Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Howdy Doody President.

I’m sure there are some readers who feel that I accentuate the negative over the positive in my postings here. My answer would be, “Do you want me to lie to you?” I’m not trying to get you to sleep with me. A lot of you can accomplish that without my help. Sometimes I feel like I’m in one of those zombie movies that I don’t watch because I am too busy avoiding the zombies in the street. Some things are very clear to me and they are clear to others as well. This gives me a confirmation about what I am seeing. I cannot understand why so many more people cannot see what is happening. I have to assume that it is because they are seeing what they want to see because reality doesn’t jibe with their plans for the future.

People pretend that something is other than what it is because they think that is going to influence the outcome. Maybe they’ve read about positive thinking or visualization. Maybe they’ve got Nom-Myoho-Renge-Kyo playing in the back of their heads or they’ve been having a liquid lunch with Louise Hay. I’m all for the power of positive thinking. I employ it on a regular basis but... I’m against pissing in my own ear and telling myself its rain.

I believe that if you lie to yourself then you are certain to lie to others. It might make you popular with a larger segment of the population. It might put you on the rubber chicken glad-handing circuit and maybe you get to sit on the couch with Oprah but the last thing we need any more of is beautiful liars who won’t see what’s in front of them and don’t mind taking others along for the ride. It’s exactly that kind of mentality that got you where you are today ...and you want more?

Nadya Suleman is the poster girl for where Western Culture is at today. For all of the great things we could be up to and inquiring after, Fox News has the larger audience because it reduces everything to the basest and most common denominator. There’s a price for this and you can see what that price is by paying attention to what is disappearing. It’s that simple. If ever a culture needed a bitch-slapping it’s the one we’re afflicted with today. You will wake up or you will be woken up and your sugar plums are going to turn into Umeboshi plums with a Natal plum garnish.

I may like them but Umeboshi plums do not taste good on a deformed palate and Natal plum will stick you good. Nature has a way of telling you when something is wrong and it is called, ‘pain’. What you’ll do is look for an allopathic, pharmaceutical solution. What you’ll do is drink and deny. What you’ll do is try to escape but since it is a part of you, I am curious about where you think you’ll go without it tagging along. You can’t fix something by treating the symptoms but that’s what you want to do. You want to suppress the information that is telling you... you have to change your style.

Now you have a president who looks good. He talks good. He put the same people who created the present mess in charge of cleaning it up AND he’s got a Blackberry. I see a lot of foxes with smiles on their faces and a big chicken shortage. Obama sure does like to drop Lincoln’s name... no surprise there. He’s a Howdy Doody president and he’s dancing to the same strings that you are which is why you’re all in sync with being out of sync.

In the meantime you won’t be hearing about any of those annoying questions concerning that airplane crash in Buffalo. Just scroll down the list at What Really Happened and consider the curious questions being asked by people who aren’t performing as extras in the Day of the Triffids. Real news tastes a lot like Umeboshi plums but you’ll feel better after, even if it doesn’t go down as well as a sugar plum.

You want your system fixed? You want your world to operate with a semblance of order so that you can be industrious and enjoy the fruits of your labor? Eliminate the Federal Reserve. Put the right people in jail and take their money. Demand that a certain special interest group register as an agent of a foreign power. Support war crimes trials and do not purchase any product that has 729 on the bar code. That’s a start. That will do more for fixing the mess you are in than all of the gratuitous band aids on sucking chest wounds that are presently being employed. How come I know this and they don’t? Am I smarter than them? No... I’m honest and you should find the stones to be honest too.

You’ve been emasculated by banal entertainments and impossible dreams in a mechanical rabbit chase. The rabbit doesn’t get a carrot and neither do you. This rabbit doesn’t even eat carrots ...and you’re not going to eat carrots any more than you’re going to eat Umeboshi plum are you? Sometimes the bitter pill is the one that will save your ass.

Don’t look at Obama. Look at who Obama is listening to. Look at the people Obama put into a position to tell him what is happening. Iran hasn’t attacked another nation in about a thousand years. How many assaults on near defenseless nations have been launched by the country most vocal about attacking Iran? Is this not the same nation that lied America into an assault on Afghanistan and Iraq? How did that work out? How deceived are you? To quote Browning; “Let me count the ways” “To the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach”. Yeah, I’m picking on you again. I’m picking on Barack. I can’t get my ‘feel good’ on so I’m taking it out on you.

Over two years ago I told you what was going to happen to your economy. I’m not the Lone Ranger in that regard but rather one of a few. I’m telling you today that when what they intend for Iran happens in a couple or few short months that it’s going to be far more gruesome still. This is how they fix things. They start wars. They start wars to cover their asses... to distract the masses and to make the same kind of coin they were making when they were stealing everything you had... before they put the same people in charge of cleaning up the mess. You get to be the squeegee head at the end of the mop handle.

You just don’t seem to want to learn so it happens again and again and again. Keep your eye on Howdy Doody and pay no attention to the men behind the curtain. You’re going to learn this time. This time you are going to take to the streets because you may well already be living on them or one step away.

“It’s Howdy Doody time. It’s Howdy Doody time. It’s Howdy Doody time.” Buffalo Bob is played by Rahm Emanuel and Clarabelle the Clown is played by, “I’m a Zionist” Joe Biden. The gangs all here, maybe it’s time for Woody Willow too. Does it matter which puppet they use? Cartoon characters are climbing up out of the sidewalks and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is coming out of the speakers. Feet are tapping while the lyrics are ignored. Conditions are noted while the causes are ignored. The pain is medicated while the origin’s ignored. All eyes are focused on the cell phone screen in the secret masturbation of the teenage girls we’ve become. The leg rocks up and down in steady rhythm as we dream of Prince Charming when we are actually Little Red Riding Hood. You get a different result when the fairy tale is real unless you’re reading the Brothers Grimm.

Go ahead... I can’t stop you. Dr. Feelgood is on the phone. Humanity... so much promise. All that hard work that we did and it has come to this? I know I just said this yesterday but it’s the same today. I’m not letting go of my faith in you. I’m not letting you go down without annoying you every step of the way. If that’s negative then so be it. If you will just join arms with your equally abused friends and neighbors there are no amount of puppets that can maintain this world as a vampires feeding ground. You have the power. They have only the illusion.

No matter what you may do or not do... the greatest thing you can do is to be aware. Merely by seeing and recognizing you unleash more garlic and holy water than you will ever need. See... recognize and declare “citoyen j’accuse.”

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kikz said...

ah... mornin les:)

the triffid ref got me, hadta clean coffee off the keyboard :)

great post!

off ta see what piranhawannabe's hav gathered in da fray. >:)

Visible said...

Well, I'm glad to be entertaining at least (grin). Yeah... the fray is like being hooked on a bad drug sometimes. it was strange to see so many of them come around for the last post; even former enemies who may yet be.

How's the girl? She must be all brimming with hope encased in a new posture.

Anonymous said...

Les you the best cause you keep hiting the nail on the head cause people need to wake up and see what is going on around them.

Darius said...

Hi Les
I have to say that your recent posts here and on the other blogs have been so spot on - the knife cutting clear to the bone in one slice.
People can't see what is happening for what it is in much the same way that people who are colour blind can't imagine the concept of red or green.
Their eyes and brains just can't accept the visible light spectrum.
And even those who do start to get a bit of an inkling of what it going on try to turn it to fit their existing "reality", for want of a better word, and turn it to their own benefit - either it's God's plan (the moderate Christians), it's the End Times and sign of the Second Coming (the mad Christians), it's an opportunity to make a killing (the banksters), it's an opportunity to blame your predecessors (the politicians), it's a chance to give vent to your Divinely-sanctioned bloodlust (the You-know-who's) and it's time to raise your energies, put on your light-body and be transported up to the mother ship (the New Agers).
You can fill in the rest of the spaces for any group you care to think of.
The herd sees with the eyes of the herd, thinks with the brain of the herd and will react as one when the penny finally drops. The herd will then rise in its righteous fury and vent its rage, only pausing to ask each other once everything has been reduced to blackened smoking ruins: "What do we do now?"

Anonymous said...

Is there some dark sick magic at work here? Are they hell bent on making the 6 mil fairy tale real? Let me see, WWI - 6m tale, WWII - 6m tale, well maybe it is time for the real thing. Odd, 666. That number rings a bell...

Les, if I had the talent I would create a super virus that put your post on every computer.

