Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So Many Questions and so Little Time to Answer

Sometimes I have a lot of questions and sometimes I don’t have any. I think that during the times when I have questions, I am in the mode of altruism which inclines me to believe that answering certain questions will lead to solutions to longstanding problems. During the times when I don’t have any questions, it seems to me, I am seeing the world for what it is and realizing that the world itself is the problem; four antagonistic elements warring against each other forever and ever amen. Well... how and why I feel as I do doesn’t really matter.

Today, I’ve got some questions. One of the questions I have is... Why is the United States paying around 500 billion dollars interest on money that it owes if the money it owes is to banks? Since the banks are the cause of the problems to begin with and since America is giving trillions of dollars to the banks then... why are they paying interest? Shouldn’t the banks be paying interest? Are they getting the money from some special bank that hasn’t been affected by the present crisis? One of the things they teach you when you study to become a lawyer is to never ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to so... let’s assume I know the answer to this question and you can think about it.

Zippy Livni doesn’t want to form a government with Bennie Netanyahoo. We’re given the impression that this is because her party with Ehud Barak (no relation to the present U.S President) are a peace party looking for a two state solution and the Netanyahoo/Lieberman coalition is the party of war. Here’s what puzzles me. Livni’s government, under the direction of Skull Olmert, slaughtered a whole lot of Lebanese behind a false flag caper and then practically destroyed Gaza because of a certain amount of bottle rockets hitting into some stolen Palestinian land. This happened because Israel broke a cease fire by killing some Palestinians and then they went ahead and killed a whole lot more, mostly women and children. They bombed schools and hospitals and gunned people down in the streets; this and much more accomplished by the peace party.

What are we too expect from 9/11 Bennie and Mad Dog Lieberman? Here’s how it looks. With Zippy and the other Hellraiser pinheads, the Palestinians only get a little white phosphorus... a destroyed infrastructure and being used for target practice on odd days of the week with every other Sunday off. With Bennie and the Vets they get used for target practice 24/7 and everybody else gets flayed alive and crucified by the side of the road to Tel Aviv come next Hanukah and then on each of the eight days they set a different group on fire so it has a kind of ‘Spartacus celebrates Mardi Gras in Hell’ effect which will delight all the little Israelis and the Palestinians will just be happy to be playing a part in that.

My question is about the difference between these two groups of psychopaths; is it a matter of degree only? I don’t know if I’ll be able to hear your response over the noise of the bulldozers in East Jerusalem.

While we are on the subject of Israel, I’m wondering about all those holocaust films too, although I won’t be seeing any of them. I’m suspecting this is the reason. And thinking about the Gay/Jewish Mafia in Hollywood, it came as no surprise to see Harvey Milk being ‘the reader’ of “My Pet Goat of Mendes” pool side at Auschwitz. Of course, Kate Winslet was pretty clear about the motive for taking roles in holocaust films and she proved to be right. My question here is; where does a sane person go when this kind of shit passes for reality?

It appears that Obama is not going to put an end to torture. It appears that they’ll just close Gitmo and reopen it somewhere else. It appears that he is not going to end war; he’s going to relocate that too and while offering a small token to besieged homeowners and major cash to bottomless banks, we now have bankers complaining about the token being given to the homeowners. Obama is talking tough about Iran despite all the evidence about Iran to the contrary so... how is Obama different than Bush? Yes Obama can talk and sign death warrants at the same time, whereas Bush was limited to one or the other... so goes the empire.

Here’s another question I have. Now that we know that the Afghanistan war was all about getting the heroin trade back on it’s feet and now that we know that most of the nations engaged by proximity or presently performing the ongoing assault are engaged in it. Now that we know that many of the major banks were propping up their bottom line with huge influxes of drug money... why is nothing being done about any of it?

Well, some of you are frothing at the mouth about now because I have the temerity to say these things... never mind whether they are true or not and they damn well are... it’s that I’m saying it. That also begs the question of why the truth would bother anyone. Why is the truth so unwelcome? It’s because it can interfere with business as usual and it makes whoever may be sucking off of that tit uncomfortable because there’s an implication that they might be part of something wrong. Well... you are. You certainly are. I’m going to take it for granted from now on that anyone who might object to the truth is automatically someone hiding something wrong about themselves. It doesn’t matter what reasons you give. This is the real reason. I’ll allow that you might be clueless and stupid so you can pick that as an alternative option if you want to.

So it goes... on and on... so it goes... embarrassing questions and insufficient answers. Real answers require change. Didn’t I hear something about change recently? You’re going to get about the same amount of change as you’re getting from that big tax break. What’s that come to? I hear it’s something on the order of about $13. a week. Well whoop de doo!!! I expect you’ll be partying down now. Wiser heads may just invest that money in something and get ready to retire about a hundred years after they die.

I’ve got a lot more questions. I want to know where that new 9/11 commission is. I want to know how come the Main Stream Media has so little to say about how really bad things are going to get. I want to know what kind of a scam ‘they’ are cooking up to justify attacking Iran and I want to know if they know that means an attack on Russia too? I want to know and I don’t want to know and in most cases I already know. I may not know the details but I know the players and the intent.

The more this whole ugly business continues and the more outrageous the acts by those manipulating it continue, the more it looks like a movie. It looks like a movie whose purpose is to expose the actors. Every day it gets more absurd and every day it gets closer to the denouement. Armies of sleepwalkers and hypnotized subjects go about their business as if the dream or the spell were reality itself. The sleepwalkers can hear the sounds of the fire engine speeding to their burning house but in the dream it seems like something else. Those hypnotized have been told it is something else. One thing you may be sure of... it is going to prove to be something else.

You’ve probably got questions too and this would be a good time for you to let fly. We’re all ears here as opposed to ears of corn everywhere else (grin). Once again, the questions that everyone should be asking themselves is, “Who am I?” “What am I doing?” "Why am I doing it?" and “If I am in danger of losing everything; what would I most hate to lose?” The clock is ticking and time is not on your side.

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Visible said...

For people just tuning in I wanted to mention that there's a new post up at Visible Origami.

The Sun does not Revolve around the Earth.

Visible said...

Whoops... this week's radio show is now available also Here

Visible said...

A lot of you are having trouble commenting. You need to send me the comment and I will post it for you. The powers that imagine they are powers have been meddling with me for quite some time so it is to be expected here. So far we can work around it.

Anonymous said...

hey les,

i see that CAPTCHA (word verification which is in static state of "loading..." is being canoodled w/taday....
no matter... we just work around it (wicked smile.)

my only question concerning the hegemonic control of most of this planet by pharisees/moneychangers and their spider-hole of sayanim webbing the planet...

when's the party over?

they've had a good run. enough.


as to the important questions we all should face...
“Who am I?” “What am I doing?” "Why am I doing it?" and “If I am in danger of losing everything; what would I most hate to lose?”

i guess the first two, are situational.. or if in reality they're not....ah well.. maybe i'll figure those out someday.

as to the last, i have another question to the question...
what do i think 'everything' is?

well, here's an 8yr inventory...

bankruptcy? losing a home? a credit rating? losing control of every'independent'status of basic modern comfort and cultural safety i've known for the last 20years? losing all faith that my country's government has anyone of its citizens' best interests at heart? losing my pride? loosing a parent? loosing a twenty-something cousin to suicide? losing my anchor of place, my 'stompin grounds' the mid-gulf coast to Katrina? i'm sure there are more....

but these are certainly not...

the only things i have left...do seem to be the most important, and i am thankful i've not yet been tested on their loss.

my awareness and my will, and on half-assed health - some days the later is the only thing that gets me through - for

my kids/husband, and a remaining parent. the assorted semi-distant family is... a mental comfort.

hopefully, i'm allowed to stay 'round til i'm no longer needed by those i love.

hopefully, my leaving this plane will be the final test of losing these most important things to me, here. :)

thanks les*


Anonymous said...

