing parts.

This remarkable post of LV's continues my cerebral spinning motion but now I'm levitating and I'm not accustom to these heights. Maybe the key here is just to "let go" and let Thy will be done.

It's like reading what one thinks is a sci-fi novel but the fake cover falls off and one finds it's a non-fiction, historical yet a deeply disturbing vision of the future...all in one.

Seattle keeps coming up, too. I just drove through there yesterday and I don't like it one bit. There is darkness there, on many different levels and it is not the Emerald City anymore. I'm not implying the the city is ready to explode or implode, but I feel it is becoming empty of life's essence. Something terribly out of balance with the "elements" is taking place. Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Space are not proportionately in harmony. Somebody's messing with the natural order of life.

What an exciting time to be alive, huh? This is no drill!

European American, or somewhere in between

Anonymous said...

The following is one of my all time favorites. It is over seven years old now, but I still find this message as relevant today as it was back then.

Hopi message (English) by traditional Hopi elders 1:25pm Sun. Dec.30,2001 (Modified at 10:09pm Sun. Dec.30,2001).


A HOPI ELDER SPEAKS "You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered...Where are you living? What are your relationships? Are you in the right relation? Where is your water? Know your garden. It is time to speak your TRUTH. Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader." Then he clasped his hands together, smiled and said. "This could be a good time! There is a river flowing very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel that they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know that the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open and our heads above water. And I say, see who is there with you and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Lest of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt. The time of the loan wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones we've been waiting for." Oraibi, Arizona-Hopi Nation-October 2001

Posted By: Deacon Blues

psychegram said...

Marches and guns aren't going to win this thing. Those have been tried, time and time again throughout history, and where did it get us? Sure, Americans are tooling up, jumpy and getting ready for a fight but ... let's just say they really for it, start shooting at cops and National Guard and thinking "There are so many of us, how can we lose?" Well, the forces you're putting yourself into opposition to will call your bluff. They have lots and lots of toys that we barely know about, toys which might well bring you to your knees without a shot being fired. And even assuming you manage to get a few rounds off, well ... open insurrection throughout the US, de facto civil war, your military turned against its own people and your cities become the war zones. Even if you win, yay, good for you. You win a rubble pile.

No doubt there will be some of this. Chaos is inevitable and also necessary, because the energy that's currently locked up, as it were, must first be liberated before it can be repurposed. But ... we will not win this thing with guns. The struggle must be first within your own mind. Free that, and all else follows for there is a veritable tsunami of consciousness approaching and you will not be alone. Awareness and love are how this thing will be not so much won as transcended.

Or you can march on Washington and make a target of yourself. Do as you think best. Hey, it's a free universe, even if it isn't a free country anymore.

Anonymous said...

In regard to the 100th monkey phenomenon with respect to pulling back the curtain and revealing Rothschild and his cronies (six generations worth)- I hope in earnest it is soon.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jaysus. I've been working in charcoal and come here to find the work being done in mashed potatoes. Thank you for the third dimension and these truly hopeful words.

psychegram said...

European American:

Bang on, brother. That is, I think, exactly how it works here ... it's what keeps us regulars coming back, after all. It is indeed the most intelligent collection of commenters I've ever seen on the web; any comparison between what gets said here, and perhaps more importantly how it gets said, and almost anywhere else and ... well, it's just fantastic.

Oh, and yeah, I've been getting that sense of living in a tripped out scifi novel for a while now, myself ... I used to love scifi, until I realized we were living it. V's Starship post has been kicking around my head for a while, too, and I've started wondering if the reason I was so attracted (from a very young age) to SF wasn't, perhaps, a deep yearning for home ... some of us, after all, are undoubtedly not 'from around these parts' so to speak and ... me too? I have no proof but it feels right, like I came here with a mission and ... well, we shall see.

And Scarlett, what a wonderful curse. Not that a curse can ever be wonderful, but damn, thanks for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Seattle area....I woke up last night loud (I live in an apartment complex) and I know I woke people up. Someone was going to hurt me, coming after me. It was a familiar face like a male I know but this was a female?? Strange. Les: I have been reading this blog for a few years now....always...always right on! Thank you.

jackruby64 said...

OK, first off, I know nothing about the people in these videos, sorry, I didn't research them at all, I just thought that the content was somewhat relevant. I, like many of you, get information from a lot of various sources, this link came via a yahoo group that I peripherally belong to. This is a case of something told to someone from someone who heard it somewhere, so take what you will from it. Some of the gist of it sounds reasonable, FEMA control, banks closing, federalization of the local police forces, etc etc. It's the suggested time frame that got my attention. I think that we are all in agreement that something is coming down the pike, and soon. Again, I know nothing about these people.
James aka jackruby64

Visible said...

