Monday, May 29, 2023

"I Sit and I Wait and I Worship at The Altar of The Sun thru Which Portal The Love of God Shines on Everyone."

(Day One... false flag countdown)

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

In his stillness... the vision of The Lord God is realized in the ceaseless... whirling activity of The Divine Mother. I sit... and I wait... and I worship at The Altar of The Sun through which portal The Love of God shines on everyone. We author our lives... in the freedom of the Free Will that Heaven grants us... to go our own way... for The Purpose of Demonstration and Realization.

In our rebellion, we learn the common fate that comes from our separation from God. Death comes, again, and again, to liberate us from the entanglements that we wove into the tapestry of mortal life. Again and again, we are given another chance to get it right.

Some might argue that my language is too flowery. Perhaps the flowers should abandon their hue? Do they not celebrate The Glory of God? Do angels not out-picture God's beauty in the flowers? Some are angered by my mention of The Divine Mother. Does she get no recognition for the work she does? Who is less appreciated than she? Look what we have made out of the resources she has given. Is anything more humble than The Earth?

Can existence be complete without The Mother? Certainly, the twisted sister degenerates... who are no longer men... seek to replace her with themselves. What a hideous mockery they make of it. Does no one see The Spiritual Implications of this!?

Words are flowers or they are weeds. Words are the vitality of life itself. The Word was the first thing God created! It is the vehicle through which he said, “Let there be Light!” All things then came from... the varieties of vibration via the adaptations of The Word. If my words are flowery it is because I am seeking to make a garden, not an abandoned lot. Om is the basic resonance from which all creation is personalized into its specific... unique... vibration. In other places, it is called Amen... Amon... and various.

The Divine Mother inspires me. She is the spiritual force of Kundalini in my being. She exemplifies the exercise of The Will of God in The Material Theater. God couldn't do it without her. She is the other side of a dual... interacting... tango... one does not exist without the other, AND... the ineffable origin from which they emerge is neither and both... and beyond definition.

God... The Ineffable... causes existence to flower through The Divine Mother... the womb of form. She is the basic expression of divine force. Then... from The Trinity... all things come into being. You can certainly discover the truth of this again... and again... in all religions which follow the teachings of the one that authored it... AND... once they move from The Visible Realm... usually.... the priests sell the right to define God... to the highest bidder in the marketplace.

It's a sweet racket they think they can manipulate as they choose, cause they don't believe in it in the first place. Otherwise, they would know better; fear of God is The Beginning of Wisdom. So said The Prophet... and they have reason to fear.

John Kerry... catamite... butt-boy... front man for The Dark Nobility... says we shouldn't grow any more food because Global Warming is now more important than the survival of the people the Climate Change Scam seeks to milk for carbon currency... now that their worldwide greed has gotten so out of hand that their financial house of cards is collapsing.


Nuclear War is on the menu because the same... badly drawn caricatures of the once human... are getting creamed in Ukraine. Those fighting the war from the sidelines sent endless ranks of poorly equipped men into the meat grinder of Bakhmut, and now they are running short of bodies for their coming Summer offensive; well... they are pretty much offensive all year round.

So... they have to stoop to dirty tricks... false flags... chemical attacks... shit they get up to that they can blame on the Russians... you know... the same nasty crap they have been pulling in country after country... for decades now... at the behest of The Bankers... who instigate and then finance the conflicts, on... both... sides. They figure that they will be fine... after the dust settles. They'll climb out of their bunkers to wheel and deal all over again.

It ain't gonna go like that. They are going to outwit themselves this time and get yoke-robbed by demons in a cul-de-sac. All kinds of hi-tech missiles and planes are being routed into Ukraine through the bordering countries by ZATO... at the behest of The Bankers.

The boomerang of Karma will have much to say about the matter. All of this is being staged by Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening for The Purpose of Demonstration. A cosmic denouement is in play, to open the eyes of humanity to the consequences of the global depravity that has been brought about by the force of Materialism.

MEANWHILE... we have this.

As The Rakshasa make war on Heaven... genius... by divine fiat... is manifesting technologies that will shape The Coming Age. This is all happening beneath that other war that men... who... hate... women... are waging on the female principle... BECAUSE science has no morals of its own and has to rely on the conscience and honor of those rare scientists with character... who are presently in short supply.

There are a number of wars being waged at this time; the sex-freak war on normal... the every man for himself war... the war on human intelligence... the class and race wars... the COVID-Killer Vaccine War... the haves and have nots war... the war on motherhood and families... the war on children... the war on Nature... this is what you get on the cusp of the turning of the age.

Then there is The Case of The Freeze Dried Nun; Sherlock's on it. Does it not seem strange to haul a corpse out of a coffin and put it on display for people to sit next to... or walk by... and touch? Isn't (regardless of the woo-woo bullshit) it in some kind of a state of decomposition? Won't people steal pieces for religious souvenirs or to sell on eBay?

I bring this up because the religions are losing their control over the worshipers. They are trying to fit anything and everything into their rituals to attract the suckers. Materialism is responsible. When people can get most of anything they desire... immediately... or in a few short days; what do they need God for? They have to keep coming up with something new to keep pace with the marketplace.

Everything is breaking down. The infrastructure is collapsing. Law and order are as fickle as a Kardashian in heat. The people who thought they were in charge... are in a state of panic, and... all they can think of... when it comes to restoring order... is FORCE... and FEAR.

It worked for Timur/Tamerlane (for a while). It worked for The Khans (for a while). It worked for Pinochet (for a while). It worked for Pol Pot... Leopold II... and Ivan the Terrible (for a while). It worked for The Bankers (for a while) Oh! The list is long... and the end is near.

Democracy was fine until the lawyers got their hands on it. Always keep this in mind; God sends Avatars to lead the way when darkness clouds the human mind. He also sends Punishers when disorder requires it.

