Friday, January 9, 2009

When the Truth is Anti-Semitic.

Thinking about what to say and not having much success is where I am today. Most of the time, I am preaching to the converted here as the commentary shows. Seldom do I ever get any negative responses and we are starting to average over a hundred comments per entry. That’s a mystery to me. Out of old habit, I often will post these essays at this site where I seldom get any positive comments. The people there are mostly professionals. There are doctors and lawyers and business owners. They are all Americans except for a scattering of Canadians.

Here I am considered an anti-Semitic. This is because the truth is anti-Semitic and if you are going to tell the truth that is what you are labeled as. Criticism of Israelis and Zionist Jews is not welcome. It wouldn’t matter what evil they may do. It is okay. Many of the people at this site are as murderous as the Israelis. They joke about the murders or they talk in convoluted circles about how complex it all is. In any case... none of it is Israel’s fault. This item in the MSM today says it all. What can anyone say to justify such evil? Nothing... there is nothing you can say.

The people at this forum believe that Bin Laden is still alive. They believe that a handful of Stone Age Arabs attacked The World Trade Center. They believe six million Jews were executed in Germany while the death count at Auschwitz was lowered from over four million to one million. They deny the testimony of the men who were hired to build gas chambers at death camps after the war. This is truth and the truth is anti-Semitic.

I don’t know how many died in camps or how they died. What I do know is that someone is lying and the lies that are being told are for the justification of terrible behavior in the aftermath by the survivors. I also know that Jewish lives are no more important than gentile lives. I also know that Zionist Jewish interests were responsible for more deaths in Russia and The Ukraine than ever died in Germany and Poland. I know this. This is true and it is anti-Semitic.

At this forum I mentioned, no one has been able to refute me. They can insult me and slander me but they can’t alter the truth of what I say. I have no need to post my work there. I receive more traffic at this blog than that entire forum. People from all over the world come to this blog and they know that the things I am saying here in this essay and the things I have said in the past are true. These are informed people. I have one of the most intelligent audiences on the internet. Some portion of them could do what I do equally as well. I post at that forum because they need to hear what I say. They may seethe. Their heads may catch fire as the hot coals of denial burn their minds but... they can’t argue with what I say.

Recently I mentioned that Jews were involved in the slave trade. There was a hue and a cry because I referenced a book from The Nation of Islam. The question is, is it true? Is it true? Yes it is true but they don’t want to hear it. Anyone who has watched the movies of the last century can see how Jewish interests in Hollywood portrayed black people. They made them as google-eyed step’n fetchits. Intelligent black academics know this. They know who the slumlords are and were and they know about many of the business industries that have profited from the black economy in their neighborhoods. I don’t want to know these things but... is it true?

I am a novelist and a singer songwriter. I’m not much of a musician but I can write and sing... yes, I can dance too. I have committed career suicide by telling the truth and asking uncomfortable questions. No doubt as my star continues to rise... as I have been told it is going to... I will be the object of focused opprobrium and find my words manipulated into something other than what they said and intend. There is nothing I can do about this.

I’ve lived around Jews for much of my life. I have lived in the highest concentration of Jews in America for much of my life. I have decades old friendships with Jews and I am a supporter of the True Torah Jews and Neutera Karta. At no time will I ever say that all Jews are evil as I know that it is not true. What it is is that some very evil people happen to be Jews. Some of them happen to be Christians too. I’m going to tell the truth and ask the difficult questions and I don’t care what you think about me.

When I think of the Jews I think of that nursery rhyme; “There was a little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead and when she was good she was very, very good and when she was bad she was horrid.” That says it all.

If I had one major criticism to make about Jews today I would say that I am very disappointed that they are not speaking out against the murders... the lies... the revisionism of history... the prosecution of people who question what ‘appears’ to be untrue. Sooner or later you are going to pay for having allowed some bad apples to poison the barrel. It is your duty as a human being to speak out against injustice and if you can’t clean your own house you shouldn’t be cleaning anyone else’s house.

Jews make up 2% of the American public and .0025 of the world’s population yet... they control major industries that affect the entire world. They didn’t do this by being smarter than the average goy. They did this by having access to the money supply and by using it to advance their interests and to suppress the interests of others. It is a very simple thing to follow the money and to see who is printing it. We are all being victimized by counterfeiters and it’s got to stop before the world’s outrage begins to focus on those who are committing the offense and which will certainly include all Jews which it should not. Unless Jews speak up and call these psychopaths on their activities they are digging their own grave with their silence.

Personally, I don’t think in terms of color... creed... sex or national origin. I take people as I find them. When I hear that Palestinians are launching rockets into the lands that once belonged to them from land that is presently disappearing under their feet, I say to myself that they have every right to do this. Israel has no rights. They stole these lands in the first place and are stealing more with each passing day. My heart is one hundred percent with the Palestinians and not at all with Israel.

Israelis watch the carnage through binoculars and toast one another and cheer. A very large majority of Israel supports this vicious murder of children. They have the most sophisticated weapons on Earth and they prey upon their neighbors relentlessly. They caused the Afghanistan and Iraq wars which they performed with American gentile lives while wiping out over a million people. This is true and I suspect it is also anti-Semitic.

I am determined to tell the truth. If you can show me that I am not telling the truth then I will discover this new truth and begin to speak that instead. I have been imprisoned before for telling the truth and I have no fear of it. This life of mine is a temporary thing and I would prefer to spend it on what I consider useful to others whatever the personal cost may be. I know that I am eternal so all anyone can possibly succeed at in silencing me will only involve a change of clothes and furthermore, free me to a more rarified plane.

Those good Jews who are on this planet had better wake up to the evil being done in their name and cry out against it. When the backlash comes they may not be distinguishable from their vicious kindred in the darkness. To be called anti-Semitic in these times amounts to a badge of honor for so few of us dare to speak the truth and question the lies. We are all one body. We should act accordingly.

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Kevenj said...

"Some of them happen to be Christians too."

Right on.Rev. Hagee comes to mind @ once. I would personally enjoy sending that over-fed sweating pile of blub to see Jesus face-to-face.

Within the spirit of our friendly money controllers modus operandi:

Tax his land,
Tax his bed,
Tax the table
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Tax his tractor,
Tax his mule,
Teach him taxes
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Tax his work,
Tax his pay,
He works for peanuts anyway!

Tax his cow,
Tax his goat,
Tax his pants,
Tax his coat.

Tax his ties,
Tax his shirt,
Tax his work,
Tax his dirt.

Tax his tobacco,
Tax his drink,
Tax him if he
Tries to think.

Tax his cigars,
Tax his beers,
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Tax his tears.

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Then tax his coffin,
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Anonymous said...

Isn't this the problem Les; professional people are indoctrinated for a longer period of time than the average wtp and of course if they have followed the company line they have 'more to lose'.
With ignorant, insecure and frightened people peer pressure also influences- we’s all want to belong, pretties, doesn’t we’s.

Visible said...

Outstanding Kikz!!!

I knew she was going to be okay.

psychegram said...

Y'know, I've been mentioning some of these little inconvenient truths around to people I know, testing the waters as it were. Some react just as you say, exploding in rage with epithets like racist and anti-semite. Not a lot, mind you, and though maybe that's just a reflection of the sorts of people I tend to associate with awareness of these things is definitely growing.

You can tell a lot about the opposition from the names they choose to give you. Think of 'truther': a name that implies derisively an obsession with 'truth' as such. Only in our age could such a thing be considered bad. And what of 'denier', first of the Holocaust variety, and later 'Global Warming'? Being a Holocaust denier was a terrible thing, but the term's been watered down by it's application to those who question bullshit science that people are for the most part much less emotionally involved with than they are with the Holocaust. I wonder if Holocaust denier might truly one day become a counter-cultural badge of honor? Stranger things have happened. Or perhaps 'denier' itself and alone should become the term du jour: not just the truthers who seek the truth, but the deniers who hack away at the lies. It's not a mutually exclusive thing, for truth and denial are two edges of the same blade; only the emphasis differs, but emphasis is important. You have to know when to emphasize the one, when to utilize the other. Lose that essential balance, turn denial against truth, and the only possible result is a lie.

So, we are truthers because we demand the truths that have been hidden away from us, and deniers because we deny the lies that hide them. For both we are hated and feared, but by those names we must be known because in some things even They cannot lie.

Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong.

Our enemies are the rich and powerful no matter their religion or ethnicity. True there are rich and powerful Jewish people who use their own people's trust and feelings of solidarity to cheat them and hurt others. These rich Jewish people feel no more for their Jewish victims than Madoff did.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Semitic? It's the Israelis who are!!! "The OrAigin Of The Jewish Peoples" by Shlomo Sand has been a bestselling book recently in Israel. Professor Sand claims that today's Palestinians are the descendents of the original Jews who stayed in the Holy Land, and that the forefathers of most Jews converted to Judaism in different parts of the world. The largest group of these are the Khazars where a whole country converted around the year 800 on order of their king. Consequently, only 5 - 8% of Jews are Semites, the others are not, whereas 95% of Palestinians are Semites. So, who really is anti-Semitic? And, moreover, not only in words, but committing genocide?

Anonymous said...

First of all Visible, that is remarkable work. You are without a doubt the most inspired and truthful person writing today.

Secondly, you have mentioned that website several times and you know there are plenty more where they came from so you must have a reason for putting it up. Is it because you want us to show up there and let them have it? That is what I think and it is not a bad idea. We could literally bomb them the way Israel is bombing Gaza.

I don't know what you really intended with that but you are hitting new highs with your words. I have not seen such passion wedded with truth before.


Visible said...

You are correct sir thank you for the accolades but I don't deserve them. I'm a horse with a rider. You should thank the rider. The rider is responsible for the behavior and direction of the horse.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

It reminds me
immediately of the dilemma that Reinhard Heydrich had at Lidice, Czechoslovakia during World War II.
The resistance was embedded into the local populace so the best expedient thing
to do was to raze the entire town of Lidice...Hmm, I see a parallel don't you? I
predict that the Israeli's will do the same thing and our black fearless leader will say absolutely NOTHING! Why? Because his dual
citizenship handlers say so. Not only will Barack not say anything, the Media in
this country will be silent as well. Heck, they may even run a few Holocaust
shows on the Boob Toob just to poke and prod the population to remind what the
ground rules really are and where our loyalties should lie.
Don't you find it funny that the operators of the wrecking ball in this economy
are ALL Jews; Madoff, Bernanke, etc.. I find that Ironic.
Since I have brought up the whole issue, you can go ahead and call me
antisemitic. Anymore, I take it as a compliment for being perceptive. Even
though technically, Anti Semitism is a misnomer. First off the only semites in
the game are the Palestinian's. Second of all, the Israeli's are mostly Khazar's
and have NO Semitic blood in their veins. The only true Jews that are living in
Israel are the Sephardi Jews. Most of them are Ethiopian and are hated and
despised by the whiter Jewish (Khazar) populace.
I predict that given the time that we are living, antisemitism will become fashionable and Chic. As the recession
unfolds and the depression takes over, we will see a repeat of history. The
repeat of 1933 Germany emerging from the Weimar Depression. Rumor on the
internet now is that Madoff funneled Billions to Israeli banks with a little
help from all his friends. If that is true or if the masses interpret it to be
true (because the mainstream media would NEVER report it) then what I am stating
WILL come to fruition.
Anyway, keep up the good fight and I will continue to read your site.

