Friday, July 31, 2020

"If You Think a Mask will Protect You, You are a Fear-Driven, Robot-Zombie Relative of Zippy the Pinhead."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

If you think you are supposed to wear a mask. If you think a mask will protect you. If you are unaware that wearing a mask is potentially harmful and if you don't realize how silly you look wearing one, you are a Fear-Driven, Robot-Zombie Relative of Zippy the Pinhead.

I REALIZE that sometimes and in some places, THEY can compel you to wear one and I am not talking to you or about you, who have little choice on occasion. I have avoided it so far because there is nowhere that stocks or carries anything I want that I cannot get another way AND THE ONLY IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE cannot be found in ANY of those places. I also already possess it and do not have to look for it and it never needs replacing, repair or a new coat of paint.

They fooled you with The Big Lie that came out of World War 2 (now they are writing laws to make it against the law IN THIS COUNTRY to point out that it was bullshit). They tried to sell it to the public in World War 1 but it didn't happen. They fooled you about 9/11 and got you to jump through hoops that you are still jumping through today. Now they route you like sheep through the paddocks with the TSA; that latest toxic reservoir of our best and brightest.

A collection of doctors got together to expose the real pandemic, which is the lies about COVID and they were immediately and consistently censored on Youtube. Want to know who is behind the lies and the relentless pressure to get masked-up? Find out who owns Youtube.

I hadn't been out and about for a few days. Yesterday I went for therapy on my Frozen Shoulder AND... now you can't get in just about anywhere unless you wear a mask! I went into Verizon because I now have a new cellphone to sit on my desk so the battery can run out. I need it for my friend to communicate with me if my friend is away. It's one of those 'in case of emergency' things. The other cellphone died; from lack of attention, I think. It just pined away. Alas, Heloise and Abelard, Romeo and Juliet we were not.

The robot-zombie relative of Zippy the Pinhead at Verizon said I had to wear a mask to be in the store, which was empty. I told him that the whole thing about COVID was imaginary. He was not to be moved. He was in his 20's and kept reminding me that he had been there for 6 years. I asked him if he had a parole date. He was not amused and had to run into the back like a little b.... oops. Sorry. That would not be kind of me. The manager came out and it was clear why she was the manager and the clone boy was not. I still had to wait outside while my friend took care of business. My friend doesn't wear a mask either but will don one if there is no alternative. I am very grateful for that. Safeway still lets you in without a mask but NOW... almost no one but us does not wear one. First, they came for the people with no brains and I said nothing because I had a brain. Then they came for the twerkers and the lemming protesters (snicker) and I said nothing because I was neither. Then they came for the people who prey on the rest of us and I applauded. Hmm... never mind, I forget what the point was.

It could NOT be more clear to me what is happening now. This is the test to see which of the two masters you will serve. You are still serving the wrong master if you go in fear of him, even if you don't think you are serving him. Dr. Fraudski, the wannabe baseball pitcher, now wants you to wear even more protection. Hazmat suits are coming. They are the same color and kind as are prison jumpsuits.

I don't know what's going to happen. I DO KNOW how I will be concerning whatever it is. I'm guessing that my early prison stays and felony court appearances were, no doubt, training programs for times to come. No... I do not expect a repeat of these things but they aren't going to make me afraid. The one I serve can dispense with the lot of them with both hands tied behind his back and his eyes closed. SERIOUSLY... God is ALL POWERFUL and coming into demonstration mode soon. At the moment, the stage is being set for a world-changing natural disaster. I've been thinking of it coming in August, this year, for an extended stretch of time now. I don't know why. I never get details. What I get is a general sense of the atmosphere.