European American;

You put me in mind of something that has been on my mind all day today and that is something that I (think) I discovered this morning.

All through my life I have found myself suddenly very curious about something and then often engaged in it for years. The same can be said for the persona of the deity whose image engages me over a period of time. A few years ago I was a devotee of the Amitabha Buddha. The next thing I knew I had business with Ganesha. Before that were a number of progressions.

This has been the case with substances that have appeared for my use such as ketamine which I'd known about for years and never thought much about. I was walking in Basel on my way to a friends house when the name appeared quite strongly in my mind and so I asked my friend about it and he had it there. As a result, some things happened that shaped the way I think into something other than it was before. The same thing happened with ayahuasca almost in the same way. Now this area here is something that is part of the path I've chosen and should not be considered an endorsement for anyone else because not everyone has 'the gene' for this particular area of learning. I only add this as one more example of the sort of things that happen and which I got some heavy insight into this morning.

When I wake up in the morning there is a period of a few minutes when concepts I have not previously entertained often rise up in my consciousness.

For some months now, perhaps as much as a year, I have been thinking about Shambhala. I've known about Shambhala for decades but never thought much about it. It was just another name for one of the exalted realms and I had others in my windshield.

This morning a voice said to me. "Do you think these things just occur to you or is your awareness of them being generated by them?" Then it hit me. I had been calling out to Shambhala for some time now but it was actually the other way around. In the process I have learned what there is to know about the place through the usual routes. I've read fascinating accounts of people who went looking for the aperture between this world and Shambhala as well as some of the history of the place and various prophecies.

Now, for the whole day, since this idea went through my head I've been getting more and more information. I've been given to understand that you can't get into Shambhala if you are carrying anything within you that endangers the realm. You can't enter unless you are in command of yourself. You wouldn't get anywhere near the place. You have to be streamlined in certain ways and that streamlining is the process of the painful tests we are put through. It is not so much about passing the tests as it is enduring them. Anyone who endures the tests will pass them. Failing them is only one's ceasing to endure them. At the tail end of my last ketamine foray I went through a series of tests that were well past anything I had encountered before. I was even abandoned in a very bad place and left to believe I was damned and that there was no exit. This was considerably more real than the sort of thing I was used to. Even though it seemed hopeless I knew that this could not be the end of it.

This was anticipated by whoever was administering the test and I was given to believe that it really was the end.

So I said to myself, even if this is so I will still strive to attain. Even if it is hopeless I will go on and continue my course. Even if my situation is hopeless I will still try to do good and I will never accept this and even if it is true I will not stop. There was more but this is getting long already. At one point I could feel hellfire below the floorboards and knew that in any moment the floor would open. At this time the effect of the substance was long gone. I was pretty straight but the circumstances were anything but and one must remember that this is not the sort of thing that usually occurs with this item.

I can't no peace over the course of this and finally laid down to sleep as dawn came up. When I awoke some hours later I was more than fine and did not even remember what had happened for awhile.

It troubled me for days that what I had heard was true until I was told that it was not true and that enduring these doubts and intentional lies which weed out those who are not equipped for the journey is the unavoidable reality of the course.

It is said that Shambhala is within your own heart. Getting there though is a matter of a real journey over real geography in real time. The idea that I am not the one who has been groping with things I keep thinking I stumble on but that these things have been intentionally put in front of me has been a real eye opener. And yes... I've considered that in various ways for years but there is a difference between intellectual musing and the visceral impact of the actual experience. Something along the lines of thinking about diving into the ocean; vividly imagining it and actually doing it.

Interestingly enough. There is a prophecy about Shambhala which I am sure you can find on the search engines that says that the evil forces on this planet are well aware of it's presence and that they intend to make war on it and overthrow it. It is said that when the time comes, the mist that hides Shambhala from mortal eyes will vanish and Shambhala will appear to the eyes of humanity. It's an entertaining tale... a sort of Lord of the Rings meets real life.

Once again, I haven't been able to say directly what I intended by maybe it's in there somewhere.

Maji said...

Deacon Blues - I too love that message/prediction, it makes me feal greatly at ease for some reason - it is infact the same one I linked in 'The Usury Vampire Game'
A must read for those who havent
(forgot to sign my first post on this thread; sorry - re:Interesting times indeed)
- Maji

Maji said...

Yikes - miss linked (after just checking) in ursry - ignore what I just said :O
I do love the message your speaking about, though! I'll try to get the correct link for it, this time.

Jyri said...

Les, great work once again!

