Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monsanto and Corporate, Jail-House, Gang Rape.

One of the ugliest things to be manifesting in the Obama portfolio in these first 50 days is the war against small farmers; against farmer’s markets, alternative and organic growers of produce. There’s more but I don’t want to spend my time laying out what you can get from the link. You can get some nice details in the preceding site’s forum about Congresswomen DeLauro and her husband Stan ‘the man’ Greenberg who pimps for Monsanto. And... you can learn all you need to know about Monsanto in this video.

Those of us who have followed the predatory operations of this evil empire know about Monsanto deliberately seeding farmland they want to seize; their powerful law firms and helicopter spy ships. When you factor in what genetically modified foods do to the human body well... it becomes apparent that there is some kind of plan by a collection of corporate and government interests to make humanity as stupid as the livestock they consume and to reduce their numbers by a frightening amount.

It doesn’t matter if you believe there is a devil or not if... there are entities that behave in all the ways that we have been told that the classical devil of religion and myth is alleged to behave... something... something... a rose by any other name might well be a Venus Flytrap plant.

There’s a war on and it is a different kind of a war than the usual wars that these same bloodthirsty Morlocks usually sponsor. It’s a war of corporation owned governments against the rights and freedoms of the individual. If you read the news listed at What Really Happened and The Truthseeker each day then you will see many examples of this each and every single day.

What is happening as a result is that individuals who still possess objective reasoning skills, along with a certain amount of dignity and honor, are banding together to fight back against this aggregate of soul eating larva. One might well assume that part of the effort of these larvas is to flush these people out into the open so they know who they are. Let’s face it, when you are as stone cold evil as these larvas are there are no limits to what they will do or to the hubris and greed that drives them.

There’s a tight little hotbed of incest between the bankers and the corporations and their ‘main bitch’ is whatever government is bending over in the shower for them. You don’t have to tell these public servants not to drop the soap. They drop the soap on purpose and then they bat their eyes and talk like Mae West.

Organized religion, which is the tranny in the mix, likes to camp it up in the mess area or the prison chapel. They’re usually pretty loud and festive and all sit at the same table during meals. It really puts them in the mood to wear those long robes and funny hats. I know some of you have heard about the government’s recruitment of pastors who are going to help herd their flock during times of civil unrest. Heck, the government even gave them appropriate Bible verses. If you don’t know about this particular feature along with many others it’s... because you don’t want to or... you’re deep asleep in a burning house.

The Department of Homeland Insecurity is now labeling all kinds of ordinary citizens as ‘terrorists’. Sure, I’m making this up, just like I made up and printed the official documents that you can ‘full size’ and read for yourself at the click of your mouse. You will note the ultra-heavy emphasis on the dangers posed for the ‘self-chosen’ who, of course- no brainer- had nothing to do with this showing up in the first place.

Basically what this intends it what H.R. 875 intends. If you can’t put this together with the bank bailouts and the radical fleecing and aggressive policing of citizen ordinaire then you aren’t going to have any problem existing in tighter and tighter quarters; with less food and comfort than you thought was possible. You’re going become an official resident of Gaza Global. You’ll want to make sure you stay in line at all times and, from what I hear, neither the TV or the lights ever go off so you’ll be able to stay entertained and also never have to be afraid of the dark again. You never know who might be out there. It could even be one of us growing illegal vegetables or herding contraband goats from which we are making psychedelic cheeses.

Alright, let’s move on to the next false flag terror attack. Our people in Vegas are doing some serious handicapping and the same people from the 9/11 short-selling extravaganza (gee, I hope that’s not an Italian word) are already putting in their bids as well. You might remember that the first serious foray into this win-win area of commercial enterprise, which puts the profit margin of the private prison industry to shame, took place in The Heartland of Oklahoma City. You can’t get more main street, USA than this. You can’t get more Red State than this and if you can’t be safe there, where can you be safe?

The next step was to hit the largest, liberal collective of lock-step, urban individualists in New York City and this had the added benefit of being seen as an implied assault by one of the largest religions on the planet against one of the smallest. This put as much good will as one could imagine into the neo-con coffers which they weren’t cheap with in the aftermath, if Afghanistan and Iraq could stand as examples.

The next step was to go ‘internationale’ and take the show on the road to jolly old London town and Madrid. After all, isn’t it the dream of any corporation to have offices all over the world? So let’s go back to the Vegas handicappers. The latest odds give us an 8 to 5 edge for Chicago which gets a real bump for being Obama’s home turf AND, it’s close to Canada AND the distance between Chicago and Toronto is only 441 miles AND, they have airports... yeah baby. This also gives that ‘internationale’ thing and speaks to the porous borders problems and helps out the Canadian arm of the whole shebang.

We’re getting 7 to 2 with no ‘over, under’ for both San Francisco and Seattle. The smart money says it’s because they’re both on the water and also it looks good on a chart if you draw a line from New York City through Oklahoma City and then to either of these soft targets. You’ll have to call the Vegas handicapping line for the rest of the odds which have to do with things like Phoenix and the Mexican problem, as well as other possibilities. My guy in Vegas tells me that wherever it is, it’s got to have an Iranian connection so, ...keep that in mind.

I’m glad you could come with me today on my little space/time journey. Every now and then it’s good to get out and stretch your legs and, if you’re a regular Smoking Mirrors reader, you know we like to stretch your mind as well. Some might argue that we like to stretch your credibility and I’ll have to agree that it is a real bummer that so many facts and curious coincidences tend to muck up that particular perception. How about I throw in a little something about UFO’s or Saddam being alive in Paraguay down at the Bush mega-hacienda?

I love the smell of genetically modified, breakfast foods in the morning! While I’m looking out the window, I can merge together the sounds of the Rice Krispies crackling in the milk from the Monsanto-enhanced cows with the sonorous oratory of our great leaders ...as they call us forth to face the mighty challenges that the people who own them ...slipped into our early Christmas stockings.

