Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Transmission from the Kingdom of the Meat Puppets

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, the assault bots are at it again, they even came in white contamination suits, pre-contaminated with a resident, violence virus that managed to get out, so I guess the suits don't work or, maybe it's a one way deal. I'm thinking it's a one way deal, like a two way mirror, which makes sense though you don't expect it would and that's how the bankers that they work for, managed to get things into the mess they are presently in.

The people can't occupy their own spaces because the people they elected to see to their interests are unable to see to their interests, because they have to see to the interests of the people, which has been the excuse over the course of the smack down. It's like this, they have to oppress the people and impinge and infringe on their freedoms, especially the right to assembly, in order to protect the rights of the people. It's kind of like making war to create peace.

Most of the people have a lot less money than they used to and now the big gift exchange is coming up, where people use material things to stand in the place of what they aren't willing to give instead. The result of this is that now seven out of ten Americans are overweight, half of those are obese and Mexico, probably due to proximity is movin on up. This is because flesh insulates us from a particular vulnerability that is the most desirable of all but gets in the way of self interest that will inevitably express itself in terminal ways. Love was last seen trying to hitchhike across the Pacific ocean cause there's no room at the inn.

All those wild and crazy shoppers, are shopping with money they don't have because hope springs eternal. It's a crapshoot as to where this is all going to wind up. You can keep in mind though that hardly anyone wins playing dice, except for the house and a small minority of people, who understand percentages and even those can vary widely on a given Sunday. No mater what, baby still needs a new pair of shoes.

Everything is connected to everything else, even if that connection has to be made through a whole lot of other connections. It's like six degrees of separation, or the scientific fact that everything is made out of the same thing, which you can take a couple of different ways, as far as main alternatives are concerned and be either a meat puppet or a spiritual being.

There are two problems that need a solution. One of them is you and the other is the bankers. As far as the personal problem goes, well, that's personal and it's been addressed a lot of times in these environs and doesn't need to be addressed again at the moment. The other problem is the bankers who are the court of last resort in the kingdom of meat puppets. Everybody has to go see them about something. Big corporations have to go see them, unless they are banks but even your neighborhood bank has to go to a larger bank and that bank has to go to a central bank, if only to get new currency. So the problem seems to be who is printing the money because they are the ones that tell the politicians and everyone else what to do, which is why David Rockefeller owns a big bank and why all those members of The Tribe own big banks.

Fixing the problem with banks, which determine the state of the culture, since they determine who does and does not get the money to practice or produce, whatever it is they bring to market, is critically important ...but unless you fix the problem with yourself, you can't fix the problem with banks. As it stands, the whole thing needs to crash, meaning turmoil and all sorts of unpleasant things are required to happen, in order to restore balance, unless a collective awakening brings about personal transformation and fractal, usurious, banker eradication. It might happen and it might not happen and it might happen in some places and not in others so, wiser minds should be in consideration of where they are located in respect of percentages and degrees of potential.

In times of self interest, which proliferates in times of material darkness, pride in one's personal choices becomes preemptive over the desire for change and results in the effort to make yourself feel good about whatever your lack of being able to control particular attractions has led to. Numbnut psychologists are now all about telling people they have to feel good about anything and everything, no matter what the cost is at any level. There are now more self help and recovery workshops based on the AA model (which I do see the good of in this particular instance) than we have space to list them here. There are proud and grateful survivors of everything and people who have been told it's okay to do and be anything because, “Hey, that's you baby, do your thing”.

The reality of the moment and moments coming, is that the old world is going down. Elements of the new world are already emergent in places. The old world does not want to go down but it will. That is an adamantine inevitability. Change or die is the hard truth here. Change or die.

Maybe it's possible for some collective group of people to storm the bastions and Bastilles of this world and take control of the situation. Putin did alright tossing the oligarchs out but Russia still has a lot of problems being caused by the usual psychopaths on the perimeters. So called people's revolutions haven't worked out, generally because the people weren't in command of the revolution. The bad guys were, so it not only wasn't a revolution, it was worse than what it replaced. Iceland managed to do the right thing but the same conditions and intelligence do not exist in a lot of other places, which gives an indication of some of the places you don't want to be when the shit hits the fan.

Even when revolutions do work out for particular nations, they have to endure the heavy threats, embargoes, financial meddling and imported terror that are the hallmark of Israel, USA and The Crown Colonies. It's always best to have a personal revolution first, in any case, because then you might wind up being informed about where to be, during the heavy breathing. It's all about breath, whether it be you, or the universe. My personal take is that one should be like one who stands on the shore of the ocean in a heavy storm and conducts it like a symphony, with their baton in motion. It's just more appearances moving across the screen and the fundamental disconnect with most people, especially those who think themselves informed by having a whole lot of information, that they can parrot for any circumstance, in the words of someone else, is that they are caught up in the perception that appearances are real when appearances are a lie. They are only part of the story and not the end of the instrument that you want to be on when the instrument is in operation, so far as perception goes.

I see the universe as benevolent and others see it as a scary and unpredictable place, while yet others see it as something to manipulate or dissertate upon, while it is in the process of gobbling them up. I believe in the fundamental “I don't know”, which does not mean I don't know nothing about nothing, no matter what. It means I get informed when I need to be informed and am not informed otherwise.

If the universe is a benevolent place then working with it is the key. In this sense, working with it seems to favor things like Feng Shui, Aikido, natural-non invasive healing and a general t'ai chi mindset. It seems to favor wu wei. I see the universe as a dance, primarily, which comes out of the sound of a cosmic drum that brings the resonance of Om. That's how I see it and that is how it has shown itself to me. I believe, as Lao Tzu says that one should not be hasty with the master's axe lest they injure themselves. For me, all I need to know is in The Way of Life. That's how I try to conduct my life. I see where my mistakes have gotten me and also what got me past and out of my mistakes.

People have a lot of arguments about the Hindu caste system, while not seeing the presence of the British or American caste system, or the caste systems that exist everywhere. One of the most important states of mind anyone can come to is when they are finally able to accept something that goes against their sense of justice and personal interest but which proves to be true. I'm not defending caste systems. I'm acknowledging them, IN WHATEVER WAY THEY ACTUALLY HAPPEN TO EXIST. All of this was simply so that I could use caste system in a sentence (grin); actually an example.

Some of us have Brahmanic tendencies and some Kshatriyas. Some are Vaishyas and some Shudras. That's just how it is. Recognizing what you are is a key to recognizing what you actually are, outside of appearances; or should I say 'inside'? I should mention, you can change your caste. I was a Kshatriya for the longest time and now I am Brahmin. My motivations, perspective, technique and relative objectives changed. I'm not trying to stay here, consciously or unconsciously. I'm headed to another planet and my intention is to create a community, join one or whatever the options may be, once I get there and get there I will, that's a fait accompli. Whether I do or don't get dusted is immaterial (pun intended). All that affects is the timing of my promotion. I'm just going through the motions of my course and trying to leave good footprints.

