Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Transmission from the Kingdom of the Meat Puppets

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, the assault bots are at it again, they even came in white contamination suits, pre-contaminated with a resident, violence virus that managed to get out, so I guess the suits don't work or, maybe it's a one way deal. I'm thinking it's a one way deal, like a two way mirror, which makes sense though you don't expect it would and that's how the bankers that they work for, managed to get things into the mess they are presently in.

The people can't occupy their own spaces because the people they elected to see to their interests are unable to see to their interests, because they have to see to the interests of the people, which has been the excuse over the course of the smack down. It's like this, they have to oppress the people and impinge and infringe on their freedoms, especially the right to assembly, in order to protect the rights of the people. It's kind of like making war to create peace.

Most of the people have a lot less money than they used to and now the big gift exchange is coming up, where people use material things to stand in the place of what they aren't willing to give instead. The result of this is that now seven out of ten Americans are overweight, half of those are obese and Mexico, probably due to proximity is movin on up. This is because flesh insulates us from a particular vulnerability that is the most desirable of all but gets in the way of self interest that will inevitably express itself in terminal ways. Love was last seen trying to hitchhike across the Pacific ocean cause there's no room at the inn.

All those wild and crazy shoppers, are shopping with money they don't have because hope springs eternal. It's a crapshoot as to where this is all going to wind up. You can keep in mind though that hardly anyone wins playing dice, except for the house and a small minority of people, who understand percentages and even those can vary widely on a given Sunday. No mater what, baby still needs a new pair of shoes.

Everything is connected to everything else, even if that connection has to be made through a whole lot of other connections. It's like six degrees of separation, or the scientific fact that everything is made out of the same thing, which you can take a couple of different ways, as far as main alternatives are concerned and be either a meat puppet or a spiritual being.

There are two problems that need a solution. One of them is you and the other is the bankers. As far as the personal problem goes, well, that's personal and it's been addressed a lot of times in these environs and doesn't need to be addressed again at the moment. The other problem is the bankers who are the court of last resort in the kingdom of meat puppets. Everybody has to go see them about something. Big corporations have to go see them, unless they are banks but even your neighborhood bank has to go to a larger bank and that bank has to go to a central bank, if only to get new currency. So the problem seems to be who is printing the money because they are the ones that tell the politicians and everyone else what to do, which is why David Rockefeller owns a big bank and why all those members of The Tribe own big banks.

Fixing the problem with banks, which determine the state of the culture, since they determine who does and does not get the money to practice or produce, whatever it is they bring to market, is critically important ...but unless you fix the problem with yourself, you can't fix the problem with banks. As it stands, the whole thing needs to crash, meaning turmoil and all sorts of unpleasant things are required to happen, in order to restore balance, unless a collective awakening brings about personal transformation and fractal, usurious, banker eradication. It might happen and it might not happen and it might happen in some places and not in others so, wiser minds should be in consideration of where they are located in respect of percentages and degrees of potential.

In times of self interest, which proliferates in times of material darkness, pride in one's personal choices becomes preemptive over the desire for change and results in the effort to make yourself feel good about whatever your lack of being able to control particular attractions has led to. Numbnut psychologists are now all about telling people they have to feel good about anything and everything, no matter what the cost is at any level. There are now more self help and recovery workshops based on the AA model (which I do see the good of in this particular instance) than we have space to list them here. There are proud and grateful survivors of everything and people who have been told it's okay to do and be anything because, “Hey, that's you baby, do your thing”.

The reality of the moment and moments coming, is that the old world is going down. Elements of the new world are already emergent in places. The old world does not want to go down but it will. That is an adamantine inevitability. Change or die is the hard truth here. Change or die.

Maybe it's possible for some collective group of people to storm the bastions and Bastilles of this world and take control of the situation. Putin did alright tossing the oligarchs out but Russia still has a lot of problems being caused by the usual psychopaths on the perimeters. So called people's revolutions haven't worked out, generally because the people weren't in command of the revolution. The bad guys were, so it not only wasn't a revolution, it was worse than what it replaced. Iceland managed to do the right thing but the same conditions and intelligence do not exist in a lot of other places, which gives an indication of some of the places you don't want to be when the shit hits the fan.

Even when revolutions do work out for particular nations, they have to endure the heavy threats, embargoes, financial meddling and imported terror that are the hallmark of Israel, USA and The Crown Colonies. It's always best to have a personal revolution first, in any case, because then you might wind up being informed about where to be, during the heavy breathing. It's all about breath, whether it be you, or the universe. My personal take is that one should be like one who stands on the shore of the ocean in a heavy storm and conducts it like a symphony, with their baton in motion. It's just more appearances moving across the screen and the fundamental disconnect with most people, especially those who think themselves informed by having a whole lot of information, that they can parrot for any circumstance, in the words of someone else, is that they are caught up in the perception that appearances are real when appearances are a lie. They are only part of the story and not the end of the instrument that you want to be on when the instrument is in operation, so far as perception goes.

I see the universe as benevolent and others see it as a scary and unpredictable place, while yet others see it as something to manipulate or dissertate upon, while it is in the process of gobbling them up. I believe in the fundamental “I don't know”, which does not mean I don't know nothing about nothing, no matter what. It means I get informed when I need to be informed and am not informed otherwise.

If the universe is a benevolent place then working with it is the key. In this sense, working with it seems to favor things like Feng Shui, Aikido, natural-non invasive healing and a general t'ai chi mindset. It seems to favor wu wei. I see the universe as a dance, primarily, which comes out of the sound of a cosmic drum that brings the resonance of Om. That's how I see it and that is how it has shown itself to me. I believe, as Lao Tzu says that one should not be hasty with the master's axe lest they injure themselves. For me, all I need to know is in The Way of Life. That's how I try to conduct my life. I see where my mistakes have gotten me and also what got me past and out of my mistakes.

People have a lot of arguments about the Hindu caste system, while not seeing the presence of the British or American caste system, or the caste systems that exist everywhere. One of the most important states of mind anyone can come to is when they are finally able to accept something that goes against their sense of justice and personal interest but which proves to be true. I'm not defending caste systems. I'm acknowledging them, IN WHATEVER WAY THEY ACTUALLY HAPPEN TO EXIST. All of this was simply so that I could use caste system in a sentence (grin); actually an example.

