Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Funhouse Wonderland and Wasteland of our Lives.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(Sorry to miss Visible Origami again but with the new book newly out and people still reading it and it being an Origami kind of thing, I thought I would miss one more rotation. If you don’t have the digital copy yet you can get it here. The hard copy should be out shortly or a little more than shortly but shortly according to some kind of time.)

The joint is jumping and push and shove, along with critical mass, are dancing in the dark; meaning we can’t see where it is going but it is coming and going in front of our eyes, even though we can’t see it very clearly, except for some of the special effects and the ominous feel of something coming, juxtaposed with not knowing what is going to happen next.

Oakland is humming and buzzing and doing things in that Oakland style that goes back to it always being the poor sister of San Francisco and the home of The Black Panthers. The crass media is downplaying the numbers as usual, while doing what the crass media does by putting out articles where the name of the author is never mentioned anymore and that’s been going on for awhile. I’m assuming this is because naming the writers tracks the info right back to Israel who is behind so many of the world wide lies and offenses of recent times.

Consonant with Israel’s all lies all the time comes the aggressive saber rattling and the dark side plotting and threats that keep amplifying Israel’s madness concerning an attack on Iran and the same unnamed writers are talking about how Israel would prefer that America do her dirty work again, like they always do and the also captive and totally owned British military is ramping up in their whore suits, to jump in as Israel’s killer bitch machine to help destroy the non usurious Islamic banking system because both America and all of the rest of the Crown Colony hookers are owned economically by the ongoing system of bandit usury, based and operated from Israel Central, founded by The Rothschild banking house, which founded Israel for that purpose. That’s how it was, is and they intend it to continue to be.

Meanwhile the system is collapsing the same way that dual national controlled Las Vegas is going down the tubes. It’s not soprano land, its Sopranoberg land and Mr. Apocalypse is smacking the culprits of our collective distress with his walking stick and more power to him. Yes, of course, this would be anti-Semitic if we were dealing with Semitics but we are not.

It’s a no brainer that madness is on the doorstep because the one percent are in the gunsights of the world and all of their mechanisms of control are being challenged from the street up and the cosmos down and there’s nowhere for them to go except into arrogant mockery and dirty, desperate behavior to maintain their evil ways, while the control is slipping from their hands. It’s pretty exciting and very scary all at the same time. The whole world is on one of those high tech thrill rides from the big amusement park of our decadent escapisms, provided by those seeking to contain our attention, while they bugger us silly and drain us dry. The truth is that you can’t wipe out your own food supply and expect that you will continue to prosper. This is the sustained insanity of those who are destroying themselves in front of our eyes and their own. They can’t see it but they will.

The irony and the coincidence; the sense of prophecy and precognition that abounds in this funhouse, wonderland and wasteland of contemporary existence is very difficult to describe. It is subjective in all of our cases and your ability to see any of it is dependent on your level of awakening and your intuitive and objective access and abilities to cognate and perceive. It is in your hands what you take away from what is in front of you and what you do about it, or don’t do about it. This is when those things you have done for all of your lives and what you have done and aspired to in this one comes into play. Is there time to turn it around for yourself? Is there time and motivation to change who you are or reveal what you are? It is said that while there is life, there is hope. We shall see. Awaken or dream on you mad intoxicated fools. We are the people that might have been. You should have gotten in touch with us then.

We are on the lip of an abyss that we will either plunge into or step across. Downward awaits the sucking whirlpool of the devolutionary curve into backwardness and the attendant compressions and horrors. Ahead lies the new world that is already fully present but invisible to our gaze. It will suddenly appear in full being or it will be lost to you for a very long time. In the meantime we go on with our daily motions in the lethargy of ordinary redundancies that we have embraced and engaged in for so long now. It is truly an oddity that we can be like that when faced with this.

Winter is coming; a cold and mysterious winter with concerns of warmth and sustenance. Will we be warm and fed or will we be hungry and cold or worse? Will Israel plunge the whole world into chaos or will Israel be confronted and judged for her crimes against existence and those of us present here in these days? It’s a difficult call. All the signs indicate that her moment of cosmic resolution is at hand. It is a consummation devoutly to be wished as Shakespeare put it.

