Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Zombie Children from Dead Weight City.

Dog Poet Transmitting........

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Oh the nausea, the horrific, 'can't take your eyes' off it, slow motion train-wreck of the shiny eyed, zombie children from Dead Weight City. There's no need to list the many incidents of shopper rage and police over reaction. An old grandfather, was beaten into a bloody pulp, for suspected shoplifting, because he was trying to save his grandson from being crushed. All this and much more, to buy shit that sits in closets or winds up in the landfill shortly after. Several incidents involved video games and the electronics to play them. This is how desperate escapism has become. They don't register why they need it so bad but that's why. They want to get away but they don't know where to go and the ultimate escape hatch is in your head. It's either violent death or alternatively porn. Ordinary porn is passe. Now we need porn on steroids; pneumatic tits that point straight up in the horizontal, like the nose cones of rockets for the imagination, hearkening back to some kind of messed up breastfeedingthing in the early days.

Ordinary porn is... ordinary, perfunctory, tired and going through the motions. The money shot has replaced whatever it was that we have forgotten, that once took up our time in place of it, just like all those stretches of time that are now occupied by the cellphone. What did we do before? When you go to the forums to read about new cellphones, supposing you need one, like a soon to be traveling (where am I going) something or other, you find that the top concern is whether the phone will play certain games. The game of life isn't exciting enough? Is excitement really what you want? Watching a movie is different than being in it. Like Bilbo once said in an exchange with Gandalf (I think); paraphrasing... 'When you read about adventures in books, you always think about how exciting and glamorous they are. You don't realize that sometimes it means sleeping on an uncomfortable tree root in a heavy rain and worse'.

I'm not down on cellphones or electronics in this information age. These are necessary tools for me; not the cellphone, but even that is temporarily very convenient. What gets me is the hunger and 'me first, you later, maybe' mindset and I'm going to get into the why and wherefore of that now but... not before I say a little more about porn and video games. Porn is what happens when you are incapable of romance, either because you are indifferent to it, don't possess it or are terribly insecure about the vulnerability and honest risk that comes with it. Because of the tsunami of titillation and sensory video coming through the eye camera, or latterly through the hard disk of the brain, innocence is gone. It's gone in elementary school. Attendant with this is the epidemic of tits in 5th and 6th grade because of the hormones in everything. Perverse as it may seem, a lot of this child molestation and kiddie porn fascination has to do with a drive to recover one's innocence without being aware of it at all. It's also about power and being in control because we don't feel in control and we desperately desire it.

Ordinary porn is ordinary. As the condition progresses you need a stronger hit. This is the same with video games; the kills have to be more spectacular, the villains more menacing, the blood-splatters more convincing. With porn, there are a couple of things going on. One of them is an intentional desire on the part of those producing it to corrupt the human mind and drag it down, into a cesspool of twisted shit and unbearable guilt, for the purpose of enslavement and spiritual death. I don't need to go into who owns more than 90% of it, or that most of it is done in the US, or that most of that is filmed in The Valley, which is to LA what Brooklyn is to New York.

Now there is this rapidly growing fascination with bestiality and there are videos that involve camels, horses and even elephants, dogs are ubiquitous and kids are watching them and even acting in them and doing it on their own and uploading it to the internet in some cases. I don't want to go into what's out there. It's worse than you think.. Ergo, the powerful drive for innocence in some fashion, however reversed and screwed up it is. A few years ago there was this news article about all these twelve and thirteen year old girls making sex appointments with older men in London so that they could become more empowered shoppers. We already know about rent boys.

The crazed shoppers are simply driven, like the porn addicts, from another energy center in the body. Think of your chakras as the different floors in a building, where the garden area is on the upper floors and objects and actions for various utility can be found from the ground up. Each of these energy centers are like stops in an elevator. When you 'get off' (pun intended) on a particular floor, the environment of that floor completely surrounds you. Only the things relevant to that floor are on that floor and it is possible to believe that this is the only floor of the building and... people do. People become fixated on enjoying what is available at different floors without realizing a very important truth. The enjoyment factor intensifies- and that includes all the lower floors that you may or may not visit- on the return trip. What was just ordinary sex on one floor, become divine union on another and the only real difference is who or what you are having it off with. Go read the writings of mystics through the centuries. The Song of Solomon is an example of this. I speak from experience when I say that intercourse on the high end, blows ordinary intercourse out of the water; unintentional puns continuing.

Think about this, the chakras are electromagnetic. Women are magnetic, men are electrical. Truly grasp the permutations of this and you could build a flying saucer, relatively easily, if you had the components. You do have the blueprints, if you know where to look. Da Vinci, Tesla and others have been there to a greater or lesser degree. Leonardo DiCaprio has not been there. The word processing software knew his name. It did not know Da Vinci's.

Certain forces in the external world have generators that operate on the electromagnetic centers and galvanize and excite them. Those most susceptible, become the crazed shoppers or porn addicts or video game junkies, or whatever. In a time of material darkness, the general activation powers are centered on the bottom three energy vortexes. Depending on the relative degree of light and darkness, depends on whether there is, whatever amount of traffic there is, on the upper floors. What happens out here is dependent on who is operating from the manifest version of the upper floors, which is not the same as The Upper Room.

When you feel a pull on some part of your person, you either submit, or you sublimate, or you wrestle. That's it, baby. The propensity to submission, is the greatest in the collective mind; in times of darkness, the aggregate force of this affects all of us, whether we are so disposed or not and this factors into the general malaise or frenzy, depending on the differing narcotic values. It factors in to the deep sense of personal unrest, the rise of atavistic apprehension, the sense of enforced detachment, alienation, fear, FEAR and on a physically expressed level; disease, violence, punishing acts of deception... you can add to the list and forgive my less than eloquent handling of this paragraph. I just want to get through it. I literally just want to get through it. Now there's a pun that serves to confuse if anything (grin).

