Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Walking Away from the Smorgasbord Table into a Finer Land.

If we don’t know who we are, we can’t be sure of what we do. That’s one way the world gets messed up for everybody else because it’s always somebody else. It’s not my fault; it’s your fault or the San Andreas Fault or Fawlty Towers.

Some of us knew that all those coke snorting market guys in the ‘80’s were an indication of a world gone wrong. They’d go out to lunch and order $2,000 bottles of wine just because they could. I have no idea if they could tell the difference; had someone slipped them a bottle that only cost $200 instead and I don’t think they cared.

It was a lot like those Saudi’s that showed up in LA around the same time and bought all those houses in Beverly and around and painted pubic hair on the Greek statues and asked those in the know, “What do you offer when you entertain here?” Someone told them, “Cocaine” and so they set out chafing dishes full of it (this actually happened) and if you were watching you could see people making off with it in whatever containers they might have at hand. Somebody didn’t have a clue. But when you don’t know who you are or where you are or what you are, you don’t know what you do.

Some of us saw the potential in the Summer of Love in San Francisco. Some of us were there. Some of us saw how the CIA and assorted ill intending players inserted other chemicals into the mix and some of us saw what happened at Altamont in ’69 and so on and so forth.

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise what this has brought us to. Of course we made sure to put everyone who wasn’t part of the ‘in crowd’ into prison for going into business on their own when it should have been obvious that the drug business was a government operation so... a whole lot of people went to jail.

This monster of unbridled greed finally eats itself I suppose. We’re seeing it happen now. The band keeps playing and the MSM has all these Jon Benet Ramsey/Super Bowl distractathons going on... Obama’s got his Blackberry. Nero probably still has his fiddle and a deep unrest is percolating through the hearts and minds of the great unwashed.

Some of us are ‘seeing’ this while most of us are ‘watching’ this and Queen Apocalypse pulls her skirt and shows a little leg at the Darktown Strutters’ Ball.

All of this reminds me of that Sufi tale about the chicken. A master had three disciples and he gave each one of them a chicken. He told them to take the chicken somewhere that no one could see them and kill it and then come back. Fairly soon, two of them returned with a dead chicken. It was hours later when the last one arrived still holding a live chicken. The master asked him what happened. He said, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t do it. Everywhere I go the chicken sees... ’’and will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?” And so on and so forth.

So here you are today with the house falling down. Small timers and wannabe big timers who got in your way or wouldn’t pay the toll are in jail for doing what you have been doing all along. Certain nations, with the most powerful militaries in the world, pummel the smallest and most defenseless people they can find. Hey... Israel even has time to go mucking about in Dafur. I bet that’ll take all the Bob Marley off of the boomboxes on the camels and Jeeps.

The system is in free fall. Is it hard to spot who caused this? Nah, you can just go around with a clipboard and write down the names of the people being appointed to fix it and... keep an eye on the people who appointed them and don’t forget who they replaced. If you ask any of them they will tell you it all started with the guys before that and they’re just here to clean up the mess.

I’ve said this a number of times but I wind up repeating myself. This is a movie. What this is, is showbiz life where you get to see what happens to people who believe in and follow the people who are leading them to slaughter. Maybe you are smarter than that and you see what’s going on and it doesn’t surprise you that there are more people on stage than there is in the audience.

According to the people who cooked up this steaming pile of shit, we need a cool cucumber of a long tall drink of Lincolnesque water to burble us over the waves. Now they re going to tech this and tech that and even they know it won’t happen in nothing flat. It’s going to be a long hard grind of taking that much more from the great unwashed who never got to sit at the Fat Pig Smorgasbord Table in the first place.

For all they know they are the thing being served. This may be the reason that I don’t eat pork. Somehow, I think this has something to do with taking a girl’s virginity and then reconstituting it into extra virgin olive oil that melds beautifully with the radicchio and arugula. I would like to see that because turning chickenshit into chicken salad is a magical art and I enjoy theater. However, I suspect most people enjoy theater more than I do. So you probably won’t be sitting next to me when the film begins.

I’ll be way out in the grassy area dreaming bout Hawaii.

Paradise is possible but people fuck it up. Who does this? I don’t. I don’t “pave paradise and put up a parking lot.” But somebody does. Paradise is in the midst of all of us and tangled in the tears of ruin and rot and here comes a flood of tears... “is that all I got?”

Maybe it is simple and maybe it is complex... whatever got us into this fucking mess. It kind of looks like we ran out of love before we ran out of things... all of us are not like this. I suspect that most of us are not like this. But this is like this and someone tell me why that is. Someone tell me why this is...

Something is wrong somewhere and it affects every one of us. It hurts the ones with a conscience. It doesn’t affect the ones without a conscience. I don’t know how long you can go on being bamboozled by, “there it is again.” But me? I know when to say “when” and that was a long time ago. I don’t understand the road you want to follow so I got a road of my own and I suspect there will be enough of us somewhere, somehow to step away from all the insane, lying and thieving and killing and torturing and tormenting of others and ourselves all day long day in and day out forever and fucking ever and I may never see Hawaii again and it is only an idea in my mind from a dream I had that died in my own destruction but I do believe someone will find it someday, some way, some how and I wish them the very best of it.

I do not think you will find it in doing the same tired fucked up things you did last time. Last time keeps becoming next time until it almost looks like humanity is eternally whipping itself in the ass as trudges up and slides back down a slippery hill with tired oxen. It would make all the difference in the world if the driver wasn’t drunk on himself and asleep at the wheel.

I would like to gently shake your shoulder and say, “Darling, it’s time to get up.” But you have been ridden hard and put away wet and I don’t think you get it yet but you will... you will. It will dawn on you. Sooner or later, sooner or later happens. For those who care, I will say that you do have what it takes to go another day and another. Keep your fire bright, tend to the ones that you love and carry on. It is always darkest just before the breaking of the dawn.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Les.
There's much talk lately about who is responsible for the current mess. Me, I see bankers, Zionists and war profiteers being the ones most responsible. Or, to deal with abstractions, it's the characteristic or trait of greed.
There's one huge way in which the masses are responsible, also.
When a person brings a child or children into a world and the person does not have the wherewithal needed to give their offspring a decent quality of life.
Or when a person is living in unhappy, miserable conditions of hardship, physical or mental, and they bring another life into the situation.
I don't think it's really a great time to be bringing others onto the planet. Not when corporate greedheads are able to use overpopulation as a way of creating more "competition" for jobs and resources, and use overpopulation s an excuse to lower the standard of living.
Being voluntarily child-free may not be popular with many, but I think the practice might help make things better.
Yes, I'm child free by choice

Anonymous said...