The horror of what ZATO has been occupied with over recent times is terrible and contemptible. What they have done in Libya is truly psychopathic and vicious beyond description. Who are these people? Who are these craven inhuman creatures who have done so much harm in so many places over these recent years? Can anyone doubt that they are the private mercenary army of Israel? Can anyone doubt that they have become this army due to economic control of the west by the ancient enemy of humanity? Can anyone doubt that everything that has been done has profited Israel more than any other single entity? Consonant with this we have the irrefutable proof of Israel’s culpability in 9/11 and so many other similar outrages like 7/7 and the Madrid Train station bombings and their security company was the single security force in charge of every one of these locations. How clueless, fearful and resistant do we have to be not to see this?

Our obsession with self gain, our ignorant desires, are responsible for our inability to see and that will continue until we are willing to let them go. Until we break and release the hypnotic spell of self interest and accept our responsibility to serve the best interests of the greater whole we are doomed to private hells in a barren and empty field ruled by Saturn who oversees these things. That particular force is what grinds us down into our better selves or drives us through the experiences that show us our failures and which in the end confines us in the agonizing and endless realization of how far wrong we went.

11/11/11 approaches. Does that mean anything? Does anything mean anything? There is a imminent arrival of the unknown into every life; today, tomorrow, next week, next year? We shall see.

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Anonymous said...

We truly love you Les, for continuing to say it like it is, fearlessly. Stay safe, Steve

Tony said...

You da man, just wanted to get in the top 5 comments!!! I love you man honestly. You are legit. Some honesty in all these Zionist lies through the media, you are refreshing!!!!

Neko Kinoshita said...

It's coming,

Waiting and watching, and doing what I can.

Stay safe and walk with the divine, and perhaps we can all be there on the other side of this.


Anonymous said...

Cutting right to the bone with a keyboard, you rock brother.

from a remote area of Oregon

Unknown said...

11/11/11. Gregorian calendar! I expect nothin'. Just like 10/29/11 was pretty much like 10/28/11. The trend goes on, but no 'PING!!!!!!!! I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!'

The time is finally drawin' to a close. I can almost see the light at the end o' the tunnel for things to get a move on so they can become again as they should be. The sooner the better. I'm sick o' these idiots prolongin' the agony. I wanna put this beast o' a system out o' our system as much and more as the rest of the non-trollin', more enlightened readers o' this blog who have more than 1 1/2 brain cells (on a good day) workin' at any given time.

Anonymous said...

You state the case clearly, concisely and without ambiguity. Piercing the veil of lies is the ultimate anti-semetitic act these days, it seems.


Pete said...

Sie sind ein wahre Genie, Les. I think that as above, so below. As the collective shadow unfolds before our eyes, so does our individual shadow emerge to confront us. It will be transmuted or it will destroy. The intensity level for the aspirant is intense right now. Thanks for soldiering on and inspiring (in the true sense of the word.) I like the Saturn reference. Funny I was just reading some Edgar Cayce stuff that mentioned Saturn in the same way.
Peace and Love

al spence said...

some people,

take more than they need

and everything they want.

some people,

have everything they want

and take more than they need.

some people,

have nothing

and give everything

some people,

have everything.

and give nothing.

some people,

know nothing

and have everything.

some people,

know everything

and have nothing.

some people,

who know nothing

think others know nothing.

some people,

who know everything

know others know nothing.

al spence


Pete said...

p.s. Ive been enjoying your blogs for years now and have only just started commenting. I can truly say your work has made a huge difference in my life and I dont know what my journey would have been like without you. No telling how many other silent readers there are that you are impacting in such a profound way.

amarynth said...

If you follow Clif High's work, this, as far as I can see, is probably one of his best interviews out there. Done on 11/1/2011 and toward the end there, absolutely fascinating as to our historical timeline. There are some spaces in the url, so here it is repeated for a cut and paste if the link does not work.