People must realize that we are already at war with Iran. The doublespeak coming out of Howdy Dowdy confirms it. If open war breaks out with Iran then all hell will break loose. We will have martial law, detention camps, etc... that would be on the good side, on the not so good side and very probable would be WWIII. Yep, you to wonder if that is the real intent.

Les, I have enjoyed your post down to the last letter. We may be entering a new dark age if they have their way. I also expect the internet to have big problems if they attack Iran as well.


Anonymous said...

Hey les

I was wondering what the Illuminati have in plan for India. According to whatever I know of the Mossad and C.I.A are infiltrating the power corridors of India. Defence deals worth billions are being struck up. Foriegn investment through local entities can be upto 100%. India according to me has been a soothing balm in S.E Asia and if its suddenly injected with alot of hormones, sooner or later it will get aggressive.I hope this is not one of those experiments by the crazy blood sucking people in power that go horribly bad. The affects of materialism is destroying the fabric of Indian society. Please share some thoughts.

Anonymous said...


You are one cool guy, I love the way you think and write. I especially liked your article "stupid", and your response to the "stupid" who took issue with your description of around and around motor racing. The only way I could ever watch it, without being totally bored, was when I was young and totally stoned. I understand you are American, and left because you had enough. I too am American, and I left back in the mid eightees, to work in Europe in aerospace, I have lived in many countries as I work on contract. It gives me the opportunity to see the world, learn languages and understand different cultures. I couldn't take the stupidity of mainstream America any more, the sheeple there laugh and mock those trying to explain the reality of the world to them. They are being led off the cliff like lemùmings, and are too stupid for the most part to even realise it. The protocols of zion have a quote I love to repeat to the sheeple that don't get it, and it goes like this. "The goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves, and you know what happens when the wolves get ahold of the sheep". I expand on it and ask them, "what is the last thing that they do to sheep before slaughtering them"?, and then I reply, "well they fleece tham of course", like we are all being fleeced now, before they kick off the grand slaughter of world war three.

hang in there Les, the world needs more good guys like you

Anonymous said...

On a different subject, but maybe the same--
If you have watched "Enemy of the State" starring Will Smith do you get the sneaking suspicion that he and his movie wife remind you of a couple currently residing in the White House? Yes, I know it was made in 1998 but there is just something freaky about it--
Also, to those watching your clocks, we just had 2 more jump ahead about 15 minutes overnight--


Anonymous said...

I suppose I'm one of the "mad" Christians, because I recognize the 666 million burnt offerings ahead. We are the chosen, the elect that are witnessing for the blind who will not see. But the testament is still important, as long as there is a chance to pluck one more away from the flock following the Judas goat.

Anonymous said...

OK so I had to google on Nadya Suleman; so you mean the freak of nature whom I've been trying to avoid reading about.

Well thanks a lot for ruining my day, week, month......

Anonymous said...

Hi to the Author Les Visible and everyone!
I am finding myself in a panic some days. Its all so upsetting and few out where I live (a rural farming area) really know. I notice too many people supporting THEIR Guy, whether it be a Republican or Democrat without critisism. An example is my Mom. She LOVES Obama. No matter what I tell her she will not budge. Here is a woman who hated Bush, and it was easier talking to her then because when I brought up all the slaughter going on she agreed. Yet, when I bring up the Proof that Obama is also slaughtering, she makes "excuses".

This is what I see as a main problem. People, no matter how much Truth you tell them, will continue on with THEIR Guy, and blindly follow. Its all about Party lines (well, alot of it). This frustrates me. And what is sad is I can see in their eyes the refusal to allow any "negative" (I call it Truth) view of THEIR Guy past their filtered Perceptions of reality.

A woman I used to work for, recently said that Iraq DID and DOES have WMD. I told her even the Pentagon has come out and said they didn't. She refuses to believe that HER Guy, Bush, could be anything less than HER Personal protector.

Sorry so long and hope my point (although taken too many words to explain) can be understood.

Anonymous said...

Morning Les, great article, thanks.
Wanted to add a bit as far as things one could do

-boycott the "mainstream US media" and as many companies associated with them as possible. For example, if Coca Cola advertises on NBC (a General Electric subsidiary) buy a store brand cola instead.
And, use cash, not credit. And barter and thrift stores.

Dont participate with the evil ones or with their evil plans

kikz said...

she's doin great:) now that the mystery puking disease has abated.. aftr 5 days return to hosp.. scary that....
finally got the other 2 (snotheadz) well now, twin sister was back @school all last wk, tutor starting for 'posture twin' next week... babyzilla finally got rid of a low-rider fever she'd had since last sun... and had fun exchanging valentines on fri...

whew, last wk, and week b4... were bitches :)
i definitely climbed some 'stairs' on the 'big twisty' earlier this month:) think i'll sit down for awhile :)... not blockin the stairs mindya ;)

hope you're catchin a break too:)?

yea, da fray can be addictive..but i've had catharsis w/my lincoln bashing of late, so much fun, tearing down pre-programming w/actual historical doc.


Anonymous said...

We are coming to the final act. The suspense is rising, what is going to happen next? How is this going to end. The players are all maneuvering into place for the big one. Who wrote this damn play anyway? The empire of illusion will be getting desperate as truth seems to be leaking in everywhere. What will they do to keep their ship from sinking?

In the future they will look back in time and see the wreck of their ship sitting on the bottom of the sea, a mere skeleton, and marvel just like we marvel at past empires that came crashing down. When will man realize that is not the way it is supposed to be, rulers and ruled? Maybe the few that will survive will get it right.


Anonymous said...

Another brilliant article, always right and stunningly so this time! To give the herds some benefit of the doubt (I'm not exactly sticking up for them, but bear with me) it took me about 4 years to "wake up" and thank God (or whoever) I had my Mom to open my eyes so soon. I spent many sleepless nights tossing and turning thinking "No way, the bible is right, the Jews were so persecuted, Mary WAS a virgin, etc., etc., etc." I know it took me a while and then when my eyes opened it was like a whole new world had appeared. Now that I am "awake" so to speak I try so very hard to talk to "others" at work who are all "very good christians" as if that is the be all and end all. I get it. I was there once. Sometimes I get so frustrated but I know all I can do is provide some info and see if they have the balls to wake up on their own. I really don't see it happening in the near future so I've taken to plastering my car with anti-Israel slogans and anti-Bush slogans. Who knows, maybe someone will find the light. I might even put your website up on my car in big white letters, with your permission of course! Anyway, I caught up with an old friend on Facebook the other day and lo and behold he lives in the great country of Israel. Of course I had many BURNING questions for him like, "have you ever been to Gaza and seen all of the destruction wrought by Israel?". Well that was very well taken as you might imagine, and he had the gall to respond, "I just don't understand why Egypt won't open their borders for the Palestinian people." So I lobbed back a very nasty letter, friend or not, and he hasn't responded. What a surprise, he's settled firmly in "their" camp with them and their "wonderful land and people". Excuse me while I go vomit. I'm trying Les, I really am to get to people. It's a mixed bag. I live in the Bible belt and people would rather beat you with their belt than listen to your "hogwash". Wow, I live among the beasts of the field and their minds are closed with chains and bible verses. Strangest thing though, I have argued with my Father for years when he always tried to pin the blame on Israel and now I've had to call and apologize and eat some serious crow. Whaddya know, he was right all along! Thanks Les for keeping my eyes open and know that there are many out there who listen to you!!!

GodSend said...

When y'all get tired of hearing about the problems, again and again and again, visit my website and discover the Solution to The Puzzle. There is only ONE! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Les and fellow readers.I just got back from a brief trip back to the states the other day and you are sooo right.There are many zombies walking around.Whats with all of these people walking around in shorts and a t-shirt in FEBRUARY?Is this a side affect of all of the meds or what?I really coundnt help but notice the blank stare so many people are wandering around aimlessly with on thier faces.Funny how obvious it is after being away for a while now.Not really funny actually for the walking dead i guess.If i had not escaped i would probably be one of them too.Other things i was (not really)shocked to learn thanks to a giant billboard on the side of the freeway is that the only news that matters is Osama Bin laden,Ahmadinajad and Hugo Chavez.Has anyone else seen this billboard on the side of 285?Last but not least,i was quite(really)shocked to see the godlike status they are trying to raise Obama to.WTF?It was really creepy.I had actually meant to send you an e-mail telling you what i saw incase you wanted it for subject matter but i see your already a few steps ahead.Oh, by the way,thanks for TDS,i finished it the other day and did indeed enjoy it.

m_astera said...

The envelope, please...
(drum roll)
And the winner for Best Metaphor (so far) in 2009 is:

"You get to be the squeegee head at the end of the mop handle."

