Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Apocalypse... Revealing... Disclosing and Unveiling.

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t reflect on the definition of Apocalypse. Once again, here it is... “uncover, reveal, disclose, unveil” and there are others as well but not applicable to my purpose and in some cases there is also the implication of concealment and covering. Revelation is also an interesting word and shares quite a few of the definitions of Apocalypse. Then there’s whether you look at it as ‘The’ Apocalypse with the four horsemen and all the attendant special effects or, ‘the’ Revelations from the New Testament. I’m supposing any number of people can spend their whole life studying these things and still not know much about them in the end. Well now... you know what? Now that I think about it, I am sure that is the case more often than not.

I am guessing it is always the minority that wants to ‘really’ learn about hidden things and archetypal truths. A greater number just wants to expound on them once they’ve got some order to their collection of data. I note the extreme predominance in numbers of people collecting money in connection with these things and those who give it away for free. Of course nothing is free. You always pay; in experience, in effort, in personal transformation, in various disappointments and by having to discard what may seem valuable to others but proves only a burden to the sincere in heart.

I’m digressing but I find it useful and hopefully so does the reader. Many of us have known for some time about Israel’s involvement in the staging of the 9/11 terror attacks and here’s a nice collection of only a few of the interlinking associations. More is ‘revealed’ as time passes and I suspect this is an apocalypse of some sort. Some of you are familiar with Time Monks and the Web Bot Project. I don’t know what sort of accuracy to ascribe to their endeavors but one thing they harp on is that a lot of things are going to come out. A lot of things are going to be revealed. Things that have been hidden for a long time are going to become public.

I’m not much for psychics. I don’t have the time to get into the reasons but I suspect the reader knows how compromised a lot of the information is, given the wide possibility of sources. Still... I took a couple of hours the other day to check out a variety of money collecting psychics as well as an assortment of financial, talking head prophets and it was really something to see how uniformly misinformed they all have been; not that that stops them. There are a few exceptions as there always are and even they weren’t right half the time. The Time Monks have a better track record than most but they’re not consistently right either.

Moving right along... we now come to the huge mass of conflicting evidence and lack of evidence about ‘illuminati’ and ‘masons’; reptiles, your assorted UFO collectibles and even D.C. Hookers talking about hi-powered clients possessed by demons. You can get lost in this shit and people do. This is why I personally advise that you live your life according to a personal code which, for some reason, can possess a magically protective capability and... cultivate friends in high places. This has worked for me though it hasn’t spared me the spin cycle in the semi-precious rock tumbler on occasion.

Finally... we are hearing all sorts of things about mysterious asteroids soon to wipe out 90% of the human race. We hear about underground cities in Norway where the psychopaths plan on waiting out the immediate devastation. We hear about coming revolutions and riots over food and necessities. We hear about the world-wide, total crash of the financial system. We hear about government control of the weather and the conditions of the ground beneath our feet. I could list a lot more areas of interest from the GWEN system to FEMA concentration camps but... that way lies madness.

What we do know is that something is up. We know that powerful interests are looting the world’s money supply for their own benefit and we know that they have set into place a variety of crowd control measures. We know that ‘something’ has gone freaky with the weather and I mean both our external and internal climates. I’ve noticed that what the majority of people are feeling has a direct effect on the things that happen. I’ve noticed that the feelings and thoughts of the majority are manipulated by the minority for reasons with which we are familiar.

Something is on the way. Myself... I’m mostly an optimist because that’s the way I’m made. I’ve noticed in my own life how things have a way of turning around in the darkest moments. Right now a lot of people are having a very tough time and it looks to be worse down the road.

At the same time... all this financial skullduggery and blatant theft of the people’s money is based on an economic smoke screen about money that never existed in the first place. In the meantime... the buildings and offices are still there and so are the supermarkets and all sorts of other infrastructure. The roads are still there and decent people are still going to work and getting the job done all around the globe.

A truly ominous sign of Obama’s being a tool is this new effort to hamstring the small farms and farmer’s markets as well as the entrepreneurs in the health food business and most of the organic produce growers. You couldn’t do this in Europe. There’s a lot you can’t get away with over here that Americans seem complacent enough to allow without must resistance at all. Well... I’ve seen enough of Obama by this time to make him a figure of suspicion; especially now that Joe Lieberman likes him.

I realize this treatise is a bit disjointed but... so is life at this time and that may be my point. But my real point is what kind of hash and eggs I can make out of the ingredients list. Israel put a lot of time and trouble into finessing themselves into that location in order to have a sovereign base from which to loot and control the world. This has always been the purpose of bankers and money lenders and control of the press and entertainment industries provides for a control on information. Unfortunately, this internet thing happened, along with this apocalypse thing and the whole world is getting a good look at these genocidal psychopaths.

Israel is losing her grip on the control of the world’s mind and that is troubling for them after having reaped so much swag from so many lies and false flag efforts. Along with her enablers in Washington, D.C. London and sundry, they are engaged in a multi-pronged effort to maintain control and failing that to create a chaos great enough to make the world forget their nasty behavior by putting the focus on personal survival. That’s how it looks to me. None of this has happened by accident any more than the last depression did OR... the forming of the Federal Reserve and the ending and re-establishing of the Federal Reserve and the murder of anyone in a position to break the stranglehold. You could call this anti-Semitic; if we were even talking about Semitics but its more likely just true and which... reflexively, automatically makes it anti-Semitic.

We do not... any of us know how this is going to shake out but I subscribe to the joker in the deck principle, meaning, ‘they’ don’t know either. Things are just going to go on... unveiling... uncovering... revealing and I need to keep repeating those words because we are in the midst.

As I said, I’m an optimist and so I don’t believe it’s going to resolve itself as ‘they’ intend. I think they’re going to get caught with their pants down and all those Polaroid’s in the wrong hands. I do believe there are some great tragedies ahead but I think they are counter pointed by a tremendous leap in imagination and industry of all sorts with great promise for the future. I tend to believe that we ain’t seen nothing yet... in every sense of the phrase.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad things are looking up again.

This is another very good post.

All the best


psychegram said...

It's like a living maze whose convolutions grow as you approach the center, with the effect that there is no center, and no matter how close the minotaur seems there's no point in hunting him because he won't be seen until he wants to. And he doesn't want to.

I think Robert Anton Wilson one time said, when asked who was ultimately in control, "We are," going on to expound that the Illuminati only though they were in charge. Well, I can't find that quote, but I did find one that's equally apropos: “If you think you know what the hell is going on, you're probably full of shit.”

Anonymous said...

Of course Obama's a "tool"! Well I'm going ahead with the garden despite the bizarre weather and despite the pending plans of the evil pigs in La Cesspool Grande, Washington District of Corrupcion. When you got nothin' you got nothin' to lose -- will continue to sell my surplus and I don't have $1 million in gelt anymore. I suppose they can napalm the organic garden as if it were a pot field... they sure don't want us to have food or ammo when the shithouse goes down, it seems.
Well glad to see evidence your funk has past, if the new excellent posting is any indication.

Anonymous said...

In times like these, when a man realises how vulnerable he is, i think the only true comfort can be some faith, any faith, even just faith that its all going to be fine....faith that there is a plan, 'they' have their plans, wicked as they may be....but unbeknownst to them....someOne else somewhere had the real plan. There is a God, our Creator and the Divine Planner. It will get worse no doubt, really really bad...until the living will wish to be dead....but the tide must turn for a new dawn, a new Exodus...just wait

Anonymous said...

