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Cycling through History Recycling

Some people believe in ‘The Great Man Theory” about historical causes, some believe in Spengler’s cyclic view and some believe in the motive hand of a deity or any or part of these and other possibilities depending on which complexity they are attracted to. Most motivations for belief are what suits the personal perspective. In some few cases the belief is intended to be impartial and the result of compared and sifted evidence but even this seldom escapes the coloration of the personal lens.

The details of history are mostly lies. The wider sweep is mostly true. One thing we can be sure of is that it repeats itself. This is probably because the conditions we deal with are always the same. I tend toward Spengler’s view as containing more truth than the rest. It’s not just history that’s cyclic. We keep time with circular clocks. We exist within the cycle of the seasons. The Earth rotates around the Sun; at least for the moment. Prior to birth we are curled in a ball and as life progresses the back curves forward (in most cases) almost seeming to be in anticipation of another cycle whose mysterious process of return (if there is one) is beyond our vision. For me it has a Mobius strip character. We can only see part of the operation and that leads to a lot of speculation and argument which doesn’t come to much in terms of proving anything... here.

Given that circumstances repeat themselves it shouldn’t be hard to see that we are approaching one of those periods of ‘revolution’. In this particular instance; in this particular time there is a particular feature that is present which is going to be active more than at any time in the recorded past. It’s going to be happening everywhere at the same time. Nations and the minds of the population are all directly more aware of each other through the medium of international communications via news media and the internet. The mass media is a lie machine controlled by the interests of the few for the plundering of the many. That’s a given. The internet offers the possibility of a greater impartiality if you know where to look.

To be simplistic about the perspective of Karl Marx we are given to understand that history is the result of economic forces and hegemonic interests. There’s some truth to that. A few people are smarter than the larger body but the basic principle of self interest pervades in general. Intelligent and amoral psychopaths can prosper in their vicious behavior by preying on the self-interest of the lumpen proles. This is another cycle that repeats.

Henry Ford was a smart man. He said, “history is bunk”. He also understood something of the nature of certain forces he had to deal with. He wasn’t alone in this regard. The thoughts of many of the world’s leaders echo a common sentiment as to the wolves among the sheep. I’m not going to treat with this today. I’ve said my piece and the evidence is glaring. There’s more evidence than there is bullshit in the world, each producing their own form of methane and you are welcome to breathe either. Telling yourself that you don’t smell it is a matter between you and your lying nose.

However... the people of the world... that large sleeping animal is being pressed and afflicted by the age old condition of the few wanting more than they will ever use at the expense of the many. This pathology of the few has no limits upon its appetite. It will squeeze the last bloody nickel from the hands of the last starving serf if it can manage it. It never does. Sooner or later they ignite the wrath of the world against them and heads will roll. Heads should roll and we can only hope it is the right heads.

Contrary to what we were led to believe, President Obama is no more than Bush-lite. He’s going to pour some tens of thousands of extra soldiers into Afghanistan as if it will do any good at all. It won’t. Someone doesn’t understand the Hindu Kush. You can’t conquer certain places. He’s going to do it at the behest of Gates and the generals who don’t know shit from shinola. They’re doing it at the behest of whoever has promised them a portion of the plunder in this geo-political rape when the sanest thing is to recognize that different societies are different and to manage your needs and relationships by first recognizing this fact and not operating as agencies for corporations who want to ram their shit down unwilling throats and/or steal what isn’t theirs.

Because unbridled greed and stupidity are human constants another cycle repeats and it results in tragedy with every turn of the wheel.

I do not know the details of what is coming because they haven’t presented themselves yet. I do know what the larger picture portends. Revolution is coming and it’s coming to Main Street everywhere. It will hit its most dramatic expressions in the larger urban areas and things will no longer be what they were. Let that imply whatever you like... or don’t like.

During both of the last world wars there were various areas that were untouched by the conflicts though they were no great distance away. This is something to consider. You might ask why this was the case but that wouldn’t be the most important consideration. Everyone should look at where they are and judge accordingly. You get what I’m saying or you don’t.

A new world is going to emerge from the transformations in the wings. A new cycle is appearing even as the old cycle is recycling. It will have new solutions because the old solutions did not work. It will contain many of the forward thinking ideas that have been ridiculed by those addicted to the stupidity of the moment drawn from a poor information about the past, colored by self interest.

If a car hits you when you are crossing the street, your first concern is not whether the car was driven by a drunk or someone on their cell phone. Your concern is not whether they are a Muslim or an atheist. Your concern is the injuries of the impact. Your real self-interest lies in paying attention in the first place because a great number of people are not paying attention due to their attention being co-opted by whatever brand of distracting materialism has captured their minds.

Your right to live is directly tied to your values. Your right to a new world is directly tied to your ties to the old world. Your ability to swim is directly tied to whatever possessions and sundry are tied around your neck through the agency of your minds attachment to theses things. You are either cycling into a new understanding because of your willingness to let go of the old and embrace the new or you are recycling into compost for the new because your cold dead fingers are wrapped around the past. It’s your call.

Every time a period such as this comes around there are increasingly greater warnings that present themselves in the changes taking place. Every time this happens, the same sort of people are wining and dining while Rome burns. Their laughter crackles like the flames that surround them and no amount of increasing evidence will convince them of anything. Their crimes and their excesses increase in measure to the point of absurdity and so it goes.

