Friday, July 31, 2020

"If You Think a Mask will Protect You, You are a Fear-Driven, Robot-Zombie Relative of Zippy the Pinhead."

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If you think you are supposed to wear a mask. If you think a mask will protect you. If you are unaware that wearing a mask is potentially harmful and if you don't realize how silly you look wearing one, you are a Fear-Driven, Robot-Zombie Relative of Zippy the Pinhead.

I REALIZE that sometimes and in some places, THEY can compel you to wear one and I am not talking to you or about you, who have little choice on occasion. I have avoided it so far because there is nowhere that stocks or carries anything I want that I cannot get another way AND THE ONLY IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE cannot be found in ANY of those places. I also already possess it and do not have to look for it and it never needs replacing, repair or a new coat of paint.

They fooled you with The Big Lie that came out of World War 2 (now they are writing laws to make it against the law IN THIS COUNTRY to point out that it was bullshit). They tried to sell it to the public in World War 1 but it didn't happen. They fooled you about 9/11 and got you to jump through hoops that you are still jumping through today. Now they route you like sheep through the paddocks with the TSA; that latest toxic reservoir of our best and brightest.

A collection of doctors got together to expose the real pandemic, which is the lies about COVID and they were immediately and consistently censored on Youtube. Want to know who is behind the lies and the relentless pressure to get masked-up? Find out who owns Youtube.

I hadn't been out and about for a few days. Yesterday I went for therapy on my Frozen Shoulder AND... now you can't get in just about anywhere unless you wear a mask! I went into Verizon because I now have a new cellphone to sit on my desk so the battery can run out. I need it for my friend to communicate with me if my friend is away. It's one of those 'in case of emergency' things. The other cellphone died; from lack of attention, I think. It just pined away. Alas, Heloise and Abelard, Romeo and Juliet we were not.

The robot-zombie relative of Zippy the Pinhead at Verizon said I had to wear a mask to be in the store, which was empty. I told him that the whole thing about COVID was imaginary. He was not to be moved. He was in his 20's and kept reminding me that he had been there for 6 years. I asked him if he had a parole date. He was not amused and had to run into the back like a little b.... oops. Sorry. That would not be kind of me. The manager came out and it was clear why she was the manager and the clone boy was not. I still had to wait outside while my friend took care of business. My friend doesn't wear a mask either but will don one if there is no alternative. I am very grateful for that. Safeway still lets you in without a mask but NOW... almost no one but us does not wear one. First, they came for the people with no brains and I said nothing because I had a brain. Then they came for the twerkers and the lemming protesters (snicker) and I said nothing because I was neither. Then they came for the people who prey on the rest of us and I applauded. Hmm... never mind, I forget what the point was.

It could NOT be more clear to me what is happening now. This is the test to see which of the two masters you will serve. You are still serving the wrong master if you go in fear of him, even if you don't think you are serving him. Dr. Fraudski, the wannabe baseball pitcher, now wants you to wear even more protection. Hazmat suits are coming. They are the same color and kind as are prison jumpsuits.

I don't know what's going to happen. I DO KNOW how I will be concerning whatever it is. I'm guessing that my early prison stays and felony court appearances were, no doubt, training programs for times to come. No... I do not expect a repeat of these things but they aren't going to make me afraid. The one I serve can dispense with the lot of them with both hands tied behind his back and his eyes closed. SERIOUSLY... God is ALL POWERFUL and coming into demonstration mode soon. At the moment, the stage is being set for a world-changing natural disaster. I've been thinking of it coming in August, this year, for an extended stretch of time now. I don't know why. I never get details. What I get is a general sense of the atmosphere.

It is truly freaky to see all these people so immediately willing to put on a mask for NO VALID REASON. If you sign up for a test and don't show up to take it, you will get a letter a few days later to say that you tested positive for COVID. This is NOT A JOKE (although it is, kinda). The testing kits are designed to give you a positive. They are contaminated with the virus. Practically anyone who dies now dies from COVID and anyone who does pass from this pedestrian virus is USUALLY someone who is quite ancient and has a compromised immune system. Children DO NOT catch this virus NOR TRANSMIT IT. If that has happened it would have been a VERY RARE anomaly. One of the more common sights I see these days are people north of 3 and 4 hundred pounds, usually leaving or arriving at the supermarket and masked-up. I would say that the virus is NOT their greatest concern.

All that I have said and ever so much more, IS TRUE. If you doubt it I suggest you do a little research. Otherwise your opinion and perspective are, what is commonly termed, uninformed.

I do not know what percentage of the politicians, movers, and shakers are fully informed about the level of bullshit, being layered upon the human consciousness like endless macadam road surface coatings. I don't know how corrupt President Trump is or how even more corrupt the competition is. You don't USUALLY get into politics to serve humanity. You get into politics to serve yourself. I don't care how deep and dark, people are committed to going, in order to learn they are going the wrong way. That is not my area of endeavor. THIS and a couple of other venues are my areas of endeavor. I'm useful once you have discovered you are going the wrong way and NOT BEFORE THAT.

This present nightmare dream of willful stupidity and congealed ignorance is no more real than the tale of Alice and Wonderland but it is surprisingly similar. All kinds of nursery rhymes contain commentary on present circumstances, from Mother Goose to Aesop's Fables. Everything external is a working out of internal causes. These are lessons and you are in a classroom. The lab experiments involve you as the subject. You have everything to say about the result, based on the nature of your engagement. Thinking that conforming to external pressures is the solution to your situation, is like depending on a greater pain helping you to forget your present pain. Where are the waters of Lethe when you need them? If you know anything about the Lethe, you should know that it flows around the Cave of Hypnos.

