Friday, March 13, 2009

Dick Cheney and Murder Internazionale

...and continuing to unveil... uncover and reveal we now find that America’s Fischer-Price version of Darth Vader... that porcine, shit golem extraordinaire, our very own Dick Cheney was running his own Murder, Inc Internazionale. The fact that it is Sy Hersh who is revealing it gives it a most plausible air. Even though Sy skates around certain major events of the last decade out of an understandable reluctance, still... thank you Sy.

In Canada they want to either bar from entry or arrest George, ‘the clown’ Bush. Interpol is working on arrest warrants for present day, Israeli war criminals and, if you can believe it, Bernie, ‘the lizard’ Madoff is in jail. I’ve only the lying media’s say so on this so, for all I know, it’s one of those Body Double things.

As I have been at pains to say, this apocalypse thing; whether it be mere planetary aspects or that ‘unseen hand’ we hear about in respect of both temporal and metaphysical force; whatever it may be, it’s all coming out and my take is that this only the overview of the tip of the iceberg before it has even stuck it’s nose out of the waves.

Wasn’t it Mineta who was in the war room with Cheney when Cheney kept getting updates about the plane headed to the Pentagon? Cheney was being asked about when to scramble the interceptor jets as the plane got closer and closer and closer and stalwart Dick continued to say... “Take no action” or something like it. I won’t go into who was in and what was happening at the particular part of the Pentagon that got hit. Heck, I won’t even bring up Rumsfields’s statement the day before about Dov Zacheim’s missing trillions.

The weight of evidence, by this time, that 9/11 was an Inside Job is overwhelming, as is Dick Cheney’s participation in it at the behest of his masters in a small Middle Eastern country, who’ve got some kind of pictures and video with Dick in a starring role. Knowing what I know about Dick by this point, I think I can assume they contain dead children, ritually displayed like a salmon mousse centerpiece at one of those parties he attends. Let’s don’t be cheap with the dill sauce.

Those of us who care enough to see for ourselves, rather than to be told what to believe have known about most of these things for a long time... just as we know who was behind Charles Freeman withdrawing from the offered post. Heck, we can even see the irony that it was AIPAC spy, Steve Rosen who was leading the pack.

Listen up people, as much as mainstream America and the rest of the world are suffering from this engineered economic downturn, the ‘greed is good’ crowd has seen their money disappear as well and they lost a lot more of it. There is much weeping and gnashing of teeth these days among the ‘coke and fine wine’ crowd. So let’s remember, even though a certain doom has come upon us all, it is the one’s who love money the most that are most greatly injured by its loss.

Yes... I’m all over the map again but it’s the map itself and not any of the locations on it that is the point of this particular issue so, if I can but sketch out the boundaries then the picture becomes clear; except to those who cannot or will not see.

We’ve got this summer of rage coming up and the villains are being dramatically rendered before our eyes in all their loathsome ways. The scrambling behind the scenes must be amazing as they seek to seize final control over that which no one has ever controlled before and... neither will they. The fact is that it is anybody’s guess what is going to happen but... whenever corruption completely takes over the ruling classes then some adjustments get made.

You know what ‘a perfect storm’ is. That’s when various forces come together to create a situation in which they all contribute to the perfect conditions for what follows and without which it wouldn’t have happened. Those conditions are present today and the revelations about Cheney; the arm-twisting over Freeman, the economic uncertainty along with Nature acting funny along with... well, it’s quite a list. All of these things are driving humanity toward an unpredictable destiny because... behind the scenes has a great deal to do with what happens in front of you and behind the scenes is turmoil.

It’s not going the way they want it to. They’ve got all of these conditions in place and strange things are happening that are out of their control. It is the nature of those in control to use any means necessary to maintain control so... what does that mean?

In one sense it has to do with former, high riding insiders being thrown to the wolves but there’s a grave risk in that and that is that more and more is going to be coming out... unveiling... revealing.... disclosing. Then public perception begins to shift and new awareness’s emerge. Following this come large polarizations and you begin to hear Yeat’s saying something about, “the center cannot hold.”

The dominoes begin to fall and many things tangential to Dick Cheney and all of the rest of those being exposed also emerge. Were it not for the remaining sheen on Obama much more would be upon us already.

Dick Cheney has got to be more than a little concerned at the moment because if what Hirsch says is true then he is an enormous liability to those to whom he gives fealty. He is also guaranteed to face criminal charges should what has been said be proven true. Those connected to Dick must be very concerned. The boys in the backroom are sorting their options.

Of course, what we are learning about Dick is only a part of the story and the rest of the story is on its way out as well. I sense legions of whistleblowers firing up their instruments. Some of them are being driven by fear and some of them by self-interest and some tiny handful by a late blooming, righteous indignation.

Consider the massive outpouring of revelations and expect more to follow. You know as well as I that when too much focus goes on to things ‘they’ don’t want us to hear about that it is time for a massive distraction or two. I would take this information about Dick as being a bad sign of things to come.

There are several ways that you come upon information. You might find particular evidence like tracks in the sand, a piece of cloth on some sagebrush or... someone might tell you something. The rats are getting a bad sense about the welfare of the ship. There is no honor among rats.

As for Dick, whatever happens, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving fellow. Though I suspect the onset of heart troubles and a plausible demise, you just never know. Every passing day this whole circus gets weirder and weirder. Meanwhile, some percentage of the man on the street is going nuts as recent headlines have shown. Money is getting tighter and the fear of this is making the money tighter still. Pakistan is in revolt and all across the world we are seeing similar situations brewing. What does it all mean?

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RML said...

For Tuesday, But Works Now

That great word, Apocalypse (from which the West Indian word, "Calypso" is derived), is part of a "reverse-conditioning" beta experiment. The mind-picture that this word NOW projects is one of an Armageddon-ish meme. Like the word, Dilemma, which implies a choice between two undesirable outcomes, the mind-picture that dilemma projects becomes a fractured thought-form of a catastrophe, not a choice.

Ans what is even funnier is what my mind did right now by connecting these two supposedly different word-meanings. In fact, their synchronicity explains exactly WHY we do not want Apocalypse to mean “reveal or uncover.” This scares the bejesus out of us. We don't want to uncover the Truth because we will be forced to face what has now become a life and death dilemma.

We all love the idea that "the Truth shall set us free..." Yeah, great. Set us free to do what? Set us free to become what?!”

It's much easier, certainly more comfortable to just go along to get along. Somebody somewhere will take care of all of this. Surely, God and his minions will Deus ex Machina in the nick of time and pull us all out of this. Why, we've even created a 2012, Ascension, Pole Shift, Second Coming, Born Again, Cosmic Wave, white-hat dudes riding in just at the last moment scenario.