Well... as the ass and mind bandits of the airwaves- and your local authorities- like to tell you... “Remain calm’. If you panic, you’ll just seize up and it will hurt that much more. Keep in mind that all good things must also come to an end and that’s why I’m going close today’s missive with a hearty “Hi Ho Silver” and I’ll see you next time we come around if there is one.

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Anonymous said...

Each day is so beautiful, sad that we also lose a day everyday. I woke up this morning with the realization that they are attacking our immune systems. They can't have you out there with a strong immune system. They don't want you healthy and armed. Above, they can't have you healthy, armed and (god forbid) thinking.

It is going to be like getting in the ring, you know you are going to get hit but you go in anyway. Stay healthy and strong.


Zoner said...

False flag? As in blowing stuff up and blaming it on someone other than the obvious perps? That's sooo 2007!

I think that if you want the MAXIMUM amount of terror and mayhem, pulling the rug out from under the entire population by completely locking up the "money system" would be a pretty productive measure. Being terrorized by some faceless foreign "enemy" is one thing, but having your neighbor coming at you for not being the right religion, color, or of the same political stripe - or just because you have a bunch of food stored would far more terrifying I think. And maximum terror is always the goal, innit?

Lots of folks decided to try and go back to growing their own food and relying on local supplies. There was a sense of safety there, and now that is being threatened to re-ignite that uncertainty. The underlying feeling here in the US is all about uncertainty; worries about jobs, keeping our homes, being able to eat and when things might be "normal" again. Terrorism has fallen a bit on the list of worries. But I suppose that might be a reason to put it front and center again, too.

Look around at comments on blogs everywhere. The common response to the upcoming crash is, invariably, canned goods and ammunition. People are bristling and arming themselves and are ready to shoot down their neighbors if there is any hint of a threat. The fear is ready to come out as it always does - in the form of violence. Imagine the puppet masters sitting back and chuckling while we turn on each other and wear ourselves out fighting over the means of basic survival. We would then become the animals they view us as, and we would be ripe for a final solution of some sort.

I feel there is little need for the grand spectacle of a bomb going off or a building being toppled. A small economic shove by the handlers would have a more devastating effect and with the populace in chaos, anything goes I think. Including all-out warfare. Especially with no one to resist or push back. Then again, I'm just guessing and spouting off. I really don't know.


Anonymous said...

You fucking nailed it my friend. A sweeping round of applause from the back bench.

Geoffrey Kind

Anonymous said...

The next 9/11 will be for maximum impact. BOSTON!

The list:

- start growing as much of your own food as possible
- Stock up on essentials
- Get a bicycle
- Form community
- Be prepared to be very light on your feet. In in other words, don't be attached to material things.
- Remember, you are not alone!
- Minimize use of electronic devices


kenny said...

I had a letter to the editor on Monsanto's HR 875 posted yesterday on the local county conservative news website. It pulled few punches, calling out the criminals for what they are.

The common folks are ready to hear the truth.
It's finally hitting them in the head that they are being lied to.

The choir already knows. It's time to get the message out to others.

Anonymous said...

You might want to consider linking to a non-corporate website for a different perspective on HR 875. Treehugger is a Discovery Co. website and if it is related to the pro-war, pro-administration programming I see on their channel, it is probably not going to be very unbiased on this bill. (See their GE advertising on the right)

Otherwise, I think your dead on in your analysis. We can't lose our food independence; if we allow the biotech industry to control our food supplies, like Prince Charles says, we could be unleashing disaster on the entire planet.

Visible said...

Thank you Redpill8.

I specifically linked to that site because I wanted to use the followup of their forum in the next link. Perhaps I should have done as you said but I'm one of those spontaneous intuitive types and often don't know why I'm doing something even when I think I know why I'm doing it.

Zoner; knowing them, they'll do both. You have to remember, the U.S. is not the only prize in the game but in my mind it's more complex than that but I usually try to stay as simple as I can manage because I could get tangled in my own syntax.

Hey Kenny! Yeah... for some reason I came across what you had written over the course of the day; meaning what is on your site anyway and I thought... man, are we on a wave length or what?

Visible said...

Here's an example of what all of them are up to,

Barclays gags Guardian over tax

Injunction forces news website to remove seven leaked memos showing how bank avoided hundreds of millions of pounds in tax

"Barclays Bank obtained a court order early today banning the Guardian from publishing documents which showed how the bank set up companies to avoid hundreds of millions of pounds in tax.

The gagging order was granted by Mr Justice Ouseley after Barclays complained about seven documents on the Guardian's website which had been leaked to the Liberal Democrats' deputy leader, Vince Cable.

The internal Barclays memos – leaked by a Barclays whistleblower – showed executives from SCM, Barclays's structured capital markets division, seeking approval for a 2007 plan to sink more than $16bn (£11.4bn) into US loans.

Tax benefits were to be generated by an elaborate circuit of Cayman islands companies, US partnerships and Luxembourg subsidiaries.

The documents had been leaked to Cable by a former employee of the bank, who wrote a long account of how the bank works.

The anonymous whistleblower wrote to Cable: "The last year has seen the global taxpayer having to rescue the global financial system. The taxpayer has already had a gun put to their head and been told to pay up or watch the financial system and life as we know it disappear into a black hole.

"It is a commonly held view that no agency in the US or the UK has the resources or the commitment to challenge SCM. SCM has huge amounts of resources, the best minds rewarded by millions of pounds. Compare this with HMRC [Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs] recently advertising for a tax and accounting expert with the pay at £45,000.

"Through the use of lawyers and client confidentiality SCM regularly circumvents these rules, just one example of why HMRC will never, in its current state, be up to the job of combating this business."

