Thursday, August 21, 2014

Riding on the Grief Train across No Neck Planet

Dog Poet Transmitting......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

There's something (accent on) terribly touching about the merging of the trivial with trivia. When you got two paper thin personalities who are most noted for the tautness of their facial skin, which is made so by the pressure of bullshit, similar to the air in a tire, you've got one of those potential spontaneous combustion relationships. The resonant heat of each, juxtaposed with one another and in proximity to the paper thin skin, can fill one with a certain eager expectation that they will, the both of them, burst into flames due to one of the lesser known laws of physics.

This is an age of epidemic BS proliferation. The only other forces I know of that match it are ignorance, denial and self interest. Talk about your lethal combinations, when you got all of these that is one toxic cocktail. Bottoms up! Literally. That reminds me of a joke. George W. Bush, Binnie the Rat or Hillary Clinton (take your pick, there is a near endless list to pick from) is sent to Hell. The demon whose job it is to fix their location shows them 3 rooms. In the first one People are up to their neck in near liquid dung, provided by a nearby hog lagoon (they got plenty hog lagoons in Hell). In the second one, the people are on bungee cords and every so often they are dropped and fully immersed in the mix for a short moment. In the third room, the people are standing around in it and it comes up to their knees. They are having coffee and chatting. Bush, or whomever says, “I'll take this one.” The demon replies, “Right, in you go!” and as soon as Bush has entered the room he announces, “alright, coffee break is over, back on your heads!”

You might want to be a fly on the wall in order to listen to these two Twitter Twits engage in completely staged playing out of this PR exercise but I must forewarn you, that's going to be one crowded wall.

I see cosmic irony as one of the byproducts that manifest in the wake of Mr. Apocalypse and in that sector you'd have to look hard to find something more appropriate than this. Of course the Zio-owned and controlled media is pulling out all stops so that The Grief Train can steam across the landscape at full speed but... here's the irony, the people who beheaded this journalist are in the employ of the Zionist controlled American government and one wouldn't be reaching if one presumed that this event could well have been set up by the intelligence community for the propaganda value in it. I'm not saying this happened. I'm saying it's certainly in their wheel-house. Furthermore, this journalist is employed by the Zionist media and it's no stretch to see why seeming forces of opposition would engage in this sort of thing. Play it either way.

Are you in the mood for more irony? This should give you a second helping (mind that waistline!) Observe the obvious ploy here that should be evident to those with an IQ over one hundred. Unfortunately, it appears that a significant portion of the population does not come up to this mark. Whatever yellow sheet journalist turned this out, he/she is trying to give the impression that there is a concert of approving voices for the august (dripping with gravitas) Holder. Not only is Holder a proven criminal, he is also a traitor to his country but then, so is everyone he works for too. Given what a fatuous prig he is, this strutting marionette is unlikely to bring much of anything to the table since his usual position is on his knees under the table.

I sometimes stand back in stark awe when I look at people like Holder but then I also stand back in stark awe when I observe the sheared sheep of these end times. You can't get the one without the other.

The saga of Bigbustula has finally come to an end, years after the death of the original supplicant. It's all about the money! It's all about the money! You know... people die every day and they are still chasing the money and it isn't even available, nor is it negotiable where they have gone. It's a form of the hungry ghost phenomena and there are more of them running around than ever. You might liken their state to being in a dream where you are pursuing something but you never acquire it or arrive there. It is a state of perpetual frustration,like a vampire marooned on No Neck Planet.

I try to figure out why it is that people become so completely obsessed here on this temporary plane and ignore the inevitable (and for them it is guaranteed inevitable) reality of their departure from here. They leave with no road map and no idea of that far country. In a certain sense you don't go anywhere when you die. You go where you are at, so your ongoing circumstance mirrors your new location. One might get some idea of the metaphysics by considering the implication of the fact that Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground. You need to arrive where you wish to go before you get there; not to say it doesn't also work out otherwise but this is to say you get a sort of double indemnity. Personally I like the added security of that. Remember, there are guarantors on both sides of the equation. Certain behavior patterns and certain mindsets guarantee certain results. It's a no brainer but for some reason that's non applicable for people with no brain, even though it says, “no brainer” so.... you have to assume you do need a brain, or more accurately a mind and that would be a mind with the capacity for objectivity.

