Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dog Poet's Broadcasting from the Sirius Cluster.

No Radio show tonight folks. It's next Sunday. Sorry about that.

Twice weekly I have radio show. The second Sunday is the metaphysical segment and the fourth Sunday is the Smoking Mirrors segment. You can listen live here or download the show in a couple of days from here. Since writing a radio show and a Smoking Mirrors blog entry would take more time than I have to give today, I am posting the first half of the radio show and you can catch the second half if you like on your own time.

Well, let’s have at it.

Greetings Earthlings, this is dog poet, Visible, broadcasting from the Dog Star, Sirius cluster, via our pod station on the dark side of the moon. Our techs on the home planet have been analyzing your situation and we’ve solved your problems but… you’ll have to act on the suggestions given or you’ll just become more tormented and cramped, as well as reduced in numbers, until you have to act... more or less the way a chicken has to dance on a hot griddle.

We have noted, as you have noted, that the majority of your world leaders are disease ridden prostitutes whose rampant self-interest stinks like dead carrion in a cornfield. They are riddled with the diseases of arrogance; greed and psychopathy, while behaving like a mob of power-mad rats playing King of the Landfill.

Your corporations have the sensitivity and decorum of a deranged, outlaw biker gang and have decided to use your environment and your person as a toilet; not to mention satisfying other needs as well, which I won’t be going into since I know a lot of children listen to this show. These corporations can use your world as a toilet because they own the disease ridden politicians and religious hypocrites that set the standard of behavior on your “Me first, you later… maybe” world. It appears to be every life form for itself, which means… if you’re not a member of an organized, armed gang of thugs like; the government, the church, the corporations or the closed out posts in academia you are pretty much out of luck.

One doesn’t have to look to hard to see that certain people are favored over all others, whether that has to do with Ivy League college admissions, the control of the Ivy League colleges, medical treatment, loan availabilities and guarantees, inside information about whether to steal now or later, freedom from military service- which the state of the economy has made mandatory for a certain class of people- and the need to fight in corporation generated wars visited upon people who are foolishly sitting on assets desired by those whose profits have yet to blot out the sun and moon… yes, it’s true, it’s all true and we have the solution for you.

I’ll be giving you the bad news first and the first piece of bad news is that you have been reduced to ‘we the people’. You’ve got no law enforcement protection. Your laws look like Swiss cheese that’s been tunneled out by the lawyers feeding on them. You’ve got no government or military because they are both owned by multi-national corporations that have combined in operations and motives to bring about a new world order which amounts to you lying in a tazered fit on the urine soaked pavement with a hob-nailed boot on your neck because you didn’t assume the position quick enough. You’re probably better off just remembering to bend over and wait. Sooner or later some slavish obeisance is going to be required of you and it’s a good idea to already be in the submissive position. You’ll probably still get tazered and boot pressed but you won’t get knocked to the ground first, if you are already on the ground. Does this sound like something you can live with? Have at it then.

What the bad news is... the only really bad news is... you’re on your own with each other. If change does not come out of the midst of you, then change will not come at all. However… the whole machinery of your confinement and systematic abuse is hamster-powered. That’s right... the military industrial complex, the armies and the police, the big hair preachers with the Rolex watches and the upside down crosses tattooed in the cleft of their buttocks, the court system and that brothel on the Potomac are all hamster powered. If the hamsters stop peddling then there is no more product or revenue.

Our analysts here at the Sirius cluster have pinpointed your problems and detailed your solutions. If you recognize the one and follow the other you can have your country and your self respect back. I don’t know how much the latter is worth to you since you gave it up without a thought but maybe… just maybe you are missing it now.

You have two major problems that need to be dealt with immediately. The first problem is the Federal Reserve, which must be eliminated. We have discovered, through our advanced computer technology that this is the primary medium of your enslavement. This Federal Reserve is given the legal right to print money out of thin air. They can print as much as they want and... and then they loan it to their fellows at sweetheart rates while charging you far more and often refusing to loan you anything at all. They also are in a position to stop the flow of money at any time which means they control the state of the economy and can use this power to enforce their will upon you while reducing the value of your possessions and then stealing them for pennies on the dollar.

