Friday, March 27, 2009

The Usury Vampire Game.

We’re going to stay along the lines of the boxwood maze and the pecking order for this next sallying forth into that Balaklava... that Crimea of the mind known as the internet. I can just hear Stalin asking, “How many divisions does Visible have?” However neither of these have anything to do with each other and Stalin is drinking shit through a straw in his own private inferno so... onward we march across the glue traps of this sordid era in which we find ourselves and others, for the most part, lose themselves.

The Zionist Empire is something like those enormous trawling and drift nets that are up to 40 kilometers long. This net, which is a net of woven darkness, covers the Earth like Sherwin William’s paint. First, I’m going to say it flat out and then I’m going to toss a lot of examples out and you can decide if I’m just being mean to these poor oppressed victims who get criticized for the routine, cold-blooded murder of women and children, whose land they stole and who don’t have the good sense to leave... or anywhere to leave to for that matter. The Zionist movement is indeed no different from that of the Nazis and they and their supporters are bloodthirsty predators whose intent is to enslave the human race.

You’ve seen the T-shirts. You’ve heard the stirring, genocidal speeches of the military rabbis. You’ve noted the iron fisted control of the media and the banking industries. You’ve seen the evidence linking them to 9/11. You know about the U.S.S.S. Liberty and The Lavon Affair. You have observed what took place in Gaza and you know about the recent, unprovoked mass murder in Lebanon and the bombing of the Iraq nuclear reactor and the bombing of the imaginary nuclear site in Syria and the bombing in Sudan a couple of months ago, You know about the faked rescue in Entebbe and about all the phony holocaust memoirs. You know that there was something like 100,000 Jewish survivors (scroll down to 1946) after world war two but that now there are 350,000 of them because they are reproducing through some kind of ectoplasm precipitation process.

Let’s look at some of the things they are up to in present time. They want to make it a crime in the European Union- across the board- prohibiting any criticism or diminishment of THE Holocaust, punishable by 3 years in jail. They want this because they are concealing the truth about it. Let’s be clear, precise and brief. Something is wrong with the official version and this is why they are doing it.

They want to stifle criticism in the U.S. They don’t want you to see things like Pat Oliphant’s cartoon because it also reveals the truth and the truth, as we know, is anti-Semitic. Their own soldiers are admitting to intentional genocide. They’ve got false flag terror cells all over the place pretending to be members of the Al Qaeda boogeyman that they created and which doesn’t exist just like the one they were caught red handed at in Palestine. They kept George Galloway out of Canada with a piece of legislation created by the Zionist Occupied Government of Canada. They want to suppress public justice for acts of treason by them on American soil. The list goes on and on and on. They are doing bad things to the gentile side of humanity 24/7 and I suppose most of you have read those pithy quotes from the Talmud about the less than human who are not members of the ‘self-chosen’ race.

All of these things are a matter of public record, just like the recently made available acts of land theft through fraud via the good offices of the Turkish government. The Red Cross Holocaust figures are also a matter of public record as are their comprehensive findings on the matter entire. And someone please tell me why the population figures for Jews remained relatively unchanged from before the war to after the war. Day by day this pernicious, truth-eating virus of Zionism seeks to impose its will upon the world while it kills without conscience and ruthlessly suppresses all dissent in every form.

Okay... we know that these are the bad guys but there is something that might not be clear and that is how they achieved such power and how they have managed to control the behavior of world leaders as can readily be seen at this time. What I am going to tell you also ties directly in to the effort to make war on Islam. It is all about USURY.

When you are able to put a nation into debt you can control the policy of that nation and thereby the leaders of that nation as well. When you control the money supply, by creating debt through principal and the interest added to it- because of your ability to print the money- you can gain a terrible grip upon what happens in every nation where this applies. This is why the Federal Reserve is in place and why all attempts to end it’s stranglehold on money ends in assassinations and failure. Islam opposes the charging of interest on money loaned. Let this thought sink into your head. It is all about the money and the control it gives.

It should come as no surprise that Zionists exercise great control on the availability of money through their control of the central banks and are thereby in a position to control the legislations that get passed in the various governments. It all goes back to Amschel Rothschild’s comment about controlling a nation’s money supply.

This is the essence of the beast and the lever of control. You don’t need hidden nukes or Samson options. This is what is happening and this is why the bank bailouts are taking place to ensure a greater consolidation and control of the destiny of planet Earth.

All the needlessly generated wars are about creating debt. Throughout the Third World one can see glaring evidence of it as well.

What is going to happen when all of this has become fully exposed to the view of the world is anyone’s guess. It’s coming day by day. Each day reveals new information and each day we see some further horror that has been generated by this bandit nation. Israel was created for only one reason and that was to siphon away the wealth of the world and to gain control of it entirely. It’s not going to happen though and that makes for some interesting speculation about what the future holds.

Bernie Madoff was all about this and you can be sure that the majority of the scams and double dealings are all about theft for the benefit of Israel. It should be as clear as the nose on your face.

There are solutions to this problem but, when you look at who is in control of the various agencies in America and who the people are who are managing policy in the Obama administration it should be even more clear that help is not going to come from that direction.

These feckless fools in leadership positions around the world think themselves untouchable. Look at Gordon Brown’s face as some of his more eloquent critics put it to him here and here. This is the same kind of self-satisfied arrogance we saw in Bushligula, whenever he was confronted with his evil ways. It’s the “you can’t touch me” persona. This is what they believe. They believe they can act with increasingly callous disregard in all things because they are in charge. Well... time will tell and just like no one has ever conquered Afghanistan, no one has ever conquered the world.

I’ve maintained for some time that everything that is happening is part of a life play, moral lesson for the people of the world. It is as if we are living in something written by Shakespeare. Who the author of this may be doesn’t matter since history is littered with examples of the same. You are watching a movie and you are in the movie at the same time. Consider well the part you play and play it with all you have. Sooner or later the curtain is going to come down and then... the curtain is going to come up.

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Anonymous said...

Driving to work this morning I kept going over the words by Jesus that you must be born again to enter the kingdom of God and I am fully aware this has nothing to do with today's posting but is that not reincarnation in fact is not the word reincarnation meaning rebirth so it does appear to my simple mind Les that you speak of a truth as spoken by the greatest teachers that have gone on before us and with us today.
Again and again Les Visible you take us to the fountain of life and you are able to draw deep of the living fountain to nourish our parched souls you do it with an eloquence and beauty that is unmatched and untouched you continue to light the way as a house built on a hilltop
you Sir are a modern day prophet.I am grateful and will continue to sit at your feet and wash them with the tears of my soul.
Thank you and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching a lot of David Attenborough's documentaries from the BBC lately. They are over 10 years old, but timeless. The private life of plants, trials of life, etc... I'm struck by the incredible intelligence displayed in nature. It's beyond belief, the diversity and utter magnitude and complexity of nature.