It is a long one .. cuddle in and enjoy.

The dominoes are now falling so fast that we're probably going to be overwhelmed and not know where to look. But then again, Visible from his saucer pod will keep us on track (grin).

And this is too funny not to mention. Word Verification is "paragod" ... Stands for God yes?

Anonymous said...

Stickman sez;

We can feel it. See it; even as i look out the window leaves are drifting earthwards from the lilac bushes in a modest breeze following the sharp frost of a lengthening November night.

Les, you nailed it once again: The imposition of fear with Israeli threats against Iran now coming on stronger than ever and the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Rothschild's City of London chiming in and doing their level worst to drag in the American Big Dog to another act of naked aggression against those who refuse the usual usury of finance capital.

The Greek Wildcard gets wilder and wilder as now the Greek people are told they cannot hold a referendum on whether or not to go along with EU blackmailing on behalf of the bankster overlords. This latest turn will not sit well in the birthplace of democracy, what with monster unemployment and underemployment, particularly amongst the educated young in that country. Unlike the American Sheeple, the level of MainScream media mind control is much reduced in Greece. Fecal fiduciaries are likely to hit the rotary lawnmower at any time soon. Will the more primitive instincts be restrained or will outraged Greeks begin to take it out personally and directly on their own class of Quislings?

Meanwhile in Oakland the General Strike of the Occupy movement resulted in a one-day wildcat strike by the longshoremen in America's fifth largest port; while after the peaceful protests of the Occupied day faded into evening the Anarchoids built a fire on Main Street "and shot it full of holes". Khazar descended or not, Bob Dylan suffered from an acute case of channeled prophetic vision during his 60's and 70's heyday.

Masses of lilac leaves fluttering to the ground now with the latest zephyr from the west. Some garlic to plant and a few onions today. More garden work and landscaping to be done. Living close to the ground is good for seasonally affective insights as the winter of massive discontent looms hauntingly these three days past Halloween.

Dimly visible through the leaves, the lingering langour and the liturgy of lies is a very different future as these fading fantasies of the Kali Yuga fold into the coming Golden Age of humanity revivified.
What if some of the seers are right and a cosmic blast of photon energy on 11-11-11 activates the pineal glands and the DNA sequences of millions of people all at once and a higher form of consciousness begins to sweep the planet.

Nothing less is capable of overcoming the hold of the Dark Powers and ushering a new age of light and love.

Anonymous said...

Reading Visible is like a hi-fiber diet for the spirit.

Abe in ELA

wv: ingew - Gotta get the jew ingew outta you before you can become the real you.

Robin Redbreast said...

Love it
LLP xxx

Anonymous said...

This links to many sources of the British Commonwealth in the founding and maintenance of Israel by the British Commonwealth.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=f2f87255dc949d48&biw=1280&bih=918

The ADMITTED "nations" of the British Commonwealth (ALL "former" colonies":


The Gambia
Sierra Leone


Sri Lanka

Antigua and Barbuda
The Bahamas
St Kitts and Nevis
St Lucia
St Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago


Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands
Western Samoa


United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales)
How many more?

Oh and when Knight of Malta George H. W. Bush was initiated into the British "order of the garter" (committee of 300) the article, now erased or unsearchable, stated plainly that the Queen of England is the head of international freemasonry. The "Windsors" also claim to be descended from King David and Jesus as well and claim DIVINE RIGHT to rule the WORLD. (It is estimated that the Queen of England besides "secret" ownership of mega-corporations (like USA inc.) and institutions like the "United Nations" also "owns" at LEAST 1/6 of the entire landmass of Earth.

Anonymous said...

I think the stupid United State's (a country I am very ashamed to live in) new National Anthem should be Dirty Work by Steely Dan. "I'm a fool to do your dirty work oh yeah, I don't wanna do your dirty work no more"..FUCK Israel.

Anonymous said...

When the first OWS protester gets killed the tinder will be ignited.
Where it goes after that, who knows.


Alpha Silex said...

