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The Precession of the Equinox and 2012.

Greetings Earthlings... welcome and unwelcome guests. I want to talk about 2012 today and a thing called ‘precession of the equinox’. I want to mention Newcomb’s Constant and Kepler’s Laws. I’d like to present periapsis and the Dwapara Yuga and... I think that should be enough. When I say, I want to talk these things, the truth is that I only want to bring them up and if you are curious enough you are going to look into them and you might speculate about what they have to do with each other and the approach of 2012. You might then consider what it is that uniquely defines the given moment on December 21st, 2012 astronomically speaking and you might give a look into the sunspot activity as well.

I don’t want to talk about this. I don’t want to talk about this. I don’t want to talk about 9/11 Netanyahoo or Mad Dog Avigdor Lieberman. I’m not going to talk about the magical missiles from Lebanon or the looming assault on Iran. You know about the authors of these things or you are living in the real life version of “They Live” or you’re doing an ostrich imitation though, I’ve been told, ostriches don’t really stick their heads in the sand. People do stick their heads in the sand. They even stick them up their asses and often... in these days... up the asses of other people too.

It doesn’t matter what ancient culture you visit or what ancient texts you read. They are uniform in their commentaries about a 26,000 year cycle. You can go to The Vedas and you can go to the Hopis; the Olmecs and the Mayans... the Incas and many others and you will find the same thing differently exposited but congruous with one another in the essential understanding. I’ve given you recourse to modern scientific theorems and presentations that you can use for a transparency overlay in respect of the old and the new in a precise embrace.

What you see around you; all the bankrupt constructs that have defiled and imprisoned the human spirit are headed for the ashcan and you are headed there too, if you find yourself unable to cut them loose. Your political and religious leaders are fools. They are hypocrites, demagogues, thieves and murderers and they are most certainly headed to the ashcan with or without their secret bunkers and midnight rustling of the wealth of the world.

Some of you are going to want to protest the continuing psychopathy of the few and the sycophancy of the many. Some of you are going to want to rebel and resort to guerrilla tactics. Some of you are going to step away from the big bat guano machine. Most of you are going to go along with the program and right into the ashcan. You are going to become the fertilizer for a new age. According to your personal destiny as it is compromised by personal choice you will do what you see fit. My suggestion is that you consider deeply who you are; where you are and what you are. It’s late in the game to change the world so you had better change yourself.

The false prophets, new age hucksters and snake oil salesmen... the high priests and pornographers of this insidious culture of low level sensuality and body worship are due for a big surprise. Everyone is due for a big surprise. Many of you are thinking we’re just going through another rough patch in the road. Many of you think this is just a period of readjustment and that it’s all going to clear up in a little while. It is not going to clear up. It is going to get much, much worse. It is already worse than you think but they’re not telling you that. Time enough for that when it can’t be concealed any longer.

A lot of people are making the choice to go down with the ship in an ‘alas Babylon’ kind of a way. Some portion of you are moving away from that and for you, in general, the news is good. Out of the ashes of what used to be, a new dawn will be rising. I cannot stress enough how important it is to take stock of yourself and to consider what is valuable to you. If the evidence set before you each succeeding day were of the audible sort you would be hearing klaxons and tsunami horns.

It is a most peculiar thing that the majority of the people cannot see this. Apparently it is always this way. I could speculate on the power of rampant self-interest; disregard for one’s surroundings, pleasure seeking as an ultimate course, unfathomable ignorance, highly magnetic delusion and obsession but it wouldn’t serve any useful purpose. Let those who are so inclined remain as they are and may those not so inclined continue as well.

I’m going to suggest that you give some serious attention to the links I have provided you and I’ll throw in a few films as well; 2012, Science or Superstition, Future by Design and The Reflecting Pool just because it’s such an uncanny pseudo-fictional account about 9/11 and one more considerate effort by another one of us wailing in the wilderness or laboring in the provinces. There are some really good people working all over the world on the behalf of everyone. It is a tragedy that there are so few but it is an inspiration to us all, should we be so inclined, to do what we can wherever we may be in respect of the coming paradigm shift.

The recent post on cycles and the post on liars are connected to this one as setups. Smoking Mirrors and the other blogs are going to be less and less concerned with ongoing phenomena and more concerned with practical considerations. As with anything, some transition time is going to be involved. I’ll be on the radio this Sunday night talking about these things here.

It makes no never mind to me whether people pay attention to me or to any of the other fellow travelers whose efforts are directed toward awakening and informing people. To be criticized by those complicit in their own doom is a not unwelcome imprimatur upon my efforts and the efforts of kindred spirits. Have at it with a will while that capacity remains with you.

Rather than offer any general advice where each reader’s situation is different according to location; family, occupation and viewpoint, I would rather extend that timeless exhortation, “seek and ye shall find”.

There is some form of agency that is well disposed to those who are well disposed to our common good and another agency that is not well disposed to those not well disposed to our common good and I would suggest they are both the same thing, representative of the outworking of cosmic law. Defining this agency is a fruitless effort because any effort in that regard will only serve to conceal it more. Each of us perceives destiny and their place in the mix through a different lens and perspective. However you see it the time has come to refine it. The time to inquire and seek with all intensity is at hand. I am confident that no effort in this regard will go unrewarded.

The dissolution of outworn forms is necessary for what is coming. As much as many will look with horror on what is coming, I submit that there are some numbers of us who will look on it with hope and an encouraging industry, brimming with focused purpose. You can think of it as a death rattle or you can think of it as birth pangs. It’s going to look differently to different people depending on how they are looking at it and what their intentions are.