It is truly freaky to see all these people so immediately willing to put on a mask for NO VALID REASON. If you sign up for a test and don't show up to take it, you will get a letter a few days later to say that you tested positive for COVID. This is NOT A JOKE (although it is, kinda). The testing kits are designed to give you a positive. They are contaminated with the virus. Practically anyone who dies now dies from COVID and anyone who does pass from this pedestrian virus is USUALLY someone who is quite ancient and has a compromised immune system. Children DO NOT catch this virus NOR TRANSMIT IT. If that has happened it would have been a VERY RARE anomaly. One of the more common sights I see these days are people north of 3 and 4 hundred pounds, usually leaving or arriving at the supermarket and masked-up. I would say that the virus is NOT their greatest concern.

All that I have said and ever so much more, IS TRUE. If you doubt it I suggest you do a little research. Otherwise your opinion and perspective are, what is commonly termed, uninformed.

I do not know what percentage of the politicians, movers, and shakers are fully informed about the level of bullshit, being layered upon the human consciousness like endless macadam road surface coatings. I don't know how corrupt President Trump is or how even more corrupt the competition is. You don't USUALLY get into politics to serve humanity. You get into politics to serve yourself. I don't care how deep and dark, people are committed to going, in order to learn they are going the wrong way. That is not my area of endeavor. THIS and a couple of other venues are my areas of endeavor. I'm useful once you have discovered you are going the wrong way and NOT BEFORE THAT.

This present nightmare dream of willful stupidity and congealed ignorance is no more real than the tale of Alice and Wonderland but it is surprisingly similar. All kinds of nursery rhymes contain commentary on present circumstances, from Mother Goose to Aesop's Fables. Everything external is a working out of internal causes. These are lessons and you are in a classroom. The lab experiments involve you as the subject. You have everything to say about the result, based on the nature of your engagement. Thinking that conforming to external pressures is the solution to your situation, is like depending on a greater pain helping you to forget your present pain. Where are the waters of Lethe when you need them? If you know anything about the Lethe, you should know that it flows around the Cave of Hypnos.

There is NO REASON to be frightened or insecure. Fear is what drives the mouse to leave the safety of his hole in the wall. Well... that and hunger, or sex. The less desire you have for the things of this world, the less influence it holds over you. The less you care about the world, the less it cares about you. This is a good thing. There is an endless row of sacrificial sheep and cannon fodder for the Priests of the Darkness to choose from. Eventually, the PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION will give way to the PURPOSE of the DEMONSTRATION. All you have to do is watch and wait.

At the moment, the power-mad movers and shakers, are impelled toward a particular destination, by forces beyond their understanding, to the inevitable conclusion to which it leads. They are attended by a countless mass of yearning automatons, who would give anything to be among their number. There is a lot of uproar, ALWAYS, in the cusp period between one age and the next. All of the stage settings of the previous age have to be torn down and replaced with the new infrastructure; UNLESS... UNLESS it is mostly all going to be washed out to sea, or consumed in a raging conflagration of boiling oceans and special effects from the real FX entities. Once again, I don't get any details. Maybe I will, once I get to the next landing on the spiral staircase of endlessly evolving existence.

God is the still and silent, sweet spot at the center of your being, at the highest and finest vibration you contain, or which contains you. Given the noise of the world, it can be difficult to be aware of it and even harder to hear what God is saying BUT... it IS POSSIBLE. I say this based on personal experience. It is possible AND... if it was possible for me, it is most certainly possible for you. I am not the sharpest box-cutter on the subway. Relentless and passionate persistence WILL take you there. Constant devotion will take you there. Focused and enduring Love will take you there. The ways are myriad but... it seems to be consistently true that consistency is a key.

This is not some great tragedy that you are witnessing and experiencing. It may well prove to be so for some but... what it is- at least for me- is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY. It is an opportunity so great that I am in no position, nor ever shall be, to express how great it is. Intention sets the direction. If everything that you have ever tried or thought about has let you down or petered out into a state of desolation or disappointment... LOVE GOD! Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind and I GUARANTEE you will have the result that every other effort has fallen short of.

Tick... tick... tick...

End Transmission.......

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Erik said...

