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The Monkey Wrench Ganglion Nexus

A few decades ago, a guy named Edward Abbey wrote a book called The Monkey Wrench Gang. I won’t detail the plot for you and spoil your enjoyment of this wonderful novel; should you be inclined to read it but I would just say if you understand what a monkey wrench is then you have the concept. It’s a very funny, very entertaining read that is apparently being made into a movie... finally.

We need products in our world and so we need people who make and transport and supply these products. Unfortunately, all too often, the people doing these things care not at all about the people they are selling them to. The government is supposed to make sure that we don’t get abused by these entities in any number of the imaginative ways they tend to abuse us but... the government gets a great deal of it’s money from these people; even though it gets a lot more of it’s money from us.

Religion comes in and does it’s part to make a house advantage even worse and we get to wind up in a P.T. Barnum quote so... let me just throw out a few ideas that we, as the largest representative force on Earth, have the possibility of making happen ...and that brings us back to The Monkey Wrench Gang.

We the People need to become The Monkey Wrench Gang in the most positive sense for the greatest benefit to the greatest number of us. This idea has been played with in films like “V” and in the sixties we saw quite a number of Mad Hatter operations that were near impossible to prevent and which did a lot of good up until they got hi-jacked by the system or slandered and framed for activities introduced into them by The System or The Mob or whatever you want to call the Globoctopus Monster that wants to squeeze humanity like a sponge in it’s tentacles.

Let’s consider it a given that the majority of us know what the right thing is. It’s also a given that there is a percentage of vipers who prefer the wrong thing and a substantial number who are too stupid to read this and chew gum at the same time. So... I would be willing to bet that we the people who are not evil or lobotomized are represented in every area of human activity and we are often called upon to do things we know are not right but which The System says we have to do because it’s there in The Company Handbook.

Some of you work in the banking system and assist in the theft of people’s assets. Some of you work in the utility sector and assist in the theft of people’s assets. Some of you work in the communications field and assist in misleading people and the same goes for every industry where you are compelled to do things that you know are incorrect, inefficient and designed to frustrate your customers in order to retain control of their assets.

What if every one of us decided that we were going to make little adjustments of our own as we went along? I’m not here to guide you through the possibility... that’s up to you. What if you decided that you were going to assist every good thing and hinder every bad thing and not ever say anything about it unless you were just a small group who trusted each other like the people in the book?

People everywhere could drop dimes on the bad guys and let the good guys slide. It could be an international Underground Railroad for Humanity that side-tracked and short-stopped the creep efforts and gave a lift to every good thing that wasn’t masquerading under an outfit of pretending to be in the service of people while only serving itself.

In the meanwhile you could begin to use your natural telepathy by thinking things ‘into’ the situations you are in and doing it consciously; speaking out loud in your mind every time you encounter something that needs to have something said. If we deliberately as a group of a few billion people, just decide that we’re going to screw up what needs screwing up and flag everything else on through, we could change the world almost overnight. The thing you have to realize is that the bad guys are already doing this to you in reverse. You can easily think of many examples of this right now.

False terror threats... False Flag operations... Ponzi schemes... Phony intel... all the lying, double-dealing shit you see every day from the governments and corporations and religious industries, are glaring evidence that they are already doing this to you so... why not? Why not?

Why not refuse to enter a McDonald’s or a Starbucks ever again? Why not do even more? Print up stickers for cars and walls and windows that say, “Have a Starbucks Latte made from Freshly Killed Palestinian Children.” And put them up everywhere. Don’t put them on your car. Put them on government vehicles and company cars. “How about a Big Mac made of 100% Freshly Ground Palestinian?” Plaster these on Macdonald’s windows. Extrapolate outward from here and just think of what you could do.

Some of you work in very sensitive industries. Boy, it would be a drag if the wrong information got out. Now that we know that some of the players at the Mumbai Attack were Tavistock graduates from Merry Ole England... wouldn’t it be nice if somebody made that info public... kinda by accident?

Think of all the positive accidents you could have today in your own special way. Think about it. The bad guys are already doing this and we can’t do much about that because they’ve already blamed it on someone else while pocketing the difference. Let’s start thinking globally and acting locally. Let’s toss some whirled peas into their pink champagne, not forgetting to let them marinate in Special Sauce first. Hey, you might even oven brown them. Be creative.

Think of what you can do with Photoshop and Condolezza Rice in your printer. Think of what you can do with any of them. Think about what Rupert Murdoch would look like doing what he probably does do in private... going past you on a public bus smiling back from a sticker you put there.