The Guardian's decision to publish the documents came on a day when the chancellor, Alistair Darling, told parliament he had asked HMRC to publish shortly a draft code of practice on taxation for banks "so that banks will comply not just with the letter of the law but the spirit of the law".

Barclays's lawyers, Freshfields, worked into the early hours to force the Guardian to remove the documents from the website. They argued that the documents were the property of Barclays and could only have been leaked by someone who acquired them wrongfully and in breach of confidentiality agreements.

The Guardian's solicitor, Geraldine Proudler, was woken by the judge at 2am and asked to argue the Guardian's case by telephone. Around 2.31am, Mr Justice Ouseley issued an order for the documents to be removed from the Guardian's website.

Cable said it was both "incongruous" and "offensive" that banks that rely on state support should avoid paying tax and therefore be "selling the taxpayer short". Although the taxpayer has not had to directly support Barclays by taking an equity stake, the bank had relied on the government's special liquidity scheme to provide funding for loans.

"The banks are able to organise their activities in such a way that they can run rings around the Inland Revenue," he told the Telegraph. "It serves no other purpose than to reduce tax. The fundamental point is that it is incongruous and offensive that banks which are either directly or indirectly dependent on the government should be systematically finding ways to avoid tax."

Cable, who passed the documents to HMRC and the Financial Services Authority, told the Sunday Times this week: "The documents suggest a deeply ingrained culture of tax avoidance. The Barclays team looks like the spider at the centre of a highly artificial web of non-transparent transactions through tax havens. Reputable banks don't turn tax avoidance into a profit machine."

A Guardian spokesman said this morning that the paper would appeal against the order. "Tax avoidance is a matter of high public and political interest. These documents showed for the first time how major banks set up artificial schemes with the aim of earning hundreds of millions in tax-free money, which is why the Barclays whistleblower leaked them.

"All decisions about tax are taken in secret, hidden from public view. It is not right for a judge to prevent daylight from shining on the few documents ever to have emerged which graphically demonstrate what HMRC is up against.""

psychegram said...

You know when the false flag hits, it's not just going to be Iranian agents' faces getting flashed on the screen. The storyline's going to include made-in=America militia truther terrorists, a terrifying new threat that looks just like you and me. So while you're remaining calm, do try to also take into account the possibility of a knock on the door sometime the day of or the day after Chicago (I like that pick, but I'm not a gambling man so take that for what it's worth) gets baby-nuked.

This is a critical time. The herd's already feeling spooked, and the latest generation of Homo demonicus is closing in for the kill with the most sophisticated fascist operation in history. We've got one thing going for us that we've never really had before, and that's a more or less clear-eyed view of history in which we can see the exact parallels in fascist shifts and the following, inevitable atrocities in society throughout society going back to the times of the Egyptians. It isn't necessary to communicate all of what we know, however. At present, it will be sufficient to draw the obvious connections between the Obamamaniacs and the Maoist, Stalinist, Nazi, Khmer Rouge &c movements that swept the world in the last century.

We have to make those connections for people, loudly and repeatedly, drawing the parallels for them as often as we can, to everyone we can. To the best of my knowledge this tactic has never been used before in a conflict of this nature. The desired paypff is that, when the atrocities start to ramp up, there will be those within the system who think to themselves, 'hold on, this is a lot like what those guys I was told were terrorists said was gonna happen.' There are still a great many who are merely deluded, and if enough of them wake up a bit (and it needn't be a majority, at least not at first) well, what sand might they throw in the gearbox? Hmm?

The whole point of their new false flag will be to fool us into buying their narrative one more time, but there are so many awakened, now, who will see it for exactly what it is the moment it happens, and will tell the world what they see and do so loudly well ... this will be something new in the world, this time around.

Damn it! And I wanted to talk about Monsanto. Oh well, this post is long enough already. Anyhow, anyone who hasn't already seen The Obama Deception really should. Alex Jones has given us all a fully loaded weapon against the NWO, and it's up to us to use it.

Anonymous said...

Superb composition, Les.

Liked your reply Amicus

I heard this fellow, Jeffrey Smith, speak last year. One of the pioneer's on the subject of GMO foods.

Seeds of Deception


A very wise person told me back in 1993, regarding the subject of GMO foods. "They are dangerous, very dangerous. This food is poison. Eat it and you will leave the planet very quickly." And this was well before ANYONE was talking about it.

Another great Video on the par of Alex Jones DVD. In fact, Alex is in this with David Icke.


Thanks for your Clarity, Purpose and Fortitude, Les.

European American

Anonymous said...


I saw his video, thought it was good. My worry is a comment made in the film. Even in this day of awareness and info, look how many people fell for the hype over the new president. How long will they remain faithful is another question.

Anonymous said...

You probably noticed this, but anyway - The Oath Keepers:

Some while back I visited this place and put some "comments" up for the Board and Employees.
(kind of like the worst voudoo curse I could come up with...)

If anyone's feeling eloquent -

For years I've felt like that St. Louis, MO place is perhaps the darkest, most vile portal to the core of planetary and galactic evil anywhere, including the pentangle, area 51, denver airport...all of 'em.


Anonymous said...

I fail to grok the real reason that "they" haven't simply pulled the plug by now. Is it the chance to acquire more wealth and property? Are all of the preparations for the chaotic aftermath not quite in place yet? Does the delay mean that a powerful sub-group of the elite are fighting against the nihilists? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

psychegram: "The whole point of their new false flag will be to fool us into buying their narrative one more time, but there are so many awakened, now, who will see it for exactly what it is the moment it happens, and will tell the world what they see and do so loudly well ... this will be something new in the world, this time around."