There are a few basic amenities that are crucial to survival. Any fool ought to know what these are and where they came from before they got wrapped in packaging and showed up on a shelf somewhere. Take a look around... well... we’ll see won’t we?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Les, you don't have to approve this comment as it isn't overly topical to your current writings, which i would like to add, are a very enjoyable read. i would like to share with you something of myself:
this is one of my new songs about cellphone dangers in the new world... and i think you might like some of the other stuff on my youtube channel too. aside from the cellphone song - Me and You is my most recent addition...

Jon Doe said...

Life really does go in cycles. I feel that my life is starting to head into yet another new cycle; which is connected to the cycle about to end. With transition comes confusion and self doubt. Yet, as I am can clearly see that a new cycle is about to start in my life, it only is the same cycle with a slightly different situation.

RML said...

"It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known."

These words of Dickens spoken through the dialogue of Sidney Carlton -- finally at peace as he comforted the terrified chambermaid next to him in the waiting-line to oblivion. Lady Guillotine, carrying-out the will of the Paris mob, struck no fear in the in the heart of "Number 22."

Dickens was trying to give us an understanding of the amazing grace inherent in the afterglow of sacrificial love. Finally the gaping chasm of an empty life that could never be filled was, in an instant, filled to overflowing. A life -- seemingly meaningless and existential pointlessness -- grasped the transcending joy of choosing one's destiny regardless of the fate that the circumstances of life doled out (Regardless of what fate deals us, we choose how we play it.).

To some degree, we are all familiar with at least a portion of the beginning of "A Tale of Two Cities": "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, It was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us...."

Duality ... always apart, one against the other, seeing the Tai Chi as two opposite and opposing movements. Conflict, conflict, conflict. Stepping out of Maya (the duality), Carlton experienced oneness. No struggle, no confusion, no angst, simply being at peace, which in our current time and space certainly does surpass understanding.

Carlton's act, his choice, his destiny struck that transcendental chord of the heart that plays in the key of the infinite.

What every indigenous (shamanistic) people are saying about our current time is that this Cycle (known to Western man as "recorded history") is coming to an end. And, this concept resonates with Cycle researchers of modern time, whether Gann, Kondratieff or the dreaded Rothschilds, all state that "there is no such thing as a permanent trend."

The only constant permeating the cosmos is Change. Nothing -- people, weather, planets, diamonds, rubies, nothing stays the same. No one and no thing is exempt. Cycles have been manipulated, for sure. But, for only so long. As a culture, we have bought, hook, line and sinker the bloody lie that there are permanent trends. We are shocked and gripped with fear that gravy-trains don't go on indefinitely.

You can say that the One (Non-Duality) is permanent, but not the manifestations. There are constants, sure, but they forever avoid stagnation through their movements. It's all like Music. When you think of it, there is nothing that does not adhere to the infinite harmonic possibilities inherent in music.

Music is the primer for the understanding of Cycles and for the manifestations of all Life. Atonality and discord have had their day. We are moving on.

Please keep at it, Bro.

Anonymous said...

The internet offers "impartiality"?

Do you think YOU are "impartial"?

And life is NOT a series of cycles. Evolution does not transform fish into rabbits, and then back into fish. Life is a process, in the direction of time - not repeating cycles.

Feudalism was transformed into capitalism ie transformation, NOT repeating cycles.

Anonymous said...

Another great post. Speaking of cycles, just read this article this morning, before I read your new post of cycles.
Interesting study of historical cycles. Looks like we're in the shit. Yay.
Also, been meaning to drop you a line about your novel, thanks for sending the pdf, great read.

psychegram said...

Well, damnit. The blogger demon finally bit me. I wrote one of my characteristically long-winded posts and it disappeared into the ether when I tried to post it ... and frankly, I don't have the energy or the inclination to rewrite it. So I'll just say, a fantastic essay, sir. One of the best in a while.

Visible said...

I screwed up Diderot's first name because I am always compelled to call him Jacques because of the title of his book "Jacques the Fatalist."

Moron alert! We've got a dysfunctional troll loose who isn't shy about making his tenuous grasp of logic and reason public; given the benefits of anonymity. You'll see him here in the threads... possibly a migrant from Slate.

Anonymous said...

Posting as anonymous as the rest is Greek to me. I have been reading your beautiful essays for a long time and have been recommending them to others as they carry a lot of truth with a lot of impact. The responses are also a unique experience and appreciated for their honest and perception, this critique coming from a seventy year old grandmother. Les, your articles make my day and instill hope and promise in an otherwise woefully despondent day. Kudos to you and your avid followers for providing a glimmer of light.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being there Les, I'm reading your other posts to @origami in order that I free my consciousness and tap into the one we are all part of.

Anonymous said...

....manage your needs and relationships by first recognizing this fact and not operating as agencies for corporations who want to ram their shit down unwilling throats and/or steal what isn’t theirs.”

Our whole government is an "agency for corporations", there is nobody to represent we the people. It is really incredible how so many individuals just don't get it. This revolution you speak of might be the only way out. The 800 pound gorilla has hemorrhoids, back pain, cancer, gout, poor eye site, bad breath, dementia, chronic indigestion, you name it. He is in a bad way and no cure is possible. The multitude will have to gang up on the beast and put him out of his misery.

Most of our manufacturing has been outsourced to other countries. With manufacturing you have economies of scale and companies can afford to pay a decent wage. Service sector jobs are generally low paying, and hundreds of thousands of these jobs are also disappearing. People can't buy new cars, homes etc. on eight to twelve dollar per hour jobs. Long ago congress could have used tax policy to halt the manufacturing job losses. They sat with their finger up their ass and even encouraged it. That's what you get with criminals and perverts in charge who can be easily blackmailed.

