Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hypnotized Frogs Cooking in the Alphabet Soup

Dog Poet transmitting.......

Today I went to the MSM for a quick trip through the headlines. I can wake up in the morning with the voices of distant angels ringing in my ears… shoehorning back into my body, into this lodestone for the material realm. The music fades with my first cup of tea and... no matter how good I might have been feeling, every positive emotion runs screaming for the exits the moment I set my cyber-foot down on the virtual terra-squirma of the MSM.

The MSM is like one of those modern day super, mega-markets. They keep getting bigger and bigger and you wonder how there could possibly be so much food and... then you start moving up and down the aisles and you discover that there are entire aisles of nothing but potato chips, deep fried in palm oil. You see multiple aisles of nothing but soft drinks. You see ranks of cold cases stacked with processed foods and you turn over the package to read the ingredients and it’s as if everything is written in German because there are words with over 60 letters in them and you couldn’t begin to pronounce, much less understand them.

These heart attack, diabetes factories display an endless assortment of air-puffed plastic and you remember that when you were a kid you could take a whole loaf of Wonder Bread and compress it into a mass resembling a baseball, prior to bouncing it off of your brother’s head. At the massive granaries across the mid-west they leach every nutrient, vitamin and what have you out of the flour so that the rats and roaches won’t eat it. Then they pump it back in when they make the bread. Except for the vegetable department and the small area where you can buy rice and beans, I don’t have much use for these supermarkets. I don’t have any use for the MSM either but my work takes me there the way social workers find themselves in crack houses on occasion.

I come out of my brief sojourns like someone who just got a lap dance from a Cenobite. My balance is off for a few minutes and parts of my head hurt. There isn’t any news the same way there aren’t any vitamins or nutrients in the flour. They beat the truth and interest right out of every subject being reported on. You can feel the collective dismay and anger of the orcs at these sites directed toward the Reality TV Show Killer for having hung himself in a motel room and thereby robbing them of weeks of circus activity.

Generally there aren’t any authors any more. There are no more named sources, just a whole lot of people who aren’t permitted to comment on the subject who are commenting on the subject. You learn things you didn’t want to know, like the murdered ‘model’ was employed as the canvas at body painting sessions in Vegas and LA Clubs and that because her husband cut off her fingers and knocked out her teeth, they identified her by the serial numbers on her breast implants. Most of the news items seem to be about candidates for the same kind of destiny too long in coming.

You have to ask yourself, how did humanity get so bent out of shape and compelled to such embarrassments that only their incredible cluelessness prevents them from experiencing it? I can’t stay long. My system won’t take it. The real horror is not in the endless PR spins with no foothold in reality. It is in the tens of millions of people who take this for the same gospel they used to attribute to religious texts which were no less altered than the non-news of the day.

A few weeks ago I spent an hour or so skimming the higher traffic, gossip sites because I want to get a handle on what’s happening to the minds of the populace, which has put them in such a passive and accepting state of... just about anything. Boy did I feel slimed and thanked what powers there may be for not having achieved this kind of celebrity. One gossipmonger paints white cocks next to the mouths of celebrities that he doesn’t like... and worse.

The larger alternative news sites are backwoods hollers compared to the gumball machine press. Places like fox news, MSNBC, Drudge and the like are Grand Central Station at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon. My little sites are backwoods hollers compared to the larger alternative news sites. Where does that leave all those people with no sites at all?

I’ve got a point here. When you take the majority interest of the majority travelers through hard copy and virtual copy of whatever information is being pumped out into the eye-ways, airways and mind-ways of the collective psyche, you find that porno; sport’s betting, video-gaming, celebrity worshipping and trivia information, along with an epidemic of manufactured news, tailored toward genocide and mass murder are the order of the day. It’s Soylent Green for the Chicken Soup Mind and is there much difference between the chickens in their pens and the zombie cannibals in theirs? The chickens don’t know that they are chickens and the zombie cannibals are just as informed.

I’d like to do a few choruses of, “Look on the Bright Side of Life” and talk about a ‘grand awakening’ that’s going to move like a wave through a sport’s stadium but... being realistic, it looks like there’s going to be something less than a majority who connects the disappearing ocean with the incoming tsunami. As usual, people will be racing about collecting shells or bitching about where the water went and in some cases calling their lawyers to sue the tour company.

I stop in at different forums, which also necessitate a shower afterwards, where I see the same endless conversations about frappe and froth and how many angels can drown in a can of decaffeinated Coke and I ask myself is this a life? Is this where all our hard work over the centuries has led us? Did we, according to some, slither out of the brine and morph through all those forms to find that the point of growing hands was chronic masturbation as the final point of the exercise. There goes humanity, dead of a heart attack in the Lazy-Boy, with it’s dick in its hand.