It has never been about the money the money has always been a tool to establish mind control.Mind control is about War Disease Poverty Media Disinformation why? because it wipes out the indivitual ability to access the one through Imaginatio Craetive Power and Human Energy once we access that we can wipe out mind control that is no more war disease poverty disinformation all of this without sacrificind I quote the power or desire of the individual -in my Father's house are many mansions.If we can get here the possibilities are totaly limitless hence many an ancient civilisation from the Dogons in West Africa to the Mayans the Incas were able to visit distant Galaxies and tell us about them today it is all there... you know this better than I do.
Thanks Les for the little rant.

Anonymous said...

Wait and see.
Yes we shall.

Zoner said...

The whole crackdown on the local, small-time food production chain really has me spun. If, after casting your gaze around at the systems currently in place to supply us with the things needed for survival, one concludes that this system is vulnerable to disruption or collapse, the next logical step is to decide how to move towards something less massive, less complicated and closer to the way we did it a hundred years ago or more. Local food sourcing makes the most sense if one cannot produce the things needed for themselves, and this bill goes directly after that system and appears poised to make it impossible to flourish as it needs to in these unstable times. Just when we need to rediscover our connection to the land and to come out of our slumber to awaken to a sustainable way of life, these asshats are gonna try to make that sort of thing more difficult or even illegal.

A move like this is so very revealing. Consider the timing. It shows me with no doubt left over that there is a concerted effort to strip us of the means of self-determination and make us slaves to the system, and there isn't much of a mask on it anymore. This is an attempt to make us COMPLETELY dependent on our government and their assorted "agencies", and I think the push is getting close to a shove.

C'mon, let's rip the mask all the way off this sucker and get to know who we really are and what we're made of!

And all I can say to those who walk the halls of Congress, or sit on the boards of the corporations who benefit from all these "laws", those who think they hold the seats of power in this world and can legislate their way to safety (for themselves) - good luck with all that! You can pass laws and put forth orders, but enforcement is another thing entirely.

Keep squeezing. Keep it up. Push a little harder.

You clowns are biting off more than you can chew.

Mr. Visible, I am very glad to hear that your weather is improving. I'm on the other side of the world in my own little storm (as are many of us I believe), but know that you and all who walk the path of truth and love are in my heart and prayers. We will prevail!


notamobster said...


we, the mindful, are being inundated from every possible angle. I was advised by a wise man to "let it go". I may appear to be over the top at times; or maybe angry, which I must admit - I have a tendency to get angry when someone purports to know how better to live my life, than I.

I can assure you, that though I am mindful, and monitor situations closely, I do not let it consume me (I just have a lot of free time at my job). It is neccessary to take a break every once in a while to clear one's head of the distractions and just be. I have done this on more than one occassion, of late and find it wonderful. I spend much less time keeping up with the world and much more time living (and enjoying what time may be left with my family).

To everything in one's life, there must be struck, a balance. You can be mindful, prepared, and cautious - while still getting the most out of life, and enjoying each day as it comes. It's something that requires a conscious effort, but it is rather simple when one gets the hang of it.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the "commoners" see the few who steal from them and refuse take back what is theirs. Either the common man is generous to a fault or a complete coward. And, by the way we all belly ache and moan I will assume we are cowards.

Here's another quote for you:
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -Edmund Burke

Anonymous said...

About the "strange weather"... It's probably a sign of the coming glacial period, which, if you read the literature, you'll notice may literally catch everyone with their pants off—it doesn't take centuries, even decades for it to fly in full-fledged. It might take years or months, and it's probably the only thing that really has the potential to smash the globalist mad dream. But of course, it's going to cause some premature deaths as well.

Anonymous said...

"You always pay; in experience, in effort, in personal transformation, in various disappointments and by having to discard what may seem valuable to others but proves only a burden to the sincere in heart."
"This is why I personally advise that you live your life according to a personal code which, for some reason, can possess a magically protective capability and… cultivate friends in high places."
"We do not… any of us know how this is going to shake out but I subscribe to the joker in the deck principle, meaning, ‘they’ don’t know either."
Have you Les, layed down a good grounding idea for real growth and learning though these fast changing times. But I do asked, if you can't see future events and still "worry"(bad word), than can you not see all about you now? It is as you come to it, with a smile, as I see it, so to worry about yourself and (your)its path around these current events is of little true interest?

Matt durkeematthew@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Les great article.
As far as the global warming goes-I think it's cooling off. At least going by the weather in my neck of the woods.
Judging by the propensity of the powers-that-be to say exactly the opposite from the truth about practically everything, I'd say a global cooling phase might be starting. The war profiteers, banksters, Zionists and their media mouthpieces are pretty predictable, if they say one thing I pretty well can imagine that reality is the exact opposite from what they are saying. Orwell got it right over half a century ago. War is peace.

Anonymous said...

I think there is reason for optimism. It may get ugly, but the powers that be -- and those who have sold their souls for a few crumbs from the master's table -- don't understand human nature. They never have. The reasons they won't win are the same as the reasons why Israel can never seem to beat any foe despite being a nuclear power and having one of the best equipped military in the world.

The elite value only money. They are purely hedonistic. They have no ideals or values to cling to or fight for. They imagine their worst nightmare -- and assume it must be ours as well. Years of inbreeding have led them to be weak, both intellectually and physically. In a world of natural selection, they are the least likely to survive. These people don't even know how to wipe their own ass -- much less live off the land. That is why they think of some of us as "animals" b/c they don't believe people can survive without modern conveniences. They would have a nervous breakdown if they had to clean a toilet, much less live without one.

They can try to crack down on locally grown foods all they want but it won't work. And if you aren't selling them -- what can they do? Now is the time for community building. When your neighbor grows extra vegetables, she'll be happy to give some to a friend. And you'll be happy to help her repair her car, because, hey that's what neighbors do. That isn't a transaction -- that is a friendship and the government can't tax that or stop you from helping one another ...

When the system gets corrupted, find a way out of the system. If, like me, that proves a little difficult (a spouse who doesn't believe things are that bad yet), find a way around it. Things might be getting worse, but I believe that the ones who are really going to suffer are those who are trying to maintain their control. We are stronger. We always have been. They are the neurotic, whiny, petulant spoiled children about to throw a gigantic tantrum because they aren't going to get their way. We, the grown-ups, are going to have to teach them a lesson. Draw the boundaries and mete the punishment for crossing the line. It doesn't have to be vengeful or sadistice. Justice is a powerful and healing force ...

Anonymous said...

What if aliens control the psychopaths? or they are the psychos in disguises?

I can’t help but think that Earth is no more than a chicken pen and as a human hand reaches down, grabs a chic, tags it and puts it back, the aliens do that to us. And just like Skynet became self-aware, sometime in our past we became self-aware so we fought back, then the aliens had to disguise themselves to look like us, to keep control.

If I were an alien and I spotted Earth on my star chart or my sensors picked it up and found that it had all these wonderful minerals to mine, then I would send my crew to mine that planet. But what if my crew isn’t my crew? What if I just send a single organism that multiplies, gains intelligence, and just has a natural inclination to pull those minerals out of the ground. I would go into hibernation after I had sent out my probe with my small biological microbe and then have a snooze for a few million years and then see what happens.

Man I’m tired, great piece Les by the way, you summed up everything beautifully once again, cheers.

Phishybongwaters said...

I think banning local farmers produce is the next logical step. Think about it.

They've contaminated the water, they have contaminated the air (chemtrails) they remove healthy food options and replace them with untested and dangerous GM products.