Look at the foresight of the founding fathers. We still have people of that caliber in this country, but they sure as hell aren't in government. I'm certainly not saying there aren't some intelligent people in congress but they are either compromised or only concerned with self interest. If we had moral ethical statesmen we wouldn't be in this mess, and don't be delusional enough to think all this was one big accident. It was all planed. Those pulling the strings are very patient. They tweak the economy here and there and if necessary are willing to wait decades for results, although over the last few years they have really cranked up the heat. It is almost as if they are behind schedule and trying to make up for lost time. (hmmmm 12/21/2112) I once read a paper, I think it was Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, that was actually a blueprint of all this shit that is happening now. That must have been coincidental because the jews said it was a "forgery".


Anonymous said...

Hi Les and all
Thanks for keeping it real.
You are bye far the most interesting read. Somehow its comforting in a twisted sort of way that others are feeling and seeing the lines on the paper are communicating a similar message. Now if I can just keep my anxiety about it all i may be able to out of the way.

Anonymous said...

yur right. It's been almost ten days since they updated their site

nina said...

Where is this vibe coming from, this being on the same page, as I wheelbarrow in the fields dumping yesterday's ashes over tomorrow's vegetable garden, crunching across old snow, green grasses peeking out, beware the mud pits where gutter spills nurse the newborn season. There has always been music and art. There is no zeitgeist. It is only a ploy of the manipulators of market cycles, inverted by moralists under mass hypnosis, having faith without knowledge, certain beyond doubt they are a superior community greater than the natural evolution common to all of life. The joke is on humanity, trusting they were a part of something grand, for or against, from which to model themselves within, rather than see themselves and their cheap little secrets, as if Jerry Lee Lewis was Satan, Little Richard was a commie, a commie was a Kokopelli and Diane Arbus, Dorothea Lange and Hemingway were icons of their times. Ionic moments make great partners in the bed of imperialism, amping the hypnosis lest you wander. Before there was war art, there was natural disaster art painted on cave walls. Before produce aisle muzak there were pan pipes and sitars. Its only the chase of money that is a zeitgeist, that which creates vast hallucinogenic heirarchies mothering the concept that a new type of time exists, coining terms such as "era", "period" or "age". But every single morning is a renaissance, every cellular structure a cathedral. Every snowflake different but all a variation on the same.
If you were born into the illusion you were/are likely a product of inescapable hypnosis. Everything we do in the ever-expanding, overpopulated western world is just something to do with our time under hypnosis. Some have called it "filling our days". Only the pursuit of wealth, the premier mass-delusional form of self-flattery, makes it possible to "fill our days". If you are not "filling your days" correctly hypnotized, you are subject to recriminations designed for the in-sane. Before waterboarding there was the stretching rack and of course, the cross.
A truly new time would be that of coming into consciousness somewhere free of the flypaper illusion. Most of us die because we get tired of being stuck. It wears us down. We are loathe to leave because we think we have to take everyone in our zeitgeist with us which makes us sad. The most abusive element of the zeitgeist, as contained in any addiction, is its wrenching kickback of undermining sense-reality which should tell us it is dangerous and to be avoided at all cost.
The vibe I mentioned earlier, wherever its coming from, it is real. I like to think of it as a helper force outside of the illusion.

Visible said...

Jesus, Nina... You sure can write. I can't remember how many times I've been impressed by your work. Your abilities are cutting edge.

Anonymous said...

Life is a cycle. The universe is a cycle. And if you say that life is a process in the direction of time then you are implying that there is a begining and an end - not only to life but to the universe as well. There is no begning or end, just a circle and an equation.

Visible said...

It must be me because sometimes I don't understand what people are talking about. The way I see it a cycle is a circle and I'm mystified if I can figure out where that circle begins or ends. The same seems to be true of time because every time it reaches twelve it starts over again and I can't see how you would run out of time if you never run out of numbers that measure the days and you can never run out of numbers. I'm aware of timelessness... I've even experienced it and expect that I'll be getting more of that but so long as I operate in the realm of words which is the only way that something like this can exist in the first place well, so long as I do there are going to be limits on what can be expressed which isn't to imply that those limits are what is being presented.

I'm glad that there are some of us who are beyond time and space. Personally, I don't know

nina said...

Its all your fault, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved this quote from Thoreau.

"“Time is but the stream I go fishing in. I drink at it, but while I drink I see the sandy bottom and detect how shallow it is. It's thin current slides away, but eternity remains.”

A huge subject for sure. I always wondered if time actually exists, or is it simply a measurement of change through space. If there were no beings with the capacity of memory would it exist. It's quite possible that it is impossible to know for sure.

Anyway another thought provoking post, thanks.

paolocaruso said...

According to Karl Marx, change only comes by crisis. Crisis is a cyclical result of pent-up greed and stupidity. The train we are all on is heading for a collision. We all see it coming. The shysters see it coming and put Howdy Doody in the conductor's seat. Money is disappearing, via Dov and Bernie and ending up in Israel - Shyster Central is preparing for the train wreck. This will be no mere pogrom or holocaust, this looks like the big one. Hopefully all the participants on this blog will be part of the next cycle... we will be needed.

Great writing Les !! Superb..really.

kikz said...


les, rml, and nina :)

encore! encore!
so talented.. :)

m_astera said...

"Your right to a new world is directly tied to your ties to the old world."

I spent over fifteen years setting up a homestead that was largely self-sufficient. Drilled a deep well, put in a hand pump, gravity feed water system. Planted a nice orchard, made a raised bed garden with granite retaining walls, built a cabin using trees from the land and hand-split cedar shingles.