Some of us have Brahmanic tendencies and some Kshatriyas. Some are Vaishyas and some Shudras. That's just how it is. Recognizing what you are is a key to recognizing what you actually are, outside of appearances; or should I say 'inside'? I should mention, you can change your caste. I was a Kshatriya for the longest time and now I am Brahmin. My motivations, perspective, technique and relative objectives changed. I'm not trying to stay here, consciously or unconsciously. I'm headed to another planet and my intention is to create a community, join one or whatever the options may be, once I get there and get there I will, that's a fait accompli. Whether I do or don't get dusted is immaterial (pun intended). All that affects is the timing of my promotion. I'm just going through the motions of my course and trying to leave good footprints.

It never fails to puzzle me, even though it doesn't puzzle me, that people don't embrace the critical importance of what they do while they are here. That's about as big a no brainer as there is. Strive hard and yet surrender. One you control and the other you don't but you can have it in mind, because I sense that it is important in the long run. What is so difficult about being nice to each other and working for the common good? When personal desires triumph over at the very least, enlightened self interest, then something truly important goes missing. In any number of cases that is how you wind up on an asteroid rock with no one but you and Saturn, eventually, or some permutation thereof, like a hungry ghost.

Your time here is critically important, primarily because certain things can ONLY be accomplished here. You don't go somewhere else, as someone else, when you leave. You go where you already are but the plane of being is different, just as Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground. The key to the kingdom are, to be operative, as if you were already living there. Some behavior applies and some doesn't and you can figure that out yourself. Earth is nothing more than a bus terminal. It's a pass fail university. It's a right now, imperative right now and all you ever will have is right now. Enlightenment makes this point in a big way. Do yourself a favor, take the last part of this posting to heart.

End Transmission.......

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I'll have a personal offering coming in the comments section for those who may have an interest or live close enough to take advantage of it.


Visible said...

If you are anywhere in a driveable or train assisted distance from me I am offering my car for sale at a very low price of 1500 euro. It is a '96 VW Golf in very good condition. It is diesel and has about 180,000 K on the odometer, which is not much for this kind of car. It is a custom color variant model that has the whole Porche package of leather seats and ridiculous electronics, like heated seats; I never used them but I was informed they are there.

It's got a sunroof and it's black on black. There's a minor rust spot inside a door that's easily fixed and any anomaly is easily fixed. It's been scrupulously maintained, except for the interior cause I'm not a neat freak but that shouldn't affect someone with a vacuum cleaner.

It's got two sets of good tires and you can effortlessly cruise at 180 or more where laws and conditions permit (grin), or even where they don't at your risk. It's got a new air conditioning system and a fairly new combination DVD player and GPS dash component that also plays all internet variants of any media files. It's got a four inch screen which isn't all that big but that's that.

It's got a minor scrape on one of the front bumpers but generally can be made showroom pretty with a minimum of effort.

Then again, this being the Visible mobile, there's no telling what sort of serendipitous things might occur such as someone seeing it go by and saying, "Hey, isn't that visible's car? Let's chase it down and give him some money"! (grin). Then you can just pretend you're me.

Anyway, I thought I would offer it here before I put it up on E-Bay where it will be gone soon enough because the car is a collectors item and especially young guys will swoop down upon it. You have been informed so let the information fall where it may.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"imported terror that are the hallmark of Israel, USA and The Crown Colonies."

Don't forget Vatican City (Will someone please neutron bomb that place????). Sometimes I wonder if that's the real head of the snake, or just the infernal spawn of Mayer Amschel Bauer.

Visible said...

There is is again, The Vatican controlling Israel, courtesy of Hasbara.

Smyrna said...

A '96 diesel Golf that looks and sounds identical to yours (except the steering wheel and assorted controls are on the wrong side), including various luxuries and tricked up shit, is going for the equivalent of 5500 Euros on my local car sales site. Most others of the same vintage but more stock condition around 3-4000.

Harry Meatsack said...

Not to worry L. the israel fluffer globalist newt gingroich is going to save us and our vaunted way of life! The last messiah turned out to be bush lite with a darker skin, too bad so sad. Both left and right are equally worthless and only a fool wants rule. If one doesn't make it out of the people's republik of amerika does it mean it is our fate to go down with the ship?

Visible said...

Yes, Smyrna, I know. When I put it up on Ebay I will be asking for 3,000 probably but this is just a way of making something available to my readers. I'm glad for the confirmation though.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Les --

As George Clinton of the real Parliament (Funkadelic) said "Free your mind and your ass will follow."


wv sympa -- I'm sympa to the fact that things suck

Visible said...

Refresh my memory, what clues?

I scanned the book some years ago. They made a movie out of it too.

Anonymous said...

Wondering if selling the car means you are going somewhere or not. Most especially the context of the post is all about 'going' places.

Well, we are all going somewhere, I suppose, even those of us who manage to get ourselves mucked down in the material world seemingly beyond help.

Also, the post curiously began and ended with 'transmission', but I'd buy the car myself if opportunity was there 'cause I nose for sure Visibles ain't no joo.

Wez don't needz to be no joo... 'cause wez gots what wez needz. (c;


Anonymous said...

Les et al --

Here's the link for "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow." If you're fans of the funk, this is assured to get you out of your current funk...

Cheers --


Anonymous said...

It blows my mind to the nth degree, whenever I think about a specific subject, or I think about an exact turn of phrase (a turn of phrase which has to do with a specific subject) - and Mr. Visible puts those specific subjects and/or THOSE EXACT TURNS OF PHRASE into one of his pieces the very next day. This has happened to me numerous times since I started reading Les's work in earnest about three months ago. I'm not sure what it all means - but I know it's not a coincidence. And I would like to know how many posters here have had Les take the words right out of their mouths, and/or pick something directly out of their brains...

Anaughty Mouser said...

Wonderful post Visible.