And there is a great deal of aggression going on. Even plants are pushing their way around, fighting for sunlight. They have thorns and poison tips and all kinds of clever ways to survive. I'm aware that aggression is part of nature, but it seems humans are almost alone in that they kill their own. It's a form of cannibalism.

I know we are part of nature, we are nature, so this is not an aberration. And I know nature produces all kinds of variety, some work, some don't. I have a bad feeling about this.

The one thing that makes us different is the capacity to create elaborate concepts. And the ability to act them out. We imagine something like a wheel, then we create it. We use language to convey these things to others, and combined with a thumb, we have done quite a lot in a short time. But what makes us think we are infallible? As if the whole universe exists to produce us. Like we are the end product of a vast evolution, I don't think so. Looks more like we are near self destruction. And as you say, those who have taken this combination of aggression, and conceptual thinking to the max, are the worse of the lot. We see the whole Zionist thing as the epitome of what is wrong with mankind.

If you are right and the curtain comes down, for sure it will rise again, and I doubt it will take that path again. :>)

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Thanks for your wisdom!

On the previous article, one of your readers mention a possible race war to kick things into motion for the Zionist - open martial law.

And I'm just thinking about how Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Native Americans, etc, all argue and fight among each other while the Zionists sit back in their million-dollar high rises and watch the chaos...

This is a very effective strategy to keep the masses divided so there can never be organized thought to mount an organized attack against them...

When stuff hits the fan, before you think of Black People, White People, or others as the enemy or the cause, take a very good look at what part the Zionists are playing in it..

They have the money, the media, the police, the military, and the technology to pull stuff off and cause chaos between the races - "Ordo Ab Chao"..

Stay blessed and alert!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The "idea" of money is by itself not worth the actions we put to buying things. The debt story you're showing is the real face of money. We could find any number of "ideas" to replace money but we all know why thats not happening. The power that anyone has over another is too a play and not truly real. Money and its ends are an agreement we make with the master of banking to control not nations but ourself. To bad, money is the last of our worries on this planet.
The chosen race thing is just a pep, a cheer, to get the blood boiling. Who or what we are is not at all a factor in this struggle, but we let the media get us all raped up in "how dare they." Im not saying to forget or not listen to all around you, but dont get things out of order. You will create and thats it, dont let others make mind games for you, that will happen by the very nature of thinking.
Last, the root of "jew" issues is in the history of a very small group of people (not really jewish) that have used or been hiding behind a great and power world religion. A good portion of moving thought has come from jewish thinkers, do some reading! But at a fixed time is history, a solar cult of males turned inwards and left behind most of the great teaching of this world. The "dont touch me" thing is an outward face for this. They know all to well what they will get by worshiping just one god and take comfort in living in a childs world forever.


Anonymous said...

As long as certain twisted souls feel the need to lie, cheat and murder to achieve their ends some of us need to keep pointing it out.... and I need to point out that the work you attribute to Pat Buchanan is actually the work of James Buchanan who ever he is? Surely an honest mistake.. or is it? Enjoy the rants none the less, lets just keep it real. Derek

Visible said...

Hi Derek;

yes... someone already got to me about that half an hour ago and it's been gone for awhile. Occasionally I miss something. I got this from someone and didn't bother to vet it; always a mistake.

As soon as I caught on it was gone. I really appreciate having these things pointed out because I do make mistakes and they need to be corrected. I am lucky I've got such a group of aware and intelligent readers.

Thank you very much for pointing that out and the good words.

qrswave said...

the taking of interest is like eating your brother's flesh...

it's exploitation based on arrogance and rejection of God's dominion over all mankind.

in short, those who do it, do it because they think they can get away with it even though God clearly prohibits it

they'll soon see how badly they're mistaken...

their colossal federal reserve usury/gambling scam can't last much longer before it collapses from the weight of its own corruption

Anonymous said...

pnac plan aka the global warming riddle

Zoner said...

Many of us are seeing what money really is, and learning what it has been used for.It is a pretty slick scheme that worked for a long time, fattened those at the top up nicely, and sure allowed us to lead some good Package Deals here in the USA.

Peak oil? That's a scarcity myth, like most others.

Peak money? That's here, right now. The game is played out, big-time and the veneer is peeling badly. We get to watch, in real time, as they myth of money and its power over our better parts (the part that knows better and also knows how to exist without money)ceases to be.

Trillions in "wealth" evaporating, because there is no one left in a position to labor hard and fast enough to "make it real".

That's the only real wealth we have you know - our sweat and labor and creative energy and experience and wisdom, and we'll all still have that when the bills can't be paid and the systems implode.

I hope we channel those resources wisely.


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

We are Dreaming we are Alive.

Anonymous said...

I've been a reader (here) for a long while now and while I dont allways agree with your views, I applaud your stance in trying to get to the bottom of things and your persistance in trying to inform others. Great work in all respects. Please keep it up.
- Maji

Anonymous said...

Excellent Les,
It is all about the promise of phony money and the control it gives. However, the minute we realize that it is just a baseless promise, the myth of the "money" collapses together with the idea of abstract paper ownership. What we don't physically use isn't ours.

psychegram said...

I expect the majority of readers here already get the mechanics of how, exactly, it is that usury - I'm sorry, interest - weaves its dark spell on the minds of humanity but in case you haven't given this aspect of the Labyrinth the study it deserves I strongly recommend the following short film, Money as Debt. It's less than an hour long and tells you pretty much everything you need to know.

So lets assume you already grok the problem. Let's talk about alternatives, then, shall we? There's lots of ideas out there. Money as Debt itself mentions the idea of issuing a currency backed, not by denbt but by infrastructure and this is an interesting idea indeed. The visionary polymath Jacques Fresco of the Venus Project has ideas about a 'resource-based economy' which while I'm a bit vague on how exactly it would work is certainly an idea worth listening to. Charles Eisenstein, another of the great philosophers of the age, thinks we should implement a system known as demurrage, which you can read about in amongst others this long, fantastic and detailed essay, Money and the Turning of the Age. As an aside I'd recommend any of his other essays and of course his book, The Ascent of Humanity, which you can find here. It's long but I've had a few of my friends read it and their reviews have all been as glowing as my own, so, I'll leave that at that.

You can think of demurrage as the opposite of interest. Basically, usury allows money to grow by doing nothing more than sitting in a bank account, collecting interest. Once loaned out ('invested'), the creditor need do nothing more than wait around for his loan to be repaid and this has certain inevitable implications for the development of any economy in which this sort of money-lending is practiced. V compares this to vampirism and this is an apt analogy, for debt-based interest-bearing currency has many of the classic traits of the undead scourge, including immortality and an essentially parisitic nature.

