Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Greenback Jesus in the Reptile Cage.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Earthquakes in Oklahoma, in the heartland of America where they don't get them. It was the same thing with the Oklahoma City bombing; create an act of terrorism in the place no one expects it and where it will strike fear into the hearts of those sleeping the most deeply or, am I reaching and presuming? I'm not usually a believer in earthquake machines, which doesn't mean I don't think that is possible or happens. I just don't think that happens as much as some people think though I have little doubt that in some way Israel was responsible for much of the tragedy that is Fukushima. Does the Android program dream of eclectic sheep (grin)? You have my apologies if you don't get that reference to Philip K. Dick.

Doo wah diddy my pretty, what to say, what to say. Some of us are off to the land of the Mayans soon. God only knows how that happened or what it means but will there be a world then? Somehow I think there will. I can't shake the feeling that nothing is going to happen the way most people expect it to. My expectation is that it is all going to be collectively individual. Already nothing has happened at the speed or intensity that many people expected, or on the dates that people expected, or in the places that people expected, or to the people that people expected. At the same time there has been some degree of all of that. Israel is increasingly more exposed and its banker syndicate is under fire all over the world. Those who have plotted against 'we the people' are caught between what they have done and the people they have done it to, in an environment of awakening. It doesn't look good for the fat cats and it wouldn't be good if it did. It doesn't look good for Israel and it wouldn't be good if it did. What we need is a whirlwind so that they can reap it and I believe it is coming in its own time. In the meantime they are behaving as badly as possible, sweeping all possibility of redemption by the wayside. You'd have to say it all looks prophetic and destiny ridden.

Oklahoma is bedrock for fundamentalist Christianity. I'm not saying there aren't good Christians there. I'm saying it is also Fundie-Ville and they are the bedrock supporters of pernicious Israel and all of the lies that maintain it. They are the canon fodder and the money tree. They are the ones who support the wars, all of them; the wars of genocide and the wars for profit, the drug wars, the economic wars, the wars of attrition and the wars of religion that are the result of false interpretation of scripture which has bedeviled humanity in all the places where people believe something other than the essential truth of that which religion perverts for the glory of the marketplace. They've got a greenback Jesus in the reptile cage. They are the devotees of the one they purport to resist and the tormentors of the one they purport to serve. They are the final result of the wrong way running backs, scoring touchdowns against their own team. They are the mystery masturbators, inflamed by desire for what they are forbidden to touch. They are the ones who condemn sex, which is the primary drive of existence. They are the ones who legalize alcohol because it imprisons the soul, fuels guilt and drives the engines of perverted industries. They are the ones who support laws against getting high because it makes you aware of what is happening to you, at the hands of the people these people support. Yes, many Christians of all stripes do not drink. Then again, they already have all the guilt they need.

If you want to understand the real source of so much that is unfortunate in our world, don't look to greed or the usual suspects, look at religion. You may have heard that religion is for those who are afraid of Hell and spirituality is for those who have been there. Isn't it interesting that those who are afraid of it create it and those who have been there, devote themselves to freeing you from the mindset that causes you to go there and to be there and those are the people that are most abused by the ones suffering from their own ignorance and blindness? So it is in the Kali Yuga, when all that is most deceptive, injurious and superficial, is celebrated and all that is serving, nourishing and protective is held in contempt? Is it any wonder that the worst of us are the most successful in their endeavors?

My friends I know how so many of you labor and struggle in the poisoned vineyards of the world. I know how difficult it is to make the wine and how the wine tastes, given the condition of the ground it came out of but we are in this situation for a very good reason. It's like that quote, "these are the times that try men's souls". We are definitely the people that might have been and I am getting in touch with you then; since then happens to be now. There is a point to my saying that. It is like that other quote, "where there's life there's hope". Do not despair in this dark hour. Do not give in to the downward pull. This is the worst you can do; endure. When there is nothing else you can do; endure. You will find that the very act of doing this accomplishes so much and you will find that this is the thing that seems the hardest to accomplish but is actually the easiest thing in the world, once you employ it. All of the other things are much harder and without endurance, impossible. I'm telling you these things because I came here for that purpose and that is all about endurance too. Had I not endured what I came up against I would not be speaking to you now.

There is a Tarot card called strength. There is an interesting feature that connects to that. Other than The Fool, this is the only card about which placement is in question. Certain decks put Justice where Strength goes and Strength were Justice goes. Ponder this my friends and endure, because the one archetype that works to the greatest advantage in this process is Strength. Observe The Rider Deck or the BOTA version. You will note that the angel with the infinity sign above her head, or as Sovereignty mentions, the halo, has her hands placed on the lions mouth. Some might suggest that she is closing the mouth of injury. I suggest she is opening the mouth for speech. She has another infinity sign made by the roses around her waist that girdles the lions neck and that helix of roses signifies Love. Every single color and position of anything and everything in every card is meaningful and it all has to do with accomplishing The Great Work. This is probably why I was a tad dismissive about making the Philosopher's Stone out of your own urine. It is true in certain ways but since I have accomplished The Great Work, yes, my friends, I have. Since this is so, I would recommend Love in all things and endurance; suffer these things for a little while until I come; paraphrasing a familiar source. There are volumes to be gained here. Like I've said before, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here between God and the Devil to make sure it is all on the level and what is Justice? It is balance ...and what is Strength? It is what makes balance possible. How do you get to that point? You endure.

Times like these come around so rarely that not even the memory of them is anything more than the grains of sand on the beach that were once mountains. Vanity, all of it is vanity, as Ecclesiastes notes from the unknown author. Not only is everything possible for you at this moment but things you can't even imagine are a fait accompli for those of you who endure and you wouldn't be reading these words if it were not possible for you. Conversely, The Stone is not what you think it is. I recommend reading Bulwer Lytton's, Zanoni. Also very interesting is that they have a yearly awards ceremony for the worst writers on the planet and it is called The Bulwer Lytton Award. I am making things more plain here than has been done in I don't know when. Profit from your cognitive capacity and your intuitive connection and endure.

Well, the hits just keep on coming and I'm not Dick Clark but then again I don't think that applied to him, which also creates a mystery by analogy. There's a reason that things cannot be made as plain as the nose on your face and for all I know it has something to do with the nose on your face and that reason is deeply connected to the need for you to discover some part of the equation on your own and also because some things cannot be put into words and that is why music is so important and why there are so many languages and also why symbols have an effect. Is it getting warm in here or is it just me? Is it getting colder while feeling warmer or is it just me? Some part of me didn't want to come here and some part of me believes it is worse than I expected but there is a portion of life and its conditions that cannot be predicted in advance. Don't make that part of me feel worse than it already does; apply yourself and endure. We hold these truths to be 'self' evident. We hold these truths to be SELF evident.

We hold these truths to be... self... evident and you can take that back to the part where there was speculation about the temperature and the room search games you played as a child.

My dear, dear friends, my brothers and sisters from another mother, do not miss after almost winning when you should have known the end from the beginning. Is it real or is it Memorex? That is the critical part of it all and the initiative to endure, should you manage to convince yourself that it is real.

This is not a catch and release program and no matter how compassionate those fisher persons (fisher person?) might think they are, it still injures the fish. Is the fish glad to be alive, given that it is still a fish? Has the fish learned anything? Will hunger and fascination still be predominant in the conditions that caused that to happen in the first place? For myself, I still eat fish because I will catch them. I would not kill a cow and I don't mind if the fish eat me but they won't in this particular movie. I have already been swimming with pretty humungous sharks right there and also between me and the shore in clear Caribbean waters. Now are you more confused and should I have stopped when we were both ahead? Who knows? I don't. My love to you, endure.

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TRUTH said...

Religion doesn't kill and enslave - White people do!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have lived with endurance for so many years until surrender became my best friend.

The very best sentence in the English language? Just let it go.

Peace my brother, and love.

DaveS said...


That's it in a nutshell ain't it? Stick around long enough and all the weird shit starts to make sense.

Thanks for your words, they help me endure... your writing is like the spice making a bitter meal much more palatable – at least for those of us that like our food (and words) spicy. Others may disagree, but then not everyone has to eat here.

Peace and endurance to all,


Visible said...

Look at the email I just got from some woman- talk about never catching a break. My responses I will put after this email.

Hello Les.

My questions may appear impertinent to you and if you tell me to go fuck myself so be it. I won't bear a grudge. Although, I hope you will feel able to answer them.

Firstly; If your missives are primarily written in order to inform, awaken, provoke realisation of the motives of those who would control us, along with our own mistakes via their enablement; why does this niggling doubt that you are a part of the same 'system' remain is a question I ask myself?

You see Les, although sometimes your posts are magnificent and manifest eloquently all that is wrong with this world of ours; you also outwardly appear to demonstrate that like some other large, popular, alternative news and opinion blogs, the financial side of your venture has become rather more important of late.

I like to think of myself as a realist of sorts so of course understand that we all, through no fault of our own, have absolutely no choice but to remain within the system to a certain extent in order to physically survive; but what about any excess?

It is presumption on my part of course; but as your Blogs, books, CD's, radio shows etc. are receiving a bigger audience, which I am sure they will continue to do so given the current world climate; and pertaining in particular to simpatico, as more people realise the truth of their present existence there will indeed be an excess.

My point is this. If all that you are, is what your blogs, apparent personal beliefs and your public missives say you are; and if you are sure there is a divine retribution for all that is wrong with the system in the offing; then why to any thinking person do you appear to be exploiting the same system at present; why such an apparent push toward personal financial reward of late. Does this not by default also mean personal support for the same dangerous system, run by the same dangerous people that you claim to abhor?

Again, you may say mind your own business and fuck you; but if all that you are; and all that you write is in part for the moral education of others, then surely your own moral compass has to also be demonstrably unblemished?

For that reason alone I feel that the people out there that you communicate with daily via your blogs, (as to people like myself you appear to imply is in order to inform and in doing so also protect); have a moral right to question you on these issues. For in these communications, do you not openly display a personal and reputational, rather than purely monetary value to your work?

How my writing to you today came about; is that my husband listened to the Patrick Willis video of The Uptown Pepperoni for the Pizza from Hell this morning on WRH. He does not normally read your blogs; but I trust his sound judgement more than anyone else's within this corrupt world of ours; and he was quite frankly blown away by this particular blog post.

We discussed your Blogs, their content and our own interpretations of their possible purpose. I also explained my ongoing, mixed feelings regarding your motives; and the decision to just ask these questions was the end result. I would like to say, before closing that my intention here is not to deliberately offend, only to honestly question.

Yours Sincerely

Sorry, the rest has to come in a following comment


Visible said...


I only had to read the first sentence and I am going to answer you now. Go and read the most recent Smoking Mirrors. I just put it up and if you are rich then send me some money (grin).

Now I will go read the rest of your letter and if you do want to go fuck yourself be my guest. I'm just joking. What is it with people that think like you do? I have no money. I work for no one but you and you are, as you can see, duly appreciative. Why don't you look into my life and my works before you let your general paranoia influence your perceptions. I believe how that you kind of told me to go fuck myself and I haven't seen the rest of what you said yet. You will note that I am pretty good at that so thank you for the provocation.




Alright, now I got it. I haven't made a dime from my music since I don't know when. My first book sold so far about 20 copies. This newest one has sold less than the copies I have given away so far. I have no money of my own except for about 2,000 dollars that I am hoping to use on my forthcoming trip. Is all business bad? How do you get your groceries? Do you pay a fee for the internet that allowed you to read my work? Don't you think if I actually ever make any money that I won't share it? What the fuck is wrong with you? I'm not allowed to write books and make music and at least have some return on what I do? My wife is on my back for not making any money and she is a patient and loving woman. Are not my works worthy of recompense compared to the fuckwits that get paid the Earth and the moon for writing and producing shit. Thanks for pissing on my day. If you have real evidence of any kind that I am like all the rest of them then produce it. You can't because there isn't any. I am the genuine article and I defy you to show otherwise, now or later.



Ali's mom said...

so beautiful today. thank you. you're very welcome. With love and respect.

Visible said...


You come around now and then and I don't disagree with what you said. It is the Kali Yuga after all but not all of us are like that. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. My biggest heroes are black men. I named my daughter Ali-son after Mohammed Ali and Martin Luther King and a number of other are my main pantheon. Do not make wholesale judgments. We are all brothers under our skin, whether we know it or behave like we should is another thing.

If you knew anything about my life you would recognize that black people have been a major reality in my life in a good way.

Richie Havens and I have something to do with each other in real life and the same goes for George Benson. The Persuasions are friends of mine. I could go on but I won't.

Visible said...

What the Hell? That comment came in before I even posted what I just wrote. Holy shit!

Ali's mom said...

she just doen't get it. let it be. Love from Al-Ismailia, Suez Canal

Anonymous said...

truth...what about the poor working class white people who were used as cannon fodder in the first world war,the poor houses,where some of my family derived from in the 19century also the starvation of the irish,this was white people doing this to white people....

all I have got to say is the people need to put down their differences and get together,if we do we can put this thing right......

respects to all ...neil

kikz said...


DaveS said...

Not to get into a fray with fellow travelers, but shucks, conflict can be a good way to help steel our beliefs, and in that vein I will add my two-cents.

Being rewarded for your work is one of the major stimulus to continue working. And being a denizen of our planet during these times, well, money is one of the main motivators, because having money is having choice.

It's much easier to wake-up in the morning wealthy and then decide to spend the day/week/month being poor than waking-up poor and deciding to be wealthy. I don't feel money (reward) is itself bad, but what we do with that reward is what separates the assholes from the rest of the population.

I've known several wealthy people who used their wealth to better those around them as much as to better themselves, knowing that happiness spreads happiness.

Unfortunately too many people desire wealth for a host of different, darker reasons than that, and these are the bad freaks who need a serious talking to from Mr Apocalypse... a talk long overdue.

If our fine host can make some money from all the effort he expends, then good for him. I imagine any money he earns will have a positive tenfold ripple effect (or is it affect... I'm going with effect) on the planet. Money in itself ain't bad, but it's what you do with it that determines that sort of thing.

Money is just another tool humans use... kind of like a knife that can kill or slice bread, just depends on whose wielding it.

Peace, and to all, thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

Michael Bloomberg is serving up cake in Zuccotti Park… while the zio-demon is saying to anyone who will listen “I want more life, fucker.”… just before thumbing it’s own eyes out.

It's too bad she won't live (Isreal)! But then again, who does?


Anonymous said...

truth....also what about russia and their holocaust,again white people against white people,why the removal of all the celtish texts,the implementation of bastardised christianity by the romans....this stuff goes back a long long time

truth...your trouble is ignorance,you are only looking at the depletion of africa and just blame white people as a whole,,,which is a serious delusion....

you need to remember who fought in the seriously unfair court systems in england for the abolition of was us little working class poor white people,and what did the aristocracy who consisted of jews aswell as other delusional oligarchal rat squid christians do,pulled out darwin to justify their sick behaviors

so pick yourself up,and when we go to take back our world we all go together as one united force,when we have removed this little trouble,,,all of us can go about fixing what remains of our cultures and clean up this world everywhere....


