Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Fly on the Wall of a Cosmic Nightmare's End.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I can just see the boys in the back, sitting around a circular, green baize table. Some of them are dressed in American, British and Israeli military wear. Most are dressed in suits, with a scattering of police uniforms and some religious and occult costumes. Given the news of late, I suspect a few of them are dressed in green hospital scrubs with sanitary masks and their remorseless eyes stare out like some parody of a woman in a burka. There are women there who are waiting on the men and they are dressed like the ones who hold up the signs with the number of the next round at the boxing matches.

There’s a long table set back against the length of each of the four walls. There’s just enough room to go behind these tables and sit in a chair that faces out on ‘the boys’ sitting at the main, central table. One table is stocked with various military attaches and representatives of munitions firms. Another table hosts members of the corporate world. The last two tables seat delegations from academia, religion and the media. They’ve got ear pieces that transfer everything being said into their waiting ears and they make notes about actions to be taken in respect of what they hear.

There’s a larger room next door and it looks like a lecture hall or the space for a press briefing. There are rows and rows of chairs all facing a large television screen. There’s a Don Pardo clone on the screen and he’s giving a synopsis of what the boys in the back are talking about and how it affects the wider communities of the world. The people in the audience are the people who write policy at educational institutions and anywhere rules and regulations are formed that affect the lives of the people. These are the ones who are responsible for the lines at the government institutions and they are the authors of all the official documents that are signed by the boys in the back and have to do with who gets hired and fired; who goes to jail and stays out, who gets heard and who gets silenced, who goes to which schools and gets what jobs, who succeeds and who fails and who lives and who dies.

The term you hear most often is, “the internet”. The internet seems to be their biggest concern. Some of them want to eliminate it. Others see it as a sacred, cash cow that just needs to be strictly monitored and controlled. Someone mentions that porn is the single largest money maker and a number of people from a certain nation make it understood that their people need to protect their investment. One of them says that, “It’s no different than the opium except for the medium of delivery.” Someone from Australia wants surfers to get licenses to access the internet. Someone from England wants alarm centers that identify who’s reading and listening to what. An illuminati hack from West Virginia says that it’s the worst thing that ever happened and he can’t imagine anyone wanting to take credit for it now. They all admit it’s dangerous because it is waking people up; something that no amount of wars, privation and calamity has ever achieved before.

An Israeli dressed in green scrubs at the main table is going ballistic about some Swedish newspaper writer who has exposed their organ racketeering. Someone from France says that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to specifically target victims for harvesting from a country they were performing genocide on already. “Why not just do a deal with Burma or Western Papua?” he asks. “Because we can!” the doctor screams.

It’s getting very tense. Faces and whole heads are morphing into various creatures from the dark side of the human imagination. There are vampires, werewolves and Komodo dragon heads. Hot, toxic saliva is hitting the felt on the table and burning through it to the wood below. The Israeli doctor says how his people control the money flow in the western economies and all they have to do is pull in the purse strings. His mouth is like the very purse he’s talking about; looking like he sucked a blood lemon. Then he mentions the small nuclear devices in many western cities and talks some more about a ‘little quid pro quo’.

Hundreds of hands in the larger room are busy writing down what the Don Pardo guys is saying. Around the walls of the ‘special’ room, some of the occupants are becoming incontinent because they know they’re first in line if things get any worse. The smell wasn’t very nice to begin with. Now it’s starting to smell like the insides of the heads of the boys at the main table.

They’re pretty much coming to agreement that Iran should be the recipient of a ‘fused glass policy’. They haven’t sorted out what to do about the Straits of Hormuz thing but, worst case scenario; they’ve all got their own supplies of oil for the moment. There’s some talk about what happens if the public begins to turn on them. It’s at this point that a representative from the Rockefeller Eugenics Institute starts to talk about meaningful numbers.

A break is announced and the boys at the main table head for the refreshment room. Waiters dressed in nothing but chains and various leather fetishes herd a group of young boys and girls over to the buffet table where they cut their throats and the blood gushes into silver goblets that are wiped down and handed around to the distinguished guests. There’s a lot of drinking and back slapping and cries of “Hail Satan” as various toasts are performed and evil men do what evil men do. There’s a certain amount of violent, casual sex performed on the dead children as the frenzy of bonhomie reaches a high level of riotous catharsis. Apparently it’s good to be alive, depending on who you are.

In the other, less privileged rooms, the occupants are also taking a breather and enjoying themselves by discussing death warrants and tales of personal body counts. It’s the usual fish story thing about the ones who got away. There’s a lot of bravado and bombast, counter-pointed by the sour smells of ancient fear as they cast furtive glances at the empty green table or stare at the momentarily blank video screen.

In the VIP party room, anonymous hospital workers are dragging off the bodies of the butchered and violated bodies of children who are packed in boxes of ice and then loaded into Israeli ambulances bound for the parts recycling plants.

American and English powerbrokers are all keeping a stiff upper lip that trembles on the verge of mad, psychopathic laughter at the spectacle before them. There are a few wry comments about the bodies being still warm and how they might just jump start one or two of them with electrical cables. Rumsfield and Cheney are there in a group with Blair and Mandelson. Cheney says, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” They all titter appreciatively. The room seems to be getting hotter and hotter and now I can see wisps of smoke escaping from the curling wallpaper. No one else seems to notice though so maybe I’m imagining that.

All of a sudden there is the sound of massive gears grinding, accompanied by powerful blasts of thunder, very much like explosions. I hear a horn blow and then a frenzy of impossibly loud instruments. Whatever it is, it isn’t Enya. The faces in the room go pale. This must not have been on the programs that were handed out at the beginning of the conference. Walls blow away and the various rooms all become one. There are fierce, human-like creatures that have appeared on the scene. Their eyes are flashing with rage and their wing beats are sending people, paper and tables tumbling in the air.

I hear one powerful voice overcoming all of the other noises and it’s speaking in a language I cannot understand but apparently everyone else does. The look of complete terror and panic on the faces of the boys in the back and their attendants is something to see. I’m filled with the most wonderful feeling that seems to be surfacing out of distant memory. It’s at this point that I wake up and realize that it wasn’t a dream but something that happens in the space between waking and dreaming. It’s something that’s always been there but, like a blob of mercury on a piece of glass, it is very hard to stabilize long enough to experience it. Someone else is obviously holding the glass in this moment because it isn’t me.