All spiritual guidance here, True. On Donald J. Trump, i think, looking at the possibility of H.R.C. now being president he is a Godsend blessing. Meaning the best possible leader needed in this time. Might have to do with his previous existence on this dog eats dog world. Heard rumors he was Patton but how could you know, thinking it over it seemed possible to me, both hated communists. I think this president is a good christian. One of te reasons they hate him. He is certainly in the know of the coming geological changes.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The Halcyon Daze are over for many. Some never knew them. Ask any young Palestinian.

Now when will those days end for those not in the big cities? From other sources, I get that by November, things are gonna hit the fan big time. We shall see.

Visible said...

Thank you Erik! I'm always glad to hear something positive about the president; not because we're buddies or anything like that but it speaks to the good of the country and that I DO CARE ABOUT! I haven't heard that thing about Patton before. Patton also hated the Russians and pressed for us to go to war against them at a time when we would have won. Trump, on the other hand, bears no rancor toward Russia. So... that would be odd.

Are you the Erik I met in Mexico once? He spells his name that way too. If you are still where you were we are fairly close distance-wise.

Erik said...

hi Les,
Patton was killed by his superiors because he wanted to use the German soldiers to fight Russia, these more than a millon soldiers were driven in meadows surrounded by barbed wire to be killed by lack of food and water. Russia is more of a orthodox christian nature now, resurrected churches everywhere, but that dark spirit that once dwelled in Russia is now over America. Putin, Xi and more are also Godsend. Its all karma on all sides. The outcome of karma can always be changed by God. Despite president Trump America still has a disastrous foreign policy i see nothing good coming out of it. So the balance will be in the karma. According to Hopi lore WWIII will be started by the oldest civilisation or something like that. I used to think that was India but i now think it is China. Never been in Mexico.

Visible said...

fine... that's all I wanted to know. I'm very familiar with Patton's life. I was referring to the claim by someone that he is now Trump. What I have learned about reincarnation, according to the yogis I have read and other sources tend to give that story a certain incredibility to it. I'm not saying it isn't so cause I don't know. It just comes off strange given certain recurrent factors having to do with that coming and going thing. As for the rest of what you said, I know nothing about any of that. I can't make any judgments on what I don't know. The Hopi's say one thing and then there are literally dozens of others who all have variation, as a result, I stay away from the whole prophecy thing. I've not seen anything accurate yet. I get sensations of coming events, like that earthquake thing that keeps coming into my head but I really don't know. What I am told internally is not often resonant with what I hear outside.

Visible said...

China's massive Three Gorges Dam across the giant Yangtze Rive, is under so much pressure from torrential rain and flood waters, the gigantic dam is now PHYSICALLY DEFORMED so badly, it can be seen by satellites in space! There are now very real fears the Dam will fail and collapse, sending massive amounts of flood waters downstream, killing millions and wiping out all manufacturing in China.

The amount of compression deformity is stunning. This is not a piece of plastic or steel that can readily bend; this is concrete.

While concrete has terrific compression strength, and can handle enormous downward weight, it has very little tensile strength.

Ultimate tensile strength, often shortened to tensile strength, ultimate strength, or within equations, is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before breaking.

That's why engineers use very high grade steel reinforcing when building something like a Dam. The steel prevents the movement of concrete from stretching or bending. It looks now, however, that either the Chinese engineers didn't use the right steel, or perhaps didn't use enough steel. Here's anpother serial view:

The Three Gorges Dam is seriously compromised, and in danger of failing. Here's another view (Click image to greatly enlarge)

What happens if it fails?

If the Three Gorges Dam is completely collapsed, more than 10 billion cubic meters of reservoir water will be released in a short time, and the coast between the dam site and Shashi City will be directly impacted by flood waves, resulting in serious disaster losses.

The Gezhouba Dam water conservancy project will be severely damaged, and Yichang flooded in the area below the railway line, and the embankment of Zhicheng, the upper and lower Dizhou and the Jing Jiang flood areas will be flooded by the embankment of the West Bank.