There is NO REASON to be frightened or insecure. Fear is what drives the mouse to leave the safety of his hole in the wall. Well... that and hunger, or sex. The less desire you have for the things of this world, the less influence it holds over you. The less you care about the world, the less it cares about you. This is a good thing. There is an endless row of sacrificial sheep and cannon fodder for the Priests of the Darkness to choose from. Eventually, the PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION will give way to the PURPOSE of the DEMONSTRATION. All you have to do is watch and wait.

At the moment, the power-mad movers and shakers, are impelled toward a particular destination, by forces beyond their understanding, to the inevitable conclusion to which it leads. They are attended by a countless mass of yearning automatons, who would give anything to be among their number. There is a lot of uproar, ALWAYS, in the cusp period between one age and the next. All of the stage settings of the previous age have to be torn down and replaced with the new infrastructure; UNLESS... UNLESS it is mostly all going to be washed out to sea, or consumed in a raging conflagration of boiling oceans and special effects from the real FX entities. Once again, I don't get any details. Maybe I will, once I get to the next landing on the spiral staircase of endlessly evolving existence.

God is the still and silent, sweet spot at the center of your being, at the highest and finest vibration you contain, or which contains you. Given the noise of the world, it can be difficult to be aware of it and even harder to hear what God is saying BUT... it IS POSSIBLE. I say this based on personal experience. It is possible AND... if it was possible for me, it is most certainly possible for you. I am not the sharpest box-cutter on the subway. Relentless and passionate persistence WILL take you there. Constant devotion will take you there. Focused and enduring Love will take you there. The ways are myriad but... it seems to be consistently true that consistency is a key.

This is not some great tragedy that you are witnessing and experiencing. It may well prove to be so for some but... what it is- at least for me- is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY. It is an opportunity so great that I am in no position, nor ever shall be, to express how great it is. Intention sets the direction. If everything that you have ever tried or thought about has let you down or petered out into a state of desolation or disappointment... LOVE GOD! Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind and I GUARANTEE you will have the result that every other effort has fallen short of.

Tick... tick... tick...

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Friday, July 24, 2020

"President Trump; a Few Thoughts on Two Minute Hate Sessions- We have Always been at War with Eurasia."

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I'd like to talk about President Trump for a bit today. There are some very mysterious conun-drums being pounded on by invisible hands. They are invisible to me at any rate, BUT... I can certainly hear them Extremely, materially powerful forces, have been conjoined with fellow travelers in a nonstop effort to remove him as president since the day he was elected. One can say that the entire COVID-HOAX is designed to do what all of the other efforts, so far, have failed to do. It is a lot more likely to succeed as it attacks his greatest strength which 'was' the economy. These ruthless psychopaths care not at all about ruining the lives of the financial heartbeat of America; small business owners, the Mom and Pop operations and all of the entrepreneurial efforts for which America is justifiably recognized as the best in the world.

I've had my criticisms about the man. My primary concern is his slavish support of Israel (and his occasionally tactless and bombastic behavior). I've given him something of a pass about it because I don't know what his long game is. You can't become president without publicly fellating AIPAC and the J-Street lobbies. Aside from that, he's done all kinds of good things. He got the economy smokin' hot. He went after the Deep State (or did he?). There is something very off about all those indictments that never seem to come round and which are critically important. I've been hearing that they are talking about waiting until after the election. Is it still possible after the election, when the incoming junta would immediately set out to disable everything he had done? He's gone after the pedophiles; though news of this is routinely suppressed. He knows that Putin is not a bad guy, compared to people like George Soros and the rest of the Satanic Collective.

WHY is he hated like no president I have ever seen? You have to look at this in terms of how the information is worked that has generated all the hate and resentment in the first place. Big Tech- Social Media and Big Media are the ones principally responsible for creating the national narrative about Trump. At the same time, the younger generations of Americans have become noticeably stupider with each new batch, due to the ubiquitous dumbing down. Programming and brainwashing the public has NEVER BEEN EASIER.

And the RAGE!!! The rage is generated in the young, the disenfranchised and those bred into sociopathy by The System, via the profound emptiness and disenchantment that comes out of the hollow state of being, created by Materialism in the advanced stages. There is a spiritual vacuity and a sense that it is all meaningless. Part of it is due to The Awakening, which is bringing this to people's attention and part of it is due to astrological configurations; out of which comes most everything manifest. They are all dancing to music they cannot hear and which is generated by the planets rubbing up against each other, figuratively and literally speaking but... perhaps not exactly 'rubbing'.

It doesn't matter from what perspective you are watching, OR how valid your perceptions are, there will ALWAYS be more that you do not know than that you do know. Some will think- and correctly, to a point, that there is an agenda behind the present state of disorder in the cities. Some will think this is being orchestrated by foreign interests, and they will be correct, up to a point. Some will think it is being engineered by domestic forces, who want to continue the liberal policies of the former administration and, they would be correct, up to a point. Some will think it's come about as the result of random occurrences and, they would be incorrect up to a point. There will be as many opinions out there as there will be places that The Sun don't shine but ALL OF THEM will be incorrect, up to a point, or limited, or both. This is why no one has a solution and those who might have a solution are in no position to employ it.

It is simply, The Time of the Season (cue The Zombies ((in every sense))) for chaos and confusion and that is because these two line dancing partners are ALWAYS present in the initial moments of dramatic cultural upheaval and social change. Sometimes they are around for a good deal longer than that.

In the midst of the microcephalic uproar at this stage, there are those slavering beasts who believe they can almost taste the sure and certain victory. There are bean counters and number jugglers, ad insanitus. These are the same people that handle the scut work that accounts for ducks being in a row. They also make sure you are, 'proud as a peacock', 'as graceful as a swan', and 'as wise as an owl' when required and they also make sure that there really are two birds in the bush when there needs to be. You seldom hear the names of these people but they do a great deal of damage behind the scenes, where laws are written and where the rules that are meant to be broken get constructed.

