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The Snake Dancing Broadcasting Mind Control.

These times in which we live become increasingly more surreal. It could be that things have been strange for a long time but we are just seeing it more now. Of course, a larger percentage of us are not seeing it at all but even they know something is wrong. They just assume it is for the obvious reasons because that is what they have been told. They’ve been told it’s because of the terrorists and that “Oceana has always been at war with Eastasia.” They’ve been told that all of the problems are due to somebody else and that the new people are going to fix the problems now. They’ve been told a lot of things.

There’s a pervasive hypnosis that floods the rooms in which we live. It drives down the street with us. It says hello to us like a Wal-Mart greeter when we enter a store and it vibrates under the bird songs in the parks and it only fades when you walk far enough into the desert or sail into the middle of the sea. Because it is happening every day and because everyone just goes about their business as usual there is the general understanding that it’s not hypnosis, it’s just the color of life; a natural thing.

We’ve been subjected to this mind control for so long that we find it hard to imagine what life might be without it. Everything that torments us comes out of the lies being broadcast across the airwaves we move through. They slip through the earphones inside the music that they allow us to hear. They travel inside the words of the people speaking out of your television and radio. They move inside the words on the newspaper and then open up inside your head and create for you the understanding that they want you to have.

We’re told that certain people are our enemies but our real enemies are the people telling us this. We’re told that certain things are bad for us but these things aren’t even as bad as the things they tell us we can have and which they make and sell to us so that we can hear the lies better and to put us in the mood to agree with the lies which cause us to injure ourselves and each other. The people who tell us these lies all went to school together and they learned to speak a certain language so that they can say things to each other that we won’t understand. While they were in their special schools they had their humanity removed so that they could do things that no human being would even consider because they have no conscience to inhibit their behavior. They have been compared to reptiles because that is the part of the brain that they act out of.

There was a movie where you could put on a pair of sunglasses and you would see things the way they really were. Back in the beginning you didn’t need sunglasses to see how things were but that was before the subliminal broadcasts began. After awhile... after a couple of generations... after the broadcasts started, the illusion was complete. From the time you were children... when you were learning to walk and to speak you also learned what was real. Even though it never has been real, it is real enough because there is nothing else to compare it to, unless you take a certain kind of mushrooms or you go away into the forest and practice things that neutralize the sounds and images that control the magic show.

This kind of behavior was made against the law for this very reason or it is made to appear abnormal and the practitioner is marginalized to the fringes of society. These people who do not conform are made into objects of ridicule and whatever they try to tell others is laughed at and generally ignored. None of the conforming multitudes want to be seen in this way. It can be hazardous to their livelihood. It can bring shame on their families and friends and they might lose both as well as their income and their standing in the community.

It is a curious question as to why there are some people who are immune to the broadcast. There always have been. History records many incidents of people revealing the existence of the broadcasting and image making force. We read that these people have warned humanity through the ages and we also see that humanity has paid no attention. Even with all of the examples that history shows about the ugly circumstances that are created by a mass belief in the broadcast, people still do not learn and each day they rise to the hope that the broadcast is going to lead them into the Promised Land but they die in Gary, Indiana, Calcutta or London town.

The broadcast tells them that consuming poison will grant them good health and that going to war will bring them peace. The broadcast tells them that bad men and women are the heroes of their time and that those who want to liberate them from the broadcast are villains. They routinely imprison, defame and kill these messengers but for some reason there are always new ones to take their place. There are never very many of them and that might be one reason that people do not come to see the true nature of the broadcast. Fear is another reason. This is why intelligent people, who know in their hearts what the broadcast is, will deny that they know. They will even encourage others to continue to accept the broadcast because there is no profit to the alternative which can get them into a lot of trouble.

A few years ago some men, who couldn’t even fly small planes, flew several big airliners into large buildings with a skill that even some experienced pilot's lack. Not only did they do this but very shortly after two buildings were hit, these buildings collapsed at the speed of freefall and a neighboring building that wasn’t even hit by a plane also fell down into its own footprint at the speed of freefall. A television station in London announced that the third building has collapsed twenty minutes before it happened and most of the world saw nothing strange in any of this. Now... of course... plenty of intelligent people know that the explanation given for why these things happened the way they did is a lie but... they are going to tell you it did happen the way the broadcast says it did because they don’t want to get pointed at by their fellows and maybe have a run of really bad luck.

A major war happened because of this event. It is a war that cannot be won and the only thing that is different there- except that a lot of the people are dead- is that the opium trade is booming. It had been shut down before the war happened. Then another war got started based on a similar broadcast but without any planes or falling buildings and a lot more people died in that war which also can’t be won and now they are broadcasting about yet another war, which was the main target all along and which is why the countries that were the previous targets just happen to border the main target.

The broadcasters planned all of this a few years before they set to work. It’s a big project, a project for the new American century and it takes a while to complete. They had a particular president for the first part of the operation and now they have a new one for the next stage. It will seem that what follows will be based on new decisions by new people but it will just be another step in the same operation. It’s happening right now and people are learning what the broadcasters want them to know about why it is important for a lot more people to die.

There’s a small place called Gaza where genocide and casual murder is taking place on a daily basis. Hideous weapons are being used on people with no capacity to defend themselves. It’s a new weapons testing area that uses real people in order to study the effects so that these weapons can be used in other places. The broadcast has convinced a lot of people that terrorists are living in this over crowded little ghetto but the real terrorists are the ones testing the weapons. On an island off the coast of America some other well to do terrorists are torturing prisoners for information that only they possess because they are the ones who did the things that they have accused the prisoners of. This is an interrogation testing laboratory but the broadcast says otherwise.

Because all lies must eventually fail, some of the countries responsible for the majority of the lies are falling apart. The broadcast says they are going to fix it. The only country that isn’t falling apart and where a great many of the lies are being manufactured has actually been looting the countries that are falling apart. They are supposed to be really good friends with these countries but... you know how it goes... or do you?

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Visible said...

Greetings all...

Here is the 'temporary' not yet ready to be called ready, Wordpress edition of Smoking Mirrors. So, you can let me know what you think and you can comment in both places and whatever happens here may not happen there so well, there you have it.

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Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hey Nobody,

Got some real Gazaesque $&CFB leadership (sic) info your Gaza supports pacifism believer readers may be overjoyed knowing:

On January 27th, 2009, President Barack Obama signed an executive order allocating 20.3 million dollars to bring Palestinians related to the Hamas terrorist organization to the United States as refugees. These are the "victims" of the recent war at Gaza. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of them will be brought to the United States. These refugees will be eligible for free food and housing. This executive order appeared in the Federal Register, volume 74, number 221.e 1615. (7) (Last Trumpet NewsLetter)

According to a Palestinian census, the population of Gaza jumped by 40 percent between 1997 and 2007. West Bank officials expect the Gaza population, which they estimate at 1.4 million, to double over the next 21 years. The growth rate in Gaza is roughly three times the global average, according to U.N. estimates. Most of Gaza’s residents are U.N.-registered refugees. (Truthdig - Gaza's Baby Boom)

"Nizar Rayan, his four wives and 10 of his children were all killed by in an Israeli air strike on his home after he ignored warnings they should go into hiding."
Rayan, 49, who ranked among Hamas' top five decision makers, was killed yesterday when a one-ton bomb razed his home in the northern town of Jebaliya.
Rayan, an influential preacher, had previously denied Israel's existence and was a known mentor of suicide bombers. He even sent one of his sons on an October 2001 suicide mission that killed two Israeli settlers in Gaza.
'The Palestinian resistance will not forget and will not forgive.
He was one of the organisers behind the Battle of Gaza in 2007, in which 400 Palestinian Fatah party members were killed and dozens more tortured and maimed.
A Hamas spokesman alleged that the Palestinian National Authority may have asked Israel to kill him because of his role in the clashes. He added that the chief was one of the main reasons why many of Mahmoud Abbas's men 'did not sleep well at night'.
Rayan was fundamentally against the state of Israel and had declared: 'There is nothing called Israel, neither in reality nor in the imagination.' He was preaching in a local mosque on the day before he was killed and said: 'Our only language with the Jew is through the gun.'

Perhaps one of them wou'd like to take over as Minister of Gaza, for the Israeli Goverment, and resolve a problem with the Gaza population's Hamas leaders, who clearly are fundamentalist $lave and Cannon Fodder Phallic (PenisGun) Masons.

But unforutnately addressing the root causes of problems ain't a high priority with many who make who have an intellectual, emotional, psychological or financial incentive, to remain in denial.

“People think responsibility is hard to bear. It's not. I think that sometimes it is the absence of responsibility that is harder to bear. You have a great feeling of impotence.” (Henry Kissinger)

“I am here to accept responsibility for that which I did. I will not accept responsibility for that which I did not do.” (Oliver North)

“Nothing strengthens the judgment and quickens the conscience like individual responsibility.” (Elizabeth Stanton)



Anonymous said...