Most, if not all, the processed "food" you can buy at your local store has little to no nutritional value, it's empty crap.

They are messing with the weather (HARRP, Chemtrails) and selling you drugs and chemicals they know are killing you.

Why? Why ban farmers markets?

Control. They desperately want to kill 80% of us, they've openly told us this. You can't just open death camps, you need to make it plausibly natural. Don't kill, shorten their lifespan, continue to do so, ensure only the rich elite can afford/access food and drugs that are NOT killing you.

It's the next logical step, if all of this is intended to shorten your lifespan, and change your brain chemistry to help control you, the only logical next step is to remove any access to unaltered food.

I highly doubt your local farmer is growing GM crops. I highly doubt they are filling your tomatoes with dried bugs for coloring.

Makes perfect sense to me, Sadly, I think the time to act has passed, and all we can do is wait, hope, and prevail.

Nature finds a way, and we ARE part of nature, frakenfoods and the likes might kill a lot of us, but we shall prevail in the end.

Anonymous said...

Damn Scarlett - do you secretly long to beat your husband?

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
The Dow Jones is surging back! The rally has begun! We've found the bottom!

I've been watching these prostitute looking talking heads off and on for most of the morning here in the good old U S of A.

I wonder do you think they will continue to lie right up to the very end? You said that you think things will start to show. The internet is allowing this to happen, but enough people are not getting it. I believe that knowing the truth makes one feel obligated to duty with regard to that truth. I also believe that the majority want nothing to do with that kind of responsibility. At 38 yrs old I truly sit here in a state of complete amazement as these current events unfold.

Long Live Chuck Norris:)


Darius said...

Hi Les
My comments are mainly directed at Shane Gibson who quote Edmund Burke on evil triumphing because good men do nothing, and it got me thinking how we sometimes quote people without really thinking through the full consequences of their little bon mot.
For example, if, as Edmund Burke stated, the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing, does it then follow that the only thing necessary for good to triumph is for evil men to do nothing?
So why is it so hard for good to get one over evil?
And, if evil is running rampant in the world as everyone would agree that it is, then evil men must have a better work ethic, be more motivated and better organised than good men.
So does that mean you can tell the good guys by the fact they are lazy, unmotivated and badly organised? If so, why do people get so nasty at me because I sleep in and don't want to get a job?
Is it because they are evil but they resent having to be so hard working, motivated and well organised, even if they're winning at the moment?
And if I got a job, worked hard, went back to being well organised and so on would that mean I had gone over to the dark side and become evil again?
And if evil is winning at the moment why won't anyone come out and take credit for it? I mean, why is it that everyone (even Robert Mugabe) claims or pretends they are good when it is so obvious that it is the other side that is scoring all the goals?
These are questions that should be occupying our attention, bugger the price of gold.
The other thing that draws my attention is the comment that I often hear from people dazzled by the bullshit of the New Age that we are really only here to help others.
Well, if we're only here to help others, what are the others here for?
Any guidance would be of interest.

nina said...

You know, they have a "look" about them that is revealing. When you see them promoting their bills or you see photos of them, they don't look normal. They don't look like any people we'd meet up with in our own spheres, or anybody that we grew up seeing as leadership figures. Aside from strange eyebrows or Charlie McCarthy mouths, they bolt on their necks with light colored silks. Its not coordinated in any complimentary manner, these beige and white ties with white starchy shirts. Presidents are the worst tie offenders. When they address the nation, the silk stripes flutter and gleam in psychedelic waves, you have to look away. And Howard Dean, even post scream, still he's got a broomstick spinal support. Take Bobby Jindal for example, not exactly somebody you'd want to stroll with late at night down by the levees. But the most interesting one I've seen to date outdid her "kin" in the high steppers' Harry and David Christmas Tower of Cheeseballs catagory: They interviewed a grotequely obese constiuent in Mayberry with a videocam on the shotgun side dashboard so we could jaw drop at the way her seatbelt held her jiggles intact hard against the seatback.
Ellis and Greg Bacon used to scare the beejeebees outta me in the early days, but now I'm starting to think maybe they're onto something.
Considering all that is happening, taking into account the relatively rapid twist of events, both external and internal, local and universal, looking back and looking within, discounting while applying the standard steps of the scientific method, what else could it possible be? And why not? The truth is we have no way to prove it isn't what it looks like, if it looks like a duck ...

Anonymous said...


I think the intent of that statement implies that good men do nothing to stop evil ones. It doesn't mean they are lazy per se. It is true that energetic ambitious men, (and I do mean men, as they are 99% of the ones in question), have a tendency to prevail. They seek power, and usually end up getting carried away with it. Normal people seem more content to enjoy life and raise their children, and eat nice food, etc... You could say they are lazy, but only in comparison to the other more hyperactive ones that appear to get ahead. Even the so called evil ones are lazy in a way. Why don't they use their energy and intellect for something useful, like seeing if it's possible to have paradise on earth. Rather they seem to go with the usual flow "evil" ones have gone down in the past. They don't seem very creative actually.

It does follow that if you have a goal, you may get organized to achieve that goal. "Good" people have no goal other than enjoying life, therefore would not have to organize. I wonder why good people don't see the need to do something about injustice around them? It may be complacency, more than laziness, I don't know, I'm just thinking. Instead of calling them good maybe we say complacent.

A lot of people that start out wanting to do something good, end up become "evil". The true motive for wanting to help others may have in it, the desire to control. Helping is almost as bad as hurting, in both cases control is meted out. People that feel the need to control others probably are neurotic, in some ways. They have issues they never resolved. The craving to be seen and looked up to implies some defect in the ego. So generally these people rise to the top. But at the core is the craving for power, and we all know how that ends up.

Anyway thought provoking subject, glad you brought it up.

Visible said...


As a personal favor I didn't post your comment. Not only is the observation off but 75% of those commenting here would jump on you with both feet if they saw that. You'd have a shitstorm the like of which hasn't been seen around here in many a day.

Anonymous said...


Doesn't seem to matter how much "news" you follow or not. You're always right up-to-the-minute.
The food thing is major, but just the latest droppings of the psychopaths. So now my little garden is a "Food Production Facility".
Yes, the masks are truly coming off at record rate - the Apocalypse.
"They" just revealed their 'first' commercial animal (goats, a couple hundred of 'em) GE-ed with human DNA or some such. (To save lives of little children, of course.)
Not much I can add, but just appreciating immensely.

I think you stated the situation as well as I've ever heard anyone it put. As Les said, it's the "joker in the deck" factor. The inbred psychopaths (and self-styled 'semites') have no idea what normal peoples' internal & external lives are like. It's a mystery to them.

a friend once identified to me that those thingys around their necks are "penis-pointers".


Anonymous said...

The following is a red-hot smoking gun that still hasn’t cooled off. Albeit forgotten.

Wednesday, September 12, 2001, Page A – 17
Condoleeza Rice Warned Willie Brown Not To Fly On 9-11
”Mayor Willie Brown ... got a call from what he described as his airport security -- a full eight hours before yesterday's string of terrorist attacks -- advising him that Americans should be cautious about their air travel.”