None of the experts on these present conditions are right. Yes... The Devil is the hardest working entity in SHOW business and the people running that business work for him and it is ALL SHOW business now but the solid and incontrovertible, can't get around it, FACT is... The Devil works for God and EVERYTHING that is happening- everything in the SHOW business that is now all business, from Monkey Business to Big Business to None of Your Business is FOREVER under the control of The Divine.

THIS... THIS is what you MUST remind yourself of in every moment that you possibly can BECAUSE it has EVERYTHING to do with your Quality of Life, your Safety and Security, AND... Your Final Port of Call... whether anything is final is another matter BUT... I assure you, recognition of Divine Agency being at the controls of EVERYTHING is the way to go if you plan on going anywhere at all AND if your making plans has any effect on anything anyway cause... how do you know it is you who is making the plans... EVER? It's right about now, given that it is ALWAYS NOW that one should ask themselves, “What would Jesus do?”

President Trump's people have a few cards up their sleeves. You can see this in his demeanor and in the way those around him behave. I don't know what these cards are but I know they are there. I love that President Trump DOES NOT wear a mask and when he does he's making a joke about it BECAUSE IT IS A JOKE. Masks are no more than EVIDENCE that you are open to manipulation and they don't do a damn thing to keep you safe, in fact... the whole dynamic is toxic.

I'm not saying that the president is a good guy or a bad guy. Time and circumstance will show up and determine that, but so far... I go by the words of The Master, “By their works ye shall know them.” I am saying that ALL of the present competition for his job are bad guys and more than that; incompetent and MOST CERTAINLY, open to manipulation, which is exactly what is going on with them right now, given that it is ALWAYS NOW.

Everything you see in this world, everything you wish you didn't have to see or hear about, every unpleasant, unfortunate, undesirable, sad and shameful feature of existence is the product of a single cause; BAD PARENTING. If... you were poorly raised and presently suffering from the PRIMARY AND INITIAL Telepathic Invasion that happened when you were a wee thing and all the following circumstances brought about as a result of it, it behooves you to parent yourself (under the aegis of Divine Inspiration), starting right now, given that it is ALWAYS NOW. What you see in The Now, is the aggregate sum of the past in present expression and... The Future is what the present becomes, reflexively manifesting out of whatever you think and say and do in The Now, which is where The Future is going to occur and ALWAYS does occur.

The lines of the times are clearly drawn. If you can't see this, you are in subjective thrall to whatever pernicious influence is manipulating you.

LOVE is the grand and glorious force. It is the supreme attractive force and it is Bad Parenting and the Karma of previous Bad Parenting that accounts for your destructive and disastrous attractions. Love is God, insofar as God can be understood and it is the ONLY thing by which we can gain ANY understanding of God and then put us under the influence of Good Parenting. Love is the most obvious and palpable evidence of God. It is the power that shines through The Sun and every other star. It is everywhere, in the atom and in the largest star. Love is the power that moves everything that gets moved.

Unfortunately, for most of humanity, seldom does any member of that group, slow down long enough to give due reflection to any of this. The force of appetite and all desire is the fruit of the Karma that put you here as you, hungering for whatever it is you have deluded yourself into believing will complete you. Love gives itself away and as a result, is forever increased. If you comprehend THE SCIENCE behind the truth of this, you will be empowered by that same force that shines from The Sun. All of the Avatars we have had, have come from The Sun. The Sun is radiating an intelligence and the timeless teachings of Ageless Wisdom in every moment that it is shining upon you, and out from within you BUT who can hear it? Who can see it or hear it, when the eyes and ears have been tuned to another message? It is a message that is not about giving yourself away, not about immortality, not about Liberty BUT is about TAKING (by whatever means necessary) and DEATH and BONDAGE. It is a simple truth but you have to be simple to understand it.

The drama that is the presidency of Donald Trump will play out here in the theater of the moment and we will see, in some cases, perhaps, regretfully with 20-20 hindsight that far too many of us were victims of our own suicidal will to power and self will run riot, not to mention (but I am) delusional thinking and Bad Parenting. When did it become a shameful thing to stand for decency, humanity and to revere one's own integrity? When did all that was good in us become an embarrassment to possess it? When did UP suddenly become DOWN and Right suddenly become Wrong?

Today's Song is (a rather frivolous) ♫ Night Like This ♫

This and all of my songs are available to be freely used by President Trump's reelection campaign; NOT because I think he's the cat's meow, or the savior of the world BUT... because I am certain his competition, should it come to power, means the end of this country as we have formerly known it.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

"The First Church of the Presence of God- Secondary Location- Primary Location being Within You."

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Of course... a lot goes on here, inside my head. It's like an airport. Planes arrive and planes leave and the Air Traffic Controller NEVER SLEEPS. Most days there is not much coming and going anymore. Most traffic is bounced to other locations because there is no point in their landing here; nothing relevant to them is going on here... anymore.

Anyone who comes here knows about The First Church of the Presence of God which has, basically... a single form of worship and spiritual protocol and that is, THE PRACTICE OF THE PRESENCE OF GOD. Anything tangential or related is handled automatically by The Indwelling. I haven't said much about it in months; probably since around the time I dislocated my shoulder... or... it was dislocated for me, BUT... out of sight is not necessarily out of mind around here. It goes on- this Practice of the Presence, as consistently as it is presently possible to accomplish. It's going on right this moment, as a matter of fact. There were videos, earlier... but they went into a hiatus zone as well.

It has come into my mind, since it came into my mind, that there should be a location for this church, besides its principal and original location; NOT SUBJECT TO CHANGE, which is within us, but... it has come into my thoughts for a while now that there ought to be a physical location where kindred spirits might gather. I had found a couple but they are EXPENSIVE, like this one, The El Rojo Grande Ranch.