Maybe it was that Chinese stir fry that I cooked up and ate at 2:00 in the morning last night and maybe it’s the result of not sleeping very well for a very long time. Whatever it is, I’m laying here in the early morning light and thinking about the dead zones coming to life and the fabric of manufactured reality being torn asunder. I’m thinking about a burning, cleansing fire and I’m thinking whatever it was or is… it can’t come too soon. It can’t come too soon for me.

End transmission.......

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hypnotized Frogs Cooking in the Alphabet Soup

Dog Poet transmitting.......

Today I went to the MSM for a quick trip through the headlines. I can wake up in the morning with the voices of distant angels ringing in my ears… shoehorning back into my body, into this lodestone for the material realm. The music fades with my first cup of tea and... no matter how good I might have been feeling, every positive emotion runs screaming for the exits the moment I set my cyber-foot down on the virtual terra-squirma of the MSM.

The MSM is like one of those modern day super, mega-markets. They keep getting bigger and bigger and you wonder how there could possibly be so much food and... then you start moving up and down the aisles and you discover that there are entire aisles of nothing but potato chips, deep fried in palm oil. You see multiple aisles of nothing but soft drinks. You see ranks of cold cases stacked with processed foods and you turn over the package to read the ingredients and it’s as if everything is written in German because there are words with over 60 letters in them and you couldn’t begin to pronounce, much less understand them.

These heart attack, diabetes factories display an endless assortment of air-puffed plastic and you remember that when you were a kid you could take a whole loaf of Wonder Bread and compress it into a mass resembling a baseball, prior to bouncing it off of your brother’s head. At the massive granaries across the mid-west they leach every nutrient, vitamin and what have you out of the flour so that the rats and roaches won’t eat it. Then they pump it back in when they make the bread. Except for the vegetable department and the small area where you can buy rice and beans, I don’t have much use for these supermarkets. I don’t have any use for the MSM either but my work takes me there the way social workers find themselves in crack houses on occasion.

I come out of my brief sojourns like someone who just got a lap dance from a Cenobite. My balance is off for a few minutes and parts of my head hurt. There isn’t any news the same way there aren’t any vitamins or nutrients in the flour. They beat the truth and interest right out of every subject being reported on. You can feel the collective dismay and anger of the orcs at these sites directed toward the Reality TV Show Killer for having hung himself in a motel room and thereby robbing them of weeks of circus activity.

Generally there aren’t any authors any more. There are no more named sources, just a whole lot of people who aren’t permitted to comment on the subject who are commenting on the subject. You learn things you didn’t want to know, like the murdered ‘model’ was employed as the canvas at body painting sessions in Vegas and LA Clubs and that because her husband cut off her fingers and knocked out her teeth, they identified her by the serial numbers on her breast implants. Most of the news items seem to be about candidates for the same kind of destiny too long in coming.

You have to ask yourself, how did humanity get so bent out of shape and compelled to such embarrassments that only their incredible cluelessness prevents them from experiencing it? I can’t stay long. My system won’t take it. The real horror is not in the endless PR spins with no foothold in reality. It is in the tens of millions of people who take this for the same gospel they used to attribute to religious texts which were no less altered than the non-news of the day.

A few weeks ago I spent an hour or so skimming the higher traffic, gossip sites because I want to get a handle on what’s happening to the minds of the populace, which has put them in such a passive and accepting state of... just about anything. Boy did I feel slimed and thanked what powers there may be for not having achieved this kind of celebrity. One gossipmonger paints white cocks next to the mouths of celebrities that he doesn’t like... and worse.

The larger alternative news sites are backwoods hollers compared to the gumball machine press. Places like fox news, MSNBC, Drudge and the like are Grand Central Station at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon. My little sites are backwoods hollers compared to the larger alternative news sites. Where does that leave all those people with no sites at all?

I’ve got a point here. When you take the majority interest of the majority travelers through hard copy and virtual copy of whatever information is being pumped out into the eye-ways, airways and mind-ways of the collective psyche, you find that porno; sport’s betting, video-gaming, celebrity worshipping and trivia information, along with an epidemic of manufactured news, tailored toward genocide and mass murder are the order of the day. It’s Soylent Green for the Chicken Soup Mind and is there much difference between the chickens in their pens and the zombie cannibals in theirs? The chickens don’t know that they are chickens and the zombie cannibals are just as informed.

I’d like to do a few choruses of, “Look on the Bright Side of Life” and talk about a ‘grand awakening’ that’s going to move like a wave through a sport’s stadium but... being realistic, it looks like there’s going to be something less than a majority who connects the disappearing ocean with the incoming tsunami. As usual, people will be racing about collecting shells or bitching about where the water went and in some cases calling their lawyers to sue the tour company.

I stop in at different forums, which also necessitate a shower afterwards, where I see the same endless conversations about frappe and froth and how many angels can drown in a can of decaffeinated Coke and I ask myself is this a life? Is this where all our hard work over the centuries has led us? Did we, according to some, slither out of the brine and morph through all those forms to find that the point of growing hands was chronic masturbation as the final point of the exercise. There goes humanity, dead of a heart attack in the Lazy-Boy, with it’s dick in its hand.

I have studied the matter and it does appear, from every angle, that catastrophe is both warranted and inevitable. The truly evil among us are the ones who are engaged in producing the garbage that is now the centerpiece pate. The unconsciously evil are those eating the pate and showing no interest in what it is composed of.

I find myself in the unenviable position of celebrating each outrage and absurdity as one step closer to the cleansing of the world. I know that underneath the deadly confections that block our view of one another, there are many people working for a better world. I salute you and hope it is true that “two will be standing in a field and one will be left and one will be taken”, even though I have no idea what that means for either of them.

We have seen a whole lot of bad shit done by those empowered to serve and represent us. We see them doing it in broad daylight with a smirk on their faces. They will push it as far as it will go before the whole thing snaps back on them with a rubber band dynamic. One feckless clown follows the next. The little bubbles over the heads of the hoi polloi say, “Nice suit” or, “That’s hot” as they sit in the cook pots and the thermometer rises one degree at a time.