There are steps you can take to counteract these things but most people don't know what they are or lack the partnership of determination and imagination to create their own, which is altogether possible if you have spent any time on the upper floors. This is why I got/get high. Sometimes, people like me have to get high to blow the carbon out of their jets; to clean the fuel injection system and to lubricate the machinery. In times of darkness the power of what presses us down, is of such an intensity that you need booster rockets to break out of the atmosphere. I'm just speaking for myself and I know that there are some who can manage the whole affair without this necessity but I wasn't born into a family of aware Brahmins of the Eastern type and I haven't had the benefit of surrounding fellowship in a 'functional' community of kindred spirits. Call it weakness if you like, or an excess of spirit and impatience. Call it a response to gratitude. I call it survival tactics and I'm still here and in pretty good shape considering. I wouldn't be if I was sitting in a bar and a whole lot of people aren't; see, that's another feature... offsetting the general trend with a propulsion device in the opposite direction. One of the main things a Hermetic Scientist learns is that you have to swim in the opposite direction of the other fish, without running into them.

I could have gotten a little more finely detailed here but that's what the archives are for. You can't be comprehensive with three and a half word-processor pages at a toss. I suspect we'll engage some of this when we see each other shortly, as some of us will. Meanwhile and independent of that, you've already got all that. It's knowing where to look and how to find the visitors center, or information desk that is the problem. Most people don't know that The Akashic Records are contained in a library quite similar to any library you may have ever been in; “as above, so below”. I tried to briefly detail this in “The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World”.

This is a time of summing up and I can't say that emphatically enough. It is very personally important; more important than anything else you have gotten up to. Get through the challenge and you have a wide and unhindered skate, as if you had your own Norwegian fjord and with far more entertaining inlets, coves and what have you, which put the secret portals and levels of any video game to shame. You have to become like a postman; through rain and hail, sleet and fog, or whatever the conditions. Get used to it and it's not that hard. Get committed and it is much easier. Discipline is like a tree at the various stages of its growth and it will definitely shelter you later on. The key is to love it and then it's not work at all. Loving it may only be a matter of realizing where it leads and... some things you have to take on faith.

So it is for us at this time and it is going to get a lot easier or a lot harder and that's up to you. Some choices may seem hard but the cost of not making them is a lot more expensive in the long run. Hitch your wagon to a star, you're a whole lot better than you think you are.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I don't do black Friday. In fact, I don't do Christmas, or anything else. Thanksgiving was vegetarian, under 2000 calories for the whole day, and I went on a nice hike, exploring a trail; alone. Just another day.

When I scanned the headlines and checked out a couple of videos on the black Friday antics, I just went into contempt overload. How easily programmed the species is, and how. . .um. . .oh, I can't think of a polite way to put it. Seems like a lot of them can't think themselves their way out of a paper bag.

How many can think for themselves any more?! Well, obviously you can, and most of the readers of this blog, but from those that I know personally. . .uh. . .I give up.

Yeah, in my past I did have a short stint with an interest in porn but I got bored with the pointlessness of it all, I never got into the video games much, and don't have an IPod, IPad, cell phone, or any other present age toy. I see them as distractions, and I can do without those. I consider them a nuisance.

And people think I'm weird for being a tad more pragmatic. Then again, I don't have 5% of the problems they have, either.

Some times I wonder if people are addicted to difficulties they can't get themselves out of. They sure get themselves into enough of them.

tmcfall said...

Great insights..Thank You Les...I have to get a copy of Darkening Splendor now
Tom in Tempe Arizona

Anonymous said...

Best, beautiful thanks for that one, Les.

Visible said...

Just in case some people don't click on the link in the text, here's Patrick Willis with the latest. He went for a trip into the archives apparently. I'm thinking he went to read The Virtual Cathedral and wound up reading on and ran into this, I don't know and haven't checked but, well, anyway;

A Place Called Gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff as always Les. Having a front row seat to this Shinar spectacle is nauseating yet great at making one appreciative of inner liberty. Truly truly truly liberty comes from within :)


samiraji said...

This blog really was the icing on my Sunday cake, Les!! I never understood why people like porn (always put me off), but now I got a better idea. Thanks, love and light from our backwater residence. Hope you'll make it here eventually. Samira :-)

swapmeet Louie (the trailerpark king) said...

Some movie was on and a character said to another what is the matter with people, the answer they're human. The 80s porn was fun, if you view it as entertainment or sport it is quite hilarious and the music is fun. I have to go now the cheese doodles ran out and my nascar bib has barby-q sauce all over it, I'll go to the sack n' save and get some more even if I have to trample people with a pair of old combat boots.

Zoner said...

It was quite telling went I went to see the Trailer Park Boys live recently - a rare night out amongst the masses for me.

The show was held in an old restored Vaudeville theater, and everywhere you looked there was intricate detail and art built into the walls and ornamentation. It was a truly beautiful place to just sit and observe not only the people, but the room itself.

When intermission arrived and the lights came up halfway, I thought I'd engage in one of my favorite pastimes - people watching. Within moments of the lights coming up, I would say easily 60-70% of the crowd were transfixed by their hand-held devices, faces light by the soft glow of the tools in their hands. They looked like zombies.

I also recall with great shock the exact moment this disease became present in my mind. It was a simple commercial for a simple product, but I knew exactly what it meant.

"Twix - 2 for me, NONE for you"!

I'm seeing it this way. One can scramble to collect all the tools offered by the world, maybe even kicking someone's ass along the way, and see where that gets you, or just surrender and offer yourself up as a tool for the greatest gamer of them all.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..


Your family is lovely.

Zoner said...


Is there an app for that?

Anonymous said...


Sorry I can't hotlink. Miss ya George.

Visible said...

Yes, it's called the soul, access it through the heart (grin).