More info on The El Rojo Grande Ranch here

...and another one for a third of that price but still EXPENSIVE and that is what I call, The Zen House. When I first saw it it was, or I thought it was, half a million less but perhaps they got inspired to raise the price.

Now comes this new location, which is quite affordable and a lot less than I thought it would sell for and that is the former Unity Church of Sedona. I have been to their services a couple of times. The last time I sat outside on a bench. They are a bit too new agey for me. I'm not passing judgment BUT... I am a great deal simpler and less self-involved than what I find in similar circumstances. I AM NOT saying that this is the case here. I am sure a lot of fine people attend, it's just not my sort of thing. My friend went inside and I communed with The Presence in my own fashion, minus a lot of the whoop de doo. I must stress here, though it will probably not help much with those committed to another form of ideation, that I mean no criticism. Think of it as something like diet. This is a very personal affair AND SO ARE ONE'S SPIRITUAL INCLINATIONS. I prefer that God is the centerpiece and not whoever is officiating at the ceremonies. There is always some degree of pecking order and that is natural BUT... I have run into this kind of thing many times before at various worship centers and fellowships, ashrams, and the like and I like it not. I'll not add any details at this time in that regard.

Alright then... I don't have one million, two hundred thousand dollars and that, actually... won't even get you in the door. There are the various fees and the renovations and also the initial operating costs, so it seems more like Two Million to me. That gives a cushion.

I don't know if The Ineffable has this in mind for me BUT... for some reason, I am writing this and I can't remember ever having done so before. I laughed out loud when I found the link to this in my Inbox folder this morning AND... a few ideas occurred to me and I am just going to put it out there; on the internet are a collection of fundraising websites. There's Go Fund Me, Crowd Funding, Angel List and I don't know how many others. It's not an area I've paid much attention to, except when it appears before me and mention is made as to why whoever is raising the money. I figure that if God wants us to have this place as a place to gather and interact then it's a done deal. It may be that with the writing of this post, some one or several people, WHO ARE ACCOMPLISHED IN THIS AREA OF ENTERPRISE, might give it a go and surprise me (grin). Like I am saying, implying... it could be that the spirit moves someone and Voila! We are there! It seems like this is a fine time to think about something like this as the world devolves more and more into the chaotic period of radical transition that it is promising to do; doing this very moment.

I suppose there would be a core group of people living there. There always is AND THEN... there would be those coming and going, just as there now are those who come and visit me HERE. A lot of people have dropped by to see me since I've been ♫ BACK IN THE USSA! ♫

Certainly... my degree of personal evolution has brought me to a fairly consistent state of serenity and there is far, far less for me to deal with these days. I seem to have reached an agreeable state of interplay with Lady Kundalini and now the lava no longer bursts into the sky but simply burbles over the rim and down to wherever.

I apologize for this posting having less to do with the usual state of affairs but that force which animates and inspires me, animated and inspired me to do this and that will be the end of it; unless it is actually ♫ Only The Beginning ♫ (cue Chicago).

I am not a materially oriented person. Such considerations rarely enter my mind and I have paid a price for that, as one does in Times of Material Darkness. I know that among the readers there are many who are skilled at this sort of thing and we'll have to see if this pings off of anyone's consciousness and provokes a response. I've been looking at the feed in the right sidebar of the posts and been pretty amazed at all the places the readers are to be found in. In this last week, I have noted half a dozen visits from places I have never heard of. I might have recognized a few locations, once I put the city or town location into a search engine but... previously I was unfamiliar with it. People have come here from Tasmania, Belize, Russia, Iran, Indonesia, and many, many other places.

I will make it up to the reader by posting another Smoking Mirrors very soon. In the meantime, this is what crossed my desk- metaphorically speaking today. We shall now see if this project has legs. If it does, it is my hope to be able to cook dinner for any of you who make the trek and to also give you lodging on your way to The Presence that attends you as you look for it. I don't know if I am suited to handle any larger numbers of people. There were times when I had similar locations and a lot of people came and went. There were restaurants where I was able to wine and dine a considerable amount of people until that practice served to send the restaurant on its way (grin) BUT... it was great while it lasted. This would be a whole other kind of thing and we would just have to play it by ear.

If nothing comes of it then that is fine too and we will go on doing what we do here until The Divine reveals another plan to me. I am strangely indifferent to the matter at the moment. That might be a good thing; not to be attached to the fruits of personal industry. I've developed a much lighter touch over the last couple of years. I now live an impressively disciplined life that just wasn't possible before and I've had that confirmed by the ONLY real authority in my life.

So... my friends... if nothing more comes of this you will at least have had the opportunity to see some cool locations and do a little daydreaming of your own. I'll now head over to the recording studio section of my office here and make and record some music. I might even be back here before end of day but certainly no later than tomorrow; God Willing.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, July 17, 2020

"The Profound Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness and Love of The Creator and Director of all Destinies."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There seems to be no end to the difficulties that people experience trying to understand Karma. There are various reasons for this. They can't resolve the seeming lack of Justice in this world. NOT EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN THE SAME LIFE. That is where a lot of people falter in their ability to comprehend the nature of Karma and it comes down to a lack of Faith and that is usually the result of Anthropomorphism because we create a nonexistent God, based on the model of our own failures and shortcomings. GOD IS NOT LIKE US! He does express through us when WE ALLOW IT but that is, especially in these times, a rare event.

MOST PEOPLE... MOST PEOPLE are unable to grasp the immaculate precision of the workings of the universe. We fuck things up and... once again, PROJECTING... convince ourselves that God fucks up. GOD DOES NOT FUCK UP! Sorry about the language which, as you know, I do not like to employ it in that manner BUT... YOUR PROBLEM in understanding ANYTHING is that YOU THINK YOU KNOW. You think you know how it is and how it should be. YOU DON'T. Do yourself a BIG FAVOR and admit the paucity of your knowledge and wisdom. Until you do, YOU WON'T GET ANY!!! I DON'T KNOW! Make it a mantra and make it visceral.

