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Greetings from the Starship Visible.

Greetings to my friends from Earth; this is Starfleet Commander Visible and I’ve been transmitting in these recent times from the body-bot that my techs put together so that I could move among you and take in the sights and sounds of your present turmoil. Although I would suppose that I am human too, given my circumstances, in all honesty, I have to say, I don’t come from Earth and I know that some number of you don’t either because I have encountered you here and there in my travels.

It’s usually something about the eyes that tips me off and of course there’s the unmistakable vibrationary pulse which activates my sympathetic, translation center. It’s good that we can recognize each other and even better that ‘they’ can’t recognize us but, those of you who know what I’m talking about will know what I’m talking about.

In my last posting I tried to clarify a few things and from some of the responses I got via comments and emails, I would have to say that I didn’t do all that good a job of it. Some of you see all Jews as parasitical aliens and I would guess that some of you see members of other races, religions, color and cultures as being some sort of a collective threat as well. Some of you feel this way about Muslims. Some of you feel this way about Asians and some of you feel this way about the darker races, lighter races and, I guess there’s no end to that given how many of you there are.

Where I come from, reincarnation is a fact. We understand this process the way you understand binary math and the elements of whatever language you use. You take it for granted that you can add numbers and speak in a medium that is understood by others. For us, reincarnation is just as familiar and... I should add... so are a few other things that I won’t be getting into today.

According to the way ‘we’ understand it, everyone gets reborn, at some point along their impossibly long journey as; a man, a woman, a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a black, a white, an Asian and possibly everything else too. A sure guarantee that you will be born into a particular schematic is due to how much you like, dislike or treat any one of them. You can think of life as a very complex school whose curriculum is directed toward ‘understanding’ and... there’s no better way to understand something than to become it.

A sure fire guarantee that you might be reborn as anything under the sun is directly connected to whether or not you abused that life form in the past. This is also part of ‘understanding’. Your state of bondage or freedom is determined by degrees of ignorance and your attraction for the material realm. The deeper you go into material attraction the more confined you are. The more detached you are from it, the freer you are. That’s just how it works.

Therefore... where I come from, it make no sense to hate any group of people because you are just going to wind up there in order to see why it’s not a good idea. We understand that, in any given period of time, there are going to be members of particular groups who are doing unpleasant things because they’ve attained to a particular, temporary supremacy in one area of life or another. As I said in my last post, in one period it was the imperial Romans. For a long time it was the Catholic Church. For a couple of centuries it was the English. These days it is primarily Israel and America. The oppressor is always the same but appears in a different presentation depending on the time and location of the appearance. At the moment, the Zionist Jews are the main source of dark doings on planet Earth but they are handily assisted by an assortment of fellow travelers who are not Zionist Jews.

The majority of Romans and Catholics, English and Jews were not engaged in the various acts of oppression. Most people are living their lives without the need to victimize their fellows and this needs to be understood because things get hot and heavy on a regular basis and when that happens there comes a certain madness in which mobs arise with the intention of wiping out all of the members of a particular group and the inherent problem with this is that the main troublemakers have already disappeared back into the wood work. You could say that it was their original intention that their fellows should take the blame. History gives you many clear examples of this.

If you’re going to be a part of the interstellar network of the understanding and awakened, you have to wake up and you have to understand. Where I come from, which is in the general area of Arcturus, we sorted this stuff out a long time ago. We know that if you set off on course to a particular place that you are going to get there. You’ve got a song called “Kansas City” where it says, “I might take a plane, I might take a train but if I have to walk I’m gonna get there all the same. Going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come.”

See... if you set out for Kansas City you have to expect that you are going to arrive in Kansas City. Why is it ...that people are always so surprised when that happens? Why should you be surprised if you beat your wife and wind up married to a guy just like yourself down the road? Why should you be surprised if you were a witchburner to find yourself accused of being a witch on down the road? Why should you be surprised if you lived like a cheap and selfish person to find that you arrived somewhere where everyone you ran into was just like you? That’s how it works.

I know that you probably don’t believe this. After all, you can’t see reincarnation can you? Even though Nature does it every year all through the year and even though all of the planets and stars follow predictable courses and even though everything you encounter gives you some indication of this, you just can’t get your head around it can you? Even though everyone says what goes around comes around, they still act as if it’s not going to come around... heh heh... Earth people are crazy and I have to keep that in mind all the time.

I realize that I’ve been called an anti-Semitic because I oppose what Israel and her sympathizers are up to and I realize that even though my criticisms are very specific and also on the money that I’m going to get that label regardless. However... there’s not much I can do about that but... ‘I’ will know whether it’s true or not and that is all that matters and the people at Reincarnation Central will also know.

I knew before I came here that telling the truth was going to get me into trouble. The truth is not welcome most places and when it interferes with ‘business’ as it often does well... truth had better watch it’s ass, so to speak. But... even though I can’t get my books published now and even though my musical career is doomed, I am not going to let such unimportant side issues cause me to judge any group of people at any place or time for the crimes of the few. Even though I and others will be labeled regardless and so it probably wouldn’t matter... it matters to me. Anyway... this is only going to last so long and then I’ll be on to something else ...according to whatever I got up to here. Directly according to whatever I got up to while I was here.

This is not an enviable position at this time. On the one hand I’ve got people angry at me for saying anything at all because, no matter what time period you do it in, it’s always going to be a problem for you to criticize the master race and on the other hand, I’ve got people angry with me for not going far enough so that they think I’m too soft on the master race of the moment. Yeah, I know you can’t please everybody but sometimes you can’t please anybody.

I came here to do a specific thing and I can’t allow myself to become distracted by how other people think I should be doing it, especially when ‘they aren’t doing it’. I just can’t go contrary to my essential nature and what the evidence tells me is true... and in any case, I’m much more concerned about pissing off the people at Reincarnation Central than I am about pissing off you.

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BillK said...

Thanks Les,
Your post makes sense. It gives order to the seemingly random ridiculous situations I find myself in.

My troubles are of my own making. When I'm angry at a certain person, place or thing, it's that I'm being shown an aspect of myself that needs confronting.

My path is more clear today. I can't afford to hate anyone. To do so is to hate myself. I've had enough of that.

Bill K

Anonymous said...

Reincarnation's a nice concept. It means that everyone gets what they deserve - just the facts, cause and effect.

It would be nice if it was so...then noone need worry about vengeance and just mind one's own business.

I am not sure it is tho. In effect it comes quite close to the Protestant Ethic via a different route. One's circumstances are a direct consequence of one's past (lives)or of God's will. So a child who starves to death, has once starved someone else. A woman who has been raped, was once a rapist. Those mangled by bombs once mangled someone else.

Karma kind of makes useless the finest qualities we can choose, kindness, forgiveness, mercy, generosity, compassion and empathy - since we are interfering in the Reincarnation Central plan.

Mind you I am not negating the law of cause and effect; I believe this is an operative principle of the cosmos.

It would certainly ease my mind if I could give over entirely to it. Just not sure it's the way forward, or that shit doesnt just happen also.


Anonymous said...


Regarding Reincarnation Central.
So then you are of the opinion that we are all individual souls/spirits?

Anonymous said...

I disagree that Reincarnation negates our efforts. I suspect it renders them essential. A little wrinkle about Karma that not everyone has figured out-it's resolved through forgiveness/love, out of which all of those other fine qualities naturally flow. Or, you can continue to disregard it and let it resolve itself through endless cycles of suffering. Your choice.

Visible said...

Let's put it this way, what you believe determines your direction because that is the direction you are headed in.

what you believe also determines what you see because that is what gets presented before you and interpreted according to what you believe.

I keep getting this simplistic thing from various people that seems to imply there has to be something wrong with a law that causes people to experience what they hand out, as if the injustice in the world is still unjust because it is happening to the people who did it in the past but who now look like poor victims who never harmed anyone.

People allow sentiment to triumph over reason. Also, people insist... they damn well insist, that they are going to be the one's who determine what things mean and as long as it doesn't jibe with what they want then it can't be right. This means they are still judging according to appearances; the way things look, according to them.