Anonymous said...

dear les,

my my that woman (i assume woman since she mentioned a husband but .....) anyways....had the most annoying anal tone to her missive. i wanted to reach
through the ether and slap her. there was something
so aggressive and determined in her attack. and why?
this sense that because you speak of spiritual concepts you somehow should be a 'spiritual being' without corporeal needs and by needing an occasional sandwich you somehow have betrayed your true motive. she's either a shill for the dark side or else just an extremely irritating being....all i can say is....ENDURE.
liz in l.a.

Visible said...

Yeah Mikey but if anyone ever deserved to die... judgment is coming.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

As you recommended I have downloaded Zanoni and will delve into his arcane perspective.
I find it a bit humorous to watch you lay down incredible wisdom and then have to endure the pissy judgemental remarks about you killin it with your paypal accounts. She an idealistic fool and does not appreciate that one cannot access the material you do day in and day without having the certified transcendent developments, permitting such wisdom access.

But lets not be to harsh with her as it is really an area of your personal sovereignty that could be further evolved. I for one would love to see Judge Viz with a solid economic foundation, an economic foundation that would permit you to better serve humanity at this critical time.

The personal question for each of us with respect to our prosperity is how much? For some folks having ten dollars in their pocket is too much… for others having a home, a small garden and vineyard and a nest egg for a rainy day is just perfect. For me the question “how much question” comes down to will my bank account and personal assets interfere with achieving my life’s purpose?

My life’s purpose has been focused in two areas, personal transformation, pursuit of knowledge / truth and in delivering beneficial scalable sustainable low cost energy technologies to the world. A new energy pilot project prototype demonstration project costs roughly $10 million a pop and clearly $10 dollars in my pocket is not enough.

My advice to you my friend is to rearrange you blogs and charge a token membership fee to those wishing to post comments. This would give you some residual income (not a lot but it might pay your internet service provider) and help to keep the pissy noise levels down to a more manageable level (which undoubtedly takes away from doing your shit).

To better furnishings in the Judge’s Court! Aye Aye!!

We have 4 degrees of frost in the Columbia Valley on Frost Road this morning. Off to harvest my vinyard and start making two 55 gallon drums of ice wine.


V. Ais said...

Les, I didn't think to ask this back when you were responding to all sorts of questions, but if you don't mind my asking, do you have favorite novels and what might those be? Also, have you read Kazuo Ishiguro (my personal favorite author at the moment)?

P.S. I have a copy of your novel and it is on my list of books to read. It's not that I have nothing to read, I'm just curious and of course always happy to take reading recommendations.

Robin Redbreast said...

These things (people!) are sent to try us -remember.

I'm sure your day has not been spoilt - just a liitle spoilt milk that is only an irritation - that is over before you even know it.
I have gladly paid for your book - and it was worth every £.
I'm just sorry that the emphasis has been taken away ffrom another powerful post. Les les les .
Much love to you and our family of brothers and sisters - remember you can't choose your family (they choose you - don't they??!!) and we all have siblings that get on our tots but we continue to love, help and support them - wherever they may be (on their journey).
Please don't feel dishearten - your post was awesome - perhaps some people are a little envious of how you have and ate succeeding on your journey - paranoia creates all sorts of misperceptions and distortions to our views and how we perceive - which means when the ego is engaged it all goes Pete Tong (wrong!)
Thank you Les, we all need loaves and fishes - and we will receive them when we need them. I trust you Les because your widths are truth - not an agenda of anything else.
God bless you and this worldwide family we are stuck with - reread the post and don't get lost in the middle.
Enduring here in Da Wales with guides helping out everywhere I happen on.
LLL Robin xxx

amarynth said...

Thank-you again Visible - a sizzling piece of writing!

To the Woman ... "Girl, you're a disgrace. Good God! Are you so poor of spirit that you would not let someone get some benefit from their labors? Educate yourself right here! If you send me your email, I will send you a copy of Spiritual Survival - but only if you promise to actually read it."

Matthew 10:10 take no bag for the journey, or extra tunic, or sandals or a staff; for the worker is worth his keep.

1 Corinthians 9:14 In the same way, the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel.

1 Timothy 5:18 For the Scripture says, "Do not muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain," and "The worker deserves his wages."

These quotes are from the book we call the Bible. Consult some other Holy Books on this issue and you will find parallels.

More importantly, who is behind you on this? Because my antennae are up because of a few things.

Generally, too much attacking toward our leaders, guides, teachers and so on. How in heaven's name are we going to walk to the end of this Kali Yuga if we attack everyone that puts life, limb and themselves at risk by telling us what is happening? Poor of Spirit! Good God, we have a lot of work to do!

The Cosmic Player said...

Great posting Lex. I find it interesting that on the 9th of Nov there will be a nationwide test of the U.S. disaster system, and on the same day there will also be tsunami preparedness scenario performed by numerous countries on the same day, oh yeah not to mention a very close fly-by of asteroid YU-55 also on 11-9-11. Something fishy is going on.

Anonymous said...

Les and Companeros

Lost a first cousin overnight. Her contract was up, i guess. Endurance is made up of many factors. two of the major ones being good nutrition and a determination to keep stress and tensions at a minimum in your personal day to day. My couple of years older cousin was in many respects a person i did not expect to go so soon, but then her nutritional habits were not at a high level of development.

Reading the carpish commentary by the questioning correspondent got me to musing about the old game of King on the Mountain, where one individual gets on top of the game and all those below attempt to take him down and take over the position.

What i'm trying to say there, Les, is that one way or another you have arrived at some very high ground both morally and ethically and are not personally abashed about preaching a sermon from that Mount. Though not preachy, per se, your writing today and even the inimitable title of the piece ~ and perhaps also, it being Sunday today ~ has made for a missive which it is not inaccurate to describe as essentially a sermon. Manifestly well delivered, i might add.

It is this prophetic positioning, this jismatic jeremiad, which may tend to rankle for some folks. "What makes you so special"? Unexamined guilt factoring may underlie the resentment pimple so baldly exposed. Many are those who have sold their souls and shriveled their spirits for the sake of that bowl of pottage. The demonic forces of consumerist conventionality, psychologically calculated advertising messages and reversion to the mean peer pressures all tend to have a leveling down effect on way too many people.

The higher the ethical ground and the deeper the morality that a Jeremiah of the times may exhibit; the more intense the development of that resentment pimple on the part of those whose guilt feelings, partly understood or deeply buried, will tend to get exposed when confronted with these truths and probabilities.

Many people also get caught up in the Romanized Jesus concept of the teacher and preacher being held to the impossibly high standard of human perfection. We all have our warts and carbuncles. That is part of being human. To demand Trinitarian perfection in and from a fellow human being is to ask for that which has never been known and with the future prospect of such a paragon being at best unknown.

We are all spiritual beings living a material lifetime ~ having lived many of them, to be sure. This immersion in the dense materiality of the Kali Yuga has been a learning and growing experience for every incarnate spirit out there. As i see it, this blogsite exists to provide an Ariadne's Thread, by which each Theseus may utilize to find her or his way out of the Labyrinth of this sputtering and guttering World Age.


Anonymous said...

yes. hopi on your blade runner to the mayan remnance, a short left and you will soon come to our catch and eat, hold the umbrella.

Visible said...


That may well be the nicest thing anyone ever said to me and the most telling and eloquent delivery of the same. My great good gratitude for you kindness and all the lifetimes and effort it took to be in position to say it. You have my inexpressible thanks for that, whether true in its contents accorded to my miserable person, nonetheless, it felt really good and I cannot thank you enough. This is what makes endure possible so if I ever do amount to anything it is people like you that own the credit.

There will be a radio show tonight.

traveller36 said...

Hej Les and friends,
Thanks for the wonderful message, I am all fired up. I am glad I found these places 3/4yrs ago. My growth in matters of the spirit would not have been healthy without your writings.
Thanking for reminding me about stewardship of all the gifts that I receive , be it in material things or spiritual. Do not fret when people question your motives/sincerity or whatever. You are answerable to only one master and he is a good acountant :-)

Take care everybody,


Caltus86 said...

That post attacking Les about money was very offensive and rude. Les could use is talents and gift to solicit for money in each of his post
which he is not doing. He could behave like some who preach lies to people and make millions. He is working really hard and upright enough to earn his keep. Come on people give the man a break and assist in the task at hand.

Peace, Love and Blessings

Pete said...

Wonderful post Les. As per the comments, money is something that causes consternation among many who are newly on the path. I would recommend anyone who is paranoid about whom to follow because they might be "tainted" by money should pat themselves on the back as their credulity will serve them well. However, one must understand the esoteric nature of money as crystalized energy and study the problem from that angle before they throw the baby out with the bath water. I think it is a matter of marrying the mind to the intuition as you mentioned in your post.I struggle with this as well but use a "take what I need and leave the rest" attitude. Oh well, we all have our different battlegrounds.

Anonymous said...

Philosophers stone you say. I think we should all read this. I have only read a few pages because I have so much other stuff going on but I feel it would be worth your time. Wierd things happened to my computer when I brought up the PDF. Nothing serious, I will leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

yep lord visibles,same as what stickman says,,,you stay up their and do your works...


Robin Redbreast said...

Feel the love Les
Feel the respect
The faithless or those only seconds on their journey - delayed still by the distractions they allow to cloud and stop their progression and assention -
"Forgive them for they know not what they do."
We can but try to guide by setting ourselves up as example of either "not like this - I have finally learned through my mistakes" or leading through example - and being the very best we can be - in the hope that others might notice and then might model themselves somewhat on the same ideals and ways of being. You can take a horse to water......
Les we love you brother
We mostly have the same faith
We may be at different ports of our own journey
Have total faith God is in complete awareness of your needs and the journey is your programme being programmed by Him/Her and you to enable you to get closer to your next stop on your railway track -not really a final destination.
Enjoying and enjoy the ride as much as you can learn adapting for the quest of the stone (yes the stone) - it's that simple.

And les les les, you are Les, our angel

just me, Laurel A. said...

first, i am convinced, les, that if you never wrote another single word again in your life, nor even spoke nor even gestured, this would be the coup, the creme, the topshelf of them all. this one post, along with your latest pdf - of which i am in total aw of btw - are sufficient to carry me through til the next round of existence, if that were all i were permitted to carry.

now, i see since i first came here to comment, that you have a muthrfracker in the fray again. every time you reach a peak, as stickman said, some horse's withers comes around and pretends they have issues. just as the husband of my aunt has a particular identifier tone and word usage that lets me know he is out and about and giving me a nasty smelling shout, so this is one of a new breed pretending to be some sort of soul searching lost person angrily demanding your help. "she" in that post is not a she. she is not anything. she is a troll. paid too. unlike that uncle of mine who stalks and destroys because his own perversions must not be thwarted, this person is paid to bring you down befor eus, because you are, as stickman said, reaching higher and higher. when the shit gets deepest, your running form becomes magnificent, and you hit your stride, always striving for a better personal best and succeeding with the effort Every Single Damn Time :D .....methinks thou mayest be ..... a threat?

just me, Laurel A. said...

next time anyone carps about how you have a paypal, ask them how the hell they make THEIR income....and i bet it wont be via such an atruistic nor poverty-level venture as yours....just saying :)

Visible said...

Interestingly she said she made a donation in her most recent email and there is no donation... so far and that is usually automatically to be seen.

Fud, I have had that book recommended at least a dozen times here already. i have already made the stone. I only wait on the timing authorization according to the ancient precepts of time and place but I have seen it and been told by the agents of the one who is in command of that. Doesn't matter if you believe me. All that matters is if it is so and it is.

Andrew of Sydney said...

This the is the second unprovoked attack I have read this morning, there was also one on Icke written and posted on Truthseeker, think what you will about Mr Icke, but this came from nowhere, nothing new, basically said he spoils the alternative news' credibility with his reptilian stories. Now this woman questions your ethics, Les, uummm, I don't see you selling your soul, a book which is cheap? It seems to me that forces are at work to destroy the credibility of those who might not be bought so easily, at least in your case, I don't know about My Icke, he was a pioneer in many ways.

Endurance, I only learned this in the past few years, am getting better at it. Love to all.

Visible said...

Icke, like all of us is a work in progress and as I never tire of saying, there but for fortune go you and I. Icke is further along the good road than most. It is unfortunate that he is carrying his ego on his back but there but for fortune go you and I. I got no problem with David but I don't spend any time at his site either. I go where ego is not a problem and that is to the sites of those who carry my work. Ironic shit.

Once again, I am not criticizing David. I am a much improved person from reading his books, I just wouldn't hang out with him but I am a very choosey fuck to begin with.

Visible said...

Now I just got a 50 dollar donation from someone named Alfredo. Is that her? Was it spurred by talking about it from someone else. I certainly don't know. For all of you who like my radio shows I think I finally made the grade, whatever that is and I don't even know why I said it. Man I wish all of you could have been with me today. It has been immense AND I STILL HAVE 4 HOURS!!!!

God save me from compound interest on the occasion. I am not sure my heart can take it.

Visible said...

If you are bored and not doing anything you might want to go over to Visible Origami and check out Godsend and the attendant whatever the fuck it is.

gurnygob said...

Hey why don't you leave Les alone? He's not rich; He's one of the 99%


Les that reminds me of the old Indian Lone Watie, in one of my all time favourite films. The Outlaw Josey Wales where he says, “endeavour to persevere.” He then goes on to say. “We thought about it for a long time, "Endeavour to persevere." And when we had thought about it long enough, we declared war on the Union.”

I will read this post again as I am not myself at the moment, well I am myself, but I not at..... myself.........If you get what I mean.


Visible said...

oops, she did send me twenty pounds which just showed up from after thought ville seeing as Paypal is instantaneous in notifying since it is all done by software. Now I have the funds to do some really serious damage. I might even go to Vegas and try my luck being so seriously bankrolled. The funny thing here is that I know very wealthy people come around here and I never ask and don't even care. God takes care of me to begin with and I might add that he/she takes care of you too. It is why I don't ask. I don't have to. I've proven this and all of you worried about this sort of thing should take this moment of crisis to do the same. It can't hurt and what else are you going to do?

Visible said...

I love those spaghetti westerns, probably because I am that guy in real life, simply because God makes it possible so long as you don't behave like the assholes Clint comes up against and this should not be considered praise of Clint not critique either.

Stephen said...

Just an additional angle on the Oklahoma earthquake, anamolous quakes in that area are nothing new. There is a lot of oil/gas exploration still going on there, and the tremors could be connected.

See this and this from 2009/2010.

"Fracking" has been blamed for geologic disturbances in other states as well, e.g. Wyoming.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again.

