Friday, March 20, 2009

Just a Little Something that Needed to be Said.

Every now and then I feel the need to clear the air about something and today is one of those days. Before I get any further into what I am going to say, I would like you to read this. You have to register at the site to read the whole article but I picked this one link for reasons that should be obvious to anyone paying attention. In any case, the thing itself is not in doubt so... as one particular maestro said, “Get thee behind me Satan.”

I live in Europe. I used to be an American and even endured being thrown in jail and sent to prison and certain famous locations for the criminally insane for exercising my constitutional rights which; did not involve causing anyone or anything physical harm, did not involve me actually breaking any real laws and so on and so forth. It involved me speaking my mind in a sort of ‘bully pulpit’, stage and street sort of a way. You could say I must have had some sort of faith in my country to have kept on keeping on. Finally I realized that this was not, ‘my country’ and that I needed to find Kipling’s “cleaner greener land on the road to Mandalay”. I didn’t go to Mandalay but it looks like I am going to have to sooner or later.

I want to clear the air about my real and actual position in relation to Zionism and Jews. From my own personal position, I want to make my position clear and it’s not the same one that you saw in Pulp Fiction when Bruce Willis comes through the door and all that stuff about “pipe-swinging” and “getting medieval” got said and no... I don’t know what happened to the guy in the box.

I don’t care one way or another about ‘Jews’. Quite frankly, I would like to believe that race, creed, color and national origin doesn’t mean squat to me. I take people as I find them and I keep or lose them according to what they are as a person and not whatever outfit they got themselves self-described in. I have no problem with any group of people related to what they were born into. I sometimes have a problem with where they’ve gone with it since. If this were a few hundred years ago I would have been talking about the Catholic Church. Take me back a few more centuries and it would have been Imperial Rome. Even further back... someone else.

A few things matter to me and everything else comes a distant second; truth... liberty... justice and awareness in no particular order. There are many other things attached to these and I like them too. I do not like the suppression of these things. When, in my opinion, based on my observations, this is happening then... well then... I’m probably going to speak my piece and I don’t care if you like it or not. I am going to do that. It is the only reason I left a perfectly good everlasting environment, where everything works, in order to put on this cumbersome suit for this limited engagement.

I have never said that bad things did not happen to Jews during the Second World War. I have never disliked a Jew just for being a Jew, no more than I have done for any other group of people.

However... when you can’t ask certain questions without being thrown into prison AND when you never get any reasonable answers to those questions then... then... someone is hiding something and... by extension... using it for their own advantage and worse, as it appears now... using it to cause harm. I also have a problem with people turning their suffering into an international cloak of mourning for profit when the evidence clearly shows that they were involved in several other holocausts where the numbers were even larger only... in these cases, they were not on the receiving end.

I don’t know anything about gas chambers or fictitious memoirs except for what gets reported. I don’t know anything about what happened at that time because I wasn’t there. What I do know is that there is something wrong with the numbers vis a vis official agencies who were there and with those who have turned this event into an industry and who have manufactured a golden cash cow machine for profit whereas... no other holocaust has gotten anything at all. There is an injustice here. Am I supposed to be quiet about this? When this is used as an excuse for PRESENT DAY genocide... am I supposed to be quiet? It’s not going to happen.

You can lock us up and you can make us disappear but you cannot make what we are disappear. You can’t lock up liberty and you can’t make the truth disappear. However many of us you lock up; you only set more of us free in the streets. However many of us you disappear, even more will appear to replace us. It doesn’t matter how it works. What matters is that it does. Today you sit at the top of the rubbish heap. You are King of the Dump. You own the garbage and you process it into news and entertainment. You have armies of sewer rats who march through the landfill and enforce your will. You might well think yourself untouchable but you are going down. All the institutions and bad intentions of the passing age are headed for the recycling plant to become the stones and mortar of the coming new age.

Here is the key point. We are not the one’s doing all of these horrible things. We are the ones pointing it out. We are not manufacturing wars under false pretenses. We are not putting history under lock and key along with those who question certain aspects of it BECAUSE it is being used to justify genocide ...and we are not committing the genocide. You are. This is the key point. You are doing massively evil things and no amount of spin can change this fact. We are pointing it out. If that’s a crime then baby... I’m an outlaw.

I don’t care if you are a Zionist Jew, a Jesuit or a Babylonian cocktail waitress. I don’t care if it’s 10 BC, 1000AD or today. Neither I nor the majority of people like me are anti-[insert misdirectional catch phrase here] anything except for what is universally considered bad behavior. I don’t care what particular cover you are operating under and I don’t care how many guns and prisons you have. You can’t kill the impetus for truth or the natural impetus for liberty which rules the human heart.

I’ll tell you what. You stop doing these things and turn the force of all that material power and political influence into doing good and I will sing your praises. Until then, it’s my job and the job of others to tell you, you are going down the wrong highway. It is especially our job given the constant efforts of the armies of hacks that you employ to justify and spread confusion for a paycheck and a seat at one of the smaller tables at The Dark Lord’s Midnight Ball.

You cry out in pain when you strike others. This Walrus and Carpenter act is coming to an end. The sleeping world is awakening and it is past time for the truth to be known and nothing and no one is going to stop this. My advice is to get your house in order and do something about the minority among you who are going to bring doom upon you all.

