Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dead Babies Don't Grow on Trees

You’ve probably heard that line from The Usual Suspects; “the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.” These days you’ve got a lot of atheists running around because the tenets of organized religion are so absurd and the behavior of many of its proponents so bad that their hypocrisy and self-interest blaze like neon casino lights. The public face of the Christian religion is the fundies which are an en masse hysteria case of repressed sexuality and scriptural nonsense. None of this is proof that some kind of mysterious divine is not in operation. It does prove that religion is bad publicity.

At the behest of the Israelis and powerful world Zionist agencies, representatives of this large fundie movement have joined with them, the way vultures and jackals watch each other for signs of carrion. World Zionism is making war on Islam but it is also making war on Christianity and that whole family unit thing. Evidence of this is very widely available on the net and even a cursory investigation of who is behind the political correctness movement reveals just how completely they are in control of ‘behind the scenes’ policy and lobbies. A casual look at who heads up every gay and lesbian organization also reveals this as does a look at who runs The Southern Poverty Law Center. People get outraged to hear these things but they can’t dispute them. They are backed by direct, observable evidence.

For quite some time now I have been hearing about some shadowy, global spider which sits atop the governments and religions of the world and is called; The Illuminati, The Masons, The Elite and also shape-shifting reptiles. There are probably terms that I’ve missed because this is not my area of concern or expertise. If there were such a thing- and apparently there is something like it- what am I going to do about it? Well, you can call them what you like but I call them Satanists. They engage in all the classic satanic rituals. They kill children. They torture. They corrupt. They finance their activities through crime and intimidation. As recent events show, they are a protected species. Anyone who has read up on the Dutroux case (as I have) or gotten a look behind the scenes of the Fourniret murders knows that there are people in high places who protect these people and that happens in a lot of places like France and the U.K., Portugal, Spain and the U.S.

There’s witness testimony of limousines arriving and leaving certain locations and the cover-ups are a marvel of high end arm-twisting. When you want to join a gang in Mexico, LA, Columbia and other locations you are often called upon to commit certain crimes as an initiation. In some cases you have to kill a member of your own family. Why should it be different for powerful satanic associations? It isn’t. Why do they do these things? Well... they are Satanists aren’t they? It does provide a basis for loyalty but more importantly, engaging in certain crimes takes you beyond the pale and, allegedly, grants you the favor of the dark one. Does this sound insane, given what we may well assume about the nature of ‘the dark one’? Yes it does.

Recently in London a woman named Tracey Connelly has been charged with letting her boyfriend, Steven Barker, torture her 17 month old son to death across the span of some months. Steven says he was ‘toughening him up’. Steven had a history of torturing animals, collecting Nazi memorabilia and was also found guilty of raping a 2 year old girl. They put a court order on what could be published about that case. Since this happened not long ago and Steven was out running loose in the streets... what does this mean? It means he was set loose to continue in his work. When the young boy was discovered dead with a broken back; broken ribs, busted mouth and a head chewed up by a dog, some interesting facts came to light. Doctors, social workers and police had visited Terry and Steven’s torture-plex a total of 60 times and nothing was done. Imagine that.

Now consider the present state of London where cameras watch your every move while young girls and boys are sold like confections all over town. Consider the extreme pressure of political correctness that monitors all speech and action in England. You can read some absurd accounts if you want to search them out. People are fired and even jailed for nothing at all. Consider the bankrupting of the English public by the English bankers. Consider the staged event of 7\7. Consider the controls exercised over the Afghanistan opium and the gratuitous war which makes that and other things possible.

Meanwhile, authorities can visit a home where there is evidence of toddler torture 60 times and nothing is done. This happened in the most repressive, politically correct climate in the world. What does this tell you? Somebody made the authorities hold off or... every single one of them was getting in their licks on the kid.

The court kept a tight grip on the identities of these people and there’s only one photo of the woman and none of the other folk floating around. Their explanation is that, because of public outrage, they fear for the safety of these poor unfortunates and want them to be able to live a normal life once they are released from jail. They say they may have to relocate them and give them new identities at a cost of 1.6 million pounds. All of this is in operation and they haven’t even served their sentences yet. Will they be sentenced? Were they sentenced? When is the trial? When was the trial? I don’t know. What are the odds of two crimes by the same person being put under media blackout?

My rather exhaustive study of serial murderers revealed a great deal of evidence that many of them had outside help. It’s inexplicable how they kept evading charges and getting out of jail over and over. You don’t see that happening with marijuana growers.

Yes... there’s a world wide conspiracy which comes under the heading of The Prince of Darkness and you have to do certain things to move up in the ranks. Is this some red cat with horns sitting on a throne of skulls? I have no idea. What I do know is that such a force exists because evidence of its behavior through human agency can be observed all around the world every day.

Evil has a source and one could imagine that it is conscious. It certainly is conscious within the minds of the people engaging in it. Let’s not split hairs. There’s something bad out there and it seems to be in control of the agencies empowered to monitor and control it.