Do you really think so? I would love to believe it, but when I talk about anything related to the various subjects expressed, and exposed here, to some of those on the fringe of my personal world, I might as well be talking Swahelee. Personally I think it all boils down to Consciousness. Those who are conscious, or awake/aware, have the capacity to grasp what's beyond their personal world and are open to greater values of expansive thought. Maybe we are in the midst of a Phase Transition" and if we make it through the entropy in one piece, which I am confident many will, then the awakening takes place. In the meantime, without that "lively awareness," all these "topics" tax the "inner" system, and the system automatically goes back to default, shut down, ignorance is bliss mode. What I'm saying is "maybe we need the whole system to collapse in order for the new system to manifest?"

What the picture of a total collapsed system looks like is beyond my ability to consciously describe. And therein lies the mystery for me. Hmm, what does that say about me?

European American

Anonymous said...

It say's you're honest.
Unless there is a complete and utter transformation of the human psyche, we will end up as before. Basically lazy and pursuing pleasure.

Notice how we generally don't act unless there is a crisis. But the house is burning, and how few see it till it is too late. Can't you smell the smoke?

I guess the hope is that somehow we will slip through and live our lives undisturbed. I sense critical mass is near, should be an interesting year.

Anonymous said...

They are buying time for some reason. My opinion is that they are going to pump things up a bit and then there will be an event that they will then be able to blame things on. "it was going great until..."

The next event will be the big one which will set off a whole series of events. That will take a lot of preparation. It won't be to soon or they wouldn't bother with this food bill. it is just like Gaza, weaken your opponent before you go in for the kill. The main event may not be for many months after the masses are worn out from survival struggles.

Hey, I guess we are all Gazans after all.


Anonymous said...

Dadnerd said, "Unless there is a complete and utter transformation of the human psyche, we will end up as before."
I absolutely agree. The site of infection is within the human psyche. All of humanity's raw, oozing sores are merely external symptoms of that internal infection, and as such can be chronic distractions if the cure isn't sought and found. Maybe things are as they are because we haven't done what we need to do to fix the problem from the inside out...whatever that is.
Or maybe the human psyche has been tampered with and we are unable to heal ourselves on our own.

RML said...

This is the Rubicon, my friend. This is the déjà vu that has brought down every previous evolutionary platform (you can call them planets if you like) that we have shared with these (fill in the blank with the like of Annanuki, Nehalim, Watchers, etc.).

This is when the symphony moves from major to minor; when we can see (have seen) from our vantage point high up above the valley, the burst dam miles up stream from the hapless folk on the receiving end of all hell breaking lose.

You see, these (f**ks) keep repeating the same thing over and over. THIS time they will make certain that our DNA is "properly" aligned, so that they can make us anew!! EVERYTHING is a beta. We are their beta, their test, their annoyance, their bane, because we have -- just like the boy Pinocchio (not the puppet) -- that Spark of Life that these f**ks do not have. Like all the other times in the deep past, they reach a point when they no longer desire the Spark. They simply want to extinguish it. This, they are certain, can be done on a genetic level.

Please, when you can, watch "The Future of Food" http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3764995188693165078
with the above perspective in mind.

This is their REAL game plan. The rest is diversion.

psychegram said...

Dadnerd, EA:

I imagine many will stay faithful - to Obama, to the system, to the lies they believe - until the bitter end. Time will tell how many awaken, but ... the more there are, the more there can be. And there are more now than ever.

Knight Templar said...

Greetings Dumballah It will be a Religious Institution and a 'near miss' element will feed the shills' script books. We are now seeing a hit job in the Aussie Media on a Muslim Cleric they have wheeled out before. Another Digger has been killed in "The pomp and ceremony of our great Anzac tradition and we should all be proud and stalwart and yada yada yada...". Faaark!.. Boy, o'boy they are buttering up the puckering masses here!
Oh, by the by, my family , my colleagues and my associates welcome you all to the fight, we have been at war with these worshippers of lucifer (no caps the name is mud) for a 800 years. What you feel is the egregious Will fomenting within, smell the blood? Feel the cold shroud sail past, concerned for your children? It ain't paranoia, it is that remnant of the sentient being, urging a survival response: RUN OR FIGHT, RUN OR FIGHT!?

No where to run to bay-beh, no where to hide; my lid'l runawayyy myrunrun,runrun,runawayyyy..
It is relatively easy to become a Knight, being, a Knight,.. is the hard part.
The mysteries and self doubt and inner sanctum and transcendental everything, has been, is, and will be my life. It's the way I was brought up. Let's get it straight, on religion and spiritual ceremony and tradition, if it is not your intention to use method for indoctrination and conditioned control, then it is not your crime, and visa versa. Methods are an easy way to introduce a postulant to any discipline and know that a standardised lesson is being learned. The dialectic of our spirituality is its strength; the dogma of religiosity is its strong grip and decayed teeth. The teeth are hard and fall out, whereas the tongue is soft and remains.

The best thing to do when you are ambushed is to charge loudly and directly at the ambush, remember not all their armed minions are fearless automata. There is always a weak link, find it and focus on it ignore all else, break that link. We are focused on the Media right now, and are about to go ballistic with our campaign. You may well have read it here first.

So, when it all starts, be cool. There is a plan, there are people (I find myself thinking, this sounds like a B movie script, and then I realize it is, this whole shitstorm is the result of the machinations of the same evil luciferians that own 'holywood'.) we will be on the job and we will not be taking down names. Remember also, when they are telling you it's me and those like me that are causing you to suffer, tell them to fuck off. If they aren't convinced that you are convinced, the anxiety you cause them will help us fight them.


AN Outlaw

N.B. Love Light & Peace

Anonymous said...

Too many sheeple actually believe we've advanced so much since the last century that such things could never happen again. True it's happening all the time in other parts of the world, but that's because most foreigners are uncivilised savages. Besides, our government wouldn't turn on us like that, would they?

A few are realising this banking "crisis" seems a bit too rapid, a bit too co-ordinated, but it will take a few more shocks before they start to realise "our" government WOULD do things like that, and then most will walk straight into the trap of trying to fight force with force, becoming that which they oppose, the few who survive the battle, that is.

