Friday, January 30, 2009

Gleaning the Wheat from the Chaff in the Blowing Wind.

Where does one begin to unravel the tortured agonies of fabricated history? Henry Ford once said that, “history is bunk”. I’ve never forgotten that. It was never truer than it is today. History is made up on the spot, what happened yesterday is no longer the same even to those who were there. We have surely lost our way. Fools are at the helm. Rocks laugh in the breakers that are hidden in mist. The harbor is miles down the coast. Its location was changed by geographers who have become historians.

In my last few articles I have treated with this nano-tech chameleon that is called The Holocaust. From what I have learned by studying this creature the only thing that now surprises me is that it hasn’t been copyrighted as a brand name. I am surprised too that I have not yet heard that the survivors of Rwanda and The Congo; Cambodia, the Ukraine and millions of black Americans have been dragged into court for presuming to have a holocaust of their own. In truth, this particular holocaust is a piker compared to the holocaust of slavery in The New World... in duration... in the numbers of victims and the sheer scale of the event.

It might be hoped that we have learned our lessons concerning such things as genocide and ethnic cleansing but as Gaza clearly indicates, we have not. Let me state unequivocally that there is only one kind of holocaust that should ever be on anyone’s mind and that is the holocaust taking place in present time. It is a sad and strange irony-as I have pointed out many times before- that those who have franchised their own holocaust into a brisk and international industry; a blue chip listing on the stock exchange, are the perpetrators of the present genocide.

It is not enough for them to be engaged in this affair but they have seen fit to suppress international calls for aid and donations. They have militarily refused to allow such goods as are being shipped and which are being held back and turned away from the borders whether by land or sea. They announced yet another cease fire and then promptly they have begun to bomb and shell Gaza again, while declaring that they are not violating the cease fire. The cynicism is at an Academy Award level as is the measles outbreak of holocaust films designed to dovetail with these events and to turn the public eye back into the past where the ever changing eternal holocaust... the only real holocaust howls for attention. If the world were suddenly turned into a single person it would most resemble the character in the Munch painting, “The Scream” We just don’t’ want to hear it any more.

Certain readers of this blog know that I have engaged in a recent experiment at this site to show what happens when one questions any element of the official story of the official holocaust. It was an idea that was toyed with in emails and then engaged in for the evidence it would yield. The site was chosen because it called itself, “The Best of.” And... it was chosen to implement a new concept for the self defense of the virtual mind. This concept was named “Virtual Swarming”. It seemed like something we could do as we traveled the vast landscapes of the internet. The site isn’t of any real importance but you have to start somewhere.

Elements of the Zionist disinformation efforts have been engaging in mass attacks on websites that have the temerity to expose and condemn their heinous behavior. They employ software called Megaphone which alerts a crew of some thousands to journey to a particular place where the battle is to be engaged. They have now begun to launch some thousands of blogs to also counter criticism and the display of videos. They have also worked through youtube to remove videos and through Wikipedia to remove entries. Their presence in the mainstream media has been noted for some long period of time because they exercise a telling control upon what news is presented. One example out of thousands was their reporting that the soldiers ‘captured’ in Lebanon were actually ‘kidnapped’ in Israel. That didn’t happen... but in a few short weeks all real news to the contrary was scrubbed from the internet.

We may not ever know what happened in the holocaust under dispute just as we may never know the details of what happened on 9/11 but we do know that in both cases what happened was not what we have been told and strangely enough... once again... compelling evidence shows that the same parties were involved in both events. In the first event they injected their holocaust with steroids and in the second event all kinds of evidence leads to their door, not the least of which was the arrest of five dancing Israeli Mossad agents who were set up to film the event before it happened. And of course it was coincidence that Bennie Netanyahoo was in New York on 9/11 and in London on 7/7. But there’s enough hard and circumstantial evidence to make a herd of elephants drunk on the truth of the matter.

So I have posted my feelings on these matters at the site mentioned and been called a ‘holocaust denier’ even though I don’t deny the event at all and was at great pains to say so. I was called an ‘anti-Semite’ over and over even though I’m not talking about Semites to begin with. The Mafia is an organization of Italian origin but certainly all Italians are not members of The Mafia. By the same token, all Jews are not complicit in the items under discussion just as all Germans were not Nazis. I was told that Jews were rendered into soap and lampshades which has been widely debunked by investigators from every side of the aisle. It’s swarm time. It’s time for us to join together and grant them the reverse side of what they have been feeding on for so long from the other side.

Another curious feature is the visible control of the media and entertainment business in the developed world. Consider this. The Federal Reserve, which is the largest counterfeiting ring on Earth, can print money out of thin air whenever it pleases. It can also loan out this money to whomever it chooses for a variety of purposes. It can also deny loans to whomever it chooses; directly and through its string of complicit banks. Think about it and then consider who holds controlling interests in these banks. Yes... that’s how it happens and is happening. It is all there to be seen in the words of Amschel Rothschild, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."

I wouldn’t care all that much about fudging history were it not for what is happening in Palestine and the presence of the phony war on terror which is a calculated effort to defame and assault all Muslims. I wouldn’t mind if it were not for the prosecution of ’thought crimes’ and the financial scams and the spying, arm-twisting and other nasty activities too numerous to mention. The real problem with the holocaust is that it is being used to justify all manner of evil against defenseless human beings. It is used to hinder well deserved criticism and to blunt international outrage. It is used to blackmail nations and it is being used to slander and imprison those in pursuit of the truth.

More and more we find that anti-Semitic attacks are being engineered by Zionist interests. We are finding that so called terror attacks are actually false flag operations. We are being hobbled by lies so that even greater lies may pervade. Our world has become the exclusive playground for criminals who hold the dreams of humanity hostage.

Revolution is coming. The press of unfortunate circumstance worldwide is making it unavoidable. This is all because those with too much want ever more and more. As Lao Tzu said, “What kind of men are these, who never hunger, never thirst, yet eat and drink until they burst? There are other brigands but these are the worst of all the highways harms.”

I’m going to post this essay at that site today and as the lies and slander mount against my words, I am going to ask for a virtual swarm of truth to come. It is my hope that this will lead to many swarms at many other locations where lies and disinformation have held sway for far too long. The real battle is in our hearts and minds. It only applies into the manifest world as an after effect... an echo. We are the new warriors of the information highway and let the brigands beware.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy your writings very much.I am always given an abundance of food for thought. thanks.I would like to read your comment on the zeitgeist movement/the venus project.

Visible said...

I consider Jacque Fresco and Roxanne personal friends and my admiration for them both has no bounds. You'll note that their site is linked in the right sidebar. The film is a masterpiece.

Jacques is the Leonardo Da Vinci of our times.

Anonymous said...

Here comes the Calvary.

Anonymous said...

If the whole world is a restaurant and the customers dining out are countries, Israel is Mr Creosote.

Anonymous said...

The armies of fools who sit in front of their TV's consuming massed produced garbage and who think these events do not effect they are in for a major surprise. These 'evil ones' have stolen from all of us.

Why do we not have socialized medicine? Look who runs the medical community. Why do we have to pay for our education? Look at who makes the money.

These morons believe that 'little toilet' ran a very complex attack on our country from a cave on the other side of the world. The shocking part is that so many believe this. I guess when your education is watching the Simpson's, then anything is believable.


Visible said...

For those of you so inclined I would appreciate it if you left a copy of your comments here also here

And anything else you may want to say to the folks already gnashing their teeth, tossing off uniformed insults, insisting that I am the other people showing up and insisting that no one is going to show up at all.

This is exciting because it is a possibility that we can take afield whenever we locate a place like this. I'm going to talk to Michael Rivero about possibly starting to list sites that come across his radar as being the sort of place a swam might be required in. You never know how far this might go. It has the possibility of present day 'be in's' (they took place in the 60's for those who weren't around at the time)

Anonymous said...

Hi Les-made effort to assist, couldn't "create an account" and "log in" , the page to do so was screwed up for me (I dont have/am not using a computer to get online). I couldnt even read comments page 2
I did notice that most of the comments DID NOT address the points you raised, rather just ad hominem attacks and snide comments on your style.
If they can't ignore you they attack.

Sorry I couldnt be more of service.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Too much noise to signal for me.

Anonymous said...