A wake-up call is coming. That is the good news and the bad news, depending on how you respond to it or... don't respond to it.

Materialism created a general atmosphere of crime. So the criminal mind flourished. The soil conditions were perfect... as were the heat and humidity. The culture became a dirty kitchen. The vermin came. Criminals took control of the governments... and only hired similar mindsets. Now things like this are happening all over The World.

Their intention is to pummel humanity into submission... to kill a large portion... to enslave the rest... to completely confuse The Hive Mind about right and wrong... good and evil... to permit everything... and to permit nothing... to rule by whimsy and appetite. They do not think they are, BUT... I can assure you they are... possessed, and their road is a hard way to go, as they ALWAYS discover on the way.

They will not succeed in their ambitions, they... will... fail, and... when they go under... when their ship goes down... many others who bought a ticket will also follow them down. It is a sad story and it is a timeless tale. It repeats again... and again... and again.

God ALWAYS triumphs. God ALWAYS wins, and all that is not God ALWAYS fails. Back the right horse and you will not go down. You will ride it up the planes.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

"Why Do So Many People Choose to Live in Darkness? That is Where all The Appetites and Desires are Temporarily Satisfied."

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When the wind is hitting 40 miles an hour, it is a notable state. You can't help but be aware of it. When it hits 60 miles an hour, it takes a real effort of sinew and will to walk into it. I know this cause I walked into it one day in LA... when The Santa Anna was blowing. When it hits 80 miles an hour, you can no longer stand up without holding on to something.

When a condition of awakening begins to circle The World... in the early stages... those with the least resistance will be the most affected. When it becomes a moderate force, considerably more people will be affected, and... when it becomes severe, most levels of resistance can't stand up against it.

There are two ways to deal with an awakening. This is actually true with most things. You can go with it or... you can go against it. If you go with it, it will take you where it is going. If you go against it, you move into the territory of The Weakest Link. It doesn't pose a major problem to resist awakening in the early stages. It's like a forty-mile-an-hour wind. You know it's there, but you have the force to resist it.

Wind is a physical force. Awakening is a metaphysical force. There are all kinds of ways to defend yourself against The Wind; not so with Awakening. This is where the evil-doers among us run into trouble. They ONLY have their own interests in mind. This goes contrary to the basic intentions of The Divine Will, (the source of The Awakening) which has the best interests of everyone in mind.

The Purpose of Demonstration is present to show those who go astray... the consequences of doing so. The Purpose of Demonstration is there like a traffic cop on The Karmic Highway.

Successful people have a greater portion of borrowed will and more capacity for resistance than the gen-pop and the losers... generally. It makes sense to assume that it takes a greater degree of Awakening to get their attention if they are opposed to it. Here... I am not talking about your generic successful person. I am talking about The Movers and Shakers causing widespread havoc in the lives of everyone else.

Presently... you see those on the lower rungs of society being driven mad... acting chaotically in the streets... harming themselves and others, and representing bizarre fantasies about sexual transition and self-created identikits that present them with the necessary credentials to sit at The Cool Table... no matter how far away from their real self it may take them. Fitting in... no matter what... is the thing.

Then there is the outraged victimhood and rank entitlement taught to the lazy and unqualified by those who have mastered the art. It is the age of The Free Ride. There is no free ride. If God were not ceaselessly attentive to creation it would fall into disorder. So it is... that when you see disorder come upon a culture, it is because of the incompetence of those playing God.

You must work; ceaseless performance of selfless service is the character of angels. If you are not an angel there are reasons why.

People who are ugly... and I don't mean just in a physical sense... often they appeared pretty or handsome the last time they were around. However... they did a lot of ugly things under the cover of that appearance. It's an automatic that you get born in an unappealing presentation if you have behaved badly in former times. EVERY physical characteristic can be tracked to previous behavior patterns.

That is not the only reason people are born with a less-than-cinematic appearance. Sometimes it is a matter of preference. Sometimes it is because the standards of beauty are skewered.

There is a science of metaphysical physiognomy that covers this, BUT... it is strictly by invite to take the necessary courses for the comprehension and understanding of the processes of clinical discovery. There is a vast university system on the inner planes that is attended by those who have earned the admission... AS ABOVE... SO BELOW!!!

My friends, I tell you... I implore you... seek the higher ground. Do not merely desire; aspire! No one gets anywhere worth being who did not want it more than anything else. People are usually poor because they want too many different things. They are poor from a multitude of desires. Concentrate your forces!!! Focus your attention!!! Nothing will be impossible for you. This works for both the good-hearted and the craven. It is the main reason that many bad guys prosper.

It is an impersonal system. It is cyclopean. It illuminates and feeds whatever it is directed toward. The quality of your heart shapes your intentions. Your intentions shape your destiny.

The World is controlled by magic. In Times of Material Darkness, it is... seemingly... controlled by those who manipulate appearances, because their control is also... an appearance. All of the trends and patterns you see manifesting are the results of the efforts of those performing The Dark Arts. Yes... they know a lot about these things where the power and the money flow. They know about the force contained in symbols. They know about inversion. They know about telepathic invasion.

Their problem... and it is an eternal problem for them... is that The Initiatic Brotherhood holds all the cards. That is also a magical zone. It is the zone of Higher Light Magic... BUT Free Will means that people have a right to choose, and certain vested interests know how to appeal to The Lower Nature; Hello Sailor!

Why don't you come DOWN and see me sometime?

This is what The Purpose of Demonstration is all about... actions have consequences... both Good and Bad. You learn by doing or... you're a windup toy that keeps walking into the wall... until it falls down and walks sideways... and then the battery runs out.

We are on a vast horizon
facing into the blazing sun
and we have come to Armageddon
just to find the battle won...