I have studied the matter and it does appear, from every angle, that catastrophe is both warranted and inevitable. The truly evil among us are the ones who are engaged in producing the garbage that is now the centerpiece pate. The unconsciously evil are those eating the pate and showing no interest in what it is composed of.

I find myself in the unenviable position of celebrating each outrage and absurdity as one step closer to the cleansing of the world. I know that underneath the deadly confections that block our view of one another, there are many people working for a better world. I salute you and hope it is true that “two will be standing in a field and one will be left and one will be taken”, even though I have no idea what that means for either of them.

We have seen a whole lot of bad shit done by those empowered to serve and represent us. We see them doing it in broad daylight with a smirk on their faces. They will push it as far as it will go before the whole thing snaps back on them with a rubber band dynamic. One feckless clown follows the next. The little bubbles over the heads of the hoi polloi say, “Nice suit” or, “That’s hot” as they sit in the cook pots and the thermometer rises one degree at a time.

You can stand on the corner and watch life drive by in cars and trucks. You can see life walking by you on the sidewalk. Each mind is geared toward their own pursuits and the hopes and dreams that can be realized only at the expense of another and which have already been sacrificed for the pyramid pecking order of a conspiracy that never was. It is either just what it seems or it is not what it seems and the evidence tends heavily toward the latter.

Conspiracies are the natural state of affairs, both in a personal and in a global sense. The primary conspiracy is a conspiracy of ignorance in which the majority agrees that what is happening is not happening because it rains on the parade of fools and dreamers pursuing the mist that was woven out of nothing by wizards in fortresses of smoke. There is not always smoke where there is fire but... there will be in the natural course of things.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

"You can stand on the corner and watch life drive by in cars and trucks. You can see life walking by you on the sidewalks"

My sixty nine year old mother often enjoys relaxing with a coffee and watching the world go by ...But last week over the space of only two days she was twice called a 'CU*T!' by two completely random strangers, just because she happened to glance at them......Oh what a wonderful world we live in.
I do despair that underneath this veneer of so called civility an ugly, malevolent force is simmering and hardly able to contain itself any longer.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best.
Your work in exposing your consciousness to the aromatic cesspool- run by intellectual prostitutes in service to psychopathic greedheads and mass murderers-known as the MSM, is appreciated. There is no institution more utterly deserving of the deepest contempt. It reminds me of a clown which has rolled in excrement and is running down the street with a chainsaw, cutting off heads. Saying "Love me, I'm doing this for your own good"

Anonymous said...

Well, I think you just put the tail on the donkey. They flood reality with so much puffed air that no one can see the truth even when it is right in front of them, and it usually is.

Murder, robbery, and worse can even be on the evening news being committed by that little country that we all know and nothing happens the next day. That is scary. We can bomb weddings and funerals and nothing happens. Sadly it is 'we'.

What happened to the youth of the sixties? Is it really that there won't be a fuss until there is a draft? Sad. Just keep sending those poor folk, they are educated enough to know what they are doing when they do it.

Has the minds of the masses been so blurred that they no longer understand the words of MLK, "An injustice anywhere, is an injustice everywhere"?

The seeds of an awakening are sprouting. Will it just be a scattered few who watch as the world dissolves around them? I heard yesterday that we will someday be able to utilize our entire brain which will enable us to have telepathic ability. This will deceit and lying impossible. That will be truly heaven on earth.

I have been criticized for not looking at MSN and seeing all of the white puffy balls of nothingness. I feel better now. :)


Anonymous said...

This just in. MSN headline:

Inmate etiquette: What to expect when you're going to jail.

I feel better now.

Tom said...

"They will push it as far as it will go before the whole thing snaps back on them with a rubber band dynamic."

That's one helluva big rubber band our powers-that-be have stretched, Les. Reminds me of when I was in the navy and some deck apes tried to take the weight of a 22-ton aircraft carrier anchor off the anchor chain with a 4" hauser. When the rope broke it went snapping around the anchor windlass room and killed four guys, including a Chief Petty Officer who got cut clean in half. When the one we have stretched now snaps, better get out of the way.

Sirius Fenris said...

While some few might awaken, if I'm not mistaken most are holding onto the kraken
Thinking it's an island
They imagine they stand on dry land
Seeing sunny beaches where there's quicksand.

But as the beast dives into the abyssal deeps
They're so hypnotized they don't perceive....
Pineal glands so calcified they can't receive....
So none of them imagine that this entity they cannot see, this time, the son of a bitch is playing for keeps....