I'm still laughing.

As of today, my guess is that everyone gets the chance to wake up until it's too late. If you decide to wake up after it's too late, you get the same reward as the criminal who tells the judge they are sorry for what they did. It's sort of an anti-reward, as no one gives a shit that you are pretending to be sorry in hopes of leniency.

At that point, sorry means "sorry I didn't get away with the crime" or "sorry everyone had to see how stupid and/or evil I am right out in front of the whole world".

I don't think there's much sense in granting leniency to those who ignore the signs that say "bridge out ahead" and the screaming passengers in the car and cheerfully drive over the construction workers and through the barricades. Let's say by some miracle the car gets slowed down enough by the barricades or sideswipes the bridge abutment and comes to a stop, somehow, teetering on the edge of the abyss. And suppose the passengers make it out of the car, and pull you, the driver, out too. And the injured construction workers, those who survived, come limping up too. How much good is your I'm sorry going to do then?

Here is the minimum you deserve: to get beaten within an inch of your life, most of your bones broken and your head kicked in, and then thrown off the bridge onto the rocks far below. You don't deserve another chance.

That's about how real it is. Still willing to bet your life on bullshit?

Yeah, I figured you still were. Maybe Jesus will forgive you; I have better things to do.

Anonymous said...

Amicus 4.32pm:
The internet is already having problems.
Cant get on yahoo, everything is slow on dsl,
and hotmail sends one a message "Please refresh
your browser window" & you cant access email.
That's a first. Googled their mss and many other complaints. Dress rehearsals? Yeah and my clocks
are off too & more military flight traffic than usual.
I sent howdy doody to a Xtian friend and he said
"You'll get cancer reading such frightful stuff! The sky isnt falling here!" lol

Anonymous said...

Why do people go to a movie and applaud at the end? Why do people say, “we won” when the team they were rooting for wins? I look at my dog with a chew toy, and think these activities are the human chew toys. Anyone with a high school diploma has been trained to sit, stay, fetch, roll over, and beg. We have been taught to love our masters, as we are totally dependent on them for our survival. So why when I saw Pelosi and Reed, after the passage of the stimulus bill did I not feel like I won? They looked as though they had just won the lottery. What I saw was the members of the House and Senate, like a bunch of kids who had grabbed their parents credit cards and went on a binge in the local toy store. Don’t they believe the parents (taxpayers) are going to be pretty ticked off when the bill comes in? Where are our new chew toys? I am sure they will enjoy their new toys, and we will all have to learn a few new tricks to amuse them, the least of which will be how we pay for their new toys. But trust them, it is for our own good.
I’m wondering if the crowds will riot at Daytona when the all electric cars run silently around the track. No smell of exhaust, and speeds slightly less. I guess they can always add the sound effects, pump in some smoke, and even have the cars come into the “pit” once in a while just so the crew can run around the car three times before they can continue. Perhaps the crowds won’t even notice. “Stupid” is always happy when he gets a new chew toy.
As always Thanks Les
Bob L.I. N.Y.

Anonymous said...

Free your Ass your mind has no options but to follow it. Your own freedom is worth seeking out EVEN with many perceived dangers thrown into your path. Fear is the mind killer. So end the fear and use the trust. Freedom is SWEET i would recommend it's consumption regardless of your bias in regards to the mammon created dangers. God gave you a BRAIN i would recommend you use it to your highest advantage.... That fruit is SWEETER sill! Sometimes a firm grip on the negative is the ONLY grip on the path you will ever get. Ltr. Vis ;)

Randall said...

Hi all.
Good one Les.

(not you Les)...Something that gets to me is all the "Christian" bashing I read from posters.
What is this based upon?
I'm a Christian, and about as anti Israel, anti
anything you can get.
I believe in reincarnation and universal salvation.
Have none of you bashers read revelations?
First, if you base your views on organized religion, your opinions will be as warped
as who are a part of it.
I Know that there have existed probably
2 or 3 ancient civilizations that bit the dust, and were as or more technologically
advanced than us now.
How about maybe using some analytical process
and think that just maybe a whole lot of the church got it wrong, and a lot of that was intentional?
Guess who funded the Schofield study bible?
The majority think the Old testament "god"
is the Father Jesus talked of.
That is who he was opposing, and his followers and he said as much, but still people don't get it.
Here's a weird one for ya: I answer the door
every time the Jehovah's Witnesses knock,
and I usually end up talking for an hour or more.
They don't come around much anymore.
I mean, what is to be knocked about His teaching that those who have been assigned
less than desirable lives this go around
will be rewarded?
Or "do unto others" "Reap what you sow" and
Karma are the exact same systems.
How about Prophesy?

Rev 9: (paraphrase) I know about these Eastern European impostors that pose as Hebrews but aren't, and they lie about everything - who are members of the Synagogue of Satan: these people will be made to know how I really feel about you.
Hmmm... That doesn't have any relevance?
That right there is enough of an accurate
prophesy, that were I not already a Christian, and had went through the cognitive dissonance of "self actuated deprogramming",
I would be seriously rethinking Jesus and what
the history of the Bible, and how it was
Theres lots more in the prophesy dept, but
I'm to "relaxed" to dig it up right now.

Anyway Les, I am looking to do some music.
I have the softwear and personal stuff.
I can borrow a processor and an SM57, and I'm good to go.
I'd love to have a reason to start practicing again.

Anonymous said...

Les, If I remember correctly there are 7 deadly sins, led by pride. I'm not sure of the sequence but I remember by the acronym PAGES CL.

Pride,anger, gluttony, envy, sloth, then covetousness and lust.

Pride is showing all over, and the other 6 are not far behind. So the new people same as the old can be identified by these traits and actions.

We might want to update the terms and definitions, but it seems to me the old terms are not far-off. And the reason they are sins is because they violate and impede our consciousness and our reason for being.

Anonymous said...

Following up on Amicus's (or is it Anonymous comment):
Today I watched a 3 hour series on Space and the Hubble. It was very fascinating. I couldn't help wonder what other intelligent life, that is said to be 100% sure to be out there somewhere, would think of us. Are other worlds out there that are going through the same violence and problems as we earthlings? If they could visit tomorrow what would they think of us? I have a feeling that we would be considered a very threatening planetary species. Its very sad and like Amicus said "When will man realize that is not the way it is supposed to be, rulers and ruled?"

It really does NOT have to be this way. What in the world is wrong with humanity? Its really not too hard to figure out how to treat others.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

Every Master had a Life of Secret Shame.

rosie said...

Please permit me to post this link off topic.
It is an item above Smoking Mirrors on the truthseeker site.
It has also been on WRH and others.
It is really important and the comment by Joe Cortina is worth a read on its own.
How many know that this economic meltdown started on 9/11/2008 between 9 and 11 in the morning with a rapacious raid on the US economy.
This has been kept a secret - why because the same bastards who killed 3000 did this too.
The article is fairly long but is a very interesting read - recommended, apparently, by Mike Rivero.
A congressman on C span spilled the beans.

GodSend said...

Pssst......Snowie - have you not heard of 'Original Sin'? Are you not familiar with the reality of 'Fallen Man' and his inherently dark nature? When Jesus the Christ said to Nicodemus (and to every human being): "You must be born again from Above", what, do you think, he meant?

No man (or woman) can redeem his or her Self (change their inherent nature). That's what the Cross of Christ is all about. Visit my website for the details and THE Solution to The Puzzle.

It all has to do with 'Amazing Grace' - believe it or not.

GodSend said...

PS to Snowie:

'Religion (including 'Christianity') is mostly putrid pap, fed to millions every Sunday by Zionist Slimeballs Shills, like Hagee, Osteen, Warren, Robinson, etc., etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

Don't buy any cola. Sugar is their #1 control mechanism. Look at the latest verichip - designed to measure glucose levels - they need high levels of glucose to use their human robot interface devices. Human robots like the guy that pushed the newspaper guys kid and his friend into the train at T.O. and like those two guys that set themselves on fire one in Calgary one in the middle east somewhere a couple days ago.

We know whats going on. You sleepers are as dangerous as sleeper agents. Wake up people and unify we have a common enemy.

Anonymous said...

Chip here. If there is a pantheon of earth born spirits [and there is] YOU, Les, are the creme at the top. Reading your Origami masterpiece is praise. No blame. You are not alone my father mother sister brother master friend. Come let us worship together. In the long run foolishness amounts foolishness. It has no lasting effect but vanishes as fast as it appears. I finally [I'm 64 now] came to realize the purpose for my being here is not to save the world, but to model worship. Last year I finally got my own PC and chanced quite miraculously on you at the truthseeker site. This is the meat not the milk. Our only worthwhile utterances are our poems and songs. Let your freedom ring.