I realize that this will serve as nothing for those who will not hear. I realize there is nothing one can say or do, short of total submission to what is unacceptable. Still, it needed to be said. Nobody hates you as much as you hate yourself and that is the source of your problem.

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kikz said...

needed to be said...
thank you.


Anonymous said...

...expecting to win backing from ministers Thursday.
Of course!

Anonymous said...

My friend, when it comes to inspired writing skills from an unknown source and the pure, unvarnished truth in harmonious accord. You have no equal today.


Anonymous said...

My search for 9/11 truth led me at first to think that I was becoming a horrible, racist individual -- possibly a neo-nazi. I really agonized over it because I had been so conditioned to a knee-jerk reaction of seeing Jews as ONLY victims that I have to say the resulting cognitive dissonance at trying to process the facts led me to question my very sanity.

But, I soon came to terms with it and, after the fear of being labeled anti-semitic passed, I came to realize that I DIDN'T hate all Jews just because I hate the state of Israel. And the only reason I hate the state of Israel is because of their own racist policies and violent attacks on their neighbors. I think if you don't hate what they do -- there is some part of you that is not really human anymore. You're like the prostitute who has to kill off part of her soul to allow her to do what she does without retching or slashing her wrists. If you LOVE Israel and think she can do no wrong -- you are the racist and the anti-semite, not me.

It always amazes me (being married to a Muslim) that you can talk about towel heads, make jokes about all Muslims being terrorists, ask members of Congress to prove that they are NOT a terrorist simply because they happen to be Muslim -- but I hear no cries of racism or incitement to hatred. No one loses their job. No one has to refuse a political appointment because they've dared to criticize a Muslim country.

Average Jews are just like the average German in Nazi Germany. Most had no power and were not involved in the crimes of Hitler. But most kept quiet. Some out of fear. Some because they weren't members of a targeted group. Some because they didn't care what Hitler did as long as he fixed the economy. International law has already determined that their silence made them complicit. Today's Jews shouldn't think that they will get a free pass any more than the Germans did.

Anonymous said...



Visible said...

Man- Scarlett,

truth to power and all that.


PC Apostate III said...

You may not care about Jews, but they care about whether or not you're a Jew, which means that it really doesn't matter what you care about does it?

Visible said...

So... what would you have me do Curt? Have I been less cut and dried and black and white than you would like? I recognize the viral context. I'm not stupid or afraid. However, as I said... there are many ills and many states of planetary history. This is only one of them. I came here to do a specific thing. History will judge whether or not I performed my task adequately.

In real terms, where I'm at... I care less for this world than I do for a dust mote hanging in the sunlight through my window pane. All that ever goes on here is murder and concealment. I don't care how advanced or primitive the stage setting may be. It is a world or appetite and I'm not hungry.

My job is tailored only to a particular group of people in connection with a particular upcoming event. All the rest of it, I suffered through more than I want to recall. Once I achieved liberation it wasn't a problem anymore. I recognize not only your perceptions but your courage and brilliance but your cause is not my cause thought things dovetail as they will.

I intend to hold the door open with the power given from building up a certain amount of good karma... after that... the door is going to close. Later on down the line, this experiment will have new enemies. It just goes on and I have moved on.

Anonymous said...

Lived in a Muslim country before the days of terror. Didn’t care for their ways. Nice enough people as long as they stayed in their own country, being left to themselves.
Certain things do most definitely need to be said and said out loud with a bullhorn.
Yes history will tell but for only a short time. You see the whole Idea of this evil is to erase the existence of all their own deeds and be only victims to any other. There will be no lasting history of this generation, no stone monuments to tell our side of the story, no copper scripts to be hidden from the truth, no memories to pass from father to son. Paper will pass to dust and all things electrical will ground to earth. A thousand years from now the only thing to be found will be a plaque on a mountain in Nevada that reads,
“Don’t dig here”.
Thanxs Les

Anonymous said...

I'm with Curt.

We've spent way too much time and effort being nice guys when the real deal is they could care less about all that. It's always been a race thing and always will. Sorry to say.

Why spend so much energy prefacing everything we say with "I'm not being anti-Semitic here but..." and still being called a Nazi?

I've decided I've had enough of all that business and let me tell you it's great!

Randall said...

Wow, this was worth more than the price of admission!

Anonymous said...

Curt nails it. He knows.

Les, so much ego, so little time....

Anonymous said...


Jesus said, "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves."

Now, I know not everyone is Christian, but I think the message still contains a truth that transcends one religion.

We shouldn't be naive in the fight. We should be aware of the prejudices, animosities, etc. of our enemies. But, that doesn't give us an excuse to lower ourselves to their level. Or to paint every member of a group with a broad brush. Each person should be judged for the choices they make -- not their ancestry or the indoctrination of their childhood.

There is an honorable way to fight. It might appear to give the enemy the upperhand in the short term, but I honestly believe that long term it is the only hope we have of actually winning and establishing a world where we are free to embrace our humanity rather than being pressured to merely follow our animal instincts.

I don't think we need to be so PC that we can't talk about the problems or mention the prejudice that some Jewish sects feel towards non-Jews. We ought to be free to criticize that as much as we do the problems of the Christian right or the Catholic church or the Taliban. But, there are good and bad people in every group and the problem isn't one of genetics or religious preference. Us vs. them just makes it easy for people to rationalize the evil that they do. In my opinion, the fight has to be taken to another level. It is a moral crisis where we are battling over the values of our civilization. Money or people. And I know which side I am on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les! Willow here. Loved this post as it reflected my sentiments, as well. Scarlett's response was thoughtful and I am in agreement with her,too. As for Curt, I'd didn't pick up any malice as you might have in considering your response to his comment.

