Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 Arrives

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet (Silky Lilly Nelson, R.I.P. 11/11/11).

Today is 11/11/11. I don't place significance on any dates because I don't know what they mean. I know others do, even if they don't know what they mean. I know that things gain significance if they have meaning in many minds, even if they don't know what they mean. The day is significant for me, if only in a personal way but every day is such a day for someone. People concern themselves about Armageddon but Armageddon comes for someone every day too, even if only in a personal way; “any man's death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind”. Many great lines have been repeated from that poem; books and movie titles have followed and the wisdom contained in it is sufficient to answer most questions concerning our conduct and our desires. If we are open to the answers, we will find that formerly we were not and that is the linchpin that connects us to our troubles, such as they may be.

Here are the faces of some of the richest (by material wealth) among us. Here is what is happening in our midst as a result of some of the richest among us and it pertains to every field of endeavor where profit and the indifference to consequence follows. Here is the shape it takes in offenses against us and the very ground on which we stand. Here is the nature of those chosen by the oppressor to enforce their will upon us and proof positive that the selection of certain types among us is not accidental but on purpose.

The assault on a 'family and friends' picnic in Nevada; the Southern Nevada Health District made them destroy their organic food and pour bleach on it so that it couldn't even be fed to the pigs, shows us that the police state, which is the inescapable and predetermined result of the corporate control of government and the social construct is a reality. This is what always follows the course of materialism, when it has become preeminent in our way of life. Venal, predatory acquisition junkies, bean counters and lawyers, conspire with the appetites of the terminally ignorant to create a nightmare, where only the privileged can dream in peace. What they never comprehend, or refuse to accept, is what also eventually follows in the wake of their abuses; their own downfall and enduring ignominy. That is what sits upon the horizon now and soon, even their enforcers will be walking away from their posts. This is one of the tenets of The Apocalypse, eventually the awakening burns through the denial and self interest of those duped into the service of the darkness.

Every veteran and soldier assaulted on the front lines of the global protests against the 1% and their enablers, awakens a greater rage in the hearts of their fellows, who already know how little remains on the table for them, regardless of their sacrifice. Every member of the police, who is not completely compromised by the lies and their own surfaced brutality and self interest, is being awakened to the nature of the Draconian laws they are being compelled to enforce. We hold these truths to be 'self' evident because that is what is revealing them.

As has been stated many times previous, the cardinal mistake of the ruling class is when they finally seek to destroy the middle class. The middle class is their one remaining buffer between them and the mob and swells the ranks themselves, apace with its surging emergence. In recent times and now increasingly logarithmic, all of the foul plots and activities of those making war on humanity are turning against them. Everything they seek to perform out of sight, or under cloak of cloud and turbidity, is outed and revealed by mysterious hand. The recording of Obama and Sarkozy concerning Netanyahu is a classic indicator of cosmic gotcha.

Their fortunes made from deception, fraud and outright theft, are now hostage to the systems they reaped them from. Their wars for profit have gone amiss. In response, they reach out to greater fields of conquest, stretching themselves beyond the possibility of necessary defenses and the safety of their own person. They are blind and made more blind by the cosmic agents of their pending destruction; 'step by step and inch by inch, Niagara Falls' and so falls America; home of the flea and land of the knave. “Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble”.

In an age of materialism, The Lord of Darkness is very, seemingly predominant but what those who serve and depend on him do not realize is that he is the cosmic district attorney and the jury is stacked with the demonic relatives of the demons they were assisted by. The demons themselves are the witnesses for the prosecution but that follows later. First comes the fear and trembling and individual, terrestrial justice that attends their departure to the infernal court. David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger are awaiting the call, in the waiting room of their final hours; Guy De Rothschild has already preceded them. I warrant they can feel that cold wave of fear at the nape of their necks, when they aren't feeling the hot breath of fire from the one whose kingdom they approach by the moment.