The transaction was made 16.31; no afterthoughtville.

I'm enduring.

Visible said...

That still doesn't change the original insult with no basis for it. And it doesn't change the followup. You can have your money back any time. I don't need or want it. God can manifest a roomful of money any time I request it or even if I don't. I understand walking on water and how it happens. You only have doubt to guide you. Sure, there are things about me that aren't worked out yet but they will be. You should be so lucky; not that it has anything to do with luck.

neal said...

Oklahoma. Name of something, and someone, thought extinct. Poncas, relocated Shawnee, and Cherokee, many nations. And the refuse of the great migrations of the Euros.

HAARP, that just is a re-broadcast of the ghost dance, the buffalo are coming back, starting in the air, some look like bright blue oxen, for a while. That is the ground shaking again the way it used to be. It just needed to wait for the right chords to jump through time, that is some control, and something to behold.

There is a Great White Buffalo, just another face, there are Four. Giant birds, cats, everything, even the Dogmen are invited to be neither here nor there.
It's showing up in the past, even in the Bible, and on the news.

Firekeepers are rare, the real ones. It's a massive war in the belly, displayed like fools, and giving to displays that concern privacy. That is the stone taken in against all common sense. Hopis and Mayans, most, find it easier to feed the drama, and not to be taken too far for the course.

It's easier when others take some of this, the buffaloes don't mind. They are my brothers, I will say that.

GodSend said...

What is it with you and 4-letter words, Les? Whenever I come along (rarely), you unpack a bunch of names and 4-letter words and all your serenity and composure and good manners go out the window. You become irrational.

I know what it is, Les. Behind your veneer of eloquence, serenity and wisdom lies the "inconvenient" knowledge that your philosophy of life (and beyond) is based on nothing more than ancient folklore, similar to the proverbial "house of cards", at best! THAT's what gets you so pissed off whenever I show up. ;)

Anyone who studies my websites KNOWS that you paint me with a defective brush and black paint.

Visible said...

Well Godsend; fuck you. I apologize that one of those words is only 3 letters but sometimes I miss in my search for perfection. You must be hungry tracking me across the blogs. I'm glad you get to build up your martyr complex on my dime and with my readers since you don't have any yourself, which is why you come around here in the first place. Yes, my friend, I know what is going on with you and why.

I use bad words sometimes, or should I bring up George Carlin? When I met God he said "I like to fuck but I despise deals". He also had a prominent erection pushing against his pants at some point so telling you to go fuck your self is kind of like a pretty girl urging an old man out of his lack of capacity.

I'm what I am and I'm not happy or or pleased with it but I am not so self assured as you. Meanwhile my dick works and pretty girls like me and I don't even use my dick, nor am I tempted. Where does that leave you my brother? You would do yourself a world of good not contending with me because the one you purport to represent is a personal friend of mine and I know (one of those times when I do know) that you are not a friend and that makes you your own worst enemy. Get back on your knees and this time, at least have the courtesy to be sincere. Some of us are.

Visible said...

It gets more strange and beautiful by the moment. I no sooner make my comment than I go to the dashboard to post comments and I get this-

"Well, Neil, I'm not exactly sure what your definition of "fundie" is. I suggest that you have a closer look at my websites (5) and that will give you a much better idea of who I am and what I think. I can't explain it all here. Humanity faces a common enemy. His name is Satan. Satan has MANY followers and worshipers. The main thing I do is to EXPOSE his deceptions. That pretty much sums it up."

I rest my case.

just me, Laurel A. said...

hm. that godsend guy/thing seemed sort of.....shrill. i went and looked. i am no comp genius, and i make a ton of mistakes in every other area.....but this website/person/ not. its a deceptive, flashy carnival show, to draw in/distract/discredit. and, i have zero doubt as to the alphabet agent's lack of creative effort here. i was once in a long-running converse with a man who was once a friend, and found jesus. no, not the real one, the one whose initials were fbi. the pay was good. he needed the work. he wanted the money. i knew him in real time as well prior to his indoctrination. at first, it was all a laugh. over time, he became who he was portraying. i finally had to cut contact, he was unbearable to all he ever knew. even his own daughter moved three states away and told me she just couldnt bear to be around him anymore, he was gone over. he got his nice car a big black suv. he got a great new house. and a chick to live there with him. but he is no longer able to use his previous skills. he once had so much intelligence, was so great to discuss things with. was a musician too. now, he is well paid useless debris. i see this with your "godsend" pariah-man.

w.rae said...

perfect every time i come- so interesting is your writing and especially so today. learning learning learning and this post fits with all i have learned the past 44 years and already knew before then but forgot! thanks les visible for offering your wisdom and btw- i love your pen name almost as much as i love reading you! peace
p.s.- @truth-religion IS a choice to which all who choose such become enslaved and can kill the SPIRIT/SOULs true expression and beauty for those of ALL colors of skin.

GodSend said...

If you were only half as assured as I am (for similar good reasons), you wouldn't post the trash which you just posted here but get on your knees and ask the god of your choice for forgiveness. Then add some self-flagellation to make it look like you mean it! Your mind is in the sewer and your recent thoughts and words here reveal who you really are.

PS You don't have a 'Case' - you ARE a Case! (you keep proving it, too!) ;)

GodSend said...

Do I smell 'ban' among all the smoke and mirrors? What does Krishna have to say? Burn some incense?

Visible said...

First of all, my name is not a pen name. It is on my passport. My born name was Leslie William Crook and considering my problems with the law you can understand why i changed it.

Secondly, Laurel, I considered you a flake here and there; just being honest but you have impressed the flying fuck out of me recently. Wonders do not cease in my universe and you are one of the biggest examples of that. I hope I haven't hurt your feelings here, especially since I just said what I said but this crazy beautiful world is proving to be more than what I can bear. I love you and thank you. Thank you all. Thank you all. You have made this difficult and problematic life worth living. I owe you everything. You are clear examples of the one I love more than anything. I hope you listen to the radio show. I think I finally nailed it. Please let me know what you think because I almost never get any feedback and maybe that is why I have Patrick Willis (grin). Thank you yet one more time.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Phillip K Dick did the Brin Grin all the time ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't want the money back, you need it more than I.

I do find it interesting that although you printed my initial e-mail, you chose not to print the follow up?

DaveS summed things up pretty well in his post, I thought.

If yourself and a few of your friends who took it upon themselves to jump straight onto your own paranoia train regarding my motives actually looked a little bit further in; you/they would recognise caution on my part rather than paronoia.

If one questions; it does not mean one has an ulterior motive, or is a paid shill.

As for unintended rudeness Les, you have been guilty of the same sin on many occasions and not always in self defence.

It's also ironic that you, yourself have stated more than once that one should actually question the validity and motives of everyone and anyone.

Although a writers missives can often be sublime and reach the right spot; it does not necessarily prove one is a genuine person.

Do you not comment on such common deceptions yourself on an almost daily basis?

My questions were put to you only in order to seek clarification that might further peace of mind and enable me to support your cause fully.

Instant credulity, no matter how genuine the recipient may appear can be dangerous can it not?

just me, Laurel A. said...

:D but les, if i wasnt a flake here and there, how could i possibly ever get where i got to go, do what i got to do, and be what i got to be :D

Terrance said...

Godsend stands on his so called rock and does not understand the limits of his stance.....As Groucho used to say, don't go away mad, just go away!

Stephen said...

Neal, you almost sound like a local okie or one of those firekeepers. A Red Thunder Sky is something to behold, if only for an instant.

just me, Laurel A. said...

godsend. the photo looks an awful lot like ron. i got him stoned one day and made him post a photo just for laughs. and future memories. you know. i myself did not even have to partake of the herb. he was all about himself at that point. i am a little bit on the sly side if need be. Ron. Ron. just wondering here.....

just me, Laurel A. said...

hm. i sure wish i could here godsend's voice,,,,,ron has a magnificent voice, whether he is speaking, singing, bitching, or trying to cajole special favors......even when he is ranting mindless shilling stuff.....wonderful voice.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

God bless you GodSend....

At least a thousand of us here at Judge Viz Court badly needed a renewed example of a bloated sanctimonious idiot.

You have fulfilled that need very well Sir. Having done that now, just fuck off.


Anonymous said...

-stickman said

"We are all spiritual beings living a material lifetime ~ having lived many of them, to be sure."


Maybe Patrick Willis can spin that one off somewhere and share with others.

So simple - so eloquent!

Visible said...

No Sovereignty. The way is for people like you to be more generous with something more than fine words, after all, I have already achieved what you are seeking and if that irony doesn't cut deep then I don't know what will. I think it is called putting your money where your mouth is and not giving me advice which results in cutting off the reach of the public in a service I already give away for nothing but the love I bear all of you. I got nothing more to say on that matter.

Visible said...

Well that\s not a problem. Here you go-

Hello Les.

If you tried to keep your anger out of the equation you would have realised that I was not asking for your bank account history, nor trying to dig up evidence to compromise you in any way or form. My motives in asking you were honest and I thought you would understand this.

At what point did I state you were not allowed to receive any returns for your work; again you read what you wished to see. We all have to be at least a small part of the system in order to survive as I already stated.

I just wanted confirmation from you; that you would share any excess with the truly needy should your work become very successful; as I believe it will in the fullness of time and if so offer my full support.

Believe it or not Les, some of us out here do really care about our fellow men, we also do whatever we can, whenever we can, to help those in real need. I had wanted to make a donation for quite some time now because your work resonates so profoundly at times; but I did and still do have reservations; and that I can't help. This is not a personal slur against yourself, merely caution because the world is chock full of shit, on the Internet and outside, you already know this only too well.

I'm the genuine article too Les; thanks for pissing on my day also :)

Kind Regards

P.S I made a donation...if it ever transpires that you are not the genuine article...C'est la vie...

fuck you

and fuck your reservations too.; As you may note I put your letters, without your name in the comments section of today's smoking mirrors. Everyone else isn't like you, that is the good news but some people are that is the bad news. Look at your tone and what you expect. I got nothing more to say.

Any thing else I didn't do?

And Laurel, you are a gem.

Anonymous said...

I smell a lot of ego wherever I go, but I also like the smell of my own farts; whereas I dont like the smell of yours, even if it were mine pretending to be yours. I'm obviously no judge. Calm down, folks, and step out of it.

Les, I come here to read your work because of how it makes me feel. I've been feeling very down for the last few days (for no particular reason) and after reading your latest peace (sic), I feel strengthened and anew. Endure, endure! I'm not sure how much more shit I can endure, but I will endure it nonetheless or die trying.

On the topic of Icke again, it was a link to you on his site that brought me here and I'm thankful for that.

My gratitude to you, Les, for the work you do, be it paid or unpaid. Thanks also to everyone who comments and to Patrick Willis. Man, your voice really brings it home. Hairs on the back of the neck..


EtherEagle said...

Much appreciation for today's post on enduring life. When I am at work in the middle of the night I hear every little squeek and mechanical compliant from the machines I run. (Yes Mr. Visible I am a tool and die man!) I simply apply the much needed oil to ease the burden. I enjoyed watching the spiritual oil applied liberally to today's squeeky wheel!
Thank you all for your wonderful contributions here. Thank you Les for your constant examination of the exact nature of our reality. It is worth in direct proportion to it's value in easing our way. Some how the conversion factor has been skewed as I think your work is priceless! I would like to close with letting you know I am happy to be able to afford your newest book, which I am purchasing after I finish this comment. Peace and love to you Sir.


just me, Laurel A. said...

....anonymous@10:03.....dang! you mean if one sends money thru paypal, then one has earned the right to their 5 minutes of abuse? dang! you thought you were visiting a hookers4u blog or something? seriously, i am amazed at persons who think if they give a gift, they own you and all rights thereafter. and there are so many things they think they bought the right to do. thank goodness it was only a few bucks or we would have to have a real frat party, and get ALL KINDS hookers in for a dance ....especially them real hardcore evangelical telly-vised shimmy chicks.

just me, Laurel A. said...

man, rosie...."here kitty kitty - slap slap" is not the way to find your higher ground, is it?

Visible said...

Now let me say that if you wanted confirmation there are ways to go about it and your way was harsh without you having the credentials to do that in that way and certainly not for a chipshot of twenty pounds which is a backhanded after thought I will grant you.

Inversely I am lit and alive and blitzkrieged a bit and I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground. I got so much good fortune coming at me right now that maybe I am a little rude because I can be and I am in no mood for anyone to question me right now given what God just gave me, which I haven't mentioned and won't mention so possibly I am at fault too but you will notice that I am the one saying these things and you haven't said them once yet so... see to your own house my friend because if nothing else convicts you this does. Why am I the only one who ever apologizes? Why am I the only one who ever feels sorry about my mistakes even when they are not mistakes. That is something I think you should ponder. It don't matter to me in any case. I got something today that I have been waiting lifetimes for so that may be behind my being rude, which I am sorry for and behind other things which I am too tired to get into. Go with God my friend. My love of God finally paid off and I could give jackshit about money or anything else at this moment. This is my eureka moment this is my "I found it"! moment and I am the happiest person on the planet right now and it was so simple. Why didn't I get it a long time ago? This is The Apocalypse. This is everything I have been talking about all this time and you know what? I never really believed it could happen. I was operating on pure faith in the dark where no sane person would go and God is real. GOD IS REAL!!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Richie (Dana) said...

Hello to all,
I would like to say that I am a CASE.
When I look in the mirror all I see is a fucking asshole.

Being raised a fundie I guess I have been highly influenced by the feeling of having it all figured out. There is a strong tendency to look down on those that do not have your version of the "truth".
Awhile back I was critical of Sovereignty and I wish to here publicly beg for forgiveness. What right have I to be critical of anyone? I am a jerk for doing it.

Les, if you talk to God can you please ask him this for me? Why the fuck am I here? I just cannot understand this. What goes on in this world makes me sick to my stomach and no one seems to care...present company excluded.

If we subscribe to the traditional biblical heaven and hell scenario, then this has got to be hell. What the fuck did we do to wind up here? You say it is for the purpose of demonstration but I do not get it. I see others going about happy with life and their belief system and I think they are freaking insane. God forbid I should mention any atrocity to anyone as that immediately makes me a nut case.

Why does God instill the strong desire for truth seeking and then leave you hanging in the breeze? I really envy those with such strong feelings of validation. I have none of that. What I do have is a very loud ringing in my ears when I read the work of Les Visible.

I did not want to be a downer on everyone in my little fugue state but when you thanked everyone Les, that really tugged on my heart.

May God bless each of you.

Anonymous said...

(waves and blows kisses from Tulsa, OK) Enduringly, MV

Visible said...


