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The Boxwood Maze and The Pecking Order.

Most of us get our news each day from some source or sources that report to us about things that happen in places near and far. Since a great deal of the news that gets made, gets made in restricted government and business locations, we don’t have access to what actually gets said and done. Often they don’t even tell us what that is. They tell us what it means and in government, business and religion they have divisions that shape the appearance of what they say and do, then they hand it to the media who shapes the presentation.

There’s a metaphorical table that appears in places all over the world and the same sort of people are sitting at that table. They make the decisions that affect the lives of the rest of us and you only have to look at the state of your lives to see how these decisions affect you. You don’t really need anyone to tell you what got said or done and you don’t need anyone to shape it. All you have to do is look at the quality of life and you can see the essence and shape of it. If there’s less money than there was, they decided that at the table. If there’s less food or it costs more, they decided that at the table. If the police are more brutal and there is unrest at home and abroad, they decided that at that table.

There is other news that concerns itself with climate and disasters; hurricanes and flood, air crashes and crimes. There’s the new of the society of our betters and there’s the human interest angles of those special stories where one or another of us has shown themselves to be exceptional in some acceptable or unacceptable way. There’s sports and entertainment and there’s always more. They shape that at the table too. They shape the way we feel about the climate and the disasters; the accidents and crimes, the behavior of the chosen few and what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

Pedophiles have a process called ‘grooming’ which operates in stages to convince the child that what is going to happen to them is okay. There’s no difference between this and what happens to society as a whole. You could say that the actual business of business, government and religion is child abuse. The only difference between it happening as a child or as an adult is that, as an adult, you’ve gotten used to it and you might even like it at that point. Most people accommodate it and explain it to themselves in some way that allows them to live with it... otherwise, business, government and religion could not operate and profit with any consistency. Those who don’t go along with the program are outlaws and criminals and that perception gets the shaping treatment as it is embraced by the public at large. There’s an old story that seems to relate to how we see things when we don’t really see them. Outlaws aren’t necessarily outlaws and so on and so forth.

It could be that more people would do more about their situation if they knew how to get out of the boxwood maze. Part of the problem is that they were born there and all they know about getting around, they learned from their parents and the official guides. If you’ve ever been in any of the large caves around the world that are tourist attractions, you will notice that there are the permitted routes and then there are the routes that are closed off with some sort of a barrier and posted with warning signs. Of course, you wouldn’t need to post a warning sign if you couldn’t get past the barrier and that provides some food for thought to those disposed to think.

The permitted routes in the caves are well lit and nicely enclosed for the benefit of the terminally clumsy and distracted. The un-permitted routes are dark and forbidding. It’s a strange dichotomy that the road to slavery and freedom are much the same. One is well lit and appears safe. One is not well lit and does not appear safe. Even though life itself is a risk, most people will avoid risk except during those times when some predator plays upon their greed.

For centuries the cultures of this world have been defined by a pecking order. Some of us, from birth, are allowed into parts of the maze that are prohibited to everyone else. It is an absolute truth that there is more than enough of everything to go around and that no one needs to go without shelter, food or medical care at any time. There are countries today where the example is there to be seen, even if they aren’t as perfect as they easily could be. The world is not like this because of The Pecking Order. The world is not like this because of the atavistic fear and appetite of those at the top of the pecking order. The rich and powerful are actually more frightened than anyone else and that is something else to think about.

There is another feature which enters into the mix and keeps you in your allowed portion of the maze and in your place in the pecking order. The satisfaction of having something just isn’t as great without the knowledge that many others do not. This is a key feature of why life is unfair. It is also a given that power has no greater savor than when it is over the lives of others.

The people at the top of the pecking order are not there because they are better; more industrious, smarter or better looking than you. They have what they have because, usually, they stole it. A study of what went on during the period of the aptly named Robber Barons tells the tale. They are also where they are because they have no conscience. If you study what happened at Bhopal and the aftermath, if you look into the Ludlow Mining disaster you will find a certain behavior commonplace among those at the top of the pecking order. These are a couple of examples out of countless occurrences perpetrated by The Pecking Order and enforced by those who serve it.

9/11 was orchestrated by The Pecking Order. Wars, famines and financial ruin are orchestrated by The Pecking order with few, if any, exceptions. Due to the restrictions of The Maze and the voices from the hidden speakers there are few people who know what is really happening. As for the story about the bird linked earlier, I would add a caveat, “not everyone who covers you in shit is your friend either.”

What I want to say to you is critical to your time here in the maze and possibly to conditions that may exist beyond the maze and the pecking order. One should ask themselves why it is possible to go into the unexplored regions of the cave. You might ask yourself about the impact of the internet and the possibilities that it has granted you. You might wonder if there is some mysterious force somewhere, somehow, that has made it possible to escape the maze because it appears that this has happened for some who were willing to chance the possibility. Yes... you don’t know what’s out there but you do know what’s in the maze, as far as you have been allowed to see. Maybe all you want is to rise in The Pecking Order. That seems to be the goal of the majority. It’s present every time they buy a lottery ticket and it entertains their daydreams from the cradle to the grave. You have to understand how The Pecking Order operates before you can reasonably assess your chances.

The boxwood maze isn’t any different than the mazes of the clinical psychologists in laboratories around the world and their concern for the mice is a great deal less than it is for the results they achieve in order to reinforce the will of The Pecking Order.

For the first time in a very long time, the will of The Pecking Order is in trouble. How I come to know this is not important. All I can say is that there’s never been a better time to start thinking about unexplored locations inside you and outside you. Among those trapped within the maze there is going to be a grand confusion and it is likely that a great deal less attention is going to be paid to you in the process. Maybe you get this and maybe you don’t but it isn’t going to hurt anything if I have a little something to say about it which is going to end right here for the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Les
To the Bhopal and Ludlow disasters you may want to add this one
The Donora Death Fog: A Secret History of America's Worst Air Pollution Disaster

Anonymous said...