In the meantime... the mental thing... yes, the mental thing... gather in groups and think things about places you are standing in front of. You could wear a tee-shirt that says. “I’m thinking about what’s going to happen to you.” ...while you’re standing in front of a McDonald’s or a Starbucks or any of the other front organizations for world fascism and mass murder. Why are corporations bent on raising money for weapons to arm people who already have too many weapons, in their war on people who have very few weapons and nowhere to go and whose places to hide from their oppressors are disappearing under their feet with each passing day?

Wherever you are you can screw things up in a good way and because there are so many of us it will counteract what we already endure in a New York minute. The power of your imagination and your mind is limitless. Use it! Learn the cosmic Aikido that causes these psychopaths to bitch-slap themselves silly. Some of us are already at work. We could use the help.

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Anonymous said...

You can get one of those ink-less (internal ink--they last forever) stamps made up with or on it and stamp every bathroom, form of currency, paper towel, piece of toilet paper, newspapers and magazines in waiting rooms, you get the picture--
Choose what sites you want to "advertise" carefully--personally I wouldn't use rense or alex jones--you'll scare off more than you bring in--
You can also do it with return address or address labels you can buy at an office supply store or wherever--use msword or any number of programs to do it--you can print out hundreds of them for a few bucks--there will be extra credit for proper penmanship--
If there are bulletin boards, use one of those pages with the tear-offs on the bottom like when someone is selling a car, etc..
If it's anything like sales, you'll probably put out 100 and get three hits from people--it's all a game of numbers--

Get inventive

Personally, I'm going to get a "tramp stamp" tat so every time I bend over.........hee hee

Happy Hunting!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again Les. For what it's worth I already wrote McD's to let them know that my son and I have eaten our last hamburger from them. Also, would you consider putting up some links to donate to Gazan aid? I recently donated through Mercy Corps and Medical Aid to Palestinians (MAP). Thanks for all you do.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Les, you have made my heart sing once again, with the flip side of all the bad there is. Yes its easy to feel powerless, which is of course what "they" want. there is though more of the good guys tho many are yet asleep. I had a positive rebel not so long ago, I wont detail it, for my own security but mostly because I will do it again. The beneficiaries will never know because by omission big brother if he wishes will now be chasing a mr D. Duck and mrs M Mouse. instead of a real victim. Alittle Imagination and thought can indeed empower us. If we all did a bit..... Thanks LES.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, I'm glad you've mentioned Starbucks, which the netwise have known about for some time. I'm proud to say I've never been inside one of their coffee houses, not even when a new one opened near us. Even if I did, your discription above would have made me stop. McDonalds I hate anyway. Someone described their godawful yellow 'M' logo as 'the corporate tits of America'. Not far wrong, are they?

Links to other Israeli companies outed here:

Some of the names were a surprise to me, I don't know why!

If I ever get any money, I'll start writing on it! (grin)

Stay well, Les.


Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

On a few occasions in the late 90`s/early 2000`s I was invited to a Starbuck`s and had whatever crap they had purchased for me. I have never gone to a Starbuck`s on my own and spent my money there nor would I ever do so. Same thing with Mclardassburgers-I`m sorry, I meant Mcdonalds. I believe the last time I went to one of those toxic palaces was in 2001 or so and will certainly never go there again.

I only wish I had a homemade sticker making machine or something and have absolutely no clue whatsoever how to do so on a home pc (I have only the most basic setup anyway, I don`t even have a printer). But thank you to the 1st anonymous poster for the advice and I will try to do something at home when I have a better system.

I am not artistically inclined but already have an idea for a sticker. How about "inside job 9/11 pt.2, coming up!"

And please don`t forget to wear surgical gloves or something similar when putting up anything that rails against the machine. You wouldn`t want to be branded a "terrorist" or "anti-semite" if discovered.

Anonymous said...

I kinda sorta suggested the same thing in my post, "Fight Club" from a few months ago:

. . . to be the sand in the command and control gearbox.

Visible said...

Wow Mr Masked Indulger... you're pretty good. Splendid work from what I saw and I'm surprised I didn't see it before. Sounds like me in a different getup (grin).

Visible said...

So... for anyone who is interested. I'll be giving away free PDF copies of my novel The Dark Splendor to anyone who wants one if they just email me at

This is the last time I'll mention it and it ends on Saturday...

Carry on and... if you want a cup of coffee or a hamburger, fix it at home.

Anonymous said...

For those who have not taken Les up on his offer of The Dark Splendor--DO IT!! I'm only a third of the way through and it's excellent--I used to be a Tom Clancy fan before his books slid downhill--Robert Ludlum--etc--If you like them, you'll love this--with the Visible Twist!!


Anonymous said...

Les, I would like a copy of the book in PDF. I read the comments on Amazon - and have decided I must read it and decide for myself. Great post by the way- I can't wait to stamp and sticker some stuff.