The maximum flow rate of the dam break peak will reach 100 - 2 million 370 thousand cubic meters per second. The flood peak will reach the Gezhouba Dam water control hub at 100 km per hour.

The flood peak will reach 310 thousand cubic meters per second, the flood damages the Gezhouba Dam and enters the city of Yichang.

The flow rate in the Yichang city is still at rest. With 65 kilometers per hour and 4 to 5 hours after dam break, the water level of Yichang will reach 64 to 71 meters above sea level.

continued in next comment

Visible said...

In 1998, the maximum flow of flood in the Yangtze River was 60 thousand cubic meters per second, and this present flood peak is 37 times that of its flood peak, and the speed of the flood peak will be 100 kilometers per hour, the same speed as cars on a freeway.

The Gezhouba Dam water control project will be washed away under such a flow and speed.

The average elevation of Yichang is less than 50 meters above sea level. When the flood level reaches 64-71 meters above sea level, Yichang city is 20 meters below water. Residents of Yichang have little chance to escape after the Three Gorges Dam bursts because the flood peak reaches Yichang half an hour after the dam bursts. In one city in Yichang 500 thousand will be killed.

Not only Yichang can not hold, Shashi can not hold, Jianghan plain can not hold, Wuhan can not hold, Beijing and Guangzhou, the Beijing Kowloon Railway also can not hold, the scope of the flood will reach Nanjing.

In 1986, the Sichuan provincial CPPCC investigation group pointed out in the report that "if a war broke out, the Three Gorges dam must be the primary goal. If the dam was destroyed, the big cities in the middle and lower reaches of the dam were displaced, the consequences would be unimaginable."

To put it simply, a failure of the Three Gorges Dam would be an unstoppable destruction of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, flooding tens of times worse than the "100 year flood."

Deadly flooding arrives in Wuhan in 10 hours and in Nanjing in 1 day. Tens of tens of tens of meters of flood washes across buildings, it is hard to imagine that people can escape.

The Yangtze River Valley is the center of China's elite gravity, with 38% water, 25% arable land, 40% grain, 33% cotton, 66% freshwater fish, and 350 million people. Do you understand this effect?

The downstream area of the Three Gorges dam is China's strategic power.

According to the study of Yang Lang, a military commentator, the Three Gorges project is in a very critical and very sensitive position in the whole of China's national defense. If the dam breaks, both space and time will have a significant impact on the whole national defense, and the effect of the disaster field is serious.

In the lower reaches of the Three Gorges Dam, the Central Plains of the Three Gorges have always been the battleground of the army, and now it is the main military place for China.

Forty-five percent of the Chinese army, twenty percent of the armored division, Thirty-eight percent of the infantry division, and one hundred percent of the airborne division.

It is the strategic reserve force of China and the strategic mobile force of China. If the strategic mobile force is consumed by dam break floods, the result is very serious: China will be economically ruined, its army wiped out, and it will be left without food, a military, or defenses.

Erik said...

My mother was clairvoyant, her predictions always came true. Since she had a 100% trackrecord i always believed her, my father not what he usually regretted. Prophecy is not my cup of tea. I find it very interesting but i can only make predictions on a knowledge/intuition base plus a lot of analytical thinking. That said i am pretty sure what we will see around dec./jan. on the American continent.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Visible,
It would be well worth your time to read a book called I believe that since you understand the nature of the creator so well, this book should fit right in with what you speak of. Bechamp or Pasteur, A lost Chapter in the History of Biology. Go to internet archive.
Consider: 'Nothing is the prey of death; everything is the prey of life.'
Have a good day Sir.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'veiled' column (mask joke). Thanks!

To me, all the orders coming-down from 'on high' are conditioning. The details of a given proclamation are not important; the intent is to condition one to obey - reflexively. In essence, it is no different than potty training.

Waking-up from the above requires a mastering of the fear brought-up by the world no longer being a safe place. As long as one can 'nestle' in the belief that a nebulous archetypal parent will take care of you and safeguard you, one can avoid those feelings. Assembling real-world facts and - most importantly - drawing the logical conclusions from them is emotionally difficult when one begins to feel like prey.