Where do these horrors in humanity come from? Is there a darkness in the heart which can be tapped by the willing? Is there a communication around the world between politicians and law enforcement which has been told to keep their hands off of certain performances? A few years ago a whole lot of young girls went missing in France. There were pictures of them up on telephone poles and in shop windows. Time passed and they were never heard from again. A substantial number of children go missing around the world every day and they are never heard from again. Does this seem reasonable to you? Many very young children are selling themselves and being sold on the streets of any major city. The authorities know all about it but do nothing. However, there is no lack of interest and enforcement for political correctness infractions and telling the truth has become a crime.

Is there a shadowy group of international Satanists who work together to bring about chaos into the world order? There is something by whatever name you are inclined to give it because you can see it in operation all around you. Ritual child murder has a certain occult power to it and that’s been known about and practiced for centuries.

Does it matter what name they operate under or is their existence enough? When you look into the information about the various school massacres, serial killers and similar endeavors you find a lot of strange information that is present in many of them.

The Apocalypse can’t come too soon for me. I am welcoming a massive storm to wipe the landscape clean because I suspect the darkness in any of us is tied to the darkness in all of us.

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Acornæoakia - horn of empty said...

Tinkle tingle!
Or is it a giant subsonic GONGGGgggnnnnn reverberating?

Whatever, it's frilling hotvoodoochill for a spineless wonda like little old meek (sheepish grin) and fangs four a fabulous formulation of the abbacadaverfabrickillogical conclusion to what may zit atop this candycoated pile of shit, lies and idiotapes, wot woz crawsink me mine again (buzzoff) just the other day.

Anonymous said...

Les, Here is another case of sick injustice http://graymonk.mu.nu/archives/2007/05/the_evil_in_our_1.html

Hank said...

Do you think Noah welcomed the storm?

I don't seem to be able to keep my mind from going down this road, and exploring the possibility that the genetic experiment that is the human, has an inherant degredation, that from time to time, needs a "correction".

As I mentioned before, there seems to be times throughout history where humans have regressed, and what were advanced societies for the time, broke down and reverted to hunter gatherers, only to reemerge as an even more advanced society, with new skills.

Then there are accounts of what might be considered cullings, when the bulk of human culture regressed to a point where they were no longer viably "civilized". Some cultures, which history suggests regressed to the point of mass human sacrifice, and yes, child sacrifice, dissappeared all together. Were they exterminated by the "creators". Have the non viable versions of the experiment been disposed of from time to time?

There seems to be a corrolation between stories of human culture becoming severly degraded, and attrocities becoming common place, and events like the great flood, or Sodom and Gamora. But there always seems to be some who are spared. A viable gene pool?

There is no question that "modern" human society has become corrupt beyond redemption, and stories like that of Steven Barker are becoming so common place, they no longer foment the outrage, in society as a whole, that they deserve. As contradictory as it may sound, if our society were actually "civilized", these people would be taken straight from conviction in court, to the courthouse steps, and shot in the head. This is how a civilized society culls the few bad apples, but when the good apples are the exception to the rule, and human culture as a whole is rotten....?

Children being tortured to death, being kidnapped, raped and murdered in snuff films. Hands and feet of small children being hacked off with machetes in Sri Lanka. Women and children being used as human shields, and being outright murdered in Gaza. Women and children being sold as sexual property. Women and girls being treated as property, and murdered for staining some family "honor". A pregnant muslim woman being stabbed to death in a German courtroom. Toes being bitten off, and the brains being eaten and on and on and on.....

There are good apples, but the human race as a whole is a horrible thing. Perhaps this Flowers for Algernon experiment that is the human race should be allowed to revert to it's natural state, and evolve as nature intended. It may be the only way of ending up truly civilized.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Les. If you are into fiction thrillers, a very good trilogy by author Michael Marshall (Smith) is out there. The first is "The Straw Men". It alludes the same select group of very evil, very connected people that you do. And it is interesting as can be.
I only mention this to you because your essay here sounds very similar and when two seperate thoughtful people can come up with the same general outline then chances are it is very real. Undeniably real.

Robert said...

Amen and amen, Les... I say bring it on. The end can't come soon enough for these Evil entities.

Be safe...

GriffinWatch said...

You should have a look into the "Dunblane" massacre, it echoes the Dutroux atrocities but goes one further, some relating documents have been locked by a 100 years secrecy rule, released they would surely prove an "establishment" paedophile ring.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les Visible . I love your style .
I share your enthusiams for the Apocalypse if it going to materialize . I am glad to be alive at this time . I would not ask for more than see the evil empire centred on the US dollar and his minions in the Vatican the EU to collapse in a pile of dung .
The future I see is similar to the one predicted in the last "Halfpasthuman " report that you mentioned recently . According to that report eventually the masses will get rid of the evil ones . Blood will flow in the streets and estermination will happen .We are way beyond the threshold of human suffering . The link below is about a person jailed for yawning . Funny that the small dope pusher goes to jail but the CIA and other wholesalers continue their big operation ...


nina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

If you're not William Burroughs and that is likely the case, then you can't come in here and write masturbatory nonsense as if it related to something. I posted the first but I won't post any more.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, you will not have long to wait for WWIII. The sides are already chosen. The US, England, France, and Israel on one side, and pretty much everyone else on the other.