Spread your wings
and close your eyes
Let your love flow
come inside

Everything that the heart truly desires is composed of Light. Light is the source of every good thing. Ask Heaven for more light. Seek after The Light. Let The Inner Teacher be your Guiding Light. Light is in our food... our drink... our breath. Extracting this light is the key to immortality. Harvesting The Quintessence is a critical aspect of The Great Work.

We came from light and we are meant to return to light. Why is it then that so many people choose to live in darkness? That is where all the appetites and desires are temporarily satisfied.

The Sun symbolizes and... IS the source of all our light on the material plane. The Inner Light is our soul. Its single objective is to unite with The Divine Light. This is a harder task in Times of Material Darkness. Fortunately... we have a guide... we have a shepherd... we are... never... alone.

People hear about The Path and they get jazzed about walking it. Then they see it involves constant work, a continuous effort against The Winds of The World. The higher The Path takes you toward The Summit, the greater the force of the winds. There is one who has walked this path over, and over, and over again. That one is present in you. If you insist on walking it on your own, you will... likely... fall from a great height, for The Purpose of Demonstration. Don't be an object lesson... please.

No one EVER walks that road alone. It is part of the nature and character of the road that no one walks it alone. The Path goes on FOREVER. It NEVER ends. It is impossible to describe the beauty and the wonders that await anyone who chooses to walk out on the nonsense here.

You might still be here after you walk out on the nonsense. You might come back into the nonsense to be useful to those trapped in The World of Nonsense, BUT... you will no longer be swayed or manipulated by it. When you no longer want anything it has to offer... it is powerless against you, and cannot hinder you... or the light you bring... ever again.

Yes... the darkness of this world has the appearance of great power. That appearance exists for so long as you still have a toe in the shadow; some angle by which it can reach you. Once you are clear of it... once you are free of it... it flees your presence. Its only purpose after that... is for The Purpose of The Demonstration... of the power... of The Light.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, May 19, 2023

"Right Back to Those Huddled Masses Yearning to Get Back-in-The-Saddle After Karma Threw Them Off The Horse."

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Those who are befuddled by The Fentanyl Sidewalk Dancers ♫swaying to the music... nothing else in the whole wide world♫ should remember The Opium Wars and another song about what goes around comes around.

The Self-Righteous who are pitching and moaning about injustice are blind to their own darkness out of which comes the... guilt... that... fuels... them. The idea of getting retribution from people who weren't even present at the time of the offense (or were they?) is ludicrous. However... what is truly profane are those seeking to make their fortune out of seeming to adjust the scales for others.

There is a certain demographic of slick and professional victims who ooze sanctimony in a smarmy... unctuous haze of looking out for the underdog. They make up the regiments of lawyers who fatten their blood bank accounts on the poor huddled masses... who became what they are by formerly reducing others to a similar extreme. Don't kid yourself... God's Justice is perfect, AND... God sees all.

Black people have been at the mercy of these con artists for a very... long... time. They've been slicked by the slum lords... and the pawnbrokers... and the music industry thugs... and if it's there to be manipulated and sprinkled with dream dust, they are there to work it. There are all kinds of slavery but the slavery to Materialism is the worst of them. These same merchants of deceit now have them hopped up on the dream crack of reparations.

I once saw a mathematical argument, which proved that if all the money in The World were evenly shared out, it would be back in the same hands in sixty days.

Let us consider The Killer Vaccines. Out of nowhere comes this opportune virus... a sort of stalking horse chemistry. Then... suddenly... faster than a speeding bullet, and even more deadly, come at least four vaccines, from different manufacturers, all with the same toxins in them. They were ready and waiting. Then conditions were created to turn The World into a lab rat. You know what happens to lab rats.

Why do you think sexual depravity is running wild and coming after the children? They set up some martyrdom events so they could pass hate crime laws... so that they could create a protected class who gets away with every kind of perversion while living their own truth. These protected classes that are woven out of... allegedly... marginalized groups are ACTUALLY a buffer zone of protected people who stand as a first line of defense for The World's oldest victim class.

Last night while watching a fictional account of Liberals behaving like they do in non-fiction, I made a comment about how annoying they are...what hypocrites, and... I kind of apologized... looking Heavenward, and... The Divine said, “No! You're right. They get away with their behavior when they are living in Fat City, BUT... let's see what happens when they aren't in Fat City anymore.” Wow! That was a surprise.

AND... it brings us astern to those huddled masses yearning to get back in the saddle after Karma threw them off the horse.

God doesn't have political affiliations. He could have said something similar about the other guys too. I'll conclude with this little anecdotal digression by saying, a progressive is a liberal with rabies.

At this stage of Materialism, the desire for money and self-importance have become the single driving urge for those blinded by Greed. It is even greater than the survival instinct. People die now... at regular intervals... while taking selfies, in order to drive The World's attention to their virtual presence... in order to attract money to them. Across Tik Tok... to Only Fans... to Instagram, people will do or say anything to get you to pay attention to them.

These people live in manufactured personas... that they copied from others... so that they might have the same fleeting success. The more you are possessed by trivial pursuits... the more bitter your disappointment will be. The game is rigged.

In The Infernal Kingdom are rows and rows of demonic creatures sitting before keyboards. (metaphorically speaking) They are writing code into your subconscious according to the nature of your pathology. What? You don't think so? Were you out sick the day we talked about the living... breathing... correspondences of... AS ABOVE... SO BELOW?

If you are operating on The Carnal Bandwidth, your existence is being programmed by Google Diabolus. Otherwise, you are being written into your moments by Angelic Google. It's all code... above... in between... and below. It's all numbers, and... everything comes from The Sun. Everything you see around you is frozen sunlight... sunlight in extension.

This is the essential meaning of The Kabbalah. It is an operating system for the hierarchies of existence. It is a system by which one communicates with angels OR... IF... YOU... REVERSE... IT... you communicate with demons. This is the more likely result in Times of Material Darkness. Personally... I don't need this system because I am not into minutiae or complexity. I am also not into playing with the dials or seeing what happens when you push this button.