While we're still down here duking-it-out with the other pawns and keeping our heads down for that knight or bishop, we've forgotten the queen. That we are oblivious to the ones moving the pieces on the board (yeah, go ahead and call it the matrix), does not in any way alter the reality (really, realities)of what the game is.

Pawns ain't supposed to know about revealings or disclosings (above our pay-grade as every other film-line reminds us). No one is going to save us, bro, ‘cept ourselves.

As to the Cheney reveals, he's just a pawn -- a two-mover -- but just a pawn. His lower-case reveals just release pent-up emotion. The citizens who stormed the Bastille had no such luxury.

Anonymous said...

For some reason your column reminds of the story I read years ago. A few monkeys started washing their potatoes in the sea, presumably for the salty taste it gave them, and before you knew it all of the monkeys were doing it. I like the image.

I've heard that most people in Washington doubt the official story, of that wonderful event eight years ago. Many many of them know a lot, but for obvious reasons cant say a word.

I keep thinking about the monkeys washing their potatoes. The original observer thought that the habit of washing those spuds, spread to other islands, and monkeys started washing there too. The hundredth monkey phenomenon refers to a sudden spontaneous and mysterious leap of consciousness achieved when an allegedly "critical mass" point is reached.

I know it didn't quite happen that way but I sure do love the image. I see a bunch of monkeys scrambling around scratching their underarms, making funny noises, getting all excited, I just love that image.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cycles Les, some catch-up, some put-downs and then... more of the same.
After all we are who we are.

I see China has woken up to the fact that they own more of the US than they really want.


nina said...

Orange dawn rises shimmering across the sands of time while freighters sit at anchor and inventories build, poor men sweat and coolies look for skinny cats, thinking about returning to Kowloon, the streets are empty now. The massive halt to the movement of humanity on Earth has arrived. What does it mean?
Is there a measure of pride for having brought it all about? Does swagger overule fear? To have come so far only to be left outside the Gates of hell? Scorned by the devil himself, you just weren't evil enough to do it all. It was not clean enough, ironic enough and mostly it just was not enough. The place you earn as your reward for failure is endless life, in your squat pudgy envelope, to go on eternally, known to all, reviled throughout time unfolding, a reminder to others in the future, they too will be known and clocked every second the minute hand rotates on your lumbering planet of scorched weeds. But Bernie gets in. As you watch your own decomposition you'll have time immemorial to ask why, why not me too? Ahahahahaha, so be it schmuck.

veritas6464 said...

Greetings Dumballah...what a lucky shot, I thought..mmmm? Shall I get on the net and see what's cook'n? I did and I am the second (at my present place in time) comment, wooohooo! I apologise for my tragic childish expose. It's nice to be in on the ground floor sometimes. Of course, even in a dizzy spin you're Annie Oakley. They have always sacrificed their minions and name sakes, they don't care. It's not about IF, it's about.....? Don't worry about the rough stuff, ruff stuff has a way of starting before you have a chance to plan a response and ending just as you do. We are all going to lose someone. We are all facing the possibility of being one of the lost. Gaza was the property of The Templars, and will be again. The Pigmen are not concerned about the palestinians, they are concerned about being sacked and cast out again. ARSES KICKED OUT OF A COUNTRY #48. Yes folks when the men who march away, do again, the Pigmen will be cast out of Jerusalem and driven away from the Holy Land again,again,agagaianagaiana..AGAIN! 47 countries in the last 1000 years have kicked out the Pigmen/Yids. Oh, by the way, moses didn't liberate the Yids, "Let my people go"! Fuck no, Pharoah had no choice but to kick out the proto-Yids, because he would have been linched, had he not! Why do the goyim constantly gobble up the shyte these fucking frauds feed them? Social engineering, Cheney sold his soul and soon, very soon, he's gotta hand it in at the Pawn brokers Shop. I wonder about your ability to recognise the obvious for what it is. I remember scrawling into an Army notebook for hours one day/night creating a false code and coded messages, being well forward of the dividing line, anything found on me may and would be used against us in a field of battle. Disinformation, looks just like real information, because it would be valueless if it was printed on watermarked paper which read; 'U.S./Isis-Ra-El Army Propaganda'. Weird, are you kidding, I am positively glowing with anticipation, we have to get on with this and win! Your destiny isn't always what you dreamt it would be. Better luck next time, eh? There will be some events soon, keep your powder dry and your head down. Because when you look up, and you will, everybody turns to look at the train wreck, you'll need dry powder.


'Once were Outlawed'

N.B. love light & peace.

notamobster said...

Senor visible - it definitely seems the straw men are being knocked down. As the vermin become more frazzled with their imminent destruction, they will grasp at any hold they can reach. I know you have, but most of your readers probably have not, ever fought someone in a life-or-death fight. When someone realizes that their life is on the line, rationality goes on holiday and they reach for anything that'll save them. These scum do not plan for failure, because their egos do not afford them the good sense to do so. This makes them very dangerous in a physical sense.

Wars and attacks of all manner have been perpetrated to save one ass or another. I wouldn't expect any different this time.

Anonymous said...

I like this blog, really, but I am simply aghast by the use of the italian word "Internazionale". What do you wish to imply? That the US criminal behaviour is nearing Italian standards?

This is a totally distorted view of reality. Italians are not nearly as criminal as your own Darth Vader. For one they could not be, they simply are not nearly as powerful. They are not even in control of their public image. True, Hollywood movies give a different portrait as part of the general TV brain washing. But even that very fact should be a hint that there's something very fishy going on there.

Do you really think Hollywood script writers don't have an agenda when they come up with those tales of pseudo-italian mythology? Do you really think that those whose name ends by vowel are more predisposed to crime than anyone else? If so, please, think again.

On another front, pyramid schemes now in the English language are called Ponzi schemes. That is outrageous. Carletto Ponzi was a poor bastard who never really got to enjoy his ill-doings. Why is the press slamming his mug on the front page now? His he the scape goat of the current crisis? Are we kidding or what? Pyramid schemes are as ancient as the world itself. Why the italian name calling all the time?

I would love to keep frequenting this blog, it does make a very nice reading. Most times. But I was so irritated today that I couldn't go past the first sentence.