He is correct in the sense that most Jews identify themselves as "Members of the Tribe". The Jewish folks I know take great pride in this "membership" as their identification seems to transcend nationality. Thus, they see themselves as a "people" wholly separate from everyone else, unified by their religious faith. The rest of us, as non-members, are simply goyim, or non-Jews. As in any tribal people they prefer to deal with their own. And that's why Bernie Madoff was so successful in his scheme.

I think Curt was trying to point out that because they tend to be insular and clannish, they don't really care about what "you think" because essentially, as a group (and a very large one, at that) we don't really matter.

Except, that we really do matter because our goyim numbers radically exceed their tribal numbers, by billions. So, effectively, they may have considered that although they may control the money we've plenty of power through sheer population. So, now it has come to pass that they can no longer hide what they are doing so they need to make it a crime to point it out, to question or protest. If they are making questioning aspects of the Holocaust a crime, what's next? They are certainly making every effort to make criticizing anything Israel does a crime, as well. And that includes their own tribal members who may have a few questions of their own.

History has shown that Jews are just as divided among themselves as everyone else. Schisms are a factor in every group simply because individuals have different perspectives and processes, emotional responses, and so forth. And, as we know, there are many people across time who have been persecuted for having a difference of opinion with regard to religious faith. And, we also know, that there have been many, many holocausts among various groups of people but, until now, not one group that I can see has made it an industry.

In fact, there are many pagans to this day that do not reveal their faith in "many" gods or in the Goddess for fear of retaliation, rejection and persecution by the monotheistics. And we know how many of us were burned at the stake, our villages destroyed, our people murdered for centuries, because we simply didn't tote the Catholic line. Or the Christian one, at that. And, we also know that millions suffered in the Muslim onslaught in earlier centuries, as well.

My point in all this, is that making it a crime to raise questions and to seek the truth in all things is ultimately a failed policy, whether you are raising questions about the Holocaust or about the Catholic church or whatever. It breeds resentment and subversion. The questions are still asked, they only go underground for a while...seething, bubbling and roiling until all hell breaks loose. The Church never did stamp out paganism. It just went underground for a long, long time.

People are already getting angry at Israel and their lobbies and infiltrating groups. The resentment has started. This is only going to add gas to the fire. Sigh. Well, here we go again.

Anonymous said...

It's a pity so few Jews give the vast majority a bad name. But truth must be told - Israel is a RACIST state, and history shows it as such.

Anonymous said...

The politics of an empire are ugly. The stench of corruption hangs like moss on the willow branch. Thanks again wisdom teacher. Nobody says it better.

Anonymous said...

I wrote this on a ABC News blog today on the information that came out that Israel had conducted a holy war in Gaza and against Gentiles...Yes it actually said that...well, I have noticed that when anyone states anything remotely 'whatever it is' that they blog watchers/editors on ABC don't like they delete the I posted it was deleted twice...anyone see the story on ABC NEWS Today...? Well here is my comment..."Yeah, all those WOMEN AND CHILDREN enemies...! So, Israel can be Religious Zealots...but Islamic Zealots are terrorists...! Israel can protect itself, but any one else protecting themselves is a Terrorist! Israel can use illegal, immoral bombs, white phosphorous, mines, cluster bombs, WOMB Busting BOMBS, etc., but anyone else is breaking Geneva Conventions. Israel can condone no caring about unarmed civilian populations...but when their unarmed civilian populations get bombed its all HELL TO Pay! Is this feedback ANTI-SEMITIC? I don't think so...the double standard has become so egregious - millions of human beings across the world are wondering WHAT THE HECK is going on! So, the truth comes out....this article states what we already know! Death to the GENTILES! Hello, Neo-Conservative EVANGELICAL churches - do you see that Christians are under attack ALL over the world???? Do you see that anyone who is not Jewish is not chosen??? Geesh, what is it going to take to bring freedom to this area of the world? Is Israel only going to be satisfied when every last Palestinian is DEAD and GONE??? Will that be enough? Or will Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan be next? Are we going for middle eastern world domination? It would sure be nice to get an inside scoop on the AGENDA!"

I don't claim to be that smart, and I'm not trying to be humble...I REALLY study and TRY hard to understand ALL that is going on around me in this world of ours...and I just don't get it!!! The double standards are sticking out like the homeless on all the street corners in my city! HARD TO IGNORE! Why in the heck is there even a need to pass a bill to penalize Holocaust deniers/contractictors/history challengers/etc.? I mean that is the BASIS of all science? Facts have to be shorn of their takes research, debate, fact finders, skeptics and a whole litany of others to get to the truth, especially, when the truth is so tied up in propaganda!

I'm with you, Les, it isn't going to work...Israel is making too many mistakes; mistakes of spirit, mistakes to respect LIFE and GOD in LIFE...they have failed to heed the story of David and Goliath; so has the U.S....this is a time tested TRUTH, and it works for ALL communities, countries, and peoples...and with the internet, and more and more people seeing with their eyes AND hearts...that truth will not be bolted down, arrested out, or will LIVE! And I plan on being around when ALL is revealed!