Your other major problem is that your government and the media have been taken over by agents of a foreign government and, in the words of their present, illuminati front man, “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” This you have already seen with the shenanigans of Goldman Sachs, the stimulus and the bailouts, which were payments made to the very people who caused the problems in the first place. Make no mistake... our technology here in The Dog Star cluster is far in advance of your own and our findings are accurate and beyond question.

We have determined that you must eliminate The Federal Reserve which is nothing more than a consortium of vampire, blood banks with you as the thoughtful donor... or host as the case may be. The next thing you have to do is convince enough of your fellows to step off of the hamster wheel and collectively refuse to pay any taxes until order and fair dealing are restored. This will effectively bring the engines of your enslavement to a grinding halt because there will be no more of your blood and sweat to grease the gears and bearings.

You’re going to need some kind of a moral revolution as well because your entertainment media has systematically rendered you all perverts ...and in the process, curved your spine and drained away your will. Since you allowed the corruptions of the reptiles in control to infest your soul, you are operating in complicity with your own torment. No nation that has been consumed in lassitude and decadence can long survive. One of the reasons for your poor diets and cheap entertainments is to bring you to a state of weakness and confusion. You’re going to have to push Grima Wormtongue away from your ears and remember who you are… the Kings of the Midnight Riders …here in the desperate moments of your midnight hour.

You cannot rely on your leaders. They are prostitutes with dirty Polaroid’s of nasty business locked up in the blackmailers safe. They may talk to you about duty and honor. They may promise you love but when the pimp comes in with the clothes hanger in his hand it’s ho’ down time. Your religious leaders are unctuous, sanctimonious swine who spew the company line. The corporations are a plague of web building spiders who feast on the little ones caught in their webs. You are on your own with each other.

The voice of the people must rise up out of the hearts of the people and the people must shake off the dream dust and corruptions that have put them to sleep. There is honor and integrity still living in the people, though there be none in the leaders. The machines of your humiliation cannot run unless you power them.

You’re familiar with ‘the wave’ as it is sometimes performed in sport’s stadiums. You are familiar with the singular attempt to levitate the Pentagon. You are familiar with the symbols that are used to confuse and enslave you. In the second half of tonight’s broadcast I’m going to be talking about these things. The time of liberal against conservative and the definitions of Republican, Democrat and Independent must end. You must become one people and you must shut down the turbines of the subterranean mind. If you step away from the machine and refuse to contribute in any way then you have a chance. If you do not then you have no chance at all. There will not come a time when those feeding upon you will declare they have had enough. How much wood can you throw on a fire before it will say it’s had enough?

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God in Country by Les Visible

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Visible, I wish to beleive in your integrity, but with views in the millions, how is it that you are still alive, unharmed? Are you being chased by them, or have you struck a deal with them.

There is a hole in the logic that you are safe and sound, yet you post such information that they would not want posted.

Be careful, be safe Mr. Visible, but we must know if you can be trusted. Explain to us what is going on between you and them, if answering this puts you in danger, then do not answer.

Visible said...

I guess in that case the best thing is to trust no one unless you don't know who they are and you've never heard of them. Of course, in that case, you will not know who they are and you will never run across them but there is always a trade off somewhere.

Joe said...

Excellent synopsis of our current reality. The only reaction we get from the masses will be when the whole system crashes, they will simply go bozo.

Maybe we can get some help from these off-world aliens.

Anonymous said...

Many moons ago when I was younger, and I thought I knew everything. A smart-ass would be politician asked me in a snide way, what I would do to make things better ? My answer was, I would ask everyone to stop working, and see what would be the result.

Well his hench-men had a rare laugh saying this would bring down society, while I was of the opinion it would bring down government, and there-by leave him, and his hoard of hoors out of work.

Well age has learned me little, as I still tell all and sundry, the way to go is to stop work. I still am not sure of the mechanics of how this would pan out, but as the hoors seem to have had little success and they said they knew the answer. How wrong could I have been ?

Well the political hack went on to be a political hoor, and is most successful, with his son now the hack his father was, and is well on his way to being just one more hoor in the biggest hoor-house in Ireland. The Irish Gob-daw-ment.