Anonymous said...

Obama's presidential caddillac is a monster tank nicknamed or better known to the secret service folks as the 'beast' as in the mark of the beast.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your post. Even more so about the Slave Trade. It's a very touchy subject that most want to sweep under the rug. The Zionist Jews financed the event (slavery) for the white plantation owners in the south. Many may disagree, but Truth is Truth.

So please keep writing and sharing your passion... The world must know the Truth.

In addition, here is something that your readers REALLY NEED TO CHECK OUT:

Anonymous said...

Why are out leaders and media silent to the atrocities taking place in the world?

This could be the reason:

Anonymous said...

George in Toronto
Major problem is that Jews are good at bribing and lying--using money to make lot's of money and worse killing people to get what they want. The author never mentions that WWI WWII would never have happened,if the Jewish religion was made a criminal punishable crime.If they are not stopped--WWIII is just around the corner.Sad part is--not many of them will take part and still after the killings--additional rants of 6 million Jews had been made into soap.
Cher's song tells it all--Cher - Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves

Anonymous said...

Former Amb. Martin Indyk vs. Author Norman Finkelstein: A Debate on Israel’s Assault on Gaza and the US Role in the Conflict

yesterday i watched the Democracy Now show with Amy Goodman on Free Speech TV and there was an ex-Israel ambassador to US (Martin Indik). And he got all aggressive, and angry against Norman Finkelstein (an anti-zionist thinker) and the Israeli Ambassador got real angry at Amy Goodman and stuff for inviting Norman Finklestein to the show.

Here is a small preview of that show:

Former Amb. Martin Indyk vs. Author Norman Finkelstein: A Debate on Israel’s Assault on Gaza and the US Role in the Conflict.

The Israeli assault on Gaza is entering its thirteenth day. Some 700 Palestinians have been killed, with many thousands more wounded, and a humanitarian crisis is mounting. Ten Israelis have died, four by “friendly fire.” A ceasefire has not been reached, and the offensive continues. We host a debate between Martin Indyk, the former US ambassador to Israel and Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs during the Clinton administration, director of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution and author of, Innocent Abroad: An Intimate Account of American Peace Diplomacy in the Middle East, and Norman Finkelstein, author of several books, including The Holocaust Industry, Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict and Beyond Chutzpah. [includes rush transcript]


Anonymous said...

Les, I recently posted a comment in response to an article in the Washington Post, by a woman named Lisa Miller. She is one of many pro israeli trolls at the Post, and was trying to deflect attention to jewish involvment in the current financial crisis by suggesting that there are many non jewish people in the financial industry as well. Your differenciation between most of the jewish people and the criminal zionists, for lack of a more accurate term, reminded me of my response, for which I was immediatly remanded to the anti semetic penalty box.

My comment was,
after all, so many of the people responsible for our current economic collapse -- at legitimate investment banks, for example -- have been non-Jews. What do you think?Sorry Ms Miller but, as you well know, many more of those bankers and financiers ARE jewish. The fundamental economic problem in the world is the Federal Reserve Bank, and is almost exclusivly owned by jews. More to the point, they are zionist jews, who hold more alleigence to israel than to america. Unfortunatly it is the zionist israelies that are the problem, because they think it is their god given right to control the world. However they know that they don't have enough people to conquer overtly, so they use stealth. That is they work themselvs into positions of influence, in government, the media and financial institutions, and not only help create pro israeli policy wihtin our government, they use their control of the MSM to sell their lies to the american people, you know like your article. The gorilla in the room however is the federal reserve, which pro israeli jews use to leach enormous wealth out of america. Almost a trillion dollars a year goes directly to the jewish owners of the federal reserve bank, tax free. But israel is biting off more than it can chew, and their blatant oppression of the palestinians is tearing the ficade of "victim" off of the israeli jews, and the world is seeing them for what they are. Oppressors, occupiers and murderers, but this cannot be put under the heading of "anti semetic". Israel is a country, not a religion, and as such has policies and an agenda that have nothing to do with the jewish religion. What you are seeing, and trying to head off with articles like this one, is anti israelism. You, along with all the other pro israeli trolls in the media are still trying to avoid critisism of israel by hiding it behind "anti semitism". It's not going to work anymore, and if jewish people around the world wish to avoid backlash for what the zionists are doing, they and you, had better start putting some philosophical distance between them and you now.

Like you I believe that if the jews do not want to face a situation like they faced in germany, where the many were punished for the sins of the few, they had better start speaking up and out about what is happening in Gaza. As I said the veil is being torn away and the hidious face of israel is being seen. This is sort of the jewish version of the spanish inquisition, that is attrocities being committed for which all jews will be held accountable. I cannot believe they can't see it comming.

Anonymous said...

One of the modern facts of life is that whole nations can be hijacked by evil people. We have examples of it in Germany, Russia, China, Argentina, Israel, even the United States in the last eight years. One of the common threads in this kind of hijacking is the seizure of control over the nation's media.

You point out here that Jews have access to the money supply. The evil Jews (not all of them) also control the nation's media. If you control the nations pursestrings and the nation's mind, you have total control over that nation.

I have read the Protocols of Zion because I thought it was Jews who wrote it, but I saw nothing really Jewish in it other than the Jewish contempt for 'goyim'. The main current in the Protocols is Satanic (evil) dressed up as Jewish.

Jews are like the citizens of any other country. They can be hoodwinked. Often it is by their fellow Jews. Take Israel for example. That country has a much freer media than the United States. The Israelis have access to a much wider range of viewpoints than do Americans. Yet they still believe the Zionist rulers of Israel in just about everything, because they have been trained to think of 'what's good for the Jews' rather than 'what's good for everybody'. And the Zionists tell them what's good for the Jews, and they believe it. They believe what the Zionists are doing in Gaza is good for the Jews. They believe it is good for the Jews that America is controlled by Jews (Zionist Jews, really). How is that different from Americans believing that 'We are the world's best country?' It's all a product of a giant deception by some really evil people who have hijacked the world. And they keep control of it by deception. Goebbels once said that the lie can only be maintained as long as the people are shielded from the consequences of that lie. I think that once people discover they are being lied to, the jig will be up. That may be happening now. The real key isn't that they control the money supply, but that they control the public mind through the media.

The way around this is to use a medium they do not completely control, which is what you do--you use the Internet. They will control that too one day. Look at China and Australia, and eventually what those countries have will be global censorship of all opposing ideas, and then what will exist by the Satanic controllers of the earth will be 'full spectrum dominance'. Don't you love the bureaucratic phraseology that characterizes their language? This is what corrupts the mind of the average person--that when they hear this bureauspeak, they don't instantly dismiss it as a total manipulation, and therefore as bullshit. That is the extent of the control of the public mind globally.

Thank you sir for your efforts to expose this manipulation. We should all have as good a BS detector as you do.


Anonymous said...

The Jewish conspiracy nonsense is just that, nonsense. Israel is committing war crimes, that's for sure. But much greater war crimes have been committed by the US government in Iraq -- in an illegal war that was promoted and executed by WASPs - Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush. Many, many more people have died in Iraq than in Gaza. Indeed, self-avowed Christian George W. Bush is widely reported to have said that "God told" him to invade Iraq. Should we blame the Protestants? I assume you are a Christian. Perhaps I should blame you?

The fact is that Jews overwhelmingly voted AGAINST George W. Bush in both elections and American Jews have disproportionately been OPPOSED to the Iraq War from the start.

I have many friends and relatives who are Jews, and many of them are very successful. This isn't because they get on secret weekly conference call with the Federal Reserve to discuss where the money supply is going. It's because they work very hard, highly value education, embrace the importance of family, and frankly, many have extremely high native intelligence.

If anything, US Jews are guilty of silence for not criticizing what is going on in Gaza right now. But so are the hundreds of millions of Americans who remain silent about the much greater war crimes committed by their own government.

This is the pot calling the kettle black if I've ever seen it.

Anonymous said...

excellent blog, i have got to salute you for your truthfulness, at a time when news corporations are not revealing the truth in full. keep on doing this good work, and may us all become as courageous as you in spreading the truth to everyone.

john regan said...

the truth is the one great man said do un others as thay would do by you.keep up the good work.JR

Anonymous said...

I just read a blog on another sight. The individual had a great idea. Write on the edge of each bill (Federal Reserve Note)web sights like this, or Then when you spend the worthless paper, we will at least get something for our effort. Cheap avertisement!!! Got to wake up the masses. Why not use the system?

Anonymous said...

With apologies to the Rolling Stones. Great song, just needed a little update.
Still being puzzled by what you see and believe on CNN and FOX?

Shame on you.


Please allow me to introduce myself
Im a people of wealth and taste
Ive been around since I created hate
Stole many a Americans soul and faith
And I was round when jesus christ
Had his moment of doubt and pain
Made damn sure that pilate
Washed his hands and sealed his fate

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
But whats puzzling you
Is the nature of my game

I stuck around Palestine
When I saw it was a time for a change
Killed the Arabs and their families
Their kids screamed in vain
I rode a tank
Held a Defense Ministers rank
When the Gaza blitzkrieg raged
And the bodies stank

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name, oh yeah
Ah, whats puzzling you
Is the nature of my game, oh yeah

I watched with glee
While your soldiers and marines
Fought my wars
In AIPAC's name and your shame
I shouted out,
Who killed the kennedys?
When after all
It was you and me

Let me please introduce myself
Im a nation of wealth and taste
And I laid traps for Bedouins
Who get killed before they reached Tripoli Bay

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
But whats puzzling you
Is the nature of my game, oh yeah, get down, baby

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
But whats confusing you
Is just the nature of my game

Just as every Zionist is a criminal
And all the dead Palestinians saints
As heads is tails
Just call me Israel
cause Im in need of some restraint

So if you meet me
Have some courtesy
Have some sympathy, and some taste
Use all your well-learned politesse
Or Ill lay your soul to waste, um yeah

Anonymous said...

I too love your writing. You are an elegant man Les.

However, I will never remain in the same room as a Jew again, ever. Any Jew I encounter will have to assure me that he or she has repudiated Judaism absolutely before I will be prepared to inhabit the same space or breath the same air.

What is happening to the People of Palestine is unforgivable and I will not forgive it, not ever.

Judaism, NOT just "zionism" is a foolish, quite insane ideology anyway. It is not exactly a religion, so far as I can see there is nothing transcendent about it at all. It is a materialistic and entirely political ideology, invented for political purposes by the evil Levites, nothing more. There surely were successful in establish a totalitarian and ruthless system on their poor wretched flock - who wer stupid enough to actually believe that they were "chosen" by "G-d", whoever that is supposed to be.