I’m reminded of the admonition seen in the side window of an automobile, “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”. Everyone always imagines that there’s going to be some kind of a reasonable warning period ...while having ignored the repeated and increasingly more obvious warnings all along. Take it for what it’s worth.

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Visible said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Les! Willow here. Excellent post, as usual. I love the fact that you've brought up the Yugas. I've been studying this for awhile. May I suggest a book? It's called "Lost Star" by Walter Cruttenden. It is an excellent analysis on Precession of the Equinoxes and the Yugas from a astrological and astrophysics standpoint.

Cruttenden explores Precession from Ancient astronomical data and from what we presently know and understand of the Universe. His theory is that our solar system actually revolves around another, companion star. As this star moves closer to our own sun, in a 24,000 year cycle, progressive enlightenment ensues; when it begins to move away we descend into darker ages until we hit the Nadir of Kali Yuga. It's quite fascinating!

He also produced a DVD called "The Great Year", which I also highly recommend as a companion to the book. You can find both on Amazon.

I'm looking forward to your views and insights on the Yugas, books you may have read, and any other information you can share. Thanks so much for mentioning this! I can hardly wait!


Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
As I'm sure you know the human mind can not operate in "crisis" mode forever. It will manifest itself in other ways. They have kept us in this mode for far too long. When they attempt to modify this mode into something more liveable, the result will find the majority begging for resolve.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

"They Live" has a much better web-site here:


Lord Dabbass

Anonymous said...

Lets give this a try...Thanks to the generous spirits who frequently post to the net, Ya begin to comprehend. Comprehensive compassion and the love services of the satguru saints. Its been a 40 year long road to this now. Back then and in between I met with and hurdled and stumbled over my own domestic and foreign stumbling blocks. It was material, it was other people but mainly it was personal shit from unlearned lessons the karma gods showed me. So be it. The door is open because some miraculous persistent and stubborn genie would not release me. Today, tomorrow and the rest of the life is easier because freedom actually is free. On a slightly personal note I want to heap praise on someone who is not embarrassed by it. It's the guy who sings those great songs on his websites. Brother you stoke my fire. The fact of elevation seems obvious but false modesty forbids me claiming to make the call but i will anyway. I am not embarrassed at all that I am that I am. No one should be. Amness is what I am and,as Colbert says, " so can you". The recent contemplative practice is "warp-speed". With a little effort large reward is given in this time. are things speeding up? Accelerating to/through the zero point where we encounter our "singularity"? Eye see.

Wandering Sage said...

thanks for that....a bit louder voice than I use, but a good one all the same.

A lot of emphasis has been put on the winter solstice of 2012 as a point of transition, but like the moon that is full three days before and three days after the actual full moon, we have already entered this significant time.

The ancient Vedic texts called this time the Kali Yuga, a time when humanity has reached the depths of selfish materialism. I don't think there is any doubt that we are seeing this unfold before our eyes daily...and yet still most people seem oblivious to the tremendous changes that are taking place.

It has been determined that on the solstice of 2012 the Earth will come into precise alignment with the galactic center. What this means exactly is up for debate. However, one thing that is becoming clear is that there are going to be significant fundamental changes to our lives and the way we live. I'm beginning to look at this time as a moment of opportunity for consicous evolution. It is there waiting for those who are ready for it while everyone else will be caught up in the fear and chaos of the changes.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we get our own house in order. We need to have our physical body in a healthy state - srtong, flexible and free of chemicals and poisons....and we need our mind calm, clear and able to react to whatever situations we are presented with... Most importantly, we need to open our hearts and reconnect with the Earth. For to long we have taken from her for our selfish needs without acknowledgement of the lifeforce energy she provides us. The Earth will survive for millennia to come, if the human race is to continue to have a purpose on this planet we need to get our act together.

Anonymous said...


It's never happened to me and I think I know why. I always type the comments in wordpad, and when I go to your site I refresh the page before posting. Just a thought.

Randall said...

Test...sibilance...sibilance...Test, 1, 2, 3, ..
Looking forward to what's coming here.

"Yes, we can!"

psychegram said...

I'm reminded of standing at the edge of a diving tower, three stories above an Olympic pool. You know if you trust to your form and make the leap, you'll be okay, even exhilarated, but when it's your first time you can't help but pause and think, my god, this is high....

The signs are growing hard to ignore. The Sun's magnetic field is eerily quiescent ... fireballs have been falling all over the planet ... UFO sightings at an all-time high ... earthquakes everywhere ... wars and rumors of war ... all why the world obsesses over the burning economy. Screeching klaxons indeed, for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. And how many will wake up in time, this time around? How many souls will be ready for the harvest? It's not looking good but then it probably never looks good: the cosmic drama must maintain it's suspense, after all. It keeps things interesting.

su said...


Anonymous said...

Les I just wanted to make a small comment....

.... and I say love not truth shall set them free....perhaps

I am one who awaits the upcoming shift, I am a believer I suppose, for me there has to be an apex to what has been transpiring for countless generations all culminating in what?

To your words..

“..and you will find the same thing differently exposited but congruous with one another in the essential understanding.”

Personally it is of some confirmation that historically all the cultures you list are of the same information yet different in presentation, it leads to a certain authenticity if one can call it that. These cultures being so geographically separated one would be suspect if each version of the past and the proposition for the future were exactly the same. Would make me wonder who wrote this particular draft of the past.