How is it that you cannot see how utterly HUMBLE the 'truly' realized and illumined are? Why do you think they are as humble as the ground itself? Is it so hard to get a clue here? Okay... I am not talking to everyone and I also am not looking to demean or diminish any of the rest of you. ALTHOUGH... you ought to consider doing so on your own. GOD is NOT impressed by the self-important, the know-it-alls, the proud and the vain, and a litany of other shortcomings I could list. Keep it up and see what happens; ESPECIALLY IN THESE TIMES.

It is a SIMPLE thing; do bad shit and bad shit WILL come back on you. Do good things and good things will come back on you. If you were responsible for harmful acts upon life forms of a particular kind or age group, you will return and experience it as a member of that kind and age group. IT IS NOT ALWAYS LIKE IT IS NOW. This is a specific and particular period in which long-standing debts are being called in. I don't like being here during this but here I am. I am fortunate in regard to why I... personally am here but I have been extremely unfortunate concerning the cost of it. The best I can say is 'it comes with the territory'.

You want things to be different? CHANGE YOURSELF! This world, this unique theater we are in, is ONLY ONE OF MANY PLANES OF EXISTENCE. Once again I am going to link Chapter 43 of Autobiography of a Yogi, which deals with the resurrection of Sri Yukteswar. Here you have the matter EXHAUSTIVELY gotten into. Has it occurred to anyone that THIS COULD JUST AS WELL BE YOU? Put in the time and effort and IT WILL BE. For some of us, this is much closer than you might think and for others, it could involve a number of lives BUT... ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is set off for Your Father's House this very hour. Upon my soul, I GUARANTEE the validity of this. You don't want to believe? You don't want to do the work? I can't help you and no one else can either.

This world is a zone of Trial, Testing , and Temptations. It is a Boot Camp. You don't have to be here!!! You put yourself here, at least as far as the circumstances and conditions that you are presently experiencing. This is a place of suffering because of IGNORANT DESIRE. Stop wanting anything but to Love your Creator and to place your life completely and absolutely in his hands and HE WILL WORK IT OUT FOR YOU AS EXPEDITIOUSLY AS POSSIBLE! Not everyone here is suffering.

Let me bring up the matter of GRACE now. It is child's play for The Divine to wash your slate clean this very moment should he so choose. Yes... Karma is an inflexible verity, UNLESS GOD CHOOSES TO SET IT ASIDE. The Power of God is LIMITLESS! What does that mean? It means it is LIMITLESS. There is NOTHING that God cannot accomplish in no time at all. Whether he does so is another matter but HE CAN DO IT and HE HAS DONE IT.

On the matter of Grace, let me say it might prove more complicated than that. Yes... you could have your slate wiped clean BUT... somehow or another, in one fashion or another you would owe for it. Your own divine nature would COMPEL you to respond in kind; IN A SERVICE ORIENTED MANNER. This DOES NOT NEGATE the wiping of the slate. The slate is still wiped. God loves you! I don't know how to even begin to explain this or communicate the degree to which God loves you. You are the one hanging your head in shame and hiding your nakedness, NOT GOD.

So long as one believes in the might of his/her own power, just so long is one left to the fate of personal devices. So long as one believes in the force of personality to adjudicate the matters and means of one's existence, just so long is one subject to the petty tyranny of the false self. One is the whipping boy of their appetites and desires and pays the freight in all kinds of less than pleasant ways. Life DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT.

WHY ARE WE HERE? It is Karma that has placed us here. We are experiencing the fruits of our former actions. We could be experiencing it in all sorts of other places, where our Karma might have put us. We suffer Karma as the result of IGNORANCE and ignorance is the offspring of our presumed certainty of knowing when WE DO NOT KNOW. I remember back when I thought I knew. I knew all kinds of things. I had read all kinds of books. I was an expert on many things and I could talk at length about any of them. However... I didn't know shit, or perhaps it might be better to say that what I knew was shit. God- in his Grace, had mercy on me and sent someone to inform me in a visceral fashion that I did not know. The freedom and relief that swept over me was incredible.

I've said it before more than once. I will say it again because, obviously, it has not taken in every case. If you 'think' you know then God does not know. If you know you do not know then God will inform you of everything you could ever want to know, as long as you are aware that you do not know. God lets anyone and every one of us play God for as long as we insist on doing so, FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION! Our playing God will... inevitably... lead us to being informed otherwise as to the truth of it. ONLY God can play God effectively. He can and does do it THROUGH US, if we only STEP OUT OF THE WAY. It is like bullfighting and we are the bull. We have to get out of our own way or... yeah, we WILL SUFFER. Personally, I like to employ what I call 'bullfighting with a scalpel' where the scalpel is Discrimination.

There is a perfect storm brewing my friends and it is going to be one of those things that come up all of a sudden with little or no warning but which, upon hindsight, one could say; given they were still around to reflect upon it at a later moment, “It was there to be seen, I realize now BUT... I just didn't see it, because all the tinsel, glitter and other distractions got in the way." Amidst all of the cultural upheaval and ever-intensifying, spontaneous AND PROTRACTED insanity, we should very much be mindful of the possibility of NATURAL and supernatural events. We are entering into a particular phase where almost anything could happen. All that I, personally know about it, is this image that has been with me for some time, of a moment in which the whole world is reduced to a shocked silence and after which nothing can ever be the same again. That is all I have as far as prognostications go. It is all the same image that keeps coming up and it is filled with awe and wonder in some instances and a terrible sense of dread in others.

Pay attention! Look around you at the accelerating chaos and the feckless responses of the leadership. How I read it is that there is something present in each one of us that is causing us to act and to not act and in most cases, those engaged are oblivious of its occurrence and especially of the consequences. These are times of trepidation, one must tread lightly and with a care as to how we go. Sometimes I wish I knew more about the patterns of planets and stars but my intuition has proven remarkable as a working substitute for my lack of astrological savvy.