Whats really special for me Les is that that Sufi tale has been going around in my head over the last couple days coincidence? maybe.

Anonymous said...

My frogs continually need steppin' on. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

We saw the storm coming, the long night of howling winds and battering rain. In the morning we awoke to find many things had changed. My new bike was gone, the house looked liked it had aged 20 years over night. We were alive. My first experience with a tornado.

Now a new storm approaches. How long will the winds howl? How long will the dark night last? I have never seen Hawaii. Italy is on my mind. Italy has survived 2500 years of mans abuse and yet so beautiful it remains. I will make it back there someday to bike along the coast again. Rome came and its remnants remain. So shall it be that way again? Sadly, these psychopaths now have the technology to take it all away now.

They have built massive military systems, they have built underground cities and tunnels, they have put so much into protecting themselves. Only in the end they will find that they have played a massive joke upon themselves.

It is the soul that is on the journey, not this shell we ride in. Back into the one we shall go...


Anonymous said...

May the Lord of the Universes protect you,support you and keep you in this most honored task of carriying high the flag of eternal Truth and living revelation,that is the way of the good ones.O lord,keep us costant on the path of life and light;the path of Adam,Noah,Abraham,Budda,moses,Jesus,Mariam and Mohammad;and all teachers of Truth and Love,those we know and those we are not aware of,till the last days,Ameen.

Visible said...

Looks like this guy was on the same sympathetic string next to my sitar, Here you go

Brilliant piece of writing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, The Sooner and The Later have indeed become One. How very apt. Thank you as well for bringing me up short on my cockamamie plans to become the first man to be implanted with ten embryos and give birth on Oprah after hiring an agent/publicist on spec...Instead,I`ll just give thanks for my pre-emptive vasectomy and keep on minding the landscaping and early gardening out here in the sticks in as mindful and deliberate a fashion as possible....Love,H

nina said...

In the short space between Altamont and chafing dishes, the great business schools began instructing bankruptcy as a faster path to obscene profits than old school ethical honest hard work, you know, that kind of hard work performed by our grandathers lacking MBAs who actually took the principles from farming the soil into building businesses literally from "the ground" up.
I know we keep expecting some ultimate karmic response to this mass denial of our simple plainfolk roots and yes, the signs are everywhere it just can't go on, but it does. There are 6.6 billion of us, probably a lot more that just didn't count in whomever's latest census, and each individual within that megabody has to make a leap before the miller's wheel can move. Given that leaps typically never occur without massive outside forces generating individual movement, we have a long, long way to go.
I am sorry to have to say that, but Michener already said it. In the Drifters, the Norwegian female character with that popup VW camper reflected on her father's Ceylon Room, which is your Hawaii and my Polynesia. Its very sad, isn't it, we want so badly to think its not true. Yet with every passing hour, its more real than anything else going on.

Anonymous said...

We are the punch-drunk fighter who Don King talks into getting into the ring one more time for the big payday yet our eyes are so swollen we can’t read the fine print that appears after the real ink has dried—we’re the alcoholic who can handle it this time around—See I’ve gone a month….I’ll celebrate with just one drink……..

We’re the overweight person who drops 10 pounds and celebrates with a case of Jennie Craig brownies—low fat of course.

We are the guy who just got out of prison and, having learned more tricks of the trade while there, tries to rob a bank and gets caught—so much for the expert advice from the guys who have also gotten caught—oh well, more time to plan the perfect heist.

The experts are all saying that now is the time to invest in the market with values so low—their income depends on you listening to them so that they can make a buck so, what’s not to trust?

I’m looking forward to seeing how all of these civilian and military “volunteer” plans are to be inserted into the rectum of mass unemployment—if you can bend over and even come close to touching your toes--you’re hired--well, kinda’ hired--you OWE it to the fatherland..Oops, I mean your country to serve—fuck indentured servitude…are you a commie…oops, I mean, terrorist or something?

The world is playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded Uzi and it’s just a matter of time before there is a round with your name on it. That’s where the smart money is placing their bets …how can they lose?

They can lose because there is no such thing as smart money. No sure thing when you fuck with people that much-- and they wake up or subliminally hear the floorboards creaking in the middle of the night--

Those who lurk in the shadows and pull the strings will wake up one morning and find they are Gulliver, and the Lilliputians are pissed off….

Really pissed off……..lot’s of them………


Peter of Lone Tree said...

Les, your phrase, "Some of us saw how the CIA and assorted ill intending players inserted other chemicals into the mix and some of us saw what happened at Altamont in ’69...", reminds me of a series at http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/ entitled "Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation."

Anonymous said...

There is plenty of blame to spread around, Les.

While Flying Burrito Brothers were into turning on, tuning in and dropping out, Norman Podhoretz, Richard Perle, William Kristol et al were studiously greasing their assent into the halls of power. It should come as no surprise that it was us that allowed it to happen.

As an old Czech proverb says: "opportunity makes a thief". We screwed up too.

Anonymous said...

Peter of Lone tree, absolutely. I read the whole series on Dave's Laurel Canyon, it changed my innocent opinions about great bands and music that was dear to me from the '60's on. I began to see different stories in some lyrics, especially the Eagles Hotel California or H.C. meaning Hellfire Club....you can check out any time you want but you can never leave. Not after you've done the deal at the crossroads you can't. Look at the untimely deaths of zillions of big stars, like for one John Lennon who 'they' ritually murdered after he stopped playing the game and came back with a new head. Very interestingly, the Eagles new double album, which is perfectly produced as usual, contains some very revealing lyrics alluding to their beginnings and the present world conditions. I also started to re-understand old songs from the L.A. machine including the very excellent 'Spirit' who never made it massive...possibly because back then they gave away some truths that we are just getting. i.e. in a song called ' So little time to fly ' they warned of the cities crumbling, also a song called ' 1984 ' about the police state which is now here. As an entertaining diversion from today's blood circus, I can strongly recommend the whole series from Dave's website on http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/ , the number of stars whose fathers were in army or navy intelligence is staggering, almost every one who got famous. The number who got murdered or 'suicided' is even more staggering. Ain't this internet fantastic? I've learned more in 6 years than I ever did in school, and it's all true. Sorry Les, I digress, good article mate which paralells in many ways that guy in truthseeker, and he reveals who's 'fucked up' paradise.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Les! Wow, everyone! Today it seems that the “truth” really stings – as in airborne fiery-hot pricks!