Les and everybody, it may interest you all to know that there is a place called Birobidzhan or Birobidjan, in the Jewish Autonomous Region which is in the East of Russia on the border between Russian and China!
It was established by Stalin for the Jews in 1928!!!
The Jews have been perfectly safe and happy there for al these years - and they have kept it all so very secret!
They never had any reason at all to go looking for a "homeland"!
The Prime Minister of Turkey walked out of the conference at Davos because the "israeli" minister was allowed to lie to them all about Gaza. Putin's talk is availabe on and it is very worth your time to listen to - but ther is also a film advertised today on about this place called Birobidjan! I am astonished, incredulous!
And,yes, I will go to Slate and do my best to make a stinging contribution.

Anonymous said...

If you do not know of you will probably like the comments. There are a lot of good people commenting on the various articles there.

Anonymous said...

Preaching truth to Edomites is akin to procuring a pet cobra for your abode. Jews are Edomites, they are NOT of Semite blood. Since Edomites are descendants of Satan, I would expect them to act accordingly.

The real shame is when 'Christians' and 'Muslims' think they need to jump into bed (so to speak) with these Satanic creatures. As the Bible states "the leaven of the Pharises is hypocracy"...
Pharises =(Jews) are small in number but large in nefarious ways
Leaven = something which is very small but can have a large effect (2% of the world population controlling governments, banking, media, "health", big business, etc)
Hypocracy = 2 sets of rules, actions inconsistent with words

We all need to learn necessary survival techniques and remove ourselves as much as possible from the Jewish Babylonian system. It will NOT survive.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les, I went to that site and found this guy slagging of someone living in your region of Italy. His points were like those of today's zombies all around us. Anyway I decided to join the game and send this leter to him. I don't expect you to publish this mate, just letting you know I got the gyst.....Meridiantoo, I'm new to this place but I found your letter whilst surfing. I live in England and know many jewish people who regard 'the leaders' of the state of Israel as illegal, butchering paraiahs. I examined these thoughts and was able to confirm their views. Your very emotive depiction of your father's experience doesn't clarify the identity of the nazi victims, which to my knowledge consisted of many undesirables other than Ashkenazi Jews, Polish of any relligion being the bulk. No wonder your dad couldn't erase the evil images from his head as starvation and disease were to my information the biggest contributor to overall deaths, and emaciated stinking humans, dead and alive must be a nightmare to contain. Just like the thousand dead men, women and children in Gaza right now. Murdered by people of the same mental illness as nazis, ironically whilst raking in multi-millions from their interpretation of what happened to them in Germany. Double irony is that Eisenhaur had his own private holocaust of captured German soldiers exceeding 50,000, locked in open barbed-wire compounds with no blankets, toilets or food until they died of dysentry, starvation and exposure. There is a pervading evil on this planet my friend, it is herding us all into corals where we will be easy to manipulate and/or exterminate. It is headed by a small human minority of self proclaimed elite corporate monsters, hand in hand with european royals and American old families. Examine the masonic secret signs on your dollar bill, or google illuminati, skull and bones of which most of your presidents are/were members. It is of Bavarian/Germanic origin and was proudly worn on the hats of the SS. Hitler was chosen by them to lead this world into what failed to become the New World Order, only because of his charisma, like Obama. Haven't you heard of this NWO since Bush senior was president? His stupid programmed son, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and even 'son of a nazi officer' Arnie Schwarzenegar have all been hinting at it for years. It is no more than super-communism dressed-up. You sir need to do yourself a favour and turn your TV off, especially CNN and stop reading their newspaper propoganda, because 'they' own it all you know. I get so sick I could scream at the number of docile, dumbed-down, useless eaters, which is what 'they' call us, who can't think for themselves. Wake up man.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of history, Les, I'd like to hear your opinion on the "Vatican Assassins" if you've read it. I downloaded it at
along with other fascinating material, and whether or not it's historically accurate (what is anyway), what I've read thus far is a breath of fresh air compared to the bull shit history I was raised on.

European American

Anonymous said...

History is bunk, and hoping to change the bad trip this nation(US) is on won't happen with a dose of the "good stuff." We live in a state the supports a personal holocaust. We kill yourself each day, if just a little. We help to kill those around us will sound bites and hopeful plans but fear to be fenced in. We tie up others and look at the freedom, or others loss of it, as a system of merit or rights. We give over the power to free the mind so to see others do worse and then feel that something has been set right. Others try with great power to link the past to today actions, as if we need more reason to change or grow.
All the ideas you have are there for a reason and to let others plan the trip you will take with them, is like buying a package deal for the soul. The payment works out to being forced to see Gazas and Iraqs and then shutting up about it, and bam you have a killing machine for yourself.
Dont let them do it, dont let them get you mad or unfocused. The deadly lights and sounds coming for the middle east are no worse then the man hiding under the bed. He calls and ask for you to look the other way in fear, becuase looking right at him will make him vanish. As the powers paln their next act of death dont forget they have planned the response too.

Anonymous said...

Your idea of countering Megaphone has plenty of merit and judging by the numbers, “Virtual Swarming” may be just as effective.

Noam Chomsky, who did most of the analysis of US propaganda, ended his Alternative Press Review, Fall of 1993 with this optimistic assertion:

"The bewildered herd never gets properly tamed, so government propaganda is a constant battle".

RML said...

The medium is the message, or, in the words of the Bizzaro Superman, "We is frum the Injustice League and we kicks ass…”
It's personally hard for me to read Slate and its ilk. It's totally backward left-brain reactionary thinking, void of the essence of Life, Inspir(e)ation. If I were to categorize their energy, it would be a parasitic energy, not one that is In-spirit. I ain't talkn bout no Holy Ghost, no White Dove descending, no sa. Not any longer. The Real science and the Real Spiritualization is what is Real not what pretends to be real (Is-rael!?).

We are living in a transcendent time; where/in which those who have the most to lose are retarding our transcendence. If you remember your Superman comic books, you'll remember the Superman in the Bizzaro world. The Bizzaro supermen lost for eons in our world, now seeking new Life-blood to suck, have confounded us to such a degree we cannot comprehend either their words or actions. To themselves, they are speaking plainly, but we are left holding an empty bag trying to fill it with any truth from what they are saying.

For example: what/who the hell is a Semite? Not all Jews are Semites, but, almost all Palestinians are. Arabs and the original Hebrews were/are Semites. This anti-Semitism jargonism marketed to (the) death by the Bizzaros is -- in a Bizzaro-world way -- true. These Bizzaros (hiding out in Israel) are speaking truth when they say that the "Semite" world is under grave attack. They should know ... they're doing the attacking.

I don't know if ol Freddie Nietzsche ever said it, but I'm sure that he was thinking it: just because a superman says something does not mean that it is true.

And to paraphrase McLuhan: the medium (Bizzaro supermen) is the message (don't mess with us cuz we's tuff. Tuffer than ol red, white and blue Superman. Git it?!).

Isolate and actively ignore the bully. The bully’s reprehensible behavior is not acceptable and should be condemned. Until they go back to their own bizarre world, I will make certain that they receive not one erg of my life energy. Boycott.

bradysbeau said...

Powerful. Thank you as you have given me much to think on.

Anonymous said...


Is Israel real? Nice

The energy you have can't be taken by other forces. You dont needed to boycott their shortsided actions just add to them with your plans. Add you life energy, they wont know what to do will open arms.
As Deviant well quoted Chomsky, its a battle to control the group mind. We all get a part to play and most of you all posting here are reading their script but not acting it out, and thats the key.

Anonymous said...

Great piece!

With respect to all this and for the table, TEN QUESTIONS TO THE ZIONISTS:

paolocaruso said...

How is this for a post-GAZA MASSACRE announcement from this otherwise waspish goyish sounding firm. Along with the measles outbreak of holocaust movies, firms are pressured to make such strange commitments at this time.

Nixon Peabody LLP, an international law firm with offices in Boston, said it has created a multi-disciplinary group of lawyers called Israel Business.

"Israel Business is dedicated to providing legal and business solutions to companies and investors doing business in Israel and to Israeli companies, investors, and entrepreneurs with commercial interests abroad," Nixon Peabody said in a press release.

Israel Business will be "co-chaired" by Nixon Peabody partners Sam Feigin and Mark Kass, the firm said.
(By Chris Reidy, Globe staff)

Anonymous said...

"Democracy too is a religion. The worship of jackals by jackasses.'
H.L. Mencken

Anonymous said...

You have it nailed Les. Go get em.

nobody said...