Anonymous said...

Do you people know that two men, Starbucks & Folgers were responsibile for the extinct of Whales in the Atlantic Oceans, who hired whites men mostly to hunt and kill these animals only to make a profit. The story Moby Dick was written base on all of the killing of these whales. Remember, this story was written about a large whale off the coast of South America on the Pacific. Because there were no more whales in the Atlantic. It is a funny thing that McDonald, and Starbucks CEO has the same religion as the orginal Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

If people were vegetarians, most of these problems would never have materialized in the first place. A person who sees nothing wrong with mass murder of animals on a scale which makes even Satan shudder, solely for the purpose of sense gratification, pleasing the tongue, has about as much on the ball as P. T. Barnum's sucker.
"Democracy too is a religion. The worship of jackals by jackasses."

Visible said...

You have to email me SJ so I know where to send it.

psychegram said...

It's not just something the Hedonistic Pleasureseeker's been writing about. Nor Les. Nor is the idea even original to Fight Club's homework assignments and Operation Mayhem. You might trace it back to Culture Jamming, from Adbusters.... or back to French artisans looking upon mechanical looms with jaundiced eyes, and throwing a sabot or two into the mechanism.

HedPlease there is absolutely right, the revolution will not be organized. Not this one, not this time around. We've fallen for that trick to many times. You can't say 'guillotine' before a Robespierre has wormed his way into your org chart. So it's every man for himself and for the whole world at the same time, and maybe this time every individual will know he stands not at the head of a red army or a revolutionary vanguard but has the whole of the cosmos backing him up.

On to suggestions. Stickers and stamps are all very nice. I'll have to get me some. It might not be a bad idea to be armed ... not for street fighting (folly!), but I'm sure everyone here's familiar with a certain infamous Solzhenitsyn quote. Anyone work the repo industry? Maybe consider 'misplacing' some of the orders. Anyone who has access to a database (of any kind): corrupt it. Render it unreliable with enough bogus data, and a big part of the control system becomes ineffective.

You might want to consider just talking to people. Here's a bit of theatre that might prove productive: walk into a Starbucks and start loudly extolling them for supporting Israel through her latest tribulations.

Head into a sports bar on the night of the big game with a TV-b-gone. The patrons will be good and pissed when they miss the game, so make sure they don't figure out it was you ... and maybe you can engage a few of them in conversation, and turn their anger to more productive pursuits.

One small personal revolt that I've been enjoying is smoking where I'm not supposed to. It's a bit juvenile I know, but smoking next to a No Smoking sign in full public view is a bit of fun. And speaking of stickers, consider getting a roll of green-circled 'Smoking Permitted' signs, and slapping them up over the No Smoking notifications. People are so hypnotized by now they probably won't even notice, but hey, a bit of cognitive dissonance never hurt anything that didn't need hurting, now did it?

Musically inclined? Grab a patch of pavement outside the BofA building and start busking. See how long it takes for anyone to notice you're singing about 9/11, fiat currency, and the Endgame (or whatever.)

Culture jamming doesn't have to be understandable for the masses. Or for anyone other that you: go outside that same BofA building with a piece of chalk and put a sigil on the sidewalk, a foul eye-twisting diagram straight out of a Lovecraft novel whose meaning you and you alone understand. Of course you'll have imbued it with some sort of curse whose details you're under no obligation to share, but all the daywalkers will get at a conscious level as they step over it on the way to the office is that it is some freaky ass shit and that will set the tone for their whole day. It will not be a good one.

As things get into a higher gear, it might be time to start thinking of more direct kinds of vandalism and not just culture jamming. Breaking surveillance cameras is one always-popular sport, fun alone or in groups. Guerrilla gardening is fantastic, if you've got the time and are of a more creative bent. But let's get really creative here. Do you know where your local cell phone tower is? The great thing about technology (and the control system is built of technology) is how fragile it is. Find those vulnerable pressure points, take them down, and the whole thing is paralyzed....

Anonymous said...

United we stand divided we fall....We are all priceless....Let us dream and make that dream manifest in a manifesto of love and forgiveness for in the end all we have is each other. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I borrowed a little from WRH but added quite a bit of my own thoughts to this subject:

With a little help from the good folks at WRH

Publication 525 (2008), Taxable and Nontaxable Income

See top of page for said topic after clicking the link.


Page 33:"Illegal activities. Income from illegal activities, such as money from dealing illegal drugs, must be included in your income on form 1040 line 21, or on schedule C-EZ (Form 1040) if from your self employment activity."

Page 34:"Kickbacks. You must include kickbacks,side commissions, push money, or similar payments you receive in your income..."