Personally, I believe the human species has all but run its course and it is now time for a reset. Could be 2012 be that change I so desire? What if this is.... as good as it gets...sigh


Anonymous said...

Surfing the Internet has awakened many of us to the man behind the curtain. It's time now to awake the divine spirit within ourselves and get ready to surf the cosmos.

Anonymous said...

Curious if people try posting process twice. It takes two attempts each time for me. This happens almost every time.

Yes, I feel it coming. I have been telling everyone I know to get out of the cities. I don't think anyone has listened. :( I get that doomer thing thrown at me.

I live in the foothills 40 miles north of Denver. I know that is to close but I don 't have the resources to change that.

My life for the last ten years has been rough, very rough. Which has been a good thing. I am much more prepared mentally for what is coming than most. Just not on that material level. it is what it is.

I am so glad that I came upon this site. It has been a beacon of light and sanity for me.

I am here every day and will continue to be until they take the internet away.



Visible said...

Lost Star is sitting on the table in the other room right now. I haven't read it but I will.

Thank you all for the great comments... the synchronized telepathic 'testings' and the fantastic high level of discourse.

Louder than you? I wasn't typing in ALL CAPS (grin). Yeah... I guess I'm pretty intense sometimes but then... so is life.

kikz said...

aften les... y'all :)
great subject matter, btw :)

as to mechanics/technology.... and whom knew what and when? concerning the egyptians and others...

may i offer in addition, crichton miller's research (working celtic cross), for which he's been awarded 2 separate patents on;

(site takes a moment to load, it is extensive)
hit enter, then at the bottom of the next page, you'll find a site index.... )

in establishing its true nature and scope, and why it has been lost to the mists of time.

his work w/the Dixon Relics from Giza, their relation to the changing pole star; draco to polaris, and the northern star clock , offer much good 'base' reading on the precession, and goes a long way to dispelling the myth of western europeans of the time, being 'ignorant savages.

my only small gripes inre miller;

firstly - he neglects to include taranis in research, the celtic god taranis and his archeological representations also include (the wheeled cross & measuring staff).

secondly - his choice of production co for the video 'cross of thoth' - he may have been very financially limited in this choice, or due to the nature of his research found few backers.

an absolutely unrecommendable & horrible presentation by pralin, gardiner & hughes -

whose sole aim seemed to be intended to denigrate miller's work.

stick to miller's website & or books, waste no time on the DVD, purchased or rented..

as to the meaning of it all...... to the maya, & in my severely limited understanding... the precession, simply meant 'the ending of an age.

the only thing i'm sure of.. it's a crapshoot as to what this 'ending'.. will mean for this age.....

and in the immortal words of bowie... :)


I still don't know what I was waiting for
And my time was running wild
A million dead-end streets
Every time I thought I'd got it made
It seemed the taste was not so sweet
So I turned myself to face me
But I've never caught a glimpse
Of how the others must see the faker
I'm much too fast to take that test

(Turn and face the strain)
Don't want to be a richer man
(Turn and face the strain)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can't trace time

I watch the ripples change their size
But never leave the stream
Of warm impermanence and
So the days float through my eyes
But still the days seem the same
And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They're quite aware of what they're going through

(Turn and face the strain)
Don't tell t hem to grow up and out of it
(Turn and face the strain)
Where's your shame
You've left us up to our necks in it
Time may change me
But you can't trace time

Strange fascination, fascinating me
Changes are taking the pace I'm going through

(Turn and face the strain)
Oh, look out you rock 'n rollers
(Turn and face the strain)
Pretty soon you're gonna get a little older
Time may change me
But I can't trace time
I said that time may change me
But I can't trace time

also, i figured i'd repost my reply (here) as there is a more interested audience...
sorry, there were other imbed'd links, but i'm just too lazy to put them back in :)


Anonymous said...

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That's oil, folks

m_astera said...

"Once a year, the earth orbits into the special position that creates the galactic alignment near the center of the galaxy and once every 26,000 years, this happens at virtually the same moment as the winter solstice. This was the case in 1998."

And now everyone can complain and say "Aw, Michael, you are no fun."

It gets worse. The solar system does weave a little up and down as it rotates around the center of the galaxy, and it does occasionally cross from below the galactic plane to above the galactic plane, but that particular event doesn't happen in a day and it isn't scheduled anyway for a few million more years.

The right-dead-on alignment of the Earth, Sun, and galactic plane on the winter solstice, that once every 26,000 year thing, was Dec 21, 1998. The alignment that will happen in Dec 21, 2012 won't be as close as the 1998 one, but it will have the cool feature of happening just at sunrise as viewed from the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, which likely explains its significance to the Mayan astronomers.

Don't hold your breath waiting for gamma ray storms, twelve days of light, or the return of planet Niburu. They didn't happen in 1998 and are unlikely to happen in 2012 either.

Some actual astronomical science and a video will be found at the link above.

Anonymous said...