To an indoctrinated mind the truth is a radical idea.


Anonymous said...

Few know what is really going on, so we have to speculate.

One scenario is that this whole financial debacle is deliberate. For most of the last decade there have been laws placed on the books giving the Federal Government draconian powers to do pretty much anything they want. It appears that they are expecting some great calamity to befall the country. All under the guise of "The War ON Terror", which is equivalent to saying the war on traffic accidents, to any thinking person this is absurd.

Meantime fewer and fewer groups are amassing more and more power. A collapse is inevitable, and the most powerful of these groups will pick up the pieces and gain even more power. This has already happened.
We see a possible War situation here too. Picture what a mess that would be. Once the dust settles they move in and take control. You can imagine all kinds of things here. The currency of the money supply would take on a completely new look. Large blocks of nations may merge, creating super countries. Who knows what would happen in the aftermath of WW3.

Another scenario; the financial situation we have right now is simply due to greed and unbridled uncontrolled investing. Most of the main stream media is telling us that. The banks made some mistakes. They learned from them now and won't do it again.

The politicians were paid off or bribed or worse threaten, so they passed all kinds of laws making it easy for the investors to make "mo" money. No conspiracy, just simple greed without worrying about the consequences.

Or maybe there are a few groups all fighting each other for control. The result is pretty messy. Big shots like the IMF, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, these guys are on the top of the heap. What influence do they have? Are they working in sync or are they at odds with each other?

I listened to your radio spot and enjoyed it. What stood out is this. "I don't know!" That's the truth we don't know what's going on behind closed doors. Therefore we must be fluid and willing to adapt once the truth becomes apparent. No knee jerk reaction if some horrible event occurs and they blame it on Iran. We need to keep a level head in these matters.

Anonymous said...

"Zippy" wants to extend the Israeli hand of peace to Palestine by only killing off 50% of the Palestinians and making the rest flee in terror.

"Bennie" has a real boner on and want to kill at least 66.6% of the Palestinians and making the rest flee in terror to the oil rich Sinai Desert, where the Shin Bet can start launching some more of those Qassam bottle rockets back at Israel, which will give that "light unto nations," Israel, the excuse it wants to invade the Sinai Desert for "security" purposes.

As for the continued theft of American money, get used to it.

As long as Americans know more about "American Idol" than what's going on in DC, they'll continue to be robbed blind.

Tell your kids to get into politics, that's where the real money is at.


This thing with your blog is weird. Maybe if you wrote a blog extolling the virtues of Zionism or how great the Federal Reserve was, your blog wouldn't have any trouble registering comments???

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Just to let you know, I switched to using Mozilla Firefox and had no problems. The ietag.dll issue is well documented on the web. Searched Google but I have no idea what half the shit means. A definitive answer escapes me.......why am I not surprised!

Regarding the Z-Listers and the abomination, I agree with your assessment of their interference. What pleases me most though is watching that last grasp for total domination. The greedy bastards cannot help themselves and it will be their undoing. If they had any inkling of the power arranged against them, I have.

I have come to the firm conclusion that many things are worth dying for but I remain unconvinced that these things are worth killing for and I think many people believe the former and the latter but that may change over time. Personally, I have dipped my toe into the dark side a bit too much (used to hang with 81) so if my head should fall to the ground, I shall accept it with grace but there are righteous people out there to take my place.

I used to work in Central London around Soho, very cosmopolitan and trendy. It felt like the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah or being in the ballroom of the titanic and not many people walking around with white sticks. I live outside London now in a place called Carshalton. It has its share of problems but in general the community spirit is pretty good for an urban area, we know our neighbors and they know us.

Anyway, I have taken up enough of your time. You have a unique writing talent so keep it up as I suspect you are doing more good than you realize or even suspect!

As most communications are monitored, all I can say to the watchers is listen and learn!

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Those sucking off the tit just looked down and saw it was connected to a Thai LadyBoy--and not a pretty one--
Bizarre, absurd, wacked-out--don't quite cover it--we need a new word--
They have gone past arrogance, made a left turn at bizarre, U-turned at pitiful and driven it off a cliff on in-your-face-fuck-you Lane--

How the MSM and politicians keep a straight face, or perhaps better, why they even bother to keep a straight face is --beyond, well, beyond.........

This is Hunter S. Thompson meets Walt Disney, and they drop acid for a month straight and write a story about how stupid people are and how much they will let the elites get away with and somewhere along the way Tinkerbelle gets fucked by Barney Frank while a red leather clad Nancy Pelosi jumps on Barneys saddle and whips him to victory --whatever that means---

Makes as much sense as anything---

And i haven't looked at any "news" in 10 days--cold turkey baby--stone cold
Feel free to fill in "Clinton" for Pelosi and Obama for Barney Frank--I do think Tinkerbelle needs to stay Tinkerbelle though to hold the drama together adequately--

Giddy Up


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how reality gets warped. Could it be still up in the air if we are going to a New World Order, or if the Illuminati bankers are self-destructing?

There are good arguments for both these theories. Did they win? Or did they lose? Does it make any difference to us? I see an improving world where people have to use their brains more because they have less money to pay somebody else to do it for them.


Anonymous said...

Good questions.

I’d like to share with your readers a couple of recent articles about appointments / rumoured appointments to the US Administration.

See Ross Envoy Job: Time for a Challenge
A Free Man to Steer US Intelligence?

It does seem to me there is a battle going on inside Washington. The Israel Lobby is engaged in this battle, boots and all. Those folk would much prefer their lobbying goes unopposed, by people too disheartened to bother engaging in the political process.

I think there should be (a) a storm of protest - and legal challenges if possible - over the Ross appointment. (b) support mobilized to defend Obama's apparent choice as Intelligence supremo.

If we don't react like that, it's as though the Zionists are pushing on an open door. If we don't oppose them, they're bound to get in.

Visible said...

My dear friends and kind readers. Over the previous months, blogger via Google has gradually taken away piece by piece of my blogs functionality at all of the blogs. They've taken away my control over page color, fonts and posting abilities so that my pages have an ugly generic look that they did not have originally. It takes me much longer to put up a post than it did once and it took me some time to figure it out. Over time they have made it harder and harder for readers to post their comments and now they've taken it away altogether at least for the moment.

I'm not confused about who is doing it for reasons I won't go into here. One way or another and possibly somewhere other than here I will continue. My life has been a constant series of oppositions not much different than what is happening here and it hasn't deterred me and never will.

I'm not that important but having a fairly wide readership and being published at a lot of places has obviously annoyed the psychopaths; not that I care since that's part of my job. They seem to want to diminish how I appear and the impression of my support and they can have at it as they wish. I don't take myself that seriously that I'm going to fall into the obvious traps where certain reactions might lead me... externally and internally.

If you can't post here I suggest you post at one of the other blogs. They may be working and can be found in the masthead of this blog. We'll work this out and I'll look into transferring to another hosting site and maintain this as an archive. I don't know what I'll do actually. I'm probably running out of things to say anyway and I have many other things I could be doing so we'll see how that sorts out in my head and what my invisible mentors think. That's generally where I take my marching orders from.

In any case... thank you for making this far more enjoyable than it would have ever been without you.

Anonymous said...

Lets take this from another perspective.


But before we do that we have to acknowledge that humans have been enslaving and butchering each other for millennia . Lets fast forward to Europe, say from the late 15th century to the 18th. The Spanish, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French, the English, sailing around the world. In one hand they had the bible, and the other a sword, they carried diseases too. They drooled for that shiny metal, and much much more.

Their vessels landed in Africa, and South America, and the Caribbean the North American continent. I doubt they were called that when they landed there. They encountered people who seemed to be doing okay. The natural resources seemed to be intact. They were savages though, and needed to be tamed. So they tamed them and dragged them off to plantations, and lots of people made lots of gold. And they turned the land into sugar fields and slavery fields, and converted it into gold, and silver. And lots of these "civilized" people held the Torah too, lets not forget that. They became extremely wealthy in terms of gold and silver. They sold their souls in exchange for gold.