Demurrage, as I said, is the opposite. Think of it as a fee imposed on whoever holds the money. Periodically, that supply of money is reduced, until eventually it disappears entirely. This would make money in essence no different from any other commodity, the vast majority of which are inherently perishable and thus, if not used more or less immediately, useless to whoever holds it. This means that the farmer, for example, must sell his grain shortly after harvest, or be at a great loss.

One might well question why we'd want to move from usury (which allows money to grow simply by being) to demurrage (in which money shrinks, over time, to nothing.) The benefits are several. First and most obvious, it would provide a massive incentive for money to circulate throughout the economy at a much higher rate, for those who accumulated monetary wealth would want to turn it into real wealth as quickly as possible, before their gains evaporate. Second, and just as important, it aligns money with all other things in nature, from food to life-forms, in that it will have a built-in expiry date, a real life-cycle that will allow it to fulfil all of the necessary functions of money whilst simultaneously keeping it from overstepping its bounds within the natural order.

Krackonis said...

I am fearful of my family and my future. I see this police state closing in around all free thinking people. I feel as if I can do nothing and talk to no one. The powerless feeling is taking ahold of me.

I've shaken people tried to show them what it means to be resistant, then I read that Monstano is taking over all food production in our country. I am afraid to eat.

We have to fight them. Passively? Impassively? Outright? Some way.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Commander-sahib,

Give thanks for the Visible Fleet's continuing broadcast of the Truth to the prisoners of Planet Gaza struggling to be free!

The waves of rage are hitting me hard again.
Do you notice the 'shock doctrine' bombardments seem to come like waves? We just barely have time to absorb one wave when another hits, usually with increasingly less time in between to 'catch our breath'.

The hate-full judeo-nazis started their matricide 5000 yrs ago, spitting-on, denying, killing the feminine, the Goddess, the natural world, life, beauty (have you listened to the awful dissonant melodies/scales of their 'religious' chants??!!).
Just want to point out this article which came out a couple days ago on Mothers' Day.
Very revealing (and sickening).

Plus, the other one by Gilad Atzmon.

Palestinian Mothers

War On Terror Within


Anonymous said...

Kilaya here,
Dadnerd, you said, "The one thing that makes us different is the capacity to create elaborate concepts."
Although I don't disagree with this statement, I would like to add that the one thing that makes us different is that we have the ability to make choices, unlike most other species on this planet. It is our abiity to make the right choice, that which is of benefit to others which enables us to make some gains in our spiritual path. The tricky thing is to be able to discern correctly. Basically, the idea of not harming others is a good start and the other aspects may be developing patience, generosity and adopting an attitude of equanimity with others.

Anonymous said...

OK, this is what I don't get....

1. The Illuminati follow the Hegelian dialectic. This means that they control all of the possible outcomes of a situation. It means that they also control all the answers to a question.

2. With that said. Why wouldn't they control what is "leaked" to people like Alex Jones?

3. 1984 demonstrated this concept with the Book that defined the resistance. It turns out this revolutionary document was actually written by the Secret Police and used to trap opponents to the established regime.

4. The Internet was built by military intelligence and the basic infrastructure is still maintained by Public Institutions.

5. Alex could be good or bad. It doesn't matter. What matters is where the information originates.

I have definitely upset the PTB: see-,89 and they have made d*** sure that I don't make a penny from any of my ventures.... and

They use trojans and mirror sites. I use Access Me and Numerous other programs so they are easily detected. I am what happens to true "dissidents" in America. Yet, the media (internet and otherwise) continues to ignore the story.

Why isn't this happening to the voices of dissent elsewhere?

Visible said...

It happens to me.

I look at it as the necessity of walking through nettles to get where I'm going. The experience may be uncomfortable but it's not going to stop me because it is more uncomfortable to not get where I'm going. In the process I find a way around nettles in general.

Flies buzz my head sometimes and every now and then someone revs up a chain saw while I'm meditating but that's just how it is.

I'm not concerned with the harm these agencies think they can do. I'm concerned with the harm I can do myself by taking them seriously or giving them more power than they actually have.

m_astera said...


Very well done, especially the analogy to the entropic tendencies of Nature.

Worth pointing out that this demurrage concept would only be applicable to fake money, i.e. fiat currency or credits.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, this article is pushing all "their" buttons I bet. Fine work.
This came regarding the idea of demurrage.
Print banknotes with slowly disappearing ink. So one has to spend them before this happens. And should one choose to get faded notes traded in for fresh ones in the enent one doesn't spend them all, first, make it so when a person goes in to exchange faded notes for fresh ones, they get say 9 new notes for every 10 faded notes.

Anonymous said...

Krackonis it saddens me to know you are afraid, and that there is little I can do to remove that - But I'll try all the same.
I used to worrie over the way things are heading too but now, much less so for some reasons that I'll *try* to articulate.
F. D. Roosevelt said in 1933 (strangly enough, as what is knowen as The Great Depression was hitting home)
"We have nothing to fear but fear itself"
While I dont like the man, I do like this quote.
Also I find this lightens my heart greatly - maybe for you also:
Another thing you should find heartening is (I have followed the truth/alternative history/independent news sceen for a good many years now) in the past couple of years, like an avalanch more and more people are opening their eyes and looking around - we are not alone, and in numbers comes security and with security comes peace of mind.
I compleatly understand your position and I hope you can find solice in something here, or elsewhere! keep your head up, friend.
- Maji

Eugene said...


Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

Greetings from man-mad hell, world of foisted myths, ass robbers and pedophile kings.

"Im praying for tidal waves, I wanna see the ground give way, I wanna watch it all go down" - 20 15 15 12

Here is an account of how the Zionist Ashkenazi, the Freemasons and the Catholic Church worked Mother Russia (and so many many others) over with usury...

Under the Sign of the Scorpion

The Fight Against Usury


Architects of Deception

Should the inquiring want to know more, google...

Benjamin Friedman

Congressman Louis McFadden

General Smedley Butler

But what will be the weapon again that kills these maggots? If we say no violence, no killing, no revolution, and only peaceful resistance ... will these things changer their mind? Only if they are afraid in their coffins at night will they change.

Anonymous said...

Zionism = White supremacism. Colonialism. WESTERN EMPIRE. Cecil Rhodes type thinking. The creator of the Rhodes Scholarship envisioned a worldwide empire ruled by whitey and based out of the UK. The racist, colonialist crap that came out of his mouth was chilling! Check his Wikipedia entry.

Israel is but the weaker left arm of the Beast, the one that gets to wreak havoc on one side of the planet. The United States is the stronger right arm, and it gets to wreak havoc all over the world. US/Israel: The two enforcement arms of Western Empire, see? No point to slapping one hand while ignoring the other. It's self defeating plus it looks bad.