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that pepper spraying Black Friday shopper was a zionist plant. To continue their beloved role model of immature and greedy behavior. Notice how her name is not being released, still this morning. If zionists are anything, they are the hambone actors of the universe. Since '75 I have heard, 24/7 stories about the Holocaust, complete with overacting and inaccurate details (the left wing jews are not as smart as they think) until I want to scream. And as we all know now, the gays are following the same plan, also 24/7 until I want to scream. A man named Ginsberg said long ago that whoever owns the media, dictates the culture so this pepper spraying stooge is supposed to be our example of how the zionists want us to act. I went out Friday. To replace a needed item in my home that got ruined, NOT to Xmas shop. I was nice. I smiled at two people. I hope a zionist saw that and puked. Teach your children well...

est said...

[app for that]

that was funny

i love you guys

[and you girls know
i love you, too]

[especially, the nurse]

Frank Redfield said...


Anonymous said...

compulsive debasement
disfunctional crime
debilitated suffering
confusion is blind
societal breakdown
degraded misuse
communal detachment
institutional abuse
fabricated system
falsehoods false law
a war on for heart
where unity forms
of awe that inspires
the vast great immense
questions of universe
the wide feilds of sense


Frank Redfield said...

Anonymous, you said the Gays followed the same plan as the zionists, could you elaborate?

Elvis Hitler said...

For some funny Nazi stuff on the tubes of innernetts look up Hipster Hitler or the Mein Kamfy Chair meme, it is hilarious and pisses off hooknoses like nothing else. A Lolocaust, Ahahah, Hail Santa!

Anonymous said...

If the zombies act like this for uneeded junk, I wunder how they will act when It's needed things like water and food. I'm counting my lucky stars from the sticks and thankful that I'm culturally deprived. Best to all, from Minnesota

Anonymous said...

The truth of the following statement is probably very hard for some to accept,...but I thought this comment to be spot on,....
...especially when you factor in some of the newer, more decadent pornography,....

"Porn is what happens when you are incapable of romance, either because you are indifferent to it, don't possess it or are terribly insecure about the vulnerability and honest risk that comes with it".

I've lived with Topless Dancers, ....dated bar-hops in Hungary who's part-time job was to manage the clients of the prostitute dancing on the stage, etc....seems that almost all financially based sex entertainment sprouts from your observant comment...


RJ O'Guillory
Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

Tom Lowe said...

Porn is Kool-Aid.

Romance is a banquet.

Anonymous said...

If the answer is to behave. Is the question to be or to have?
If I choose to be then I am granted that in which I need to have regardless of my view point. If I choose to have then I am deaf, dumb and blind to the messages of being and yes, a blind squirrel finds a nut every once and awhile . When I am being there is the want for nothing and transmutation happens as the seed of Divine inspiration finds fertile ground to bloom. I see the beauty in everything; alchemy. When I must have something that seems more precious than being I see the flaws, hurdles, and obstacles in everything and a process of manipulation takes precedence over transmutation; separation, e, g., porn, games, impious movies, consumerism, indoctrination. It marches on into oblivion. Mental masturbation provided by the gang of Anti-humans with separated hearts and minds. In order to be a soldier for profit you must separate heart and mind. In order to be an athlete for profit you must separate heart and mind. In order to represent the Creator for profit you must separate heart and mind. In order to horde land, resources, and pump fear from your well you must separate heart and mind. Atheism (cold) and Satanism (hot) are polar ends of the God thermometer radiating from mind and heart separation. In my reality God is visible in the mild zones of my radiation where heart and mind swirl together and I am just being.

When the knock of the world to have gets to loud I give myself a herbal swirly. It feels less visible in the zone of being and I feel blended not shaken or stirred {c;)


w.v; porman - a dude with a life story riddled with wholes and singing songs that are like a sieve letting the love flow. I want to meet this dude.

Pete said...

"In times like these, the wise run for the hills." Les Visible

My heart says that many of us have a dharma that is to stay in the midst of this lunatic asylum for whatever reason, at least for a time. How badly would I like to retreat permanently sometimes. I guess you cant know the light without the dark.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Another great blog, Les. "One of the main things a Hermetic Scientist learns is that you have to swim in the opposite direction of the other fish, without running into them." I could have done better avoiding the other fish before I lost my career, but I also found that as soon as they notice that you are swimming in the opposite direction, many of them will do whatever they can to take you down and kick you out of their section of current.

After hearing about Sasha Baron Cohen's blatantly anti-Muslim film "Borat" (2006), I wanted to replace the soundtrack with a dialogue text that presented Borat as a Jew visiting his home in Israel and post it on Youtube. My replacement dialogue would show Sasha Baron Cohen as the Zionist bigot that he is. However, I didn't have the computer skill to do that. In Sasha Baron Cohen's next films, he will portray Freddy Mercury and Saddam Hussein.

I smoked a lot of cannabis and took LSD on about ten occasions when I was between 16 and 18, but I got to a point where I felt like I wasn't learning anything new from the drug experience, so I quit. I'm very sensitive to drugs, and it doesn't take as much to get me "there" as most people. When I take a hit or two of good cannabis, I go into a walking trance state that lasts for at least several hours. I don't feel comfortable talking to people because I can barely remember what any of us has said from one sentence to the next. I'm normally very brave as a pedestrian in traffic, but on cannabis or LSD I'm scared of crossing the street, like a little kid. I have never driven a car when stoned because I don't feel safe or competent, and on most jobs, a stoned me wouldn't be a reliable employee. I can't sit still and focus on a task, like writing, when I'm stoned. When I'm stoned, I feel most comfortable going for a long walk, preferably in Nature, until I come down. I hear a lot of amazing, unusual, and original music with profound philosophical lyrics when I'm stoned, and I do a lot of singing, but I seldom remember the melodies for more than a short while, and I usually forget the music and lyrics completely by the time I come down. I should carry a little portable recorder. Due to the scary and disruptive aspect of getting stoned for me, I've only done it a few times in the past decade, and the only part I really enjoyed was the musical inspiration, nearly all of it immediately forgotten. I can get a similar and better level of musical inspiration through discipline and immersing myself in music, so I favor the non-drug way to get that inspiration -- although I am not very good at disciplining myself. I manage a little better when I eat cannabis instead of smoke it, but either way is quite overwhelming for me. My experience with drugs is uniquely my own, and I avoid extrapolating it to other people's experience. I know a lot of people who cope better than I do on cannabis, but I remind myself not to envy them. My daily cannibis use at age 17 to 18 was accompanied by not graduating from high school at 17 and dropping out of college at 18, partly because I was walking around in a stoned fog for the larger part of most days.