I am aware of the intensity of this posting and the force of delivery. It would be greater if I felt it would serve without turning the reader off. Something VERY BIG is in the wind; at least that is the reading I am getting but details are scant. The best I can say is that present trends APPEAR disturbing. HOWEVER... HOWEVER... God is in COMPLETE COMMAND of everything and is directing all seemingly unrelated circumstances to his appointed ends. This is the time to shelter beneath his wings and seek his counsel. Otherwise, it is altogether possible for one to get swept up in the powerful currents of madness that are rushing and pressing in all directions.

I do not want to be an alarmist. For me... there is no cause for alarm because I am fully and irrevocably committed to THY WILL BE DONE. I am convinced beyond all argument otherwise of the profound mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and love of The Creator and Director of all Destinies. I seek nothing more than to pray that HIS WILL be revealed to me so that I might acquiesce. For the one who is surrendered and undivided, there is no cause for Fear or Distress. All will be perfectly resolved NOW AND ALWAYS.

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

I must apologize for no longer having the power and clarity in my vocals that once I had. Age has reduced my abilities but hopefully, enough remains that the message is conveyed.

I haven't been by Pocketnet, except to post in some time. I still regard it as a great place to get news and opinion and it is uncensored and run by some terrific people. I'm just really busy with all of my projects and don't even follow the news except for a cursory visit to get the main items.

Anyway... here it is and I REALLY APPRECIATE the support you give me there. I will be round there again once I get these albums done.

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Sunday, July 12, 2020

"It has Been a Long Time Arriving and it is Going to be a Long time Going.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It's getting more and more violent and chaotic by the day. In the corridors and seats of power there is an obvious distress and bizarre acting out taking place, whether it be in the political world, entertainment world, religious, or quasi-spiritual world and... they are all worlds, prominent members are losing their minds. You could say they are losing their grip on reality but they never had a grip. They have all been faking it, doing what they were told they could get away with because that was how it got done. Now... now... something new has entered into all of these worlds and it is shaking up the dream fabric that had been woven to validate the impostors. Illusion is time-sensitive. It has a life-cycle and it decays after a period of time, which it is doing now.

For those... and that means most people, who have little idea of what is going on and were mostly operating from programming, whether that be karmic placement, or present tense and past impressing of appetite and desire... or atavistic impulsing, fear-driven or... some-such of somewhat, they've mostly been in a robotic mode, after whatever time it took the effect of puberty to become perfunctory. Are you following me? See... here's the problem; I can't talk directly about this and I certainly can't speak comprehensively, or else we would be here for a really long time. This is what compels me to STATE MY PERSPECTIVE and render you with the single option of TAKE IT or LEAVE IT.

Some of you have been coming here for decades and some are more recent. Of those who come here most often, you are either inline with what I present or you are seriously opposed, without realizing that you keep coming here for reasons you are unaware of. I couldn't tell you how it is that I have come to know what it is that I know, as well as to be viscerally aware of what I do not know. This facility of discrimination is critically important, though most people don't even think about it, even though it shapes both their life and their destiny, depending on whether they choose to exercise it or not.

I've been given certain abilities. Some of these are conferred (brought over from past visitations) and some of them are learned or earned during this recent passing through. I am like a plumber or an electrician. The only difference is that I work with the less visible aspects of tech. As a result, I have more often to work out of the intuitive capacity, rather than through empirical know-how.

There is a reason for my bringing this and sundry up today. In my mind, I can prove most all of what I say. I had to do so in order to believe it myself, to begin with. My belief in certain seemingly unprovable things is very strong at this point because I have had a long period of time in this go-round to see these things consistently prove out over time, again and again, and again and again to the nth power. I cannot prove what I can prove to those who are adamant in their resistance to what THEY DON'T WANT TO BE CONVINCED OF. There isn't a great deal I can do about that, nor does it trouble me much BECAUSE I KNOW that TRUTH proves itself to all, no matter how great their resistance may be. Sooner or later they crumble before it, often in extremely painful circumstances.

How is it that people can get so arrogant about the truth of their lies and the self-awarded importance of their thoughts and spurious accomplishments? For the Purpose of Demonstration, certain personalities are given a good long run of success at lying, cheating, stealing, killing, raping, and subjugating at will. There is a cosmic design behind all of this and it reaches into a future no one but God and those so empowered by God can see and it emerges out of a past just as opaque.

I cannot emphasize the importance of one encountering bonafide spiritual teachers and illumined entities, great-souled ones, and the like. It doesn't happen through luck. It seems that way to some only because they do not know from whence and through what those who seem spiritually fortunate have passed. One might say that even Grace, most of the time, has origins previous to and outside of the purview of most people.

This world is literally a madhouse. Just about everyone is crazy to some degree but the majority appear sane because they operate according to predictable patterns of behavior. One is not really sane, simply because they can fit in with whatever the doings of a particular time might be, especially if those doings are crazy, as they most certainly are at present.

The old world is crumbling away and not all the king's men or his horses can put it back together. As it crumbles, so does the stability and sanity of those depending on it. Some of us know better than to depend on external conditions and circumstances. Some of us have been reduced to utter extremity MORE THAN ONCE, to convince us NOT TO DEPEND ON THIS WORLD OF APPEARANCES. It is akin to building your house on sand or out of straw, or whatever your preferred metaphors or analogies might be.

Most of the time you can't tell people anything except what they want to hear and when what they need to hear is what they especially do not want to hear, well... yeah. Things are really ass-backward at these times. It seems like it is a wonderful event for one to become materially successful, or to be celebrated as a gifted artist when there is no gift present whatsoever, but which is presumed to be present because... well... you couldn't be successful otherwise, could you? There is presently a good amount of successful innovators and sports figures and people of many a stripe of accomplishment, given how many of us are here. The world is overrun by celebrity and celebrity worship. Actually... success in these times is more often a pending detriment as we shall see. It's really bad if you are in any sense an architect of present social conditions or cultural whatever...