There is a rule that says, If you walk the path of knowledge you must return to walk the path of love. If you walk the path of love, all knowledge is added to you in the process. I read that somewhere and that special bell rang... that ping sounded. It's what happens when truth is spoken and heard. It is what I call, the Tuning Fork Principle.

There is an app you can get now for your cellphone. Once you have it, you can take a picture of anything and the app will tell you what it is. It's great for plants and wildlife. I don't know if it will tell you what something is when it's nature has been altered.

These days, most of the software is being built for cellphones and iPads. They don't make them for computers as much. I don't use a cellphone for a host of reasons. I don't even make telephone calls, much to the chagrin and annoyance of those who think I should. I don't do chit-chat.

Cellphones... and all the other ADAPTATIONS of form that furnish The World... have a destiny and a shelf-life, and anything they can do... and anything following after can do... is already a principle... an ability... and a power in me and you. Of course, you have to develop it, and... that takes work. Why work on it when THEY have a product that... will... do... it... for... your... lazy... ass?

I come from the school of Chop Wood and Carry Water. I don't want things that will do IT for me. I don't seek pleasure cause I don't want to find pain. I don't want convenience because I don't like what happens when it gets inconvenient.

The modern world is not all crap, and... in a certain fashion... I have come to terms with it, but I don't depend on it. I know what happens when you depend on it, AND... a lot of people are going to be finding this out. Watch and see.

All the time while the masses are being bounced from pillar to post, by fear on the one hand and desire on the other. All the time while many are worried about AI... The WEF... World War... the next pandemic... and food... shelter... and water; not to mention the NATURAL cycles of Climate Change... the one thing most people are taking little notice of is... natural catastrophes... the trembling and shaking of The Earth, and... the visible evidence of a world going mad.

Nature follows the state of human consciousness. When the collective mind is in an uproar. When brother is turned against brother in the hate-ridden cities. When the planets align for the production of events... there is no telling what might happen.

You can NEVER go wrong trusting God. You will never be safe trusting The World. You cannot be healthy when your mind is diseased.

God's peace and God's blessing upon you all.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

"Diversity, Inclusion, It's All Bullshit. A Convoluted Snatch and Grab Shaped by Unreasonable Discourse."

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Welcome... my friends... to Smoking Mirrors. Smoking Mirrors is another name for The Material World, as it is reflected in the portal of Worldly Desire. The World is filled with a kind of invisible... and sometimes not invisible... smoke that obscures the actual appearance of something, and... causes it to look like something other than what it is.

There is a big difference between a candle flame and a tire fire.

Any of us may look at a landscape... or a person... or a thing... and see something different because of the face that desire and imagination can put on it. Few people see much of anything as it really is; free of the expectations of Heart and Mind... free of any sense of attachment to it.

The World is a glueboard. People get trapped in it all the time. Not watching where you are going or what you are doing can lead to great difficulty. I speak as an expert on the subject. I have both experienced and observed what happens when you don't watch where you are going or... pay attention to what you are doing. Smoke gets in your eyes.

The World is a madhouse of people chasing after dreams of appetite and desire. Everything is sticky or slippery. It is easy to grasp while it is grasping you or... it is slippery as a greased pig. You can see this everywhere if you are able to detach yourself from the trapping and eluding features of desire... projected on externals. You may get what you want. Then it will surely get you.

I can hear people asking where the fun is... where the happiness is. Where is the rush of existence... the thrill of pursuit? You'll... find... out. That's what life is all about; you finding out; what's this button here for? I can tell you... my friends... it is staggering what you discover when you no longer want any of it. Literally... a whole new world opens up.

In Filthydelphia, packs of feral youth are rampaging on the city streets... jumping up and down on people's cars... while they are in them... brutally beating people up. Life is cheap on the mean streets of the dying cities. You take your chances going out. I used to live there. This was decades ago. It was the same way... just not as bad as it is now.

Why is it like this in F-Delphia? The government there is notoriously corrupt. It is the same in most American cities, especially those with a Democratic administration. Larry Krasner and Tom Wolf are two major reasons for the crime and zombie-drug culture. Mayor Kenney is a bobblehead who dances to the music played by these other two. The Hell Choir of the city council provides backup disharmonies.

Here is the key problem in the modern life of material culture. Materialism runs on desire and objects of desire. The process corrupts everything it touches. Those trying to govern find that their associates are lining their pockets with the fruit of graft... while being driven by raging ambitions, which set every person against their fellows. If you do not play the game... you WILL BE on The Bench; not the benches where the vultures of compromised justice perch.

Do you know the meaning of the crack in The Liberty Bell? That is where The Truth leaked out and no one has seen it since.

I saw the nature of Philadelphia while living there. I told Guru Bawa I couldn't live there, that it was a Cancer Zone... a disease-ridden haven for orc-life. Of course... he told me otherwise. He had to. They were all living there, BUT... then he moved on. I've nothing but admiration... respect... and especially love for Guru Bawa. That does not extend to Philly.

I shouldn't single out that city over so many of the others, like NYC... Washington, and Baltimore... Atlanta... Chicago... Houston... LA... SF... Seattle and Portland. I could have made a bigger list. These are all vermin-ridden enclaves of dogs eating dogs, and humping each other. At night, a chorus of sounds rises from the burning streets. The Sex Freaks and The Thugs... (like The Jets and The Sharks) sing their songs of menace and come-hither seductions.

It really is like a Broadway play, that great no-exit boulevard of broken hearts and ruined dreams. It runs through The City of The Damned all the way to The Gates of Hell... singing and dancing... and throwing garlands of nightshade to the hopefuls and understudies, all awaiting their turn in the barrel.

I wonder what it is like to so desperately want something and then to find it was not worth the having... to find that it is... instead... a curse? The only thing that the rich and powerful have that you do not also possess, is the illusion that they are better off than you are. They are not. Every moment they are aware that they could lose it all. They cultivate that illusion of specialness.