Fast forward to the present day. They are still here. They are exploiting the earth, trampling on our fellow humans and sucking their resources dry.

In the US we want to send the immigrants back, but we still want their stuff, their land in the form of natural resources and cheap food. If you close the border, close the food too! But once again it's the few stealing the gold from the many, same thing going on for hundreds of years. How long can it last? How long can the earth sustain the rape?

That's my question, how long can the earth sustain this abuse?

Anonymous said...

Hello Les. Thanks for the blogs, mate. Always hitting dead centre.

These words came into my head.... I don't know if they're my words, or someone else's, but I wanted to type them out:

Love and light to those left out in the cold, and the dark, and the filth, tonight. Hang on there - we're coming to you. Not much longer now. We're gonna bring as many as we can with us. Hang on.

Mark in Worcestershire, England.

Anonymous said...


I would say you attracted some attention. Damn good sign I would say.

I don't know if this goes on the list but I ordered a cd and never received it. Just petty harassment.

You are a morale booster like no other. I know I speak for others as well as myself, let us know what we can do to help.

You have been a hot poker up there arse and they don't like it.

Oh, get more dogs and lots of trusted friends.


Anonymous said...

The various comments that I read here are icing on the cake. But I come mostly for the cake. Bland, it is not.

Keep the oven full, Les, the aroma is intoxicating.

European American

Anonymous said...

Hi Les! Willow here. Loved your post and I've got questions, too. But for now I want you to know you've got choices. Look, if what you suspect Google is doing to you is true, do yourself a favor...move to wordpress. Just go to Bluehost.com and get yourself an account, then buzz over to wordpress.com and download it...it's free. Wordpress is great and it'll keep you on the net and your words in front of your fans, like me.

You can also do yourself a favor...if you are using Microsoft dump them and go to Linux. Linux versions, like Mint, are FREE and so is all the software because it's open source. So, here's a great opportunity to do one more small step away from the machine.

You and I both know, the truth always has a way of being revealed. Ya just have to pay attention to see it. I'm rooting for you!


Anonymous said...

As to the 500 billion we owe to the banks, I believe you are referring to the 500 billion we owe the Fed (Federal Reserve banks), since we owe much more than 500 billion. The money the Fed owes us we pay almost no interest. The interest gets returned after costs and dividend payments after some congressmen made an issue of it in the 70's, so about 85% of the interest gets sent back to us now. As such, they no longer want to loan us too much money.

So they arrange for us to borrow from foreign countries and multi-national investment banks. The investment banks are part of the same holding companies that own the commercial banks, and in turn own the Federal Reserve Banks. The difference is the interest does not get returned to us.

The Fed also accepts the toxic waste of these banks, and in return gives them real money which they create out of thin air. Of course, if the Fed ever got audited, hoo boy, the shit hits the fan.

I read somewhere that Bush approved an IMF audit to be conducted on the Fed the end of this year or next year BTW. Congress has never been permitted to do a full audit. Something to keep an eye on, as you know the real motive of this financial terrorist attack is to get a Global Central Bank to control the carbon credits which will replace the USD as the new reserve currency.

Of course, the best way to raise the money is simply to exchange our treasury bills that we create with the help of a printer for the Feds money that they create out of thin air. Since we pay almost no interest. But then the banksters do not make any money. That's actually the second best, but the best way is to simply issue the money by ourselves, but this is a harder sell.

So the banks that get the bail outs from us get bailed out with money we do not have, and we are choosing the most expensive way of financing. Wonderful.

The thing about the banks losses BTW is that with derivatives, for every loser there is a winner. The losses are booked in the US, the winnings are booked in the tax havens. Heh heh. So we are covering their losses in the US so they pay the winners in the tax havens, which is where the drug money from Afghanistan gets laundered before returning to the system, and the winners are mostly the same people under a different name, but they don't have to pay any taxes on their winnings.

Now when you hear guys like Sir Bubbles Greenspan calling to nationalize the banks, you know the banksters are getting ready to jump ship. Once the government owns the too big to fail banks, and their losses, the banksters jump over to the New Global Central Bank to buy shares with their bail out money. The fleas done bit their dog to death, time to find a new home.

Now if the Fed itself were bankrupt as a result of the toxic waste on it's balance sheet, and if we nationalize the too big to fail banks that are the biggest owners in the Fed, then the government would be bankrupt, and they would need to be bailed out by the IMF and IMF money, or the New Worlds Central Banks money.

This money would would come with all kinds of strings attached, just as it does when they loan money to 3rd world countries. And if the USD is not the reserve currency, we can no longer print our own money to finance our balance of payment deficits. It won't be pretty.


Anonymous said...

"I’m going to take it for granted from now on that anyone who might object to the truth is automatically someone hiding something wrong about themselves. It doesn’t matter what reasons you give. This is the real reason. I’ll allow that you might be clueless and stupid so you can pick that as an alternative option if you want to."


Ad Veritas Liberte

Pax Verbum

Anonymous said...

Would anyone give Bishop Williamson a bit of support on this link to the Times
I have posted - whether or not they will biff it out - we wait to see.

Anonymous said...

I have a question that seems straight forward to me, Why are the banks 'afraid' to lend if, as is the case, they do not actually 'lend' anything? I mean, money doesn't exist until it is created as debt, so they have nothing to lose, right?

Anonymous said...

Now here is a very interesting question to be asked.
What is the truth of all this.
Now we 'conspiracy' nuts have known for some time that a large false flag incident in the USA was a disaster waiting to happen.
We all know that according to Biden and others Obama was going to be tested!
Those really expert! of us know that Seattle was one of the cities which were high on the target list by 'them'.
So what do you make of all this?
Lets not forget that some other nukes are also missing in the USA - remember them being 'accidently' loaded? then some went missing and then the crew of the plane and ground crew have been mysteriously dying in various ways.
Now I have no faith in Socha Faal.
but I do agree that this is a very strange affair.
That the freighter was sunk is beyond doubt and unlike the Yanks, Putin doesn't do this sort of thing.
Oh Yes, Les, can this go on the question list?

Anonymous said...

Great writing Les as usual.

Agree with every word.

Visible said...

Good Morning Friends;

My last comment in this thread was a calculated one with particular expectations. It could be coincidence since I can't take a step these days or consider much of anything without tripping over or encountering one in any direction. However, sometime between then and now the comments returned again.

It could be that this was just to discourage the new readers who arrive after any new post goes up, as one did yesterday at various sites which send people here. It could be just one of those things, except that 'one of those things' seems to be the main thing around here nearly all of the time. It could be any number of things and at the bottom of it all... I just don't know.

what I do know is that the infrastructure of my blogs is all screwed up and becomes increasingly more so as time passes. It doesn't get fixed it just gets worse. There's no way to reach the people who would be in a position to fix it and who may be the very problem. There's no help to be found in any help locations and there hasn't been any help coming from efforts made in any direction. No one seems to know why I have this problem.

I've already signed in with Wordpress but just haven't gotten engaged in the migration yet. I've kept hoping it would work out. It doesn't look like it will. I've also been cheap about putting the time in to make that migration. Also... the weather, which was mostly rain for the last couple of months has now turned bright and I am faced with a great many chores on this hectare of land and no one to do them but me so... there's all of that and there's my state of mind which may, or may not incline me to particular courses of action.

To answer some of the comments that I noticed in passing (I've already addressed the comment on Wordpress).... Amicus, I have sent you two emails about that CD. I guess you didn't get them or they might be in your spam mail. Some people have aggressive spam mail that often accounts for why they didn't hear from me because I answer everyone and every month or so I go back through my emails looking for anyone I might have missed and there are always a few there too; not the best way to operate but I get a lot of mail.