Personally, I don't know. What I do know is that there is order to the universe and I know the universe is conscious because I have experienced it more times than I can count and it has let me know this. The universe is far more powerful than I and I'm going to make a wild assed assumption that it is also a lot wiser than I. Therefore, everything happens for a reason even if I can't see what that reason is.

I'm going to bend to the will of the universe rather than insist that it bend to my will given that I've been here a few years and have figured it all out now and it's just a matter of time before the universe catches on.

Sometimes the truth of the matter is unpleasant and we just don't want it to be like that they we get some wrapping paper and some ribbons and we make it more festive and welcoming than it is.

Over and over I get this thing from people that it just can't be true that people are suffering for previous acts and that even if they are they shouldn't be. I didn't set this thing up (I don't think... grin). And, I am given to believe that the engine that runs this is an integral part of each individual experiencing it.

In case where I don't know... and there are a lot of those, I defer to what I have found to be the wisest source according to what I have discovered up to this point... that may be 'the rishis' and that may be Lao Tzu. Different situations are better illustrated for me by different perspectives at different times.

I believe in something called, 'ageless wisdom'. It doesn't change. I believe it is shepherded through time by a lineage of individuals that represent an unbroken stream of lives that weave in and out of all of our visible histories from the far unremembered past into the unseeable future.

I believe this because this is what my experience has taught me and because I have also been told this by illuminated beings and it is corroborated in all of the ancient and contemporary texts that I have encountered which I consider bonafide but...

this is just what has happened for me. Each individual must plot and reason for themselves and they may well come up with something else. I speak of only what has come past me and only for the benefit of whomever it may benefit which I know is not going to be everyone.

I hope in my speed of tying this out that I wasn't too brusque or seemingly unfriendly because that was not my intent. I'm doing several things at the same time right now so...geez, I'd better get back to them

Visible said...

i hate to break this to you but 'love and forgiveness' do not appear except as a result of suffering. And one has to be made wise by experience before they are in a position to see.

Sure... maybe that's true but it is ONLY true for those who can see it so that makes it moot as far as the argument goes.

Su... let's use an analogy... there is a supreme being who shattered itself across the universe and is now engaged in picking up the pieces. The pieces are each unique and a vital part of the whole. They are (one hopes) conscious of themselves as well as the whole is conscious of them. So the answer would be "Yes and No" as it usually is in matters like this. We are certainly unique and we are all the same. It also depends on which aspect you are talking about. Some parts of us endure for a very very long time; if time is the proper measuring stick and some parts of us are eternal; also some parts of us don't exist, they only seem to. There is the soul and there is the spirit. There are different types of enlightenment and states. Some choose to merge entirely and some remain apart for a reason while still being merged as well.

Anonymous said...

Reincarnation is just another "religious/spiritual" concept, like "heaven" or "nirvana".

What exactly is it that "comes back"? When you've come back enough times and learned your lessons, then you get "enlightened... And the bad guys get what's coming in the end! Right?

Enlightenment means that there is no "you". That's an idea held in awareness by memory and sensation, the mentation of the organism.
The personal self is a temporary mirage. There is no one to "get" anything. It is all one already.

Try Gilbert Schultz' website 'First Instant', that's a good and clear explanation. It can dispel ignorance in one reading, if taken in. Google: Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi, John Wheeler, for starters.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

I've been reading your articles on and off for over a year now. While I agree with your point of view in many respects, in some ways we have a difference of opinion.

This, of course, is not unusual or a bad thing. There are no two people on this planet that agree with each other in every detail of life. Vive la difference!

People have been conditioned these days to feel that conformity and uniformity of thinking is the only way to live. I don't care if my neighbours are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Socialists or even Buddhists.

As long as they don't try to impose their ideas and way of life on me, then I will respect them likewise. If they do try to impose their will on me and some very wealthy and powerful people are trying to do this aided and abetted by many people who should know better. Then we have a problem.

The idea of "Central Goverment" that is run by a small group of people with a dark agenda, using fiat currency, taxation and licensing laws to restrict my freedom is anathema to me.

We can achieve freedom when we have learned how to respect each others basic right to live without fear or hinderence. Here in Britain, the Common Law is an ancient code of conduct. We also had Common Land. We didn't need Central Government, or taxation, or National Health Service, or Welfare Benefits.

People in trouble would make their way to some common land and build themselves a shelter. With the help of neighbours they could rebuild their lives and even prosper without help from anyone but their friends and neighbours.

Sadly, most of the common land has been stolen from the people, who have been driven into overcrowded and unhealthy towns and cities.

They have left some common land, but retitled it as "National Parks", along with the new title comes restrictions, no hunting, no fishing, no campfires, no shelters, etc, etc.

They have driven people from the land, into their factories, offices and shops to work as corporate slaves. Minds have been dumbed down since childhood to accept their miserable lot.

Very few people really understand the deeper meaning of the words freedom and liberty. Most men are now wimpish, eunuchs who lick the hand of their masters and hoping for a pay rise or even a promotion.

"Houston... we have a problem!"

Take care Les.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Hi Les-it seems to me to be a kind of progression. Many former political "extremists" (not a good term I know) like myself got that way through an inner cognizance of injustices being committed. Injustices like deception, hypocrisy, the practice of double standards. And this same feeling seems to be similar to or linked to the urge toward metaphysics, religion, spirituality. If this makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Well Su, I think you are exactly correct.

“As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth, and then to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.” (Bhagavad-gita 2.13)

Bill Faill: Are we something like sparks in a fire?

Srila Prabhupada: Yes. Both the fire and the spark are fire, but one is big and the other is very small. Unlike the relationship between the spark and the fire, however, our relationship with God is eternal, although at the present moment we have forgotten that relationship due to contact with the material energy. We are facing so many problems only because of this forgetfulness. If we can revive our original God consciousness, then we shall become happy. This is the sum and substance of Krsna consciousness. It is the best process to revive our original God consciousness. There are different processes of self-realization, but in the present age of Kali, people are very fallen, and they require the simple process of Krsna consciousness. Now they are thinking that socalled material advancement is the solution to their problems, but this is not a fact. The real solution is to get out of the material condition entirely by becoming Krsna conscious. Because God is eternal, we are also eternal, but in the material condition we are thinking, “I am this body”, and therefore we must repeatedly change from body to body. This is due to ignorance. Actually we are not our bodies but spiritual sparks, parts and parcels of God.

Bill Faill: Today a lot of people are saying that we must look inward for the truth rather than outward into the world of the senses.

Srila Prabhupada: Looking inward means knowing that you are a spirit soul. Unless you understand that you are not the body but rather you are a soul, there is no question of looking inward.

kikz said...

' 'ageless wisdom'. It doesn't change. I believe it is shepherded through time by a lineage of individuals that represent an unbroken stream of lives that weave in and out of all of our visible histories from the far unremembered past into the unseeable future.'

perennial. :)

Visible said...

I've been reading Maharshi for decades. His picture sits on one of my desktop monitors. That concept that he presents is valid, however, it doesn't work for everyone and it's not the same message in essence as it is in presentation and he would be the first person to tell you that.

Personally, I don't know... and cavalier Cliff Notes on things that can't be put into words in the first place doesn't do much for me.

There are a number of ways to attain realization and there are various stages of it. There are also entire realms, kingdoms where souls go and often remain for kalpas. While it may well be true that the single indestructible self is the one and true self of all that's irrelevant from where we are at the moment. It's a fine concept that no one who has not attained it knows anything about.

I'm preferring to stay a little closer to where we are because that's where my work is; time enough for the big bang consciousness when the time comes as, I am assured, it will.

But Maharshi and every other teaching on the planet is just another way and that way can be found in all of them which are genuine. I favor practicing awareness watching awareness but we each must find our way in our own way even though it cannot be accomplished without a teacher there is still the element that relates to the individual in every case. I have no be all and end all solution. I have no fixed assumptions. I prescribe no specific cures; then again... that may not be my job.

This is all stuff better discussed at Visible Origami. And none of this is my point anyway. My point is in how we treat others and how we view others and the tendency to lump all of a people into the same judgment and mostly it's in response to a few particular comments and email about how all Jews are demons and etc.