It's a rough go at the moment but there are things one can glean from observation. Take the case of Ferguson. At that location there are crowds of people seeking to be fully engaged in the process. On one side are the roid-rage police and on the other side is the enraged citizenry, infiltrated with opportunists and instigators who work for the same forces that employ the shrunken testicle brigade. Meanwhile there are people going about their lives and remaining untouched by the uproar. This is not to say that one should not be engaged in protest against injustice but... keep in mind the condition of the times. Can one reasonably expect justice 'at this time'? You'll have to figure that out for yourself. There is a reason that the wise and illuminated retreat in certain periods of material excess and global disorder.

I can't make other people's minds up for them. I can't wade through the population with a a big stick screaming “Wake up!!!” It's not in my job description and it's not likely to be successful given how many people need to get wacked and at what point I would be hindered or halted in my efforts. People have to get their heads right or they are going to be headed wrong and that's not going to result in the positive fruit of true self interest. We can only hope Mr. Apocalypse does a comprehensive and quality job on human consciousness. Well, he's a pro. I expect nothing less.

End Transmission.......

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Marching with the Dolphin Regiment beneath the Surface of the Moment.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It looks like we've moved up a stage into critical mass with this Ferguson business. It went on and is probably still going on, past the point where someone higher up in the pecking order should have stepped in and taken over. They let it go on. I see where the governor has now decided to send in other forces. Unmentioned in the mix is the fact that Israeli police advisers have been training the American police for some time. Then we hear that all of the NSA traffic was routed directly to Israel. I haven't been able to decide if they are The Beast of the Apocalypse or the Whore of Babylon or... both, with Godzilla and Mothra thrown in. Many of these police are veterans of American aggression abroad, pumped full of steroids and fear, indoctrinated into the hate and suspicion that now drives them. There are no innocent bystanders, just people that got in the way.

The world is in a collective uproar about this latest genocide in Gaza. Enola has passed on so it's now Ebola who is stalking the Earth and potentially just as dangerous as Enola the facilitator. The shades of World War 3 are dropping down upon the staged and badly managed conflict in The Ukraine. Marching in attendance with this are a thousand other ills, all bringing their weight to bear upon the timbre of our times. The timber of our times has been hollowed out by termites. From all kinds of angles it looks normal but... from the inside it's rotten and on the verge of collapse, once the right tremor or shock passes by.

They say that in Ferguson they were shooting journalists with rubber bullets. They tear gassed an Al Jazeera news crew. They hauled a local politician out of his car and threw him in jail. They beat up and gassed all and sundry. It was a step further than they have ever gone before; unless you hearken back to Ludlow, or any number of the countless offenses performed on one victim, or groups of victims, one after another. Times have changed. Now a new police chief has come into town and is marching with the protesters. Long time FBI snitch and professional agitator, Al Sharpton is on the scene, making things worse and apparently people don't know or don't want to know about him. It's the same thing as with Chomsky, slithering like an ancient, sun baked lizard through the convoluted disaster zone constructed by his kinsmen; speaking out in hypocritical non sequiturs against the people he works for, with all the detachment of an indifferent behavioral scientist, commenting on horrific circumstance like a dry academic, untouched by his subject matter. Zap! He just caught another fat fly that was hovering around the conference table. Who says there's no free lunch?

The degree to which otherwise intelligent people are taken in by the Crass Media continues to amaze me. I was speaking with a fellow about Putin the other day and he's telling me, “Well, you know, there are many there (implying Putin as well) who are eagerly seeking to bring back a Stalinist state.” I gave him a pretty authentic argument to the contrary but I could see he was not convinced and only demurred to say anything out of a sense of politeness. For some reason, most people believe the bullshit that they hear every day.