Hold on to your hats, ladies and gents, the next one's steep.

Vitamin Triviamaxok said...

Superb! This is where the vitamins are.
A-Z exquisitely rearranged in delightful arrays replete with scientific rigor and tempered zealousness.

It's nice to see some serious research and creation going on among the many stalls and boothes set up outside the usual Troot-Marts and Drivel-Trootz

apropos alphabet opus (every typewrghting monkey has his day), I'm jamming this bs over a 3 chord blues

we've heard you're a vip
we're busy checking out your cv
we've put out an apb
and we've got a blip on your rfid
we've got a sample of your dna
we're sending it to the cia
if they don't get back to us asap
we're sending it off to the fsb
we reckon you're a bit ott
so we've ordered up an ekg
and a slight dose of lsd
[extra long psychedelic solo]
now you gonna do what we say
or you gonna wind up doa
if you're still confused
please turn to the faq's
which you'll find on page 404

Visible said...

Page 404, good one!

Good comments and syntactical trippings all around.


Anonymous said...

The time of body and flesh is ending. The weight and feelings we create and put into the seen body are leaving!!!! This cant be stopped. The only hope the elite see is walking the sheep though this. They use sex, and killing to replace the breaking of the body in more healthy forms. If we forget about ALL things that come with death (winter), they win. Its as if they just want us to kill ourself before we understand ourself? On one hand they push fear of death, but in the other ask for our part in killing. The spilt mind is weak and easy to control. Once we put the mind into balance we wont fear this change but look forward to its gifts. We wont need talk shows or wally worlds. We will be ok with less.
Please I sound out there, Im sure but this isnt anything new. MSN is new. The test of selfhood is much easier in this days and we should give thanks for this. The problem is, as we understand the god within we are pulled away from the world around us. Others will say "how dare you" for leaving and being comfortable with it "I want to, but cant beacuse I care for objects over myself." "Thats the story I see on MSN, thats the plot of the last movie I saw? Whats wrong with you." "Dont you care about living in this group mind?" Well NO.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

From Death To Videodrome: Long Live The New Frequency at Neil Kramer's "The Cleaver" website:
"...watching television can cause the viewer to slip from the accustomed Beta state (12-26Hz), through a passive Alpha mind state (8-12 Hz) and into the highly programmable Theta state (4-8 Hz). In Theta, assimilation of incoming data on the screen is deeply seeded into the psyche. What you watch is permanently burned in. This is frequency control. Or, if you prefer, mind control."

Anonymous said...

Kali yuga.
Downhill all the way.
It's not human evolution, rather devolution.




BY... Michael Cremo (Drutakarma Dasa)

Anonymous said...

George mentioned you in the Dog Poet context over at his Urban Survival website http://urbansurvival.com/week.htm you're probably noticing the increase in hits. His comment about you seemed favorable. At the forum though they think you aren't important enough or widely read which means they are probably leaning toward Rush Limbaugh or Andersen 'the body' Cooper as Dog Poet.

See, you got to be important, which means well known. It doesn't matter what you say or who you are or what you do. You just have to be important which is why Rosie O'Donnell will always be heavier than you are. (smile)

I don't think it's an accident you doing this Dog Poet thing.


Anonymous said...

Heard somebody say yesterday something to the effect that this 'waking up/walking away from the slime' thing is basically our individual human spiritual immune system kicking in, sort of like: those who've minded the health of their spirit are now experiencing the benefit of good mental/spiritual/soul-habits. Its simply 'natural'. The lazy herd headed for what's "warranted and inevitable" have just allowed this 'immunity' to be shut down from the eyes-wide-open consumption of the (95% Tribal) mind-fluff.

respects all around,

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is a little off topic, but I have nowhere else to say this.

To anyone reading this: please don't donate any money to antiwar.com - as they're assisting with the cover-up of the murderous 9/11 false-flag job.

High tech nano-thermite incindiary/explosive material is found in the dust and it's not even news? Activists in NYC (NYCCAN) are trying to force a real investigation, and it's not worthy of mention?

No support for people really trying to do something? Antiwar.com, counterpunch.org, lewrockwell.com, etc...they're all dispicable.

Visible said...

None of them have the balls to challenge the Zionogre. They're all making money or living on backdoor donations and they don't want to lose it. Too many people have a price and it's usually not much.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know how many are following the hype and fear being raised over the flu this season. It is reported to be a hybrid of the swine, bird, and human strains combined, which does not occur naturally. Many are connecting it to the project to reduce the earth's population, touched on in the report, Global 2000, the original of which might not be on-line now.
Vaccine manufacturers have been given immunity from lawsuits in advance. In MA those who refuse vaccinations can be fined $1000 a day and be jailed, according to a recently passed law. 49% of UK physicians and 33% of their nurses say they won't take it. More people got ill and died of the swine flu vaccine of 1976 than got the flu itself.

