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"Diversity, Inclusion, It's All Bullshit. A Convoluted Snatch and Grab Shaped by Unreasonable Discourse."

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Welcome... my friends... to Smoking Mirrors. Smoking Mirrors is another name for The Material World, as it is reflected in the portal of Worldly Desire. The World is filled with a kind of invisible... and sometimes not invisible... smoke that obscures the actual appearance of something, and... causes it to look like something other than what it is.

There is a big difference between a candle flame and a tire fire.

Any of us may look at a landscape... or a person... or a thing... and see something different because of the face that desire and imagination can put on it. Few people see much of anything as it really is; free of the expectations of Heart and Mind... free of any sense of attachment to it.

The World is a glueboard. People get trapped in it all the time. Not watching where you are going or what you are doing can lead to great difficulty. I speak as an expert on the subject. I have both experienced and observed what happens when you don't watch where you are going or... pay attention to what you are doing. Smoke gets in your eyes.

The World is a madhouse of people chasing after dreams of appetite and desire. Everything is sticky or slippery. It is easy to grasp while it is grasping you or... it is slippery as a greased pig. You can see this everywhere if you are able to detach yourself from the trapping and eluding features of desire... projected on externals. You may get what you want. Then it will surely get you.

I can hear people asking where the fun is... where the happiness is. Where is the rush of existence... the thrill of pursuit? You'll... find... out. That's what life is all about; you finding out; what's this button here for? I can tell you... my friends... it is staggering what you discover when you no longer want any of it. Literally... a whole new world opens up.

In Filthydelphia, packs of feral youth are rampaging on the city streets... jumping up and down on people's cars... while they are in them... brutally beating people up. Life is cheap on the mean streets of the dying cities. You take your chances going out. I used to live there. This was decades ago. It was the same way... just not as bad as it is now.

Why is it like this in F-Delphia? The government there is notoriously corrupt. It is the same in most American cities, especially those with a Democratic administration. Larry Krasner and Tom Wolf are two major reasons for the crime and zombie-drug culture. Mayor Kenney is a bobblehead who dances to the music played by these other two. The Hell Choir of the city council provides backup disharmonies.

Here is the key problem in the modern life of material culture. Materialism runs on desire and objects of desire. The process corrupts everything it touches. Those trying to govern find that their associates are lining their pockets with the fruit of graft... while being driven by raging ambitions, which set every person against their fellows. If you do not play the game... you WILL BE on The Bench; not the benches where the vultures of compromised justice perch.

Do you know the meaning of the crack in The Liberty Bell? That is where The Truth leaked out and no one has seen it since.

I saw the nature of Philadelphia while living there. I told Guru Bawa I couldn't live there, that it was a Cancer Zone... a disease-ridden haven for orc-life. Of course... he told me otherwise. He had to. They were all living there, BUT... then he moved on. I've nothing but admiration... respect... and especially love for Guru Bawa. That does not extend to Philly.

I shouldn't single out that city over so many of the others, like NYC... Washington, and Baltimore... Atlanta... Chicago... Houston... LA... SF... Seattle and Portland. I could have made a bigger list. These are all vermin-ridden enclaves of dogs eating dogs, and humping each other. At night, a chorus of sounds rises from the burning streets. The Sex Freaks and The Thugs... (like The Jets and The Sharks) sing their songs of menace and come-hither seductions.

It really is like a Broadway play, that great no-exit boulevard of broken hearts and ruined dreams. It runs through The City of The Damned all the way to The Gates of Hell... singing and dancing... and throwing garlands of nightshade to the hopefuls and understudies, all awaiting their turn in the barrel.

I wonder what it is like to so desperately want something and then to find it was not worth the having... to find that it is... instead... a curse? The only thing that the rich and powerful have that you do not also possess, is the illusion that they are better off than you are. They are not. Every moment they are aware that they could lose it all. They cultivate that illusion of specialness.

Their air is sweeter. Their food tastes better. Their fun is more fun. Their dreams are directed by professionals. Heh heh... on that account they are right. None of it is new. It was old millions of years ago. It's the same story over and over. As Louis Armstrong said;

“it's still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by.”

One is blessed to live in times of social order, BUT... sooner or later it goes downhill. It degenerates and turns into a flaming darkness that consumes itself; and then what happens? It starts all over again. It's the endless road of self-discovery... in the mirror of others... where you see what you project. Fortunate are they who discover The Divine. God is playing Hide and Seek all the time. A sincere heart will ferret out the God who is within.