I gathered and stored enough food to feed a family for at least two years, and stored seeds and fertilizer too. I collected all of the tools that a homestead could need to make or do or fix anything.

And then, a little over two years ago, I walked away from it all when I decided it wasn't a survivable place after all, not with untrustworthy neighbors, a psychopathic government, and surrounded by 300 million people whose entire lives were insane, based on lies and most of all fear.

The things I brought with me hold no great attachment either. They are useful while I have them, when and if they too are gone I'll make do with all I really have, which is whatever knowledge, wisdom, and experience I have managed to accumulate.

Anonymous said...

Nina Wrote: Before produce aisle muzak there were pan pipes and sitars. Its only the chase of money that is a zeitgeist, that which creates vast hallucinogenic heirarchies mothering the concept that a new type of time exists,

It is the end of an era...or something--Muzak has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy--No Shit!!
Perhaps Visible Muzak for all with ears to hear?


Visible said...

Just saw from the FEEDJIT stats that someone was logged on from Dahlonega, GA--We spent our honeymoon (all two days of it)at a cabin up a smile from me...It was the only place out of the city that we could afford---


Visible said...

Chip is here. Stripped bare syntax is this lazy avatars' apologia. Who and what I am is not the issue. Cycles are the rising and falling of infinite universal Destiny. It is what it is because that's what it is. Why argue or play coy? if you want better answers, that is what I am Here for. I suggest to circle the wagons and concentrate the attention dynamically inward. Thanks and goodnight.

Anonymous said...

Anybody remember the book, On the Beach? (I believe it was by Nevil Shute.) It came out after WWII and was about the coming end of the world, because a cobalt bomb (the worst possible type) had been exploded and the world was coming to an end in about a year.

Anyway, I remember the feeling I had in my gut then, and it's returned to me in my old age, only this time it's not fiction. I can't believe the weaponry that surrounds us...nuclear subs replete with thermonuclear warhead in their missiles; depleted uranium weapon...hell, just name it. It all comes down to money and the expenditure of it for more armaments for the sake of filling the greedy bastards' pockets. This is OUR On the Beach, folks. It's not IF, it's merely WHEN. I've had my life, but I grieve for all of the victims of world greed. Who said our civilization has to last forever?
We're but a speck. Good night, and good luck. An octogenarian

Visible said...

Sorry folks... a little fuzzy this morning. I hit reject when I went to post the comments and then had to submit them myself and bozoed it up even better by putting two of JJ's under my own name which I could edit out and do again and probably screw that up too so... better luck next time.

I seem to have missed a comment so, if I left you out, resend it please. Sorry about that.

Visible said...


Jj wanted to get in touch with you. He was going to be in your area at some point soon and wondered about communicating. Would you email me so that I can send him your email address?


Anonymous said...

So Visible is Jj, the allegations are true, muhahah ha

I was thinking about what anon at 5:15 said in these comments, and was wondering about this concept of linear vs cyclical. I'm sure he's trolling and looking for trouble, but in a sense he has a point. I think I've adjusted my image of how time flows.

It may not be in a complete circle and it sure isn't totally linear either. So my new image is rather like a spiral, and I like it. For each spin of the cycle there is a transformation. Flattened out and from a distance, it may look like a line, but it doesn't work that way. More like the double helix DNA image.

He also said this:

"Feudalism was transformed into capitalism ie transformation, NOT repeating cycles."

I have a problem with this though. He stopped at capitalism as if that was the end. It too has serious flaws and we are witnessing it today. There will always be people who find a way to subvert good system. Damn humans always mucking things up. And the flaws are bringing it down. Into what? A new form of Feudalism? The new feudalism will be much different than the previous one.

Maybe the spiral runs in both directions. That is, it doesn't always "advance" there is change and modification, which may be interpreted as good or bad, depending on your point of view.

Hmmm I like the spiral image.

Visible said...

according to ageless wisdom and to the esoteric school to which I belong it is a spiral. However, that has little to do with the 'perception' of it which is what my commentary had to do with. Things are often one thing in the reality of their essence and something else for the realm of appearances or for the purpose of a particular exposition.

The troller is several identities masquerading. It is most likely someone from Slate as I recognize the style.

A good example of the spiral idea is to close your fist and look at the curl of your hand; an example once given me from a wise source.

Visible said...

Heck... you might even pick up a handful of sand and let it run out while your hand is curled suchly..(grin)

Anonymous said...

This is what I really love. A true dialogue. You brought out the reality that history repeats itself. And there is the other reality of what we might call evolution. Do they contradict each other?

And poof, I saw a spiral. And I have no contact with masters or any esoteric schools of any kind. I love it.

If we are cemented in our conclusions we may never get any kind of insight. True dialogue like this is quite awesome, and we can do it miles apart, I love the internet. This is why I avoid reading a lot of what other people have said. I love the talents and skills of those who have read, mind you.

True dialogue; you throw something in the air, I look at it. Someone else responds they toss something up, I look at it. We all want to understand the truth, no agenda, we just keep tossing things in the air, and see what lands.

I'm a bit high on this spiral thing at the moment, it was quite a nice discovery. But later I'm gonna question it too, hehe.

Love ya man'


Anonymous said...

I'll relate a story.

There I was in the hills above Ojai California, serious, digging deep. Walking along the dry trails, jumping from pigmy rattlesnakes, questioning the big issues, poor pathetic humanity, our plight you know...the whole complex subject of the human condition.