I walk the streets of this northern French city and I am awash in a ubiquitous spectacle of ten thousand thumbs banging out a dissonant symphony on their cellphones. There's money here and at night, on the esplanades (original meaning of) and plazas, beneath the warm, yellow mercury lamps that shine off the façades of huge and beautiful buildings; architectural triumphs of stability and incrementally submerging integrity that whispers of another time (but these whispers go unheard beneath the clamor) beautiful people stroll or sit in cafes and spend 8 Euro plus for a goblet of beer.. It's a sexually charged atmosphere, with rough youths playing at sparing or recounting previous exercises of combat like demented mimes. There are people asking for money and when you can, given the profile of the supplicant, you try to help.

After a short sojourn in Italy to take care of an unfortunate choice, made in a tandem, that played a significant role in breaking up the tandem, we are off to a private home in London so... any readers from that locale... we'll be there for ten days or two weeks, at your service; in about ten days.

“The road goes ever on and on” as a famous, quasi fictitious adventurer once said. He continued at some point to say that one should beware when they step out of their door and on to the road in front of it because that road can lead anywhere, 'even to the gates of Mordor'. It's intention that sets our GPS. If our intention is stronger that the pull of the magnetics of the material realm, as they impinge upon our judgment and the force of our attractions then... then we are on the high road. Otherwise, in these times, uh huh.

I have had living proof of the educative facility of pain and suffering in recent times. I learned things I thought I knew but didn't know. Perhaps it was merely a transference of the intellectual to the visceral. However it may be. The most important thing I learned is not to let the sun go down on your anger and not to carry resentment or any sentiment of revenge along on your journey, outward and inward. Don't regret the loss of things treasured for their usefulness. Their usefulness has not stopped. They will continue to be useful and so will you, if you don't let discouragement and rancor meddle with your clarity of mind. I think this may be one of the first times in this life when I was able to just step lightly forward without any propensity for being turned into a pillar of salt. “Shake the dust of that city from your sandals.” Hoorahrooooo as we members of The Dolphin Regiment like to say, with a little, 'voila' and 'holay' thrown in.

They're searching Cliff Richards digs but Cliff has moved on; moved on from Portugal (nope- looks like he's there at the moment) and the UK to a Caribbean island that has no extradition treaty. Man! What a populous club of pervs we have! I've been singing my song, Pedophilia, done to the tune of Desperado. It's pretty funny, regardless of the subject matter. I could cry I suppose but neither tears nor laughter will eradicate the evil that men do. The Kiddie Diddlers Rhapsody is moving up the charts with a bullet, metaphorically speaking. The power of the Dark Lord has proven irresistible to those so entranced and enamored. Tragedies abound on all sides. What does one do in the midst? Unless you have cultivated an enduring attraction that is greater than the pull of the pits, you are in danger of being sucked down into it; one or another of them.

Never before has the force of money exercised such a compelling influence upon the consciousness of humanity. Never before has the lack of it brought so much fear and censure. Never before has the measure of ones worth been so widely legitimized by the possession of it. The money mongers call the tune and the world dances the tarantella, as a prelude to the Tandava. Money! Ching ka ching! Money! Ka ching, Ka ching! It's everywhere and incredibly elusive. It's hovering like an incandescent carrot. There's a hard wire tied around your head and the carrot dances forever out of reach and none of it is real. They loan out money that doesn't even exist and then collect a return and by virtue of this power that they have wrested from the clouded minds of their victims, they control, or appear to control the manifest realms. Kings and presidents, popes and and populace must come to them on bended knees. For all I know, so do warlords and drug dealers. It's a nice system, if it's your system and were there no greater justice, it would be dark indeed.