"Many of you think this is just a period of readjustment and that it’s all going to clear up in a little while. It is not going to clear up. It is going to get much, much worse."
Just because Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Freddy and Fanny, Wachovia, WaMu, Merrill Lynch, AIG, Countrywide, (some of these institutions are over one hundred years old. Oh, and soon to be City Group and Bank of America)have gone under doesn't mean it is that bad. And in the retail sector we have Mervyns, Linens and Things, Circuit City, Zales, Ann Taylor, Foot Locker, Pep Boys, Levitz etc. etc. and dozens of retailers closing thousands of locations. The Dow has only lost half it's value in the last year or so, and oh that real estate sector. All American auto makers virtually bankrupt. Eighteen percent of Americans unemployed, with tent cities springing up everywhere. Maybe our "politicians and religious leaders are fools hypocrites, demagogues, thieves perverts and murderers." Nobody is perfect.
Yep, I'm with the majority on this one. You are just being alarmist, I think we will pull out soon. Look at Obongo's cabinet and advisers. Most were instrumental in getting us into this mess, therefore they understand the situation. Who better to lead us into the promised land.
"Take it for what it is worth."


Anonymous said...

My thoughts lately also seem to be connecting the dots among multiple events: theories of a red dwarf entering our area of the solar system in 2012, causing catastrophic damage to the Earth; the new world seed bank created in Svalbard; dramatic changes in weather not only on Earth but on other planets in the Solar System; and a financial crisis generated by panicking rich people who, knowing the coming events, are stealing money from all sources thinking that it will do some good when we may return to the Stone Age. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...
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m_astera said...

Nice one, Fletch.

m_astera said...


I used to have a sticker on my side mirror that said "Warning: Objects in Mirror are Behind You"

Anonymous said...

As a point of reference and to hopefully help people to discriminate as to fact and fantasy, here is the Kali Yuga, as it is.

No amount of numbers juggled, names changed, nor the pseudo metaphysics of charlatans, false gurus and materialist conjurers will change this.

According to the Surya Siddhanta, an astronomical treatise that forms the basis of all Hindu and Buddhist calendars, Kali Yuga began at midnight (00:00) on 18 February 3102 BCE.
Kali yuga will last for 432,000 years, of which approx. 5,000 have passed.
This leaves 427,000 years to go as the duration of this Kali yuga, the age of Quarrel.

Age 1 - Kruta Yuga = 400 divine dawn years + 4,000 full divine Years + 400 twilight Years (4,800 years).

Age 2 - Treta Yuga = 3,600 divine Years (including dawn and twilight)

Age 3 - DvaPora Yuga = 2,400 divine years (including dawn and twilights)

Age 4 - Kali Yuga (which begins 2/17/3102 BCE and continues to the present age) = 1,200 divine Years.

Added together, this makes 12,000 divine years in all, or one Great Cycle ("Mahayuga"). A Mahayuga calculcated in terms of human years = 4,320,000 years.

One thousand Mahayugas = one Brahma daytime.

One full day and night of Brahma is calculated as the equivalent of 4,000,000 divine years * 360 or 8,640,000,000 human years. (Just as in our system the 24 hour day contains 86,400 seconds and each second is the length of time of the human heart beat).

360 days and nights of Brahma = one Brahma year.

100 Brahma years = one Brahma lifetime. Calculated in human years, one Brahma lifetime = 311,040,000,000,000 human years.

Consider that Brahma's life of 311 trillion years is just one breath of MahaVishnu...

Anonymous said...

As always, it strikes me as funny that some would make the great mistake of assigning a date for "the end." Call it human nature, call it a psychological need for such things, call it pure ignorance. There's a better source for what has been going on over the past few decades, and it's called Revelations. Why is it that I believe whenever it comes, many here are going to pay a high price for allowing their spiritual rantings to drift into the "new age".

Anonymous said...

Thank-you Les for another work of un-egotistical greatness. I’m sure as we all breathe the same air, that we are all together on this. People often tell me that I’m ‘preaching to the converted’, and your writings rarely cross my beliefs. My appetite for your writings, and the many regular contributing responders to them, never ceases. The dialogue and information sent over these pages touches and educates us all in many ways.

For example, today I was reflecting on your column on P-Dish “Lies don’t compute.. ...that causes a severe irritation when we hear what appears to be a lie and our mind can’t help but endlessly probe at it like a wounded tooth” AND I understood my disbelief; my disbelief with the whole education, job, debt, lie. We don’t need that certificate, or that certificate is just a target to shoot at when pinned on your chest. We are all gullible little children at one point in our lives and this is when the bonsai process begins. In order for a plant or person to grow to its maximum potential, a fertile soil, with sun and proper nutrients are needed.

This growth conditions are not provided in a climate devoid of love, full of fear, hate and separation. Our community is like to the soil, and we sit and watch our fellow members stuff handfuls of grease into their veins, or just step over them in whipped state. See, now you think I’m preaching to the converted.

It’s the pace. The vibration and forces that my (western) world spins at are fermented in a cauldron of evil. The small things (like insects hovering over your head, buzzing) together build up like bricks onto a pyramid. A foot in the door of you soul. Nothing needs saving, and you may have that life ring around your chest keeping you afloat, but the fish in the water need you as food just as much as you need them.

Anonymous said...

Well the opposition are really outing themselves now!!
Time must be getting short indeed.
Bill Maher. Just look!


Anonymous said...

As sure as god made little green apples they are getting ready for something

Anonymous said...

There's a persistent unidentified "Object' that shows up in the sky above the river that flows west from where I domicile. Last night just after sunset I got two good shots. They appear as luminous spheres. I have two shots from two different positions. I expected them because I CALLED them [in a manner of speaking]. Can I get a witness? I pose this to skeptics...are you, have you experienced these'orbs'? You can. It's "do-able" but you must persist. Why do it? That's the rub. What "purpose" drives these appearances? Doing the "work" just makes everything better. Each of us is [potentially] a harmonic resonater- retransmitter. Do the work and find out of what. There is nothing to fear from your growth and enlightenment except you learn to enjoy humoring the stubborn psychopaths among You and to discontinue being knocked off center by their envious debunking. Here's a clue. Learn to free 'the breath'. Don't go looking for some guru to instruct you in breathing. Did you need instruction how to cut your teeth? One more prana realizing saint with real devotion is needed. Stop waiting. this is not someone elses job. When we take time to PRACTICE the local universe will respond and everything will be better.