Some would argue that Germany and Japan, both having numerous US military bases on their soil, will not go against the "Allies", but they both greatly resent the US. The greatest aspect of this is Israel is one well placed 20 megaton Hydrogen bomb away from total annihilation. It also seems likely that Christianity will not survive, which will spell the end of Judaism.

Whatever white people survive will go back to good old Pantheism, worshiping the Sun and Earth who created them. It was the Jews that slaughtered the Druid priests and forced Christianity down white people's throats in the first place. That is how they controlled Europe for the last two thousand years.

Anonymous said...


Great column. Ties in very nicely with what I think I see unfolding. Religions taught us this ridiculous notion that "Heaven" was a place we went to if we were good and "Hell" was where we were sent if bad and this outcome was decided on an idividual basis when we were judged on our actions in life. Obviously religions were created at the behest of the elite to keep the flock in line, and confuse the people and obfuscate the truth that heaven and hell are actually two sides of the same coin.

I believe that as we go, so goes the planet, and it could be heaven if the majority of us want it, but due to our inaction, it's quickly going to hell. As humans, all six-billion-plus of us, we are destined to rise or fall as one entity. If we let the forces of darkness take over, which emanate from man's base and animalistic instincts, then the planet will surely become a vision of "hell". If we can elevate our consciousness, and transcend the darkness, then light will take over, because light, solar energy and other energy from the vacuum, is the solution to remaking our world as a heavenly place. So I believe, that Heaven and Hell, are both visions of the two choices that we face as humanity. Right now it looks like those evil m-f's are going to drag us all down with them. They might have a head-start on us, but I live in hope that once enough of us wake up, hundredth-monkey style, and we collectively realize how badly we have been hoodwinked and conned, then the sheer tsunami of outrage will ensure that the bad-guys lose their grip on us (lynched if necessary).

In addition, I think that oil and fossil fuels are one of the prime instruments of this evil. When I was a child, I was an avid reader of 1950's and 1960's science magazines of which there was a large collection in my home. I remember that the story these magazines gave, was the optimistic impression that fossil fuels were just a stepping stone to cleaner and abundant energy from other sources that were being developed. Even the then young nuclear-power industry was just a stepping stone to nuclear fission. But progress was deliberately stalled in the fossil-fuel age because the elite realized just how much money and power could be gained by keeping us locked in the fossil-fuel paradigm, and proceded to buy up all the parts of the grand industrial jigsaw puzzle until they owned the big picture and all the money flowed to them. This system has been perpetuated and refined into a giant web that threatens to completely enslave all of mankind. Even the fact that fossil fuels create carbon which is black and all-consuming, is the actual embodiment of darkness created by the elite and their crushing control over progress.

The fact that these monsters would further empower themselves by wallowing in satanic ritual and subsuming themselves in the powers of ultimate darkness, should come as no surprise. It is simply the logical progression of evil and the absolute corruption of power. Let us not cower in tabloid-shock at the news that these people are capable of deeds beyond our wildest nightmares. Yes, Les, the apocalypse may well come soon, and if we all pull together, the forces of light and good may yet triumph over darkness and evil.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Les -
A tour-de-force. Gettin down to the crucial nitty gritty facts on the ground here aren't you? I don't exactly remember how I synchronisticly ended up reading Dave McGowan's piece last night, but was mind-blown to see this SM piece of yours today!

Must read!: "The Pedophocracy" by the author of the "Inside The Laurel Canyon" series.
I 'stumbled on it' here:
I think its from about 2001.

Only one prob with your piece. I have searched but not found this kind of darkness within. There was a time where I had a bit of curiosity for sticking my toe into the dark pool, hooking up with the local franchise of the mafia hard drug/violent-crime scene, but it was truly a morally absurd mental indulgence of the moment (was btw run by a certain 'tribe'). Call it 'karma' or whatever. I don't understand it but it seems some are wired with tendencies, others not. Truthfully, its always pissed me off when I hear "don't judge, the evil's inside of you too" and such crap from chickenshit newage ostrich-asana practitioners.
So...anyway, I don't really know the answer.

much respect,

Still alive said...

Regarding the evil in the world: kill`em all, let god sort`em out.

That sounds like justice to me.

Let us all pray that one day we will see the Illuminati, or whatever you wish to call it, burn and burn and burn.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Post LesVis
I highly recommend reading 'Demons' by John Shirley..too close for comfort..(--_--)
Nightmarish demons terrorize the world in this sharp-edged tale of horror and humanity
from award winner John Shirley. A young artist from San Francisco witnesses the demons' arrival and the world's response--panic, denial, and even cooperation in the slaughter. He joins a group of people who believe that Human action brought the Demons into the world and that the power of Human Consciousness--awareness of one's True Self --is the only Defence against them. Then nine years later, in the face of a new threat, the group must overcome conspiracy and the world's disbelief to battle demons once again.
Themes of wakefulness and sleep--the struggle for self awareness against the deliberate denial of what's happening around us-- form the counterpoint for the terrifying and often brutal events of the story. This is a fast paced, finely told horror tale combined with a pointed examination of the ways in which people so often conspire in their own Destruction.

m_astera said...