“I, I, Me, Me, Mine!” as the tunes states. Motivated self interest; self interest generated by powerful transmitting towers, holds the near entirety of humanity in thrall. I am walking through it. I see it. I feel it. It is like swimming in an unpredictable ocean with rip tides, cross current and undertows all vying for supremacy. How strong is your stroke and how clear is your direction? Upon that is your fate dependent. One might ask, “Who is the swimmer?” Activated archetypes need fear nothing but... to choose to rely upon your own powers and resources; I shudder to think. Lucky me. Lucky you? I know better and you should too. You can't go far through the darkness without a light. Terrain easily traversed in the daylight can be fraught with danger at night. In recent times I have had occasion to experience this in a literal sense; an unfamiliar landscape seen briefly in the day becomes a whole other thing once night falls and possibly so do you.

Well... we have tripped about in this posting, gathering in the scatterings of the moment; a snapshot of the times in transition. Will it one day be like one of those sepia tinted photographs of a world that was? Will we look as serious or comical as those characters from the past now look to us? Time will tell.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

They Came... and Then... They Were Gone.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

As Mark Twain noted some while ago, “there are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics.” Here's some living and viable (irony alert) truth on that account. When they're not making war on defenseless people, or playing at genocide the way some of us might play Gin or Backgammon; you know, to relax and engage in a little back and forth. Of course, their idea of back and forth is not like the rest of us. They got a motto over there, besides the one that talks about waging war by deception. It goes this way, 'Use force and... if that doesn't work, use more force.” That's pretty succinct; to be summed up in your own words. Some of us will go to almost any lengths not to be summed up in our own words; people like John Kerry, Tony Blair and Hillarious Clinton come to mind. Some of us would love to be summed up in our words should it prove that we lived by them. I'm hoping that proves to be the case with me... and you.

Yeah... there are a few things these psycho-yobs like to hammer on. Here's their other main interest of the moment. You got to love the thought that went into the photo; the choice of ethnicity and of course, the long drawn out article by their in house shill for this sort of thing, Devoid of Leitsinger. Their basic intent in this effort is to destroy the fundamental building block of society, which is the family unit. If you want to know what happens when these fine folk come into your country you can find no better authority than Douglas Reed.

Most of us know these things and the rest us are learning them, in some cases most painfully so. You cannot expect a scorpion to behave like a honeybee. I've personally found this out to my great distress in recent times. Honeybees are among our most productive and wonderful life forms. Scorpions are not. I don't know exactly what scorpions do in terms of a beneficial contribution to existence. I don't know what flies or mosquitoes do in that regard either. I'm guessing all of these flew out of Pandora's Box after a vigorous application of oral stimuli by the same and aforementioned.

Do the most dedicated servants of evil change from age to age? That hasn't happened in recent ages. We have to keep in mind that the world and its nature tends toward corruption. It tends on a gradual incline and at times it tends on a steep incline. This is due to the house religion of the world being materialism and we know, or should, that that is the province of Mammon and we know, or should know, who Mammon works for.

As I like to say, 'believe what you like'. The truth is the truth regardless of the collective belief of all the worlds inhabitants. A simple and correct definition of the truth might be, 'without artifice'. This means that embellishments of any sort in, respect of anything, are a departure from the truth, no matter to what it applies, be that relative or absolute. You might ask how something with no truth in it that gets embellished could be a departure from the truth. Everything possesses essential nature and that is what is most true of it and moving away from that... is the less true. The important thing is that the truth is absolutely unaffected by any actions directed at it except within the minds of those seduced into believing what is not true; via Edward Bernays and any of the other clowns of mind fuck.

Your life is the sum total of what you came to believe and how you acted on those beliefs and in the end, your life is brought into comparison with the truth and however great the distance between is, is how great the karmic repercussions are. It's all simple math for a simple mind that sees things in their inherent simplicity. Intelligence is often a problem when it comes to seeing things as they are. This is one of the reasons that the cosmos often picks simple souls to broadcast its message.