I know better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les! Willow here. Excellent post, as usual. Being a Buddhist I understand exactly what you are saying. For those that do not, perhaps another view of "Ground Hog's Day" may be in order. It's hilarious and cinches the point nicely.

All that is, all that we see and experience, is truly,the Grand Story. The ultimate Story Wheel of the hero's journey. Up and down and around. If you'd like an idea of what this may look like, I would suggest a book on writing that explains it nicely: "Stealing Fire from the Gods" by James Bonnet. The book deals primarily with the essentials of story structure, but Mr. Bonnet has examined thousands of stories, myths and legends and has found a correlation between the great stories and our own lives and our psyche.

As for "enlightenment", it is not a place, it is a state of being. It is awareness of "what is" at this moment. When you eat, you eat. When you sleep, you sleep. Your mind is present, focused, here; not jumping to the past or the future or wandering in fantasy land. As they say, "after enlightenment, the laundry".


Unknown said...

Been a reader for a couple of years now. Love you Les. If anyone has doubts about the validity of reincarnation, and they are truth seeksers, then they should read, "Many Mansions" The Edgar Cayce story of Reincarnation, by Gina Cerminara. I first read this book at age 14 in 1967 and have since read in 3 more times and I understand something new every time.
Reincarnation is perfect Justice, the ultimate truth of existence. Life guided by Karma. Then live by the Golden Rule, "Treat everyone and everything in the same manor that you want everyone and everything to treat you." The correct formula for happiness and ascension. Limited minds create limited lives, there are no limits. We do have a Soul that is eternal. Though our soul we can deduce knowledge concerning all situations without the use of language. Knowledge without Language is hard for some to comprehend especially the so called intelligent narrow minded limited concepts of material oriented scientist.
Les, we are from the same place and going in the same direction. You have and are doing very good, keep it up. I am looking forward to meeting you in the flesh or spirit, but rest assurded we will meet somewhere, sometime. Thanks again for your work.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. You are my sanity in an insane world. Don't ever stop telling the truth. It's given me the courage to do some truth telling of my own. And Kelly, that has always been my "religion", Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Everything else flows from that. I hope my next life finds me a little more enlightened. It only took me 34 years to wake up in this one. All the best Les!

Kim (neonurse)

Anonymous said...

"Some of you see all Jews as parasitical aliens and I would guess that some of you see members of other races, religions, color and cultures as being some sort of a collective threat as well."

We Serians realized eons ago that entities prefer to to be with their own kind. The earth was a grand experiment where different "species of homo sapient" were allowed to exist on this planet. It has been a complete failure and as a result the earth has been quarantined from the galactic community. To make matters worse other worldly and inter dimensional entities have been allowed to interact with earth inhabitants. As an example if you read the Old Testament it is quite obvious that the "chosen" were interacting with some alien presence. The Absolute would never direct His subjects to commit such autocracies against innocent people. The "chosen" have continued the genocide to this day (Gaza) and will have great difficulty working off their Karma. Someone who "hates" these individuals for the crimes they commit isn't going to have to reincarnate as one of them. Those who cooperate or benefit from the slaughter might very well reincarnate as a victim.

Another example would be the black and brown gangbanger situation. Wouldn't any sane person be repulsed by their behavior or even "hate" them? Do you want to live around people like that? For this "hate" you won't be required to share an future existence with them. Now CIA agents that facilitate drug importation into black areas might very well become a victim in a future lifetime.

People tend to reincarnate in groups and work out their karma together. You Arcturians shouldn't be scaring decent people into believing their thoughts concerning race will necessarily force them to share an existence with a foreign group.

Hope this helps. Always good to hear from a fellow celestial!


nina said...

Visible said ... Over and over I get this thing from people that it just can't be true that people are suffering for previous acts and that even if they are they shouldn't be... and ... love and forgiveness' do not appear except as a result of suffering. And one has to be made wise by experience before they are in a position to see...

We have the choice to continue to participate in our own suffering, perpetuate and encourage the suffering of others OR to be a person born from eternities of suffering that chooses essentially to be the endpoint of suffering. That one, single choice is what we are doing here. Everything else is window dressing designed to aid our decision.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les and friends,
Everyone seems to be looking for the best way to describe this one or that ones best theory.
To have the faith to believe a perception of truth to ones self is the greatest accomplishment in life. To believe in atonement and self-oneness is truly admirable. This is the wellspring of creativity, this is from where people such as Les gather their ability to rise above and capture our full attention. What plain vanilla life would be without such artistry, whether a masterpiece of paints on canvas, notes from an instrument or mere words on paper. We must be allowed to rise above, perceive our inner most thoughts and cherish those things most dear to our hearts without the fear of persecution.
So when we surf these common waves of like-mindedness there must be some larger plan involved. Perhaps something so simple we just can’t get our heads around it; perhaps something so complex this is why we are allowed to only use 10 % of brain capacity so far. Regardless of a perceived truth or of a truth within the very fabric of the universe, the fact that we continue to search is what ultimately defines this truth.
For all those who resist to comply, man rock on. To all those that have throughout all time made the music, man we salute you.
Be well.

Anonymous said...


Previously you stated that love and forgiveness are a function of, or necessary consequence to suffering. These are essentially manifestations of ying & yang; darkness cannot exist without light, joy without sorrow, etc., etc,. I believe in the fundamental truth of this concept, and therein lies my dilemma:

Following this logic, evil is an inevitability, a foregone conclusion if you will; likewise with ignorance - the anti-thesis of enlightenment. I've read your work for some time now, and sense that you occasionally share my frustration with the impossibility of the task at hand - enlightening ignorance.

While it is true that our perception of our world as a whole is based on the sum total of our experiences, observations, teachings, an equally potent player in the mix is environment. We become who and what we are by way of examination, acceptance, and rejection. We examine words, experiences, ideals, morals, etc, and compare them to our core beliefs; choosing which to accept, which to reject, and which to place on hold pending further review. In this process, environment becomes the Gorilla in the room.

By way of example, I grew up in a fairly racist, bigoted family environment in a small, whitebread suburb. The racism was palpable, yet always just below the surface until... gasp... a black family moved into "our" suburbia, and their children attended "our" school. I was vocally against the practices of exclusion and racism, but quickly recognized I was fighting a losing battle punctuated by a couple of black eyes. In this kind of environment it would have been easier to succumb to the perceptions of the mob; as with everything else in my life, I chose the path less taken. So where am I going with this.....

Like yourself, I have no inherent dislike toward any particular ethnicity or peoples. Likewise I grudgingly accept evil as the counterbalance to good. My problem is with the intellectual laziness of the masses; the flaccid, unquestioning acceptance of spoon-fed propaganda, the tool of choice for evil. I hold in the highest regard people of principle, like the Schministim, who would rather sit in an Israeli prison than point a weapon at a single Palistinian. My distain is with the masses who, by a sampling of their comments during the Gaza crime, were cheerleaders for the Zionist Likudnik war criminals. The lonely voices of reason cried "where are the Jews of conscience?" The short answer...
they were there, their friends, neighbors, colleagues who found it easier to follow the heard, lest they get a black eye, shackled to the lies they had been fed by the evil in their midst, lacking the courage of their conscience and convictions, and thereby forfeiting both for the sake of cool comfort.

I am an optimist, and I believe that in the fullness of time this will change, as it surely must. Our survival, and the survival of this insignificant grain of cosmic dust blowing through the vastness of the universe, depends upon it.

This is my first post to your site. I hope I haven't embarrassed myself too greatly. Warm regards from Florida.

Visible said...

Thank you one and all.

You're a trip Fud.. heh heh... I believe my actual language was a little more subtle than you are making out but... words huh? In any case, there is a magnetism between hate and the object just as there is with love. Now some would say this is a repulsion but I have observed otherwise and my real point... which I think you got.. is that when we are ignorant of something we are forced to experience it in 'some form' in order to understand it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not from here either Les, and I remember when you wrote about the romans. Lesicus as I remember, or was it Visibilius, any way it was good stuff then as well and as I recall, there were a few footnotes about the jews then too. But that's a story for another article.

Today it's not being from here. Or was it, I don't hate all jews. No, it's reincarnation, that's it. Been here before and will again. So many different thoughts, yet somehow in my mind they all seem to come together and make sense. Well maybe not make sense, but they let me know that I'm not the only one who thinks in such broad strokes.