The world trembles on the abyss. Italy is in economic tailspin and cannot be saved except at the loss of the European Union, which is the kind of safety net that makes certain the man overboard cannot swim in any direction but down. Doesn't that mean the European Union is lost in any case if Italy falls? What to do? What to do; foment a greater and wider war? Attended by some comprehensive actions of applied global Eugenics; given that Rockefeller is the chief agent of that philosophy, via the Rockefeller, Eugenics Foundation? Iran waits in the cross-hairs and most of the nations of the world have already chosen sides and in many cases purely for their own survival. The Russian Bear and The Chinese Tiger, lurk and crouch, seemingly from the sidelines of the moment, until the moment reveals the truth of the moment.

Nothing is what it was and tomorrow will be incrementally different from today. The increments move closer to together and increase in velocity. Summa iru seems to be the best expression of our darkest hour, unless some unmistakable voice calls you to action. Strange times have found us and we are not here by accident, no matter to what extent we have lost our purpose and forgotten the requested destiny that brought us here into these times. Fortune may favor the bold but that tactic has grown old and irrelevant, when fortune has come to mean something gained at the expense of your fellows. We are becoming self evident, defined by those things we have given over the industry of our hearts and hands and minds to realize or possess. We are the tiny totality of what we value and seek after. We are the microcosm of our own liberation and doom.

Fall approaches the midpoint and Winter waits beyond. Turmoil and the faint promise of an uncertain Spring are afoot but Winter lies between. What does that mean to those who live in the tropics (grin)? I am not amused but laughter and mirth can have many a motive. When the ground is moving beneath you, can you put your faith in what surrounds you? Can metaphor, analogy and allegory suffice for what cannot be directly stated? We are captives of the unknown, in search of epiphany and revelation and these shall surely come in differing dimensions to each of us, according to our works and intentions. I am not disturbed. I have no evident basis for this but my hope does not lie in the evident or the seeming. Appearances lie and so do those who judge and proclaim according to them.

When all around you fails, seek within. When the outer world is a trembling uncertainty, come and abide in the inner realms. If Hell approaches then Heaven does as well. What you are, determines what you see and the meaning that is companion to it. Our interpretations are determined by the outcome we after. Our values are our fate, as is our character. Even in this dire hour there is hope and there is time, so long as the opportunity for change is present there is the real possibility of it. It has been truly said, “where there is life there is hope”. Winds destroy and winds carry. Water kills and quenches thirst. Fire burns yet warms the hearth. I have nothing more to say.

End Transmission.......

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tmcfall said...

Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow.......
Tom in Tempe Arizona

Anonymous said...

Les, the tribe is complaining about anti-semitism but they are proceeding with this art show in Brooklyn.

Visible said...

Well, you know The Tribe and their war on Christianity, being as the teachings of Christ are anathema to what they are into and being as how it compromises the industries of porn and various deceits as well as war itself factors with The Prince of Peace. It's to be expected. They just want to get everyone else to accept their position which is why the destruction of cultures occurs. It's pretty academic.

Rebel 4E said...

any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind

'Great Britain'
Yeah! Really fucking great!

Anonymous said...


There's quite a scandal unfolding involving the Penn State football program and a former coach who turned out to be a predatory pedophile and who may have pimped out kids to rich donors. Check it out. It's an apocalyptic moment for that particular sports mythos.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

In the wee hours of 11-11-11 I had a dream.

A very vivid and wonderful dream.

Myself and three or four others were falling.
The usual falling falling falling dream.

There was no panic or even fear at all as we tumbled through the air hurtling through the abyss down down down.

Vivid colors of robes and necklaces fluttering and swirling, sandals and stockings spinning and flapping.

We were all looking at each other as we spun and chanted and sang, supported by our own and each others complete awareness of this, our glorious end, the moment of impact irrelevant.

Then I woke up and calmly laughed.
Chuckled in thanks of what I gratefully felt as a preview..


Visible said...

I've been following that and the thing that comes to mind for me is that Paterno might well have been involved in Sandusky's caper as might have others. I think there may be a larger shitstorm brewing here. Note that Paterno just hired a big league criminal lawyer. Why? Even if it is more benign it can't be that benign and... you don't need a criminal lawyer for civil suits and... you might if you were helping to conceal criminal evidence but... why would a man of the assumed character of Paterno engage in obstruction or a coverup if he were not more deeply involved? Makes you wonder.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Les, this starts my day wonderfully. It was an extra boost for me; fortifying and soothing. In gratitude - Serena

Anonymous said...