Their air is sweeter. Their food tastes better. Their fun is more fun. Their dreams are directed by professionals. Heh heh... on that account they are right. None of it is new. It was old millions of years ago. It's the same story over and over. As Louis Armstrong said;

“it's still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by.”

One is blessed to live in times of social order, BUT... sooner or later it goes downhill. It degenerates and turns into a flaming darkness that consumes itself; and then what happens? It starts all over again. It's the endless road of self-discovery... in the mirror of others... where you see what you project. Fortunate are they who discover The Divine. God is playing Hide and Seek all the time. A sincere heart will ferret out the God who is within.

Then... what have you? “For those who win onwards, there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity” This is a real thing. However... you have to want it more than anything else. You have to be capable of forgetting yourself in the accomplishment. As soon as you remember, it is no longer Shiva who is dancing but the demon, Apasmāra... who was beneath his foot.

Materialism is the source of bad parenting, as it is the cause of so many of life's ills. Materialism... and The Soft Life... causes one to forget themselves and the hardships of existence. Life loses its meaning, and you have The Mindless raging through the streets in search of victims. Without purpose... life has no meaning.

Children learn from what they see around them. Then the time comes when they are no longer children but not adults either. It is the dark side of arrested development. When you don't respect yourself, you don't respect anyone else either. Rules and Laws are simply obstacles to negotiate around. Rules and Laws... the real rules and laws based on eternal principles are there to guide you to a harmonious existence. Offend them at your peril. I did not say... break them. You cannot break them. They break you.

One can say these things over and over. It means nothing if no one is listening, and... as life proves over and over... those who will not hear... must... sooner or later... feel. Sooner or later... what has gone around is sure to come around. It is what you see and hear, endlessly acting out in The World each day. People cry about how unfair it is. It is just what they have made it.

For the moment the calculating insane have the floor with their arguments about Diversity... Inclusion... Ethics of an adaptable kind... all the arguments about fairness and equity. It's all bullshit. It's convoluted snatch and grabs under the guise of unreasonable discourse.

Detach (if you can) and observe. A great and enduring lesson is being written on the fabric of life. To each according to their obsessions. To each according to their intentions and objectives. It really is what you make it. Either The World will shape and make you, and The World around you or... The Divine will shape you, AND The World around you. Hold still.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, May 11, 2023

"Depending on Whose Ox Gets Gored... This Joker is Seen as Infernal and Malign... Or... A Welcome Toreador."

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Well now... the poor huddled masses... yearning for Walmart World... are getting their Door Dash deliveries through the wall at Tijuana, waiting for Title 42 to end. I guess you know that this whole migrant thing is being driven by Big Business... the conglomerates and international franchises. It's to lower the costs of labor because American citizens cost too damn much to employ, AND... there's no one fit to be in the military anymore. There are other reasons too.

It's also about blending the races to the same common hue, speaking a polyglot pidgin with an across-the-board average of a 7th-grade education... maybe. Of course, it doesn't matter how far you go in school these days... if what you are learning is nonsense. Higher education would then mean; advanced nonsense... specialized nonsense... and nonsense Piled Higher and Deeper.

In some places, Nonsense will give way to Bullshit, and whole new course curriculums of Nonsense to Bullshit comparatives and anal-izing will spring up. No... No! That's not Bullshit, that's Nonsense. Look! Look at the grain and the texture! Only Bullshit... oh, wait a minute... you're right (something you would never hear) it is Bullshit, my Baaaaaahd.

I have a deep affection for America... also known as The Great Satan in other locations. I thought of it as a great experiment... later (I guess) to be known as a great failed experiment, but... this is what you get from Materialism when it starts to run hot. This is also why it is called The Great Satan because that is the realm of The Red Guy with the Mustache and Goatee.

The Devil has a pitchfork. His job is to prod you on through whatever appetite and desire suggest when you are led into temptation. In India, they have a trinity also... and one of the personifications has a trident, which is a kind of a pitchfork and he qualifies for some of the things that get blamed on The Devil, because... he is The Destroyer aspect.

He would also be the revealer. Lord Shiva is associated with some of the more undesirable aspects of material existence, which is why he is never invited to weddings or other celebrations because of what he is a reminder of.

The whole thing is pretty simple, IF... YOU... ACTUALLY... WANT... TO... UNDERSTAND... IT. There is a dial. You turn it down and you enter the carnal theater(s) and The Devil... who is God... as The Wicked perceives him... runs the illusion circus on that level. You turn The Dial up and you enter the spiritual zone(s). In the one location you desire, and... in the other location you aspire. It's pretty simple and... everyone... gets... what... they... are... after.

The idea that God and The Devil are engaged in a state of constant warfare is a fantasy created by those who run their deceptions and their economies based on that idea. No... it's God in both places. I... personally... prefer God in a risen angelic construct, as opposed to a fallen angel combat zone.

The Devil... in reality... is The Mind when it is blinded by lust... anger... ambition... pride... fear, and so forth. Any and all negative qualities fall into that demographic.

People have big investments in what they've been told by the proper... in-vested... authorities... be they from the government or religion. The Truth scares the Hell out of them. Heh heh... if only that were true.

No... my friends... it's a matter of personal choice... which of these realms of existence you reside in. The atmosphere of your residence is determined by what you seek after. God on the left handles some of them. God on the right handles others, and God in the middle is incomprehensible, and so are any of us that make it through the gateposts... into the blessed lands... free of the appearance of conflict between them.

When I muse upon the destiny of America, I am reminded of Attila showing up at the gates of Rome with his crew. The first time he showed up, he waited for the procession of The Pope's retinue, which included some of the magicians of the day. They proceeded to where Attila was waiting, and they were attended by signs and wonders in the sky, and nearabouts. These were intended to unsettle the man.