"Love was last seen trying to hitchhike across the Pacific ocean cause there's no room at the inn."

I read about a similar occurence in December a couple of thousand years ago that ended up in a manger.

Let's not forget Prudence who was last seen tied up in the back of a plain white van.

Love, Mouser

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

Great post..

The following, that you stated Les, is an important realism....

"Change or die is the hard truth here."

Enough Said...

Also, I ran across an interesting article and thought it was a good read..


Why Do So Many Americans Betray Their County For Israel?



Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

amarynth said...

Yes, Visible always puts my 'vague' senses in real creative words. It is a wonderful thing - but actually it is gift to him from source, and he gifts it to us, directly from source.

It seems that we have to die a little more to our own self-importance and understand a little better who the important one is .. then our gemstone qualities will be more emergent. As "Elements of the new world are already emergent in places", so our own qualities are emergent in places.

Practically speaking it seems as if we need to do a further 'turning of our backs' to what is out there currently. The war drums are beating and it is hard to understand whether the emergent currency crash is to take our eyes of the world war that has started, or vice versa. I don't know if all this is important any longer. The life cycle is now very limited and we can start riding in a different direction, depending on who stands behind us.

Like so many people have said in the last few weeks, we're in a rare moment, a 'state of grace', and better to use it to start getting along. Some of us have words, some music, others have other talents and abilities. A phrase from the previous Origami .. honey from the rock. Go along to youtube and search for an acapella group .. Sweet Honey in the Rock. Listen to a few ... but listen to "Are my hands clean".

So, you wanna be the honey, or you wanna be the rock? Both are now possible.

Anonymous said...

Guess what sportsfans...Gifford was NOT the real target in the bogus lone-nut looney shooting, Federal Judge John Roll was.

He wouldn't do what the zio-government wanted.

He was one of the 'good-guys' against a police state in Amerika.

Anonymous said...

I've been going through the motions since before I knew what that means. But every so often, when I'm going through the motions, it feels like the right motion, time and place.

In as much as I'd love to know what's up with it all, I've come to find that I'm not going to know until I need to, and that's not up to me. I've learned here that that's for my own protection.

Oh, and every time I ask someone "Why does the pope wear a jewish skull cap? (I really do ask people this) I get a surprised look of 'I haven't thought of that, but ya, why?' Yet no one answers.


gurnygob said...

Les that car sounds like an old wreck of a thing, I’ll give ya £50 quid for it.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Though the castes are cast as karma,
through laws of nature earned,
the easy way
to ease your day
is to learn instead of burn.

No person, no living entity, whether saint, demon or even lower is denied surrender to God, performance of Sanatana Dharma; service to God and each other.

This is the very same thing Lord Jesus taught.
No one is denied the opportunity.

No one.

Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (1486-1533) Himself demonstrated His opposition to caste: among His inner circle of confidential, trusted associates and followers are counted Haridasa Thakura, Rupa Goswami, and Sanatana Goswami — all considered untouchables, by birth or circumstance, according to the prevailing caste system of their day.

Srila Prabhupada scoffed at the religious leaders and politicians who talk about "universal brotherhood," yet exclude animals from moral concern. He taught that nonviolence is the first principle of spiritual life.

"Our present civilization cannot even be considered human, because of the practice of slaughtering animals for food and sport."

As has been mentioned previously, sincerity is the crux.

Srila Prabhupada..

You can serve Krishna (God) in any capacity, provided you want to serve."

Visible said...

That was metaphorical, by example and why capital letters were used for the sake of a philosophical exercise. It wasn't meant in a literal fashion and there is a reason why Lord Ganesha is called The Lord of Categories.

katz said...

Practically speaking it seems as if we need to do a further 'turning of our backs' to what is out there currently. from Amarynth

We need to do the opposite. Hiding your head in the sand, does not make the bad guys go away.

If you want to sleep all the way to your funeral, it's your funeral.

Anonymous said...

it's hard to understand why this Hindi mythology is used here?

I don't get it, but maybe it's some kind of code. I'm not particularly interested in reading up on it, as it doesn't seem much more than typical mythology. Plus, I read where one temple in India has billions or trillions in gold and gemstones, but the people of India are abused, poor and in bad shape. It can't be that great of a system if it is all about accumulating such wealth, and letting the people outside the Temple starve to death.

It seems incongruous to be speaking of a foreign religious system, when this blog's best attribute is it's political discourse.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will take for the majority to recognize that we do not need "leadership" at all?

Using the so-far-not-too-successfully-co-opted #Occupy movement as a guideline, just imagine the possibilities for ourselves and conversely, for TPTW:

"Bad news, sir. The people have spoken and they no longer want leadership. They no longer desire ANY of those running for office to serve as their Figurehead-In-Chief. This is turning out to be worldwide in fact. What are we to do??"

Seems as if we are most peaceful and most resolved to bring about the necessary change (or die) when we are left alone to work among ourselves to that end.

DaveR said...

Les and synchronicities occur with regularity for me. However, I've had more concentrated doses of same with WordJazz - once over 30 in 1/2 hour. I get them listening to the radio - particularly while driving. I get them reading stuff on the net while listening to an interview. I can't tell you how many times I've read a word at the exact moment the voice says the same word. This has been happening to me as long as I can remember and I finally figured out that EVERYTHING is a synchronicity. It's just that we're not sensitive enough to detect most of them.

Gus said...

Hi Les, Just a question, if these big changes are coming very soon, ex. conscious shift, weather changes, solar flares, etc., than can you explain why if solar flares are supposed to be heating up the earth, or at least the northern hemisphere, why today is it starting to snow in Waterloo Ontario, we just got 3 inches of snow, it started snowing last year around the same time in early december, you would think solar flares would melt the snow, or heat up the weather to not allow it to snow in the first place? (I thought with solar flares, I'd be able to get a nice tan line in december in Canada for the first time in my life, but...excuse the following's exactly the same shit weather, i.e. cold, windy, and snow as last year at same time of year).
Any thoughts, and please, could you be specific on this one, I'm very curious on your perspective, thanks, and if you can tackle and respond to it in a wholesome approach, i.e. on a physical, metaphysical, 4th dimensional, conscious, spiritual, and whatever else you think or feel or sense, please do, much appreciated, thank you sir. Conscious Regards,


Visible said...