Truely great Visible,
I love it when you wright in laymams terms, being the litterary midget I am. I was thinking the same thing about the Penn St. issue. Many freaks are being forced through the cracks of there facaid..

from a remote area of Oregon

Visible said...

Better in Layman's terms than on Lehman's terms.

Anonymous said...

The Penn State Board of Trustees have known about this for nine years. And yet they did nothing? The deeper one goes, the more foul the stench.


Josey Wales ll said...

Hi Les,

Excellent Post, I feel much better after reading it and...

I feel really good now because I just ordered a softcover version of your new book and the illustrated version of your first book in pdf.

But I think I fucked-up where it says 1) check if you ordered a pdf version and 2) If you ordered a soft cover version

I ordered 1 of each, one downloadable and the other soft cover.

Anyway, I may owe you for shipping because it did not compute since I checked downloadable (it wouldn't let me check both).

I'm really proud of you and the people helping you.

This is a small, insignificant price for the assistance you are providing in helping me save my soul. Ive done some bad things but am striving for redemption. "You can sometimes find redemption on the path you took to avoid it" was from the movie "The International", I guess it applies to most of us.

Thanks for being here.

Best Regards,
Josey Wales ll

Josey...Again said...


I also have been having powerful dreams, its like I'm being taken to the fourth or fifth dimension and being shown why a better world, the one I would like to see for us all, cannot be implemented here on earth in this dimension. I realize how little I know but am very hopeful and reverent when I awake.

amarynth said...

Hiya Josey Wales ll,

All is under control!

Robin Redbreast said...

Thanks again Les again

Beautiful post
Beautiful day
Even though it's been raining here
For most of the day.
Do you feel it
Do you feel it?
Feel it
LLP xxx

Richie (Dana) said...

From Revelation 18

And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.
And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.
And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee, and thou shalt find them no more at all.
The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing,
And saying, Alas, alas that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!
For in one hour so great riches is come to nought. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off,
And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city!
And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate.
Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her.
And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.

Thanks Les,


Alpha Silex said...

Damn Vis, I was thinking the same thing about Joe "Paw". As we know, appearances lie, but once this scandal came to the surface, I thought "I never thought about it, but he kind of looks like a pedophile himself". Then I was wondering how long it would take until he becomes more deeply implicated in all of this. My oldest brother went to Penn State and to be honest, the whole "we are Penn State" mentality has always rubbed me the wrong way. Thank God, I never got rubbed by Joe Paw directly. Living in PA most of my life, I've had to receive it through the "superior" we are penn state retarded robots, by proxy paws.

Alpha Silex said...


Since 9/11, I've been telling people that chapter of Revelations is clearly describing what happened that day and the next thing to come at some point in time, would be some sort of asteroid or maybe the Canary Islands wiping this place out for good. Great points you made about empathy. Another thing I've been "ranting" about to the sheeple out there. Everyone is too self absorbed in Fakebook and the like, to truly have any of that for others, it seems to me.

Anonymous said...

-stickman sez:
Les and the brotherhood of Love:

Armistice Day they used to call it. On the eleventh second of the eleventh minute at the eleventh hour in the eleventh day during the eleventh month of 1918, an Armistice was called by the nations locked in mortal combat ~an armistice called to the war that was to end all wars ~ an armistice that was a few years later to lead to the Great Peace envisioned in the signing of the Kellogg-Briand Treaty which was established to outlaw all war.

The Great Peace did not last long. Such a concept stood in the way of profit. When the profiteers whom Marshall McLuhan, i believe it was, termed the "Great Pirates", the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and their ilk; decided that this peace nonsense had gone far enough; through their little enterpiracies such as Goldman-Sachs , engineered the stock market crash of October 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression; another series of wars designed to get the machine humming once again in their eternal quest for profits and for control over their fellow humans became inevitable.

An axiom of understanding the human condition is that those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. In a materialistic, deliberately dumbed down, take the easy way out and join the crowd culture; Armistice Day has segued into Veterans Day where transmutationally a memorial to the ending of the Great War and the quest for a Great Peace has ironically become a tribute to the warriors themselves, the ones whom Tribal Cabalist Heinrich Kissinger famously referred to as "dumb cattle". Just yesterday a veteran of recent U.$. aggression against Moslem nations shot himself at an Occupy encampment in Vermont.

