Sunday, December 4, 2011

Splatter-Casting the Undulations of the Apocalypse.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

When in the course of human shopping you come to an event or a collateral happenstance that can tend to hyper -invent and titillate your shivered timbers, you need to keep in mind how they turn all of this into firewood in other times. I was in Salamanca with my consort a few years ago. We were staying in an Ibis Hotel. We went out to get something to eat and came up on a plaza with a Burger King and sundry about and while passing through this mix, toward our hoped for sustenance, we came upon a crowd of decked out JonBenét Ramsey lookalikes, running 12 to fifteen I think so older than Jon but same effect, who were just standing around and I said something like, “pedophilia, smorgasbord wonderland for the hungry and we can't find a place to eat”, because it was just more of what I left to get away from; coming back from our unsuccessful trip, after a long twenty minutes they were all gone. The buses came there to take them home. They were dolled up for the night and curfew ran the louvers down the road but... it looked like they had all been collected and put back on the shelf. “This is what we're selling, see you next Friday night. Come early, check out the wares. Sleep tight. Buy low, sell high, ages? Hem lengths? Oh my my, Goody goody alright tuti fruti!

In the early seventies, angling back around to Glenn Beck; a man with issues? I wouldn't know but... I came into Palm Springs, California, I won't be far from there shortly and I had not slept for a couple of days, when a girl in a Thunderbird picked me up and took me home. I was about to go to sleep on the motel doorstep, because I had no money and I was dog tired. So it was, that I wound up sitting on a public bench in front of a bookstore called “Bookland”, which was the most successful bookstore in the U.S., at the time and could have become Borders because the force that did that kind of thing wanted to do it through Richard Yerxa (who owned it) at the time but Richard met me and that was part of what changed his mind about being the Steve Jobs kind of guy he could have been.

I was right in the middle of my kundalini explosion, running from the FBI, nationwide alert BOLO; had already run into Charlie Manson period. I was sitting in front of that bookstore and doing my own Occupy thing by bringing the cars up to the stop light, while sitting on that bench. My master had told me to “take the reins”! I was trying to. I had met Elvis Presley earlier in LA and it so happened that on the first night on that bench he pulled up in his limousine and rolled down the window; of course there were people running down the street and screaming “Elvis”!

He said, “Hey, I thought you were going to Phoenix”. I said, “I was, but I like it right here”. Then he said something like, “Good, glad to have you around, come by the house”. It was something like that that put an imprimatur on me, because the cops left me alone for many nights to follow because everyone thought I was a friend of Elvis Presley and the fact that I denied it and wouldn't talk about him made it all the more mysterious. He circled around about a dozen times that night, always waving at me as he went by or whatever.

Then I saw Elvis no more and I was still on the bench and it came to New Year's Eve and I was out there bringing the cars to the light when the police came. As they were questioning me, Richard came out of the bookstore and said, “He's a friend of mine”. (I had never met him until that moment) Then he said to me, “Why don't you come inside”? They were having a New Year's Eve Party. Richard and I began an intense and wild relationship that went through many changes. Richard was one of the most fearless men I have ever met. Many times I thought he was the devil himself. I saw him walk down the side of 60 degree sheer rocks in Tahquitz Canyon. He'd be laughing. I had a fear of heights. He had none. Nothing scared him. I went to prison shortly after for a couple of years and we saw each other on and off. I heard he spent some time in a Mexican jail. Richard and I and a handful of others are all the people that might have been and you should have gotten in touch with us then; you great big sleeping world because, now... now your hour of doom and judgment is coming upon you.

I haven't been the person I wanted to be, but on my own behalf, I will say that I never stop trying to be that person and I never will stop, not ever. In the meantime, things go on. I recently watched the whole four years of “Breaking Bad”. The episode with Tortuga was one of those life imitates art things. I couldn't imagine being the main character but I got a sense of how it is going in the hinterlands; those hinterlands I used to hike and hitchhike through in my travels, now to reoccur at a pending date looking for the, gone dead train of the long lost state, of whatever I thought I was looking for.