I don't have the answers, but I do know violence isn't one of them. That would turn us into them, guaranteeing more of the same. We may well have to fight, but what we really need is CHANGE, change we CAN believe in.

As I see it, the best possible outcome is for the evil ones to destroy themselves and their system, after which the survivors revert to a more-or-less "tribal" system of small, rural communities. With our first-hand knowledge of what went wrong, perhaps we can rebuild and go forward in a slightly different direction.

I can't be sure about the other races, but I don't believe my own race (I'm a white Englishman) really are the savages we've long been told we are by those who insist on "governing" us.

Whether or not Jesus actually existed, and ignoring all the added crap, His message of compassion resonates with our people, who don't really need it because that's how we would live if only those who have hijacked the world hadn't turned us into murdering slaves for their profit.

Somebody said we won't be taking down names. Perhaps trousers would be a better idea. Anything missing, assume the worst.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the false flag attack is already happening right in plain sight. All you have to do is look up. Would anyone care to comment on Chemtrails? I have been photographing them for three years and have yet to hear a reasonable explanation. I have written to my representatives (fat chance of an answer) to no avail. Last summer was the worst yet, chemtrails every day, all day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les.
The powers-that-be don't care for the West Coast mentality, that's what I think. Rachael Corrie, the WTO resistance riots that shut Seattle down, the draft resistors that proved indigestible to the military during 'Nam, the hippies and independent thinkers, the many religious cults, the political "extremists" (many who spotted and named the Zionists for what they were long ago-and, fought them, too), .......... many people don't and won't go along with their Zionist/Eastern Establishment program. And you know who the dominant partner in THAT pair is. Yes, the West coast is a potential center of resistance.

Anonymous said...

As we speak, my boss is watching "The Obama Deception". This man is an ultra conservative old school southerner, 'nuff said on his political leanings. I got him to read "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" late last year, so he is becoming aware of who really runs this country, and the world. As long as we allow the elite created dialectics to control our thoughts and behaviours, we are screwed. Trying to convince people (sheeple) that the right wing and the left wing are both parts of the same bird is essential. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I am long since tired of this feeling of helplessness. Reading and informing myself is great, but there needs to be a wider awakening.
James aka jackruby64

Anonymous said...

"Inquiring minds want to know."

Great one, and a blast from the past! That sums up the internet right there!!

Excellent new Terrentulation @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuUkBp8QU0Y&feature=related

Anonymous said...

Oh, and here`s another good one@


McKenna ROCKS tha boat!!

They put these words of his to music: "We are on the brink of making the quantum leap to the conquest of another dimension by obliterating our fixity in time. And then we will migrate into the future. Each into our own future. And then human history is looked back on as a nightmare awakened from, a brutal but necessary interval to being happily kissed goodbye."

And my humble commentary on this is- hey -why do we assume that Materialism is correct? We think that if They unleash a biological plague upon "the Earth" that then we who are all able to read this are going to then be obliterated. Or a nuclear war, or an invasion of giant termites from outer space, and that we ALL must suffer this same fate, since we are "all on Earth together."


I mean, REALLY!?!?

That`s the story you get if you use the Materialist OS.

What if your OS assumes that the universe is more like a giant virtual reality computer game?

Then what?!


Then, ANYTHING, that`s what.

And evildoers can be punished without the virtuous even knowing it went down.

And some of us can float off to Heaven, and some of us can get reincarnated, and others will merely get fired from their job, and nobody dies, but they just never see each other again.

Anything can happen.

Your hero can have an elephant`s head,
or rise from the dead,
or be named Fred.

Anything can happen.

But more than that:

Everything can happen

to everyone.

Visible said...

Speaking of virtual reality life, there's a movie called, "The Thirteenth Floor" a real gem of a sleeper that got mostly overlooked; pure enjoyment matched up with great insight.

Terrence McKenna is a jewel too; note I said, 'is'

Anonymous said...

You stepped on my frog, and now in my new reality you are chained to a duck and an ugly woman...as was said above anything is possible!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les: I hope that you are fine with your friends and families. Here is a funny poem I found about the economic crisis brought on by the robbery of the capitalist corporate upper classes against the majority of world citizens:



The Tower of Babel’s collapsing
And bankers themselves are caught
Their web of debt is everywhere
And governments have been taught

That should the bankers fail
Bankers’ credit will be no more
And governments couldn’t spend
What they do not have in store

So governments give our taxes
To the bankers without our say
So bankers can continue to profit
And continue to plague our days

We pay for even our bondage to debt
We pay for the chains we wear
And we wonder why our governments
Don’t know what from even where

But it’s all too clear and obvious
The answers that we seek
For the rapacious and the greedy
Have always lived off the meek

But the bills for debts’ incurred
Will be paid by all concerned
Including the bankers and government
On the slagheap they will burn

For we’re now in the final days
Foretold in ancient times
Spoken of by the prophets
In rhythm and in rhyme

Fear not the tumult of the days ahead
Fear not what may transpire
For a new and a better world will come
From the cauldron’s flame and fire

Buy gold. Buy silver. Have faith.


nina said...

...The gagging order was granted by Mr Justice Ouseley after Barclays complained about seven documents on the Guardian's website which had been leaked to the Liberal Democrats' deputy leader, Vince Cable...

I must remark on the interesting manner in which this news item is presented.

nina said...

Still on the article, Brits have a such a unique sense of humor, it appears that Barclays is richer and more powerful than the Queen. While digesting that, I've got AIGgate on in the background. Really, they should call these hearings The Constiuent Show. I believe they have blinking teleprompters with red words alternating "Morally Outraged" and of course, "Deplore". But nowhere does anyone acknowledge that AIG bought the US Ports back from Dubai. Unless they've switched hands again and I don't know about it, that would make AIG more powerful and richer than ... well ... it would make AIG, ahem, THE government.
Oh wait, Chris Dodd just retentioned AIG's retention bonuses. Geither will have to go now.
Obama isn't doing well keeping or getting his picks, is he. Perhaps he will consider a rentention program.
Life in the Illusion is SO weird.