FWIW, I'd bet real money that if we could get our hands on the names of the people who regularly attend Bilderberg Group meetings we'd see mostly European/UK royalty and hardly any Jewish people at all. If we could only get our hands on the names of the major shareholders of the central banks we'd see many of the same people: Caucasian, UK/European royalty, maybe the Vatican, and a diverse platoon of well-compensated minions.

I'm convinced that the real conrollers are perfecly content to throw their "sacrificial Jew" like Wickerman into the bonfire whenever they do a repo-man styled cleanup during a fiat currency collapse, which happens at least once every 100 years or so. That's what their ancestors did, and it worked every time. I for one won't fall for it when it happens this time, and Les I hope you won't, either.

The Jewish folks I know and/or am related to all about the "Wickerman Syndrome" and make self-deprectating jokes about "sacrificial jews" while in sympathetic company. Actually, knowing about the Wickerman Syndrome might explain that inexplicable, seemingly unholy alliance between the Orthodox Jewish folks and Conservative Christians. Conservative Christians are fighting the NWO tooth and nail (have you noticed?), and hard times make for some strange bedfellows. Maybe . . . Wow. I'm going to have to sit down and think about this because it's all starting to come together. Double and triple agents, good guys gone under cover playing bad . . . all to prevent a replay of an old, old story. Man what a movie this would make. Or maybe a comic book.

Visible said...


Historical record and present day circumstances do not bear that out. However, in a very recent entries, I think it was the Starship Visible and Just a little something posts I go into some depth about that and agree in various respects with you and have always been careful to say so.

Anonymous said...

"Like the Nazis" ...what makes you think that if the "unknown parties" are perfidious NOW, they were any different before & after WWII?

Do leopards change their spots? (No insult meant to the 4-leggeds).

What makes you think we heard the TRUTH about WHAT REALLY HAPPENED in re. to the Nazis, and the injured parties, eh?

A Latina- finding Truth 60+ yrs. later

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Israel Smokey. Let us pray for its success as a nation. The prophecies of the sages rings true. There will be no peace in the world until the nation of Israel is established. If this were to actually happen, the sedition of the rest of the nations of the world might cease. When they are their own nation and not a nation within a nation they can't hide behind others. As in Gaza the light shines on them and their true colors become more visible than ever.
There is a chance that they become accountable. The only problem is without the gentile, the people of Israel will become their own worst enemy. Theirs is the religion of destruction be it the gentile or self-destruction, I think in the end it matters little to them. Let us pray for these poor misireble people and for the good of the rest of the world that they may find a way to exist as a nation among each other beyond the confines of hatred and destruction which has become their way.

Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

Yet another masterful post, this is what I believe too but I do believe this evil serpent is being set up by an altogether slimier reptile. Time will tell I guess.

There is much hysteria in the press about the G20 summit in London. A word of warning to all well meaning people, there will be agent provocateurs at work. Every resistance movement in history has been infiltrated so my advice is against collectivisation. My advice is for personal choice. Make a stand in your own realm, shop locally preferably in family run stores, grow your own food and STOP using banks wherever possible. I realise the last past is difficult but lets face it, we rely upon them too much. Stop paying by direct debit, stop paying by card, do not borrow, do not save in banks use a credit union (why not start a credit union?).

Finally, turn off the serpent in your living rooms, the ultimate infiltration…the TV!

Instead speak to your neighbours, apply for an allotment and work with your neighbours to grow food, talk to people and share your knowledge and experience.

Pass the death sentence on the New World Order by non-cooperation. Ignore the beast in your own realm, walk a new direction, a good direction and others will follow.

Harm no other.

Peace be upon you all and always


Ray Zerwitt said...

Anyone who thinks they can confiscate 300 million guns (and growing daily) is so fucked in the head, they deserve to be shot in the head. And I'll do it. Come see me, Homeland security voyeur perverts. I'm not intimidated by the rustling of a leaf.

Nonetheless, violence against them has only perpetuated them and maybe even fertilised them. They never die. It has only seemed to reinforce their mutant strain of seed. The final battle is a war of words. No more picking over history. It's all recorded every day now. No more spin. No more sophistry. The war of words is the final battle with these reptile brains. The 2 edged sword. It's only the beginning of the end of your shit. Suffer long and hard.

Greg Bacon said...

I am fearful of my family and my future. I see this police state closing in around all free thinking people

Whatever you do, don't feed these bloodsuckers by giving them power thru your fear.
They feed on that like a vampire does blood, so find someone, something to give you a little boost to get rid of that terror known as fear.

It's like the sign at the zoo, "Don't feed the animals."

Don't feed the butchers and war mongers.

Zionism is a rancid, corrupt political movement, just like the corrupted form of Communism trashed by earlier Zionists to give them unlimited power.
Which they used to murder over 20 million Russians who didn't care to be part of their little coffee klatsch.

And this is what we're supposed to be in awe of and eventually, be told to swear allegiance to or else?

Fuck those cocksuckers. I don't believe in heaven, but I sure as hell hope there is a Hell.

Kratoklastes said...

Hey there Eugene...

Don't lump Freemasonry in with the vampirism of the Ashke-Nazi and other members of the self-anonted political castes.

Anybody who has ever read anything I have written will tell you that I am anti-Zionist (and got slapped into a cell in France for my views on France's "Holocaust Denial" laws)... and my background in the Craft goes deeper than anybody who has ever written an exposé (in case you thought I was just a Blue Lodge 'useful idiot').

Speaking of 'other lodges', everybody on this group ought to investigate the piece entitled "Assassination Politics" by Jim Bell. It outlines a 'gaming platform' whereby people place anonymised double-encrypted wagers as to the date of the death of some or other scumbag... on the date of the death the bids are unsealed and the private-key holder receives his reward - the whole pot - while remaining anonymous.

Were this system to become widespread, it would provide a super-strong negative incentive for the armed goons who enforce the will of the parasitic classes. (being an ATF sniper would be roughly the same as being an anti-MAfia judge in Palermo... a short-life job).

Read Bell's work... the OrgA version (pre-emptive defence) is PERFECTLY consistent with the libertarian (and Freemasonic) principle against the initiation of aggression and violence.

I have no qualms about betting on the foreshortedned future of political parasites - the betting pool for some of them (and some enablers) is getting large enough to encourage someone to act.

It's hard to find the list - obviously its e-space coordinates can not be distributed by any identity which is traceable to a meatspace co-ordinate (in some sense, I dont' "know" how to access it, at least, not in a way that I can divulge, even under duress).

Now you know it exists. If you're interested you'll find it.

Alea Iacta Est.



Kratoklastes said...

Eugene -

Don't conflate Freemasonry with the Ashke-Nazi deranged racial-supremacist Eastern-European peasant scum... nor with the parasitic vampire self-anointed political class.