It, what ever the it is at the moment, always seems to come down to an examination of our concept of life, and trying to find our place in it. Of course us trying to determine the nature of life is like the leaf trying to determine the nature of the river as it floats on the surface of the river, from the mountain to the sea. My concept of life keeps changing as more knowledge works it's way to me, and your article reminded me of some of my concepts along the way, some of which may still be "it".

Are we just an accident, a random confluence of matter and energy that ended up alive? Are we bio-electrical constructs, designed as a conveyence for non corporeal beings? Is the universe a life form, with it's energy permeating everything, creating us and other life forms in order to look at itself so that it might be able to determine it's own nature. Do those little bits of energy that inhabit human bodies create their own version of muscle memory, such that when they are liberated from one body, they automatically seek another body, and account for the concept of reincarnation. Or are we at an amusement park on some other world, experiencing an entire lifetime in a ten minute virtual reality ride.

What determines our path in this life? Do the lessons we are to learn in any given lifetime determine our circumstance, or is it completely random? Will we learn our lessons by observing or participating?

After all my searching and thinking and learning and conceptualizing, I have come to the conclusion that I don't KNOW anything about life, except that it's easy. All you have to do is show up. Peace my friends.

Anonymous said...

Its this simple

I am standing in Sacramento. A group of apparently lost travellers approaches me asking for directions to Portland. I point them to the north and wish them well on their journey. The group then turns and begins walking south towards LA. No matter what I say to them they're gonna go the way they choose to go. Since what goes around comes around, I hope they enjoy the Andes and two trips through frozen climates, a trip across the Himalayas and then the Seattle traffic. . .

on their way to Portland.

I understand that "the journey is more important" to some than the destination.

This is what we face in cutting through the wall of syntax to the power of innocence.

or as my son so eloquently put it at 8

"mush till ya hush" !


Anonymous said...

AS always you and your readers offer insights and understanding of that which we do not see or understand. As always it provides delicous food for thought, a meal to be digested and savored long after devouring the contents, a repast of brain nutrition. And, as always, with appreciation.

WILLOW: Your comments are always on the spot and look for them on different sites. Do you also write poetry?

Anonymous said...

Somehow I don't think we are in Kansas anymore toto.

Sorry I couldn't resist.

Over the years I've thought about how the Jewish personality developed. For a few thousand years they have been knocked around, primarily by Christian based countries.

We know almost everyone identifies with their immediate family, friends, local community and nation. It may be somewhat irrational but it is a fact. Few like to stand alone, and it probably isn't very healthy.

Now picture the Jewish situation. To call yourself Jewish, is it an identification with beliefs, blood line or what? It certainly is not with a nation, or at least up until the last 50 years. Whatever it is, they have not enjoyed a particular place very long without getting harassed. You may say for good reason, but the fact remains. Did that Karma start 2 thousand years ago?

So what did that do to their collective psyche? How does that shape the personality of a people over hundreds and hundreds of years.

Finally many settled in the new world and found some comfort in America. By then they were masters at being merchants and traders, including the slave trade, and were becoming quite wealthy as a group.

While the Karma of the Christian past was unfolding, the Jewish future was being created.

Now, in the west, we see Jews are in all the prominent places, in some areas they dominate completely. They have been in control in the background for over a hundred years in this country. The Karmic wheel is baring down. You can say you don't believe it, but the fact remains.

I picture it like a wave that has been generated over the waters surface. Some energy pushed the water, and if you wait long enough there will be a backlash.

Unfortunately they are building up quite a bit of their own bad Karma, so like any body of water, you have ripples all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les-ji,

I've been ruminating on your latest posts, both here on SM and on VO, and have refrained from commenting up till now.
I want to assure you that I find your attempts at explaining your personal experiences and understandings of the most difficult subject of Karma to be exemplary and most praiseworthy.

If I may throw in my 2 cents, for what it's worth (approx. $.02).
Firstly, in the '80s, I was told I'm also from the Arcturus 'hood of the galaxy (heh heh), so maybe we're from the same tribe, or at least ran in the same circles. OK, that out of the way......other random thoughts blowing through in these recent days -

From a decade-ago extended year+-long-24/7-meditation-shamanic-Shaivite-initiation fire-puja-entheogenic-collaborative-gate-storming session, I had to come to the irrefutable conclusion that "the truth" about "Karma" is perhaps the most complicated and un-accessable and maybe unknowable 'phenomenon' one can experience in this precious human birth/life. I had to quit trying to "figure it out" (at least with my mind).

Questioning the concepts/reality of Karma has been up in all of our faces of late due in part to the extreme level of savagery witnessed recently on Planet Gaza. My conversations with acquaintances of various spiritual paths has zeroed right in on people's individual 'world view' in relation to Karma, and Reality. Guess that's why it's all up here in this unique special "place" (your blogs) where our collective consciousness feels like at the "crest of the wave" of inspired understanding.
A large number of jewish-identified Buddhist and Hindu 'friends', at the mention of Gaza, have thrown "karma", "life-is-suffering", "non-attachment", "life=illusion", "nothingness/voidness" - type responses at me. I'll just come right out and say that I was truly sickened, that this looks like attachment-to-non-attachment shit, and that it feels like more of the same 5000-yr.-old monotheistic mind-fucking scrambling after SIMPLE ANSWERS from "Authority".

After spending some years in India, I became thoroughly disgusted with the collective attitude there which philosophically allows almost everyone to excuse themselves and walk past the worst kind of suffering and deprivation and inhumane-ness which could be addressed and remediated in a fucking minute for a fucking rupee! Many times it was a "foreigner"/"westerner" who stopped what they were doing and gave aid to both human and non-human beings in distress. This took place usually with a crowd of locals laughing and jeering the 'stupidity', the naivete, of the " bedesi" who doesn't "get" the very obvious fact that the sufferer is paying for his/her/it's past misdeeds.
People like the "Dog Lady of New Delhi" are looked upon as insane freaks, harassed and scorned. Anyway, that is what the vastly misunderstood concept of Karma, sown by corrupt priests and religious politicians, has reaped in modern India. That is also why all the incredible tech-wealth of the "New India" hasn't touched any of the masses of the lower castes.

I believe there are no doubt Natural Laws of the universe/multiverse and of this 3rd-dimension realm. I believe it is possible to "see" or know how to walk this earth in a correct, even impeccable, manner in harmony with these Laws. I'm not sure if they can always be explained in words. Some use the terms "service-to-self/service-to-others" to describe a basic spirit-orientation of different individuals. That works pretty well for me. It also appears that a choice is made by the part of each of us 'that never dies' as to which orientation we will follow. How this interacts with the law of karma, I don't know. I don't believe that the cruelty and savagery that is exemplified by the Israeli Army's T-SHIRTS for the latest example, has always existed among humans on this planet. We have been and are being majorly fucked with. And at the same time, in this cosmic moment, the bullshit masks-of-sanity are coming off and being shredded.

And I fall again and again into the state I was in in Jan. and Feb.: silent seething rage, yearning for vengeance. I am not so evolved, enlightened, and with my rudimentary understanding of Karma not really helping, I head for the forest and the company of the natural world inhabitants, make some good sounds, and give thanks and praises.

But, our only limitations are self-limitations.

Reading the 3rd book of His Dark Materials trilogy (Golden Compass, etc.) I read this:
"There may have been a creator, or there may not; we don't know. All we know is that at some point the Authority took charge, and since then, angels have rebelled, and human beings have struggled against him too. THIS IS THE LAST REBELLION. NEVER BEFORE HAVE HUMANS AND ANGELS, AND BEINGS FROM ALL THE WORLDS, MADE COMMON CAUSE. This is the greatest force ever assembled. But it may still not be enough. We shall see."

Oh shit,....forgot to engage the goddamn timer when I left "the thirteenth floor"......

sorry for the disjointed jumpy rant


Anonymous said...

I have not done the research that some here have but, I had an experience a few years ago that was worth a 1000 books. I was in a relationship with a woman and we would have joint visions (not sure what they were). We would be riding horse through the woods, we would be walking on the beach, We would be sitting on the balcony of a villa overlooking a bay. These were set in ancient times. When we came out we would write down what we saw and it was always the same. Now I know.