Love, nina

Anonymous said...

Chemtrails all day today over northern New Mex.
As someone said "in plain sight". Just what we need for spring planting....bastards!

This is a major "dot connector":
"Connecting the H5N1 Dots"

This Baxter-bird-flu story is incredible. Don't think it's gonna go away. I've been feeling, for a long while, for many reasons (astrologically included), that the 'big one' was gonna be the pandemic they plan to run through our grid.
What I don't get is: did someone (some lab guy) really screw the whole plan up by discovering the lethal mix in the batch? or is this some kind of 'telegraphing' of what's coming eventually down the pipeline? or WHAT?
Baxter Intl. is HUGE, btw., has eaten up scores of companies over last couple decades- see their web or wiki.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Perfectly obvious that monsanto is an enemy to human existance as is drug companies that deliberatly put bird flu in a cold flu vaccine.
These corporations are beasts that serve not any man but only greed and what ever it takes to steal others property. Beasts they are as they have no conscience, they eat what ever they can without any remorse as that is not in the interest of their sacred bottom line. These monsters have the power to turn many people into slaves for pure evil and yet none will see or acknoledge the fact. They become blinded by the short term gain of employment but ignore the long term consequences of supporting beasts that kill maim and pillage all of humanity and the mother earth and its potential to survive. Would that all who work for the beasts should turn to poison inside the entrails of the beasts knowing that your actions define you as a hero to all life on this planet. Kill the beasts before they kill you ,your children your grand children etc before they may even be born. Do not serve the beast as doing so serves death.

Anonymous said...

FROM: www.assimilatedpress.blogspot.com

Sorry - Another "Not Funny"

There is an article on Raw Story about the use of Federal troops for routine police business (directing traffic) in Samson, Alabama after a mass murder shooting.

According to Raw Story the Army is investigating whether proper authorization was obtained and whether protocol was followed prior to federal troops being deployed within our domestic borders.

The concern seems to be that the Posse Comitatus Act prohibiting the use of troops within the US was violated.

If only that were the real issue.

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 was essentially voided by the Bush Administration in 2006.

In that year the Insurrection Act [10 U.S.C.331 -335) was susperceded by the passage of Public Law 109-364, or the "John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007" (H.R.5122) which allows the President to declare a "public emergency" (to be defined by the Executive without Congressional approval) allowing the President to take control of state troops (without a Governor's approval) and to deploy federal troops within domestic borders to contain “public disorder” (again to be defined by the Executive alone)*

The sad fact is that once power is ceded to the Executive Branch, the Executive - no matter who the occupant or which party the occupier- is loath to give it back.

Whether proper protocols were followed in the use of federal troops within our domestic borders recently as in the case of Samson. Alabama is a fairly minor point.

The much larger issue is that this option is now legal.

*See also, Congressional Research Service Report for Congress, "The Use of Federal Troops for Disaster Assistance: Legal Issues," by Jennifer K. Elsea, Legislative Attorney, August 14, 2006)

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

Deacon Blues:

In preparation for the unrest that is likely to come, Northcom has military units returning from Iraq to help out. A bill entitled the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act (HR 645) was introduced in the US Congress in January. It calls for the establishment of six national emergency centers in major regions in the US to be located on existing military installations.


The stated purpose is to provide "temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major disaster." HR 645 states that the camps can be used to "meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security." So those who protest their reduced standard of living can be dealt with.

Anonymous asked: "I fail to grok (grasp?) the real reason that "they" haven't simply pulled the plug by now"

The coming G20 summit in London will discuss allowing the IMF to create SDR's out of thin air, essentially becoming a global central bank able to create money as an alternative to the USD. The Fed today announced plans to buy treasuries directly from the government, essentially giving the government debt free money since the Fed returns the interest. The IMF is in the process of auditing the Fed, approval given by Bush last year. That toxic waste held by the Fed as assets in exchange for dollars is going to be exposed.

Basically, the days where the USD is the reserve currency is coming. America will resemble the Weimar Republic, and we will be required to obtain credits from the IMF to fund our trade deficits since countries will prefer to exchange dollars for SDR's and not treasuries, and also to restore the Feds balance sheets (those who own the Fed also own the IMF). There will also need to be a global tax to make sure the IMF collects it's interest, just like the Fed, and it is likely to be a carbon tax.

Hyper-inflation will bring double digit interest rates on mortgages, maybe more, and those adjustables will cause those still surviving into foreclosure. Oil prices will skyrocket due to a devalued dollar and the peak oil myth, food prices will rise for the same reason, both are controled by cartels and financial speculators. There will be unrest.

These are very patient folks, they are in no hurry, this has been in evolution for over 100 years, it doesn't have to happen tomorrow for them, but they are very close to achieving their dream.

As for the false flag attack being predicted here by some. I do not rule it out. Dick Cheney's prediction that Obama makes an attack more likely is ominous, given that we know who the real terrorists are. It could be the pretext for more wars, say Iran, or Islamic extremists from Sudan allowing us to secure Africa's resources and control population that they claim is threatening the planet, and also martial law would likely be imposed.

There are many paths they can take to the final destination, we can not know for sure which ones. In fact, simply observing which paths they are on can cause them to change paths, leading to the same place of course.
There are 112 paths some say, and they are traveling on multiple paths. Issues that seem unrelated are connected. One must connect the dots.

My bet is that things will appear to get better in the next months, lull people to sleep to position some of the pieces, and then another shock, or shocks.

Anonymous said...

Barney, above, hasn't heard of things like this?