I used to be very puzzled about why I was unable to succeed in various areas of endeavor. I knew I had the talent but my luck was atrocious. I had several people die just a short time before they were going to ferry me seriously upwards. I can't even remember how many times seeming misfortune struck. I thought I must be cursed. Au Contraire; I was being protected. It is only in recent times that I have come to see how truly fortunate I have been. I am not capable of describing it. I got the hard-handed massage from the cosmos, little realizing to what end I was being formed and shaped. I've come to find that MANY of the people who come here have experienced VERY SIMILAR events and for very similar reasons.

Some of us get depressed and downhearted because of so many things not going right in our lives. We become cynical and self-absorbed. That is the real misfortune. All that has been happening is our being patterned by Heaven to adjust to a higher calling and awareness. Just as soon as we catch on and become co-pilots, the whole process becomes much easier. I am speaking from direct experience here. I was about as hard-headed as they come and talk about indomitable and relentless in the pursuit of my ends, I was surely that. God makes us strong in some very interesting ways, putting us up against all manner of oppositions and odds and NEVER for reasons that are revealed to us, or have much at all to do with what we think it does. One day we find ourselves well up a road we had no idea we were traveling on and with a magic bag of qualities that are the product of our finally having gotten a small idea of what is really going on.

The whole thing is crumbling and those who will suffer the most are those most invested in it. In many cases, all of their survival skills are based on the things that are crumbling. See... we are at the turning of the age. This happens every time it happens but we don't remember any of that because it was a long time ago the last time it happened. It will all be better once the clutter is cleared and certain features are set into place. How long these better times will last, I couldn't tell you. What I can tell you is that comeuppance is about to go down on a massive scale and that no matter what anyone is saying, none of them knows what is coming.

GOD IS REAL. This is something you need to tattoo permanently upon your consciousness. You NEED to get a visceral certitude about this because everything depends on what you think is real when the real wakes up inside of you. Fate and destiny are going to be accorded everywhere on the planet in individual doses of awakening and revealing. In many cases what is being revealed is very much not desired by those it is being revealed to and in other cases, it is going to be the very essence of a breath of fresh, clean air and cosmic remembrance. In many instances this means crazy is going to go ballistic, while in others it is going to mean a whole new kind of stable and sane and wonderful past telling. Certain eternal truths have been hidden from us for a good long stretch. They are going to be manifesting and activating shortly.

I was told that there is a peculiar planetary alignment coming up around this Christmas and having much to do with Christ reappearing and also bringing all of what we thought was coming on 2012 and other dates that have proven premature. I don't know what to make of that and I don't think most anyone else does either but be it Christmas time, with a real serendipitous irony, or be it somewhat before or after that, IT IS COMING and it's going to be a little different, or exceedingly different for each of us and this is when our notions of what we previously considered misfortunes, or rousing successes are going to be stood on their heads and in some cases seriously rotated.

As has already been stated here, Take it or Leave it. I advise that the reader make every effort to get right with The Divine and to direct your every effort toward a greater degree of communication with the celestial forces. There is NO GREATER STABILITY that can be had than that eternal sanctuary that is found in the love for one's creator.

End Transmission.......

We have now recorded 12 new songs so we are about a 3rd done with this project. We will be featuring these songs in each new posting. Today's Song is;

It's meant to be played loud!

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

"Until THE MERCY AND GRACE OF GOD INTRUDES, at Some Point on your Personal Road to Damascus."

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Chicago's mayor needs to pull to the curb and let some of the air out of her head. Over the weekend 67 people were shot and 13 of them died. Mayor Light-in-the-head said, “We are making progress... but we have to do better.”

The Coronavirus Hoax is seeking to soon challenge the biggest hoax of them all, which came out of World War 2. It's got legs and people, as people do, are buying into it. You want to know why everything that seems like it shouldn't have happened in this world did happen? This is why. People believe what you tell them, unless, of course, unless you are telling them the truth.

Here is the latest to come out of Florida, land of The Fish that Walk, the snails that are becoming condominiums and The Alligator Smorgasbord.

Finally... as was announced here several years ago (and several times since); guess who is running for president?

President Macho Camacho has thrown his pointed hat into the ring and the man whose girlfriend is auctioning off her soul has announced that he supports him.

West is courting the intellectuals, as confirmed by rocket surgeon, Paris Hilton, who posted her topless support (viewable in the linked Fox article). It was probably the evidence of Kanye's superb command of the English language that got to her; “yo, whatchu [sic] all laughing at?"

Hilton has long been known in academic circles as The Topless Philologist. She's also something of a savant at theoretical physics having dated Stephen Hawking for a couple of weeks. “I picked it up by osmosis,” she said. Hawkings said she should be credited with several of his mathematical constructs because her lap dancing expertise was “out of this world.” and had she not unscrewed his head and danced on the wires he could never have come up with them.

I am a mathematician myself as you might have noticed with one of my more popular equations; Materialism=Insanity=Chaos. People have taken me to task for pointing out that Hawking and Larry King were siblings but I was able to verify this during my study of the particular Hawking's theorem, illustrated in his paper to The Royal College of Edinborough, which was titled “The Suspenders that Hold up the World.” This pretty much blew String Theory off the court when it was released. Of course, afterwards everyone could clearly see the advantages of suspenders over strings but it took Stephen to put it all in perspective.

It is important that I occasionally engage the mind of the reader in other pursuits besides my relentless pressure to seek out The Presence of the Ineffable. The world is not going to go away anytime soon and so it bears paying attention to on occasion, so as to militate against the possibility of getting hammered by a garbage truck while thumb-humping your cellphone. There is an app for that which is based on the GPS model and you can get it online.