GodSend said...

We know THEY LIVE, here, amongst us! - although most of THEM live in Zionist Israel, busily gencociding innocent Palestinian civilians by whatever means available.

"There will be gnashing of {Zionist Slimeball} teeth".

Anonymous said...


You find value in your ideas, as you step away form the zombies. They have not value, so they must feed on others, much like Obama. You have shared with us, some thoughts to build on, and this is not negative. If others just "eat up" your words, than maybe its not working right. Its that end that we wish to see and have added to that, I think you're talking about. But well stated, the end will be, but maybe even that there are no ends, we should think about. People are hoping to complete ideas and dont understand that there is little to complete? The zombies are walking and eating up whole ideas, not of their own, and just getting large belles. How can they dance this insane dance anymore? I see this (your post) as you have shared, but worry that you will waist all your worldly time tripping up that dance. Thank you Les, but I ask what ends do you wish for the zombie. I think and hope it is nothing? You have a "raft" to float on, how many other will you put on the raft?


GodSend said...

There is only ONE "raft" (Jesus the Christ) and everyone must seek Him before they can find Him. But YES, He can (and will) save your Life, once you've decided to climb aboard.

Anonymous said...

Since 29 March 2005 the question has been:
Do you want fries, flies or lies with that?
Keep up the wonderful work Les Visible, as ghandi said 'you be that change you want to see'. You are.

Visible said...

Public service announcement (grin). Godsend is entering another manic phase so he'll probably be going nova soon. Some of you may not have been around at other times so this is just to say it's business as usual with the unusual.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this comment posted as a follow up question to the 550 billion dollar funds transfer from money market accounts in the US which took place on 9/11/08. This event I find highly significant since it may have been one of the major triggers for our recent Depression-level collapse but I wanted to see if I could get more info on it. Was this sum stolen or simply transferred? From who to who?

GodSend said...

Hey, Les (et al) - go to my website and look at the God particle for a few minutes. You, too, can go NOVA - and SEE! the Light! :)

Anonymous said...


Jesus has room on his boat for all of us, yes. I ask where is it he will sail to? Some place unknown to you?

Did not Jesus "save" himself first, and then built a raft that can not sink?

He asked us to look for him, what does he really mean? I feel we need to add to his boat without the "weight" of this world. It floats because it isnt grounded to one path or one mind. You cant find him, with ideas of him, but yourself, still and weightless.


m_astera said...


I've read that another on the old list of deadly sins was accidie, aimlessness.

An old roommate and I had a discussion on the seven deadly sins that went on for years, without ever looking them up or reading anyone else's opinion on the matter. We came to a conclusion similar to yours, that what made them deadly was that they were sins against one's self most of all.

Visible said...

What Google link?

I hardly think I could do this without being noted by someone from the dark side at some time. It's not my intention to hide in any case. Anyway, Google owns blogger.

GodSend said...


"In My Father's house, there are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you".

No one knows where He'll be 'sailing' with us but it'll be exciting, that's for sure, and a trip you won't want to miss at any cost! :) SEE! the scriptural verse at the bottom of my Homepage Menu (right under the God particle) for a hint about what awaits those who love God.

No, Jesus did not save Himself first. He was resurrected by God, the Father. Jesus IS the "raft" - He didn't build it (God, the Father, designed and built it). He volunteered to be the "raft" - in obedience to God, His Father (and our Father as well).

You're right about this though, when we go "aboard", we leave the world and all its cares behind. The "raft" is anchored at the Right Hand of God. That's the place where Lucifer is dying to be (literally!). There is nobody more pissed off than Lucifer, banished forever from the Right Hand of God.

If you listen carefully, you can God calling to mankind and to you, personally: "All Aboard!". If you can't hear His voice, shut off all other noise and listen with your heart.

GodSend said...

PS to Matt

I'd rather be sailing with Him than anyone else I know. ;)

Anonymous said...


I think Godsend got you there, tee hee.

The thing the godsends of the world have to ask themselves is this. Have I come to these conclusions based on reading and hearing stuff, or did I have a direct perception of some reality?

You're standing on a railroad track and you hear a suspicious sound, something like choo choo.
You see this big dark thing coming at you. Is that observation based on a concept or is it real? Do you need to be told to jump, or is it spontaneous?

So we have two things going on.

One, we have an image or memory of some reality based on an idea we have heard or read, and from that we talk and act.

Two, we perceive something directly and later have an image or memory of it.

Two quite different things. If your brain is very still and you observe something, is that observation based on a preconceived notion, or a genuine perception? How do you really know your idea is not colored by your background? Your fears?

How do you test it?

Try this. Sit very quietly and let you active brain settle down and see what happens. Are your beliefs real, or just a lot of ideas streaming across your mind? It's easy to test if you are honest.

How frightened will you be if you let your beliefs go? Can you face the fear? Is it possible for people to live in the real world, without being afraid of letting go of their abstract concepts?

Probably not. If you really want to understand the Truth you must find out if your brain is filled with concepts or, are those images based on reality. Can we live without all the colorful ideas and face reality? Existence may be enormously awesome once we let go of our silly little concepts. I bet we are caging ourselves with these simple ideas about the universe. I bet it's way more awesome than we imagine.

Anonymous said...

Are we are all skirting around the real issue?

We hide behind our beliefs and opinions and ideas. We are constantly occupied with these things, why? What are we avoiding? Why are we so dependent on our conclusions and ideas?

We might argue that we need these images to navigate in the physical world, and that helps us survive. That's a good point. But what is the real reason?

Would you say fear is at the center of our being? Are we so afraid of ending, that we surround ourselves with all these images and ideas? Notice how we are endlessly chatting to ourselves all day? Why? Just asking.

We go from practical knowledge which we need to survive and carry it over. We want to keep on going after death, is that it?

You know resurrection, reincarnation etc...

Have we created illusions to satisfy our craving to be safe, not just now, but everlasting?

Is facing this fear the ultimate accomplishment a person can achieve? And is there real freedom when we do?

Just asking.

Visible said...


it all depends on what displaces it.

Anonymous said...


This has since appeared on WRH
Mike Rivero is calling it an exceptionally serious story so I think he will be following it up.
Keep an eye on both WRH and Rense and of course Truthseeker.
I imagine that the Information Clearing House will be on to it as well.
I just haven't looked.

GodSend said...

"You shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free". Jesus the Christ IS Truth. There are NO substitutes!

Fear is replaced by the certainty of experiential knowledge of Christ (God). Spiritual knowledge doesn't come out of books or out of the self-induced or drug-induced fantasies of your mind - it comes from recognizing the engineering Hand of God in the everyday details of your life (if you should be so lucky). It is Divine Grace in action.

"Death, where is thy sting". Fear disappears.

"God is not the author of confusion but of a sound mind".

The key is, spiritual awakening (Christ-knowledge) MUST start off the chain reactions of enlightenment in the mind.

GodSend said...

Rosie, et al

All the websites you mentioned have a Christ-filter. They filter Him out. You CAN'T SEE! Truth if you install a Christ-filter when you look at the world! Sorry but that's the 'Inconvenient truth'.

nina said...

I know, this is all very serious here, but I just wanted to say I got to be on Woody Willow and I was invited to be dishonest. Here I'd worn my very best dress and had relatives watching out in TV-land to pick me out of the audience so I sat in the front row just for them. But the Woody Willow people picked me for the birthday feature, except it wasn't my birthday. I guess the first lie is the worst lie.

Anonymous said...


thankyou for adding to my mind's trip. We will all be going and doing things not of this world and that will be wonderful, as both have shared!!!

Will you not travel this "space" alone? Or must there be roadmarkers for you? What if no one calls or only your light can be seen? Would that worry you? Not me

Dadnerd thanks for the "test" thing. You have come close to what I see too, fear is all to powerful in the material world.

If you need a "big dady" per say, than you need fear. Thats all I should say about that.


Anonymous said...

If, in death, we are free, it is because the brain has died--it is the spirit--our consciousness that lives on as it always has because it is the eternal of all that is--
When you learn to shut off the constant interruption of the brain, you will allow spirit to overshadow (a blue light in my case) the shadow being constantly cast by the brain--a form of meditation, ongoing--the "light" that is so often spoken of
Tolle says to become the watcher of the brain, the observer. While it may happen, it was not a lightening bolt experience for me--you have to work on it--then you start catching things the brain is trying to do faster and faster allowing space for the clarity of spirit--forget growth until you start tossing the baggage--in the letting go is the growth--for now--

Anonymous said...