Visible said...

They're not supposed to know that you are going in the opposite direction.

Anyway, I haven't smoked pot with any regularity in many years. Occasionally I might but very, very occasionally because it doesn't do for me what I use those sorts of things for. I used to use psychedelics in a regular fashion and now I don't- or haven't used them at all in some time. I've got all kinds of them laying about. The only thing I use is Ketamine because I can do some very effective work on it that would take a long time to explain and it also treats depression like nothing on Earth. The Swedes are now about to legalize it for that very purpose and other nations will follow. Typically, I can get anything you can name without much difficulty. I can't get K without a lot of difficulty. It seems to be one of those cosmic laws and it's not like it isn't around because it's all over the place.

Meanwhile, I just motor along as is and that's not half bad compared to what I see around me. I thought I had depressive tendencies but I can't hold a candle to most of the people around me. Most of the time, nearly all of the time I'm upbeat and having a great deal of fun; of course, I have to do it by myself.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

What I found at work was that I couldn't stay under the radar by keeping quiet, because if I didn't actively agree with or endorse the right things, I would get targeted anyway as being peculiar and an outsider. When I didn't share my opinions, they just created their own imaginary negative narrative about me. What I wouldn't bring myself to do is actively pretend to be exactly like them. I figured that was way too much work, and I didn't believe that I could put on a convincing act anyway, because that would require a level of preparation that I didn't want to do the homework for. After I left my ex-wife, I started posting political articles and comments on the Internet that found their way back to me at work. After a pair of Secret Service agents interviewed my supervisors at work about a couple of things I'd written, there probably wasn't much I could do to save my job, short of getting Saved and joining the National Guard.

There a two competing philosophies about work. One says that you do whatever it takes to earn a living. The other says that you only do what you love, and if you can't do that, you go hungry. I did the first one for nearly 25 years, and in retrospect I think that it was very unhealthy for me. Now I'm trying to live by the second philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Nah, Viva Mexico hermano! Las Familia gathers. Mas bueno loco.

Iris said...

Thanks for your comments on porn as I think it's made a tremendous impact on the arts, as in, why bother? I feel sorry for young people who might never experience the gift of yearning. I'm sorry for youth being robbed of the idealism that is romantic love, robbed of the conciousness and skills neccessary to sublimate desire into creativity, enabling them to recognize and immortalize their beloved.

Anonymous said...

Holy Smokum and its Apps

Ah cannabis. Haven't bought any since purchasing a pound of Wisconsin homegrown at an old dairy farm turned into a hippy commune back in the autumn of '74. Stayed in a teepee that night and paid a hundred bucks for the herbiage.

When cannabis is not bought or sold in this terminal stage of Kali Yuga, it is my belief that it might be described as Holy Smokum. Words like 'weed' or 'pot' might more accurately describe the commercial stuff, even if it smells purdy and tastes sweet. Chemicals can fool your rational, conscious mind dontcha know.

Different folks and their different strokes. Back in the Day there were three pretty much separate types of cannabis smokers: Loadies, stoners and heads. Loadies for the most part are people who find life too much of a burden and essentially cannot cope without pretty constant imbibulation of one mind-altering, or preferably buzzing- out substance or another. Stoners are mostly into social aspects of getting high with their buds. Heads are about accessing additional channels within one's own mind. There are, of course, no hard and fast boundaries amongst the three types, with considerable crossover, mostly between types one and two and two and three.

My own experience with the holy herb is to use it mainly as an energizer and psychic minesweeper. If i'm gonna be outdoors and doing things, why get high? Easy to go into a meditative state with whatever chores, tasks and adventures in creative living happen to be happening ~ except, perhaps, something like running a chainsaw. There is a narrow boundary between unalienated work and the sense and rythym of play. If your work is done by the clock, however, then it becomes subject to the rules of time and becomes, more often than not, alienated labor, toil even.

Indoors i'm another person. All too easy to get into an abstractive and even abstracted state. Lay around and read, maybe. Perhaps with attendant electronic noise, whether music or talk. Add some cannabis to the mix and all of a sudden abstractions dissolve and i get busy, busy, busy ~ whether it's creative work or merely long overdue indoor tasks.

Couple times on this blog, my writing has been "under the influence" as legalistics might describe it. Style gets breezier, more sperm of the moment, less specifically on topic, more broadly inclusive of elements transcending or perhaps just differentiated from the immediate.

Haven't smoked since a friend dropped by nearly 48 hours ago. So presumably the preceding paragraph does not apply to tonight's blogging.

Cannabis can be an escape, a toy, or a tool and, of course, medicine in the broader, traditional Native American sense. That cannabis remains illegal speaks volumes about the power that the Dark forces have over the governance of life in these Untied Skates of a Miracle.


Anonymous said...

For the past few months, in quiet moments, I hear music. Rather, I receive music. It manifests when completely straight and sober, but perhaps a bit sleep deprived.

The experience in not unlike all those instances of musical inspiration one experiences when under the influence of cannabis. What is different is the drama of its presentstion to me. There are no waterfalls of color or rushing currents or crashing waves or soundforms flowing like kaleidoscopic rivers of lava. Not a gaudy carnival of delights but the caress of a goddess.

However the essence of what I've been hearing is no less profound. It whispers its presence to me, this Muse gently caressing my being. It is similar to those moments of half-waking, when a particularly pleasant dream lingers and you're not aware if you're fully awake and you can still savor and extend the moment at will.