You can stand on the corner and watch life drive by in cars and trucks. You can see life walking by you on the sidewalk. Each mind is geared toward their own pursuits and the hopes and dreams that can be realized only at the expense of another and which have already been sacrificed for the pyramid pecking order of a conspiracy that never was. It is either just what it seems or it is not what it seems and the evidence tends heavily toward the latter.

Conspiracies are the natural state of affairs, both in a personal and in a global sense. The primary conspiracy is a conspiracy of ignorance in which the majority agrees that what is happening is not happening because it rains on the parade of fools and dreamers pursuing the mist that was woven out of nothing by wizards in fortresses of smoke. There is not always smoke where there is fire but... there will be in the natural course of things.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dog Poet's Broadcasting from the Sirius Cluster.

No Radio show tonight folks. It's next Sunday. Sorry about that.

Twice weekly I have radio show. The second Sunday is the metaphysical segment and the fourth Sunday is the Smoking Mirrors segment. You can listen live here or download the show in a couple of days from here. Since writing a radio show and a Smoking Mirrors blog entry would take more time than I have to give today, I am posting the first half of the radio show and you can catch the second half if you like on your own time.

Well, let’s have at it.

Greetings Earthlings, this is dog poet, Visible, broadcasting from the Dog Star, Sirius cluster, via our pod station on the dark side of the moon. Our techs on the home planet have been analyzing your situation and we’ve solved your problems but… you’ll have to act on the suggestions given or you’ll just become more tormented and cramped, as well as reduced in numbers, until you have to act... more or less the way a chicken has to dance on a hot griddle.

We have noted, as you have noted, that the majority of your world leaders are disease ridden prostitutes whose rampant self-interest stinks like dead carrion in a cornfield. They are riddled with the diseases of arrogance; greed and psychopathy, while behaving like a mob of power-mad rats playing King of the Landfill.

Your corporations have the sensitivity and decorum of a deranged, outlaw biker gang and have decided to use your environment and your person as a toilet; not to mention satisfying other needs as well, which I won’t be going into since I know a lot of children listen to this show. These corporations can use your world as a toilet because they own the disease ridden politicians and religious hypocrites that set the standard of behavior on your “Me first, you later… maybe” world. It appears to be every life form for itself, which means… if you’re not a member of an organized, armed gang of thugs like; the government, the church, the corporations or the closed out posts in academia you are pretty much out of luck.

One doesn’t have to look to hard to see that certain people are favored over all others, whether that has to do with Ivy League college admissions, the control of the Ivy League colleges, medical treatment, loan availabilities and guarantees, inside information about whether to steal now or later, freedom from military service- which the state of the economy has made mandatory for a certain class of people- and the need to fight in corporation generated wars visited upon people who are foolishly sitting on assets desired by those whose profits have yet to blot out the sun and moon… yes, it’s true, it’s all true and we have the solution for you.

I’ll be giving you the bad news first and the first piece of bad news is that you have been reduced to ‘we the people’. You’ve got no law enforcement protection. Your laws look like Swiss cheese that’s been tunneled out by the lawyers feeding on them. You’ve got no government or military because they are both owned by multi-national corporations that have combined in operations and motives to bring about a new world order which amounts to you lying in a tazered fit on the urine soaked pavement with a hob-nailed boot on your neck because you didn’t assume the position quick enough. You’re probably better off just remembering to bend over and wait. Sooner or later some slavish obeisance is going to be required of you and it’s a good idea to already be in the submissive position. You’ll probably still get tazered and boot pressed but you won’t get knocked to the ground first, if you are already on the ground. Does this sound like something you can live with? Have at it then.

What the bad news is... the only really bad news is... you’re on your own with each other. If change does not come out of the midst of you, then change will not come at all. However… the whole machinery of your confinement and systematic abuse is hamster-powered. That’s right... the military industrial complex, the armies and the police, the big hair preachers with the Rolex watches and the upside down crosses tattooed in the cleft of their buttocks, the court system and that brothel on the Potomac are all hamster powered. If the hamsters stop peddling then there is no more product or revenue.

Our analysts here at the Sirius cluster have pinpointed your problems and detailed your solutions. If you recognize the one and follow the other you can have your country and your self respect back. I don’t know how much the latter is worth to you since you gave it up without a thought but maybe… just maybe you are missing it now.

You have two major problems that need to be dealt with immediately. The first problem is the Federal Reserve, which must be eliminated. We have discovered, through our advanced computer technology that this is the primary medium of your enslavement. This Federal Reserve is given the legal right to print money out of thin air. They can print as much as they want and... and then they loan it to their fellows at sweetheart rates while charging you far more and often refusing to loan you anything at all. They also are in a position to stop the flow of money at any time which means they control the state of the economy and can use this power to enforce their will upon you while reducing the value of your possessions and then stealing them for pennies on the dollar.

Your other major problem is that your government and the media have been taken over by agents of a foreign government and, in the words of their present, illuminati front man, “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” This you have already seen with the shenanigans of Goldman Sachs, the stimulus and the bailouts, which were payments made to the very people who caused the problems in the first place. Make no mistake... our technology here in The Dog Star cluster is far in advance of your own and our findings are accurate and beyond question.

We have determined that you must eliminate The Federal Reserve which is nothing more than a consortium of vampire, blood banks with you as the thoughtful donor... or host as the case may be. The next thing you have to do is convince enough of your fellows to step off of the hamster wheel and collectively refuse to pay any taxes until order and fair dealing are restored. This will effectively bring the engines of your enslavement to a grinding halt because there will be no more of your blood and sweat to grease the gears and bearings.

You’re going to need some kind of a moral revolution as well because your entertainment media has systematically rendered you all perverts ...and in the process, curved your spine and drained away your will. Since you allowed the corruptions of the reptiles in control to infest your soul, you are operating in complicity with your own torment. No nation that has been consumed in lassitude and decadence can long survive. One of the reasons for your poor diets and cheap entertainments is to bring you to a state of weakness and confusion. You’re going to have to push Grima Wormtongue away from your ears and remember who you are… the Kings of the Midnight Riders …here in the desperate moments of your midnight hour.

You cannot rely on your leaders. They are prostitutes with dirty Polaroid’s of nasty business locked up in the blackmailers safe. They may talk to you about duty and honor. They may promise you love but when the pimp comes in with the clothes hanger in his hand it’s ho’ down time. Your religious leaders are unctuous, sanctimonious swine who spew the company line. The corporations are a plague of web building spiders who feast on the little ones caught in their webs. You are on your own with each other.