What makes Israel recession-proof?

try this:

There’s no banking crisis
Saul Djanogly of Djanogly Wealth Management, which advises private investors on investing in Israel

There is no doubt that we are going to see a slowdown. What is important about Israel, though, is that it doesn’t look like there is going to a banking crisis. The only vulnerability of the big banks in Israel lies in their lending to oligarchs such as Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich. But that’s the only cloud on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Too many people have too short memories. I am 60 years on this planet, and I remember like it was yesterday the reason we were in Vietnam. To stop the spread of communism. Does anyone recall the “domino” theory? Well 50,000 young men lost their lives, and we LOST that war. The world did not end, the same people are still in control, and their agenda moves forward.
Gulf war one. All the scientists said the world climate would immediately change if Saddam were to light the oil wells on fire. Remember how the thick black smoke would circle the globe blocking out all sunlight. Guess they were wrong.
The new bogeyman Bin laden, is kept alive only in our memories. Any “terrorist” that is killed, was a member of a non existent organization called Al Quaida.
The market crash of 29 was preceded by an expansion of credit, stocks bought on margin. The current market crash was preceded by an expansion of credit, aided by the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act, under the Clinton Administration.
Why is it so difficult to get people to see we are manipulated by a force that is controlled by a small group of elite members of tax exempt organizations. Why do we surrender our future to their will. Perhaps it is exactly what you are describing in this blog. Well done Les.

Bob L.I. N.Y.

ernie yacub said...

brilliant, i picked this up from @ddjango on twitter/friendfeed, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece. You hit the nail on the head!

Anonymous said...

A quick comment on why some people are immune to the broadcast. Usually, it takes a wake-up call for the immunity to be effective. This can happen early in life or at any time. Then again, for some, it may not occur in this lifetime. By wake-up call, I am referring to a personal event that shifts the paradigm, so to speak. Speaking for myself, I had several paradigm shifts, the earliest took place when I was about twelve and my religious beliefs were shattered when I was told that some people who were not fortunate enough to learn about the Christian faith would go to hell for eternity. That was the end of that, for me. Spent a number of years living a rather hedonistic life, then had an encounter with a UFO, stood right under it with two other people. Of course, UFOs do not exist, right? Then, lost a fortune in the stock market, believing all the lies that were being bandied about at the time. Yup, listening to the broadcast has never paid off so I like to think that I am a truthseeker and will continue to search and sift through the available information out there. Don't know if I or anyone actually ever gets the truth, unless one is fully awakened. And that, I guess, is the point.

Anonymous said...

Les you the best cause you always hit the nail on the head cause we know who is always causing all the confession and robbing all these countrys of their wealth.They will lie all the time but people need to wake up and stop listen to the media who they control.

Anonymous said...

When you see through the illusion it is like peering at the serpent behind his mask. It is quite disturbing. This is very mythical, like the knights of the round table. Seeking out the truth. Peering behind the curtain takes courage that most people do not have.

We live in a time of very little in the way of virtue. Dumb, scared and greedy has replaced intellect, courage and community.

The herds of sheeple are being set up for the slaughter and they concern themselves with trivial pursuits.


nina said...

Oceana's game is nothing more than domestic violence writ large. Of course, victims of one-on-one local psychopathy vs. prey are too busy to see it that way. Note how many victims cling to the roots of their own manipulative relationships finding comfort in the familiar. Take Rhianna for example, who knew in advance not to publicly slam rapper Brown because she's working on a Whitney kind of fame. Oh how they plot and scheme covertly their final exits only to realize the ultimate tragedy of their situations "Where will I go, what will I do, I will be all alone!" Take this small picture and zoom out. Is it any wonder it comes into focus at any level?

Les says: "We've been subjected to this mind control for so long that we find it hard to imagine what life might be without it..."

So how does one deal with this all-inclusive, pervasive violence? Most just don't unless they have no fear of death. If there are children involved its even worse, the children who are used to reinforce the violence and the loved ones tugging at your heartstrings to work it out, its your problem, your bad attitude.
But any Associates degreed domestic violence counselor can tell you, it only ends one way and that way is when, eventually, one of them, the psychopath or the enabler, is murdered by the other.
The steps into dangerous territory are always incremental, a decent, well-intentioned person abiding by the golden rule would never realize what has happened until its too late. The strongest willed among us have extreme difficulty burning bridges with which we've grown attached. But in the end, after all the threats and beatings and the threats and beatings to come that hang in the very air one breathes day in, day out, it all comes down to personal survival. You must sleep with one eye open. Hope is not the answer.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible,

I am a college professor at one of the most prestigious universities in America. I am a full tenured professor and the recipient of a lot of awards. I've been a regular reader here for awhile. I'm masking my form of delivery by controlling the words I use and the way I use them and I am not going to tell what my field is because I am a professor at the first university you would think of and that would be easy to find.

I have made statements here before and always used an initial and it's not my initial.

You have been impressing the hell out of me for awhile but mostly at Visible Origami more than here because I know your heart is not into this and I love you the more for that.

I'm saying what I am going to say this afternoon because it needs saying. It fucking well needs saying. I noticed with this item what I have noticed about you before. You change your delivery and presentation to suit what you are saying. There are maybe a handful of people on earth that can do this. It is almost as if you knew what your audience was beforehand.

I have read just about everyone. I have heard people mention Tolle often and you blow Tolle right out of the water but he is famous and you are not. I would rank your ability right up there with every great writer who has come up or down the pike. Your subtle efforts are not missed and I would wager that you would be surprised who reads your work because I am a somebody and I have told all of my friends.

I am writing you now for two reasons. You are hitting your stride and that means you are going to come up against things that have not been presented to you before and because I read at all of your blogs and I know about that depression you are expriencing and I am warning you not to mention a certain thing any more. I know how hard it must be but just tough it out. In every century there are oh so few who have the gifts. When you mentioned being buried in Mozart's grave I thought you understood but...

to use your dot dot dot motif for a moment, I suspect you are more of an idiot savant and do not fully understand your own complications. Your brilliance is undeniable and it is clear you have the favor of God in your work. No one in my lifetime has burned with such a fire and eloquence and none of those I remember could turn the tap on or off at will. You amaze me.

I realize that it is hard for you in this period and you must hold fast. Don't go down for a bit of water when you are making the ocean speak. I am very sorry I cannot give my name and that I have to go through the trouble to change the way I speak but what you say is more true than people know.

Regardless of all of this I am going to do something for you and I just want to say it here so that when it happens you will know it was me.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how to post my name or i would.
Ignorance is bliss. I know what they mean by this now, however it pales in comparison to....The truth hurts, but a lie will kill you.
Is the internet the worlds last hope?
Are we too stupid? Is it fate? All in all i pray for the great awakening.
There is nothing more painful than regret,and yet to those of us that know the truth, and the obvious bullshit being broadcast on the owned stations.
I somehow feel that i will take no comfort in saying i told you so.

kikz said...

here y'all are.. as of 3P CST the front page is blank of this posts' text :) all else seems to be in order... ah well, i found ya anyway, from the side panel:)

and in your usual style, les..
more than magnetic :)
i got my wordpress acct set up ystrdy.. now if i can just figure out how to add you to the dashboard :)
see y'all on the side....:)
break on thru to th'utha side...:)

Visible said...

Dear friends;

They are major league fucking with me and I am hearing it non stop from people who can't comment and can't even read the post. Go to the first comment and see me at wordpress from now on.


Anonymous said...

Two words. Dov zakheim.

Two more words. Bernie maddoff.

Mix in a mossad cocktail and netanyahu in london on 7/7 and what do you get?

Anonymous said...

Writing as a fellow frog in the kettle, would you mind giving your opinion on the current temperature of the water and where we currently are on the continuum from faucet to boiling.

kikz said...

amicus :)

now i'm sure you know... throughout recorded culture...

the serpent has always been represented as the harbinger
of wisdom :)

the trick is -
to decide to control - or be controlled by it.

Anonymous said...

Chillin & thrillin - bang on, LV.55 - yo like a bibel profit or sumink like dat Use guts Tobey D beast superguru online man

Gutsta hand it to da spoofkey professer too... fess up doc your writings preDDam goodshit cuntsidderink yo guts cramp yo styls sum!

Yo bowth insipid me to start bloggin2

hats off! rezzpekt


Anonymous said...

The broadcast only works if you are dumb enough to believe it in the first place.

The next step in the "project for a new American century" terrorism-war with Iran (inside job 9/11 pt. 2 should be most interesting) will spell the end of the real terrorists once and for all.


kikz said...

update as of 6:20P CST, this post is where it should be :)

Anonymous said...

So this is a test of the EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM!
Hey Les, maybe if this whole internet thingy does not work out we can send money so we can receive newsletters. Or hey, we could just all move to Italy! Sweet! Wine is probably better there anyway. I posted on the other website as well...

Anonymous said...

Hi Les. This is nothing to do with your post, but I just want to spread this to as many people as I can.
Rick Simpsons movie 'Run from the cure'

Franz said...