There's much to be said for an applied measure of sleep deprivaton. The Native American sweatlodge experience attests to this.


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Clif High has a new piece up.

Rather dire.


Anonymous said...

pierre said.

not for nothing do I think that 'they' are pushing more and more porn with males being shafted by chicks with dicks. (I get an overview of usenet porn across all the spectrum there)
just a primer for the things to come methinks. preps for pups from the perps.

ordinary porn, even, is like drinking milk as an adult. yeh, tastes good, good for you, but is it natural considering the evolutionary alternatives?is it regressive in a sense? is it one of those easy things that are not all that good for you?

it's (just about) all ok by me if the necessary conditions are met (no harm, proportionality, seeing it for what it is, and isn't, not letting it, well, get out of hand.).


wv: dernees. as I this morning pushed my physcial limits with this knee and joint thing, 'aint so bad, harder maybe in the long run taking it easy too much. time will tell. gain for pain is the question, and pain for easy is another.

Anonymous said...

Den of the Chaldes says:

Turn OFF your TV. Cut your cable!

Why participate in your own brainwashing?

Anonymous said...

I envision the chakras, and the different densities more like a layered sphere, than levels or floors of a building, each layer of course corresponding to the colors of the spectrum. We all start on the outside of the sphere, and take the journey inwards, to the Creator.

The center is the Creator, that's where we're heading. Each layer is denser than the previous, the closer you get to the core.

Our planet is transitioning between yellow and green, and it isn't an easy transition, because the majority of the people are vibrating in yellow and orange.

Those who are able to embrace the green vibration, they are the ones who will have it easier. You can't fight it, or resist it, it's here. It is an exciting time indeed.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong on the gay thing by the way, and it makes me question your motives, but I don't put people on pedestals, and that includes you, so I don't get all hot under the collar when you say something I'm in disagreement with.

You can view sexuality like a line, on the left you have the masculine, and on the right you have the feminine. In the center you have the crossover point. I have observed people all my life with this theory of mine, and I have yet to see an exception. Those on the outer edges, extremely masculine or extremely feminine, are the least spiritually advanced. The more people move towards the center, and embrace their gender's antithesis, and balance both, the more they grow spiritually.

Men embracing their feminine side are wonderful to be around, and that goes for women embracing their masculine side as well. The closer you get to the center, the less you are concerned about gender. Some hop over to the other side either temporally or permanently, they are bisexual and gay people, and they are leagues ahead of the rest on the outer edges when it comes to balancing opposites, in this case sexual opposites, just like we have to balance all opposites to open our energy centers (chakras) and grow. That’s why gays and bisexuals are so creative and imaginative.

I won't comment on this matter again, your views are your prerogative, but when you have a voice, you have a responsibility to remove you blind spots for the benefit and growth of you audience.

I have also noticed that people who refer to themselves as anti-Zionist are actually anti-Jewish altogether, but I suppose these lines have a way to getting a bit blurry. As for your coupling of gays with the Zionist agenda...that's just lame...and intellectually lazy.

You are welcome to respond to my post in your usual way, with a feigned insult directed my way. There is a reason why the children of gays fair much better than their peers, intellectually and spiritually. The studies are extensive on this.

You can throw empty words around day in and day out, but gays make their point with deeds, and last time I looked, results speak loudest. Their contribution to society in all spheres are noticeable.


Kray Z8 said...


Keep tellin' it like it is! Since I didn't get the chance, excellent blogs on RPD and VO, too.

It seems to me that those who would control us tip their hand by both the distractions they offer us and the diversions they prohibit or try to repress. It's two sides of the same coin; they promote total, narcissistic involvement in shallow, materialist, outward focused behaviour and objects, while trying to prevent practices and substances which enhance going inward and establishing a rapport with the Divine. Doesn't leave much doubt as to what supports their aims and what they fear will defeat them.

We all know what the conventional reality has to offer. Some of us are learning what the Source has to offer. As you so wisely point out, it's a simple choice; there is no contest.

That being said, it is a path that has its share of challenges and tests. Personally, I've been participating in some of those lately and the guidance and encouragement I get from your writings, LV, and from the shared thoughts and energies from the Friends have been a blessing in helping me to work through them. Thank You, Dog Poet, and Thanks, Howlin' Pack! Keep movin' toward the Light.

Peace, Love, Fortitude,


Visible said...

anonymous, I assume that is you Redfield, I didn't make any judgements on gay people and being hounded to make judgments at Facebook and so on does not advance your cause with me. If it's not you it still applies. Don't go looking for shit that isn't there or you'll step in the shit that is due to cosmic law.

I've had more friendly relationships with gay people than most and have defended them, even with my person and also nursed them to ugly death over considerable time. My beef has always been with the agenda of a certain collection of Jews who run all of the organizations and are using the movement for their own purposes. I will present my observations on the phenomenon when I get around to it and it wants to flow out. I didn't read your comment beyond what it took to realize that I didn't want to read it.

And I should say that remaining anonymous concerning this subject smacks of various dishonesties that you should be aware of, if you give it some thought; talk about standing behind something you care so much about and then not even doing so... pavum.

Visible said...

Gregory, about being at work; then you use humor and obscure inscrutability. Take what is said to you and turn it on its head, not difficult to do after a certain amount of application. You're probably aware of this. I don't want to give the impression that I'm schooling you because I know less than anyone else here but I have been able to do what I'm talking about and what it means is that there are many different sides of ourselves that we can reveal. We just have to choose which one that is.

I have a system that I use 24/7; With some people, "Hello" is the most I can say, so I say it sincerely. With others I can go a little further. I open myself to the level a person is at and then function from there, always mindful that depth charges can be potentially added now and again. I let other people determine how far we go and try... that is 'try' to maintain a cheerful detachment from the stickers, thorns and webs that adorn most people. It's not an easy dance until the time when there is enough 'less of me' to be equipped with the space to imply intimacy while being at a distance.