It never fails to puzzle me, even though it doesn't puzzle me, that people don't embrace the critical importance of what they do while they are here. That's about as big a no brainer as there is. Strive hard and yet surrender. One you control and the other you don't but you can have it in mind, because I sense that it is important in the long run. What is so difficult about being nice to each other and working for the common good? When personal desires triumph over at the very least, enlightened self interest, then something truly important goes missing. In any number of cases that is how you wind up on an asteroid rock with no one but you and Saturn, eventually, or some permutation thereof, like a hungry ghost.

Your time here is critically important, primarily because certain things can ONLY be accomplished here. You don't go somewhere else, as someone else, when you leave. You go where you already are but the plane of being is different, just as Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground. The key to the kingdom are, to be operative, as if you were already living there. Some behavior applies and some doesn't and you can figure that out yourself. Earth is nothing more than a bus terminal. It's a pass fail university. It's a right now, imperative right now and all you ever will have is right now. Enlightenment makes this point in a big way. Do yourself a favor, take the last part of this posting to heart.

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'The Sacred and The Profane'

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

I'll have a personal offering coming in the comments section for those who may have an interest or live close enough to take advantage of it.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Zombie Children from Dead Weight City.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Oh the nausea, the horrific, 'can't take your eyes' off it, slow motion train-wreck of the shiny eyed, zombie children from Dead Weight City. There's no need to list the many incidents of shopper rage and police over reaction. An old grandfather, was beaten into a bloody pulp, for suspected shoplifting, because he was trying to save his grandson from being crushed. All this and much more, to buy shit that sits in closets or winds up in the landfill shortly after. Several incidents involved video games and the electronics to play them. This is how desperate escapism has become. They don't register why they need it so bad but that's why. They want to get away but they don't know where to go and the ultimate escape hatch is in your head. It's either violent death or alternatively porn. Ordinary porn is passe. Now we need porn on steroids; pneumatic tits that point straight up in the horizontal, like the nose cones of rockets for the imagination, hearkening back to some kind of messed up breastfeedingthing in the early days.

Ordinary porn is... ordinary, perfunctory, tired and going through the motions. The money shot has replaced whatever it was that we have forgotten, that once took up our time in place of it, just like all those stretches of time that are now occupied by the cellphone. What did we do before? When you go to the forums to read about new cellphones, supposing you need one, like a soon to be traveling (where am I going) something or other, you find that the top concern is whether the phone will play certain games. The game of life isn't exciting enough? Is excitement really what you want? Watching a movie is different than being in it. Like Bilbo once said in an exchange with Gandalf (I think); paraphrasing... 'When you read about adventures in books, you always think about how exciting and glamorous they are. You don't realize that sometimes it means sleeping on an uncomfortable tree root in a heavy rain and worse'.

I'm not down on cellphones or electronics in this information age. These are necessary tools for me; not the cellphone, but even that is temporarily very convenient. What gets me is the hunger and 'me first, you later, maybe' mindset and I'm going to get into the why and wherefore of that now but... not before I say a little more about porn and video games. Porn is what happens when you are incapable of romance, either because you are indifferent to it, don't possess it or are terribly insecure about the vulnerability and honest risk that comes with it. Because of the tsunami of titillation and sensory video coming through the eye camera, or latterly through the hard disk of the brain, innocence is gone. It's gone in elementary school. Attendant with this is the epidemic of tits in 5th and 6th grade because of the hormones in everything. Perverse as it may seem, a lot of this child molestation and kiddie porn fascination has to do with a drive to recover one's innocence without being aware of it at all. It's also about power and being in control because we don't feel in control and we desperately desire it.

Ordinary porn is ordinary. As the condition progresses you need a stronger hit. This is the same with video games; the kills have to be more spectacular, the villains more menacing, the blood-splatters more convincing. With porn, there are a couple of things going on. One of them is an intentional desire on the part of those producing it to corrupt the human mind and drag it down, into a cesspool of twisted shit and unbearable guilt, for the purpose of enslavement and spiritual death. I don't need to go into who owns more than 90% of it, or that most of it is done in the US, or that most of that is filmed in The Valley, which is to LA what Brooklyn is to New York.

Now there is this rapidly growing fascination with bestiality and there are videos that involve camels, horses and even elephants, dogs are ubiquitous and kids are watching them and even acting in them and doing it on their own and uploading it to the internet in some cases. I don't want to go into what's out there. It's worse than you think.. Ergo, the powerful drive for innocence in some fashion, however reversed and screwed up it is. A few years ago there was this news article about all these twelve and thirteen year old girls making sex appointments with older men in London so that they could become more empowered shoppers. We already know about rent boys.

The crazed shoppers are simply driven, like the porn addicts, from another energy center in the body. Think of your chakras as the different floors in a building, where the garden area is on the upper floors and objects and actions for various utility can be found from the ground up. Each of these energy centers are like stops in an elevator. When you 'get off' (pun intended) on a particular floor, the environment of that floor completely surrounds you. Only the things relevant to that floor are on that floor and it is possible to believe that this is the only floor of the building and... people do. People become fixated on enjoying what is available at different floors without realizing a very important truth. The enjoyment factor intensifies- and that includes all the lower floors that you may or may not visit- on the return trip. What was just ordinary sex on one floor, become divine union on another and the only real difference is who or what you are having it off with. Go read the writings of mystics through the centuries. The Song of Solomon is an example of this. I speak from experience when I say that intercourse on the high end, blows ordinary intercourse out of the water; unintentional puns continuing.

Think about this, the chakras are electromagnetic. Women are magnetic, men are electrical. Truly grasp the permutations of this and you could build a flying saucer, relatively easily, if you had the components. You do have the blueprints, if you know where to look. Da Vinci, Tesla and others have been there to a greater or lesser degree. Leonardo DiCaprio has not been there. The word processing software knew his name. It did not know Da Vinci's.

Certain forces in the external world have generators that operate on the electromagnetic centers and galvanize and excite them. Those most susceptible, become the crazed shoppers or porn addicts or video game junkies, or whatever. In a time of material darkness, the general activation powers are centered on the bottom three energy vortexes. Depending on the relative degree of light and darkness, depends on whether there is, whatever amount of traffic there is, on the upper floors. What happens out here is dependent on who is operating from the manifest version of the upper floors, which is not the same as The Upper Room.

When you feel a pull on some part of your person, you either submit, or you sublimate, or you wrestle. That's it, baby. The propensity to submission, is the greatest in the collective mind; in times of darkness, the aggregate force of this affects all of us, whether we are so disposed or not and this factors into the general malaise or frenzy, depending on the differing narcotic values. It factors in to the deep sense of personal unrest, the rise of atavistic apprehension, the sense of enforced detachment, alienation, fear, FEAR and on a physically expressed level; disease, violence, punishing acts of deception... you can add to the list and forgive my less than eloquent handling of this paragraph. I just want to get through it. I literally just want to get through it. Now there's a pun that serves to confuse if anything (grin).

There are steps you can take to counteract these things but most people don't know what they are or lack the partnership of determination and imagination to create their own, which is altogether possible if you have spent any time on the upper floors. This is why I got/get high. Sometimes, people like me have to get high to blow the carbon out of their jets; to clean the fuel injection system and to lubricate the machinery. In times of darkness the power of what presses us down, is of such an intensity that you need booster rockets to break out of the atmosphere. I'm just speaking for myself and I know that there are some who can manage the whole affair without this necessity but I wasn't born into a family of aware Brahmins of the Eastern type and I haven't had the benefit of surrounding fellowship in a 'functional' community of kindred spirits. Call it weakness if you like, or an excess of spirit and impatience. Call it a response to gratitude. I call it survival tactics and I'm still here and in pretty good shape considering. I wouldn't be if I was sitting in a bar and a whole lot of people aren't; see, that's another feature... offsetting the general trend with a propulsion device in the opposite direction. One of the main things a Hermetic Scientist learns is that you have to swim in the opposite direction of the other fish, without running into them.

