Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome to the Apocalypse and Unveiling of the Truth

Friends, Skeptics and Nimrods... lend me your ears. I come to exhume the truth not to bury it. The lies that men tell are the flesh of their mortality... the truth is a fire in their bones. Sooner or later the day comes. Sooner or later critical mass is reached. The pressure of what is hidden becomes stronger than what conceals it. Then comes the mad scramble of the lie makers who are revealed in their efforts by the industry of their madness. Cracks appear in the casing and the whole ugly affair bursts forth like a new born child, smacked on the ass and crying for the attention of the world.

As I have said in recent days... apocalypse does not mean what we have collectively believed. It means... to uncover, to reveal. It is a lifting of the veils. Then what is seen becomes a judgment to those observing it. It burns the eyes and the minds of those who have woven the veils to hide the truth of themselves and it brings liberation and joy to those who can now witness the hidden reality of what is. It is one fire with two different sensations; one is the sensation of burning and shame and one is the sensation of warming, well-being and vindication. It’s the same fire with two relationships to it. You can see it spiritually or you can see it in terms of applied physics but see it you will.

It’s coming out everywhere. The doubts are damning. The questions are being raised by the most unlikely sources. Many, many lies are being revealed and a large percentage of so called anti-Semitic and false flag incidents all over the world are being proven to have been orchestrated by Zionist, Jewish interests. One has only to inquire to be enlightened.

By this time one can surely see that there is a great deal more than we have been told and it is showing itself with every new day. Let us imagine what the psychopaths in charge of Israel, the Federal Reserve bankers and blackmailing, scandal mongers like Abe Foxman must be thinking and feeling in these days. As the truth is consistently revealed in the actions of Bernie Madoff and Jack Abramoff and as the truth about 9/11 becomes more and more apparent one could only wish to be a fly on the wall in the rooms where history’s biggest liars confront the exposure of their evil behavior.

It is going mainstream people and what can they do? What happened in Gaza has shown the whole world the truth about Israel. The actions of the last sixty years; the actions of hundreds of years before is all rising like the dead from the grave to convict beyond reasonable doubt. What shall they do? It can be assumed that some dreadful new crime is now marching into action while the world watches and waits. The apocalypse is no more than the truth undressing herself of the concealment of lies. The wailing and gnashing of teeth is the agony of those exposed for their countless crimes. Allegory and metaphor are linked arm in arm with the hard cold data of what can no longer be denied. They twist and turn; they howl and rage but to no avail.

The dishonored dead cry out from the grave. The years of blackmail and extortion and the McHolocaust centers across the world stand as testimony to a terrible lie. They have been a monument to their own darkness and now the darkness lifts to show them and all with eyes to see what has been done and what never occurred.

Now we see the absurdity of six million Jews who died in World War 1. Now we see the absurdity of there being more holocaust survivors now than there were at the end of World War 2. It goes on and on. We find that the number of six million was being tossed about even before the end of the First World War. No... my friends... the drunken driver in the semi filled with lies is meeting the bridge abutment of the truth and the flaming wreckage blazes on the shoulder of the highway as the rubber necking world drives slowly by.

What is this mysterious force that cannot be contained by the control of the press? What is this force that cannot be suppressed by the bankers and the relentless operations of the captive governments and courts? What is this force that is unveiling... uncovering and revealing? Onward it marches as day follows day. Even the cattle in the field who graze upon the grass are hearing the grass speaking and the voices of the dishonored dead beneath the ground are speaking. The wind is speaking and the seas are speaking. The mind inside the mind is speaking and will not be silenced.

History’s heroes are proving to be the villains. History’s victims are proving to be the oppressors. Up has been proven to be down and down is now up. Before is now after. Nothing is what is seems to be and what will tomorrow bring? What will tomorrow bring?

What is being plotted behind those doors? What are they talking about in the rooms of power where deep inside they must surely be atremble. The hot breath of fire at the nape of the neck is a chilling terror for those who imagine they can hide behind their guarded doors... behind their money and the appearance of power... behind their armies and their courts... behind the lies that are the walls they dreamed would protect them and which now become the walls of the prison that confines them.

They are all of them trapped in the darkness of the coma of Ariel Sharon. The endless parade of their terrible deeds parades before them. It grows stronger and more relentless with each passing day and they cannot turn away. They cannot run... they cannot hide. In every direction they approach the images and the sounds. They hear the outcry of their victims. They hear the footsteps of approaching justice. They hear their names being called. There is no lawyer who can plead their case. There is no defense. Only the prosecutor will speak as they sit in the docks and hear the litany of their crimes.

You can call it the fulfillment of prophecy and you can call it the natural outcome of natural law. You can believe that there is a destiny that shapes our ends and you can believe it is purely a mechanical device. You can call it random or planned; intentional or accidental. It is here, nonetheless, it is here.

Imagine their horror as they wonder at the cause of this. Imagine their fear as they muster their impotence against the forces of their own destruction that they set in motion. Relentless and unstoppable it continues to their door with every passing second of the day. You cannot imprison the truth. It will, in time, burst every bond.

The collective outrage of those that were slandered and tormented, screams in the whirlwind as it gathers its force. The murdered and imprisoned join in the chorus. Gaza and all the lands where this horror has marched with its hobnailed boot are joined in a universal cry. They cannot stop their ears. They cannot close their eyes and they cannot hide their faces. Each day brings their crimes before the attention of the world.

What awaits us all in these coming days? This I do not know. All I know is that they truth is unveiling... uncovering... revealing and there is nothing any one can do to stop it; no misdirection... no added million in new unmarked graves... no rediscovered Nazis... no new lies accomplish anything more than to amplify the presence of the lies already told.

Welcome to the apocalypse and unveiling of the truth.

Patrick Willis narrates:

Visible sings:


Anonymous said...

Brilliant!! My hope is that this is not something they planned. Could it be that they are thumbing their noses at all of us?
Writers such as yourself, Les, are key to unveiling this truth.

Anonymous said...

The wall of lies is being torn down brick by brick as the light pours into the evil darkness. The evil ones creep back to stay hidden but the light keeps approaching.

Yes, they are stirring their witches brew yet again. The light and the dark will clash soon. Be a candle and shine. A million candles is a lot of light...


Anonymous said...

Hi Les, great article, thanks.
I used to wonder if I'd live long enough to see the crimes of the Zionists and those of certain organizations which claim to speak for the Jewish people-unveiled. And those responsible for these crimes-held accountable.
I can't say how things will turn out, it's not always easy to refrain from saying "I told you so" to those in the past who criticized me for giving attention to what lets say opponents of the ADL were saying. There didnt appear to be that man pre- internet Sometimes I wish I could speak to my civics instructor of high school days and say, see?
Family members who in the past considered me extremist are now listening.
It's a nice feeling.

Anonymous said...

And that black hearted monster, Netanyahoo,
slouching towards Bethlehem, cometh... with
his Balrog, Evigdor Lieberman, perched on his
shoulder, drooling blood...

notamobster said...

It is truly amazing to see things coming into view for all to see; even those who have denied for so long, what so many of us have been saying. There are still many who do not see...who refuse to see; but their time will come,too. They will awaken - most, when it's too late. Thus, is the way of 'humanity'.

When you corner a rat, my best advice is "watch out!". You never know what they'll do...

psychegram said...

My own unveiling has been recent, compared with most of the others here. And I'm yet far ahead in that respect of the guy on the street. Like you say, nota, it'll be too late for most: when the light finally dawns, it'll burn them but good. Nevertheless the influence of what's coming in the timestream is impinging on the consciousness of virtually everyone I know, to one degree or another, with great and lesser awareness.

See what happened in Iceland: sure, they're poor now, and don't know which way things are going to swing, but for all intents and purposes they've wrested their little patch of dirt back from the same predators that are gobbling up ours. What happens next is largely up to them, an opportunity that I'm sure isn't lost on such a literate and independent population.