I cannot conceive of a state of mind which makes these people do what they are doing.

Here are some links


induced epidemics



selected articles


adjuvant to vaccine

Unrelated, but on a current topic:



Anonymous said...

So you're not heavy enough for a crowd of speculators that have already interpreted the meaning of something that is still a mystery?

Did I get that right?

I know for sure that you are in touch with forces beyond this planet because it is right there in everything you say. Mostly it is there in the impact it has on the reader, speaking for myself naturally.

Semper Fi-do

Anonymous said...

Les, I never met a dog I didn't like (I raised a female wolf years ago). Its the cats that keep tormenting their prey that I really dislike..Owww wooooo. Before I start my chainsaw, I thought that that you might find this interesting. Massachusetts will impose a $1000 fine per day and 30 days in jail for anyone refusing the flu shot. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14899http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14899

Anonymous said...

We are in a boat that is heading toward a cliff, do we just jump out and drown oursleves in the water to save us the trouble? Is hope that things will change just a prolonger of our suffering? Suicide seems viable.

Peter Dyaus said...

Les, as the the Dog Poet or just a dog poet your words resonate with me. That means I also resonate with your words, which is a good thing. How do I know? I can just tell. I hope you don't mind that I pointed you out awhile back on the restricted web bot forum in a slightly roundabout way. I didn't mention your name or websites, but I linked to your first audio broadcast in which I heard you refer to yourself as The Dog Poet. I wanted some people to hear your words, whether you are 'THE DOG POET' or not. Those are some powerful words, and I recommend that everyone look up BOTH sets of your broadcasts, the metaphysical and the sociopolotical ones and give them a listen. I guess I prefer the metaphysical broadcasts for some reason. Les, whether you are THE dog poet or not, well that's not the point now is it...

P.S. Please send a signal to the Avatar indicating that it's just fine to go ahead and come NOW.

Anonymous said...

"You have to ask yourself, how did humanity get so bent out of shape and compelled to such embarrassments that only their incredible cluelessness prevents them from experiencing it?" Well les, the answer to your rhetorical question is--- we've always been this way, it's merely that in this recent epoch we've become more candid about it. In some ways, that's an improvement.
"There goes humanity, dead of a heart attack in the Lazy-Boy, with it’s dick in its hand." Now, now, Les, you know that won't happen, and there's no need to shame your readers by employing pornographic hyperbole.

There are worse ways to go.


Visible said...

Thanks for the good words Peter. It's unheimlich your showing up like this so soon after and in the moment and so forth and so on. I don't mind at all because what is is and other than that, who cares. The term resonated with me immediately as I heard it and what followed has a mind of it's own so I'm building a persona around it.

You know, I mention that to the avatar now and again because I know he's on the way but he's got to come down through the planes first and there's a lot of house cleaning to do. It can't come soon enough for me. These days I often feel like Frodo must have when he got to the slopes of Mt. Doom

Visible said...


I imagine your dying with your dick in your hand would no doubt reflect your existence in a way you would find authentic and you are welcome to your own exit strategy.

As far as content here and the way it is presented goes, let me just say this. Your input may make you happy when you get to play the needle sans useful contribution but I'll determine what does and does not get said. I tolerate you within certain limits. That doesn't mean I don't fully understand what you are up to. The fact that I let you engage in your own private circle jerk now and again is due to the fact that nothing you say has any influence on me.

Anonymous said...

I myself think the rapture will be an awakening -(around the time that guy's "Time Wave Zero" chart hit's the 2012 mark and the line drops off into infinity). So until then, America will have to deal with a twisted view of itself as being chosen by God to kill anybody the self described "chosen one's" say God didn't mean they would be included in the ten commandments.
America seems to have no idea just how much it has blasphemed itself right out of the book of life and straight to Hades. Not when it's book of death is so much larger and the men who wear the crosses only on Sunday have become so much fatter.

Con artists such as Creflo Dollar and Joel Osteen need the flocks to be making lot's of money, or scum like them will only be able to afford one or two luxury private jets. After all wasn't jesus nailed to the cross because he got mad that others were using a holy temple of God as a place to make money and make sales? If Jesus would've just left them alone, he probably could've gotten married and if he played his cards right would've ended up with a big home and lot's of house servents.