In their attempt to avoid acknowledging the searing pain of “reality” it seems that the herd is frantically attempting to shield themselves by creating many distractions by renovating their homes and continuing to shop, hoping to purchase that ever elusive “joy”. And they armor themselves in idiotic “hope”.
The manner in which my wishing-to-remain-blind neighbors disappear each time I walk with my dog makes me think I must have a sign on my back that reads, “The end is near!”
This morning I was granted some reassurance that one of my fellow Americans is awake to the truth when my mail carrier drove by and shouted out that I must be ecstatic that my team won the Super Bowl. I replied that I was actually thrilled to still be able to walk freely with my little fur boy to the path by the stream where we could peacefully revel in the serene beauty of the snow-covered paradise of Penn’s woods.
At this point she parked her jeep, motioned me over to her open window. As I leaned toward her she whispered, “You KNOW we’re all fucked!” I nodded and replied, “Yes, indeed we are…”
We hugged each other and found a peculiar yet comforting solace in finding a fellow human being who is NOT pretending to be asleep.

~ born intuit

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fawlty, I don't think you can blame yourself and or us for the fall of Rome, or it's legacy i.e. the western world. We were all watching the man make the elephant appear....then disappear. If we'd known we were being suckered, then many of us would have cried halt. In fact many did, in the form of intellectuals revealing the truth about the Vietnam holocaust ( I love using that name now for every western atrocity, it seems to draw attention easily ), so uncle Sam got his magician to materialise a huge elephant in the shape of the summer of love, hippies et al to merge with and distract the clever anti-war crowd. Hey Presto! they are all just drug-crazed hippies. I was only 16 so didn't see it, my elders were wrapped up in freaking out over their kids dropping out and taking dope/acid and looking like aliens. It wasn't our fault, the plan was in the making long before we were born mate. We are either lucky or unlucky to have come across this agenda. Watching the Matrix, I can understand the guy choosing to sell out and have no memory of it just to have a successful existence. That's why most people we try to tell, employ their cognitive dissonance because of fear. Ostrich's don't need prozac.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I will enjoy Hawaii.

I have seen the zombie in peoples eyes for years now. I think most group acts in this nation are done with and by the mindless. So is the problem, I can think for my mind but not yours. Not to worry, Les and many other "speakers" are still drawing air. The teacher is unwanted and when he is heard, the masses run or worse kill. To free one is to see them turn into a beast than a bird. Even for those who seek change and new ideas, can the newest be too much at times. I think all people try but material things are just too easy to turn too. Walking though the stars and time is not done with anyone idea or object and is the greastest of trips. However, will we see others on this trip? Maybe, yes they are the other bright "things" out there. As I come closer to one I see a trap, will I open my mouth and stay to see the outcome? If I do, I hope it will be an even brighter star burning with new pains and thoughts. Did I add to this change? Will my lens on life be theirs now? I hope not, but I will not mind the pain I caused. Brighter red will this new encounter be. Can zombies see red?

Matt durkeematthew@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

This all bloody started when Eve took that apple after a chat with that snake and then fooled Adam and got us all bloody kicked out of paradise.... And since then it's been pretty much a mess, apart from the odd messiah
and a flood here and there.

Anonymous said...

I wrote this poem about thirty years ago. At the time I was doing a gram a day. This poem developed in my head, so I wrote down. I have not done any drugs since then. Anyway it seems to tie into what you have written here, Les

I looked around today; I saw a tiny grain of sand
I marveled that man could have made anything so grand

Now man has learned to take the sand and turn it into glass
And plant in it to grow the seeds that turn to grass

Men fight to have as much of it as they can possibly
But still they do not understand what’s really meant to be

It’s not the Russian or the bomb that cause me fear at all
For GREED is what will end the world and cause all man to fall

What makes men think that they should own the spot on which they stand?
What makes man think that he should own one tiny grain of sand?

So take away that tiny grain and let man start from scratch
Certainly then all would see no man’s GODS equal match.

GODS chosen people first were slaves and then GOD set them free
In freedom they did have a choice, but didn’t please GOD you see

God sent His son, named Jesus Christ to show us how to live
The message is quite clear you see, it’s not to take but give

He gave his life so we could see there’s nothing we should fear
The words He spoke were words of love, not everyone could hear

A day will come a Judgment day, but no one knows the date
Perhaps we might just get it right before it is too late.

Bob N.Y.

notamobster said...

Pretending to be asleep, you say? I don't know what you're talking about. I can't hear you, over my snoring...

vis - your last line reminds me that: '...it's always darkest just before it goes pitch black!'

The night will surely be long and painful, but if you choose to wake tomorrow, the sun will rise then, too. The process, as you say will continue. Some will be taught an object lesson, and some will pass on, but time will continue it's inexorable march.

Anonymous said...

The apple with a gift, and to a woman it only could have been offered. Adam didn't get it(understand). It was the gift of edan. The innner gift of creation. Adam didn't get anyone "kicked out," he just wasnt listening.
Why was a snake and a tree used to show this giving of an apple, fruit, seed, blood, etc...

To long have we forgot women's place in human events. It was not long ago, that women and their brothers (real brothers) ruled by right of womens wisdom and relasonship to those women and their apple of thought. The home, city, and edan are the office of women.

Matt durkeematthew@hotmail.com

RML said...

If you don't mind, Les, I've got a little jail story for you.