Brilliant, Les!

There's a neat way to know how long the mindfuck's been going on: When Rome banned Certain Books, and Rome's enemies went along with Rome, the fix was in.

About the Fifth Century.

More proof:

SOME of the books Rome banned were found after WWII near the Dead Sea. The CIA was there JUST IN TIME to photograph them at the US consulate in Jerusalem. The not-soup-yet CIA also apparently stole one scroll. It's still missing.

What Roman thugs hid, our thugs hid too.

AT THE SAME TIME in Upper Egypt ANOTHER set of scrolls were found in a jar. Years went by before they were published and again some are missing. The finding of the Nag Hammadi is a dark story of murder, theft and ancient knowledge. Allegedly inspired INDIANA JONES and also the reason Steven Spielburg is supposed to have done "penance" for letting an important secret slip out in the first JONES movie.

Just a rumor, hoo hah!

The energy of mind control is undifferentiated. It's energy that can be used for good things too. VERY good things. But thugs know that their game stops cold when this knowledge spreads.

BOOM. Iraqi scientists gunned down? Microbiologists in the UK having "accidents"? Certain NASA insiders dying young of odd illnesses? These are the sort of people who might find out. They might KNOW.

The sort of people who know are watched closely. Being immune to the brainwash just makes people cranks. Thugs don't care about cranks. Take one step PAST cranky to knowing how the brainwash works is deadly.

The knowledge is there. The delivery system is the problem at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I went to the movies on Friday night. It's rare that I get out like that. Hadn't been to a movie in a long time. Don't really care to sit in a room with others, breathing everyones "stuff." But that's another story.

So the movie about to play was "The International."

My girlfriend and I were there early to get a decent seat, maybe 20 minutes or so. We thought we'd be sitting in the darkened theater waiting for a while, but previews for future shows started right up, twenty minutes before the main feature? Well, like I said earlier, hadn't been to a movie in some time and boy have I been out of "that" loop. Dispersed between previews for "The Watchman" and a few other extremely intense ones, were two "high quality, big bucks" commercials, one for the National Guard and one for the Marines (a few good men). KID ROCK was doing the sound track and performing live in front of troops, maybe in Iraq. I have never, ever, seen such a in your face propaganda show as I did with those two military commercials. It was right out of mid 1930's Germany. It was absolutely, incredibly, spine tingling scary, and well thought out. THEY HAVE IT DOWN, ladies and gentleman. War is our business and business is good, exciting and powerful. Fire off a few rounds from your very own "Abrams" listening to your favorite rock band, downing a few brews and taking a few tokes in the process. They showed neither the beer nor the pot, but it was there and if you were 17 or 18 years of age and you were sitting in the theater, you creamed your pants just witnessing the phenomenon.

I don't watch TV, although we have one and we do watch DVD's once in a while. I was at my mothers the other day and the brainwashing propaganda that came spewing out of her tv, hooked to a 1000 cable stations, was almost, truly too much for me to handle.

Is it my age? Am I becoming too sensitive to this unpredictable world? All that organic health food having the wrong effect on me? I don't think so. I think the shit is really hitting the fan on this one. And honestly, I can't handle it. Well, I can, but I don't want to. It sucks one in and vaporizes brain cells.

It seems that hollywoods "producers, writers, and directors" are so intimately connected to the "dark side," the side that is and has been running the show, that they are now just flaunting their greedy influence right through the characters that portray them. They know they have total control over the masses so they can do anything the want. Go see "The International" and see if you see what I think I mean. What's taking place in this movie is really happening "out there." They have the power to kill when they so desire.

We have a war on our hands and what we are fighting is a powerful, POWERFUL dark clan who has got the ability to write their own scripts and we are the "stand in's" and the "whatever they want us to be actors." For them it's a movie. For us it is real. And they do it for "fun." It's all about control.

Catch the kid rock propaganda with the "Nascar" mentality thrown in.

European American

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Like I said before, and R just repeated so eloquently, you are a gifted writer. This post is among your finest. I just came from the forest. Wet, cool and alive. I used entheogens for a time a decade ago and I need you to know that the earth gives a much better boost. I consider you one of our finest allies in this work. I encourage you to take heed to the good doc's message. I'm sending you all the love I can right now. We need you.


Anonymous said...

...hulu - Alec Baldwin, snake screen hoodoo.{after 60 minutes} ...and just today Pastor Peters covered the reptilian predilection for "brain" matter, just as an aside. Where have all the children gone ? Angry Buddha, & You.... smell something burning ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
You're like a modern day John the Baptist cum Photojournalist pointing your scathing lens at the dark places and snapping pictures so all of us who have pretensions of being metaphysicians can observe Psychopathica Serpentus going about the family business as its been doing since its genesis.
Taking just a cursory flip through my own ponderous collection of Serpent Family Photos I see pictures of people massacred in burnt offerings to ancient gods. I see pictures of people massacred for the public's viewing pleasure. I see pictures of indigenous people massacred on on every continent they considered home. I see pictures of the 600 year massacre fondly known as the Inquisition. I see pictures of the Dresden massacre. I see pictures of the Viet Nam massacres. I see pictures of the Hiroshima massacre. I see pictures of the massacres committed in the name of every bloody war or revolution on earth. I see pictures of the daily massacres committed against the unborn. I see pictures of the daily massacres committed against animals. I see picture after picture of human history...and it's a history of massacres.
Those are just a few of the pictures I see. There are millions more to examine if we are inclined to accumulate evidence of a Dark Reality that goes on and on and on... the Circle of Death.
And those of us too maladjusted to the Dark Reality to easily ignore the screams of the tortured echoing through time may ask if such a thing as Justice exists.
Some of us may choose to comfort ourselves with the idea that Karma, aka Divine Justice, will even the score - and so we browse through our collection of Snuff Porn with a certain cold-blooded detachment because, for example, that photo of the child shrieking as the prison guard sodomizes him in front of his distraught mother is - considering the Big Picture - just a glimpse of someone getting what he Deserves. After all, Karma's a bitch, right?
Humans can be so smug and self-righteous, believing that we're somehow immune to the Disease infecting the Reptilians. We live in deluded hope that the Fires of Truth are flaring, and that the snake and its lies will be consumed in those fires. But the snake feels right at home in fire and merely shape shifts into a new disguise. And we all go along for the way or another...'cause it's the family business.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well here is a current and massive whopper.
So big, its mind blowing.
The implications so enormous they make Iraq look small.

Orly Taitz is a lawyer handling a number of cases including that of the soldier who has mutinied.
Get your head around the fact that the POTUS, is a lying, theiving, cheating, conniving and criminal impostor, in the pay of foreign interests - it sure makes old GW look good.
Miracles still happen.

paolocaruso said...


Ciao Les, As I’ve expressed, this is one of my favorites.
And I know you like to sing in the country style, but your
words are far from the mindless numbing country lyrics.

I’ll share with you my own quote:


Speaking of COUNTRY MUSIC. In 1998, the State of Israel celebrated its 50th
Anniversary or its illegal existence. And at the time, I was amazed and perplexed as to why the theme of the Israeli celebration would be COUNTRY MUSIC.

They had Itzhak Perlman twanging along to high-stepping knee slapping cowboys with Stetson hats and full western constume. Yes it was a real “down home” hootenanny performed from Tel Aviv and broadcast all over the USA.

I was dumbfounded, and I knew there was a motive… there is a underlying motive in everything jewish. Well I eventually came to understand that these jewish icons such as Itzhak Perlam, Rubin Mehta and Pinchas Zucherman were dumbing down

Interesting to note that at the time Susan McDougall, in addition to going to jail for the Clintons, was the bookkeeper for Rubin Mehta. How does a corrupt politico, like Susan McDougal, from Arkansas get to work in Los Angeles for a Zionist celebrity???? Small world ??
As a footnote, McDougal’s husband, key witness in the Whitewater investigation, died mysteriously in custody, when he was denied his medication.

My advise for the rest of the world…avoid not only country music and the English language, particularly if it is spoken with a twang.

paolocaruso said...

CIAO LES, I concur with il professore “R”, in that your writing skills are beyond exceptional and amazing…like a savant. Your words are not just enlightening, but soothing and entertaining.

I fully understand all of your words, all of your concepts and all of your nuances.

We are on the same plane and within the same small group that has figured it out.
And most of us have figured it out on our own, without indoctrination and instruction.
We are just wired that way.

There was no hate or prejudice involved, just insight, logic and well….cerebral wiring.

I am thinking the ominous admonition that “il Professore “R” has expressed
""""I know about that depression you are expriencing and I am warning you not to mention a certain thing any more.""" has to do with my previous post and primarily, but not exclusively, jewish people.

It is depressing to know that THEY have us by the balls. They are ALL bases covered. At times it looks hopeless to overcome the hold they have on all aspects of our lives.