What you may ask happened the younger me as time went on, and I became the older me ? Well I stayed working, and doing my thing. I tried to raise a family, while trying to avoid the hoors and their revenue collectors, and henchmen of all creeds.

Well the scribbler must have done something right, as all his children went on to be law abiding citizens, and good workers to boot. While the political hack and his hack in waiting (plus siblings), are as the always did, sucking the life out the human kind, and society.

It would appear I may have been right in my assumption of the not working plan. As we are living in the time of no work, and it is not the workers who designed this plan, which will prove to be its major fault.

In my locality I could survey some 30 house-holds, (the political hoor included). Of those house-holds there are very few full-time workers. Most are dependant on well-fare, in some form or other. Quite a few are dysfunctional. Most house-holds care little for religious instruction. Quite a few have little, or no morals. Alas most think the said scribbler is short a few to make a full deck.

Forgive the ramblings as to my locale, but the point being. The political hoor lives in the thick of the locality, was elected by a "thinking" people, he said he knew how to make life better, he is doing this for 30 year, and had no idea his community was in trouble.

How could the voice of the people rise up when the afore-mentioned political crook is the voice of the people ? Perhaps the people prefer the dream dust, and will awake when the suppliers of this magic have no more dust to sprinkle.

While our worlds are far apart, our worlds are quite close. Your Potomac is my Liffey and distance is no object to you as you spy from Sirius. We may have the appearance of ants, only they are smaller, and work and survive more efficiently.

We have similar to your Ivy League here, It works more like a wink or a nod, it being a language I am not familiar with as the school is a secret place, and is known only to imitates of Hoordom, and cretins, and cute hoors who are familiar with Gob-daw-ment.

I have been meaning to thank you for putting up with the scribbles of the scribbler, and posting his scribbles, as I look forward to your post even though I am not always in tune. You may not appreciate from your vantage of Sirius, but we as mortals are here on a one way ticket. Whether we know it or not, we will all leave with but two coins to cover our eyes, and even those are to be taken from us by the ferryman. so you see (pun intended) we will all leave with nothing. So we could but hope to make a difference.



Anonymous said...

Rattling the cage, for those who can't wake up.
I prefer the saying of Jefferson: Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies. Those that listen and ready themselves to the call of revolution have risen. Those that ignore are naive, and are a stumbling block. The time is now, gather the pitchforks, and ropes we are at war. by the way thank for the battle cry article.

Narmer said...

Anyone who speaks the truth can be trusted, at least regarding the topic. You all know what the truth is. Open your heart. It is there.

Visible said...

There was a mis-calculation on my part about the show being on tonight. It is actually on next Sunday night. I apologize for my confusion.

Sullivan said...

If you replace "The Federal Reserve" with "The Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the ECB, and in fact any other private central bank", you would be spot on. Why only kill one of the hydra's heads?

Visible said...

Probably because I was speaking specifically to Americans because the radio show goes out in America and regardless of where it may be heard it was my intended audience.

Anonymous said...

imagine how cheap housing would become if everyone stopped paying their mortgages. 10 % already have out of no choice of their own. they dont have the money too. why not take a cue from them and drop fascism on its rear where it belongs

A.Mouser said...

Dream dust...I remember that Shakespeare wrote about it in A Midsummer's Night Dream. Sounds reasonable enough an explanation to me. How else can any conscious, literate human being miss what is going on all around him/her? The very things you just penned so eloquently Les.

constant reader said...

Ah Yes The dog poet. I have the last report from the Time Monks and there I encountered my first reference to the Dog Poet but I have no idea what it means. Now you are envoking this reference. WTF, as we are now prone to say, is this. A person, a metaphor, a secret hand shake, a 'dog whistle' to the underground. Beats me. Care to elucidate?

Anonymous said...

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Visible said...

The Dog Poet thing;

ah yes. Well, to quote Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke when he was asked why he agreed to eat fifty eggs, he said, "It seemed like something to do."

I saw the term and I thought of the myriad connections between myself and the term and there are quite few and I thought it would be an entertaining format for my radio shows.