For many years, black holes were considered a theory. Somewhere along the line, they suddenly became fact and we are supposedly watching and recording them in cannibalistic action. They say there's a massive black hole in the center of our galaxy. Lately, I've been wondering if we are actually traveling through that black hole now and have been, as long as man can remember or before we "learned" to forget. Just another crazy musing from Alpha Silex, but I wonder if we are on the verge of exiting this black hole, once and for all. Darkness may think it has the upper hand and maybe darkness will always surround, but in the middle is light and it will NEVER be extinguished. Amazing times we are all blessed to be witnessing.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Brilliant, Visible. My favorite quote: "We are the people that might have been. You should have gotten in touch with us then." You can say that again.

In Astrology, Saturn is depicted as a malefic planet, although in Greek and Roman mythology Kronos or Saturn ruled over a Golden Age. In the surviving Greco-Roman literature, Hesiod (7th Century BCE) was the first to mention the cyclic Ages of Man. According to Hesiod, during the Golden Age, "[Men] lived like gods without sorrow of heart, remote and free from toil and grief... for the fruitful earth unforced bare them fruit abundantly and without stint." Hesiod could be describing the hunter-gatherer society of the Upper Paleolithic, prior to agriculture and cities.

The ancient Vedic literature presents two Yuga cycles: the vast MahaYuga cycle, and the 24,000 year DaivaYuga cycle -- which is based on the Precession of the Equinoxes. Both the MahaYuga cycle and the DaivaYuga cycle are divided into four Ages: Satya, Treta, Dwarpara, and Kali. Paramhansa Yogananda's guru, Sri Yukteswar, described the DaivaYuga cycle in his book "The Holy Science." The mythologies of the Greco-Roman and Vedic World Ages are similar.

Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn, and the Spring Equinox is soon moving into Aquarius, beginning the 2,148 year-long Age of Aquarius. In my interpretation of mythology, the Age of Aquarius brings the return of the Ice Age, which I think is also the true significance of the Mayan Calendar date of 2012.

Unknown said...

Alpha Silex, I often wonder if we are blessed or stupid for existin' in the Physical realm now. It takes a certain streak o' masochism to be enjoyin' this ride. I am takin' great pleasure in seein' it all become unravelled, but it's been a bit of a pain to get to the here and now. Then again, readin' what I've read of Les Visible's past, I suppose I have nothin' tae compleen aboot.

Then again, all the negatives that happened were catalysts to help me become what I am. . .if I were a member of your reality, anyway; which I'm not. (After all, I'm just a character dug out of the Irish history books of mythology that was used for a book series.)

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

just got myself banned from GLP for "trashing an entire culture", yeh, culture like sin.

Judy Woods
interview whilst in England (selling her book), at end she says that being the centre of attention (meaning drawing attention and tilting at fire breathing dragons) was better than a litmus test, meaning I think drawing them out of the Woodwork (pun?) with the truth.


wv: andit. an dit iz a bunch of bandits and I kana no more standit.

Sergej said...

Stickman, your last sentence is hopefully not prophetic since I still hope that the humanity will eventually get it right even without any cosmic or divine help. Not all is lost, not yet.

Alpha Silex The Zany Aquarius said...

Addressed to pure fiction:
No offense my friend, but as an Aquarius, I'm looking at what's happening and where I'm going, not crying over the spilled milk of the past. I suggest you get your head straight and quit getting my kind twisted, along with your purdy pink granny panties your wife told me all about. "You know you gotta go to hell before you get to heaven", right? Right.

Alpha The Wacky Aquarian Silex said...

To pure fiction: And I need to add, maybe I'm getting what you meant twisted. Either way, I think we're all both stupid and blessed. Call it dumb luck maybe. I don't believe much in luck though. ;) I think the previous post was on to something, when he alluded to the entering of the next age. Our physical bodies are about to be cryogenically frozen and preserved, until we come back to the dark ages of the black hole again, 24,000 years from new. I don't think a golden age can truly exist in the physical realm anyway. I'll be a wormhole flavored jello pudding pop, just place me next to Ted William's frozen head, between Walt Disney and I. I've had about enough of that Disney crap for the next few lifetimes. Thank you.