What have i been saying? Endure. Endure. The game isn't over yet and everything you are asking and saying implies that it is over. It ain't over till it's over, to quote Yogi Berra. You are operating out of the "oh ye of little faith" category. Don't go there. There are things you don't know yet and that is fucking up your perspective. You are not a bad guy by the way. I have had to deal with that so I know what I am talking about here. Don't miss after almost winning. We don't get to see the impress of our efforts until later. Today I got that in spades so I definitely know what I am talking about in my limited way on this particular subject. Endure brother, endure. And as for fuckwits getting it all and the rest of us getting nothing, the jury is still out. Don't let the enemy turn you into your own worst enemy. Thimk! you dickhead; sorry about the language. I am so blessed right now that I may be taking advantage and for the reader who didn't get what 'thimk means, think about it. One thing it isn't is a typo.

Anonymous said...

Les. this comments read is almost as good as one of your articles; exciting - thanks mate.


Visible said...

Man, this is too much. Tulsa OK?

Do you know my good friend Don Duca, a studio and club drummer who owned the premier rock and roll club in your city in the 80's and part of the 90's? He lives in France now about a days drive away. It was him I went to see when I went down and visited SOTT. They were an afterthought. I went there to see him.

Visible said...

Yeah Anonthony it is pretty cool and tied in to what happened to me today. We really are all connected.

Anonymous said...

The radiactivization of the Northern hemisphere due to the Fukushima nuclear disaster is going to cross a threshold very soon... The complete evacuation of all of the Northern hemisphere will result. As above so below... The Sun and our planetary system is changing from the Northern Galactic hemisphere to the Southern. The Jet Stream atmospheric currents carry the radioactive isotopes all through the Northern hemisphere, leaving the Southern hemisphere not so contaminated still for some more years.

Anonymous said...

The radiactivization of the Northern hemisphere due to the Fukushima nuclear disaster is going to cross a threshold very soon... The complete evacuation of all of the Northern hemisphere will result. As above so below... The Sun and our planetary system is changing from the Northern Galactic hemisphere to the Southern. The Jet Stream atmospheric currents carry the radioactive isotopes all through the Northern hemisphere, leaving the Southern hemisphere not so contaminated still for some more years.

GodSend said...


God does not instill in you (or anyone else) a strong desire for truth seeking and then let you hang in the breeze. What you actually have to do is to replace the "strong desire" with ACTION. What kind of action? Desperate, 24x7 action. It says that you must "seek aright".

If you seek the answer to The Puzzle (the meaning of life and our purpose here) as described above, you WILL find the answer. "Seek and you WILL find". "Knock and it WILL be opened". God does not lie!

How do I know? I've "been there and done that". Firewalking, Rosicrucians, Hypnotism, Smoke & Mirrors, etc.

PS Hinduism is NOT the answer you're looking for. When you start seeking, keep your eyes and ears wide open.

Anonymous said...

I had no intention of making a donation today Les; until you mentioned you were strapped for cash in your reply; and like I said, we all do what we can, when we can.

I apologise for not being aware that a donation of £20.00 is considered a chipshot and that it being relative to the individuals means does not matter.

Cheapshot, not chipshot is the operative word here I feel.

As for credentials; are not the people you try to reach the people who will always have questions; and who on this universe decides just whose credentials are valid exactly?

Laurel; Dang! it's not wise to comment on any particular topic where it is clear you are not fully aware of the facts; I may have unintentionally offended Les; but this gives you no divine right to offend me. Kitty Kitty; Slap Slap indeed...

I claim ownership of no-one and did not seek ownership of anyone; either through a small donation, or any other method. I only asked Les what I believed to be a valid question, albeit in a rather clumsy manner it seems.

Visible said...

Well thanks for the apology.

Lee said...

Damn it Les, it's "Les in the cross hairs" again when you took a righteous stand for SOTT some issues ago.

I don't know what is going on but, I had a near bar brawl with a relative over something so petty and obscure, it is beyond description.

Your words, "just endure" ring true at this point in time. I am holding on by a thread and my nerves are shot.

The good God, whom I know not and doubt, is still making a way for me too with little gifts here and there from very few friends.

"Just Endure".

I am reminded of the song by The Doobie Brothers, " Minute By Minute, I keep holding on".

Thank you Les.

B. Bombay said...

Please, please stop with the apologizing. You don't owe it to anyone, especially someone with "Truth" as a handle. It diminishes you.It diminishes all of us. People with a certain mindset can't be reasoned with. Others have ears but refuse to listen and then there are those who love to put every last word uttered under a microscope to be examined for the slightest flaw. Dude, you are better than this. There's an old saying: I don't have to beat you, I just have to outlast you.

I don't post here on a regular basis. I lurk mostly. But this time I couldn't let it go. The few times that I did post, they didn't get through. Hope this does.


just me, Laurel A. said...

well dang!
Laurel; Dang! it's not wise to comment on any particular topic where it is clear you are not fully aware of the facts; I may have unintentionally offended Les; but this gives you no divine right to offend me. Kitty Kitty; Slap Slap indeed...

now, why is that "not wise"? and why must i concede to fear of your reprisal, or to commit to your determination of my fuzzy awareness wherein you know not a thing of me? perhaps i am the one to whom YOU should defer. its possible. you do not know. as to reprisals, well, if you are the giver of all, i guess i can take it, eh? now the best part -- divine right to offend? are you saying, really, that only thou hast the divinest right of offense? but surely thy jest is merely in the spirit of the mirth of such iniquity of thy perspective? for thou mayest not shew such a hind if thou were of a greater divinity? to put it in plainer english: the right to offend is neither divine nor demonic. it isnt a right nor a gift. it is not given nor gotten. it is one's own perspective. and i see your perspective mirrored in your belief that others choose to ensure your own offense. wysiwig. when serving another, it is the nature of human spirit to gift to the other what they seem to most want or need, that being observed by what the other most often chooses to gift in the first place.

just me, Laurel A. said...

ok "godsend"...i will bite the do you know hinduism is nto the answer? how do you know anything about what is or is not the answer? why would you be here if you did? oh please, do not shell the answer....i already know wha tyou will say. but godsend. no one here will "revert" to your "page" as you hope. seriously, people (well, most?) who come to this site have far exceeded the spiritual bandwidth of your touting. you must go to the ones who resonate at YOUR level, because there is where your following will happen. gah.

Visible said...

This is
what I am talking about.. All the readers should check out this movement. This is the genuine article. Fuck me. I'm no one. Look at what good human beings are doing and find out who they are and strangely enough one of them is from Israel. Wake up my friends.

just me, Laurel A. said...

boy is this going to get the fundaments going nuts........

a little while ago, the HAARP magnetometer spectrogram showed a most unusual pattern, in the top box of the trio.....there was a shape i am still looking at, followed by an upside down cross, and then right after that, the sura fathiha 1:1 of the quran, and now i am looking at what might develop into a hindu sanskrit-thing......what a wild tea-leaf day it tis! (yes, my daughters and i do read/speak tiny bits of several languages, and arabic, urdu and sanskrit are 3 of them, as well as some russian, ukraine, french. latin, and a tiny bit of greek. homeschooling :D ......)

Anonymous said...

Gooday All.

Money in it's current form is a spell used to control. It's impossible to escape under the current conditions. Many have tried. And if they have escaped it's not really liberation because they have shifted their supply from their own pocket to pockets of shall we say, the kindness of others.

We need money in one form or another to survive in this realm. What we don't need is the current money system and I won't go into all that. Suffice it to say there are many ways to exchange human energy that would have a positive effect on all involved. The current system is not one of them.

I can't be too hard on the questioner of visibile's motives. Not because I agree with her but because I understand where it comes from. It's the catch 22 . If the woman was not a skeptic would she be here reading this blog ?

When people have been lied to and conned their entire lives and wake up to this realization, a natural response is skepticism of everyone and everything. How much of our earnest trust has been used to lead us to the sorry state of the world we experience today ?

It's like the beaten dog. A natural reflex to snap at any hand that comes near it. Even when it's intentions are to help and feed the traumatized animal. A shame really to see how much the evil has accomplished in it's quest to destroy innocence.

Vis needs a shelter and food like the rest of us. End of story. No need to apologize or defend. I case everyone up before I put the least amount of faith in them. We all should.

Everyone wants to deify Vis. He's said over and over again don't do that. He's found a way to talk to God and he wants to share it with the world. Maybe he's full of shit , try his method and find out. If you think your way's better start your own blog and when you get a million visitors we'll all come over and piss in your cornflakes.

Patrick V1.0

just me, Laurel A. said...

the first one, before the upside down cross, is a dove, on fire, a dove on fire.

amarynth said...

Laurel is no flake .. but then you all already know that now.

Nice Rosie! ... and thank-you for coming through way past the bullshit. Visible is the real thing as well in-case you were still wondering - he is not from here really, but he is here now. Many of us give, until we figure we have nothing more to give but then our flask of oil gets filled from somewhere miraculous and we give that too! Seems to me Visible's flask of oil had a miraculous fill-up today!

Laurel's flask of oil also was filled up miraculously the past few days! Seems to me there is something in the God stuff (grins).

Visible said...

If I ever get any money this is where my money goes and here is more because there is more.

Mark this and study it well my children because most of you never heard of these people. Some of us are doing good things.

GodSend said...


PS When you "hear" a voice inside of you, quietly telling you to DO something (like an impulse), DO IT RIGHT THEN AND THERE. Do NOT say to yourself, "OK - I'll do that sometime later when I feel better" etc.). This is extremely important. It may seem to be something trivial - like turning on the radio or going somewhere or calling someone on the phone. Whatever it is, DO IT!

amarynth said...

Yeah! Playing for Change is also the real thing!

Strange, I sent Visible a number to listen to, as well as someone else .. (52 on their site I just love!) then Patrick drank from that well in his presentation and now Visible is just high with these tunes. Nice!

Anonymous said...

I am pleased there there is someone who really gets it. I know there are many because as They are connected in their way we are in ours. I have read your blog many times and have enjoyed it. When I hear/read truth it hits me emotionally. I feel that way now. These last posts of yours on your blogs have touched me, because though I know these things sometimes it's good to see them from another. No coincidences. Thank you, I needed to remember something. You were my messenger.

Anonymous said...


Reading todays post I felt like I was gettin Schooled in Life but after the classroom lessons I felt like I was pulled back into kindergarden with the question and answer period. (bigassmile)

Truly, we are all one.

It's just some of our people (isreal and co.)need to go back to the begining and get a good spirit to start their life's journey with.

Thank You All,


p.s. Vis, are you getting better or are we understanding better?
I suspect both.

just me, Laurel A. said...

i swear godesend.....i know its been a few years since my way-down-south days, but you sure do look like ron, with a bit of a hair add-on and some blonde-y lights given to cover what would be ex-dark got a voice over on your page i can hear? if i were to say this is what ron would age to, be him.

david griffith said...

"Gee you've been patient." she said.

"No I haven't .... I've just endured... but it CAN look like patience in retrospect."

Worlds in chaos and yet an ongoing sense of Divine purpose unfolding ...... and the bills still need to be paid, daily needs be met and plans made for a future which may well not exist in similar form to now.

We're connected to others who depend - to some extent - upon, not only our endurance but - dare I say it - YES dare - our hope.

I know that on a personal level I have the choice of being part of the problem or part of the solution.

That's both sobering and funny.

Visible said...

By the way Amarynth I knew about those people even before I met Patrick, I just hadn't seen that particular piece and I found the source immediately because I already knew about them, but that is besides the point. There is a time and place for everything and these are not the only people doing good things. Everyone who comes here is doing that to the best of their ability. Timing is critical concerning when one introduces things into the mix. I am a musician. I have a small understanding of timing. I may be a shit guitar player and piano player but I can definitely sing and dance, occasionally I can write the words too but it is not a good thing to reveal things too early because people's ability to focus and absorb is not pressured enough by life and it doesn't take. Now is the time as you will see. Look, I'm no one and no one should think I am but I have this strange relationship with the creator and I can't explain it. I wish I could. I just don't have the skills.

Anonymous said...

Thank you les for the "One Love" video-good to see so many around the world with love in their eyes and all their instruments too.

as per Rosie, welcome Rosie. May you familiarize yourself with les' archives. And know that one of his many gifts to us is how prescient he is in regards to expressing what many of us are FEELING every day/week.

This morning my brother says to me 'if nothing comes down this week then I just have to get on with life and not read anymore about... this..." meaning the 10-28 Calleman date... I asked him 'what does your gut say about 'this'?" my gut says there are radical changes happening and have been but they're not easily translatable to instantaneous awareness of 'it' happening.

But the cap off of the comments posted was that beautiful 'one love' and I did read that the Tel Aviv OWS movement encompassed SEVENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE-I am not willing to write off any group of people who are, like us in the US, at the mercy of the psychopaths in control of our world/lives. I HATE what is being done in our name as I'm sure those many in Tel Aviv expressing their angst do too.

I am glad that les and company have gotten the books out that we've clamored for... I'll be doing an ebook purchase and download though I'd much rather have a hard copy in my hands to monger over. *don't think there is time for that though*

love to all,
the gardener

Anonymous said...

Vis and All,

my comments wern't directed at Truth or anyone in particular, just in general.

Also , Neil
good to read your poems again.

Visible said...

Forgive me for for putting this in. but I want you to see what these people do and how much I admire them. I frankly kill this song it's one of those things my whole heart goes into but they put me to shame. End quote. I know that makes no sense but it was funny to me when I said it and I do flat out do that tune also but maybe that's just ego.

Anonymous said...

Guess I missed all those links on the stone. Many times the links don't work and I just forget about them.

Be sure and let us know how it works out. Maybe you could take a picture of you sitting on a pile of gold bricks and looking to be about thirty.

I shouldn't joke about such things but I can't help myself. Maybe Godsend can offer up a few ejaculatins to mitigate my bad taste. I understand he is connected on high.


Richie (Dana) said...

I appreciate your personal response.
Your mention of Hinduism is interesting to me. First of all, I never heard that word mentioned here before although I am aware that Les does make some statements that reference it. Second the mention itself implies that perhaps there is another organized "religion" where I can "find" that which I seek.

I always make every attempt to avoid dogmatism, but I will say that there is one thing is this world about which I will not be swayed and that is ANY organized religion. Religion sucks and that is that. There is no point in telling the reasons why because anyone with half a brain knows that this is God's truth. He had nothing to do with this religion crap. It is simply another method of control which I despise.

Just so you are aware, the person you speak to is 55, so I have been here a few years and just did not fall off the potato truck. I wished fervently to die at 25 and yet I live. I began my truth seeking via searching for more healthy alternatives to the poison being spewed by the genocidal psychopaths......go figure. It is one thing for me to wish to die and quite another when you realize that these fuckers are trying to kill you. I honestly resent that.

One fine day I find Mr. Visible. Words could never explain how much he has done for me. There are very many fine souls here who can say the same. Why is this? Religion aside.....there is a ringing sound that some hear when seeing truth. I have never seen so much truth packed into one little place as I find here. The encouragement and support of those who comment here is unbelievable. I am very sorry that you do not seem to be able to see this.
Perhaps I am all fucked up again but I will need to stick with Les and friends through hell and high water and let God judge me in the end.
The truth is the truth and cannot be compromised by anything.