As for the five hundred billion I mentioned I was talking about 'interest' on money... not any particular loans. America is paying something like five hundred billion dollars of interest on the collective of its various financial instruments. This I have read in a few locations and I don't know the details of all of that and that is why it was placed in the form of questions but the questions themselves are a form of answer... are they not?

I want to thank you for the great support so many of you direct to me. It helps a great deal.

As I am far from just about anything and everywhere, I have had great difficulty in acquiring a particular compound that tends to make my way a lot easier than it is generally. For whatever the reason I am being denied my own personal solution to a particular state of systemic imbalance that I suffer from and that has made my journey a lot more difficult that it had been. I can't just go to a pharmacy and get it taken care of the way people with a similar affliction might treat their own condition. I only mention this because, as a result, I am not as proactive about a lot of things as I would ordinarily be due to the need to struggle against a certain listless existential despair that attends the footsteps of a certain number of us engaged in certain pursuits. I am supposing I have to just tough it out and I do.

This might explain why I haven't done anything about the blog situation or other situations known only to myself. I'm mostly treading water. Whether this indicates a basic weakness in my nature or is just a sign of these heavy times is unimportant since I have to manage it in any case and it requires more of my attention than it should. Sooner or later I'll be able to oil the wheels of my industry and that will be that. Until then you can just imagine that my wheelchair, or whatever the conveyance may be, is just not going to cover the ground it is capable of.

I'll see what I can do about some of these things over the next few days. Onward.

Anonymous said...

The title of Hawking´s book " The Universe in a Nut Shell" is to be taken literally and someday it will be crushed and this boredom sets off for another cycle of fucking, eating and sleeping and a lil consciousness to rank them individually.

Keep it on, Les

I am with you.


kikz said...

mornin les:)

glad CAPTCHA seems to be workin again.

some daZe... even holdin a zero is a good thing :)

saved by zero
the fixx

Maybe, someday
Saved by zero
I'll be more together
Stretched by fewer
Thoughts that leave me
Chasing utter
My dreams disown me
Loaded with danger

Maybe I'll win
Saved by zero(2x)

Holding onto
Winds that teach me
I will conquer
Space around me

Maybe I'll win
Saved by zero

Maybe I'll win
Saved by zero

kikz said...

cripez.. maybe someday *i'll* be more together..
that was a bad lyrics site..
didn't bother to read that one too well..


Maybe, someday
Saved by zero
I’ll be more together
Stretched by fewer
Thoughts that leave me
Chasing after
My dreams disown me

after.. not utter

Anonymous said...

The morning of the 24th google mail experienced a worldwide "glitch". It was corrected shortly after it was noticed. A few weeks back, Saturday morning...every google search gave you a warning saying it was unsafe and you could not click on the results. I am just saying...may not be just you...my little tinfoil hat is sparking! I think test are being run on how quickly the communication lines could be shut down.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
Unbelieveable! I woke this morning with a question I wanted to post to your next writing and low and behold the writing was already written. I'm simply blown away. My question is very simple. How much more obvious do things have to become to the lucid mass, when Bennie (cheshire) Bernanke says such a ludicrous thing like "this recession should be over in about six months." I have never been so convinced that something big will be happening in those same six months. If I'm missing something please enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les you dont have to post this but I too have trouble posting on my 1st try, usually I get a blank where it says to replicate the letters, It says "loading" instead of giving any entry letters.What I do is type the word "loading" into the box and push submit. Of course it does not work, but allows me to retry and on the next attempt it indeed shows the hidden letters needed to successfully post hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

"where does a sane person go when this kind of shit passes for reality?"
Hi Les,
The above seems to be an extremely pertinent question. I can relate to your last post especially, as I'm improperly balanced as well.
I don't know how many people in my area (SE GA) have awakened, but I can say that the sheep are thick as fleas. I actually live close to Ft. Stewart (home of the 3RD ID) and these folks are making enough noise over there to raise the dead. Although, they are more likely getting ready to create the dead somewhere. Here? I don't know man, but I for one am sick to death of worrying about that question I quoted.
Time to hunker right on down, I guess.

Visible said...

The Jacksons;

Thank you for saying that. Despite what some people might mistakenly glean from some of my posts I am not a paranoid (nor indicating I think you were indicating that). I have been diagnosed as an incurable schizophrenic during my early days touring some of the nations maximum security mental wards. This occurred not because I exhibited crazy behavior unless you count my defending myself in jail. It was more because of strange thing happening around me that they couldn't compute and that left the obvious solution.

I cam to find out that schizophrenic (in my case) meant that where most people have a fence completely around their consciousness and are therefore, 'normal' my fence had gaps that led... who knows where. Time and experience have shown me to be (in my own mind) more sane than the majority of people I encounter and also avoid.

I don't know whether it's important for me to say any of that but... my problem here is not that people can't comment for a day. This happens very often here and other posters I know don't have it happening at their blogger sites which was the case, far as I know, yesterday as well.

Also... my infrastructure is all messed up and there's other things too. I don't assume that they're keyed on me generally. In fact, I skate on what i say much better than most writers around given that I seldom even get a negative comment.

Like I say... this has been going on for months and there's no way to fix it and no one I know has the same problem and I'm pretty savvy about fixing things- in my own dysfunctional way- because I have no one else to rely on. I am completely alone except for my invisible friends and the few people who do tend to be around are not savvy in this regards at all and generally need my help when something happens.

It's weird and no mistake. I've been planning to move to Word Press. The thing is that I can't move the whole blog. I've seen explanations on how to do that but that is out of my league or, more probably, beyond my patience to go through given that I'd have to hunt and peck my way where a nerd could breeze through it. So... I kept putting it off. As I said, I think I'll keep this place as an archive and just start anew with features linking back and forth.

We're all missing something Rich. that is why we are in this physical form however, as far as the game goes... like the song says, "What puzzlin you is 'the nature of' my game.

Anonymous said...

"...hope you guess my name"

Visible said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les great work. Wanted to comment on what Rosie said about Seattle and false flags. I read her post with a certain amount of unease since I live in the area-
it makes sense. Seattle was the epicenter of resistance to the WTO. Going back further, the West Coast has always been a center of resistance to the Eastern Establishment-read, hippies, Vietnam draft resistance, the IWW...........
We here have that tradition. Of calling bullshit.
A few years ago we had an Israeli moving company which was shut down for, ostensibly, defrauding customers. Out of Woodinville, about 20 miles northeast of Seattle.
Yeah, a false flag on the West Coast would make a certain amount of sense, possibly, or, apparantly, to the Zionist bastards.
May their plans be thwarted and come to naught, not only here in the US, but worldwide-especially in Palestine.

Will Wilson

Anonymous said...

"The thing is that I can't move the whole blog."

Beg my pardon, Les, but don't move the whole blog. Just start again. Year Zero. Smoking Mirrors II.... Smoking Mirrors II, Blog 1. Wherever the best and safest blog host currently is. Leave Smoking Mirrors where she/he/it is. Goodbye... farewell... get on board bus S.M.2... you see my drift.

Of course, if this means you actually lose the previous posts, compile them into a book. Have you done that anyway?

Les, love your work. Love your honesty. F*** The Man and his efforts to mess with you. You shouldn't have to move, but it may actually be a +ve step.

Peace and love,
Mark - Worcestershire, England

Anonymous said...

The only things I seem to be losing are my freedom and my bloody mind!

nina said...

eblogger advertises you can move your blog, but considering from where that message comes, of course you would not want to be the lab experiment.