Page 35:"Stolen property. If you steal property, you must report its fair market value in your income in the year you steal it unless in the same year, you return it to its rightful owner"

Page 36:"Bribes. If you receive a bribe, include it in your income. "

My question is this: If they can TAX it, why can't it be a legal way to earn a living? I am thinking some insane lawyer with nothing to lose could have a great case for this. Should it not be ILLEGAL to tax ILLEGAL money? If they can legally tax it, you should be able to legally earn it. The irony is just off the charts here. The IRS wants you to admit you committed a crime but thats not important, they just want their cut of the COMMERCE.

This reminds me of a book I read about how all crimes are just commercial crimes of impeding COMMERCE. Page 51 is interesting, but true.

Killing someone while driving intoxicated is impeding commerce. The Govt figures they can get so much taxes out of a person before they die at the avg age of 72. If you kill someone at the age of 25, the Govt loses all the potential taxes they could have taken from that person. You impeded the commerce of the Federal Govt. ALL crimes are crimes of commerce. Either you are stopping yourself from paying taxes or you are stopping someone else from paying taxes when you commit a crime.

The "System" is in place to keep commerce running smoothly and making money. Police depts, traffic lights, technology and all other things that make our lives faster and easier.

Seatbelt laws, speed limits, and other B.S. laws that really dont make sense actually make sense if you think of it in terms of stopping commerce. All of these laws are designed to keep you safe from yourself and PAYING TAXES TILL YOU DROP. That is why OSHA exists. You think the Govt actually gives a rats ass about your safety?? NOPE, just keeping you alive so you can continue to pay taxes.

Seatbelt laws are B.S. because if they were concerned about SAFETY, there would be mandatory seatbelts on every school bus in this country. But there are no seatbelts on school buses, so it's a direct contradiction to what "they" tell us thereby making it a BULLSHIT law.

Kinda makes sense in a strange way because when someone with a sizeable income gets killed, no stone goes unturned to find the killer. When a crack ho dies in the ditch, nobody looks really hard for her killer. The difference? The amount of TAXES the Govt would have been able to confiscate from each one. The authorities need to find the bastard who impeded commerce by killing the rich tax payer.

The ONLY way to tax illegal income is for taxes to be illegal in the first place. Anything else is a direct contradiction.

notamobster said...

I have something itching in my mind... If this latest excursion by the ZioGoons is an extermination, why haven't they just gotten on with it? They most certainly have the technology, firepower, and national (and inter-) support. So, again, why not just do it? Something isn't right. It keeps bringing me back to Jj's comment some weeks back "what are we missing?" How much of the forest are we missing, for those god damned trees?!?!?

I'm sorry to be off topic, vis... I have been doing stickers and bills, etc - as well as actually; actively working to remove myself from the game entirely.

That said, what slight-of-hand are we not seeing in this latest iteration of dupe the country bumkin at the 3 card monte table? And, be assured friends, we are missing something - and it's fucking huge! The pawns are being sacrificed but remain ever mindful of the kuh-nig-it! The abstract moves are the one's that take your breath. The queen can take you from across the way, if you're not looking at the entire board. I loved the article, vis, but there is something much more urgent, much more deadly at play here. We must remain vigilant, all.


su said...

Hey Les,
Big fat grin.
What accidents could I get up to.
Let me count the ways.
Now this is inspiring.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing thing synchronicity is. Last night, before I read this. I was thinking about how to spray paint a big "JOB" with a small "911" inside the "O" in an underpass near here. As well as how to stick up stickers with "Boycott Israel" on them in Tescos, Starbucks and in the street without being CCTV'd.

I have been deliberately bringing "issues" (for want of a better catch-all term) to the forefront of my mind, AND invoking emotions and consciously broadcasting them "out there: in the hope that they may join and strengthen similar psycho-emotional signals - for some time.

I have been inspired by the knowledge that everything that goes on in your mind, and even more with every emotion, is PRECISELY echoed in the electro-magnetic signature broadcast by each heartbeat. Each heartbeat is an Electro-magnetic event. Your heart is broadcasting what you you think and feel. It has been demonstrably shown that this can affect other peoples feelings and behaviour. And each heartbeat is consuming, and broadcasting, at 4 WATTS of EM power (amazing but true). We really are all transmitters and receivers. 4 Watts per heartbeat. ~80 heartbeats per minute, 6,000,000,000+ people on Mother Earth. Do the math.