This is where a combination of Faith (which is probably a faint remembrance of Otherwhere) and Spiritual Experiences can be helpful. If there is no one more powerful than earthly rulers, one might as well go face-down along the cattle chutes. If there is indirect or direct Knowledge that there is More, then "Resistance is not futile..." (Or to quote Worf - hopefully in a higher sense - "Assimilate This!")

(More metaphysically, I believe that having 'higher vibes' tends to non-attract negative experiences. Additionally, one may 'attract' higher-helpers if one is doing stuff which will move humanity forward/upward. One becomes an asset to be preserved and/or not wasted. Interesting things can 'happen'...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

On the Three Gorges Dam: As an (ex)engineer, I always worried about any dam that did not have a prominent 'forward arch' built-into the dam structure. Concrete is great in compression, but lousy in extension. A 'forward arch' is designed to keep most of the concrete in compression under the water pressure. Contrariwise, a straight structure has all the concrete in extension. If you dramatically over-built the structure, the latter situation does not really matter. If you did not, I would keep an eye on the back side of the dam for extension cracking as the dam fills to the brim... (This is a separate issue from the dam possibly not being properly anchored.)

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

A blast of intelligence from the heart!

Like the person with the flashlight on the runway directing aircraft to take off, all fledgling pilots appreciate your experience shared!

Speaking the truth fearlessly because... what is there to fear?

The only rational fear comes when we take our intention away from our purpose, which is really God's purpose, once we see through all the vain superficial fascinations and start to regress.

Rubbing our little lamp of love to return to resonance with Creation soon gets us back into the Consciousness where we belong.

The only place we belong that is really a place, the neutral, Impersonal center of the Spirit or at least the fractal analog we can handle for now...

"It could NOT be more clear to me what is happening now. This is the test to see which of the two masters you will serve. You are still serving the wrong master if you go in fear of him, even if you don't think you are serving him"

As you have pointed out pointedly, serving Love has a better outcome than serving fear.
Fear servers may appear to get all the perquisites ("the perks") for going with the tide of soul consuming agendas but pity the fool who does not know what comes after temporary usefulness to parasite gods!
All we must do is recall how our own tyrant mind can judge us to death when we get judgmental, how our inner yenta can make life hell if we serve her not, to know which is better!

"This present nightmare dream of willful stupidity and congealed ignorance is no more real than the tale of Alice and Wonderland but it is surprisingly similar...Thinking that conforming to external pressures is the solution to your situation, is like depending on a greater pain helping you to forget your present pain"

Illusion punctured by the sharp point of view!
What is real is the question to be asking and the only path to the answer is through the center of heart and soul.
Staying on target throughout the journey requires divine cooperation...which mirrors our own efforts, only magnified by mercy a million times over.
Having failed enough at the stupid game, we finally take our chances with the ONLY real game in town!

"It is an opportunity so great that I am in no position, nor ever shall be, to express how great it is. Intention sets the direction. If everything that you have ever tried or thought about has let you down or petered out into a state of desolation or disappointment... LOVE GOD!"
A challenging cusp in the flow of the Creator's plan toward maximum victory for the greatest possible number of souls!
Opening our hearts, minds and souls to Love is the only way through.
Staying in the limitation of intellectual comprehension will not cut through the mustard seed.
The spiritual version of "Go Big or go home!" we are being called to wake out of our cocoon and learn to fly with Spirit or die as just a dead caterpillar.

Gracias mi hermano!

Hereticdrummer said...

Hey VIS, I made a new "handle" for the sheeple. MaskHoles; (Mask Wearing Assholes).

Visible said...

"shut yer maskhole!"

G said...

Didn't the New York Times just do some article on a Pentagon UFO Office, or something? I don't usually pay much attention to UFO stuff, but I was listening to Stuart Davis's podcasts Aliens & Artists and also Joe Rogan had two guys on talking about UFO stuff.