Now, back to your posts. Really, it does appear the problems all come from one main issue that being the one thing we do naturally which is to question. Even if the world were perfect for everyone in every way we would still seek answers to bigger questions such as "Where did I come from, why am I here?" But we find ourselves instead in the midst of a huge ongoing, long drawn out divide between having the latitude to express these questions and existing alternately in a state of acceptance of not questioning at all, which according to everything we have learned about living thus far is ignorance. A thoughtful individual is a considering individual, deliberating actions, motives and all possible outcomes. Despite the extreme pressure on all fronts, and I mean all fronts, we cannot stop the natural human process of seeking truth. There is a war alright, its been going on long before any of us inhabited this space in this lifetime. We resist ignorance and it presses harder. Not until a vast spiritual awakening takes place among everyone will we be free. Imagine living free of ridicule and displacement in a world where everyone is more concerned with spiritual development as the supreme achievement of all living species?
I know you have said this same thing many times in many better ways. Its really the beautiful old drum you've been beating and always will. All life is about learning, so its only natural and right.
Love, nina

Anonymous said...

Something is intentionally going on against this site Les. I am sceptical that someone other than Les Visible is blogging in YOUR comments as you. Yes this sounds very weird but you absolutely impeccable wordsmith skills, ALWAYS used for truth and building and not destruction are somewhat missing in several of the entries above. Is it really you? You description of your mental situation even if true would have been assessed and descibed in a much more humble and eloquent way. IS it you or have the minions sacked you and put a paltry impersonator in your place. Proof of life required. Please speak to this on your next live radio gig at F2F since only your own voice will fully convince mw of what's going on and that body snatching is not afoot.
You are the absolutely best alternative journalist I have ever read. Don't let them assassinate you in any way.
Keep up the truth and the åpositive energy to all of us reading you and your commenter.
Peace and love, Glenn Sweden

Anonymous said...

I used to think "when the internet goes belly up," then is the time to "head for the hills," so to speak. Nothing coming up when the cursor was double clicked on that "Camino" browser icon. Now THAT would be the alarm, the red light blinking, the true indicator that the shit had truly hit the plastique.

Then, I read such a phenomenon was not possible (I still don't know what is true about that). However, now, what I am feeling is the potential of a methodical dismantling of all the web sites, I visit on a regular basis, slowly degrading over time (through the efforts of outsiders inside the system playing with sub either disconnectors...jamming the system). Somehow, that act would activate a far greater concern for me personally. The last vestige of life beyond this realm, gone.

Maybe this is all about one thing, for me. Trusting only That reality inside; that connection to the true Source. The Guiding Light where answers to the questions are realized instantly.

Maybe the "Smoking Mirror" and all my other favorites have been preparing me for life Beyond the Internet. If feels as though my "program" is about to change dramatically. Trusting the Self without censure. Time to let go of a twentieth century life-style based on consumption and waste. And all this time, living off the grid, growing my own, I thought I had it together.

European American

Kevenj said...

"..so it has a kind of ‘Spartacus celebrates Mardi Gras in Hell’ effect."

Funny, i thought that was what life was akin to here in the US these days.

You and many of your commenters have missed their calling.Excellent words Les. I'm with the idea of making a book. I'd definitely buy it.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted you to know that we out here in your, 'audience' of sorts, are thinking of you. I feel that life needs to appreciated in these times down to the last drop. Savor every moment and friendship. If you pass through these parts you are always welcome. My girlfriend and I discuss and read your blogs everyday.


Visible said...

Hey folks;

Sometimes... not often... I take the opportunity to talk about things that are affecting me and, by extension or... independently, this site or some other situation that I am engaged in. This doesn't and shouldn't mean that I think everyone should head for the hills or that something long talked about it imminent. Until any of us has attained liberation there is a personal aspect to things even when we wish there was not and it can color the presentation so... it's good to remember that I am me and you are you sometimes even if, cosmically there is no me or you. I can't be more clear about this because I don't know how.

Now on the matter of your concern Glenn which ties into this in a way. Here is something I said in one of those comments, "My last comment in this thread was a calculated one with particular expectations." and that should imply that there may well have been other things I said that were calculated for effect as well;

"sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

I am wondering if English may not be your native tongue. I do not say this to imply that you are not comprehending everything that is said. I do not doubt that there are many non-native speakers who know a great deal more about the English language than I do. In fact I am sure this is true. However...

my consort, Susanne is a non-native speaker and she has said to me on occasion that something I said sounded arrogant to a German. This is because of peculiarities in meaning between languages. You can say certain things in one language that you can't say 'the same way' in another language... the nuance is different. It's something to do with the way the languages are made and the usual manner of use.

I looked over what I said and I could see where you might have gotten that impression. I think in instances like this the main question should be, "Is it true?" rather than how it sounds. Several of the things I said could have benefited from more description but I'm not as careful as I can be or should be all of the time.

A fully self-realized person would most likely not be writing a blog like this in the first place so there is something to be said for the occasional personal errors if one actually enjoys something like this overall.

I do consider myself more sane than the majority of people I encounter because of what they are up to in their day to day and what their focus is. This shouldn't mean that I think I'm a better or more valuable person because I do not. It was merely a parallel to the fact that the authorities have often considered me to be mad and I find that the society they are basing their judgment from and they themselves are more mad than I because of what they consider to be the important features of existence which I consider to be NOT the important features and these features they consider desirable look to me like the kind of features that make people easy to control and manipulate.

Sometimes presentation can be tricky because it can seem that a person is claiming something for themselves while denying them for others when there may be more to it than that. This is why I said that the best thing in these situations is to ask yourself if what they say is true rather than to parse their style or way of speaking.

If you find that for the most part I am a certain way then it is probably best to grant me some latitude in times when my intention doesn't appear to be as clear as at others.

Life has shown me, very clearly, that I am no more or less than anyone else. In former times I have had certain things demonstrated to me and these are lessons that I am not likely to forget though it is always good to remind oneself less that lesson come upon them again.

I apologize if there is a mis-perception taking place here and I submit that it is one of the limitations of language because it was not my intent to appear that way. Obviously this is not something I would desire. However... in the process of dealing with so many words, as I do, this kind of thing is going to happen. When I say that I don't get many negative comments that is a fact. It's not meant to imply that this is because of some greater value that I have. It was meant to be seen in the context of the argument itself. Simply... "is is true?"

Anyway, I've probably confused the whole issue again and I am sorry if that is the case. All I can say is that I try to do my best each day but that is not always going to be possible, nor am I at my best every day and that is something that I pointed out also in one of the comments in question.

Well... let's leave it at that and I'll go back to trying to do my best though you can expect that I will fall short of that again.

Anonymous said...

There is certainly a learning curve as to style(s) here at mirrors both with Les, and commenters. Me being one of them--there is a get it, or not kind of thing that is not exclusionary at all--a lot of times i get more insight from the commenter's than I do from my first read and then I go back with a little bit more of a roadmap and don't miss whatever is along the side of the road when i was just watching the road and trying to stay between the white lines--the fun is in going off road with your eyes closed--there will always be a fellow traveler to help you when you get stuck.
I have always loved that you leave pauses and gaps, not spelling everything out as there is a certain expectation that the readers know certain things--perhaps, perhaps not--
With so many "new" folks--a certain amount of explaining is in order as we were all neophytes at one time or another--
I hope that folks go to origami and petri, etc. too and also read all the comments as they sometimes help to complete the thought(s)--if such a thing can happen--
That is the beauty of this site--it's alive--it moves, breathes, laughs and cries usually at the same time--
As always, thank you to all of you!!


Anonymous said...

‘Might is right’ and ‘dead men tell no tales’ never goes out of style.
The mouse has many toys to play with; a ball, a maze and even a bed of fluff. The thing about mice is there are so many of them. Some are analyzed physically inside their organs, or how they respond to certain drugs and cross breeding with other species. Other mice are tested socially to see how they react to certain conditions and when certain pressures and stresses are present (heat, hunger, increased population, etc.). Every part of the mouse has been tested, documented and genetically analysed except perhaps the soul. Do mice have souls? Can we tailor those souls yet? Patent them?
Do the mice know that they are in a cage? The old story of the country mouse and the town mouse has changed into the country mouse, the town mouse and the caged mouse....
Or maybe the new story is the country mouse and the caged mouse?