David Irving comments:
ACCORDING to a report today Friday, May 17, 2002, on Pacifica Radio, the warning to San Francisco's mayor came from squeaky-clean Condoleezza Rice. I recall that attorney general John Ashcroft received a similar warning in July.
I watched Ms. Huxtable, uh, Rice, on C-Span a day or two ago, and she seemed genuinely rattled by the disclosure of these facts; not by the facts themselves, just by the disclosure.
We hear a lot about her intellect, and sometimes even see her playing the classical piano (in staged photo opportunities); but she still always seems to me more like an asylum-seeker, newly escaped from the terrors of the Bill Cosby Show, than a Cabinet minister.
Rice has a lot of deep official SF connections besides Chevron: Charles Schwab, San Francisco Symphony Board of Governors, Transamerica Corporation, KQED.

Trivia question: What mayor of a major west coast city claimed just hours after 9-11 that he'd been warned not to fly the week of 9-11 by what he described as his 'airport security.' None other than Willie Brown.


Where did Brown get the message not to fly on that particular day? The airport says there was no advisory in place.

Note that when asked, Brown clammed up as to the source. Why?

Turns out the truth is a news flash. Just the revealing of a significant, but very obscure piece of 9-11 trivia.

On May 17, 2002, Pacifica Radio reported that Rice was the source of the call to Brown. See side bar: www.fpp.co.uk/online/02/05/Bush_knew2.html


Why do I call this a red-hot smoking gun. Here’s the rub. All Israeli/jewish employees stayed away that day according to an alleged text message from Odigo two hours before the attack (sic). Now Rice and Brown may be friends/acquaintances via profession and skin-colour but they are not Israeli/jewish. BUT Rice in her security clearance was privy to the date of the planned attack. If one concedes primarily CIA/Mossad then the gun goes molten (like the metal 6 weeks after the controlled demolitions). Here’s why. Rice’s mentor/tutor is the very same jewish man who prepared Madeleine Albright (also jewish) for her position as foreign minister. Yes, the very same job Rice was promoted to right after she was caught out lying bald-face about “no idea beforehand”.
If I was a Jersey girl I’d slap Rice right in the face for depriving my children of their father in a political chess game where real life is just a pawn.
Closing question to the reader:
How could Condoleeza Rice warn Willie Brown the day before 9/11 about the risk of flying if she didn’t already know about the coming attack.?
Liar. Murderer. Zionist. Guilty of treason.
Patriots; the house the founding fathers built is NOT in order!
Glenn Dormer

Anonymous said...

jdm6 asked, "Well, if we're only here to help others, what are the others here for?"
Great question.
I think if we're here only to serve the amorphous Borg of "others" then we're just voluntary, self-sacrificing prey for the self-serving Predators.
But if we're just here to serve ourselves without a spirit of equality toward others then we could easily fall prey to our supremacist Egos and become the Predator.
I hope as Les optimistically says that there's an unveiling in progress and that "they" are going to be caught with their pants down, their Lies naked and exposed...Truth prevailing.
But until that ubiquitous Revelation, if it ever comes, I think it's important to simply serve Truth as it reveals itself to us... because Truth wouldn't serve anything other than Truth...Serving anything other than truth would be serving a Lie.
And sure, we don't know whether our truth, as filtered through our human egos is The Truth...but maybe at least the intent to tell the Truth counts for something.
Sorry if this all sounds Pollyanna-ish but I'm only 22 years old, and trying to figure things out for myself...so maybe I should just shut up and rely on the expertise of the "others" to do my thinking for me...NOT!


Anonymous said...

In regards to an above comment regarding getting rid of organic foods grown by small farmers, it reminds me of a book review I did on Amazon for the title, "The Hundred-Year Lie: How Food and Medicine Are Destroying Your Health". The following was my review:

"Is this book alarmist? Not even close. It spells out many of the known facts, plain and simple. These facts are not known by many people, granted, but that is their fault ultimately. Does this book answer the big "why" questions? Not really, because the truth in these areas is too controversial in order to get published, and after all, the author's main goal is to get a book out to the public. In this way, all mainstream published material can only tell half the real story at best.

The truth sounds closer to the following: all things produced by all corporations - especially the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and tabacco industries - are done so with an extremely high technological level of biochemistry. Mistakes are not made. Extra chemicals or compounds are not added without cause. The effects achieved are intentional and very much expected. There are no accidents, miscalculations, or incompetance within these labs. All the additives, preservatives, dyes, chemicals, flouride, aspartame, MSG, etc, etc are in their products not just for color, flavor, preservation, or profit. Addiction and debilitation (ie. sickness and disease) are the MAIN reasons for some very good reasons: 1) addicted people are huge sources of profit because they continue to buy and consume product regardless of the value or harm to them, 2) addicted people will actually defend their products even if the damage is obvious because they don't want to face withdrawl symptoms or admit that what they put in their mouth "voluntarily" caused their illness, 3) sick people are also huge sources of profit because they want to quell their symptoms and don't know any natural ways to do it - so they look to the medical profession, 4) addicted and sick people are distracted and unable to see what is going on around them, and don't have the energy to fight it if they could understand it, 5) addicted and sick people die early and don't collect on their "benefits" or cash in on their dreams, 6) addicted and sick people are easily scared, manipulated, and directed by those who want to control them and profit from them.

That's the truth in a nutshell people. It may sound evil, it certainly does involve a variety of conspiracies, and although it is difficult to say for sure "who" or "what" is pulling all the strings, it is easy to see all the puppets involved. Corporations kill and mame, thus, avoidance of anything corporate is the key along with a solid education on the benefits of the natural World. But, it was only 3 generations ago that this advice was fully understood and practiced. Why did we forget and how did we get so brainwashed, you say? I'm certain these affects are all part of the corporate biochemical agenda also... Do NOT underestimate the brilliance, the cunning, the motivation, the funding, and the technology these corporate / governmental / military people (pirates?) have. Reading labels has become useless (legal definition of words versus the common usage definition). Taking mainstream multivitamins / minerals is useless (all produced now by Big Pharma). Genetically modified food will be absolutely devastating to us all and be forced on us whether we like it or not (thanks to Monsanto). The organic industry has been hijacked also (legal definition of "organic" radically changed in 2001 without our knowing). It is already a big challenge just to get quality water without a ridiculous amount of toxic garbage in it (flouride, chlorine, drug residues, arsenic, etc). And not surprisingly, our "utilities" (hydro, power, gas) have all been privatized. Government / corporate sponsored science (which is 95% of science) is completely bought and paid for and will state anything that their financiers request, regardless of how shameless of how contradictory to common sense. The media has been gagged for decades (a la Operation Mockingbird) and used for misdirection psych-ops on a daily basis, as true objective investigative journalism has been extinct for almost as long as the dinosaurs. Any trust or good assumption of any corporate entity is a deadly mistake. Starbucks, for example, although now ingrained into our social fabric and generally celebrated is involved in activities and aligned with other forces that would shock the $250 jeans off the average metrosexual. Just think how your body appreciates that chemically decafed latte with pus/viral/hormone contaminated Monsanto milk, combined with the horrific neuro-toxin Aspartame (Sweet & Low), and topped with some corn syrup derived (pancreas debilitating) topping. Yummmmy. Why do we do it? Mind manipulation, addiction, social pressures, ignorance, and apathy to name a few.

Total corporate avoidance and REAL education are the keys, although radical in most people's minds. Mark these words and god's speed to you and your families."

I still stand by those words.


Anonymous said...

An interesting article from Rense tonight.
Fairly apt for your always interesting words.


Away until the weekend so all take care

Anonymous said...

Maybe it will make you feel better, maybe worse, or maybe it doesn't matter, but one thing is for sure, 100% for sure.. The psychopaths, the saints, the sinners, the mild, the strong, the weak, the apathetic, the active, and every last one of all the rest. Whether it's today, tomorrow, next month, next year or fifty years from now. We all got it coming..