I don't usually cut and paste. I'm reading this book and your great comments today reminded me of just what I'm reading.

"Premise Four: Civilization is based on a clearly defined and widely accepted yet often unarticulated hierarchy. Violence done by those higher on the hierarchy to those lower is nearly always invisible, that is, unnoticed. When it is noticed, it is fully rationalized. Violence done by those lower on the hierarchy to those higher is unthinkable, and when it does occur is regarded with shock, horror, and the fetishization of the victims.

Premise Five: The property of those higher on the hierarchy is more valuable than the lives of those below. It is acceptable for those above to increase the amount of property they control—in everyday language, to make money—by destroying or taking the lives of those below. This is called production. If those below damage the property of those above, those above may kill or otherwise destroy the lives of those below. This is called justice.

Anonymous said...

But wait, there's more!

Premise Two: Traditional communities do not often voluntarily give up or sell the resources on which their communities are based until their communities have been destroyed. They also do not willingly allow their landbases to be damaged so that other resources—gold, oil, and so on—can be extracted. It follows that those who want the resources will do what they can to destroy traditional communities.

Premise Three: Our way of living—industrial civilization—is based on, requires, and would collapse very quickly without persistent and widespread violence.

Premise Eleven: From the beginning, this culture—civilization—has been a culture of occupation.

Premise Twelve: There are no rich people in the world, and there are no poor people. There are just people. The rich may have lots of pieces of green paper that many pretend are worth something—or their presumed riches may be even more abstract: numbers on hard drives at banks—and the poor may not. These “rich” claim they own land, and the “poor” are often denied the right to make that same claim. A primary purpose of the police is to enforce the delusions of those with lots of pieces of green paper. Those without the green papers generally buy into these delusions almost as quickly and completely as those with. These delusions carry with them extreme consequences in the real world.

Visible said...


Yeah, that sounds about right and extremely well put too. You should post the name of the book so that others might read it.

Thanks for that; speaking for all of us.

Anonymous said...

"They have what they have because, usually, they stole it."
This may be one of (if not the) most simple, honest and insightful things I have read in my life.
Thank you Les.

Anonymous said...


This is so right on point. Thanks for your ceaseless dedication to warn those who are still in the maze. I cringe everytime I hear someone heap the Democrat or Republican label upon themselves, not knowing that both parties are one in the same and controlled by those at the top of the pecking order.

I would say that I'm more concerned about the implications of martial law and the various triggers that they may use to orchestrate it. Besides economic collapse or another false-flag, I think they might orchestrate a race war to feed on the prejudices that many secretly harbor towards each other (Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, etc....)

However b/c the Evil Oligarchs/Luciferians are so crafty like the serpent and the sheeple are so stupid and gullible, it seems most will not be able to withstand and overcome....

Thanks and God Bless...

Anonymous said...


What is the name of the book and where can I get it?


Anonymous said...

For some reason I hesitate to promote stuff, especially on other peoples blog, :>)

This book is called Endgame by Derrick Jensen

I'm only half way through at page 200.

It's painful but I think he's right on target.


Anonymous said...

1. We are already in martial law. This is most evident when you notice the lack of protest in the US. It is because the sheeple are scared. The first goal of martial law.

2. Lots of people are going out and buying guns. If the overlords thought that guns were a threat you would not be able to get one. That means what they have makes the populations guns look like bows and arrows.

3. The Roman legions would face numbers approaching 10 to 1 and still stomp their adversaries. Something to think about. Unorganized masses of people are not a threat.


You touched something today. Something very deep inside. So very few know what freedom really is. Several Sci-fi movies come to mind. When I first came to Colorado just seeing a mountain was a high and instilled this great sense of adventure. That sense quickly died when you climb the hill to look at the other side and you see houses. Our planet is becoming a massive open air prison. Yes, we are all Gazans after all.

To break out requires true intellect. If you wait until the masses rise up to break out there will be lots of casualties and few will actually get out.

You have a gift of seeing though the illusions and describing what is really out there.


Visible said...


I've had that experience more than once. A few months ago my brother was telling me about a fight I got into with some big guy that, the way he tells it, was some kind of an epic. You think one would remember something like that and I have no memory of it at all.

I've heard other things from people I 'ran around with' and also have no recall. The mind is a mysterious thing.

Anonymous said...

The order here is nothing new, and will continue for as long as people look outward for answers. For the most part, this is fine. Is it not the case the we see different "roles" to play between people? I would suggest that we should and need a little "storyline" for context and culture. What we find today is not too far from that but with too much fear and death events. The maze is there even if no one makes it for you. Its not hard for the power that be to put you into something. But I ask is control all they are looking for? Maybe, but what if they just want others to take on the real problems of life without many tools, and then watch and live though that(others) struggle? Moreover, they want us to do the heavy lifting and bleeding because they fear too. When it works out for us, the overlords feed of this sucess as they see themselves as the creators of the maze and the actions for sucess.
Les, you're right on here, if you want to see a new world dark and deep within ourself, you will be leaving behind most people and the events of their lives. But with the other hand we must remain active and open to the circus act finding places to play our note and do a little dance too. Dont forget, the the unseen mind puts people and events before us for a reason, even in the maze.


Anonymous said...

‘For the first time in a very long time, the will of The Pecking Order is in trouble. How I come to know this is not important. All I can say is that there’s never been a better time to start thinking about unexplored locations inside you and outside you.’ etc

I would love to know how you know, Sir – but I understand that it is best to not talk sometimes.

Whatever, although I have no great knowledge source, I am sure you are speaking wisely and truthfully here – if there is indeed a Quickening then I am certain you are riding the crest of it, my friend.