And as for us? That some must be lost does not mean that all is lost. As the darkness grows, so must true sources of light become all the more visible. So sure, another false flag attack is no doubt on its way, and if perpetrated there will be many millions that succumb to the terror and line up like traumatized sheep and brutalized dogs behind the true terrorists. But there will also be a great number who will see the event for exactly what it is, and can be counted on to tell everyone they know exactly what it is that they see. What might happen if enough people were to see the event for what it is, if their outrage were to switch targets from illusory foreign threats and fix instead on those who had been behind the curtain all along?

And lets not forget that for all the machinations of the world's shadow government, even it cannot control what happens outside their earthly sphere of influence. Anyone else hear about the green comet that's coming into view soon? That's nothing, I'm sure, but symbolically ... interesting.

This promises to be an interesting year....

Visible said...

I regret to say that I am not going to constantly publish strange comments and extended length ramblings that don't really make any sense. If you wonder why some of your many comments are not being published here this should be an explanation for you.

It just looks like mental illness to me and I am sorry if I am wrong in my perceptions but I find it hard to believe it could be anything else.

Randall said...

Hey Les, did I make a long rambling psychotic
comment last night?
Seriously, I was 4 sheets, and I see I at least
read here. Don't remember though.
Not used to smoking.

Anonymous said...

Les... Just want to take a moment to thank you once again for your steadfastness and bravery in trumpeting forth the Truth... Be safe as you go... Robert

Visible said...

No Randall... it is not you, not any regular poster but someone relatively new with some sort of strange malady about inside information that never really becomes information and long convoluted rhyme schemes.

Anonymous said...

O'lord,permit us to see Truth as truth,and give us the honour to follow it;and show us falshood as it is,and give us the privilege to keep away from it.
Don't make us to be soldiers of Evil,and don't leave us to our own egos,even for a moment,for they are our worst ennemy.
We are zeroes,but zero to the right of One,becomes Ten.Be our One,and give us the power to be real Humans.
We are nothing,and that is our highest station,for there is no ego in nothingness.That will let Truth to shine through.
Keep us with you,so no fear nor illusion confuses us.Keep us in the light of the living revelation.
Bless all the standard bearers of The true Human,and make us to be Just,knowing the right place of every thing,and the right value of every body.
Make us to be free,so we may be free servants,to Humanity.Bless and honour all creation,for you created them to be honoured.Make us to be worthy inheritors of the way of life and light.
Give us,the beauty of Joseph,the wisdom of Budda,the majesty of Moses,the spirit of Jesus,the full moon of Muhammad and the mercy of the immaculate Mariyam.
Keep us in the circle of Safety,under the dome of your protection,Make us to live as good ones,to depart as good ones and to be resurrected under the flag of the good ones.
Make our last words to be our best words,our last deeds to be our best deeds,and our meeting with you to be our best meeting,Ameen.
Sh.Nazim al Hakkani,Sufi-way.

Anonymous said...

I am certain a nuclear device will be exploded in or around the day when these serpents realize their gig is up. Meanwhile I pray their ever-dwindling water supply disappears in much the same way they have destroyed the Palestinians' farms and wells. Look for the Edomites to start moving enmass over to their cesspool as they realize there is no more blood to suck out of the working class people in North America and Europe.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Les! God...hiding in plain sight. God=Truth=Judgment. Spirit awakens to Spirit. And yeah, we all need more Light. Because the Beast doesn't tattoo it's mark on our souls. We do it to ourselves...Zanna

m_astera said...

Perhaps some reader can help me remember where I read this: It was about a traditional society in the South Pacific islands. In that society, when mental illness manifested in a family, the whole family, perhaps the whole community, would all go down to the beach together. At the oceans edge, all secrets would be revealed and all lies; nothing could be held back, as the only way to cure the mental illness was for all of the truth to be told and known by all.

All would stay there on the beach until the mental illness was resolved by the telling of truth.

Randall said...

thanks for verification les.
Another fine post, and I agree 100%.
It's almost a corollary to my "tides turning"
I've watched almost all 911 people end up in
the same Ballpark and with the same questions and answers.
All independently.
What's this say?
Thier time is up.
A lot of us will die, but thier time is up.
I know. you see it online. That Mike is rendering the articles he is.
Rense has been warning for a long time.
Mullins and Kaminski ( among others) have been warning for a long time.
More, Common "Jews" have to Get It, before
it get's out of hand. They are as brainwashed as the rest, and have an emotional element
to deal with as well.
I'm an American-Indian-Christian-Buddhist-
kind of guy.
But you're right: it's going mainstream, for good or ill.

Anonymous said...

Well Anon, my fingers and toes are all crossed that the Balrog will do extremely well tomorrow.
The 'weller' the better.
He can drag the reputation of Israel down into the chasm with him, and unlike Gandalf lets hope its mortal and final!!.
I think Gaza has opened the eyes of millions but the zionist scum are putting up a rearguard action - the grossest of lies, propaganda and more 'victimhood' dross than ever.
'Victimhood' to make you squirm!
This from an expert in the field writing in the 'Spectator'.
The comments are stomach churning as well. Have a bucket handy if you can stand taking a look. Shows we still have a few to 'enlight'.
Not content with the gnashing of pulled teeth with the above article, she follows it up today with
This item is rather encouraging - the light is trickling in and with it arrests.
Well there we are. Enforcement of lies by imprisonment. In Britain now?
I will throw this bit of useless information into the mix

'When the Moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars.
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars.

At dawn on 14th February the Cosmos actually embodies this perfect alignment to support our collective manifestation of love and peace and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. '


Notice any 'peace' coming up.
Well it was a good try I guess - at the time.
All the fault of the zionists - of course!!!!!

kikz said...

welcome the apocalypse.
welcome the truth.

nice one les :)


Anonymous said...

hi les, everyone,

half of me wants to believe, that the unravelling of lies is is our hope for the future. i fear however, that it is just another planned event.

lets remember, the same people still control the media outlets. i'm getting an alarming number of news stories flashing my way from "the daily mail" (an insidious nationalistic tory uk rag) no less. and lets be realistic, if the PTB wanted to make it impossible for us to seek the truth, i'm sure they could.

i think the questions we should be asking ourselves is........why are we being drip fed an alternate version of "reality" now?

and why is it getting into the mainstream?



Showin' the truth.....heck, I'm one of the best that there's been at that, see

Stay on groovin' safari,

Strawman said...

Wow. This might be your best. It does seem that this latest atrocity parade in Gaza has tipped the scales and removed the blinders from many. The road we're on has only one destination unfortunately. But it may have been worth the trip if after wards we remember and promise ourselves 'Never Again'.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

Jeff - Just as the ancient Khazar kings used their warriors, the true leaders have been using the people. Who is the man behind the curtain? The greatest joke of all has been played on the Jews. They think they have been working for something and it doesn't exist. they have committed crimes for who? Yes they have prospered but they are now going to be sacrificed. Israel is going to be very alone very soon. Payback is hell.

But, the question remains, who is that behind the curtain?


Les, I keep thinking of your novel when I ask these questions.

Visible said...

I told you already... I am not going to let you spam this site with all of these weird comments that don't make any sense. If you wonder why your comments do not appear this is why.

Anonymous said...

As long as they control the Federal Reserve and the US dollar remains the reserve currency of the world, they will be able to print trillions of dollars out of nothing every year and maintain their power. It really is their game to lose. That being said, I think they're losing it.

m_astera said...

I still keep thinking about that six million idea; almost six million Jews sitting ducks in Israel, public opinion of the whole world being drummed up against them. One great big huge human sacrifice to feed their collective egregore, and it appears to be egging us on.

Am I the only one who has thought of this?