May I please ask that you abstain from using my native language in a derogatory sense? Believe me, italians are victims to this mess as you are. They do not deserve to be singled out this way with innuendos. Not that I am against singling out anyone specific, please go ahead with that, but if you want to do so give me a real argument and hard evidence, don't just bloat Hollywood fantasies into expressions of the English language. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Putting aside everything that can and will be dreamt of, imagined and conjured, I know we all got it coming.
I just wonder how many times..

Visible said...

First let me suggest you enter some kind of therapy because this sort of paranoia and nationalistic simplicity eventually leads to serious problems later in life. I was merely using the word 'international' in an international sense and since I am presently in Italy I picked that one. It's got jack shit to do with Italy and anyone familiar with my work- as you presume to be- would know that I am not the sort to use things in this manner. There isn't the slightest association between Italy and my use of the word.

Let me ask you a favor... don't presume. First inquire before you make a fool of yourself. I live in Italy because I love the place more than anywhere else in Europe. What any of this has to do with Hollywood fantasies or anything else I cannot imagine.

Furthermore... the sheer arrogance of someone who says they didn't read past the first sentence and then draws the conclusions you did without even looking to see if there was any evidence of anything to support your position is.... well, breathtaking.

Come or go... it's all one to me. I don't alter what I say or what I am for anyone except the ineffable.

kikz said...

nice job today, les...

i gotta wUrd for the anon italian and it isn't innuendo...


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you quote that poem by Yeats... As this year moves on it pops into my head more and more often. Any ideas as to the identity of the Rough Beast?

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, Don't you think this latest "summer of madness" that's looming is planned, ie since before 9/11. They need severe public unrest to go fully police state. We're encouraged to riot, or at least regularly told we are going to, which is the same in a way.
Gun laws will be implemented, and guns will be seized as in Katrina.
Why pay fat Americans a fortune for nothing, when we pay peanuts for foreign goods. Spend the US taxes on the rich, and let the poor eat sh1t. If they object, send them to the FEMA labour camps, or better, shoot them.
It'll all unfold soon, and remember riots are easily quelled, get a couple of guys to start shooting at cops, and hey presto.
Don't hold your breath for any good news Les, just keep smoking the whacky, and watch the shit play out before your eyes.
Love your blog, Ian McKenzie.

Anonymous said...

Continued fits and displays of ignorance along with firm hand on delusion benefit no one.

The sketched boundaries of the map provided ample clarity, thanks Les.

Anonymous said...

I have read the rest of the piece. Fine. It obviously has nothing to do with Italy, but I have seen how it was linked to by other US sites, with the "Internazionale" in the title.

I still feel deeply offended and I want to let you know. I have no intention to subject myself to any therapy that would lessen my sense of hurt.

On the contrary. I think I am doing you a favour to tell you about your communication problem and you should thank me. Particularly since you live in Italy. That shows good taste.

I would assume your neighbours are not as offended as I am. Perhaps they don't understand English. Perhaps you are more careful when you express yourself.

I assure you that you would start hating Italy and would find it unbearable to live there if your neighbours felt as I do. All of a sudden you would feel the ineffable in the air and the urge to run away. Dont't make that happen. Correct your language.

Anonymous said...

> i gotta word for the anon italian and it isn't innuendo... Vatican.

Thanks for saying that and being specific. The Vatican is at the root of world Evil. That is clear, no innuendo is needed. I agree with you. I am only upset about innuendos that portray to include everything and everyone. My name ends by a vowel but I AM NOT PART OF THIS.

Visible said...

Listen up whoever you are posing as an Italian or actually one. I've never run into this particular problem before and I get along with the Italians just fine. It is why I live here. YOU are the one who made the mistake and you owe me an apology, not the other way around.

This is all I have to say on the matter. I have done nothing wrong as you can well see and have already admitted so the offense is in your mind and nowhere else. I will continue to be who I am and do what I do and you are welcome to do the same but I have nothing further to say. You had best correct yourself before you set about correcting me.

Visible said...

To those who have read this recent exchange and come here and expect me to be more understanding and use a lighter touch, I apologize for that but there are certain truly over the top demands that occasionally appear and I've no tolerance for them; especially in light of how well I get along here and what respect I hold for the culture and way of life.

At Origami I would be responding in a different fashion and at Petri Dish I would have been even less restrained. It's the nature of the particular blog and so on and so forth and also my utter distaste for political correctness which is one of the ugliest things the human mind has ever devised so... that said... I'll continue to work on myself but it's slow going.

Anonymous said...

"Dont't make that happen. Correct your language."

Wow Les V, I didn't know you had a moderator on your very own blog? That was special. I think he's trollin.

Anonymous said...

More scrawls of grafitti on the prison wall. (Look at me! Look at me! ) Yeah, so what? All vanity. Our most venerated and articulate of articulations are just delusional squirts of mental masturbation..."Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." All the so-called masters are frauds or fools, Capo-Flies poisoning all the other Flies with hope when the web is our only reality and the Creator Spider is our only Master, reserving for Itself the Infinite Privilege of choreographing the production and deciding when and how to move in for the kill this It has time and time again and again and again..

Anonymous said...

Maybe. Or is all this "unveiling" merely more distractions. They work really well as distractions. And as steam vents too. Remember.

Anonymous said...

anon said more that this but...

"On the contrary. I think I am doing you a favour to tell you about your communication problem and you should thank me."

Okay you bastard, that's not how we spell 'Favor' here in the good ole USA. You prejudice son of a beach! That's it, I'm calling the pentagon, they will be invading your pathetic country. You defame the very ground I walk on, you are going down!

Anonymous said...

Cheney is bad but this new guy is even worse.

psychegram said...

Anon 11:38

Yes, absolutely. Our words mean nothing, no more than the thoughts in our heads which are obviously of no significance, merely the vain firing of neurons and sloshing redistribution of neurotransmitters. It means nothing that we can see, hear, taste, feel, understand, know, grow and gnose (ok so that last is a neologism, but I think you get the point....)

If you don't understand the significance of what happens here, well ... I can't hold that against you, as I don't fully get it myself. But to suggest (over and over, as you have done: you're known by your message if not your name, so name yourself already) that it is of no significance simply shows a profound lack of appreciation of the imagination, and is not at all constructive. Your repeated insistence on this theme fails to contribute in any creative way, so who is it exactly who's masturbating?

But words are nothing to you? Fine. Let's talk about how you can be constructive. Why don't you tell us about what you are doing then?

Anonymous said...