Truly, it is all of a piece as tens of thousands of "depleted" uranium infested veterans of the colonial wars return to the Untied Skates of a Miracle becoming sicker by the day as the poison spreads through their bodies and by extension throughout the body of the American people in karmic return. Many of these veterans are waking up now, as Les points out. Some of them are joining the protests and are forming a thin line of protection between Occupy and the policestate apparatus of repression. Others of the returned veterans have not forgiven the trespasses and have vengeance on their minds.

But today is also 11-11-11 and bears significance above and beyond the petty travails of a dying kultchur. Those with some level of understanding in the arts of Numerology do ken the significance of this day. The meanings are on a cosmic level and may not yet be fully apprehended by even such of us as delve into these matters and more deeply so into the inner reality of our own individual cosmic connectivity.

We do understand,perhaps, that this day is a turning point, a manifestation of the ineffable where once again the dream and the vision of the Great Peace attains a high place in the evolution of human consciousness and where those who seek to surrender their spirits and their souls to the fullness of love hear the quickening chorus in the echo chambers of our hearts as the Four Angels of the Annunciation tell us "there will be an Answer, Let it Be."

Alpha Silex said...

Vis, definitely check out this solo song by Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, even if you're not a fan. I've seen the Crowes many times, but never heard this album by Robinson, until last spring during a visitation from "friends" up there. Personally, I think this song may be his best and it's not even a Black Crowes song.....Foo Fighters were AMAZING last night!

Visible said...

now that's strange enough to comment on, I've been calling Henry, Heinrich, for years.

Anonymous said...

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Alpha Silex said...

Dr. Henry Heimlich Kissinger.

Anonymous said...

Im still here, Les.
Your words have great
meaning for me. I don't comment
much but wanted you to know
I hang on your every wordd.
Who are you anyway :)

Anonymous said...

The death of zionists wouldn't diminish me because they are AGAINST mankind. All other mankind..

Neko Kinoshita said...

Good information for the Friday,

Not into odd numerical values, I'm just waiting to see what the divine wishes me to do. In the meantime, the best thing I can think of for this "holiday" is from George:

"First, a moment of deep appreciation for our best and bravest who put on uniforms and protect Fortune 500 interests globally. The military is a victim to the systemic hijack of the Republic's foundations by lobbying interests. [...] So as we hoist the coffee to those who serve, we're reminded that they really deserve better leadership.

Maybe I'm just being curmudgeonly: Seems to me we elect "best fund raisers" and not "best thinkers" which is either appalling, or it's the "American way" depending on whether you're on the giving or getting end of the income return proceeds."

Hang on, it gets more fun all the time.


Richie (Dana) said...

Happy day Alpha Silex,

Thanks for your words.
I try to not be too dogmatic or literal about these things. Some words fit many times and places. When I read what Les wrote that is just what came to mind.
There are only 2 small groups of people alive today, for which they would have meaning. One group has only the sense of impending doom and the other a great anticipation of the final liberation. Everyone else in in for some big surprises.

I know that large parts of the Bible have been corrupted, but much much truth remains. This is perhaps the reason for parables and the like because evil fails to see the hidden truth.

I have a strong suspicion that some words are imparted a certain magic from another realm.

How do you explain a person called Les Visible? He can say the most innocuous things and yet they illicit an amazing response in many. The magic I speak of is in the here and now as well.

Linda; I smiled at your comment. Les is "The voice of one crying in the wilderness". You are not alone. We all come here for the same reason. (Or at least most).


Gregory F. Fegel said...

Coca-cola's squelching of the ban on plastic water bottles at the Grand Canyon is a classic example of what happens when wealthy corporations or individuals are allowed to dominate society. I can accept being ruled by a public majority, but I do not accept being ruled by a minority of corporations and wealthy Oligarchs. Nor do I want to see public services, infrastructure, and the Commons become privatized and therefore subject to the whims of organized religions, corporations, and Oligarchs.