Alice said...

Is it just me or is anyone else having problems playing the video at the top of this blog?

Alpha Silex said...

It could be the recently unleashed X2 flare from the sun, Alice.

neal said...

There was not Zioniast stokes, to begin it. They always were in just one place. That's how it begins, always into one fat, dumb, place. That screws up time, sort of, full of irony, not the happy kind, they always feed on the hindmost. They are not us, and that usually creates some problems, not the kind that get solved without "violence"- those noses never get any respect.

Always leaving, it's never the same place, if you want.

Way too bright and shiny, but not really, depending on how others not involved want to play it.

Anonymous said...

re "That particular force is what grinds us down into our better selves or drives us through the experiences that show us our failures and which in the end confines us in the agonizing and endless realization of how far wrong we went".

Les, that last part ("...the agonizing and endless realization of how far wrong we went"), sounds like Hell.

I was there for 3 years - just starting to crawl out... almost died in there - I still might. I doubt if many here understand the shocking profundity of your words here.

- Broken, yet still breathing

Genie said...

From the ZIOvine yesterday the Zio apes are announcing that it's US dog fleas and Britian sewer rats preparing to hit Iran with the zio apes (who, me?) being dragged along. If ZATO is used, the apes won't even bother, they will stay home and guard their delicate spieces. And remember, no matter WHAT happens, it's Barak Obama's fault. PS-this message is for box turtles.
6 days left till 11-9-11 FEMA emergency system test. This is only a test.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Approaching 2012 we hear the terms Apocalypse and End-Times bandied about more everyday.

Apart from the terms, utility to the wacko Christians about their righteous hellfire and damnation interpretations, they are basically useless. Useless, because they don’t provide us with anything constructive about a pending event that is likely to affect every man, woman and child in what might be considered very negative and maybe even in terminal ways. Not only are they content empty terms, they serve worse yet tending to block the individual from following their innate wisdoms and curiosities about the feelings and energies presently experienced by us all today.

The Big Event might be better described as a selective and targeted cleanse of humanity. As we shift from the lower to the higher galactic plane, closing out the 26,000 year precession cycle, the earth will energetically rebalance in a fractal transition from a negative discordance state into a higher harmonic state.

Its nearly show time!

How is the Big Event a targeted and selective cleanse?

If one’s miessner field is sufficiently developed and activated, they will effectively have a force shield preventing them from being entangled in the lethal cosmic net about to descend on us all.

When is the Big Event coming?

Nobody knows for sure the day, but quite soon and certainly within the next decade.

The upcoming Big Event is a cosmic rarity and entities have come from far and wide for a ring side seat to take in the show. A soul would have made every effort to time its incarnations to coincide with this Big Event and is likely the explanation for why a planet designed for one billion people on it presently has seven billion. Nobody wants to miss the show or the opportunities for unprecedented transformation and growth.

When I say transformation, I’m not talking about the kind where we munch on a few turnips, hold hands and chant an Om or two. No, I’m talking about the kind where you turn on all the dash board lights and hit the quantum gas pedal and red-line this unit like it’s never been red-lined before. Can anyone say pituitary and pineal glands? We’ll be oozing copious glandular secretions to where you are face to face with the Creator (he’s noticing that you were accorded a wondrous opportunity to fulfil your existence agenda in this life and you did diddily squat!).

The soul crushing disappointment you will feel at that point having blown it, will make you want to turn around and join the other 6.9 billion souls who just got their sorry asses recycled back to get-go.

There is smugness about today with many seeing themselves as a notch or two above the lowest common denominator, feeling that their sorry asses will be amongst those saved. This is not about a cute Angel sitting on a cloud’s discretion. Either we have the consciousness band-width qualified to the play the new game, or we don’t.

What’s your pleasure?

Most are waiting for some space ship beam from above to upgrade them…. Laid back with a “do-me” entitlement look on their faces. Sorry, this transformation game is strictly a do-it-yourself program. And just to get everyone’s attention before the real show begins we’ll see volcanism increase another 8 fold, earth quakes and tsunamis, floods droughts and other fun stuff offered up by our Zionist hegemony friends.