There are heroes among us. Among them is a Swiss journalist named Stefan Weber . Here is a man who has a problem with his weight; a kidney problems so that he has to go through the dialysis process weekly. He needs a new kidney. He doesn't even eat that much so it is some kind of an imbalance. I'm not a fan of transplanting things but I even thought about offering him one of mine, possibly not the best he could get (grin) but that is how impressed I am by someone living under routine, continuous discomfort, on the doorstep of departure, who is devoting his life and all that's in it to the better treatment of animals in Europe. I know him because he is a colleague of Susanne's and she found him though her own interest into dogs, while in Italy when we were there. Here is what they do in Southern Italy and probably in most southern countries. They go for holiday to the beach and take a puppy along for their kids to play with. When summer is over, they leave the dog behind. Yeah, they do just that. That is how I found The Little Guy, who is now one of the smartest dogs in the universe and of whom people are always asking; “what is that breed of dog”? They do that because he is so cool.

It tears your heart out to see them running in the streets and that seques into those girls running down the street and standing in front of Burger King and the Glenn Beck martinet playing mini me John McCain. Hose me down with a bucketful of Joe Lieberman leeches while you are at it. They're the new Velcro. I don't generally ever get anything for Christmas and for inexplicable cosmic reasons, I have often spent holidays alone; probably that Lord Shiva thing. I had one birthday party in my whole life but at least that one was attended by nine women and the husband of one of them. Now and again a lot of my good friends are women but the reason I mention this is that if you are thinking of sending me anything, or getting me anything; why not just give it to Stefan who is doing far more noble work than I under much more dreadful conditions.

People might say we waste too much time on animals and not enough time on each other but it is because of the way we treat animals that we have come to such a state. Gandhi had something to say about that and the true measure of a civilization but I can't remember the quote offhand. Caring about the least of us gets us around to caring about the rest of us and this is your Christmas season and the winter of your discontent.

Why is it that people can see turmoil brewing all around them and not tumble to the proximity and potential? The cosmos can drop you off too after it has had its summer vacation. What used to hurt me the worst, was when the dog had moved on, during the time it took me to turn around and go back to look for it; the dogs laying in traffic circles with circling shoppers on a self satisfaction track ...and look at that weird foreigner with the bag of dog food walking into the lawn circle where those dogs are hanging out and pouring out dog food. What's his trip?

I'm not dog specific. I'm life specific, if it has life. It turns into what I notice; like homeless people, you don't see them so much in the Europe I've been moving through because Europe has a much wider safety net than America, which is all pumped up with guns and laws and you can see the freedom disappearing under your footsteps. You can see the cram cities and the wide broken promised hinterlands that cannot be trespassed cause the market needs the space, or the military needs to practice what they preach, which is blow the fuck out of everything, my domination needs release. When my finger hits the trigger my dick gets hard cause I am fucking you for peace.

I don't know the name of the tune, go hum some Clair de Lune and you can short sheet Debussy while you are at it. The name of the game is the disappearing plain. Will that be paper or plastic?

The rhyme guy is looking to preempt this posting so, I'll quit while the going is good.

Have a wonderful day.

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There is a radio show tonight.


Robin Redbreast said...

An unexpected and great post Les - thanks.

Looking forward to the radio blog - as usual.

Here is a wonderful little verse which summarises the fundamentals of Life well:

To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common -- this is my symphony.

William Henry Channing - (May 25, 1810 – December 23, 1884)

LLPP xxxx

Chinese Sneakers said...

Always enjoy hearing/reading your Elvis story(ies).

Makes me think you must've been heavy duty--like in the sense of a self-contained source of raw fucking power.

And , on a different note, let me say that i empathize with those being trodden down, too. There's no doubt life can be hard for many and we do well to keep that in mind.

Anyway, i would be remiss if i didn't also mention that southern Kalifornia has just had some never-before-seen wind storms, knocking out power for some time, and to quite a number. As well, just to the south of there, in northern Mexico a drought is ravaging the place and shows no signs of letting up either.

Go well.

lightandlongshadows said...