Okay... okay... before I get too carried away so that I actually wind up getting carried away, let me say that if the past few months have not proven out the veracity of my equation then the next few months are going to leave you with the appearance of a poleaxed steer. We'll be going from The Thousand Yard Stare to The Thousand-Year Stare. There is a point that comes to everyone. Sometimes it is to be expected and that is the good side of the affair and sometimes it comes upon you in an unexpected fashion and that is often less than desirable and that is when you find out that THE YOU YOU IMAGINE YOURSELF TO BE DOES NOT EXIST. Environmental and social programming account for the transitory persona that you identify as you. It is an ephemeral camouflage which conceals the reality of yourself from others and from yourself. Anyone who has experienced a full-blown acid trip knows what I am talking about.

'You' disappear and... at first... there is no one there. I've seen this up close and also experienced it myself but for me, it was a marvel of awakening and for many another, it was the scariest thing that ever happened to them. I've used a particular analogy several times here. Two people are riding in a roller-coaster. One of them is frightened out of their wits and the other is screaming with excitement.

I come out of the school where 'you fake it until it becomes real'. You walk like that is what you are and it becomes what you are. I could probably explain that better but no matter how I explain it, it won't serve to explain it. It is like trying to describe to someone what swimming is like when they have never been in the water.

For some of us, our false persona is like a stone set in concrete. For some, it is like a thick blindfold where no light can enter. For some, it is like a semi-opaque scarf and one can dimly perceive forms in movement beyond it. Then there are those who have a sheer or gossamer veil over their eyes and they can identify the forms in movement. The latter can go to their wit's end trying to transmit what they are seeing to the former but they won't effectively communicate it.

The whole world is an argument, going on between the people wearing the different sight impairments over their eyes. The ones who can clearly see are not arguing at all. When the false self is erased, whether by trauma or divine intervention, one can... it does not always happen but... one can encounter the eternal self that exists behind all of the masquerades and individual hallucinations of identity. This abiding self is present in EVERYONE. There is ONLY ONE SELF. You might say that it is a light which can assume any form for the purpose of demonstration. The you that you think is you is like a stained glass window through which this light does... or does not shine through. Those who can see more clearly are able to assess the whole of anyone they encounter by observing those areas through which the light shines and those areas which block the light. The human body is a miniaturization of the cosmos and every portion of the body of the cosmos has a symbolic and actual meaning. This is also so in the reflected particle which we are individually.

The places blocking the light are the residence points of our shortcomings. They are WHAT CAUSES US TO BE HERE. They are what torments us and what blinds up to the beauty of ourselves and others. There are those, moving among us, who have no blockages in their being and you can only see them if they permit you to. They are here to inspire and to guide us but... for the greater portion of us, our attention is not on such possibilities of encounter. We are neck-deep in the murk of the material world and it is collectively and individually driving us mad. It is one thing to go mad in the search for God. You have to anyway. It is a rite of passage, BUT... to have the world drive you mad, as a willing participant, is misfortune indeed.

At regular intervals, an unacceptable portion of humanity has been 'herded' to the brink of destruction and there is NOTHING ANY OF US CAN DO ABOUT IT on that large a scale. There is one who can, however, and that is The Avatar. The world routinely gets into an unmanageable fix and routinely, The Avatar 'returns' to set it right. This results in liberation for some and punishment for others, who are resisting their own liberation. In other words, it doesn't have to be that way BUT FOR SOME, it is.

The Avatar might well be among us now, or he might be still precipitating downward through the planes, sweeping them out on his way; dealing with those principalities, and powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world. He it is who attends to all that wickedness in high places and he has to deal with that before he presents himself here. What he does is to press these forces downward into physical manifestation where he can deal with them in the appropriate fashion.

This Avatar is God himself in the flesh. Here is what the Bible says about him;

“For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether [they be] thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him.”

You can dispute and argue and rail against THE REALITY OF THIS as you wish. You change it not a particle nor a degree. IT IS WHAT IS IS... EVERLASTING. I am not just saying these things, I KNOW THEM TO BE TRUE and the naysayers will continue to be born again and again as the dogs that bark at the passing caravan, until THE MERCY AND GRACE OF GOD INTRUDES, at some point on your personal road to Damascus, so that you might get rerouted to Damcar, or Shamballah, or Kitezh, or Shangri-La, or Pherylit, or Ketumati, or Pieroma, or Svarga, or Zion, or Cloud Cuckoo Land, or... what find you.

Those are only some of the places of legend mentioned as the end result of a particular path of spiritual pursuit, like The Western Pure Land or Brahma-Loka. There are, in fact, a great many locations such as these, resident in the cloud banks of the higher mind. Alternatively, you have New York, LA, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, and sundry terrestrial locations and you can get to ANY OF THEM, simply by taking the road that leads there and if you don't deviate, you will get there. These times in which you find yourself, regardless of the present state of the appearance of tumultuous change, is the perfect moment to set forth on an unwavering course. See that you do so, in whatever fashion, becomes that road up the mountain which best appeals to you.

End Transmission.......

My friend here listens to Robert Phoenix's radio show on a regular basis and so it is that my friend told me about his most recent guest named Penny Kelly, who had a powerful Kundalini experience. Traditionally, women are not the usual examples of this BUT... in this age of the returning Divine Feminine, it is only appropriate that it should begin to happen. My friend was telling me about what this woman had to say and remarking on the fact that everything she said was near identical to the experiences I had been telling my friend about over time, which had happened to me. Just as there is a similarity in physical experiences, shared by diverse individuals, the same applies spiritually as well. AS ABOVE SO BELOW.

Today's Song is;

You take the South Gate and I'll take the West Gate and you may be in Pocketnet before me.

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