A random comment on Twitter said that the governments are getting ready to disclose they know about aliens, since the aliens let their intent to disclose themselves very widely be known. So, according to that commenter, world gov'ts are trying to get ahead of it, to try to disclose it beforehand, to keep on top of the narrative.

Personally, I don't care either way about any of this.

However, something like this would, at this point, be "Very 2020."

It would also be very much like a devastating earthquake.

So would the Three Gorges busting. Wow.

The Chinese blew their dams in WWII, in an effort to stop the Japanese.

Go read about that little episode. Yikes! (SPOILER ALERT: The Japanese were not inconvenienced.)


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

'Sophia's Correction' at large? Major slum clearance, if. Still reading the Nag Hammadi, which I should have finished a few days ago if it weren't such a mess, but I read the human race was a nasty mistake. Source created Sophia, Sophia erred by creating Yaldabaoth, who ended up being the obnoxious shoite known by other names and being referred to as the demiurge, who created us.

Happy Lughnasadh, everybody. Gods, can't wait until this summer is OVER!

. said...

Heretic Drummer

I thought the link below provided a nice flow on from your 'MaskHole' term since the woman in the link below used her undies to provide her with a face mask (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha).

I now carry spare undies at all times, that haven't been in contact with my butt hole, just in case. It is either that or one of them 'anonymous masks', because it is better to go around the rock, like Lao Tzu said, then to try and fight one's way through, as one gets burnt up on reentry into the next Age if they fight.

Like Robert said, 'Opening our hearts, minds and souls to Love is the only way through,' but it doesn't hurt to try and raise others awareness as we rocket past them into the next age, if so inspired by our Creator, to help 'maximise victory for the greatest possible number of souls!'

Ukrainian woman uses panties as face mask after she’s denied service

God Bless

Kevin in Thailand said...

Once again Vis you have nailed it spot on. What is coming down the pipe is not going to be pretty. We still have a long way to go before we enter the next age properly, and old prophesies have to be played out. take for example what is written in Revelation, especially chapter 13, regarding the sign of the beast. We are nearly there now, it will start with the compulsory vaccination and then the electronic ID that says we are immune, then the microchip linked to our electronic currency. The mark of the beast. It says nobody will be able to buy or sell without the mark, which ultimately means eat and stay alive. I can see many of us will have to live 'off-grid' and some are already doing so. As you say, it is in some sense also an opportunity, and i believe many of us have chosen to come here at this time. We are, or will be, a resistance movement. Nobody sums it up so succinctly as this man, a former medical doctor and writer, here:

God bless you all.


Hereticdrummer said...

Thanks MC, a perfect compliment to the MaskHole designation. These imbeciles can't wait to line up with their arms out for the vaccine developed by the transsexual demons, Bill & Melinda Gates. They will be slaughtered like stockyard animals. "If God did not want them shorn, he would not have made them sheep."

Hereticdrummer said...

LTPTB: Even a cursory reading of the Old Testament reveals that god to be a tribal, anthropomorphic psychopath evincing all negative human traits such as jealously, anger, cruelty, vindictiveness, rapaciousness, greed, mendacity and genocidal impulses. A most fitting deity for the Yids.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"I Wish I could Convey to You, HOW CERTAIN I AM of the REALITY of a Divine Presence."

. said...

Heretic Drummer,

Heretic Drummer wrote, "If God did not want them shorn, he would not have made them sheep."

'“Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever does not enter the sheepfold by the gate, but climbs in some other way, is a thief and a robber. But the one who enters by the gate is the shepherd of the sheep. The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen for his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice' (John 10:1-4).

'The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy' (John 10:10).