Mr. Visible...I thank you with tears in my eyes.


Visible said...

Gardener, my dear brother, if you watch the gamut of what these people have done you will see people from Tel Aviv, specifically an Israeli lady on the Imagine cut. Don't despair and don't assume the calender meets up with your fears. God is much more merciful than that. And though I can't do this in all cases. You get the print version free courtesy of the one I work for, just ask for it when it comes out. We ain't in it for the money brother. I wouldn't even care about the money in the first place but how else can I finance the community we are all going to live in once this shit is over?

Go with god and tell your Before it is News friends that I wonder about their motives since they constantly block me out.

just me, Laurel A. said...

to the gardener....i know it sounds silly, and archaic, and all.....i (dont laugh!) printed out a copy for myself and each older daughter, and i carry around two spare copies when we walk to the store. gave one to a homeless guy, after calling from a payphone to a person with a religious affiliation here in town who needs ot look useful to the people this year, and i was able to persuade such man to find a room at the local welfare hotel and pay for it and also a small low pay, unwanted job here for that homeless man. i like ot think handing out a copy or two where they seem needed is what induces the small acts of kindness from such as that man from the religious organization :)) ....and the homeless guy now has a warm room, a microwave, a refrigerator, a job sufficient to pay the room and a bit of food.....and my copy of a damned good book :) ...... there are so many homeless lately, but why do we think they are "bums"? if a man or woman has nothing else to which they can sensibly aspire, even basic survival is too much to hope for, how does that make them "less" than anyone else? one soul at a time. just one.

Visible said...

Jesus Laurel, Jesus... but you got to watch your t's and o's (grin). Otherwise you are good to go.

Alpha Silex said...

I placed a comment earlier, but it never posted. Maybe Vis is inundated or I hit the wrong button or something. No biggie, but I did want to say that I liked what Stickman said a lot. Would also like to get Vis' book when it comes out in traditional format. Been seeing LOTS of stuff in the sky lately, more than ever and have even been getting lots of pictures and video of "them". I also noticed that asteroid coming through on the 8th has recently been doubled in its estimated size, about two and a half miles in diameter now. Been feeling the vibrations like crazy and there's no doubt something is coming down the pike, soon. Have a good one and be safe, everyone.

just me, Laurel A. said...

what are "t's and o's"? except for my very sloppy spelling, grammar, and so on.....

GodSend said...


My hair has always been blond. My eyes have always been blue. My name has always been Peter. I never dated a Laurel. I never lived in the South. I still have plenty of naturally blond hair. I'm not dating anymore. I sing in the shower - and I think I have a great voice. I have 4 adult children. The oldest is 42 and the youngest is 28. I don't plan to have any more. Those are the true facts.

PS A very experienced IT consultant recently called my website "The best website I have ever seen". To each his/her own, I guess. ;)

GodSend said...


Where did I say anything about organized religion?

There is only ONE correct answer to The Puzzle. When you find it (and you WILL find it IF you seek as I described earlier), you WILL KNOW that you have found it. A mistaken identity is NOT possible. I can tell you now that the answer is NOT any organized religion. The answer is a Person - a DIVINE Person, to be sure! :)

I've done all I can for you. The rest is up to you (as well as anyone else who may be lurking).

Good Luck!

Visible said...

If a comment doesn't come through that is just how these fuckers work.On rare occasions I don't let a comment through for my own reasons but they would be slim and far apart and certainly not yours Alpha. I'm glad they let me through in the first place but that is all God. I am tired and pretty blasted right now and need to go to sleep so tomorrow your following comments go up. I will see you then. Go with God my friends, listen to the radio show and I will see you morgen wise if the creek don't rise but I am definitely toasted and done for now. I flat out fucking love you all and can't say more than that. Me and the stone are going to get some much deserved rest.

est said...

what we have here
is a back-seat driver

all direction
and no control

but i'm not
headed his way

i'll steer my self
thank you

just me, Laurel A. said...

ok, godsend. but i never ever said nor implied i "dated" ron. seriously, though i appreciate the thought you had of me as being eminently "date-able" :)) the ron to whom i refer was a friend, and a friend of a friend. and i did not say we were down south, i said my down-south-days....there is a difference. if you choose to be you, that is fine with me.

but i do think that anytime anyone trots out a "very experienced" expert of any genre as "proof", well, i dont know why you would even care to bother proving it to me, i mean really. why would it matter? my posting about the homeless, and les' posting about the beautiful musicians working for a real change for real people.....these are more real than any expert approval of your self-loving flash dance website. yes it is. stop being with "you" and start being with "us" and look around. you are being too into yourself, you have missed all points east, west, north, south and in between. the lost, the sad, the homeless, the ill, the bereaved, the lonely, dear god man, where are YOU??? you want to tout your stuff at anyone? you better rethink it now, while YOU still have a chance. i will continue to do the little things i do for one homeless at a time. not because they "deserve" it, but because i do. why are you here carrying on about doctrine, dogma, flashy, mouthy rhetoric, and not a goddam bit of love in your soul??? MR PETER, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE THESE LAST DAYS?

est said...

on another note

every one that's here

deep down knows why

and this man deserves

our thanks and praises

as does management

[little coin wouldn't hurt]

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that music video, Vis.


Anonymous said...

Dear les and friends, strangely enough-today was the first day I've ever gone to 'before it is news's site-via the rense article that really rocked my socks of comprehension. :)

A Brief And Simplified Metaphysical Perspective
Of The Current Financial Collapse

By Dr J Chiappalone

the gardener

European American said...

Looks and smells and sounds and feels and tastes like a wild week coming up.

It's about time.

Richie (Dana) said...

I am also drawn to help those homeless people. I am currently on a restaurant build in San Francisco and there is an on ramp from 10th street to 101 South that I take to get home. Only been a few weeks there so it took some time to get the feel of it, but traffic slows because of merging lanes. On your left you can see makeshift housing under the overpass and an individual with a sign next to the road. On Friday, I had my cash in hand. I do not give a fuck if they spend it on liquor. That is not my concern. "But for the grace of God go I".
I have joked many times with the girlfriend about the cardboard box house under the can happen to anyone. It always amazes me how many can just drive by with no regard.
I will never forget back in the 90's I had my own business that my brother and wife bankrolled. There was a recession and things were tough. I felt so thankful for what I had in life that I gave a 20 to a homeless person and told my brother about it. He was so angry his face was red and had me on the carpet for that indiscretion. Footnote; His wife died at 42 of cancer after an illicit swing with a patient at her hospital and he now lives with a person worth about 12K. Although they are aware that this world is a little screwed up, they just wish to be "happy" and live their lives in peace and want nothing to do with Richie's "truth". In the last 2 months of the business mentioned, I made 40K on one job and paid back all debts to the business. I reckon perhaps God took care of them and me.

Wow seem to be interested in my fucked up existence today. You Sir, mentioned and brought to the conversation, religion...not I.
If the person you speak of is named Jesus, then I can hear you clearly since I believe in the person and the message. Do I think that Les Visible is Divine? The answer is no. Les is John the Baptist who never claimed to be the one.
While it is always nice to hear someone say "Good Luck"....I do not believe that the statement is applicable for this situation.
In my heart, I know that it will take much more than "Luck" to get me through this one.
It is very interesting to me that you speak from a position of authority. In other words, you know something that I do not and you are just trying to help me see the light. There is one small problem here.....I hear no ringing.
Please say something that RINGS and I will listen.


Anonymous said...

it is said; those who know don't say and those who say don't know.
human being vs. human doing sort of thing, i expect.

still, if 'in the beginning was the word', then life must = expression.

and while 'life's a tale that can't be told', i still enjoy listenin' to a recognizable yarn now and again.

to wit, there's an appreciable sense of nuanced understanding in this somewhat abstracted corner of the virtual sandbox. and no small portion of kindness to be felt.

so welcome all inquiry, dis-spell any doubt, and pocket the change, for yours - as the old man said - is the unflappable faith that comes from knowing.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

For a year or so now Ive had this unposted comment on my mind, (not promoting it either, its just a thought), that I should have a fridge big enough to print out and megnetically stick on all (or almost all) of the LV blog posts.
then today I think I could build a pyramid over the whole thing to preserve for posterity, so that some enlightened beings could discover millenia later what went wrong, or what went right. (I am materialistic and deterministic still in saying these things).
theres the 1%, the 98.09%, and the few like LV, the 0.01%. and I am pretty fussy and anti BS.
(and I could split some hairs and entertain some doubts and fuss over why 'JC' is getting his feet oiled every now and then and why is he bark raving mad sometimes in the Temples of Doom and boredom).

so again and again, thanks and kudos for your talent and gifts and givings.


wv: peingit . git away pain things, let love being-it all and the end-of-it all for all eternity.

(and why arent there any Australians in those music videos, is radiation good for you after all? hehe - and dont believe about it being safe here in the Antipodes Fuku wise, read On The Beach. If it doesnt come down naturally, they'll HAARP it south through Hawaii )

ah, almost forgot. making it too easy but why not?

onething said...

Les, you inspire me. When you said that it is what you desire that defines your fate, so much came flooding in; I examine my desires, and I understand that a piece of my soul desires to desire to go on the wildest of journeys in which one gives oneself and life over to be an instrument of God, and the joy of wanting nothing else or other than that, to devote all of oneself to fulfilling the will of God. But only a piece...

"They are the devotees of the one they purport to resist"

I am so glad you see this. My seeing of this is a burden which increases for some reason. I guess it is just the horror of our situation here.

Like I said yesterday:

"If we are here to be deceived until we overcome our gullibility, then surely Jehovah posing as the true God is as deep as it gets, but really, people, did you think that an evil being would respect sacred boundaries?

That he would leave something untouched, unattempted, something pure? "

Les, I couldn't even finish the transmission before posting this, you wonderful man, let me leave you with a quote from the book of Isaiah, (for those who are interested in such things) which seems completely aligned with what you're saying today:

Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil, who take bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter, who call darkness light and light darkness.

kenny said...

Hey Les, what a great post and the comment section is, well, off the charts as are the music vids you posted. "A Change Is Gonna Come" is another incredible one from the 'playing' folks. That change is what all the endurance is worth the wait for.

Plus ... Patrick's renditions of your work is the best of its kind on the innerwebs. If there are youtube 'Oscars' they should be a shoo-in for the win. I can hear the acceptance speeches now. Something like:

"I want to thank Larry Silverstein, Dick Cheney, Goldman Sachs, Bibi Nutinyahoo and Abe Foxman for the inspiration. May they all burn in the hell of their own personal Apocalypse."

Peace and love to all here.

Anonymous said...

doubt's the devil, have no doubt.

walk on water? anyone who doesn't know they can't, can. (oops... not quite the same as thinking you can.)

life's for (un)learning everything we thought we knew. who knew?

life's for living ... just as soon as i can manage to untangle this line.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

For a reference point on Midwestern earthquakes, websearch the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-12, which were the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded in the middle and eastern USA.

We kids may think we're It, but Mother Nature will always fit some heavy shit into the mix that will blow our minds, 'cause She makes the Laws -- because, because, She is the Matrix and She exists before, during, and after this.

The ancient scriptures of the major religions are a mixture of mythology and philosophy. The mythology, which is mostly about cosmology, astronomy, and cyclic time, has been misinterpreted as the literal truth, or as history. The life-stories of Jesus, Krishna, the Buddha, and many other world saviors are formulaic and redundant solar myths.

Literal and historicist misinterpretations of mythology have been the basis for religious cults that have often gotten lethally dogmatic over myths whose meaning the cultists don't understand. The Holy Wars that have been fought over mythology display an absurdity like the boys in "Stand by Me" who argue over whether Pluto was a dog or a man -- when actually Pluto was just a cartoon.

When reading the ancient scriptures, I consider it necessary to distinguish between their mythologies and their philosophies. The philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita may be understood without any reference to flying chariots, and the Sermon on the Mount may be understood without reference to a supernatural God-man who raised the dead or walked on water.

In general, I find Eastern philosophy to be much more profound and edifying than Western and Biblical philosophy. The Roman establishment of Christianity as the State Religion put a muzzle on philosophy in the West.

There is a quantum leap between the economy of the working poor and the economy of the millionaire or billionaire, and between the 99% and the 1%. The poor must earn a living regardless of whether they respect the Status Quo or oppose it. To berate dissidents because they work for a living is disingenuous.

onething said...

"Behind your veneer of eloquence, serenity and wisdom lies the "inconvenient" knowledge that your philosophy of life (and beyond) is based on nothing more than ancient folklore, "

You know, Les, that there are those with discernment and those without. Those with know who they are, and those without don't even understand the meaning of the word

I advise ignoring.
Then, too, we must always remember the theory of projection, the subconscious being the only fount of wisdom and truth inadvertently spoken by those without.

gurnygob said...

What your donator said........ "I just wanted confirmation from you; that you would share any excess with the truly needy should your work become very successful"

Yea Les I agree, when you get rich you can send me some money, I’m truly needy. Thankfully I don’t need that much to live on so, if you just send me $500 a month to start with and we shall see how it goes after that.

To my wee brother Godsend

Godsend it’s good to see you back again. You know, if you tried just a little harder you might just learn something and maybe even make a positive contribution for a change. The apostles were amazed that Jesus would speak to tax collectors let alone eat with them; and the religious people were amazed that Jesus would allow a woman of disrepute to touch him never mind wash his feet with her tears and then dry them with her hair. You also seem amazed at the company Jesus keeps. I can tell you now that Jesus is often seen around these parts (this blog) I have heard him here and felt him and touched him and seen him. Why don’t you pull up a chair and listen instead of barging in like a storm trooper of the Swiss Guards? Jesus is not a religion to be argued over, he is a divine truth loving being, you should know this you’re a Christian. To be a Christian is to be Christ like. Now come and let’s talk. If you want to convince people or draw people to Christ you need to change your attitude. Who wants to listen to a bible bashing street corner, your all going to hell, preacher?


gurnygob said...

Les that link to “ONE LOVE” made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Pure love.


ChewyBees said...

The old saying, the best things in life are free, is never truer than now. I think that too many people pass off the wisdom of friends and loved ones as 'conspiracy theory' (what an easy out that is), instead readily accepting the handcrafted and direct feed excuses and propaganda given by the MSM they pay for in monthly fees, and in purchase of advertised crap.

Quite frankly, I reject any information or purported knowledge I have to pay for outright. I may consider its value, but I'm not buying. Been there, done that. No one should have to learn that lesson more than once.

Too many keep looping the same lesson over and over again, without learning, and paying for it all the way.