Actually, their idea of God is NOT the same as the universal Great Spirit, Buddha Nature, Universal God of All. He is no more than a tribal god and a very unpleasant character too.

Anyone who believes (or likes to believe) that they are separate, different, superior and divine while all the rest of Humanity is some wretched creature called a "goy" is obviously quite mad.

On top of all that they behave with unbelievable cruely, spiteful, vindictive and vicious and beastial.
I detest them all and I could not care less about whether they call me antisemtic!

I am pro semitic. The Palestinian People are semitic - these Jews are mostly NOT semitic at all and they have, with their usual cunning - how good they are at lying - used this word in order to make out that they actually came from the semitic people!
Sly and cunning. David "Ben Gurion" invented the "ben" to make him seem middle eastern - his name was actually David Gruen and he came from Poland.
Instead of "bin" they call themselves "Ben this or that! They fool an awful lot of people a lot of the time. They spend all their time plotting and scheming. I dont think they ever do anything but plot and scheme in order to cheat and steal and hurt Human Beings.

Whoeer reads this should go to or to in order to read the article posted yesterday or the day before by Gilad Atzmon who has repudiated Judaism in every form. He is an intelligent and sane and fine man and what he has to say is amazing - and very shocking. Read it!

D.L. said...

Les, if by "rider" in your post above you mean Christ, I concur! You know I sort of do the same thing you do, challenge "conventional" wisdom on those sorts of sites, especially HuffPo type places that love Israel to death (literally). Others test the waters on neighbors. I have had to do this, and be denounced for this, BY MY OWN HUSBAND! Imagine! Having a shouting match with a life-partner over an injustice because, even though he is a Christian, he considers the lives of Israeli Jews more than the lives of Palestinian Christians!!! which he thinks are in league with Hamas! He did not learn Genesis 12:3 (Hagee's Bible line to defend the indefensible regarding Israel...God tells Abraham "I will bless those who bless your descendants and curse those who curse your descendants..." to mean "I will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel" which of course is intellectually dishonest as well as wrong) from the Bible, but from some old preacher he had. So amidst the shouting match he had the teremity to "warn" me about critisizing "the Jews"! So I said, "what are you gonna do, tell me I'm going to hell for eternity because I support Palestinian Christians?"
Later on, he told me that (as one would expect) I "hate Jews." Even though like you I grew up with them and it is no cliche to say that "some of my best friends were Jewish." Then he told me I should hate Muslims!

This is a Christian person, Les, and I have no doubt that most American Christians would have done the same thing to me as he own husband!

Anonymous said...

I think what we need is a different catagorisation than "Jew", because too many are blinded by the political glare of the term and then revert to knee jerk reflex calls of "racist" and "anti-semite" etc and avoid investigating the growingly obvious problems at hand. And "Tony" makes a good point that the longer the "higher" education, the more the "institutionalisation" of the individual. I should know as I spent 9 additional years becoming a doctor, and the degree of brainwashing is astounding. And when one has so much invested in the illusion, one usually becomes not only party to it, but developer and refiner of it.

Thus, what other term should we use? I use "criminal elite" for good affect, eventhough I know that the vast majority do have Jewish heritage in some capacity, and almost all show allegiance to Israel and zionist ideology either by choice or extreme coercion (which is related to the "tech" that I often discuss). I know this, but it doesn't seem very constructive to point the finger and yell, "Jew!", at this time in history. I also know of the vast Satanic connections, but people also blanch at that one. Pedophilia, human sacrifice, occult practice, vast essoteric understanding and continual warfare has also been apart of this groups modus operandi. Murder, blackmail, usery / indebtedness, lying, stealing and general treachery are their methods to be sure. The Protocols of Zion, the Talmud, the Old Testiment and others all point to the Jews, but those who I refer to existed long before. Even before the conversion of the Khazar tribes to Judaism / Talmudism. Long before Egypt also. As historians have shown, the terms Judaism and Jews never existed historically the way we have been taught. So, who are these people really and what should we call them?

"Illuminati" by definition is good, but by recent connotations and reputation is bad. "Babylonians" or "Decendents of Baal" are too conservative. Evil "Atlanteans" might be accurate, but too much of a myth / fable in too many minds to be useful. Is it a people we are trying to identify, or some dark "force"? Is it a "possession" type of situation, or actual physical people with an established history on this planet? In this sense, the term "Watchers" might be better. Are they a type of energy / blood parasite and thus warranting the term, "Vampires" (note that the pictures of Bela Legosi as the original Dracula show him wearing a Star of David pendant around his neck...)? Are they from off planet (Mars)? Are they "aliens" in some sense of the word? Decendants of literal "Blue Bloods"? Is the term "Nefilim" best? "Annunaki"?

Regardless, something has really gone to extrordinary efforts to control the entire planet, rape it of its resources (including human), and create as much misery and chaos as possible while doing so. In our times, it has been surely under the umbrella of Judaism / Israel / Zionism, but the evil force of which I speak has existed long before those words or even concepts existed. What are we left with, and how should we refer to this force such that more people will understand it and discuss it and eventually deal with it? David Icke has used "Reptilians" either literally or metaphorically, and as much as I think Icke explains the overall picture / problem brilliantly, he has taken massive abuse for such a term and turned people away from the topic. What is left?

May I suggest "The Dark Ones"?


paolocaruso said...

Shalom Les, Thanks for complimenting your readers, however I dont think I write nearly as well and expressively as you. Your star is rising indeed. I love your tune "I love Country Music". And telling the truth as you do, sans opprobium, will eventually pay off, if not make you a journalistic superstar - once the MSM is purged by the masses. Anyway, I look forward to you putting the week into perspective, and you always achieve to do that in quite an enjoyable read. Its actually therapeutic, and I'm sure others will agree. Its great knowing that I am not imagining this outrage upon society on my own, as not too many people around me see what I see. Reading your blog is like letting the steam out on the overheated boiler. grazie mille !!!

Anonymous said...


by Alan Woods

Napoleon said that defeated armies learn well. All the defeats and sacrifices and martyrdoms will serve for nothing unless we are willing to learn from them and turn them to our advantage. If we merely look at the present bloody mess in sentimental and moralistic terms, as is too often the case, we will gain nothing from it. Our task, in the words of the philosopher Spinoza, is: neither weep nor laugh but understand.

Ultimately, both Jews and Arabs must have the right to live in peace and control their own destinies in a homeland of their own. It is easy to state this aim, but not so easy to say how it can be achieved. The so-called Peace Process is dead. There is no doubt it will be revived, but not until the Israeli army has done its bloody work in Gaza thoroughly.

We can predict that after the war there will be one deal after another, and they will break down one after another. None of this will do anything to solve the problems of the Palestinians. Nor will it guarantee security for the people of Israel. However, there is a solution to the Palestinian problem that is neither futile acts of terrorism or diplomatic sell-outs.

The events in Gaza were the spark that fell on a parched prairie. It provoked a wave of mass protests that has shaken all the existing regimes in the Middle East. The revolutionary potential implicit in these movements was instantly recognised by the strategists of Capital. Thus, the Economist wrote: "But unless the current furious street protests spark a region-wide revolution that scares the wits out of Israel and its friends, Hamas will still face the same painful old choice of how to come to terms with an immensely more powerful and equally determined enemy."

These words express the essence of the problem excellently. What do they mean? The intelligent bourgeois understand that the Palestinian question can act as a catalyst for all the accumulated frustration, rage and discontent of the masses in the Middle East. That is why they are continually pleading for peace, ceasefires, agreements and moderation. They can see what the Marxists can see: that a region-wide revolution is implicit in the whole situation. That is the starting point for the success of the Palestinian Revolution, and no other.

The question is posed very clearly by the above lines. The Palestinians are faced by an immensely more powerful and equally determined enemy. The events in Gaza have clearly shown the impossibility of defeating this monster by purely military means. Is there a power that is even stronger and more determined than the power of the state of Israel? Yes, there is such a power. It is the power of the masses, once they are organized and mobilized to fight. Two intifadas have shown that the Palestinian masses are prepared to fight heroically. But in war courage is never enough to win. A clear strategy and tactics, and above all good generals are necessary. In revolutionary terms this means that in order to win, the masses require a revolutionary programme, correct methods and tactics and good leadership. This is what is needed and this is what is lacking.

The present leaders of the Palestinians offer no alternative. Some of the leaders of Fatah in reality would not be sorry to see Hamas liquidated. They have in fact blamed Hamas for the Israeli invasion! This has caused a wave of disgust among ordinary supporters of Fatah and the mass of Palestinians on the West Bank, who are asking why their top leader has adopted such a position while their compatriots are being slaughtered. Arafat, with all his faults, would not have behaved like this. Many Palestinians are drawing the conclusion: "Abbas is a puppet of Israel."

Hamas is hoping to inspire Palestinians in the West Bank to overthrow Fatah. They have not yet succeeded in this. However discredited Abbas may be, Palestinians do not see Hamas as an alternative, though some young people in desperation may turn to it. That would be a tragedy. What is required is not a new generation of suicide bombers seeking revenge and martyrdom, but the construction of a viable mass revolutionary alternative.

The first condition for the future success of the Palestinian revolution lies in the revolutionary overthrow of the reactionary bourgeois regimes of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and then for a settling of accounts with the reactionary Zionist state itself. The whole Arab world is now in a state of ferment. The one thing that is lacking in the situation is a genuine revolutionary leadership, standing on the basic ideas of Marxism-Leninism. That is what is required to find a way out of this bloody quagmire.

In the past there were powerful Communist Parties in the Arab world, which claimed to stand for Marxism-Leninism, although the Stalinist two-stage policies of the leadership led to one defeat after another. Since the fall of the USSR, the old Communist Parties have ceased to exist. But there are many revolutionary cadres who are dissatisfied with the existing political leaderships and are looking for an alternative. It is to these layers, especially the youth, that we address ourselves. That is the only hope for the future.

Those who consider that the people of Israel are one solid reactionary mass understand nothing. If this were the case, then the future of the Palestinians would be hopeless indeed. But it is not true. On more than one occasion the masses in Israel have demonstrated against the brutality of their own imperialists and in solidarity with the Palestinians. Even in this conflict we had the first signs of protest in the recent anti-war demonstration in Tel Aviv. On more then one occasion the Israeli workers have organized strikes and general strikes. The class struggle exists in Israel as in any other country. What is necessary is to intensify it and cut the ground from under the feet of the reactionary Zionists.

The victory of the socialist revolution in a country like Egypt would have important echoes within Israel, especially if it stood on the programme of Leninist internationalism.

The Palestinian question is part of the overall problems faced by the masses throughout the Middle East. The only real perspective for solving the problem is the creation of a Socialist Federation of the peoples of the region, with complete autonomy for Arabs, Jews, Kurds and all other peoples who inhabit this land. The fight for a free and genuinely democratic Palestine will be won as part of the internationalist socialist revolution, or it will not be won at all.

London, January 8, 2009


Anonymous said...

May I suggest a book, available on line, called "The Babylonian Woe." by David Astle. It is the history of the fiat money system - and how it came about.