'As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter....' (Romans 8:36)

As one who entered by the narrow gate, who is a shepherd of the sheep, I assure you the thieves, who are wolves in sheep clothing, are well on their way to the bottomless pit. The clock is past the last minute, counting down the seconds until the Holy Spirit/Christ gloriously descends from on high to reign in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Hence the lockdown, because satan knows exactly what is coming, even if his duped minions do not.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les.
Hang on all, Trump is not corrupt.He works 16 hour days for nothing, haven given up the billionaires life at a time in life most would be spoiling their grandchildren.
Study Q thoroughly, since the beginning.The plan is AMAZING. It can not be attempted like JFK did it. Much facade and pretense to honor those in power must be utilized.
After the election, the many guilty satanists in power positions will be freaking out to get out. The agenda will include: arresting those involved with 9/11, arresting those involved with election/government/media/WHO fraud,arresting those involved with bogus intelligence, arresting those involved with fraudulent science, arresting those at the top of the money system, arresting those that continue to introduce Un-Constitutional laws. Arrests, and charges of Treason and Murder.
It IS possible, do not allow cynicism.
Our Almighty Ever Loving Wondrous GOD is in control.
May Goodness and Mercy follow us everyday of our lives, and may we dwell in the House of the LORD Forever.

Hereticdrummer said...

"Q" is a Cryptocracy, Psy-Op hoax. Over 8 years ago, back in 2012, the two charlatans Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcox were promulgating the same lies as "Q". The format and rhetoric differed but the scripted narrative was exactly the same. A group of conservative, Christian patriots in the U.S. government were going to clean house and indict, arrest, and convict all of the perverts, murderers, pedophiles, thieves and criminals that infest the corridors of power, such as Hillary Clinton, and restore our "Constitutional Republic". (as if we've ever truly had one). Not a single "perp" was ever even charged, including the low level ones. Now "Q" is singing the same vapid tune. The Hidden Hand puts these absurdities out from time to time as weapons of mass distraction to give the deluded sheeple false hope. It apparently works. Now, as then, none of these scumbags will be touched. The Devil protects his own.

Anonymous said...

heretic drummer: Name calling and ad hominem comments do not help. "Vapid tune"? You have obviously not even casually studied the Q information. Solid predictions with solid results are everywhere. "Not a single perp was even charged", again, you do not seem to be aware of what is happening. Do you think "untouchables" like weinstein, epstein, prince andrew,and MANY more would be in the condition they are in today if solid change was not happening behind the scenes? Over 6K arrests for human trafficking, MS-13 leadership arrested for the first time ever, hundreds of CEOs resigned, hundreds of non corrupt judges appointed, the full attack upon the FED and our money system,the incredible courage of this president to attack big pharma head on by executive order,this president directly communicating with the public without the corrupt filter of the MSM, and the public naming of that MSM as the tool of the corrupt power structure is unprecedented. The fake Russian collusion scandal exposed, the false impeachment exposed, the fake virus exposed, the fake "race war" instigations exposed. This is very much NOT business as usual.
I suggest you investigate the origins of WWG1WGA and what that really implies.
Don't let past cynicisms rule tomorrow. There is great cause for optimism.

Hereticdrummer said...

I emphatically disagree, Anonymous. Trump is playing the role he was assigned to play by his Yiddish masters. To neutralize so-called conservative, right wing, "Christian" opposition to the Cryptocracy. If Bwack Obongo or the Hildebeast Clinscum, or any so-called liberal, left wing Democrat was president, the right would have immediately galvanized fierce resistance to the Corona-hoax lockdowns, social distancing, facemasks, etc. However, because Trump says to go along with the program, despite occasional hissy fit snipes at it, his brain dead followers acquiesce to the degradation and their own destruction. The U.S., as the rest of the world, is still run by psychopathic criminals and Trump has not altered this one scintilla. The rhetoric notwithstanding, nothing of significance has changed. Take a good look around you. "Q" is a psy-op, one of many. As aforestated, a continuation of the bullshit espoused by Fulford and Wilcock over 8 years ago. Choose to believe in fairy tales if you will, I'll pass on that and deal with flesh and blood, boots on the ground reality.



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A classic Visible post:

With gratitude to Patrick Willis.

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