Maybe religion doesn't kill people; people kill people. But religion is also a loop. You go through the same motions over and over without progressing. It's all an afterlife promise of wings, clouds and virgin things, depending on your earthly affliction. The greatest thing you can do, if you are into religion, is to graduate. You owe it to yourself. No organization(s) can possibly stand up to the potential of spiritual knowledge and strength you can seek out yourself. No blessing or forgiveness is possible without your commitment to it. Anything else is a liability pass-off as an excuse to ignore who you are, and who you are expected to be.

We live in the greatest era of unbridled information access and acquirement. Almost anyone can find out anything the globe over if they are willing to take a chance on the scary truth. Instead, most prefer to live the scary month-to-month life, watch an occasional $30 a night scary movie, and then pretend that after they give up their only verifiable existence to satanic morons, they will have their virgins, tequila shots and god's football network.

Les, if I didn't appreciate what you had to say, I'd change the channel. It's not like there's only one. If I don't like a particular part of what you say, I (believe it or not) actually have the wherewithal to make a determination based on contemplation of my actualization of my salvation.
Now, try to say that eleven times eleven times eleven fast...
Chew out...

Steve said...

For all the people out there that suggest that Mr visible present his works for nothing you have serious poverty conciouness issues. Get a grip and raise your awareness.If the teachings dont present something of value , move on.
Everyone including spiritual teachers cannot have a check sent to them from the heavens, they need to utilise various parts of the system to survive just like the rest of us,
les I hope you make a shitload of money with your books etc. your recent book is fantastic value. Remember sprituality also means abundance which includes cold hard cash. When I come across people that have an issue with this I know they are not developed

Gypsy said...

I haven't commented in quite some time.

See, I got caught in a trap which I walked into of my own volition and stupidity this past January, but continued reading your blog Les...

I had to cut off my own leg to get away, but the prosthetic works good enough, and since I don't dance burlesque any more, it was worth the loss and pain.

I escaped another matrix.

I've since pointed plenty of folks in this direction, via my blog.

I'm all done with forums and blogging these days, but I must echo the sentiment of the choir: you're the real McCoy, mister.

I know authentic when I see it and hear it and smell it, and you're it.

Not another one of "them", placed here deliberately in order to "distract" and confuse us poor slobs who regularly drink at your bar, Les.

Take THAT to the PayPal bank.

I apologized to you today, for an extremely rude transgression against you a while back, and this was long before I read these comments.

You forgave me. And told me to forgive those who have trespassed against me...

As I said in an email: you don't owe anyone ANYTHING. Not an apology, nor forgiveness, yet you easily do both.

Publicly. All the time.

You're a better man than I Gunga Din.

Personally, I've stumbled over a lot of truth as well as disinformation and distractions in the comments of each blogpost since discovering Les Visible and peeps.

Am poorer than a churchmouse by the minute but rich in other ways and wiser for having wandered in here to escape the cold, so long ago.

I too found "One Love" when it was first released on You Tube and have paid it and the movement forward to people ever since.

Thanks again Les Visible, for everything, but especially for how you just keep on keeping on, despite the slings and arrows.

I gave up. (Did I mention that you're a better man than I Gunga Din?)

Finally: A special "howdee" to the regulars who belly up to the bar on a daily basis.

It's always a good crowd.


Kray Z8 said...

All your blogs of late have been simply outstanding. Seems like you're really tuned to the frequency, so to speak. Your message of endurance is well taken. I understand and practice it, both literally and figuratively, but the encouragement is still caring and helpful. You said "My expectation is that it is all going to be collectively individual." Even those of us on the path to integration with The One and All start from the position of discrete individuality. The attainment is communal; the process of reaching it is unique for each of us. Empathy and compassion are the catylists which help us to transform ourselves, and indeed, our reality. The experiences and lessons we are given along the way are what we, as individuals, contribute to the communal upon integration. The more we practice Love, the sooner it happens for all of us.

Without going into a lot of detail, endurance and faith are all I have right now. Just about everything in the world of man is either dysfunctional or fraudulent (or both :b ). The energy of the Source is the only thing I'm sure is genuine; strangely enough, this brings me great serenity. Your work and the thoughts of the good souls who post on your site are truly a gift and a blessing. As strange as the times are, I'm just glad to be here.

Thank you, Dog Poet; Be Well. Thanks Friends; Endure!

Peace, Love, Unity,


Alan Holton said...

And of course, Strength is the Path between Justice and Mercy. She is the balancing force between these two extremes. The perfect order of Chesed (Mercy) and the perfect discipline of Geburah(Strength) combine into perfect control.

May this be our future - and an excellent choice of topic at this time . . .

MachtNichts said...

Vis, I am speechless and in tears. I had the same(?) revelation this afternoon doing the laundry. Sorry for being so mundane again.

Something had been tugging at my heart for weeks, and I mean literally. Quite scary not knowing if it was going to quit on me. That feeling is gone now. Endurance?

We are here to find God. Period. Love to everyone, Silvia

gurnygob said...

To all those who said they help the poor.
Christ said to keep it to yourself; otherwise you already have your reward.

Just saying.


Annsie said...

Thank you for your brilliant post.I have to say that I am Gobsmacked by the allegations concerning you trying to make a few bob in order to tend to your basic needs.The ignorance is breathtaking. I admire the fact that you endure rather than telling everyone to Go Fuck themselves. Your knowledge and insight are appreciated.

You are certainly leading by example.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your post and, again, the comments.

Re godsend and the four-letter words – perhaps "fuck thou"?


Anonymous said...

of deep concentration
the root of all sound
of one living heart
the truth has no bounds
one touch of the mighty
the course through the tide
a stream through the conscious
where the birds fly
climbing the heavens
crossing the feilds
on the waters of imagination
where emotion is healed
and the truth gathers
love multiplys
in sensations of peace
the earth and the sky


Anonymous said...

a brush through the pastures
sweep through the feilds
in dandelions woven
where the heart yeilds
a building of paradise
paved through the wonder
a call of an instance
the sweet warmth of summer
drumming the union
light through the dark
where the truth spoke
unity sparks
the universe reaches
blows deep within
the sun the earth the water
the skys and the wind


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,everyone. I am the Beirut, Lebanon that you might have noticed on with you sometimes. I come here when life and politics (history in the making) and the sleeping sheeple around me are depressing me too much. It's been a long haul this year so I'm constantly looking for the a drink of sanity here with you all. I must admit that last week and the week before I had to forego the comments because they were so much like the bickering going on here at home. But today I decided to break the ice because I was pleasantly surprised by the whole shebang. It sent me back to the fifties--a three muskateers (with D'artagnian) movie with light comic chatter and an elegant "duel" with our four heroes and the bad guys jumping from balcony to chandelier and from stairwell to drapes to the tables and chairs etc. etc. without anyone getting badly wounded... Thanks for saving a dreary depressing day.

love and peace from Beirut.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Regarding "Stand by Me," I remembered it wrong. The boys were arguing about Goofy, not Pluto. But it doesn't alter my point.

Ben said...

Vis, All,

Man, just some incredibly insightful, truthful and beautiful comments here. Thank you Vis for providing this platform.

Regarding the fundies (and I used to be one for many many years). They are blind and deaf as was I; they are not that way by accident or coincidence.

Isaiah, Father's prophet says this: "Who is blind but my servant, and deaf like the messenger I send?
Who is blind like the one in covenant with me, blind like the servant of the LORD? You have seen many things, but you pay no attention; your ears are open, but you do not listen."

The fundies are blind and deaf according to Father's purpose; they will not always be this way, for Isaiah, on behalf of Father, also says this: "I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth."

Father did this for me, after giving me a severe whacking with a two X four. It nearly killed me, spiritually speaking. But my spiritual eyes gradually opened and my deaf ears started to hear those things of the spirit. I remain somewhat blind and deaf but yearn for 20-20 spiritual vision and acute spiritual hearing.

Playing for Change - Redemption Song. What beautiful music and done by lots and lots of people (even Johnny Cash, an "idol" for many Okie fundies). Is this song an accident or coincidence? This is one of many ways Father gets His message out there.

For me, it is all about redemption. Jesus, as some have pointed out, spent his time among the dregs, the outcasts, the unclean, the "unworthy"... those that had not met with "success" (as measured by Babylon). He had a tax collector among his disciples, a man that preyed upon his own people. He had a revolutionary (Simon the Zealot), a man that wanted to spill blood in order to bring down the Roman occupiers. Jesus had a bunch of scruffy dirty fishermen from Galilee... and everyone knew that Galilee was the most "unreligious" region in Judea. Jesus even associated with Romans, and those dirty filthy degenerate Samaritans, who had the absolute gall to think they worshiped the same God as the Pharisees.

If the three and a half years of Jesus' earthly ministry are a type and shadow of the coming end of the current age, then we won't find Him among the political, religious, cultural or financial elite today. I don't think we'll find him among the "anonymous Latin American meatpacking glitterati" (as Pink Floyd puts it in their Final Cut album). I know I never saw Him among them in the more than 25 years I spent in South and Central America.

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that He is among them, but they pay Him no heed, for they pay no heed to those they have enslaved.

Isaiah also says this: "But this is a people plundered and looted, all of them trapped in pits or hidden away in prisons. They have become plunder, with no one to rescue them; they have been made loot, with no one to say, “Send them back.” Which of you will listen to this or pay close attention in time to come?"

I sometimes refer to Jesus as Jesus the Redeemer. It is about redemption. "But my hand was made strong, by the Hand of the Almighty."

And so we have these beautiful witnesses throughout this globe singing and testifying as to the source of our redemption... true, many may not be aware that they are testifying of Jesus the Redeemer, but this is how it will be recorded in the Spiritual Court.

A couple of days ago somebody commented on Steven Job's last words... "Oh wow, Oh wow, Oh wow!". I don't know, but I very strongly suspect that Steve was finally seeing his Redeemer and couldn't wait to enter His presence.

Anonymous said...

To and TRUTH

We are One but We are Many.


Anonymous said...

For two weeks I've been without a computer. I missed you the most, Les. For TRUTH - Another perspective on "religion"; largely it has been used as a tool by the elite (who happen to be of varied ethnicity) to divide people and to put people to sleep.

katz said...

Stickman, I like your writings, almost as much as I like Les Visible's. KUDOS. I even quoted you a few times.

Les, I would support your blog financially, but there is no way to do that w/o account information, and I don't do that on the web, for security reasons. I hope you are able to be rewarded for your talents. I believe that your writings are some of the best work that is currently available, and will be classics, if you ever put the blogs together in a book. Future generations will read them for the truth and history of them, I'm sure. It will be required reading at the University level, someday.

The videos of your work, don't do it for me. I don't like the voice or the schmaltz of the videos. The person making them is well intended, but makes the same mistake so many make, by over-dramatizing something that should be respected as art. The background low voice/music/drama takes away from the work, IMHO.

The Godsend guy seems like he is more into arguing, than making any point. I'd ignore him, if it were me. He seems kind of stupid. Sorry, but his comments are stupid.

The woman who wonders if making money is wrong, doesn't pay your bills, or buy your beautiful wife a nice gift, once in a while. I wouldn't worry too much about her, or her stupid twenty pounds, as that is a cheap person, and she obviously is supported by her husband, or she wouldn't have time to sit around and question a genius as to whether or not he should be able to make a living doing what he does best.

Anyway, happy Monday. I'm scared. I keep feeling like we are in bigger trouble than we know. I'm not sure that things are going to work out in the long run, so I'm trying to figure out a course of action for me and mine that can be put in place, if the dominoes start to tumble down.

Thanks for your writings. If you had a PO Box, I could send you some cash.

James Delaney said...

It’s now official – there’s been no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors :

Quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:
'The Israeli Prime Minister's office recently put the number of "living Holocaust survivors" at nearly a million.' (page 83)

I've checked out the six volumes of Churchill's Second World War and the statement is quite correct - not a single mention of Nazi 'gas chambers,' a 'genocide' of the Jews, or of 'six million' Jewish victims of the war.

Eisenhower's Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill's Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle's three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.

In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi 'gas chambers,' a 'genocide' of the Jews, or of 'six million' Jewish victims of the war.

Visible said...

Of course I have and address but you have to email me to get it.

GodSend said...

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me."

Everyone gets to choose their path and whom they will follow - sort of.

If you think you can get to the Father through anyone other than Jesus the Christ (meaning He was a liar), by all means choose your personal path.

Les Visible calls his followers here "my children". He is leading you down the proverbial and deceptive garden path (of Krishna), which leads to damnation (the eternal separation from God).

"There is NO other name by which we must be saved" - NONE! The Hashem is Yahweh-Yahushua (Jesus the Christ).


This concludes my visit.

katz said...

Les Visible:
Is there a PO Box anywhere on your contact list on FB? Can you post one?

I'd like to donate to this good cause but do it anonymously.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Real philosophy is nothing more than this: 'friendliness to all living entities.'"

-Srila Prabhupada

How many real philosophers are there in this world?

Anonymous said...

Dearest Les --

Many BLESSINGS to you for having "passed" the Stone. The irony of casting about the material world for crumbs when you could be Midas must not be lost on you. I must say you seem to be as hilarious,humble and grateful as always, ('cept for a little snipe at Sovereign over "possession"...)

How does one use the Stone in this corrupt world? One uses it as the perfect offering to GOD. Before cruel sacrifices and pointless heaping of bounty, the Ancients made "true offerings" to the Gods. The ultimate offering was the transmutation because it gives God something he does not already have ... Gold where there once was dross...


Visible said...

I'm only going to communicate it by email.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge said:

“No Sovereignty. The way is for people like you to be more generous with something more than fine words, after all, I have already achieved what you are seeking and if that irony doesn't cut deep then I don't know what will.”

Is the irony you speak of my paypal donation or lack thereof? My unstated intention all along is to someday be a patron of your work but today a paltry $100 dollar donation does nothing for you, and purchases another piece in the Lab or towards my son’s orthodontics bill.

With all due respect Judge I don’t see it constructive to presume what I am seeking. It is quite clear to me that I am seeking something quite different than you, and that is said without inferring one goal or end is any better than the other’s.

As for my generosity that speaks for itself by those that know me better and the same goes for walking my talk. I did previously post a photobucket link showing a very real magnified 700 micron cupel Au bead derived from nothing (sorry I have not taken the time to figure out your blog’s hyperlinking and only provided a cut and past URL to the Lab pics) and you are extended a welcome invitation to visit my Lab anytime you please Sir.

I followed your recommendation on Zanoni and was only able to read 24 pages into the ebook and had to give it up. In recommending Zanoni as your interpretation of the Stone, I can see why you still have misgivings about the business of the Stone. There are two basic aspects of the Stone, the spiritual and the material and any effort without the balance between the two will be wanting.

Back to the point that seemed to irritate you earlier in the thread, that of clarifying your own economic sovereignty. We don’t love you any Les for it, but some notice you doth protest too much my friend. On the one hand decrying the commercial success of fellow artists with a simmering resentment that your own, has not yet arrived.