Visible said...

Stickman; Those definitions are spot on and I've lived with that awareness for as long as you have, coming out of the same state of awareness. I remember regularly saying to people, "No, you're not stoned, you're high". I used to do sacrament blessings whenever I engaged in anything and of course I still do, no matter what it is; "Lord, please bless and consecrate this food (or sacrament) to my body for the fulfillment of the great work".

For some people, marijuana works as the entrance to those doors of perception. For me it was always psychedelics and now, exclusively ketamine because I can effectively network with the divine just about all of the time and nothing else effects that for me without the side effects that I find noticeable and distracting. It's like when you find the right religion (grin), the right lady, the right whatever, it's enough for everything else.

For some reason, most people don't get the same thing from K that I do. For me it goes way past even what LSD and mushrooms can effect and has literally, almost no downside. The only one I can think of is that you don't want to be walking around when it gets to the apex and I've managed by this time to be able to do that too; primarily because life has forced me to on occasion (grin).

Strangely, the universe, or whatever we want to call it, makes it very difficult for me to acquire it so there are long periods of in between. I'd have to say that my life is pretty micromanaged at this point.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who "Redfield" is, but I have pretty much said what I needed to say in my initial post.

You think in black and white on this matter I'm afraid, and then top it off with sweeping generalizations backed by this black and white mindset.

Notice I said "on this matter", I think in general you have great insight across the board.

Not sure why me being anonymous indicates dishonesty. I don't have a Google Account, OpenID (whatever that is) or any of the other goodies I need in order to not be anonymous, and I don't plan on getting any of it either.


Visible said...

You don't need a google account buddy. You can just sign your name, unless you are ashamed of the very thing that you are so defensive about. I haven't said anything that can be construed the way you are painting and you pointedly ignored everything I had to say by way of clarity. You, my friend, are what is known as an anonymous troll who doesn't even have the courage to stand behind something you are so worked up about. As a result, your comments and your concerns are meaningless here except to expose you as a shit stirrer.

It doesn't matter what you say or think, everyone here knows that your failure to identify yourself in respect of what you claim to care so much about reveals you in a tragic and unfortunate light. I think it is all the more likely now that you are Redfield and unless you provide a provable identity or Redfield serendipitously shows up (and also if he doesn't) I'm going to assume that is who you are. Meanwhile you can spend some time itemizing my attacks on gays. Strangely enough you didn't do any of that either. I've been clear all along about this. I have to be and I have gone into some detail too.

It's awfully coincidental, you're showing up here after the recent messaging at Facebook. Of course, if I don't hear from either of you I'll have to take some steps at Facebook today to make sure you aren't further inconvenienced by me.

Smyrna said...


Sounds like you have been on the wrong end of the Principle of Cause and Effect. I feel urged to recommend you the Kybalion.

I have recently alighted after spending four years on the Hamster Wheel. The reasons for getting on it were of an expedient nature and calculated, but it takes time nonetheless to demobilize and remove the uncleanliness of it. Stay on the true course and watch the frequency of your vibration increase.

Anonymous said...

That was (as always) an interesting read, and it stirred something inside of me since you wrote about videogames, a drug which i am a little bit addicted to. I might think about that for a while until i come to an conclusion why i need and indulge in them so much. It may has something to do with my personality (i am an idealistic dreamer), i do need some kind of escapism from time to time since i think i am unsuccesful in my life, and the people around me (and the society) sucks big time and my soul simply wants to escape from that.

I know you are more experienced and wiser than me, but still i feel the urge to warn you about Ketamine. I have only minimal experience with that stuff, but i have seen what this drug has done to some people i know (which most probably abused the substance and some others too). Ketamine is a dissociative, and its different than tryptamine based psychedelics and i suspect that it has more negative aspects as the tryptamines.

That may sound stupid, but please be careful with you dosage and keep yourself safe on your journeys.

I personally avoid any chemicals and only take mild doses of natural psychedelics, which i found have profound effects on my winter depressions and in general a very positive effect on my creativity.

I wish i could come over and meet you, but unfortunatly i am stuck on the other side of the atlantic ocean.

Best Regards,

Caltus86 said...

In order not to be hurt by the folly of human, it's best to contemplate on the will of the most high.

Peace, Love and Blessings

Visible said...

I'll allow my years of experience regarding the item to stand as whatever evidence I may need in respect of that admonition. People die in the woods but I haven't had that happen. People are destroyed by alcohol in massive amount. I would think that would be a greater area of concern than my scientific application of something that, like a knife, or a car is dangerous in the hands of stupid and inattentive people. You would hardly want to be without knives and a car. If someone is still managing their lives after decades of exposure to things that may be dangerous to some then that might qualify as sufficient evidence.

As for video games, I've nothing against people playing them. I play certain games for amusement myself. I was referring to a particular overview as well as degrees. It's all about degrees. Your bath can be too cold and too hot. It is a personal matter to regulate it and that goes for everything under discussion here.

Visible said...

Well, Redfield hasn't been around. I'm waiting with a certain amount of bemusement for that.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Managed Perception and the Nature of Central Banks.

Frank Redfield said...

I'm here Vis...and you haven't answered my private message yet...there has been some confusion...

Visible said...

Uh huh. Yeah, I did answer your message and it's right there to be seen, where it's been for a couple of days now and I also answered it here in this thread, albeit to... to... someone else. I'm glad my concerns here came to your attention with such magical expediency

Zoner said...

I guess I haven't been looking in the right places....

Verizon has the "Enlighten" phone for those who are in need of such a thing.

Data plan and activation fees required (heh).

Early termination and other fees may apply..........

no more lies said...

There is a reason why the children of gays fair much better than their peers, intellectually and spiritually. The studies are extensive on this. quote from someone?

They do not fare better, in fact worse. Children need the advantage of both genders. Two of one don't cut it.