As it was explained to me, Attila was mostly amused and indicated he was not impressed. Creatures of destiny... are seldom impressed by opposition to that destiny. He said, “I'll be back in The Spring,” and... so he was, and that's when Destiny transited into History.

Occult History is not the same as that written by The Victors. Now... in The Land of Runaway Materialism, too many of The Victors want to be Victoria. This is known as Decadence and Decadence is one of the primary offspring of Materialism. It was one of the causes of The Downfall of Rome.

Crime is one of the big features of Materialism. This is because the system is run by the biggest criminals around. It tends to turn everyone else into smaller criminals... cause shit flows downhill, if the hill is steep, and... especially if the hill is heated.

America WAS... a nation of laws, but then... it was attacked by a plague of lawyers. You can... generally... expect trouble at some point because the big criminals squeeze the lifeblood from the population. Too few have too much. Too many have too little, and The Middle Class... sooner or later... disappears. Oh! It's not going to happen overnight, but it will happen faster than you expected it to.

Of course... there's a joker in the deck. Depending on whose ox gets gored, this joker is seen as infernal and malign... or... a welcome toreador. Yeah... see... there are times of hoped-for virtues instilled in the youth, and then there are times when they are left to their own de-Vices. Then... in following times, you get to see what the results of that come to; which is the purpose of that demonstration.

It's all about learning your lessons, and whether you go to school or you don't go to school, you WILL be schooled. Those pressing to the front will get one side of it, and those pushing from behind will get another, as... will... those...caught... in... the... middle. I have very sound reasons for not running with The Crowd.

This Joker is one of the... now you see him, now you don't... variety. He will appear in people and then not be there anymore, like the magic of romance that comes and goes. In these times there are a few people who consider themselves untouchable. However... they are surrounded by the people... paid to protect them... who can easily touch them should they be inspired or compelled to do so. This Joker sees to that too. He can trigger things inside people who are sleeping... walking... talking... or on their way somewhere else.

He's wherever he wants to be, any time he wants to be there. He also knows when you've been sleeping and when you are awake. He has a vast and invisible army, yet... all by himself he is more powerful than all the armies that ever were. With a gesture, he can clear a battlefield. With a gesture, he can change every mind on the planet, all... at... once. He does this anyway, according to his own inviolable schedule... across the reach of evolutionary time.

Mostly... because he's hard to see, people have stopped believing in him. The noise of The World has reached an insane pitch. The flashing lights and sinuous curves... and the hot and heavy attractions fill the windshield of all the people going in reverse... or standing still and perplexed.

It can be hard to understand that he is behind... in the middle... and far in front of everything that is happening, and he waves his baton, and his will is done, on Earth... just as it is in Heaven. Sooner or later The Kingdom of Heaven will come to Earth. That's the plan, and that is the destined outcome.

There are some miles between here and there at the moment, BUT... we get closer every day; even those who seem to be moving further away. It's an optical illusion that takes place in The Mind.

The Deceivers deceiving themselves, while leading the legions of the willing to The Cliff's of Epiphany, will not escape in the final reel. Everything is under control.

End Transmission.......

I think they might try to shut us down here in the short term. I know we've said this before but the signs indicate something of that nature. If you know of a more secure web server to post on, do let us know.

The complete collection of all the blogs... from the beginning... are available for free download. You've got 27 days. God is great!

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Monday, May 8, 2023

"If You are in The Light. If You Walk in The Light, The Darkness CANNOT Intrude. Light Dispels The Darkness."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The hero and the inspired artist persona, and the celebrations of aspiring humanity... have all been shut down by negative occult forces. This is why life's soundtrack... the images that inspire us, and quicken the heart to a more noble perspective; all of the classic and timeless sounds and pictures of a culture in the ascendant... have been changed, literally, into shit. It is the reversal of the alchemical process, best exemplified by defiance of Nature via the pederastic reversed-kundalini-clowns.

It's very trendy now to act like you care about the latest celebrity downtrodden; take a homeless meth-freak to lunch in your head thing (or tell people you did)... the BIPOClaundrylist... The LGBTQRSWHATEVER. They tell us we should all be understanding while they are running wild in the streets with murder on their minds because of imagined and hyperbolic... inflamed injuries committed back when none of them were alive... when they were... likely another color and possibly even involved in causing those very injuries they are incensed about now.

Normal is endangered. Abnormal is protected because the people manipulating the scenery... and the perception of the scenery... are all possessed by infernal intelligences... and are... themselves...anything but Normal... Natural... and human. It's what transhumanism is all about.

Homosexuality comes out of an abnormal attachment to material things... whose root is in the fear of Higher Love; unselfish Love. Materialism creates Selfish Love through the hedonistic mindset. One is lured to the denser hotter matter out of which delusion is formed. It is the same with hetero carnal attractions that feed the endless cycles of natural change and replication. This also leads to a deeper attraction for the material... and an insecurity driven from an imagined fear of loss.

If one studies the phenomena of those who do not NATURALLY reproduce, one sees the compelling draw to mimic all of the ridiculous trappings of material life. It is the same with men who are driven to imitate women. They focus on all of the most absurd aspects. They are NOT women. Only one who is born a woman can be a woman. Materialism is the force that feminizes the masculine nature. It has all come out of that.

In much earlier times, it was about civilizing The Beast Nature. As life became more and more convenient and comfort-oriented, everything became feminized because Materialism is the carnalizing of the feminine. It is the origin of Bitches and Ho's. It is the demeaning of the high Sophia into The Slut persona. Under the guise of the freedom to do whatever they fucking want to, has come the intensity of bondage that triggers the rage against the confinements that their own susceptibilities... men and women... have led them to.

Here it is that the quality of one's love determines the quality of one's life. A higher love leads to a higher station of awareness and a greater sense of Unity with all life. Below the critical tick on The Dial, that which is mistaken for love... feeds the magnetism of Astro-persona-driven attractions... followed by the soon-coming reflexive desire to be free from it. This is when love turns to hate.