So where was the rapture when the zionists little beast known as communism , slaughtered around 40 million christians in Russia?
Oh, ohhhh... I forgot. The rapture is only only for American's. Programmed right before the pain, suffering and mass death takes place there, and only there.
The problem with America is it doesn't realize it actually is already in the bible. Only not in the section where it stands at the podium to recieve the God's Hero's Award. More of in the part where the Bible's prophets describe it simply as "The War Whore of Babylon". And when that sweet little life sucking bitch of a soap seller dies, those who partook in her will realize it's the best damn thing that could've happened to the world.


Anonymous said...

I don't have an account, so I can't sign my name. However, I read your blog, and find it to be one of the very best, in English.
You are right, again.
Nobody coulda said it better.
Thanks for speaking my mind, for me, in a better way than I could have.
Your loyal fan,
Katz Freedman

Peter Dyaus said...

During the next cycle when the archaeologists and linguists decode our scribbles regarding the dreadful monsters that appeared near the end of our age, I wonder if any of them would ever believe that some of these dreadful monsters of their past were....just politicians, bankers and corporations......and shape-shifting alien reptiles, and let's not forget the Irish from space. Have some of these been driven here, fleeing the wrath of the Avatar in its advance? Now you have got me wondering. Like I need something else to wonder about...

Anonymous said...

God bless you Les!! Your articles are an articulate voice amongst so many others just screaming into the surf. "terra squirma", :), I love that. forgive me if that is a literary quote that I should already know, but if it's yours...Kudos Les. writings like yours are one of the reasons that I can enjoy the internet! It's literary "bread and wine" in which we share communion! Your words help to remind me and others that we are not alone, and I thank you for that!


Animadverto said...

"Suicide is viable" - is never an option. You have permission to defend yourself. Once you realize that there are some,who are in controle of this Earth, have planned your demise for centuries, other options become viable. The $64,000 question is when, not if. The "focus" of the "when" is to be upon the appropriate "heads". I affectionately refer to them as the "pimps".

Anonymous said...

Even in the midst of an enveloping decadence, there is still the possibility of an epiphany, a wide embracing understanding of what we have lost by rejecting God. We might learn to actually love God and be thereby wondrously transformed.

Zel said...

The line about humanity found dead on a Lazy Boy, it's dick in hand was a classic.

There's a guy who blogs out of Roswell, NM who maintains that the majority of life on this planet has decided, on a sub concious level, not to go along with any changes, and he might be correct, but I do see new sparks of life, and awareness, that make me think it'll be a more widespread phenomenom.

I've always looked at life here as something of a hatchery, where awareness has always risen in small numbers at best, and where individuals leave this place alone, to explore the infinity out there, no two paths the same. I could be well be mistaken, and if I there's any truth to the 2012 belief, that it heralds a boost of awareness to humanity, perhaps we'll have a bloom of awareness, species wide, in which every human being on earth turns to the cameras watching them, and all over the world the watchers come under a scrutiny that shocks them to their core.

Oddly, I'm at ease, no matter how good or bad this all turns out, and I can't explain why, but I wish everyone well, and we'll see how the dice land.

paolocaruso said...

My posts can be somewhat off topic a bit, but you look at the Island of Guam - a USA territory made up of primarily local indiginous Micronesians and Philippinos, and look who they have elected as Senator and who has assumed the job as chairman of Homeland Security and Military Buildup...a certain Judith Guthertz who stands out amongst islanders like a soar thumb. How does a jewish woman get to Guam (a very strategic location) and assume the most important strategic post on the island??? Just like the guy who Gov McGreevy selected to head New Jersey's Homeland Security.
People just dont get it.

THis is a must check out,

DodgyOne said...

Fear not my friends for though we be few and but of a faint voice and alone we stand against the golliath beast that others bow to and tremble at in such fear. Gather up all your roundest and smothest stones of truth altogether in an arsenal of deadly procision so that every one cast hits the forehead and eyes of the collosus for just a one of them well delivered will defeat the armys of zombies that can only see and do only as the beast that leads them.
Greed is their creed, send it the shame it deserves, tell them to stop stealing from the mouths of the poor to feed their grotesque expance. By pass the malls of poison and pay a farmer a fair due for clean food and use the the trash you once consumed to kill the weeds and grow your own health.

Zellie said...


Here is a link worth passing on with regards to the upcoming 'flu season.'


Now that the Massachussets Senate has passed their pandemic bill, I wonder if the House will pass it as well....I also wonder if there are ANY CITIZENS left in America who will stage a protest...I wonder, as that mad frenzy of bill passing viralizes itself through the 50 states IF ANYONE will stand up and PROTEST it! When you do your research and find out that our country sent LIVE viruses to several European countries earlier this year...you know damm well, they were trying to seed the H1N1 Flu...thankfully, a wise Czech caught it out and alerted others....