I am a Mason of long standing (and exposure to plenty of material outside of the normal purview of Blue Lodge 3-degree-ers), and yet anybody who has read my stuff knows full well that I spent time in a French cell as a result of a very outspoken piece against French 'Holocaust' denial laws - and I have also called for the slaughter of EVERY political parasite (including Ron Paul - anybody who survives based on the rape of others' paypackets under threat of death).

Politicians promulgate their collective idiocy and call it 'law', thence to be 'upheld' by swaggering jackbooted armed thugs and gowned-and-wigged "justices"... as well as the "Little Eichmanss" who stamp and file the details of the lives of their livestock.

This MUST end - and Jim Bell came up with the solution a long time ago (and served time in jail in the Land of the Free as a direct result).

His solution: a double-encrypted wagering platform - where people place bets as the the death date of some or other despot.

On the day of the demise of (say) Cheney, the bets relating to Cheney are opened using private keys provided by claimants, and whoever picked the closest date wins the pot (while retaining anonymity).

You can find the entire manifesto at Jim Webb's "Assassination Politics"; I dislike the name, because it can be applied to wrongdoing police officers and others as well. I prefer to call it "Wager Against Tyranny".

The OrgA version is ENTIRELY consistent with the libertarian principle of non-initiation of violence, in that the target must be a proved malefactor who has initiated an act of violence against a victim.

It is hard to find the lists, and harder to enter them. But they exist already, and the bidding on some folks is getting interesting.

It is no use asking me how to get access, because this identity and the meatspace co-ordinates attached to it have no idea how to do so (a necessary contrivance to prevent the ability of my meatbag to divulge same under duress).

Markets are beautiful things - winning bidders could easily outsource the 'date fulfillment' aspects of the system, since there is any number of individuals who are prepared to knock other people off, and their rates are quite reasonable.


GT's Market Rant

psychegram said...


Absolutely. Gold, silver or other precious metals are inherently valuable ... and have demurrage built-in anyways (otherwise known as storage fees, which whether you pay the bank or build the safe yourself, one way or another, you have to pay.) But as you say, the idea applies pretty much exclusively to fiat currencies ... though in this case, the currency has value by 'fiat' of any who use it, rather than a government or central bank.


"Print banknotes with slowly disappearing ink. So one has to spend them before this happens."

What an intriguing concept. Thank you for that. My own best idea, for the paper tokens was to simply print a list (or perhaps a spiral) on the back of the note, giving its initial value, it's expiry date, and a guide to how much it would be worth at any given time. I have an idea somewhat more structured but ... I have a soft spot for the complex and ... sometimes there's something to be said for simplicity.

nobody said...

Hey Les,

Well you know where my head is at. But along these lines, directly and parallel, are these thoughts I actually posted over at aangirfan. I'll just cut and paste them here -


Given that the chief backers and supporters of Zionism, ie. the Rothschilds, don't live in Israel, nor show any inclination to do so (!) -

Given that these Zionists, allegedly inspired by the the torah, seem anything but pious -

Given that these same backers are bankers, indeed ne plus ultra bankers -

Given that these same people are the chief proponents of a new world order, one in which they would necessarily rule -

Given that the only way to achieve this is by money and debt -

Given that there are only two varieties of banking, one based on usury, interest, wealth extraction, and political control, and the only other option, Islamic banking, provides a sensible non-usurious alternative (that becomes ever more obvious as usury heads towards its inevitable pyramid scam collapse) -

Given that Islamic banking precludes control by debt and is thus the only roadblock on the path to one world government -

Given that the people under Islamic banking, Muslims, are ordinarily a peaceable people unlikely to pick fights or start wars or otherwise invite their destruction -

Given all that, wouldn't Israel then make sense as a means to an end rather than and end in itself? This end being the destruction of Islamic banking. What if Israel was nothing more than a cancer planted in the heart of those lands not under usurious control, with its sole purpose being to provoke those same Muslim countries into attacking as a bloc (a thing the centre-less, non-heirarchical Muslims are otherwise hugely unlikely to do) and thus ensuring their destruction in our Jewish media-fueled righteous response?

If I was to say that there's no future in Israel's perpetual beyond-murderous outrages, would I be wrong? I can't see what they're doing as achieving anything other than their own destruction. Honestly, how long are Muslims meant to put up with WP, DIME, poison gas, and the flagrant shooting of women and children? Nemesis is certain. And perhaps that's the whole idea.

What if Israel is merely there to be sacrificed, by way of the magic number of six million, on the altar of world government?


I've said all this before sure enough. But we persist in shaking our fists at Zionists (and it's not like they don't deserve it) when it seems entirely possible that they're just dupes. Hateful dupes sure, but whatever. At least they put their money where their mouth is and actually live in Israel. Me, I think it would pay to wonder at Zionists who don't live in Israel and never seem likely to. Why is that? Perhaps they're not actually Zionists at all? Or perhaps their meaning of 'Zion' is different to ours. What if 'Zion' wasn't so much the eastern seaboard of the Mediterranean, as it was the whole world?

Meanwhile if you view the word 'terrorist' as equating to 'those not subject to usury' you'd be amazed at how neatly it all lines up.

And the other people in the media's list of 'those we must hate', China, Russia, Venezuela etc. whilst not being owned by the Rothschilds and their friends, still subscribe to the usury system and offer no alternative. Not like the Muslims do. So! It's Muslims first, with non-Rothschild usury-users to follow.

Works for me.

JoseyWales said...

It looks like alot of new people want to be your friend, its funny when a new voice tries to look like a regular reader.

Back in the 90's when Clinton was buying up 30 yr. Treasury bonds and reducing the national debt, Greenspan said, "getting rid of all the U.S. debt was not a good idea". I thought at the time, what a strange comment, whats wrong with paying off the national debt?

So, after Bush's tax-cuts and the devastating spending binge, we see what they were up to. The idea is to keep everyone in perpetual debt and paying interest forever.

I'm keeping track of the financial side.


Anonymous said...

I think you nailed it with that article. Good job. As ever. There's a storm coming, and soon. Listen out for the trumpet blast(s)...

Those who serve Lucifer will get to meet the wrath of God, up close and personal...upon which they will contemplate for eternity.

"For what does it profit a man if he gain the world at the price of his soul?"

What indeed!

God bless y'all

Pax Verbum

Glenn said...

"US President Barack Obama put Pakistan at the centre of the fight against Al-Qaeda on Friday [27 March 2009].

Obama said Al-Qaeda and extremist allies were 'a cancer that risks killing Pakistan from within' and warned Pakistan must 'demonstrate its commitment' to eliminating extremists on its soil."

Why does Barak Hussein Obama keep on talking about "Al-Oaeda" when every thinking person knows the organisation does not exist?