The depression derives from not being able to share our enlightenment. But, I have met others just like me, who expose their thoughts very descreetly, in a cryptic tongue and cheek way. And it is important to understand that we are far from bigots, but just intelligent people who have figured it out. Fearing to expose their thoughts in public. We are a small group and at present not nearly large enough to topple the monster.

Visible said...

It's funny how people have different takes on things. I thought 'the professor' as everyone is calling him was talking about my mentioning ketamine, which is what I use to treat my depression and I got the feeling he thought I should not mention it because of the legal situation. For myself I do not consider it illegal. Demons may control the application of the law but they don't control me.

Since I'm out of the item now for long enough that certain familiar discomforts are once again materializing and since these discomforts to tend toward a potential for self-destructive behavior, I thought he was telling me to bite the bullet and soldier on. Well... I've got no fucking choice in that regard anyway.

Maybe he was talking about something else. I don't know. My main concern at this point is that the universe will take pity on me (grin). Anyway... thanks for all the great comments which really do lift my spirits. I know they are undeserved but they make me feel better regardless.

And Jj? I didn't even finish the tenth grade so...

but I did do two semesters of community college on the G.I. Bill with a 4.0 which got me on my way to Swarthmore but rock and roll derailed that train and it took a long time to get it back on the track. Now we'll just have to see if I was headed in the right direction in the first place.

I've got to take a nap... back in a couple or a few.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les-Excellent article, kudos and praise for idenifying a BIG part of the problem-the mainstream media deception machine.

Putrid, vile, evil, pernicious. Yes I do not like them nor what they do.
Why do some people wake up? Soe people define reality or the world from what they sense inside, first. Instead of giving credence to hot air-or literary garbage.

paolocaruso said...

Having a little remorse over calling those GIs that got killed and maimed SHITHEADS. I rather think they are poor souls with mothers and fathers (at least biologically)and sisters, brothers and friends who should have called them "shitheads" BEFORE they signed away their lives and limbs at the recruiters office. I have personally helped changed that career direction
in the people I know. And it is amazing that kids can have their entire family promoting military service. I just read an obit on a small Hawaiian girl that got killed there by accident. Small, especially feminine girls, are allowed in the service primarily to boost morale for the meatheads. Should her relatives have called her a "shithead" before she signed up. DEFINITELY.

As for KETAMINE Les, I would think your writings, thoughts and that mind of yours is way far more threatening and verbotten than an illegal drug. Unless Ketamine is some sort of Kryptonite.

Anonymous said...

Lyrics to Tilt-a-whirl :
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It’s tilt-a-whirl time kiddies—Dedicated to the Bernie Madoff’s, and the Bushies of the world—


Anonymous said...

Most of the interesting people I have met never went to college, and were/are smokers--also dabbling in the dabble-able from time to time--not too many of them in my field of vision any more other than some of the younger folks who have not had time to get truly fucked by media, etc.--I long for a country porch in one of nina's paintings with rocking chairs, you guys, maybe the bench seat from a 74' pickup, and an old hound dog...and just the sound of the wind and an occasional chuckle--creaking floorboards when you walk and incredible sunsets and sunrises--far above the maddening crowd---perfect!!
I'll be thinking of my friends and fellow travelers today as I go about my walk--missing those I have never met--or met in such a way as i don't need to see them--I feel like someone who has had the "human touch" superseded--but I would long to hug you, and and see your smiles--perhaps some day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
I often wonder what a great experience it would be if we could just get the main broadcasters together for some "drinks",) and after they have enjoyed their "drinks" we could get them to take a good long look at themselves in the mirror.. Think Peter Fonda.. The Trip 1967. To videotape their responses thru the 2 way mirror and mass broadcast them to those who know them for what they are. Sure it's only a light hearted dream, but since all practical actions seem so out of reach I suppose for now it will have to suffice.

As a side note that dude from the college has me paranoid! I'm not sure how you do it! But please keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I know some put an ominous spin on what
"the professor" warned but I think
exactly he was talking about Vita. K!
I guess it's like Baba Ram said about lsd,
when you get the message hang up the phone.
When my source for K went to jail I got in a bad
way. I got out of the box eventually but Prof. was probably
just saying you can never expect manna to keep
flowing from hebben in these evil times. Hell, Jim Sinclair says even the food is gonna stop flowing.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Enjoyed your comments, just don't have much time to post usually.

Les, have you tried fish oil with omega 3 (and enhanced with vitamins A & D)? Does the trick for my depression, that's all I know.

Rosie - Can you (and would you) please tell me the best book (or other credible source) of information about what really happened on 7/7?


Anonymous said...

Hello Truthseeker

I have a problem about 7/7.
I have been assured by many theorists that it doesn't add up.
I am sure they are probably right.
However, I just can't get too worked up about it, because unlike the dancing israelis and a hundred other improbabilities of 9/11, 7/7 - yes I know about various similarities, 7/7 has, as far as I can see, no obvious alternate killers.
So Truthseeker, please spare me the request. I don't have an answer.
Maybe someone can suggest one for the both of us.
Actually 7/7 was particularly vicious, close and almost personal and regardless of various conspiracies, withnesses did see at least some of the bombers.

Anonymous said...

Your article is brilliant! Thank YOU. And thank god for people like you ... I got led to you off Davd Icke's website and I think you are great!!

Anonymous said...

The only people immune to the broadcast are those who have learned to stop lying to themselves.

Anonymous said...

something is very "off" with albert and the professor--sounds like the title for a disney movie--
beware of the money behind the scenes bankrolling the movie--


Visible said...

Okay... now I know somebody is fucking with me. Well, of course they are screwing with the site because the whole thing disappears for hours now but suddenly two posts with similar syntax? Nah...

I'm going to allow for that I am missing something but I'm also going to allow for that I spot shit which is one of my specialties and something is fugazy here.

The odd thing is that I happen to know that certain planetary correspondences are lighting the way for my ships to come in at this very moment which is why I think it's not a enemy but a friend who is playing games with me.

I'm not going to be pleased when I find out.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't "R" email you, instead?

Sniff, sniff.

European American

Anonymous said...


I know I speak for more than myself. Let us know what we can do that is within our powers to do.


Visible said...

Actually he did email me at the same time he made the comment here. I'll keep that to myself but I will say that I don't know any more than I did. This is a weird scene and it shifts and changes by the day. I am so consumed in my own inner struggles that I don't have have the objectivity I once did so I can't really speak to so many of the needs that I see.

I just assume I am being fucked with because usually I am. I will try to come back here on a day to day level for as long as I feel like it's something I can do. I don't take the praise any more seriously than i do the criticisms. There are some fine minds here that catch shit immediately and I rely on them for bullshit detection and we shall see what results.

I'm going to bed early tonight so your comments may take some time to appear. Good night and rest well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les.
I'm sending you a smile, dude. And good (((vibes))) too. Thanks for the writing, and I'm digging the new blog sites. Looking good.

To the person who mentioned 7/7: not sure of any authors, but Ian Crane has made a DVD or two about it. He's a good bloke. Ex-oil field, apparently. Walks and talks the walk and the talk.

Anonymous said...

Don't think you are alone in your "struggle." Signals are getting crossed where it never happened before.

We are in the Phase Transition (Quantum) and just before we hit the metaphorical Absolute Zero, chaos appears to reign. However, just when that last degree is achieved something quite magical and serendipitous takes place...if...we...can...just...get...over...the...hump.
The key, between now and then, I find for myself, is simply not to DOUBT what I "know" to be real (doubt is the killer). Besides, the world is as you are, for what its worth.

And lastly, Truth alone Triumphs, as long as it's the truth, imho.

European American

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. An offhand comment by a speaker I was listening to on an unrelated matter about a supposed `contrived`food crisis that might happen, got me googling back in Novemeber. After months of reading about conspiracy theories, the inevitable Police State that was said to be coming, my heart was a wreck. I had to stop looking altogether.

Then after a month, I peeked again. Your writing has resonated with what I have known in the deepest part of me for years, but I had gotten sidetracked by the what did you call it, I think, special effects. I had lost sight of the bigger picture, the eternal, the deep gnawing feeling that I was more than I thought I was, separate from my behaviour. Interestingly, my (quotation marks won`t work on my laptop) Master, so to speak, was a teacher, a professed Christian, called Jim Richards, from Impact Ministries, the only Christian I have ever heard talk this way, who showed me all the things you have been talking about. God is not anything like what religion has said he was. Because of who God is, and his mercy, and succor, as you put it, it is okay for me to know I don`t know!!!! I too feel we see through a glass darkly, as Paul in the NT put it, but will one day know even as we are known. I could go on, but would just be repeating you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the hope (not wishful thinking, but the expectation of something good) that you hold out from your tender, enlightened heart. Many sites are completely devoid of it, and the world is in sore need of it.

I wondered if it would have been better to not know about the fact that a huge change is coming, but now I agree with you that it is always better to be aware, to, (what would be the word), BE, rather than react. To emerge into the new, instead of being fertilizer for it. Wow.

Anonymous said...