Visible said...


I just watched one of your drumming videos and I just have to share it with the rest of the people here. Pakhawaj-Odissi Style II

Well Done!!! Really enjoyed that. I'll get on with that other things as time permits.

Yes... the perception of karma is like reminds me of the time Christ healed the blind man and someone asked him about what sins the man had committed.

It could be that all they say about karma is true but that has nothing to do with how we behave. Our job is to rise higher than that and to give example of right conduct so that all are benefited as well as ourselves. That is the key to me, not whether or not karma is as hard and fixed as it may be but that we are not. I guess I didn't drum that aspect hard enough or most likely took it for granted that people knew this.

Anonymous said...

Kilaya here:

A very interesting read, Les. One that I thoroughly agree with, by the way. One thing that I might add is that we are not always able to attain a precious human rebirth as we cycle through this 3-d realm. And, there are far worse sufferings than what we are presently experiencing as humans. Just try doing a meditation on the extreme sufferings of animals subjected to human experimentation, for example, or just being an animal or insect in this world.
Another little addition, is that we are all more like each other than we are different or we wouldn't all be here at this time and place in the universe. So, rather than developing hatred or animosity towards the other beings on this planet right now, perhaps we can come up with some ideas about how we can benefit others. Well, I'm sure the readers of these pages do far more in that respect than most. Also, I would suggest that rather than "forgiveness" (which implies a level of judgement" we need to develop compassion towards fellow beings.

psychegram said...

Nina said: "We have the choice to continue to participate in our own suffering, perpetuate and encourage the suffering of others OR to be a person born from eternities of suffering that chooses essentially to be the endpoint of suffering. That one, single choice is what we are doing here. Everything else is window dressing designed to aid our decision."

Nail. Hammer.


Kevenj said...

"Everything else is window dressing.."

And i always thought that business was business and everything else was conversation...

Bang. Hammer.Nail.

I think.

Anonymous said...

The more I know, the more I know I don't know.
Shoulder to the wheel Les, the slope is going to get steeper and you are going to need the help of others to get your wagon over the top ... but you will succeed.

Anonymous said...

I think we are one spirit but we view life as individuals experiencing energy flows according to how we are conditioned .conditioned truthfully with love and respect, the connection with the flow becomes stronger the mind becomes more adaptable and in tune with its surroundings, natures way,practiced daily by peacefull people on the earth every where what ever religion or non religion

psychegram said...

I don't pretend to understand how karma works, not in the details, but ... it would seem to me that the Indians bholanath was talking about (and a lot of new age types, too) who use it as an excuse not to help those in distress seem to be rather missing the point. If you see someone suffering, and you can help them, but do nothing, well ... aren't you then racking up your own karma? And not the good kind? It's that old philosophy problem about what's the difference between pushing a man in front of a bus and simply not troubling yourself to shout a warning when he's already standing in its way. Sure, in the second case you can argue responsibility but either way you're an asshole.

"It’s usually something about the eyes that tips me off and of course there’s the unmistakable vibrationary pulse which activates my sympathetic, translation center. It’s good that we can recognize each other and even better that ‘they’ can’t recognize us but, those of you who know what I’m talking about will know what I’m talking about."

It's hard to tell if you're joking sometimes ... but even if you were I know exactly what you're talking about. Didn't always, but lately - and I mean pretty much entirely within the last six months (and mostly the last two or three) - I've been having those experiences more and more. Before a word is said, a topic broached, all I have to do is make eye contact and there's this little jangling deep inside and I know I'm looking at another human being who gets it. Someone I won't have to argue 9/11 with, for instance, or ... anything else down the deep, deep rabbit hole that opened up under ground zero. The conversation that follows (which is usually a great one) is almost a formality, a sort of dance in which we confirm for one another the accuracy of what we sensed.

It's funny, too, because there's so many others I know who by all rights should get it, but don't. People who are just as intelligent as I, who have been deeply skeptical of the American government's foreign, domestic and economic policy far longer than I have, people who pride themselves on thinking for themselves and yet ... they don't get it. And when I think of all these people, the one thing they seem to have in common is that there's a certain light that isn't shining from behind their eyes.

Such people are in the majority, I know. But they make up an ever-decreasing part of my own social circle and I don't think that's just me. It's as though those of us in whom the light's been turned on are finding each other, or maybe it's better to say being introduced to each other, as though a global network is spontaneously wiring itself in preparation for ... what?

I think we all have a pretty good idea, even if we don't have any idea specifically.

At present it seems to be still in a very early phase, as though we're being shown one another just to know that we're not alone. There isn't much sustained contact, yet, but I don't think it's necessary yet, either. It will come when it needs to, but for now, it's enough just to know.

Oh, and just for the record:

go to 00:53 and you'll get it....

psychegram said...

KJ, please, please tell me you didn't write that independently. That would be too weird.

Anonymous said...

Ointment + fly = Jj

As this is an Origami, and not a Mirrors, (it just got misplaced :), I had to throw some pieces of silver in—

OK, here we have Karma as described, or as closely as can be described—Visible Style.

On one hand you have people who don’t care about other people and do whatever they can get away with—in this lifetime, or any lifetime for that matter. It is the physical body, through physical pain, or emotional pain, (torture, starvation, getting shot, stabbed, raped, abused,etc) that we get the mirrored karma from, and back from, sometimes in spades for what “we” have done in the past.

Now, if the person gets the mirrored effect from the first “person”, and they are tortured, raped, etc. (for what they did in the first lifetime—even though they don’t know it) it is “another” physical body that receives the pain, or painful death associated with that. The spirit, it seems does not get affected (pain-wise), and that is what “the universe” is trying to change (the spiritual/consciousness)—The spiritual has to be “changed” on a spiritual level (?)— Is the spiritual/soul/consciousness always “good” and the physical sometimes “bad”? Or, if there is “bad” spiritual (not emotional), how do you change it on the physical level? If the physical is temporary, and the spiritual eternal, why bother with the bodies in the first place—the mind/brain rots, the essence/consciousness lives on—seems that the horse got put before the cart---it’s blaming the gun and not the guy who shot it--

If it is not felt (the pain) in the spiritual, it is felt in the physical (whether physical or emotional pain, they are not spiritual), and therefore, does anything change? So, another person, in another lifetime gets to feel the pain of “someone else’s” (same spirit) actions last time around? I understand that it’s “me” again, just in another body but, I don’t know that, at least not for certain—So, when it happens to me, where is the enlightenment that not being spiritually awake, I am supposed have, but don’t have awareness of, that is supposed to be affected?

The devil made me do it, or made you do it to me?

It was my evil twin, not me?

Catch 22?

Do I have some understanding at some point, “oh, that’s what it feels like to be raped, strangled, abused, burned alive, drowned—guess I shouldn’t have done that, even though I can’t remember it

Catch 22

This all appears to be taking place in the physical realm—not necessarily the “spiritual”—Most people can’t find their own ass with both hands and a roadmap, let alone have any connection with their “spirit”—in this lifetime, or any other.
So, I decide to do whatever I want to in this lifetime, and fuck the guy who has to pay for it, even though it’s me-- but I don’t know it’s me, down the road?

It’s like the doomsday machine in Dr. Strangelove when Strangelove says that it is “useless as a deterrent unless people know about it”
Is this another heaven/hell scenario in makeup? Look how well heaven/hell has done in being a deterrent--

Why would this be any different than torturing someone who has been a torturer—in this lifetime—
Or raping someone who has raped—in this lifetime
Or burning someone alive who has burned someone else alive—in this lifetime


At least they would sure remember, or be able to comprehend when you told them why you were doing what you were doing, and all in one lifetime—but other than, “shit, I got caught” where is the enlightenment?—Can enlightenment be tortured or burned out of, or into someone?

In Bill Clinton’s words—“I feel your Pain”

I hope this doesn’t come across as smart-assed, it was the only way I could write it and get out what I felt I needed to—

Jim (Jj)
I notice more people using their “real” names—I like it!!

Visible said...