Good, good words!

All the very best


Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:59,
I posited to myself and a few like minded friends last year during the election cycle that they might elect Obama only to pull a JFK on him. I think that would go a long way to inciting a race war, don't you? I also anticipate martial law in the near future, at least on a more overt scale than the current covert, "frog-in -the-gradually-increasing-heat-in-the-pot-of-water" scenario we are currently in. Ribbit, ribbit, this is one aware, pissed off frog.
James aka jackruby64

Anonymous said...

Hi Les-there was a segment on the TV in Seattle this AM which mentioned how wealthy some Wall Street traders were, that some made billions of dollars in a year from trading. One in particular, I don't remember the name, made his from trades anticipating the subprime/housing fiasco.
After viewing this, this question came to mind-Is there anytime in recorded history when there has been such a gap between the rich and the poor, as exists in America, right now? Maybe some academician could rearch this by comparing America, today, how it was, say, in Medieval Europe or ancient Rome, or during say the Ming dynasty in China.

Anonymous said...

"It is an absolute truth that there is more than enough of everything to go around and that no one needs to go without shelter, food or medical care at any time."

I watched Obongo speak last evening and while he was much more articulate and forthcoming than his ignorant clown predecessor, wouldn't it have been great if he started his presentation with that sentence and then went on to explain why the present situation doesn't reflect that. How about him doing something else, like instead of having a bunch of reporters asking canned questions select some articulate citizen to also make a short presentation. It might be entitled the Boxwood Maze. The reporters could then ask real questions of both the president and this citizen.

Why don't our congressmen have town hall meetings with the citizens they "represent." What the hell, to be "fair and unbiased" (like Fox News) it would be ok to have a few lobbyists at these meetings. No shouting matches. Anyone who speaks out of turn is thrown out. Even Obongo might give this a try. Give the people a say in government. Look at the intractable mess we are in when those "without conscience" control everything.

To me the government is a foreign entity. Elections are rigged, I have no say in what goes on, I don't feel a part of any of it. I also DON'T PLAY THE GAME. I only buy necessities. They can choke on all that plastic junk from China. It is virtually impossible to "stimulate our economy." We don't manufacture anything but debt. How are the millions of unemployed going to find jobs. Do you think McDonalds and China Mart are going to open thousands of new stores?

They killed the goose that laid the golden egg and it was all by design. We just can't be dealing with humans here. Are they clones, reptiles, devil incarnates, psychopaths? Shit they can't all be all psychopaths, there numbers are too great. Maybe it is something in the water, chemtrails, em from cell phones, planet of the apes syndrome. Fuck it.

Anyhow great rant Les. No it was an excellent rant. If only you could get the New York Times to publish it.


Anonymous said...

While I was walking at the beach this morning I had something of an epiphany. It occurred to me that most of us don't really know how to read Les Visibles writings, and I think I know why.

But I have to lay a foundation first.They say we use two sides of our brains, the left and the right. We all know the functions of each so I wont go into that here. We also realize the limitations of the written word. It is linear and cumbersome. The real world is seamless, and appears somewhat chaotic.

If you turn your head and look at something there are two ways to do it. You can focus on a particular thing or you can see the whole thing at a glance. In fact you may feel a breeze or smell some fragrance too.

Now lets say your right hemisphere see's something, and you want to express it with your left. First you have to master the media. You must know the grammar, the vocabulary, the spelling, and when you write, it almost has to be instinctual.

Now we all recognize that Les writes quite different than most people. It may be that he see's something, and it comes out of his unconscious and through his finger tips and on the keyboard.

It's our nature to want to evaluate and analyze when we read. And in most cases that is appropriate. Not here. Here's what I'm suggesting. When we read this stuff do so without evaluation, don't jump on a word or phrase with agreement or disagreement. Lets call it, passive yet total attention. Lets try to bring to our reading what the writer brought to the writing. That is, you go to the well how big is your bucket?

It's almost like a meditation. Many people who are not used to this kind of writing think that he's all over the place or covering a lot of ground. But if you read with a calm attentive non evaluating mind, you will see the totality of the words.

And there is nothing wrong with evaluating either. We all pick something and respond, but try to go through it the other way too.

Well lesson number one is over.

I'm being playful but not really.


Visible said...

Hello People;

I'm going to be making some adjustments soon and this is a preliminary announcement. Because I have felt like a woman all of my life and because life has treated me like one, I'm going to Denmark for an operation in the Spring......

Anyway. I have added a new blog (several actually) and they're going to be coming into use shortly. One of them is Siamese Mirrors and that is going to be a "Best of Smoking Mirrors" site. I'm going to cull the occasional piece from the past and put it up there. By example, something like this;

I've got an Excedrin Holocaust Headache

I'm also in the process of setting up bloatware mirrors of all of the blogs at Wordpress and soon you can do just about anything but your laundry there. We'll keep these original sites but should anything happen here at Zionist controlled blogger you will know where to go. As you can see they have backed off of the harassment of late because it no longer makes any difference but who knows what the future holds?

There should be videos coming in the next few months and several things are under consideration but we'll see about those if and when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

This nation was created and exists on a mountain of native corpses. It is maintained by foreign and domestic corpses and sustained by innocent animal corpses.
Think there's a little (vi)karma involved?
It has to start somewhere and "thou shalt not kill" would be nice start.
To talk high philosophy over chicken salad seems a tad hypocritical, to say the least, does it not?