I woke up one day in the San Francisco County jail, in an orange outfit, wall-to-wall crammed, surrounded with every vice-drenched, son of Donkey Island bad-guy the nuns spent years warning us about. They were all there. The wise-guy hit man with the greased slick-backed hairdo, the celeb drug-dealer-to-the-rockstars, Mr. Brown (who was black), and the flotsam and jetsam of society, all looking for a weakness… looking for any remnant of purity and innocence so that they could beat the shit out of it.

Contradictory vibrations cannot occupy the same space. There were no oxymoron’s there. No sir. Any part of goodness, any part of gentleness and compassion had long ago disappeared from the mind chatter of this lot.

Most of the inmates were black, and all deferred to Mr. Brown. The white muscle-bound hitman spent his time picking on one of the other whites, some frail soon-to-be-somebody's bitch (or dead). Hit man got bored. You can pretend to dry-hump a pansy for so long and the whole bit gets boring. So what does he do? He comes for me.

Other than Hitman, the pansy and me, the only other white guy left is an old Clint Eastwood type of lifer-on-parole with a titanium aura that no one was going to penetrate. He was paroled. He was on the way out. Period.

New meat, I was. Not a soul in the world could help me out of this. There was no flight, just fight. There I was trapped at the end of the cell-block, on the upper bunk, just above the hole-in-the-floor toilet. I figured that it would be best to take blows from the back, so I rolled over, turned away, and waited for the collision.

The blacks, bored with the pansy's whimpering, were egging Hitman on. "How did I ever get into this shit" mantra played in my head.

This huge hand wrapped around my thigh and squeezed. This was it! Hitman sneered, "What are you gonna do about it, punk? You gonna stick up for your blood over there?"

His hand moved higher. "What are you gonna do, punk?" Everyone in the cellblock was energized, on the verge ...

Without thinking or any warning, these words came out of my mouth, "This is no way for a Pisces to act..." He pulled his hand away. "Pisces don't treat other Pisces this way..."


Hitman struggled to figure out what just happened. I couldn't help him; I didn't know either. Inches from my ear, he spoke, "How did you know I was a Pisces? Only my mom knows."

I couldn't let on that I was as dumbfounded as he was. "It's written all over your face."

Nobody did any wooga, any crazy whiteman gris gris in Mr. Brown's cellblock. No sir. Everybody -- even the guards -- demurred to Mr. Brown. You just don't drop bombshells in his space unless he authorized it. That's how it worked.

I rolled over, and sat on the edge of the bunk. Hitman was changed, if only for a minute. Mr. Brown entouraged on over.

"Do you know who I am, boy?" I shook my head, no. "You know Janice Joplin, right? The Dead? The Stones when they're in town ... you know them? I nodded my head this time. "Where do you think they get their stuff, their smack, their H?" Proudly tapping his finger on his chest, "From me. I am the man..."

Affirmative murmurings chorused from all the bros in the cellblock, "Mr. Brown's the man..."

“Do you read charts, boy?” Mr. Brown’s tone slipped into friendly.

I lied, “Yes I do. But I don’t have my ephemeris, my books …”

Mr. Brown, of course, got me the books and materials that I needed to do charts. I spent days doing them for everybody in the block. The guards wanted me to do it for them. I made most of it up. But it rang true. This is how the "edge" works.

Every single one of them had the same question and wanted an answer, "Why in the hell am I in here? How can incarceration be what my life's about?" They were all wounded, some crushed beyond recognition. But they all wanted to know, "Why?" And, to a man, they were seekers – like us, they simply wanted to know who they really were.

All I could come up with was that we are all in a movie; like the movie The Bridge Over the River Kwai. For me, this movie was almost an exact analogy of life on this planet. We arrive with a mission. We forget our mission, and take up the mission of our enemy, even though this new mission is at odds with our original. Not only do we take up this errant mission, we try and excel at it. We try and do it better than our "enemy". We defend our enemy’s project with our all, and then we die.

All of the POWs who worked on the bridge, as well as us watching the film, didn't want the bridge destroyed, but it was. All of the characters we were rooting for were killed, and as a footnote, the only sane one of the bunch, the medical officer, painful surmised as the insanity played out, "Madness. It's all madness."

For the longest time, I couldn’t explain it to anyone (they wouldn’t understand), but I didn’t want to leave the cell block. I didn’t want to leave all that magic behind.

m_astera said...

A major tool of the psychopaths is to convince us that there are two sides to every story, both more or less right and valid. That the victim deserved and asked to be robbed, raped and murdered. The other common ploy is that we are all equally evil and self centered, we all share the guilt and blame, it only depends on circumstance and opportunity. Both are vicious lies, yet how many are convinced of their truth?

The bright side of this whole scenario is that the whole system IS going to collapse. It's far too broke to fix. That opens up the opportunity for us to create something new that does work. The evil boring bastards who set this up are not going to come out on top in the long run; if I thought they were I wouldn't bother with what I'm doing; I'd go buy a fishing boat and find a beach with a bunch of coconut trees. And take some nubile young company along for as long as that lasted. But they are not going to win.

What makes sense to me is putting energy, right now, into creating the systems that will eventually spread and become the basis of the new world. Nature has a way of protecting and nurturing those tender green shoots that show above ground just as winter is ending, and as the days lengthen into summer, they grow tall and strong because they had such an early start.

Hopefully I will be forgiven for reposting the following. This is its first appearance on Smoking Mirrors.
Please note that it is not a prayer for help; it is a magic spell to be worked with one's own power.


I know there is a new world coming, and I know it is real. It is not the nightmare of the New World Order. It is a place of great peace, beauty, and abundance for all. I have walked the country lanes and seen the blue skies and talked to the happy people. It is real. It is coming. And it is no other world than the one we are on right now. Do not fear the Earth changes or the warmongers or the chaos. We need not let the dark and the evil destroy our beautiful home. The forces of darkness cannot access the love, the vision, or the powers that we can. Their path is the rot of decomposition, the path of de-evolution, the downward spiral of destruction. Their rot can only thrive where there has not been sweet fresh air and the light of the sun. They are not who Terra Earth is. They are not who we are. We are the gift of Creation. The powers of Creation belong to us. They are our birthright.

All have heard or read "As above, so below". Now hear the whole passage:

From the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus:

"As above so below for the performance of the miracles of the one thing."