The voice of the people must rise up out of the hearts of the people and the people must shake off the dream dust and corruptions that have put them to sleep. There is honor and integrity still living in the people, though there be none in the leaders. The machines of your humiliation cannot run unless you power them.

You’re familiar with ‘the wave’ as it is sometimes performed in sport’s stadiums. You are familiar with the singular attempt to levitate the Pentagon. You are familiar with the symbols that are used to confuse and enslave you. In the second half of tonight’s broadcast I’m going to be talking about these things. The time of liberal against conservative and the definitions of Republican, Democrat and Independent must end. You must become one people and you must shut down the turbines of the subterranean mind. If you step away from the machine and refuse to contribute in any way then you have a chance. If you do not then you have no chance at all. There will not come a time when those feeding upon you will declare they have had enough. How much wood can you throw on a fire before it will say it’s had enough?

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Smoking Mirrors Mirror.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gaboon Vipers March in their own Parade.

It’s a little like Mohammed Atta’s passport sailing out of the exploded plane, which vaporized everything else, then landed in perfect condition on a New York street below. There it was serendipitously discovered by a wandering policeman who saw it winking at him from beneath the layer of gray dust that covered the Pompeian aftermath of three, free falling buildings, collapsing into their own footprints. Now they have identified the killer of Neda Soltan who turns out to be a Basiji militiaman. It seems that he’s been identified by that doctor, Arash Hejazi, who just happened to be right next to Neda when she was shot. We haven’t been told how far away the shooter was supposed to be but they’re not likely to tell us that. The doctor apparently huddled with other unnamed witnesses and they all agreed it was the Basiji militiaman.

Meanwhile, Neda’s friend and music teacher, Hamid Panahi, says there was no militia in the area and that Neda was shot in the back not in the front. I’m going to assume that he actually was probably standing right next to her.

The good doctor seems to have had more than one version to his story as reported in the MSM and also seems to be a publisher more than he does a doctor because as soon as he graduated from medical school he went into that business. I don’t guess that means anything but now the good doctor is telling another story. He says that this elusive Basiji militiaman has been identified by his ID card, which was taken off of him by the crowd which grabbed him as he tried to get away but then… but then he got away. Darn! He’s a little like that bullet that ricocheted through JFK and Governor Connolly and then finally exited in perfect shape from Connolly’s wrist like it got nothing but net.

Meanwhile a Swedish newspaper says that the IDF is harvesting the organs of kidnapped Palestinians. As expected, an Israeli paper is not too happy about that. Sweden Speaks is listed as an attack site. I couldn’t find anything of interest there. If you want the real news then you will probably have to go to What Really Happened or the handful of other sites around that are talking about this subject.

Lies swirl all around us as those who took Goebel’s advice went ahead and took control of the news. The one’s who took control of the news are working for the people described in this article, which is a fine distillation of a broader subject into a state of brevity. You’re permitted to raise your eyebrows over the preceding sentence.

I linked that article on psychopaths for two reasons. The first reason is that it lays out an easy to understand definition of the basic mindset of a psychopath. The other reason is that the solution given is one you will recognize from having seen it at this location more than once. Eventually the world has to step away from the murderous engines of the few and allow them to collapse under their own weight.

I also tend to think that marooning these reptile minds on a desert island for the purpose of some kind of reality show is also a workable idea. Of course, it always comes down to who gets to decide who is a psychopath and then we run into problems.

Things would probably just go on the way they have always gone; the peoples of the world continuing to be murdered, raped and enslaved by a psychopathic elite but... these are different times. Everything is being exposed. People are waking up and those who are reluctant to wake up are going to be woken up fairly shortly, whether they like it or not. There’s some kind of joker, or jokers, in the deck this time around and that bodes no good for the snake people.

Sooner or later, Israel is going to attack Iran. They are going to attack Lebanon again too because they want that Litani River water and they are getting pretty short water wise. Even stealing most of the Palestinian water isn’t helping much. Once Israel attacks Iran the world is going to turn upside down. Russia isn’t going to stand idly by and Iran will close the Straits of Hormuz. This is the world’s major bottleneck for the majority of the world’s oil.

The Israeli press, which is most of the world press, keeps hammering away at the lie that Iran is building a nuclear weapon. They are not. You couldn’t blame them if they were; given the death threat they live under from the Middle East’s most prominent and dangerous Gaboon Viper. But they are not building a nuclear weapon and the IAEA has made that clear... even if it gets small mention in the MSM.

The countdown for the attack seems to be somewhere between September and Christmas, rather sooner than later... and this will be preceded by a false flag attack of major dimensions in Europe and/or the United States. Given that the American public is being roused against the fascist direction of its unchanging leadership we can expect at least one homegrown incident related to an available militia. I expect the psychopathic Gaboon Vipers to pull out stops for what they consider to be the grand finale of all their hard work over the previous decades.

Israel is going to need some kind of a staged event by the Palestinians as well in order to justify their intended wholesale murder and expulsion of all remaining Palestinians from District 9.

Once you are clear on the agenda of the psychopaths at work it all becomes pretty easy to understand. You learn that they were behind nearly every terror attack. You learn that there is no Al Qaeda. You learn that the U.S. is funding the Taliban the way they funded Saddam in years past. You learn that Iran was the intended prize before Afghanistan was even hit. You learn that the war in Afghanistan has more to do with the opium and oil futures than anything to do with anything else. You can see they’ve made a sandwich with Afghanistan and Iraq being the bread... and Iran the filling.

You learn to immediately recognize that the murder of any Neda Soltan has been accomplished by the psychopaths for viral world trafficking through their Twitter medium. You learn to accept that anything bad that you read about in the news must eventually lead back to the same psychopaths; tidal waves and earthquakes excluding... maybe.

You learn that “history is bunk” and that, “every ship of state sails on a river of darkness”. You’ll want to read the last link given very carefully. It says it all.

The psychopaths are going down. It’s their nature. They’ve had a long run at everyone’s expense and now all of their carefully crafted lies are coming apart at the seams. The pity is that they are going to take a lot of people down with them but... these people made that decision for themselves. These people are mindlessly burrowing through the deeper darkness of the material realm... playing mindless games and chattering about celebrity tits and fluff bunnies while stuffing their faces with toxic foods. It eventually comes down to whatever is important to you. It’s easy to find out where people are at. The fact is that we usually don’t want to know because of the disappointment involved.