The text of the photo gallery of the world's wealthiest people makes most of them appear nice and normal. The Italian billionaire just wants to make great chocolates, like Willy Wonka. At the re-Publican Debate, Ron Paul and the others were eulogizing Ronald Reagan -- while it's cruelly obvious that "trickle down economics" doesn't work. Carlos Slim's got $74 billion and millions of Mexicans have nada. In my opinion, it doesn't matter if the uber-rich are personally naughty or nice, because the concentration of wealth by a few in and of itself creates widespread poverty and injustice within the society.

My friend Brian arrived back in the USA yesterday, after seven months in Sri Lanka and India. Brian said that the Sri Lankans were flabbergasted when he told them about the property taxes we pay in the USA. They were unfamiliar with property tax, so Brian had to explain to them how it worked. Brian plans to return to Sri Lanka as soon as he can.

Anonymous said...

armistice poppys
consumerhoods dream
wars for israel
the stench of wall street
societal wickedness
colonialist hell
the last days of empire
a cold autumn dwells
the bells of the victims
rumble and storm
echoing onwards
where the beast fall
at the foot of the mountain
the arms of the will
a call of the earth
stirring the feilds


Alpha Silex said...


Good day to you too. I agree with you about the Bible. I believe that symbolism is the most powerful thing known to man, but most don't consciously pay much attention to it. There's no question man has corrupted most all of the sacred scripts and while the sheep are diverted to focus on the watered down shit they contain, there's a LOT of timely and very alive words that speak to those who are willing to dig through the shit on their own and discern. The discernment part is where we need the "outside" help and I'm not talking about testicle juggling men in robes. I don't pay much attention to these books anymore, as the lessons should already be learned and the time to actuate is now. From now, into Infinity. I get what you're saying about the two types of people, either with a sense of impending doom or liberation. I'm not disagreeing at all with that statement, but I do feel a very strong sense of impending doom, in the physical sense. Beyond that, it's just a matter of "time" until the full liberation takes place. I'm certain that lies beyond this dimension. This present one is just the starting point. Beam me up, Scotty.

Anonymous said...

It's mid Spring South of the Equator. With the hint of Summer to come.

Anonymous said...

candle tip
feather tail
rushing water
windy trail
diamond streak
sky in blue
seashell green
earths heart flew
leap of buffalo
dart of hawk
charging tiger
inwards forth
a call of freedom
all lies crushed
empires fall
where truth touch


Anonymous said...

Brilliant, resonant, and, as always, perfectly expressed.

But there is, I believe, exception to one part:

"The recording of Obama and Sarkozy concerning Netanyahu is a classic indicator of cosmic gotcha."

Benjamin Netanyahu OWNS the two parties in question: at best they represent an aider and abettor (Sarkozy); at worst, a disposable housemaid—in short, his "bitch" (Obama).

He is their boss, and the evidence of that is irrefutable. So ask yourself, under what circumstances could you publicly deride your boss and survive to tell the tale?

When the appearance of it, the inherent fraud in the presentation of it as set-piece, serves some hidden purpose.

Remember that deception is their lifeblood.

DaveR said...

It goes to 11.

Anonymous said...

twELve and its "houses", knights,tribes, inches, and apostles etc are redundant, obvious, and ultimately corresponding to "sacred" geometries and their subsequent metaphors. EL even is a bit more odd. Eleven and twelve as number names has always struck me as peculiar. Elven, builders, Jachin and Boaz, upper and lower Egypt. ?

I had an exquisite 2 hour bus ride into Toronto this morning. Prior to the eastbound bus departing at 8:30 am, I inhaled a bowl of my horticulturist friend's finest outdoor marijuana. As we travelled east by north-east, the countryside sunlight was punctuated with rows of tall evergreens. I was listening to Deuter's "Nada Himalaya", which features 2 Nuemann microphones transducing the vibrations of an assortment of Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, bells, bowls, and gongs. Unplanned audio/visual syncs were amazing. The tree line would break, and "gooooooonggggggg...tinnggggggggggggg..." aligns with a burst of light. As the fundamental would start to fade and the harmonics and overtones became more pronounced, the sunlight would caress a row trees.
I was able to sit perfectly still and upright for two straight hours.

Felix from Japan said...