And later, I went in to town to buy some food at the grocery store, and to put it briefly I met a rather attractive woman. It was cute how we met, and somehow I managed to get her phone number. And we met for lunch shortly thereafter.

I had been meditating so deeply on "serious" issues and as we sat down to eat, the whole meditative thing just continued during lunch. I was completely attentive to everything she said and was aware of everything, even the earings in her ear, and all the details of her appearance, and every gesture, just total attention without evaluation, I wonder if you know what I mean.

And later I was doing my usual walk along the dusty trail and came down to a sweet shady stream. The trees created dancing shadows on the boulders and the surrounding ground, and I climbed up on a rather large boulder and soaked in the coolness and the light that only California can offer and let my mind rest.

And I took a break from all the "deep" thinking I was doing and let go.

And in a flash light a bolt of lightning, I saw everything that woman said, all the details, the motives, the intent, all in a flash, without inviting it. I thought it was so trivial, but you know what...

I wanted answers to big questions and what did I get?

I got answers to big questions without knowing it.

Methinks if we push hard and then let go we may see something. It may be something unexpected. Total attention to everything, and maybe we will see something.

Sorry to indulge in this Les, I believe that this is the place that will change the course of history, and that's why I'm wasting everyone's time posting here. :>)

kikz said...

for dadnerd :)

just one, from my library of alexandria bookmarks :)
sacred geometry

happy reading

Anonymous said...

I have posted this before, but here I go again on the coat tails of dad and the "V"--I have felt for a while that I am in the center of a twister--in the calm-as an observer-I can see the world and people spinning around--some caught in the swirling--some being tossed out--sometimes I can see clearly, and sometimes it's just spinning too fast and it's a blur--It travels over the land where it has traveled before, and I have to move along with it--centered-- to keep from going on a nasty ride and getting hit with space debris and whatever else is caught up in the noise and junk that got swept up and added to the force of the thing--
Sometimes I get a little too close from not paying attention and some unknown thing whacks me and brings me back to where I need to be--most days the "cone of silence" is wide enough that I can't hear or see it, and some days the twister has closed in but always stops--It requires an awareness of sorts to keep from allowing it to swallow me up--there seems to be a law in effect that the twister can't swallow me unless i allow it to--but the twister can swallow me by deception--there are no rules for the twister other than the one--

Calm here today!!


kikz said...

ewpz.. and here's one more... for AFTER you get your toes wet w/the classical stuff... :)

mandelbrot/fractal chaos

beautiful stuff :)

Visible said...

You can write a book here if you want. That is what the space is for. You can create another character and talk to him/her here. I've got some basic human rules that any human would agree to and I'm not shy about enforcing those here or anywhere else depending on the need and counting on some combination of awareness allowing for me sidestepping what I've gotten pretty good at sidestepping.

Here's something I've noticed that relates to what you described but needs a leap of association for cognizance.

I find that when I am pressing hard for the attention of the one that the one will throw all sorts of distractions at me to divert me away. If I am persistent and refuse these ploys I eventually get this, "Who's that banging on the door? You're waking everyone up... go away." It is very nearly literally like this.

I've even had it try to scare the shit out of me (which happened recently during a ketamine session- I've run out now and I don't like that) I won't describe where I was put and left but it was a touch scenario... a very tough... full bore fucking with me kind of thing.

Then there have been those conversations that have gone on for days that I described in the god waking up and having the morning coffee routine and where God talks like a John Wayne character with super powers.

The identities vary as do the circumstances but I have found the whole thing to be part trickster, part indulgent mother... part varieties of father and various forms of friend.

There's no telling what I'm going to run into or get put through but I keep coming back for more. There isn't anything else for me left so I have no choice.

I've been told often enough (because my particular path involves a lot of special effects) that I chose this path; by way of explanation at my distress on numbers of occasions. I'm not into the classical shamanistic thing... it's more a kind of tantric yoga but it's got elements and freaky shit happens. It takes a lot of nerve sometimes but I can't see my way around it. I got to go through it.

Most of the time it is exhilarating and more fun than anything available in this realm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les-great article as usual, they variate between excellent and superb. Or maybe its just my joy at seeing that you as well as everyone who posts here seems to get it. "It" being who is responsible for the current mess.
Wasn't it Ghandi who said "First they ignore you, then they attack you, then you win"?
Although what I've seen is serious dissidents getting attacked, early in the game, and, their organizations infiltrated and subverted.
Those who are "anti-System" would do well to keep in mind the tactic Lenin called "organizing the opposition"
One bit of good news, its a few days old, President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez won his referendum which allows him to be re-elected for as many terms as the voters of Venezuela want him in office doing his job. This means he can continue his Bolivarian revolution effectively. This is Great News for non-greedheads everywhere, proving a nation can be run under principles which do not include exploiting their fellow man. Now, if a government like his would institute population planning, also, it would eliminate a way in which we the people are working against their own best interests and assisting the plans of those who would exploit them.

Anonymous said...

Life isn't straightforward cyclic; it's more spiralling, so it goes up and down as well as coming back and forth.

I'm not expressing myself too well today, am I? Tough! Ain't life a bitch?

Anyhow, cyclically, we're at a Permian-Triassic extinction level event, and please don't go confusing this with the KT boundary E.L.E.

Whether things go up, or down, depend on how many people realise they had better abandon the "dog eat dog" system in favour of mutual co-operation.

Regardless, after the rich have crawled into their underground bunkers, we need to cooperate by pouring concrete into the entrances, in order to stop them ever coming out again.

psychegram said...