We don’t want to have to realize that we are under camouflage in a kingdom of zombies. If we don’t scratch anyone’s surface then we won’t see what the paint conceals. We go along to get along and we ride that wave right into the abyss.

Here in the final moments of the resolution of the age we are going to get to see what everyone is made out of and we are going to get to see what we are made out of too. We’re already showing our colors every day. Some of that’s going to change but not as much as you might think. Living in a cage with a couple of buttons to push, it’s no surprise that any other options have long receded from the general, monkey mind. Gaboon Vipers occasionally eat monkeys but they prefer rats. They’re pretty docile on their bellies but they are Hell itself when they sprout legs.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Prophecy of Diseased Whores and Vampire Scum.

I don’t know if what I’m thinking about is proof of anything. I myself don’t need any more proof. I’m surrounded by proof everywhere I go. I step in it and it sticks to my shoes and follows me home. I open my eyes in the morning and I see it and I close my eyes and it’s still there. If proof were a body of water, I would have to move about with inflatable collars around my arms because I would eventually get tired of swimming toward some hope of land only to drown in proof.

I realize that there are many who grapple with the argument of whether there is some invisible hand that guides human affairs. Since you cannot see what is invisible you are left only with the effects of its passage like the movement of the wind. We can and do attribute the causes of behavior and events to all sorts of things and no rational and intelligent mind can long countenance the absurdities put forth by religion as they rake in their end of the global swag; there at the trough with the rest of the pig-snouted opportunists.

Let us consider that area of inquiry known as scriptural prophecy. You can look at the biblical end, the Islamic end, the Hopi and the Mayan. There are many others along with the disembodied entities channeled by a host of entrepreneurs who seem to have found their niche at the international trade show. I remember, some years ago, looking through a large new age catalogue in New York City and noticing that there were five different people channeling Moses, at the same time, as well as some number who had the inside track from Jesus Christ and then there were the outer space entities with the Star Trek names. There were just a whole lot of people doing the Charlie McCarthy thing and that was just in New York City.

You can separate what might be called legitimate prophecies from your weekend hippie fare. I’m thinking we grant a temporary legitimacy label to any institution or school of thought that’s been around for a few hundred years. It’s interesting to note that all of them are in agreement with a general climate of massive upheaval and transformation scheduled to appear sooner or later according to signs and timelines and... 2012 seems to figure into various perspectives and can be easily grafted on to the others as far as the right kind of environment goes.

What I’m thinking about is a little hard to put into words but it has a lot to do with the proof I run across whether I’m moving or standing still. Part of it is something I am feeling and I note that a whole lot of other people are feeling something too. Part of it has to do with world headlines and another part has to do with the lies and blatant distortions of the press. Part of it has to do with world trends and events and part of it has to do with wide people moving through narrow aisles of crap with enormous shopping baskets as well as trampling their fellows when the occasional end of the world sale comes along.

Some of it has to do with the present quality of entertainment and the arts of all sorts. Some of it has to do with the most concentrated areas of human focus. Some of it has to do with the political and religious theaters which now host the biggest pack of venal, lying scoundrels that the world has ever produced. Some of it has to do with a geographical area of prophecy, where a professional victim nation, which was created for the purpose of international plunder, looting and fraud-, wrapped in false flag events –have been practicing bloody genocide for sixty years on an indigenous population while the world turns its head.

Tangentially- or more than that, depending –you have natural disasters yoked like oxen to manufactured disasters along with the gratuitous wars of empire for the gain and control of resources which does not belong to the empire. The Empire is inhabited by a population that uses 25% of the world’s energy resources. That explains a lot. Along with this is the increasingly pervasive social and political control of corporations over every phase of life. We’re seeing real life inventions which mirror that ‘mark of the beast thing’ and laboratory generated flu viruses destined to control, as yet unseen, epidemics that may require mandatory inoculations of the populations.

Over at that backwater forum which regular readers have been introduced to now and again and which is called “The Best of the Fray”, one of the more clueless of the residents demanded to know where I got the information that the flu was a laboratory product. Given the immense amount of proof, readily available concerning this, it is a wonder why people don’t bother to research, study and inform themselves more ...and that leads to the ‘incurious factor’ that was iconically demonstrated by the previous occupant of the White House.

One really has only to take a good objective look at the world around them to come to certain compelling conclusions; most of the population is either hypnotized or insane, real life is imitating prophecy, something bad is coming and the people behind most of the mischief are busy at all levels trying to execute and manage what they have set into motion.

The FEMA camps and the hundreds of thousands or millions of coffin liners by the sides of the highways are not new housing for the foreclosed upon any more than the coffin liners are actually porto-pottys for government sponsored rock concerts. The outrageous theft of the assets of the American people and the following bailout thefts which added insult to injury is not some sort of escrow account for future philanthropic activities. It really looks like there’s a network of super villains engaged in herding humanity on to the playing fields of Armageddon. So, I’ve got to ask... isn’t one of the main tenets of various schools of scientific inquiry based upon the interaction of opposites? What I mean is... doesn’t there have to be a counterbalance to the activities of these diseased whores and vampire scum? Doesn’t night follow day? Is there not regularity in the seasons? Doesn’t science tell us that everything we can see comes from something we can’t see? Haven’t they proven that the universe is thought born?

I’m wondering if the greatest collective enemy to the manifestations of the diseased whore, vampire scum might not be a sort of unified field of human thought in concerted awareness of their efforts. It seems to me that dividing us against each other is not just about taking advantage of the criminal opportunities that provide their daily bread but is also a form of self-defense. It appears that hoodwinking the masses is not just about profit and control but also survival. The power of human thought linked together by a collective awareness of the predators in our midst seems to imply their elimination. This is why they don’t want us to touch The Fed.

What I seem to be trying to say is... doesn’t everything that’s happening seem almost too obvious? Meanwhile... isn’t there a gradual awakening taking place? Isn’t the truth of the matter staring us in the face?
Haven’t these soulless miscreants already lost? Are we not in the last gasp of their desperate attempts at survival? Is this not why they pile lie upon lie; absurdity upon absurdity and outrage upon outrage to delay the inevitable?