If we do not throw off the usury system - the eight or so families who own the Bank of England and the Fed and all the central banks are entirely Jewish - there is NO FUTURE. The young growing up now will be literal slaves. Imagine being twenty now. What is ther to look forward to?

They have saddled the US with such enormous debt that it can never be repaid. The children of the children of the children for the rest of time will be enslaved to these usurers. Literally!

Yet, they creat this "money" out of thin air. It is phantom money! They create money out of NOTHING - and then turn round and say You owe so many trillions. Now you will hand over ALL your resources AND you will WORK - forever to pay everything you have to us - and so will your progeny, forever!

And they have been plotting to do this for two and a half thousand years! They are mad and vicious and voracious - like monstrous mad vicious dogs slavering at the mouth and incapable of resting in peace, EVER!
They do not know how to be happy, relaxed, at peace with anyone - NO neighbours will eve be safe next door to them - they hate us ALL! They do not want to mix with Human Beings, for God's sake! Not ANY Human beings.

All their power comes from the usury they practise. This "banking" has to sto and they must pay back everything they have stolen - everything, absolutely everything. They must all be arrested, tried in open court with proper procedure, convicted and punished. It is them or us - or them and our children.

The other MUST read is "The Controversy of Zion." by Douglas Reed. Once one has read that great book one understands what is happening in our World - OUR World and so we will know what has to be done to save civilization and the World. There really is no future unless we do.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right, Les.

There is however one subject you have not mentioned and that is the reason for unwavering support of Jewish-Americans for Israel. Just by analogy to German-American neutrality in WW2, and Irish-American restraint during Northern Ireland's secessionist movement, the Jewish support seems an anomaly. There has to be reason for it other than simple ethnic sentiment. Neither Chomsky, Finkelstein nor Tony Judd ever mention it.

Only fleetingly had alluded that the main reason for the powerful to tow Israeli line is the promise of a secure and accepting Jewish haven. This is reflected in Israeli immigration and extradition laws. Also in it's banking laws. A test of which should come when Bernie Madoff's clients will try to recover some of their losses. But then we may never find out.

Anonymous said...

Chomsky made an interesting observation saying, propaganda is focused on two distinct groups. First the the political class. This group comprise about 20% of the population and are somewhat educated, somewhat articulate, professionals. They play some kind of role in decision making Social activities, managers, teachers, writers, and they are supposed to vote etc...Their consent is crucial. This is one group that has to be deeply indoctrinated.
The second group comprise about 80% whose main function is to follow orders, and not to think. And not to pay attention to anything, and they are the ones who usually pay the cost.
That's the gist of it anyway.

Sounds pretty accurate to me. They're are always the exceptions of course. The exceptions have splintered off for one reason or another. These people have a strong need to live in the real world, and were forced out, or simply left. So the best are out on the fringes and the rest comform and grovel. The system rewards the conformists. They consider themselves survivors I guess. Imagine if everyone conformed, wow. Maybe to keep some kind of balance we need the Visibles of the world. Keep it up man!

Anonymous said...

For you, Les ~ “The man who loves with his whole heart truth will love still more he who suffers for truth.” - Johann Kaspar Lavater

I have long been an admirer of Johann Kaspar Lavater and his science of physiognomics, which examines facial features to read the mind of an individual. Unsurprisingly, physiognomy has been decried as anti-Semitic as it “fraudulently” stereotypes the Zionist people.

The IDF is not banning the media from the blood-bath in Gaza to conceal the carnage but to veil the faces of the Palestinians still alive.
Truth is written on one’s countenance… and spoken through one’s EYES:

~ born intuit

Anonymous said...

The governments have to hide the truth. The governments support the Israeli attack. The people who are in the know, do not. Who does the government serve then. Certainly not the people.

Visible said...

born intuit;

I've been a student of phrenology and palmistry as well as certain other arcane modalities for most of my life. I can attest to the truth of the matter though knowing something does not circumnavigate fate.

Send me your email and I'll send you a copy of one of my novels.

paolocaruso said...

Gawker, If I might add my answer to your question, American Jews are silent because they are wallowing in the victory and success of their fellow jews. Unlike the Irish and Germans, their prosperity is shared openly, unabashedly, and with impunity. Appointees of appointees of appointees can be jewish right down the line. They have way outdone even the Irish americans. Jewish ethnic nepotism is monumental but never criticized in public. In comparison, Italian appointing another Italian would be cause to invoke the RICO act. So your answer is that they enjoy being in the Jewish club. Even admitting you have a jewish grandparent will get people in that club, that will become fiercely zionist in appreciation.

As for Madoff's victims, It has not yet been established that they are victims. They could indeed be coconspiratros in a money laundering scheme. Do you really think Madoff would screw the most powerful jewish people in the world ??
Never happen. For the shmucks it was a ponzi scheme.. who inadvertently invested in Israel. For Madoff's buddies, it was a IRS aversion and run out of US dollars. Just stay tuned and keep away from the shiny flickering bait the MSM casts in the water.

Anonymous said...

Hitler predicted that either America would end up totally in the hands of the Jews or they would become rabidly anti-semitic. There was no in-between. I have no love of Hitler, even though as a fair skin, light eyed person I probably would benefit from his brand of racism a little better, but it seems that on this point he is correct.

And that is the problem. Jews (and yes, I am going to lump them all in together because us WASPs got all lumped in together when the issues of racism were fought over in this country) are often at the forefront of the movements for multi-culturalism, racial equality, etc. But, though they like to decree to the rest of the world what is moral and good -- they get very pissed when anyone dares tell them how they should live.

Interracial marriages? Anyone who opposes it is a racist, except Jews who should stick to marrying Jews. Interfaith marriage? Fine for everyone but Jews. Showing favoritism to members of your own race or religion when hiring? Unethical, unless you are Jewish in which case it is merely looking out for fellow members of the tribe. Demanding that the US use boycotts/embargos/bombs to bring violators of human rights and/or UN resolutions to justice? Hell, yeah -- just as long as it isn't Israel. So, Jews talk a good game about being for equality and justice -- but their actions tell a far different story.

Like it or not, they have a reputation for unethical financial dealings. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to push cronyism to the point where Jews became the most powerful people in finance, media, the State Dept., the Pentagon ... if you like calling the shots, you can't start claiming that you aren't really in control when it starts to go to hell in a handbasket.

Now, I've always been moved by MLK, Jr's line that says he dreams of a time when we are judged not by the color of our skin but by the content of our character. Sadly, I think Jews fear anti-semitism so much because they realize that at some point they will be found lacking in that department. (Not that they are the only ones, by any means)

I just wonder if humanity will ever evolve to the point where the underdog ever aspires to gain power, not to get vengeance, but to live the way they wish their oppressors had. All too often, though, the victim simply gains power and turns around and looks for someone else to victimize.

This is NOT uniquely Jewish. WASPs had their turn (in fact -- it is just now coming to an end). Jews are inheriting the power and they are proving to be every bit as ruthless and bloodthirsty as their own oppressors were. I just hope that Jews remember that at some point, their power will once again wane and it is quite likely that they will once again find themselves the wimpy kid on the block who gets targeted.

Just once, couldn't humanity get off the stupid merry-go-round and choose a different path?

Anonymous said...

Nice try BUT two wrongs don't make a right! Silence by Jews, as you pointed out, is...well the comparison to "good Germans" is apt, isn't it.

Thank you for going where "angels" fear to tread.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of you have seen this before, but I thougth it might be worth a watch....
Occupation 101 part 1-10

Anonymous said...


I have been working on a novel set in ancient times. the more I work on the more it paralels modern times. The tricky part is that I am trying to base my novel around actual events. My conclusion is that unless we understand everything about the "Dark Ones" we will find ourselves going into a modern dark age.

Sadly, I feel that when the truth does come to light it will be more than most will be able to handle. What lies behind the mist that has been drawn accross our view is shocking.

You are a 'knight of the Light' Les, stand tall and know that many are with you.


Anonymous said...

They are pounding Les over at that site he mentioned. I think we all ought to take the time to go over there and bust these fuckers. If you don't mind Les I am giving a wake up call to all who read here and asking you to donate some blood.


Anonymous said...


I have to tell you you're wrong pal. You make comments about our involvment in Iraq, but fail to make the connection, that if we were not "allied" with israel, we wouldn't BE in Iraq. If not for PNAC and the israeli citizens that have found their way into the highest levels of our government, there would have been no 911, or any of the subsequent related events. If not for the jewish control of most of americas MSM, there would be no media ban on discussion of what really happened on 911. If not for their control, a 4 part report on the israeli involvment in the events of 911 would not have been killed and would have aired on FOX, of all things. That report is still available on Youtube and I would suggest you watch it. We were not attacked by arabs, we were attacked by zionists with the help of criminal elements within our own government. I mean I hate to be the one to tell you, but when you look at history, most of the worlds worst events trace their roots back to jews. Havn't you ever asked yourself why the jews have been hated by so many different people as far back as history goes. I don't think it was becaust they were just standing aroung being jews. But don't mistake me, I'm not saying all jews are bad, far from it. I'm saying that like america the last 8 years, countries and religions can be taken over by criminal elements, and such is the case with israel.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, not just for what you wrote, and not just for the manner in which you wrote it, but for your courage and most of all, for your passionate love of the truth.

Anonymous said...


To the front lines I will go with keyboard in one hand and the truth in the other.

I have heard and read that Howard Kuntsler states that he doesn't believe in conspiracies. Besides being an idiot statement, it is misleading. Why would he do that? hmmmm....

I spent 11 years in the military intelligence field and believe me there are conspiracies. I saw them and I was a part of them. So his statement is either an idiot statement or he is intentionaly misleading his audience.

to the front...


Anonymous said...

Hi there Les.I've been reading your stuff here since sometime back in 05 when i was still in the states.I think it was the hydra headed shit storm monster or something like that was the first thing I read here. have since relocated over here a few hundred klicks north of your said location.If you look at the live traffic feed thing on most evenings then you'll know where i am.Anyway,i just wanted to share my thoughts about "The Truth".I am not a well educated person nor do i consider myself to be very smart.About all of these truths we think we know,what do any of us really know other than what we've experienced for ourselves?Just like most of us here dont believe what they try to sell us about the holocaust how do any of us know if anything we read on the internet is true?I dont even believe many of the things i see with my own eyes anymore.I'm not trying to defend or attack anyone here.Just my 2 eurocents worth.If you ever come north a bit i'd love to have a cup o'coffee or a cold beer with ya.

Visible said...

Thank you all folks for your encouragement and the honors I do not deserve. I'm just another bloke in the middle of the shit but like an oyster I would like to make a pearl form the irritation of my life.

Norman... I travel across Europe with some frequency. You could visit me if you wanted to or... I could stop in on my way somewhere. It's your call.

Anonymous said...

yes, your observations are correct. Kevin_B._MacDonald of CSULB pretty much explained and documented this phenomenon. See:

My question address Israel as a place of "safe haven". Neither Italian-Americans nor German-Americans looked at the homelands of their ancestors as places of refuge. This is unique in the Jewish psyche, possibly stemming from a Jewish concept of loyalty and allegiance to societies they live in. See Talmud. In this case Israeli ruling elites and the Jewish American elites had setup a mutually accommodating relationship that is independent of the American society. Especially the judiciary.