Anonymous said...

not sure i'm entirely with you there. israel will definately, dutifully play out it's roll in the next, great/last/world war. however, it would seem to me, they are not the only "enemy". from what i can glean from reading between the lines, offered up for villany include, but are not limited to (and take your pick depending on what side of the fence you sit):
uk, usa (and allies where necessary), israel, russia, china, iran, venezeula, bolivia, india and pakistan.
for us in europe, it would seem the villain is just the state-making us the enemy of-convenient for them. (unless of course we are chosen to follow usa/israel, but i think we might be allowed to sit this one out battleground wise)

this ones been years in the planning, they're not going to allow a little truth to scupper it. the truth we're hearing now is very much part of it.

if you're feeling angry with the jews, you shouldn't be, because thats what they want.....or so it would seem.


llyn said...

A brilliant and courageous article again. I am joyful that at last people are seeing the truth about Israel and Jews and their support for Israel. I was born there (Persian/Welsh) in 1943. My father was stationed there for many years with the British Medical Co. and what we saw during 1947 and the beginning of 1948 was unbelievable. My father, a doctor, and my mother, a pharmacist spoke out from the time we returned to the UK, but can you believe we were laughed at "oh, not the Jews, they have suffered so much they could not do anything like this." I have been back many times and each time has been worse - each time the Israeli public is more paranoid and I notice that it is always the same families who rule the country since 1948. It is a nightmare to land in Lod and see the Magen David - for me it is worse than looking at the Swaztika. I have never spoken to a Jew who can have a civil discussion about the Palestinian People. First of all, they do not regard them as People. In fact if you are not a Jew you are something other than a person to them. As I walk in Israel I see more and more Jews spit as they pass Christians or Christian churches and mutter obsenities against Christ and his mother Miriam, yet when I see a Muslim pass a Christian Church, he puts his hand across his heart as he does when he sees a Christian that he recognises as one, such as a tourist. So much for the farce of Judeo-Christian values .... a non starter in my mind.

llyn said...

Jeff, It is not a matter of a "little truth or untruth" where Israel and Jews are concered. If you do some honest research you are going to find out that they have lied blatently about just about everything and anything important.
They did not lose 6 million Jews in WW1 as they claimed.
Neither did they in WW11. That by their WW1 claim is obvious.
Result. They have made Germans guilty and responsible for reparations until this day for 6 million dead Jews when nowhere near that number died. Also what is worse is that each year the Chancellor of Germany has to go before the Knesset and apologize to the Israelis for the Holocaust. Humiliation is important to Israelis - they seem to enjoy this almost as much as making money out of lies.
How about the Ukranians - 10 million of them starved to death under the Jewish Bolshovik leader Kagan (32/33)
How about the fact that the leaders of the revolution against the last Tzar of Russia and the Leaders of Communism were Jews (253 of them American Jews who had already migrated to New York returned to Russia out of a leadership of 515), How about the fact that the final jailers of the Tsar and his family who abused them sexually for days before killing them were all Jews? How about the Jewish murderers who went back into Poland after the war to kill people they thought might have not done enough to save Jews? How many innocent Polish people did you kill? Last but not least, How about the fact that after WW11 {POW camps for German soldiers were run mostly by Jews and as many as 80% of these German soldiers were not able to become fathers after their release)
All this is besides the horrific actions since the rape of Palestine. Go think again. There is nothing "little" about Israel or Jewish crimes.

Anonymous said...

All I see,is good-tidings.
Humanity is not a lost property,it belongs to a power,that is All-seeing,all-knowing and all-powerful.It did let us play like naughty children,but our disconnection took us too far,and caused All that we are observing today.That connection is necessary today,not to get lost into another confusion.It is not a connection to A Temple-any temple-;but a connection to the source of life and light,beyond names,beyond duality and beyond separation and exclusion.That is the way of the warrior-lover-Man.
This site is,in my experience,One of the main flag-bearers ,in these lands,of this connection to the Essence.I am sure that the Devil will do all it can to harm it,but,God willing,It is protected,and you Les,you are protected by the holy Gaze of those to whom the power of protection belongs.Ameen

Anonymous said...

you misinterpret my use of the word "little". i used it in the context of quantity. little by little we are being "fed" truth of the history of isreal, just as we are being fed, little by little, truth about banking, global warming, 9/11, healthcare and food, (to name but a few). what i am saying is, there is a reason for this for which i am not completely sure, (although it is clear legislation is in place to lock up dissenters). what i am suggesting is we should not take this large truth of historical israel as a green light to go hate everything and everyone "jew"

what is more conspicuous by it's absence in recent media talk of israel, is the considerable protest by jews of israeli atrocities, for this would make jews human too. something i fear we are not supposed to believe.

i for one would rather do the opposite of what i am "supposed" to do.

jews can be brainwashed to hate too!

the question i would like answered is why (possibly) the most powerful family in the world would spend nearly 100 years creating a country from scratch, fill it with the "victims" of the world and have it achieve near world dominance and control, only to turn it into the enemy.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget.. it takes two to tango.

Justin_n_IL said...

I've always enjoyed your thoughts Les. But WOW!!! This is a masterpiece. Thanks for sharing.

Justin_n_IL said...


Maybe it should be More Visible?

Gilbert Mercier said...

Great post.I went to listen your last radio commentary and I thought it was brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Les, at last a brilliant insight: apocalypse is unveiling of the truth. You also can read in that Book of Apocalypse about Jews who are not Jews but are of the Synagoge of satan - twice in the 2nd chapter. The only important caveat you forgot to mention. It isn't about good, everyday, peaceful, righteous people who happen to be Jewish. Some of them might be bad just as some of "us" eagerly cashed in the bribes to sell their souls. No! The unveiling is far more and far more dreadful than even Zionism - and it is Satanism, those who worship Lucifer, the brilliant fallen angel of millenial deception. Zionists, capitalists, communists, facists, feminists - it's all the same front. But the unseen spiritual, ethereal power is the energy source of their kingdoms of darkness in all varied colors of basest corruption. Well guess what: epochal change is coming and everything will change. Unveiling has arrived.

Randall said...

Holy shit!
I'm watching this clown Obama talking, and I know more than he does on economics!
Motherf&&r, this is it!
Worse than thought.

Let's form a new country.
Michigan has a resolution like NH, I'm focusing on it.
Gotta circle the wagons.
He's talking 911 and "al Qaida"!!
Holy Shit!!!!
A liar and Zionist!
How can Americans watch this shit?

Anonymous said...

I heard a voice one day that called to me
And within that voice
I found my voice

I found friends of like mind
Individuals of character
Friends of wisdom
No more distant than their words—given freely
Life giving

A place I had always been
A hope I had always dreamed
Now filling the air with the sweet music
Of truth

Buried beneath the crescendo of voices
Are the lies of the Ages
The professional liars
Shouted down
Cowering at what they had wrought
The abyss of their own creation
Turned now
Bearing down steadily
Their own words-suffocating them
Their own lies-crushing them

The white horse of truth
Riders all
Thundering down the hillside
Across the plains of deceit
Trampling everything in our path

We are many
From all lands
We ride with truth as our shield
Justice as our sword

Scimitar’s joining Sabers
Sabers joining Cutlass
Cutlass joining Wodao

We are the light Brigade
And it is YOUR valley of death
Reap your whirlwind
Choke on your deceit

We breathe freely and call each other brother
And sister—terms of honor you know not

Joyous in our simplicity and purpose
We will not play your shell game

We shall live the life we choose
With gratitude
And Joy
In Peace

Many blessings


Franz said...

"What awaits us all in these coming days?"

Invasion of (bogus) Nazi UFOs, funded by Dov Zacheim's trillions (he didn't rob the Pentagon for nothing), directed by Steven Spielberg with effects from Industrial Light & Magic.