I'm with Bholanath. The evil isn't in me and never has been, so sorry, I don't take the blame.

nina said...

The-darkness-in-all-of-us ... don't mince words, Visible :O
Our own darkest times pale in comparison to the darkest darkness you speak of today. Our personal darknesses when revealed with light show mere personal offense and humiliation, things which we can easily move beyond through surrender. But then what of this huge darkness out there? It is not our darkness, but it is easily obtainable if surrender isn't understood, in which case antidepressants may well be tools of the dark force. And in earlier times, what potions fortified Manco Inca? Definitely, hidden up there in the high Andes, surrender wasn't an option. Now here we are, supposedly advanced, heh, Super-Powers even, in comicbook world as ignorant and vulnerable as ever. Cave people waiting on a Care package from the sky and if some of the species are getting impatient, zoloft and skag are a interesting diversions resulting in dramas that never would come to pass if ignorant and vulnerable governors were not handing it out.

Clip from Joe Bageant today: ... Corporatism's rituals are as reverentially and unquestionably observed in daily behavior as those of ancient Egypt's theocracy or the blood sacrifice of the Aztecs. The Aztecs thoroughly believed their world would end if the gods were not fed enough still-beating human hearts. We believe that the world turns on employment figures, stock prices, our jobs, productivity and consumption. Hourly, we receive reports from the media priesthood on the health of an aggregate god known as the economy. The masses pause to listen, then ask inside their heads, "Will my job, my only source of family sustenance, disappear? I must try harder."

And so, fearfully, we render tribute to Moloch in the form of increased toil, more sheaves of what they alone produced (for it is labor that produces all authentic wealth) in the form of bailouts and sons sacrificed on the altar of war.

High and low, we have been transfigured into a society of performers behaving the way we are expected to behave as productive citizens. Production as measured by the bastards. And we cannot expect to find any Gandhis or Simón Bolivars among that high caste ...

Hei Hu Quan said...

Les, thanks you for your critically necessary post, with great clarity that exposes one of the biggest protected networks that slithers amongst and under us. Very few other cyber journalists touch this subject except for the dedicated and consistent works of David McGowan, Alex Constantine and Jeff Wells. There are cases ad nauseum that detail horrific accounts of SRA and it is one crime network that is officially insulated and sanitized in the main stream media and legal system. There are books that detail cases and information however it is absolutely verboten to detail in TV or film. "Eyes Wide Shut" came close and from all accounts it cost Stanley Kubrick his life. When the real cases explode into the public eye they are quickly short circuited by teams of practised embedded apologists such as the CIA connected False Memory Syndrome scum. Their task is to infiltrate themselves into credible cases, ridicule and defame the child victims and lend their "expert" testimony to derail the case. This occurred in the McMartin Preschool Abuse case directly involving the very high profile and protected Satanist Lt. Col. Michael Aquino. In the case of Dutroux it was much worse and actually involved police officials from on high blatantly sabotaging the case at every turn. The Hoshanna Church, a spate of day care centers run on military bases, and more cases too numerous to mention all had documented cases and evidence of murder and abuse of a specific and recurring satanic nature. War has been declared against the innocent for to defile them in the minds of these demons is to achieve the ultimate in evil. War has been silently declared against our children and innocence in general.

Les, you are spot on when you said that this has been going on for centuries. Dark evil is as real and tangible as the sun and whether we believe in evil as a real 'dimension' that can be pulled into ours, or in demons or a Satan, it matters not. Because the self-imposed "elite and their minions do, and stand at the shadows of the pasture awaiting their chance to pull away the lambs at their will. If we fail as fellow citizens in the family of the world to protect our children then we have pathetically submitted to disposing of our future. As an investigator into these type of cases I have heard accounts, read trial testimonies, depositions, police reports and seen images that I truly wish I could unsee. There are depths of filth and evil that people (I use that term loosely) can possess themselves with that defies description and professional analysis. The only cure, a one-time prescription of lead. Documented are horrors that are practised that no one would believe which is why they are employed by these diabolical predators. So that when their victims report it they are discounted as ridiculous tales or delusion. The legal system as it currently stands is built to protect the higher members of these networks and only sacrifice some 'lone nuts' to quickly extinguish any further investigation. This should tell you how institutionalized their power is as these lackeys rarely if ever roll on their masters. This is exactly what occurred in the Son(s) of Sam, McMartin and Dutroux cases.

Les is absolutely correct as the terms Illuminati, "the Elite", Controllers, Deciders, reptillioids, and what all have you are all covers for what they really are Satanic scum, bent on turning this planet out like demonic pimps in a Thai child brothel. Unless we all man and woman up fast to the core, this is the future we will inherit and what our children will despise us for allowing.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Demon/deity/animal. Oh what a piece of work is man. Well said, as always. Thank you. Debra from Philly

Anonymous said...