Anonymous said...

Les Did that last post a minute ago come through - it just vanished when I posted?!

Visible said...

This is all I saw.

Anonymous said...

This is what vanished Les - in a strange way.
This item from WRH confirms your theories maybe - and mine!


I also asked if I could post this item by Paul Craig Roberts. One of the best commentators from America.
Easy to read and understand, a picture of America and the result of free trade.
Really worth a read to get a picture.


Lastly a real moan about that Times article on Bishop Williamson for which I called for reinforcements.
What a zionist set up.
I did get some things on as EmilyE but when challenged for links to prove them, dispite four trys and an exchange of E mails with the moderator they refused to put the links up making it look as though I couldn't give them.
How utterly dishonest!!!
I did finally get a message up saying this but only after a battle. No links.
They refused to post up anything too anti jewish. They admitted it.
One chap, who I wondered was Les, using Errol Flynn as a name did brilliantly until banned, and hard core zionists - probably from the zio web were given free reign. Even so there were a lot of us fighting back.
If Errol wasn't you Les he may have been an Australian chap - who actually started me on the road to seeing the light. At that time using the name Alan B'stard.
Anyway this postwent missing as I posted the posted button. Where in cyber space it resides I cannot imagine. But it was odd.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les for straightening me out. I am a native English speaker 19 years removed from Canada (my three children keep me here in Sweden). If I understand correctly from your various sites and talks you live in Italy with Susanne. I count myself amoung your greatest supporters right now and I just want to say thank you - BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU SAY. I haven't found one single untruth in all the months I've been reading you. Please continue your inspiring and important work.
Mvh, Glenn

Visible said...

Hey Glenn; I don't doubt it was my fault. I ran out of my hard to get medication a couple of weeks ago and found that the source I obtain it through is unavailable until June. This has caused me to be less focused and generally disinterested across the board in just about anything. I'm working at it with my variety of disciplines but it hasn't been easy. Still... I consider myself extremely lucky in most respects and just need to ramp up my determination. Personal chemistry is a funny thing.

Rosie... and everyone else experiences problems... save your posts to clipboard before you hit 'post' then resubmit. If you are getting the red text after trying to post it will post the next time so hit the button again.

I've got Wordpress all set to go and what I'm going to do is just publish in both locations and if Wordpress becomes a problem I will find a third location. And there you have it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Iran, check the link below. Will this create some conflict with Israel? Sounds like that heroin business must be protected at all costs.

"Gen. John Craddock, NATO’s senior military commander, announced late Feb. 2 that the alliance would not oppose individual member nations reaching bilateral deals with Iran for the transit of supplies to Afghanistan."


Anonymous said...

Okay that linked sucked. If you hit the second header it will take you to the site.


Anonymous said...

A few years ago I "discovered" Leonard Cohen and one of his songs was so hauntingly descriptive of current events that it kept repeating in my head. Just wondered if you would care to post the lyrics.

The Future by Leonard Cohen

Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Give me crack and anal sex
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant

You don't know me from the wind
you never will, you never did
I'm the little jew
who wrote the Bible
I've seen the nations rise and fall
I've heard their stories, heard them all
but love's the only engine of survival
Your servant here, he has been told
to say it clear, to say it cold:
It's over, it ain't going
any further
And now the wheels of heaven stop
you feel the devil's riding crop
Get ready for the future:
it is murder

Things are going to slide ...

There'll be the breaking of the ancient
western code
Your private life will suddenly explode
There'll be phantoms
There'll be fires on the road
and the white man dancing
You'll see a woman
hanging upside down
her features covered by her fallen gown
and all the lousy little poets
coming round
tryin' to sound like Charlie Manson
and the white man dancin'

Give me back the Berlin wall
Give me Stalin and St Paul
Give me Christ
or give me Hiroshima
Destroy another fetus now
We don't like children anyhow
I've seen the future, baby:
it is murder

Things are going to slide ...

When they said REPENT REPENT ...

m_astera said...

"anyone who might object to the truth is automatically someone hiding something wrong about themselves. It doesn’t matter what reasons you give. This is the real reason. I’ll allow that you might be clueless and stupid so you can pick that as an alternative option if you want to."

I'm probably as usual getting too analytical here, but I'm trying to find a category for a couple of emails I got.

I posted a couple of comments on Eric deCarbonnel's post at Market Skeptics, "Catastrophic Fall in World Food Production for 2009" which was carried on a lot of websites. In response I got an email from a fellow, R, in Birmingham, England writing about Sparkistan. I asked, and Sparkistan is a local B'Ham term for the parts of town that are mostly muslim immigrants. R was concerned about the coming collapse and wanted some info on growing food (he even bought my book, bless his heart) but was on a rant about muslims from B'Ham being involved in the 7/7 London bombings and mentioned the Arabs behind 9/11 too. I have no particular use for religion, fanatics, or people who refuse to assimilate in a country that has given them refuge and opportunity, but R was buying into BS, so I sent him some links and copied and pasted one of Rosie's recent posts from Smoking Mirrors, on the theory that hearing it from an aware fellow Britisher might wake him up a little. I also asked a couple of pertinent 8/11 questions RE building 7 and the NORAD stand down.

What I got back were links to sites that supposedly debunked the 9/11 conspiracy theories, R mentioned "screwloosechange" among others, and more anti-muslim rants. At that point I let things lie.

What I'm wondering, though, is which category above R fits into? He is not stupid or he would not be buying a book on nutrition and soil science; he was well-spoken and literate, and well aware that there were serious problems looming, but completely stuck on blaming the muslims and unable to look at the larger picture. I don't see where he fits into the category of hiding something wrong about himself either.

So I am going to propose a third category here: Those who can handle a little bit of doubt and a little bit of truth, but not too much, as that would blow their whole paradigm of reality and send them off the precipice into crazy-land. Their fear of disapproval from social consciousness is stronger than their sense of survival or attachment to truth. The phrase "useful idiots" comes close, but they are not idiots. Most of my relatives fit in this category, as do the majority of all people that I know.

(If this post goes through, it will be because I typed "loading" into the space where the word verification wouldn't load. Second try.....)

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish entry up.

The Serious Disconnect of Modern Culture.

Also there is a preliminary effort at a Wordpress mirror site that has to be tinkered with yet. It is also up-

Wordpress copy of the same article.

Anonymous said...