I could have gotten a little more finely detailed here but that's what the archives are for. You can't be comprehensive with three and a half word-processor pages at a toss. I suspect we'll engage some of this when we see each other shortly, as some of us will. Meanwhile and independent of that, you've already got all that. It's knowing where to look and how to find the visitors center, or information desk that is the problem. Most people don't know that The Akashic Records are contained in a library quite similar to any library you may have ever been in; “as above, so below”. I tried to briefly detail this in “The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World”.

This is a time of summing up and I can't say that emphatically enough. It is very personally important; more important than anything else you have gotten up to. Get through the challenge and you have a wide and unhindered skate, as if you had your own Norwegian fjord and with far more entertaining inlets, coves and what have you, which put the secret portals and levels of any video game to shame. You have to become like a postman; through rain and hail, sleet and fog, or whatever the conditions. Get used to it and it's not that hard. Get committed and it is much easier. Discipline is like a tree at the various stages of its growth and it will definitely shelter you later on. The key is to love it and then it's not work at all. Loving it may only be a matter of realizing where it leads and... some things you have to take on faith.

So it is for us at this time and it is going to get a lot easier or a lot harder and that's up to you. Some choices may seem hard but the cost of not making them is a lot more expensive in the long run. Hitch your wagon to a star, you're a whole lot better than you think you are.

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Almost A Capella by Les Visible

There will be a radio show tonight.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving and the Absence of Gratitude and Manners

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(If the love we awaken in other people is an example of our value to life then Nastatia Nietzsche was priceless. She passed to a higher plane just the other day. This should be a reminder of how temporary our time is and an inspiration to do the very best we can. In that sense Nastatia excelled and left a deep imprint on the hearts and lives of those who knew her. Seeing her with the big cats is a touching affair. She was a regular visitor to these blogs and some of you might have been aware of her. She was the recipient of a deep love from Marilyn and Jabari who rescued her from the darkness in which they found her. Rest in peace, the ineffable Nastatia.)

We are definitely in the calm before the storm. When you seek to understand the movements of war you have only to first look at the economic indicators. You can ignore the saber rattling. It's the markets that you have to watch, because conflict and the deaths of many are their escape hatches into more enduring periods of abuse.

The psychopathic indifference of people capable of things like this and this, tells you that anything and everything is on the table. Now, the people are rising up around the world and the vicious thug, hirelings of the dark side, are performing on video for the startled eyes of an awakening world. Then there is the telling and accidental irony of cosmic humor wafting above the stink of reality; new world is coming, old world is going and the ripping sounds of hard separations and the click of easy release attend the phenomena of transformation. Rise to the call or be jerked from your beds. The decision is in your hands.

Today is Thanksgiving for those resident in the lands torn from the hands of the Native Americans. Despite that, I like Thanksgiving, because gratitude is one of my most valuable possessions. If you do not possess gratitude you are in serious trouble, even if nothing has happened yet, it will. You can count on that. Be grateful in every moment it may occur to you. Let tears brim at your comprehension of how much you have to be thankful for. One of the secrets of gratitude is that those who practice it are given reasons to be grateful. Comprehend this! It is important. It is only fitting that I include my Thanks giving poem on this day, beautifully rendered by the inimitable Patrick Willis:

Patrick Willis: Thanksgiving, The Day After

One of the things you notice in a culture, terminally afflicted by materialism and especially in the latter days, is the absence of gratitude. Gratitude is replaced by whining demands and assumed entitlement. It expresses itself in pushing and shoving, tailgating, car horns and middle fingers through the windshield. The lack of manners is a general condition. I miss the practice of manners as an automatic function of the human state. It's worse for those who have let them go. Certain things make you human and the lack of them sends you 'down' the road.

There are certain inflexible rules to the smooth running of the cosmos. We don't completely apprehend them in their fullness. It is this partial knowledge that leads to so much confusion in our lives. You may not believe in a divine hand and you may not believe in anything but the meat puppet format. That's not important to the understanding of what I am saying. You know, somehow, that there are rules in life and I don't mean the ones the overlords use to steer and control you. Somehow you know there is such a thing as Karma. I watch you wherever I am. I watch how you move and stand and the rest and it tells me things. Humans fascinate me from the standpoint of a cultural anthropologist. I can watch them all day long. There is so much that is predictable and then there is what is not predictable. In times of material darkness, the predictability factor goes up because the chains and leashes that bind people to the wheel are heavier and stronger. That's another reality or rule that operates in the universe. It's related to negative electro-magnetism which, if the process were more comprehensively understood could transform this world in ways that beggar the imagination. Heh heh, I almost wrote 'bugger'. I see so much rape going on all the time that it is a constant feature of my perceptions. I know there are those of you who like rap. My displeasure with it is the overall effect on the society. It is very often a rape soundtrack. It accompanies and juices the act; lubriciously speaking and, yes, I know there's inspired work in that format, however rare it may be so you don't have to point this out (grin).

The callipygian proprietor of our collective attractiveness, seems to yearn for the temporary completeness of being filled with something and the world is happy to provide that through its ass bandit reps. The reversed Kundalini accounts for some of this. Kundalini reverses or gets trapped in the elevator at certain floors, when the pull of materialism outweighs the pull of its natural course; quite understandable in these times. Proper operation of the Kundalini allows you to run around with tigers, like Nastatia. In India, yogis at a certain level of awareness and possessed of particular siddhis, frolic with the wild life or simply live alongside them. This is so widely known within that culture, or what used to be that culture before Bollywood turned into Godzilla, that I don't need to say any more about it.

It's all about controlling your animal. Once you get to that, well, there you are and a host of interesting capacities are at your disposal. I would think that this would be a much greater attraction than the shit people get all hot and bothered about but, that's just me. At this time, the animal side is preemptive and that bodes no good for society at large. However, those who have the other side of their nature preemptive can move through any kind of jungle when needed, not that they would choose to be there in the first place but, shit happens and sometimes you do it because it's the right thing and that includes 'taking one for the team'; should such a high honor be accorded to you. Of course, you don't have to believe any of the things I say. I've proven them to myself and that's the important thing. There is that big difference between intellectual apprehension and visceral awareness and it's a biggie.

I've said many times that life is for the purpose of demonstration. Sometimes the presentation of it becomes surreal and absurd, as it is now and very important people are given the opportunity to show their true colors AND make a complete fool of themselves in front of the whole world AND show how inhumane and vicious they can be with such a casual indifference to the act and the consequences ...and there will be consequences. It is the most amazing kind of arrogance among the privileged that they believe they cannot be touched and then, out of nowhere... and it's not really nowhere; they just weren't paying any damn attention or thought themselves to be behind protective glass, well, good luck with that.