Doesn’t it seem as if all of those prophecies are actually materializing right in front of us by natural means, as if all prophecy ever was, was the capacity to see the recurrence of cycles and to time them accordingly, based upon the emergence of the proper environments for their expression as... just one more object lesson for the human race?

Do you see why I might be optimistic? I don’t know what’s going to happen to me or you but I get a really good sense of the overall resolution of the thing. Heck... one of the biggest punishments I can imagine for the diseased whore, vampire scum is just to have to be one. Imagine also their disappointment in getting their hands on everything and finding out that it wasn’t what it was advertised as. That’s got to hurt. Anyway, I think there’s plenty of reason for a positive attitude regardless of the way things might look.

My friends, let’s not get trapped in these corporation generated, clouds of depression and despair. Comfort yourself with the fact that you are not a diseased whore or a vampire scum and take even greater comfort in the possession of the thing they thought their wealth and power would provide them. Have a laugh at the understanding that it cost you nothing at all but was just one of life’s mysterious gifts that seem to find their way to a worthy home.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dead Babies Don't Grow on Trees

You’ve probably heard that line from The Usual Suspects; “the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.” These days you’ve got a lot of atheists running around because the tenets of organized religion are so absurd and the behavior of many of its proponents so bad that their hypocrisy and self-interest blaze like neon casino lights. The public face of the Christian religion is the fundies which are an en masse hysteria case of repressed sexuality and scriptural nonsense. None of this is proof that some kind of mysterious divine is not in operation. It does prove that religion is bad publicity.

At the behest of the Israelis and powerful world Zionist agencies, representatives of this large fundie movement have joined with them, the way vultures and jackals watch each other for signs of carrion. World Zionism is making war on Islam but it is also making war on Christianity and that whole family unit thing. Evidence of this is very widely available on the net and even a cursory investigation of who is behind the political correctness movement reveals just how completely they are in control of ‘behind the scenes’ policy and lobbies. A casual look at who heads up every gay and lesbian organization also reveals this as does a look at who runs The Southern Poverty Law Center. People get outraged to hear these things but they can’t dispute them. They are backed by direct, observable evidence.

For quite some time now I have been hearing about some shadowy, global spider which sits atop the governments and religions of the world and is called; The Illuminati, The Masons, The Elite and also shape-shifting reptiles. There are probably terms that I’ve missed because this is not my area of concern or expertise. If there were such a thing- and apparently there is something like it- what am I going to do about it? Well, you can call them what you like but I call them Satanists. They engage in all the classic satanic rituals. They kill children. They torture. They corrupt. They finance their activities through crime and intimidation. As recent events show, they are a protected species. Anyone who has read up on the Dutroux case (as I have) or gotten a look behind the scenes of the Fourniret murders knows that there are people in high places who protect these people and that happens in a lot of places like France and the U.K., Portugal, Spain and the U.S.

There’s witness testimony of limousines arriving and leaving certain locations and the cover-ups are a marvel of high end arm-twisting. When you want to join a gang in Mexico, LA, Columbia and other locations you are often called upon to commit certain crimes as an initiation. In some cases you have to kill a member of your own family. Why should it be different for powerful satanic associations? It isn’t. Why do they do these things? Well... they are Satanists aren’t they? It does provide a basis for loyalty but more importantly, engaging in certain crimes takes you beyond the pale and, allegedly, grants you the favor of the dark one. Does this sound insane, given what we may well assume about the nature of ‘the dark one’? Yes it does.

Recently in London a woman named Tracey Connelly has been charged with letting her boyfriend, Steven Barker, torture her 17 month old son to death across the span of some months. Steven says he was ‘toughening him up’. Steven had a history of torturing animals, collecting Nazi memorabilia and was also found guilty of raping a 2 year old girl. They put a court order on what could be published about that case. Since this happened not long ago and Steven was out running loose in the streets... what does this mean? It means he was set loose to continue in his work. When the young boy was discovered dead with a broken back; broken ribs, busted mouth and a head chewed up by a dog, some interesting facts came to light. Doctors, social workers and police had visited Terry and Steven’s torture-plex a total of 60 times and nothing was done. Imagine that.

Now consider the present state of London where cameras watch your every move while young girls and boys are sold like confections all over town. Consider the extreme pressure of political correctness that monitors all speech and action in England. You can read some absurd accounts if you want to search them out. People are fired and even jailed for nothing at all. Consider the bankrupting of the English public by the English bankers. Consider the staged event of 7\7. Consider the controls exercised over the Afghanistan opium and the gratuitous war which makes that and other things possible.

Meanwhile, authorities can visit a home where there is evidence of toddler torture 60 times and nothing is done. This happened in the most repressive, politically correct climate in the world. What does this tell you? Somebody made the authorities hold off or... every single one of them was getting in their licks on the kid.

The court kept a tight grip on the identities of these people and there’s only one photo of the woman and none of the other folk floating around. Their explanation is that, because of public outrage, they fear for the safety of these poor unfortunates and want them to be able to live a normal life once they are released from jail. They say they may have to relocate them and give them new identities at a cost of 1.6 million pounds. All of this is in operation and they haven’t even served their sentences yet. Will they be sentenced? Were they sentenced? When is the trial? When was the trial? I don’t know. What are the odds of two crimes by the same person being put under media blackout?

My rather exhaustive study of serial murderers revealed a great deal of evidence that many of them had outside help. It’s inexplicable how they kept evading charges and getting out of jail over and over. You don’t see that happening with marijuana growers.

Yes... there’s a world wide conspiracy which comes under the heading of The Prince of Darkness and you have to do certain things to move up in the ranks. Is this some red cat with horns sitting on a throne of skulls? I have no idea. What I do know is that such a force exists because evidence of its behavior through human agency can be observed all around the world every day.

Evil has a source and one could imagine that it is conscious. It certainly is conscious within the minds of the people engaging in it. Let’s not split hairs. There’s something bad out there and it seems to be in control of the agencies empowered to monitor and control it.

Where do these horrors in humanity come from? Is there a darkness in the heart which can be tapped by the willing? Is there a communication around the world between politicians and law enforcement which has been told to keep their hands off of certain performances? A few years ago a whole lot of young girls went missing in France. There were pictures of them up on telephone poles and in shop windows. Time passed and they were never heard from again. A substantial number of children go missing around the world every day and they are never heard from again. Does this seem reasonable to you? Many very young children are selling themselves and being sold on the streets of any major city. The authorities know all about it but do nothing. However, there is no lack of interest and enforcement for political correctness infractions and telling the truth has become a crime.