"now your hour of doom and judgment is coming upon you."
True, let's not forget the oppotunity that is presented as well.
Have you seen the latest Alex Jones interview with Stewart Rhodes? Despite Alex and his hyperventilating hyperbole and interuptions he does have some interesting guests on. I always feel the need to put a caveat on any mention of Alex Jones.

Lee said...

Well, here it is again. One of those moments where the reader had similar thoughts the coincided with the story.

Last night, a good friend of were talking on the phone about all kinds of stuff. I mentioned that I do not know who I am. He replied, " I do", and said it without any hesitation at all. He said I was a risk taker by having done all kinds of jobs and being a musician in Vegas and going on the road and trying to get into acting, etc.

He said he always took the safe way. Going to college and getting a teaching degree. Going into business as a housing contractor.

Here I am in total confusion, near homelessness and always broke, and he sees me as a person with identity.

I don't get it.

Robin Redbreast said...

Lee - we are sometimes our own worst critic.
Sometimes we can't be objective about ourselves.
Your good friend sees the truth about you- your spirit.
Believe them.
Trust them.
Your worth is not measured by your wealth- I understand wealth makes security in life- if you put your trust, faith and hope in the hands of our creator- he will ensure you pull through.
Try to see what others do - believe in yourself Lee- your strength and ability to keep going no matter what life seems to throw at you - respect yourself and be your own best friend. Be kind to yourself as you would to a friend. Ask for help and it will come. Best wishes to you Lee
Love Live Prayers Peace

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz says:

“the military needs to practice what they preach, which is blow the fuck out of everything, my domination needs release. When my finger hits the trigger my dick gets hard cause I am fucking you for peace.”

Judge ….. you are so fucked up…. !! (grin) This shit is so true and we all know it, but none have the word wrap for it.

Love it! Keep it coming.


Visible said...

Well, you know, I look at all of those things; british and american some I like some i don't but they definitely serve as examples of what's out there

Tony said...

Hey Les, when is your birthday again.

Do you place any merit in your astrological sign or do you think it is a lot of generalizations?


Steve said...

I think the Ghandi saying was 'the Karma of a nation depends on how its animals are treated' (Dont qoute me on that). When I was in Chile I used to sneak food out from where I was eating to a local dog that was so good natured and totally neglected. very sad.

In my neighbourhood ( geographically speaking ) if I go to the Fiji Islands, I note the very poor conditions of the dogs and proberly some of the worst conditions of dogs I have seen. I also note at the same time the general lack of any real advancement for the locals and the poor position most are in not generally improving ( as well as military dictatorship). If I then fly not to far across the pacific to Rarotonga ( cook Islands) I see the general good condition of most of the dogs and animals and also note the far better living conditions and prosperity of the locals. Makes you wonder

Lee said...

Thanks Robin.

kf said...

Your post reminded me of an incident in late 2001. . .I was rendered homeless by a shyster/lawyer/grandson of a city founding father in Asheville who made his money screwing homeowners not as well-connected or monied as he. I took my remaining child to NJ; thought I could revamp my old secretarial career in NYC. Ran into nine-eleven. Stopped at the church where I went to school for a good night's sleep in the car. Was told that the nuns/priests no longer had jurisdiction on the parking lot and that I would be arrested and my child sent to DSS.
Yeh, I made it through it all but I am reminded by your post that this is NOT the world that most of us want. Will it ever be? I don't know but I sure hope common sense and compassion eventually win.

missingarib said...

vis, you feeling edgy -I hear Bruce Cockburn singing if I had a rocket launcher,

regards a fan

Visible said...

Well, quite a remarkable appearance of deep souls in the atmosphere.

Alpha Silex said...

This is an excellent swim, don't drown. :)

William Freeman said...

Nice bit of synchronicity going on. I watched all four seasons of Breaking Bad just recently too. I thought I'd watch the first episode season one and check it out. It turned into a manic session covering three days! The Mrs wasn't too pleased as I didn't get much else done. There you go.
And yes, that would be us, the lady and myself, the wierd foreigners dishing out the pet food. A lot of southern Europeans treat animals like shit, but then again they treat each other like that too. We brought a cat back from Greece last year. She was skinny as fuck, had two broken hips and a resulting vet bill of over 1.400 Euros. She's worth every cent, an absolute darling and smart to boot.