The thugs in Egypt are using nerve gas on the people, while publicly proclaiming they are protecting the people and serving their interests. It's really evident in the testimony of the Khmer Rouge at their trial; no remorse, just excuses and always inclusive of their acting on the public's behalf. Denial is an amazing thing but it's also another thing you can't take with you when you go (grin).

Yeah, that calm before the storm. As the economic indicators go haywire, the blood quotient thermometer is rising. The shredded flesh barometer, is also showing signs of a high pressure front. People never get as violent and (operating out of reinforced ignorance) insane as when they are protecting something that is meaningless and worthless in the cosmic scheme of things. It's like jumping into a fire to rescue colored stones that they became convinced were more valuable than their lives. Like I said, watching people is a fascinating enterprise and it involves a great deal of shaking one's head. Even when you directly point things out to people they routinely continue as they were going. Some years ago, in Nigeria I think, a gasoline tanker crashed and people were out there, with their buckets, going nuts for some gas and then it caught fire and a lot of people bought it in a gruesome way. A few years later, in the same country, wherever it was and... recently, the same thing happened again and people were out there doing it again and then it caught fire again and people got burned again.

The disappearance of manners and gratitude is tied to values. When one's values become crass and preeminently superficial, gratitude and manners go out the window. They become like homeless beggars searching for a welcoming hearth but there's no room at the inn. Gratitude should be an honored guest; kind of the reverse of The Rothschilds setting an empty chair for their honored guest. That all comes down to values too. Your destiny and fate are determined by what you value and you are going to be seeing that in spades all over. We're going to see the worst and the best in us on display with relentless frequency and you won't have to ask Kenneth what that is.

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Some people have been doing some interesting collaborations and I thought you might like to see them. Here is a lady named Erin Parsley dancing to a poem:

...then there is Patrick Willis and The Level Shift collaborating on another piece:

This week's radio show is now up for download. Meanwhile, have a wonderful day!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Croaking Frogs in an Endless Moaning Swamp.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(Don't ask me why I did this, maybe I was experimenting and maybe I got a little bored always looking for some new way to say the same thing because, for me, there's only one thing worth saying or talking about; and how everything else relates to it. In any case, I'm not happy with it. It strikes me as forced and trite and any number of other things. There's always tomorrow so don't be too disappointed with me today).

Whose eyes are you seeing through, the dark one's or your own? They drum up false appearances and we worship at the throne. Yesterday the news concerned the trouble in the streets, today Wack Jack Abromiwitz is bringing you the news. When did he get out of prison? I must have missed that flash. The dung curds have replaced the cream. The cream was never there. They bake the bread with human fat and pump it full of air. Lies... Lies... Lies... Nothing there but lies. Ignorance is an early death, too few grow old and wise. The drumbeat rumbles slow and deep with miles and miles to go. We labor under the heavy weight of what we think we know. The most important thing they've taken that you cannot see is the awareness of your sense of community. The basic structure of human life is in the family ...and that they seek to kill ...and that they seek to kill. Look at what they're up to friends. This is a bitter pill.

They take your children from you and house them with the state. They gender bend the consciousness so no one can relate. They push for every state that's not the central unit and you just watch it going by cause now you are a eunuch. The process of castration was arduous and slow. They did in your grammar school, they do it as you go. They do it at your place of work and while you watch TV. They do it when you daydream in a soft subconscious creep. Darling don't you kid yourself, they do it while you sleep. It's not all really bad news, some news is even worse. There's lots of time to do their thing until they call the hearse. In between will come the time they play their strongest card; stick Clockwork Orange up your ass with new ways to get hard. They'll tell you it's all natural. By now you think it is. A hundred years on down the line, you'll use your nose to piss.

They're trying to turn the world into The Island of Dr. Moreau; a carnival of twisted freaks. Will you enjoy the show? Will you enjoy the show? It's slated for a mass release and it is starring you. Your name is up in lights. You'll be wearing skin tight tights. You'll be ripped on some designer drugs and beaten to death by mutated thugs, then roasted on a spit. They'll eat you right there on the screen and rub their tummies too. Just keep on going as you are, it all comes down to you. It all comes down to you. It all comes down on you but keep in mind at any time, it can lift you up and through. What I've said it true. It all comes down to you. It all comes down to you.

Your celebrities are by your side as you get taken for a ride. Money is a riddle, wrapped in enigma and cloaked in mystery. You can't understand the pull of it till you've got far too much of it and then you never have enough. When friends need help it's all tied up. That's more than passing strange. You sunbathe on a sea of milk in your vacation home on the range. Where no deer and antelope play, Holay! Where no deer and antelope play. The deer is in a bondage suit. The antelope looks mighty cute, one more round peg in a square root. There really is no substitute. You're seeing things you've never dreamed of, they're alien and shivering, your timbers tremble now. You want to break the hex. The problem is, it isn't real. It's really Memorex and it all comes down to sex.

The primary illusion is you're not one but somehow two. You spend your life in search of it, till you're hollow, bent and old. Burned up from the inside out. Your substance gone, replaced by doubt, cause you don't know what it's all about, the two becoming one, the two becoming one. You can weep till heaven cries but you have had your run. There's no gas inside your tank cause Lady Nature's now a skank. You pounded her to make her see, the power of your majesty and then you spilled your seed. Now she's got you brother man. She's got all she needs to bring you children like yourself. You see them encased in plastic wrap on Wal-mart's closeout shelf. Your passion got the best of you and lowered your resistance too. This is the essential truth, of the life man spent in spilling sand from the fountain of his youth.

It's a peculiar mystery. You see it but you still don't see, the drainage of your symphony that never got released. You can't make both things manifest if your times consumed by all the rest. Soon you'll be on your mother's breast for another coming round ...and round and round and round... and round and round and round, till human voices wake you up and once again you drown; a reshaped quote from Eliot but we don’t get the half of it, cause otherwise, my friend, we'd quit, but we keep keeping on. We keep keeping on and time is almost gone.

Twenty six thousand years and something like this appears ...and we're a cause for ridicule, a cause for mocking laughter. You become a slave in shackles when you cease to be your master. It's sex that brought you down. It's the appetite profound. The thing that most attracted you got your attention fixed. The relentless foe of freedom was watching through your eyes and played it over again ...and again and now you're hearing “Where or When”? Remembering is the primary key to innocence and liberty. The fathomless pool of memory has everything you need. Drop your mind into its depths and she'll take care of all the rest. Of all you love she is the best. That's all you need to know and now you're good to go.

The politics and vicious laws. The priest's with hands inside your drawers. The culture and it's nasty soup. The canon fodder and mindless dupes, surrounding you and calling you, to march and halt and march, are nothing more than frogs in an endless moaning swamp. Tune your ears to other voices, then you'll see the other choices. Help is on the way, ask yourself that question now. What makes Tom Delay? Hey, hey, hey, hey hey!

We shoulda, coulda, woulda but something made us pause. We coulda, shoulda woulda but we're stuck somewhere because, we're listening to someone else whose voice is firm and comforting. It's what precedes the buggering and brutality of life. Your whole life's based on getting laid so you made suffering your wife. The things you lost and can't get back. They cut you like a knife. Regret, remorse and guilt attend your passage through the realm. You're bound somewhere and bound right here and tied up like a steer. The branding iron. The killing floor. Is this what you really came here for? You live your life upon your knees to shadow kings and other sleaze for want of courage to stand and be free, out of fear of death and ignominy, because you risked it all. They always slander those who do. It shouldn't mean anything to you ...but it does. It does.