We think for the mind!!!!

A blue light?, that seems wonderful to me, I see a red and blue moving and fighting within me.

I think, when our body ends, we get start anything we want again, or better, do something not known to us in this world. Most people, again I feel, will return to this world because thats all we talk and think within, but should there be more, Im ready for it!!!


Anonymous said...


(Christ-knowledge) is and has many names. We find that many ancient peoples who talk of this path, from one to others. We forget the ancient people arent talk and using the same words in the same way as us today.

To have a forward moving idea its a "this come from that" idea. Christ is many things, much like the creators hands. And as you say, in shear truth, if we can see many things or creation in all things can we grow or be in the persence of the "lord". But remember these are words with some feeling and thought, but "god" is all things and ideas (the giver of creation). Bottom line, word fail and the path grows short if we live in words other give us. We too will have to create, as a "god" too, not just look at all things.


Anonymous said...

Les i always read ur trail of thought and i share the same view but never write any feedbacks. you're right, illuminati manifesto has been out in the open and is reaching its sexual perverted climax. universally enslaved, endebted monetarily and spiritually is just the beginning with many euginics plaugues about to hit our streets. i am legend and many other superhero bullshit all have an element of truth in them yet most people are oblivient to this and go about their lives in a sheep manner. the only difference being that goyem are spritually and montarily indebted unlike the sheep.

Les i admire you're courage because true human beings are now endangered species. hope u can enlighten us even more and hope you're readers can trickle down and decipher this info for less informed others. David did beat galioth and that wasnt a coincidence. your iranian brother from australia.

Anonymous said...

I guess I love this subject too much :>)

It all comes down to this, is primeval fear the real issue? All the myriads of beliefs humans have gathered, could be a distraction. And we know the elites of the world exploit this fact, we are always afraid of something, if it isn't hell it's those mean terrorists.

Can we look at this fear thing in the eye, and what will happen when we do? I'm not putting "fear" down, it's very serious. Can we stand alone, really alone, without a crutch, without belief? Or will that frightened the hell out of us? And I'm not treating this lightly.

Do we possess all these ideas we have in our brains to cover over our innate fears? Not just fear of dying in the future, to put this...fear of dying to our self. All our silly little ideas about everything that probably doesn't make much sense anyway.

Look we all love les Visible for exposing the truth. I would say at the surface level he is challenging preconceived notions people have about the world around them. And how few can deal with it?

So to plume the vast depths of the human psyche, see what's really going on, how many are willing to do that? What's funny is the superficial is so simple compared to the real stuff, and how few are willing to got there.

I apologize for indulging on this subject, not the forum for it.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna pick on Godsend a little bit more, nothing personal :>)

Sounds to me like you got all your information from a book. Either directly, or someone taught you. So in effect you are putting the cart before the horse.

Most of the leaders of all the big religions had some kind of experience that gave them an insight of some kind. I'm being vague because truthfully I don't know what it was. Their followers listened to those people and formed an image in their minds about whatever it was they experienced. You know where I'm going with this.

I'm saying, have your own experience and quit following someone else. You have no way of knowing if that person had a real experience.

And if you have your own lovely experience, question it too.

That is real religion, wiping away the nonsense and approaching something real. That is, if there indeed something real to be experienced. All we have to do is walk outside at night and look up to know there is great mystery in this world, you don't have to imagine anything.

Posting this late Vis,, have a good sleep.

Anonymous said...

Dont have time to see if this is already posted.
Rep. Kanjorski CSPAN clip is also at:
NOTE: Kanjorski misstates (lies?) that the date
is "Thursday, Sept. 15," ~9-11am. As noted else-
where, by those who bother to check the calendar (!) Thursday was Sept. 11. Paulson's jeremiad must
have been that night or Friday Sept. 12.
So, same date parameters as 9-11-2001 - ah
Kabbala, ah Gematria!
Les is fashioning a cork for yr mouth godsend,
from one of his cork trees on the estate!

Anonymous said...


I have to admit you are on to something. I appreciate your command of the English language too.

You said...

"When you learn to shut off the constant interruption of the brain"

I might take issue with you here but only in detail, not in spirit. It might just be semantics. We are the brain you see, you can't separate we from brain. You can't even say we are the sum total of all our parts, "we are that" as the Hindus say.

But I agree there is true meditation where the observer is observing the observed. Absurd?

That is not division between the observer and the observed, god I sound like Krishnamurti.

I think we are gonna lose a lot of viewers here so I'll stop, hehe.

I'm interested in the blue light though, and Matt seeing red, hmm interesting.

I will say something without elaborating, that by accident I came up to a black abyss, and that was frightening, and probably why I'm saying all this about fear, I'm talking real FEAR. The ending of the self, not death but... well never mind.

But once you come back from that, and I failed miserably, everything else is easy. You know I didn't take the plunge, I think you know what I'm talking about. So seeing simple things like what our heroic leaders are doing is so obvious, when you've taken the other thing so far. I wonder if that makes sense to anyone.

I feel so sane, but I wonder what it sounds like to others.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between Mossad and the 9/11 truth movement?
Answer: The former's motto is to wage war through deception, while the latter's should be to achieve peace and love through truth.
N'est ce pas?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Mossad, ABCNNBCBS and Orwelian bigbrother; given that lies of omission are hte greatest lies of all; your blog from 2008 about "Israel equals 9/11" is GONE!. Please repost it. If bigbrother removes it again please repost it again.
I see clearly from your writings you understand the following sentence: Not all Italians support the maffia and not all jews support the Zionists.
Until we fall out of the sky near Buffalo we must have the courage not to be silent - not to allow the greatest of lies to occur on our watch - - that of ACTIVE OMISSION.
Peace and love to all.

Anonymous said...

The blog-posting which has been "removed" is entitled "Israel and 9/11 are Siamese twins".
PLEASE repost it.
Deletion and obfuscation only serve to raise the interest in finding out what was omitted. The truth will set us all (even the oppressors) free.

Anonymous said...


Rosie, et al

'All the websites you mentioned have a Christ-filter. They filter Him out. You CAN'T SEE! Truth if you install a Christ-filter when you look at the world! Sorry but that's the 'Inconvenient truth'.'

I am sure you are a terribly genuine and caring person. However with the greatest respect I cannot claim to be a christian.
I do not believe I need redemption through Christ. I do not believe that I can spend my life doing evil and win heaven with my last dozen breaths.
I believe that I am responsible at all levels for my actions and I have to answer - to myself - as well as others. As I live so I 'die' moving to a different plane.
Christ has nothing to do with it. I admire his views and try to live by what he preached but he is not necessary to my 'salvation'. That is in my hands. Saying that I respect your faith.

I somehow think that some of you including Les might be interested in this particular post from Rumormill.
Rumormill is very interesting. A lot of dross but I understand it is the site that the 'whistle blowers' use, so you get a nugget here and there.
Its also - is 'metaphysical' the right word?
This link gives you a radio and video link etc etc to David Wilcock.
I have not yet had a listen but he is clearly a very highly regarded seer and lecturer in those areas so popular on this board.
It is suggested he is Edgar Cayce reincarnate.
I would be interested in feedback about him from you 'experts' in the field.
I, myself, am rather psychic. Visit a house and I can always pick up the spooks but I don't like, in general, to dabble, although I could do much more apparently.
I just settle with watching 'most haunted' and chatting with anyone I know is passing through to see me.
We also all get spirits passing through and grounded. Feel for them.
I did go to a medium a few years ago. Mainly because of the experiences below which had troubled me and partly because a very close recently deceased relative was around me.
Yes she was and the medium completely convinced me of the reality. No way it could have been a fake.
My elderly stepmother lives in a very haunted house. The ghost is called Martha and because she knows I know she is there, is very active around me. (Ever seen a light without electricity turning itself on and off - a low energy bulb with the current ebbing and flowing.)
I always stay, now, at the local travelodge on the grounds its less trouble for my stepmother, as one night I was very frightened indeed.
My stepmother is a little uneasy these days as Martha has grown stronger - but doesn't know why she so dislikes her back bedroom and cannot sleep in it.
Last time I visited the house some weeks ago, Martha was very strong on the upstairs landing and I did as the medium had instructed me to do - invite her into the light.
With my stepmother down stairs calling me I am sure I got absolutely nowhere, although Martha had gone from the landing half an hour later.
You must think me nuts!!