I absolutely agree: the pressure is definitely mounting. There's a lot of potential for really tragic events, but my gut feeling tells me there's really no reason to be afraid. But we must be aware. And as you said, if anything happens, we won't be quiet.

Take care!

- Jyri

Anonymous said...

Les, who's your doctor...Hackenbush?

Kratoklastes said...

Anybody who thinks that the parasitic political subspecies (homo cheneyensis) that infests our lives is going to be sloughed off by 'going Gandhi' on their asses, is way off base. Peaceful resistance WILL NOT WORK.

Direct military confrontation is also a non-starter - as Psychegram points out, they have a vast array of techno-death that they can visit on you from the comfort of an air- conditioned control bunker.

BUT... if the situation was altered slightly, whereby the guy who joysticks the Predator drone knew that his name might be on a list somewhere and the betting pool might be growing... maybe he takes more sick days, or flies his baby-killing machine in pointless circles whenever his supervisor isn't watching.

If that Horiuchi scumbag had known that HIS name could wind up on a betting pool list, maybe he would not even have chambered a round at Ruby Ridge.

Prior to changes in training methods, it was known that almost 95% of soldiers refused to fire an aimed shot at the enemy (70% refused to fire AT ALL - even during the suicidal charges in the trench warfare of WWI).

Government's ability to continue to live parasitically off us, depends critically on the 5% of psychopaths like Horiuchi, Curran and Riley - and it ought to come as no shock that they are prepared to shoot women and children.

Make the pool large enough, and criminal scumbags will do the killing - that way, teh scum at teh bottom of society will kill off the scum at the top... and then concern for their own welfare will make mid-level collaborators withhold their services.... and without the mid-level bureaucrats - THE "Little Eichmanns" who oversee the administration of tyranny- the parasites wil drop off like ticks in a salt bath.

We are already at the stage where ATF's swaggering jackbooted dicks are too cowardly to behave like the Waffen SS (who they admire),... but Waffen SS members didn't insist that their faces be blurred in video, or wear balaclavas on raids (and not to prevent frostbite, either). At present it's because the ATF-types face an enemy that is prepared to wage asymmetric (dare I say Fourth Generation) warfare - if narcotraffickers get a look at the face of one of the ATF's trained assassins, they go after them in preference to non-tactical staff.

As the number of OrgA pools explands, and the successful bets become known more widely, the 'chilling effect' on everyone who provides support services to government and its goons will result in a massive change in behaviour, as they perceive a massive increase in the risk premium attached to being a cog in the wheel of tyranny. This 'chilling effect' can't be relied on to change the megalomaniacs (Cheney) or the psychopaths (Horiuchi), but it will permeate the machinery - from the clerks filling out ammo requisitions through to the men who fuel the planes that drop the bombs, and the bureaucrats who support those who make policy (the Wolfowitzes of the world, who are natural cowards). The support structure will be weakened.

(Note - I do not support ORgB pools, and arguably the minion does not bear the same level of culpability as the guy who pulls the trigger. But is it not also true that people who participated in the development of policy or the fuelling of planes or the requisitioning of ammunition, are fulfilling a role without which tyranny could not function? And is tyranny not something against which we have a right to defend ourselves?)

Jefferson would approve (although he was a slaveowner, so y'know, whattever). Paine would also approve - which is much more to the point.



Anonymous said...

Cloudless night..and no Stars ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of deaths construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait till their judgment day comes, yeah!

Now in darkness, world stops turning
As the war machine keeps burning
No more war pigs have the power
Hand of God has struck the hour
Day of judgment, God is calling
On their knees, the war pigs crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan, laughing, spreads his wings
All right now!


Anonymous said...

Don't anyone get too anxious, what you are experiencing is just ego. The next dominant species will be as different from humans as we are from dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

Jj, Nota, I don't see you in this picture

Anonymous said...

Its strange how Seattle keeps coming up. I'm gonna share something I heard five years ago and I hope it helps. I don't care if you think I'm crazy. This really happened and if you don't like it you can go F yourself.

Late 2004 or so. . .

I was sitting in a coffee shop talking with a lady about astrology. A man was sitting nearby listening and finally came over and joined our conversation. The man claimed to be a former trainer of remote viewers for a particular gov agency dating back to the late 70's. The guy altered states and began describing my friend and I on an energetic level. As far as his description of my energy body goes, he was perfectly accurate. I asked him to tell me the most dangerous place to avoid on this continent.

He said "Seattle is a target to be avoided".

This guy was no fake, flake or on the make in any way. I watched him shape shift and then describe me energetically like I was deep in a "session" listening to g-d. No shit!


Anonymous said...