This is how they keep us down in fear of shame and censure. You're already shamed by giving in and saddened beyond measure. Is this how you take your pleasure? You can't enjoy a single thing but you tell yourself you do. The first of lies we tell ourselves, we practice them in private and then we share them with our friends or anyone who'll listen, on the bar stools of our wasted lives. Days and days and years and years of lonely masturbature and now it's second nature. How can I know it's all like this? My friend, I've been there too. I just got sick and tired of it, so one day I just up and quit and that's the final sum of it. What follows, I don't know, but it beats the Hell out of being there. It can't be worse so I don't care what waits at the top or bottom of the stairs to wherever I am headed and I'm aided and abetted cause help is on the way, every single day. Can you say the same? You can say the same but you can't stay the same. Changing is a motherfucker but assistance will appear. The moment that you change your course, the angels are on call. There's nothing to come up against but shadows on the wall, on the wall inside your mind. You're wound up tighter than a vise. Drop your baggage at your feet and let yourself unwind. That's all it takes plus trust and faith, or else you're right back in crazy town for another ugly round. There's not one single thing you need in the land of appetite and greed. Ignore what's said or else take heed. The time is coming soon,either you're dancing in the wind or howling like a loon. The time is coming soon. The time is coming soon. Sanity and madness will both be on the stage. One will inspire greater things, the other fear and rage. The latch is off your cage, in either sense, it's come and went before you turn the page. It's quicker than the lightning and more awesome than the thunder. It's in the wings and warming up, this coming age of wonder.

Yes all the things the world cut short we're going to get to do. We'll get our inspiration back with music in the air. The goblins will have gone away and we'll no longer go astray. The light comes from the avatar. The sun has sent the superstar. You'll finally find out who you are and what it means to be. It's coming down no matter what, no need to follow me.

End Transmission.......

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God in Country by Les Visible

Monday, November 14, 2011

International Free Range Chicken Ranches of The Apocalypse

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

After the Franklin Scandal and the Portuguese pedophile scandal and the Dutroux Scandal and the French Pedophile Scandal and the U.K. Pedophile Scandal and the world wide Israeli sex trafficking trade of all sexes and ages and many more too numerous to mention comes the Sandusky sex ring for underprivileged old, rich white men, which also includes a murder. It also gets much darker than that and even darker than this. We can factor in the abuses of The Catholic Church, which requires no links because if you don't already know more than you want to about this, then you don't want to know in the first place. If you have six months of spare time in this Free Range Apocalypse you can go here for a primer.

Since I've done a lot of your research for you, I'm just going to state some things and you can take it or leave it. I'm also going to hypothesize a bit, extrapolate a bit and theorize a little. I find it interesting that any number of people don't believe in God but most everyone believes in the devil; you may have gotten the idea that the biggest coup the devil ever pulled off was convincing people that he doesn't exist. I don't know if that comes from Angel Heart or The Usual Suspects, probably the latter. However, it's my considered position that most people believe in evil and it does have to have a source.

I don't need holy books to detail and delineate the phenomenon for me. It's right in front of my eyes. Of course, it could be reasoned that I only see it because of the evil in me and like most things, the truth lies somewhere between any two or more conflicting opinions about something. I tend to believe that the truth is at right angles to everything else. My opinion is that the devil does and does not exist but that it doesn't really matter for my purposes because whatever that force is, it has no power over those of us that can see through or past it. I have seen both of the two cosmic forces resident in individuals in my travels. I've been right up against that. I've been in the company of realized beings who were the hosting mechanism for The One and I've been in prisons and maximum security facilities for the criminally insane and had lunch with serial killers and people who have done things I don't even want to talk about here or anywhere.

The reason the Sandusky affair went on for so long and nothing was done about it, is the same as The Dutroux affair and for the same reason that the higher ups connected to The Franklin affair and all the rest of them never got dragged out into the light of day. It is because these things go all the way to the top and involve members of governments, religions, law enforcement and every other endangered infrastructure that now trembles on the verge of collapse.

There is no observable reason why the Sandusky cluster fuck was allowed to continue after being seen in action on various occasions. There is no other conclusion to be realized other than that any number of names mentioned and yet unmentioned were in the thick of it and if they were not players they were constrained by blackmail or some other powerful force that could not be opposed. Consider the issue of a long standing and well known institution of higher learning and how easy it would have been to have dealt with the matter long ago. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to follow the logical neural pathways of this situation.

Israel is one of the main players in all of this and their residents and dual nationals the world over control the global porn empire and their members sit on the boards, in a controlling position, in every major alternative sex organization there is. Sometimes it is exclusively them. This is fitting given their allegiance to the Prince of Darkness and why they are referred to as The Synagogue of Satan. We've all heard about the empty chair at the Rothschild dining table, set for Old Scratch; so named for those who have an itch. They're not exclusive in these things. They have associates and enablers but they're at the top of a small handful of the major players.

As I have stated on many occasions, the whole purpose of founding Israel was to create a sovereign state in which an international crime syndicate could operate from. This is why the sex trade there meets with no opposition. It has government sanction. Keep in mind that besides the things you do know there are far more horrible things that take place that you do not know about. Between Israel, The Vatican and a couple of global organizations with centers around the world, you have pretty much covered the gamut of those involved.

I have also mentioned any number of times that when an avatar is arriving, to set the tone for a coming age, all that is dark and dreadful is pushed out from the inner planes, where the enduring spiders operate and manipulate those on the physical end. What this results in is the wide spread performance of evil on the physical plane prior to the arrival of judgment. It's a cyclic thing and it happens like Spring follows Winter.

I'm not writing this today to give you more bad news and to depress you; quite the reverse actually. For those of you who believe in a resident deity, you are aware, more or less of what scripture reports concerning these times. Therefore you require only two things, faith and endurance or, you can replace 'endurance' with 'long-suffering'. Maintain these two states and you are home free. For those of you who believe only in the cyclical nature of conditions and events, simply observe that they are in operation and you'll be wherever you are and whatever happens, happens; probably not as comforting as you would like but, conversely, you have the illusion of personal control and that's more important to you than submission to something you don't understand. For those of you who think you're just a meat puppet, my suggestion is that you get in touch with whoever is pulling the strings. If you think that's you then you have nothing to worry about according to you, so it's all good, sort of.

I want to bring up the nine dead Gulf of Mexico whistleblowers and all those dead microbiologists. This should clue you in to why Congress, The White House and many another agency is in lockstep with the terrible trends of the time and why they lie, steal and murder, without any seeming sense of conscience or regret. I could bring up Senator Paul Wellstone, Ron Brown and Vince Foster but I see that I already have. Those who haven't totally bought into the horror and horseshit are either in real fear of their lives, or being blackmailed for acts committed on junkets to Israel, or some other location where they were so stupid they didn't think they would be video-taped. The penis does not have a brain and neither does the one carrying it, when the white cobra rears up and spits into the swollen darkness. I don't want to seem racist by leaving out the other dicks of different colors but I'm dealing with primary mass here.