As spaces go, the Judge Viz Court is an elevated space. Even in this space, I doubt there would be even two who know what a miessner field is (I’ll eat my mouse if indeed there are two, and if one of those has any inkling of how to activate his or hers miessner field, then I’ll eat my monitor).

Clue …. halo thingy.

Have a great WTFU (wake-the-fuck-up) day!


TonyMac said...

"The truth is that you can’t wipe out your own food supply and expect that you will continue to prosper. This is the sustained insanity of those who are destroying themselves in front of our eyes and their own. They can’t see it but they will."

From Australia a video on this exact topic, it is in 5 parts and near 50 minutes long but well worth it.

MachtNichts said...

I just wanted to say thank you, Amarynth. Your setup made for smooth sailing. Who says, patience doesn't pay off? Silvia

Anonymous said...

Everything in creation seems to tell us about everything.

Cheezuts gets hung on a cross for taking a go at joods... you know... cleaning out that temple a bit and telling them their father is the devil. Poor dude, Cheezuts... and he got that just for telling the truth.

But it happens to the best of us, ultimately to everyone who wants to get out of hell.

Metaphors, these. This world of form is funnier than we tend to realize.

Joods can't really hurt anyone. Maybe it's the other way around. Maybe they are like laxative... they clean us out when we get all plugged up. (c;

Ultimately, they will out-jood themselves. It will be a real mess when their time arrives. Don't stand in back! (c;


Peter said...

A simple ditty with a good message.


Erik said...

Hey Sovereignty,

All they need to do is visit your blog ;) Enjoy your meal ... (grin)

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Uptown Pepperoni for your Pizza from Hell.

Denny said...

Sovereignty 5:58 00 AM

"... I doubt there would be even two who know what a miessner field is..."

Maybe, but at least we'd know how to spell it correctly...

Anonymous said...

pierre said...


IMO Alan Jones is Australia's Alex Jones, a boofhead, and the National Press Club is a side house to the synagoge of Satan. in anycase the speech is about farming vs cracking gas, a side issue to the big wheels that spin all this spin. just my opinion, but good to see a NPC address being made available - it is otherwise a closed shop, eg no pblic transcripts or web casts.

wv: comyc. Alan Jones would look good in a clown suit.

siamsiam said...

11 11 11 = x in a box. those that vote are obliged to use this symbol. x in a box is a plan view of a pyramid.

11 11 11 = will give you .....

just my observation. hope that makes sense - it does to me.

Ok for the hard of thinking 1111 will make up 4 sides of a box 11 crossed gives the x

Anonymous said...

My Donegal Irish grandmother always said,
"They have f***** us up so bad,
that we have to think in their
language." (yes, a paraphrase) Think about that...
we have to "think" in "their"
language. Grandma was referring
to Gaelic vs. English, but it
obtains elsewhere.
Anyway, I did finally learn
Gaelic, and man, it's a different
view on things.

Visible said...

Biblar; yes that is my email and it would get to me in any case.

Anonymous said...

kindly partial to benigni's response-able rendering of 'life is beautiful', but your point as always well taken.

(the contextual irony, here, is not lost.)

zionist israel, of course, no more semitic than the (london financial) center from whence it came and where now as ever the bell of betrayal continues to exact its toll.

traditional and symbolic nexus of spiritual materialism, sacrificial flashpoint, camp rothschild may be more purposefully viewed as the (artificially insinuated) political burr in the apocalyptic saddle of coming events.

oh, and that thing about the avatar precipitating down through the dimensional layers revealing...

(picture's worth a thousand words.)

always said were there any real sacrifice involved, had to have been in the coming, not so much the going.

Anonymous said...

stickman got the knack for what it is... somehow.

what it ain't... seems further down the road right now, not so important somehow... in the scheme of moving on.


a substantive sensurround somehow, with nary a sign - somehow - of gratuitous edge.


got his head in the stars... but his feet on the ground.




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