I wonder why nobody has not yet challenged / questioned the introductory picture.
Am I the only one with a bag of St.John´s-wort in a corner of my room and
a pentagram at my threshold ?

Visible said...


If you're going to get all "Angel Heart" on us (grin) I think we'd all like some elaboration. I duly noted it was a pentagram and I'm up on the occult definition of the same as well as it's application in practical magic; that having been a long term (no more) field of inquiry for me but...

wouldn't it serve for you to give us some insight into what you're thinking or are you going to sit there and just turn da Mandrake root over in your hands?

Anonymous said...

More 'change we can believe in'--
DEA agents to Afghanistan (drive up the
cost so the banks will have MORE money
to launder!)
"US to send more drug agents to Afghanistan"

Maji said...

I am greatly interested in symbolism; but one thing to note - symbols are neither good nor evil, mearly the people who use them, and what they are used for.
re: GT - you have a great love for that assasination polotics huh? I read it the other day after you linked it, but I think its more of a problem (if put into pratice) then aid, but thats just my view.
Personaly I think the 'ONLY' resistance needed is simply to be informed and not assist them. I'm a great beliver in what the native american (as well as other groups) had to say, and a great beliver in what Mr M. Tsarion says. The best resistance (I think) anyone could make is to sort out thier OWN problems, befor trying to cure the world, fighting fire with fire is simply not an option, unless we want another age of this sillyness.
On a side note - The American Civil war; against the biggest tyrant (and largest military) of that day - How many people rose up in defense of thier rights as a human being? 80%? 50%? What! not 50%? surly at least 25%... Nope 3-6% and (if you belive the lies - Won) Another thing to note is that a decleration of war was signed, but not a decleration of peace: Are you still in civil war, do you think?

Anonymous said...




The info was released to usenet LAST YEAR




Now you're using HIS IMAGE

TOH said...

That diagram of the Pentagram originally came from this page :

Sollog should be given full credit in your blog for the discovery.

In case you doubt where it came from, the page I linked to is date-stamped in Google Groups. Just do a search for "THE PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD PROPHECY" in Google and you will find it.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up

The Need to Burn the Carbon off the Pipes.

Visible said...

These nasty responses may not have anything to do with you Martin. It's the immediate coincidence that triggered my naming you as well. But it would be unfair of me to include you in this just because of proximity so please forgive me if I made a wrong assumption and if that is so then just continue on as you do. I shouldn't have been presumptuous but I'm not perfect yet.

Visible said...

Well, it becomes more clear now. This Sollog is into major self promotion and into money for his trouble so I'm thinking that this may also be the source of the flow of nasty comments that just came in. I've rarely come across someone making so many wild assed claims about themselves and giving themselves so many titles. I know they are out there but I don't run into them.

I'll wait a little while and see if this guy surfaces and then I think I'll just take the image down anyway because I don't want to source someone like that. You'll see what I mean if you take a look at the various sites and consider the implications of what this person attributes to himself.

Anonymous said...

I haven´t yet found my personal mandrake either and remain sitting here totally calm.

psychegram said...


Alright, man, so you wanna go to war? Good for you, then go. See where it gets you.

I should warn you, my paranoia is starting to tingle when I read your posts. So either you're misguided, or you're an agent provacateur. In either case it's the wrong crowd, bubba, but if it's the former I'll just suggest to you that you consider the likely consequences of armed revolt very carefully and maybe think of some other ways in which this thing might be put to rest.

Visible said...

Thank God Martin!

You see what happens when I go off half cocked. I've had an odd day and then some and I need to remind myself when things get a little edgy.

Well... I think I'll shit can that image. Thinking about it I realize that there are any number of shapes one can use to connect these things and that also, nothing has happened at any of the other locations so it doesn't mean anything at this point. Given the times there is no doubt that something will happen at all of those places and many more besides.

The thing I find glaring is this fellows contention that the pentagram is evil which it is not. it is a symbol of the mind in triumph over the elements and also suggestive of means and ways. it is the inverted pentagram that is associated with evil. Actually, the upright pentagram is a positive sign and a sign of protection as well.

The author of the graphic doesn't even know what he's talking about on a basic level.

I included one of the other comments that is by the same person all of them probably the graphics author. I think I'll just get rid of the graphic and leave a telling disclaimer.

You know, if the guy had just notified me about the graphic and asked me nicely I would have credited him in a moment; be glad to do it and he'd have gotten himself some traffic too. As it is, he and his graphic can hit the road.

Anonymous said...

GT- It is my understanding that Horiuchi shills for some gun company in SD these days....
Oh, yet more "change we can believe in.."
Afghanistan, here comes GM frankenfood whether
you want it or not (a la Iraq)
'Afghan surge takes a fruitful twist'

psychegram said...