It does appear as if the loonies are in charge of the asylum.

There is definitely a need to seed the population from the PTB...for once they aren't worried about the old folks...I think it's because, contrary to what we are being told, i.e. that folks older than 65 have some resistance, is that this flu will probably take out a wide swath of old folks, so why innoculate them...TRAGIC really....anyway, try to read this article and click on the links...I don't agree with all the commentary...but the LINKS are great for background info....including what to do in case you are forced to get the virus...I mean vaccine....!

Anonymous said...

Les,I have been reading You more lately and find that your views often jive with mine,and some I do not yet comprehend. I won't bore you with my beliefs as I can see you have insights far clearer than I. I try my best to percieve and communicate in the spiritual, and have only caught glimpses, and the ringing in my ears prvents me from hearing any small voice. I mostly rely on my personal intellect and my intuitive nature. I won't be caught with "My dick in my hand", but my greatest fear is being counted with fools. Keep writing and I'll keep trying to interpret.

Anonymous said...

I have an "old" box TV. But, I don't have CABLE. I never did purchase the CONVERTER BOX, so consequently, I have an "old" box TV, but no TV. I don't read (read refuse to read) MSM, ie., newspapers, periodicals by corporate owned entities, and instead find myself on the WEB....reading, reading and reading....links leading to new links. Sometimes to the point where I can read no more. So, then I tune into the MSM WEB pages and read what I call......McDonalds for the brain...no intellectual value whatsoever. Why do I read it? It gives my thinking brain a rest. Because sometimes there is just too much to absorb. I really feel that we are never going to evolve as a species. Sometimes I feel hopeless and futile. That the loved ones I have lost took the easy way out, leaving me behind to watch humankind self destruct. I want to be hopeful and feel or sense an awakening....but I am not seeing it. I think most do not have a clue and I am only scratching the tip of the iceberg as possibly one of the more enlightened ones (only because I read, read and read) and we are so few and far between, but I love recognizing another when we meet. I find myself talking less and less, observing and listening more and more. I see a large portion of the populace reading USmagazine, People, InTouch, the USAToday propoganda sheet, etc., but, very, very few reading books, researching or QUESTIONING. I do not understand how people are not stark raving mad in the streets. What is it gonna take??

Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media said...

What can they do with 4%?

European American

pot said...

Maybe this is human nature. The herd (666 beasts) are meant to be the playthings of the ruling elite (0.111%). To avoid a stampede off the cliff, they simply ignore reality. Ignorance is bliss.

Always has been, always will be. Might have been different when we were all hunter gatherers living in caves, but since we have become civilized we are just food for the gods who rule us.

At one time the ruling elite gave us gods to threaten us and these gods also promised to reward us if we obeyed their rules (relayed by the ruling elite). Temples once served as the states central bank and local banks and were the source of news and education.

They no longer need manufactured gods, now they got police, judges and homeland security and greedy private banksters willing to make usurious loans to fleece you from your homes. Politics is the new religion, where the herd sides with either the Church of Demon Rats or Church of Public Cans.

Both churches serve the same rulers who appoint those politicians eligible to be elected as their priests, and take care of the garbage on the streets (the herd). Anything goes wrong, it's always the other parties fault, and the herd argues among themselves as the rulers snicker.

In between politics, there is football, beer and sex, and for those who can't do, there are DVD's and Cable TV. Life is good. Mooo!

Ute said...

"there aren't any authors anymore" :-)
as "anon" said: your work is literary bread & wine..... what a joyful happenstance!!!

I too generally avoid mega-stores. They are bursting with dis-informative cans of stale air. This place however, is a smart delicatessen!

I no longer need to wade through large quagmires of nuclear waste in order to find some semblance of normality - hehe.

chapeau Monsieur et merci [not German for monosodium glutamate :) ]

p.s burly barnacles on Bernanke's bum!

Visible said...

heh heh, I've picked up a couple of nits lately like Joe Public who keeps insisting that you want to hear what he has to say but he doesn't actually say anything he just sort of wheels his belly around in the shopping cart and yells a bunch of nonsense without any specific end.

Now I just got one that I have to share with you. Here it is verbatim, "Your a moron and maybe a fagot too?" heh heh... it's amazing the way these people will define themselves as the thing itself right in their own words.

Joe Public doesn't understand that I am sparing him/her all sorts of filleting on amateur night in the pro arena.