Kevenj said...

Indeed somthing is coming. It might be said that
"Something evil this way comes" coin a phrase. Something is up though and I don't think our next IRS refund check is going to make it go away.Maybe I'm just being negative, after all in the sales industry i'm in you are told to "..just don't participate!"O.K, sound good to me, now what about my mortgage?

If a 2012 magnetic reversal/callapse scenario is real and higher authorities know it is real then it would go quite a far way in explaining what Rumsfeld did with that $2 Trillion he misplaced back in '01.
Shit.Should I stock up on beer Les?
Now, where's the nearest Wal-Mart....

Thank you Rosie for those links.

faithful forever said...


Want to share any insight as to when the object of our affection, the big surprise, may arrive?

I see them as birth pains. And they are getting closer together.

Love your writing and thanks for sharing.

Visible said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Visible said...

Petkov as a Zionist shill and a boor... what you think isn't of much interest to me. Also you are one of the very, very few people banned from this site so that says a great deal about the sort of person you are... rude... ill tempered... bilious and a variety of things; none of them good.

Just to let you know... I didn't predict the world ending on 2012; nothing of the sort and the article is crystal clear in that regard. If you'd bothered to read it it would be clear to you... but I suspect you just want to stir shit... in your case... the churn is your mind.

RML said...

There IS something quite interesting behind the 2012 marketing hype: it could very well be real and scientifically based. There is an in-house (in our solar system) “cause”, and it is a cosmological phenomena.

In its most simple terms, there is a breach in the magnetosphere, which surrounds earth, protecting it from solar winds. Such a breach is a naturally occurring cycle, but the breadth and magnitude of this opening is quite large.

It is allowing, and will allow, large volumes of plasma from the sun to enter. This will increase magnetic storms, disruptions of telecommunications, disruptions in bio-electric circuitry (such as human nervous systems), and climate change. The results of this breach and the increased charging of the magnetosphere will increase over the next several years.

In December 2008, NASA announced that the Themis Project had detected a massive breach in the earth's magnetic field, and that in the near future this would allow large amounts of solar plasma to enter the earth's magnetosphere.

This is real, it is increasing and it affects our electo-circuitry which affects our "finer" bodies. That this phenomenon is cyclical speaks to the Mayan 2012 meme. There is a single, world-wide effort to mitigate this has been in operation for more than a decade -- we know this as chemtrails. And, yes, there is climate change, but it is affecting the entire solar system, not just the earth. We are being conditioned; this behavior conditioning is planned and in-process.

For someone of the ilk of John Perkins (the Economic Hitman) to be promoting: "We are living within the time that all great prophets and indigenous prophecies have pointed to, the 15 year window that began in 1998, and completes the Maya Calendar in 2012. Although this period is fraught with calamity and uncertainty, it is believed that a momentous and wonderful evolution is occurring within the human race, and thus for the Earth."

This is true. Not because he/we are stoned, or have consumed too much of something (as opposed to too much of nothing, which we need to talk with Zimmerman about)... but because the Natural result of too much "cosmic energy" is a major change in consciousness.

But, because we don't study the Cosmos, Change or Consciousness, most of us don't have a clue. There's a gemstone at the heart of what you are unpeeling. Keep at it, Amigo.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, Senor Viz-

Well, to go somewhat off topic, I'm just giving a heads-up to you (and all) about TOMORROW night, the Night of Shiva, Shivaratri - Monday night February 23. So, Happy Shivaratri! Bom Bholanath! Hara Hara Mahadev! Om Namah Shivaya! Jai Shankar!

Shivaratri always falls on the day before the new moon in Pisces, the "darkest night" of the year. The one day of the year when almost the entire Hindu world gets bhanged out, offers milk and datura (belladona) flowers and leaves to the Lingam-Yoni, and chants all night from sundown to sunrise, as you are probably knowing.
Shiva night being comprised of 4 "watches" (plus final 1 of silence):
White color, singing the praises of the pristine, self-manifested, primal awareness - Shiva (Omkar, etc.)
Red color, singing the praises of Shiva-Shakti, inseparable, unified in Their holy dance, continuously manifesting the dualistic world
Yellow color, singing the praises of the ascetic, naked, meditative 3-eyed One, Self-absorbed, cave-bound on Mt. Kailash
Black color, singing the praises of the destroyer of illusion, Nataraja, surrounded by flames, foot raised in gesture of salvation
(Each "watch" taking about 3 hours + -)

Back home here on Turtle Island we rock the house all night, get sufficiently cacti-fied, fast until after the Yellow, raise the chalace often, raise a racket with the damarus & conches, try to keep the bhoots, pretas, and rakshasas satisfied (Shiva has quite a motley crew/entourage of not-so-high-class devotees).
Hope you'll join us in this ancient, timeless celebration, travel together to Kailash, Kedarnath, Kashi, Omkareshwar, Rudranath, and all the other hoary haunts of the Giver of Joy, while sitting around your own sacred dhuni fire, partaking of your fave medicine.