William Freeman

Visible said...

wow.. it's funny cause when you said the missus, I first thought it was the one in the movie you were talking about. That cat story is like The Little Guy. He's a splendid beast these days but looked like something caught in a shower drain when I first found him,

Like Jesus catching his breath one cold winter morning on a downstairs sidewalk while, the hot wind of Hell blows through the manhole gates of New York City

and so on and so on

amarynth said...

This is part of the splatter that we've not really spoken about. The creation of a new species. Hu-Bots! I don't like it! Its like playing god without having god's talents.

Anonymous said...

I like animals and computers better than people and I sure could go for some tutti fuckin' fruity (good drugs not lil' girls).

-Captain Spaulding-

Anonymous said...

Congress juat passed a bill to open up the slaughter houses for horses again.
Down we slide on the slippery slope into the gapping jaws of fuck you Hell. Thanks leaders, the sheeple follow bleating or is that bleeding.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Here is the famous Gandhi quote, plus a couple more.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated." - M.K. Gandhi

"I feel that spiritual progress does demand at some stage that we should cease to kill our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily wants." - M.K. Gandhi

"To my mind the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being. I should be unwilling to take the life of a lamb for the sake of the human body. I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to the protection by man from the cruelty of man." - M.K. Gandhi

See: Famous Quotes by Gandhi, and Mohandas Gandhi - All Creatures Quotations Archive

Feeding carnivore pets the flesh of other animals works against the cause of animal welfare. According to the ASPCA, 75 million dogs and 85 million cats are owned in the USA. Many millions of animals are slaughtered to feed humans and their carnivore pets. Feeding meat to carnivore pets is yet another example of human vanity and gross consumerism.

gurnygob said...

Gregory F. Fegel I thought carnivores were supposed to eat meat, or am I wrong?

I like meat, so I can’t fault anyone else for eating it. I would be happier to kill my own rather than see it go through the system before reaching my table. There is a bit in the bible somewhere that says it is ok to eat the meat but not the blood. The blood should be drained back into the earth so the spirit can go back to god. There was also the sacrificial aspect but that’s another story. I suppose in today’s world most people could go without meat though I see no harm in killing meat for survival. I always try to remember to thank god for my food whatever form it takes, I mean meat or veg. I don’t agree that a lamb is just as precious as a person though I can see as Gandhi says that spiritual progress does demand at some stage that we should cease to kill our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily wants. I have been thinking about stuff like that for a while. It is strange how one such as I can feel in love with nature and still kill it at the same time. What is that????


gurnyogb said...

Les I met Elvis in a bar in Belfast, (Ireland that is, not USA.) He said he was shaking all over, so I bought him a pint of Guinness and he picked up after that. He didn’t so much “leave” the building but was carried out by two of his mates. He mentioned your name in passing. He kept saying “les see, les see.” I said, “You mean Les visible don’t you?” and he just lifted his head, looked around and said; “Yea, it sure is.”


Anonymous said...

What is going on ? I just read that the Senate Armed Services Committee(whoever the hell they are) repealed ARTICLE 125 (don't ya just love all these committees and articles?) Pardon, I digress, the repeal means it is now legal in the US Military to have sex with animals.
You can't make this horse shit up. The sheeple now have a bigger reason to wake up ...:)

Alpha Silex said...

I used to love meat too, until I killed my love for it.

Denny said...

Re Eating meat:

Although I do normally consider myself a strick vegan I certainly wouldn't leave a good halibut steak, wild salmon or the occasional pheasant on the side of the plate after a day's bracing hike up in the Scottish hills.

A friend of mine recently coughed up about $5000 veterinary fees for her two ailing Jack Russell terriers, and they both died anyway shortly after the operations. I find this is quite incredible considering how many homeless people alone there are here in Sweden. You can even become a "dog psychologist" in this country and make a good living. Hmmmm.. Just tell the owners that their beagle is suffering from say a bout of depression over the probable loss of a bone and send them a bill for any amount.