Lately I stepped on the tails of a couple of wanna be witches over at BOTF and I think that's where it's coming from in part. The only spell they seem capable of casting is on themselves. In any case, I don't see the point of introducing mud wrestling to the scene unless there's a point to it and there doesn't appear to be.

As many of you may know, I seldom bounce a comment unless it's all ad hominem, maliciously snarky or just plain dumb. It doesn't happen much but so it goes.

Anonymous said...

"QUESTIONING. I do not understand how people are not stark raving mad in the streets. What is it gonna take??"

They are mad!!!! The only way you can read MSN is while mad. If you come to an idea or thing you bring with you feelings too. The best form of control asked for your worest feelings to be used while reading or watching TV, that way you feel bad on the inside and look outward for help. Nasty little loop?
You suggest much reading and feel a loss for many love ones? You must not let other"s path turn yours. I have lost many friends to the beast and still love them. I have to show and act as I feel it, and not as others feel comfortable with me? I sometimes dont know why Im not stark raving mad! But wait, I am to most people around me? Thats a good sign I say!!! The maddness others wont deal with I love to show and push in their face. Now thats mad!

Anonymous said...

Les, It looks like your past observations regarding Green Mambas' was spot on! I think you might enjoy this! http://www.counterpunch.org/roberts08262009.html

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure.. Even the "ruling elite" have it coming, kid.

How ironic is it that while we all, 100% of us, have it coming, we also, all 100% of us, live forever.

Anonymous said...

I have come to find that people blame me for what it is that they do.

Anonymous said...

And if swine flu jab don't work, Howdy Doody-
Bernanke's 'solution' to unemployment/homeless
'Homeless man bursts into flames after being tasered by U.S. police'

Visible said...

There is a new Petri Dish post up-

The Meaning of Life for Dummies.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Visible, If you be kind enough to post this I am sure that you and the readers would appreciate it. This man is exemplary and his actions prove it. Please read the article I submit, then look at his autobiography. http://www.counterpunch.org/willson0704.html

Anonymous said...

Because kidneys just aren't lucratvie enough!



Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

The wind is now shaking the barley.

Our life, our world, our realm, our dominion and 'we are legion'.

Tomorrow is today and for ever more.


Anonymous said...


I don't post much because I have trouble articulating and probably come out sounding kind of young? Just wanted to say two things.

Les said, "There goes humanity, dead of a heart attack in the Lazy-Boy, with it’s dick in its hand."

You nailed it perfectly and don't forget the antidepressants and the vics and the percs. What a chair and what a name!! They are all already dead.

Also hope it's okay to post links here. I can only shake my head on this madness. Then again ObeBama will make it alright. Just like every other asshole US prez who claimed to do the same.


Peace and Love-R

DodgyOne said...

Took a candle into the fray eh -> http://www.slate.com/discuss/forums/thread/3161178.aspx

Still Alive said...

Instead of watching the "news" I watch The Jetsons. It is much more entertaining and realistic.

I wonder how Americans will respond when they are told to get the swine flu shot or else.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Taking the Future Exit.

Anonymous said...


Here we are in this oligarchical, plutocratic, corporate jail, hell, prison and boring police-apathetic state we call United States which was originally planed and supposed to be a project of liberation where the 100% of people of United States could at least reach some sort of human-development and have access to Universities, colleges, low fat foods and medical treatments, motivation, inspiration, pleasures and spiritual enltightment and healthy entertainment for the body and soul.

But that's not the USA for the majority, this is a country that has 12 million immigrants without a legalization opportunity and who are treated like animals, and slaves. But that's not all, how about the "legal" people here. They also are treated like pieces of shit, and who are so depressed because they are barred from fulfilling their basic and non-basic human needs in order to reach levels of happiness and human personal development that the majority of them necessarily have to resort to all kinds of addictions like smoking, binge-eating, sex, alcohol, workoholism, exercise-addiction and all sorts of personal disorders and addictions in order to cope with the reality of having to live in such a painful country, etc.

What a hell and what a dysfunctional nation-state.

I wish that we had a bloody revolution soon in order to put an end to this dysfunctional country of wealth and self-realization for a few, and pain and misery for the majority.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this island of peace and nurture.

Steve B. said...


This is just fantastic writing....................................................................

"The MSM is like one of those modern day super, mega-markets. They keep getting bigger and bigger and you wonder how there could possibly be so much food and… then you start moving up and down the aisles and you discover that there are entire aisles of nothing but potato chips, deep fried in palm oil. You see multiple aisles of nothing but soft drinks. You see ranks of cold cases stacked with processed foods and you turn over the package to read the ingredients and it’s as if everything is written in German because there are words with over 60 letters in them and you couldn’t begin to pronounce, much less understand them.