Azza anna Italian0-american0, I too-o ammo ouraged-o atto youro smarto asso commenteos…ah fuck it---

RML and Nina—kickin ass-o (sorry had to get one more in)

Ma Cheney must have been psychic, naming her kid “Dick”—and, The Dick having a “heart” attack might be one of the great oxymoron’s of all time when all is said and done—you heard it here first—once you’re out of power, all bets, and debts are off—maybe—
no wonder all those Senators go senile before they throw in the cum-stained towel—the only life insurance policy you have (unless you fly on private planes—and commercial ones now as well) is to stay where the power is—and certainly not sober—it’s hard (pun intended) to leave sniffing meth off the bare ass of a 5 year old and go home to your pill-soaked wife and that fucking hoard of voters who were stupid enough to vote for you year after year after having been a non-stop rider on the AIPAC Tilt-A-Whirl with a season pass---I’m sure we all feel their pain

The musical chairs game being played out could get interesting but then again the agenda is the same—dead men tell no tales. A cop friend told me years ago that if someone breaks into your house—be sure you’re the only one left to tell the tale—and do that through an attorney—

Anyway—Old Sy didn’t come up with this story through his sleuthing abilities—it was more than likely delivered to him by someone who even “The Dick” fears—imagine how fucking scary that is—I can’t -- I know that there are people out there who haunt The Dick’s nightmares—and they ain’t all the poor bastards he’s had killed, tortured, and maimed—Perhaps “The Dick” has reached the end of his usefulness—The story, whether true or not, was planted to allow bigger fish to continue swimming wherever they fucking please, and as a warning to anyone who may think they are immune—Let’s take a wild guess that the Bushies aren’t sleeping too well these days either—if at all.

I can hear the whispers in the halls of power—no, not in Tel Aviv—but in Washington, as they comb the files for a catchy phrase why to NOT look into anything too far, because, they can always console themselves that—like the Kennedy’s, it’s for the good of the country that they “avoid” certain information—maybe “for the children” would be better—Can you say “Bernie Madoff”-- I don’t know—but they will come up with something to assuage their guilt---for now—until that fucking grim reaper with the star of david tattoo comes knocking on the door—

Knock, Knock……who is it…Landshark


Anonymous said...

to anonymous 11:38pm

If you think masturbation doesn't achieve anything then your not doing it properly.

nice work les, keep on truckin. Nice to see the hundredth monkey reference in the comments. I'm still waiting, still reading, still (occasionally) commenting - Still wanking. Yet I don't feel guilty, dirty or bad about it at all!. Hmmm, perhaps should I scourge, beat, whip, cut and hurt myself until I do?

Re-member, the future is in your hand.


Anonymous said...

Let me start with a basic premise, that much of the bad stuff going on today is about creating conditions for Global Governance and Global Control by the ruling elite. In other words, World Government. I won't discuss motive or if it is a good or bad thing, although I tend to the latter view.

One of the interesting things about stuff like Cheney and even 9/11 is that if we are allowed to hear about it. That means it serves a purpose.

Ever wonder why David Ray Griffins stuff got published and you could order at with next day delivery? I mean there are some books that speak on other subjects that are not published, or not carried by book sellers, or if they are, they take 2-6 weeks for delivery. I mean, it wouldn't be too hard to disappear some of the leading or more effective 9/11 truthers, let alone put pressure on publishers and booksellers.

So I believe they want people, not just in the US, to know about how low America has sunk. How does this benefit them? Well as the worlds biggest policeman, and only one really, this is scary stuff to the rest of the world. They have no protection. It is also pretty scary stuff for most Americans whose head isn't in the sand or up someones ass, although most of the left is heaving a sigh of relief and expecting hope and change while taking it in the behind.

So it is clear that Bush has served a purpose. America is a bad guy, a bully. Democracy is a failed political system, look at America. A country that tortures, flies airplanes into buildings filled with their own people, spies on it's citizens, does renditions, starts wars for oil, carries out global assassinations. And look at their greedy capitalism causing a global crisis.

As the world enters a global depression, blamed on the excesses of rich fat Americans, the world sees dollar hegemony and greedy capitalism, feeding off the worlds poor, consuming 25% of the worlds resources which will turn the planet into a green hell and deplete the worlds resources.

So here the world is, watching with dismay, along with some concerned Americans. Who is going to save us they ask?.

Now imagine this. A young good looking guy, half white, half black. Has links to Africa and Asia. Has links to Muslims and Christians. His Father and Grandfather were British nationals as a result of colonialism. And he has a Marxist background.

He speaks well, and is frequently shown with a halo around his head. He visits Germany before the election, and crowds come out cheering for him (actually it was a free concert). The world hopes for a change, Obama is hope. Some even refer to him as the Messiah.

Today, this man is President of the worlds only superpower. Perhaps someday, he can be Global President.

But wait a minute, he is American, he would be loyal to Americans, the world would not trust him.

But then, we have been told to question his citizenship, haven't we. Perhaps he is Kenyan or Indonesian, or even British according to some. So maybe he is not really American, or at least the stage is set to say he is not.

So how does Obama prove his loyalty to the global masses, so he can become Global President and protect the interests of the Anglo-American ruling elite who will be allowed to loot the world.

Perhaps he initiates criminal proceedings against Bush and his cronies like Cheney and Rumsfeld, with the understanding that they will never do any time, but will live on their Paraguay Ranches after the trial while the world thinks they will be doing hard time in chains, we may even see pictures and video, Hollywood comes to Paraguay.

Next come reparations. Reparations must be paid to the Iraqis, and while we are at it, African Americans and Native Americans, maybe even some other countries where we have been up to no good.

The world rejoices, but a certain group of gun toting folks on the right are not so happy. There is trouble. Martial Law is implemented. Trouble makers and potential trouble makers are dealt with, and disappeared.

Meanwhile, the Global Economy plunges into a deep depression, there is a run on the dollar, food production in the US comes to a grinding halt, riots and famines breaking out globally, an H5N1 pandemic is caused by a contaminated vaccine, hundreds of millions die, maybe more.

Enough is enough says the weary world, we need global governance and a World Bank to issue a global currency instead of Americas evil capitalists, perhaps a carbon dollar with a carbon tax.

As the clock ticks toward 2012, with much of the world under Martial Law, a global conference of World Leaders decides on World Government. A Declaration of Interdependence is signed. Obama, as President of the worlds only superpower signs, and promises to surrender the US military to the Global Government as a means of compensation, to be used to force some dissenting countries to join, and to protect the New World Order from anti-globalists.

But who will be Global President?. How about Obama they say, and so he is nominated as Interim President until a Constitution can be drawn up and global elections held. He has earned the worlds trust.

The World rejoices, there is a new hope as this is announced to the world. Obama will save the planet from an impending Green Hell, end militarism and imperialism and Americans will pay for the evils their leaders. Their wages will be garnished to make good their obligations, and they and future generations will pay for the sins of the past.