Israel will save the world from the (bogus) Nazi UFO invasion, the grateful survivors will demand the Chosen People rule the world forever in return. Ungrateful survivors will cease being survivors. God's wrath is in the IL&M contract too.

Werhner von Braun tried to warn us on this plan once, but he had to get so drunk to work up the nerve that only Carol Rosen heard. Despite hard work on her part, Werhner's comment is now considered a Space Age Urban Legend.

But people who do a search on Von+Braun+Carol+Rosen+Cold+War+Aliens know better.

Famous last words:

"IT WILL ALL BE A LIE!" -- Werhner Von Braun, 1973.

Anonymous said...

Paper money has been the key to their power for centuries. Nathan Rothschild's tome "Give me the power to create a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" is in fact describing the situation today in the United States, home of the world's "reserve currency", the US Dollar. Always remember, paper money is just a promise to pay gold or silver on demand. That's all. That's the man behind the curtain. No matter how many levers the wizard pushes and pulls, gold or silver will never be worthless, and paper will always return to zero. Always.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible:

That was powerful, thanks.

I was thinking how the early proponents of Zionism never imagined the modern technology we have today. With a click of the mouse we can muster up all this information from the past. It may be their undoing in the end, and funny, but many bright Jewish people are responsible for making it happen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les! Willow here. Excellent article. However, some of the comments are a bit weird. Oh, well! I recently read an article that was linked by WRH that said that all of the governors on the Federal Reserve are Jewish. The author had their pictures and their relevant information. I about fell over but it fits, doesn't it? Everyone of them, Berneke included. Some of them have dual citizenship with Israel.

I learned from my Buddhist teachings that when you look at something long enough everything become obvious. The key is to be still, quiet and aware. Then, after a while, whatever it is you are looking at begins to reveal itself...little by little...and then, then truth.

And so, I ask myself...if this is true, what else is true? The most difficult thing to do is to get past your own belief system. It takes training the mind to move past conditioning, emotional responses and attachments to what you think. To just watch, to wait, to be present. And then...the truth. Just as it is.

Sorry you're having a hard time with all the loose cannons out there. I suppose they are looking for a "leader" or some kind of "savior" or guidance or something...and I guess you fit the bill...a reluctant messiah. Ah, well, I suppose it comes with the territory.

Take care! I'll check in again on your next post.


notamobster said...

Master_a - you are not the only one thinking that....

all - please, check out my latest "The Wholly Roman...Catholic Church"

I am interested to hear all of your thoughts on this supposition party I had. Here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Les and everybody else!

I just wanted to say I'm 100% with you! There's a *huge* wave of awakening washing over the planet. I can feel it happening, and I can see the results around me every day: more and more people are really waking up! There's a spiritual side to it, but at the same time it's all perfectly sensible; as you said, "you can see it spiritually or you can see it in terms of applied physics".

I feel so overwhelmed with all the positive stuff taking place! Many (maybe most) people are afraid, but that's only because the don't know the answer to *everything* can be found within them, and because they believe in what those they *think* they should be listening to, tell them.

All this is taking place globally, and I hope some day very soon we will see ourselves as what we really are: one.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Of all your posts, this has filled me with the most optimism at a time when the air is fraught with despair and desolation. From your lips to God's ears...

rosie said...

Hello Notamobster

I have read your interesting blog and posted my answer.
Repeated- if thats OK Les? - here

'As someone in England who has seen an utter betrayal of my country, not least by Catholics, I have some sympathy for your viewpoint whilst not being convinced of your argument.
The most evil leader this nation has had in many many years is the closet and now open catholic and war criminal par excellence, Tony Blair.
The prospective new 'President' of the EU (The new Holy Roman Empire).
He is also responsible for the breakup of the UK itself and the political and economic injustice suffered by the English people.
We have no self government for England, as do Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and are forced by these privileged state's MPs at Westminster to subsidise a privileged entiitlement to these other constituent parts of the UK. Entitlements the English do not get.
Free University education, free medicines and better cancer and other drugs for example. Old age free care.
We can get no vote on EU membership. England would vote to leave but would be kept in european slavery by the other parts of the UK.
England has also been overwhelmed by 'refugees' and economic migrants - all given full voting rights with the obvious intent of destroying the power of the the 'english' vote as such.
Blair and Brown promised a referendum on membership of the EU in their last election manifesto and reneged.
Most of our Westminster politicians appear totally corrupt and in the pocket of the EU .
Our second house has been weakened by Blair to the point of being a lucrative retirement home for old Labour hacks.
We English are 'imprisoned' on every front economically and politically, without any real political rights or power.
The catholic revenge for the ending of Rome's rule in the
But if you want to seriously see the abuse and vileness of the Roman church in all its glory, take a look at its history against the Orthodox christians.
Take a look at its activities in the Balkans. Its complicity with the Nazis where the catholic Croatians were Hitlers henchmen and were so vile that even the SS regarded the Croatian Utashi with horror. Take a look at its recent activities during the break up of Yugoslavia.
Best of all google 'Jasenovic' the one 'camp' we hear nothing about. The one real death and extermination camp. Croatian catholic! Its victims - a few Jews but largely Orthodox Serbs by the hundred thousand.'


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed the cobweb is no longer invisible and has been exposed but who or what is the spider that should be identified now in order to hinder the powers that be.
I mean, 200 nukes in Palestine (formerly known as Israel) can hardly be only a distraction, can they ?
A previous commentator appreciates the dwindling alienation of family members and
friends during these speedy and crucial, albeit revealing, times.
I was especially in 2007 a nut case for a lot of my colleagues that dared to listen to my rants and recommendations concerning the stockmarket- / money-hoax, mainly because I decided to clear all of my shares and acquire a nice bullion and a shovel. Today, bewilderment is not the sole reaction anymore that I am met with by most wisenheimers – fear and respect are not seldom melted into their countenances as well. I guess a great many western people are beginning to realize how their inner self is being victimized by the hedonistic system they were born into and by which very existence they are proven guilty, at least from an altruistic point of view. So, what should I personally do, now that I am embedded in a silly illusion of security – with my bullion and my selfishness ? I don´t know but hopefully my intuition does and no matter what will happen - the catharsis is around the corner… don´t believe in any chances.
See you in "Neu-Schwabenland" ;-)

Anonymous said...

I guess Helen Thomas found out what that red pill mixed into her meds was--see articles at WRH--


Anonymous said...

Anonymous asked-who is that behind the curtain?
I think-it's US.
Average folk, all of us, who let the Zionists, greedhead, war mongers get away with their crap. Not meaning to criticize anyone but me, but can any of us say we couldn't have tried harder to stop them?

psychegram said...

Jj, that was fantastic. Do you mind if I repost that at psikigram? It deserves to be enshrined as a post of its own and not just a comment.

OK, I'll fess up, I'm not actually waiting for permission. Forgiveness is easier, yes? It's posted now under The Charge of the Brigade of Light. Fully illustrated, of course, and with attribution given.

Eugene said...

Hierosalyma Est Perdita!


Amen. Amen. Amen.

The dead crying from the ground assuredly.
Our ancestors beg us to strangle these bastards. To dig up their graves, to erase their liar-history, and their guy-faux poster boy mind control object non-parallel ... the son of ben pandera.

It will only be in this one thing, that we realize WE, not them, are this thing. The living seed has no second thought in casting the dead, petrefied shell behind.

Sic Semper Zionrannis.

Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

Anonymous said...

The force you ask about, is in my mind, Pluto. Or the moving of Pluto into its plane of power. The winter or dark night of the soul is coming as Pluto moves. For us, a clean start will come and truth will remain.
The veil is of fesh and skin, and as Les started, the burning bones of your truth self with remain and grow again.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous One,get ready for the big BBQ,Red Heifer 100% pure beef,build the 3rd temple,mind fuck of the whole place,later.