Hello M Astera

Please do not be so hard on my fellow compatriot.
If you lived in England as I do, you would have some sympathy for his position.
This country is being systematically islamified. We are being overwhelmed by sheer numbers.
There will be an islamic majority here in something like 20-30 years because of mass migration and massive ethnic birthrate as opposed to English.
That is fact. It is of grave concern to me and many other English people. According to the latest news, immigration is the top concern of the people of the UK in general-not only the English
This man writes from Birmingham. Whole swathes of this English city is now muslim. Birmingham is verging on a majority of ethnic incomers.
One in five in my country is foreign born. Official. Note foreign born! add to that of foreign parentage.
Whole schools here may have just a handful of english, as such, children
Many muslims (and other immigrant groups) do not integrate. One wonders why they have come to settle if they do not want English customs and an English way of life. This leads people to believe, with justice, that they are here for economic reasons and to take advantage of our welfare state.
Social services and our welfare state is, in fact, buckling and becoming bankrupt from such social pressures. We have English elderly on the breadline after paying into the system all their lives whilst immigrants are overwhelmed with state largesse, or are perceived to be.
This is causing massive resentment and your Birmingham correspondent is tapping into this view.
I may say that these people can be seen as threatening. I, as a western woman, am frankly offended at seeing islamic women in islamic dress with eyes only showing. When in Rome do as the Romans do, as they say.
When you see groups of muslim youths standing in the middle of the road challenging you to drive through, as happens even in my small town - it is scary. With the massive knife crime that has come with mass immigration many of us do feel unsafe and intimidated.
Now the question must be asked, why has this been allowed to happen, and this is where I am of a view which is kept from most English/British people. Although the penny is finally dropping and fast.
The folk who run my country are not our politicians but the Board of British Jewish Deputies and the EU, also controlled by the house of Rothchild and others.
It is the Jewish lobby which has led to the mass influx of immigrants into Europe which is threatening our very survival as nations.
Three reasons, of many, are below.
To destroy nationalism through destroying our national identity and social cohesion. Being most successfully acheived.
To destroy the standard of living by forcing down working and middle class wages - leading to far bigger profits. Successfully achieved.
To lay the path for the jewish dominated NWO. Successfully achieved.
However a backlash is building up.
The jewish parasites have milked so much money out of the global economic system it is crashing.
Partly because of our close alliance as poodle to the USA we are completely bankrupt as a nation and following the American trend. Debasing our currency at an unbelievable rate to pay out taxpayers money, without seeming limit, to a pack of corporate scum, not least jewish.
This is now becoming increasingly apparent regardless of our jewish dominated media and I can honestly say, that the fear being expressed by the elite of English riots and rebellion, is probably true.
Whilst only the working class was hurt, few cared.
Our middle class is being walloped now. Watch out. We as a people are slow to anger, and tolerant, but we do rebel.
At present the rancour is directed as the massive islamic prescence here. But Brown has just called a conference on the growing 'anti-semitism'.
This is because, thanks not least to the internet, more and more folk are seeing where their true 'enemies are'.
This blog is carried by 'Truthseeker'.
Would you take the trouble to look at recent items on that site.
About possible unrest, about the shocking state of surveillence Britain, and about our trillion pound tax debt paid out by Brown to prop up banks. A warning by the former head of MI5 and another today.
You must understand that the jewish community here has been very clever.
They have led the calls for immigration and curtailment of freedom of speech and all the usual hate crimes that are an infringement of our ancient liberties, and yet have managed, through their control of the media, to place the blame for this on other immigrant communities.
Perhaps you would like to E mail this to your Birmingham correspondent as well.
I think he would be largely in agreement.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dadnerd

Quote'Gen. John Craddock, NATO’s senior military commander, announced late Feb. 2 that the alliance would not oppose individual member nations reaching bilateral deals with Iran for the transit of supplies to Afghanistan

Beware of Stratfor. Zionist. I get their e mails and watch them.
This is just anti Iranian propaganda to sully that nation with western and all other people, such as yourself.
This is part of a campaign to justify the attack on Iran.
The evidence is overwhelming that the conduit for the drugs trade is from Afghanistan through Kosovo.
The whole motivation for the 'free kosovo' crap.
Kosovo has now been given its illegal 'independence' all the better to facilitate this CIA/MI6 drugs trade, used largely for black ops and other things.
I can give you links.
As for NATO it is nothing but the military wing of the zionst dominated NWO.
Hence the attack on Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Never have the Poppies flourished so well as now, under NATO protection.
The Taleban - another CIA/MI6 created islamic group, as is the KLA in Kosovo (both in collusion with CIA asset Osama Bin Laden), was only attacked when starting to STOP the poppies.
Outside their allowable 'remit'. The enslavement of women was fine.
Please don't be fooled and watch Stratfor more carefully.
I keep them up to watch the misinformation. It is blatant.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up Rosie. I have never seen that site before, and found it hard to believe NATO wanted to use Iran that way.


Anonymous said...

Did Putin avert another 9/11 last week when Russia sank a Chinese freighter? If so, they will be trying to enact plan B soon.

I have been exposed to so much stuff of late that I don't know what is up or down. I thought that I was a new age rock n roller with a degree etc... It was all bullshit.

Sadly, there is no starting over.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dadnerd

A little update on WRH today, you may not have seen.
The zionists are really upping the propaganda against Iran


Anonymous said...

hi michael and all--I wanted to post a post about your last post about different catagories of people--who's on first
My guess is the intelligent gent who bought your book still has a lot of friends--relatively speaking in the world we see, not the world we choose to be a part of--my guess also is that most of the regular red pill eaters in here have very few friends and numerous aquaintances we need to associate with from time to time with little if any emotion attached--My own experience has been that I get free-er the less I have to connect with the rest of the world--my guess is that your corrspondent has not made this disconnect because sitting around a pub bitching about foreigners, democrats, republicans, iranians--is safe territory in a way--it goes with the local flow and therefore people don't look at you sideways--I used to get it all the time during our handing out videos, sending WRH links, etc. days--I just let so much go and don't give a shit what the outsiders think--because they don't think--or don't want to--It was never a jump for me, I dove down the rabbit hole like a greased pig with Juli ahead of me laughing her ass off--a lot of people are out there who have to go this alone and that is a scary thing if you let it be
I couldn't imagine one person I know "getting"a visible post so I don't send them--just like my bookmarks, my email list has shrunk considerably for good reason--it is a cleansing of sorts. I love coming in here and the "elsewheres" not because we agree, but because it is one of the few places that is alive in this world--I learn here--I grow because I am not offended when someone comments on one of my scribblings in what would have been a "negative light" to me in years gone past--granted, I look at who it is and what respect I have for them--that determines the weight I give their "review"--
Until we break out of our comfort zone and brave the elements ourselves, we don't grow--it's just that simple.
It is way beyond the news articles for me now--almost 2 weeks of not reading any for me--very cleansing also--Back to that thing of I don't care who it is busting my door down--I just know it ain't Avon calling--I don't care who it is (relatively speaking) who made my dollars worthless, who fucked the economy, etc.--it just is, so I'll deal with it--Everything is going to get real small here soon and what we see from where we stand is what we are going to have to deal with--around the corner isn't going to mean shit--and maybe that's a good thing in a way--all the speculating does no good other than in a general sense as we will be dancing to our own tunes when the time comes--the mechanics of the situtation are one thing--how you hold it together and grow at the same time is another.
The future is now.

Hi Les,
i don't know what it is with this laptop--I can post at all your blogs but mirrors--no problems elsewhere-ninas, su's, michaels, etc.
If you have a new mirrors going up maybe you could post this there if it applies--didn't want it getting lost in the shuffle--


Anonymous said...


Oh WRH is my first stop of the day, hehe.

Let me reply to this...

"Lets not forget that some other nukes are also missing in the USA - remember them being 'accidentally' loaded? then some went missing and then the crew of the plane and ground crew have been mysteriously dying in various ways.

I have it on good authority, that no nukes went missing. Yes they did get mixed up and ended up on that plane. Plenty of heads rolled for that, but not literally. The news media played that one up good. Check the internet and you will see the deaths were all over the place and at different times, most before the incident. I only know this because I have a relative that was there in Minot, and was chief of ordinance. But was reassigned a few years before the incident. Believe it or not it was entirely possible to accidentally load those weapons. Everyone agrees that that was insane, and provisions were made to never have it happen again. But no weapons were missing that is key to understand.

Just wanted to clear that up. I actually called him before posting this, just to make sure it was okay.

Anonymous said...

Hmm wordpress? You will have good company.


Might have a backdoor, ya think? Not that they all don't.


Anonymous said...

Last time I checked we all live here on EARTH. In my world we come and go as we damn well please whether were muslim, anglo or whatever. Migrating away from a piece of turf that was bombed into the freakin' stone age by planes that took off from Lakenheath just sounds like "what goes around, comes around" to me dear. The nationalism expressed by supposedly "awakening" people gives me a sick feeling.

m_astera said...


I passed your comment on to my correspondent in Birmingham.