Boy do I love the people who come here. Something strangely synchronistic is going on here. This doesn't seem normal to me which means it's all good.

When I'm joking I usually put one of these in (grin)... then again, it might just mean I think it's funny; not necessarily a joke.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having us, night after night, at your table--

Jim (Jj)

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

I`m sorry but here I have to disagree with you. I have met numerous christians, catholics, and jews where I live and abroad and although people of whatever religious sect tend to adhere (more or less) to their belief systems all I can say is ALL jews are alike. They are the eternal evil.

psychegram said...


I sometimes get the feeling everything's a joke. Depending on perspective. The Big Bang was just one giant cosmic belly-laugh.


I think maybe, it's not about punishment, exactly, nor more than it's about rewards. The universe isn't moralizing, it's just reacting to the actions of its parts. Seeing karma as a punishment/reward system seems to be exactly the trap that led Hinduism off the moral cliff that bholanath was pointing out. It's really just cause and effect, and if it seems cold and heartless sometimes, well ... yeah, it does seem that way, to us, from our perspective as humans. But the universe isn't a human.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so much commentary so quickly!
The way I know joos aren't all bad is because a joo turned me on.
I was 14 years old -- consider that child abuse if you will, I consider it child enlightening.
Things were never the same. Ever. I was the only kid who got beat up in West Texas for being a vegan! I will always thank my brother for hosting me in Austin on weekends at those Thirteenth Floor Elevator concerts.
It should be obvious to all that we reincarnate. Why it isn't I suppose is that you all get stuffed with yr religions and presuppositions. I had it literally borne into me with my eye disease -- keratoconus -- an awful thing which was finally 'conquered' with the transplants from the cadavers of owners of corneas.... I had a problem with that then, but... now... that I can see..... Im good to go again.... BUT.... I owe an immense debt I know, and repaying that debt is the finality of my life! Yes, this is a double entendre... I am going to do everything I can for you all to see!

Anonymous said...

Rule 1: open your heart to what you should do and when to do it;

(Guide to truth by the witty hermit of Prague in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night:
"That that is, is."
"That that is not, isn't.")

Ryle 2: do it utterly.

veritas6464 said...

Greetings Dumballah; this just in..(oh, nice yarn) As I was reading your latest, the network News came on in the Background,..You all may have seen/heard the News that a Hells Angel was beaten to Death in Broad Daylight in Australias' busy International Airport - Several 'Commancheros' ( a Biker Club of moderate and very localized strength and numbers) approached the brother of a Hell's Angel Biker. And the ensuing skirmish resulted in the brother being bludgeoned to death amid screaming women and children that made up some of the full waiting area crowd. In Broad daylight; two very important Biker codes are broken. Within 24hrs a 85 member team is NAMED, the Government and Police announce the formation of a new all powerful 'Task Force'. They are being armed to respond to these "..violent Gangs that have recently escalated their Public exhibitions of disregard for the safety of law abiding Australians.." "If these armed gangs want to act like Terrorists, then we we will treat them like Terrorists.." ..Anyone knows that organising a special response team don't happen inside 48hrs, particularly established trained and named and ready to "get on with the job". The "Bikies, believed to be heavily armed" escaped in taxis, yep Taxis. Guess what they managed to get into inner city traffic before being 'captured' in a very dramatic manner. The elaborate Airport security systems failed and security staff did not intervene, actually they failed to respond at all, until the "Bikies" had made good their getaway. The 'Media' is using a very amateurish phone-cam recording to show a number of Security Officers standing back during the rather brutal 'Hit', some standing with arms folded, throughout the entire bludgeoning.
Police are still trying to access footage from the 70 or so surveilance cameras, as there was a malfunction that is still affecting the system. The Police were never called until a passenger witnessing the horror, managed to get a line out of the Airport and request Police attendence..minutes later..The government has now just announced the need to secure Australia with Information that passengers can carry with them
when traveeling so that they can be rapidly identified for their own protection. Anyone know what I call portable information about me personally when I travel, a fuck'n passport. What are they trying on now, an I.D. card of course. The Australia Card, this sinister device has failed to get passed in Parliament 9 times in the last 15 years, even AFTER 911. I do believe I have just witnessed a 911 event. Woohoo, News flash, now they are drawing parallels with Al Capone and an impending St Valentines day massacre.

I hate Jews that support hatred. Many jews are not zionist or Luciferians. Some of those who are not hate-filled do however, exploit their own Media image. Some don't. Fact is they are often the victims of their own zionist leaders as much as we are. So what? I hate people that should know what we know and probably do and yet continue to support the system that will eventually sacrifice thier kids, because they are greedy fuckwits. I have a lot of hate, has built up over the years, I am always trying to start my cleansing process, how can I? Everytime I just get zen, I get woken up by the neighbours, screaming and crying out in agony and despair because the evil yid cunts are at it again, I promise you dumballah, when we win this war once and for all (and we haven't got much time Our creator is hurtling towards us on a brown dwarf, as I type ;). I will cleanse myself, with a little help from my friends.
I am looking forward to spending a lot of quality time with my beautiful little girls.

Nanu Nanu.

N.B. love light & peace!

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up.

I'm Surrounded by Beautiful People.

Anonymous said...

Vis said:

'Our job is to rise higher than that and to give example of right conduct so that all are benefited as well as ourselves. '

Helping your fellow man is helping YOURSELF. Examples are the best way to show you GET IT.

Kevenj said...

That's funny. I'm surrounded by Beautiful People too. They drive their BMW's and Lexus Sports into the newly built & very modern Sovereign Grace Bible Church 3X's/week and have brunch and talk about how lucky they all are.

.."please tell me you didn't write that independently.."

From Wall Street my friend. I use it all the time when I'm around the Sovereign Grace crowd.

Its fun to see them twitch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les and all.
Since the topic is reincarnation thought it might be OK to add this here.
If reincarnation is true (and I have no problems with the idea, just where one goes) then doesn't that make us humans, slaves?
I mean, how many times does one have to get one's face rubbed it dirt to know, hey, this isn't so hot? Folks in metaphysics speak of the reason why people are here being the need for experience but what if the experience is not desired?
I think a lot of folks are getting tired of coming to the materialistic planet earth and once they leave they won't want to come back. The idea of a collective strike.

Visible said...


Finally one I can answer with little difficulty. We are here because we want to be; even if things are going badly our attachment to it keeps us looking for solutions that will make our situation better 'here'.

Once a person is tired of rubbing their own nose in it something happens. The best example I can give is already exemplified in The Prodigal Son. One needs to keep in mind that this is not a journey of ordinary time as we view it but something a bit more involved. Once one has had their fill of it her the magnetizing desire ceases to manifest all the accouterments of the realm and the process of liberation begins.

Reincarnation may be something set up by a series of action but it is a personal choice. You might want to read the Tibetan Book of the Dead. There's a portion there that deals with approaching a bright light that keeps getting brighter... too bright. A lesser light appears and the soul gravitates toward it. Eventually that light gets too bright and another lesser light appears and so on and so on.

We also choose to come back here. It's too much for me to get into at the moment and there are many fine books out there on the subject and no doubt there is more on the net than you have years left to read.

The system is perfect. it may not look like it and it may not feel like it but it is. Once the mind can embrace this absolutely along with the understanding that everything is under control there's a lot of bliss on the way. So those who have been the route report. Surrender brings understanding and understanding brings joy.

sounder said...

The quality of the commentary here reflects well on your talents as a writer Les. I have enjoyed your writing on and off for more than two years now, and your ability to bring voice to imaginal representations of the ineffable is impressive.

Jj, your 1:41 AM post is a useful exercise in breaking down the larger question, in terms of implications. Thank-you

This reply is a takeoff on the anon. 8:42 post.

My early ‘education’, the real one, not the school one, included several stellar Jews. The first was the son of a Rabbi from Tunisia. We met at the all campus orchestra meet up, where he was first chair and I was (very) last chair. I was impressed that at the end of our playing, while most stuck with others of their own kind, this fellow came and hung out with practical non-musicians. It was a high point for my life to be improvising Arabic half-step melodies on fiddle, out in the park with a Jew from Tunisia.