It is unthinkable to even insinuate that ie. a German politician would even consider the interests of German-Americans.

Anonymous said...

No question that what's going on in the Gaza is a hideous outrage, but I would only rank it #5 on my list of insipid "Jewish / Zionist Endeavors".

#1 Due to their complete control of Hollywood / TV "programming" (perfect term), tens of millions daily are subjected to their de-humanizations, violence, sexual perversions, misinformation, and general mindless idiocy - and that is only the content in which you can consciously see and hear. What is far more debilitating to us is their use of subliminal audio / video and a variety of occult symbols and imagery. Ad nauseum.

#2 Due to their complete control of the mainstream media (including publishing), the truth about almost any event either historical or current is nearly impossible to ascertain without much effort and digging in a variety of alternative sources - and then only when you've unplugged to a certain extent and been away from standard education (secondary and post-secondary) for enough time for the brainwashing to have faded a little. Hundreds of millions affected daily.

#3 Due to their nearly complete control of modern medicine (including of course Big Pharma and it's grubby cousin, Big Oil), every natural treatment / protocol / cure is viciously attacked and suppressed at all times, and human disease is not only allowed to continue but is actually accelerated by many means. Toxic drugs, vaccine poisons, research fraud, complete lack of science. This is why so many Jews are doctors, and why the FDA, AMA, and almost all foundations and agencies involved with health care are completely dominated. Hundreds of millions affected. Certain groups (blacks, native Indians, mentally handicapped, gays) actually targeted by genocide programs.

#4 Due to their complete ownership of banking and the physical production of currency and establishment of credit, they have the power to control Kings, Presidents, entire governments, entire countries and have for quite some time now. 99% of the planet is affected by their usery, inflation, debt, variety of Ponzi schemes and outright theft. Wall Street has been their own little Monopoly board since its creation. It is all illusion.

#5 Gaza and the Palestinians.

#6 Mossad and its infiltration into telecommunications and computer software and eavesdropping planet-wide.

#7 Mossad and its various false-flag terrorist operations including its participation in 9/11.

#8 Due to their heavy influence in the judicuary, justice for "outsiders" is nearly completely extinct. All law is actually contract law now, and through the B.A.R. they control (not to mention all the Jewish lawyers and judges) the outcomes of much of it. They even created the corporation that you think is you, probably after some satanic ritual on Jekyl Island back in the day.

#9 Control and domination of corporations that produce stuff that essentially kills us, albeit slowly and after many doctor's visits and a couple of long hospital stays. Even Starbucks would be included here, along with the obvious Big Tabacco, Booze producers, etc.

#10 Systematic gaming and manipulation of sporting events around the World in order to make billions on all the betting markets. Naturally, the commisioners of all 5 Sports Leagues in North America are Jewish, as are over half the owners, as are over 70% of agents, as are over 80% of lawyers and accountants within the sporting realm. Add to this the major hosts like Bob Costas & Al Michaels & Chris Berman, and even almost all the interviewers on the field, some of whom are older women!!! The crooked refs like Tim Donaghy and others... the Black Sox scandal was only when they got caught. All sports are fixed, the degree to which is directly related to how much money rides on the particular game. The fixing doesn't bother me as much as pondering where all that money goes and what is finances / funds. This is a major problem and accounts for a hefty percentage of so-called Black Op money (along with the illicit drug trade and the sex trade of course, both of which are run by the intelligence community / Jews).

There you have it.

Anonymous said...

paolocaruso, to answer this:

"Do you really think Madoff would screw the most powerful jewish people in the world?"

No he wouldn't. I'm sure he ran multi-tier hedge funds. Most likely since 2005 he was losing money and it was then that he ponzied his enterprise. The question no longer became hiding capital gains, but preservation of principal. Channeling remaining funds through Swiss banks into Israeli charities obscures the money trail, buys time and makes US legal recovery more difficult. This also opens a window for individual settlements, but under Israeli law. You can't extradite a holocaust charity. This money, of course, shall never return to the US.

I'm sure some of the above mentioned players may even spin Bernie Madoff as a Robin Hood of the Mediterranean.

Yes, for the remaining shmucks it was just a ponzi scheme. Some of them could have been Jewish. Or so they thought.

Anonymous said...

ethnic cleansing is what you do when are a colonialist, and when your not ethnically cleansing sticking up for ethnic cleansers is also a very good hobby, or stirring hate in some other part of the world pretty good ,also creating massive financial turmoil fun as well, all from the people who think love is hate and hate is love a philosophy to justify their huge amount of wealth and inability to see beyond the material realms. peace to the palestinians and all good men neil

Anonymous said...

Spread love and spread the truth.
Also I would love to know if there is any historical facts that have allowed the Jews (bad ones) to take the land from the Palestinians. Any links to some good facts would be great.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

We all have this problem. Don't forget what Jesus said to the generation of vipers in the Synagogue of Satan. The opportunist Ashkenazionists of Israel think they are beyond reach of TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND LOVE. This aeon is running to its end: don't be surprised by the abomination that makes desolate. And it screams when exposed.

Franz said...


Keep it up, man. Too many comments for me to add anything.

EXCEPT that Himmler once pointed out that whenever Top Jews got together and made laws forbidding criticism of ALL Jews, it was usually at the end of whatever free ride they were taking at the time.

To me, "Holocaust Denial" was the effective Edict of Thou Shalt Not Offend the Chosen (and where my patience snapped.)

Somebody quick tell Foxman his gig's about up!

paolocaruso said...

#10 Systematic gaming and manipulation of sporting events around the World in order to make billions on all the betting markets.

Hey Anonymous, you could have expanded on #10 since the rip off on the sports realm goes even farther as they make deals with their buddies in the MEDIA and advertising, which is a big right-off expense for these teams and sponsors. There is a ton of money in sports and they are all pals filling eachothers pockets.

Anonymous said...

Political Zionism was anti-Jewish.

The British elite who also controlled a big chunk of the slave trade through their ownership of the British East India Company were made up of secular Jews and Christians, and pushed political Zionism once it became clear that the Middle East was rich in Oil. Oil was the energy of the future and much more efficient than coal, and the British had no access to oil, unlike the US and Russia.

Most religous Jews rejected out of hand the idea of returning to the homeland. It was only after WW II that the idea gained suppport as a result of Hitler and the "Holocaust". Ask yourself, where did the money come from for Hitler to rebuild their economy and military in the midst of a global depression.

So what if X million of Christians and Jews had to be sacrificed for the New World Order (UN), the spread of Communism (anti-religion and anti-freedom) and an Israeli state in Palestine (to destabilize the Middle East). The end justifies the means.

These people are globalists and driven toward global domination and the end of the nation state. They want people to think, those few that bother to think, that it is a Jewish conspiracy. The reason they want this is because they have conditioned the vast majority of people to reject anti-semitism, and have hate laws in some countries to enforce it against the minority who do not reject it. Thus the conspiracy, which people are also conditioned to reject, hides behind the cloak of the anti-semitism label which provides it additional protection.

BTW, congress is going to re-introduce hate crime legislation this month.

Parfer DeCourse said...

Thank You Dr. F for bringing up the Atlantean connection and your Thesaurus worthy description of the Dark Ones. I'd like to expand upon your theme by pointing out that Edgar Cayce, in several of his readings, indicated that the conflict on Atlantis was between the Children of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial.

Apparently the Sons of Belial had technology that they unleashed against the large beasts that plagued Atlantis. As time went on they turned this technology on their rivals AND for some damned reason began blasting holes in the surface of their shared island.

Of course this brought Atlantis to a tragic end. Is history repeating itself today with these descendants of the Sons (of bitches) of Belial?
You may be on to something and I suggest this has been going on a lot longer than any of us thought.

Perhaps it is our collective mission for this plain of existence! (eliminate the descendants of the Sons of Belial!)

Don't let them blast holes in our planet!!!


Anonymous said...

Bravo. The essay I enjoyed reading the most in a long time
An Italian

Anonymous said...

The nursery rhyme, that is the only nursery rhyme I can remember my mother saying to me as a young girl. I bet Freud would have a field day with that one.
I love your posts. I have learned more here in 3 months than most people will understand in their lifetime. Thank you.
For the woman who wrote that her husband quotes her the Genesis Bible verse: remind him our God also says “Thou shalt not kill” If that doesn’t work explain to him what “cognitive dissonance” means.
I see some here always assume Les is Christian. I believe he has claimed “Hindu” if he must claim one. Les – you recently wrote of the God of Wisdom, and being curious of this elephant creature, I googled it. I almost fainted once I realized that the picture of it was an exact replica of something I had admired in a store the previous day. I had wondered what the statue was at the time, and dismissed it quickly after admiring it. Irrelevant, but I had to mention that.
People here do not argue with you Les because truth knows truth when it hears it. Truth is a universal law, like love.
For the person who wrote she will never stay in the same room with a Jew, I think that is what Les is trying to say is absolutely the wrong answer. I have a Jew co-worker who in order to work with, I must read some bible verses every morning just to deal with. She is a hot mess! Funny, her Judaism makes me more Christian.
To everyone here, I read all your comments, and they are terrific! I have learned so much and have been exposed to so many points – thank you.

Anonymous said...

Where did freedom of speech go to? Who cares about 3 guys who doubt the Holo-Hoax happened the way "most historians" say it did. Unless a certain "Chosen People" have something to hide and want the truth squashed at all costs. The entire country of Israel was founded based on this gigantic myth and they certainly can't let the truth come out now!

If you look at photos of Auschwitz and the "ovens", you will see that only 2 people could have been cremated at one time in each oven. There were three (3) ovens, but 2 bodies could be stacked end to end allowing for the creamating of 6 people at the same time. This is the MAXIMUM output of this apparatus. There are no more ovens, mass graves or any sign of ashes NOWHERE near consistent of 4 million people being killed. Time and space would fail me to explain and link all of these stories together that will show that the holocaust was largely exaggerated.

But lets use simple logic and a calculator for this exercise. The gas chamber is a "reconstruction" and the guides there fully admit it.

Initially, the crematorium contained two ovens which each had two openings, called muffles or retorts. The ovens were deep enough to hold two bodies, placed end to end. A third oven was installed at the end of 1941. Krema I was in operation until July 1943.

So, the Nazis were allegedly burning 6 people at a time according to the website. It takes about 2-3 hours for a body to be cremated.

Keep in mind this is by today's standards, and not 65 years ago. So I will give the Nazis the benefit of the doubt and say 2 hours for burning 6 people because the ovens could stack 2 bodies end to end and there were 3 ovens (Just tall and wide enough for one person to fit). You must have a little down-time in there somewhere to clean out the ashes and things like that, but lets assume maximum burning capacity.

So, 6 people every 2 hours = 12 times a day, 6 people were burned. 12 X 6 = 72 people every 24 hours.

365 days a year X 72 people a day = 26,280 people a year.