I do understand the situation with muslim immigrants in Europe and who is behind it all. The plan is, was, and has been to destroy Western culture. In the USA it has been Latin American immigrants who have been used for this purpose, but at least the Latin American immigrants don't refuse to assimilate. Canada has a large amount of muslim and Caribbean immigrants to serve the purpose of destroying Northern European culture.

As for the comment from the person who thinks everyone should just go anywhere they like as we are supposed to be one big happy family, I think you are missing the connection to who was behind the bombing AND the immigration and what their agenda is.

I prefer to choose who my neighbors are and not have them shoved upon me by government policy.

m_astera said...


'Fraid I'll have to trust my gut instincts before I trust your relative who was there a couple of years before this happened. I have read the nuke weapons loading protocols and it seems extremely unlikely to me that this happened by accident. It had Dick Cheney's fingerprints all over it.

OTOH, as I'm not at all convinced that nuke weapons even work, I'm not too concerned about it. One of the best arguments for them not working is that Israel hasn't used them.

If I'm right about that, this whole world has been had, no?

Anonymous said...


I'm gonna email you with details okay?

Anonymous said...

“I couldn't imagine one person I know "getting" a visible post so I don't send them--just like my bookmarks, my email list has shrunk considerably” (JJ)

Yes, JJ, same experience for me... In fact, it was only recently that I discovered (from a couple of inadvertent comments by ‘friends’), that the links I had been sending them had been either completely ignored, or dismissed as BS.

Yup, I am facing up to the incomparable distinction of having failed to (help)enlighten anyone.


Visible said...

People... as you know, the Zionista putsch is hard at this site and has been for awhile. Now they've made it so you can't post your comments. As I have said over and over and over and over and over and over and over... email me the damn comments, don't just complain that you can't get through. I'm not doing this.

Email lesvisible@gmail.com and when that goes down there will be other ways. I am already moved to Wordpress but that will get hit too. We have to work around this and the one thing you should avoid, especially if you are friends of mine is not to get on my case as if I am not running your comments. I ran out of ketamine three weeks ago and don't know when I will get any more so I'm somewhere between Camus and Kafka on a good day.

I give everything I have to my work and I don't spare the cost in personal terms. It's a full time job with no pay check and I'd do it double time and pay for the privilege even while carrying a good deal of chemical depression which is what people like me get when they get hit repeatedly in the head when they are children. it's a little late to go back and fix that. I'm okay when I have the means to keep it in check but when I don't it is touch and go so... please have some fucking mercy and don't get on my case when your comments don't appear.

Thank you.

Randall said...

Hi Les, sincerely hope you find the k you need.
You're one of the rare ones, and fuck conventional wisdom on using whatever it is that one finds to work for them, be it pizza
or ketamine or weed or....whatever.

For Elie Wiesel it's being the maintenance man
for genocide fraud.

I'll take a K-hole over that shit anyday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the words Les. I draw a breath of life upon every visit. My breath lost some purpose. The loss of my mate drove home the levels of grip the MONEY has over those firmly ensconced in it's grasp. The love of and pursuit thereof of the ever powerful cash WILL have you paying STUPID TAX until you are willing to learn about the folly of doing the devils work for money. Your path is NEVER ever hidden. Your works are also never too hard to make out. My mate chose to cut me down and walk a mans path with a woman's legs. She will fail. I am her man and even if she has me jailed SHE is still the huge loser of this day for i am moving into another woman's life to serve HER more willing needs and not even going to let my sorrow over losing my dog Charlie hamper my need to have a real LADY to be a Gentleman to. My love for her is still strong but she is more into a constant cash flow than a healthy respect for God and his ability to help those who just manage to help themselves. I will miss Llana for some time. Her loss is some other woman's good fortune for i was and will for ever be a QUALITY person SHE cast off after her fears invaded her thinking and tricked her into driving me off. I will not have too much hope for awhile but i will have Faith enough to pray for her to do the right things. Time is not lost to you if you are willing to see your errors and come clean about them. A Gentleman CAN forgive... And will if the need is strong enough. All my love to Llana and Charlie even if i am not welcome at home.

Anonymous said...

Hello M astera,

Sorry about the delay in answering. Didn't check this out yesterday. Hope you spot this.
Thanks for passing on my message.
It is truly worrisome, I can tell you.
You just have to remember that muslims are taking advantage, sort of taking the P as they say, because they have been allowed to and they have been allowed to deliberately. And that that deliberation has been formulated from Jews.
Muslims now have enormous power here because they can use our democracy against us, through the ballot box, and are doing so blatantly and all too often illegally, with little sanction. They vote Labour the Labour government doesn't give a damn.
The only thing that can save Britian, is for these people to be repatriated. It is THAT BAD.
Either by offering cash incentives - and I personally have no problem with this and I would suspect few here would.
It would do enormous good.
These folk would return home relatively wealthy and able to create jobs and economic growth where it is needed. Small business.
However if things get as bad as they say - with the huge anger growing within Britain at the number of immigrants pouring in and taking British jobs at such low pay the British cannot live on it with family commitments, they may be leaving faster than imagined.
I will not comment on my views on that.
As for the nuke on the aircraft missing.
I too, with due respect to our fellow poster, believe that there is nothing in his rebuttal story.
I can't remember the name, but a very senior officer got sacked over it and that was MSM reporting.
It was suggested one nuke is missing and tons of different sources have posted on that. I think there is every reason to fear.
I have also read a break down of those who died - over about six weeks and still going on.
Seemed a bit unusual to me.
If that is the natural number of casualties on an American base I would think they would run out of personnel.
Dick Cheney - definitely.

Anonymous said...

Gonna shoot this dead horse one more time.

About the nukes.

First off you need to program the bombs or at least the cruise missiles that lunch them. They can be pinpointed to the second before detonation.

Anyway imagine if Cheney was behind the whole thing and the purpose was to get a hold of a nuke. Why did he only go as far as Minot in the conspiracy, why did he not set up Barksdale too? The ground crew there instantly realized what they had on their hands, what kind of idiot is Cheney? hehe.

What kind of stupid plan only figures half the equation? I know its tempting to see a conspiracy here, but I'm afraid one doesn't exist. And I wouldn't want people worrying about a nuke out there being planted somewhere. Not that we can rule it out either. If a high official wants to get a hold of one, trust me, we wouldn't being hearing about it on the nightly news.

Anyway I think we can let this dog lie. For me I suspect everything humans say in public and private. Skepticism is the most healthiest way to live. But not to get paranoid. We have to keep a balance.

notamobster said...

I've seen and heard much speculation with regard to the nukes... I can tell you from PERSONAL experience (pretty good authority) that it is utterly impossible to accidentally load these on a trailer, much less a fricking aircraft. You can't tell the difference between a nuke and a CALCM. The only difference is the payload (internal), from the outside, they are identical. With the PRP, Nuclear Surety, "no-lone zones" paperwork protocols and myriad authorizations required, it takes half a shift to get into the HAS to work on the fucking things. Non-convenmtional weaponry is stored in a completely different location than conventional munitions. Your uncle, or cousin, whoever.... should know this. Nuclear technicians are completely differents than "Ammo".

Did you know that you can't have a reflector on a trailer (that's right, a trailer) which hauls non-conventional munitions - that has more than one 3/32" crack at a mounting hole (of a facking reflector!!!)? Seems retarded, I know... but the Air Force is very particular about their nukes.

If you've taken a gander at the air force in general (which I am prone to doing) you will notice a Jewishness of a certain new Chief of Staff...(Gen Schwartz)... If you were to look, you'd also notice an overall cahnging of the guard in AF leadership. They've thrown out the fighter pilots and operational (spec-ops) commanders and replaced them all with "team-player" logistics pukes... I think the "missing" nukes was merely the impetus required for sweeping changes in the entrenched AF leadership(formerly free-thinking fighter pilots, etc).



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