Gregory F. Fegel, Les Visible,

I don't understand that list of billionaires.

Where is the Queen of England?
The owners of the Rothschild Interests?
Those who have shares in Banks that have shares in Centrals Banks?

Is that list just a deception?
With all the nice people in it.

It seems to say: everything is fine, is just how it happens to be. Don't worry you can go to sleep again.

Please Les, tell us how you take the integrity of that list. I don't think you can trust Forbes.


Anonymous said...

i just clicked on the 11/11/11 post and it had been posted '11 hours ago'.....nice

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am unemployed and I went to put some money on my amscot secured credit card the other day and the government have now made them ask anyone who is unemployed where they got their money from....I told the lady that tyranny happens when people are "just doing their job"

Aunt Franny said...

11.11.11 To some folks in the New Age spiritual community, 11 is the number of the Goddess.

"Women hold up half of the sky" - an old Chinese saying that does not seem to be honored anywhere on this planet, not even in a symbolic sense.

If the Goddess, or feminine energy, is indeed returning to this planet, it cannot be too soon, for we are all tired of being torn apart.

The Goddess is returning and she's bringing a light.

Let's hope so.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Here's some gold dust from Hamlet's Mill:

"And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all." - Revelation 18:21

"And the Philistines laid hold on him (Samson), and put out his eyes; and they brought him down to Gaza, and bound him with fetters of brass; and he did grind in the prison house." - Judges 16:21

The Greek "mulos" (millstone) denotes a handmill, consisting of two circular stones, one above the other, the lower being fixed. From the center of the lower a wooden pin passes through a hole in the upper, into which the grain is thrown, escaping as flour between the stones... larger ones were turned by an ass (onikos)" - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words

"...a woman, a grinder at the mill, uttered a voice of omen from within the house hard by, where stood the mills of the Shepherd of the People." - The Oddyssey of Homer

"...there is also an example from Mexico, the "jewel-bone" or "sacrificial bone" which Xolotl or Quetzalcouatl procures from the "underworld," bringing it to Tamoanchan (the so-called "House of descending"). There, the goddess Ciua couatl or Quilaztli grinds the precious bone on the grindstone, and the ground substance is put into the jewel bowl (chalchiuhapaztli). Several gods maltreat themselves, making blood flow from their penises on the "meal" Out of this mixture mankind is fashioned." - Hamlet's Mill, Chapter 6

Babylon is, like Atlantis, a former presiding Constellation that is drowned in the Cosmic sea by the Precessional turning of the mill-wheel of the Heavens. Samson is the sun god, whose power waned when his locks (rays) were shorn. Samson was blinded like Orion (who walked on water like Jesus), and Samson grinds at the mill-wheel of the Heavens. Biblical Gaza, Greek Cos, and Vedic Kasi (the Akasha) are the Heavens. Shiva is the Lord of Kasi.

According to the Vishnu Purana, the sun-god Surya's wife Sanjna could not bear his heat, so she went walkabout as a mare in Uttara Kuru, the Northern Pastures (where Sagittarius grazes). Vishwakarma, the supreme god, placed Surya on his lathe and ground off one-eighth of his surface to reduce his heat. From the dust of Surya, Vishwakarma produced the trident for Shiva, the club for Kubera, the Sudarshan Chakra (discus) for Vishnu, the lance of Kartikeya, and the weapons of all the other gods. Then Surya transformed himself into a horse and joined Sanjna in Uttara Kuru. Many scholars take the Sudarshan Chakra to mean the plane of the ecliptic.

I interpret the significance of the Mayan Calendar date in the Dresden Codex to be the return of the Flood (The Ice Age) in Aquarius. - Gregory Fegel

"For as in those days which were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and they knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall be the coming of the Son of man." - Matthew 38-39

wiggins said...

You are an inspiration to an old man Les...keep up the good work. Respect!

Anonymous said...

Veterans Day was more celebrated this year than any in my memory. Not that we went to any celebrations or took advantage of any free restaurant food. Even the radio was trying to play patriotic oldie moldies but I think they were intentionally sabotaging it in the lyrics, he he he. . . Combo attempt to assuage the rage and also build-up for Iran.

Visible said...