By doing so he makes himself into an ignorant puppet president of the most powerful country in the world.

In plain language he is making himself into an idiot.

No thinking person is going to follow an idiot puppet into battle.

On the contrary, thinking people both in and outside of the United States of America are going to have compassion for all peoples attacked and killed by the US and Nato in the name of a war against "Al-Qaeda".


William Wilson said...

Psychegram-you're welcome. The idea just came to me one I understood the idea of demurrage.Another alternative to the present system is simply to return to the gold or silver standard. Problem is, when money is what the government says it is instead of what the majority of the people agree on, then, if the wrong people get control of the issuing and circulation of money then what we have is what's going on now.
A lot of folks see the cause of the problem, I don't see it as "the jews" as such, rather, it's an attitude and consciousness which seems to be more prevalent among members of that ethnicity. Although it exists in one form or another among societies, organizations, individuals who are members of other ethnicities. And, it exists among non-racially exclusive organizations, too. The "we are better than you, we have more power, we can do whatever we like and get away with it, and there's nothing you- who are not us- can do about it"

Combine that attitude with advanced weapons and the corporate structure (which is based on evasion of responsibility for one's actions) and there you have it.

Anonymous said...

Several comments that are related.

I would refrain from discussing actions that may be considered bordering on conspiracy. I assure you that they watch this site, that they will have people plug in to encourage things other than discussion.

As O settles into his seat of power and his ego grows so will his paranoia. That will enable his handlers to actions that they are drooling to do anyway.

WE are all centers of power. Ideas should be shared but actions are another story.


Anonymous said...

Let me help you out Glenn:

"Why does Barak Obama keep on talking about Al-Qaeda" when every thinking person knows the organization does not exist.........etc. etc."

IF (and I mean IF) Obama is the real deal and has a sincere desire to try and straighten things out he must act like he is going along with the game. Remember most people are unthinking and fear the Al-Qaeda bogeyman because they have been brainwashed by the news media and government officials. People don't think they have feelings and opinions. They get these opinions from the TV set. As time goes by he might attempt some of the things JFK tried to do. Maybe even announce NESARA! No way he could jump in and contradict all the garbage Joe six pack thinks is true.

People were critical of Ron Paul when he was campaigning because he never said 911 was an inside job. You can bet your life he knows the truth but can't talk about it because the news media would have eaten him up. That is the way it is when you live in a country with a "free press" and corrupt government.

Lets wait and see, give him a chance. At least we don't have that clown in Washington anymore.


jackruby64 said...

I'd like to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, but I still feel that he answers to a higher authority, meaning the central bankers. OK, look, Geitner was Pres. of the NY Fed, now he's sec. of the treasury. The Secret Service has 24/7 access to POTUS, knows his whereabouts, etc. And the Secret Service is part of what orginization? That's right, the Treasury! Some awfully big dots there folks, easy to connect.
James aka jackruby64

Jody Paulson said...

I just put this short story up on my blog --

Clan of the Cave Banker:
an idea whose time has past.

Yutani said...

Excellent Post

Have you seen the 'Obama Deception'?

I think Alex Jones maybe a mole;
does any one agree with me?

Visible said...

Nothing would surprise me these days. I'm probably not important enough but no one has ever approached me about doing anything for the government at any time.

One telling point I measure everyone by is whether they acknowledge Israel's involvement in 9/11 or whether they segue off into some other direction. Another thing I look for is that special vibration that transmits itself within the words a person delivers. For instance, ten people can say the exact same thing but they will not all have the same impact in saying it.

Another thing that makes me wonder is when people want to convince me that the neo-con dual nationals and media owners along with the ancient banking houses are actually not running things at their level and are being used for dupes. I can't imagine that is possible that the people actually doing all of the unspeakable acts are only cutouts who will be sacrificed down the road. It goes against what I know their intelligence level to be. If one were to say that the larger portions of certain populations are in line for that well... I've already seen that happen a few times via the agency of representatives of their own people.

And then people want me to think that the Vatican is running things or that it's the Illuminati and the Masons. What I have discovered is that all of these organizations have good and bad people in them and the awakened good belong to one invisible lodge and the committed evil belong to another and it's all a duality play that goes on through the centuries; a magical war if you will.

In the midst of this are the endless ranks of victims who are used like game pieces in a battle between light and darkness which is about as successful as the battle between night and day. Some times there's more light and that's a good time to be around and sometimes there is more darkness and even in these times a soul can make serious progress; perhaps even more so in dark times.

So... if someone said that all of these seeming villains were being used by the force of darkness itself then I would, of course, agree and if they were to say that there are people in the shadows who manipulate the people out front, I would agree in so far as it was understood that these people in the shadows were agents of the force of darkness.

But... my belief is that the darkness and the light both serve the interests of a power so much greater than either of them that it is incalculable and regardless of when and where you may be it is always better to serve the light. As lao Tzu said, "Though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven."

I have seen in my own life that seemingly far greater forces of darkness had no power over me due to the protection of the one I serve. It really is in the individual heart and mind where the battle takes place and one wins or loses. Once triumphant there is no force on Earth that can oppose you.

We are meant for different things depending on our inclinations and level of understanding as well as our disposition and the composition of our being. War is an eternal constant. This is why Krishna says in the Bhagavad-Gita that "nothing is better for a warrior than a righteous war"

Every religion has the factor of war permeating it- except for Buddhism which is The Middle Way and which still requires conflict resolution. That's why we hear, "Onward Christian Soldiers" and that Christ talks about bringing a sword, why we hear about jihad and why Krishna was on a battlefield with Arjuna. I could give many examples... however... as I said... the battle is internal and that is where one's focus should be. There is a most peculiar cosmic law that has to do with what is inside us showing up outside of us and there are ways of controlling this or... putting oneself under the control of that which controls everything.

That is my way. For others there are other ways. I see what Chomsky and all the so called investigative reporters like Greg Palast are up to. I see what they avoid and how they sneer at what is obvious about 9/11. As Christ would say, "verily they have their reward."

I take very, very seriously the admonitions of the masters. I have to live in this world and I make my way in my awkward style and I fall short of the ideal every single day but I get up again and I remind myself to be more watchful and to try harder and to watch my anger and all of those negative qualities that can dump a fellow into the shit. It all comes back to the battle being with ourselves.

Even though I know what is required it seems that I don't really know and maybe I never will but, given all the highways and systems... all the possibilities of choice I would have to say that my thing is to reach within as often as I can possibly remember to do so and to work at being as humble as my understanding of that word allows for and to work to cultivate love and compassion irrespective of the things I have to say at this blog because this is a part of my righteous war and even though I wish I were sitting in a cave in the Himalayas and you cannot imagine how badly I wish that that were where I was... I'm not there. I'm here where I've been put and doing what I do because that is what it has come to and I can only hope and strive to be where I would rather be and not in this stinking marketplace of people burning in the fires of their needs which encompass me on all sides whenever I have to go into any town anywhere and why I stay away as much as I possibly can.