What Les has said here, and what hedonisticpleasureseeker et al have written themselves or found elsewhere, is a great emerging wave of consciousness. This is THE WAY. And when a certain momentum is reached, that 100th monkey is reached, then the domination of "Them" - the psychopaths, dark ones, whatever - is over. And I think that awareness grows with "Them" as it does with :Us:. I also think that an understanding of this was around long before our sanitized, official,. "histories" began. And that this understanding is the basis of what we now call prophecy.

If I may make a suggestion about the sort of small "action"? Anything that costs them money. Even if it's just leaving the stamp off a letter or sending a form unsigned. It costs money to set that right. And money seems to be far far more imortant than humanity or any other of our mother earth's life.

Then think about it, feel about it, and send it out there,

If anybody wanted the sources to that EM heart stuff, I'll dig it oit and send it on

All the good luck there is to all out there.


Anonymous said...


Franz said...

Gresham's Law applies to information (money IS information anyway) so the suggestion most spot-on is getting the Outer Party to gum up the information.

Once the Inner Party is aware that they have reams of useless, contradictory info on their "citizens" the game will be about over.

For people who want to google it up, Colin Powell let the cat out of the bag years back. He off-handedly mentioned that the American Social Security system is set up to allow the US gov to track and find ANYONE in the system within hours. So yeah, the hour is gettin' late.

But the upside has been mentioned. The system is only as good as the information it gets. My guess is some of it has been garbage for a long time now. Like the money supply. Like the employment figures. Nothing but moonshine.

In the heyday of Joe Stalin and Chairman Mao, crop yields and hydroelectric power output were routinely falisified to make the Inner Party look good.

So welcome to Stalin Acres, welcome to Mao Country Estates! Eventually their own shit strangled their systems. Both fell down to Western banks, the rest you know. Kissinger, Wal-Mart, all that.

American Leftists have been worthless in all this because they think "fascism" is the problem. Poo. Fascism has no real definition and only applies to Mussolini's first five years and Franco when it suited him. Fascism is a word.

Stalin is a word too. It's where we're all headed if some of these ideas don't work. The literal meaning of Stalin, in Russian, is "steel". America gave up most of the steel industry at the behest of neocon and neolib economics. As in many other things we are totally dependent on the rest of the world for the steel we need to stay marginally civilized.

This means? The best monkey-wrenching of all UNDER THE CURRENT STALINIST RULES is to actually use a wrench. Empty industrial sites dot the former USA like raisins in breakfast cereal. Most are not watched, most can be slowly and carefully made operational. If their original configuration was for something not practical now, come up with a need you can fill, something you know WILL be needed when the wheels start to come off the NWO wagon. It might not be that long a-coming.

Useful homework for this operation: Rise of the Luftwaffe: Forging the Secret German Air Weapon, 1918-1940 by Herbert Molloy Mason.

Great inspiration for tech done off-the-books. And the Germans didn't have no internet, folks!

Biological_Unit said...

I would like help from the Anti-Defamation League. There is the issue of the alleged Holocaust of Jews, which I believe is fake and is being used to DEFAME Germans.
Thank you in advance for help in restoring the good name of the German people, which has been defamed for no reason at all !!

I would like more help from the Anti-Defamation League. There is the issue of the 911 Israeli False-Flag Attacks, which is being used to DEFAME Muslims.
Thank you in advance for help in restoring the good name of the Muslim people, which has been defamed for no reason at all !!

Grantland said...

"Disorganized Resistence"

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up

Tripping the Light Fantastic Beauty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les -best to you as always.
When I was in college I had a bunch of, hm, lets say anti-Zionist symbols on stickers, posted them across the college, then went to the, hm, Zionist organization meeting on campus, acted like a "concerned" Zionist watched them all fume, and, silently, laughed my head off. The Zionists never did find out who was responsible.
Your article brings back memories.

Anonymous said...


Take a look at this right-wing, capitalist, Israeli, Zionist website which proposes readers to read Pro-Zionism, Pro-Capitalism books:

Read this article about the Pro-Evil Zionism books

January 14, 2009

2008's must read books on Israel & Zionism

By Moshe Phillips

There should be little doubt that when Israel's defensive actions in Gaza have ceased, that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton will start to pressure Israel to surrender land in an intensely determined manner. Pro-Israel activists should take note of how intensely the world media focused their sites on Israel and make sure that they are ready for the next, inevitable phase of pro-Islamic propaganda.

With the above in mind, here is a brief survey of some of the best books on Israel, Zionism and Islamic terrorism you may have missed in 2008.

The Aaronsohn Saga (By Shmuel Katz)

The late Shmuel Katz's last book was about the Jewish NILI intelligence network that aided the British against the Ottomans during World War One in the Land of Israel. The remarkable story of these Zionist heroes and their pure sacrifices is exciting as well as emotional. Most of the young group lost their lives. Here Katz allowed a nearly 100 year old story of bravery to be accessed by today's readers. A comprehensive history of NILI had never been written and Katz's final years were occupied with this noble deed. Katz, a former legislator in Israel's Knesset and a longtime leader of Israel's nationalist camp, passed away in Israel in early May 2008 at the age of 93.