This is how it is done. You wish to change what is happening here? Change it the same way our Creator brought forth the Universes: See it done. Feel it done. With breath and gentle focus, knowingness, and love. Know it is done. Hold the Earth in your loving hands; see her healed and perfect. In your mind, see her bathed in that ultrablue light a little beyond what our human eyes can see, the blue light that cleans away harmful things. With your breath, gently blow away the veil of darkness that now shrouds her glory; see it disappear into the void. Hold the vision of your own place in this new world that will be ours; see what a beautiful place she is. Let the love in your heart go out to her who has given you so much. Know it is so.

This present mess must fall apart because it is too broken to fix, but we get to decide what it will become. Let the broken useless harmful things fall apart. Let them fall, while holding joy and anticipation in your heart. Preserve what is worth preserving. We are those actors with the vision and the talent to stage the new performance. If you are feeling the pain of this world, then comfort her, see her vibrantly whole. Yes there will be chaos, but none of the grand cataclysmic destruction need happen. Out of the chaos will come our chance to create the New Earth. This is what we came here for.

"As above so below for the performance of the miracles of the one thing."

Love I You Greatly
I'm not giving the parasites any more energy. I don't have any extra to love them or hate them; they get what they deserve, nothing.
All of my energy and focus goes to creating the new world, the real one.

Anonymous said...

I wish you hadn't ended with that damned cliche! Most of your writing is very uncliched--it's simple, clear and from the heart. I think you lost a little energy at the end of this one. I liked your allusions to Joni Mitchell, etc. No doubt you'll have chances to explore your themes here again. We're going to be in this deep shit for a long time to come. As you suggest, most of us didn't get to this point knowingly or willingly. But, there's a lot of ignorance, ductility, foolishness, cruelty in our species. It's good to have someone with a conscience and a gift for gab reflecting on our present catastrophe. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am going to send you an email wit pdf files attached. Rest assured you will find them interesting if you wish to know more about bankers et let me know.

You can share them with anyone you wish with my blessing and Thinx they are available from my files on the internet anyway.

Veritas Vincit
david Raymond amos

su said...

Once again beautifully written but the content makes me want to pull my hair out in its accurateness and astuteness.
So for sanity and a different shade I head to Nisargadatta Maharaj -
""Just realize you are dreaming a dream you call the world and stop looking for ways out. The dream is not your problem. Your problem is that you like one part of your dream and not another. Love all or none of it, and stop complaining. When you have seen the dream as a dream, you have done all that needs to be done."

Am I alone in thinking this is the way to go.
Says she holding up white flage.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you fellas overseas should ask me a few questions about what I know of bankers etc

You can find some of my words posted in Wall Street Journal's law blog but this is the meat of the matter

I am the whistblower whose legal actions caused these hearing long ago.



Nobody in public office in two purportedly profound democracies seems to find interesting that the transcripts and webcasts of these two very important hearings have evaporated . Howvever if the sitemeter on
my blog and the tally of the downloads of my files in scribd are any indication many other interesting people certainly do but still nobody is breathing a word about it.


Howcome no politician has asked why I happen have a copy of the secretive transcripts or dared to call me a liar?


It is because they all know it was my actions against Putnam Investments which is now owned by Power Corp that caused the hearings.
just as this voicmail from long ago attests and to many people have known the truth for way past too long..


Veritas Vincit
David Raymond Amos

veritas6464 said...

Greetings Dumballah,

Sometimes I get so tired, just knowing the truth, I get depressed and have anxiety attacks and become generally disfunctional. The burden of knowledge is a dark damp corner of old world decrepit Hobbs Lane. If knowledge is power, prove it. Because everyday that those disgusting Nazis in Israhell were pounding the women and kids of Gaza. My heart was sick with grief, I have two beautiful little girls, my wish is that they are happy, just happy, pleasantly submerged in a peaceful and meandering life, of happyness. I have grave doubts as to that wish being granted. The Nazi/Zionist/Banker/Illuminati WHATEVER, bastard crooks, absorb too much delicious evil energy and pile high in their own vaults those things they entice us with that we never aquire and yet grovel and squirm for, forever. So I believe, as do most people about pretty much anything that is ill-fated, that I am going to have to create the dream I have for their salvation. Oh, and the 'sooner or later' yada yada..when sooner is later IT's NOW!

I knew a simple soldier boy
who grinned at life with empty joy
slept soundly through the lonesome dark
and whistled early with the lark

In winter trenches cow'd and glum
with lice and Bombs and lack of rum
he put a bullet through his brain
no-one spoke of him again

You smug faced crowds with kindling eye
who cheer when soldier lads march bye
sneak home and prey you'll never know
the hell where youth and laughter go!

When the Gaza that you live in starts to get shelled with 'White Phoss' because the media are telling the rest of the world rockets have been fired from your schools and farms and hospitals, and the Shak Inar retaliation is a deterent to continued rocket fire. Fuck it, it's too fuck'n late and, you were told. We will be in a desperate and mortal situation very soon.( geez I hope I'm a drug-crazed delusional hippy! Wouldn't it be great if all at SmokMirs, suddenly woke up and it was all a terrible nightmare...REJOICE!) However, D.U.M.B.S Large Hadron Collider Iraq Afghanistan the north west coast of Africa the south west the east the north Gaza Sth Georgia Pick A Sth American State The USA its Constitution Its Bill of Rights Bankers Politicians And Dopey fuck'n sheeple telling me I'm a tin-foil hat wearing loon!

Everydays a tortured blessing - Violent conflict is the Net result of compliance and always has been - you know it, YOU ALL KNOW IT.
When the shit hits the fan, contact me through my profile. I heard somewhere that some loonies have actually prepared for the next Event.

And I wish it was, But It Aint just about spiritual development - if it was why the shell - what virtues have it - the temple - the body - maybe it's our space ship. Maybe physical is a part of the spiritual equation. Maybe the crash test is for dumbies. Made in His Likeness? Why would the supreme being HAVE a physical likness. You all have seen images of the floating all-knowing Orbs in Sci-Fi flics -just a ball of static with an attitude. So, why does our all-knowing guy have a physical 'likeness'. Maybe the physical being is a Muppet and we are the Muppeteers. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. If you can't drive an automatic trans, forget about getting the keys to the Manual gearbox, that requires some real cognative skills, that you have just not got the hang of yet.
Or maybe all this fucking shit we have to witness in our 'fortunate' first world countries is just a lot of hooey and we should keep dreaming of enlightenment while Rome, Ooops Gaza burns

Someone will pick the winner in this race, seems that every horse is heavily backed.

and so it goes..