Is someone a tool? Everyone is a tool for something even if they are only the tool of their own ambition and even if the appearance of their fighting the good fight is only about personal gain in the end... it is a truly rare soul who fights only for that which we cannot see and which is the substance of things unseen so that... sooner or later it precipitates down into the world and that is why one of our goals ought to be to leave this place better than we found it.

I don't spend much time thinking about what a lot of these people are up to. I know that they don't seem inclined to include me in it, whatever it is and I can tell you that it doesn't hurt my feelings.

There's one individual who has a radio show and this person wanted me to jump through some hoops for her and I don't do hoops. I was gracious about it but Hell hath no fury and so this person is actively engaged, behind the scenes saying bad things about me because this person is an ego inferno. There are others that I have crossed by not being sufficiently genuflecting or malleable to their self-assumed wiser than though persona and they also speak ill of me though I have never done them any harm at all.

All through my life I have encountered this. I don't speak about this here because what's the point? What's the point of dragging others into certain details that only spread enmity and grief. it's just one of the things you have to endure and people have cost me a great many things in my career, such as it is, with petty malice and spite. Honestly, I never needed any of those things anyway. They can have the fame and the fortune and dinner at the Ritz. None of this shit is what it cracks up to be and that is something that I do know.

I don't know why I just spent all this time writing this but there it is for what its' worth.

Yutani said...


nina said...

Oh, I know why you wrote that. Its worth everything, too. At least it is to me and all the others like me feeling like this today at this time at this moment. And its true, we need reminders.
With gratitude, nina

Still alive said...

Should there ever be any justice on earth all those treasonous, traitorous, zionist controlled feckless fool "leaders" around the world will be dangling from ropes.


Dear America, wake up. It`s high time you start to neutralize that insidious 2% of your population that`s hell bent on starting their third world war and fulfilling their inbred psychotic delusions about world domination etc.

And if you believe for a second your jewish terrorist owners give a damn about you stupid red, white and duh goy think again.

Perhaps when you`ve terrorized and maimed the rest of earth a bit too much and war starts to come to your doors you`ll finally wake the f#%& up and get a clue.

More power toy you, Les.

Glenn said...

I'm with Nina.
Thanks Les,
thanks for every honest word.

Anonymous said...

While out shopping yesterday, I picked up a copy of "The Western Watchmen". It's a small- local-free newspaper published in the "White Mountains" of Arizona and to my surprise there was an Eric Fromm quote inside:

"While in our private life nobody except a mad person would remain passive in view of a threat to our total existence, those who are in charge of public affairs do practically nothing and those who have entrusted their fate to them let them continue to do nothing." --Eric Fromm- (1976). To Have or To Be?

I first discovered Mr. Fromm while studying psychology at school and I found him to be one of the most interesting writers to date. He's gone now, but I do believe that his work is as important today as it was back when it was written.

Find Out More At:



Fromm was always interested in trying to understand the really evil people of this world -- not just the one's who were confused or mislead or stupid or sick, but the one's who, with full consciousness of the evil of their acts, performed them anyway: Hitler, Stalin, Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and so on, large and small.

All the orientations we've talked about, productive and non-productive, in the having mode or the being mode, have one thing in common: They are all efforts at life. Like Horney, Fromm believed that even the most miserable neurotic is at the least trying to cope with life. They are, to use his word, biophilous, life-loving.

But there is another type of person he calls necrophilous -- the lovers of death. They have the passionate attraction to all that is dead, decayed, putrid, sickly; it is the passion to transform that which is alive into something unalive; to destroy for the sake of destruction; the exclusive interest in all that is purely mechanical. It is the passion "to tear apart living structures."

If you think back to high school, you may remember a few misfits: They were real horror movie aficionados. They may have made models of torture devices and guillotines. They loved to play war games. They liked to blow things up with their chemistry sets. They got a kick out of torturing small animals. They treasured their guns. They were really into mechanical devices. The more sophisticated the technology, the happier they were. Beavis and Butthead are modeled after these kids.

I remember watching an interview on TV once, back during the little war in Nicaragua. There were plenty of American mercenaries among the Contras, and one in particular had caught the reporters eye. He was a munitions expert -- someone who blew up bridges, buildings, and, of course, the occasional enemy soldier. When asked how he got into this line of work, he smiled and told the reporter that he might not like the story. You see, when he was a kid, he liked to put firecrackers up the backside of little birds he had caught, light the fuses, let them go, and watch them blow up. This man was a necrophiliac.

Fromm makes a few guesses as to how such a person happens. He suggested that there may be some genetic flaw that prevents them from feeling or responding to affection. It may also be a matter of a life so full of frustration that the person spends the rest of their life in a rage. And finally, he suggests that it may be a matter of growing up with a necrophilous mother, so that the child has no one to learn love from. It is very possible that some combination of these factors are at work. And yet there is still the idea that these people know what they are doing, are conscious of their evil, and choose it. It is a subject that would bear more study!

Posted By Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

On a practical level, anybody going to be in London on Wednesday? Could be THE event. Would be interesting to hear from someone here, going there, giving a report here...what is "real" on the news. Have you ever been in the field, as a journalist, Mr LV?

Probably best though, for me to go. That way I can experience, first hand, what being in a fascist environment holds for us.

Whose worse off, America or England? It's getting weird here in the States. Boy, have I got some stories.

Time to remain centered and grounded, friends.

Thanks LV.

European American

ps If one does go and the police are using Taser guns that actually shoot the electrical wired charged darts, don't grab them with your hands. That is when the circuit is created and you absorb the 50,000 volt shock of your life.

Guy said...

'I don't know why I just spent all this time writing this but there it is for what its' worth.'
12:40 AM

Well, whatever the reason was, it was just what I needed to read at the time. That could easily be one of your stand-alone pieces.

All the best


Biological_Unit said...

Yutani said...



Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish entry up now.

International Corporations and the Heart of Darkness.

Hank said...

Yes, what a sinister plot line our lives are a part of. I guess that whether we chose this life or not is a moot point, we are here.

Is this a new story, or is it an age old production with new actors and special effects? Is there any way to change the outcome, or do we just follow the script?

You know, I was WAY content to just be an observer this life around, and to try and get a glimps of the nature of life. Content to just let life take it's course. I mean, just what is this thing called life that we wake up to every day? But then god, who or what ever that is, decided to make me a participant, by allowing me to find and fall in love with my perfect woman. Now I have grandchildren. Six to be exact, and for reasons beyond my comprehension, what happens in the world, and what kind of life they have, is now important to me. I think it has something to do with a 4 year old hugging your leg, looking up and saying, "I love you drandaddy". I was surprized how powerful those words were to me.