The Bielski Brothers (By Peter Duffy)

The 2008 movie Defiance has portrayed Tuvia Bielski and his brothers, Zus and Asael as the heroes they were. The Bielskis led the Jewish/Zionist effort that rescued 1,200 fellow Jews from the Nazis and started a partisan brigade that battled the German Wehrmacht. 2003's book The Bielski Brothers: The True Story of Three Men Who Defied the Nazis, Built a Village in the Forest, and Saved 1,200 Jews was written by Peter Duffy. Duffy's book did much to bring the heroism of the Bielski brothers to the wider audience that they so rightly deserve.

The First Tithe (By Dr. Israel Eldad, translated by Zev Golan)

The late Dr. Israel Eldad's memoirs of Israel's battle for independence titled The First Tithe (Ma'aser Rishon) were published in English for the first time in 2008. Eldad originally published this volume of memoirs, primarily about his experiences as a leader in the Zionist underground, in Israel in Hebrew in 1950. The new English edition has been published by the Tel Aviv based Jabotinsky Institute. Eldad's book covers the period between 1938 and 1948. The final part of Eldad's First Tithe contains his penetrating analysis of the early history of the Israeli Army. He covers the failure of Israeli Army to capture Jerusalem's Old City in 1948, the decision of the LEHI to disband and integrate into the Israeli Army and the brutal attack on the Irgun arms ship Altalena by the Israeli Army. Zev Golan's translation brings Eldad's distinctive voice to English successfully. No easy task.

Hamas vs. Fatah (By Jonathan Schanzer)

Hamas vs. Fatah: The Struggle For Palestine by Jewish Policy Center staffer Jonathan Schanzer is another must read on the Islamic terrorist groups that are focused daily on the destruction of Israel. Schanzer's conclusions can be disagreed with but his survey of the history of Islamic terror is top-notch.

Schmoozing with Terrorists (By Aaron Klein)

Philadelphia, Pa. native Aaron Klein is the Jerusalem bureau chief In his short career he has developed an uncanny talent for developing top-level sources within Islamic terrorist groups. Klein's Schmoozing with Terrorists: From Hollywood to the Holy Land, Jihadists Reveal Their Global Plans — To a Jew! is a unique read. Schmoozing with Terrorists provides readers with a portrait of how terrorists really think that has not been unveiled before.

Shackled Warrior (By Caroline Glick)

Caroline Glick's The Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad has been praised by both Benjamin Netanyahu and Natan Sharansky. And the praise is deserved. Glick "gets it." Perhaps better than anyone else writing today Glick articulates that peace is just not possible for Israel while her foes want nothing less than her total annihilation. Glick correctly points out that security must take precedence over peace. Her takes on the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism, a nuclear Iran and the West's oil dependence are all spot on.

The Silent Jihad (By Robert Spencer)

American children are being brainwashed by textbooks paid for by Saudi petro-dollars. Students are being given a sanitized version of the bloody history of Islam. Robert Spencer reveals this and much more in his 2008 book, The Silent Jihad: How Radical Islam is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs. Spencer's book explains how the Jihadists have already won in Europe and are on their way to winning in America. Ten of the most widely used textbooks in U.S. middle schools and high schools "present an incomplete and confected view of Islam that misrepresents its foundations and challenges to international security" says Spencer. This book is a must read.

These books are all well worth reading and anyone who needs a better understanding of the Middle East should be encouraged to read them. The fight for Israel on the battlefield of ideas will be more intense in 2009. Catch up on your reading and get ready.

© Moshe Phillips

Anonymous said...

I have just listened to a speech at the General Assembly by Father Brockmann the current President
See link
He was MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you get the chance for a replay - listen.
Can any of you clever people find an E mail address for this gentleman.
I want to send a message of support. He really said it as it is.
No sucking up to zionists, no sucking up to power.
Direct, straight and an absolute indictment of the Zionist scum and their supporters.
Of course as a Nicuaguan he knows first hand what repression and the US corporist power really means.

Anonymous said...