"The thing I find glaring is this fellows contention that the pentagram is evil which it is not. it is a symbol of the mind in triumph over the elements and also suggestive of means and ways. it is the inverted pentagram that is associated with evil. Actually, the upright pentagram is a positive sign and a sign of protection as well."

I was thinking that myself but didn't want to say anything.... Also the pentagram wasn't exactly symmetrical, not sure if that means anything but I always understood symmetry to be important with any sort of sacred geometry....

psychegram said...

I didn't actually see anything in that article specifying the use of patented GMOs. Also not sure how many of the crops mentioned there even come in the Frankenfood variety. Not that I'd be surprised if that were the case, of course.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Maji,

To get back to yesterdays discussion. Yes, I did check out your posting of the "Native American Prophecies" at:

I to am also a Native American at heart and I find these prophecies to be very interesting and hopeful. I also find the Hopi people to be very intelligent and special. The village of Oraibi, Arizona has been an interest of mine for sometime now.
Oraibi was founded sometime before the year 1100 AD, making it one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements within the United States. I drove out there and paid a visit a few years back.

You can find out more about Oraibi at:,_arizona

In Closing: A Little Bit More About Oraibi:

3 A.M.
In the Albuquerque airport
trying to find a flight
to Old Oraibi, Third Mesa
TWA is the only desk open
Bright lights outline New York, Chicago
And the attendant doesn't know
that the Third Mesa
is part of the center
of the world
And who are we
Just two Indians
at three in the morning
trying to find a way back
And then I remember
that time Simon
took a Yellow Cab
out to Acoma from Albuquerque
A twenty-five dollar ride
to the center of himself
3 A.M. is not too late
to find the way back

(By Joy Harjo)

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...


April is a big month for unseen forces in nature and the larger. Those who look to past actions, on mass, see this month as a big one. I too see a link between the killing machine and a waking public. Time has come, and what will be will be but a larger lie for the public to define themselves and line up for the roll call. I think major international money trading and centers of power will change first, with a new war lead on by Nato/US very soon. We must understand world movements are for the upper classes. The poor will be first to see the light. Those with nothing will be able to start again not linked to the dancing media clowns. But we will not hear their newly found truths, not in the open, but only in the trench of hunger and pain, loss and unveiling. It would be better to walk away now, than wait for the sky to fall.


m_astera said...

I've done a lot of focus on the pentagram, and built a few out of wood, including one nine feet across that appears three dimensional and occupies a prominent place on the wall of a large arena, painted ultraviolet blue. It is accurate to within 1 part in 3000. So I've had plenty of time to focus on the symbol, besides, like Les, being interested in ritual magic in a time long before I built any.

Here is my personal take on the pentagram:

It is the symbol of mankind, humanity.

It is a five-dimensional artifact or object that cannot be constructed on this 3-4 dimensional plane. That is because the arms weave over and behind each other while remaining straight. One can only do a facsimile of it, draw it two dimensionally or build it three dimensionally so as to give the illusion of five-dimensionality.

Using the pentagram upside down as a symbol of evil is just more of the same-o lame-o from the dark side. They are the opposite of creative; they couldn't create a ladder to get out of the bottom of an shithouse if you gave them a pile of lumber to do it with.

All they can do is stupid things like say the Lord's prayer backwards or turn a cross upside down. They cannot create, period. They can only steal, destroy, and kill. If they truly took over the world one thing you could count on is that no matter how painful it might be, it would be boring and derivative as hell.

Zoner said...

Sollog was displeased? Some minions popping up to be indignant on his behalf? Are you to suffer his wrath now or something, or is it a royalty thing?

Jeez, the picture wasn't all that great anyways.

A quick internet search casts a great deal of light sometimes, no? And I don't mean any sort of "light of God". The account I read (if it is the same "Sollog" in all cases) tells of a drunk driving arrest and freak-show trial, a bunch of "prophecy" stuff, and a family beginning in the porn industry.

I suppose even the greatest "seers" have their human side.

That drawing was all wrong anyway. WTF was it allegedly pointing out? I thought it was supposed to be inverted to be appropriately scary? I suppose it is well beyond my capabilities anyway. It just annoys me when people find silly shit to get all riled up about, and start acting all froggy.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?

pistachios are contaminated. The Zios are out to get you. Take care.

Visible said...

Well, he's a strange duck;

Sollog 1

Sollog 2

Interestingly... I was on trial facing a mandatory 60 years in prison in the worst state in the union for my alleged crime (highest conviction rate) and had only a court appointed lawyer. Because my defense was entrapment I had to prove I was innocent, not the other way around. I became the only person in the history of Hawaiian law to beat 3 Class A Felonies and was acquitted on all charges. So... meanwhile God went to jail?