I guess there's no cure for anonymous, any more than there is a cure for uniformed opinions or the inability to divorce physical conditions of established religions in times of darkness from essential philosophies that are older than any other on Earth for a very good reason.

One who is informed about such things would also be informed about the fact that this writer draws examples from all religions but chooses different ones because they make the point better than another example at the time.

There's no cure for or proper method of dealing with people who believe they know a lot of things because there is too often little room in them to embrace new understandings and not enough freedom in their minds, due to all that clutter, to be able to seek into the essence of things instead of using everything they know as a prop for a constantly argumentative nature. Everyone, no matter how long the road that leads there, eventually comes to certain understandings and so there is nothing more to say on this account.

In its own way it is similar to lawyers and professional academics who believe their knowledge of their own field immediately confers upon them the capacity to judge and to expound on all sorts of unrelated matters. Oddly enough they very often miss the essential premise they are holding forth on, having gotten snagged by some detail or other that has provided them with a soapbox to spread disharmony in promotion of their own assumption of power to create something they believe is more useful in its place. It is as easy to recognize disharmonious efforts as it is to grasp the motive behind them as it is to understand that those who create disharmony are on very preliminary rungs of a very, very large ladder.

This is a place of fellowship most of the time and it is interesting to see that those with the greatest pretenses for learning are the ones most engaged in sowing discord. That is almost always the case because a contrite heart and a humble manner is not something learned people are willing to seek after as it tends to compromise their own sense of importance.

Visible said...

Gus, I am sure there are people here who can speak on this subject a lot better than me. I don't know anything about the weather and seldom even think about it. I know it plays an important part but since it is Nature in operation according to a particular cycle I leave my speculations about that in the hands of the divine who I trust will inform me when that becomes important in a way that my attention is automatically drawn to it. I will say that people are about as good at predicting the weather as they are in predicting who will win certain sporting engagements. I'll also mention the platitude, "Everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it".

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Anonymous said...

That was a cheap shot Dave. One person being elevated doesn't reduce you. It must be something in the stars the last day or so. The mean side of a lot of people as well as their blind sides (blind to them) are being exposed.


amarynth said...

Katz with respect, I am not interested in a tit for tat argument. I will however explain what I said. Actually, someone else has said it better than I ..

"You can count on perpetrators not to make themselves accountable. Those who choose not to be accountable will not be, and will not be made to be, period. Accountability does exist, but it cannot be either forced or imposed. Rite Action is the course to consider if we acknowledge that the arduous process of bringing perpetrators to accountability is largely a waste of time, or may be a game of grandstanding and appeasement. Humans tend to cry out for justice, often believing that it is God-given, an aspect of the cosmic plan. But what if there is no justice in the cosmic plan? No guarantee that truth and justice will finally prevail?" (And further, that truth and justice is God's business .. and by definition our business too.)

A fellow by the name of John Lash - His articles are titled Rite Action: Contra-Violence and Warrior Ethics and you can find them on

What I learn, is that evil is contra God, and as such carries the seeds of its own destruction. What seems to make sense to me lately is that the beast will destroy itself, with very little help from us humans, but a lot of help from the one where our help comes from.

Now, we can either take up real swords and cudgels go and help the beast out, or we can start stepping into a life where the beast is not and allow it to shake itself to death in its paroxysms.

I am simply suggesting that we pay attention to the 2nd phase here. More than that, I don't know and I don't know if I even know that.

I'm for discussion Katz, not for useless proselytising, not that I am inferring that you are. Just explaining and quoting this: "As it stands, the whole thing needs to crash, meaning turmoil and all sorts of unpleasant things are required to happen, in order to restore balance, unless a collective awakening brings about personal transformation ...".

I'm for the collective awakening part that brings about personal transformation.

Cyber Prez said...

Shine on me
Do you see
My shadow
I'm solo
I will die
But before we do

bholanath said...

Also, Les -
I need you to stop using so many big words and stuff...

Visible said...


I recognize that my employment of amphigory often makes my logic appear to be moving like a cancrizan, which leaves many readers at a carfax instead of a colophon. It's sort of an episemon that often translates into galimantias. I know there are people that accuse me of omphaloskepsis as I move in a tantivy miming like a tregetour but I try to utilize zetetic methodology so as to be clear as mud.

bholanath said...

Arizona: Native Elder Suffers Stroke from Pepper Spray

Visible said...

Katz, when someone has to use two different blogs to disagree with the same person and goes tromping around the comments section in stormtrooper boots full of self righteousness, as if they were the single hope upon which humanity must depend and has all the answers all the time while only recently even showing up then I feel duty bound to comment on it.

I'll also point out, lawyer lady that you remember what they taught you in school and study the evidence before you present your case and in this be reminded that this had nothing to do with you disagreeing with me and everything to do with your arrogant uppity hobbit act of getting on the case of someone far wiser than you who proved that by the way she responded.

Once again I will point out that it is the learned and those filled to bursting with all sort of self importance making knowledge that are instigating and spawning disharmony here. The more you academics and self styled intelligenzia think you know, the more shameless you are about pitching it in other peoples faces.

You're not that unlike the Jacobins and Madame Dufarge who were always screaming about justice while engaged in a blood bath. I'm not on your train or on the train of any of the rest of the bloodthirsty gun slingers coming around here. Have at it if it makes you feel good.

Anonymous said...

I luvs all them big words.

I get hot and bothered in an academic way. Bring it on!


Visible said...

Just a small point about how things operate around here. This is in the interest of a communication I got that I should explain what I mean when I use religions as examples and that I should provide a background for people to understand why I say certain things. I need to point out that I am no one's research assistant. If people are too lazy to do their own inquiry on certain subjects I am not going to do it for them. Everyone has the responsibility to inform themselves.