What has kept man down all these eons? Mankind as a whole still has war, corruption, child abuse, ignorance of all kinds. There is a great shroud over mankind. We have our modern technology but the behavior has not changed.

We drop bombs on people as if its a video game. I can say 'we' since I don't see the masses out there demanding it stop. As long as its not in my backyard and I have my toys then I am not going to take any risk or even really care.

"An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere" MLK. Just go around saying that stuff and look what happens.

Mankind has not reached for the heights. There has been some mechanism that has kept the masses distracted, confused, occupied and worse for thousands of years.

There have been moments where progress has been achieved by the courage and blood of a small minority only to have us slide back into this barbarianism.

We must also argue that we are not Vulcans, we don't run by logic by our vary nature. We have the gift and curse of emotions. I have regretted actions taken in anger. Would I be human without anger? No we are all here to learn something. The board may look different as time passes but it is the same. Only now we are heading to a crucial point of the game. If we screw up now we may have to return to the beginning. We have the capacity now to return the remnants of man to the stone age as Einstein predicted.



Hei Hu Quan said...

One more thing all, the sick bastards who tortured the baby in London have had their identities fully revealed complete with photos here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1205634/Baby-P-killers-unmasked-Evil-mother-Tracey-Connelly-neo-Nazi-boyfriend-Steven-Barker.html#ixzz0NsIuVNRh

The triumvirate of shitbirds in human form are Tracey Connelly, Steven Barker and Jason Owen.

Anonymous said...

I do not wish for mindless death for my fellow beings they are suffering the loss of their true selves when connected again they become normal loving gentle and peaceful.The appocolypse to me is the mass awakening to love the discovery of the higher plains of thought and the humbling experience this is I dont know but this is what my heart tells me. neil

m_astera said...

Yup, Dave McGowan's piece. For those who have the guts for it. It isn't pretty. Assume your local sheriff or prosecutor in the main role; they wouldn't have gotten to a position of power if they weren't that corrupt:


Anonymous said...

When Lucifer and his minions were cast out from the presence of God they were sent to our sector of the universe. They probably operate on other planets beside earth but that isn't our concern. On earth they have free reign to debauch as they please but they can't violate our God given freewill. Lucifer is the great deceiver and he uses his cunning to ensnare people. He has no power over those who stay in the light and ignore him.

I always have fun with Christians by asking them, "you say the devil is so powerful, over the course of your entire life can you tell me one thing that the devil made you do." They think for a while and when they can't come up with anything they usually smile/laugh/whatever. Most are too far gone to change their views so they just ignore it. Logic isn't one of their strong points.

If you through in your lot with Lucifer he can bring you success in this world. That is how many world leaders, politicians, industrialists, Zionists, preachers and their ilk acquire great wealth. They then corrupt their offspring and perpetuate this evil down through generations. Christians do a similar thing when they bring up their children in the church. The child is taught things that defy logic but he accepts them as truth.

There is plenty of evil out there but there is also light. Such is the nature of our existance in duality. It is up to each individual to disconnect from the propaganda and set out on the path of enlightenment. If you fail there will be opportunities in other lifetimes to get it right. We have eternity to make it back to Source.

"the darkness in any of us is tied to the darkness in all of us." You hit the nail on the head my friend because at a higher level we are all one. Lucifer has really got a grip on this world but the story will have a happy ending.


Anonymous said...

We don't know what's in any of us, until our backs are to the wall. I didn't know much about the people I worked with (or myself for that matter), until we were three months into a strike... and losing. And this was child's play compared to the Bosnian War, when guards forced Muslim prisoners to bite off the balls of their fellow prisoners. My cynical view is that those who think there is no evil in them... just haven't been put to the test.
No, I'm absolutely fine with the Apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

"My name is Luka...I live on the second floor..."

...Except in my apartment building tonight the abuse was happening on the first floor, just below me...as suddenly the 12 year old boy is screaming, and then his two year old sister is screaming, too, as their bitch mother rationalizes her sick and pathetic existence at her children's expense.
And I call the cops on her but what will it accomplish...who really cares much about children, anyway?

How can anyone claim to have a heart and not cry for the children?
God damn America. God damn Africa. God damn Europe and Asia and the entire fucking world throughout history.
God damn anyone who abuses a child. And God damn anyone who looks the other way.
And God damn the omnipotent God...for creating all the evil that has ever existed.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your post. I was surprised nobody mentioned the Jersey Island case and the obvious involvement of the governor/ bailiff, Sir Philip BAILHACHE a freemason.As soon as the investigation starts, Bailhache takes the opportunity to surround himself with other high ranking freemasons such as The duke of Kent and Prince Charles. Although evidence had been found of torture and sacrifice, the whole case is dropped.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now

God Steps in When you Step Back.

I recognize that someone or someones have asked me questions here. I'll try to get to those but I have a lot of chores at the moment.

Texas Arcane said...

I was a devout atheist for 16 years.