Truth is stranger than fiction.

MarcLord said...

First time visitor here, and enjoy your angle into the panopticon. My framework is similar, but for me it boils down to two practical questions:

1) Where is Israel at on their Freakometer?

2) For which US city does Cheney feel the greatest contempt?

Visible said...

Those are American pistachios and I'm in Europe. As a matter of fact I have a kilo of them on my desktop here and I've been at them. So far so good. However...

I felt a bite at the top of my left calf but wasn't sure if it was a bite but then it kept throbbing. I took down my pants and there was a four or five inch centipede. Pretty shocking. I don't know if it is because it had to bite through another layer of cloth. I had some light woolen long johns on or... maybe they aren't that bad here but a centipede that size in Hawaii would have been a memorable experience.

This has been a very strange day. First is was the bird which has come back at odd intervals (Visible Origami) then I went to town and while at the dumpster getting rid of my trash there were a number of those bamboo handled witches brooms that have those bundled stiff branches in a round. I put four on them in my car because I thought I could at least use the bamboo.

Driving away I was aware of a toxic smell. It got worse until I got home and took them out of the car. One part of my thumb pad was burned and had turned red; I suppose I had touched it. My eyes have smarted all day and I can still smell it after all these hours.

I don't know what to think. It's odd for a centipede to get into my house and this looked exactly like the one I had relocated outside last week after finding it near the living room woodstove... same size and color and they come in different colors here.

I've met no one here who's ever been bitten by one. Construction professionals that I know didn't even know they were around and they restore old damp buildings and get into walls and the like where these things live. There's no information even on the internet for Italian centipedes that I have found yet this happened tonight.

Strange stuff going on and so far none of it good. The bird thing I don't know anything about but that's weird too and it still doesn't move when I come up on it. Even stranger is the sense that it's doing some kind of Morse code. It feels like the fabric of reality is parting or breaking or something.

I've had some other events lately that I don't want to go into. I look for the meaning but I don't find any meaning.

The pistachios so far have been benign.

Shasta said...

I love your blog - this is only my second time here, but it's twice in the same week, so I think that's a good sign.

Sollog is probably a spook and his image is something he got shocked into him by his handlers.

Let's be frank, Seattle is on the map because it's where the Man has a lot of his most precious boondoggles tied up. Plus it's strategic geographically.

I too had a dream about Seattle years ago - it was emptied out. For some reason we could only get there by boat. I remember being afraid but knowing that it was just ghosts.

Dudes right - it's ego. You can't fight this. You just have to surrender - to yourself and your best judgment. Trying to play the Man's game means you just replicate the Man. That's a trap.

I got to read the vampire post now.

You people take care.

psychegram said...

Hmm. I've been having an odd day too.... Also involving birds.

Visible said...

Holon of Ascension huh? It's interesting that when I get transmissions it's often from 'we' too. Then there's the 'single overwhelming' as I call it which can be sweet and kind or making really big footsteps.

I'm waiting for a nice run of positive or at least a greater clarity in perception. There's a lot of mixed signals.

Interesting that these people you refer to are meeting in Seattle on the Weekend.

Yutani said...


I too feel like I'm living in a sci -fi novel,or movie... "Invasion of the Body Snatchers-1978" to be more specific.

But then I listen to the Kevin Cosgrove call:

and I realize how real this is.

Just think, that could have been you in the North Tower while some sick,twisted demon of a person was preparing to push the button.

Truly Frightening.

Anonymous said...

Why should the small fry waste our time ?

The inner System is (they believe) with the governing powers, the slave drivers of repetitious moment, the truth is outside of the next motion, the next thought, all those that do same in time, are same, for all time.
Middle system is now the raging torrent of time's chaos,as time is also of the inner system, so is it affected by the breaching waves of what is now middle chaos, the inner order breeds repeat, sacrifices to middle chaos.
To cleanse is to pass to the outer system, bringing timeless moment to the inner, passing through middle chaos (one passes through the whole of time...Imagine:) into timeless outer, and so ends inner middle and outer, all is one.

Edric Treewick of Broken Toe.

Anonymous said...

When the dollar crashes, this is how the us government wants to give you their heartfelt support...

Do the Italians have a plan as comprehensive as this?

European American

Chinarover said...