Anonymous said...

dadnerd: It is the brain that tries to keep us busy with the past, and worry for the future and therefore unaware of the now-YOUR BRAIN IS NOT YOU-the brain wants to be the boss all the time-think of it as a mini Powers That Be-yes, you do need to think from time to time, but do it, accomplish what you need to, and then put the brain on a shelf-we are so programmed to be doing "something" every minute of the day and therein we lose the moments of solitude when the spirit speaks--the spirit will not intrude where there is filled space- and the brain works 24/7 to keep filling the "space" with every bit of crap it can--the brain knows what pushes your buttons and will use it all to stay in power--when you realize this, the journey has begun--
There is a story in one of Tolle's books where he sees a bag-lady mumbling and having an argument with herself--there seems to be two, and more people talking and jumping from subject to subject rapidly--he comes to the conclusion that we do the same thing almost every minute of the day with the cesspool of crap that floats through our brains (my words)--we just don't verbalize it--so who is the crazy one?
When I used to have stuff getting in line for my brain, I would imagine packaging them each up and just putting them on a shelf--I didn't miss them at all.
The blue light I speak of comes from one of Michaels (m-astera) posts about a blue light that is not in the spectrum of what we can see with the eye-a purifying light-that is the light that I choose to bathe myself in-call it a tool that I use-a cone of silence if you will--with all apologies to Maxwell Smart--
The wrapping of useless thoughts and the light are just tools that help me right now--I hope to not need them in the future but it's almost a re-training of sorts--
There are of course outside influences as well, from media, food, HAARP, you name it, and they are trying to use it to keep you off balance--I don't think they know how it all really works, but they know how to disrupt it (hope that makes sense).


GodSend said...


You cannot speak for me and my experiences - or those of anyone else, for that matter. The 'experience' of Christ and gaining Christ-knowledge is always highly personal and has very little to do with reading books - even Holy Scripture. There are many people (including highly educated theologians) who have read and even intensely studied Holy Scripture and have NO CLUE as to its true meaning. For starters, spiritual understanding STARTS with the direct intervention of God in a person's life and has the purpose of revealing His existence and power to that person (understanding His agape love comes later). That's an act of 'Amazing Grace'. Can anyone 'cajole' God into that direct intervention in their life? The keyword here is 'SEEK'. When you realize that your personal view of The Puzzle (human existence, including your own) is deficient (because Jesus the Christ and His centrality is missing from your view), and you start SEEKING Truth (desperately) because you have a passion for finding it (not all people do!), and you are committed to pay any price to find it, God has promised to reveal it to you.

"SEEK and you WILL find" (you must seek 'aright' - having a 'passing fancy' will NOT DO!)

SEEKING must be a 24x7 activity and must start with the acknowledgment of your own inadequacy. You must be at your wits' end.

Beyond all that, God reserves the right to reach into your consciousness and deliver an epiphany - like He did to Paul the apostle on the road to Damascus, or to John Newton before he sat down to write "Amazing Grace". Read the lyrics and you may begin to understand how the spiritual understanding (gaining Christ-knowledge) process works.

Finally, God reserves the right to deliver a rude awakening to you - usually with a heavenly 2X4 (or bigger). He's gonna come into your life and CRUSH that fantasy world you have created in your mind and from your intellectual arrogance. That's how the process USUALLY works - OUCH! Many (most?) people do not discover God and Christ until they lie in a physical, emotional or spiritual gutter. I know from personal experience. The gutter is a typical and good place to start SEEKING! ;) That's where "a wretch like me" comes from - it's the beginning of wisdom.

Good Luck!

GodSend said...

PS What is the absolutely WORST thing that can happen to you? For God to IGNORE you. Persistent rebellion against God and open defiance against His Son (Jesus the Christ) CAN result in God ignoring you. God forbid that you end up in that place!

Anonymous said...



"The 'experience' of Christ and gaining Christ-knowledge is always highly personal and has very little to do with reading books - even Holy Scripture."

See this the idea of Christ came from a book. However you are right. I just wanted to ruffle your feathers a little bit. Sometimes pushing people is a good thing if it jars something lose. But absolutely, only you know what you are doing and are responsible for your own life.



"-I don't think they know how it all really works, but they know how to disrupt it (hope that makes sense)."

Yes that makes perfect sense.

I will stick with my comment that we are not separate from our brains though :>)
It's actually a very important factor. Basically we are talking about the part of the brain that thinks. Of course that activity seems to jump all over the grey matter, but you know what I mean. Thinking is going on and one thought says, I am separate from my brain which is also a thought. The brain is saying I'm not the brain, see what mean? I'm not implying that there is nothing beyond thought, but I don't wont to fool myself with lovely ideas. I want to see the reality that my brain, (thoughts born of memory) are not creating an unreal world. That's hardcore truth without taking prisoners.

GodSend said...

What's it like to have 'Christ in you' and to be in a continuous relationship with God?

Visit my website, go down the rabbit hole and scroll down to 'The Life' (near the end). There, you can get a preview of what your life will be like. It was written by an anonymous person who knew what he (or she) was writing about.

Anonymous said...

GodSend (I see we've capitalised now brother - very impressive)
Are you quoting more books you've read or are they your own thoughts??
Me thinks you may have been doing some reading.
Good to see you 'mucking in' again anyhow mate.
Although it's still the same old same old isn't it- move on man, learn from what Les gives us, do some thinking of your own.
You can do it, you're just stuck!

Anonymous said...


"I feel so sane, but I wonder what it sounds like to others."

It sounds and feels like your are sane and its helping me feel that sane too!!! Thanks You have a powerful way to reshow the christ story!

You use the 2 by 4 thing. Can your expand on this? I have come to numbers/feelings in a new way, the last years or so, and think the picking up 2 by 4 thing is a new stream of thought for me?

PS the treacher to student link and the not truly understanding the teacher thing is what I was tring to get across and you have completed that well, again thanks.

Jj the bag lady idea is super important to me. I see others doing this back and forth to fast, and I have tried to slow down my inter blue/red thing and even watch it from "above."(walking over the world, earth) This has helped me to move past old ideas to a more create things being.


GodSend said...


Les sees many things and he writes exceedingly well - but he has a 'blind spot' (like many others). He sees the problems but he can't SEE! the Solution. He reminds me of a song which tells his story that I heard recently. Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Godsend said...

"Finally, God reserves the right to deliver a rude awakening to you - usually with a heavenly 2X4 (or bigger). He's gonna come into your life and CRUSH that fantasy world you have created in your mind and from your intellectual arrogance."

I'm flattered. I'm not intellectual or arrogant though. But I do love to inquire into everything. Even my own silly conclusions. That's real freedom, and I love to be free that way. Once you taste it you will never allow yourself to be a slave to any group, idea, party, or religion. All groups have strings attached, and you must submit. All belief systems chain you to some conclusion. I like my wings. It does require that you accept standing alone. It also requires that you must face the fact that your body will die in the future, and that may be that will be the end of you. All your memories, everything gone.

But I'm not so stupid to think that this great big awesome universe is all random chaotic meaningless existence. That would truly be arrogance.

Anyway hey, watch how you swing that 2x4 it may come back and hit you in the face. Oh never mind God is swinging it sorry.

Anonymous said...


A gift to anyone ready the hear:

"I do love to inquire into everything. Even my own silly conclusions. That's real freedom, and I love to be free that way. Once you taste it you will never allow yourself to be a slave to any group, idea, party, or religion. All groups have strings attached, and you must submit. All belief systems chain you to some conclusion. I like my wings. It does require that you accept standing alone."

You and your will,thoughs,ideas and energy form(of those ideas) will never die, as I would like to think but change and continue to fold into larger versions of your self. This is over many countless lives here,on this earth, as to in new places too. But to understand how alone your are and to find true joy in that, means the same thing to me!! A ends road of silly ideas that makes my smile over and over!!!


notamobster said...

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."

1+1+1=3 (me thinks not - but if it gets you through the day, so be it)

egg, shell, yolk...

Copernicus Kidd said...

I LOVE Umeboshi!!!!

notamobster said...

I think I'd rather believe something like 1+1+1=1 (3 divine beings, in 1 divine essence)...

governments were screwing the people back then, and they are screwing the people now. Religions were screwing the people back then, and they are screwing the people now.

Back then, the gov't/religion said (we can't explain how 3 separate beings can all be one, it just is - don't ask questions...heretic!

Now, they say, I don't know how 3 buildings can fall into their own footprint at the speed of gravity, when one wasn't even hit by anything, they just did - don't ask questions...heretic!