I realized after thinking about it for a long, long time, really hard, almost every day for hours at a time ... that biology alone could never account for the evil that is in the human heart.

Because it seems to work towards the degradation of all human life, it seems to have volition and is almost a kind of resentment in action ... much like the brightest angel of them all, Lucifer, was credited with.

Biological game theory cannot explain it entirely. Some of it ... but think harder about it and you'll see there's just evil there without even a purpose after a while, cruelty and rage that is insatiable and serves no identifiable good. Even evolutionary forces themselves appear to promote this degradation at the nadir of a civilization. It's like something woven into the fabric of existence but also with a mind that is horribly disposed against human beings. Contrast this with the greater universe, apparently designed to foster us and help us.

Think about it hard enough, you won't be an atheist anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Les. I pretty much agree with most of what you post. Let me just say that I am a follower of the teachings of Christ, not a "christian". Please don't confuse the two. I have no association with the Christian Right or any of the other nutjobs out there. These people give Jesus a bad name. I just wanted to clarify that. Yes, there is definitely Satanic evil in this world!

P. Brown

Visible said...

I do not confuse the two which is why the word 'fundies' was used

Anonymous said...


Keep it coming... I really enjoy your Red-Pill truth. Most of the population are still plugged into the Matrix and may not ever escape.

For example, take a look at the hidden agenda at the Obamacare town hall meetings. Besides the plants and moles, the public is being taken for a ride. Just like how it was exposed that Israel was behind the Obama birth certificate mess... Most folks are so dumb to actually believe this stuff. Clearly many still have a problem with him being BLACK, irregardless of the Zionist role.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, and others stole the elections and plunged this country into 2 wars and yet his ratings didn't head down excepts towards the end of his 2nd term. Not to mention 9/11... But it's OK because these folks were WASP's.

Unless folks stop with racism towards Blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities, then the Dark One (Satan) and his agents of influence will win everytime due to divide and conquer.

United we stand but divided we all fall. Then relocated in a FEMA camp somewhere. Preach unity and empowerment to the people through knowledge and action...

Anonymous said...

The Illuminati are not exactly God's people, but they are doing God's work without knowing His plan. What is happening is that the Illuminati are exploiting human weakness to its maximum capacity by tapping into the physical senses: sex, food, smell, sight, sound, and they have installed strong elements of desire in all of the senses. Now there are two kinds of people, controllable and uncontrollable, and a few that are confused. I am in the confused state by the way, but find myself happily moving towards powerful self-control. Now, most people can be controlled very easily. Just wave a thick bundle of hundred dollar bills, and you will have most humans lining up to due your bidding in order to satisfy their desires and cravings using the money. These are the people who ultimately find themselves caught in a web of desire, lies, deceit and pure evil, from which escaping is next to impossible. The uncontrollable kind are the ones that are mostly vegetarians and have mastered the art of self-control, thus they are not driven or motivated by money, but by nurturing their inner spiritual core through meditation and nature worship, and that is their true wealth. The characteristic of these uncontrollable people is that they are often the target of the Illuminati to stop spreading their ways, hence, their numbers are one in thousands. But coming back to God's plan, as you can see, the Illuminati are doing nothing else but filtering society so that the righteous survive and those given to sensual desires will perish in the flames of Illuminati schemes. The real weakness of the Illuminati is that they cannot afford to get rid of all human beings because they need them to work like slaves and then tax them. If humans cease to exist and the Illuminati survive, then there will be dissent in their inner circles. By keeping human beings in check, they keep themselves in check.

Narmer said...

Dog Poet,

Your bark is strong. Do we need an Avatar? Would that help? Would it even matter? I am so curious. Canine Rishi? Dance in the Devic, howl and bark. Let us know what is found. I selfishly want the as above/so below truth. I know it is inside and out also. Point your nose at it for us and ours as well. Thanks Les.

Anonymous said...


All of you here who love USA and the world try to think about the great need of saving USA from zionist-capitalists. I created a new blogger about how to create a United-Socialist Front for the 2012 Presidential Elections.

And don't tell me "buts" and "no", in our active-nihilist world view, we don't know the words: but and no. I know that a Third Party reaching power sounds like crazy, but politics is not an exact science and any thing is possible with the help of God and human will power

This blog http://united-socialist-front-for-2012.blogspot.com/ will be specifically to debate how can we create a United Socialist Front, composed of small socialist, communists, libertarian, independent americans, social-democrats, humanists and progressive political parties in United States, as a tool and vehicle for the 2012 Presidential Elections, so that each American Citizen who is tired of the corruption of the zionist-capitalists of the Democrats, and Republicans would have a real alternative political-party in which they could caste their vote in order to increase their living standards and to get out of poverty.

Anti-Corporate, Participative, people's democracy and the new wave of democratic-socialism of the XXI Century is the only way that we can get out of poverty. So please think about a United Progressive People's Front in America as only goal of saving USA from poverty, bankruptcy and economic-collapse caused by corporate zionist imperialist parties (Democrats and Republicans)

Duke Cooter said...