Anonymous said...

"Just at the present time, when the light which was shed by the fires of war has revealed so many matters formerly hidden in shadow, the awakening of world attention is called "anti-Semitism," and the explanation is given that "after every war the Jew becomes the scapegoat" – a curious admission which would lead a less self-centered people to inquire, Why?"
--Henry Ford, 1921

Anonymous said...

The problem is that we can't push a reset button on history. Even an independant World Ministry of Truth to revise History in the most honest possible way wouldn't be the answer, because Truth has become such a pliable product. There are vastly different versions of all truths embedded in peoples heads, which makes it impossible to define a truth. On some days this will drive me to drink and despair, believing that we are lost, on others I am glad to have found a sort of truth for myself.
The fact that there people on this planet who are permanently scheming, manipulating, cheating and lying, aided by officious busybodies who claim to be only doing their jobs makes sick to the stomach. I can't eat as much as I'd like to puke.
I think it's time to find your "Group" and work within that village, keeping the schemers out....for ever, because the schemers are pathological, so that even when they do tell the truth, I can't find a way of believing them anymore. I'm fucked in that way. Past it.
It would take such a hell of alot of "turning the force into good", that before the day is over, they'll probably pull a fast one again.
They always do.
What to about it?
No idea, maybe just look for it within.

Anonymous said...

Again, you write as a beacon of truth....
They bulldoze the Palestinians' olive groves
simply because the Palestinians EXIST and
are what their bible says are "amalekites".
EU will pass its thoughtcrime law. May
they not come bulldoze your olive trees as
well simply because you and they exist...
'they' do not wish us to exist anymore unless
we are their yoked goyim.
WhAT but a psychopath would murder an olive
tree, much less murder a woman with a child or living planet?

Anonymous said...

curt m 12:35 AM
That jews care about my jewishness is of no consequence to me and will never effect my life in any way. What's your point??
The fact that Israel is as South Africa (and the old Germany) was is of import- not just to me but to the majority of people in the world. So the Israelis will care about what we care about. And be afraid and squirm (as they are) and through their own ignorance dig a deeper grave for themselves as time is telling!
The headlines tell us ‘No more Israel within 20 years’.

Anonymous said...

"Anti-semitism"? I suggest it's time to get over it, it's merely a term invented to suppress criticism of Israel and their Jewish supporters.
What we have seen this week, just like most others, is a barely concealed attack on non-Jews , I guess we could call it anti-gentilism.
An admission by Jews that the genocide in Gaza was a part of a "Religious war against Gentiles"
George Galloway banned from entering Canada because of complaints by the " Jewish Defence League of Canada" mainly because he rode a convoy into Gaza with essential medical and food supplies
Insistence by a Rabbi that the Pope must "hide his cross" when visiting the Apartheid State
So my advice in regards to the so called "anti-semitism" is simply to get over it along with constant reminders of the "Holocaust". It's time to stand up and put these Jews/Zionists/Israelis in their place and remind them that they control the world's finances by courtesy of the Gentiles they so obviously despise and there's no guarantee that will continue indefinitely.

Anonymous said...

There are many very level headed, and historically literate people in here, especially the quthor of this blog, and I am really curious as to what you think about the information in this very long, but fascinating asrticle:

It's by Michael Tsarion, so of course ripe with skepticism, but I find the content fascinating.


Anonymous said...

Right on Bro, with ya 100%

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, Sorry I didn't include this in my last post. It seems the racial/ethnic inclusiveness of certain Jews brings forth and simulates a similar exclusiveness in other groups-once they notice it. And this causes fear in the former group. So they promugate theories of equality, brotherhood and non-exclusiveness in others to break down the ability of other homogeneous groups to resist their urge for economic and material hegemony.
The joke is, really, on everyone involved, since EVERY human is part of ONE entity, and treating others as "the other" leads to predictably negative consequences AKA bad karma.

Anonymous said...

You're gettin soft on the jews, kid. Its far far worse than that. You need to read Talmud excerpts again about what they really think or go back to Communist Jewish Bolshevick Russia or the Jewish ripoffs going on right now turning the world into hell.

Being nice to them isnt going to help the situation if you know history. Im sorry to inform you of this, but its a simple fact. We are dealing with psychopaths.

Mel Gibstein

Anonymous said...

I just saw the piece with George Galloway and Meyer Weinstein of the JDL. It looks like a group is taking a British MP to task for his legal activities in relieving suffering in Gaza (the way the Red Cross hasn't done?). Apparently Galloway was more than equal to the challenge. He told the Canadian audience that his being banned from another Commonwealth (!!!) country, at the behest of this organization, being called a "terrorist", was election year politicking. No fool George. He countered that the right wing Canadian government would be handed its posterior on a silver platter, the way the Republicans were in the US election (where Obama's middle name and putative Muslim religion counted for zilch with the American electorate). Galloway has the confidence of a widely informed mind. His opponent Weinstein, had the twisted logic of a one-trick pony whose best line was "6 million", and whose tactics will have no effect ever on ameliorating the conditions of actual Jews throughout the world, and never could. He seems to be so stuck on victimhood that he wants it to continue, that he doesn't want his own people to walk upright and confidently in the world. He's a nasty piece of work, as is the JDL (which has been responsible for many acts of violence). He looks to demonize anyone who talks to people he does not want them talking to, so in that he is just the neighborhood thug, which Canada has unaccountably allowed to be its spokesman.