For some reason, I'm not feeling any fear whatsoever. This either means I have nothing to fear or I do but it's handled somehow. I'm mentioning this to convey to the rest of you that all of this comes down to which basket you put your eggs in and to let you know you can't have one foot in one room and one in the other because it can be problematic if someone goes to shut the door. Keep in mind; what is more powerful, the sun or the darkness it dispels? On the one hand, of course the sun is, depending too on how close or far away you are. There are places in this universe where you can't see the sun, then again, you can just close your eyes and if the warmth troubles you you can pull a Gollum. That's a personal consideration. Remember this... if you are traveling away it takes a very long time at any speed to get that far away from the sun, which means some people have been traveling in the wrong direction for an extended period. Can you turn around and go back the way you came? Of course you can, as long as you are still able or present.

It doesn't matter if you die. How many people do you know that got out of here alive? Some of us do but unless you are working full time on that, which is the only way it happens, then you are looking at an appointment in Samarra sooner or later. What matters is what you died for and also what you lived for. Why is it that it never seems to dawn on most people that their lives can be lived for a higher purpose than submission to the wrong forces or the practices of consumption and procreation? Doesn't everyone look around and see examples of lives being lived? Why don't people study old people? Why don't they go to retirement homes and holding facilities (sorry about the term) and observe? It's the power of the dreamscape people. It's the power of the collective dream upon the individual mind. Break the spell. All of these bad guys are under a spell. We are residents in an ongoing and ubiquitous magical war for the harvesting of souls. You can see this mathematically and even as a materialist, relatively speaking, if you know how.

I'm not concerned with how many people believe or scoff at what they read here. I'm already gainfully employed but no one of any stripe can argue away the incrementally approaching unknown and unless you have an answer for that, I suggest you get busy finding one. It is never prudent to enter into a space you know nothing about, without some kind of a map or an idea of what awaits you. I'm not clear on most of the features that are in place there but I've got a good idea of how to enter into it; make the right kind of friends on your way and leave good footprints.

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God in Country by Les Visible

Last night's radio show is now available for listening or download. I'd appreciate some comments concerning these shows, lest I move on to something else that might indicate more actual participation.

Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 Arrives

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May your noses always be cold and wet (Silky Lilly Nelson, R.I.P. 11/11/11).

Today is 11/11/11. I don't place significance on any dates because I don't know what they mean. I know others do, even if they don't know what they mean. I know that things gain significance if they have meaning in many minds, even if they don't know what they mean. The day is significant for me, if only in a personal way but every day is such a day for someone. People concern themselves about Armageddon but Armageddon comes for someone every day too, even if only in a personal way; “any man's death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind”. Many great lines have been repeated from that poem; books and movie titles have followed and the wisdom contained in it is sufficient to answer most questions concerning our conduct and our desires. If we are open to the answers, we will find that formerly we were not and that is the linchpin that connects us to our troubles, such as they may be.

Here are the faces of some of the richest (by material wealth) among us. Here is what is happening in our midst as a result of some of the richest among us and it pertains to every field of endeavor where profit and the indifference to consequence follows. Here is the shape it takes in offenses against us and the very ground on which we stand. Here is the nature of those chosen by the oppressor to enforce their will upon us and proof positive that the selection of certain types among us is not accidental but on purpose.

The assault on a 'family and friends' picnic in Nevada; the Southern Nevada Health District made them destroy their organic food and pour bleach on it so that it couldn't even be fed to the pigs, shows us that the police state, which is the inescapable and predetermined result of the corporate control of government and the social construct is a reality. This is what always follows the course of materialism, when it has become preeminent in our way of life. Venal, predatory acquisition junkies, bean counters and lawyers, conspire with the appetites of the terminally ignorant to create a nightmare, where only the privileged can dream in peace. What they never comprehend, or refuse to accept, is what also eventually follows in the wake of their abuses; their own downfall and enduring ignominy. That is what sits upon the horizon now and soon, even their enforcers will be walking away from their posts. This is one of the tenets of The Apocalypse, eventually the awakening burns through the denial and self interest of those duped into the service of the darkness.

Every veteran and soldier assaulted on the front lines of the global protests against the 1% and their enablers, awakens a greater rage in the hearts of their fellows, who already know how little remains on the table for them, regardless of their sacrifice. Every member of the police, who is not completely compromised by the lies and their own surfaced brutality and self interest, is being awakened to the nature of the Draconian laws they are being compelled to enforce. We hold these truths to be 'self' evident because that is what is revealing them.

As has been stated many times previous, the cardinal mistake of the ruling class is when they finally seek to destroy the middle class. The middle class is their one remaining buffer between them and the mob and swells the ranks themselves, apace with its surging emergence. In recent times and now increasingly logarithmic, all of the foul plots and activities of those making war on humanity are turning against them. Everything they seek to perform out of sight, or under cloak of cloud and turbidity, is outed and revealed by mysterious hand. The recording of Obama and Sarkozy concerning Netanyahu is a classic indicator of cosmic gotcha.

Their fortunes made from deception, fraud and outright theft, are now hostage to the systems they reaped them from. Their wars for profit have gone amiss. In response, they reach out to greater fields of conquest, stretching themselves beyond the possibility of necessary defenses and the safety of their own person. They are blind and made more blind by the cosmic agents of their pending destruction; 'step by step and inch by inch, Niagara Falls' and so falls America; home of the flea and land of the knave. “Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble”.

In an age of materialism, The Lord of Darkness is very, seemingly predominant but what those who serve and depend on him do not realize is that he is the cosmic district attorney and the jury is stacked with the demonic relatives of the demons they were assisted by. The demons themselves are the witnesses for the prosecution but that follows later. First comes the fear and trembling and individual, terrestrial justice that attends their departure to the infernal court. David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger are awaiting the call, in the waiting room of their final hours; Guy De Rothschild has already preceded them. I warrant they can feel that cold wave of fear at the nape of their necks, when they aren't feeling the hot breath of fire from the one whose kingdom they approach by the moment.

The world trembles on the abyss. Italy is in economic tailspin and cannot be saved except at the loss of the European Union, which is the kind of safety net that makes certain the man overboard cannot swim in any direction but down. Doesn't that mean the European Union is lost in any case if Italy falls? What to do? What to do; foment a greater and wider war? Attended by some comprehensive actions of applied global Eugenics; given that Rockefeller is the chief agent of that philosophy, via the Rockefeller, Eugenics Foundation? Iran waits in the cross-hairs and most of the nations of the world have already chosen sides and in many cases purely for their own survival. The Russian Bear and The Chinese Tiger, lurk and crouch, seemingly from the sidelines of the moment, until the moment reveals the truth of the moment.

Nothing is what it was and tomorrow will be incrementally different from today. The increments move closer to together and increase in velocity. Summa iru seems to be the best expression of our darkest hour, unless some unmistakable voice calls you to action. Strange times have found us and we are not here by accident, no matter to what extent we have lost our purpose and forgotten the requested destiny that brought us here into these times. Fortune may favor the bold but that tactic has grown old and irrelevant, when fortune has come to mean something gained at the expense of your fellows. We are becoming self evident, defined by those things we have given over the industry of our hearts and hands and minds to realize or possess. We are the tiny totality of what we value and seek after. We are the microcosm of our own liberation and doom.