Anonymous said...

M_astera, I'm thinking the same thing you are: Six million (?) sitting ducks.

Think of it: The world has suffered at least a century's worth of armageddonist wingnuts forcing "prophesy." They tried it during WW1, WWII . . . no six million yet, so on to WWIII. Third time's a charm?

Anonymous said...

To open a door of thought is great but to walk around and though doors once seen is getting old now. I dont want to sound loud or pissed here, but we all need to look at very simple grouping all of us have done(used) in the past. The Zionist/Jews link is old and is not right. The powers that be, will be all to happy to let you think that Jews and one liitle nation are behind this maddness of self hate. But it is the Solar Cult of Atonists that are at the root of Zionist thought and not Jews. You dont have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.


Joe said...

Excellent article. Let me sumarize:

What we have here is an inverted Karma wave headed directly at TPTB. It will take them out and mankind can then resume his march toward our destiny.

Joe M.

Anonymous said...

This whole 'revelation', god vs the devil business is nothing more than judeo-christian-muslim (all 3 from Abraham) drivel.
There is no such thing as the devil, or jesus, or god (not in the way you're thinking, anyway), the tale of Noah's flood, as well as everything else in every book, comes from the ancient Sumerian epic of gilgamesh (at the least).
Jesus is NOT coming back (except maybe as a BLUE BEAM hologram), Mohammed is NOT the one true prophet, Jews are NOT the chosen people of god (see HYKSOS KINGS - Hebrews are the high-priests of egypt).
The bible (esp. Revelation) is an alien mind-control program, and it works pretty well, I can't tell you how many posts I've read that go something like "Only Jesus can save you from the NWO", "This is god's will, don't try to stop it, just pray that jesus will take you away in the rapture", "god will make them burn in hell".
There is no divine judgement, there is no hell. This cosmos is a holographic simulation, it's like a video game.
Hatred, anger, fear, these are illusions that stem from ignorance.
I would recommend a transcendental experience for everyone.
The christian bible says jesus (jew) is the one true son of god, yet, judaism rejects the divinity of christ (rightly so), they openly laugh at the notion that jesus is god's son (maybe they know something you don't).
They say the church taught us that the world was flat until science proved it to be round (showing how dumb religion is, and how smart science is), but they don't tell us that the church KNEW the world was round the whole time, they just fed us bullshit and kept the truth for themselves. The church has ancient maps depicting the civilizations that inhabited the antarctic land-mass BEFORE it was covered in ice, they know full well the planet is hollow (and have all along).
Yes, revelation is from APOKALYPSIS: revealed, but the 'holy' books, and all religions are merely watered-down, dumbed-down versions of the sumerian tablets.
Burn your bible, burn your koran, burn your torah, they are naught but lies. The word god comes from german word: GOTT, which means goat. Elohim (hebrew) is plural, maning GODS.
When you know what the 'holy' writings are really about, you realise how truly useless they are.

Anonymous said...

Yes, old Von Braun of NASA fame did say some interesting things didn't he? What is known is that the Nazis had functional "wingless flying craft" (aka flying saucers) in the 1930s, as well as other tremendous tech. They used some of it against the Allies, but because they were scripted to lose WW2, they saved most of it for their "next Reich" which just happened to involve the United States (thanks to Op. Paperclip) and Antartica (confirmed by old Admiral Byrd in the late 1940s).

Most UFOs witnessed since the late 1940s have been man-made and flown by German / American airmen. Period. The "Apollo missions" were a complete cover story and the billions that were stolen in its name were used for very good purpose, I'm sure. Some of it went to Kubrick and his crew to make the Apollo pics and videos, but the majority went for other black op purposes. Rocket "science" has been a joke since the 1940s and Von Braun was front and center for that stage production. With what Tesla, Reich and others re-discovered from the ancients (indeed, anti-gravity propulsion and atomic energy is all described in great detail in the Indian Vedas, which is why Schoppenheimer was fluent in Sanskrit), "science" became multi-tiered, with Tier 1 Science being hidden from the public and the majority of academics / scientists for decades. Tier 2 Science is what most PhDs and researchers are involved with; Tier 3 Science is what's in the university and high school text books; and Tier 4 Science is what's pushed on the public via TV shows / channels.

But, make no mistake, Tier 1 Science is where the "magic" is. Anti-gravity, time manipulation, mind control, weather manipulation, exotic weaponry and space craft, and much more. Very few top flight scientists even know of Tier 1 existing, as only the brightest as well as the most compromised and "connected" (via bloodlines) get invited in. Most have that Nazi / Ashkenazi connection too, and naturally Tier 1 is intertwined with military entities.

In many ways, 9/11 involved some of the same tech and methods that Von Braun supposedly alluded to before his death, and that is holographic use, mini-nukes, complete media control, and complicit government involvement associated with Zionist control. An alien invasion hoax would be child's play and cost relative peanuts to pull off by these lunatics. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Several years ago predicted that the end result of this "War on Terror" business would be the nuking of Israel. At the time, that prediction seemed wildly improbable. However, as events continue to unfold and the world becomes ever more aware of the cancerous organism named "Israel" perhaps that will be the outcome. The key here is not to become caught up in negative emotions of hatred and fear which, as we all know, is detrimental to the one's spiritual growth.

notamobster said...

MattDurkeematthew -

Solar Cult of Atonists - Lovely. Read my latest inre: the Catholic Church. All of Christendon comes from the Catholic Empire...
This was not an all-encompassing argument against the church, just some thoughts. I could go for days in my arguments against religion, but I'll spare you all.

Rosie - to be clear - I was making a supposition, not an argument. I haven't developed the idea enough to make a case, yet.
I was just throwing some bones out for the dogs to chew on.

Anonymous said...

The BLIND herd is truly UNABLE to see the truth. One just has to revisit “the Fray” to witness the continued mocking, jeering and labeling of the truth seekers – despite specifics being laid at their feet! One poster named Einhard even smugly threatens to forcibly put out the light – and he writes as if it is coming directly out of Rahmbo’s playbook:

“…We like to pretend in the West that we're far too civilised now for such horrors as genocide and ethnic cleansing to be perpetrated, that we've learned from the past and nothing similar will ever happen on our watch, and that therefore such measures as the censorship of Holocaust deniers is inappropriate and compromises our freedoms. I'm sure however that many Bosnians would beg to differ however. Sometimes, small evils are necessary to guard against greater crimes.”

“…Assuming that this affront to democracy meant that both the Holocaust and WWII could be avoided, surely one would overlook the affront to democracy and free speech?”

“…if someone had the chance to stop the Holocaust and/or WW II by fixing the votes of the German people so as to avoid the election of the Hitler, then I think most people would urge that person to do so. Even though it would necessitate circumventing the democratic rights of millions of citizens.”

There isn’t enough bleach in the world to cleanse the cranial contamination created and initiated by just one man. If there was only one statue to erect and be worshiped by the Zionists it would be to EDWARD BERNAYS.

How to Brainwash a Nation
to Frank –
"IT WILL ALL BE A LIE!" -- Werhner Von Braun, 1973.

I LOVE it – thanks!
~ born intuit

Anonymous said...

"This whole 'revelation', god vs the devil business is nothing more than judeo-christian-muslim (all 3 from Abraham) drivel..."
The comment starting with the above quote,is full of anger and is a sad one.
I did not see in the comments,on this site anybody,supporting common religion-temple attitude.Rather,they are the comments of spiritual people,looking for light and guidance.Best way to support Devils and Evil,is to claim they are not there.Indeed God is not dead,and what we see coming is not only the end of one corruption,but the end of all rebellion against truth.May it be the rebellion posing as official religion,or the one posing,such as yours,as rightous dissent.The fire of your anger is already your Hell.