It is the loss of freedom to be that turns the former lovers upon one another. The very magic they found when first they met has turned into something else. The basic urge of life is to freedom. One comes to hate that which holds them back from their freedom, yet... yet... they are the ones who were drawn to the illusion of sweetness that has now become so very bitter.

It was so easy to get into it and so much harder to get out of, AND... it... follows... you.

Higher Love t-r-e-n-d-s toward Freedom. The lower attractions lead to binding states that feed and amplify... ANGER. It is Lust that creates Anger because of the bondage it forms, and which seeks to enslave The Spirit which is FOREVER FREE. It is The Soul that suffers because it is trapped between worlds.

There are those traditions that will tell you The Soul cannot suffer. That it is always clean and unsullied. (That is The Spirit.) If this were true... the... perception... is... still... otherwise. If something SEEMS to be one way, even if it is not; how does that sort out? Yeah... precisely. So... it isn't a matter of this or that. It is a matter of what it appears to be and the degree to which you buy into it. The Soul exists in two levels of being. It operates in two worlds. One leads to bondage and one to freedom.

Appearances... IN TRUTH... are not what they seem, BUT... if you are not in Truth then appearances rule. You are only held hostage by what The Devil Mind can convince you of; can convince you is true. You are free this very moment, BUT... then... why does it not feel like you are?

It is a long road, my friends. I know this viscerally because I have been traveling it. I have the benefit of my experiences which have proven to me what is... and what is not. Until one has walked the road through the various stations and phases of transition and transformation... one does not know, and no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise... Nature doesn't buy it either.

It is like using a cross to protect yourself from a vampire. Let us speak allegorically about what is... in fact... literally true. Unless you understand the meaning and power of the symbol you insist that you stand behind, it has no power and no meaning, and... the vampire knows this.

Many a deluded soul has gone to war against the forces of Evil, only to achieve an inglorious and ignominious defeat. Those who serve the dark side are not all weaklings; not hardly. I claim no power of my own, but I have friends who possess it. So long as I don't get too big for my britches I shall fear NOTHING. Pride and all manner of other self-deceptions go before a fall... inevitably.

The Infernal ALWAYS serves The Supernal. I do not... in this sense mean that one can command Evil. That is... exactly how is does not work. That is a fool's gambit, whose reach forever exceeds their grasp. Evil goes in fear of The Light. First... ABSOLUTELY... you must possess (or be possessed by) The Light.

This means you must convince The Light that you are sincere, AND that means egregious tests and trials. Few there are that can stand the processes required to host The Light that... in fact... is already present.

So... it is always easier to simply convince yourself that The Light has your back, rather than to establish the firm foundation first. Unless one is Christed, one does not get The Keys to Hell, or free and safe passages between the worlds. If you have The Light there is no concern for Evil. Evil WILL NOT come where you are. It has other things to do.

You must first... ABSOLUTELY... neutralize The Evil within you. You must have the door where evil dwells... sealed against intrusion. You must have mastered all the weaknesses that can bring you low; that can put you in the power of Evil. Evil is simply a distortion of The Real. Find The Real and you find The Light, and Evil has no business with you. There is no darkness in The Light.

Why then does Evil rule so much of The World and the hearts and minds of so many of the inhabitants? This is how they want it. They go where Evil is. They want what Evil has, BUT... Evil has nothing. I will leave you to ponder the meaning of that. Evil is a distortion of The Real.

If you are in The Light. If you walk in The Light, The Darkness CANNOT intrude. Light dispels The Darkness... ALWAYS... automatically, AND... even a little light is better than no light at all. You must feed The Light so that it will increase in luminosity and grow brighter and brighter. You must feed The Light those things which it delights The Light to consume. For this... you must have The Qualities which cause The Light to blaze.

You cannot force others to walk in The Light when they are in love with Material Darkness. They must come to their own true understandings. Stop contending in your own mind about WHY... why The World is the way it is. It's The World, you fool.

Sexual perversity runs wild in Times of Material Darkness and what follows is... invariably... For The Purpose of Demonstration! This happens in regular patterns of reoccurrence. It is the drama of The World. It is the two faces of Joy and Sorrow.. of gain and loss; of... what?

Times of transition are always navigated with difficulty. This is especially so when people are thumbhumping their cellphones or playing with themselves. Even if they convinced someone else to join them they are still playing with themselves. It is where all the unhappy people come from. You do not have to be one of them. Stop chasing the things that make people unhappy. You ALREADY have everything you need. You just have to locate it.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

"The Federal Reserve Bill Fixed It So a Small Cabal of Gangster Bankers Can Hold The World in Submission."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You know they like to disturb the surface of the water= the surface of life; so that you can't see the clear reflection. They pose as one thing, which they are not, to conceal what they are... behind a series of masks... that are all devoted to misrepresentation...misinterpretation... and misdirection.

We know that Rupert The Sly Weasel was behind calling Arizona early for the last presidential election. Arizona's vote was stolen so that the person in charge of the voting could be made governor of Arizona. We know that Rupert The Sly poses his news conglomerate as a conservative organ to give the appearance of opposition to CNN and The Bezos Post.

They are all in bed together, doing evil things... badly... with poor technique.

Rupert The Sly doesn't really have a political perspective. He is into wielding power; as are they all. He and his fellow Satanists like to keep the public guessing. He knows that... generally... the public's common appetites rule their good sense. They are easy to manipulate. Those who think they are informed are played off against each other by The Appearance of opposition games... played between make-believe foes at war with one another, which... they... are... not.

They are The Ruling Class. They are... for the most part... especially in these Times of Material Darkness... also ruled by The Ruling Class of the nether regions... for the purpose of celebrating the nether regions of the physical body, while they dwell in hot... confining... places... within. For them... this heavy-with-time carnal coupling is how they understand divinity. They look upon humanity as stolen cars that they drive with impunity. If they crash a particular car they just steal another.