When things get out of wack and... they are seriously out of wack now, forces of readjustment appear. It's hard to tell who and what that might be because of the mass of confusion in operation. The forces of evil know that they have a powerful adversary afoot. Generally, it is their intent to do as much harm as possible before they are brought to heel. That is what we are seeing now. The Ebola alarm is a manufactured crisis. It keeps the minds of the people occupied and this is necessary, lest they focus too much on the horror in Palestine or the other varieties of threat that march on them every day.

There is a massive orchestration at work to keep the general consciousness in a state of perpetual disturbance and there are powerful spokes-villains in high places, put there to deflect and diminish what, for them, are discomfiting truths. Noah Chomsky is such a one. He continues to be followed and paid attention to, even after he said, “It doesn't matter who did 9/11.” The simple truth here is that since members of The Tribe were behind 9/11, at the behest of their in house, international banking cartel AND since he is a Tribe member, just like Greg Palast, who has been sowing the same disinfo, it stands to reason that both of them are active gatekeepers who use their influence to attack the irrefutable conclusions of the truth-seekers and truth-tellers. These shills and charlatans should be exposed and subjected to all the ignominy is is possible to lay upon them. It hasn't happened yet... but it will.

The force of evil is at its zenith. It cannot remain there. Having reached the height of the expression of its powers, it is passing into decline. In times of great chaos and uncertainty, people lose their awareness of the individual in the mix. It all becomes defined as crowd karma but there is no cosmic precedence for this sort of thing. If something happens to a crowd it is important to keep in mind that a crowd is made up of individuals who opted for a common theme. If that particular common theme comes to a bad end, it was a matter of individual choices preempting all other routes of expression. You might say, at least at the time, that they wanted that more than anything else. Of course, sometimes, you get into things that look one way from the outside and become something else on the inside, like when you join the military, motivated by patriotism or the possibility of an education or following career. Most people don't know they are entering into the service of bankers.

You don't have to join the military to enter into the service of bankers. All you have to do is buy a car or a house and lack the capital to purchase it at once. You come into the employ of bankers when you accept a position in certain industries. The bankers are the problem. Sure, there are those unseen inhabitants of the lower astral; some of them in residence for centuries, whose force of influence is large and for whom these bankers are employed but that's just apples and apple juice. Things are as bad as they are because the forces of good have pressed down upon these astral residents and have forced them outward into manifestation for the purpose of judgment in the flesh. They have but one motivation and that is to do as much harm and harvest as much personal gain as possible. This would seem insane to someone not under the influences they are under but that's how it is for them. Imagine that you are under the influence of a powerful drug (not difficult for me- grin). It's possible that you are aware of yourself in the state of consciousness you are in but the drug exerts a powerful effect on how you think and feel. You might say they are under the influence of a very, very powerful drug and their reason has left them AND for them it is all very reasonable. They are reasonable men and women faced with hard choices. That's how they see it.

In their heads, at the rear of their minds, there is a snake coiled up and always awake. If you could put yourself in their minds for a moment you would see it there, coiled in the darkness with its fiery eyes and the lids at half mast. It has taken over all of their thought processes and everything that they feel is also processed through this snake and so, no matter what they do, or who they harm, it all seems necessary and justifiable. Why... you would do the same thing if you were in their place and certainly this is what they think.

Consider yourself lucky that you do not have this same snake coiled up inside your head; this ancient and evil expression of the reversed, or anti-Kundalini. It's wiser, more charming and ever so much more convincing than any human being, in its effect upon its host and in its effect upon those coming into contact with its host. It's an alien life form and there is no way to understand it from the human side of things.

I, like you, must consider myself lucky when misfortune calls. Our distresses may come and go but there is an end in sight and we are more and more purified by our suffering as we go. If we do not cease in the pursuit of our noble objective, the impetus to continue will not desert us and though we may, at times, be swirling in confusion and though pain may be in constant residence, we make it through; stronger and lighter. It ain't easy but in the end, upon reflection, it turns out that every alternative, no matter its appearance at first... was equally as hard or worse.

End Transmission.......

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