So, the Nazis would have had to be killing and burning people for a VERY LONG TIME. Lets just say that half of the alleged 4 million were gassed. 2 million and only burning 26,280 a year would have taken 76.103500 years.

Maybe I am just the logical A-hole who doubts anything someone is trying a little too hard to sell me, but the math don't lie. I have looked at this for a VERY long time and each time I come to the same conclusion: SOMEBODY was tired of being kicked out of every country they have been in and wanted to set themselves up to be eternal victims.

At the Nuremburg trials, NOT ONE SINGLE witness or picture of a Gas Chamber. All I want is one. Of all the aerial photos taken of the camps, not a single one shows them burning people outside. So, where are all the mass graves???? They don't exist. Check out the Red Cross' numbers as to the actual victims.

Maybe I am crazy, but I think the engineering minded, highly efficient Germans had more sense that to build the "Gas Chamber" next to the flaming ovens in the Crematorium. I would think that would make for a bad accident or something. But that's just my simple, country folk logic.

On January 17, 1945, when the Germans evacuated Auschwitz, 67,012 prisoners remained (plus another, thousand or so, in the camp hospital (there is a 217-page report, written by the Jewish Auschwitz physicians Lebovits, Weil, Reich and Bloch, that records the names, nearly all of them Jews, of those in the Auschwitz hospital at the time of the Soviet liberation). Now instead of killing all 67,012, plus, prisoners, the Germans left about 7,650 prisoners at Auschwitz to be liberated by the Soviets, and marched the rest to other concentration camps.

The great majority of these people survived, becoming "holocaust survivors."Amazing isn't it,… that the evil Nazis who had been "mass-killing millions of Jews" didn't bother to finish off this last bunch. Don't you think that this is a rather strange thing for the Nazis to do, leaving some 70,000 witnesses to "genocide"?

Even stranger, is that the Jewish prisoner, Elie Wiesel states in his book "Night" that when the Germans evacuated Auschwitz, he was given the option of staying at the hospital, with his father registered as a patient, to await the Soviets, or join the evacuation with the "mass-murdering" Nazis.

Guess what? He chose to leave with the "mass-murdering" Nazis, taking his father with him. Isn't it funny,… that Elie Wiesel (whose book describes horrendous Nazi "mass-killings" of Jews at Auschwitz) should choose to go with the very same Nazis that had been "mass-killing" Jews, rather than wait for the Soviets. "The choice was in our hands. For once we could decide our fate for ourselves. We could both stay in the hospital, where I could, thanks to my doctor, get him (his father) entered as a patient or nurse. Or else we could follow the others. 'Well, what shall we do, father?' He was silent. 'Let's be evacuated with the others,' I told him."Quote from "Night" by Elie Wiesel.

Another strange thing about Elie Wiesel's account of life at Auschwitz is that he never, not even once, mentions gas chambers. In his version of the fiction, the Jews were burnt alive in huge pits, with the fat from the bodies scooped up to make soap. Now, since human bodies don't burn on their own, we know that this is a lie, unless you believe that the Germans carved down all the forests of Poland to provide wood for the fires that roasted the 4 million (errrr,… that's right it is now 1.5 million).

And even then there is the little problem regarding fires in pits,… they tend to go out due to a lack of oxygen.… but why let a few facts get in the way of a good story.

There is another account of happenings at Auschwitz on January 17th, 1945, from the book "Survival in Auschwitz," by Primo Levi.Primo Levi said "It was not a question of reasoning: I would probably also have followed the instinct of the flock (the evacuees) if I had not felt so weak: fear (of the unknown/Russians?) is supremely contagious, and its immediate reaction is to make one try to run away (WITH the evacuees and the "mass murdering" Nazis)." Comment in parenthesis added.

So Primo Levi was also given the choice of staying or leaving. His "weakness" caused him to await the Soviets, even though he was fearful of the outcome.Levi states that 800 others choose to remain in Auschwitz, and 20,000 choose to go (with the "mass-murdering Nazis").

His numbers do not quite add up, but clearly, as a prisoner he could only roughly estimate these, and he would only know about numbers in his particular camp (among the many at Auschwitz).

Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank, was being treated for typhus in the camp hospital at this time. He too, has stated that prisoners were given the choice of whether to stay in the camp, or join the evacuation. Otto was too sick to leave. I do need to mention that the Diary of Anne Frank is a COMPLETE fabrication that was written with a ball point pen.....which was not even patented until 1951.

Decide for yourself

A short 3 min film that proves this is all B.S.

nobody said...

Hey Les,

Phlegmatic and calm. Very good. But I have to say that I'm down with anon at 8.02.

I'd never met any Jewish people until I moved to Sydney's Eastern suburbs (where the rich people is, in case you're wondering). I had Jewish neighbours, a Jewish landlord, and a Jewish girlfriend. One of my best buds married a Jewish guy. At that time I had no opinion on the matter. I barely knew what Jews were. But I found out. They were a pack of racists. Every relationship ended with me shaking my head, appalled. These people said and did things I'd otherwise have thought unimaginable.

I ain't racist. I don't care what colour people are, nor their religion. Jews are both race and religion depending on what suits, but truth is they're neither. All of the Jews I met were caucasian and none of them were religious. They were just like me except that their core understanding of themselves was that they were not like me. Eventually I realised that they were right and I was wrong.

Jewish is merely a state of mind pivoting on self-regard. At its most extreme it results in people like the Rothschilds and their enslavement of the world by usury, their callous sacrificing of the 'expendable' Jews in the holocaust, and their creation of that cancer Israel. Jewish identification at its least extreme results in someone who will marry another Jew, raise their kids Jewish and have the whole caper of viewing themselves as above/better/other continue into the future.

Anyone who objects to Jews and their us-and-them mindset (and it's inevitable callous disregard of non-Jewish wellbeing) isn't an anti-Semite. They're an anti-racist. For mine, this is right-thinking, unimpeachable, and a badge anyone can wear with pride.

Anonymous said...


“The Jews didn’t just murder Christ -- they are murdering him still, in Gaza. They crucified him over the skies of Lebanon, they laid thick the stripes on his back at Sabra and Shatila, they spit bitter gaul in His face at Deir Yatsin, they drove a bulldozer over his body and lied and then cried the name, ‘Adolph Hitler! Adolph Hitler! Six Million Jews!’”--Anonymous

There is no justification for what is being done to the people of Gaza by the bloodthirsty monsters of the Israeli regime. The Jews, once the “moral compass” by which the world could judge the relative humanity each and every society exhibited in dealing with the most obvious “outsider groups”, have become, in the ensuing sixty years since their persecution and expulsion by the NSDAP in Germany, a bleeding ulcer on the body of humanity; an engorged, venomous parasite of destruction with no sense of ethical responsibility, humanity, and only the most cynical, callous indifference to the plight of a persecuted people whose own dispossession and devastation mirrors their own epoch of persecution with withering irony.

Even if one were to discount the massive evidence of Jewish involvement in the mega death and homicide attributed to the Soviet regime--as well as their suspicious manipulations in the political machinations behind the World Wars, their disproportionate influence in the collapsing global banking structure, their near tyrannical, monopolistic control of ALL forms of mass communication and media, and their constant campaigning against homogeneity, social unity, organized Christianity, moral cohesion, and Free Speech--the current massacre of the imprisoned civilians of Gaza would be enough to indict them, as an international religious entity, in much the same manner that Scientology or Satanism is universally indicted, condemned, and despised by most of the peoples of planet Earth. That they have worked, by and large, to further the disintegration of formerly cohesive and culturally sound Western societies is a matter that is little contested, even among many Jews. Ergo, Judaism was, is, and continues to be, moment by moment, bad for the peoples of the world: a cult that has inflicted itself, like a global mafia, on the world scene, and gains power with each falling tear and exploding grenade.

That the (Western) world is imprisoned, nearly totally, with a feeling of abject guilt and spiritual subjugation to such a rapine and merciless philosophy as that which is practiced by adherents to Judaism, is a testament to the power of the Media and the “Educational Establishment” to indoctrinate, subvert, brainwash, and manipulate world opinion over several generations. The “Holocaust”, a highly-suspicious and debatable narrative that postulates the NSDAP in Germany had an actual plan to “exterminate” the Jews of Europe (though no written order for such an undertaking has ever been discovered in ANY archive of the era), has been written, like an iron-clad maxim, into the history books and into actual law in thirteen countries. That this narrative is often shot through with blatant absurdities, falsehoods, fabrications, impossibilities, and unreliable emotional fervor is of little meaning and no purpose to those that maintain that this anti-German blood libel must be swallowed unquestioningly, whole, and with nary a hint of indigestion arising from niggling doubts and troubling curiosity about what the objective “truth” of that particular historical period might actually entail. Men are imprisoned, harshly, for daring to snipe at this sacred cow, in a world where we are supposed to be “enlightened” enough to question the “absolute authority” of our “moral betters”.

One gets the suspicion that “Ernst Zundel is paying for your sins in a cell that smells cleaner than your soul, Oh Israel…”

In the midst of Our intellectual and moral imprisonment, the Israeli nation will continue to massacre, unchecked and unabated, the men, women, and children of Gaza, while the world salutes the “valiant Jews” who fight so “courageously” to secure the land that “God” has given them in His infinite wisdom, that they might be “a light unto the nations”.

While America toasts the bloody wine pouring forth from Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, and so many other battlefields of Imperial Hubris, let Israel know that there is One Law (and One Law only) that trumps even the armed Social Darwinism being foisted upon the terrorized peoples of Palestine: The Law of Karma.
Or: As you Sow, So Shall You Reap.
So in closing I say:

No copyright. Reprint and distribute at will.

Anonymous said...

Les, I find your remarks very interesting. Another writer also had much to say about the Jews. I will submit only a short excerpt. You may read the original if you wish.

"(e) Now begins the great last revolution. In gaining political power the Jew casts off the few cloaks that he still wears. The democratic people's Jew becomes the blood-Jew and tyrant over peoples. In a few years he tries to exterminate the national intelligentsia and by robbing the peoples of their natural intellectual leadership makes them ripe for the slave's lot of permanent subjugation.
The most frightful example of this kind is offered by Russia, where he killed or starved about thirty million people with positively fanatical savagery, in part amid inhuman tortures, in order to give a gang of Jewish journalists and stock exchange bandits domination over a great people.
The end is not only the end of the freedom of the peoples oppressed by the Jew, but also the end of this parasite upon the nations. After the death of his victim, the vampire sooner or later dies too."

Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

Volume One - A Reckoning
Chapter XI: Nation and Race

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

you say "Most of the time, I am preaching to the converted here as the commentary shows. Seldom do I ever get any negative responses and we are starting to average over a hundred comments per entry"

I've been reading your blog since it first appeared on truthseeker I think, and you didn't get 100 comments per blog then. So you aren't just preaching to the converted (thoiugh you're right, it mostly looks like it from the comments), you must in fact also be, converting

"They" cannot be defeated by force of arms, but they can, and will be, by volume of consciousness.