Anonymous said...

I don´t have a free will, do you ?

Visible said...

The only free will we have is that we can work against our own best interests in the pursuit of self interest.

Cliche or the same thing said another way? that is just how it came out and what it meant as per intent. It happens. I am thinking I would get a pass though because I do have some small measure of originality most of the time... I hope.

Alan the Red said...

Poor anonymous complains he/she doesn't have a free will; I wonder why?

Christianity is most admirably adapted to the training of slaves, to the perpetuation of a slave society; in short, to the very conditions confronting us to-day. Indeed, never could society have degenerated to its present appalling stage, if not for the assistance of Christianity. The rulers of the earth have realized long ago what potent poison inheres in the Christian religion. That is the reason they foster it; that is why they leave nothing undone to instil it into the blood of the people. They know only too well that the subtleness of the Christian teachings is a more powerful protection against rebellion and discontent than the club or the gun. - Emma Goldman - April 1913

Visible said...

You are correct Susana.

continuing from the point and continuing

the surrender leaves us as hollow emblems to be filled with the power that drives

observation of evil destroying itself is happening as those with love for another world move on.

Kevenj said...

"I didn’t want to leave all that magic behind."

I know what you mean. If I could just get that 52" Sony HD ready (w/surround sound) things might feel right around the house. But I'm kind of short on money right now.

Maybe if they let me charge it...

Anonymous said...

Will:Having children is certainly a choice one way or the other generally with some surprises thrown in. It goes along with get married (by the state and some religion), go to college to get a good job, america love it or leave it--work 9-5 and more or you're lazy--buy a house- so much is ingrained and sold to us as the way it should be--or better yet, what is expected of us by a "benevolent" society--as we get older or at least wiser, we question this bill of goods--the "package deal" -to quote one writer--
I didn't go to college, just didn't seem right for me--I got married after 30 and our bond has gotten only stronger over the 20 years but I don't need a piece of paper to tell me that I have a commitment to someone else--although there were times early along the way that for some reason that piece of paper made the door a little farther away at those times I was thinking of running for it--
That was the american dream (lol) of the fifties and maybe sixties--Since then, you don't need a doctorate to work at the 7-11, you can live for 3-4 months in a rental for what you pay in property taxes alone, add in what you get screwed for in interest every year and there goes another 3-4 months of somewhat free living-the list goes on and on--
My advice to people is not to go to college-why go that far in debt for jobs that no longer exist-work as little as possible, rent, don't get married, stay away from the stock market, travel light and remain liquid, talk to people you normally wouldn't talk to, read read read---develop skills that can be used anywhere--even if it's painting houses--
As far as kids, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons--it can vastly expand your universe or contract it and make you scream--
How about a visible on advice to (young) people about what is and what isn't and what can be?



Visible said...

oh yeah... Emma Goldman..Bolshevik Revolution. Yes, that wasn't a Christian operation. I wonder if that is the reason for the higher body count. You know what I mean? Christians having 'some' mercy and so forth and so on.

Anonymous said...

This is all a little philosophical for me.
I have several different little mantras I like to keep in mind.
'To your own self be true'
'Do unto others that you would have them do to you'
'What goes round, comes round'
'Think twice, there is karma out there, full circle'.
'Do your best, you can't do more'
Well you get my drift.
To change the theme slightly.


Both informative and entertaining, 3 minutes, particularly if you loathe Al Gore.
However, it certainly is something we all have to think on, whatever our philosophies of life and the all, too often, wretched human condition.
It ain't over until the fat lady sings - heres hoping for better things.
Try, however difficult it may be, to look on the bright side of life.
Dear old Monty Python I think.

Anonymous said...

Well is it Kali Yuga or not?

"Religion without philosophy is sentiment, and philosophy without religion is mental speculation."

Srila Prabhupada scoffed at the religious leaders and politicians who talk about "universal brotherhood," yet exclude animals from moral concern. He taught that nonviolence is the first principle of spiritual life (Letter to Bhakta dasa, August 3, 1973) and that the saints and mystics see all living entities with equal vision. We are all equal in God�s eyes�whether one is incarcerated inside the body of a bird, fish, reptile, mammal, demigod, poet, merchant, insect, etc...He taught that social ills such as racism, sexism, caste-ism, nationalism, speciesism, etc...arise because eternal souls falsely identify with their temporary bodies. On the spiritual platform, we are all equal.

Anonymous said...

right on bro - i dig what you say and wish (almost) i could express my thoughts like you do - i'm way more simple, pro'ly not as educated, but i truly get it. i love to watch, not so much the human insanity but the nature - peace and have a luscious fun day

thanks Senor Viz from a fellow human bean - amy :)

notamobster said...

I married young and started reproducing. Two with the Satan (ex-wife), 3 with the most amazing woman on the planet (current wife), and she had one from her first go-round. I love my children, more than myself. They gave/give me reason to live, and fight!

There are times when the magnitude of what's coming get's the best of me, and I wish I'd never had kids. It'd make things a whole lot easier in the days ahead...but, it is what it is. No more, no less.

The thought of my children being subjected to the horrors I've seen man commit against his fellow, with some smiling swine enoying their torment serve to steel my resolve and strengthen my commitment. Hold on tight, folks. It's gonna get real bad before it ever thinks of getting better, but the day will break.


m_astera said...

To all of those so proud to not be bringing new lives into the fucked up world:

There are at least two paths of evolution: that of the DNA, and that of the soul. The one your body occupies is the path of the evolution of DNA, living creatures in physical creation. It may be affected by the soul occupying it, and vice versa, but one thing you can count on is that the body you are occupying is the result of millions of years of development. It is also the result of thousands of generations of self-sacrifice, caring, and love from your parents, grandparents, and those who care about what is important, those who really count in human society.