I can only do so much by way of explication concerning things about which thousands of books have been written. I'll also point out that I quote Jesus Christ far more than anyone else out of respect for the preponderance of Christians that come around since I consider all real wisdom to be comparative to all other real wisdom. I can only do so much in 3.5 pages and I have explained myself ad infinitum already over the course of years.

Some may take exception with my sometimes blunt and dismissive manner but I made an arrangement with myself to keep things at the level of the comments that I get. It's one reason I seldom comment. that is usually different at Origami except in recent days.

I do this on purpose because there are all manner of people that come here who get offended by the constant stream of compliments and agreement that is engendered by the majority of readers. I could very easily play detached and wise. I know how to do that and how to maintain a serene and tranquil repose in the face of anything that might appear. That's an easy pose. I avoid that precisely as a sop to those who are always looking for signs of a lack of composure and a human all too human frailty so that they can say, "See, see what he said? He's no guru or wise man, A guru or a wiseman wouldn't talk like that". The fact that I never claim to be either doesn't seem to make any difference.

Once I saw this vehicle get rolling and had an idea of what was going to happen I made certain agreements with myself about how I would conduct myself, how I would deal with advertising, how money fit into the picture and a host of other things. Not everyone is going to like all of some of it but as I repeatedly say, if you find something useful, take it with you and if it isn't useful leave it behind.

If you want to argue you really should go somewhere else. There are sites like that in the millions and many like you who will enjoy the interplay.

One thing I am not going to do is let this place degenerate into a hot bed of dissent and ego wrangling as if we were playing king of the hill. That kindergarten shit isn't desirable or useful. That's the rest of the world. It's already going full steam. Take off your clothes and jump in.

One more in a recurrent stream of repeating things I already said before but I guess its always new for someone.

DaveR said...


What'd I say?

Les. I myself suffer a marked tendency towards an astonishing overutilization of polysyllabic utterances (regardless of requirements) thereby rendering certain transcribed promulgations of communicative ruminations incomprehensible, often due to hyperextended syntactical posturing, like here, and far too numerous interjections for example, as well as copious applications of useless adjectives and the greatest quantities of widely acclaimed superlatives. Nes't ce pas?

Visible said...

See, it's fun to do. Back at the beginning or way back at Mirrors I put up a couple of posts that were so full of words no one has used in god knows when to the point that the whole post appeared incomprehensible but it you looked up the words actually made sense and was just another post except that it was filled with words no one ever uses.

Don't worry about the other thing. This is a very strange day and I advise people not to take too seriously anything they said or anything I said to them. This morning Susanne said to me, "This is a very strange day. Can you feel it? It is very strange. I've felt strange since I got up this morning. Indeed it has been a strange day and I suspect there are things going on that we don't know about but will soon hear about.

I know it's human nature to harbor resentments, some people can seethe for long periods of time. One thing I can truly say about myself is that I do not do this. I've gotten to where I can immediately forget what people said to me and what I said to them. I never let the sun go down on my anger; not that anger is the appropriate word. What that means is to never carry resentments to bed with you.

We all make errors in judgment and behave precipitously. I do it on purpose when I probably shouldn't but I decided on a certain cycle of behavior as a process of enforced diminishment. Maybe it's time to reassess that and raise the bar. Maybe the bar can be raised. We'll have to see. Anyway, I'll forgive you even if you won't forgive me. That's the best deal you're going to get (grin).

lightandlongshadows said...

Here we are again, on the precipice awaiting the final push to square the circle.
Perhaps the power mongers, control freaks and money junkies will learn to live with insecurity and uncertainty one day, maybe they'll even learn to appreciate diversity, maybe they won't have a choice.
I don't know.
It's all so absurd.
A vanity fair indeed.

Alpha Silex said...

The only effective way we can "fight" to change the world, is to give up the fight within and find balance with ourselves. That peace will radiate outward and ignite the necessary shift toward harmony. Maybe harmony will occur "here", maybe not, but this is the only way to get "there". Maybe I'm not making any sense as usual, but those who appear determined to fuel the disharmony by projecting their internal struggle outward, would do the rest of us a big favor by sticking their own head in the sand. If you're still sticking around "here" for the funeral, do me another solid and piss in my casket, so I'm sent off with a good laugh as I lie "asleep".....Once the magnetosphere, our "veil", diminishes further, maybe solar flares, global warming and the weather will make a lot more sense. The cold, dark space in the palm of Mr. Apocalypse's hand will smack sense into the self blinded and ignorant sooner or later. If I were a betting man, I'd say sooner. So in the meantime, I'm choosing to let it all be.

Robin Redbreast said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again:
You can tell a man (or woman) from what he (or she) has to say.
Keep going Les :)

The more these fools reveal
The more they reveal they are fools
LLPP xxxx

Smyrna said...

It is a strange day indeed, Les. I just secured some suitable part-time employment, in the one-horse town where I live, which is what I had been praying for. No travelling. Minimal hamster wheel. And the funny thing was, it found me, I didn't find it.
Providence and a sign/confirmation for me. I can honestly say that my recent bout of omphaloskepsis inspired by your sermons has been crucial. Cheers.

P.S. What is an obscure word for 'the right place at the right time'?

Visible said...


Anonymous said...

pierre said..

@ Anon 5:05

yeh, 'es the right plagiarist 'e 'is.
(or is is playjihadist).

@DaveS, like a bowl of spaghtetti are all these synchonistic connected strings. Given the few I catch that blow my mind a bit, sometimes sequentially, I wonder about all the other ones that are surely happening without my awares. would I go mad or distracted if I was 'hit' by them all.
Makes sense that someone is pulling the strings and in a way that defies logic, logic being defined as the impossibility (?) that the show is only for me. what a Juggler.


wv: listiv . one day I might make a list of these things.

Alpha Silex said...

The word serendipity was actually first penned on my birthday, about 70 some years before I was born. I guess I was late for it, but can still enjoy the synchronicity which is alive and well on the Serendipitydoodahblogspot.

Richie (Dana) said...

Wow guys,
We have Dave with his synchronicities which happen to me all the time also,
amarynth with turning your back...fighting the material world while being spiritual does not work, so pick your poison, The funny big words exchange, My buddy Alpha validating my assessment of him, Robin getting some smarts, and it all ends with serendipity which happens to be a favorite word. There was some talk of a strange day, but this is all quite entertaining, for me anyway.....