British, German and Belgian Genocides posted over at aangirfan's blog.

Barney, again now who are the civilized and who are the savages?

Anonymous said...

Evil is only going to come into your house on YOUR invite. I would tell Evil to get Fucked if i were you. Knowing the root of this truth is Very important to everyone's survival. Show evil men you can see and avoid their sticky charms and traps. Show Your fellow man you can see and lead by EXAMPLE. Our World is not so easy to wreck and burn as these greedy bastard atheist losers think it will be. Our world is run by GOD not some diaper eating pedofhile whack off............Trust Me on that. We will see evil burnt. We will traverse their ashes and have them strengthening our march whilst it passes under our STILL ALIVE and walking boots.
And even with the recent sadness i managed to find the light and can see our hope in a big way. And she pushed me down HARD too so don't despair folks God has your back IF you Believe. Llana the un-faitful is learning about not trusting God to lead her as All will learn sooner or later... I told her i was not to be fucked with and she found out the cost of pushing a God fearing man into walking away with his moral integrity in one piece. She can rise back into the light on her own time... and head space with a mind full of thoughts of doing and saying all the WRONG things with the thought 'It does not matter that much I don't believe in God so it's O.K. to do evil things to my family and mate.' Some day she is going to see. And some day she will have to stand tall and do the LADYLIKE thing and repent. And Explain. Time is wasting away for the easy path for her and a whole lot other folks with heads full of diversions and lies. You cant just play your life away and not have it cost you the most important things... Like a loving Gentleman or a Home.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

Karma, the Gift that Keeps on Giving.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
It's turning spring in my neck of the "woods". As the evil creatures continue their non stop attack on all that is good and pure we must keep things in perspective. With all of the chemtrails above us,the gm seeds around us,and the liquid poisons flowing by us, I took a couple of hours and spent them quietly in the woods and sure enough just like magic there was an ever elusive morel mushroom that had came up just like every year before.I guess what I'm trying to say is that with enough faith, hope, and soul searching, the "good" will always overcome the "evil".
Stay Well,

Anonymous said...

"The Obama Deception"


The Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests of the American people. The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery. We have reached a critical juncture in the New World Order's plans. And only by exposing the con can we help to save freedom in America. The Obama Deception is not about Left or Right: it's about a One World Government. The international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation. Covered in this film: who Obama works for, what lies he has told, and his real agenda, and how his initial appointments and actions prove he serves the corporate oligarchs, not the American people. If you want to know the facts and cut through all the hype, this is the film for you. Obama is continuing the process of transforming America into something that resembles Nazi Germany, with forced National Service, domestic civilian spies, warrantless wiretaps, the destruction of the Second Amendment, FEMA camps and Martial Law. Obama's handlers are openly announcing the creation of a new Bank of the World that will dominate every nation on earth through carbon taxes and military force. International bankers purposefully engineered the worldwide financial meltdown to bankrupt the nations of the planet and bring in World Government. Obama plans to loot the middle class, destroy pensions and federalize the states so that the population is completely dependent on the Central Government. The Elite are using Obama to pacify the public so they can usher in the North American Union by stealth, launch a new Cold War and continue the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. The information contained in this film is vital to the future of the Republic and to freedom worldwide. President Barack Obama is only the tool of a larger agenda. Until all are made aware, humanity will remain captive to the masters of the New World Order. Starring Gerald Celente: Founder, Trends Research Institute Jesse Ventura: Former Minnesota Governor KRS-ONE: Legendary Hip-Hop Artist Webster Tarpley: Author, Historian Professor Griff: Founding member, Public Enemy Joe Rogan: Comedian Commentato.

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

I would be interested to hear opinions on this thought I've been having regarding freedom. It occurs to me that the evil ones want freedom, although the freedom they want is a sick, twisted, malignant, destructive, pernicious, and evil form. They want the freedom to do absolutely anything they want even if it's illegal, immoral, hurtful, disgusting, degrading, damaging, or deadly to others. I guess they want a freedom that psychopaths want.

The rest of us who are not afflicted with their sickness want a freedom that does not hurt others and indeed allows others to be free also.

I suppose it's because their minds and souls have been corrupted, and they will not stop on their own. They must be stopped, by the good people of the world. What has corrupted them? Power. How did they gain power? Deceit. This is the battle that the good people of the world must fight constantly; but I'm afraid far to few know and understand. That's what worries me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, you are the only other person I've heard of outside my home who has seen the "Thirteenth Floor" , it seems similar in parts to the story The Langoliers by King.

Anonymous said...

The look on Marc Farber's face when he says:
"Go buy a farm and a shotgun"

Went right over the interviewer's head


Make that a AA-12 for me...this ones for Monsanto


European American

notamobster said...

Okay folks - a few differentthings occurred to me whilst reading the lovely comments section.

1) Violence, in and of itself is not a bad thing. Aggressive violence is. Defending one's being, family, and property is an whole other animal. Defending those who cannot defend themselves is a perfectly virtuous act!

2) How long will the Obamanites remain loyal? They have invested a great deal of emotional capital in this man and the hope he represents. Said hope being entirly misplaced is beside the point. They will remain loyal for quite some time, because many have tied the weight of their beleaguered souls to his bon mots, cheap smile, and outright lies.

3) I have an acquaintance who refused to believe anything I said, while bush the dumber was president. He called me all of the usual epithets that I'm sure you've all heard (and most embrace). He now sees these things in stark clarity. He calls them out on a daily basis. The problem is, he is still misguided as to the root cause of the issue. He knows there is a conspiracy, but only acknowledges the Demotard complicity. He attributes any overt/covert acts by Repuglicans to sheer stupidity, or political mis-steps. Has anyone had any luck in dealing with fools like this?