"I do feel that spiritual progress does demand at some stage that we should cease to kill our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily wants." Mahatma Gandhi

"As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love." Pythagorus

"He who does not value life does not deserve it." Leonardo da Vinci

"He who, seeking his own happiness, punishes or kills beings who also long for happiness, will not find happiness after death." Buddhist Dhammapada

"To be nonviolent to human beings and to be a killer or enemy of the poor animals is Satan's philosophy. In this age there is always enmity against poor animals, and therefore the poor creatures are always anxious. The reaction of the poor animals is being forced on human society, and therefore there is always strain of cold or hot war between men, individually, collectively or nationally." A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, in Srimad-Bhagavatam (1.10.6)

Anonymous said...

Simply and powerfully worded Les.
And yes, thanks dadnerd.
Q. Who will recognise this truth?
A. Not many!

Zoner said...

Thank you, Mr Visible.

Being "pecked" really gets old.

Spelunking it is, then.

Thanks for helping light the way ahead, and for kicking down a couple barriers with me.


Anonymous said...

Inspirational post as always Les. And devastatingly accurate- this collapse is on a magnitude of which even our unfettered childhood imaginations would have trouble grasping. We can poke around the conspiracy holes all we wish - and we should, particularly for that awful day in September 2001 that like or not is both the gravest symptom and the clearest cause for the changes we see today - but in the end, once we accept the physics of controlled demolition and finger the perpetrators (some of whom still "serve" the public trust today), we must ultimately face our collective failure to penetrate the ludicrous premise of that day - and by extension the world as it presently exists. You can forget your parents' or grandparents' version of happiness; it was all based on a TV commercial. We can have something far greater: the practice of living truthfully, with each other and with ourselves. NOW is the time to do those things you had long hoped to do, say the things you secretly wished you could say, be the people that in our mind's eye we believe ourselves to be. As the world burns, the true and timeless battle is over who will create the Phoenix that will emerge from the ashes. That battle is already raging in the hearts of those who read this and other blogs devoted to the pursuit of knowledge.


Anonymous said...

When crisis outside of ourselves occurs, besides fear we get a real chance to decide who we are what we stand for believe in AND for real lasting personal interior change to occur.
A crisis though horrible in itself can catalyse rejuvenation within our spirit/soul.
That which does not destroy us truly makes us stronger.

dzinto said...

I think it's another simplification, this presumption that there's certain cabal, certain table, certain circle of the evil THEM who are against US. Any clue about who are _them_ and how to tell them from _us_? some threshold - in the income? in the profession? in nationality? The rich? the bankers? Jews?

I think it's more likely that these tables are "in the air" so to speak, in the collective mind, inspired by everyday deceptions, by greed, by the spirit of political correctness, by every ad on the TV or along the highway. I think there are some big waves in the collective mind slowly moving in time, going in circles, so there's the epoch of progress, and then epoch of deception, and then probably will be something else. One proof is that it does not take much to notice that the general human quality of the crowd has decreased - the absence of any protest to what's going on, and the huge numbers of sincere supporters of the evil is the evidence. It would be sure convenient to be able to point at this table and that table, assuming that everybody not at the table is good guy. Not so simple.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Another wonderful post, thank you!

The Pecking Order fear-o-meter is in the red zone right now judging by the scare tactics in the media. In the UK, a citizen 'army' of 60,000 no less will receive 3 hours training in how to implement the war on freedom. In the states, the plans are even more radical I hear, all the population especially the youth will be given armbands for the rallies, oops, sorry, I meant homeland security. The media in the UK relate to us that the threat is severe and using the power of 'empathy' (something foreign to these sociopaths), I can see how they are reading the threat as severe to their 'way of life', it must be a memo to themselves for it means nothing to me.

They want a 'summer of rage', the new term being bandied about in the media, to fill all the new internment camps otherwise it will all have been for nothing and ye know what, it has all been for nothing. Why, why, why do they strive so much for earthly power when the average life expectancy is say, lets be generous, 80 years when eternal life, existence, substance whatever you might want to call it is beckoning? The Pecking Order get a pretty bum deal to be honest, all that money and power….and to not know of ones true destiny and all that is there for grabs.

My friends, be not afraid of anything. This world of ours is but an illusion and it will change for the better, it is the natural order of things. Yes, there will be strange and unsettling events but they are only strange and unsettling because of the remnants of the old ways still inside us. We are the lucky ones as we have set out on our journey early and we have a head start.

Ignore the Pecking Order, yes you heard me correctly, ignore them. Live your life now as you will in the future. Some of us won't make the journey to the end but some of us will and when people see others walking a different direction, a good direction, they will follow. Even the confused in our midst are sick of the daily menu of mediocrity.

Harm no other.

Peace be upon you all and always.


Visible said...

Well said Jim, it is what I believe too.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Prophetic dreams

Sometimes I can’t help it. I go to sleep as most of us do and I wake up as a little less of us do. When I do I realize that I’m more tired than I went to sleep and the reason for it is in the first 10 minutes very obvious. I’ve been dreaming, big time. The only problem is that I’m left with the residue of the dream and a very clear sense of being awake and into a state of clairvoyance that disappears after my first coffee. The world upside down because just before the coffee one is trying to realize on what planet one woke up and why.

A couple of days ago I woke up with this strong vision of why the financial world and the banks on top are going down, and that it is all part of a plan by the powers that be. Well, those powers that stand in the shadow of the visible powers that is, most of you know what kind of people I’m talking about. If you are still new into this, I guess you have a long way to go to wake up from the Alice in Wonderland kinda thing.

Some say dreams are bull biscuits but I’m one of the many few (or few many) that do give importance to dreaming. When I was 21 I had a lucid dream of when I’m 40 (I’m 38 now) in where I could speak and understand perfectly Spanish, a language that was totally out of reach at the time of dreaming. Now I do speak perfectly Spanish and I’m on my way of becoming and living in the place that I dreamed about 17 ago and that’ll need another 2 years to accomplish.