To all those who get hammered, feel they do not understand, or persist in telling us what it is really about, please let me advise you from a place of love.
This is not your "normal" blog site. You may have missed the fact that it is deeply spiritual. You can say whatever you like and Les will most likely post it. Fair warning that if it has undue concentration on the material world, you may make a fool of yourself. Please just stop and try to make some connection with the Divine because that is what this is all about. You will not be disappointed. Your life could be radically worse for a time, but it will be worth it in the long run.

To Les and all of you I thank you for an excellent experience.


Matt said...

Aloha, Les, and I realize you are our invisible friend.

Today, a minor case of schadenfreude that I want to enjoy a bit longer. A plumbing co that hammered my elderly mom for $3k on a job worth $800 had an engine blow out on their panel truck on a busy freeway as I drove by. Steam and smoke, a head gasket at least. Now, I know it means they will redouble their weasel ways to make up the cash, but it gave me this odd... grin.

I have been wanting to pick up the master's axe and it is just not mine to touch. I feel so much lighter knowing that. If chemtrails, vaccines, and usury is good enough for all the little kids who never heard of any of it, it is good enough for me, for now. So today I just want to be a better guy. Snorting out has successfully derailed about 52 sniveling thoughts a day for a while now. I have become the private dick who watches the non artist formerly known as me. Snort grin, repeat. Control the animal. It feels like a great gift, and I got it here for free. Aloha.

Anonymous said...


def'n - "Discovering something (useful) while looking for something unrelated."


P.S. There's no such thing as coincidence - it's God's way of remaining anonymous.

Rob in WI said...

Synchronicity = correlation
Serendipity = correlation with sweet results.
In several of your recent posts, Visible, you've stated that "It's simple". I agree. Be well, Rob

MachtNichts said...

If it is any consolation, Vis, in my humble opinion some people like to argue and attack out of a sense of being the underdog, which they themselves of course don't notice. To paraphrase, never let a good fight go to waste. Sure, in our present condition, we all have to vent once in a while but it doesn't have to be projected towards our brothers. Why don't people kick a garbage can instead?

And, Amarynth, don't take it to heart, I am fully with you and the collective awakening part. Of that the personal transformation makes the most sense.

As for a strange day, yeah, the air was heavy today. You can tell when you blow smoke it sticks around for a while before disappearing. And I was restless, to say the least. But now I will retire in my Crown-Colony-Busdepot in a serene and tranquil repose. Capiche? Muchas Gracias, Vis, Silvia

Kray Z8 said...

these long winter nights

Cosmos beats a silent drum

who calls? and who comes?

The only things important are what we make important, with predictable and corresponding results.

Thanks, LV. Thanks, Gang.

Peace, Love, Perception,


Anonymous said...

Les, you're not unloading the saucerpod, are you? Or is this it?

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

A Burning Man Snake-Fest at the Boy Scout Jamboree.

amarynth said...

Just before we all go to Petri Dish, it is time to make bookings for Visible's Visit in January.

I have a some emails from interested people and a few people have registered at the event page here:

The dates ..

15 - 19 January - informal visiting time with Visible and other guests.

CORE WEEKEND - 20, 21, 22 January - Getting together in a bigger group with Visible - a little more formal.

23 - 27 January - ending in another period of informal visiting with Visible and other guests.

Although I'm doing the local arrangements, I truly have no idea what is going to develop. I just know something will (grin).

Further details about accommodation and meals on the event page - please click the event details tab and get in touch with me .. so that we can sort out accommodation and bookings for this. We found local accommodation at excellent prices if you're willing to share.

Visible said...

I'm willing to share but only if she has a sister.

A.Mouser said...


Can't confirm I'm coming, but I would like to.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and she's ain't gotta have no lard-ass neither (grin)

Anonymous said...

The obese are a national treasure, a renewable resorce that is going to waste. With waling gone and crude oil mucking up this place we must tap into this biofuel, people power, human resource, that we have enough of to export.
Happy travels, from Minnesota

neal said...

My turning was involved with sand, not hiding, just getting started, or returning. That's not really sand, just little hidden stones that bring other things, like locusts and honey. They say it gets everywhere and gets abrasive, but how else could a tool be formed?

Such a rusting place, a dangerous playground, and a peaceable kingdom all the while.

My last teaching from someone who will not be named was concerning humility. "With so much power, I could kill you, but I choose not to".

It took a gun to my head, and a love for response, but that's how you maintain that little bit that leads to just one pearl, for the course.

Otherwise, that would just be fighting with a mirror, the house of mirrors always wins, when you play.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les et al,

ROFLMAO. Great stuff. God rules. Magic is alive. La peine des hommes c'est un sujet si grand qu'il semble que personne ne saurait y toucher. (Camus)



Anonymous said...

via Kathy
I read all the blogs daily and have gotten much from each and as much from the comments. My search is over as of yesterday. Done, finished, not a drop of endurance left. No yearning, hope, desire or even interest.
The All, Ineffable, Father Creator, God...I read and listen as a child with her nose pressed against a window with no door.
The breathing technique Vis shared recently leaves me dizzy and headachy, most likely I do it wrong, years of meditation bring no essence of anything but maybe tree roots, prayer is talking to myself (a more staid conversation you'll never have) and maybe that's what it is supposed to be.
My revelation was that I'll never be able to bring myself to love the sadistic thing you all yearn for. He/She/It/They are "Q" from Star Trek. All power and no compassion. I will no longer consider myself dull and stupid for not getting it, I'll no more love God than I would any abusive father figure and am therefore doomed to...what the world has to date.
Everybody talks of this loving something. Where's the love? Nowhere, we are on our own. I believe fully in a "God" but just because It can do what It wants doesn't mean that It gives a shit about anyone. We are It's ant farm to shake up as it chooses. If It steps in for you it is for It's own entertainment.
It is all for demonstration, that we are nothing but court jesters for It's amusement.
Sovereignty can call me lazy and Richard can bring forth a pearl of wisdom, Amarynth can share the love that spills over every time her fingers hit the keys, Neil can offer a poem. It is all wonderful but not because of God but because you are all good people.
love to each of you

Visible said...