Those in the upper reaches of negative spiritual possession are not usually treated as throwaway vehicles until they intend to throw them away. They do not want to spoil or reveal the illusion whereby they control those driven by appetite and desire. They got a good thing going in a bad way, BUT... for whatever the mysterious intentions of the ineffable may be, this... is... how... it... goes. Good and Evil emerge from the same source.

Better to accept the reality of this... even if you don't understand it... than to keep trying to find another answer when there is no other reality-based answer.

“he that overcometh and keepeth my works until the end, to him, will I give power over the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron; and I will give him the morning star.”

There are several levels from which to understand all inspired scripture. There is the surface meaning. There is the deeper meaning, and... there is revelation. The possibilities of understanding vary greatly.

Those who don't believe in God believe in Sex and are obsessed with it... as their behavior shows. Fundies are obsessed as well... but differently. Both of them cannot see the forest for the trees because both of them have their eyes closed; one has their eyes closed to the forest. The other has their eyes closed to the trees. This makes it possible for them to believe what is not, on... their... own... terms, for their own self-interest.

How The Material World works is very simple. The politicians, and everyone who wants to operate in The Temporal Realm, has to give fealty to The Gangster Bankers who give them money that they print out of thin air, and which they must then pay interest on. The Federal Reserve Bill made it possible for a small cabal of gangster bankers to hold The World in submission.

Every so often for reasons of Greed... Hegemony... Resources... and fuzzy bookkeeping, The Gangster Bankers need to start a war. They are then able to demand that everyone who owes them money or... ever hopes to owe them money... comes out in full support of whatever war they are engineering. They also need to pay the creatures of The Dark Invisible... who serve their interests... in blood and pain.

Unfortunately for The Gangster Bankers, they started too many wars on too many fronts. One of the wars they started is against the people in each nation for the purpose of greater submission... under the banner of greater freedom. So they have poisoned the minds of the young with sexual confusions, and are draining off all their vital energies by feeding their sexual fluids to The Dark Invisible, which is resident in the deep catacombs below The Surface Mind.

They now need to forge a new army to fight in their new war, but few of the young are capable of... or willing to fight in this war. They will be slaughtered on the battlefield. Usually... The Gangster Bankers control both sides of the conflict and can profit from both sides. This time they are no longer in this position. Their equipment is malfunctioning. The collective will of the fighting non-binary is not present. They are more interested in iPad porn in the foxholes.

Both Tucker and James O'Keefe went after Pfizer and both lost their positions. Pfizer is owned by The Gangster Bankers who also own all of the other Killer Vaccine manufacturers. They are committing observable and provable genocide on the populations. They are monsters. They are Black Rock... Vanguard... State Street... The WEF and assorted reverse kundalini catamites of Hell.

These Gangster Bankers put a sold-out incompetent in The White House and are running a shadow government through and around him. They have gutted law enforcement and the judicial system. The Criminal Element is running wild and free in the streets of the cities and towns. The purpose is intimidation.

In the schools, no one is learning anything besides sexual adventurism. The frustration of their situation is resulting in flash-mob riots in the classrooms and hallways. Teachers and aides are attacked routinely now.

A fiery rage is brewing in the hearts and minds of the mesmerized public that can find no joy or fulfillment in Materialism due to Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. So... those at the lower end of the financial spectrum are going crazy in stores and on the streets everywhere. They do not know why they are filled with rage, but... they are.

There is no longer cohesion in the family unit. Parenting is now expressed in stages of appeasement, through distractions of appetite and pedestrian attractions. The infrastructure that has held society together is now crumbling. Mega churches are hosting drag events. Schools are running masturbation clinics and sexual grooming seminars. There is no higher focus and no vision. There is no inspiration so... there is no aspiration. Everything is moving sideways or down.

A certain vested interest clique... from a certain demographic... slippered sexual chaos into law through America's first gay president, and... since that time... the pressure for greater and greater sexual license without limits is increasing by the day. These servants of The Dark Side know full well what happens when all restraint is removed from the equation. They fully intended for it to go this way.

The race-baiting... divide and conquer... Babylon dancing chaos is directed toward the eventual implementation of martial law, and the creation of a worldwide penal colony, brought to you by the same people who brought The Gulags. They are hiding on the sidelines of the obvious fields of activity and pulling the strings of the actors up front.

It is intentionally ironic that the last place where torture and mass murder flourished on a wide scale... for decades... is now the combatant for the better angels of our nature.

Nothing of what I have told you so far is feel-good material. HOWEVER... there is one critical point that we try to make here every time we show up, and that is that EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. There is a Higher Mind engaged in the shaping of perspectives and the routing of actions directed to results that... at present... lie beyond our range of vision. Each of us is going to receive our due according to the ancient and enduring principle of... as ye sow, so shall ye reap. This is Cosmic Law.

One is advised to spend less time worrying about the future and more time paying attention to their thoughts... words... and deeds... in the present... BECAUSE that is what forms the future in every case. The Future is built out of the works of The Present, and The Past gives the record of how this unshakable principle has exercised itself previously. It is a simple matter. What is confusing you is the force of divisiveness and discord expressed through the mediums of undisciplined minds.

At this moment... The Almighty is present in every living thing. In every case... with few exceptions... he is present without the awareness of the one that is hosting him. He is seeing through the eyes of the multitude and hearing the same way. He is present in all hearts and minds. He is witness to their thoughts and feelings. He is The Eternal Witness... The Silent Observer.

Should you choose to work in accord with this presence... that will... eventually... bring your life into accord, and your true destiny will come into action through your effortless surrender to the source of all force. You make it hard and God makes it easier because... the... resistance... is... gone.

End Transmission.......

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