No need to apologize dadnerd, that was a beautiful little vignette, and it's through such things that we get to know each other here, yeah? Insofar as our personal history has anything at all to do with who 'we are'.

So, speaking of revolution, has anyone else seen this? Things are getting interesting over there. I wonder, though, how much of it is honest revolt, and how much egged on by agents provacateurs whose patrons want to turn protests into armed insurrection in order to spread the chaos on which they feed ... or simply to give an excuse to replace the rubber bullets with real ones? Just a little paranoia to spice up your day.

The spiral is indeed the key morphology. Just look at the path traced out by the Earth through space and time. It's not a circle around the Sun, because the Sun itself is moving. And of course the Galaxy is in motion, so the Sun's orbital path, too, becomes a spiral. Spirals inside of spirals inside of spirals, everywhere you look once you know how. It's no wonder our own history mirrors this dynamic. At any rate Anon's "it's not a circle, it's a process!" comment wasn't completely wrong, because what comes next won't be simply a retread of what came before, just as no two sunsets or summers are exactly alike. As Mark Twain said, "History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes."

Well, all that said, it's important these days to emphasize the cyclic aspects of time, so often overlooked by a culture drunk on it's own material 'progress'. So many have such a myopic perspective that they're unable to perceive anything but the gently sloping (or rapidly climbing) line; they forget that viewed from above, where all the revolutions of the spiral overlap, you're left with a circle.

Anonymous said...


a few ideas here

1 a spiral is but a circle that you are travel thought as it moves from one circle to another circle (dna)

2 a like to think of circles as spheres or as "bubbles", ideas, feelings, thoughts all can be bubbles that touch each other and build this worlds interplay

3 we are moving out of one large bubble into a new one, but to move over one has to understand when the two meet and where. To figure that out you must remember the last "jump" most people only live out one bubble failing to see the countless bubbles around them

"You are either cycling into a new understanding because of your willingness to let go of the old and embrace the new or you are recycling into compost"

Again you have used few words to show a much greater meaning. Thanks


Anonymous said...


I'm sure you've been somewhere, probably a friends restaurant, and had them say "your money is no good here". They meant they would not accept it and the dinner was on them.

In Sierra Madre, Bogart kills off his partners and has all the gold on his mule or horse. He gets stopped by 3 Mexicans who want to rob him.

They do not speak his language, they don't know about the gold, they just want whatever they see (and the gold is not visible :).

He gets shot and killed, a bullet goes through the saddle bag and the gold (in sand like particles) flows out and is mixed with the wind and the sand and gone.

What has to happen, is that those with all the gold now, or whatever form of wealth, need to be told "your money is no good here" what else of value do you have. Chances are they have little else.

Anonymous said...

There is a site, my favorite just ahead of smokinmirrors, called, wherein it is pointed out that the planets in our solar system have not always been in the spot they are now. Cave and rock paintings the world over show the same view of planets (they all saw the same thing) and it was not always as it is now. My point? It's not a cycle or a circle and not linear either. I cannot describe infinity. Again, my point? The assholes runnin shit today ain't gonna be runnin shit forever. I don't know how to say it without being a bit crude.

Anonymous said...

Because unbridled greed and stupidity are human constants another cycle repeats and it results in tragedy with every turn of the wheel.

It's the cycle stupid. Les, truer words were never spoken in reference to humans, and given this given, how do we change it? Can it be changed? It seems to me that a completely different way of living life would be required to change the cycle. I've only seen 56 years, but I've seen enough to know that life seeks balance. For humans it started loooooog ago, in a cave somewhere. The big bully caveman went around and took almost everyone elses food, and was hording it for himself. The other cave men and women suddenly realized that they were many and he was one. So they got together and bashed the bully in the head with a big stick and took the food back. Balance was acheived. There have been many, much more complex repeats over the course of human history, but this is what your description of humans produces. The greedy find ways to collect all the money at the expense of those who are not greedy, until the greedy over reach and take too much. Then the many eat the rich, share the money and balance is acheived until the next batch of greedy takes over and the cycle continues.

All the conditions are right for the revolution, or the next big meal for the many. The greedy are lost in the process of stealing all the money, and seem to have lost sight of how angry the masses are getting. What a drug greed must be, to be able to blind one to the fact that they are about to be eaten.

Where does that put us though. Life in the world today is like a big party on the Titanic, where most people believed the captain when he announced that the bump they felt is nothing to be worried about, and are oblivious to what is comming. Us, that is we, are the ones that went out on deck to check out what that bump really was cuz something about it just didn't seem right. Then upon finding out the truth, and caring about our fellow man, we try and tell the other passengers that disaster is comming. To which they laugh because the captain told them there was nothing to worry about. The problem is that WE are on the same boat as they are, and are doomed to share their fate.

As you have alluded to, there are things we can do to minimize the effects of the comming disaster, but I can't imagine anyone will totally escape the magnitude of the financial and cultural tsunami that's comming. Peace my friend.

notamobster said...

vis said: "The Earth rotates around the sun..." , huh? Well, not if you buy what these guys are selling. Very interesting website. I don't buy the "earth is the center of the universe bit... but, hey - it takes all types.

Very nice summation of the worlds Jewry, in a biblical context, for those who would try to convince Christians that Israel is not-so-holy:

m_astera said...


Actually, both the Earth and the Sun rotate around wherever I happen to be at the moment. I thought everyone knew that.

m_astera said...


I read that fun geocentric Earth page. I can pretty much handle the sun going around the earth, and even the stars going around the earth. Imagining the whole disc of the spiral Milky Way galaxy rotating around one little planet out towards the edge gets difficult. I'll keep trying.

kikz said...

hail & hale, carl... where ever you are now :)

Anonymous said...