As to the form of government, it is agreed that Democracy can not work, it will end up like the US. Also, the evils of capitalism are well known and can not be entertained. But how about Global Communism as envisioned by Marx. Not national Communism as practiced by Stalin or Mao, which gave Communism a bad rap. So they likely invent a new -ism.

I won't tell you what happens soon after that, but flash forward 100 years.

Global population 666 million.

Anonymous said...

Les, God bless you for your work and writings. I wish I was articulate enough to thank you enough. You keep me inspired, informed and ever so hopeful. Stay strong brother!

Anonymous said...

Good post. I think we can assume that if dick becomes an embarrassment to the vermin he will be dispatched.
I don't usually enjoy the sight of people in wheelchairs, but seeing Dick in one was a treat. I just hope it's much more serious than a twisted back, and that by now he's shitting in a bag.

Anonymous said...

Just dealing with one point in your essay.
"Knowing what I know about Dick by this point, I think I can assume they contain dead children, ritually displayed like a salmon mousse centerpiece at one of those parties he attends. Let’s don’t be cheap with the dill sauce."

Seeing all the spineless leaders I am under the impression that they are all murderous sexual deviants with a penchant for children and satanic rituals. They are all under control - a universal blackmail. Set up by, recorded by and called in favours.
It is my belief that Madeleine McCann landed up in a situation such as this - the ultimate power feast for the satanic elite. The most publicized child ever - what power would that invoke - her ritualistic demise.
And bearing in mind that she is still missing and yet the case has been closed.
Bearing in mind that Gordon Brown was personally involved in getting the top cop off the job.
Bearing in mind that the British labs that first published positive results based on the cadaver dogs findings and then said the results were mistaken and went as far as to then destroy the remaining dna.
Bearing in mind all the masonic connections. And the myriad co-incidences.
May the tower come tumbling down.
Even if it buries me, it must come down.

Visible said...

The ritual murder of children is not only their ultimate kick but it also puts them beyond the pale. They do it to please their master who inhales the torment and destruction of innocence as if it were some special nectar. I've done some extended research into this and this is the conclusion that comes up every time. For those familiar with what I am talking about no more need be said.

Although there are physical entities that orchestrate and initiate these things on the terrestrial plane they are all controlled from invisible sources which have the tendency to materialize given the proper environment and components.

Some may think only a hypnotic spell is involved or some other arcane legerdemain but these forces are real though not apparent except through their manifest tools. I won't go on at any length here but will mention one curious things. Many people have seen entities feeding among the carnage on battlefields in many places and times far apart from each other. Just think about how honey attracts bees and shit attracts flies; as above so below.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've touched a few nerves with this one. Regardless, you've call it correctly. The sad thing is people actually will buy into the one world Utopia. Like frogs in a frying pan, most people won't realize what's really going on until it's too late.

Stay strong!


Anonymous said...

Hi Les, scary article and comments.
The idea of governance by blackmail is nothing new, J Edgar Hoover was compromised by Meyer Lansky, anyone familiar with the story regarding these two can see where they relate to the crew Les is referring to. It seems to just be getting worse and worse. And if politicians come up who don't go along with the program, they are silenced. That's if they can even get anywhere near office.

Thanks for your efforts, again

Kevenj said...

"..the results were mistaken .."

Always the same bullshit and cover. The ones that get away in a system designed to keep a public from allegedly eating each other also serves to keep the higher elite control their puppets. It always amuses me how many good hard working people, doing their 9-5+ job stumbles on something that appears big but then inexplicably disappears down the rabbit hole for no sensible reason given or attempted by the press.

I had a dream last night. It might have been one of Les's psychological suggestive responses to what he wrote of a few days ago, but it was very real, highly colorful and like others, kept going after I got up to take a leak and I usually dont remember dreams this clearly.

I was with a small group of friends, including my wife walking or motorcycling up what used to be a major part of downtown with 8 lane 35mph traffic flowing most of the workdays. Except there was no work. No cars.Quiet daytime with a clear blue sky with puffy clouds. There were others around but we were some of the few and lucky few at that. Once thriving business and grand malls near this one area were boarded up with weeds popping up through the broken concrete.
There were a few people that had tried to hang on to their businesses, and some were even still there. I had the feeling that they were hoping for a miracle that might not occur fast enough for them to The mood was somber and respectful. It was as if we were just glad to be alive after all this..
I remember being amazed at how quickly deterioration could have occurred in only a few months from the economic disaster. But there was more than that. There was talk of a plague, that had wiped out quit a few people, mostly younger people. I don't know why that would be. I do remember I was very sad. My kids were not around and I might have.. lost them?
My wife and I were worried about drinking the water and I remember being afraid it might not be safe but drank it anyway as I was very thirsty.
Life was going on, although I knew that my beautiful city had become a slum in a third world country.

Anonymous said...

Citi Bank is profitable, GM needs no more money, Obongo says that the whole economic crisis is suddenly not so bad as when he recently warned of a looming "catastrophe". Stock market is up and all the tv bufoons are pushing the idea that the worst may be over.

This all gives me a very sick feeling. These evil creatures are not even attempting to disguise their M.O's. It's the same every time. When I first started awakening to this charade I truly believed that if they continued to take from the majority of people, who find their identity in their material possessions, that there would be violent overthrow. As I sit here today I no longer suffer from that delusion.To say I am a pessimist is an understatement:)

There is a new video game out titled "resident evil 5".Just youtube the concept and see what we are being conditioned for. It's my belief that the reason that they don't even hide their intentions anymore is that their final move will be a Biological one. All the made-off's and truly..truly evil fucks like Dick C. will no longer concern us Goyim. We will be screwed and they will just continue to dine on their fetuses. Sick Sick creatures.
Normally try to be optomistic:)


paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, Many of us realize by now that Sy Hersh is a tool of the cabal, and never publishes anything without strategic intention. Whether it be to intimidate the Iranians with special ops inside their borders, or to offer scape goats and diversions. Cheney is being thrown to the wolves... as he should be.

As for Madoff's double... he a pedofile israeli now rotting (unless secretly released) in a jail on an island in a US territory in the western pacific.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the engineered economic crisis , and I think the PTB have been choosing our leaders for a long time via the "looking glass " alien technology .