Anonymous said...

Israel is certainly on the table because you probably won't find any Rothschild's in the phone book there--it may come in handy due to their lack of extradition for some, but the R's are above the law because they own the law--they will eat their own even though what they do has nothing to do with what religion they are--Star of David du jour'
If Israel got wiped off the map I don't see too many tears from the rest of the world other than the talking heads on TV--but where do the victims go from there?
I see more of the same we have already encountered with them using the financial systems to their advantage(s)--look for a huge hack into the stock markets/banks or something along the lines of counterfeit trillions loosed on the world--gee, then you would have to take anything thats buried in the back yard and trade it in at your local banks r us location for whatever they say it's worth at the time--imagine the billions in CIA drug money getting legit in the blink of an eye or stroke of a keyboard key---something along those lines anyway with China or Iran as the patsy--heck, that sure would be a lovely opening for a cashless society--but just for us peons--the PTB will still be using cash--
Also good to keep in mind that they already have all the cash--they print it--so it's not about them getting more--it's about you having none--
All done without firing a shot...those will have to wait until after--

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9:54

You should keep in mind that the lack of awareness you attribute to others is laid at your own door by virtue of the same argument. I don't know what you're up to but it's not something designed to help anyone here. It's fatalistic and anyone who might be privy to what you suggest you are would not be communicating in this fashion.

It's evident that the author of this blog knows a lot more than he is telling. This I can readily see by what he talks around. It is something others could see if they were looking. There is also a humility that comes with possessing this information. You are lacking that. It's all I need to know.


Anonymous said...

The comment attacking traditional abrahamic religions,is being general on the surface.But careful reading shows that he is attaking mainly the christian-moslem doctrine of the return of Jesus,and the advent of the "kingdom of god".Could it be that he has a soft spot for rabbinical phariseeism.Take for example this statement:"The christian bible says jesus (jew) is the one true son of god, yet, judaism rejects the divinity of christ (rightly so), they openly laugh at the notion that jesus is god's son (maybe they know something you don't)"...the wise man says:worst than the wolf posing as lamb,is the wolf posing as shepherd.

rosie said...

One holocaust we can believe in


Anonymous said...

"It's all I need to know.
C'est le dernier mot,Case closed.How sad!.
Most"belivers"believe in a god of their imagination,most of their critics,believe in their imagination.It is the same idols factory.

Anonymous said...

It's not called the Mahamantra for no reason..

Anonymous said...

Annonymous 10:59,
Yes indeed.The great mantra of liberation and higher consciousness.It is the same mystery running through every genuine teaching,calling on us to wake up,before it is too late.and Time is short,and no shelter except the Real Shelter.

Anonymous said...

The thing about religious beliefs is that they are beliefs. Just about everyone has some kind of belief great or small. The very word implies something that can not be readily proven. Book based beliefs are especially tricky. The ones that are thousands of years old, even more so.

Those who hold strong beliefs have a vested interest in those ideas. Put it like this. We all need to feel secure in our world view, it's the ground we stand on. Someone of a scientific mind needs more logic and proof before he believes something. But it is still belief right? We don't actually see dinosaurs roaming around. The evidence is implied in fossil records etc...

Book based religions are a bit more loose with the facts and require a great deal of faith to believe.

Whatever it is that gives us a sense of balance and understanding of how the universe works, is very important. Someone comes along and tries to knock that out from under us we get hostile. Belief is more than abstract ideas, it touches the core of our psyche. If you're going to change your world image you have to do it yourself.

Notice how most people except whatever the prevailing belief his in their community. This is true the world over. So from birth you are ingrained with some concept about the world. Very hard to reject that. Most do not. Challenging someones belief is challenging the very fiber of their existence.

Using logic is simply useless. Even the subject of the holocaust; those who believe it will never change their mind, it goes to the core of who they are.

Getting into these religious debates is fruitless. Well that's been my experience anyway, your mileage may vary.

Anonymous said...

"Let all the poisons
that lurk in the mud
hatch out."

Fine post, but - Dude, what's with the two horned hand mudras? That kind of stuff is not a joke.

Anonymous said...

Wow Les, what a tour de force!

The only thing the neverending holyhoax fable is missing is goblins and zombies.

The oppressors and villains will get what they have earned. Guaranteed.

Mcholocaust centers-I love it!

Kevenj said...

Yea jj, it's hard to fire shots when you can't afford the ammo.But then, this might be right along their plans ...what the hell is it with that place? Why Israel? Why that piece of dirt?
Why not....San Diego? Sheez. I give up.

Les I know this is rather trite, but again thank you for the links & proofs on this post and the on the previous. Also, thank you for the excellent commenters that help prove your points.

Franz said...

Dr.F --

Very good.

One of the no-longer-secret portals to the Hidden Sciences:

Oliver Heaviside's "improvements" to Maxwell's quaternians. Go to Maxwell's originals and it's all there.

Theology freaks: This was the REAL reason for Akhenaten's abrupt yank out of his throne. The priests of Amon saw he was giving the game away. ("Amon" in Egyptian language = Hidden, Occult)

The late, great gay American Poet Robert Merrill figured this out. It's in his cycle of poems, FADING LIGHT AT SANDOVAR. He intuited that Akhenaten and Nefertiti were bringing an ancient power source back online. Merrill then assumes "God" punished the King and Queen but he was only picking up on Amonite disinfo.

The real problem with Old Egypt is that too few people know the language. It's amazing how many of their ancient texts are wide-open obvious about what the real conflicts were; all technological, not religious.

Worse, texts are translated wrong anyway. In the Old Kingdom, "Ra the sun god" was not a god and not the sun. It was Saturn. The only way "Amon-Ra" makes SENSE, since Saturn is often hidden but the sun is eternally visible in the Nile Valley.

How far can you get if even simple details like THAT are bunk?

Anonymous said...

This whole discussion about Jews and Beliefs and Religion, it's all very very superficial. Ask yourselves what is truth, what is the deep seated truth in our consciousness? We believe so many silly things, why? Because it makes us feel secure. What are we afraid of?

All living beings want to survive. Humans are no different. Belief in the hereafter gives us a warm glowing feeling that after death, we will continue. We are so afraid of death we invent things and become neurotic defending them.

How far do you want to take this? Are you serious?

No, we are content discussing trivia; what religion is more truthful than the next, ah!

The brain demands security. We get a sense of security in beliefs. We find that in beliefs of every stripe, even though it can not be proven.


Are we so afraid of death that we invent ideas that can't be proven? And subconsciously do we know it? Deeply, have we become totally neurotic?

Try this. Only serious people will do this, watch your thinking throughout the day, see how much of it is nonsense, and ask yourself why, why am I chattering over nonsense all day? Why is my brain occupied all day with thoughts that are useless?

In India they understood this whole thing 4 thousand years ago, and created meditation to quiet the mind, but was that a mistake too? Controlling the brain, what entity is controlling what?

If we are going to be serious about all this lets be serious.

Everywhere people believe one stupid thing after another, why? Fear of Death? Fear of what?

Afraid to stand alone?

Our brains are occupied constantly? Why? In effect are we saying, I'm here, I'm here, I'm here...

Big subject, I hate to see it reduced to trivia.

And the clever people use it to their advantage and manipulate the population, grrr.

Anonymous said...

The truth is coming out, but these demons won't go easily. If the holohoax fable falls they'll do their best to replace it with something else.

Visible said...

Look at any statue of a buddha or any Hindu deity and you will see their hands in such a mudra; ergo these mudras are not evil. There is one force in the universe with two different applications and that is why you see demons with mudras and God's with mudras.

There are some people who are a little wack and who have decided that every Mason is evil and that all arcane schools and teachings are evil and so on and so forth. This just isn't true.

My hands go into those positions because my kundalini rose years ago due to a combination of karma, acid, serious aestheticism and whatever was involved.