Fall approaches the midpoint and Winter waits beyond. Turmoil and the faint promise of an uncertain Spring are afoot but Winter lies between. What does that mean to those who live in the tropics (grin)? I am not amused but laughter and mirth can have many a motive. When the ground is moving beneath you, can you put your faith in what surrounds you? Can metaphor, analogy and allegory suffice for what cannot be directly stated? We are captives of the unknown, in search of epiphany and revelation and these shall surely come in differing dimensions to each of us, according to our works and intentions. I am not disturbed. I have no evident basis for this but my hope does not lie in the evident or the seeming. Appearances lie and so do those who judge and proclaim according to them.

When all around you fails, seek within. When the outer world is a trembling uncertainty, come and abide in the inner realms. If Hell approaches then Heaven does as well. What you are, determines what you see and the meaning that is companion to it. Our interpretations are determined by the outcome we after. Our values are our fate, as is our character. Even in this dire hour there is hope and there is time, so long as the opportunity for change is present there is the real possibility of it. It has been truly said, “where there is life there is hope”. Winds destroy and winds carry. Water kills and quenches thirst. Fire burns yet warms the hearth. I have nothing more to say.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Greenback Jesus in the Reptile Cage.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Earthquakes in Oklahoma, in the heartland of America where they don't get them. It was the same thing with the Oklahoma City bombing; create an act of terrorism in the place no one expects it and where it will strike fear into the hearts of those sleeping the most deeply or, am I reaching and presuming? I'm not usually a believer in earthquake machines, which doesn't mean I don't think that is possible or happens. I just don't think that happens as much as some people think though I have little doubt that in some way Israel was responsible for much of the tragedy that is Fukushima. Does the Android program dream of eclectic sheep (grin)? You have my apologies if you don't get that reference to Philip K. Dick.

Doo wah diddy my pretty, what to say, what to say. Some of us are off to the land of the Mayans soon. God only knows how that happened or what it means but will there be a world then? Somehow I think there will. I can't shake the feeling that nothing is going to happen the way most people expect it to. My expectation is that it is all going to be collectively individual. Already nothing has happened at the speed or intensity that many people expected, or on the dates that people expected, or in the places that people expected, or to the people that people expected. At the same time there has been some degree of all of that. Israel is increasingly more exposed and its banker syndicate is under fire all over the world. Those who have plotted against 'we the people' are caught between what they have done and the people they have done it to, in an environment of awakening. It doesn't look good for the fat cats and it wouldn't be good if it did. It doesn't look good for Israel and it wouldn't be good if it did. What we need is a whirlwind so that they can reap it and I believe it is coming in its own time. In the meantime they are behaving as badly as possible, sweeping all possibility of redemption by the wayside. You'd have to say it all looks prophetic and destiny ridden.

Oklahoma is bedrock for fundamentalist Christianity. I'm not saying there aren't good Christians there. I'm saying it is also Fundie-Ville and they are the bedrock supporters of pernicious Israel and all of the lies that maintain it. They are the canon fodder and the money tree. They are the ones who support the wars, all of them; the wars of genocide and the wars for profit, the drug wars, the economic wars, the wars of attrition and the wars of religion that are the result of false interpretation of scripture which has bedeviled humanity in all the places where people believe something other than the essential truth of that which religion perverts for the glory of the marketplace. They've got a greenback Jesus in the reptile cage. They are the devotees of the one they purport to resist and the tormentors of the one they purport to serve. They are the final result of the wrong way running backs, scoring touchdowns against their own team. They are the mystery masturbators, inflamed by desire for what they are forbidden to touch. They are the ones who condemn sex, which is the primary drive of existence. They are the ones who legalize alcohol because it imprisons the soul, fuels guilt and drives the engines of perverted industries. They are the ones who support laws against getting high because it makes you aware of what is happening to you, at the hands of the people these people support. Yes, many Christians of all stripes do not drink. Then again, they already have all the guilt they need.

If you want to understand the real source of so much that is unfortunate in our world, don't look to greed or the usual suspects, look at religion. You may have heard that religion is for those who are afraid of Hell and spirituality is for those who have been there. Isn't it interesting that those who are afraid of it create it and those who have been there, devote themselves to freeing you from the mindset that causes you to go there and to be there and those are the people that are most abused by the ones suffering from their own ignorance and blindness? So it is in the Kali Yuga, when all that is most deceptive, injurious and superficial, is celebrated and all that is serving, nourishing and protective is held in contempt? Is it any wonder that the worst of us are the most successful in their endeavors?

My friends I know how so many of you labor and struggle in the poisoned vineyards of the world. I know how difficult it is to make the wine and how the wine tastes, given the condition of the ground it came out of but we are in this situation for a very good reason. It's like that quote, "these are the times that try men's souls". We are definitely the people that might have been and I am getting in touch with you then; since then happens to be now. There is a point to my saying that. It is like that other quote, "where there's life there's hope". Do not despair in this dark hour. Do not give in to the downward pull. This is the worst you can do; endure. When there is nothing else you can do; endure. You will find that the very act of doing this accomplishes so much and you will find that this is the thing that seems the hardest to accomplish but is actually the easiest thing in the world, once you employ it. All of the other things are much harder and without endurance, impossible. I'm telling you these things because I came here for that purpose and that is all about endurance too. Had I not endured what I came up against I would not be speaking to you now.

There is a Tarot card called strength. There is an interesting feature that connects to that. Other than The Fool, this is the only card about which placement is in question. Certain decks put Justice where Strength goes and Strength were Justice goes. Ponder this my friends and endure, because the one archetype that works to the greatest advantage in this process is Strength. Observe The Rider Deck or the BOTA version. You will note that the angel with the infinity sign above her head, or as Sovereignty mentions, the halo, has her hands placed on the lions mouth. Some might suggest that she is closing the mouth of injury. I suggest she is opening the mouth for speech. She has another infinity sign made by the roses around her waist that girdles the lions neck and that helix of roses signifies Love. Every single color and position of anything and everything in every card is meaningful and it all has to do with accomplishing The Great Work. This is probably why I was a tad dismissive about making the Philosopher's Stone out of your own urine. It is true in certain ways but since I have accomplished The Great Work, yes, my friends, I have. Since this is so, I would recommend Love in all things and endurance; suffer these things for a little while until I come; paraphrasing a familiar source. There are volumes to be gained here. Like I've said before, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here between God and the Devil to make sure it is all on the level and what is Justice? It is balance ...and what is Strength? It is what makes balance possible. How do you get to that point? You endure.

Times like these come around so rarely that not even the memory of them is anything more than the grains of sand on the beach that were once mountains. Vanity, all of it is vanity, as Ecclesiastes notes from the unknown author. Not only is everything possible for you at this moment but things you can't even imagine are a fait accompli for those of you who endure and you wouldn't be reading these words if it were not possible for you. Conversely, The Stone is not what you think it is. I recommend reading Bulwer Lytton's, Zanoni. Also very interesting is that they have a yearly awards ceremony for the worst writers on the planet and it is called The Bulwer Lytton Award. I am making things more plain here than has been done in I don't know when. Profit from your cognitive capacity and your intuitive connection and endure.