I was at a Hari Krishna meeting once, and that new guy who took over the show repeated over and over to everyone present that if they continued thinking about sex then they'd be reincarnated next time round as a dog.

I asked him if we had any choice over which particular breed but I don't think he was very amused.

Imagine coming back as BEAGLE, for Christ's sake...!!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The karma adds up.. East and West

"To be nonviolent to human beings and to be a killer or enemy of the poor animals is Satan's philosophy. In this age there is always enmity against poor animals, and therefore the poor creatures are always anxious. The reaction of the poor animals is being forced on human society, and therefore there is always strain of cold or hot war between men, individually, collectively or nationally."

-Srila Prabhupada

"We are living graves of murdered beasts

Slaughtered to satisfy our appetites.

We never pause to wonder at our feasts,

If animals like men could possibly have rights.

We pray on Sunday that we may have light,

To guide our footsteps on the paths we tread.

We are sick of war, we do not want to fight,

And we gorge ourselves upon the dead.

Like Carrion Crows we live and feed on meat,

Regardless of the suffering and pain

We cause by doing so, in this we treat,

Defenseless animals for sport or gain -

How can we hope in this world to attain

The peace we say we are so anxious for,

We pray for it o'er hetacomba of slain,

To God while outraging the moral law,

Thus cruelty begets the offspring --- WAR !

-George Bernard Shaw

Anonymous said...

A story in the Sunday Star (Toronto Dec. 4th)brings warmth and hope. A badly abused homeless dog in India and her seven puppies were rescued and brought home by an Indian lady to her home and family in Toronto. Wish you could see the photos! Thanks for caring and taking action.


Gregory F. Fegel said...


Since Gandhi's quote about a nation's animals was part of the discussion, I posted the Gandhi quotes to clarify what Gandhi's opinion was. I basically agree with you and disagree with Gandhi about a lamb's life being worth that of a person's.

I commented that feeding meat to carnivore pets contributes to the death toll of other animals. That would only be an issue of concern for people who want to cause the least harm to animals in general. My point is simply that anyone who truly wants to "be kind to animals" should think twice about feeding meat to their pets. I didn't say that people or animals shouldn't be carnivores.

I spent six months at a secluded house where there was a cat who nobody owned. Every morning the cat left a mouse on the front porch for me. The cat came back a few hours later and ate the mouse, but he always offered a mouse to me every morning. Every evening I let the cat into the house and I made him a big salad of fresh greens with home-made sunflower and sesame seed dressing in a 16-ounce bowl. The cat always ate all of his salad and licked the bowl clean. He liked to sleep under the wood stove.

The relationship I had with that cat showed me that you can have a carnivore companion without providing it with meat. However, when I left there, the cat stayed. So the cat wasn't my pet -- he was just my companion for a while. I wouldn't feel good about buying or supplying meat for a pet, because I don't want harm to come to other animals because of me. But that's just me; each of us has our own take on the subject.

Rob in WI said...

Gregory F,
I know a woman that tried to turn her little dog vegan; but he soon died. What do we want; a world without domestic carnivores, or a world without domestic pets?
Your comment presents the question well. I've met those who claim we are the pets of carnivore worshipers.
One meets all kinds in this place.
Be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine once rescued an unwanted dog in NYC... got him adopted in rural PA. He helped that poor dog escape from New York.

Not sure of the breed... some kind of mongrel. I think it was a Kurt Russell Terrier.


Anonymous said...

I don't care about Elvis, but I'm fond of stray dogs. They've taught me so much, they are free to come or go and they get no worse healthcare than I. We both have a taste for venison. The timberwolves stop in to visit them but shy away from me.
Right, wrong, or whatever that's how we are. Woof, from Minnesota

Erik said...

Hmm ...

Last time we had a duplicate posting, so this time i didn't 'jump the gun' ... Oh well,

A new Radioshow can be found here:

John said...