Hi Felix; Either you are new or you don't come around that often. I have drawn attention to the Forbes list and similar several times and pointed out the absence of Rothschild s and others. I just don't get to the same thing every time for whatever the reason of the moment might be and I don't have one this time except maybe for time and space considerations.


12:48 AM-

That is certainly true in many ways but I do believe this is the apocalypse and that the rules are different now and that there time is at hand. they are being exposed all the time these days and that is going to go nova real soon.

Brian Crossland said...

You pr-empted my observation/comment re: "The Rich List" exactly
Roschilds? QE2?
Guilty by omission I reckon

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Well then,"You're nothing but a Pack of Cards.

Felix from Japan said...

Thanks Les, I understand.

No, I am not new, I read you regularly since 2 years or more and am very grateful for what you say and how you say it. It's just the first time, that I am posting here.

Sorry, but I was quite shocked to see that list of beautiful and not so beautiful people, and most of them do relatively innocent things, like the guy from Austria who came up with Red Bull.

That must be a joke I thought. What shocked me was the lack of any hint from your side, that that billionaire list should not be taken at face value.

But on the other hand, nothing can be taken at face value in our times, so forgive me, that I underestimated your and your list's sophistication.

Wouldn't it be nice to get the real list. The trillionaire list.

I did spend a lot of time on your blogs and sometimes was worried that you would get tired of the task as it is difficult to stay hopeful, when one blow comes after another (like Lybia being the latest big one).

I especially value the comments of your contributing fans. And as I am also one of your fans I intend to come here more often from now on.

Therefore, I think, that at this point a self-introduction would be appropriate (and I hope it does not get too long):

I am from Vienna, Austria, came to Japan 16 years ago, live now in Nagoya where I am very happy with my 3. wife, 2. Japanese wife und 3 children from a total of 7. My oldest son is 40 and a homöopathic doctor in Vaduz, my youngest a beautiful little girl of 3 yrs. named Olga.
See how she was born: (

I am born 1948, just 3 years after the war and many buildings in Vienna were still ruins.

I also invented stuff and did impressive things, like those people on the list. For example when I was 25 I invented "Squirmles, the magic snake" a big hit item in 1974 in USA and all over the world for the next 10 years. I know how it feels to get/earn/win a couple of million dollars in a short summer and I also experienced more than one time that you can loose what you so easily got even faster.

So I can relate to a lot of those people in the list, and my guess is that most of those poeple are not the people we talk about, when we talk about what we always talk about.

So, after living in Austria, Vaduz, France, New York, London and Würzburg I am now in Japan and enjoy working together with my wife to translate things for nice people between Japanese and other languages.

I like that kind of on and off work, I can do that without schlepping a big company behind me, without managers and secretaries surrounding me and occupying my time and without too much effort, that is a few hours per week.

Because I need the other hours, the hours rescued from the usual waste, to make a nice place in the mountains, just 2 hours north of Nagoya to get away when the SHTF. Yes I am convinced it is possible to get out of harms way, because all you need to do is just to get out of the way.

After the SHTF sane people are needed. I have 3 of my beautiful little ones around me and I am working hard to keep them sane, in spite of Japanese kindergarten and schooling.

But also experienced people will be needed. Practical people with common sense. People who can teach others old skills and techniques which have been lost.

So I collect and store old japanese farming tools. To be used when you have to do without tractors.

Or I show my neighbours how to build masonry stoves and get them the few parts except bricks they need for that.

Or encourage them to dig deep holes for longtime food storage.

And many other things.

After all one of the most important things in our times is to make oneself useful to the people who are and will be around you.
Help them and they will protect you.


Steve said...

Hi Felix from Japan,

You may want to keep an eye on this website,
It will help to keep you informed on Fukushima. It would be hard to get out of harms way when the shit from the fan is radioactive?

neal said...

Thanks for reposting this, a while ago, this made no sense. Last turn, this just was reading, not unlike this one. The comments change, not the original transmission. The point of that gets smeared, I don't exactly get it, but I respect the intention.

Felix from Japan said...

Thanks, Captain Spadgett for the link. ENEWS.COM is very helpful.