There is a new Origami up-

Catching Some Rays from the Shining One Mind.

Kathy, my perception is that you are doing it too aggressively. Do it softly so as to be near imperceptible to others. You are in a state. It is only temporary. This is an unfortunate thing that all of us encounter now and again and what defeats us is that we do not remind ourselves that it is temporary. This will pass and you will see that and it will be a reminder should you arrive in anything similar in time to come.

If as you say, it is because of the beautiful people, that behavior must have a source, just as what we see of other behaviors also do. Try to accept that God is Love, simply that emotion. Discard any idea of a person or entity for the moment and just think of it as LOVE.

est said...

my dearest kathy

'god' speaks to us
through each other

once you realize that
you'll never feel alone again

i promise you

amarynth said...

The procedure ... when I learned it some years ago, I had much trouble with it as well. It helps to close the one nostril with your finger and let the air just flow out our the open nostril, just a little stronger than usual initially. Eventually you can expel the air in a stronger fashion (Out Demons Out!). Soon you will sense the dominant path of air into your body (the dominant nostril) .. and you can alternate nostrils and build up the non-dominant path. The mind patterns and the mind chatter and thoughts seem to disappear effectively with breath/mind/thought techniques. There is no need to become light headed .. back off a little to a more gentle practice.

I was very surprised when Visible suggested this breath technique .. It has a powerful influence on thought and the unseen, and in my lexicon, a 'higher technique'.

Kathy, I am not a good person by my own nature. Some of what I write here, does not come from me .. it flows through somehow. That is what you see sometimes. I have been in that very same 'battle with god' more times than what I can remember and now it is even something that I look forward to .. like .. i'm gonna ask/tell god a thing or two about a thing or two! It is an experience when god starts telling me a thing or two about a thing or two.

Just your expression by itself will probably make space for a thing or two.

And what EST said .. our conversations with one another expresses the one that we sometimes refer to as god.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty certain that's not the same technique hes talking about Amarynth. I was curious enough to contact him about it and he told me he got it from observing his master performing it and he intuited the rest. Holding a nostril closed is part of formalized breath control and specialization. I see this as something else not generally connected to official yoga practice. He said it had something to do with the way a cobra behaves when it flares its hood.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how certain people who post here proclaim their disbelief in God or 'all that spiritual junk', almost as if they are challenging you or the Universe to prove it to them.

The fact that not believing in God or Source is just another belief seems to go unnoticed without the slightest hint of irony.........

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Kathy, it's ok to rail at God, to be angry at God.

You are engaged with God when you do and engagement in anger, envy, hate or love is immaculately preferable to forgetting God or denying God.

When you feel good about yourself and God, your thoughts and feelings will correspondingly feel good about yourself and God.

And vice versa.

Obviously one is preferable, but ultimately they're the same.


I know it sounds strange and possibly even blasphemous but God can handle a little bit or a whole lot of loving or hating.

He's an attention hound!

Visible said...

How true! God loves the attention, even desperately needs and seeks it, becoming so from having surrendered to the Love that he eventually wakes up within us for the same reason. Some have attained enlightenment from hating him. I believe you even posted tales about this over at streams of consciousness blog at the Hare Krishna piece, which I got yelled at for writing because it conflicted with someone's dogma (grin).


Yeah, about that not believing in God thing. 99.9 percent of the time it always comes down to religion, as if God couldn't exist without religion and is therefore to blame for its excesses which he has no part in. Most of the time people reject the concept of God because that is the role they have reserved for themselves and which they do such a terrific job at (grin)


As for different techniques, if they work they work. It's like trying to get to a certain location in a large city. Any number of routes will take you there. Sometimes a longer route is even preferable because of the scenery or something that happened on the way that might not have happened another way.

Richie (Dana) said...

Considering the fact that I am named in your self-flagellating treatise, I guess I have a right to respond.
What I see here is that whatever you are doing, it is working. You are so busy beating up on yourself you can’t see the forest for the trees. Your tone is also very right brain and emotional. There is nothing wrong with that but I would like to bring a little left brain rational thinking to this and see if we can have a meeting of the minds. You are striking out in anger at God and I can promise you that he does not mind. It is better to wrestle with the Divine than ignore him.
It is interesting to me that you start out by saying how much you have gotten here and wind up by saying that we are somehow different than you because we are “good people”. I cannot speak for Amaryth or Neil but I can definitely tell you that I suck. A few weeks ago I was very discouraged as you are today and did some venting in the comments which resulted in Les telling me I was a dickhead, which is true. Do you see that we all kinda suck? We are all in this boat together and you are not alone.
You ask, “Where is the Love”, “God does not give a shit about me”, “We are on our own”.
Why did you get so much out of coming here? Was it perhaps something we said? Try this one. The Divine uses us little humans to communicate. When Les speaks it is God speaking directly to you. I am currently speaking to you from a place of Love which I think God is a big part of. You cannot know the depth of compassion I have for you at this moment. It brings tears to my eyes. I understand your pain. I am saying that I Love you.
Kathy, you are not quitting now that you have made all this progress. You are going to keep coming back here and you are going to endure.

amarynth said...

Pete, yes .. you're absolutely right. As far as techniques go, I mixed it up a bit. I really laughed when people initially talked about snorting and then I tried - and also snorted and got light headed!.

Then I fell back onto the technique that I knew, just to bridge the gap somewhere between elegance and snorts, and eventually got it. But there are a few different ways here .. and when Visible said (out demons out), I knew were not working with simple breath techniques but with something different. Just a little snatch of knowing floated by me, it felt like something that I came across years and years ago, a wholly different thing.

Anonymous said...

via Kathy

Thank you all for your generous words.