The shift or breakthrough for you will come in appreciating that doing great work (and yours is some of the best) does not in itself constitute the basis of success. History has thousands of great artists who have had basically zero acknowledgements for the lack of this very key information. The artist blind spot perplexion (might have made that word up) has always been the fact that success and recognition flows forth from the “ownership signal” generated by the artist, and not as a consequence of his works.

The communication is meant to be constructively clarifying, if one’s cosmic signal is resenting that for what we actually wish for, what do you expect the results will be?

Love and respect,


amarynth said...

The easiest way to do an anonymous financial transaction across borders is to do it by Western Union. We've done a few of these on the book selling side. It is expensive, is a pain in the bottom region, but it works.

The 2nd easiest way, much less expensive and less anonymous is by paypal. Just take Visible's email off of this site, go into your paypal and send money.

The most difficult way is to do it by mail across borders. We've had a few of these also on the book selling side.

People are concerned about their details on the net these days ..

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

By virtue of BEING GOD, the Supreme Personality does not require or 'want' anything.

He does however wholly and fully accept the one thing a million philosopher (oh the irony) stones could never buy or produce in ten trillion years.

"Just ask the Axis, He knows everything."

Go ahead, ask Him..

Anonymous said...

godsend, I will not go there.

mabey you dont realize there is the Great Spirit (God) in all of us but You have to look inside to find the One and allow Him to kick your devils ass.(EGO)

Nothing man has ever, or will ever make can even come close to what The One has done or will do.

Religion; made by man to control man! Break free before it's too late.

Live with The Spirit, He's all around us , now as we speak.

Open Your Mind and Heart.

walking hawk

Thanks Vis and All

Gregory F. Fegel said...

When I turned on my computer this morning, the Yahoo News front page presented this bullshit headline story: "Correcting the ‘fairy tale’: A SEAL’s account of how Osama bin Laden really died." The Yahoo News article explains how Navy SEAL Chuck Pfarrer, author of the new book "Seal Target Geronimo: The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama Bin Laden," gives his insider version of what happened in the Raid that Killed Osama bin Laden.

Ever since the alleged Raid that Killed ObL, the White House, Pentagon, CIA, and the puppet Mainstream Media have presented lie after lie after lie about the alleged raid. The purpose of each new set of lies is to modify the narrative to make it more believable and acceptable to the public. This latest announcement by "Navy SEAL Chuck Pfarrer" is just more bullshit added to the pile of lies that is the Raid that Killed ObL.

For numerous reasons the ObL death raid was obvious fakery, and this latest announcement by "Navy SEAL Chuck Pfarrer" does not change that. Mainly what Pfarrer does is correct the narrative to make the killing of ObL by the Navy SEALs into self-defense instead of murder. Pfarrer supports most of the rest of the ObL raid's bullshit narrative.

The reality is that there was no Raid that Killed ObL. The SEALs didn't fly to Abbottabad, there was no helicopter crash, and ObL wasn't killed there. The Pakistani military faked the Raid scene at Abottabad, and the bickering between the Pakistani and US governments over the alleged Raid is just theater -- part of the same "dysfunctional Pakistan needs US help" melodrama that the Paki and the US governments have been performing for decades.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Homer wrote: "Real philosophy is nothing more than this: 'friendliness to all living entities.'" -Srila Prabhupada

Amen to that. See my article:

Ahimsa is the Essence of Spirituality: True Spirituality is the Recognition of and Respect for the Spirit In All Things

Erik said...

Hi All,

Last nights Radio-show is available here:

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

RJ said: "The ultimate offering was the transmutation because it gives God something he does not already have ... Gold where there once was dross..."

I can't image any material offering as pleasing to the Creator. What would make sense to me is that the fact the adept made the Stone himself, would be pleasing to the Creator as the metal would be certificate indicative of your cosmic purification achievement, as these results cannot be achieved any other way.

When the matter of the Stone finally becomes a concern for the adept, the distracting need of attending the fools in the market place, can be conveniently alleviated with some metal from his furnace.


siamsiam said...

fuck snakes 150 comments already. cliff high (aren't all cliffs high) says people think he is a guru. the more you look the more you see. i have no faith. your the last vestige mr vis. if your not real then i give up. give up what? exactly!

where are all these christians - i haven't met many and i have been around. must be in oklahoma.

met a few moooselms and they told me that neil armstrong found the word mohammed on the moon.

i don't give a rats. show me the money. why think - it doesn't pay. fuck off. no offense. nice to be nice. words!!!!!

Ben said...

Vis, All,

I know a lot of people here visit Rense's site. There is a video there featuring Zbigniew Brzezinski that has me absolutely flabbergasted.

Here is the link; you have to copy and paste:

Brzezinski is saying some very stupendous things. I wonder how much longer he'll live... and I never thought I would live long enough to hear somebody like Brzezinski say such things.

It's the Apocalypse!!

bholanath said...

I pretty much concur with everything that Stickman wrote, and awake every morning with gratitude that we have friends like Les and many others here to share these days of appreciation for our many ways and paths of endurance.
Visji - I did put that in my pipe and smoked it. I raised the chalice in thanks and praises for yours and all of our supreme good fortune, and touched the flame to the sacred medicine. Looks like Mars finally and totally triggered off your long sojourn with Neptune and Chiron, empowering your inborn mystical and shamanic nature, heh.
My main question to you is: will you be anywhere near Juarez or somewhere close to the border of New Mexico so some of us can come down and toast with some reposado with you for a moment?

So you put 'jesus' in your title and look what transpires! I have to say that I pretty much concur with Gregory F. Fegel regarding all this stuff about this 'divine man' business, the monotheism deal, the 'father creator', the OT 'prophets' "sayings", jesus' "sayings", etc ad nauseum. It's exhausting to me, all of it. I guess, what-ever gets you off....It all hurts my ears and gives me a stomach ache like a really out-of-tune band, but that's just me (and a few million others).
I can't for the life of me find anything in any of this xtian mythology that hasn't been expressed a million times better and more profoundly by Rumi, Crazy Horse, Ramana, Ramakrishna, Hafiz, Yeshe Tsogyal, Amritanandamai, Don Juan, Ras Bob, and countless other gnostics, sufis, shamans, sadhus, and unknown poets and seers...
As Homer probably knows, one of the names of Hanuman is 'Chirenjivi' - One who is always present on Earth in many forms in all ages as long as man still needs to be reminded of his divinity.
I guess, since we live in the West, its gotta be biblical and patriarchal all day, everyday, 'cause it's the easy way out, no effort, no self-inquiry, no real initiation, crap on that evil 'diversity', it's a "one way" street...(dead end).
And on it goes.
onelove, indeed

just me, Laurel A. said...

about Godsend...thank god, he left. lord, what a mixed up sad little man he is. and i still have a funny funky feeling mr peter godsend is indeed mr ron of old days. out of prison again, and in the full swing of what he does best. none of his "postings" on his karachi-like page have commenters. not too odd, for a shell/sham page. ron you old dawg you :) ... come on, join us and be free from all that crap and enjoy your life again. i am still in awe of your intellect and your ability to field a good verbal punt n pass :))

Richie (Dana) said...

I just wanted to say that I love you and that you can call me a dickhead whenever you want.

If you could do me one little favor and consider me for the position of builder of the shelters I would be the happiest man alive. It has been a long time dream of mine to build something that is not just a physical job, but serves the spiritual.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

Brzezinski recommends publishing a list of the uber-rich to "shame" them into becoming more egalitarian. The uber-rich are already listed on the Forbes List, so Brzezinski's list already exists, and thus far it hasn't shamed the uber-rich into mending their ways. If naming and shaming the rich doesn't work, why keep trying it? Brzezinski's plan amounts to a "limited hangout" of the Oligarchs.

To accomplish real and lasting change, we need to change the way our economic system works. There will always be people who take advantage of the public as long as the laws permit them to do so. We will never eliminate economic exploitation and political corruption unless we eliminate extreme wealth. I recommend a maximum wage that is five times the minimum wage, and a ban on private property ownership above a few million dollars in total value. Free market capitalism can continue via a horde of small investors, without the dominance of an uber-rich upper class. Government should protect and promote the interests of the common people -- not the interests of a wealthy ruling class.

Visible said...

Sovereignty; If I said that I was in my cups and I apologize. It doesn't happen often, however, your argument that a 100 doesn't help me is horseshit (grin). You don't want to give don't give, I don't mind but I do mind the rationalizations. No one has to send me any money and I don't ask, conversely it is nice when someone does and I am about to take a trip shortly and so it is my hope that the tap opens just a bit.


bholanath. i am definitely not going to Tijuana or any border town but the town I am going to is not that far from the border; email me. Several people are coming down from the Houston group that reads at the blogs and I expect others will too. You are just about my favorite person and I would so love to do some improvisational, extemporaneous singing with your drum work. That's something I probably do better than any of the other things I do and with your drums boy, would we light up the room. Love you brother.

Neko Kinoshita said...

And here I was just going to complement the point at which instruction and guidance become no more that a mute finger pointing the way.
Perhaps it is just us pointing at ourselves, as the point where the fault lies as well.

Endure. Indeed.

But the comment section goes off into its own pattern, how interesting.

Hey Visible! If we are all your children can I call you Daddy?

I’ve been commenting here off and on for a long time, can I get all self-righteous now and claim to hold the higher ground? Many have done it here, is it my turn now? I could be like Godsend (sent by something alright) and presume to tell you just how you should go about “finding God.” After all, there is no path other than the one I walk, and the rest of you are doomed, or is that damned? I can claim to have cornered the market on faith, and tell you that you shall all burn for failing to listen the TRUTH (copyright and trademark my one true god, accept no imitations)…

Perhaps I’ll defer it.
(I do have to admit I titled my book “Faith” but then I never claimed NOT to be an idiot)

We all stumble around in our communications, both here and in the rest of the world as well, so I have no fear about coming here and claiming that I know nothing at all, even when I’m making statements like I do. I just keep dousing my tail since the divine takes such delight in igniting it. And then I come home to Visible’s blogs just to enjoy the warm companionship of the light. I count so many of you as friends, more than I have anywhere else.

It just get’s tiresome be “the crazy one.” And don’t they call you that sometimes Laurel? Helping someone who can use it gets you those funny looks from the crowd every time doesn’t it?

I know it is past the beginning, but it builds so very slowly, that many don’t feel it. It’s going to seem to be here all at once, simply because we aren’t looking at it. Dust is so distracting.

Just enduring, here in the cul-de-sac (actually posing from the tower),


Anonymous said...

to live is to endure ?

A blindfolded shadow
"I" searched all over the flat wall
Enduring the shining truth ...

Alpha Silex said...

If anyone has the time, hope you can check these great songs out.

Foo Fighters "Times Like These"

Dave Grohl "Walk" and "The Pretender"

Chris Cornell covering "Redemption Song" and "What's So Funny About Peace, Love & Understanding"

I was able to see Ziggy Marley ten days ago and blessed to meet his opening performer, Leon Mobley. One of the NICEST people I ever met. Foo Fighters this Thursday and Chris Cornell, later this month, God willing. I saw Manzarek and Krieger of The Doors on Saturday and had to leave halfway through. The sounded great, but something was so lazy and slob like about the guy singing Jim's songs, that I just couldn't take it. I met and sang for Robby Krieger 11 years ago which was really cool, maybe I'm just salty that it wasn't me up there. I would have blown his doors off. Oh well.

Anonymous said...


Send me the 2G's and get a donkey, ok? I will wash, tend and oil your feet when you get to the border country.

For Sucks Fake peep-les.



Ben said...

bholanath @ 6:31:00 PM,

I guess I'm the one you're addressing since I'm the only one that frequently refers to God as "Father Creator". And it is me that frequently writes of the sayings of the Old Testament prophets as well as the sayings of Jesus the Redeemer of all.

I apologize to bholanath and to anyone else I might have offended with my words. It has never been my intent to "preach".

My love to all,

Visible said...

What it means is that we are all going to be together at some point.

And Ghana, I see your weird sense of humor is at work again, meaning I have no idea what you are talking about (grin).

Visible said...

Ben, he's not talking about you (I don't think).

Chas, old pip - Am I a snake or a shark? said...

It was a bold and beautiful article (on one of those blogs where you're thinking,it's too good to be true... and free? now this is really a mystery, yum!) which became a wee bit bogged down in the comments section as the Beastly Egovril persuaded the saints to come stomping home and git me some scalps whilst chore at eat, my fine pineal gland telemetry snackaroos.

For sure!
Indeed you do... nothing of the sort you just put up with it because you nah-nah-nah-nah-nah haven't got much bloomin' choice doo yah? Well go right ahead and jump or whatever, be my guest. Ahaha. Herhm. Yes, okay someone will probably miss you for a while and then life goes on. And on and on. And on? And maybe the karma thing is cool like school where ya git sum lernin dun (hysterical laughter) or maybe it's a stolen hot rod doing wheelies in a rage cage - maybe if but when then uhm er, later.
Wheel see, as we say. Oui.
Say no maw, say no maw, guv'
Anywaste, just a thawed - sorry to interupt. You lot just go ahead and

snark raving happy, hope you good too but fur purely selfish reasons
Good. Buy now.
(A shame it ain't mine to cell U. Whatdafuckupwitchew, dood? Use cells it to em anyway! Duh!)

Robin Redbreast said...

What a lot of comments!!
Had a very busy day in work - but was all good. Had supervision with my student (2nd week of her 6 week placement) - she's doing very well but is too hard on herself - and needed reminding that perfection isn't achievable and doesn't come without practice -and with learning and reflecting on mistakes.
Why am I posting this - sorry it's probably irrelevant - but isn't everything and nothing.

Just had an hour and a half bath, candles (dried sage on top) amethyst crystal and some singing along (Savage Garden and Morcheeba CDs- brought back some memorys - and surprisingly I still knew nearly all the words! (my tuning is so much better in the bath for some reason)).
Anyhows - enough of my tedious life - great to see so much activity here.
I hear Big Brother droning on the TV downstairs and my laptop is slowing down - gives me time to think I suppose...
Live love and peace
Robin xxx

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Les, since you're planning a trip to Mexico, and since Tezcatlipoca is the presiding Deity of this blog, I'll contribute the following comment.

Nietzsche described a dichotomy between the Greek cults of Apollo and Dionysos in his "The Birth of Tragedy." My own study of comparative mythology has shown me that there was an ancient astrotheology dating back to the Upper Paleolithic that became the basis of all the major religions. One aspect of that astrotheology was a dichotomous view of the solar Deity versus the Deity of darkness, death, and the celestial North Pole, a dichotomy which had regional expression as Apollo/Dionysos in Greece, Horus/Set in Egypt, Vishnu/Shiva (also Yama, Kubera, Ravana) in India, and Quetzelcoatl/Tezcatlipoca in Mexico.