Okay Les, I didn't take you up on this before since I'm at an internet cafe and fairly limited for time. But now I'm convinced. I'll pile in and do my best Bruce Lee impression.

Anonymous said...

Anybody else having trouble trying to get into the frey? For some reason they wont let me in though ive used the same username and password.

burt kwouk

Anonymous said...

'apollonius' on "I've gotten about 50 emails from people who've come by here and said they'd like to do their part but that this is basically a snakepit and they would feel like they were bathing in shit or something to that effect said a lot of different ways with those two features, snakes and shit being the most common. I think I'll let this be my swan song here and move on. This is no place to find or to confer wisdom and we've got a much better place, far more frequented and a lot more reasonable and intelligent. The comparison between this place and the other speaks volumes. This would be a nice time to shake the dust of this city from my sandals, as it were."

That's too bad... although I could understand their reticence. I am ready for the snake pit! :) People need to learn to sharpen their swords with the vipers and not be such pansies. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of history, in ancient Rome, when there was a regime change, enemies of the new boss were put on a List of the Proscribed. What this meant is that anyone could whack one of the Proscribed and thus "inherit" all of the Proscribed individual's worldly goods. It was pretty effective at cleaning the slate, for bad or for good.

What is needed is a List of the Proscribed to effect positive change. Right now, all politician's around the world at the level of state government or higher need to be replaced. The Spanish FM wants to exempt Israeli war criminals from international trials. This FM, she gotta go. She needs to be put on achain gang in Gaza cleaning up the mess, along with the other war criminals and their aiders and abettors 'round the planet. All of them.

If there is a WWIII, with nukes exchanged, all politicians, law enforcement, judges, anybody with present force of arms has failed the planet. They gotta go. All of them. Start fresh.

There will be a revolution. But in revolutions a lot of innocent people get hurt. That's why a List of the Proscribed ahead of time, to put power brokers on notice that enemies of the people can be labeled in these days of the net as easily as enemies of the state may give some of them pause.

Vigilante groups will probably be forming in these days of the wild, wild, world, to target known war criminals and bring them to frontier justice. Recorded of course and put on You Tube.

All of us anonymouses, together, have power.

Draw up your lists of the proscribed. Publish them. Separate the weevils from the grain.

Anonymous said...

Been a busy BEE over at the viper pit ->

11:55 am Perth Time , be a while before Les gets up eh ;)

Anonymous said...

Les said:
"I am surprised too that I have not yet heard that the survivors of Rwanda and The Congo; Cambodia, the Ukraine and millions of black Americans have been dragged into court for presuming to have a holocaust of their own."

The Zionist had an agenda, and now it makes sense why they would fabricate this lie. Masters of manipulation. Clever, long term thinking there. These people are patient.

Everyone else on earth imagines they are from some place, some nation or tribe, except this one lonely group. Cast out everywhere they go, did they long for a home of their own? And was that home occupied already? YES.
(I say "imagined" because in fact we are all one, but we have divided ourselves off into groups.)

I know the Jews were persecuted during the war years, I've personally seen the numbered tattoos on their forearms. No one should treat that suffering lightly. But....
No way was there was 6 million, impossible. And the Zionist should be ashamed for playing that game. The Jewish victims probably had no way of telling how many died, or how they died. What a cruel game to play on them and their offspring.
But in the context of aspiring to acquire their own state of Israel... it all make sense.


We are of one mind my man.
My daughter is in Canada at the moment and I will be joining her and her mother in a few months. Nothing bad there but the winters, hehe.

veritas6464 said...


We are all of one mind and you have set that mind. Endless cooing and gobbling and cooing and FUck Me!...Everytime I think we have "Lift Off"! 'The Law Of Semantics', takes hold and Pooofff! We're back to 'waffle waitress' mentality! Let's start scrappin' these fucking devils and get over it~. Oh, BTW I can't get it sorted over at, it's a fuzzwaaa...3echo, out! P.S I reported into Net, at 6hrs+ Posting time and I've just got back now.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect any swarm. Expect a few people with strong effect as I witnessed reading 7 pages of mostly vapid commentary and used up cliches, except for a few gems.

Seriously, the bible is the best wake-up book. Those people are all huff, puff and fluff. A school of fish. Fear will spread through their ranks at the speed of light as will mob bloodlust. Ps 33 16-17. Our strength is not in a swarm, but with a snake that makes the horse throw it's rider and watch the doubt infect every fish in the school as they turn tail and run. They're weak leaners. They believe they're leaning on strength. It's circular logic and their illusion.

YHVH's word exposes those who call themselves jews and are not, but do lie, really are.

Time forbids me from tearing Albertgggg... and his much bland bullshit a new ass today, but I'll get to him later.

What happened to Appolonian? Seeing the change in your perspective leads me to believe you and he had some long talks.

Anonymous said...

I would only do this for you Les. Ignorance is one thing, but smug, self righteuos ignorance gives me a throbbing brain-itch!

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me that the same old tactics are employed to try to shout down someone who is speaking the truth. The sad thing is, is just isn't working anymore and they got NOTHING with which to replace it. They overplayed their hand and they are running scared. Of course, that is when they are the most dangerous and they don't have that Samson option for nothing, you know.

I think the swarm idea is brilliant. Too many times people are afraid b/c no one else is speaking up. But I have seen in the last couple of months -- everywhere I go, even mainstream sites -- an extremely large number of people who are willing to speak up. There is a change. Zionists know it. And if you look at them when they talk -- there is fear in the eyes and less of that smirking smugness that normally exudes from every every pore.

The charge of anti-semite is losing its sting. Sadly, some innocent Jews will have to pay the price for the actions of the Zionists. And while I do not want to see that and will work to prevent it -- I will not feel guilty for it. I am going to fight the evil that is Zionism and I'm not going to let them win just because they are using the Jews as human shields.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
Sorry for being anonymous, Im kinda paranoid:)
I've read just about every one of your articles linked from truthseekers over the last few months,and I must commend you and your style of writing. When I was 20 yrs old I read The last days of Socrates..(Plato)I credit that work for allowing me to assimalate information in a much more analytical way. Im now 38 yrs old with alot of time on my hands, which means alot of time to read. Your site is saved to my favorites along with many others that I visit daily. Please keep up the good work. As far as my mentioning Plato, I have to tell you that I see your informative style as it parallels the modest style of Socrates. Please understand that as in my case im sure there are others that feel they still have too much to lose than to gain by staying quiet. I certainly do not mean financially. But most notably family 1st.

Visible said...

Well... here we are... all of us... passing through... reading... thinking... actually not 'here' but where is 'here'?

Glad we've gotten that sorted out.

My friends and... well, I suppose some are not my friends... generally all of you... I'm sorry that the world is the way that it is and that the people responsible for all the bad shit are the people who are doing it. I wish they weren't doing it but they don't seem inclined to stop...

Some say, "Well, what can you do?" Indeed.

What can you do?

What I find interesting... compelling really... is that the people you are trying to reach get angry with you for telling them they are in danger... or that the bridge is out... or that you shouldn't go to that part of town.... and then... guess what? The same shit happens like it always does and now it's your fault because you didn't 'really' tell them.

Or it's somebody else's fault... or the politically correct no one's fault. This is the problem researchers get into.

Let's use a plumbing analogy;

Your toilet backs up and bad things happen and you call the plumber and he comes out with his 'snake' and there's this monster Kotex that was doing causing the blockage.

Problems is solved but it's not solved because, "I didn't do it." "She did it." "Hey, I'm not even a woman." "Goldilocks broke in an used the bathroom." "Somebody put a spell on me." or whatever.... whatever...

Plumber comes in and finds the problem and then the arguments start.

You don't win arguments but it is an experience to see what people say.

From this I have learned that what I was looking for was hidden inside of me and that was why I couldn't find it. The blockage... the Kotex... the woman...the people yelling and blowing up the toilet... that was all inside me. Once I discovered this I thought that this was the thing I should attend to first before I attempt to fix something else outside of me because otherwise I will make it look like that.

Personally I don't want it to look like that. Still, for demonstration purposes, sometimes it's a good idea to look at what you have to deal with.

My intention here was to get people to see that they have the power to merge with something but the tunnel rats need to clean out their own tunnels before they go to work.