Anyone can think of me what they want. My mother said so many times: “what will the people think?” well now I know: I don’t f*cking care what they think. And if they have to say something that is true I will embrace them, if they dislike me, I don’t care, if they try to take away the only thing left in me worthy do defend, namely my dignity, they will find in me a formidable enemy. For as defending anything with a sense of darkness with the Truth makes anybody who can stand for it a formidable enemy indeed. And I can stand for it, I do it all the time when someone attacks me for he or she is brainwashed by the secret powers that are strangling this planet. They have called me a fool (that’s the most common), a crazy man (second in list), a conspiracy theorist (how I love that for every theory is a conspiracy, except for 1+1=2), an enemy of the state (then it depends where I am and whom I’m speaking to) and a anti-semite .

The latter always gives me fun, for my standard reaction is: “I have nothing against Arabs, absolutely nothing!” and from that moment on you see them tripping on their own knowledge. It’s a beautiful thing to conceive, a wonderful thing to experience how you can help someone to pinprick to the imprinted illusions they believe in. It makes either friend or enemies for a lifetime, it depends on how flexible their mind still is.

In the case of a enemy, I have place to go where they can never ever follow me, in the case of a friend, I know where to find them even without a telephone number for in the light of knowledge, we are all the same.
But for sure the most beautiful thing is when you meet someone who has thrown away the delusion him or herself. This happens by own means and effort, for there is no other way to achieve this. As a truth seeker is going to acknowledge: you have to knock down wall after wall of lies (darkness, illusions, self-importance, etc) to arrive into another realm where you have already learned how to find the things you are looking for and where you are getting better and better into realizing what is true and what is false. It is a never ending story of predator and prey into a world of madness and deception.

For sure, it is a heck of a lot easier to buy the latest PS3 war-game and throw you into an illusion into an illusion into an illusion. I know it, I did it. I can’t believe that anybody can come to the truth, any truth, without suffering a little bit for it. Truth gives freedom, the freedom in the way that one can think and conceive reality. If there are people that from a very young age achieve seeing the difference between lie and truth, between deception and reality, I guess they are born on the wrong planet and if they didn’t, I hope they have a good reason for it. As for me, I don’t believe in the second coming of Christ where all bad things of the world will disappear without any human suffering after that. This is an idea that totally contradicts to something I DO believe in: Karma.

So to go back to the banking dream. I woke up and my first perception of my dream was: “Oh my god, it is all planned, they will go through with it till the end because they want humanity on a plate!!” So what did I dream exactly about? I don’t remember and I didn’t remember the first moment in waking up. But it was prophetic, I can tell you fine people. There are a few places left on this planet that will be safe when all hell breaks loose. Don’t they say (the Bankers) on the 1 Dollar bill: “Order from Chaos”? Isn’t that amazing? It was their plan all along. I’ve seen yesterday the online documentary made by called “The Obama Deception” well I do not agree with all but I do with at a of it. A black president who says: “Change, yes we can!” must be a fake. Just as most of the leaders in the world. Well, leaders, leaders for whom??

This essay will continue as it is a never ending story but I leave it for now.

Ps for Invisible: you had a dream about a temple you’ve found after a long struggle uphill. I can give you the answer without even exactly knowing how for i remember it somehow. This temple you’ve dreamed about it the temple where human kind was perceived in the first place. It is printed forever and ever in our DNA. This temple is the common dream of the old shamans who went back into time. It is the place where the Nephelim have engineered a mixture of the Homo Erectus and the ‘gods’ (the Nephelim themselves) in a lab and from where the Adam (or A.DAM, he from earth is made) was ‘born’. Your dream brought you back to the very source of humanity.

Anonymous said...

"You could say that the actual business of business, government and religion is child abuse."

I was thinking almost exactly that upon waking today. Except for the business part, see. I was pondering how religion is just brainwashing and ergo abuse of children. Get 'em while they're young, eh. This is why I so despise religions. All of em. I do. Organized control freaks is all that they are. In fact, without religions, governments and businesses could not do what they do, wreak havoc on, mind fuck, abuse and exploit the rest of us.

Should I apologize for my language? I don't talk like this in front of children. Because that would be plain ignorant. But there's no children here, right? How about I will soften my language the moment the fuckers stop fucking with us? How's that.

Really good and really provocative piece there.

Anonymous said...

hey les,

Are you coming to Paris anytime soon? I would like to buy you a beer ;)


Anonymous said...

"Harm no other."

Yayyyy Jim! um, I mean thanks for saying that. heheh

Also byt theway, on the $1 bill, it doesn't say "order out of chaos". It says "a new secular order" novo ordo seclorum.

Anonymous said...

If we were to take away all of the money. How could those who have so much material things, justify themselves? How could they explain to others why they are entitled to have so much?
Ponder the person living in the mansion trying to explain to the ditch digger, that he was entitled to the mansion because he worked harder then the ditch digger. Does the boss really work harder then the worker? Perhaps then it would be clear that those on the top, are really no better then those on the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.03...." if they allow you to buy guns, they must have something more powerful than guns." They have! E.L.F and U.L.F. machines. Ultra low frequency gizmo's that deliver stomach sickening waves to put you on your knees retching with nausea. Many ocean-going liners have them on the handrails to repel pirates, you can check them out on ' Educate ', they are also inside the multitude of new phone towers springing up on every block in every neighbourhood. Heck, you don't need a cellphone tower for every phone yet there they are, growing unnoticed every day. Ain't that sneaky? Then H.A.A.R.P., google that little beauty........they fried the whole Iraqi army, trucks, buses and tanks retreating from Kuwait in '92. Melted the freakin lot. Your guns might be a bit of a hassle, but not in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the Pecking Order is in trouble. It seems to me they have a plan of continuous shocks and catastrophes to effect change need to realize their final goal of global government and control. If people get upset on the way, they have people so divided, that people will take out their rage against others, on the left or right, never thinking to look up for those who are pulling the strings.