And the tipping point is near. The moment about which it turns does come. And who knows? The 100th monkey may be a reader of your blog (maybe the 1 millionth, wouldn't that be great!)

It is difficult to believe how strong a stranglehold they have on the dissemination of the truth. Their control of the MSM is awesome. But the truth of the Gaza atrocities, as well as the truth of the colonialist war and theft of land and murder and, and, and, ... The truth is in our faces and undeniable. Those people, jews and non-jews, who work in the media and knowingly perpetuate the distortion of reality which is the MainStream Media news, on behalf of Apartheid Israel, these people have the same moral standing as the guards at Aushwitz - however many actually died there, jews, and those other human beings, from gas or typhus.

Keep it up, the stranglehold is finally impinging on ordinary go-along people's consciousness' - if not their consciences.

ps Kevin John, wonderful wonderful poem, who wrote it? You? Whichever, many thanks.

Anonymous said...

DR. F.

You articulate it better and more concisely than I could, but you say exactly, EXACTLY, what I, and a very few of my friends, know/feel/intuit/deduce to be the TRUTH.

'The Dark Ones', their origins, history, methods and purpose. We should all bring this to the forefront of our collective thought.

Anonymous said...

I am most concerned about the greater good. This is what motivates me in my work, my friendships, and my family. Sometimes the greater good hurts like a really big injection of antibiotics. You anesthetize the skin before the puncture;you have to look away as it goes in. Heck, you might even hold the nurse's hand, but in the end you feel better. Cured, actually. People that smugly tell you that you are racist, ignorant, antisemitic, or even a Nazi are foolishly delaying their visit to the doctor and are allowing that ubiquitous strep throat to develop into necrotizing faciitis. When this happens, it's too late. Damage done.
You handle administering the bitter pill of the truth very well and you seem like a rather enlightened person. We have been living with strep for 60 plus years on a day-to-day basis in so many facets of our lives. I don't compare the controlling-class Jews to strep just because they are simply jewish, but because their behavior is deadly to whole cultures as we see in Gaza today and in the US economically.

Anonymous said...

Straight from the heart. Honest and truthful. No ambiguities, no complexities. Barebone, respectable simplicity. Bravo! And thank you.

Anonymous said...

"The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you." (old Polish proverb)

Anonymous said...

You are a gifted writer and I look forward to reading your posts. You tell the truth and
put things in their proper perspective. Israel is a sadistic killing machine with the complete support and funding from the US government. I fully believe that Israel must have dirt on everyone in the world's governments to be allowed to get away with their crimes. Keep up the great work Les.

Unknown said...

Kevin John - Hagee is NOT a Christian. He is a false prophet - paid for and OWNED by the Yids .

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, another excellent article, thanks.
There's a clue in the name of Israel- it's called the "State" of Israel. I get the impression that those who operate it work under the assumption that it is actually a part of the US. And, this attitude of theirs is something they don't want to be publicized. That it (Israel) can have all the benefits the US does-with fewer of it's drawbacks. It's their hidey hole, their escape hatch, the place they can do what they like without being bothered by things the ADL and similar groups have told the rest of us were good for decades. Things like civil rights and racial equality.
Wishing the people of Gaza well, this just might be the thing which wakes up enough people to make a positive difference.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I thank you for your amazing work, keep on figthing the good fight! My only comment is to ask all conscientious readers at this site to participate in the worldwide demonstrations this weekend against this inhumane mistreatments of the Palestinians. We must display to our tyrants (authorities) that we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from Palestine!!!

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" - Edmund Burke

Peace and Love, I AM Chantal

Anonymous said...


No not irrelevant!

You can learn more from noticing and later creating such synchronicities than you could ever from reading this blog.


Anonymous said...

Interesting passage from Mein Kampf, but let's not forget that it was most likely not written by Hitler, as I think it has been conclusively shown that he was a puppet of the highest order and probably 1/4 Jewish himself (from the House of Rothschild).

Like most "World leaders", Hitler was of marginal intelligence, abused as a child, had sexual identity issues, practiced sexual perversions (great for blackmail purposes...), was addicted to various drugs and potions, was surrounded by all sorts of handlers / vipers / vampires, but most important of all - HE WAS CONNECTED TO THE POWER ELITE BY BLOOD. Thus, this poor little Austrian tramp who dabbled in art and lived at a "hostel" for homosexuals and hung out with a variety of people involved with the occult rose up to lead a great and proud country of well educated and hard working people (with tremendous amount of funding from Jewish bankers - I mean just think of how much all those wonderfully tailored uniforms designed by Hugo Boss cost alone, never mind all the tanks, guns, subs, planes etc......!) can be finally explained, because let's face it, the official version of Hitler's rise and direct participation in the events of WW2 is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. Greg Hallet's book, "Hitler was a British Agent" does an excellent job discussing Hitler and other "leaders" of that era and how all were CONNECTED and all were mind-controlled and well handled puppets, which is extremely relevant in today's World when we consider such creatures as Bush Jr. (Scherff), Bill Clinton (Rockefeller), and of course Lord Saviour Obama (origins and connections currently being researched). Hell, Hallet's description of Hitler's "dental work" alone will astonish you and make you realise the tech they had back then and how they could completely manipulate a so-called World leader. Fascinating stuff.

However, regardless of any of that, it must be said that more than a few Jews did die in the WW2 era and (regardless of method, location, or intention) this was tragic and criminal and not acceptable. But, what must be emphasized is the TYPE AND CONNECTIONS of the Jews who did die were very important to those who orchestrated the plot. If we are to believe that Hitler, Hess, Himmler and the other "big Nazi boys" were really calling the shots, then they would have started with those Jews at the very top in banking / industry / media / judicial (such as the Rothschilds, Krupps, Farbens, Warburgs, etc) and killed / imprisoned / deported them and simply confiscated much of their wealth. They could have quite easily within the fascist regime that was created for them. But no, those families not only remained unscathed but they made a killing from that era, pardon the pun. The lower class Jews, Sephardics, Gypsies, Polish, and some merchants / intelligista who were IN THE WAY of the Elite Cartel's agendas were "sacrificed" instead. But, obviously no where near 6 million of them. This is an important distinction, because it highlights the Jew vs. Jew Battle that has been raging for so long. Ashkenazi vs. Sephardic; Talmud vs. Torah; crypto vs. authentic; hedonism vs. orthodox; Lawless vs. Mosaic Law; zionist vs. peaceful; Caucasion vs. Semetic; usery vs. prayer; Israel vs. Israelite. And so on.

So our enemy, The Dark Ones, not only escaped the Holocast (whatever the truth and the final "numbers" might actually be), but they had a hand in creating it and then certainly gained from it in every way possible. And although their heads are under the umbrella of generic "Jew" nowadays, I would estimate that they comprise no more than 0.5% of Jewry Worldwide. The irony is that through Freemasonry and many other insidious societies and institutions, and of course the use of their TECH and money schemes, most of the evil SOBs who do their bidding as foot soldiers are so-called Christians and Muslims! Brilliant. The problem with the rest of the 99.5% of Jewry is that they've been hoodwinked also, and become complacent and apathetic, and a little too satisfied with the continuous supply of "Hebrew / Chosen People" crumbs tossed their way for decades. But, this is no different than the 98% of non-Jewish Americans who are letting The Dark Ones get away with it (and they've never gotten any nice crumbs!). Shame on both, I say. The tragedy will be when said non-Jewish Americans (and many other nationalities) get so fucked over and devastated financially, physically, and spiritually that their rage spills onto ALL JEWS. And the goys have the numbers advantage obviously. What The Dark Ones are counting on is being able to control and massage the rage, not only by their control of the media etc, BUT WITH THEIR MIND / PERCEPTION CONTROL TECHNOLOGY. This is crucial to their survival and they know it. The switch to digital / HDTV crap next month is the main start of it. Also, I think we will see many more "heart attacks" in 2009 (which is very easily induced by wireless EM frequencies) amongst The Dark One's main enemies as well as quite a few more "suicides". They are upping the ante day by day.


Anonymous said...

I posted a poem I was wondering if you posted it?

Anonymous said...


You need the Windows-media movie player for this. Another thing is that this live-cam is too dark, so you will need to increase the brightness levels in the Windows Media Player settings:


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I think you have to be blame the World-Community, United Nations and International Institutions for not doing any thing, for being so apathetic, for being so evil indeed, and so complicit, for being so negligent, so inhumane for not protecting the Palestinian people, a lot more than Israel-government itself.

And indeed, i think that the UN, the World Community, interpol (Which is supposed to be an International Police protecting the world) the other nations of this world, are even more guilty and evil than the state of Israel itself, for crossing their arms and not taking part in this, by fighting against Israel and halting Israel.


Visible said...


comments get lost on a regular basis. I only edit what you would expect. Perhaps you can submit it again and we'll see what happens

Anonymous said...

"We are all one body. We should act accordingly"

Wonderful food for thought, Les

A fitting dessert for my solstice feast as it were.

Being a solution oriented technician, I too prefer the old axiom "If it ain't broke don't fix it"

I read the internet in the dead of the dark night of the year till the end of Capricorn. I'm too sensitive to f'n deal with more than a month of this venomous sludge in a year. This year I filled up quick cuz hangin' out here is sorta like a fast food place. So before I hit the road of life again I've got time to visit the rest room, have a seat and do what comes after gorging on too many whoppers. . .

My near genius IQ hereby has determined the following from this years intel uptake:

No theres nothing complicated about the shadowy parasite challenger at all. Its all just so simple. . .

Anyone who purveys or supports the following is to be arrested and immediately summarily executed without trial:

You the Lawyers, Lawmakers, Politicians, Insurers, Tax collectors, Bankers, Salesman, media people, Gangsters, Drug dealers, Loggers, miners of non essential commodities, Mayors, Governors, Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Program administrators, Weapons producers, Detectives, police officers, highway patrolman, Sheriff, Soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, Professional athletes, Accountants, All matter of managers, Brokers, Priests, Bishops, Popes, Mullahs, Rabbis, Executives and all other useless eaters who only act as parasitic energy thieves upon those who actually live productive lives here on earth such as:

We the Farmers, Toolmakers, Healers, Thinkers, Facilitators of transport, artists, Construction laborers, Teachers, Scientists Engineers and technicians who support any of these trades,

Until this happens there will be no change. Compromise has been attempted unsuccessfully for millenia to no apparent avail. While group number two is hard at work group number one plots and schemes to maximize the efficiency of their enslavement. Argument with this places you in group number one. We know who you are.

I AM Fucking GOD and I approve of this message. If you don't agree you can go back to your own privatized hell in gruppo uno!

On the other hand;

We could all just buy in let go and let god while we peacefully gaze at our navels watching the world go by as it also has shown itself to not matter if people do anything anyway. . .

I believe it may be a bit more complicated than either of the above.

Enjoy the warm seat I left you, hope to visit next winter.

You can use this comment and what its written on to clean up when you finish.



Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I noticed that for the second consecutive time you didn`t post my comment. Why I don`t know. Anyway I won`t bother with Smoking Mirrors anymore. If I can`t comment there`s no reason for me to read.