Anonymous said...

I am getting the feeling that they want to piss a lot of people off. Hence, martial law.

I read somewhere that a large portion of the produce grown in Italy is organic. True?


Anonymous said...

"Israel put a lot of time and trouble into finessing themselves into that location in order to have a sovereign base from which to loot and control the world. This has always been the purpose of bankers and money lenders and control of the press and entertainment industries provides for a control on information." Indeed Les....however, an interesting quote from Adolph Hitler in Mein Kampf....page 324-325.. echoes the same perpective:"For while the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jews finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestine state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesn't even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks" (1927)

Anonymous said...

Anon -- yes, sometimes I do feel like smacking my hubby ... but he is a very good man. He grew up in a loving environment and really has a hard time grasping just how evil some people can really be. I had experiences in my past at an early age that educated me on that reality. I think perhaps that is why some people can see things a little clearer and a little sooner. Plus, I've always been "sensitive" -- I can easily put myself into someone else's shoes and often feel their pain as acutely as my own. A blessing and a curse. A blessing in that it serves as a great moral compass (can't really victimize someone if you have to feel their pain) and a curse in that it can be quite painful to live in a world where it is hard to interact with people without draining yourself emotionally.

My husband used to think I was a little crazy -- when 2 years ago I wanted to cash out my 401K. I kept telling him the stock market was going to crash. He didn't believe me, but he didn't make a fuss when I cashed out. He doesn't quite think I'm that crazy anymore.

I tell everyone I know about 9/11, AIPAC's control of our gov't, the situation in Gaza, the coming economic collapse. Most think I'm nuts -- but I keep putting it out there. At some point, the light bulb will come on. It took me a while to get there -- but I don't think I ever would have gotten there were it not for other voices who weren't afraid to speak out -- like Les. So, I'm trying to follow his lead and put my own voice out there so others will know they what they are seeing is real ... And I do think people are waking up and I don't think there is any way to stop this awakening.

psychegram said...

Thanks Scarlett! You just earned the title of Official Muse for an episode of Dreamscapes and Nightmares (which should come out tomorrow or the day after.)

psychegram said...

Serve yourself exclusively, and (assuming most others will do the same) you'll inevitably find yourself within a pyramidal hierarchy, feeding off those below you and passing energy on to those above you. Of course, you're not really serving yourself, since you're passing energy (in the form of money, time, effort, etc) on to those higher than you, you are of course doing the same, and so on up the line, all deluded that they serve Self when truly they serve ... what? An interesting question, that.

Then again, serve others within a context in which many are (deluding themselves into thinking that they are) serving self, and, as was said, you become nothing more than prey.

Serve ONLY those others who also serve others, and by ineluctable universal law a circle is formed. The energy you put in will return to you a thousand-fold, though you won't be able to predict from which direction. There's a paradox here: the most effective way to serve self, is by serving others or, put another way, only by serving the greater Self can one truly serve oneself.

Anonymous said...

After 5000 years of jew terrorism against humanity haven`t we finally had enough?

Anonymous said...

Another great post, i have become an avid reader since discovering the truth seeker website.

as far as not letting the same things happen in europe unfortunately they are trying the same type of thing here, check out the proposed Codex Alimentarius:
Under Codex it would become law that
ALL natural herbs would be banned
ALL nutrient supplements would be banned - simple things like vitamins, ginseng, cod liver oil, primrose oil
ALL alternative remedies would be banned...............these would no longer be available......anywhere!

Under Codex it would also become law that
ALL foods would have to be sprayed with harmful pesticides
ALL animals for food would have be injected with growth hormones and antibiotics............that would end up in our bodies.

There is an online petition against this in the UK Gov website. The bill is due to be passed In December 2009.

In the last few weeks my eyes have been opened and the world became a much scarier place, now i never thought that was possible!


Anonymous said...

Could anyone imagine that pomegranates contain estrone or chlorophyll bears a likeness to hemoglobin and the Kastner trial and its implications are not common knowledge among todays feuilletonists and truthseeking spirits ?
By the way, Jasmine has a 2,5 percentage of indol, so don´t be so sure next time you scent
the beautiful odor of a flower – it could be shit.
All the best

paolocaruso said...

You can be optomistic, and I often am, but look at how they pulled off World War II. It was a shit-storm with war on all fronts. But they turned lemon into lemonade and got exactly what they wanted, with Israel and a world financial system in place.

They have been loosing wars since.. but making lots of money and creating military bases around the world.

I have a feeling the lemons were fakes to begin with (false flags and instigated conflicts).

Is their system failing or are they orchestrating the final transfer of wealth and total global police state??

Have they finally achieved the technology to control billions of people? Will the pull the plug on internet freedom of speech?

Its interesting how the people they least control have the those that are the least plugged in to electricity... and the technology that will enslave them.

notamobster said...

JDM6 - your analysis of Burke's quotation is superb... I like the way your brain is working, there. I caught the humor of it - laughed - and then, started to think "well, hmmm.... what if he's on to something". Very interesting. And funny.


Is it possible that companies just make stuff, and add ingredients that work for their stated purpose, but end up having harmful side-effects? Thus, is it possible that there is no conspiracy amongst the majority of corporations (certainly some companies are involved in conspiracy - and some still, deliberately hurt people - no doubt [monsanto/dupont, et al]) - but that their products are just bad for us?

In this line of questioning I'm not negating their responsibilty for the damage caused, but rather suggesting that there may be no "specific intent" with the vast majority of companies. For instance, is it possible that Mc Donald's, though fattening and greedy, just designs their food to taste good so they can sell more McNuggets - and damn the malnutritious consequences? Do the board members (or whomever) really sit around and think of ways to kill us slowly?

With this, is it possible that Dr.'s at pharma research labs (whom I hate at the same level as lawyers, judges, bankers, and politicians) though remiss in the duties to do no harm, are not specifically trying to hurt people? Sure, some are intent on culling the herd, but are the vast majority really TRYING to hurt people?

Just some thoughts... I anxiously await the replies...

Anonymous said...

Greetings Les et al,
First off, I have been an avid reader Smoking Mirrors for several months now, probably over a year or so. My own awakening began about 9 years ago when I quit drinking and some other self-destructive habits. Les, I listened to your Feet to the Fire show from the other night, and it really confirmed for me what I've known since I started reading your blogs, that you are a genuine human being, one of the few who is willing to speak the truth. When you mentioned asking God to remove your shortcomings being a sometimes precarious proposition, it really hit home. Learning to surrender and turn things over to the GOMU (God of my understanding)saved my life and what sanity I have left. Being sober for the last 9 years and witnessing the accelerated pace of our subjugation has been very intense, to say the least. I went from hardcore reading about ETs and unexplained phenomenon (something I cultivated as a kid reading "Chariots of the Gods" and Bermuda triangle literature)to "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" by Eustace Mullins, to "There is a River" about Edgar Cayce, to Les Visible. The more I read, the more connections and syncronicities arise.
I heard a story on my local NPR station this morning about a nearby town trying to create an organization called Glasgow (Kentucky) Sustainable Living or something, an attempt to promote local consumption of local produce and dairy/meat products, rather than shipping things hundreds of miles away and buying products shipped in from hundreds of miles away. It will be interesting to see how the proposed bill plays out on the Federal level. When will people wake up?
Anyway, I guess I need to jump in a little more often so as to avoid long rambling posts. I'm starting to really feel it...
Thanks again to Les and all the great posters of comments.
James aka jackruby64

Anonymous said...