These heart attack, diabetes factories display an endless assortment of air-puffed plastic and you remember that when you were a kid you could take a whole loaf of Wonder Bread and compress it into a mass resembling a baseball, prior to bouncing it off of your brother’s head. At the massive granaries across the mid-west they leach every nutrient, vitamin and what have you out of the flour so that the rats and roaches won’t eat it. Then they pump it back in when they make the bread. Except for the vegetable department and the small area where you can buy rice and beans, I don’t have much use for these supermarkets. I don’t have any use for the MSM either but my work takes me there the way social workers find themselves in crack houses on occasion."

You are from a higher plain surely!!!!!!!! My hat is off to you sir, as always. The corner shop is on it's way back in a big way, and along with it will come all the truth that a lot of people are in denial of, you sir will be one of the main reasons for this, you write from the heart and because of that your audience will just grow and grow and grow............... soon, you will be bigger than walmart because as you grow, the monster will shrink back into the cesspit from which it came, along with all of it's corporate fiends, sorry, friends. Keep spellbinding us mere mortals Les. Peace to you and yours, and all humankind.

Steve B.

Steve B. said...

Indeed it is Les, trouble is I sometimes have trouble leaving comments, so, I mail you instead, you know, your response to my mail on a timeline was second to none which shows how in touch you are with your avid readers.

Les, you are a wonder to behold.... that is also a comment.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Trial run, Nina? All the pieces seem to be falling into place for this Fall. This headlined on drudge
this a.m.:
'Bill would give president emergency control of internet'

Willow said...

Hi Les! Willow here. It's been a while since I've been here to comment. Wonderful and prophectic post, as usual. I don't watch TV and havn't for years and years. So, my mind isn't programmed. I don't believe anything they say anyway. Nothing, not a word.

I don't eat their crap food either. Nor do I attend any of their churches or listen to any of their speeches, read their books. I don't believe their holocaust stories, watch their movies, buy their clothing. Every day I strip away a little more of their tarnish, scoop up and toss a bit more of their shit.

I am watching. When the tidal wave comes I certainly won't be on the beach. I'll be up the mountain, prepared.

Keep going, Les. I get you and you are very good.


Anonymous said...

This cannot be allowed to occur. If it's genuine, not just smoke 'n mirrors, expect a few plane crashes or a false flagger.
'[Barney] Frank: Bill Mandating 'Complete Audit'
of the Fed Will Pass House in Fall.'

A.Mouser said...

The jig is up.
The music has ended but the people are still moving on the dance floor.
BUT at any moment one of them will cock his ear and notice the music has stopped - and he will stop moving.
This will trigger all the dancers around him in an increasing radius to also stop moving.
Within seconds of the first person on the musicless floor to stop dancing to music which is no longer there - the whole room will cease moving and every eye will search out the band who has now put down their instruments.

Visible said...

New post up-

Two Reflections.

Caracal said...

CHecked out MEDIMMUNE nasal spray. Yes it is live viruses. WOnder if the "gentle mist" (see below) they mention is the same "gentle mist" of chemtrails that have been sprayed over the planet for the last few years? Perhaps it didnt have the anticipated result so now the reptiles have decided to spray it straight up our noses!! (damned resistant humans!!)
In their own words:
" ........ LAIV is different from the injectable influenza vaccine (“flu shot”) in that it is a gentle mist sprayed into the nose, where the influenza virus usually enters the body. It contains live vaccine virus strains that are weakened so as not to cause the flu, but prompt the body to mount an immune response after the first dose. Because it is live and stimulates a broad range of immune responses, LAIV may offer some cross-protection against circulating flu strains that are “drifted” (???).........

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff. I can tell I will be spending some time on this site. Never underestimate the ability of the human mind (even completely befuddled ones) to do a 180.

Kevenj said...

Les, forgive me but Perhaps something for another venue but i thought apt for here. It has been a wild ride for me at least. I wonder how many others feel the same way?

First you question yourself slowly
Then you have the guts to question others slowly
Then you form opinions slowly
Then you express those to others slowly
then you solidify your opinions slowly
then you express those opinions to others slowly
then you understand how to articulate those concepts slowly within yourself
then you slowly learn to articulate those concepts to others slowly
then you learn to be ridiculed and humbled slowly
then you learn what concepts are real and need to be express and articulated
then you gain confidence slowly

then you don't care what befalls you after articulation with others
then you being to understand

Anonymous said...

Les, all the world is a paintbrush, especially your keyboard. before I go sharpen my chainsaw, I though you might enjoy this. http://www.commondreams.org/view/2009/10/05-3



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