So... there's no call to swarm or not swarm but there is a call to swarm ourselves in a bathed in the light kind of way. I'm going to be talking about that as we travel along now and I suspect we'll enjoy that a lot more than some of the preliminaries on the way; think of it as something like getting out of bed in the morning after not having bathed in the light for awhile... uncomfortable but necessary and soon done with.

The plumbers gone and he even took the waste products when he walked out of the analogy so we're good to go.

I'd like to thank all of you for your fine efforts which are a part of all of our efforts to get to where we don't need a plumber anymore.

as to this last comment here, I've had no long talks with the Apollonian at all. I come to my understandings according to what I am taught as I go and you may be sure that I get taught many times every day. I seek it out. It's my idea of a good time. However, I don't share everyone's perspective on things. I'm less about venom and more about love. Venom can be a wonderful medicine if used appropriately but it's nothing to mess with unless you have a degree in the science.

Anyway... keep your hearts and your eyes open and remember that "discretion is the better part of valor."

Visible said...

Interesting coincidences... I was writing what I just wrote while these last comments were also being written. What I had to say wasn't connected to them but it's all interesting in an Alice in Wonderland sort of a way.

There's no shame in being anonymous. If we don't know who we are where does that leave us anyway.

Once when I was about 19 years old I was in a coffee house called The Blue Sparrow in Washington D.C. I was sitting at a table with some people and one of them was a black guy wearing sunglasses. There wasn't a lot of light in the place and I asked him why he was wearing them. He said, "When you're cool, the sun is always shining." This is the same person who said to me, "Why not be your own God?" when I told him that Socrates was my God. I often laugh when I think about how I was when I was. There's a big difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Randall said...

I gave them fuck wits a couple of blasts, and I'm going back for more later.
I joined a marijuana place cuz I'm growing for meds now, and I thought they would be at least marginally hip, but turns out it's just another "undergound" greedy-pig capitalist venture
and has the apropos attitude by it's admins.
I told off a jackass who advocated for Israhelss actions and a mod told me I was out of place.
I told him/her to kiss my fuckin ass and to delete my account, as I can't be a part of anything like that, and I'll grow my weed without their help.
I suggested to Rivero and rense about 2 years ago, to urge people to download Megaphonr themselves and show up to dissent.
I tried it myself, but I was the lone ranger,
and so gave it up.
Anyone can use it. Maybe suggest that, les?
I don't give a fuck much about anything
anymore except fighting these fucks anyway I can, and staying free.
Those pictures of burned children from Israeli WP (US) just killed me inside.
Since when is murdering/burning children about "politics"
Fuck these scum. They have no right to exist on a Peaceful God's Earth.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes knowledge and wisdom are both..

"It is more difficult to wake up a person pretending to sleep, than it is to wake up a person genuinely asleep."

Visible said...

Patience friends... the thing we most need to remember is that everything is under control. This is a movie... play your part well... play it with all you got and play it for real. If you let the truest part of yourself shine you will never be in darkness.

Anonymous said...

I tell my friends who get very worried about things that unless it is in your sphere of influence then look at it like a movie and do what you can. hmmm... Remember until the shine don't shine anymore, it will be OK.

(Looking forward to your next novel Les.)

It is important to keep in mind that you can not fight these guys with brute force. We need to look for the Achilles heel. They just did something that put Spain back in line. They have a very sophisticated intelligence network. Which could be there weakness. In martial arts there are many methods to defeating a foe.

they have been at this for 1300 years. It will take a little time to defeat them. I know the answer but dare not say it on here. hmm...

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has read London Times journalist, Douglas Reed's book, The Conspiracy of Zion, is fully aware that the term anti-semite has been in use since the 1800s. The self chosen have really received good mileage from it. Reed finished this book in the early 1950s, but due to his other publications critical of Israel and the bamboozled British government's involvement of the creation of same, Reed could no longer get published anywhere. The Controversy book sat for 20 years. Some courageous soul finally published it after his death, in 1978. It is available to read free online at several sites. Just google, or better yet scroogle, The Controversy of Zion. The historical research is impeccable... and damning.

The next time a zio-loon hits you with the a-s ad hominem, just open almost any page in Reed's book and throw them a fact. Shuts 'em right up.

Keep on swinging, Les.

Your pal in France

Sal d'Bain

Visible said...

comment faites-vous?

It is interesting because I thought about the idea of putting the link to that book up but the problem with these people is that they don't want to believe it. They are afraid. We are all afraid but it is is wisdom to be afraid of God and it is Mercy that invites us to consider what we do. This is what I think about. I love God. God is real. very...

So i understand there are people who do certain things for whatever their reasons are and think they won't get found out and brought to judgment but of course they will. It's how the movie goes to the tune of "bringing in the sheaves" or whatever tune from whatever formula that has to do with separating the false from the true.

On the matter of defense mechanisms there a type of Aikido that satisfies every requirement. However I am always aware that God can kick my ass. Probably best not to expose it or better yet, not act like one; though the definitions keep changing cause the shit keeps slinging in the end the truth remains and all the lies are a bed of coals.

Anonymous said...

Yes the plumber figured out the problem and even fixed it.

And who comes in next? The painter. The painter is the politician, and he has special skills; faux finishing things after the mess is cleaned up. Faux means false doesn't it?

They are the real problem, not the plumbers.

Visible said...

Hey! I like plumbers.

I used to do a routine when I was working construction. On some of the jobs everyone was there; carpenters, plumbers, electricians and painters and various specialists and the heavy machinery guys and I would walk around on break or while I was working and talk about how the painters were the ones who made everything look good and hid everyone else's mistakes.

Sometimes it was really funny and sometimes it got tense but it was always amusing if you kept your footing. I didn't know what I was doing there to begin with. I thought I was in the music business masquerading as a painter.

Anonymous said...


I am more of a reader of visible Oragami but i sense your blogs are merging in content, which I appreciate :)

I enjoyed the trip over to BOTF although I have not the lexicon to contribute, however I do feel that maybe one or two silent readers will read and investigate, which I also think is a good thing.

I enjoyed your, (and others), contributions but what is the point of arguing with at best a paid shill or at worse a mega-phoney? As has been said before we all know the MO; straw men, innuendo and smears.

Mind you if one or two silent readers do bother to read and investigate then that would have been worth it.

Happen I am just talking bollocks, but your articles/thoughts(?) make my head spin :)

keep on writing mate

your pal in England
(nicked from the nice bloke in France)

John Cockerill

Anonymous said...

That's funny man.
I spent the last four years as a super for a GC and dealt with all the trades. The plumbers and electricians are on top of the food chain. But in the end, when the punch list was being made by the tenant, it was the superficial stuff that mattered. And mostly the painter had to fix the problem.

This is so typical of human nature. And I guess why politicians exist even though they have no useful purpose. They are there to paint a pretty picture I guess hehe ha ha. Oh my, sorry but it's too funny.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of something, totally off topic.

There I was a young stupid kid, married, renting this house, and having plumbing problems.

You could see the grass was bright green above the septic tank, and it must have been backed up, and my gong ho father in law was going to fix this problem. Somehow he pulls the concrete lid off this septic tank, and there floating on the surface was a million used condoms. That was so embarrassing for me as a 19 year old, and the truth was they weren't mine! I never used that crap!

Here's some sound advice, if you're having trouble with your plumbing, call a professional.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm putting up my one an only video, Lets see how long Youtube lets it slide

nobody said...

Hi Les,

My last comment went astray. Never mind. It was to say that by the time I got there it seemed to be all over. A dozen pages of blather. I don't know that I can really participate in real-time arguments what with being 12 hours out of synch. By the time I get there everyone's gone to bed. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

""Why not be your own God?" when I told him that Socrates was my God"

He was a Plato worshipper then. Socrates realized that so-called wise men thought themselves wise and yet were not, and he knew he was not wise himself which made him the wiser one, since he was the only person aware of his own ignorance.

Plato then synthesized Socratic beliefs with Kabbalah, and the beliefs of the Babylonian Magi who influenced Kabbalah during the Babylonian exile-and who worshipped both angels and demons. This synthesis is the idea that men could be properly trained to ascend and achieve the wisdom to become Philosopher Kings who would rule the ignorant masses, and who could use evil to do good, or evil, and the Noble Lie or Myth, in maintaining the totalitarian state.

Some try to say Socrates held the same views as Plato in this area, but he did not.