[Sorry, bro, I'm just an old Shaivite Rasta I-tal Sufi medicine-warrior (oops, I know that's illegal - making up one's own 'religion'), with no interest in the Abrahamic stuff, nor the Vaishnava/priestly/religion-biz/temple/un-tantric and monkish/scriptural-elitist/best-mantra/blah blah stuff (I love the 10-avatar stories/songs/dances, but I ain't waitin around for Kalki/Maitreya/Jeebus/Krishna/Mosaich or any other savior) (9 avatars so far, how's that worked out for humanity?)- it's all Shiv-Shakti all the time in all places on this sacred earth, the Dev-Bhoomi, for this dude. To me, that other stuff, no matter how strong the meme and 'mind-magic' is, is just made-up distracting mis-guiding crap, non-history, untruthful stories, child-abusing lies, mental-conceptual-wankness, co-option of the original holy medicine-ways. But, hey, that's just me.]

And, naturally, Hanuman and Ganesh are always in da house. Hanuman, being none other than Shiva hisself, unable to miss the beautiful earthly lila, taking form as the embodiment of original indigenous shamanic cultural figure, present in all ages (can't be genocided); and Ganesh being Lord of the Ganas/Devas, all the spirits of every earthly life-form, plant, mineral, animal, mountain, cloud, sacred spot, threshold, seas, and so on, elephant-mind/wisdom/memory being the most high. And, of course, Ganesh is the best obstacle-remover, and Hanuman is the distress-remover (he's tight with Ma-Shakti).
Also, can't do any of this without invoking Saraswati - giver of knowledge, skills, arts, and language, without whom we wouldn't be having this conversation and these songs. So, invite 'em in, and let her rip!

Anyway, all these "deities" are really "parts" of ourselves (yes?), not separate in any way. Bottom line: if one follows the "who am I"-inquiry path all the way, one's bound to run into Shiv-Shakti eventually. Shiva/I&I. ShivaJah! It's just about Remembering. There are many Names. No end to 'em.

my little rant/offering for today - hope your day and night are exquisitely irie.


Anonymous said...


Very very interesting subject.

I would like to tie in some of your previous posts to this one. We know the wealthy elite are desperate to survive, just like anyone else. We see a major power grab going on right now. We know this whole financial crises is not a crisis at all, but well orchestrated, these people are not stupid. You lower the interest rate to 1% and you will flood the market with cheap money. No big mystery what will happen if you do that, and Greenspan did just that a few years ago.

All the US presidents have been obedient, following orders, including our current one. And Congress too. And not just the US, it is world wide. Listening to mainstream media is no different than sticking your head in the sand. No useful information there. So we have to do our own research and ask logical questions.

Why this urgency to suck the worlds money supply dry? Has all this money gone down a black hole? Why did the SEC protect Bernie? The pent**** lost a couple of trillion dollars, call me when they lose real money okay.

All through history the few have controlled the many. What are they up to these days? They have all this information on 2012 too, and probably a lot more than what is commonly known.

My question is this, are they preparing for the possibility of some cataclysmic event? Or, are they preparing to create one, and call it that? I suggest we all keep our eyes open, leave all possibilities open and at our disposal, and don't assume anything.

I'm a little cautious about predictions and dates, and future events.

Take one thing, the roughly 75 year span of the wobble of the earth that creates a 1 degree change relative to the stars. Did the ancients know about continental drift? If they were measuring from a fixed point on earth, and didn't realize the crust was moving too, wouldn't that throw things off? hmmm well anyway just an idea.

Anyway I refuse to live in fear or hope, I'll stay alert, enjoy everyday and pay attention to whats really going on.

Very very interesting times we are living in.

rosie said...

Now this is utterly bizarre - or something.
Les what is going on?.
Retouched photo??

Visible said...


you really took me on a trip there seeing as we share major similarities here; I being a Ganapati kind of a guy, specifically for the obstacle remover (to self realization) and tangentially to the Devic Realm connection as well as that he is the one who does the guru introduction... wrote down the Gita as well.

Now... I've got this major dose of Ayahuasca that has been sitting and waiting till I get the stones for it... after the last experience with God's morning coffee I've had a a certain amount of battle fatigue.

This sort of puts me up against it... shudder. lately... all of my journeys have gotten so real and transforming that I'm no longer sure who is coming out on the other end; not that I was all that sure who went into it in the first place.

Well... I usually get 'told' when the time is right so we'll see. I'll be there in any case.

Visible said...

No surprise on the pope there. One hardly gets to be the head of anything temporal without certain connections.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that so many of the unwashed masses equate the Pope and priests in general with Catholic faith in God and Jesus? This is the great disconnect in thinking from the outside in. I'm a Catholic and have great faith....not in other men, but in God, Jesus and everything taught in The Bible. Time and mortality will tell who is right and who is wrong, which of one's "feelings about things" are on target and which are just Fantasy Island. Believe what you want to believe, friends, but do some research before you misrepresent.

m_astera said...


The alignment of the sun and Earth with (close to) the galactic center at the exact time of winter solstice happens every 26,000 years. Continental drift has nothing to do with that and can't affect it; it's the whole planet, the sun, and the galactic center lining up. If you think about it a little, you will realize that the alignment has to happen every year; as the earth goes around the sun once a year, and one can always draw a straight line between the sun and the galactic center.

Once more: The significance is of that alignment happening exactly on the winter solstice, and that happened on Dec 21, 1998.