The evil and the good serve the same God in two applications. The devil is the way the wicked see God. Depending on your relationship to the one; on that depends your direction and final judgment. This is made much more clear in Eastern thought than in Western. People can make what they like of what I have just said. There were a number of people with me on the night that this happened. One of them is now a congressman. There have been many witnesses to what has happened over the years. Whatever it means I don't know. I just continue.

Of course... I suppose that all of the entities named Good and Evil... heavenly and infernal might all be evil but I doubt it. It's the serpent power. God is a serpent. You see it as a cobra hood over the heads of those who have raised it up and it also crawls in the grass.

Anonymous said...

Les visible:

That would explain allot about the source of your messages and soul. I personally do respect this idea of kundalini and all the things surrounding it. I think many people get lost in speculation and are not serious enough to push for something real. I had my own little experiences over the years to prove to myself that there is something quite real in this world, and I don't need belief to convince me. In fact it was in spite of belief.

Anyway you know how I feel about your work here, and I for one applaud your genius and wont question where it comes from :-)

Visible said...

Well... I'm caught between planes and it's not always pleasant and can be downright frightening which is why it's always good to go mad at the beginning for various reasons. These events are an indication of what lies ahead but it's still some distance up the road- or right around the corner depending on how one views time and not time.

I've published my last rambling, autistic, nonsensical poem here. I put the last one in so that the readers can see what one of the short ones looks like. You haven't taken the hint so let this be the final announcement that you ignore.

Anonymous said...

It is going mainstream people and what can they do?

What they've already threatened the entire world with, a nuclear apocalypse by using their Sampson option.

The Zionists hold American, European and Asian life in the same regard they hold Palestinian lives.

It would be a glorious day for their god when they can sacrifice six billion non-Jews on their altar of death.

Anonymous said...

Everybody and their momma knows most all evil comes from the Jews, yet instead of fighting this scourge, the citizens of the US wish to become what is feasting upon them. It is just like in the Bible, the goyim turning from the Infinite Creator to worship the Jew god Lucifer.

Nothing you or anyone says will alter this, even a smidgen. Only hard cold facts, like massive deprivation and starvation, will move Americans to finally encounter their true enemy. If you do not believe this, then why did Republicans vote overwhemlingly for the communist John McPain, and ignore their obvious candidate christian Ron Paul?

Wake up and accept the roses of impending horror and death.

Anonymous said...

dadnerd: if you have not read it yet, pick up a copy of Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now"--it truly relates to your last comments--


Anonymous said...

Hi Les and all here, Dunno if this is the place for it but wanted to write of astrology and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars.
Jupiter relates to beneficence and expansiveness and Mars to power, right? And I wonder how often such an alignment occurs in the 2150 years the earth spends going through one sign.
The thieves and criminals at the top seem to be falling out and fighting and stealing from one another. It's interesting to me to consider that subtle forces and energies may be bollixing up their nefarious plans and activities.

Anonymous said...

Frank-Just a minor correction. The Changing Light at Sandover by James Merrill is an excellent recommendation. Thank You, Hunter

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link. Can't stress this idea too much. If we can't see the roots of current actions than how can we judge whats before us.

Michael Tsarion is a wonderful place to start relearning history and events that have been hidden from us in the name of the one solar god. Michael never leaves the inter world of the mind and is a guiding source to personnal understand via alt-history and ideas lost to the modern world.


Anonymous said...


Yes, nice tie-ins with Egypt. When one realizes that Egypt had electricity production, chemical batteries (not unlike car batteries), forms of wireless communication, advanced explosives, advanced crystal and optical lens production and use, forms of cold laser, ability to transmute metals, and some other goodies, then the "technology factor" becomes way too big to ignore. Certain functions of the Pyramids, alone, are astonishing and were only later understood by the "Egyptians" who certainly did not build them. Originally there were 18 pyramids at Giza, then 9 by more historical times, now 3. The Great Pyramid was also a huge book originally as it had the "history of the World" and various descriptions of technology and culture (kind of an instruction guide) carved into its outer covering by the people who built it roughly 13-15,000 years ago. Naturally, that explosive info was scraped off the Great Pyramid as later peoples came to understand it and use it to gain power / control over the masses.

The understanding and use of the occult / esoteric forces of nature has been the basis of struggle / control / hierarchies for tens of thousands of years on this planet, regardless of any so-called alien intervention. Periodically, either due to misuse of the tech, or natural global catastrophies (passing comets, certain celestial alignments, solar flaring, electrical discharges, magnetic reversals, etc.) the Powers That Be (PTB) get wiped out along with most of the general population. Poor bastards, all. But then, the survivors pick up the pieces, re-build, re-discover, and then quickly re-stratify their societies with some sort of priest class / nobility at the top hoarding all the goodies again. The Sumerians were the initial survivors of this latest go-around, who then morphed into the Babylonians, then Egyptians and so forth, although other pockets of survivors have been labelled Druids, Olmecs, Mound Builders, etc. As I mentioned above, the Indian Vedas are chalk full of technological information in Sanskrit, such as atomic energy / warfare, anti-gravity propulsion, arial crafts and more. This is fact, not myth or allegory or metaphor or fiction from creative minds. The Nazis, for example, knew this all too well. In this sense, Tier 1 Science has existed for a very long time indeed.

But, what all different groups around the World in this "6th Rise of Man" had / have in common is a "priest class" who has the occult / esoteric tech and eventually uses it against the common people. Don't forget, the so-called Hermetic Sciences (from the knowledge and practices of Hermes) that were so discussed in "Medieval Times" were factual and did include weather manipulation, transmutation of lead into gold, various healing modalities, tapping into the aethers for energy, and other goodies that have been described as "magic". Lamps have been found in archaeological sites still burning after hundreds and even thousands of years, because of profound knowledge of nature (in this case the oil / essense / secretion of asbestos specially prepared). And the people who had all this incredible knowledge were constantly sought out and hounded and often killed when they refused to provide Kings, Popes, and other Priests all the vital info. Because this is the catch: when one goes through all the occult / esoteric / Hermetic training one's intentions and I guess you could say "heart" changes, and seems to repell evil agendas. Thus, these few and far between "Magicians" over the ages are/were extremely difficult to control for nefarious purposes, so physical "hardware" is usually needed to augment such natural abilities. Computers, frequency generators and various exotic machinery are used to great affect now by The Dark Ones to harness what the true adepts can do with their minds alone. "There is nothing new under the Sun" is quite true in this regard.

As an aside, when one realizes that transmutation of metals (indeed all elements) is possible and has been practiced by many individuals from many diverse cultures over time, then the modern Gold Market becomes a total farce. Look up how much gold the PTBs claim exists in the entire World as of this moment! Ridiculous. The gold hauled out of South America in the 1500s alone dwarfs these official numbers. The Incas were able to have such huge quantities of gold not because they were such prodigious miners / prospectors, but because they had people who could manufacture / transmute it. They revered it for its purity and certain properties, but they never thought it as rare or burried in the ground. Entire buildings were, in fact, constructed of solid gold, which eventually found it's way into the coffers of European nobles and the Papacy. The diamond market is a similar sham.

The current Dark Ones, who go back to the Khazars, the Templars, the Egyptians and before, are privy to all this and are heavily involved in all these areas to this very day. And people such as Tesla, Reich, Maxwell, and other gifted people were controlled and muzzled from gifting all the "secrets" to the masses. The question, Frank, is who will be the modern day Akhenaten and bring all the goodies out into the public domain? When will Tier 1 Science be taught to all children?


Anonymous said...

A Gentile in America, even a child, is raised to accept a very heavy sense of personal responsibility that far exceeds anyone else's normal sense of personal responsibility. It creates a neurotic personality who is always feeling guilty and thus is too weak to stand up to Zionist criminal behavior and the comical, obviously non-factual Zionist ideology.