Thanks for the post. Reminded me of my siblings. 14 at one point. All dogs. Dad would just show up with them from time to time. Every Sunday he would start a fire outside and boil up some treat for them. Woke up one morning with brand new puppies in my bed from my German Shepherd. Very good memories.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"I haven't been the person I wanted to be, but on my own behalf, I will say that I never stop trying to be that person and I never will stop, not ever."

I personally evolved into the individual I wanted to be. I wanted to be like what I am now when I was younger, I tried to force it, and it was a psychological catastrophy. It turned me into a total nut case. As for wasting time on animals, I find animals better company than most people. They seem to make more sense, and just because they belong to different cultures and speak different languages make them no less than I. In fact, I do a lot more environmental damage than they, so who is really worth more. . .or less to the planet.

Also, if you study an animal enough; you can learn their language.

Good post as always, Les.

onething said...

I don't care too much what Srila Prabhupad said. His take on Hinduism involves as much sex guilt as the Catholics ever came up with. He loved to tell people what animal they would reincarnate as. I suspect that people do not reincarnate as animals, at least not very often. And to say that someone will reincarnate as a dog if they think too much about sex? Ridiculous, because the animal with the most frequent sex and who thinks of sex the most is the human being. So perhaps a dog who thinks too much about sex will reincarnate as a human.

The Hare Krishnas are allowed to marry, bu without sex. The only time you can have sex (after long prayers) is if you want to conceive a child. I used to hang out with the Hare Krishnas in LA. I noticed they had a lot of children.

Anonymous said...

"The Death Of The Pacific Ocean
Fukushima Debris Soon To Hit American Shores, By Yoichi Shimatsu
Former General Editor Japan Times Weekly In Tokyo, Exclusive To, 12-16-11

"An unstoppable tide of radioactive trash and chemical waste from Fukushima is pushing ever closer to North America. An estimated 20 million tons of smashed timber, capsized boats and industrial wreckage is more than halfway across the ocean, based on sightings off Midway by a Russian ship's crew. ...

"Mega-scale fluid dynamics show that the Fukushima nuclear disaster will soon contaminate most of the vital fisheries of the Pacific, ... Over the 30-year half-life of cesium, radioactive isotopes will be recycled a dozen times or more. Once into the Southern Sea surrounding Antarctica, the radioactive substances will move into the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. ..."

Dan Bachôn said...

How about In Vitro Meat?
What a treat!
No slaughter, you'll notice.
Diabolical? Stuff n Nonsense.
Like Oohman's WalknTalk DohSage Sausages, my fav flav. YumScrum!

Hey, it's old news that wethey can give you a bypass, heck - grow... update: print you a new heart. Or give you a pig's ditto if usthem are feeling quaint it so?
Face transplant? RoboPrez? No problem. But still you can't believe it! Wheel get round to eat one day, eh?

The goodoldbrandnewbadnewsorisit, sometimes refurred to as re-incarceration, is probably even older news. And brandnewtoo. The original recipe - you be tailoring your own bespoke DemoSuits all-dee-dooh-dah-day-all-dee-dooh-night

And let's face up. Even strict vegans love a bit of bacon. Hey common! Bacon is bacon! OK, in China it's doggone different, but same diffelence, yes prease?

Visible said...

Onething, your version is your version someone will think the same thing about your version. i deal with it all the time. I have only one questions I ask anything and that is, does it work? after that I consider if it is the work I need or want. No matter what people are they all shit the same, more or less. You can find the truth about god in that and differentiating perspectives in that.

I can see a wise man taking a shit and studying the contents and come upon philosophy and sophistry but a wise man can tell what is shit and what is smell and god is around to help when people step in shit that they did not smell ahead of time because they were humans and not animals but then some of them might eat it so, you're on your own, heh

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"I saw deep in the eyes of the animals the human soul look out upon me. I saw where it was born deep down under feathers and fur, or condemned for a while to roam four-footed among the brambles. I caught the clinging mute glance of the prisoner and swore that I would be faithful."

-Henry David Thoreau

Lee said...

Hey, Les, Regarding the shit thing,
My mom used to say, "They can put a man on the moon, but he can't control his tongue". And, when I asked how the rich people lived, she said, " They still have to wipe their ass like everybody else".