Not many people have the time or inclination to spend the hours it can take to establish a proper base for this or that argument. One willing friend that I found happened to be a Zionist. As I was somewhat uneducated, his ability to place my ideation within various philosophical frameworks was quite useful. He moved away and our engagement did also, partly due to an ardent anti-Zionism on my side. Still, ten years on he turned me on to Abraham Heschel because he said that my model resembled the model of Heschel’s. This mans writing is special because he uses forms to point towards the essence rather than using forms to validate more forms. He considered that the ‘story’ of the Bible was about bringing balance to the law and spontaneity.

The model I use is similar when it is said; the manifest expression reflects the balance between order and liberty within consciousness.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the fitting title is
"I'm Surrounded by Beautiful People- NOT."
There is an old saying...if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem.
Truth be told - all of us western folk, us 20% of the world who consume 80% of the world's ressources, are the problem.
Imagine (to quote Lennon) we the western folk took 99% of our military budgets to help the 'other' 80% of the world to farm, irrigate, feed and school their children and so on.
The status quo at the expence of 80% of the people on earth means that we are the problem.
What would Jesus or Ghandi or MLK jr or John Lennon say?
Oh yeah...they did and got killed for it.

Anonymous said...


"I get this thing from people that it just can't be true that people are suffering for previous acts and that even if they are they shouldn't be"

Not sure Im going alone with this? The suffering is happening, but self created by past life events, maybe? As the Talking Heads put it, "watch out you mite get what you want."

Underview too this as all:

"I believe in something called, 'ageless wisdom'. It doesn't change. I believe it is shepherded through time by a lineage of individuals that represent an unbroken stream of lives that weave in and out of all of our visible histories from the far unremembered past into the unseeable future.

I believe this because this is what my experience has taught me and because I have also been told this by illuminated beings and it is corroborated in all of the ancient and contemporary texts that I have encountered which I consider bonafide but..."

This is the plain truth of the matter, so what to do with it? Well have you shared the voices of old, but do they care of "jews" or Zionist misnomers? No, I say, but some contexts is needed in this worldly play for others to have feelings. Shouldn't we us the feelings and images of ageless ideas over the current SQ? Is there not a reason these thoughs return to us over and over?


Anonymous said...

Fuckin'A, Les! Spot on! Fester.

Anonymous said...

Tough to sugarcoat this one smokey. Unfortunately the Jews define their religion through themselves- the Jewish people as a whole as Christians define their religion through the person of Christ. Unless they seperate themselves as individuals they are to be treated as a whole by the definition of their own religion. Christianity is not defined by the Christian people, but by Christian people existing in the body of Christ. Anti-semetism is to Jewishness as anti-Christ is to Christianity.

Anonymous said...

I've written a bit about reincarnation on my blog. Here's a recent article with lots of neat links in it: Who were you before you were born?

Ray Zerwitt said...

You might say to me : "If I were you, I wouldn't smoke", but you would be a liar, because I'm me and I can tell you, with all certainty, that I smoke. Your reincarnation theory doesn't make a bit of sense. You will never be me and I will never be a psychopath. According to you, lions will come back as lambs, and lambs as lions, to eat them as justice for eating them. That doesn't show any intelligence in the universe. That would be a cyclical comedy of errors and horrors. It's totally behavioristic. It implies no will over what you are. No essence of your character.

We're not re-incarnated, we're just incarnated. We weren't meat people before. It's called being 'born innocent', which means ignorant of the former world and your former self, But you looked like you and talked like you and walked like you and thought like you. Except for a lot more confusion in your meat body, you're not different. You will die once. Get off that palliative. Or NOT. Some can choose their god and some can't. Amos 3:2

Visible said...

Well Ray;

It's great to run into a know it all who also quotes the Bible and who behaves like on who hasn't understood shit in the process of reading. That's probably why you quote the Old Testament because you're an Old Testament kind of a guy.

I didn't say a word about lions and lambs but hey, people without an argument always add to the other persons comments so that they can find something to argue about. My words, unlike yours are carefully chosen because unlike you, I pay attention to what I'm trying to say. You might find if you read more closely that you might understand more but given the illogical stumbling around in the dark that your writing infers I guess that's doubtful.

Anonymous said...

Food for thought.
(from a response on a link)

"...what do you suggest “working class” Americans do to improve their collective situation? Elect Democrats? Protest in the streets? Rise up and seize the means of production?

The first option is the typical answer given by American liberals, but those of us who remember the Clinton years and pay attention to current events know that the Dems are just as in the pocket of big business as the Repugs. The left wing of the capitalist class is still the capitalist class. Note that Obama is staying the course when it comes bank bailouts and that Geithner’s strategy to avoid nationalization is to create a (supposedly public/private) “bad bank” to buy toxic assets from financial institutions–effectively socializing loss while allowing profit to keep on flowing uphill. And anyway, the watered-down Keynesianism the Dems are adopting will never overcome the inexorable tendency of monopoly capital to stagnate and the inevitable response of financialization, debt, and bubble dependence. Scratch the voting Democrat option off of your class war counteroffensive tactics list.

So what about protest? … See that ellipsis? That was me backing away from the desk to enjoy a hearty belly laugh. Ruling cliques have long histories of ignoring peaceful protest movements that don’t serve their class interests and using violent protest actions as convenient justifications for increased policing. The whole protest scene is little more than an excuse for middle class crackers to indulge in lookame bullshit and score the sort of trim that thinks being easy is a sign of “empowerment.” It’s probably better than spending your late adolescence/early adulthood playing Xbox, but it sure as Hell isn’t going to affect any meaningful political change.

And the third option: proletarian revolution. Fuck yeah. Blood in the streets, bourgeois politicians subjected to mass revolutionary tribunals, workers’ councils running the factories, bankers sent down to the countryside to learn from Mexican peasants… Sweet. Only problem is that the American proletariat has been evaporating since WWII. By now, our “working class” has been so thoroughly bourgeoisified via accepting the parasitic bribe of high pay (on a global scale) for non-productive employment that it is inaccurate to speak of the independent class interests of the American worker. During the Great Depression the threat of a general strike and the creation of dual power via the seizing of factories and workshops was very real. That’s not the case today. There are few factories left in these United Snakes producing the necessities of life and therefore no base for revolutionary power. What you call a “class war,” is really just the head of a unified parasite managing its corpulent body. If less rich Americans rise up against obscenely rich Americans the former will effectively destroy their meal ticket. Too bad, so sad left wing Americans; the endgame of class politics in this country was played out decades ago and you were all too busy voting Democrat, selling your souls for real estate and cocaine, or experimenting with anal sex as insurgent pleasure.

So what’s your solution? How is the “class war” counteroffensive going to solve the problems of monopoly capital stagnation, the rigged nature of financial democratic politics, and the parasitic economic profile of the American “working class?” "

nina said...

Dear Mister Visible, I've been waiting to say this backatcha for many months and at last, the time is now:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Les,

I think you brought down the Best of the Fray. They were threatening to end it and soon after you posted that thing about the sheep it went down. Good work!


Biological_Unit said...

The system is perfect. it may not look like it and it may not feel like it but it is.

That is his experience. Others disagree.

Remember that you are unique, just like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Its Tuesday 24 March 2009 9:30 am here in Sweden.
I woke up this morning with a somewhat clear kind of insight into what is really going on on, and I would like to share it.
I awoke in March 2007 when the scales fell from my eyes about what reeally happened on the 11th of September 2001, and I have read and watched everything I could get my hands and eyes on for the past 25 months.
So please give this rant a read.


The whole jig is about trying to take control of Iran.
I think a world group including Kissinger, Rockerfeller, Rothschild and mainy other global movers-and-shakers have been preparing to try to overthrow and take control of Iran for (many tens of) years.