Also, the last 8 years have provided the opportunity to put in place a better structure to handle any unrest. The citizens going forward who question government or express unhappiness will simply be called terrorists or a homegrown enemy combatant.

The only trouble the Pecking Order might have is keeping united in the common cause, and not start fighting among themselves. If that happens, things could turn worse, even for those who are cooperating with the Pecking Order as herd leaders, having been promised some role in the NWO.

As I look at the comments in a number of different blogs, not here of course, I can not imagine a world run by these dumb critters. The herd can not lead, it must be led, and that cliff they are being led to is not too far away. In the Industrialized world, the Pecking Order sees that there is a surplus of humanity. The herd must be culled, and maybe even some of the herd leaders.

It is what it is. Must be some law of human nature, or is it inhuman nature. After the dust settles, life will go one for those who still have one. Maybe it will be a better world, maybe not.

Matthew Winder said...

Very Cool Story Les!

I enjoy reading what goes on in your mind, and some really good comments from fellow readers.

It is good to be surrounded by such good company and enlightened individuals.

Anonymous said...

Jim/Murphy151 asked why THEY are hunting down earthly power when there's all eternity ahead of us beckoning? Well, that may be the problem. Perhaps THEY want us controlled in the next life, as well as this one. Traumatize us enough in this life and we don't move on. THEY wreck our divine energy for incarnations to come. Just a thought. I'm spouting. And it's a bummer of a reply. Forgive me. But I can't help but think of those who went before us, in that realm we can't quite see yet, waving frantically. Do they need our help, rather than the other way around?

Peace and love to you Les, and commenting folk all around.

Anonymous said...


I know I speak for more than myself when I thank for providing a respite from the illusion filled life.

May the gods bless you...


Anonymous said...


According to Nietzsche, most americans are easily controlled by classes and/or by other groups, and individuals because american people think that they are pieces of shit, that only a million dollars a lot of guns, a big house and sport-cars can make them strong so they think that as regular average joe six packs they have no way of overthrowing this capitalist-dictatorship which began in 1776

According to Nietzsche, the key to the philosophy of the Superman is to liberate individuals from that slavery mentality that people have, like a sort of fear. most individuals are not aware of their domination power, are not conscious of their own self-power. So *awareness* is a key to break out of the vicious trap of fear and weakness in order to overthrow this zionist-capitalist system of the Democrats and Republican Corporate Parties.

Read this article related to Zarathustra's Philosophy of Liberation (A real change i can believe in)

At the age of thirty, Zarathustra goes into the wilderness and so enjoys his spirit and his solitude there that he stays for ten years. Finally, he decides to return among people, and share with them his over-brimming wisdom. Like the setting sun, he must descend from the mountain and "go under."

On his way, he encounters a saint living alone in the forest. This saint once loved mankind, but grew sick of their imperfections and now loves only God. He tells Zarathustra that mankind doesn't need the gift he brings, but rather help: they need someone to lighten their load and give them alms. Taking his leave of the saint, Zarathustra registers with surprise that the old man has not heard that "God is dead!"

Upon arriving in the town, Zarathustra begins to preach, proclaiming the overman. Man is a rope between beast and overman and must be overcome. The way across is dangerous, but it must not be abandoned for otherworldly hopes. Zarathustra urges the people to remain faithful to this world and this life, and to feel contempt for their all-too-human happiness, reason, virtue, justice, and pity. All this will prepare the way for the overman, who will be the meaning of the earth.

On hearing this, the people laugh at Zarathustra. Zarathustra suggests that while it is still possible to breed the overman, humanity is becoming increasingly tame and domesticated, and will soon be able to breed only the last man. The last men will be all alike, like herd animals, enjoying simple pleasures and mediocrity, afraid of anything too dangerous or extreme. Zarathustra says, "'We have invented happiness,' say the last men, and they blink." The people cheer, and ask Zarathustra to turn them into these last men.

Just then, a tightrope walker begins walking between two towers in the town. A jester comes out behind him, following him, and mocking him for being so awkward and moving so slowly. Suddenly, the jester jumps right over the tightrope walker, upsetting him and making him fall to the ground. Zarathustra approaches the dying man, and allays his fear of damnation by explaining that there is no devil and no hell. But then, the tightrope walker suggests that his life has been meaningless and that he has been a mere beast. Not at all, Zarathustra suggests to the dying man: "You have made danger your vocation; there is nothing contemptible in that."

That night, Zarathustra leaves town with the dead tightrope walker to bury him in the countryside. A poor day of fishing, he muses metaphorically: he has caught no men, but only a corpse. On his way out, the jester approaches him and warns him to leave. The jester says that Zarathustra is disliked here by the good and the just, and by the believers in the true faith. Only because Zarathustra isn't taken seriously is he allowed to live.

Outside the city, Zarathustra encounters a hermit, who insists on feeding both him and the corpse. After that, Zarathustra goes to sleep. He reawakens with the conviction that he must give up preaching to the masses, and seek out like- minded companions to join him. Rather than be a shepherd, who leads the herd, he must lure people away from the herd. The good and the just, and the believers in the true faith will hate him even more for this, for he will appear to be a lawbreaker and a breaker of the table of values. However, Zarathustra believes this breaking of laws and values will be a glorious act of creation.


This prologue contains the two moments in Nietzsche's writings that loom largest in popular consciousness: the declaration of the death of God and the declaration of the overman. Nietzsche first wrote "God is dead" in section 108 of The Gay Science, the book immediately preceding Zarathustra. People often mistake this phrase for the metaphysical assertion that God does not exist. In fact, Nietzsche is making the cultural observation that our idea of God is no longer strong enough to serve as the foundation for truth and morality. He is not saying that God does not exist, but that God is no longer universally accepted as giving meaning to our lives. If God was what previously gave meaning to our lives, a world without God is meaningless. Nietzsche believes his age is characterized by nihilism, lacking strong, positive goals.