Ah Les my boy, I knew you were one of those power of belief guys. I too am a big "believer" in belief. I don't think there is anything as powerful in human culture as a belief. The things that humans have done because of a belief stagger the concious mind. We as a race have cut the hearts out of thousands of our fellow men, and showed it to them still beating. We have burned people alive, skinned them alive, hacked them to pieces, raped and murdered little children, extincted many animal species and hunted and tortured many more, and are in the process of killing our planet, all based on some belief. We used to drag women to stakes, and burn them alive because someone sold us on the belief that withces were real. We have perpetuated war and poverty and sickness and hunger and genocide with nothing other than the belief that those things will always be. Bottom line, is that we, humans, create what we believe, either through concious or subconcious effort, or in most cases, by taking no action at all. The rape by the powers that be of the masses continues because the masses don't believe they can do anything to stop it.

Unfortunatly, as you have pointed out, most are too stupid to think and chew gum at the same time, and as such, are suseptable to the propaganda they are bombarded with through their TVs, radios and newspapers. They still believe their government and the people in charge have their best interest at heart, they believe what they see on TV, hear on the radio, and what they read in the newspaper. They still believe in witches. That's the bad news.

The good news is that it would work the other way too, if people were programmed to change what they believe. If the powers that be began a policy of convincing the masses that poverty and hunger were things we could do away with, that these things could be eliminated from our society, and were able to focus human attention on those goals, they would simply happen. It's just like playing catch. You focus on who you are throwing the ball to, and your body automatically goes through the mechanics, without concious thought, and the ball hits the mark.

All of the evils that plague mankind could be eliminated through this process, but unfortunatly for the masses there is no profit in it. The criminals that run life on this planet control the belief making machinery, and they just don't promote a belief that there is no profit in. Sure, some of us know the power of belief, so we go to all lengths to make certain that our beliefs are built on truth and knowledge, but the masses, not so much. What Les and others have suggested is a good idea, but I fear that the truth, in this case, will just be another chain letter, that for lack of belief, just dies once it gets beyond those of us in the choir.

No one would like a V for vendetta moment more than I, and were there one I'd push my way to the front, but from what I have learned about people from watching for the last 50 years, I will not be holding my breath. Once again Les, thanks for the food for thought. I'll probably be snacking on it the rest of the day. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Ah, now we are actually putting some plans on paper - good. Some places to put stickers / stamps: on the gas pumps, in all corporate bathroom stalls, on buses, on bus stops, on speed limit signs, in and around any government building, on fast food drive thru menus, within the aisles of Safeway / Walmart etc. Also time to start "gifting" anything capable of transmitting frequencies with Don Croft orgone producing stuff or similar. Time to stop paying taxes and any and all citations and tickets. Time to start defacing all CCTVs, regardless of purpose. Time to start "altering" your electricity / gas / water meters in your favour (I drilled a small hole in my electricity meter and stick in a nail to jam the little rotating part). Time to start asking policemen / lawyers / government people if they are Freemasons and which lodge they belong to. Time to start using different license plates / phone numbers / e-mails / identities / addresses / photo ID (latest hot site Once one starts to do these simple tasks its amazing how good one feels. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Now I am feeling alive! Can't say what I am doing but it feels great! thanks Les!


Visible said...

The amount of requests for the book is staggering. It appears that I'm missing some people while filling the requests; maybe I'm forgetting now and then to actually include the book (grin) or it gets by me or whatever. If you made a request and didn't get it then resubmit it and don't worry about deadlines. All the Saturday thing is about is probably that I won't be mentioning it again.

Do remember to write your review at Amazon though. It's all I ask... good, bad, indifferent... it's all fine.

Mark Glenn has written one of the most powerful essays that I have ever read. Except for a particular sentence that specifies a percentile (possibly the result of understandable anger and sorrow at what is taking place) it is one of the more powerful indictments I've ever read.

Bloodshed In Gaza and Beyond–Israel’s National Orgasm

Anonymous said...

What, are you saying he should have said 100% muhahahah ha eh hmm, sorry jk

Seriously though, very powerful essay indeed.

Anonymous said...

Actually here is an example of beautiful people, and they are Israelis. And they are against the occupation.

Visible said...

Got it in one.

No... I have to go by my experience and I have meet some remarkable Jews who have consistently been good guys over decades that I have known them. Some of them have gone to far as to contribute to saving my ass. I call them as I see them.

Grantland said...

I think the Jews will nuke the inauguration and initiate Armageddon from there. That's why they've been holding back on their killing orgy in Gaza.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think those twisted zionazi creeps can't get any more vile, they go and bomb the UN HQ in Gaza with white phosphorus. Even Contains No News (CNN) felt obliged to take an exceedingly rare venture into the realm of truth by actually reporting it.

m_astera said...

As I see it, the main purpose of the Gaza show is demonstrate to the governments and peoples of the world that they are helpless to do anything to stop whatever TPTB wish to do.

Graphic demonstration: We can do anything we like and you can't do anything about it.

Visible said...