The Mayan astronomers seem to have been well aware of the precession of the equinoxes and to have taken that into account. What is perhaps most amazing is that they were able to calculate when the alignment would happen at sunrise on Dec 21 from the viewpoint of the Yucatan peninsula where they lived. That is what happens in 2012.

It is explained simply and understandably here:

RML's point about the breach in the Earth's magnetic shield is likely to be much more significant, and is unlikely to be related to the Earth's position relative to the Sun on any given day; it seems more probable to me that the solar system is passing through interstellar plasma of a greater (or lesser?) charge density.

The above, of course, assumes that observations of the external universe have some sort of objective reality and validity. If it is all merely projected illusion, or happening inside our (imaginary) heads, never mind.

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah? To Lord Shiva?

Lord Shiva says that among all worship Vishnu worship is greatest but then he says that even greater than the worship of Vishnu is worship of Vishnu's devotees. Therefore, in that vision one can worship Lord Shiva, because Lord Shiva is the greatest Vaishnava as per the statement of Srimad Bhagavatam.

aradhananam sarvesam
visnor aradhanam param
tasmat parataram devi
tadiyanam samarcanam
In the Padma Purana Lord Siva explains to his wife, Parvati, the goddess Durga, that the highest goal of life is to satisfy Lord Visnu, who can be satisfied only when His servant is satisfied.

So the conclusion is that Vishnu or Krishna worship does not go against the worship of Lord Shiva and Parvati as Vaishnavas. In fact both Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati are willing to help one to become a Vaishnava. We see in the example of the Gopis who prayed to Katyayani and Rukmini prayed to Durga to get Lord Krishna as their husband. Good wishes. Hare Krishna.

m_astera said...

After I posted that last comment, I looked at the visitor counter and the number was:

(drum roll, trumpet fanfare)


Numerologists please take note: This may be the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

Kevenj said...

No surprise? Damn that's creepy.

Anonymous said...

V, sir -
battle fatigue? sacred-quest ptsd? there's a lot of that cropping up. know what ya mean. it's been a rough 4+ decades. not to worry, you're (all) doin fine, looks like to me. somebody said "if there wasn't fear, how would we know courage?". great scary times.
ah, hell, what are we gonna do? we gotta keep following our "orders", stay focussed on our "assignments", remain where we're "posted". it's better than being adrift with intra-rectal cerebral disorder.


Visible said...

You gotta love this place. A devotee says something about Shiva and so a Krishna devotee has to do a one up as if whatever outfit God might be wearing is clashing with another of his presentations.

Then a Catholic gets fired up about a picture of the Pope and wonders why people associate Catholics with yadda yadda and nobody associated anyone with anything... It was just a picture.

Speaking just for myself, I've run into God in various forms and personas and they're all fine with me. I don't do comparatives. The point is to reach the goal, not to argue on the way which, I guess I don't have to tell you... does not lead anywhere at all.

Find your image or imageless and burn with intensity. This is what worked for me, that and Karmic fortune from times unremembered but I can guess. Meanwhile, it hurt most of the time... more so than I expect most people want to endure so that is why the population is so light. It takes everything, period and once you think you've given everything you find out that that's not true and it goes on for as long as it has to.

The movie on the screen is a temporary thing. It's a drama we get caught up in... but when it ends, all that remains is the screen. That white screen contains all colors and one could imagine that by mixing the colors in different ways you get all of the movies that there are.

The truth will reveal itself to persistence.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous -
No intention here to diss Vaisnavism.
(Saw that coming.)
Shiva embodied form as Hanumanji to set example of highest level of devotion to Sita-Ram [Earth Goddess & Avatar of Vishnu].
Vishnu has great love for Shiva too.
Sacred stories mean what they mean to each individual, and I've seen where 'experts'' pronouncements sometimes differ from gurus' transmissions. Different sources have different stories to tell. What to do about seeming 'contradictions'?
I speak only of my own nature.


Unknown said...

How ironic that in an age when cosmic cycles of great duration are coming up for renewal, there are so few who cast their eyes heavenward. How many amongst the teeming billions living in our brightly lit cities would know the constellations, for instance, even should they be able to see them? A moment of great moment approaches, and the options for distracting oneself out of noticing it proliferate daily. On the day Nibiru becomes visible, how many will find out about it through YouTube, and how many will be out staring up with their own eyes.

My favorite take on Nibiru is the Cassiopaeans': it's not a planet, it's a swarm of comets that, when it enters the system, lights up and for a brief time takes on the aspect of a comet ... before breaking up, and bouncing about the inner system wreaking havoc on the planets. Ever see a pachinko machine? It'll be sort of like that, only the ball-bearings are comets. The comet-swarm isn't just the most terrifying cosmic natural catastrophe theory, by the way; it's also the most plausible (especially if there is in fact a brown dwarf companion on an extremely long period orbit around the Sun.) There's no way to sit it coming until it's within months of hitting, and while we might be able to deflect one comet, deflecting a few thousand of them? Not gonna happen. You'll have better luck dodging buckshot at point blank range.

So that's all very depressing, but what to make of the strange behaviour of the Sun's magnetic field, going all quiet there for pretty much the whole run of 2008, and the aforementioned breach in the Earth's magnetosphere? Which by the way was predicted by the Hathors, I believe, who went on to say that through this breach cosmic energies would begin entering the earth, enabling us to raise our vibrational levels. The use the same image Jj likes, being the calm center at the eye of the hurricane, keeping to that still axis, and riding the storm rather than raging against it.