This is unhealthy social engineering, and most people are only confined sexually by social constructs. When those contructs fail, the society fails. The family is the building block of society. It used to be extended family, but they broke that up with the no fault divorce. Now, they are breaking up the nuclear family unit, and destroying the children, both in school, and in homes where sexual morality is non-existent.

Further, male homosexuals tend to be pedophiles, always looking at youth, boys and young, trolling for sex without meaning or morality. Witness Penn State, Franklin Scandal, bath houses and roadside bathrooms, glory holes and the rest.....

Male homosexuals are driven by lust. Female homosexuals are mentally unstable.

Neither group needs to have ready access to children.

Don't try to BS me. I've seen that world for what it is, and it aint happy, "gay" or pretty.

Take one trip to a Halloween parade, or "Pride" Parade, and then tell me again, how healthy this is for children.......

while men wave at you w their dicks, and women hate at men and lust after breasts.

Visible said...

Now wait a minute no more lies. What about that wonderful Jewish Lesbian couple in Berkeley who wants their adopted son to have puberty arrested so he can go through a sex change operation as a little kid. Surely this is an improvement over conventional wisdom. Once again God was mistaken in his original intent.

no more lies said...

You are right, Les. God's chosen know better than God, that's why he chose them. That way if God makes a mistake, they can always correct it.

If they didn't have all the modern technology, the Palestinians would kick their arshes.

Strip them of their protective gear and huge bulldozers and machines, and they all look like whimpy runts of the litter and so queer.

But, God chose them. So, THEY say.

Anonymous said...

Anaon at 9:05

And what is your take on those hypermasculine 'top' gays who hang out in leather bars trolling for sub bottom boys? Are they enlightened just by 'virtue' of being gay or are they as unelightened and as a straight hypermasculine guy looking to top a submissive female?

You presume that gayness=enlightenment of some sort.

Also, there are plenty of Jews who are anti-Zionist.

You sound like a typical syanim zio troll.


Anonymous said...

"Now wait a minute no more lies. What about that wonderful Jewish Lesbian couple in Berkeley who wants their adopted son to have puberty arrested so he can go through a sex change operation as a little kid."

To use an isolated example of mentally ill people won't do.

The exception does not negate the rule.

Children of lesbian parents do better than their peers:

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To pierre: Why would drinking milk be more "unnatural" than eating eggs, fish, poulty, or meat? Why would it be more "natural" to kill a cow and eat its muscles and organs than to drink its milk?

I've been a lacto-vegetarian for more than 40 years, relying on milk as a chief source of protein. I'm not allergic to milk and I have no trouble digesting it. If I give up milk, it will be because I want to avoid harm to the cows. Recently I have been substituting tufu for milk, and I just might go vegan before long.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Top and bottom,
bottom and top;
I'm ready to stop.
What else have you got?

Visible said...

Yeah anonymous and who wrote the article? That smacks of "lies, damned lies and statistics". Beleive what you like. All beliefs come up against the truth at some point, mine and yours included, Meanwhile you won't change anyone's mind, rail as you like. The press is full of all sorts of slanted points of view and fabricated polls as well as studies funded by the people who want to reach certain conclusions from the gitgo and set out to do just that,

Denny said...

Anon 7:04 00 PM

Are you quoting New Scientist..?

Hahahahahahah! That's the same rag that once mentioned in an article that mercury can be used for a number of important things - including putting inside people's MOUTHS as dental fillings...!! Hahahahahanha!

Personally I prefer to read the Beano. It's far more informative.

What I find annoying is that whenever I travel alone anywhere in this world, it is only predatory gays that approach me with their perverted suggestions. How nice it would be if beautiful females approached with such suggestions instead - perverted or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

pierre said.. (walking on very thin ice)

because I wasn't born hunting those things and eating them, I was born on a teat. I grew up being weaned off that (those, commonly), teat. that's all.
and then there's the teat to consider.

wv: tingici. what the teat might have to say about it. (gentle, gentle, and not forever)

ps I've milked my own goats, it doesnt kill them.

Kevenj said...

Damn Les, this post hurt. Well said. Your logical emotion comes out quite eloquently.
I still think Baseball sucks over the NFL though..

Visible said...

I don't watch baseball, I just happen to have played it. I only saw the last two Cardinal games because they were historical.

Lee said...

This article came at a very interesting time,Les. I was going to email a private message to you regarding part of the topic in this post. Of course, I know you are busy and have plans for a trip.

Perhaps one of the readers could help me as well.

Here is my concern: For many years I have had electrical devices and appliances go crazy. A tv I repaired, starting going on and off by itself. It tuned itself to a blank channel and made popping sounds. I finally sold it. I thought it was haunted. The same happened with a wrist watch. The night light kept going on by itself. Years ago I played on my brother's white Les Paul guitar and left a black stain on it. He was really pissed. LOL

I got a new cellphone a couple of months ago and it too, is going on by itself. I did a little digging and found this happens to others as well.

They mentioned energy zones or chakras like you mention here in this article.

Any thoughts or encouraging words on this by you or fellow bloggers would be appreciated.

I wonder if any of this might have something to do with me and foretelling dreams and being a sensitive person. I also see things like appears as a haze around people and objects. I thought I just needed glasses. Some have told me I am a prophet, which I really doubt.

If so, please email me at

Thank you.

Karearea said...