However this NWO thing is not going to happen ; just a reminder of what Wladimir Putin said at Davos ; this crisis is the fault of the US and relying on one only reserve currency is futile . Who would be the retarded foreign politician who would relinquish his power in favour of the leader of a bankrupted countries where everything is corrupted and fixed ?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I look at the world and rejoice that I had lived in a time of relative stability which is in contrast to what is coming. I have known intuitively that there was some dark power whose end goal would be a much different world. They will use any means to achieve their goals. I have children and grandchildren and it is they who will live in this world just over the horizon.

It is time, that is all I know...


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

Our Karma and this Difficult World

Sorry it took so long.

Anonymous said...

Our Karma and this Difficult World - A magic pill that brought sunshine to a cloudy day.

Thanks Les,


Anonymous said...

Dear Les and others,

One of the best posts and comments.

As infrastructure deteriorates there will be potholes in the road, just step over them if you can. If you can't there are many willing to help.

Thanks to you all.

a regular,


PS. This reference to potholes is in no way a comment towards poster 'pot', who painted a vivid possibly here.

Anonymous said...

Yes exactly. . .

"They do it to please their master who inhales the torment and destruction of innocence as if it were some special nectar. I've done some extended research into this and this is the conclusion that comes up every time. For those familiar with what I am talking about no more need be said".

Drama is the key to the cloaks dominance. Objectivity is lost and therefore clarity is absorbed within the drama itself. The drama is the cloaked intention that obscures our innner silence and creates a barrier to insight. This is the loop where humanity gets caught.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I enjoyed your latest post. But what really took things to a more visceral and sickening level for me was your comment at 11:15 PM when you addressed the ritual murder of children and the "alien?" entities that could be humanity's greatest threat.
You said you've done extensive research on the subject and I for one would love if you would expand on it in another blog.
I've come across the subject of the Pedophocracy in my research, too. I'd never heard of it until about a year ago, and the gist of the info I encountered was that it was a HUGE deal, massively covered up by the "elite" swine. Supposedly tens of thousands of children go missing each year in the US alone. I read an article whose source was an inspector at Scotland Yard and he said that so many of the police investigations in this area are squashed, because the freaks are above the law.
I've also, like you, read about the possibility of sinister entities feeding off the blood sacrifices of humanity, whether through wars, abortion, or the ritualized rape, torture and murder of children. A child's innocence and distress is apparently a most delicious combination for these monsters.
To me, the Pedophocracy and its possible collusion with "demons" is THE scariest subject, and the ultimate taboo in the mass (controlled) media. I admire you so much for talking about it. I was going to say I admire your courage but I don't know whether you are brave and just bite the bullet of fear and say what you need to say come what may, or whether you're just naturally a warrior.
For me, it's challenging enough to know we're fighting a battle for survival against human psychopaths. But, wow, how do we defend ourselves and our children against alien psychopaths?
Is being spiritually aware enough? And I'm not sure I even know what being spiritually aware means, aside from telling the truth as I understand it.


Anonymous said...

I'll get into the following because it has to be said, although I'm sure it will raise some eyebrows and I'll catch some flack for it. Here goes.

Very, very few regular / normal people mingle with the true Elite of this planet and are able to objectively observe them. Those who do are usually "captured" in some sense and are never free to report their observations to the innocents at large. But, from those who have been able to spill their beans we are always left with the following: the Elite are always involved with sexual deviance (usually pedophilia), satanic practice (usually involving murder), drug use, financial criminality, and (of course) some secret society network. These elements (once documented by video / audio / witness testimonials) are then used for various forms of blackmail, extortion, threats, etc. I would assume this is known by most people on this thread. Fine.

However, something that is RARELY spoken of, despite much evidence going back to WW2 especially, is the Elites use of BODY DOUBLES. Although I was thinking of this for the last 4-5 days, I find it ironic that Les made the remark he did about Madoff, because I am literally of the same opinion.

Let's back track. WW2 was central to so many themes that continue on today, and one of them was body doubles (and genetics, which I will expand on below). Within the Nazi camp, Hess was known to have at least 1 body double (BD) and it was probably him who spent the time in Spandau prison. Goering had at least 2 BDs. Bormann had at least 3, but had facial surgery himself and actually had the balls to attend the trials of Nuremberg. Hitler was known to have at least 5 BDs (but probably nearer to 12), and obviously did not shoot himself in the bunker. Eva Braun, therefore, had at least 1 BD also. The early Russian reports stated that they found 4 Hitler BDs inside the bunker (all dead) so they initially questioned whether the one burned outside was not just another BD.

On the Brits side, Churchill was known to have at least 2 BDs, one of which he killed off in a plane crash intentionally, the other one he used extensively including giving many of his famous speeches that were recorded by the BBC. So BD #2 was a very good look-alike, as well as an excellent voice mimick, but modern computerised voice analysis doesn't lie, and this has embarassed the BBC hugely...

In more recent times, we have Sadam Hussein. He was known to have at least 9 BDs and a lifestyle that was top notch paranoid (for good reason). Clearly then, it was not him who was pulled out of that hole and later executed, as shown by a variety of comparison methods. Ever wonder why the "Trial of the Century" starring Hussein was suddenly submarined? Voice analysis and Reverse Speech analysis were the 2 biggest threats to their fraud.

Then we have a lesser Elite by the name of Kenny Lay from Enron fame. Wasn't his heart attack sooo convenient, then signed off by an OUT OF STATE CORONER, then the Federal Judge decided to give back the stolen millions to the Lay family because the guilt couldn't be proven. Wow. Kenny may have been simply assassinated, but I contend he didn't even need a BD, just a wax figure in the casket for all us dupes to see. He most certainly lives on in the lap of luxury somewhere in my opinion.

How about Prince Charles? Recently there's been all this talk about his changing physical characteristics from week to week (as seen in photos) and speculation that he really is a shape shifting reptile... Well, obviously, the body double idea would make much more sense, wouldn't it? Do you really think the Royals are willing to spend that kind of time with mere minions and non-ritual ceremonies, when they can be in or under their castles doing god knows what? Come, come now.

This brings us to Bernie Madoff. Driven to the courts in a Kia?! Actually calling his fraud a "Ponzi" scheme like all the media has referred to it?! Guilty on all charges and essentially lying down?! Not running to Israel?! Are things really as they seem?

The obvious question at this point is, how would one convince a BD to go to jail for such a long time and to keep his mouth shut? Well, blackmail and threats to a BDs family might work, along with a large sum of money paid to said family. If this is the case, then look for "Madoff" to die quickly in jail to not only silence the BD forever, but also stop any of the defrauded victims from looking further to where the 50+++ billion went (Israel, of course). At least 4 of Hitler's BDs were conscious of the fact they were his BDs and very happy about furthering the goals of the Reich, and their families were well taken care of. These 4 BDs essentially made a patriotic business decision that gave themselves prestige / notoriety, while economically securing their families. Fair enough.