Funny My path is so clear save the save the normal 'Spice' of a worldly education..But the few who i counted a friends and trusted loved ones are so afraid of the obvious coming tests they would rather drive off anyone willing to put voice and logic into description of Our crappy lot we all have been dealt rather than show some backbones and hunker down for the good fight UNITED against the evils coming with the help of ones buddies. A serious shame most are willing to burn and steal to maintain the FOG for a few more days or dollars. The Anti-family ethos will cost you far more than you may ever imagine if you tend to use it as a stick to beat your fears away from you. I work. Stay in my cell and await my coming works for All of the humans who will hold me out in the cold. I hope all will be borne safely to the light but I fear for My honey a ton. Her karma is in need of many hopeful Prayers to show her Who and what is a Gentleman. She will see without doubt. I seem to have lost all i had and all i have is fear for a woman who in every way i can fathom never loved me at all. I guess love is a one way street sometimes... Even for the faithful. And i loved the D.W.I song.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts while reading here: If one reads S.I. Hayakawa's 'Lens theory of Communication' one finds that most of the time in interpersonal communication, we are like two dogs barking. The dogs may communicate, but the observers do not understand.
Some posts remind me of the writings of Carlos Casteneda.

Time is a man-made illusion, it is not real.

From the comdedian Brother Dave Gardner,"There are those deem themselves to be in the realm of the round who tend to put down those they deem in the square, but 'tis neither the circle nor the rectangle rather it is the spiral which gives the essence to the pendulum from which it swings to and fro".

Visible said...

There is a new entry for Reflections in a Petri Dish.

The Lies that Shape our World.

psychegram said...

Any Tool fans here? Sure it's not Dylan or Springsteen. Must be a generational thing.



Black then white are all I see in my infancy.
Red and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me.
Lets me see.
As below, so above and beyond, I imagine
Drawn beyond the lines of reason.
Push the envelope. watch it bend.

Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.
Withering my intuition, missing opportunities and I must
Feed my will to feel my moment drawing way outside the lines.

Black then white are all I see in my infancy.
Red and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me.
Lets me see there is so much more and
Beckons me to look thru to these infinite possibilities.
As below, so above and beyond, I imagine
Drawn outside the lines of reason.
Push the envelope. watch it bend.

Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.
Withering my intuition leaving opportunities behind.
Feed my will to feel this moment urging me to cross the line.
Reaching out to embrace the random.
Reaching out to embrace whatever may come.

I embrace my desire to
I embrace my desire to
Feel the rhythm, to feel connected enough to step aside and weep like a widow
To feel inspired to fathom the power, to witness the beauty,
To bathe in the fountain,
To swing on the spiral
To swing on the spiral
To swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human.

With my feet upon the ground I move myeslf between the sounds and open wide to
Suck it in.
I feel it move across my skin.
Im reaching up and reaching out. Im reaching for the random or what ever will
Bewilder me.
What ever will bewilder me.
And following our will and wind we may just go where no ones been.
Well ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no ones been.
Spiral out. keep going.
Spiral out. keep going.
Spiral out. keep going.
Spiral out. keep going.
Spiral out. keep going.

notamobster said...

Master_a - I too could handle the sun and some stars if they were closer than we are taught, but, as you say - (paraphrasing) the whole damned thing? Not likely. How fast would the universe have to move to make a complete revolution around the earth in 24 hours? Maybe it's like the cartoons... whereby, the stars and moon just pop up from there hiding place and the sun retreats... or, maybe the earth spins, as a much smaller component to the design of the universe - than the bible would have one believe. That's just me, you are all free, of course to believe whatever you wish!


P.S. I watched "Religulous" last night. His (Bill Maher) sarcasm and arrogance are tiring at times, but the movie is hillarious, none-the-less.

Anonymous said...

Where have the good guys gone? It seems all the names in the news are the bad guys.

I guess it makes it easy when the revolution starts.

It seems that they have reached some kind of limit on their raping and pillaging. Like a pyramid scheme which has reached its limit. Yes, it seems it is sad that some have reached their death bed without meeting justice. Well, guess who they get to meet on the other side? :) I guess that is what hell is, meeting those whose lives have affected. Quite a gamble it is.

Keep that torch burning bright Les, it is going to be long dark and stormy night.


Anonymous said...

The earth(yourself) is the center of things. The movement of the bodies in the sky are too, just yourself and can move and ways you see fit or not. In time and with much watching and feeling these bodies actions you may find more of yourself out there and find that all is moving around you,if you wish.


Anonymous said...

Been wrestling with this whole idea of history repeating itself.

I see at least two possibilities why this happens.

(1). Humans think in short term survival, basically me and my family. Maybe even the community could be included. Maybe even the nation I was born in, depending on what you identify with. Thinking in this parochial fashion prevents me from seeing the larger picture. You can see how this got started thousands of years ago when groups were widely separated. When two distinct groups met there was the possibility for conflict.

Put simply, the self centered mindset has a built in potential for conflict. As long as there is me here, and you over there, there is an ever present possibility for violence. Greed would be a manifestation of this. I grab the goodies for myself and family, and the hell with you and your family. As long as there is plenty of goods, people get along, more or less. When there is scarcity, the whole picture changes.

Is history repeating itself because we have never changed from this cycle?

My question is, is this natural? You know, a built in mechanism for survival of the fittest. Are we dreaming that change is possible? Maybe this is the way it's supposed to be. I don't know, because I see that we can change things.