Reasons this group wants to overthrow Iran and/or happenings which coincide that this is actually in the works are (not limited to) the following:

1) Iran is one of the few world players which international banking has not been able to worm its way into by hook or by crook. Their economy is free from the international money control exerted upon most of the "free" nations. Their freedom is hated by the international banksters.
2) Iran has one of the absolute greatest procents of reserves of oil which not yet but maybe in 250 years may become a shrinking resource.
3) America and Nato in Afghanistan borders on Iran for a air/land strike.
4) America in Iraq borders on Iran for a air/land strike.
5) Disinformation about industrial grade nuclear fuel being made into bombs by the propogandist mainstream media.
6) Earlier support (years ago to Saddam) of Iraq by America to wage war against Iran.
7) Demonisation of all muslims by the CIA/Mossad false flag 9/11.
8) McCain's "idiotic" jingle of "bomb...bomb...Iran".
9) Israel's saber rattling
10)Iran buying defence missiles from Russia.
11)Obama's olive branch video which under close scruntiny is just veiled, veiled threats to a country who has never invaded anyone for hundreds of years.

I woke up this morning and had a very strong feeling that USA/Israel are going to invade Iran very soon and they wil try to get as many other countries to join in as they can.

Glenn Dormer

Visible said...

That is certainly what we would expect to hear from a 'biological' unit. I love the smell of irony in the morning.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up now.

The Age of Aquarius is on the Doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Nina and all... it is bad....
in the gutters of hada it is all.... it is bada..whew..... I was badding this little guy in a butter in jallis today... his eyes rheumy and diseased..... jadding out tortillas and I was thinking about George Bush and Dick Cheney and I just go wow and then...............

Kevenj said...

"..people without an argument always add to the other persons comments .."

Mean, Les...very mean.

How many times this last month have YOU handled venomous snakes or had to change 11 dirty diapers in 20 minites before Bible study was excused?

See? i knew it....

Visible said...

Strangely enough Kevin... I feel like I have to do that on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

"We sat crouched in our tent awaiting the dawn of battle. Some spoke in low voices making jokes and being in the moment and alive, others sat embroiled in the battle to control their fear. I always thought it was odd how the ones who feared death the most were the ones who would not be sitting around the campfires the following night. Fear does most attract what we fear".

Someone asked me how come I am positive about the future even though I am the one warning them the most of what is to come. Whether it be a battle or a transformation I will be on the other side of it sitting around the campfire basking in life's glow. I have lived in mansions and I have lived in my car. I have stared into the eyes of the Grim Reaper many times and yet my journey continues. Enjoy the moment for they are eternal.

Fear is the first step to courage.

(Patrick of Lyons, CO)

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, I know you can’t please everybody but sometimes you can’t please anybody."

There was a song many years ago with a line that applies here, Les:

"You can't please everyone, so you might as well please yourself."

I think it was sung by Ricky Nelson, who found out about the difference between flying and not flying.

Visible said...

a great song, one of many by that sweet balladeer. However, what he actually discovered is what happens when you are flying while you are flying. Apparently they were free-basing in the plane.

Randall said...

The tune was "garden party"

Anonymous said...

Ray Zerwitt

Have no fear, you are on to something here;
"You might say to me : "If I were you, I wouldn't smoke", but you would be a liar, because I'm me and I can tell you, with all certainty, that I smoke"
"We're not re-incarnated, we're just incarnated. We weren't meat people before. It's called being 'born innocent', which means ignorant of the former world and your former self"
A doorway, an opening to more and larger personel world of your "self" The how or why it started is to big for us now, but the story you see without lions turning into lambs isn't a bad chapter to start writing. But by your will and not old book's can you know the "self."

"It implies no will over what you are. No essence of your character."
Here you have created truth but will you use it for more than "life and death" issues? Your character will not die and to return to it, is living a "new life?"
Just wanted to say I see and agree with you but hope you continue to ask questions and open the mind to all ideas before yourself?


Ray Zerwitt said...

No need to get in a big huff. That concept of eternal mortality isn't attractive to me at all. Does that mean I will be re-incarnated as a guy who believes in re-incarnation and has to listen to me? Do you want to sentence me to some kind of eternal hell?

What will psycopaths get from karma? You have to start with a heart to empathize with the people you've given grief, and the psychopath's don't. They'll just be psychopaths in their next re-incarnation too. For the rest of us, repentance should be enough, and it is. See? YHVH isn't so bad. That's real intelligence in the universe.

Anonymous said...

Bill Faill: If we don’t make the most of this life, do we get a second chance in another life?

Srila Prabhupada: Yes. According to your desires at the time of death, you get another body. That body is not guaranteed to be a human body however. As I’ve already explained: there are 8,400,000 different forms of life. You can enter any of them, according to your mental condition at death. What we think of at the time of death depends on how we act during our life. As long as we are in material consciousness, our actions are under the control of the material nature, which is being conducted in three modes: goodness, passion, and ignorance. These modes are like the three basic colors–yellow, red, and blue. Just as one can mix red, yellow, and blue to produce millions of colors, similarly, the modes of nature are being mixed to produce many varieties of life. To stop the repetition of birth and death in different forms of life, we must transcend the covering of material nature and come to the platform of pure consciousness. But if we do not learn the transcendental science of Krsna consciousness, then at death we must transfer to another body, either better or worse than our present one. If we cultivate the mode of goodness, then we are promoted to the higher planetary system, where there is a better standard of life. If we cultivate the mode of passion, then we will remain at the present stage. But if out of ignorance we commit sinful activities and violate nature’s laws, then we will be degraded to animal or plant life. Then again we must evolve to the human form, a process that may take millions of years. Therefore a human being must be responsible. He must take advantage of the rare opportunity of human life by understanding his relationship with God and acting accordingly. Then he can get out of the cycle of birth and death in different forms of life and go back to home, back to Godhead.

Anonymous said...

It has been quite a while for me but just like always you provide the voice of reason.

Thank you for continuing to do what you do. Those who criticize need only do more for their side. Truth will always win out....

Ray Zerwitt said...

pissing off the people at re-incarnation central... already gave it a good think huh...

I was presumptuous. I apologize

Knight Templar said...

Greetings dumballah; My throat is sore from calling out my saviours name in vain, my eyes are dry from crying, for I have waited so long upon my god! Semantics? Polemics? “O mighty Caesar! dost thou lie so low?
Are all thy conquests, glories, triumphs, spoils, shrunk to this little measure”?
Fuck me.
They are trees FOR FUCK SAKES, that's what makes a forrest: distance-over-hyperfocal-length-divided-by-visiblity! Those little upright bits just there, yes there, them, yes them, THEY ARE FUCKING TREES!

Here's a thought! Imagine an electron microscope. Got it? Now then, turn it up to its largest magnification. Imagine now that you are way off in space. Now, look back through the eyepiece and focus on earth and keep focussing and keep focussing, increase the magnifuication, OK, what do you see? Does it look like a swirling purple haze of electrons and protons or does it look like a kitchen table? Can't tell from that distance? Hey that's OK, neither can anything else! Only the creator with the schematic knows what it all looks like laid out on the 'Site' Managers Desk.

Of course it's all a cyclic fuck up, get your 'timing' right and get off the roundabout.

Some I posit choose to hang around for want of shek inar.

Oh, anyone notice that the quickening had a growth spurt, Aussie Branch Manager and Arkhenaton meet for the Media and we here in OZ are about to have our screws tightened.

Not An Outlaw A Patriot of Our Kind. Yes, Us.

Grantland said...

Good ketamine, eh? heh heh heh

Visible said...


You would think so wouldn't you but... I haven't had any in six weeks. I've had a lot of promises but no follow through. Whatever is denying me this miraculous balancing formula is tenacious.

No... sadly... that is not the case but hope springs eternal. of all the things I should get for the work I do you think the least I would get would be this but I generally get not much of anything except for the joy of doing. Still- that's not half bad at the end of the day.

Anonymous said... forgot to mention all the "crazy little women there"...heheh


Anonymous said...

No more posts appear. One. No more.

Anonymous said...

We need more of an international environment to deliver the news on the streets since they are all hiding.

Hiding will settle all the dust and later someone will act to get a reaction.

Reactivating nuclear defense is for people cornered with false Gossip from the world media

Wake up all of you in the world
Gossip not fact is history
who know it all and hides is Kissinger
he died so lets cut his picture and say what ever we want in the news to hide ourselves.

corner a dog and see what they will do
sit and wait I am sure
this is any country not just Iraq or Iran or Dubai.

one at a time with gossip first is the
wind before the storm

Anonymous said...

Sigerson and Morison is this
no more convents



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