Modern hi-tech mind control of the BD would be the much better option and surprisingly effective as shown by Sadam Hussein's captured BD. Hitler himself had various mind control techniques employed on him, so why wouldn't his handlers do the same to his BDs? Of course they would. An interesting question would be, how many BDs did the real Hitler think he had? Now we're going down the rabbit hole...

Even further down the hole we go when we ask, what about genetic cloning? That, along with trauma based mind control, were the 2 primary focuses of the doctors like Mengele within the concentration camps. I submit they were very successful with both. But 60+ years later, the question is where the current tech lays. Whispers from around the intelligence communities (especially Russian) claim it now takes less than 2 weeks to clone and grow an adult replica of an individual (maybe like in the movie, The Island?), and the memories and experiences can be transferred too, which would mean the clone doesn't know it's a clone. If the original had certain trauma and scars over his lifetime, then that could be added surgically to the clone. The word is that the clone will function well for at least 2 years before issues develop. Cost is estimated to be between 1-5 million, but that would all depend on one's connections, wouldn't it?

Is this one of the diabolical things those dark criminal Elite are into? Is this why it is so difficult to assassinate them? Send a clone or BD to do mundane things, or dangerous things, or take the fall for criminality? They have the money, they have the tech, and they have the motivation without any issues of morality or ethics. I submit this is what is going on, and Bernie Madoff might be another example of it. You heard it from me first.


Visible said...

Yes, these are interesting considerations. I've not got the inclination to get into any of it now but we'll explore what little I know at future times and, of course, then the various commentators will take it that much further as can be seen here.

As for the sexual, deviant sexual brutalization and ritual murder of children. That's pretty well known among those who have taken the trouble to study what can be found and then draw the necessary connections for the purpose of extrapolation guided by intuitive assistance

In France a few years ago, hundreds of young girls disappeared. Their pictures were on telephone poles and common walls all over. I never heard that any portion of them were found. Besides that, tens of thousands of young boys and girls disappear with the cycling seasons. Some portion are certainly runaways and then there are a variety of other possibilities.

One thing we do know is that police work in a number of countries came up against a particular pressure to stop their investigations and all of this was because the investigations invariably led to highly placed members of their societies. This has happened regularly and similarly in most cases... there's a lot going on behind the curtains.

I made an exhaustive study of serial killers at one point; this occurred over the course of several years and I found a lot of strange connections that would indicate that in many cases... here too... all is not as it seems. One has only to look at the Son of Sam story, Charlie Manson and others to see certain odd groups and individuals appearing and disappearing.

There's a great book that is being serialized over at called "Inside the LC" just go to the search bar at the upper right of the page and type in "Laurel Canyon" and you'll find all 12 chapters though you may have to move from page to page to get them in order. If even half of this is true then what can I tell you?

I've got my business here and there are reasons for me doing what I do here but I'm essentially a Visible Origami kind of a guy. I realize the necessity to fight and I have done so all of my life through some pretty hideous scenarios but sometimes the fight needs to be elevated... sublimated... or extinguished at the primary location. Attempting to shoot an endless row of parading ducks may get you a kewpie doll or two but it's not going to alter the situation.
So... my real concerns exist where words are not likely to reach and there's not much one can say about that is there? (grin)

Anonymous said...

I've read that Inside the LC series, very intruiging stuff, especially since I am stongly musically influenced by a lot of the 60's bands mentioned. The author mentions Maury Terry's "The Ultimate Evil", which I read several years ago. Scary stuff, linking Son of Sam to Manson and the Process Church. It's obvious to me that there are some nefarious evil entities out there in our physical plane, but I have an underlying sense of peace aquired over the past few years. Here recently, I've reached this sense of acceptance that in spite of what happens to me in this incarnation and the fate of humanity in these crazy times, I am powerless over these evil bastards, but I have come to a point of looking forward to the next step. I'm not saying that I wish to die or anything, quite the contrary, things are really getting interesting, if you know what I mean. I just feel this calm acceptance and know that I have unfinished business here and where ever my next stop will be. Could this be some sense of progress my soul is developing? That's the only way I can put it into words. I still have issues, character defects, etc that I'm working on, but at least I recognize that now. I guess that could be considered progress.
James aka jackruby64

Anonymous said...

I hope i post this in the right blog as the subject matter is tending to morph into one ;-)

a positive piece for once

Anonymous said...

Anything could happen. The important question is, what are you going to do? Keep up the blogs, I thoroughly agree with your thoughts, and mine reflect something quite similar. I have noticed the same things, and have been apprehensive as you. I've also withdrawn socially, which is not a bad thing I might add. Don't give too much of your energy away.

Visible said...

There is a new chapter to the online book; "Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World" now available.

Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World, Chapter 14

Joe said...

Looks like a good synopsis of the Cliff-Bot.

Joe M.

Anonymous said...

Scorching article Les. aNONymous is obviously a troll/prick....and amicus, I feel it too but Jesus said," When you see these things occur, lift up your heads because your deliverance is near."

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish post up now.

Too Fat to Fly and too Selfish to Try.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:16 - I think this is a repeated message but go take a six foot sword and stick it up your ass sideways. If you per chance need help just let me know. I can supersize for you.


Anonymous said...

"All of a sudden you would feel the ineffable in the air and the urge to run away. Dont't make that happen. Correct your language."
Just read that now...
This anonymous Italian poser (sic) is making veiled threats.
He degrades true Italians by pretrending to be one and shows his cowardice by threating anonymously.
Hitting a nerve in the lying machine is good, nomatter how small that nerve may be.
The truth will set us free and that poster is going to jail with Cheney and his compadres
(no slur intended on Mexican citizens whatsoever)! ;-)

Anonymous said...

i read a lot of this insane rot, because i had nuttin better to do, at the moment, too wet and cold out to chill me matter....methinks most of this blog comes from a group of 60`s LSD wastels...i never knew there was such insanity in this world....shades of body, what would this world be if there was 1001 like this weird mob....oh well, there is even a place for you at the table....someones table....hoo nose man....methinks you all had a sad everyone a suspect in your weird little minds...the honorable Dick Cheney, and Mr Bush may now have the time to read your blog and laff their bums off...i do venture into areas like yours every so often, just to try and understand mental illiness, and see if there is any help for you, lol...[now don`t bust a seam, mates] lol... and there is, so don`t lose all hope....there is no one beyond hope, i even prayed for saddam, as the poor soul was led to the gallows...i dont have a fried mind like some i now know...hehehe not pointin fangers, mind this is just too funny to be real....come on fellows, and lasses, do tell de ole jimbo dat this is all comedy...cuz no human could be sooo serious....will pray for yuse also...lub all...jimbo

Anonymous said...

i sent in the anon letter, because i couldnt pull up my URL...but i will not be anon.i am jimbo belton, at 44

Anonymous said...