Plato was popularized by the crooks who rule the world today as Philosopher Kings, or as Gods on Earth, since his views justify the actions of the ruling elite, at least in their mind.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit of a literal thinker, Les, (shamed to say some of what you say goes over my head), but what I do know is they've got their claws into many countries, and most international institutions. What frightens me is that I can't think of any viable way that this demonic force can be stopped.

This has moved way beyond swarming a website. These people(sic) have a stranglehold on 'sovereign' nations and powerful institutions. Look no further than the current demonstrations to 'overthrow the government' in Russia.

No, all I can do is wail. The predictions of Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lindbergh & Voltaire have come true.


Anonymous said...

What-the holyhoax is a lie?

I can`t believe it!

You mean the wholesome, decent, peaceful, loving, neighborly, godly, moral, ethical, sane, war hating, honest jew is lying?

That must be a first!

I`m in shock! I don`t know what to say!

More power to you Les. Keep on opening the sheeples eyes and little by little the dark room will begin to lighten.

Randall said...

I've got my own little plan, and I outlined it in a comment on Noat's last post.
I feel privileged to be in this company.
I really do. les, Nina, Nota, Jj, Nobody,
Kikez, et al...
We all agree on one thing that doesn't need saying.
Les, Your writing has inspired me for 3 years.
You're a person of truth and peace who knows sometimes it comes to physical violence, when they bring it to you .
Nina, your art is the breath of life. I love your stuff as much as I love anyone's art.
that includes all the greats, such as Warhol,
Weyth, de Kooning, Pollack, and the dutch Masters. I'm not an art snob, I call 'em as I see 'em.
If you needed a critic to talk about your work,
I would do it, sans art-WORLD bullshit.
Plus you are one of the most articulate and poetic people I know.
Bless the internet.
Nota, is a straight forward guy like me, who says it like he sees it.
No bullshit guessing with him. I know what he means, because he says WHAT he means.
and he's villigent as fuck. He layed out a plan in the first Tireless post about readyness and how to go about it in pragmatic way that I really admired.
I hope to see you all before or after I do my thing.
I may ask Les to take me in if I can get there.
Nina, you have such a talent for conveying what you see.
I would like in the future to purcyhase one of those. What do you charge?
I do have skills and material for barter!!!!

Randall said...

Thanks Les, it's as if you published my last comment because of something I said. Thanks even if not. Your a sweat heart with a pitbull attitude, ready to get it on.
look at my plan at Nota.
Maybe 11 to 12 months.
I intend to fight.

weed equals Money = guns.

veritas6464 said...

Greetings Dumballah, I scratched this out a couple of weeks ago, (it's freestyle writing with one post-edit for grammatical errors)...Title:

Allah U Akbar

The cries of a hundred souls, discorporate through the shoving and the gesticulating, amid the din of crying, bemoaning mourners instantly wrenched down into an abyss of abject misery. Among broken bodies; childrens bodies and adult civilian bodies - here and there a uniform fills a knot of twisted, pulped, smashed human flesh. Staggering and stumbling to their haunches the mourners are slowly overpopulated by Red Cresent and Hamas Medical teams (Given Hamas is a Democratically elected Military Government - the only elected Military government in the region, its Medical Teams are no less a Neutral entity than, say, a Soviet Union Medical team recovering wounded in the aftermath of the Battle on a European Battlefield). So, the wailing and crying increases to an imenses cacophany of high pitched yelling “Allah u Akbar”! “Allah u Akbar”! As the wounded regain their senses and their ‘feelings’, as the children regain their senses and realize the horror around them. Then.. WHAM!! BOOOM! The carnage is scattered with callous disregard. The horror freeze-frames,..the centre of this wrything scambling glorming screaming mire of blood and crushed flesh and bone, brains and arms and legs. Begins to shimmer, through the dust cloud that has settled upon this work of Shak Inar. "Allah U Akbar"! The presence of Evil is palpable, this horrific mess is Hellish. The overwhelming emotive impact of this ghoulish mayhem is nauseating, it is terrible disrespect for a human beings dignity, to blast them to pieces with bombs. If you do this to women and children and civilians of any colour culture or creed, and respond to critiscizm with an attempt to justify this cold-blooded, pre-meditated murder, you are a psychopath! "Allah U Akbar" And so, with no regard for your status, Title or position, in any Government - you are guilty of an International Crime of Murder and should be arrested in the first instance upon sight by the Civilian Police Force of any Nation, anywhere at anytime. A Citizens Arrest is lawful where no warrant can be issued with reasonable haste.

Whadya reckon?

Ice 9 was outside the law

Visible said...

No offense intended and I hope none is taken. I don't own a gun. I do not rely on the common weapons but rather upon the uncommon. I am a part of the terrain and the terrain likes me. The demons inside of the heads of the people who think that others are their enemies are the forces I command in combat against them were there ever to be such a thing.

Apocalypse means... unveiling...uncovering... revealing... think of it as something like sex only different. It's a strip tease show where something undresses and disappears because it wasn't real to begin with.

I am not opposed to armed struggle as I know that it takes place when all else appears to have failed but for myself I operate a different frequency. They cannot win and they are fighting themselves. For me it is to hold to the center and listen for what I should know because I don't know. I don't know and I never will know some things but there is one thing that I do know and that is that there is a power in control of everything and this is all just an object lesson for humanities evolution. This is why it is all being exposed. They created the medium to grasp control but the medium exposed them for what they are because everything belongs to the guy sitting in the corner that most people don't pay attention to.

Yes the game is rigged. The house thinks they have a lock but somebody else owns the house and when he shows up... uh huh... oh yeah...

So...tune the inner strengths and hobble them from within so they will be crippled without and even when they read this as smart as they are they will not know what I am talking about because they do not believe it exists but... heh heh... it does... oh yes

"discretion is the better part of valor"

Anonymous said...

Been trawling around the questions raised on the Slate.
This comes from mates of Les - it may be Greg Bacon? His name is certainly there.
Anyway its a fascinating article about Jews, Khazars/Khazaria, Georgia and the attempted ethnic cleansing of South Ossetia - the new Palestine. Well worth a read. Excellent maps.


Anonymous said...

Please. Please understand. We are (probably) all entangled in the rules and premises of the dark side. Snap out of it. Evacuate.

Regards, G

Randall said...

Hey les, I soeta understood what you said,
but that would apply universally, and if so, it wouldn't matter what one did or did not do on this earth.
The kid killers and their types could say the same.
I just cannot take this shit anymore. The Whole of it.
I know letters petitions and calls to corrupt
bought off, sometimes child raping politicians
gets us no where.
You can't take Israel and it's minions to court.
They laugh at the bodies of children they've killed.
They lust for blood of non jews.
(sigh) I ain't talking about all of them either. hopefully not most. The normal person who identifies, is hoorified too.
The normals are smart gracious people.
Ther are enough of these Satanic child killing, smug, stereotypicals to keep me and a hundred mes busy for life.
I just can't sit back on a computer and see this kind of shit everyday.
What you say may be true, but if it's true now, then it was true when the same group murdered and tortured 45 million Christians .
Now they've murdered and tortured all these women and children in Gaza, and there are those that are just as responsible
who reside in the US.
If it matter not that they kill and maim, then it matters not that if I take action.
I take comfort that I'm not the aggressor
That's Supreme Law.
I have a plan, and I'm going with it, and if I have some weakness when I'm in the process, all I have to do, is think of those burned and shot up littles ones, and that will strengthen my resolve.
Money is the only thing holding me back, and I'm about to fix that..

Visible said...

As you wish my friend. I cannot possibly know the complexities that motivate others juxtaposed with destiny. I do know that that is all going to be sorted out anyway.

I know there are people that come here who do not believe there is an inner kingdom but I have what proof I need of its existence. The idea that any army on Earth at any time; even if it were backed by all of the space armadas from all of the movies that have ever been shown... could last for any length of time against the power of the one... not going to happen. It may be dark in the approach but it will be brilliant in the climax.

Anonymous said...

Great minds thinking alike.
Seemed familiar when I read this Makow
More swarming?!!

Randall said...