4)"Why not pull the plug?" (or somesuch) - There are many outsiders who are still in a solid position to survive any major economic upheaval. Their wealth must be taken, as well. There was a saying that the 'great' (ha!) depression tok the stupid money the 1st year, the smart money, then the really smart money, then the really, really smart money... You get the point. They're soaking everyone! None of the outsiders will be allowed to sick at the new "grown folks" table when the new thanksgiving meal is laid out. NONE!

Things are shit, folks. We all know this. They are going to get worse. When the time comes - there is no dishonor in defending yourself and others. There is no wrong in preventing undue harm. That said, one must remain ever-cautious to not become embroiled in the mob mentality that arises during times of increased social instability. Being prepared physically and emotionally goes a long way toward offering some calm in the tumultuous sea we are currently adrift in. Once you have prepared yourself and your family, take as much time as possible to enjoy life and all of it's bounty.

Enjoy your family and friends. The comforts of life as you have it. Stop worrying about all of the ephemoral shit this life throws at you and just be thankful. Time is short. You will surely miss these days, and the stuff you'll remember will not be the dread. I promise you. You'll miss the good times.The simple pleasures. You'll also become acutely aware of many things of which you had no prior knowledge.


qui tacit consentit!

Anonymous said...

um, you'd be surprised at the amount of unaware people that are alive. I know a woman who calls herself an environmentalist activist, i share with her topics that Les talks about... she thinks i'm an idiot. With these people, as with Obama-ites, even when faced with the truth they will never back down. Pride is going to be our biggest hurdle in bringing about a collective awareness.

how's this for a concept: Obamas NEW peoples military is being set up to stand against the imminent uprising. in their training, they will be told that hippies and organic types are anarchists and left wing terrorists. they will be sent out to hunt out the enemy of the state and cut down their tomato plants and spray Roundup on anything that has the appearance of vegetable growing in backyards.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Michelle O's kitchen garden will be exempt from the DeLauro/Greenburg ag bill?!
Yeah I pass on LV's essays to my friends and
get the response like yesterday, "That Visible guy is one short of a sixpack and you're 2 short of a sixpack for reading him!" Dont know if it's the processed food, chemtrails, TV or all of them... 3m protest in France yesterday (that wd be 15m in USSA) but maybe 100 manage to picket AIG in NYC? Well all we can do is put out the garden anyway and hope the drought ends... if the feds show up (again!) w/ their roundup and fine me $1m for the organic garden I can't pay anyway!

Anonymous said...

This an article post from 2007 re: Monsanto family history. FWIW...grrrrr!

Anonymous said...

It all sounds a bit harsh if you ask me, out of order.

Anonymous said...

Fraudsters, bankers, politicians, and Wall St. What a concentration of psychopaths! The things they will do to make money, all the while knowing that they can't really let YOU in on the scam because you might find out the whole house of cards is just paper. No real wealth anywhere, just the ILLUSION of wealth.

Money is debt and they are willing to put you into prison, sell the BONDS and make money from that!


Anonymous said...

Hello sunshine also me
this is the gold market key
you will see that New York bliss
all the blues are also this
they will sell the god of who
to sell all the Gold is clue
they have diamonds not enough
you will sell your gold and stuff
I saw thousand sell for few
hundreds was it also clue
in the movie screen is true
all the faces hiding BLUES
run like mad to Dubai clue
sell some to the Stalin coup
to buy all the women who
send them to men also two
they will sell the gold is this
put the fear in people kiss
then to later family
Heirloom was it also me
I sold all for nothing see
no more money also plea
do not make me slave is clue
this is how to slave will do

Anonymous said...


Who are the people behind the Somalians ?
Clues and FBI are they investigating the others?
The others is ghost story in the movies and in real life they are the Blues

Ghost is this
no one talk
we are invisible

Visible is also you
you will say its also coup
they have also also news
cut and paste is also clues
they will cut and paste is key
they will say it 's also free
we have to fight back is key
change the course is also key
they cannot pay news is twos
this is rhyme if also clues
they will come to all that use
all the power also Twos
Two is one to also see
CIA hits for me free
FBI hits for the tall
CIA hits for the small
they will hit each other clues
why to have the national twos
twos is one to also clue
why so much separation clues
unveiling is also see
you are innocent is key
you try hard to also news
they will make the also clues
do not join and make it twos
separation never dos
we all work for you is clue
do not share the time is clue
they will sit and wait till you
want to hire someone new
to take all the money who?
they will check all also clue
slowly they will seep it through
they will later later new
do not fall is also clue
stand up tall is also clue

Hugs to you and Sue was me
that was sue to also see
he told you the stories tall
to separate us in wall

you will see the truth is clue
do not fall for wisdom boot
that is truth that you will see
no one talks to you is key
how to say it also me
when you say the truth is key
you will talk to all is seed
that is how to also plead
do the news is also new
do not scare away the new
that is how to also see
the extensions are debris
they have Natan Yahoo see
that the Iran fast is key
we have stopped them all is see
they had plans and now is see

Great job you are great is clue
this is work of god is who

Anonymous said...


Is this Christian accounts only? Can anyone ever find out the names and their origin for these claims?

Thank you

for you Les to Also see
You are helping all is KEY
signs are all over the sea
you will also also see
I love Italy is clue
I ran out as fast as who?

Anonymous said...

if we can't see the split soon in Christianity as a form of invasion of the country for a civil war (devide and conquer) and if we cannot see that we no longer can use HO HO HO for Santa because children get scared (the most pathetic way to commence destroying Christians in US is the culture (Les read about the Ho ho ho of Santa leaving our tongues)
then now all we can say is OY
and we all now have to wear Yamakas
I think it would be better if they atleast were king enough to tell us that David would dominate the world so that we would all leave planet earth

Oh I forgot they would come and get you in space.

A good morning to you from US

Anonymous said...


17 shots of this art
people speak also through art
US flags are also people with
symbols of ?



Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

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