Hi Les;
I drop by quite regularly for some cereberal salve, and as a road-warrior from the sixties I relate to much of what you say.
I mostly agree with your posters who caution against armed uprising. My observation has been that this is exactly what the elites want, giving them the excuse to bring in martial law and it's assorted blessings. Don't forget that the Russian Revolution in 1917 began as a middle-class liberal movement under Kerensky in March of that year. By November the Bolsheviks had taken over - backed by the western bankers who had a huge amount of the Czar's wealth on deposit at their banks in London, Berlin, Paris, Zurich, New York etc.
After the Czar and his family were wiped out at Ekaterinberg, guess who got to keep the money?
Considering the fact that the Czar was the richest individual on the planet at the outbreak of WW1 in 1914, this could be considered the greatest heist of all time - until the current "Bailout" in progress.
"Order out of Chaos" .... it's right there on the dollar bill.
Right now, the G20 are in Europe, trying to bring in the new World Currency. A new "emergency" would really help this process along. Don't be fooled into aiding them by sinking the US into a civil war.

fayez moukarim said...

attention brothers and sisters. just make sure you have access to clean drinking water and food (5 year supply). do not rely on tap water or any stores close by. wake up this is serious.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflection in a Petri Dish up now.

Living the Thug Life in Armani

psychegram said...

Crap, I'd forgotten the Seattle aspect of things ... it was a while ago that I read it. It was the timing, though, that struck me. April 5 ... I don't know if something is going to happen between then and now, but, well, we all seem to be feeling some rough beast slouching towards Babylon, and given this, too, well ... hunh.

So then, why Seattle? Running with the hypothesis that Seattle is where the Event is planned for, what's the connection here? Could be I've been duped, and these Hathors are, in fact, little more than dark entities posing as light beings. It doesn't seem that way from what I've read of them, but ... our opponents are crafty types. A scary thought, given that I've been following their recommended practices.... Maybe this Holon of Ascension is all about hoovering up my energy?

Of course, what I'd originally thought was that, timing-wise, this mass meditation was meant to at least partially neutralize the negative fallout of the Event ... and it's hard to see how appreciation and gratitude (the operative emotional states involved) can be put to a dark use. My (overly simplistic?) understanding was that the lizzies prefer to dine on fear....

Well, crap. I'm in a bind. Anyone else have any thoughts?

Visible said...


This isn't meant as a criticism of any kind but rather how I see these things. It's offered because, being another perspective, sometimes a third position opens between differing perspectives.

I've got little use for Cassiopeians and little use for people who recycle Egyptian mysticism and I've got little use for groups of any kind at all when it comes to spiritual. I've got near zero use for anything that is referred to as New Age, even though I occasionally get accused of being involved in New Age things. My course is to be Old Age to the point that it has no age because it's been around forever and always will be and though it may express itself through endless configurations that come and go as the times change it is beyond this life and all of it's conditions even though it is intimately connected to everything.

We are composed of condensed sunlight. You can call that starlight too. We are light in extension. There is no life here at all without the Sun so whatever really is; as far as we can compute in our limited way, must have something to do with the Sun. Two basic types of people, One looks for the light and one looks into the darkness thinking it is light because of the false light that illuminates it.

Whatever really is must be connected to me somehow or if it's not then there's no point to anything i do. If it is a part of me then it is conscious of me and in me. Whatever is wisest in the universe must have some location inside of me or there is not point. If there is a point then it is inside me and that's the only place I need to look or should look because everything else is going to lie to me. God, or whatever you want to call it, can have no meaning unless it is part of me. if it's not part of me there is no point. If there is a point it is part of me and therefore it knows all about me and is doing whatever it can do in respect of my own efforts to bring me to an awareness of it.

How we come to approach this as it approaches us and how we integrate and assimilate is a personal affair that will never be the same as it is for anyone else because we are all unique.

So... for me... there is no course but through personal surrender to it and surrender brings understanding and understanding brings realization. Along the way are tests and trials and tribulations which all have to do with refining. There's bliss and joy and freedom too. At any point we may be in despair or confident of the association but... it's all under control and the sooner we accede to that the sooner we will come into balance with the moment we are in and the sooner we can get the show on the road... unless our intention is to perform in the big show... waiting our turn with the millions to stand in the spotlight as we play the fool.

Anonymous said...

I would like to share an event and ask for ideas of what was from the collective. Last night my mind just relived all of my memories. I could not make it stop. for several hours my memories all replayed. From childhood to the present. It would run on themes and places and people who were all connected. I feel very different today.


Anonymous said...

Not surprising that Burroughs used centipedes..

William S. Burroughs and the Maya Gods of Death:

The secret of Burroughs's centipede symbol is that priests, the Gods of Death, the one-way senders, turn into giant centipedes-ten foot centipedes rearing up over their victim, a man tied to a couch. And the victim is us. The meaning of the centipede symbol, and of aU of Burroughs' writing, is that when the Gods of Death are in control we live in a wasteland, "the Land Where Anything Goes."