Interesting entities, those Hathors. The Cassiopaeans, too, though really they're the same thing, just channeling through different people, 6th dimensional light beings that are probably humanity's greatest ally. Without them we wouldn't have a chance in hell, with them ... well, call me an optimist but I think enough people are waking up, to one degree or another, to not just the desperate odds but also the vast opportunities that are opening up before us. It's a long process, one that's probably taken most people reading this their entire lives to get to wherever they are now, but time's speeding up, and with that comes the chance to do a lot of spiritual evolution in a very short period of time. Even some of the most hopenotized of the population might still surprise us with how far they get, once the walls have come down and they really get a look at the situation.

Anonymous said...

bholanath, thank you.

Hara Hara Mahadev! Om Namah Shivaya! Jai Shankar!

Anonymous said...

M aster said:

The alignment of the sun and Earth with (close to) the galactic center at the exact time of winter solstice happens every 26,000 years. Continental drift has nothing to do with that and can't affect it

Yes I quite agree with that. One only has to go outside to verify it. Where I live I can't even see the milky way band though.

I find it fascinating though, that we here on earth can track heavenly bodies with accuracy. I mean the whole thing is moving. Probably every background object is moving on it's own course within a greater movement. And probably all the moving objects are wobbling on top of that! We are observing this whole movement on a planet that is wobbling and spinning and rotating too. Our frame of reference is not a constant, the whole thing is in a state of flux. I must admit how impressive it is that the ancients were able to track it, and predict it too. Especially considering how long it takes to observe a pattern.

I hope those who attach a particular significance to it, do not get too disappointed if it turns out to be just another day. I hope I'm still around to see what happens.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

The Sun does not Revolve around the Earth.

Randall said...

Hey all, wanna see some scary shit?
Visit this little bastion of freedom loving Americans.

Anonymous said...

I have read a good deal (not as much as most here, I'm sure) in regard to 2012, Nibiru, Mayan Long count, NASA prediction of solar radiation storms (shutting down comms/power grids tween now and '12), etc, etc....

I don't know when or if this stuff will cause problems in the world, but I do know that there are many very rich, very educated (old power/money families) people who are in fear of something...major. They have created a seed vault (Svalbard), they're looting the world's treasuries, consolidating power - all while ever tightening the stranglehold of tyrannical control they exercise over us little people.

Some cry that it's "Revelations" - some the Kali Yuga - to some it's pure astrology/astronomy - some it's all just a coincidence. To me - it is what it is... I don't know, but I've done my best to prepare. I remain open to many possibilities. I hope for the best and plan for the worst.

I appreciate the many wonderful things that happen in my life, as they are happening. I remember the many influences (good and bad) of my lifetime. Occasionally those things get ahold of me, but not for long - and they serve as a reminder of the preciousness of NOW!

When it all shakes out - will you look back at all of the life you missed - and wish you had appreciated the NOW?

I won't.

I get caught up occasionally in the "what if's" of the future, but I use it to productive ends and plan for those "what if's". Situational awareness is a much different animal than living in the past, or dreading the future. I don't know what tomorrow holds, but the road signs aren't promising. The more people who wake up and realize the ephemeral nature of this life, the better.

I love most of you and your contributions...


Parfer DeCourse said...


I'm trying to follow the money and understand the logic...I expected the collapse of the economy and actually thought that the purpose would be to destroy the world's currency in favor of a new currency (either world or several regional currencies).

What is throwing me for a loop is this sudden massive wealth grab and the assumption that the majority of it may be going to the country that refuses extradition and denies nuclear weapon possession.

Now, perhaps my assumptions are wrong, but it seems as though the trillions missing from the Pentagon prior to 9/11, the gold underneath the twin towers, the Billions & billions recently handed over to the Banksters, Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme monies, and all the other scams, tricks, stings, etc., etc... are going to banks in the same place either directly or covertly. (Of course I realize that many of the scams my be unrelated but the inferences are there all over the net)

If, between now and 2012, the money is not going to be worth the paper it is written on, then, what on earth can the benefactors of this enormous wealth possibly be purchasing with it before it becomes worthless?

They better be building a good hiding place!

Let me know if I'm missing something...

(By the way, Les, I caught your radio program last night. Great job! I enjoyed it very much...and...sometimes you sound a little like George Carlin - and that's a good thing!)

Peace to all!


Anonymous said...

Well, there was an article I read somewhere that talked about underground caverns that have been built in Norway that could only handle about half their population.

Joe Bloggs said...

Yoduncegoodoot Badbad man

Richard Welsh said...


I love all the takes on 2012. I have been interviewing scientists for quite some time on the bad effects of a pole shift. We have been trying to find out the safest place. If its only a pole shift I have been told that the poles and the equator are the two safest places.

As the poles are out, I researched the equator.

Turns out the most holy city of the ancient brotherhood appears to be Quito Equator. Note the number on its designated historic preservation status. I could go on -- but lets just say that there is also a certain cave entrance there as well.

And to top it off, a little south of Quito is Vilcabamba Valley "The Playground of the Gods" where it is 70 degrees all year long.

Anonymous said...

Rosie if that underground bunker on RMN doesn't belong to Rayelan outright she probably has at least 25% interest in it.

Anonymous said...

I think that 2012 is a beginning to a peaceful and more civilized world. Every day that goes by, the more shit you see on the news bout people dieing and destruction. This is a sign from god, when things get bad then worst and even worst, that is a sign that something good will happen in 2012.



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