I might be this Dog Poet and I might not be. I do get most of my material and slants from off-planet; a fact that is impressed on me each and every time I got to the well of Ayahuasca or Ketamine and they show up in my living room and start talking to me.

I don't assume or do anything without asking if it's okay first and this was okay so there it goes. I only need okay from specific locales; all of them are the same locale but there is a hierarchical thing involved. Permissions from anywhere else are not germane to my actions or concerns... only the one place or its representatives.

Hopefully that clears it up.

constant reader said...

Thanks for your reply about the Dog Poet. I was afraid I had been napping in class during that discussion. I'm not sure I understand everything but that is OK. So maybe you are the Dog Poet. There don't seem to be many contenders for the title out there on the Web. I'll wait for further developments.

Anonymous said...

"If you step away from the machine and refuse to contribute in any way then you have a chance."

A Chicago witness here: Not gunna happen.

Anonymous said...

Puck said it perfectly..

"Lord, what fools these mortals be..."

Anonymous said...

All people are prone to mental and emotional problems as well as stupidity. That includes the smartest and strongest.

The saddest comment one can make about the human condition is that one can not always believe what one is told by another.

I don't trust the media, civil authorities, government, the military, academia nor the clergy. But, I do trust myself.

Follow your heart and trust yourself.

Joe Public said...

1 - Les: your government and the media have been taken over by agents of a foreign government

And who would that be? If you know, spit it out?

And have you been "taken over" too, Les?

How come you can escape? How come you have apparently perfect liberty to say whatever you want - even the tools to reach a worldwide audience at a negligible cost?

Hardly the image you paint, is it? Yet you are free to paint..... come you are free to paint an image that there is the huge conspiracy and nightmare totalitarian control..? Les is free - the rest of us aren't? Sure.

Nobody stops you - nobody stops me. Well, you do stop me, actually, Les. I've never been stopped saying what I like, except by people like you, Les. And nobody is stopping you, right Les?

You claim a global conspiracy can take over media, governments and industry. Yet the fact is they are powerless to shut down Les Visible and prevent him exposing "them" and their "secrets". Gosh.
2) Re the Fed - the Federal Reserve pays billions of dollars of surplus INTO the US Treasury. That's a net GAIN, Les.

3) You get a vote, Les? The public watches what entertainment it chooses to. Because the public chooses entertainment that fails to meet your approval, and elects politicians and programs that fail to meet your approval, then the only explanation can be "There must be a conspiracy........" Sad.

Bodieswithoutorgans said...

"In many cases, the so-called “civil administration”, military commanders and officers were returning to their families the bodies of Palestinians who they had murdered after the middle of the night, and after a few days “detention” of the bodies. The military officers would call the families of the victim after the middle of the night (usually at 1-3 in the morning), demanding that a few relatives, “not more than 10”, wait on the street for burying the body.

The first condition of the military “civil” administration was that the burial should take place immediately after receiving the body, in the dark of the night, for “security reasons”, the second condition of the Israelis was that women should not participate in the secret funeral, also for “security reasons” (actually they wanted to avoid that the screams of grieving mothers, sisters, daughters of the victim would be heard, so alerting the neighbourhood to the crime). The Israeli officers always used “security reasons” to justify and cover up their criminal activities!"
Kawther Salam 24 August 2009

Visible said...

Joe Public;

When I know that you are from another site and are merely looking for trouble and you know that I know that because I stepped on one of your 'cats', it serves no purpose because I know where you are from. I realize you are afraid to use the name you use there but, trust me, I know. So, if this helps you get something off your chest while affecting nothing, feel free.

Areyouforreal? said...

Dear Anonymous 5:44/Joe Public/Sad.,
You gettin' paid to be a shill?
Have you got your head buried in the sand?
Have you bent over and got the whole MSM up where the sun don't shine?
Either you are on dream dust or you are part of the problem 'cause you sure as shinola ain't part of the solution.

Madame Karnak said...

Great blog. Anybody who doesn't believe you ought to check out Read the free copy of Ida Tarbell's story about Standard Oil. Read the pages on the reformation dedicated to Rockefeller bribery. Then understand this, the last President was the great grandson of the man who ran Rockefeller ammunition production facility in Ohio. Many of the names that you hear today such as Gates, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. etc. are the products of multi-generational toadies that serve either the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds or the descendants of friends of the progenitors of these dynasties. The Schiffs were friends of Nathan Rothschild's father. Same with the Warburgs.