You know so much about everything, but you don't know, and you never made out to know (grin) but really, it's just a pattern...and for all of your 'expertise' you don't know nothing, yet you claim to. What a tosser. After much time and consideration, I have to admit that your entire blogsphere is basically written masturbation, the dribblings of an attention seeking whore. You've achieved nothing in life except escaping the fucktards who pursued you. And cultivating a kind of literary and oral smug, which, at the end of it all, simply results in a kind of foggy smug. ughk. porn. who cares? did it not occur to you that the amateur porn which is submitted to any and all sites worldwide actually undermines the porn industry? each and every mundane sexual image which might appeal to someone somewhere takes away from the manufactured porno images which are charged for daily, globally. democratisation of porn is the disempowerment of the porn industry, and the empowerment of boring mundane sexuality..and may it continue! each of these acts is no more offensive than an intake of breath..yet we have the likes of you moralising about it. Sure, some folks promote this or that reaction , but you can't change nature. Folks like what they like, and that's that. Jews are involved in porn for the simple reason it makes money and everyone else is too damn prissy to do so. boo hoo. get over it. most of their porn is crap, but xtube and so on allow anyone to upload anything and whatever flies with the fans, flies.
but on and on an on we hear the wailing of the disenfranchised. don't like porn? shut up. or make some. frankly, i'd rather watch your mediocre porn with you and your girlfriend than hear you wax lyrical each week like a stuck record, bitching about how this or that family has this or that coming to's all under control ..yeah right. if it's so under control , Les, how come nothing bad happens to the baddies? fuck off or get real. Like all assholes who preach non-violence, you are an asshole who'll do nothing if something happens in front of you. martial arts trained? bullshit. anyone who has real martial arts training knows that it is perfectly alright to kill when appropriate. Instead you worry yourself over who's had a shag. Les FAIL.


Frank Redfield said...

Just testing to see if this is posted

Frank Redfield said...


Visible said...

Frank, what's wrong with you?

Andrew; I don't really have to reply to that because you've revealed so much about yourself that I'll leave the observations on that to others. I take you're a porn addict and a member of The Tribe. I suppose it's understandable.

I never said anything about being trained in anything. I merely expressed an interest in it and recognize the usefulness.

Actually, I didn't say most of what you attribute to me. You'll be getting a wakeup soon enough, that's the nature of the times. I wish you the best with what you are certain to come up against. By the way Craig's List is a good place for you to get together with people that share your interests.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Humility and Compassion are the Guardians of the Soul.

Frank Redfield said...

Not up for any more arguments....Peace Vis

Frank Redfield said...

You've got your hands full with weirdo's. I'm just going to try and enjoy your I alway did

Visible said...

That's excellent Frank! I guess Andrew went off to Craig's List. I'm glad I could be of help.

Anonymous said...


What have you accomplish in life besides masturbatory snark?


Gregory F. Fegel said...

I think Andrew may be wrong about amateur porn competing with professional porn. Doesn't the free amateur porn get exhibited on the for-profit professional porn sites, with the amateurs earning nada and the professional site getting income from the ads?

That's the fate of most Internet "content" created and posted by amateurs, including my own articles for and other sites. I'm skilled at writing, but not skilled at marketing my writing.


Les, you give sound advice for getting along with people in most work and social situations, and I generally agree with that advice, but methinks that the culture of the occupation (nursing) I was in demands a much higher level of conformity (in spite of its claims of honoring diversity and being tolerant of nonconformists) than most other occupations. Historically and currently, the nursing profession is strongly supported by, and influenced by, religious and military organizations, from which many nurses recieve or continue their training. I know you're busy, so I don't expect a reply.

Visible said...

Like I said, if all I can say is "Hello", that's what I do. If more is possible, more gets said. If it isn't, it doesn't. People don't know what direction I'm moving in. We aren't talking about linear phenomena here.

Anonymous said...

I hope providence brings you across the border for a visit stickman. It would bring great joy to clasp you on the shoulder, embrace your hand and peek into those shining eyes.



Alan, Perth, 19 said...

Andrew, I don't believe you have dedicated enough sincere time to this posting and how porn addiction destroys spirituality like pulling the plug destroys the electricity.

Your comments are so banal and empty it is so unbelievable; i am sure you're actually a nice guy but playing devil's advocate as a service to this blog!!

I personally can talk from experiennce as it has only been a few months since i have abstained from porn totally which held me since primary school. My life has transformed more in these past months than it has since I started the addiction.

Thanks les for putting this blog up

Anonymous said...


Have you read the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. It may provide you the clues you are looking for?



katz said...

I'm for discussion Katz, not for useless proselytising, not that I am inferring that you are. Just explaining and quoting this: "As it stands, the whole thing needs to crash, meaning turmoil and all sorts of unpleasant things are required to happen, in order to restore balance, unless a collective awakening brings about personal transformation ...".

I'm for the collective awakening part that brings about personal transformation. from Amarynth.

All that is great, and all. I see your point. You remind me of my mother's opinion, here, to be honest. Most people would agree with you.

But, for me, justice is essential. It is pivotal to forgiveness and healing. We have internal sense of what is just and right, and when things are not that way, we must strive to make it that way, or live half blind. Of course, this is my opinion. I don't pretend to be any kind of guru or spiritual guide.

I'm grounded in reality, and I see that this horror has been going on longer than I knew about it.

In fact, it was 911 that woke me up. Up until then, I was so proud of this country. But, once the wars started, I could see something was wrong. And, the lies that are commonly accepted, and necessary in polite company disgust me.

I don't see the need to ignore these people, and I wish more people would realize that the criminals that I refer to, are not that great, that smart or that infallible.

Even in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, they admit that the gods are fallible, and subject to instant death.

People need to stop feeling helpless, and stop blaming groups, when it is individuals who profit from crime. That is how they have gotten away with crime in the past. However, now we are in the information age. We know about it, now.

and, when they pulled off 911, they woke up a whole lot of people, whether they like it or not. Maybe that time, they should have held back, bc it was that time that they went too far.

BTW, I hope that just bc I don't agree with you, or anyone, for that matter, that you don't feel attacked by it? It seems to me that you invite honest discussion. If not, let me know, bc I won't waste my thots where they are not wanted.

If this is a closed club, and you are not allowed to disagree, you will never learn anything. It often descends to blindness of the choir, and this could be the case, if I perceive your comments to be insulting, and not productive.

Les Visible, you do tend to be rude, when someone doesn't agree with you.



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