The Depths and Heights of Your commentary reach and enlighten FAR more human minds that you will ever know Vis.. I for one have seen all of your work pay out in major gushes of reality recognition on just a few properly placed words in a otherwise normal thought post. Your grasp and angle of attack is hitting them hard. Our minds mesh in complicated ways out here on their network and they will never get the inside parts of our converses on failure to listen to the good voice and follow it's path home. I can see you can tack in any wind around lies Using truth code the liars do not comprehend. Your works Are worthy. Your help IS needed. And i think the recent splatter of BS going on around our places of sharing IS going to stop. We are the world. They fear us in all our weirdness because they don't accept the good voice and will never walk the path home. All i can hear my Ex-wife say now as i think of her is the final words she spat before she threw me into the street "Well I DON'T believe in God!" I see the evil that grips her. She hears the voice. But the sexy appeal is strong and the perceived dangers and work of casting off the grip of the machine and it's silky candies is huge. Seeing is believing and I see So much in the remotest strongholds of the listeners of the mind. Keep gunning Vis i will read every word typed or not. We will have our days at their expense and perhaps We will even have a few laughs as well on there dime. And dude i still am having funny little flashes of the DWI song superimposing it's self upon my recent troubles in the most funny ways... Good one. Ltr Vis.

Anonymous said...

As a long-time reader and rare commenter, it is my opinion that the performances of both gentlemen, the professor and Albert, were somewhat off the mark.


GodSend said...

'R' is just a letter between 'B' and 'S'

"You shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free"

"Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose" Once you know the Truth, you need not fear loss - including loss of your life.

"When I am weak, then I am strong" When does that make 'sense'?

"As a man thinketh" (James Allen)

Les, begin to take things literally - those that are. There are no gods with elephant heads or 8 arms. That's all smoke and mirrors.

"God is not the author of confusion" (the Devil is the author of confusion - and Deception).

THE "Synagogue of Satan" is Israel (as you well know). There are also "Synagogues of Satan" in America, Germany, etc. - THEY LIVE and THEY are everywhere.

"To live is Christ and to die is gain"

Anonymous said...

Don't know if others have reported this anomaly, but it's been going on for several months: your blog and/or the comments page freezes up my computer, so I have to close the firefox and re-open several times. Happens every week or so a couple times. Like the fkn laptop starts heatin up and the 'fan' whirls, etc, and I have to force quit. Pretty sophisticated, those assholes, huh? This happens nowhere else, btw.

Ah well, such is life in the (Z)matrix.

Word is: the SHAC-7 ALF people got sentenced to up to 11 years (!) in UK for "conspiracy to blackmail" (making polite phone calls to dissuade suppliers and employees to boycott an animal-abusing-lab corporation)? "Terrorist masterminds" they were.
Nasty surrealness. We're all 'terrorist's, no doubt about it. "Thought-terrorism"/pre-crime coming soon.

Good essay out there titled "Human Sacrifice For Fun And Profit" (SOTT, other sites)
"The worst sorts of people rule the world and influence our minds. Redefining all that is pornographic, ugly and destructive they present them back to us as the greatest and noblest things to embrace and take home to our children."

As others here have expressed, I am now down to about 3 people on my email list. And certain people don't like me bringing up that thing called the 'Sampson Option' and such things.
It sure feels good being deep in the mountains of New Mex. at 8000 ft.
With the isolation, this 'place' is a saving grace. Infinite gratitude, dude.

Astro update:
One of the two big aspects goin on (the other is the saturn-uranus opp. all year) is the neptune-chiron conj. which is exact in April and already extremely close. Last time we saw this one was (guess!) - AUGUST, 1945!!!!!! Hmmm, didn't somethin big go down around then?

This could either go badly, or get us out of collective denial and/or fully rip the veils apart. It'll be messy either way - don't get sprayed by the spiritually-lazy ones meltin down. Always wear/carry protection in public. (grin)


Visible said...

Well Masher... I am reminded of something Gibran once said. I probably won't get it right but I will get the gist. He said, "Do not despair at the sword that cuts into your heart because it only cuts deeper into the cup that holds your joy." Suffering deepens our capacity to love and we only actually experience suffering because of our inability to let go and therefore we feel the rip.

You are correct Godsend. I can see your knowledge of Hindu scripture isn't very deep but I will tell you that Ganesha traditionally has only four arms so you are right about that. The extra arms are powers so it can be assumed that Jesus had extra arms too. Western tradition gives the saints and prophets et al 'coronas' in the Eastern tradition they are given a cobra hood. This is the raised up power of the kundalini which unites humanity with the God consciousness.

As can been seen in the similarity of the words, Krishna and Christ all religions parallel and deal with the same single force expressed according to the culture in which they appear. As you are a dogmatic literalist you will not allow for this in your mind and that's a private affair. Good luck with what works for you.

I agree Kathy, as others have noted there is something off about those comments but I'm not spending any time trying to analyze what was happening. It's another day and the scroll of the day before has rolled up. One of them asked for their comment to be removed and I've done that.

Hopefully I can get an Origami together today.
and awwwwway we go!

Anonymous said...

'They fear us in all our weirdness because they don't accept the good voice...'
They certainly don't understand, that's for sure. I loved that phrase 'They fear us in all our weirdness'.
Your comments here Les are as good as it gets.

Anonymous said...

Awake is all good but lets do something not just post blog after comment. No offense Les your work is excellent and right on the mark its just the general 'negative vibe' that pervades this whole topic can be a little heavy. Of course facts are facts I guess not to be ignored, best out in the open.
I believe our depression and negativity is just what they want though because they feed off it. Lets not forget this beautiful world. Yes it is beautiful take some time to look around and remember that. If not in the flowers of the weeds eking out an existence in the cracks of the pavement then in your fellow humans - we're all in this together and we all have our faults but the eyes are opening...
Some suggestions (My opinions, I'm sure others could contribute more)

1. Stop buying all that useless shit!

2. Make and distribute Orgonite. This grassroots movement has been growing worldwide for the last eight years BECAUSE IT WORKS! Very probably its distribution has already prevented us from becoming the slaves they seek to create out of us, due to the fact that it disables the electronic weaponry they have deployed to submit us to their will.

3. As cheesy as it sounds try to act with love not hate. If you direct love and compassion (not pity) at those who you see as the perpetrators of this whole shit show they will be extremely uncomfortable! Particularly those who operate out of the 'higher realms' or etherically (such as the self serving Reptiles and intel mk operatives). They feed off hate, terror, fear, negativity etc. That's why we see so much of it. It's like a giant christmas feast for them. Try not to add to it. (Easier said than done).

4. We don't need oil! Energy is all around us free for the taking. It's been done many times already. If you're technically inclined you can probably do it too with some help...

I hope someone finds this of use.
Thanks Les,


Anonymous said...

well, my comment disappered. So it is lost for now. "Five minutes to Judge Whopner."

Just call me fool.

Anonymous said...

7/7 for Truthseeker and Rosie

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Visible

I have recently seriously started reading your stuff and it is deeply impressive (albeit sweary - not necessary, 'cos the one who doesn't swear immediately puts himself in a superior rhetorical position to the one who does)
You write well, have a fine mind, are a long way further down the path than I am, and are quite right that alcohol is a poison, and, as I drink, I am in no position to call the kettle black but . . . why the drugs? They will always interfere in some unproductive way with the metabolism and insights received without their help will go deeper and will remain imprinted on the soul, as it were.
You have a fine mind, Sir - nurture it and allow us to derive the benefit from its insights untrammelled, for as long as is possible.

All the best


Visible said...


I will take that question although I believe I have answered it several times. First of all there are no 'drugs' meaning some wide variety of comestibles. The only thing I take is ketamine (which I don't have any of and might not for months). I take it because it eases my clinical depression. It eases it far better than any legal pharmaceuticals and does not need to be taken every day as they do.

If your problem is whether things are legal or not well... that's not my concern. No government that is engaged in the illegal drug trade is going to tell me what to put in my body. If it is because you think that what I take interferes with my clarity then I would have to ask where you've seen that happen so that you could say I was high or not high. See my point?

I'm guessing you haven't taken what I take and also the one other thing I take a couple of times a year which is ayahuasca or mushrooms. I'm thinking you haven't taken these either but... seekers through the centuries have taken these things and been positively changed by the experience.

Because I suffer from a form of depression which came about because of being hit in the head as a child (you'll find a lot of medical support for this on the web and in clinical journals)my serotonin flow is screwed up. You will note that I did not say, "fucked up" out of deference to your concerns over the language.

I probably engage in chemical delivery systems less than the average of the type of which I am a part. No one knows the nature of another s struggles. We cannot make rules for others because we do not know the situation.

My kind of depression will cause me to drink and that is a dangerous thing. Once again, the medical community- as blind as it is- recognizes this to be true. I give you the example of painters as alcoholics.

For years it was noticed that painters had an unusually high amount of chronic alcoholics and they didn't know why. It was eventually discovered that this came about from daily exposure to lead based paint and so the painters were automatically medicating themselves with alcohol to offset this.