These families and their friends have destroyed this country and the world with their short-sighted greediness and aversion to doing the right thing.

It is people like Vis who are going to make a difference by pointing out the is people like Adrien Salbucci from Argentina and Larry Flynt that are probably going to drive real change with their suggestions on how to organize etc.

Still alive said...

Lock and load, folks, and be ready to do your patriotic duty when the time comes. The lunatic jews and their puppets in the government etc. will be aiming to kill when they make their final putsch against us.

Perhaps you do not consider your lives and country worth fighting for. In which case you are already dead.

More power to you, Les.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, and if only, but if you're on the up and up if you see any Pleiadians tell them I want my money back!
I'm afraid we're on our own on this one. It's not that there aren't advanced civilizations around us, alien and human incidentally, it's that they have other things to worry about other than saving us from ourselves. The ones that are here are mainly tourists and anthropologists, although a few have 'gone native', and there are a few 'small businesses' mostly mining interests (corporations don't exist out there as we understand them). Visitors operate by certain rules-- keep your nose clean, don't feed the bears or harass the locals, don't take over the planet, commonsense stuff. The reason why we're left alone is not that humanity is a very young race, but that we're a very, very old one and we get nasty when we're disturbed(no one really knows how old, because paleantological evidence of us turns up in the strangest places, as if we simply popped into existence).
The general consensus among the local civilizations is that humanity evolved into a form reasonably similiar to us in the last 5-20 million years, then may have developed time travel, as there is evidence of humanity in the precambrian (a fossilized boot step with crinoids and crushed trilobites found in Siberia by a (deleted) paleoanthropological team). As humanity spread (a better term might be 'marauded') its way across the stars homogeneity vanished and new races and indeed species of humanity arose. In fact the 'human race' as we call it is an amalgam of old-stock Earth humanity (which has always been here in one form and waves of colonists (or refugees) from other, possibly vanished (or not) human civilizations.

No, I'm not kidding. Ramtha told me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be off to watch Battlestar Galactica...



Anonymous said...

Yandoobiez (Jess Yandow) says:

Alittle off topic, but had read something from you what seems like a long while back about everyone taking a day off from spending and how that could grind the system to a halt real quick like.

A post by Larry Flynt advising just that.

But, on another timeline I'd been participating in some debate on GLP about the potential hype/fear/hype about the swine flu and what the current administration may plan with that porcine bug as the center piece.

Posted as Yandoobiez, I read a post mentioning the potential for mass quarantine with subsidies to cover school closures and folks taking days off of work - under the circumstances - to apparently stay home and avoid infection.

If the hype/scare/hype about swine flu is successful - it seems that maybe that day off from spending might almost happen.

The problem seems to be that it would, in this scenario, be planned by the government itself,... which nearly short-circuited my conspiracy/not-really-conspiracy-but-reality kinda brain...

which made me think...
Les Visible should ponder this...

Is the current administration not thinking... Or is something REALLY fishy beginning to stink in the U.S. of A.?

Visible said...

Listen up Joe 'not quite a sixpack' Public. I don't mind criticism or even the occasional bad words but I do take exception to mindless trolls who pretend to be asking questions that have been answered many time in the many posts here and which any 'serious inquirer' could satisfy themselves with.

You basically want to ponce up and down in your anonymous sackcloth and ashes, with the back part cut out like a hospital gown and neither I, nor the readers are interested. We rarely get examples on internet swine flu virus at this site and when it happens we give it time to identify itself and then we reach for the flyswatter. I let you mess in your pants publicly and that should have been enough for you but you want to keep coming back and you're no more welcome here than a turd in a swimming pool so... get a clue.

l33tnimda said...

"Joe Public" is no average Joe. And if he is then he is part of a public that lives for rehearsed corporo-fascist rhetorical propaganda where every word and deed has a motive. Shill. Go shill somewhere else, shill. Or don't; no one here cares about or believes what you have to say. Spew your filthy lies elsewhere if you must, but know that we know you are a liar.