You are correct sir. The grand reset can't come soon enough. Especially here in the urinalysis is freedom, praise your corporate pimps, hide behind flags and rags like the last refuge of a scoundrel good ole U S of A. Love it or leave it snorts some 400lb drooling, double digit IQ mouthbreather as they pull their face out of a tub of lard long enough to hear what is on the daytime tv wasteland. Well the Sack-N-Save or People's Republik Mart don't pay enough for a passport unless you work overtime.That's if you can pass the urine screen and get the job to begin with. Very silly to think your own body belongs to you. You can live on 8$ an hour keep telling yourself you'll start to believe it. What a sorry state of affairs for the nation of rugged individualist conformist serfs who only follow orders.

Anonymous said...

Grand reset.
Roger that.

sounder said...

Amicus wrote…
There has been some mechanism that has kept the masses distracted, confused, occupied and worse for thousands of years.

My sig line at RI goes to this point, it is; Here are occultic secrets hidden in plain view. Negative relations between order and liberty create problems (profits), while positive relation’s only produces happiness and contentment.

Thank-you neil for saying that so well, people are good, even if a bit ignorant. At this point the evil is in the people, yes, but it is installed there by the false narrative structures of Dualism.

Howard Zinn said...

"Our problem is civil obedience.

Our problem is the numbers of people all over the world who have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience. And our problem is that scene in All Quiet on the Western Front where the schoolboys march off dutifully in a line to war.

Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world, in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country.

That's our problem.

We recognize this for Nazi Germany. We know that the problem there was obedience, that the people obeyed Hitler. People obeyed; that was wrong.

They should have challenged, and they should have resisted; and if we were only there, we would have showed them.

Even in Stalin's Russia we can understand that; people are obedient, all these herdlike people."

— Howard Zinn

Things By Me said...

"(Some New World Order theorists claim there are currently massive internment camps being set up nationwide for some dreadful future use. Hmmm… such absurdity seems almost plausible now, huh? And some hardcore NWO pundits might further suggest that this blunderous backfire may have even been originally planned by the men behind the scenes when they created 911, in order to first amass as much wealth as possible, then by eventually exposing 911 truth, create the very widespread panic/collapse necessary to destroy independent businesses, consolidate their ownership, and reduce global population, so to re-build with a completely totalitarian world “government” and weakened human spirit. Paradoxically, that’d mean the 911 truthers are actually helping install the NWO… don’t ya love those conspiracies!)"
Michael Everyman

Hank said...

You know, I've been watching these "town hall" meetings on TV, and listening to these people, and the conclusion is inescapable. There is no saving America, and there is no saving the majority of humanity.

The gullibility and stupidity level of these people is off the scale. You could slap these people in the face with the truth, until they die of blunt force trama, and they still wouldn't get it. There are just so many people that are beyond anyones ability to redeem them. Ron Whites' words ring in my ears, you can't fix stupid.

They are the panic stricken, who are drowning in their own ignorance, and will take any would be rescuer down with them. I hate to admit it, but America and humanity as a whole is a train wreck looking for a time to happen, and I don't see any way of stopping or even slowing it.

The illuminati, the zionists, the bankers, the government, health care, the media and their live coverage of the fire du jour are all just side shows in the bar car on this going to happen train wreck. The wars, the rapes, the murders, the child abuse and pedaphilia and all the things clasified as "inhuman", that are perpetrated by no other species are just the cartoons and the trailors before the big show.

Most people are just too stupid to see the big picture, and are intent in painting a hole in their little piece of the canvas.

There are enlightened people, who for some reason are able to see things as they are, or at least know that what they are being shown is a bullshit facade, but I don't believe they are enough to save humanity. Judging by results, humanity does not want to be saved, because they think they already are.

In one of these town hall meetings one guy told his republican senator, that he was a conservative and he didn't want his country to become socialists, and the senator should fight for them. What ever it takes, the democrats should be stopped.

To anyone with more than 100 functioning brain cells, this translates to I want you to fight for my right to be stupid beyond belief, and help destroy life as we know it. How do you fight that? How do you help these people? They are willing to fight you, or even kill you so they can be stupid, and wreck the train.

I believe it reaches a point, and we may already be there, where the only sane option, is to get off the train. Jump and take your lumps, and watch and lament as the train wrecks. Find that shangri la, gather with the other folks that had the sense to jump, and duck, because it sure looks like someone is getting ready to hit that big reset button. May peace find you all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les Visible and other commentators of this blogger: I am referring in this comment to the increase in sexual activities in young children in America, specially in the way they dress. Yesterday i went to the supermarket in my car. And around my house i saw 2 little 7 year old girls walking around the sidewalk, not with regular clothes, but with triple XXX rated bikinis. The types of bikinis that show every thing in playboy models and prostitutes. I mean there has to be some culpability and guilt coming from parents. Because i don't think young girls have the money and necessary skills to go to a store and buy these types of swmimsuit by themselves. Are the parents in USA going crazy or something? There has to be some sort of conspiracy to stimulate this immoral form of dressing in people in USA.