Once again Les MORE POWER TO YOU!

You are a true (along with select others who have a pair) world patriot.

As for Canada arresting international terrorist #1 Bush or Interpol arresting all the Israel terrorist rodent scum-I`m hardly holding my breath. Who would have reason to? But like you said the Apocalypse, the revelation of what is, is slowly but surely spewing out the drains. Perhaps good things lie just around the bend? After inside job 9/11 pt. 2 of course.

Also, Iran just recently signed a multibillion dollar deal with China (which includes an unnamed European firm) to develop the South Pars LNG field and the Russian giant Gazprom this week expressed an interest in broadening energy cooperation with Iran.

That`s not good news for the "Jew World Order" terrorists.

The future should be interesting indeed.

Anonymous said...

this is jimbo again, don wanna to rain on yur parade mates....just got thur 2 hours of watching ''the obama fraud'', or something to that order and it was sure was an eye opener...i sent in the above 2 replys, so we are now hopefully on the same sinking ship....this world is on the verge of a complete takeover, by evil forces of the trilaterial crowd, and puny voices like yours and mine, will be relegated to the ash heap of what we now enjoy as freedom of speech...i find some of your stuff funny, so as long as you will bear with ole jimbo....well we may xchange thoughts....and mehopes there will be no rudeness from any of us....jimi

Anonymous said...

Is this possible?
A New Anti Zionist Party launched in France?
Do the French have the balls to pull it off?
Is it a front? for what?

European American

Anonymous said...

why is there such hatred for G-d`s chosen, the jew....sure i despise most all of what they represent, in their greed, and spewing their evil out of Hollywood, and their arrogrance, and just about every thing that they stand for, but they are G-d`s chosen, and it is HIS covenant, with them, not the other way around...and one day they all will see HIM whom they pierced, as their real messiah...jimi

paolocaruso said...

I'll endorse much of the post by the Italian-American who goes by "Anonymous".
Hollywood has used Italians as the scapegoat criminal gangsters for over 70 years. Bernie Madoff has ripped off more wealth, than any Italian gangster that ever lived... combined and multiplied by ten. And that is just Bernie...

Zoner said...

Jimbo, if what you read here is to be dismissed as "insane rot", that is totally up to you.

Asking us to bear with you is a given - you will find most of us quite tolerant of opinions up to a point.

Using the word honorable before Dick Cheney, however, is an indication that you may either be trolling or are being dishonest with yourself.

Stick around, open your mind, and maybe keep your mouth closed for a bit if there are no constructive words forthcoming. Unfold those arms and allow the possibility of a welcoming embrace. Or not. It's entirely up to you.


Visible said...

P.C. the key to the Italian's complaint is intent, just as it is in a court of law. There was no intent and therefore there was no infraction or error in my usage. I also do not know the Hebrew word for international. If and when (which will never happen) I vilify Italians, which I've never done and I don't even have a problem with the mafia; which is besides the point, then I'm in a position to be rebuked. One final word; if Cheney were Italian, then there might be a point as well but, he's not.

Anonymous said...

jimi, I think I hear your mother calling. You'd better go- quick!.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous said...

why is there such hatred for G-d`s chosen, the jew....sure i despise most all of what they represent, in their greed, and spewing their evil out of Hollywood, and their arrogrance, and just about every thing that they stand for, but they are G-d`s chosen, and it is HIS covenant, with them, not the other way around...and one day they all will see HIM whom they pierced, as their real messiah...jimi
12:20 PM

It is true that God made a covenant with the Jews, but only a remnant will be saved, that is to say, only those who recognize Jesus as the savior, the only true messiah, will share in the covenant. They were picked to be the chosen race, but they rejected their true messiah and as prophecy says, they will choose one who will come in his own name. He will be a deceiver and a liar and they will follow him because they have let themselves be deceived. Only a small % of Jews will be saved. Read your bible, it's all there

Anonymous said...

to gurnygob
- and the hexagram/Seal of Solomon/Star of David (grin) is the mark of the beast, hence the apocalypse is already in full cataclysm ?!

Anonymous said...

"Jimbo Belton" has all the signs of a troll. Liberal use of the tired old "lol, lol", reference to mental illness, being insane, somehow having pity on us, baiting us with honorifics of Cheney & Bush, etc. This is very typical, along with his attempt at ... what?... "pirate dialect"?! But yet he persists with posts and attempts at dialogue. WHY???

Better get your poopy little diapers changed "Jimi" and let the adults discuss the serious matters. The use of body doubles has been around as long as theater productions and make-up, which is to say thousands of years. However, it was the WW2 era that really saw its use taken to a real "art form". The true Elite (of which Madoff is not actually) use BDs liberally, and since the tech is there to clone, it would be foolish to not at least speculate. Let's not forget that report out of Texas from burger joint employees a handful of years ago that claimed "President Bush" dropped in for a drunken late night snack before the SS swooped in and grabbed him. It was either the real Bush Jr. and the worst security effort in the history of the United States, or it was a body double being a little rebellious. Take your pick...


Anonymous said...

There was comment a while ago about the collison of the satellites - accidental? or on purpose?
Rumourmill is running this little bit of conspiracy, which is most interesting and very pertinent in general.
Anyone have any views?
Its almost worthy of a Dick Cheney.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

gurneygob....reply....every word you said was the truth about the jews and salvation...but, remember that we gentiles were a graft on the true vine, and true, no one will enter the presence of G-D, but by the cross of Christ, the Savior, Jesus himself...but there is still a few promises to Israel, and Egypt, my beloved....and yes the Almighty put his blessings on Egypt, as thanks for their kindnesses toward His people, Israel...this is not considered trolling....i hope....jimi

Anonymous said...

Cyrus the Great Cyliner on LOAN to Persia?

Trojan Horse is going to see March or April will arrive to a Theatre near you
on Loan is Key

Anonymous said...

Just a small observation that there have not been any more bombings in US since the last unveiling.

Anonymous said...

Stuart Bird art theft not guilty? 88 million
worth of art. Off the hook? What kind of name is that? Fine art
you will get off the hook if you have the right name.



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