Anonymous said...

If it is Seattle, sure would be convenient if the "terrorists" came in from Canada and had "help" from some made in the USA set-ups--then they could seal the border tight as a drum for the upcoming mandatory/voluntary "draft", or public service army, whatever--sure have been doing a nice job of letting battle take place down on the other border to keep people from wandering that way--
Just a thought--Sure would have to be something of the purest nastiness to rally round the flag and get volunteers to sign up--there are no jobs, college gets you nowhere, and people can't afford it anyway-almost as if by design-and of course, the guns used will be traced back to a gun show blah blah blah----oh, and of course they kept in touch using the internet and blogs---did I get it all?
Just wonder when the bow gets tied on this package--

Anonymous said...

From WRH:

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and
love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time
they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."
~ "Mahatma" (Great Soul) Gandhi


Still alive said...

Should there ever be a real "war on terror" all the mass murdering, international terrorist war criminals in the US and Israel and UK and NATO and all the other "coalition of the willing" pariah rogue states will be hanging from ropes.

Perhaps one day justice will prevail. It is long overdue.

Inside job 9/11 pt. 2 should be a doozy. Maybe the miscreants can blame it on the son in law of Iran`s president working in conjunction with Hugo Chavez`s daughter carrying out orders from Vladimir Putin`s wife.

Yes Les, interesting times are ahead.

psychegram said...


It took me a while to respond to that ... for some reason it affected me deeply, sent me on an hour long walk in the rain (OK, so it was just sprinkling) and then I got home and I still couldn't respond.

I think I understand what you're saying ... essentially, search for the truth within because I sure as hell am not going to be 'given' it from any outside source. That's a lesson I understand at an intellectual level, I think, but not one I've mastered ... a lifetime of intellectual training has been to look for answers in Encyclopedias, books, the thoughts of brilliant men ... and it's made me something of a collector of facts (a fact-squirrel, as one of my ex's put it.) Which is why I'm so fascinated by the Cs and other such entities, since they have so many fascinating things to say, but ... learning to put all that aside, set it in the background and wait for an answer to percolate up from within, well ... that's one of the most difficult lessons of all. At least for me.

I've barely budged from this damn computer all day but I feel like I've been on a thousand-mile journey....

Maji said...

Hey, thanks Deacon nice poem - Been ever so busy, so sorry for the late reply.

Maji said...

And so, a poem for a poem :)
Darkness and Light
Love and light, its plain to sight,
will allways oust the dark,
for even at night; the stars shine bright,
while love conquers black hearts.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of terrorists... X hundreds of millions.

Upton Sinclair. 1878-1968. American muckraker. From The Jungle: "At the same instant the ear was assailed by a most terrifying shriek; the visitors started in alarm, the women turned pale and shrank back. The shriek was followed by another, louder and yet more agonizing--for once started upon that journey, the hog never came back; at the top of the wheel he was shunted off upon a trolley, and went sailing down the room. And meantime another was swung up, and then another, and another, until there was a double line of them, each dangling by a foot and kicking in frenzy--and squealing. The uproar was appalling, perilous to the eardrums; one feared there was too much sound for the room to hold--that the walls must give way or the ceiling crack. There were high squeals and low squeals, grunts, and wails of agony; there would come a momentary lull, and then a fresh outburst, louder than ever, surging up to a deafening climax. It was too much for some of the visitors--the men would look at each other, laughing nervously, and the women would stand with hands clenched and the blood rushing to their faces, and the tears starting in their eyes."

Hank said...

psychegram, I know your confusion, I think. I too have sought answers most of my life, ABOUT life. Most people I know are just caught up in life, living it day to day, making sure they get to work, feed the kids, do the laundry, well you know, and it never occurs to them to wonder about the thing that allows them to do everything else, life.

Les made reference to surrendering to it, and comming into balance with the moment. If I hear what you are saying, you like me, are having trouble finding that balance with the moment. I have trouble, once I think I see the bigger picture, finding my place in the picture. I mean I am wallowing in indecision, as to whether I should be in the show, or the audience.

I am not as well read as you are though, and there is a reason for that. Yes, I can read, but way back I decided to read the bible, and after some arduous reading, I realized that my take on it was very different than any I had ever heard. I decided then that if I wanted to know something, I would gather as much info as I could, and seek my answer from within.

I have read many of your comments, and can tell you that you have everything you need to interpret life without using someone elses opinion. I stopped reading opinions and interpretations of subjects until I come up with my own, and I think you should do the same. As I said, you have everything you need, and much, much more than most people out there. Trust yourself, and peace my friend.



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