Well, I'd like to offer a resounding ***GO FUCK YOURSELF*** to them and anyone elese who would tell me that I needn't ask questions, because they've got it all figured out.




Anonymous said...

Two important, spirited, female vocal critics of the Death Culture were on the plane which crashed in NY.
Critic of genocidal US-backed Rwawanda regime, and widow/critic of 911-lies.


Anonymous said...

God, whatever it is called, revealed itself, its presence, the reality of it(self) to me for the first time (well the first time that I am aware of, the first time that I actually took notice) when I was pregnant. And I was not anywhere near being "in a gutter", not anywhere close to being down on my luck, quite the opposite in fact. I was alone at that particular moment and it was an incredibly beautiful, joyous revelation that happened during the mid stage of my pregnancy. smile ahhh I can piture it now. Nor was I actively, consciously or conscientiously seeking at that time. I suppose you could say that God just showed up.

And there was no presence called Jesus or any other presence that "showed up" at the time either. Just a presence, a revelation, a knowing of "God", the Creator. And itt was as real as real gets and yet words are inadequate. Yes, it is very personal. And I'm happy, satisfied,in the awareness of it. And I don't need or want tto be saved or whatever "in Jesus". Jesus the christ is just one of countless many others prophets, messengers to help show or help us. This I know too but I usually keep it to myself because, like I say and agree, it's personal.

So there goes another of Godsned's theories which he loves to postulate as fact. What may be a fact for him does not equal a fact for others. Something against which he rightfully defends himself if it's put on him. But hypocritically he does not accord the same right to others. Indecent, wrong and not very Christ-like if you ask me.

cultry is the word verification. I swear to God.

Visible said...

Jacques Diderot said it... of course, that comment is in my memory. You have to consider the time in which he lived too.

Visible said...

the irony to me is that i agree with just about everything Godsend says... it just isn't all of it and conversely that is what he thinks about me except that he's narrowing it and I'm expanding it. Whatever works is how I look at that.

To quote Jesus, he said, "in my Father's house are many mansions, if it were not true I would not have told you so. Jesus was/is an avatar... not just a prophet; the prophet part is just a feature of the avatar. Avatars are the big kahunas... and then there are the maha-avatars and Christ was one of those. IT doesn't get any more powerful or higher up than that EXCEPT for the consciousness that contains it... composes it and is yet beyond it. That would be God and there is only one. You can pretty much prove that with physics these days... you don't even need to meta.

I have first hand experience of the existence and I'm going with that... others may chart what course they will.

If I were to have any criticism of Godsends motif I would say that it is that he is a literalist and that is bound to constrain and limit understanding although... he can get where he's going with what he has if he is determined enough. Faith alone is enough.

We do get some funny word verifications here. This can be a spooky place.

Anyway... what I know is that I don't know and I'm sticking with that and I should add that that doesn't exactly mean what it implies while still being very much true.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

i apologize to you for being out of touch. i did say to you that i would phone from Otranto and i didn't do that. My 'practical' excuses are actually pretty good . . . during the whole time i was in Otranto (during which time i walked ALL over the whole place, and even out of town) i saw ZERO (0) public phones, and i found only one (1) internet cafe, which had only wireless service for people with laptops. And the internet access normally available to students at the language school was in it's winter (re)location, within the personal area of Carlo, one of the two teachers. HOWEVER, i did say i would call you, and i didn't, and i apologize to you for not making that happen.

I'm back at work today, Tuesday (yesterday, Monday, was a holiday). And this e-mail that i'm typing now is actually the first e-mail i have sent to anybody (except for a couple of work e-mails i sent this morning) since the moment when you saw me off at the Carovigno station, the Saturday before last.

THANK YOU for every single aspect of your perfect and unique hospitality, starting with "the invitation i couldn't refuse" to visit you in Italy (whyever DID you do that???), and including all of the totally unique experiences that happened while i was there . . . sleeping in your lamia with walls that have absorbed your special 'treatment,' exposure to the whole world of OLIVE TREES, the almond trees that i got to see flowering while i was there, hiking over to Carovigno and back, riding and walking in Carovigno with you, our trips to the supermercati which prepared me very well for accessing the ones in Otranto, my practically unlimited ingestion of pistachios, some probing conversation, some sharing of meals, the excellent nightly 'movie time' which you so thoughtfully provided, and your total relaxation about sharing your personal space with me while you were finishing your experimentation. And you may not believe me, but i'm very glad i got to meet Pancho and Chloë. i do wish i could have met Susanne, but of course if she had been there i probably wouldn't have been!

The Italian classes were great. i was the only student . . . although there had been another one, also american, the previous week. i finished their beginner level "Unit 1" at the rate of 2 and a half hours of instruction a day and then practicing what i learned on the locals . . . . The two teachers are brother and sister Carlo and Francesca, both VERY good at language instruction and both very connected and knowledgeable about everything local and also the broader Italian cultural scene. The Otranto food scene was mostly closed for the season. i only ate in one actual ristorante, where i did succeed in getting some orechiette con cime di rape (that's the local pasta manifestation plus turnip tops) and had a really great grilled whole fish. BUT, there WERE pizzerias and smaller places open that cater to the local wintertime business, so i got to try about 5 great kinds of pizza and two yummy baked (savory, not sweet) somethings called rustichi and guanchale. And, my room at the language school was actually a little apartment with a kitchen, equipped with dishes etc. !!! So i brought local cheese called scamorza and local olive bread and spicy olives and canned tunafish and local wine etc. home from the supermercato and ate at home quite a few times.

i also walked to many of the historical sites, and i know you're "into old ideas, rather than old buildings," so i'll just mention one item that appears to me to be indicative of human cultural reality in several ways at the same time . . . the power of shared beliefs about the past -- the continuing influence of the Catholic church -- the relative 'validity' of different 'holocausts,' etc. . . .

Back in 1480, there was a Turkish general who had the geopolitical inspiration to invade Italy and take over the whole peninsula, and then link up with the Moorish regime in Iberia. His first (and as it turned out, only) attack was against Otranto, which held out for about two weeks, after which the Turks broke into the town and forced all the people to convert to Islam . . . except for 800 who refused, and those people got escorted up the nearby "Hill of Minerva" (so called because in ancient times it was the site of a temple to that goddess), and at that location all 800 had their heads chopped off.

The siege must have been truly horrible and terrifying . . . for those 800 especially. And, it does appear to me that their refusal to cave-in is an example of human courage worthy of respect.

The Turkish victory got reversed the very next year by the Christian King of Naples, and the mortal remains of the 800 beheaded people got collected and stored . . . partly in a church in Naples, and the rest in the Cathedral in Otranto . . . a building that was already several hundred years old at the time, and is now 528 years older. There, the bones of roughly 150 beheaded people are still visible behind glass in three tall cabinets in the Chapel of the 800 Martyrs. (There appear to be 7 cases in all, but only 3 were open to view when i visited.)

In 1980, on the 500th anniversary, perhaps if someone had thought of it, they could've taken all those bones out, to release them into the healing forgiveness of a burial at sea, but as it happened, the pope came to Otranto to rekindle the memory of the mass martyrdom, and there were new plaques carved and installed, and a big new martyr statute set up in the main square. You'll have your own thoughts about this. i want to notice and relinquish any beliefs i may have that give victimhood any credit for being worthwhile in any way whatsoever. And, a mass of 800 skeletons is so minute in light of the fact that every one of the 7-or-so-billion humans, including me, will relinquish his or her skeleton within the next few years (110 yrs. max). And i can't help looking at these Otranto martyrs in light of other facts, or data-points . . . for example, i remember a couple weeks ago the israeli 'operation' in Gaza caused its 900th death . . . that's 900 people, a huge fraction of whom were children, and those 900 Gaza people (it must be more by now) had their lives terminated in a terrifying siege (like the 800 Otranto martyrs), by means that were as bad or worse (or *much* worse, think about getting burned to death by white phosphorus) than getting beheaded.

But wait, the Pope just announced a papal trip to Israel! Maybe he's going there to canonize the 900 Gaza Martyrs! Oh, sorry, he's actually going there to proclaim that the 'holocaust' (the jewish one, i.e., that really big one that didn't actually happen) was a sin against God.

i said i would only mention *one* famous historical item but i have to add, just up a hill and around a corner from the cathedral is a small Byzantine-type church of reddish stone that has been there *since the late 800s* . . . and it's not a ruin, it's a functional building with its interior intact. Unfortunately it was never open the several times when i went by there. When there were people alive who knew Beowulf by heart (and understood all the subtle details of its 'back story') this building was already there.