There is another Canada - I remember staying at a hotel in Montreal and encountering a large extended Inuit family in the lobby, warm and friendly and as curious about me as I was about them. There is a real humanity in this world. The sooner we can get rid of the crap that litters and booby-traps its path, the better off we will be. By "crap" I do not mean people, but attitudes and weaponry. My United States has indeed set out bad stuff. And we are bigger and stronger than Israel, in spite of our own victimhood cries of being its puppet.

We have always sent soldiers to places where they, with the best of intentions, tried to get along only to be disappointed when the locals treated them like dirt. I just saw a Public Broadcast Station news segment on Afghanistan (which Galloway feels is not the right place for Canadians - another reason for his banning from the country). There a team of US military with farm backgrounds were noting the rich and fertile soil of the Afghan river meanders, and talking about building farms for the Afghan people, so they would compete in the global economy. Evidently he had not heard about their opium crop, or if he had, he wanted to steer them in a different direction - implicitly at the point of a rifle. It is this daydream of power over others, couched in good intentions, which is the Achilles heel of Americans. The British had other problems with their imperial over-reach - this is ours. If some foreign soldier came into my country and started fondling the soil of Iowa, suggesting better crops, you know what would happen. So why are the Afghans any different?
Because we are there and we have lots of weapons. That is it.

Sometimes the brutal lessons break the student. But I think that in general, the public that came together and spoke for what Obama represented, whether or not he really is all that, are entering a new level of consciousness. The questions are flying in the classroom. The skepticism is growing like healthy Iowa corn, knee high by the Fourth of July.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Les visible is more visible.

Anonymous said...

Les, while you were making mistakes on your way to Mandalay some fucked-up sickos were busy getting you out of the fray. And they did, without much effort. At least some of us, like Kevin MacDonald did put a fight, and still do. Others just fell into the line and settled for a plasma TV.

Anonymous said...

to Mel Gibstein.

Yes Mel, we are dealing with psychopaths. So now, what do we do? Having a choice between antigoyism and antisemitism, I'll take the latter anytime. It's a mater of protecting the interests of an overwhelming majority, if not the world as a whole. To start, we have to call a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

Here`s some more gasoline for the bonfire:

Anonymous said...

Les, your writings are a large part of what has instigated my awakening. Thank you for being a constant source of reason and logic. And today, you have helped me explain myself just a little bit better. I'm not sure where I stand on Israiel/911/Financial collapse/Jesus/2012...there's so much shite to think about. The only firm belief I have is that the people who should be telling the truth are telling only lies.And even when it seems I have found what could much more reasonably be the truth, I find I'm still riding about ten different fences at once.
So here is where I find my self. Disgruntled, disgusted, disenchanted, and tired of being lied to. Gonna take care of my own, on my own. I know their agenda. More dollar bills. More control. More resources. More lives for more land. More smoke shrouded political deviants stealing our credibility, our prosperity, and our security.
Unless you look in the right places, you haven't been told the truth about much of anything. And even once you can conclusively determine that the dolled up whores on Fox, & CNN have been feeding you carefully and tediously concocted spoon fulls of bullshit, it's difficult to navigate through the valleys of conspiracy and knowingly find anything to consider as fact. I have decided that the WTC did not collapse as it did without the aid of some sort of demolition aid, such as thermite.I have decided that the political regime in Israel is mostly evil, and focused on dominating the whole middle east.(And then the world.) I have decided that my family and friends deserve to have someone looking out for them who doesn't have his head shoved up the ass of the sheep walking in front of him. And I've decided that they will never take my guns away. Period. Other than that, it's hard to believe in much. Sometimes we can believe in each other. Sometimes we can believe in ourselves. We can't believe that the government will take care of us. And we ought not believe what the religious, political, and educational authorities tell us is fact with out our own insight, investigation,and experience. That would just be irresponsible. That's what we have been conditioned to be. Irresponsible. How is it that there are individuals in this country who can steal tens of millions of dollars, AND THEY ARE NOT IN PRISON. Why isn't every responsible logical person not screaming in the streets for justice? Protest outside the fucking capitol buildings and demand answers! Aren't you furious?!?! When you've finally found the truth, proceed with caution. Don't let a choice to believe be a choice to discredit the infinite possibilities of life. When the creator thunders down out of the sky and tells me to start taking notes, then I will get some religion.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Les, as always.

Just my opinion, but I think certain things need to be "clarified". I mean made CRYSTAL CLEAR in order to counter the 'poor me' syndrome coming from the Zionistas world wide. And these clarifications need to be maintained in the forefront of the discussion at all times.

1. Anti-semitic (includes dislike of Arabs, Palestinians and Iraqi's among other people)

2. The term Jew does not refer to semite any more than the term Catholic refers to Bulgarian.

3. The term, "Jew" refers to a RELIGION, not a genetic trait.

4. Zionism is to Jew what Satanist is to Episcopal. The terms are not related.

5. The people who migrated to the land known as Palestine after WWII have no hereditary lineage to that land. Most of said immigrants are not semite people particularly those from Northern/Eastern Europe.

6. The land known as 'Israel' today was set up after WWII because of a "MYTH" of dispersion promulgated by one ONE source - the Bible. No other historical references back the claims of the bible. As history it is worthless.