Then... what have you? “For those who win onwards, there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity” This is a real thing. However... you have to want it more than anything else. You have to be capable of forgetting yourself in the accomplishment. As soon as you remember, it is no longer Shiva who is dancing but the demon, Apasmāra... who was beneath his foot.

Materialism is the source of bad parenting, as it is the cause of so many of life's ills. Materialism... and The Soft Life... causes one to forget themselves and the hardships of existence. Life loses its meaning, and you have The Mindless raging through the streets in search of victims. Without purpose... life has no meaning.

Children learn from what they see around them. Then the time comes when they are no longer children but not adults either. It is the dark side of arrested development. When you don't respect yourself, you don't respect anyone else either. Rules and Laws are simply obstacles to negotiate around. Rules and Laws... the real rules and laws based on eternal principles are there to guide you to a harmonious existence. Offend them at your peril. I did not say... break them. You cannot break them. They break you.

One can say these things over and over. It means nothing if no one is listening, and... as life proves over and over... those who will not hear... must... sooner or later... feel. Sooner or later... what has gone around is sure to come around. It is what you see and hear, endlessly acting out in The World each day. People cry about how unfair it is. It is just what they have made it.

For the moment the calculating insane have the floor with their arguments about Diversity... Inclusion... Ethics of an adaptable kind... all the arguments about fairness and equity. It's all bullshit. It's convoluted snatch and grabs under the guise of unreasonable discourse.

Detach (if you can) and observe. A great and enduring lesson is being written on the fabric of life. To each according to their obsessions. To each according to their intentions and objectives. It really is what you make it. Either The World will shape and make you, and The World around you or... The Divine will shape you, AND The World around you. Hold still.

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M - said...

"2020 was the defining moment that catalyzed humanity’s potential soul evolution. Like every stage of change, the unfreezing is chaotic as it pushes everyone outside of the comfort zone and unleashes traits dormant in each person during normalcy." - EJ (theastrojunkie.wordpress.com)

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0 said...

"Do you know the meaning of the crack in The Liberty Bell? That is where The Truth leaked out and no one has seen it since"

Cracked me up, figure its about the same with anyone with a Crack. Release the Kracken! haha

0 said...

This post also reminded me of the Duni? Dumi? it was something like that as the name for the fire. Where the swami treats the fire as a living iteration of life. Each new fire being a new born individual but in totality all part of the same living fire anywhere in existence.

Which then reminded me of the khanda manda yoga talked about a bit by Vimalananda.

" Khanda Manda Yoga is one of the most difficult forms of Yoga, implying that the Yogi cuts off his own arms and legs with a sharp cleaver, and then throws them into a roaring fire. Natural potential for spiritual development becomes valuable only through careful cultivation. All spiritual practices are sadhanas. However, there are some severe forms of sadhanas and Khanda Manda Yoga is one of them.

History of Khanda Manda Yoga
Since early ages, the Rishis, realising the plight in Indian society and in their great magnanimity have created such sadhanas by which the Yogis can extricate themselves from their limitations and make progress. The Rishis have created different forms of sadhanas catering to special requirements. The Aghoris specially have brought about terrifying methods of sadhana because they yearn to reach to God immediately."

Full details here:

I wonder if thats how Babaji is made to be present here eternally or if thats some other function.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Stride All Night said...

The start reminded me of ELP and the show that never ends while the ending reminded me of Marx who was a hardcore Satanist out to burn down the world with his everlasting curses.
Pappy wrapped his military career in the Philthy hole and it wasn't that bad back then besides the stifling heat and no trees, everyone gathered at a beautiful park to cool off.
Phillies games were my daycare center and what a blast it was to get Mike Schmidt's autograph!
The communist revolution is going according to plan in the former USA and it isn't meant to end well.
The utopian part is for the apparatchiks and not the hammer and sickle laborers.
These things happen when you can't learn from history and the dumbing down has reached a dangerous to itself and others level.
Listening in here and trying to improve on wanting and lower gut desires, the purpose of demonstration is for learning.
Those enlightened beings from the past are to help us get through the now and Thank You God for them and for LV!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"It's Day of The Triffids Meets The Bodysnatchers. It's The Mind Parasites... in Organic Soil for The Vegan Menu."

Anonymous said...

There was a concerted effort to destroy humanity by the Usual Suspects and their fellow Abrahamic minions. All three a hell trinity.

Yahweh is a conjured demon. Moses was a black magician.

One could say we are ALL victims of this filthy war “god”. A foul wretch it is.

Three Words.



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