BTW while typing this i realized that one reason i like old buildings is that old buildings ARE old ideas . . . .

All right, that's enough for now. Les, THANK YOU again for putting me up, and putting up with me, and if you feel like posting this, feel free. Also feel free to not post it if for any reason or no reason you don't prefer to.

This trip that i just came back from was a really good thing for me . . . thank you for spark plugging me into taking the first step.

Love to you and . . . whether this actually shows up as a posting or not . . . love to all of your posters and readers.

ellis turcanetti

m_astera said...

I was going to guess Voltaire, even though I knew that was wrong.

Voltaire did give us "God is a comedian playing to an audience afraid to laugh".


Yes, I'd say that void, that abyss you experienced is the source of fear. It's also the exit from the matrix, far as I can tell, the only exit. It equals "death" to the image created in social consciousness.

Getting back to Tolle's bag lady, or Gurdjieff's multiple "I's", which one of those is you?

Jj, Matt-

As I posted over at V Origami, the electromagnetic spectrum goes both ways from visible light, towards the red and towards the blue.

As a side note, I read a science article the other day where researchers had discovered a frequency of the visible light spectrum that killed pathogenic microorganisms and accelerated healing. Blue light at 420 nanometers.

m_astera said...

Anonymous @ 12:27am

I have a friend who had the same sort of "God" experience as you when she was pregnant. Unfortunately for her, she had been being proselytized by Mormon missionaries at the time and came to the conclusion that this was evidence of what they had been preaching. As she had grown up in a household without religion, she had no points of reference and spent the next ten years trying to believe in a religion she didn't even like.

Anonymous said...

'I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges,- astronomy, astrology, metempsychosis, etc.'

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia refuses to stop writing 99.9% shill.

You've made an interesting discrepancy, so what are we talking about? Conspiracy theories or alternate theories? Either way, I would appreciate some input about mechanism behind decision making. For example, why are the facts about foreknowledge and warnings and… things mentioned or not, directed in such manner that this article can be classified as nothing else but cover up? Who is making these decisions and why, why is there so many repeating issues in these archives and why are all these repeating issues answered with ridiculous (I honestly find them ridiculous) arguments from a single group of editors? I want to know what gives these single minded editors right to reject serious questions or to redirect verifiable information to the far out places where such information doesn’t belong. I want to know what gives this people right to ban people who are raising these questions from editing Wikipedia. I'm stunned by the numbers of folks who are locked out for stating their opinions or trying to improve this article which is fraudulent, full of omission and it can be seen as an attempt to cover thing up. I want to know how is all this possible and why is such approach allowed within the project which is supported by the people for the people of the whole wide world. DawnisuponUS (talk) 01:02, 17 January 2009 (UTC)
You raise a couple of different questions:
Why does this article outline a particular version of events, while alternative versions are at 9/11 conspiracy theories? - The simple explanation is that the version on this page reflects consensus among editors of Wikipedia as the version best backed up by reliable sources. Its inclusion doesn't make it true, but as is often pointed out, the standard for inclusion in Wikipedia is not truth but verifiability. Most reliable secondary sources support this version of events, so its included here in the main article on the attacks.
Why are other theories on the "9/11 conspiracy theories page and not here? - Some reliable sources support alternative viewpoints and these deserve inclusion in proportion to their weight. However, including them all here would make this page unworkably long. Instead the existence of alternative theories is mentioned here with a link to the page with more details. Once again, this doesn't make any of these alternative theories true, but as there are at least some sources supporting most of them they deserve inclusion somewhere.
Why are alternative theories labelled conspiracies? - Put simply, because the vast majority of them allege a conspiracy or coverup by one or more organisations, either to mislead the public about the real cause of the attacks or to explain why the traditional viewpoint has broad coverage and the alternative versions don't. "Conspiracy" can be a negative term, but in this context it accurately reflects a key part of most alternative theories: that the real events were other than those identified by the 9/11 Commission and reported in the mainstream media and this is because of a conspiracy to cover up the truth. The label is not meant to be a criticism, just a reflection of that recurring element in the various theories.
Are people advocating alternative views threatened with ban? - Not generally, but editors who disrupt articles by refusing to follow consensus, repeatedly insert unsourced information or personally attack others might be. Please note I'm not suggesting you have done any of these things, I'm just explaining why some others have been blocked or banned from editing these pages. Also, 9/11 is a controversial topic and many editors have sincerely held but completely opposing viewpoints. Edit warring is fairly swiftly dealt with, regardless of the viewpoint of the editors concerned
In summary - there's nothing sinister about alternative theroies being on a separate page. Any theory deserves inclusion somewhere in Wikipedia, but only in proportion to its coverage in reliable secondary sources. Wikipedia cannot determine the truth behind 9/11, it can only document the history nd include mention of causes and culrpits sourced from reliable materials. And everyone is welcome to edit these pages as long as they are willing to work with others and follow the usual Wikipedia editing rules.
Sorry for the length of this response (see WP:TLDR), and if I missed anything, let me know. Euryalus (talk) 01:37, 17 January 2009 (UTC)

Anonymous said...

I think I hesitate to mention the spiritual aspect of all this for a reason. Here's my position. My job is to till the earth, make ready the soil, that's all I can do. I can not goad the seeds to grow in a particular way. If something real takes place it's not because I wanted something.

Any pretensions that we know god, or we are in touch with something greater than ourselves could very well prevent experiencing something new and uninvited. Or only job is to clear the soil of the weeds and rocks.

So what is the first step in all this? Understanding our consciousness. It's complex to be sure but can be done. If we are aware in our dealings with other people, we will see everything. We all know that our minds must be clear and quiet to see something new. But in reality we are full of all kinds of noise. First we must understand the noise, not suppress it. Once you understand it you don't need to suppress it, right?

You have the image that you are a good person, and someone jumps in front of you and you get angry. Now you scold yourself for getting angry. No. Find out the source of anger. Essentially we are all the same, understanding yourself is to understand humanity.

That's laying the groundwork. You think an immature person who has no idea how he operates, why he behaves the way he does, can have a relationship with something greater? How is that possible?

Lay the foundation, don't be greedy for some lofty experience, methinks that's a real religious person.

notamobster said...

It was Denis Diderot - and that, as I just found out was a paraphrase...

The actual quote is:
“Et ses mains ourdiraient les entrailles du pretre, / Au défaut d’un cordon pour etrangler les rois.”

"And his hands would plait the priest's entrails, / For want of a rope, to strangle kings." ~ Les Eleutheromanes

Anonymous said...


That does sound unfortunate what happend to your pregnant friend. Fortunately my experience(s) have been nothing like that.

Yes, we are all the same in essence. Most people hate hearing that because they're buried, or they've buried themsleves under false identities. C'est la vie.

Know thyself is key to all (highher/important) understanding, in my experience. That's the beginning, the necessary first step.

the word verify is : unird

Anonymous said...

Dadnerd - Jj

The fear thing can be tamed, as I see it. I just think about fear coming from the heart on not the mind. I then watch(not right word) the feelings of fear move though me and stop it before getting to the head. Next I then look around and see if I made the fear feelings within me or if I feel it coming from an outside source. Most of the time both me and the world are making some fear as it is, but the real big movements of this fear thing are all inside me.

PS the color wheel with the color triangle in it works well for me when dealing with color images and focused thought.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Les that GodSend is correct but limited.

Jesus sure did talk a lot about His Father. His Father as a Person. Not as impersonal Brahman, but as His Father, the Supreme Personality.

Tolstoy was excommunicated for suggesting it was blasphemy to worship Jesus. Especially since Jesus said don't do it. Don't worship Him. Jesus said He wasn't good, only His Father was good.

“Why do you call me good?” answered Jesus, “No-one is good but God alone!"

To insist that Jesus is the only "way" is childish and stubborn. Jesus was for those who He lived among. He gave them what they were ready for, what they could accept, what they could handle.
People in that part of the word, in those days, weren't exactly transcendental philosophers or attuned to a spiritual life as the norm, as the people in the East were.
It's just common sense, mostly.

Anonymous said...

More 'change we can('t) believe in' from
Prez. Same old Same old Howdy Doody in
Ottawa today:
"Renegotiating NAFTA can wait."
"The war in Afghanistan must be won!"

Anonymous said...

More Howdy Doody 'change we can believe in'
"Collateral damage" in Afghanistan

Nagy said...

Heh Les, I just googled "Howdy Doody President" and found your blog, good stuff.
I was just thinking... he really does look like him too.



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