All I can say to that Michael is that someone is in for a big surprise.

Visible said...

People, I feel stupid having to say this and I hope it doesn't come off the wrong way but there's no easy way to do this so I'm just going to wing it.

A number of people have apologized to me because they couldn't send me any money. Hey... you don't have to send me money... ever. I don't need it. I am provided for. I do these things for free because that is my job. I am lucky that I don't want much because I don't have much, materially speaking but I have a home and a car and plenty of food and I don't feel like I lack anything. Money is no kind of answer for life.

I like money okay and people do send me money and I am grateful for that but I don't expect it and I'm not looking for it. I have the sneaking suspicion that not too long from now I'm going to have more money than I know what to do with so don't be troubled on my account.

I even took the Paypal mention off of my site because it annoyed me. This isn't to say that people who do want to send me money shouldn't. Dont' get the wrong idea (grin) but that's the last thing on my mind. My main concern is to not displease my creator. Everything else is secondary to that.

Let's hear no more about this because I do hear it more than I want to and it makes me want to send you money and I can't do that either.

I'm a simple guy with simple tastes and I would do everything I do for free anyway. I always have it seems like but there are rewards past telling in this kind of a modus operandi and I like it that way.

So... hopefully that is cleared up.

Anonymous said...


Actually, I look forward to moneyless society. (Star Trek anyone?). I worked on a friends furnace today and she asked me how much I charged. I laughed. Between friends, money is meaningless.

The evil in the world is showing its head way to much. Just like a vampire, they will melt in the light. Looking forward to it.



m_astera said...

Senor Visible, you misunderstood me if you thought I meant that they would get away with it. What I posted there is the nano-version that I guess was too nano.

I was actually responding to NOTA's comment about something going on that we are not "getting".

It's a psychological scam. The slightly expanded version is that the evil ones can only have power over us as long as they can convince us that we are helpless animals descended from apes in a mechanical universe (the science version of helpless sinners who will burn in hell without the pre-designated savior).

I happen to know that we are a whole lot more than that with access to some very powerful energies whenever we decide to wake the fuck up and use them. Obviously those seeking world domination and the enslavement of humanity don't want us to wake up and realize who and what we really are.

The central theme of all of the fear mongering going down, from comet storms to global warming to atomic war to terrorist attacks is that they are all things we are powerless to do anything about, all scenarios to keep us in a constant state of fear and helplessness.

It's sort of like the old Bugs Bunny cartoon where Daffy Duck falls off a cliff and Bugs says "I hope he remembers he can fly". :)

BTW, I would do everything I do for free as well. Matter of fact I pretty much do, but I have a lot of fun doing it.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of years from now, some curious inhabitants are seen, sweating and chiseling away at some archaeological dig site, and they discovered some evidence of an ancient civilization. It appeared there was some odd form of intelligent life on the planet, a long long time ago. And one student discovered something quite extraordinary. This faded green rectangular piece of paper, and a mans head in the center of this paper, with numbers and funny words.

And after years of evaluation they realized; this funny paper was responsible for the entire collapse of mankind. billions of people wiped out, and it all was traced back to this one simple invention humans came up with. It seemed like a great idea at first. But all the evidence showed that people went mad for this paper, and killed and cheated and foamed at the mouth for it. And, they discovered, some people were better at getting it than others. And those people went mad first, and started a chain reaction that destroyed the world.

So the students hid their discovery, and never told their teachers what they found.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they think stress (wars, depressions, famine, disease) is needed for mans continued evolution. If life is too good, people will undergo de-evolution and not evolve.

Of course, they might just be psychopaths who think the majority of us compared to them are what neanderthals were to homo-sapiens, and so they are helping us on the way to extinction.

Maybe a combination of the 2.

They might be right. The qualities man needed to survive in the pre-industrial age are far different than today. Machines have reduced the need for people to produce that which they need, yet population keeps growing, so we create jobs where people produce nothing but paper or electronic credits.

Wars are inefficient ways of reducing populations since they kill off some of the better genetic stock. But famine, poverty, denial of health care to those who can not afford it, and slaughtering poor people in occupied territories tend to get rid of inferior genetic stock while those who can survive have the right stuff and are allowed to immigrate to developed countries.

My bet it is a eugenics program. Of course, enslavement of those who remain can not be ruled out, and the culling may accelerate once they take total control. Hence the push for DNA databases.

Anonymous said...

Why not print some thought-provoking stickers that can be pasted at eye level on the inside of tolit-stall doors or above urinals? Everyone has to use the John, and there is nowhere else to look except at the door or wall one is facing. In most cases this could be done anonymously.

m_astera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

It is so good to view a site from someone else who has awakened from the illusion of this culture.



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