Just a quick response to notamobter's last post... has anyone noticed that on TV commercials for pharmaceuticals they sometimes mention your "prescriber" as opposed to your doctor? Just an observation that's been bugging me for a while.
James aka jackruby64

Anonymous said...

nota 3:39 PM
The answer to your questions nota is that you are ALL dumbed down to the same degree- knowingly or not.
If it SELLS who gives a shit!?

Anonymous said...

It's like a big pile of shit, made up of Zionist turds and Neocon droppings, heading downhill at break neck speed, picking up momentum as it travels.

When it finally crashes, the shit will be splattered everywhere and you'd have to either be blind or a dupe not to see what just exploded in your face.

Most will open their eyes and mind and realize they've been used for decades and others will smile and say, "Ummm good, more tasty turds for me to gulp down."

"I'll take another "Wolf Blitzer" burger with that special sauce!!"

Anonymous said...

Did you know that there is not one natural ingredient in a McDonald's milkshake--not even milk?
Most tools, brake pads, etc. are all made with inferior steel and pieces parts--can you say "dangerous"--sure, I knew you could--
electronics are made to break down just after the warranty period--try returning anything to Best Buy--I dare ya'--I almost went over the counter after one of their punk-ass little managers one day--Their policy is to say "Fuck You", where else are you going to buy it--

Look at the auto companies--instead of doing a recall, they add up what lawsuits would cost them and see if there is a downside financially to issuing a recall or just tying people up in court forever---or, hopefully they can buy off a judge and it goes no further

Look at Judges deciding what is "admissable" in "their" courtroom--happens all the time--convenient that they forget it is the peoples courtroom and they are just visiting--

Try talking about "jury nullification" in a courtroom and see how fast you're behind bars

Look at insurance companies, and now the gov't (medicaid/medicare)-- their first stamp put on your claim is "DENIED" go ahead and fight them, they'll just keep losing your paperwork or let you take them to court--happens with every type of insurance--it's Standard Operating Procedure--

Look at military contracts with new recruits--

Look at any software you download-look at the agreement-an attorney on crack wrote most of that shit--

Look at bills in the congress and senate--they are 8' thick for a reason--

Most of it is designed the way it is--look at Aspartame--Couldn't get it passed by the FDA for years (maybe they didn't offer enough cash) then old donny rumsfeld hits town and a month later, it's in everything--

Look who is on these boards and administrations--Look at Dick Cheney for gods sake---look at all the whores who serve as heads of any of these agencies----bought and paid for--

I wondered for a while why the elites--I mean the top of the food chain even bother with money any more--they just use it to pay off the peons to get done what they want to get done--

You have no recourse, just the illusion that you do--

Try going to court and represent yourself--if you have ten cents in your pocket they'll make you get a lawyer who will then own your house and cars--it's designed that way--it's meant to be in confusing legalese-------

America, home of the talking head experts and ass sucking attorneys and bankers from hell!!

Ok, I'm done


notamobster said...

Thank you Jj...

Freddamedgjedda said...

Never dissapointed Les, only in between your (light)posts..

Jdm6 and Zanna, I like to think of it as a school for souls.. That we are here to learn to live and cooperate in this reality/dimension. This makes things less scary and it all makes sense.

Both "positive" and "negative" experiences gives you, well... more experience. And that makes me see not good and evil, but some things help you or even force you to learn, and some things prevent you from learning.

I am puzzled by the thought of leaving things be vs spreading the truth. My whole life I have been yelling the truth in all the "wrong" moments. I saw them and still see them as the right moments. Is this also ego-driven? The feeling of knowing and telling the truth?
Or should I just know and answer when asked?

Hope this helps to learn(he)..

Anonymous said...


why don't you promote daryl bradford smith's work? hasn't he been saying the truth from the beginning?


Anonymous said...

Two somewhat mundane but relevant thoughts related to this ever changing world we find ourselves in. Sometimes we need to get out of our heads...minds...or at least I do.

I've been savoring the taste of the (organic) foods that I've been eating, lately. As if I may not have access to the more "exotic" tasty morsels, tomorrow. Boy, does this technique work at keeping me Present, in the moment, while simultaneously allowing me the opportunity to appreciate the value of fulfilling the foods dharma. At the same time, and during the process of eating, I realize that there is a good chance that soon, all my food may come from within a 100 mile radius. No more Florida Oranges. No more Italian cold pressed Olive Oil. No more Bolivian Quinoa. No more Kiwi's from New Zealand.

I have a couple of Pyrenees and a smaller "being" in a dog suit, three cats and 8 well behaved chickens. Anyone out there have suggestions for what to feed pets once the dog food, cat food and chicken scratch is no longer available? I've been mixing grains in, but what about the proteins? Any one have a homebrew that works?

European American

psychegram said...


Sure, I'd even say the majority of corporate scumfucks are just out to make a quick quarterly buck and aren't actively malicious. That's only so long as you look at their actions from a human point of view ... analyze what they do from a higher viewpoint (keeping in mind that the majority of such people are motivated largely from their subconscious, which to them is a murky realm that they barely even admit exists) and they are, for the most part, tools being used at one level by other humans who are genocidal psychopaths, and used again from a higher level by beings that ... well, I won't go there at this point. I'll just say this: if you accept the existence of higher, non-material levels, then you have to look at the possibility that peoples' actions are manipulated from those levels by invisible beings that are malicious to a degree our human hearts simply cannot comprehend.

Anonymous said...

The shootings have begun early this season.....

Visible said...

are you shilling for him? there are a ton of people I could promote but I don't even promote myself. I don't have time for that shit. If he wants my favor then let him ask me but I have to tell you... the only thing like that that I ever did was to let some really talented readers catch the overflow. I get requests from some pretty high level types; traffic wise. When I say traffic wise it means I am aware of them because they are hard to miss on the circuit. This is one of the reasons that a lot of places do not promote my work because I will not play quid pro quo. If I ever find out what the truth is then I am going to promote that. Everything else can look out for itself. I never asked for any help getting to my small corner of nowhere and I am fucking never going to play buddy buddy because this is how things went bad to start with. I'm not the cheese but I do know that the cheese stands alone.

Finally why don't I promote a particular individual? How come I'm not pushing Brussels sprouts. Are you nuts, transparent... or both?

Anonymous said...

The truth is not for sale - at any price. I admire your words and actions so very much Les.
Keep on blazing a trail.

Anonymous said...

The Charge of TREASON:

Law Encyclopedia: TREASON

"This entry contains information applicable to United States law only."

"The betrayal of one's own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies."

Duly charged:

(to begin with)
*double citizenship


kikz said...

'Look at Judges deciding what is "admissable" in "their" courtroom--happens all the time--convenient that they forget it is the peoples courtroom and they are just visiting--'

newp... look at the flag, 'in' any courtroom or school.. it has fringe.
that is a flag of admiralty, not the flag of our now defunct republic.

Anonymous said...

Obama's choice for top security posts withdraws candidature.

Blamed pro-Israel lobbying groups for his decision.


Freddamedgjedda said...

European American,

I to wonder what to feed my little dog(buddha)(buddah), if/when shit really goes koko. Even more than now. I figure i will have to keep a rat farm or any other "all-eater". But I would probably start loving those little fuckers, and I would have to feed them too...