I have certain flaws, being a work in progress and sometimes I can fly with the highest note on the wind and sometimes I am intolerant when I would rather not be... however. I doubt anyone reading here can see where chemicals are affecting my work. When God is so disposed to open the door of my internal pharmacy I will gladly go within and never leave. This is not yet the case and materialism is at a suffocating point in these times and therefore, some of us need to clean our pipes on an occasional basis so that the water runs clean.

I guess you have to trust that I know what I'm doing most of the time and that when I don't I know who to call on the inner telephone.

As for colorful language... it has it's place and unless I get all William Burroughs, Henry Miller all of a sudden, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I am sparing in my use. There's no way I can satisfy everyone so I'm going to take the Rickie Nelson route through the Garden Party.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the considerate and lengthy reply Mr Visible.
Apologies if this has been previously addressed but I haven't really read a lot here to date.
I grew up in the decades of public swearing, went through the 'Derek and Clive' phase myself - I just think that ubiquitous public swearing (looking at the way it has been pushed in Cinema, TV) is inseparable from societal decline in all other areas - which is not to say it is comparable to abortion, genocide etc but a when a civilisation goes down the pan it goes down in the big things AND the small things as everything is related to everything else. And acts of brutal and gratuitous violence are always accompanied by swearing, there is something there. I have seen no evidence, by the way, that comedians who use foul language as a professional affectation, like Peter Cook, experience any sort of catharsis – it all just goes down in a spiral.

There is definitely something in that quote of Matthew 15:11:’ Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.’ The ubiquitous foul language that I hear all the time amongst the very young in my country is a form of mental imprisonment, part of their deep seated ignorance – even the facial expressions of these types are devoid of any innocence or an open nature, and believe me, outside of the few well-schooled areas, this is a consensus in the nation.

I am sure that the elevated Masters that you have met simply did not swear – I do think the idea of swearing as a form of liberation is a typically nasty piece of NWO type doublethink. If you have a nice privileged middle class upbringing, maybe swearing doesn’t matter, but in this New Era of a permanent underclass and no social mobility, it is all part of the trap, the hopelessness. Grace in manner, in speech, can be a reflection of spiritual elevation as opposed to mere affectation. Angels have Manners/Grace.

But again, thanks for the lengthy reply, this does not affect my appreciation of what you are doing overall - it is your show my friend and keep on keeping on.

All the best


Anonymous said...

When my brother lived in Lawrence, Kansas, we used to walk the neighborhood, a very old small town neighborhood. William Burroughs lived on a side street in a little red house. (in the back yard by the creek, he had an orgone pyramid)
As we walked by, at times I would see him on his porch drinking the whiskey and coke he loved and most likely smoking reefer. I would shout "Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna! and he would laugh and shake his fist at me.
Just a fond remembrance of a remarkable man..

GodSend said...

Les, don't forget about the Cross! Was Krishna appointed to bear a Cross, like Christ - literally? There is only ONE Christ - the rest are shadows - or smoke and mirrors, if you prefer. ;)

Anonymous said...


I've been studying the programs on TV lately here in the US, and have concluded it is a big wasteland. Maybe 1% have some value. Is this just a natural process of giving the people what they want?


Large amounts of people have been herded into suburbia, and what else is there to do? The audience is captive, and it starts with children. Oh it begins rather nicely, but about age 4 or 5 it's starts to turn ugly. All the cartoons are nasty, even Spongebob, look at how they draw their ugly hideous faces. I've been channel surfing just to see what's there, it aint pretty.

AMC, nothing but violence. But if you stay up at 3:00 am you might find some old black and white film.

History Channel, fear mongering on a constant basis. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Storms, Asteroids UFO's buzzing all over the sky, it goes on and on.

VH1, MTV, who watches this garbage? A bunch of idiots whining about god knows what.

New Channels, Endless chatter about nothing. The world is full of awesome things but they most hammer stupid political nonsense.

Bravo, lots of nonsense there. Something about housewives etc, what a total waste.

Sports channels, okay if you are into sports these might interest you, for me it's just another diversion.

Comedy Central, has a few good moments, but like you said above, lots of trash talk and all the silly people laughing at garbage.

Disney Channel, oh my god, how does anyone watch this?

Bunch of Televangalist stations, sorry they are mostly scammers.

Home shopping stations, never saw anything I wanted to buy, then again I don't need much.

Lots of crime shows, they are pretty explicit these days.

Cop shows. Getting us use to them beating up the population.

Well I could go on and on.
Children grow up with this violence and nonsense and it is very deliberate, and they have succeeded in doing just what they wanted to accomplish.

The dumbing down of the population.

Randall said...

Hey all,

They are trying to pass bills in congress that would effectively shut down the small community based food growers, co-ops, Vegetable stands,
etc. Sponsored by ADM, monsanto,
etc etc.
Please get this url to your contacts and sign and send the letter. There is less than a week left.

Anonymous said...

Spend some time daily just bombarding theo world with good, positive energy. Try it please.

Visible said...

and should that brief undefined comment be an example of what you suggest? Positive work, like sunlight being the best disinfectant does it's job as it moves along. It doesn't use throwaway lines without substance as a cure all.

Make your point with crisp and clear direction or eschew the arrogance of those without the goods.

Anonymous said...

Why can we see the dance? Well, most of the postings here are not based on questions outside the writers minds. In short, to be sure of ones self is a key. Most people look outward for answers and find a big daddy to help. Yes, others before us are great resources but it is our mind that most come into balance first.
There is to, a dance we can move with. We have to play the drums and blow the horns plus dance. Its like the music man playing for himself, will you listen to yourself? I hope that more of us will let out the power and forces inside us, for the snake dancers to watch. To lead, or teach, one has to do and show at the very same time.
It will not work if we just play a new tune, new is just forgeting the old. We will have to be what we have seen but not ready to let out. Learn to walk anew, and with luck the masses will see the loss of everything can give you a new world, better than the last, without fear of moving on.
Faster is this all moving!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot all the commercials in between all this idiocy.

oy vey!

GodSend said...

Anon 12:23 AM

There are sinister and deceptive forces at work in this world (mostly Zionist Slimeballs), aiming to spindle and mutilate - and kill the rest of humanity. They need to be EXPOSED to the light, so everyone who has eyes to SEE! can SEE! THEM - and RESIST THEM at every one of their nasty turns. That's what we try to do - raise awareness.

You go and spread some of your 'good, positive energy' - and stick your head where the sun don't shine, OK? - but don't complain when the Slimeballs come to chew off your legs and head (or those of your children). An ounce of awareness is worth a ton of 'good, positive energy'.

"RESIST the Devil". First, you have to recognize him!

Anonymous said...

Hey Randall, is that anything to do with Codex Alimentarius?

Best Wishes,
Mark - Worc's, England

Anonymous said...

all you people are a fucking disgrace to the human race, with your fancy talk and your judgements about the real people of the human race, all you are is a bunch of fucking cowards with keyboards in your hands, the second tea party,the second woodstock you all make me puke,when the time really does come you mother fuckers of false info and fancy words will regrete ever being born, live free or die mother fuckers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les, Thank You. My heart soars like an eagle knowing there are beautiful intelligent voices in this world who's real agenda is truth.
May the Great Spirit keep you.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dadnerd - I see we are in complete agreement re: the invidious effects of the Eye in the Corner, and, as ever, our host sets an excellent example by simply not watching it – a thing I have never QUITE been able to manage.

A fine British publisher and journalist named C P Scott (b 1846, d.1932) provided my favourite quote on the subject from its very earliest days:

'Television? The word is half Greek, half Latin. No good can come of it.'

I love that! It doesn't make sense yet somehow it entirely does, like a Zen Koan or something.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:15

Meet me in west palm beach, I'll show you what, and I quote...
"with your fancy talk and your judgements about the real people of the human race, all you are is a bunch of fucking cowards"

I Haven't kicked 'is a' fucking bunch of geek in a long time.

Yee haw bring it on sucka.

Isn't that what your idol said, bring it on?

You wimp, shut up.

This is funny, I've had two open heart surgeries and I bet I can kick his ass, lol.

Not that I would, mind you, just feeling sorry for the limp of dick and limp of mind. Typical product of the American machine that the elite have done so good at producing.

Anonymous said...

hey danerd, what im saying is im sick of all these assholes trying to reproduce history, its a insult to the people who made it,refering to woodstock,the first was real,with real issues of the times,the second was all about money and copycat bullshit,now this 2nd boston tea, party again the 1st was real,brave people with courage not a bunch of activist with signs that the media can photograph getting their asses kicked,to set a example of what will happen if people speak out.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.15

Apart from the idiocy of someone who calls themselves 'Anonymous' accusing others of cowardice, you can see I am not being superficial about the swearing, can't you? Everything is connected to everything else . .

Visible said...

What I don't get is what has that got to do with the people here? That seemed to be your target and now your target is something else.