7. The Bible is a collection of wishful thinking, fabrication, forgery, plagiarism and outright LIE. It is not a history book and must be relegated to the realm of 'children's stories' before the threats upon the truth-seekers will be free.

8. Zionism is the hideous secret sister of white supremacy.

Please study # 1 and 2. The discussion must be framed in order for these facts to be given strength.

All the best Les and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I am not so concerned about laws, rules to think this or that. Truth is like an indelible paint, once sprayed it is impossible to remove. Those who seek to control and harm others are just writing their own indictment. Pity the self condemned and be happy because every injustice and piece of evil inflicted on the righteous is a step toward freedom. They sell us fear but I know fear and it is born of respect not the low grade nonsense we are subjected to each and every day in the media and in our lives. The clock is ticking and time is short so pity them because when justice arrives, it will come unexpectedly, swiftly, without warning and in a manner to make all tremble. The future is ours and the future starts the day you make a decision to look for the truth. Once you have found it, there is no going back and nothing on God's green earth can take the truth from you......

Anonymous said...

Well, the whole "problem" is that God prommised jews to be untouchable because of their unshakeable faith in him. This status can not be changed and no, noone will ever do anythig bad to jews because of this promise. But there is the other thing. Its called new testament and Jesus said that everyone will get to the father only through him. So jews are really untouchable only untill the judgement day. After that....There will probably be alot of scream. But i dont want to judge anyone, only my self.

Anonymous said...

~We Shall Become Known By The Company We Keep~

"The Naked Emperor"

By David Ieke:

December 2008

I am writing this in the last days of 2008 as I watch with dismay as vast numbers of people across the world, including many who should know better, have been duped by the mind-game called Operation Obama.

Even people with some understanding of the conspiracy have said things like: 'Well, at least he's not Bush' and 'Well, at least it's great to see such a new spirit of hope'. No, he's not Bush — he's potentially far more dangerous; and what is the use of a spirit of 'hope' if it's based on a lie? In fact, what use is 'hope' at all?

Obama's wife, Michelle, who I wouldn't trust to tell me the date in a calendar factory, said that 'everything begins and ends with hope'. Utter nonsense. Hope is a meaningless emotion because its fruits are always in the future and, by definition, never in the NOW.

Hope is like riding a carousel horse; no matter how fast you go you never get closer to the one in front. The idea, however, is to persuade you to stay on the horse, despite the evitable disappointment, in the 'hope' that things will change. But they don't because the very system is designed to prevent it.

That's the way 'hope' is employed by the dastardly and devious — take the crap we are giving you now in the 'hope' that things will get better (but we know they won't). Barack Obama is a purveyor of 'hope' because his masters want the people to accept what they are given now in the hope that good times will come.

Just do what we demand, oops, sorry, Barack demands, and in return he'll inspire you to hope that it is all leading to the Promised Land. It isn't, but, by the time you realize that, it's too late.

What terrifies the manipulators is that people will abandon hope, as a future, sometime-never projection, and start to demand fairness, justice and freedom now. To avoid this nightmare they need to keep those desires as something to aspire to, not to actually have.

Thus, their man, Obama, sells 'hope' as a diversion technique, a holding position, to keep the masses from truly rebelling. We have no job, no food on the table and our home has been foreclosed, but at least we have 'hope'. Phew, thank goodness for that.

'I'm hungry, mum, can I have some hope, please?'

'I'm so sorry, darling, you can't have hope today, only tomorrow — hope is always tomorrow.'

'So will I eat tomorrow, mum?'

'We can hope so now, dear, but when we get to tomorrow, we can only hope it's the next day.'

On and on it goes. That's how 'hope' works. Or rather doesn't.

Obama's predominant mantra has been 'change'. Indeed, his massively-funded, record-breaking campaign was based on that one word — change. This is a technique used by Bill Clinton and many others and it is highly effective because, at any point, the system ensures that most people are not happy with the way life is. So, when you don't like the status quo, 'change' can be a potent message, even if, like Obama, you don't say what it means.

It has been vital to his success, and that of his controllers, that he has never specified what his 'hope', 'change', and that other mind-control trigger-word, 'believe', were referring to in terms of policy and the way society in general will be affected. Hope for what? Change what? Believe in what? To answer those questions with specifics would have been fatal to Obama's appeal.

READ The Complete Article At The Following Link:

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Zoner said...

Brilliant and crystal clear, Mr Visible. To see any malice in your statement is reveal the extent of the blindness to truth that has fallen over the reader. I can almost hear the reactionary, knee-jerk mechanism in those thoroughly brainwashed and conditioned to recoil at anything that does not sing the praises of the "special" group we are discussing.

To me, the holocaust has assumed the same stature of a religion all it's own. The events described are mostly beyond accurate, scientific analysis, and the truth of said events is probably lost forever. Now we are left with stories, manipulated for the service of the storytellers, and used to carry out an agenda with the "events" as justification.

Good luck legislating against questioning history and seeking, or even inquiring about, the fucking truth. This just reveals how fragile their grip is on the mask being held up.


Visible said...

For the benefit of those who feel I wasn't sufficiently hard enough in my commentary; You have to remember that I am writing this, not you. My duty is not to write like you or to reflect your viewpoint; that's your job. If you think something needs more hammers and tongs why... have at it.