One subject here seems to be free will. And some of you have chosen, of your own free will, to put an end to these thousands of generations of evolution; it stops with you.

Yes, I've heard all of the arguments, perhaps I should list them so you don't bother repeating them. They all boil down to one: selfishness. It all ends with me because I don't want the responsibility of taking care of someone beside myself.

Anonymous said...

Funny enough, I also thought of that well written "Laurel Canyon" series when I read this post from Les. Fascinating connections, especially about Morrison / The Doors and who his father was. It really does highlite the involvement of the military and their use of psy-ops, mind control, drug running etc.

It's disturbing to know that so much of the music industry / Hollywood / pop culture that most of us grew up with and identify with was manipulation by the Criminal Elite / Dark Ones. Nothing is as it seems, and many of the perps were/are victims themselves. The tech used in audio / video media is powerful and just beginning to be understood by some. The Sound of Silence devices are being discussed by some now also. The new digital TV switch along with carrier frequencies of cell phone towers, radio towers, GWEN towers and HAARP are all pieces of our collective electro-magnetic prison. There has been a battle for our minds with physical hardware since the early 1960s at the latest. Strangely, the Beatles were part of the warfare, knowingly or not (and this depends on how much free will and introspection one thinks mind controlled victims might have). Even that "Hulu" ad with Alec Baldwin for SuperBowl says it like it is for all of us to see, complete with the reptilian references.

BUT, the devices can be turned off and/or destroyed at source. The operators can be dealt with. The main mechanisms of delivery (TV, cell phone, computer screen, radio, and unfortunately most of the music on your iPod...) can be thrown away, or "neutralised". Flouride and other stuff can be filtered out of our water. Mercury amalgams can be removed from our mouths. Vaccines can be avoided. Fall-out from chemtrails can be avoided, or transmuted. There is hope and solutions, but 99% are ignorant as to what really enslaves us.

Electro-magnetic avoidance/protection and production/use of orgone will be 2 of the biggest topics and issues of the next handful of years in my opinion, and rightfully so. So will natural "drugs" like ayahuasca that have the ability to starkly expose the illusory Matrix for what it is. Occult and essoteric practices will be in the mix also, as will the exposure of massive wide-scale practice of satanic rituals / paedophilia by the Elite which infects much of our societal infrastructure and institutions. And then, once and for all, will we see the irrefutable connection to the Ashkenazi Talmudic Khazarian Puppet Masters and their true methods and agendas. It will come full circle. And the truth will be stranger than any fiction.


Visible said...

Dr. F.

You are in the zone.

Rock on.

I love what we are happening.

Anonymous said...

Montreal Star, June, 1969:
Reporter: Where do you get your strength?
John Lennon: From Hare Krsna.
Yoko: That's where we get it from, you know. We're not denying it.

Hendrix, UK, 1967... "Just ask the Axis (Krishna), He knows everything..

Anonymous said...

I have a great idea. Let`s have a war on war. Or a war on greed. Anyone care to join me?

Anonymous said...

Would you grant me a little leeway on your blog.
I am in a state of shock.
Does anyone know anything about channel 200 on my Sky set up here in England?
It is called EMTV and I have never really noticed it before.
As usual there was absolutely nothing to watch and I went through the channels and something caught my eye - channel 200 EMTV.
It was a 90 minute documentary called '9/11inplanesite'.
What a gem. Has anyone seen it. However how did it get past the censor, played on Satellite and reach my dish?. It is first class. An expose of 9/11 plus a bonus on Oklahoma city, the Military/industrial and bits and pieces more.
I have checked this since. Its site is


They are advertising the film - which is easily the equal of others I have seen and I must have seen them all. Better than any I remember actually.
Channel 200 is very obscure I am sure, but who would have ever imagined that they would air this on a public and available channel? I have only ever seen garbage following the official and blatantly falsified line - BBC for instance.
The film appears to be associated with this radio station or whatever.
www.The PowerHour.com.
Anyone know about this?
Why are we speculating on what might be brainwashing the public when the question should, perhaps, be - why aren't we!!! being affected?
I don't filter water or wear a tin hat.
Why are WE seemingly immune?

Visible said...

Yeah, this is what I'm talking about. You make me Proud.

Anonymous said...

"On October 30, 2008 in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan... this event also drew well over 4,000 zombies but the official tally was at 3,370."

They're everywhere, run!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Les. Too many deep connects to point out.
I sense the Great Creator has your back. Please rage on.
All the Best.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever get one of those feeling. Something is not right with the world. Things are heating up, big time.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading about this whole Bishop Richard Williamson thing and I find one thing that constantly occurs. When you have a great many people believe something, it is so much easier for others to join in. The vast majority never investigate or question a thing if there are already multitudes believing it.

Look at all the controversial issues, Global Warming, the Holocaust, the Kennedy's, Sept 11, Oklahoma, Iraq, Vietnam, I could go on an on. Can a car bomb actually leave a giant crater? Think about it. Once something gets started, it has a momentum all it's own, but why?

I'll tell you why. Very few people are skeptical, they don't do the research. They blindly follow whatever is packaged correctly. Even 9/11 which wasn't packaged very well; look at the momentum generated, it's in the history books already. Was there ever a proper investigation?

All the greedy silly people, we've been discussing in this thread, just blind followers. Most people have no clue, so follow whatever is the latest thing. I remember the term, greed is good. How many would be shocked to know they've been manipulated.

Talk about zombies.

The formula is simple, question everything, finished.

veritas6464 said...

Greeting Dumballah, to the fellow traveller in the centre first row seat..Rosie or should I say Polonious etc. I love my life it's a gift not a burden enjoy it. Not like a rutting hog mind. I mean..what is it about this 'human condition' that so offends the literati? (Malraux' book is worth the work, he was something of a git, I don't mind taking charity from those that I despise)...drink cheap red wine chat the knickers off a young middle-class pseudo bohemian and whooohoo! A working class lads night is made! Inshallah.
With our dreams we create the universe,.. problem is the MSM has induced the flock to dream of materiel(materIEL)that fuels the monster' own evil hunger. Be as innocent as the lamb when you bleat the truth that which know you know, stop then and listen, for the wisdom you seek floats upon the wind. 3echo. At this rate of banter to action, we're fucked.