Les, I agree. I've been out of this body,
and know I survive death. I know it will finally
be cool in the end.
But each of us has something to contribute,
because The One as you call it, works through us
and it's just the right thing to do.
I'll have to alter myself with drugs or alcohol
because it's not in my nature to do those things.
I just can't sit back anymore.
I keep thinking of that front piece Ahmadinajad's speaking, and here they could make a case for a preemptive strike against Israel, given an attack has been in the media for 2 years now, but they don't.
It's only the people who have given any strong response on the streets. Not one
head of any nation has given the required
Not one.
They need to be made afraid for their lives.
They need to think there are potentially hundreds out there who are thinking like me.
As it stands, they have nothing to worry about.
I won't name names, cuz that would put pressure on this blog, and it's already feeling some, no?
But they've already named themselves on the news, in print, TV and the webz.
While we talk and talk, they kill and maim.
I'm going to work on a plan for those who are killing my children.


Randall said...

"The idea that any army on Earth at any time; even if it were backed by all of the space armadas from all of the movies that have ever been shown... could last for any length of time against the power of the one... not going to happen. It may be dark in the approach but it will be brilliant in the climax."

But in the interim .............

Kevenj said...


I see I was a tad late to the fun,but
I am inclinded to agree with Randell.
We all have our ideas of how to fight, and a fight is assured to come. Some of us handle it with art, poetry or humor. Some talk about it with their friends or post blogs, but most who come here know that what we fight against is real and evil and growing like cancer and must be stopped and writing letters to your elected officials might get that pothole filled but won't do shit for what really matters.

Swarming is a good idea if its done in concert with discretion in mind, but few of us have the creative employment of writ to express what needs to be said intelligently-especially me.
A few years ago I stupidly went over to (Rottwieller) to voice my opinions on the 911 questions and I was chewed up like a ragdoll by professionals, which goes to Les's point that there are paid trolls manning the stations. But there's many other ways they haven't thought of and just like us they are human and have an achillis heal. We need to find it, and with enough of us on the attack, we will, and I'll be right there getting bloody with you guys.
Count me in.

Anonymous said...


i forgot to say that we have to blame the majority of jewish israelis population. Statistics claim that 70% of Israel citizens support Israel rogue state (Go figure) these polls and statistics tell us very clearly that most Israeli jewish citizens are very evil indeed.

I read in an article that most people are like programmed robots, most people are controlled by their subconscience, not by their self-conscience. So that might be the real cause of why people behave the way they do, and why they support evil no matter what. just like the Colombian citizens who support Alvaro Uribe, or the Germany Nazi citizens who loved Adolf Hitler, or like the US citizens who still love Bush, Mccain, Sarah Palin, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, US Armed Forces and all the evil things that US government does.


Anonymous said...

Since there has been talk of defeating the Zionists I wanted to add this to the discussion. Two essentials are necessary for victory in any contest.
Being able to visualize, with confidence, victory.
And, wanting it more than the other side.
Decades ago, only a few well-informed people knew what those here do. (that the Zionists are NOT our friends our meaning non- Zionist)
Those who attempted to wake up others back then were-subject to surveillance and reprisals.
With the internet, what was known by the few is becoming known by many. And those many are asking why are things the way they are now, who made them that way and how can things be different.
And they are seeing that those who made things the way they are, they operate in a predictable fashion. Some now are even of a mind to realize that if something is predictable, it can be both prophesized and...........thwarted.
It would be good if we, in the US, espeially could visualize success and victory, not only against the Zionists but also againt the bankers. Here's why.
The US has the most powerful military in the world. One way the international bankers hold nations in check and subject to their bidding is by the threat of armed force from other nations. If the USA can defeat the bankers, not only can it GO AFTER their assets and, gold reserves (stolen from the US taxpayer for decades), a great threat will have been lifted from the other nations on the planet. I'm talking about the end of fractional reserve banking as well as the defeat of the bankers and their allies. The US was once seen as a beacon and ray of hope to other nations, doing this wil be a very great way the nation could atone to humanity for past injustices.

Anonymous said...


But the problem is that US citizens have this idea that revolution means an urban guerilla war in US streets, nothing further from the truth. There can be a pacifist revolution too, but given that the US oligarchy is too strong, the US revolution would have to be bloody and violent

I think that an american-revolution to overthrow the corrupt US oligarchy would be real violent and bloody because the US oligarchies are more violent and more evil than the Venezuelan oligarchies.

That's why Chavez revolution has been pacifist really, and electorallist, he rose his way to power thru elections. As bad and as evil as the Venezuelan oligarchy is, it cannot be compared to the US oligarchy like the Wal Mart Empire Family, The Rockefellers, The Rothchilds who even have access to a state of the art military arsenal like Blackwater. Remember that Blackwater is a private powerful military, and i suspect that US oligarchies could unleash it against americans rioting trying to overthrow the US corporate government of the Democ-rats-Republic-rats.

so i don't think that a social-populist like Chavez could rise to power in USA electorally, because the US oligarchy won't prevent any social-reformist to rise to power. Just look at what happened to JFK or to Dr. Martin Luther King who was an electoral threat to US powers that be.


Visible said...

I think everybody should take a little Visible Origami with that as they go so that they might just shit things out faster than they can be compelled to replace it but...

I'm hearing things here and this is a public forum. I would like to think that I am okay with all of you and I suspect I am or you would have told me. The fact that I author this blog means nothing. I'm just another guy here like anybody else. I command no armies. I am nobody but I known what I know and I don't know.

When change comes it has a natural emergency about it that springs into life. It's not my nature to pre-empt it. My intention is to stay on the positive side of some things and the negative side of some things until the truth appears miraculously before as it likes to do. I look at it as a matter of balance. I think I understand harmony a little and it is my nature to incline toward it.

Of course, having ridden the rapids of life, certainly more than once I would say that these things have their own impetus and wisdom or they are foolhardy and rash. Knowing the difference is the key to victory and if you are still standing then you won something so it might be a good idea to look at what it was that made it so. That's what I do.

My mind is occupied with acquiring the qualities of God. I'm not interested in anything else. People can have all the sex and money and power they need to destroy themselves I guess I must have done that at least once, somewhere, sometime... maybe even in this lifetime but I'm just going to be where I am in the middle of whatever that is and hold tight because it is not up to me to say when. I'm a follower, not a leader and the path I am walking goes inward at the same time it goes outward. My sense of it is that everything is under control and Karma is playing out. I'm not justifying it. I think everyone knows where I'm at but what is in play here is far beyond the scope of any individual and so, for myself, I focus on the high country, so to speak.

Anonymous said...


By Drew Hunkins (Madison, WI United States) - See all my reviews

Drop whatever you happen to be doing and run, walk or crawl to the nearest bookstore and buy this book! It is flat out phenomenal.

Dr. Petras cuts to the heart of the issues and completely dissects the Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC) in America. He ranges from the authentic reasons the U.S. is occupying Iraq, proving it has nothing to do with oil, to the pro-Israel groups and institutions that permeate American society and culture. Coming under especially harsh criticism is the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (PMAJO) and its propaganda newsletter "Daily Alert." Without fail PMAJO parrots every press briefing and talking point that emanates from Tel Aviv, regardless of how many Palestinian civilians are butchered in the process or malnourished in the Gaza concentration camp.

Petras goes on to demonstrate that Mearsheimer and Walt were too tepid in their criticism of the pro-Israel lobby and failed to address the entire Zionist power apparatus in the United States by only focusing on a small piece of it. Zionism, Militarism and the Decline of US Power explains that Israeli mouthpieces and Jewish apologists for Zionism wield strength in a much more over-arching manner. Not only are the big metropolitan areas (The Apple, LA, Miami, Chicago) inundated with bullies and cheerleaders who harass, boycott, browbeat and intimidate anybody or any institution that has the chutzpah to level an intelligent critique about Israeli violence and Zionist power, but also small and local communities across the country face the same intimidation tactics. The ZPC has a stranglehold that is powerful yet relatively invisible to most. Though of course they're not omnipotent.

A brilliant section, taking up two large chapters of the book, demonstrates that it is the ZPC that's at the forefront in rallying the United States to take up a war against Iran. Its media mouthpieces, executive branch minions and legislative lapdogs, all are beating the war drums, while only top U.S. military brass are issuing well thought out warnings against this insane rush to fight the Persian state. This internal battle within the ruling elites of America: the powerful Israel-Firsters vs independent upper echelon Pentagon analysts is looked at in great detail by Petras.

The last third of this amazing book essentially outlines a more holistic and historical analysis of American politico-economic realities with an eye toward present day Zionist power in America and the contradictions and agreements that crop up regarding various issues, power plays and areas of influence regarding the U.S. empire.