Anyway, now I'm in it, and having seen what I have seen, and learned what I have learned, I ready to fight. The enemy is a beast, that invades the body, and stretches it's tendrils into crucial areas, to manipulate and control. It has infected almost every system, and I don't know if there is a way of killing it without killing the body as well. Is there a way, or do we just have to let it die of it's gluttony, and bury the masses it will take with it when it goes, and hope the survivors can to a better job next time.

I don't like what I see comming, and I don't like what it bodes for my grandchildren, but I will meet it head on, shouting the truth as best I know it, to all who will listen.

The israelies and all their zionist cohorts, not all of which are jews, are no ones friend. They have been a problem since the beginning of recorded history. They were kicked out of every country they have ever tried to settel in, until they stole one of their own. They have been behind almost every war for the last 100 years, and they show no signs of wanting anything but.

For these reasons, and many more, when the curtain goes up, I'll be playing the part of an anti semite. Peace

Anonymous said...

Wow Granddad -
you pack a punch!

Anonymous said...

Deacon Blue,

If you haven't already, check out Political ponerology.

Since I usually end up fixing "stuff" some of these types can afford, are fascinated with yet are unable to understand or maintain, I eventually became interested in getting to the root cause of this problem. You need to understand that the same physics and manifest technology can be used in an ambulance or a weapons system. Such is the nature of life in duality.


Anonymous said...


Thanks, for the information on "political ponerology". I shall check it out.

Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

Deuteronomy 28:43-53
Proverbs 22:7
Way to go again, Jean Le Pen!

Anonymous said...

It's not only Muslims who are prohibited from charging interest. The following is excerpted from Leviticus, one of those scriptures common to Christians and Jews.

Leviticus 25:35-37 (New International Version)

35 " 'If one of your countrymen becomes poor and is unable to support himself among you, help him as you would an alien or a temporary resident, so he can continue to live among you. 36 Do not take interest of any kind [a] from him, but fear your God, so that your countryman may continue to live among you. 37 You must not lend him money at interest or sell him food at a profit.

In the King James version, the word used is "usury" and those who wish to justify themselves translate usury as "excessive interest" rather than "interest". Since they were not allowed even to sell food at a profit to the needy, obviously the intention was that there be no interest charged, that we be motivated by compassion rather than profit.



miseducation of the cushitic girl said...

What a great post!
You are not an alarmist but you divulge your opinion and in fact the truths of the world we live in. It doesn't look good at all, the future looks terrible. You have the calming opinion that the wrongdoers will not succeed. Do you really think so? Do you really think that even if the whole world wakes up to this harsh reality that they would care. Sure theyre scared but they'll only have to resort to martial law.

I also appreciate that you touched on the war on islam. very few know of this and especially the usury aspect. There is a way to get out of this enslavement. Thats self reliance which I have this gnawing feeling that you already have.

welcome to my blog anytime. peace & blessings

Shasta said...

Yeh, we're history as soon as we stop believing in money. It'll be slash and burn then. Us suckers will have become the enemy.

But don't think it's about race or religion or geography. It's about ego and keeping ego separate from everything else.

Don't feed the ego.

Anonymous said...

Here is my last posting to you Les Visible
as that is who you are. My rights in this country does not exist if I cannot speak to all the world about the people that will set all up. To be set up for 10 years by media and gossip of the mentioned, to add all false light was towards me. I posted for about 10 days that is ten days and asked to remove all content to see it spread like wildfire from your site.

This is how fast the media spreads and there is no privacy act , there is invasion of privacy beyond postings on private blogs and attacks of computers to see that all my emails at least for the past year or so have been preparations for this as I was betrayed by the media. This was a smoking mirror to see that they will not like mirrors. Never depressed and never was was also their rumors. Still strong. To say I fight for all of humanity and not only myself, no excuse to be dpressed, other than set ups as they knew their mistakes were first.

Set ups are the ones we need help to see that where do we go if we were set up first and there is no place to go.

My smoking mirror lasted for about ten days or so of writing, and I asked to have it removed by the time they changed the law, no more defamation.

To take the information and spread it elsewhere is one that shows no one can control the media even if you have asked to stop the words you speak or have the truth to share.

Since Freedom of speech is to only bring threats of life as I found it true, Then why all the vulgar comments about Christianity on the Utube videos are not unlocked and attacked with threats.

This is a religious war to see that all will make claims of Arabs Europeans and All and no threats. Where are the threats , except for the ten or so days of my words?

I hope you post this. To all that claim about the depressed , the depressed do not have a will to fight for humanity, I love all humans of all walks , if you can't stand the heat of being bashed, do not bash others and ruin their lives first.

It is it the wisdom ,is this. Les please be honest that I also mentioned my many beloved friends of true blue. This one was not posted previously. Hence my last point about our media, if we write the truth and one person decides all that is written and removed
it can cause serious harm to someone.

Smoking Mirror is Les to have the words to clue all the US policies that are most important to all.


Three Galaxies is this,


this life is short for all of us
we all have about a 100 years if we are lucky
do not mis-interpret false emails, do not forget there are phone calls in between emails that might have the missing links.
To trust rumors of informants to previous enemies is drama, not news. To put all in all bad light is not news its false light. To call people something they are not is defamation. All bare prejudice and only point finger at you when you have a voice. Then that IS WHERE you (general to all) show your prejudice to have such hatred to only threaten people's lives,

Do not forget that love is eternal and internal matters between two. Three are the men to see that this is only personal emails between THREE men that the world has in hand

This is it, all a game to just show that, this is how the false light travels through ten days of history. How can we all trust anything written at all if all I wrote was a plan to bring you all to this light?

Why this? All will come to terms to see again that the false rumors of depressed people
is enforcing HEMP to shut all up.

No one depressed will plan this for seven months to prove a point to show the world that words are the worst and best weapons.

If you do not talk you are ? If you talk you are? Fill in the blanks now.

Subjective is art not names and profiling , bring color, race and religion out of the dark and you will have nothing but light.

I love my country the US for granting me permission to make this point as a citizen who cares about all. Obviously all was said as a mirror to the media that also played the same thing with many including me.

Not depress and love Humans
Wisdom is this.

Les I hope you will post this as my life depends on it now and its the truth.

I hope all get this.

All my love to all of you

Anonymous said...

Read the Galaxy article
the eyes of the owl
is the wisdom
This is the wisdom of God

Anonymous said...

above mentioned



Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

Visit the recommended reading page for many more.


'Materialism' from the Les Visible Album
Mr. Apocalypse is Coming

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A classic Visible post:

With gratitude to Patrick Willis.

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