Here in Japan, one doesn't talk about Fukushima. Maybe people don't want to hurt each others feelings. Only the government does and regularly comes up with scary news, only to tell us that it's still within the range, which has miraculously got a few times higher just before.

For me Fukushima was designer made. Like 911, but with different design. Probably did its purpose, like the other desaster half around the globe in the Gulf of Mexico. Not much talk about that anymore either.

For me it was a big test. I expected people trying to get away, both from north-east Japan and out of Japan.
I myself managed to get out within a week.
It's hard to move a family of 5 suddenly out of harms way.

And on the way, as the great danger seemed somewhat checked (some people thought a huge nuclear explosion might destroy Tokyo), I felt like a fool. After applying in a hurry for passport for some of my kids, buying flight tickets for 5000 Euro, making plans and looking forward to beautiful Austria (imagine how excited our children were) it was not possible to call the operation off, with the risk of realizing that the change of the general mood was just due to the "don't worry, be happy" lies that are being spread around. 

So I made a good thing out of a bad thing and we turned our escape into a 3 month vacation, at my second son’s place in Güssing, where, as a physics graduate,  he has a great job in facility which produces solar cells for solar panels. Check Güssing out, its interesting what they did there, how they got independent from oil, energy etc. ( (and don’t miss the castle on a volcano (at 6:53), the center of the town - we lived just under it.)

In emergencies like this it is important to react fast. First one has to be able to get away, then one has time to assess the situation.

So I expected other people to react in a similat way. That meant I expected crowded airports, panic etc. So we left by ferry boat from Osaka to Pusan, Korea and then by plane from Seaoul to Vienna. Instead of directly flying from Nagoya.

But I was wrong. No crowded Shinkansen trains, airports or overloaded ships.
Most Japanese have never been in a foreign country, don’t speak English etc.
The idea of the possibility to hop into a plane does not even come to their minds.
And running away, leaving others behind is something to be ashamed around here - and explains to a great extent, why people didn’t move.

It was wonderful in Austria, where my little kids went to primary school in Güssing and played and lived with my older son’s young children.

In July, after 3 months, we returned to Japan.
Austria has changed a lot, since it became Europe.
Police is on a hunting spree and waiting behind trees with speed guns to get you. It reminded me of deer hunting, a popular sport in the Austrian mountains. In neighboring Italy Police seems to be much less aggressive to drivers by the way - at least in South Tyrol. Berlusconi probably has a relaxing influence there.

Next to Güssing is Hungary. Got much worse there after joining Euroland. People are really poor.
Kind of scary. All those many different cultures fighting with each other for breathing space. People are happy that all is so well regulated and tightly controlled in Güssing. I understand now why. Civil war is not far away, when things get out of control.

Japan is wonderful in that regard. They are so nice and innocent and polite. Especially to us western looking foreigners. A kind of tribute to the great folks who won the war by dropping the bombs it seems.

So back to square one and how to deal with the Fukushima fallout. A deep and complex subject, which does not fit in this post. In the meantime I will further think about it.


Fred said...

After viewing the video in Nevada all I could think of was WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T SOME ONE GROW A SET OF BALLS AND JUST PLAIN TELL HER TO PISS OFF? With that said just proceed on with their picnic and ignore her. I am assuming the picnic was on private land. I am assuming there was no fee for the meal but maybe a cost to attend the picnic and "free food", continue on ignore her let all the people attending know what is going on, and let the chips fall where they may. Draw the proverbial line in the sand. I grew up on a dairy farm I drank "FRESH" milk (I tell everyone do not use the term raw it feeds into what they desire) my one grandfather would slaughter his own sheep in his own barn and my grandma would cook them and I would eat them. Vegetable biohazards....... I have to stop now or i will type for half the night all I can say is grow a pair at some time in your life

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

one thing that struck me on that richlist was how each of the nationals seemed racially local, a bit like how macdonalds varies their menu according to local fares. somehow the theme tune "that's how we became the brady bunch" is ringing in my ears.

wv: wilit drive me crazy hating 'them'.

walia said...

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fioan said...

Whilst everyone was reminding me of the 11-11-11 phenomenon i realised whether this has any relevance i don't know but what i do know is with intent commemoration of war dead has been tied into it and that screams 'blood ritual' to me.



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