This book should not be missed, steal it if you have to. Anyone who denies, denigrates, or down plays the realities Petras reports is either a fool, a paid shill for the Israeli state, or a frightened Zionist afraid of the truth. Such an eye opening book comes around once every decade.


Anonymous said...

This is anonymouse again. I hope I'm speaking for all those other anonymice out there, at least a little bit.

Petras has started his own List of the Proscribed, although he doesn't call it that, in the appendices of his recent article at

About the only other suggestion I can make is to buy hemp futures in the commodities market. I predict an upsurge in the demand for hempen justice, whether the traditional round-the-neck variety, or (preferably) for the miscreant to be dangled by a foot and delivered an un-healthy dose of (rotten) "vegetable justice", before assignment to a prison chain-gang to clean-up fascist destruction.

Anonymous said...

Marx-socs 6:52 PM, I hope you're getting commission on this.
I have viewed most USA citizens as Israeli citizens for a while now.

Anonymous said...

The truth despite the length of time that these evil ones have been at work is that from reading this site and many others I am getting the feeling that this evil empire is going to rot from within.

(sending a lot of people this way!)


Anonymous said...

"My mind is occupied with acquiring the qualities of God.'

So do the evil ones, but they admire the qualities of Lucifer, who they call the right God that permits them to do evil for good reasons, and they can also define what is good. This concept of man being made in Gods image and becoming Gods themselves, subject to no laws or constraints so long as what they do is justified by the end results, is the real problem. Not saying you are picking the wrong God, but the world would be a better place if people who think they can be Gods would just disappear, since most of them are Luciferians.

Visible said...

You will note I said "the qualities of God" It's a form of armor and doesn't belong to me. They belong to God and he can remove them if I abuse them. Why are you confusing the qualities of one thing with another? You ever state the difference so... that's puzzling.

Some of the qualities of God are; faith, certitude, determination, compassion, strength and others. I hope you do not object to my desire to have these things because I think they would make me a better person.

Anonymous said...

Our Culture is our Operating System- it has bugs.
Do see this excellent video.

Anonymous said...

Les, the idea that man thinks he can know the qualities of God is a problem. Perhaps it is simply an issue of semantics. However, the qualities you listed are also the qualities thought to be held by the evil God, with the exception faith is replaced by reason and compassion is selective and given only to those deemed worthy.

The distinction between having the qualities of God and becoming God-like is slim.

But if all you wish is to be a better person, thats fine. The motives of the ruling elite are more complex than this, since they wish to create a better species that will attain God-like qualities, and if some of the herd needs culling to achieve this, they will do so.

Randall said...

Hope everyone knows I'm I'm fantasizing about what I'd like to be able to do.
I realized, after smoking a j, that because we have so much in common, that'd you' auto-know this, but that might not be true.
Did you know that if you ain't smoked reefer in a while even the leaf cuts will blow you away with the genetics.
I'm fucked up!
I couldn't harm a fly without apologizing, I hate flys?
But the weed does lessen my gut about Israel right now, and that's a bad thing.
I'm growing because it's a medicine for me, and a possible currency coming up.
Alcohol brings me to a moral place in this.
Weed makes too wacked out to feel the anger.
I really can't stop thinking about the chidren right now, what's going on.
I couldn't keep my finger off the switch,
as far as Israel is concerned, Iran has every right to strike first, but they don't.
I want them to pay so dearly.....
And I want to be part of it.

But i just can't go out and kill people.
I can't help but think of their families who are innocent and would suffer.
I step back from this shit, and I wait for
death, as i know too many souls have been released, prematurely, and I have a part in it.
can't comprehend.

Anonymous said...

It seems to have come to a standstill over at the fray--I truly hope some of the folks over there are looking into the info that was posted and referred to--
Then again, me thinks there was some behind the scenes contact saying "don't feed the animals"
Thank you to all who participated--
And, thank you to all the "new" names" I am seeing writing comments for the first time here and at Origami--wonderful--there is good energy in that!!
Please ALL, take the time to nibble around the edges over at Origami--read as many as you can--when the time is right, you'll have a plate-load to digest--it will come, just don't push it!!


Anonymous said...

Party Of Truth . The God-like qualities that Les is talking about are the Qualities of a God of truth, peace, Love and Justices... You say..The motives of the ruling elite are more complex than this, since they wish to create a better species that will attain God-like qualities, and if some of the herd needs culling to achieve this, they will do so.
There is in my mind, Only one God and the ruling elite know nothing of the His qualities.
The species that they wish to create would be less than human and therefore would lack even the wit to know the differance. It is those with God like qualities that the elite fear, for they are the ones that expose the lies of these so-called elite.

Rachel said...

You are one talented writer! I love reading your blog, it pulls at my heart. You're right...a revolution is coming. But it will take time to get here. In the mean time...keep doing what you are doing. Let the truth be known.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymouses, I gave that up 5 years ago when I discovered that 'they' log on to us every time we utter or print a catchword in their vocabulaic minefield....i.e. 911, bomb, conspiracy, jews, zionists, Bush, Blair, end-times etc. Our footprints are all in Googles' memory box and the zionists are listening to every phonecall and text where their name is mentioned. So what? Do you imagine that by keeping silent and hiding behind your four walls you will save yourselves? You newcomers, do you know what the elite's final solution to all dissidents is? Well, when they've fulfilled their meticulously planned objective of bringing in a new world order, through creating economic and physical chaos to this planet- which they haven't fully achieved yet, they intend to round us all up and offer us the red or blue pill. One will guarantee us immediate safety as a slave to the rulers, until the 85% of humanity is painlessly culled with strong opiates, hopefully. The other will be a brutal re-education with torture until death or acceptance of their rule....with the cull of course still on the horizon. You see, all of this beautiful planet is too small for this elite who individually have their inheritance of large national parks to share out, perhaps each a county of Britain to call their own. Yosemete might be for George Bush senior for example, and all of this will need just enough serfs to do the work. Prince flaming Phillip, the nasty nazi Greek and his paedophile family will keep their English, Welsh and Scottish estates, or maybe all of England and the island of Capri for winter. Phillip said in a public speaking engagement a few years ago that if he could be reincarnated as anything, he'd choose a virus to 'wipe out' 85% of this planet's useless eaters. Just like the jews in America kept bandying the number 6,000,000 jews in danger in Germany, long before 1914, so this figure of 85% keeps rearing it's head regarding world population. Anyway you trembling anonymice, that's what you need to know now. There are at least 600 huge concentration camps with big furnace chimneys and railtracks only leading in, in the U.S. Hidden in desert areas and other remote places. The army have all recently been trained in savagery, blowing away women and kids in their humble homes in Iraq and Afghanistan these last 11 years. Blackwater mercenaries will be the spearhead whilst the new brutal cops-without-conscience will surely disarm any resistance after ultra-low sound, electro-pulse, and micro-heat weapons will disorientate us all, block by block. New Orleans was a dummy run. This is the reality my brother humans, it's all planned. Even nuking half the planet is an option. They have stacks of underground cities, connected by tunnels and fast trains, just like Blade-Runner, which is a deliberate allusion to kind of let us know what they've got. They've just revealed vast deep underground, airtight crypt-like caverns filled with every seed on planet earth, just in case of a massive natural catastrophe like a huge comet...they say. Now me folks, like Les, knows in my heart and essence that 'the creator of heaven and earth, who created it not for nothing, but to be inhabited.....' Isaiah 45:18 prophesied everything going down right now to the enth degree. That's why having a knowledge....and a correct understanding of the greatest book in history is a source of strength greater than all the M16's you can hold in two hands. The great spirit JHVH, YHWH, or Jehovah or Yahweh will never allow them to take over with their God Satan/Lucifer whom they all serve, most of them knowingly. Your host Les is doing a great job of revealing truth and proving to be a great source of encouragement and comfort with a talent for words I can only dream of having, being a singer/songwriter myself. But fame and fortune eluded me, like Les through the dirty tricks of sharks in the music biz. Thankfully I add for me personally. Without suffering I might not have got it. I have an old friend who made it, as it were, to the very top, and he's deeply into the dark names but it's an anagram of the first 4 letters of the alphabet minus the B. I have spent most of my 58 years studying the depths of the bible, my last 5 years the depths of depravity thanks to the internet. Not only has this dark knowledge vallidified and strengthened my scriptural beliefs, but it has empowered me to fear not the scum of this earth. They have taken away my dignity as a working bricklayer, and my creative opportunities, but they cannot touch my spirit. I'm certain that I may be grabbed early on when the balloon goes up but what I know is ahead in the long-run, is better than what they'd offer temporarily. It seems from prophecy that they may momentarily achieve their goal of world domination, smugly proclaiming that they have the solution to all of the world's woes, of which they are of course the architects. I'd like to invite you to read this scenario in a scripture, in 1Thessalonions 5:3 where it says, 'Whenever it is that they are saying: “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape.' I am a poor man by today's standards but I have a wealth of bible knowledge which I'd be only too happy to convey to any who'd like to have a greater understanding. Ronnie Lambert on

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that, while violence is not a good thing in an of itself, trying to reason with an owl, if you're a mouse is rather ineffective. You think you're being reasonable and witty, and the owl thinks you're dinner.