Well, the hits just keep on coming and I'm not Dick Clark but then again I don't think that applied to him, which also creates a mystery by analogy. There's a reason that things cannot be made as plain as the nose on your face and for all I know it has something to do with the nose on your face and that reason is deeply connected to the need for you to discover some part of the equation on your own and also because some things cannot be put into words and that is why music is so important and why there are so many languages and also why symbols have an effect. Is it getting warm in here or is it just me? Is it getting colder while feeling warmer or is it just me? Some part of me didn't want to come here and some part of me believes it is worse than I expected but there is a portion of life and its conditions that cannot be predicted in advance. Don't make that part of me feel worse than it already does; apply yourself and endure. We hold these truths to be 'self' evident. We hold these truths to be SELF evident.

We hold these truths to be... self... evident and you can take that back to the part where there was speculation about the temperature and the room search games you played as a child.

My dear, dear friends, my brothers and sisters from another mother, do not miss after almost winning when you should have known the end from the beginning. Is it real or is it Memorex? That is the critical part of it all and the initiative to endure, should you manage to convince yourself that it is real.

This is not a catch and release program and no matter how compassionate those fisher persons (fisher person?) might think they are, it still injures the fish. Is the fish glad to be alive, given that it is still a fish? Has the fish learned anything? Will hunger and fascination still be predominant in the conditions that caused that to happen in the first place? For myself, I still eat fish because I will catch them. I would not kill a cow and I don't mind if the fish eat me but they won't in this particular movie. I have already been swimming with pretty humungous sharks right there and also between me and the shore in clear Caribbean waters. Now are you more confused and should I have stopped when we were both ahead? Who knows? I don't. My love to you, endure.

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God in Country by Les Visible

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Funhouse Wonderland and Wasteland of our Lives.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(Sorry to miss Visible Origami again but with the new book newly out and people still reading it and it being an Origami kind of thing, I thought I would miss one more rotation. If you don’t have the digital copy yet you can get it here. The hard copy should be out shortly or a little more than shortly but shortly according to some kind of time.)

The joint is jumping and push and shove, along with critical mass, are dancing in the dark; meaning we can’t see where it is going but it is coming and going in front of our eyes, even though we can’t see it very clearly, except for some of the special effects and the ominous feel of something coming, juxtaposed with not knowing what is going to happen next.

Oakland is humming and buzzing and doing things in that Oakland style that goes back to it always being the poor sister of San Francisco and the home of The Black Panthers. The crass media is downplaying the numbers as usual, while doing what the crass media does by putting out articles where the name of the author is never mentioned anymore and that’s been going on for awhile. I’m assuming this is because naming the writers tracks the info right back to Israel who is behind so many of the world wide lies and offenses of recent times.

Consonant with Israel’s all lies all the time comes the aggressive saber rattling and the dark side plotting and threats that keep amplifying Israel’s madness concerning an attack on Iran and the same unnamed writers are talking about how Israel would prefer that America do her dirty work again, like they always do and the also captive and totally owned British military is ramping up in their whore suits, to jump in as Israel’s killer bitch machine to help destroy the non usurious Islamic banking system because both America and all of the rest of the Crown Colony hookers are owned economically by the ongoing system of bandit usury, based and operated from Israel Central, founded by The Rothschild banking house, which founded Israel for that purpose. That’s how it was, is and they intend it to continue to be.

Meanwhile the system is collapsing the same way that dual national controlled Las Vegas is going down the tubes. It’s not soprano land, its Sopranoberg land and Mr. Apocalypse is smacking the culprits of our collective distress with his walking stick and more power to him. Yes, of course, this would be anti-Semitic if we were dealing with Semitics but we are not.

It’s a no brainer that madness is on the doorstep because the one percent are in the gunsights of the world and all of their mechanisms of control are being challenged from the street up and the cosmos down and there’s nowhere for them to go except into arrogant mockery and dirty, desperate behavior to maintain their evil ways, while the control is slipping from their hands. It’s pretty exciting and very scary all at the same time. The whole world is on one of those high tech thrill rides from the big amusement park of our decadent escapisms, provided by those seeking to contain our attention, while they bugger us silly and drain us dry. The truth is that you can’t wipe out your own food supply and expect that you will continue to prosper. This is the sustained insanity of those who are destroying themselves in front of our eyes and their own. They can’t see it but they will.

The irony and the coincidence; the sense of prophecy and precognition that abounds in this funhouse, wonderland and wasteland of contemporary existence is very difficult to describe. It is subjective in all of our cases and your ability to see any of it is dependent on your level of awakening and your intuitive and objective access and abilities to cognate and perceive. It is in your hands what you take away from what is in front of you and what you do about it, or don’t do about it. This is when those things you have done for all of your lives and what you have done and aspired to in this one comes into play. Is there time to turn it around for yourself? Is there time and motivation to change who you are or reveal what you are? It is said that while there is life, there is hope. We shall see. Awaken or dream on you mad intoxicated fools. We are the people that might have been. You should have gotten in touch with us then.

We are on the lip of an abyss that we will either plunge into or step across. Downward awaits the sucking whirlpool of the devolutionary curve into backwardness and the attendant compressions and horrors. Ahead lies the new world that is already fully present but invisible to our gaze. It will suddenly appear in full being or it will be lost to you for a very long time. In the meantime we go on with our daily motions in the lethargy of ordinary redundancies that we have embraced and engaged in for so long now. It is truly an oddity that we can be like that when faced with this.

Winter is coming; a cold and mysterious winter with concerns of warmth and sustenance. Will we be warm and fed or will we be hungry and cold or worse? Will Israel plunge the whole world into chaos or will Israel be confronted and judged for her crimes against existence and those of us present here in these days? It’s a difficult call. All the signs indicate that her moment of cosmic resolution is at hand. It is a consummation devoutly to be wished as Shakespeare put it.

The horror of what ZATO has been occupied with over recent times is terrible and contemptible. What they have done in Libya is truly psychopathic and vicious beyond description. Who are these people? Who are these craven inhuman creatures who have done so much harm in so many places over these recent years? Can anyone doubt that they are the private mercenary army of Israel? Can anyone doubt that they have become this army due to economic control of the west by the ancient enemy of humanity? Can anyone doubt that everything that has been done has profited Israel more than any other single entity? Consonant with this we have the irrefutable proof of Israel’s culpability in 9/11 and so many other similar outrages like 7/7 and the Madrid Train station bombings and their security company was the single security force in charge of every one of these locations. How clueless, fearful and resistant do we have to be not to see this?

Our obsession with self gain, our ignorant desires, are responsible for our inability to see and that will continue until we are willing to let them go. Until we break and release the hypnotic spell of self interest and accept our responsibility to serve the best interests of the greater whole we are doomed to private hells in a barren and empty field ruled by Saturn who oversees these things. That particular force is what grinds us down into our better selves or drives us through the experiences that show us our failures and which in the end confines us in the agonizing and endless realization of how far wrong we went.

11/11/11 approaches. Does that mean anything? Does anything mean anything? There is a imminent arrival of the unknown into every life; today, tomorrow, next week, next year? We shall see.

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