Another type of provoking clothes used in America are the so called "Short shorts" that american women use in the summer time as regular clothes to provoke males.

No wonder that the Muslim culture is attacked so much by the US oligarchies. Because the muslim culture preaches more moralism than the western bourgeoise consumerist culture. And moralism is anti-profits.

So I think that the main goal of all these types of behavior motivated by the global elite is really profits $$$. That's all they care about, and they will do any thing, rape, kill, sex, and stimulate rape, death, and immoralism in the masses in order to make more dollars. And i think that the profit-driven system is the main ROOT of all world problems. Because if you think about it, capitalists can make more money with: wars, sex, death, bombs, increased libido (hypersexuality in the exploited masses), divorces, individualism, and fattening foods. Than with a rational, moral, loving, altruist, compassionate, peaceful world.

Here is a link-article which talks about Pedophocracy:



Anonymous said...

Getting back into the old "In Search of.." series again, the ones narrated by Rod Serling, I find myself asking why is it we can't figure out the past in the future?
Maybe it's for our own protection (with power comes great responsibility) or perhaps we are not worthy yet, who knoews? All I do know is that if those Ancient Indian texts are true, that evil spirits do use UFO's and can shapeshift into various forms. And these non-benevolent forces are continually inhabiting the bodies of men and women in all of the world's governments dating back to the time of the Luciferian floods. Then we are in for one massive sacrifice.

I'm not claiming to be a bible thumper.
But I just hope that whatever (whomever it was that brought the DNA of Mammals and put it on the higher rung of the ladder, wiping out and serverly pissing-off the reptile rulers who vowed revenge and still claim this world as their own, I just hope they come back and take us nice people off this rock before it falls into the expanding lake of sun fire and take us to the new heaven and earth somewhere else in the Universe.


Kevenj said...

Forgive the late note.

"There is no saving America, and there is no saving the majority of humanity."

Personally Hank, I agree the "America" we speak of and learned about in Social Studies is going bye-bye.
Let's hope there will be quite a few factions of those that will be around to help society grow in more prosperous life-enduring, charming ways in the future.I believe there will be. I believe there is destined to be, with or without me for I am no one necessarily special.

But I have to ask Marx-Soc a pointed question:

Is the 'reality' in the hyper anti- sex Victorian age any different from an economic viewpoint than what might be occurring today?
Those with money can find ways to profit from both sides of the pendulum, no?

Maybe it's just me but I would rather see someone dressed in shorts on a hot summer day than dressed in long pants, which surely must be uncomfortable.
Of course that's missing the point. I see 45 overweight year old women that wear their bikini outside to water their lawn. Wants to make me puke.But if that makes them cooler and turns on a 70 year old, who the hell cares?
Just saying.

Joey Tavares said...

Hey there - commendations for your candor and bravery.

We come from two different walks of life, I imagine. I'm a celibate gay guy who loves God (for lack of a better term).

Doesn't leave me with a lot of friends.

That said, I have learned a great deal from you, and I thank you.

I agree. It is all around us. And you are correct - just as there is a night, there is a day.

Funny thing, people are always saying, "Bring Light into the world." Isn't Amen-Ra the problem?

A seed only sprouts in the dark. In the Beginning... I'm beginning to feel the one who said: "Let there be light" was not the Good One.

Good and Evil. It's that simple.

I believe this is the meeting ground between the two, this plane, this 'gray' area - like a demilitarization zone. The balancing act is performed by us - corporeal beings. From wherever (ahem). Free will, bla bla - we choose, between either side embodied within us. The balance is thus met.

One of the 'sides' is cheating. Sure, I can scrape all of the goods from the hard to reach bottom of the container - but it is almost impossible.

Almost. There has to be a chance. And that's where the cheating is coming in - 99% waste oriented to 1% non-wasteful. The aim - waste and ruin by hand of the unsuspecting.

The unsuspecting followers of Set.

It is not the fault, do pardon, of a certain populace that they use 25% of the availables. They were, ALL of them, born at the END of the industrial 'age', and have now all been raised with 'programming' and one parent per thirty children (school, daycare) - they don't know anything natural, they never HAVE. It is their so called 'leaders', the pigs you talk about, the child ruiners, the hope destroyers - the social institutions of finance and marketing and production. They're all one and the same.

They've been playing this cheating game in the demilitarized zone for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

They have raised the populace like they raise some of their children - I'm sure you've heard about the van full of filthy kids found with two men, kids who did not know what a telephone or toilet functioned as.

Western society, and its peoples, are like that. Brainwashed. Not to blame. To blame are the vile, not the innocent born into a barn for farming.

I was blind until I was 30 years old, in many regards. A few short years later, I am working for The Good Boss. It is not wrong to hope.

Hope is The Way.

Thank you. For adding to Our Hope.

Joey Tavares said...

Here is a site where names are named...

One of the mother-lode sites, if you will.

WARNING - graphic details and evidence presented. This site relies on evidence. And I promise you, you will not like it. It is foul, foul, foul - and the truth of a retarded, juvenile species.




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