Is there a shadowy group of international Satanists who work together to bring about chaos into the world order? There is something by whatever name you are inclined to give it because you can see it in operation all around you. Ritual child murder has a certain occult power to it and that’s been known about and practiced for centuries.

Does it matter what name they operate under or is their existence enough? When you look into the information about the various school massacres, serial killers and similar endeavors you find a lot of strange information that is present in many of them.

The Apocalypse can’t come too soon for me. I am welcoming a massive storm to wipe the landscape clean because I suspect the darkness in any of us is tied to the darkness in all of us.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

If I Close my Eyes then I won't have to See.

You hear about these child molestation cases where the mother knew what the father or stepfather was up to but didn’t say anything. Other times the mother claimed not to know when further evidence proved she had to know. That last is called ‘denial’. The present state of the American Republic mirrors something exactly like this. Children are being molested and the parents are pretending it isn’t happening but it’s much worse than that. The parents are also being molested and so are the grandparents; the livestock, the wildlife, the Constitution, the courts, the law enforcement and military. It’s a 24-7 gangbang. It’s not happening in the basement or the upstairs bedroom. It’s happening in the living room with the lights on and the TV playing and people don’t see it and they don’t hear anything but the TV.

When I was very young I was fascinated with the world of literature. That’s understandable given that my real life was a horrorshow. That’s called ‘escapism’. I read many things both fiction and non-fiction and many biographies. I learned some history from all of them and read a lot of history too. There was one thing (among other things) that used to puzzle me. Reading about dark, historical periods I could clearly see that people had been given early warning of what was coming. These warnings became increasingly dramatic but... the people didn’t leave. The world would be crashing down around their ears and they would be trying to go on with business as usual.

I was reading an article about Detroit this morning and it was a grim picture that the author was trying to paint a smiley face on; talking about how all the want and struggle had led to community gardens and so on and so forth. It reminded me of the smiley face that Jim Jones painted on that 25 foot pitcher of Kool-Aid at Jonestown. I look at the present state of America and it couldn’t be clearer what is coming but people are still trying to do business as usual. Americans are now taking jobs away from immigrants and even the immigrants have stopped coming over and the band plays on.

The people who caused the circumstances, in which the people of America find themselves, are put in charge of fixing what they damaged and are using it as an opportunity to loot the country from top to bottom. Maybe there’s a little good news here. In revolutionary France, a lot of the aristocrats didn’t leave either and got what was coming to them.

It’s a given that those who are looting the country have plans to migrate somewhere else once they have crowbarred the last nails out of the floorboards and sold them in bulk to the people that bought the 9-11 debris. It’s also a given that they believe they will get away with it and live to steal another day. Some of them believe they will be considered heroes after the fact due to well placed news items and the shine on their teeth. We’ll see about that. The world is a much smaller place these days and the ability to force-feed wholesale lies down the public’s throat is also diminishing by the day but... what to make of these people who watch network TV and twitter about their day shopping? What do you make of all these unreality shows refracted through a fly’s eye into thousands of likenesses?

This is the world where Sarah Silverman can lick her dogs asshole on TV and it’s considered ‘daring’. I don’t know if that’s mainstream media (which I don’t want to link to anymore but it’s a tacky enough site to make this paragraph’s point exponential) but I’ll let it slide for now (grin). This is the world that celebrates octuplets and watered the Terri Schiavo chia plant long after it had composted itself. This is the world where the biggest human rights violators engaged in the most wars can assume the high ground and lecture others about behavior that can’t even hold a candle to their own. You are the people that might have been. We should have gotten in touch with you then.

This is the world where the world’s biggest human rights violators can mastermind an attack on America and then use it as justification for mass murder and increasingly tighter controls on their citizenry. This is the world where ‘in your face’ genocide can take place and the people watching network TV with bags over their heads can’t see it. This is the world where the most fatuous arguments can be used to justify the most hideous crimes. This is the world that sails on a river of darkness.

This world is going to be both shaken and stirred with a twist. Everything you thought was real is going to crumple like cellophane. The early stages are in progress as we approach the middle point. “Anybody see anything?” “No, who’s asking?” “Huh?”

This is the world that used to be the world that is no longer the world you live in. The weather reflects it and you are standing on uncertain ground. They’re burning meat to make fuel to power homes. They’re harvesting organs from victims of genocide and selling them to the genociders. They’re doing everything you can imagine and they are doing things worse than you can imagine but many of you have no imagination left.

What is going to happen to all of these people who are watching Fox and the rest? What’s going to happen to the people who send their children off to fight in the corporation wars? Can anything remove the blinders that cause people to associate patriotism with being canon fodder for those who start the wars …and do not fight in them?

Now they’ve got doctors lining up to get their flu shots and advising people to follow their lead. These are, no doubt, the same doctors who tour the country shilling for the pharmaceutical firms and don’t even practice medicine, if they ever did. There’s no telling what’s in the photo-op shots and how that might differ from your shot. Some tiny numbers of people have died from this flu and there’s no evidence that it’s running like a brushfire through the communities so... what do the people hyping the paranoia and selling you the flu shots know that you don’t know? We do know that this flu was bio-engineered.

We live in a time of hysteria; religious hysteria, terror hysteria, sexual hysteria, global warming and flu hysteria, economic hysteria and Limbaugh fueled Nimrods are mobbing up over a health care system that you will never see. It has to pass through the hands of the people who profit from it and who control the legislators who compile the details and data for the corporation friendly laws. Nothing is going to change in that respect until the big changes start coming into the lives of the people who couldn’t see the smaller changes, or even the larger changes that followed them.

Yes, I have wondered why the people stayed when they could hear the monster baying in the woods. I’ve wondered about a lot of things and come to realize that some of us are just made differently. Some of us have very different tastes and very different values and that is what allows us to see or not see certain things.

There are people saying that great calamity is going to come upon us and there is a lot of evidence for that. There are people saying it’s all going to work out, even better than before and there’s not as much evidence of that. The fact is that we don’t know what’s coming or how it’s going to manifest. We can be certain of one thing, enormous changes are on the horizon and the world is going to be transformed and the next phase is going to start shortly. You might say that each coming season is going to represent an increase upon the last. What that increase is we shall soon find out.