I'm not cursing Guy and I'm certainly not going to censor people for it.

Anonymous said...

Censorship of ideas is wrong, nothing wrong with just not posting foul mouthed tirades.

'What I don't get is what has that got to do with the people here? That seemed to be your target and now your target is something else.'

What does this mean? I literally don't know what that means. I do not have 'targets' for goodness sake - why should I?

I am beginning to perceive something very out of my depth here - I do not do abstractions, I do not do ulterior motives, I do not play games, and I HATE that sort of talk – I am not getting drawn into this.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

There is a movie called "From The Hip" with Judd Nelson as a young attorney who wants to drag out a court case so he asks his client, while he is on the stand what he thinks of the Plaintiff--the defendant answers "he's an asshole"--Ray Walston, playing the Judge slams down his gavel and says "you can't use that language in my courtroom" to which Nelson objects by saying "give me another word that carries the same meaning"--"jerk", "putz", "imbecile"--nope, none of them carries the same meaning--they then proceeded to have a hearing on the admisibility of the word "asshole"-----let's not do that here--sometimes, if used sparingly, a certain word just has a certain ring to it--

to anon--you're an asshole--see how easy that was--


Visible said...

good grief Guy, those were two separate messages. are you getting the impression that maybe cognitive dissonance is at work here?

maybe it's me, since I'm not as clear as I ought to be but this is the first time that hasn't been clear across the board.

you're really starting to talk like a member of the other gender without the right to. I'm sorry if that is insulting in both directions but maybe I should take a few moments in the future before I speak my mind. Let me try again, I wasn't talking to you in the first place

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Visible

Sorry if I got my wires crossed up

Very, very sorry

I do get confused.

All the best


kikz said...


Anonymous said...

Yes Kikz, thats very elevated.

Visible said...

Some of you might care and some might not that I have a major war going on over at Best of the Fray because... absent the ketamine- I have been needing the kind of contact I used to get when I ran into trouble in a bar or late night street wise and you can just assume that I am there now even if it's at a distance it's the same persona. I know that guy and I don't like him but there he is.

Anyway... some of you have free time and enjoy the entertainment and some of you wonder what I'm up to anyway and I'm not proud of this but it needs to be said and these are the very people it needs to be said to... Well... it's been going on for a few days now as has my condition so... there it is.

Otherwise? I got a new liver Fed Ex'd to me last weekend and I installed it myself. It's made a world of difference.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Les, there's an interesting thread in the "Religion" section of the Cassiopaea Forum entitled "Weird Thought! The Predator Impersonating The Creator!" and which begins:
Yesterday I had the strangest thought.
That the god of the bible is actually the predator-destroyer in disguise – impersonating the creator.

Pretty outlandish huh?

The great deceiver, liar, pretender, temptator -- pulling a fast one on us? I’m suspecting we’ve been ‘had’ and hoodwinked – again!. Didn’t we ‘fall’ for the temptation of the ‘gold’ behind the door before?

I’ve been suspicious for years because what kind of ‘real’ god would need, want, demand that he be worshipped, obeyed and feared? And set down a bunch of rules to follow? In a "Free Will" !! universe? It just does not compute.

Kinda brings to mind some thoughts I've had lately along the lines of "What could be evil about a 'Lucifer,' 'Lucifi-er,' 'Light-Bringer'?"

Visible said...


As a former student of Gematria and speaking only of the Old Testament... yes on all counts but no... in the highest sense but that doesn't apply these days. All you have to do is read about all the burnt offerings and constant wholesale slaughter to see something is wrong.

But I get the same thing from the Koran and in a much higher way from the Bhagavad-Gita

it is all elements at war and no matter what... it you don't contact God personally then all this rest of this is useless anyway and everyone can do this if they will just take a few days to themselves and reach with every last bit of energy they have; if it takes more you stay longer and you stay until you do. I know this from personal experience.

After that it's just gong through your karma. I think jivanmukta applies here.

I work off of the premise that everything is bullshit until proven otherwise. The only thing I will not relinquish is Love and of course, even though I am not a Muslim I hold on to 'Iman' ... faith, certitude and determination.

However... for the moment... I'm lost in the woods and feeding the monsters in the shadows. perhaps I need the exercise. I hope my 'heavy fuel' is equal to the challenge

Anonymous said...

There was an article years ago by Mary Sparrowdancer called Declaration of Independence from a War God---she kinda says the same thing about new and old testament--for what it's worth--


Biological_Unit said...

I like your rant so much that I put it up onto the front page of my Website -

It will stay there for as long as I feel the message must remain, and it's in a fancy font to give an aura of import.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les. This is a video response I made for Rick Simpson’s film “Run from the cure”

This is my first attempt at making a video for Youtube. Hope you like it.
By the way, good luck with the new site. Don’t let them win….

psychegram said...

Hey Les,

Just popped over to the fray, all eager to kick some ass, and ... I can't find you. Link?

Anonymous said...

re: Peter's idea of 'The Predator Impersonating The Creator'
That was certainly an idea that the mediaeval Cathars had - the idea of us being souls trapped in matter - matter being essentially the creation of an evil entity, the evil evidenced even by the fact of mortality itself, the very fact of the evil inherent in nature - ‘big things eat little things’ being the fundament of mortal existence.
Mankind could be the most evil element of the lot, seeing as we have the power of conscious reflection and still choose to be the most destructive part of the equation - and even turn the ecstatic enjoyment of inflicted pain into mass entertainment (the ‘Torture Porn’ film genre was a new low).
As Arthur Guirdham put it 'Beauty in nature and works of Art are outposts of God in hostile territory.’
Just a thought, but it is a philosophy that confronts the Problem of Evil head on and doesn’t back down.
But of course, it could be that we just keep this whole thing going ourselves by the power of collective consciousness. So in that context even Karma may be an invented hamster wheel.

Visible said...

Psychegram it's right here.

I'm scared to look (grin)

Anonymous said...

I think the hosers with all the power actually think that they are in control. They have not a clue how harsh their standing is in OUR worlds. We the lowest of the low are willing to hear the voice... and only by the voice is anyone going home. Enjoy your diversions and play for you cannot fathom the speeding truck coming for you until the last and too late moment. Splat. Disregard the voice or even fight the voice and you will fall. Now i see the fallers with a clarity i never thought possible.

psychegram said...

Ah-hah! Gotcha, Apollonius. So that's why I couldn't find you....

psychegram said...

Ahhhhh, I feel like I just took a giant shit on the whole world's front lawn.

That was fun :)

Anonymous said...

Danerd-your take on the TV fare today is very good. It wasnt always as bad. Politically, it has been. But there used to be decent stuff on, usually old movies or shows like "The Prisoner".
Comparing what TV could be to what it actually is.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Les, Dropped by the frey to check out the happs over there. Keep up the good work, but never forget to remember that the trolls and shills that drop by here could be from there. And I thought that you might enjoy this quote:

"Do not pursue what is illusory - property and position: all that is gained at the expense of your nerves decade after decade and can be confiscated in one fell night. Live with a steady superiority over life - don't be afraid of misfortune, and do not yearn after happiness; it is after all, all the same: the bitter doesn't last forever, and the sweet never fills the cup to overflowing." -- Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

Re "... and only by the voice is anyone going home."

That says it ALL. The Kingdom of Heaven is within. We ignore The Voice at our peril.

Visible said...

Yes... I know you are expecting something here. It should have been here today but I got a condition and part of the condition is a difficulty in being able to just drop in and see what my condition... I forget the rest of the song.

Well, I won't elaborate, you probably know. In any case I do have this for you. It's to the right of a Petri Dish post and not my finest hour but you might get a laugh out of it. I've been putting one up every night and drawing the furies of Hell on my (I was going to say 'Ass' but then I realized I might offend someone here so I'll just say) posterior.

Anyway... at least you get something to read.

It's regretable but what can I say?

GodSend said...

What's all this talk about 'the Voice'? You mean God, the Holy Spirit, right? - aka the Comforter. Why all this talk in riddles?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Les...I dropped by Smoking Mirrors hoping you'd finished stringing your latest bit of bead work for our perusal...but then I read your "It's regrettable but what can I say?" fire-and-brimstone sermon at the Fray...and what can I say? You've just reinforced my previous comment where I referred to you as a modern day John the Baptist. You've really got the groove on, Brother Les!

Visible said...

Yeah well... you know what happened to John the Baptist still... not a bad conclusion as far as I'm concerned. However... and I appreciate the good words but I am not fit to to clean that man's feet. Although I am a bit wild aren't I... more just a small campfire somewhere in the woods and maybe a few people get some warmth and inspiration and they pass it on... that's all that counts.

Godsend... do you really want an answer or just something you can argue about? Different strokes for different folks- "In my father's house are many mansions, if it were not true I would not have told you so."

Anonymous said...