In ancient Egypt the circumpolar Little Dipper constellation was known as the Jackal of Set, and the name of the Hindu god Shiva means "Jackal." The Hebrew word shiva means seven, and there are seven stars in the Little Dipper. Shiva is a seven-day mourning period in the Jewish tradition.

Like Vishnu, Quetzelcoatl "had taught, quite specifically, that living things were not to be harmed and that human beings were never to be sacrificed, but only 'fruits and flowers of the season'."
The Feathered Serpent - Free Online Library

I could say much more about this subject, but that will do for now.

TRUTH_made_VISABLE said...

The mirror reverb
check your premise
what do you deserve [if you live with no nerve]

if the history is a lie [and it is]
then today you know why they die

noble founding fathers?
or an upsidedown narrative
intersecting with linguistic occlusion
called "the bible"
to give all of YOU an illusion [unrivaled]
that allowed you to sidestep your responsibility to motherfathersisterlover named fate
leading inexorably to this very hour: late

now that you have lost your footing
one more last gasp
truth is in the pudding

stop the fight people:
stop being white people

check:mate [the fire THIS time]

Anonymous said...

I was asking the sweet lady Rosie if she would be Ok with you sending me your travel funds, and if she would feel betta' if you rode a donkey from Europe to the east gate of a border country; near friends. Upon arriving I will have spent your dole on tahini and miso for our belly, prickly pear soap for cleansing yours and the donkeys tired feets, aloe Vera (Rosie' nice sister) {c;) for tending ya'lls' hooves, and first press olive oil for soothing the patas. Beats flying; your old arms might fall off, and the donkey? What if a north bound goose hit the south end of your ass? Ohhhh, the hee-hawing would be ear splitting.

Oh yeah, I put it in my pipe and smoked it too. Frosty, sticky and a sweet taste, but like a train wreck my man Bholanath. Aye, chihuahua, it tastes' bueno.

We need as peoples to peep-Les into your situation and look where our attention goes.

Forgive me for the cloudiness I'm feeling less visible, for it was the haze.



The Suck Fakes wuz Fuck Sakes; just didn't want Godsend to hear me. {c;)

There is smoke in my mirror, kitchen, bathroom, closet..., shit my house is on fire...

nope, just me walkin the path with the doobie brothers and playing for change. Got damn (play on words) smokey though.

Over and dosed, roger.

Robin Redbreast said...

Perhaps I should add some more to what I posted.
I noticed several birds of prey soaring over the hospital where I work today (whilst out having a ciggy) I've not noticed them before today - but perhaps I just haven't looked?
It's been a grey old day here in da Wales - but a beautiful day. Even the spiders have been busy against the house - spinning their webs to catch their preys. It may seem cruel or even evil - but have you really studied the beauty of a spider's web? Damp with dew or rain drops sparkling like jewels.
There's two sides to a spider's web too - but both can get you tangled up if you are small enough to get caught off your guard and don't focus on what is exactly around you- looking behind you or trying to see into the distance could be enough to take your eyes off the road and what's here in front of you Presently. Keep focussing on the only thing that matters and thevother matters don't matter then anyhow.
Live love peace

Anonymous said...

Just felt another quake here in Tulsa, OK. Gotta say it is an odd sensation. It was stronger than the ones over the weekend. Nothing broken. MV

Darrell of Saxony said...


How anyone can complain about $15 for your priceless masterpiece is beyond me. I read the first 82 pages that you graciously provided as a sample and thought that you had posted the whole work! At that point, I paid for the download not expecting that there was more. I am still digesting the “free” portion. The kind lady who complained doubtless did not even read the portion which was given free of charge. Without pondering her possible motives in writing I am still compelled to wonder what world she lives in. I have never contributed a cent to your work yet read your blog on a daily basis in amazement and could never begin to tell you how much I am enlightened by you style, content and delivery. I am glad to have had a way to make some small contribution to your work as a way of just saying thanks. Knowing you as I think that I do, I am sure that you would gladly provide your work upon request to anyone who could not afford the small fee. The content is sufficient testimony of your character. Some people will always seek to find fault in the work of others. Since your content is flawless, the only criticism she could offer was unrelated to the opus. Take this as a high compliment. I am sure that you have more insight as to this matter that most of your readers.

Hopefully your critic has upon reflection realized the petty nature of her comments and will take time to read the portion that has been freely given and profit from the great wisdom which you have shared. Your time is too valuable to scratch every fleabite that comes your way. Don’t crush that dwarf, hand me the pliers.

Steve said...

To that Godsend guy , how dare he insult Krishna. He is what I call a 'spiritual snob' he believes he has the truth ( because he read it in a book somewhere ). It is very likely that the Jesus is linked closely to krishna as a reincarnation. All the Hindu gods including Jesus are linked. Godsend perhaps under christianity is being tricked by the dark. Anyone that states this or that as the only truth has been suckered via their own self importance that the dark easily manipulates.

Robin Redbreast said...

Sorry it's a BBC link: ;)
Happening today apparently:
** Giant asteroid to pass near Earth **
An asteroid some 400m across is set to pass by the Earth, on a path closer to us than the Moon - though it poses no danger.
< >
You have to copy and past it -
LLP xxx

Richie (Dana) said...

Hey Alpha,
Thanks for the tunes.
What I liked most was understanding you better.

I was watching my Godsend "friend" beat the crap out of us and thinking to myself....These people are the cat's meow of earthly life.

So many of you amaze me daily. I always had this little gift that Les has, to see the person behind the words. He knows what I mean.

I think we will all have it in spades very soon, plus much more.

I want to name all of you that I see clearly, but hesitate for fear of missing someone. At risk of repeating myself, there has never been a time in my life when I was close to so many amazing souls. This is the doing of Mr. Visible. Kudo's my good man.

If God is there, then I promise you that we will all stand together and finally say hi, face to face. Nothing less is acceptable to me.

My response to the last of Godsend would be this.
Sir......Can you for one moment just stop with the platitudes and religious instruction and just listen to what is happening here? assimilate what these people are really saying.
It is not the words you say, but the intent behind. God does not need your help to save souls. He is omnipotent. Do you understand that word? It means he does not require or need you. Why is it so.....important to come here and "rescue" us with "luck".
You, my good man, took on this obligation that is not required.
I saw some of these good people appeal to you, to just stop and try to see what things are really out there. (Sigh)

So....I began this current dialogue in a depressed state, which happens to all true humans. I finish it on a high supported by the most awesome group of people I have ever encountered.

I cannot resist a special word for Ben. Just stop with the apology. I have never seen Les beat you up and this is his little world. I know that many appreciate your words as much as I, for one reason. They are true, and from the heart, which is all that matters here.

Godsend, please understand that I am insane and beyond any help you can provide. It is really not so bad being fucking crazy....after all......look at all these insane friends I have.
You may want to try this for yourself one day. You did mention trying other things. Just saying......
The Bible says that "By their works you shall know them". The "work" that you did when first coming here on this day and beating on the writer of this blog did not endear me to you. You then follow this with the lame attempt to encourage us all to vacate because of Hinduism and garden paths. I am sick to death of garden paths and recognize them quite well. I know nothing about being a Hindu.
Considering that I now realize where it is that you come from, I will leave you with this.

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 1 Corinthians 13:11.

And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

(Matthew 18:2-6 ESV)

Do these texts contradict?
I think not.
The one and only reason I bothered to even write this is that I always have this need to support others who struggle through as I do, and I hope some of it rings. I assure you that it is from the heart.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

What I wrote in my previous comment about a dichotomy between solar Deities and Deities of darkness, night, death, and the celestial North Pole may cause people to wonder if that same dichotomy pertains to Christianity. The answer is yes, it does.

Jesus Christ is obviously a Solar Deity (You can read Acharya S. or watch "Zeitgeist" for more about that.), and Satan is a Deity of darkness and death that functions in opposition to Jesus Christ. In name and function, Satan resembles the Egyptian god Set. Like Shiva, Vaishravana, and Poseidon, Satan carries the Trident. The Trisul or Trident is a symbolic World Tree or World Mountain. The Japanese kanji (symbol) for "mountain" is a trident, and the Japanese word for mountain is "yama." Yama is the name of the Hindu god of Death, comparable to Hades, Pluto, and Set.

The Greek god Poseidon ruled not only the oceans, but also the Cosmic Ocean that surrounds the earth. Poseidon, Dionysos, and Set were all makers of earthquakes.

Vaishravana, also known as Kubera, is the Chinese and Japanese god of Wealth and the Regent of the North. Vaishravana is the Buddhist version of the Hindu god Kubera, who is likewise the god of Wealth and Regent of the North. Sometimes Vaishravana is depicted holding a parasol instead of a Trident. The parasol is symbolic of the World Axis and the overarching sky. In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Ravana is Kubera's half-brother and Ravana is opposed by Rama, an incarnation of the solar god Vishnu. The Ramayana is a seasonal mystery play about the kidnapping of the Earth goddess Sita by Ravana, the Regent of the North, and Sita's rescue by her husband, the solar god Rama.

Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas is, like Vaishravana or Kubera, a god of Wealth and Regent of the North Pole. The name of Saint Nicholas refers to the nicht or night, and his festival occurs at the winter solstice. Satan is likewise known as Old Nick. Red is the color of Satan, Santa, and Set. "He (Set) is also shown as a man with red hair and eyes, or wearing a red mantle, the Egyptians believing that bright red was a color of evil.

Zoroastrianism and the Abrahamic religions abandoned the doctrine of Reincarnation that was held by most of the ancient world. In Zoroastrianism, Hell is reformative and all souls eventually attain Heaven, but in Christianity and Islam Hell is a place of eternal Damnation. Jews believe in a variety of theories about Hell. The intolerance of the Abrahamic religions may be due in part to the concept of eternal Damnation. It's easier to write somebody off when you think that they might be Damned by God.

gurnygob said...

Les I don't know if you picked up on the fact that I have 2 very very small blogs.

Yes this is my attempt at soliciting some cheap advertising.

It would be nice if some ‘one’ or maybe even two of the brother and sisters could pop over and lend a little support, maybe leave a comment or two.

I know, I’m shameless, but what can I say.

You can find the link to my other blog from the main site.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, another link from the BBC to add to the one you have.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a "liar" in remarks to US President Barack Obama overheard by journalists.

"I can't stand him anymore, he's a liar," Mr Sarkozy said in French.

"You may be sick of him, but me, I have to deal with him every day," Mr Obama replied.

hee hee hee. of course it won't stop Obama doing what he is told.


Dr. Alpha Silex, Acting Procter of Proctology, By Proxy said...

Richard, thanks so much for the kind words, my friend and I'm glad you took the time to check the tunes out. What a long, strange, INTENSE trip it has been. I need to thank Vis and all of you for this great forum where insanely sane folks like us can share our reflections and thoughts about this transitional phase we're passing through. EVERY little thing, GONNA be alright! Peace, God bless and love to all. Thank you.

Denny said...

Two weeks ago I witnessed chemtrails over the skies of Sweden. Today's news declares that the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm is now monitoring an "unusual amount of lung infections with many cases leading to pneumonia".

What a coincidence.


Talking of lung infections...

R. Redbreast:

"(whilst out having a ciggy)"

A spider's web sure can get you tangled up if you're off your guard and don't focus on what's around you.

Anonymous said...

thunder willow
shooting star
hearted rumble
sweeping far
lightning whistle
unions reach
crushing falsehood
pounding deep
rising fully
echoed through
vibrance flowing
dynamic truth
freedom pounces
instance raws
the path within
light does pour


Anonymous said...

I have to admit I prefer that Godsend dude to Robin H. At least he can stick to a topic, and his ego doesn't force us to view the minutia of his daily BS, as if we cared.

Robin H. you need to get out and find a friend. It appears that you think that we give a fuck about your day.

katz said...

Gregory F says Jesus Christ is obviously a Solar Deity (You can read Acharya S.

I don't know that, and neither does that person. I can't stand that Acharya S. I always think that she/he/it is a zionist tool, who's purpose is to ONCE AGAIN bash Christians, and Jesus. BTW, did you know that the name Yeshua is an insult to Jesus? In Hebrew.

I don't know what happened, during those years, but when I read the teaching of Jesus, I am inspired.

And, the fact that the Jews hate him so badly makes me love him all the more. Perhaps Jesus was the perfection of a man. I wish I could have had a conversation with him, he was inspiring.

Anonymous said...

union vibrance
heavenly sun
livened patterns
deep in one
winding forward
stirring peace
almighty truth
west and east
north and south
nature calling
where hearts gather
earth is forming
vibrant streaks
where truth blows
rainbows lift
the light does glow


Robin Redbreast said...

Half day today :)
Brilliant video - you have to cut and paste:
The Ancient Order - Money Tree
LLP xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow Les. I stepped away for a minute and missed all the good stuff going on. Now that's a spicy meatball!... like they say... yup, good eatin.


Anonymous said...

old man of the flowers
calm of the seas
unfolding all sentiment
riding the breeze
electrifying everywhere
divine essence calls
where the birds reach
the truth rises all
a tempest of mountain
eternitys brush
in lines of all wonder
the universe touch
circling everyway
freedom ingrains
liberation gathers
lifts the high waves


Anonymous said...

via Homer..


If one looks to the source of Ravana (and his brother) doesn't this open up a whole new field of vision?

Jaya and Vijaya.

Anonymous said...


It would seem to some few souls that a contribution to your blog gives them fractional ownership of you. They act upon this conviction.

This tendency is even more pronounced when such souls send a donation to your blog.


just me, Laurel A. said...

TO 3:03 pm Anonymous said...
"I have to admit I prefer that Godsend dude to Robin H. At least he can stick to a topic, and his ego doesn't force us to view the minutia of his daily BS, as if we cared."
seriously dude? we have to tell you where to go to enjoy godsend's site? you do realize it isnt on this site, right? just wondering :) .....and, robin is more than welcome here. we like him. i like him. you dont like him? you like godsend? please tell me again, why you are here? just dont read his comments. no one ever comments on godsend's page, so maybe he would enjoy a little company over there, if you want to read less robin, and more you and godsend.

and gurnygob, hell i would go over to your site and help out, but you bit my head off so bad over here, i hesitate to to submit myself to more :)

gurnygob said...

This is Just to say thanks to all who took the time to stop by. Gee I’m all chuffed now and thanks to those who left a comment.

I know I will never write like our Les does. Besides I don’t think I would welcome the responsibility that comes with the territory he walks in. (Truth) receiving truth is hard enough but being able to articulate it so eloquently is quite another.

I just like having somewhere to rant and get things of my chest even if I am only talking to myself.(grin)
Thanks again and you too Les.


Dan said...

Lyrics from Neil Peart of RUSH:

"Stick it out, don't swallow the poison.
Spit it out, don't swallow your pride.
Stick it out, don't swallow your anger.
Spit it out, don't swallow the lies..
stick it out! Stick it out!"

I believe this applies...

thx Les!

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