The portrait of the "last man" is meant to give us the ultimate result of nihilism. Lacking any positive beliefs or needs, people will aim for comfort and to struggle as little as possible. Soon we will all become the same—all mediocre, and all perfectly content. We will "invent happiness" by eliminating every source of worry and strife from our lives.

The overman is meant to be the solution to nihilism, the meaning we should give to our lives. The German word Ubermensch is often translated as "superman," but Kaufmann's choice of "overman" is more accurate, as it brings out the way that this word evokes "overcoming" and "going under." The overman faces a world without God, and rather than finding it meaningless, gives it his own meaning. In so doing, he upsets the "good and just" and the "believers in the true faith" who have not yet come to recognize the bankruptcy of the idea of God. Essentially, the difference between regular humans and the overman is that we need to put our faith in something—be it God or science or truth—while the overman puts all his faith in himself and relies on nothing else.

Zarathustra suggests that humans are great only as a bridge between animal and overman. Humans are not the be all and end all of existence, as the "last men" would see themselves. We are still largely governed by our animal instincts, which lead us to prejudice, superficiality, and to easy reliance upon faith. In order to refine our being, we must turn our instinct for cruelty upon ourselves, and carve away at our prejudices, superficiality, and faith, creating something deeper. Zarathustra speaks of the triumphant moment where we look with contempt upon all the human qualities that we once valued. This would signify our triumph over our shallow, human nature, and our progress toward the overman.

This image of humanity as a bridge is illustrated in the story of the tightrope walker. The tightrope walker is making the slow and dangerous progress between animal and overman. The jester bears some resemblance to Zarathustra: he can move lightly (lightness and dancing are praised a great deal later in the book) and he can easily leap over those who are slower—in other words, he can cross the rope toward the overman. In urging the tightrope walker to hurry up, the jester upsets him and ruins him; similarly, Zarathustra's preaching of the overman may upset and ruin the many people who are unable to deal with this news.

Nietzsche makes many allusions in this book to the New Testament and to the ministry of Jesus. For instance, we are told that Jesus also went into the wilderness at the age of thirty, though rather than enjoying his stay there, Jesus spent forty days and forty nights in the forest being tempted and tormented by the devil. Nietzsche implicitly suggests that Jesus lacked the strength of will to enjoy his solitude, and could endure his loneliness for only just over a month. We also find echoes of the New Testament in Zarathustra's musings that he has been unsuccessful in "fishing" for followers. Jesus told his apostles that they would be fishers for men. Moreover, unlike Jesus, Zarathustra explicitly says that he does not want to be a shepherd and lead a flock of sheep: rather, he wants to teach the individual to break free from the flock.

Anonymous said...

The Second American Revolution has just begun...

European American

psychegram said...

Anon 10:20:

"My mother said so many times: “what will the people think?”"

They can think?

psychegram said...

According to Wikipedia the translation of Novo Ordo Seclorum is actually 'New Order of the Ages'.

Biological_Unit said...

My friends, be not afraid of anything.

What about the deaths of 911 researchers ?

What about the US burning the Chinese by monetizing the debt, pushing interest rates to near zero, reducing the value of their hoard. They won't forget !

Few people thought anything bad would happen in 1914 ...

Anonymous said...

"Also byt theway, on the $1 bill, it doesn't say "order out of chaos". It says "a new secular order" novo ordo seclorum."

Actually, there seems to be some debate regarding the meaning of the word "seclorum", which I can't find in any Latin dictionary. I do notice the similarity with the word "seclude",from the root "claudo, claudere, clausi, clausus - to shut, close".
Perhaps the intended meaning is something like " new closed order", which describes pretty well the circumstances we have now. An order of powerful elites, which "shuts out" the majority of humanity.

Anonymous said...

Derrick Jensen has said that the greatest influence on his writings came from the great Lewis Mumford.

I highly recommend "Pentagon of Power-The Myth of the Machine", penned by Mumford in 1970. I've never read anything more objective concerning the human predicament.

Anonymous said...

Rahm The Crook,0,5682373.story

Anonymous said...

In the past, there have been other confusions the Pecking Orders has had. Mice have surged have trusted each other to "Overcome," only to be betrayed by one mouse or another. Let that be a lesson to you.

Each mouse must be their own leader.

Anonymous said...

"There is another feature which enters into the mix and keeps you in your allowed portion of the maze and in your place in the pecking order. The satisfaction of having something just isn’t as great without the knowledge that many others do not. This is a key feature of why life is unfair."

At least one study found that people presented with two choices almost invariably selected the poorer, if the better choice were available to everyone while the poorer one was available only to the chooser (and an even poorer non-choice to everyone else).

Anonymous said...

IMO, guns or similar (ie. crossbows) would be important to protect yourself and family from your neighbors, who have no idea and no resources in cases of "emergencies". In that way, we would be killing each other off, which the Dark Ones would approve of. Also, this level of weaponry would be good against small policing units, but the Dark Ones are willing to sacrifice some of their henchmen in order to up the ante against dissenters (problem-reaction-solution). The tech they have cannot be imagined by most of us, let alone defended against, so it would be a case of running / hiding / protecting (ie. lead shielding or electromagnetic protection or orgone devices etc) from the Dark Ones, and then with the help of a few brave "insiders", possibly DISCONNECTING and SABOTAGING their infastructure which would include cell phone towers, GWEN, HAARP, TV station antennae, and even your new HDTV! This is the only hope really. Let's just hope these "insiders" are a passionate bunch who are growing in numbers...


Anonymous said...