To anonymous @ 6:11, you misunderstand me, I don't disbelieve in "God" at all. I believe He/She/It is The All and holds me in It's hand. I've just come to the conclusion that It's hand is more like a crab claw pinching my soul as It views my pleasure and pain as equally entertaining to It's dream/experience, not caring what consequence to me, who wouldn't be stuck here if not for It's stupid dream in the first place.
Amarynth, I'll take your nostril suggestion whether it was the technique Vis offered or not, I am all over the varied routes in a big city analogy.

On to Origami, it always makes me feel better.

Richie (Dana) said...

One more thing I would like to point out.
I read Les early this morning, saw your comments and then was off to work in San Francisco which is about an hour's drive. Of course I had distractions so it took me a bit to get my response typed. I did not return to the blog until I posted and therefore did not see what others had written in my absence.

Just compare what we had to say. Do you see the similarities? This is evidence of the one mind and how we are all connected. This knowledge should give you great hope and joy. We individually sat down to write and we wrote the same thing! That is straight up, incredibly awesome.

I can clearly see that you have made tremendous progress and once you climb your way out of your little valley of despair, you will see it too, and thank God you were so lucky that he noticed you.

I have to inform you here that there will be additional valleys to traverse because that is the construct here. Have faith that the reward is much greater than you can now imagine.


Without Wax said...

Hey Les - I'll buy your car! I'm in Southern Europe, France....

I've been a follower for years, I'm a vegan and an organic vegetable farmer!!

This is a serious offer!

love susan

Visible said...

Without Wax, Susan; Rats, I was just going to wax the car tomorrow or Monday (grin). Okay, I don't know how we handle this, you should email me at and we can talk about details.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:52 ("Kathy", I think? Apologies in advance if I'm addressing the wrong poster):

"To anonymous @ 6:11, you misunderstand me, I don't disbelieve in "God" at all. I believe He/She/It is The All and holds me in It's hand. I've just come to the conclusion that It's hand is more like a crab claw pinching my soul as It views my pleasure and pain as equally entertaining to It's dream/experience, not caring what consequence to me, who wouldn't be stuck here if not for It's stupid dream in the first place."

Perhaps I misunderstood you, perhaps not. However, based on what you wrote, I intuited that
you're feeling like we all have at some point, and now more than ever; that we all are just mortal blow up dolls suffering at the hands of (at worst) a sadistic porno-director-cum- puppet master, or (at best) the benign neglect of indifferent agency.

No matter how you slice it, in the absence of love, there is only fear, ergo, a disbelief in God/Source. Please don't misinterpret my original post as a slight to your ego that you are being punished for being a faithless, Godless wretch. You can read Les' follow up comment again regarding "disbelief in God" for further clarification if needed, he broke it down much more articulately.

And yeah, Origami is a soothing balm for the bloodied asses, hearts and souls of all who have third eyes to see.

peace out

wiggins said...

Thanks Les....Respect.

Unknown said...

Synchronicity's ehh? Is that what they are calling it? I have visited this blog regularly for some time, I love the insight among other things, such as the implication of at least some kind of order to the chaos. I nearly had my mind blown a month or so back. I have been been nicknamed Butch by my grandfather my entire life. I served in the military, successfully at first, not so successfully as disillusion set in resulting in a premature parting of ways. I have had numerous encounters with the just-us system that were more often than not based on contrived and grossly exaggerated claims of wrong doing, yet I have some how been guided through. I have, up to this point, lived with so much reckless abandon that even to my self it seems suicidal, and by all rights I really should be across the great divide already. There are other instances of this "synchronicity" if you must, or uncanny insights, that I simply have attributed to careful observation of people. Some of the more direct however have me saying "hello brother" and "fuck you spook" with near equal measure. In the end though my thoughts side with the more mystical explanation, if for no other reason than because that is the way I really want things to be. At any rate, it is impressive be it small signs from a Big Power or just a SPOOKY example of the growing power of technology. Could very be imagination, maybe even creeping insanity, the answer lays some where in between it all I suspect. Anyway thank you for another great post Les, I was a little shocked to see what appears to be a classified ad but trying to help somebody out with a good rig is a good thing. It does beg the question tho, have book sales been so spectacular that you have moved to the C class big body Benz? Or have you simply learned to fly??

Visible said...

Yeah, right, a big body Benz; no, sale of the car helps finance my trip. Susanne has a car and we will use that in the interim. I figured it was okay to make the ad since I am selling it for half of it's minimum going rate around these parts and with some extras that don't come with most.

I was also called Butch through my childhood, must be something to it, given the parallels.

Visible said...

Terrible things in the dark of the night.

the BCth said...

I came home just a while ago in a state very similar to where Kathy was. Feeling let down by universe, hard done by at the hands of the one who placed me here, unable to feel joy or love, bitter and in pain. I looked forward to a hard, slow battle to regain the heights of where I've been spiritually. But then I just so happened to have this comment section still open to where I left off reading it on my browser days ago... and for some reason, I came back to it. When I read Kathy's post, I felt a sympathetic tug inside. Upon reading Les' reply, I burst into tears. Sobbing with the release of weeks' worth of pain. My tears continued streaming as I read the loving words from the other sisters and brothers here. I understood, finally, that I wasn't alone in feeling abandoned and worthless and terrible. And that none of those feelings made me any less loved.
If I could hug you all through time and space, I would. In fact, I am doing so right now.

Adam said...

It seems to be becoming clear that there is a time coming that we may not hear from you for a while. So I thought I'd take the opportunity now to express my gratitude for all your work.

As always, you're totally on the money with your intelligent and heartfelt narrative on the state of play.

You almost seem reticent to acknowledge that you're providing many people with important guidance, so I guess instead I'll say thank you for all your "recommendations" over the years, your nudges and pokes into the direction of our salvation

At times my faith in the divine has been tested. I made a promise to it I would never stop believing and implored its light to never leave me. I have such guilt for ever doubting it and will offer the deepest sincere apology should I ever be granted the opportunity. It's the most fundamental certainty in existence, what on earth was I ever thinking? Such are these challenging times I guess. Your writings have really helped me through these periods, as I am certain it has others. I only wish I knew people like you in my life.

Thank you. You truly have been a gift.

Peace be with you, always.




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