I don't know, cats are lonely hunters, as long as you don't live in the middle of a city they will be fine, I reckon. But the dogs need a pack to hunt efficiently, still I know them to take birds, cats, rodents of all kind and more, alone. Depending on the race.

So maybe we must just let them go, and see what happens, or go hunting with them... Or for them, like fishing(that's a good option for me since I live near a couple of fresh water lakes).

I don't think it is possible to make vegan substitutes for dog food, as they are meat eaters, they would only die a slow malnutrition death, as many dogs today fed on nothing but dry-foods do! They need fresh raw dead animals! And fish! Whole fish!

We people should keep to a vegan diet!!! The reasons are MANY, detox, brain functions, immune defence, skin, muscles, bones, teeth, spiritual and so on and so forth and stuff and beer...

I'm lighting my torch waiting for whatever will happen...

Anonymous said...

Fear, the feeling of "what can I do", and unwillingness to admit the justness of an opposing assertion-seem to underlie much of the willful ignorance in those I speak with and have attempted to wake up.
Decades ago, there was little public recognition of things most of us here are well aware of. And some of those I've been making effort to enlighten seem to be getting it. Some, still don't. Silence is their response, that or saying that certain things are too complex for the person to understand.
There's been a fairly thorough job accomplished by the media and academia to expunge public knowlege of certain persons and ideas of the past, in America, expressed by folks like William Dudley Pelley, Father Coughlin, Gerald K Smith, George Lincoln Rockwell. Back when things could've been kept from getting to where they are now. To be sure, there is much such men wrote that the tolerant and pacifistic among us might take exception to. But they did sound a warning. Warnings that were ignored by most.
Current times were predicted, maybe not in the particulars. And those who foresaw what was to come wouldnt be very surprised to see what's going on now.

Darius said...

Notamobster - glad you got both the joke and the point. One should never leave home without trousers and sense of humour, but if I had to chose I'd always take the sense of humour.
Freddamedgjedda - sorry you missed it, might be a language thing. Never mind good and evil, if this is a school for souls then there are some pretty sick lessons being handed out and if you agree that that is what life is then you are simply buying into the delusion as you are meant to and there will be no end to it.
I suggest you stop yelling about what you think is the truth and start listening, it's amazing what you'll hear.

Freddamedgjedda said...


I don't claim to be smarter or better in any way. You should not either.

If I missed it, so be it! But the only thing I tried to do was tell one way to view the world that makes you think in terms of solution and not despair and hopelessness...

If you read my posts you will see that I am both telling and listening.
If I should listen then somebody must be "yelling" their view of the truth.

And I'm not "buying in" to any one thing or opinion.

I am also trying to stay as much self-sufficient as possible, my goal is to start a alternative community somewhere in Scandinavia. I do not work and I will not for corrupt twisted governments!!

And if you do not think we take what we learn in this life with us in later lifes, then existence is like waking up every morning with no memory. Where do you then get the motivation to fight for anything except material values in this world?

I want people to take more responsability for their actions, and admit that they are supporting and defending corrupt/unjust systems! I am not all "out there" and saying this world is nothing, I state the opposite: what we do in this world/dimension, echoes all that is.

But of course I am correctable!! (sorry for my english)

Anonymous said...


i understand he gave you a lot of shit, but you are a little too New Age sometimes and that can be misconstrued for being a shill for the bad guys. I don't think you are and I think you probably have much in common with him-we have to unite. BTW-I take it you read some italian as you lived in Italy. You should go read www.effedieffe.com. It will give you a traditional religious view on things from a journalist who has been telling the truth since the beginning.


Anonymous said...

Hi, first time poster here...have been reading you for about 6 months...today's blog, chills and chills and more chills. Love the blog cause love the truth...been thinking deeply about "The truth will set you free." Got here through an interesting 32 year path...Edgar Cayce, lots to say about these times..."for those who don't want to go hungry in the times to come...10 acres." William Hutton, 70+ year old geologist and researcher of Edgar Cayce readings... has a website really worth looking into. Dannion Brinkley, his first book will raise those same chills...then...Mary Summer Rain - No Eyes series...serious, amazing prophecy...why is it that these times have been visioned? Are there guideposts along the way...lights to illuminate the path? Les your path is illuminated by your honesty...so I have added you to my list of guides. The me of me, sat unemployed on 9/11 watching the tv...and witnessed the pictures of the high jackers put on tv so nice and neatly...all in their photographic glory...Wow! A crime solved so fast, so rapidly, so concisely...I got those chills...it did not compute....Bush resisting the 911 commission...Building 7 so psychically predicted coming down by the BBC before it fell so cleanly in its own footprint...(a definite different kind of knowing)....Bush being interviewed by Barbara Walters in his first month bragging that he had taken all of his money out of the stock market...while he was trying to get our Social Security contributions/deductions put into funds tied to the stock market...I feel like I am traveling around the mind connecting the dots and the picture is becoming clearer and clearer...in this picture, there is revelation...I do BELIEVE completely that the atrocities, lies, smoke screens, lies, and corruption will be exposed in high places..no doubt...I also believe the net they've woven to catch you and me, will strangle them all...the bad they do will strike them 10 fold. We we will survive it...and we will overcome it....we are not headed to the end but to the beginning of a way of life tragically marked by the difference in the way it was before...Wake Up we say to all who will hear us...Wake UP....and wake up they will...one day, they will hear it from every rooftop, every block, and every tongue...those voices/hearts/spirits raised in unison...the plan that the PTB want to wrap around us is not going to work...That's the revelation.

Anonymous said...

"One should never leave home without trousers and sense of humour, but if I had to chose I'd always take the sense of humour"

If you leave home without the trousers--that IS the sense of humor--then you don't have to choose--

See, there is always a way to get everything you want--

I'll comment on any thing, any time--or multiple things at all times---

Next conundrum please?


ps._ almost have that world peace and meaning of life thing figured out----I'll post my paypal account info sometime soon---

Anonymous said...


I like the fish idea...Pacific Salmon. I have access to them. Have to stay out of sight of the patrol boats and the pirates. Could get hairy.

European American

Anonymous said...

You simply work around their evil trips, like a stream of water works around the rocks and the obstructions. Daily they put more of them up; daily we work around them.
It is NOT easy working in W. Texas in the worst drought since 1918, worst, they say, then the thirties dustbowl days. I was thinking of that crazy program on AMC "Breaking Bad" and the cancer victim who felt he had to mfr. meth to pay his cancer bills since he'd decided to go the cut and burn route to placate his spouse.
Well, lets forget the pseudofed route and to the classical route with methylamine.... P2P... we'll steal that... and offer myrrh incense to that wonderful man Sasha who wrote those guidebooks whereby we could always find a way around an obstacle. No methylamine? Make your methylamine! Find one of those acacia or mimosa trees out here and see what you can find.... and then, when you were worst down on your luck,
you find a large stand of psilocybe out a few miles from texas a&m... even now. Gets to be every time these evil men slam a door in our face another door seems to open. I remember getting a nasty letter from IRS about four years ago threatening all sorts of dire things because I didnt want to pay tax after Bush's genocide on Iraq.... no answer,no reply. I assume come FEMA camp and all the squeeze will tighten and if nothing else we can make the gyroscopes for patriot missiles for 12 cents an hour paid to us by Unicorp like David Duke said he had to do when locked up in Big Spring TX FCI. Oh well, Ive had an interesting 54 year life and I got nothing left to lose. In Gitmo I can focus on the decades earlier than were good and supreme bliss. Things started to go bad in the late 90s and then they were never the same after the false flag 911. There will be another one in the coming months, and we'll see the taped Chinese american flags to the car antennae and all that all over again. But as long as I have food, water, fuel, ammo, I aint running again. Going to Idaho for Y2k was too cold. I've been in the south for the past 300 years and I am acclimated. If they want to remove me, come and take me! I would imagine a lot of the enlisted enforcers might not be on their job too long when they realize they can either do John Zog's bidding or go home awol and protect their own families. I have decided to make no more great treks, I will stand firm, like the Alamo,come and take me. If I go, well, the Brzezinski's can say I've made a great sacrifice to lowering the population by the 6 billion they wish. I'd rather be dead than be
housekeeper to Abramowitz, Khodiarovsky, or the other Amero-Russo Judogarchs.