Oh yeah I quite agree. When I was a kid almost all of the stuff was sweet. I watched it deteriorate over time, not that I ever was much a fan of what my dad used to call, the idiot box. Even the Golden Girls had to have a slut for an old lady, give me a break. If I want to see that, I'll log on the internet, tee hee.
TV is one aspect, Film is the other. I can't watch too many movies either, without being insulted and assaulted. Trying to think of the last time I saw one without guns and explosions, etc... If I hear one more movie with the line " go go go" I'll spit.

We've been led down the path laid out by evil men. We have been stripped of all morality and replaced it with garbage. These two technologies could be so incredible if used for the benefit of mankind. We have willingly taken a wrong turn. Hoarded into enclaves where no one even knows their neighbors. We don't grow our own food, we don't know how to do anything except our little specialty. Sad really sad.

Got a feeling that is all about to change.

Anonymous said...

Hi Godsend,

To me, it IS all a riddle, a puzzle. I'd define the Voice as the point of intersection between each individual and God. The Holy Spirit is as good a name as any for the Voice. But that appellation, too, is suspect. Because isn't the Holy Spirit a gift that God sends to only those baptized in the blood of the Lamb? So does that mean that those of us who are spiritually inclined to be vegetarians wouldn't be guided by the Holy Spirit but by the Voice/Spirit of another God? Hmmm...But what is God? Truth? But what is Truth? Well, Jesus didn't answer that question in the version of the Book I read.
I figure Everything is suspect, especially when filtered through human ego. But better I kid myself listening to that somewhat ill-defined internal guidance system in me, than to fall prey to someone else's, possibly manipulative, interpretation of how I should think. We're all trying to see through a glass darkly...or so I've read somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Those with there ears on are well aware of the the source of the voice. If one is thinking one is learning. What you learn is of serious import to the source of the Good voice and a real pain in the bottom of the Bad voice. All have both. All have to choose the voice of command with a free will. God gave you a life long test with these voices and the man interested in being a survivor Knows just what is the good and the bad. If more investigated these things about the Human+Being all would have a better life Guaranteed.

psychegram said...

Dear god, that place is exhausting! Haven't mixed it up with trolls in so long I'd forgotten how ugly it can get. "Don't wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and the pig enjoys it." Yeah, well ... it's nice to play the pig every once in a while. Get out of the echo chamber for a bit.

I tell ya, though, my head is swimming with hate right now. Murderous thoughts are murder on the old creativity. Had to take a walk and that wasn't enough to clear out the nasties, so, here's hoping a bit of yoga and meditation will do the trick.

GodSend said...

"I go to prepare a place for you"

He was speaking to His disciples.

"No one comes to the Father except through Me". If you're not a disciple (follower) of Christ, He will NOT prepare a place for you - someone else will, however (the Devil)! It's all Scriptural - look it up.

I'm not here to argue. There is nothing to argue about.

Anonymous said...

Fundamentalists can be the kinkiest S&M freaks around. They prostrate themselves before the Big Daddy who threatens to wallop them if they get off their knees. And then they salivate at the prospect of the heretics being tossed into the flames to dance with the Devil.

Well, as Jesus said to his disciples, "Don't call me good. There's none good but God." He also said, "The kingdom of God is within you."

So, in a nutshell the scriptures are saying, seek the voice of God/Truth/Christ within...and bow to no man, including Jesus.

GodSend said...

Anon 1:21 AM

The Holy Spirit is a Person - one of the 3 Persons of the Holy Trinity (the Godhead): God, the Father; God, the Son (Jesus the Christ); God, the Holy Spirit.

The inclination to be a vegan or vegetarian or carnivore has nothing to do with spirituality.

I think you are referring to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. To be 'born again from Above' means to be baptized by(in) the Holy Spirit. Yes, it's a gift from God (every good thing is a gift from God). It's important to distinguish between the Voice of the Holy Spirit and the voice of your conscience. Then there is the voice of the Devil - tempting you to do what you know you shouldn't do. Remember Eve and the Snake (Devil)? Have a bite of this delicious apple! Snort some coke - it'll make you feel good!

You read the wrong book!

Jesus said: "I AM the Truth" (and the Light, and the Alpha and the Omega, and the Son of God, and the Son of Man) :)

When Jesus said: "You shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free", He meant that if you know Him, you will be free. Free from Death and from bondage to the Devil. That's what it means to be 'born again' - you are set free from the curse of Death. You also receive spiritual knowledge of Truth (Christ). That is the ULTIMATE gift from God! Wanna know how to get that gift?

"Seek and you will find"

"Knock and it shall be opened"

"Ask and you will receive"

The trick is knowing HOW to Seek, Knock and Ask! HINT: Get on your knees, for starters. That can be figurative or literal. Visit my website to get the whole story - and a lot more. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay this is a bit strange. Was at Nina's blog and she is quite the artist, but one of her watercolors stood out to me, and I just can't help myself. Something about cows and hell, but it is her masterpiece, my opinion of course. I don't think it's just me, but the painting has everything.

And one thing led to another and I mentioned to her the only painting I did that I have a record of came from an emotional outburst, and I'm no artist but this thing just came blasting outta me those many years ago. So I put it up in Flickr. And for anyone not familiar with Nina, she is some kind of genius, so I highly recommend you look into her stuff.

Anyway I then go and listen to your masterpiece, in my humble opinion, "Smoking Mirrors", the song, and what do I find? The Painting and the song mesh, what's going on?

heres the song...

Heres the painting...

My better judgment says not to post this little ditty but, I have no better judgment hehe.

Gonna listen to smoke and mirrors another ten times, night all.

Anonymous said...

This' why we never argue with you GodSend- you present no argument just rote.
rote, n.
1. A memorizing process using routine or repetition, often without full attention or comprehension: learn by rote.
2. Mechanical routine.

Anonymous said...

when you try to define or label, you diminish--not the "voice", but yourself, and your connection/relationship to it--that's why the "riddles" dance-it's in the not trying to define that the gratitude and respect are displayed-thats me anyway--"know that i am" is all you need to know--and know the I am as well--in other words, "we are"--ALL


GodSend said...

Hey, Tony - would you like to argue that 21+21 is not equal to 42?

The reason you never argue with me is because you have no argument! To put it in an Orwellian sense, it's like trying to argue that black is white.

Remember, the Devil is deceptive and is trying to convince you that Jesus the Christ is not the Son of God and that he, the Devil, is not humanity's mortal enemy. Even "the elect" will be deceived - but GodSend (and other disciples of Jesus the Christ) CANNOT be deceived. You'd have an easier time arguing with me that 911+911=729! ;)

GodSend said...

A few words of wisdom about the 'Unity of the Spirit' (Theodore Austin-Sparks):

GodSend said...

Take 729 and add the middle 2 to 7 and 9 (you get 9-11)

Take 729 and subtract the middle 2 from 7 and 9 (you get 5-7)

Hmmm...looks like May Day!

Anonymous said...


When I said, tongue in cheek,that some of us are inclined spiritually to be vegetarians I wasn't speaking literally. I meant that some of us reject the notion, albeit metaphorical, that a connection to God demands that we be "washed in the blood of the Lamb." As well, the metaphorical demand we must be spiritual cannibals..."Eat my flesh, drink my blood" is likewise repugnant.
Yes, Jesus said "I am the Truth." But he didn't define Truth when Pilate asked him "What is Truth?" Why? Maybe because Truth is experienced, in the immediacy of the moment, through an indefinable connection with the I Am, ie the inner Christ, that each individual has to experience for himself in that moment.
So you call the Voice the Holy Spirit or whatever you like, I'll call it by less Christian-laden offense to Christ; it's the so-called Christians that scare me, because although I have a deep, personal relationship with the Voice, and It has guided me and protected me in such profound ways, nevertheless many Christians would accuse me of harkening to the Voice of the Devil, not God...and, from a historical perspective, that's a bloody Lambfest that I don't want to attend.

GodSend said...

Anon 8:12 PM

You are free to reject or accept any notion as you see fit - and live (or die) in due time with the consequences.

You cannot separate the Christ from the Cross. If you do, he's no longer the Christ. You could call him Krishna, for example. Krishna is NOT the Christ.

"I AM the Truth" IS a sufficient definition. Pilate (and many others) did (and do) not understand what He said.

There is no 'inner Christ' without the 'outer Christ" (Jesus the Christ) - except in your imagination, gone wild! ;)

GodSend said...

Anon 8:12 PM

You're trying to understand the spiritual things of God with your intellect. It doesn't work that way! Read the Introduction to my website (comments by Theodore Austin-Sparks). You are banging your head against a wall (metaphorically). If you persist, you will drive yourself nuts.

Anonymous said...

This is all very well and good. It is great that we are all recognizing the evil that is being done and the deception that is going on.

What I would like to know, though, is WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? What can we do to solve this problem now that we are aware of it?

Anonymous said...

we ll know soon the answer...



Anonymous said...

One of your commenters quoted James Allen's book, As a Man Thinketh, this is a great book. If you're readers are interested, they can read or listen to it online (for free) at



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