Dr. F, tell me again who are the Dark Ones?
You'd have to be a stupid dumbed down American wouldn't you- violence solves everything. Ever think that you would be doing more of the same shit that got you lot into the state you are in at the moment.
Is there any hope for 'mankind while we still have Americans??
A little of this justice in USA wouldn’t go astray

Parfer DeCourse said...

FYI, Mass Graves Being Readied in AZ and Near Chicago:

(I have mentioned the 500,000 caskets outside of Atlanta before. Thought you'd like to know about this as well...)


Anonymous said...

Hey "Tony", take a pill. I'm not American and don't own a gun, but I am educated in what has happened in "societies" that have undergone various forms of economic chaos and collapse. Initially, one's biggest threat is from the next door neighbor who has not prepared, realises that you might have, and is desperate enough to try and take yours from you (water, food, medical supplies, weapons, etc). Some form of weapon is needed as a deterent, plain and simple. BUT, these very same weapons would be essentially useless against the Dark Ones because of the tech they have, and you know very well of whom I am talking, Tony, so get off your high horse and relax. We're on the same team...


paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, Yes, the system is at its most susceptible point ever. Will it reach MAD MAX IN THE HAMPTONS. I would never say never, but I do read that guns and ammo are off the shelves. And that the Pretorian guards tend to turn on their leaders. My neighbor filled his small yard with huge wooden planters today... I dont think they are for flowers.

Anonymous said...

The guy in that Second Revolution video, the one dressed up as an 18th century intellectual, I just thought I'd point out that this is a transparent psyop. It's an attempt to channel the brewing revolutionary rage of the American people into a movement that will (if his 'stimulus package' is carried out) essentially remove Congress whilst leaving the super-charged executive branch unscathed, thus opening the way for a certain charismatic leader we all know to wield power completely unchallenged.

I mean, come on, the Founding Father getup? How obvious can you be in trying to access certain widely shared archetypes? This guy is hilarious.

I just want to note that I haven't finished watching the thing yet. My intuitometer was going through the fucking roof, though, from pretty much the moment he came on screen ... and I had a bad feeling about this guy in his first appearance, too, linked to on WRH.

And when he starts talking about bringing back universal service? Please.

You know what? Fuck this guy. I want him taken down, I want any credibility he has shredded, and I want its stinking corpse tossed on the rotting pile of the MSM as one more casualty of the Infowar. And I want it done yesterday, to undo the damage he's already done.

Who's with me?

psychegram said...

Hey all,

My two-week silence has been broken and there's a new post up at Moon Food, whose subject-matter I'm sure you can guess but the title will spell it out for you anyhow: The Real Revolution or, Tom Paine is a Fake.

Lets crush this guy.

Anonymous said...

As long as there are those (millions and millions of them)who stand at attention with their right hand place near their left breast and proudly say "I pledge allegiance to the...etc,etc" there is little chance for those of us that don't to win the battle for the minds of men.

Biological_Unit said...

For the first time in a very long time, the will of The Pecking Order is in trouble

When the Concentration of Wealth gets too high, Economic activity collapses.

People will then be set upon the road to hell.

Numerous scapegoats will be found, and Fat Senators will run their mouths about this and that.

Anonymous said...

You want to get even more angry?
You should check out the article at WRH from the UK Guardian newspaper where reporter Uri talks about the whole Gaza massacre as being a "missunderstanding".
Talk about a zioNazi/kosher nostra spokeswhore!
Glenn Dormer
P.S. George Galloway is right, the Canadian government is COMPLETELY wrong.

Visible said...

Well Jimbo;

I don't know if you came over here from The Best of the Fray or if you just surfed your way in here on a raft woven together of old McDonald's Styrofoam containers but there are quite a few 'poker tells' here that are going to compel me to not allow you to 'game' the place up.

First of all, the disingenuous, bombastic snide laden syntax. Second, the reference to 'these blogs'. You see, this isn't a site that deals with blogs, it is a blog and so you'd be creating an environment that doesn't exist. Third, the 'all caps' thing which is form of, nose tweaking and rib sticking red-faced, martini drinking, good old boy trick that is similar to putting someone in a painful headlock as a joke and then passing it off as all good fun.

Now I could do quite a number on various features of what you're up to but I've better things to get after. I let this slide so that the readers can do their own take on the matter but you'll have to find another location. I suggest you head on over to the Little Green Footballs blog or just go back to the Free Republic forums where you can pretend you are storming the Palm Beach voters bureau all day long.

Visible said...

Well now... I can't find where that post of yours actually went but I'll put it up here for the benefit of the reader.

Hmmm seems I can't do that because you have to publish the comment before you can copy it for pasting and I can't find it. Heh heh.

Never mind.

13 Muluc said...

It is only our fear that gives the elite any power. They want us to fight them. That is why the media keeps talking about this "summer of rage" thing. I find it is best to treat all corporate news items as if they were advertisements because they are. They can easily overcome our pitchforks and guns but not our laughter. If we refuse to take their game seriously, those who would control us don't stand a chance and those who are ready to wake up will find the courage to do so. Your neighbours are not the scary monsters that you have been conditioned to believe they are. They may be brainwashed but most still have functioning hearts and are incapable of harming one who approaches them with love and trust. The future will be what we make it. The elite are far more frightened of us than we should be of them. Imagine the whole world laughing...

Squabby said...

You're in a dream and a beast is chasing you. Running for your very existence you fear for what may happen. You wake and wipe the perspiration from your brow with relief. If we can touch our reality and truly understand the manifestation of super-conciousness then we will understand that everything is oneness, which is GOD, which in turn is love. Only the ego allows fear to be the barrier to global eden. Embrace the truth and the truth will set us all free. Reference Peter O Erbe "God I Am." excellent book



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