I’m an optimist. I’m looking forward to greater opportunities and the departure of old evils. I’m looking forward to the looks on people’s faces when their eyes are opened for them and they see what’s been going on. That’s going to happen and that’s going to be one of the biggest changes of all.

I'll be Les Visible on the Radio tonight.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Tonawanda Whitefish and the Apocalypse.

The stink of it reaches into the heavens. The residents of the moon are experiencing a regularity of dry heaves from the stench of the ugly activities of the world’s number one predator nation. For sixty years, the Zionist Israeli has practiced a vicious genocide upon the Palestinian people; the true Semitics of the Bible whom they seek to displace with their AshkeNazi lies of precedence. Do not wonder at the use of the term Anti-Semitic instead of Anti-Jew. It is for the sole purpose of claiming a Semitic origin that does not exist. It is a manufactured fable.

Their agents in the state department and the cabinets ...the flunkies of preceding administrations, including the present one, have been the single driving force for the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, the regular murder of the ordinary Pakistani and the drumbeats to an Iranian adventure. They and their counterparts in the American intelligence community were the architects of the 9/11 attack and all that followed has been directed from this false flag effort that was blamed on the Muslim community with the intent of wiping the Muslims from the face of the Earth.

This tightly woven band of psychopaths has its operations at all levels of the American and European economy which they have single-handedly brought to its knees through their control of the central banks and their various operations of fraud in the various stock markets around the world. We can see how deeply the corruption goes and how evil is the nature of it. Yes, turn your head from the depravity. In a nation that pays Larry the Cable Guy 30 million dollars a year I can’t expect more.

I look at this and the Armada; the endless ranks of boatloads of demonic engagements and I think… it’s like a Tonawanda Whitefish, glistening in the sunlight as I fish it from the shore of Lake Erie with a broken stick. Whether it’s in New Jersey or Mexico; whether it’s organ harvesting of non-kosher vitals for kosher locations ...or your daily false flag de jour, it’s the same brutal evil finally come round to coming out of the closet and standing forth as what it is.

You may wish that I did not say these things and you may wish that they were not true but regardless of your ability to shit in one hand and wish in the other, these things need be said and these things are true. Point it out and the guilty party screams about discrimination with the stolen goods in his hand. All considerations of pederast priests aside, in the days of the Cosa Nostra they never involved their church in their operations. Of course, that church had long before gone into business for itself.

How naked and blatant is the evil from the banksters and crusaders? Here we see the tip of an iceberg somewhere in The Great Lakes with recently fossilized whitefish, teeming with the DNA of old passions because some of you have been loved, ‘in their fashion’. Alas Cynara, the dancing necrophiliacs have been fed on the blood of small children and it makes them frisky. That link continues to go missing and, for the moment, has found its way back up at the original location which I am using for the irony factor. If this one goes, I will be updating it.

Clunker’s for cash is like old men for young gash. It heats the reptile blood like an Arizona highway in July. The clunker has been processed through the ‘shake n’ bake’ chop shop and what was is now the ‘is’ of what was not, so… soon we will be back at war with Eurasia and Eastasia will be having sleepovers in the kids room, which doubles as a temporary medical facility.

Why are these whitefish being paraded like desiccated blintzes in search of a cheese filling and a special sauce? It’s the apocalypse baby and you don’t need a religious framework for authentication. It’s a natural action of Nature when nature gets bent out of shape and she starts to get into that tarantella thing by way of The Tandava. Here in the cosmic ticker tape room of the Sirius complex, the dog poet has begun to howl and sing Kadish in ways that never made their way through the charnel house, spelunking horror of Ginsberg’s rotten teeth. Time is a striptease baby ...and she’s going public.

This is why the skirts are being lifted from the source of all those discarded and malfunctioning Tonawanda White Fish. This is why we are seeing it in Technicolor and why the compromised bad guys persist in their behavior past all justifications for their exposure. It’s their nature and it’s Nature’s nature to point it out. The real global warming is the heat of the public’s anger and good reason for the persecution of deniers as well as for the serendipitous linking of ‘birthers’ and moonwalk refuseniks with the 9/11 truth movement. Look out for The Pod People. Look out for the invisible, pulverizing laser rays from invisible death drones in the sky.

The Tonawanda Whitefish, like the cheese, stands alone... in ranks of rank, nausea inducing pride at their status as evidence. They wait outside the international laundry. Soon enough they will be hanging on washing lines... ready to be readied to do it all again. Will it continue in one mad, sickening display after another or will the public go nova and render them all into a Dinty Moore, Beef Wellington? We’ll have news at seven from Waterloo.

Let this one thing sink into your heads; those of you with heads still containing a sinking capacity that have not themselves sunk into the mire entire. Someone... somewhere... is blowing the whistle on everything and you ain’t seen nothing yet. Soon enough, lies too massive to entertain as anything other than institutions, are going to be in the crosshairs of the public’s slowly, surfacing awareness. The Lady in the Lake is waking up and she’s going to be pulling whitefish streamers from her hair, her nostrils and her mouth and she’s going to be pissed and looking for explanation. As she pulls away the veils looking for the source of her dishonor, she will be pulling aside the theater curtains for the entire world.

Yes... there have been many bad guys and girls in dark days of the past and they have come from all variations of culture and nation but it is the evil of the moment that concerns us, as do the means and manner of their approach. There is time enough to forget History when you are no longer compelled to repeat it. Let us make our new institutions a standing record of what we endured rather than the usual vain promises of what we’re going to do this time around. There is time enough to remember History when you’re done being an extra in Ground Hog Day.

For all of you who presently despair and wane grim and feeble at the appearance of the dark’s seeming, overwhelming might... look... look at what the moment is revealing and console yourselves with the understanding that some unknown hand is at work using the very institutions of our oppression to expose and bring down those who believed they were in control of them.

It’s ain’t over yet. Yogi Berra is still behind the plate. He’s just not in a Yankee uniform anymore… and on the mound... who knows? The Tonawanda Whitefish is on the endangered list. The New Jersey Meadowlands are a protected marshland and they are giving up their dead.

All for one and one for all” the screener has been released from Sirius... coming to a neighborhood near you, sometime this fall.

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