If evolution is true, then there has been dynamic change in organisms throughout millions of years. And if change wasn't possible then survival wasn't possible. We see overwhelming evidence that organisms have adapted and changed throughout time. Or is variety built in to all living things, and the one best suited survives?

Will history stop repeating itself if we radically change? You know break the cycle.

So history keeps repeating itself because we haven't changed in 10,000 years. What would make us fundamentally change?

(2). I forgot the second one hehe, sorry.

Anonymous said...


"Most of the time it is exhilarating and more fun than anything available in this realm."

Your posts are so complete I'm compelled to go down side roads, hehe.

Just wanted to add that during periods of meditation, and I don't me the mind numbing repetition kind, some of the most awesome things took place, so real, so unique, so...well you know.

To think the poor masses off to 9 to 5 and no way out. Slaves, we have become slaves and don't even know it.

Yes we all have certain things in common, but in the end, we are all unique. Even the so called masters.... lets say they had some kind of enlightenment, and guess what, they are all different. That's the beauty, we are all individuals whether we like it or not.

Anonymous said...

psychegram said...

"No need to apologize dadnerd, that was a beautiful little vignette, and it's through such things that we get to know each other here, yeah? Insofar as our personal history has anything at all to do with who 'we are'."

It was pretty amazing actually. There I was searching for "enlightenment" and was literally knocked off that boulder with what I considered trivia. Life is funny. But in an instant I saw everything that girl said, all the motives, everything, and I could never prove it.

My point of course was, just pay total attention to everything and see what happens, don't try to push things around to suit your fancy.

As a follow up on that story, I should say this. She criticized me for being away from my three children back in Florida. And I defended myself and said one should take time to ponder serious things, etc....but she got under my skin, saying that. So later I was up in San Fransisco, and bought 3 one way plane tickets to bring the kids out. And we had a great time, slowly driving back to Florida by way of death valley and the Badlands of the dakotas and well you know the great country this is, all the way back.

And the following year I went back to Ojai, and actually met the girl again and we had lunch, a nice Mexican restaurant there. And guess what. I told her she was right about my kids and what wonderful trip we had, and she began to cry. She had criticized me for trekking that way the year before and guess what? She had her own baggage to deal with, and took her own trip back to Kentucky, and dealt with something hanging over her head. Life is funny, she influenced me and I influenced her.

I hope anyone reading this will take time to take off, you never know what will happen.

Anonymous said...

Let the revolution begin!

m_astera said...


At this point, I'm willing to consider that the whole cosmos is just a fancy projector show, but I'd still argue that the illusion it's attempting to show is the Earth going around the sun.

Matt seems to agree that I'm actually the center of it all. So there's two of us. :)

Word verification is "ourgasm". Clever.

Parfer DeCourse said...

Two ideas have been on my mind recently, "synchronicity", and "Critical Mass"

Re: Synchronicity...

Dag Nabbit Dadnerd, I can't help but mention I grew up In Ojai spent many years in Kentucky (Hopkinsville) and several years in Florida (Tampa) and you mentioned all three as if we were bouncing around the country together. What coincidence! I know it is a weird comment but it just struck me as odd as I sit here in my Mimosa stupor...I have just spent time with MY kids also... running in Georgia with my daughter and Arizona with my son...I too bonded and enjoyed the time we had together (just had to mention it...)

Re: Critical Mass


I don't think anyone will ever wake up until we reach critical mass! Here is an illustration to express what I mean:

Let's suppose there is a great ant community situated around a galvanized bucket in the yard. The home owner of said yard watered the nearby garden with the hose and tossed the end of the hose in the bucket near where the ant civilization lives. She did not turn off the hose completely...drip, drip, trickle, trickle...

From the perspective of the ant community nothing has changed. Life goes on as usual. There is no indication that anything is wrong, even as the bucket continues to fill...ever so slowly. Time goes on... ant entities do ant things. Awareness of the approaching danger, never occurs to the ant officials. The rest of the community sleeps well at night...

One day the bucket, now filled with water reaches critical mass! The water spills over the lip of the bucket inundating the ant village and washes away the inhabitants, flooding their homes and injuring or killing the majority of the inhabitants. Those who remain now know, but it is too late to save the rest...even the sentinel ants (the watchers) who tried to warn the group cannot achieve solace in "I told you so"...

Les, We are awaiting critical mass before the sheeple wake up...

Thought you'd like to know...


Parfer DeCourse said...


Yo, Tool fan here! I think "Vicarious" best suits those who are gathered here...



greghood said...

If people understood feelings outweigh thoughts, the world would be a better place. The ONLY reason we are here is to help each other and make life more pleasant for one another. EG sharing .
The world is a selfish place full of self importance.I love the age old saying. There is no I in Team.

Change is coming, and coming big. We ALLLLL can feel it but deny it.
Start building ARKS, I,ll see you all at SEA

Anonymous said...

Parfer DeCourse :

Uh oh I'm getting worried now. I was about to post something in response to Hanks great remark above, and the idea of a pendulum came to mind. How at the peak of the swing we enter critical mass. Had I posted that...

Pretty funny.

Ojai, what a place huh?

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I'm feeling more literate today and a thought hit me after reading later comments.

Perhaps things are not merely spiralling, but traversing a double-helix. (As in DNA)

kikz said...


sigh.. it didn't post..

what i'd said, sometime ystrdy..

OMG another Bro Dave fan!!!??


Tarun Kumar said...

Nice Article. Keep it up. But I think this is copy of your topic recycling process



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