Anonymous said...

Far out, Visible Dog Poet from the Sirius cluster. It's about time someone got "Sirius" around here :)

If we can't beat the monster, then it's time we stop feeding him. "Step away from the machine and refuse to contribute in any way." Show it the kind of mercy it has shown you.

May you live long and prosper!

Anonymous said...

That Joe Public dude must be one of your friends from the fray. He was hilarious.

What more can be said, those Syrians have their shit together. Wish we could follow their suggestions, but it won't happen. There really isn't an America any more. America has become a "term" for a sick disintegrating society. Kind of like Obongo is a term representing the present US government. We used to call it Bush. Obongo on his own doesn't do shit. We have tens of thousands of gangbangers in our large cities/cesspools. A comprimized government. "Never know when those nasty Polaroid shots might come out." Eleven million illegal aliens from every undesirable place on earth. Dual citizens writing foreign policy and controlling the economy among other things. Do you feel kinship with these people? Corporations with more rights than citizens, running roughshod over the environment, outsourcing jobs, and laying off domestic workers to fatten the bottom line. Can you beleive one in nine on food stamps, twenty + percent unemployment, home prices dropping like a turd in a well, fourty seven million with no health insurance and at least that many underinsured.

You ever have the flu? Think of the misery and suffering you experienced. Now imagine creating a flu virus in a lab and releasing it where millions will be affected. Strange virus too, generally affects young children, pregnant women, and those 18 to 24. Yeah, and how about those jabs, you want one? I saw three buildings blow up on 911 that was strange too. This whold disentegrating economy is kinda strange but I won't get into that.

Enough said, if you Sirians want to help you will have to get personally involved. Platitudes won't cut it. Many of us are very aware of the problem and have a good handle on the why it happened, we're just too few to make a difference. Anyway it might not matter, I think the patient is dead. Life support and a jode from an electrode every so ofter isn't going to change anything.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the Red Pill truth once again! Keep it coming...

Also, there have been plenty of talk about replacing the FED, but what will take it's place? Will the Congress, that have been taking over by another foreign-government, exercise their right to coin money again?

Les, what are you thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Very well penned.

Visible said...

11:05 PM

Andrew Jackson said a lot of the right things. How it forms will mean nothing if the same scumbags are in charge of the formation. First the foreign government has to be kicked out although it looks like they are leaving anyway since they've taken most of what was there.

Shk said...

No offence but great many people have found that the Federal Reserve is and has always been the problem since it's creation in 1913.

I don't usually bash people's articles but this one really made me think for a while on whether or not my daily visit to this site will continue.

I thought the alleged advanced technology from who knows where would provide readers something new but that was not the case.

At least your optimism isn't so annoying, even though there's pratically no way to free ourselves from the shadowy enemies behind the scenes without them setting off nuclear devices planted on huge cities and at the same time taking as many of us as possible.

And no I'm no shill just like freedom fighters aren't terrorists.

You may be good when it comes to words but words nowadays mean nothing, the smallest thing it does it's changing the status quo albeit temporarily.

Why would they care about you or anyone that critizes them and their work when they got all the cash?

I wonder if you'd be willing to sacrifice yourself physically for the greater good when an opportunity arises or would you coward in your place.

Greater changes require greater actions.

Visible said...

Well ShK why don't you just move on then. I've never seen your name here before so you are most certainly a troll and your comments irrelevant and specious.

You don't know jack about my history or you would keep your anonymous little lips buttoned.

Richard Welsh said...

Jeez Guys --

It's been almost two without the magnetic resonator. We're getting really depressed over here. What'sa matter -- not working all of a sudden? Oh-Vey...

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Deja vu. Off-topic. Whatever. I remember seeing a fairly recent movie where a middull aged Harvey Keitel sits at a sidewalk cafe in after day. In one scene a kid wants to sell him a Zippo that has an Eagle, Globe and Anchor. It's engraved "Death before Dishonor." Harvey says: "Hey kid, is this shit for real?"

Even in WWW3 doesn't happen, there's going to be a lot of strange men coming back to America.




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