Anonymous said...

...feeding your canines? I got a JackRussel which digs tuna, stored in hundreds. However, if push comes to shove he would even gorge some jalapenos - you bet! The thing I am a little worried about is the 100 pound snarler next street which doesn´t have any second thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Please check some manchurian oddities:



Anonymous said...

Thought you might find this interesting..Regarding the "Whoa to Sydney" speech analysis of your radio show interview...looks like your psychic ability was only about 600 miles off. :)
Australia declares disaster zone after oil spill- http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29656572

Anonymous said...

Regarding the idea that corporations mame and debilitate:

Once you have gone down this sordid path like I have, you are forced to come to the conclusion that it is BEYOND JUST PROFIT. It is BEYOND JUST GREED. I wish it was just "all about the money" and unforseen harmful side effects, but this is simply not the case and has not been the case for at least 25 years. Aspartame (artificial sweetener) is a great example. The official story (grossly simplified) is that sometime in the mid-to-late 1970s a scientist working in a lab in an unrelated matter got some unexpected white powder from a chemical reaction on his fingers and then tasted it and realised it was quite sweet and could be a wonderful, no calorie sugar replacement - and the rest is history after Rumsfeld intervened to push it through regardless of negative testing results. Now, forget for a moment that no lab tech in their right mind from the last 100 plus years would ever do such a dangerous thing, and forget that lab techs are gloved and shielded and don't have access to their mouths while mixing / testing chemicals in a professional environment, but something that must be pointed out is that aspartame in that raw state (as claimed in the "official story") is NOT SWEET AT ALL, but rather it is ACTUALLY SOMEWHAT BITTER!!! So, it must be further processed and modified to actually make it sweet, which completely throws a wrench into the engine. The question becomes: if aspartame is not actually sweet, and it was shown to be terribly dangerous in a variety of tests, and if the normally corrupt Congress and FDA wouldn't pass it after a number of attempts and needed the political clout of Rumsfeld to ram it through, then why the hell is it in well over 8000 products and counting?!

Now don't forget, it could also be said that debilitation, sickening and ultimately killing people is also related to PROFITS. Cancer, which aspartame helps create, is worth at least 70 billion per year in North America alone. Diabetes, also worth tens of billions per year is also greatly accelerated and often directly caused by aspartame. Aspartame also destroys parts of the brain (like flouride does) and glandular tissue in general, which is great for mind control and keeping us docile while they enslave us. So, profit is always a big part of the corporate equation (and with some the only), but in the last 25 years, profit is not the biggest part within a growing handful of industries. Addiction could also be assumed to be for profit too, obviously, but I am stating that much of this crap that enters our mouths is designed to have all the harmful effects on us that it does. Period.


Anonymous said...

I agree, Dr. F.
And then there's meat..

Anonymous said...

I agree totally.

This needs to be repeated:

"Why did we forget and how did we get so brainwashed, you say? I'm certain these affects are all part of the corporate biochemical agenda also... Do NOT underestimate the brilliance, the cunning, the motivation, the funding, and the technology these corporate / governmental / military people (pirates?) have."

I can read such as DR F writes and maintain a heart rate of less than 55bpm.

Whoever "they" are "they" seem to feed on the adrenaline rush resultant from a fear reaction.

F 'em!

psychegram said...

Anon 6:58

Well-said, sir! I got a couple of good laughs out that, even read a piece of it aloud. And the sentiment, well ... we've all been bandying about the idea of another false flag for quite some time, now. Many expected one last year, before the election perhaps, and there were those who expected one the year before that (to cement the Bush regime, if nothing else.) But in truth it hasn't seemed immanent until recently and ... given the stately pace at which this regime has overtaken the US, subverting its institutions decade by decade, consider that false flag attack - major ones at least - are quite rare, occurring perhaps once per administration. No more is necessary, really. So, when will Obama's false flag be?

General intuition seems to be, immanent. Much more so than I've ever seen it before.


Perhaps it is time to start asking ourselves, as individuals and as a nation, what we are going to do when we wake up one morning and find plastered all over every newspaper, TV channel, radio station and blog that Chicago has been nuked, hmm? What will follow? What will you do as you watch in sick fascination as the newscasters breathlessly report that a group of extremist Iranians aided by a shadowy network of deluded extremist American truthers and patriots has detonated the weapon, the faces of the prime suspects held up for all to see?

People who are just like you. What are you going to do?

By law, ISPs keep records going back months. They know what you read, what you watch, what you say in your emails, and so they know exactly how you think. They get inside the heads of the population, and by statistical analysis identify those individuals most likely to be radicalized, and you can bet your sweet ass they'll be coming for you if you've crossed a red line. Tens of thousands of troops and hundreds of thousands of cops, all seeing red, and blue with rage, and they might be coming for you, to take you away, because you have been identified as a threat. You don't know if they will, but....

Is that a knock on the door?

So. Here's one reaction (certainly not an optimal one.) You could always run, but ... to where? Everything is fenced, patrolled, and surveilled. Fight or flight doesn't seem to be much of a winning proposition. So....

(this is the part where I don't have any answers, and mercifully shut the hell up.)

psychegram said...


Responding to something a bit more upthread, "My whole life I have been yelling the truth in all the "wrong" moments."

Absolutely. I think this was one of the functions of secret societies in the past. Through a lot of history, the truth wouldn't just get you shunned, but executed, so those who knew it had to keep their mouths shut, passing it on only to those on whose discretion they could count.

There are concerns apart from personal danger, perhaps of great consequence. It is one thing to know something to be true, quite another to put that knowledge to use at the most opportune time. At the extreme, speaking the truth to the wrong people, at the wrong time, can get one killed. At the least, it might cause a row with a friend or family member deeply buried in an unrecognized lie, the conflict driving them further into its embrace and the negative energy put off by the two of you (and anyone else who gets caught up) slurped up by the very enemies you oppose. In this way and in others the True can be made to serve the Lie and so, prudence is often called for.

Hence, in order to protect both self and other, throughout history there have been mystery schools, secret societies, fraternal orders, and on, and etc ... and then there is now, the great Unveiling that is before us, when the curtain rises on the invisible, and the light of Truth begins to burn at the timbers of our world. The secret brotherhoods of old are losing their power as the secrets that secured it are brought into the open, liberating a great energy that must destroy a world that has been built upon lies.

Even so, it's still necessary to learn to use truth with caution ... the old restrictions are just as active as before, in fact the moment is so critical that it is more imperative than ever that truth not be used in the service of the lie, at least not by those whose chosen affiliation is with truth in the first place. If the truth from your mouth does nothing but add to the fear and confusion, then ... just who have you served? Remembering that even invisible entities must eat ... or at least those of a certain type.

"Wise as serpents, and Gentle as Doves" as Jesus said. Words to ponder.



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