However, the impression I get is that you don't read very closely because certain commenters seem to have missed certain things possibly because of the way the thoughts were couched. Then again, maybe the point I was making wasn't the point you wanted and for the solution to that, see the first paragraph.

I wrote what I felt at the time. I'm not unaware of other ramification or of what's going on. I just don't think as much is to be gained by ramping up the intensity and I think they are doomed to fail, no matter what the present appearances are I think the nasties among us are headed for a terrible reckoning. I can't shake this sensation. It feels very real to me.

Anonymous said...

Here's a revolutionary act:
Step 1) Visit this website:

Step 2) Peruse the content enough to satisfy yourself that this is the real deal ... whoever put that site together has the courage of a George Galloway or a Les Visible!

Step 3) Download the entire website onto your hard drive and burn 10 copies of it onto DVDs.

Step 4) Mail one copy of it to that ADL asshole Galloway just eviscerated on TV and mail the 9 other copies to random members of the Canadian Parliament (or to EU politicians if you think that’s more appropriate)

Step 5) Take your dog for a walk, cackling all the way …


Anonymous said...

There are certain bits of information that the Zionists can't afford to let fly around for the masses to find out about, and those are the bits of infomation we should concentrate our focus on. Lady Michlelle Renouf hit it on the head when she said: "The Holocaust is utterly the key to world Zionist control over us and our governments." And Arthur Koestler's research, for which he and his wife were assassinated, proves that the Ashkenazi Jews aren't Jews by race at all, but are Jews by religious conversion. Those are the bits of information that are most hated and feared by the Zionists, all other information is of secondary consequence to them and is therefore not worth very much in our resistance movement against them.

Goebbels when teaching on the secret of successful propaganda said to keep it simple, confine it to a few points, and repeat them over and over. Well, the same is the case for the truth... keep it simple, confine it to a few points, and repeat it over and over.

Your friend,


Zoner said...

Watch George Galloway "debate" the Canadian JDL rep. watch this guy's eyes when he goes into reflexive BS spouting mode.

Listen to him threaten to "monitor" anyone who listens to Mr. Galloway's words.

This appears to be a seriously mentally ill person. Sorry. Just see for yourself as he tries against some inner part of himself, to spout the usual "line".



Anonymous said...

As Visible explained, "I think they are doomed to fail, no matter what the present appearances are I think the nasties among us are headed for a terrible reckoning. I can't shake this sensation. It feels very real to me."

This is exacly how I feel, too.

Visible said...

I thought you folks might like to see the names and biographies of the Monsanto Board of Directors. Interesting connections.

(Note: Ages as of January 14, 2009)

Frank V. AtLee III, 68, is a retired president of the former American Cyanamid Company and chairman of the former Cyanamid International. Both companies were involved in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of medical and agricultural products. Mr. AtLee served Monsanto as chairman of the board and chair of the Executive Committee from June 2000 to October 2003. He was Monsanto's interim president and chief executive officer from December 2002 to May 2003. He is a member of the Audit and Finance Committee and the Science and Technology Committee.

Mr. AtLee has been elected to a term that expires in 2010.

John W. Bachmann, 70, is a senior partner of Edward Jones, a major financial services firm that advises individual investors exclusively. From 1980 until 2004, Mr. Bachmann served as managing partner of Edward Jones. Mr. Bachmann was elected to the Monsanto board in May 2004 and is a member of the Audit and Finance Committee and the People and Compensation Committee. He also serves on the boards of AMR Corporation and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, where he was the chairman of the board for 2004-2005.

Mr. Bachmann has been elected to a term that expires 2011.

Janice L. Fields, 53, is executive vice president and chief operating officer of McDonald’s USA, LLC, a subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation, the world’s leading global foodservice retailer. She served as president, McDonald’s Central Division from 2003 to 2006, and has been with McDonald’s USA for more than 30 years. Ms. Fields was elected to the Monsanto board in April 2008 and is a member of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, the Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility Committee and the Science and Technology Committee.

Ms. Fields has been elected to a term that expires in 2012.

Hugh Grant, 50, is chairman of the board, president, and chief executive officer of Monsanto. He joined the former Monsanto as a product development representative for the company's agricultural business in 1981. Since 1991, he has held a variety of management positions, most recently as executive vice president and chief operating officer. Mr. Grant chairs the Executive Committee. He also serves on the board of PPG Industries, Inc. He has lived and worked in a number of international locations including Asia and Europe, as well as the United States.

Mr. Grant has been elected to a term that expires in 2012.

Arthur H. Harper, 53, is managing partner of GenNx360 Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused on business to business companies. He served as president and chief executive officer - Equipment Services Division, General Electric Corporation from 2002 to 2005 and executive vice president - GE Capital Services, General Electric Corporation from 2001 to 2002. Mr. Harper was elected to the Monsanto board in October 2006 and is a member of the Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility Committee and the Science and Technology Committee. He also serves on the board of Gannett Co., Inc.

Mr. Harper has been elected to a term that expires in 2010.

Gwendolyn S. King, 68, is president of Podium Prose, a speakers bureau. From 1992 to her retirement in 1998, Mrs. King was senior vice president, corporate and public affairs, for PECO Energy Company, now Exelon, a diversified utility company. From 1989 through 1992, Mrs. King served as the 11th Commissioner of Social Security. Prior to her appointment, she was deputy assistant to the President and director of Intergovernmental Affairs for President Ronald Regan. Mrs. King has served as a director on the Monsanto board since February 2001. She chairs the board's Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility Committee, and she is a member of the People and Compensation Committee, and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. Mrs. King also serves on the boards of Lockheed Martin Corporation and Marsh and McLennan Companies Inc.