She barely had any education and partially grew up in a detention camp ( reservation )in Arizona.

She and dad had more wisdom by accident than most people do on purpose.

Anonymous said...


Just came across this quote this morning and then read your post:

"It's never too late to be who you might have been."
~George Eliot~

AND, have been thinking about Palm Springs relentlessly over the past couple of days (it could be the effect of another New England winter, but I think there's more to it than that); I spent lots of time there, many years ago, and now, for whatever reason, if I were given one chance to teleport anywhere, it would be there. Weird, huh?

Anyway, my question to you, given your remark that you will soon be near Palm Springs again (and the fact that you are selling your sweet diesel): can you bring the slower among us up to date? Are you in fact preparing to return to this burning house?

(Forgive me if you've covered this elsewhere.)

Much respect.

Kevenj said...

Soooo, let me get this straight. You were down on your (financial) luck and living on a park bench albeit high as a kite and Elvis happened to come out of nowhere and say hey, stop by sometime and everyone thought you were god.
OK, I'll buy that.

Btw Les, have you considered condensing all your Smoking Mirrors et. al & Posts in a book? It might make some of us very happy...including you. ( I want 5% for the suggestion). :)

Visible said...

Two people have written me in the last day about censoring their comments. I am not censoring any comments. They are just not getting through.



Visible said...

I wasn't on acid at the time. I wasn't high specifically at that time. I didn't have anything, literally anything. I had to ear my cape at the laundromat when I washed my only jeans with no one around at the right time. I lived on tangerines from the trees around and sometimes one of the kids would buy me french fries, all true. There are certainly still people around who remember. Still in the kundalini phase, Richards wife, paid me a dollar an hour to be a store detective. All true. My brother later managed the place for some years after I had gone,

This was the wealthiest town in America. I slept in people's cars and in abandoned houses, sometimes in a place called Happy Valley.

I am not going to Palm Springs but I will be not such a long way from there soon. Collections from these blogs will follow the coming novel.

Anonymous said...

via Homer, Wednesday, December 07, 2011 12:51:00 AM

"Down by the sliprails stands our cow
Chewing, chewing, chewing,
She does not care what folks out there
In the great, big world are doing.
She sees the small cloud-shadows pass
And green grass shining under.
If she does think, what does she think
About it all, I wonder?"

C. J. Dennis


Visible said...

There's a new Reflection in the Petri Dish up now-

You Want Jujubees with your Surround Sound 3D?

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad Arka Marichi Mala

10.21.13 The Gopis Glorify Krishna's Flute..

Using their upraised ears as vessels, the cows are drinking the nectar of the flute-song flowing out of Krishna's mouth. The calves, their mouths full of milk from their mothers' moist nipples, stand still as they take Govinda within themselves through their tear filled eyes and embrace Him within their hearts.

10.21.14 The Gopis Glorify Krishna's Flute

O mother, in this forest all the birds have risen onto the beautiful branches of the trees to see Krishna. With closed eyes they are simply listening in silence to the sweet vibrations of His flute, and they are not attracted by any other sound. Surely these birds are on the same level as great sages.

est said...

outside of my window
are several tall pines

there is a red squirrel
that calls to me sometimes

he knows me by name
'cause he keeps saying

est est est
i smile quietly and am blest

Anonymous said...

I heard the Brits were taking the emaciated donkeys from Corfu back to UK... feeding them good hay, getting them sweaters to wear for the winter, etc. Yes, the Brits love their animals. I saw people kick dogs in Greece and Turkey. They must be stressed from the bank runs.
wv: satedled

Visible said...

Corfu is the Rothschild vampire castle. Long may she dron in her own venom.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

thinking of your Elvis encounter and the tales of Inside the Laurel Canyon.

you got off lightly, most of these dudes (our pop heroes) died before 47. Maybe Elvis was your guardian Angel.


wv: nomons if all my posts don;t get through..

Visible said...

A new Origami is up-

The Enemy of Humanity is going to their Grave.



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