Add to it zionist media and you get a total control over the American Goy.

Anonymous said...

First, a quote from upthread: "Because this is the catch: when one goes through all the occult / esoteric / Hermetic training one's intentions and I guess you could say "heart" changes, and seems to repell evil agendas."

Frank, you almost have it right, but "repelling evil" is not quite how it works. Let me try to explain it. Others might do better.

The Will changes, and one simply loses interest in having power over other people. Money becomes just another curiousity. After all there are so many more interesting things to do with ones life and times, especially when you get your brain into that state.

(me? meh. it comes. it goes.)

Fortunately for the earth and its inhabitants this power cannot be "controlled" by materialists. (Note: Please do not call the materialists "dark," because dark is not evil. It's just dark, like an incubator. Try to wipe out the false light/dark good/evil dichotomy.)

Materialists cannot grasp this Other reality, this Realm of All Possibilities where Magic Happens, and they cannot control the people who DO grasp it. They could even try to force the issue, such as take a handful of mushrooms or whatever, but the mushrooms would just take the materialists straight to the Hells of their own makings!

I'm certain the materialists have tried and tried and tried and killed and killed and killed to no avail, trying to harness the Force for their own nefarious ends. It's possible that the materialists have tricked a few psychic gymnasts into giving up certain technologies. But control? In their dreams! Except they probably don't even dream, the poor sots.

Anonymous said...

Good points and well said, "HPS".

You know, it is no coincidence that past authors who have tried to explain these occult / esoteric abilities (which is supposedly dormant in all REAL human beings) have met with tremendous opposition and calls of "hoax", "fraud", and "charlatan". I'm thinking of people such as Blavatsky, Tesla, Reich, Steiner, Baird Spalding, Lobsang Rampa, Castenada, and even modern writer of "Anastasia" fame, Vladimir Megre. There is a common thread to all, and all have captured the imaginations of the masses.


kikz said...

trying to work out a bug w/captcha word verification crap.. sorry

ahhh the sweet smell of success... >:)

if you hav trouble leaving comments because you can't see the CAPTCHA word...

go into your browser prefs
in cookies, allow the site to give cookies... add to the exceptions list. your problem should be fixed :)

m_astera said...

Well, we are getting into all sorts of fun esoterica here, so I'll toss in another of my favorites.

What if the whole atomic bomb thing is a hoax? No such thing. Doesn't work. They tried to make one in the 1940s and found out no go. So they dropped fakes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; dropped fuel-air bombs laced with radioactive trash on wood and rice paper cities. BIG boom, plenty of heat, plenty of destruction, charred people to ashes where they stood and the survivors ended up with radiation sickness and associated diseases.

Then they used the fear and threat of that to keep the world an armed camp called the Cold War, while looting the treasuries of all nations. All a scam.

Every single atomic bomb test? Faked. Those who learn how to do the fake well, get inducted into the nuclear weapons club.

Too wild? Answer me this: If there are, and have been, tens of thousands of explosive nuclear weapons of all shapes and sizes for the past sixty-some years, why hasn't even one ever been used, ever, since 1945? Not enough crazy people who would use it? Hell, they have used everything they have come up with that works over and over and over. Not even one little nuke? Why?

Maybe because the whole concept is bad science?

On another topic, google says there are currently "about 5.7 million" Jews living in Israel.

Anonymous said...

What does anyone know of Melissa Rossi?
Questions on 9/11 finally making it to the Huffington.
Hope yet.

This is synchonicity perhaps.
Yesterday I watched Graham Hancock talk about his new quest. His book 'Supernatural'.
Seeking altered states and new realms through drugs and other brews. Amazon stuff looking like pureed frogsand tasting vile. Horrifc side effects, he says.
Anyway he is convinced the other realms are real places, interdimensional and peopled by real creatures we can only see in another form of conciousness. He, too, waxed lyrical about the 'serpent'.
One statement he made I couldn't agree with. That man only really came into conciousness some 40,000 years ago. He opined it could have come when they acidental got into mind altering drugs.
I think human kind of the concious kind have been around far longer than that.
That man, the planet over, suddenly became aware 40,000 years ago - if they did - could be due to other things anyway.
Incidently I have enomous problems with the 'out of Africa' theory.
Think about it.
35 generations per 1000 years. 70 generations since the start of the new era of AD.
40,000 years or 'out of Africa' is only 1400 generations away from us.
No one will convince me that is enough to change us.
The Neanderthal DNA genome code is set to be released later this year.
It already appears that we have their speech genes. What else? bearing in mind that neanderthals were not the real primitives some have claimed and interbreeding with 'out of africa' individuals perfectly possible.
Their brains were bigger than ours today.
At the moment the anthropologist world is
Those determined we are out of Africa and therefore identical - the genome shows that untrue, different races have marked differences, all in 1400 generations?, and those who say that the neanderthral interbred with us and actually stil lives on in our genetics in Europe.
We also have the fringe and the genetic modificationers.
Whatever, think about that 1400 generations bearing in mind that a 70 year old today can easily see across 6 generations if not more.
It puts it in perspective.
One thing you will never hear! What caused the sudden appearance of Cro magnon man.
Sorry to go off at a tangent.

m_astera said...

Hi Rosie-

I like your tangent and I'm with you all the way.

Apologies and no offense meant to Graham, but I'm so much further out-there than he can likely imagine that it's rather like reading someone discovering that enough beer will get you drunk. Alternate realities exist?? Do tell.

If we take a little look at who decided, over the past 100 years, that we all came out of Africa, surprise! It's the same people who gave us the holocaust, racial equivalence, radical feminism, in-your-face gay "rights", the mechanical universe, predatory State communism and capitalism, the UN, and more to the point, told us we all evolved from apes.

I think there is a much better chance that several of the various races of humanity on Earth were seeded here while others were genetically manipulated. Why did white skin and blonde hair suddenly show up around 11,000 years ago? Just one of those Darwinian mutations I guess. Mutated a whole new race overnight.

On the other hand, it seems likely that the "natives" of this planet are those presently known as the bushmen of Africa and Australia.

It's likely, given the modern tools of DNA analysis, that we could sort this whole race thing out in short order. It's also a sure bet that as long as those Les has dubbed the "self chosen" are running science, academia, and the media all we will get are lies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks m astera

I have always thought that Erich von Daniken and others in that school, have probably got it right.
Quote Genesis vi.
And the sons of God saw that the children of men were fair and took them unto wife' (slightly paraphrased from memory).
The Gods of course being unearthly - space entities? interdimensional entities? whatever.
The other alternative is that these same people modified our DNA. Why not? Look at Monsanto.
I cannot see any other way we could be where we are, if you are going to accept that conscious mankind is of a 'recent' timeframe.
There has to be a 'helping hand' to move us along a bit.
The other argument is that we are much much older - or at least some of mankind is.
Just today on WRH is a story about human hair being discovered in hyena poop some quarter of a million years old.
That stuffs some theories up. Even worse are the reports and PICTURES of human footprints made at a contempory time to dinosaurs.
Frankly - they haven't a clue if you ask me!!
So we all have to politically correctly come out of Africa some 40,000 years ago, even though common sense and 1400 generations shows its about as crappy as the hyena waste.

Anonymous said...

Rosie, check out the book or the website ....
"Forbidden archeology, the Hidden History of the Human Race." .
Much there to bolster your thoughts of humans and the earth as far more complete than the mundane scientists can admit to, for many reasons.
Not just fanciful stories but scientific artifacts and relics which are anomalous, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon
Just ordered it from Amazon - the shorter version.
I have read quite a few others along those lines.
The first many moons ago called 'We are not the First'

Anonymous said...

There's a little black spot on the sun today...

('s an "invisible bar-code").



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