Esoteric. Noun meaning doing word for the inert.

Fuck I love you Les, the hospice for the criminally insane where I now work (trustee), seems more and more like a comfort zone everyday!.."Coz i'd rather stay here, with all the mad men, than perish with the sad men roaming free.."

signing off the Net...

Extreme over weight-loss contestants the older i get the better i wuz has-been journo and now an Outlaw.

Anonymous said...

To Lord C.Abbas:
The reliance on selfpity is of no special merit in this context.
“Free Will” is a concept to be found in a purely neurological nature as far as
the 9-to-5 consciousness is concerned thus without any transcendental relation. More and more I am feeded by the notion that there is no such thing as a “Free Will” because our individual choices depend for the most part on the hodgepodge of our emotional circuitry (amygdala a.o.). Thinking, articulation, facial expressions etc are all sodden with the essence of our feelings – the culmination of wins and losses, plights, abuses/ neuroses…
you name it – neglecting intellectual potentialities and properties on a day-to-day basis.
I mean, we are talking “sheeple” here or elsewhere and I cannot recollect to ever have recognized any smart ones among a herd of artiodactyls – all together captivated in a single instinct – stampeding toward the precipice. Analogous to a billion of dummies bereft of the awareness that they strive for a life of delusion and malevolence due to the will of their ventriloquist.
They gave away the maintenance of their body and the honing or definition of their will a long time ago and just because I could decide at some certain point in this life to be inclined to program myself does not mean that I have therefore stopped being mindfucked. I merely choose to pick my software or data and hence the emotional implications therein on my own …or pretend to.

Anonymous said...

Again off topic, forgive me, but anyone a fan of Daniel Craig - the latest Bond.
Does nothing for me - I may be prejudiced, I still regret Sean Bean never got the role - was only allowed to be a baddie. His Yorkshire accent!. Why couldn't Bond have a Yorkshire accent?
Anyway I trust you will all boycott Craig's latest film -Defiance.
It is one of the blatantly zionist bits of propaganda so conveniently timed to hit our screens and brains whilst they wiped out Gaza. The TV channels for example, are playing different slants on the Anne Frank myth as if it was new and compelling instead of proven written and verbal garbage. Kate Winslet appears to be another zionist tool. Pays dividends at Oscar time.
This is the latest re 'Defiance'. The Poles are really going to town - who can blame them!!!


Daniel Craig - actions speak very loud. Boycott his films and pass it on. We can see what he is. Ditto Winslet.

Anonymous said...


NO 'Free will'?
Then why bother?
We are doomed to be nothing more than programmed puppets. Not my idea of a good time, as they say.
I have blundered badly a few times - but its my fault, even though I was the naive party of the blunder, more often than not.
Led astray? - probably - but I blew it! And if you go around blaming others its only leaves you bitter.
Several times I have been given a choice - a major choice.
One way difficult, but right. The other - lets say better for life but worse for karmic growth.
Each time I have taken the right way, and survived. But this was my choice - I refuse to believe it was preordained, matrix style, and I had no decision over good for me and not so good, particularly for others.
Fatalism and predestination are the refuges of the coward, the irresponsible, the feckless and downright evil.
How can you condemn an Israeli bastard shooting Gazan children through the brains if that was pre planned by a higher agency?.

I have just listened to an interesting speaker on this new 200 channel.
He thinks - as I do - that we have been genetically modified by someone or something either spiritually or by aliens (I choose the aliens myself).
He suggested that they had done a bit of 'splicing' or whatever, to make us more 'controllable' and that some of us were in some way breaking free from their inbuilt controlling mechanisms.
I do have a bit of a problem with that although it is an interesting concept and very relevant to this thread.
However, if people were just as programmed in the past, why the peasants revolt or the American revolutionary wars?. Hardly compliance? To counter that there have been other periods similar to ours, where there was mass brainwashing and a population of 'sheeple'
Under the early mediaeval catholic church for instance.
I do believe in alien abduction - go on laugh if you want to. I am as certain as I can be that I have never been abducted - some claim that this leads to some enlightenment.
I rather go along with David Jacobs and see it more of a threat.
Just a two penny worth.

Anonymous said...

m_astera -
The "Onward" quote - did you write that? If not, please give the source.
Friends would like to send it around. Thanks.

So many awesome threads on this latest.
Laurel Canyon (I grew up on 'black' soul, worked at LA Free Press '66-67, the 60s music was only slightly interesting - more the African/Indian/Flamenco/Arabic/etc. Even then something stank about the pop scene.)
Silent Sounds
Free Will, etc
all of it crucial, and timely like at the forefront of minds of many.
Don't have time to add much today, but have to interject that after going deep into advaita world, came to conclusion it's another mental escape/cop-out for some/many, and just bored the crap out of me hanging out with the self-styled enlightened ones. Especially around Punja-ji in Lucknow before he died. It was 99% Israelis, refugees from Rajneesh, took over all the houses around Papaji, exhibited their "enlightenment" in the classically arrogant jewish way - complete narcissistic bullshit. The Maharshi/Nisargadatta teachings are valuable up to a point, but often result in playing the game of "mixing-up" levels of consciousness, leading to non-discrimination and endlessly saying "nothing happened". (So don't act!)
At least, in my opinion and experience, and I did spend a few years continuously with "teachers" and groupies investigating the trend. Doesn't matter to me if it's all a "dream". I'm gonna continue to move as though Earth and Life and All My Relations matter, and where I put my truth/consciousness/energy matters.


m_astera said...


Yes, I wrote it down, with some inspirational help from Les the V.

It originated from his post Scuba Diving in the Emerald Waters of the Mind at Visible Origami; you can follow its evolution there; quite an interesting thread, that.

From there I posted it to my The New Agriculture blog, which Les kindly links to at the top of this page, and we got into some truly strange stuff along the way. Worth checking out if you can handle it, and I'm sure you can.

Please do pass Onwards, onwards. It had a profound effect on me.

Advaita land? Not real up on the Vedic terms, if that's what it is, but I think I get it. Have a whole pile of the t-shirts in a drawer somewhere.

Anonymous said...

It's real all right.
Just temporary.



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