Mrs. King has been elected to a term that expires in 2010.

C. Steven McMillan, 63, is a retired chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Sara Lee Corporation, a global consumer packaged goods company whose brands include Sara Lee, Hillshire Farms, Earth Grains, Jimmy Dean, and Douwe Egberts. He has served as a director on the Monsanto board since June 2000. Mr. McMillan chairs the board's People and Compensation Committee, and he is a member of the Audit and Finance Committee and of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

Mr. McMillan has been elected to a term that expires in 2012.

William U. Parfet, 62, is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of MPI Research Inc., a preclinical toxicology research laboratory. He has served as a director on the Monsanto board since June 2000. Mr. Parfet chairs the board's Audit and Finance Committee, and he is a member of the People and Compensation Committee and the Executive Committee. He also serves on the boards of Stryker Corporation and Taubman Centers, Inc.

Mr. Parfet has been elected to a term that expires in 2011.

George H. Poste, Ph. D., D.V.M., 64, is chief executive of Health Technology Networks, a consulting group specializing in the application of genomics technologies and computing in healthcare. In February 2009, he assumed the post of Chief Scientist, Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative at Arizona State University. From May 2003 to February 2009, he was director of the Arizona Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. Dr. Poste is a member of the Defense Science Board and the Health Board of the U.S. Department of Defense. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, the Royal College of Pathologist and the UK Academy of Medicine and Distinguished Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Dr. Poste is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He has served on the Monsanto board since February 2003. Dr. Poste chairs the Science and Technology Committee and is a member of the Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility Committee. Dr. Poste also serves on the boards of Exelixis, Inc. and Orchid Cellmark Inc.

Dr. Poste has been elected to a term that expires in 2011.

Robert J. Stevens, 57, is chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer of Lockheed Martin Corporation, a firm engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture and integration of advanced-technology systems, products and services. During 2001 and 2002, he served on President George W. Bush's Commission to Examine the Future of the United States Aerospace Industry. Mr. Stevens has served as a director on the Monsanto board since August 2002. He chairs the board's Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, and he is a member of the Audit and Finance Committee and of the Executive Committee. He also serves as Monsanto's presiding director.

Mr. Stevens has been elected to a term that expires in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Les, great stuff as usual. Wanted to say thanks for this and previous postings. May I suggest a link to,, and for the libraries they provide. TFC's interview files are an outstanding resource also. Namaste. Fester

Anonymous said...

First time I've read your postings. I observe you are still seeing the world as a place separate from your heart....and I do enjoy the good 'digs' you get in.

Anonymous said...

Funny but I have this page open at the moment...

I would like to know if there is a good source for finding who the main shareholders are of big corporations.

Anonymous said...

i've just been listening to your radio show bits.
have you thought about making a spoken word record?

i made the music for and produced this guy's album:

you might like it...

Gogol44 said...




Anonymous said...

You can`t forget the holyhoax!

I only hope that sooner or later Europeans and Americans and others reclaim their lands from their terrorist governments and then hang all their "elected officials"-well, you fill in the rest.

And as we all know the ashkenazi/khazar inbred rodent terrorists in that international terrorist rathole known as "israel" (which will one day be Palestine again) are not semites to begin with.

Please Les forward my best wishes to Mike James in Germany. He, like you and a few select others, is a true worldly patriot.

Anonymous said...

Regards Curt's post and following discussion, , "You may not care about Jews, but they care about whether or not you're a Jew, which means that it really doesn't matter what you care about does it?", this is the same idea taken by members all religions (and racial cultures) and all people who place themselves in a limited box for identity.

People who understand liberty for self and others, do not ever need a box of bliefs to compare themselves as "greater than" the perceived "lesser than." I always base my assessment on the individual, but find all supposed individuals needing religion and for society to define their beliefs and behavior, are net yet fully individuated.

Thus they have a time ahead yet of soul growth. The only needed "status" is that one is a fragment of the ALL, by whatever terminology used. Until that happens for the soul, it is NOT free and will compare itself to others and act out that comparison.

Christians for example have an equal footing in that, and this makes possible for some of them to support the very antichrist they purport to not support by being Christians. These are of course the Christian Zionists.

Love your work Visible, we post you periodically to to encourage our readers to read your blogs. You are an outstanding teacher.

Anonymous said...

what is this Les
look it up
Hoax some say

I would not post this if I were you
how can they do this

Anonymous said...

Hello Dawn its always me
I will keep you posted see

Anonymous said...

Juval Aviv sounds like a plan
not a prediction
plan is one to arrive to

New World Order is ALL THE WAY

Anyway predictions are in New Testament
not Old
who wrote the bible anyway. They did plan
all of this
everyone is writing a book too.
Time to steal all
brain and body

Anonymous said...

Les is blessed to also test
all the news is also best
all are coming to terms this
they will also also this
Acts of crime is waved to kiss
all else away chosen fist

Anonymous said...

this is a very meaningful drawing i found, summarizing the world affair and who runs it:

click on image for bigger version

Anonymous said...

Wow Hollywood is behind all

Anonymous said...

series of five

the most recent one with the crayons is brilliant Les
here to add to that



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