If you are going to fight, you really do need to clean house, and figure out what motivates you. If it is righteous rage at the injustices being done in this world, all well and good. Just make sure that you deserve victory in the end.

Anonymous said...

'You see, all of this beautiful planet is too small for this elite who individually have their inheritance of large national parks to share out, perhaps each a county of Britain to call their own'

Can we arrange for the Rothchilds to get Yellowstone?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article Les. I don't come hear as often as I should but your eloquent usage of words is absolutely focused the point of a pin that pricks at the very thin veiled fabric of the true enemies of humanity. Like I have said to you before, I read more than I write now-a-days. How anyone could accuse you to being anti-Semitic is beyond me, and their claims are unquestionably without merit... but while we are discerning the truth inside the International establishment's endless pit of lies, we will never be within a logical realm of reality. I say that we let the Revolution begin! We have nothing else to lose, and everything to gain.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I can attest and concur with the above about their final intentions and even the tunnels. Lots of money going that way in preparation for what they know is coming because they are the ones planning it.

The balance of living: Live everyday as if it were your last balanced with the knowledge that you will live forever.

Whether I die with a sword in my hand or a pen does not matter, it will be a glorious day either way. The battle has begun.


Anonymous said...

Anon said:
"I would like to say that, while violence is not a good thing in an of itself, trying to reason with an owl, if you're a mouse is rather ineffective."

I like this image except for one thing, the owl and the mouse are different species; we supposedly are one and the same.

It's more like cannibalism. Most species don't do this, but it is not uncommon. I don't like the idea of being in a big vat with potatoes and onions floating around.

Anonymous said...

gurygob- There are some who believe there are 2 gods, one of Good (ignorance) and one of Evil (knowledge). The creator created both Good and Evil and does not take sides, and the most powerful God is that of Evil, and thats whose side they are on, although they do not consider their God Evil, but instead believe their God is the Good God, or the one that should be worshipped. Now, as an agnostic, I have no clue, but those who believe with a certitude that their God is the right God can justify virtually anything in their own minds.

And of course, there are those of the dualist faith who believe man can evolve to be God-like, and that anything man does is permissible, as otherwise man would not be given the powers to do so. Evil is a tool to do Good.

Scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

Party Of Truth.
I haven't a clue what you’re on about. I am a man of simple faith. I try to follow Jesus’ teachings, sadly I fail most of the time, but I do try. Jesus is my God and my creator and you would do well to look Him up before the shit hits the fan, as they like to say around here.

Anonymous said...

Party Of Truth: I have just finished reading, What is an Agnostic? I am as far removed from that, as you are from my beliefs, so I think we should call the whole thing off. I am sorry I came at you and wish you Peace and love..

Anonymous said...

Dear dear Rosie, I feel like I know you from your writing here, and yes Yellowstone would be nice for the Rothschilds, and Serengeti for the Rockerfellers but without guns or cabins. Thanks Amicus, to the uninitiated my depiction of 'their' endgame above could sound nutjob, but I believe you were in the 'service' am I right? And you would know of the secret stuff below the ground -appropriate place for these devils- which has been financed by the Bush family and the Clintons since the 80's. Probably the head of cocaine supplies in the whole country, bringing in billions of 'black' money to build these fortresses, and pay Blackwater killers until the Gulf wars when your tax-dollars took over. I love America, well, the American dream I got from Superhero DC comics, and sadly it only exists in the backwoods and dustbowls which seem to proliferate in documentaries on British t.v. lately. It's like they're documenting the disappearance or death throes cos the zionist-owned media know it's coming fate. Same as those high-fiving mossad agents filming the twin towers fall. One good piece of advice to all justice-loving, God-fearing people is, when the beast turns on us, trust his words when he said don't lift up the sword, vengeance is mine and I will repay....when you see these things beginning to occur, raise yourselves erect and know that your heavenly Father is near. 3-a.m. bros. goodnight.

notamobster said...

Terribly sorry - I seemed to have popped into the frsy too late. Nice to see folks giving em hell.

Randall - check out the reply from the tireless minority.

Anonymous said...

Casting pearls before swine. I much admire your effort, but from my own experience they will shit on you just as soon as speak, and we all know how the self-chosenites react. Just look at the graffiti they leave for the poor people of Gaza, written in shit and blood. They are not worth it IMHO. But then, I am speaking out of grief and rage, I might feel better next week, but not likely.

kikz said...

hi les, lost longwinded comment..

still at scot rite w/kid.. getting bettr..
will write when i have time..


kikz said...

hi les, long time no yap..

finally i think i got signed into the googleacct. kid better, but it's been a long freakin week, since last wed..still @scot rite.. 02:00. kid sleepin 2 floors up.
dont' hav long..this is probably repetitive, but can't remb what i covered in the other post.. :P)

hi noby, and all..
thanks for the kind comments, i enjoy my verbal jousting in the fray..
they're really easily dealt w/, but tedious >:)

don't know if the other post...will post..
hugs all round


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone

Can I trouble you to make sure to read this.
If for no other reason than a show of respect for an old man of 73 before the German courts, deprived of his rights and facing, yet once more, prison.
For telling the truth.
This in a nutshell shows the domination of the evil of zionism - its lies, its suppression, its control of governments and the media.
This article should be passed on as far as possible. As you will read the German and other media have a blackout.
Even in the dark days of the Jewish state of the USSR did censorship and political suppression run so deep.
Never have the words 'be afraid, be very afraid' ring more true.
They want this law to be universal.

Anonymous said...

I heard on the radio this morning that everything will be OK by the end of the year. So what is everybody getting all excited for?

Now I will take my boots off and hose them down. The worst news I have heard came from the Joint Chief of Staff yesterday. Go to WRH, there is a statement by some general that they want US military personnel to pledge allegiance to Obama instead of the constitution. That is what Hitler did!

Something to think about.


Anonymous said...

We are, all of us, the same quality as God.
The quantity, however, is miniscule.
Like gold rings from the gold mine,
sparks from the fire,
drops of water from the ocean.

Everyone lives forever..

Anonymous said...

Hello Les, great article as always. I read up the posts that followed it over at the fray, and a lot of the comments are appallingly naive. For shame, they're still stuck at the baby stages. So lost, it's gonna take a miracle to bring them to their senses.

A little off topic, but I discussing Zionism with some guy who told me off for mentioning 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion', saying it's been proved a hoax. I'm not sure I'm entirely convinced, however, seeing as Zionists have a tendency to slam anything that's against them as 'false propaganda'. What do you think?

Keep up the fantastic work.


Anonymous said...

Hey Les, This is a comment I gave to Acrophany, It is a little late coming but I couldn't let such a turd try in any way to demoralize you in your truly righteous quest.

Acrophany, your venomous words are fitting for our market culture of spineless sarcasm, and garbage, empty rhetoric. A man like Appollonius is worth a thousand of you. He speaks for Truth- you speak an ugly, tired, uncreative, and bad intentioned, spew of words. Knowing that all you can resort to, after reading his excellently written work, is making some adolescent, locker room jab tells me instantly you have nothing credible to attack him with. Appollonius's words are powerful, and they have motivated people- Truth is an echo, an echo of goodness in a valley of darkness which eventually brings in the light- One person's firm intention towards righteousness is more powerful than all the armies of the world- and people who died for Truth- Jesus, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X moved people because they discovered Truth and then stuck to it unerringly. What our world needs is not more tired rebuffs, but firm, strong, beautiful steps towards Justice, Peace, and Truth. Wake up dear brother, be a light and not a lock!



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