Thankfully there are other excellent blogs and journalists out there that don`t practice your level of censorship.


Anonymous said...


That's funny you mention Lawyers first. Tee Hee

Visible said...

Still Alive;

It's your terminology. You can 't call Jews rodents as if that embraces the collective. They are a diverse people and have given the world some remarkable examples. There are vipers in their midst and that is the point.

You will note my simple rules of conduct for posting here and I draw your attention to ad hominem. I am sorry if this displeases you but you have to watch your language. If you could just curtail the venom I would have no problem posting you. I am sure you understand the heat some things can bring and how it might disenfranchise the clarity and integrity of the site. I'm sure we have some of that around here. I saw it a little while ago.

Anonymous said...

Your interpretation of history is selective and yes, anti-Semitic. Your WWII Holocaust claims conveniently leave out the anti-Jewish campaign that began years before anyone, Jew or otherwise, was thrown into a death camp.
Have you ever known a Holocaust survivor? By the way, I love the way you used the old racist standby, "some of my best friends are Jews." Ha! Put it on a t-shirt; it goes great with the "some of my best friends are black, gay, Mexican, etc." pablum.

Why not cast a wider, more enlightened net? I mean, you seem to be very proud of the fact that you are enlightened, by your own understanding. Why not simply state there are humans who lie, humans who are greedy and rapacious and do terrible things? I for one would have no problem agreeing with that as this is human nature but apparently your net doesn't reach that far? You also point out how some Jews are "evil" and some Christians are "evil" but for some reason leave out Muslims. As someone who is no fan of any religion I find this interesting. Maybe beheading people with dull swords and female genital mutilation don't rate as evil enough in your book?

Jews creating googly eyed portrayals of blacks? Please.
Just one example, the minstrel show. Minstrel shows were hugely popular in the 19th century all over America, from cities to pioneer outposts and do you honestly believe that every person who performed in a minstrel show was a Jew with an agenda? The minstrel show then carried over to early movies.
Yes, it's absolutely true blacks have been portrayed in an offensive manner in film, as other nationalities, and as have women. Of course, no one held a gun to anyone's head and told them to be in the movies.
One of the most racist films, Birth of a Nation, wasn't even made by a Jew but a good ol' Southern boy from Kentucky.
Yet you want everyone who reads your blog to think America's race issues can be distilled to Jews in Hollywood and a racist portrayal of Blacks? Very misleading.

Also, I would imagine at some point in history all groups of people had slaves. Even the groups we now look on as oppressed, like Native Americans.

Reducing Jews to a sexist little nursery rhyme is quite disgusting, really.
You're very coy and you're very sly and you post just enough facts to keep the uninformed convinced you are telling the entire truth but what you are doing is fomenting hatred against all Jews, thus repeating the hatred Jews have experienced over and over again throughout history. And then you stand back and pretend to take the high ground as the anti-Semites come out in ugly force. I believe this is how cult leaders and dictators work; get people all stirred up without getting their own hands dirty.

I don't like the relationship between the US and Israel. I think it's wrong but it is entirely possible to speak out against what Israel is doing to Palestine without lumping together every Jew in the world and hating them. In fact, it's a really good route to take. Otherwise, one would be no better than the Israelis who are slaughtering Palestinians.
Right now all over the world there are groups of people calling other groups of people evil, people who proclaim that they only speak the Truth. It's only when we overcome those fractures, and most importantly the fractures within ourselves, will we ever accomplish anything truly worthwhile.

Visible said...

Thanks for sharing that.

I noticed that you didn't mention Hindus and Buddhists. Does that cancel out my not mentioning Muslims?

Does it give a tabla rasa effect?

Your argument is specious and glossy, lacking in substance and you haven't (and can't) refute anything I said. Basically you are saying you have no problem with murder.

You do your thing and I'll do mine. Just as soon as soon as you can present me with concrete evidence I will change my tune. That's my style and I'm always looking.

I don't like having to say what I do and it certainly has no benefit for me except one. The satisfaction of telling the truth.

Ask yourself this question; what could possibly be in it for me to do what I do? There's no payoff whatever. I have a personal problem about injustice, lies, etc... can't seem to shake it. I am compelled to tell what I see. Strange enough, many others see too.

Anonymous said...

Dr. F.
You really don't know what the hell you're talking about.Really. On the one side we have the Official version that totally demonizes Hitler and everyhing about Hitler- including his baby pictures- ,then you and the people you refer to who want to turn him into a ignorant clown. Totally pathetic.

Read some of this website then come back and talk:

Anonymous said...


Ask Samuel Adams:

About who is to blame for the erosion of your constitutional rights ... Samuel Adams Says:
The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men.

Ask Alexander Hamilton:

About a nation that condones torture when faced with danger ... Alexander Hamilton Says:
A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.... Of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people, commencing demagogues and ending tyrants.

Ask Patrick Henry:

About leaders who ignore subpoenas, destroy public records, and abuse executive privilege ... Patrick Henry Says:
The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them. The most iniquitous plots may be carried on against their liberty and happiness.
I am not an advocate for divulging indiscriminately all the operations of government, though the practice of our ancestors in some degree justifies it. Such transactions as relate to military operations or affairs of great consequence, the immediate promulgation of which might defeat the interests of the community, I would not wish to be published, till the end which required their secrecy should have been effected. But to cover, with the veil of secrecy, the common routine of business, is an abomination in the eyes of every intelligent man, and every friend to his country.

Ask George Washington:

About leaders who put the interest of their political party ahead of the will of the people ... George Washington Says:
The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries which result gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual, and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation on the ruins of public liberty.

Ask John Adams:

About about what happens when the people become complacent ... John Adams Says:
Nip the shoots of arbitrary power in the bud, is the only maxim which can ever preserve the liberties of any people. When the people give way, their deceivers, betrayers and destroyers press upon them so fast that there is no resisting afterwards. The nature of the encroachments is to grow every day more encroaching; like a cancer, it eats faster and faster every hour.

Ask Thomas Jefferson:

About those rabble rousers who get out in the streets and protest ... Thomas Jefferson Says:
I hold it that a little rebellion now
and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. Unsuccessful rebellions,
indeed, generally establish the encroachments on the rights of the people which have produced them. An observation of this truth should render honest republican governors so mild in their punishment of rebellions as not to discourage them too much. It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.

Ask James Madison:

About the dangers of Chief Executives eager to wage war ... James Madison Says:
In time of actual war, great discretionary powers are constantly given to the
Executive Magistrate.
Constant apprehension of
War, has the same tendency to render the head too large for the body. A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defense against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people.

Ask Abraham Lincoln:

About the importance of Congress not neglecting its role in war powers ... Abraham Lincoln Says:
The provision of the Constitution giving the war-making power to Congress was dictated, as I understand it, by the following reasons. Kings had always been involving and impoverishing their people in wars, pretending generally, if not always, that the good of the people was the object. This, our Convention understood to be the most oppressive of all Kingly oppressions; and they resolved to so frame the Constitution that no one man should hold the power of bringing this oppression upon us.

Ask Theodore Roosevelt:

About the dangers of rampant cronyism in government ... Theodore Roosevelt Says:
The death-knell of the Republic had rung as soon as the active power became lodged in the hands of those who sought, not to do justice to all citizens, rich and poor alike, but to stand for one special class and for its interests as opposed to the interests of others.

Ask Harry Truman:

About rounding up dissenters into "free speech zones" away from news cameras at political events ... Harry Truman Says:
Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.

Ask Dwight D Eisenhower:

About spending nearly as much as the rest of the world combined on the military ... Dwight D Eisenhower Says:
In the councils of government,
we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

Ask John F Kennedy:

About a nation where the Right wants to silence "obscene" speech, and the Left wants to silence "hate" speech ... John F Kennedy Says:
We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.


veritas6464 said...

Greetings Dumballah, I have not been able to find any of my recent comments, are they trite or offensive to you, or what? BTW, another excellent essay.

notamobster said...

"So, we are truthers because we demand the truths that have been hidden away from us, and deniers because we deny the lies that hide them. For both we are hated and feared, but by those names we must be known because in some things even They cannot lie." ~Psychegram

Bravo! Bravo!

My only comment is to ask all conscientious readers at this site to participate in the worldwide demonstrations this weekend against this inhumane mistreatments of the Palestinians. We must display to our tyrants (authorities) that we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from Palestine!!!

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" - Edmund Burke

Peace and Love, I AM Chantal
Authorities, you say? Display, you say? You should read up on cointelpro.... or maybe read less on them?

Listen, folks... If you join the demonstrations at this point, you're begging to be identified. I don't give a shit about them, they know who I am (11Sep96 - first day of boot camp). They know I'm an enemy of the state. Fuck you agent dickweed!

We are too far into the game to give ourselves away by protesting. Protesting serves no other purpose, at this point, than to identify the protestors! There was a time when it was a useful tool. Now, it is only useful to them! We are advanced, far beyond the days of civil disobedience. Our legislatures do not listen to the people as they were sworn to do. During the bailout en los estados unidos de Israemerica, they were contacted more than 300:1 against the bailout, and they said overwhelmingly :"FUCK YOU!!!" to the people.

Now is the time for cold; calculated deliberation. Plan your survival. We are beyond resistance... they are telling us each and every day - why don't you listen? You can live a more amazing life than you have ever imagined, just by living in survival mode, every day. Live every moment like it is your last, Live like the enemy is already at the gate! You will appreciate every moment that much more, I promise you...

Anonymous said...

One thing I hope we all keep in focus. At birth we all start without a particular belief, but our brains have the propensity for adopting ideas and concepts that insure our survival. Each culture ingrains a different set of ideas to the children, mostly for their benefit. Children absorb everything. And as they grow older they may question those ideas they were taught. But, it is extremely difficult for most people to drop their beliefs entirely.
Lets say as an example you were born Jewish, . From infancy you are taught all kinds of things tacit knowledge as well as actual useful information. As you grow up you identify with this group, you call yourself Jewish, its in your blood.
You notice the group you identify with is doing quite well. Intelligent people, succeeding in business, art, the sciences etc... But you also notice some negative things. What are you going to do? You will defend it.
Just like the Catholics somehow justify the inquisition, and the American south defended slavery, and Americans defended the wholesale slaughter of the indigenous people on the continent. And the millions of other things humans have defended that others see obviously as an outrage.

Okay so we are hard wired to absorb ideas that are irrational, but everyone is doing it, what to do? It actually wouldn't be a problem but guess what? This is were the so called leaders step in and exploit this fact. Wars could never be committed without leaders with their own agenda, manipulating the population.

The Jews and the Palestinians were doing fine before 1948
There are Jews living in Iran right now, no problem.

It's the Leaders who are using people to their own end and hopefully someday we will all wake up to that fact, and quit following these maniacs!
Studies have proven that the average non pathological person would never steal food from a starving baby. But as a group we watch it happen everyday without comment.
Actually this is a pretty complex subject isn't it?

Anonymous said...

By far LES you are the most captivating writer on the net,i check your blog daily for another new story of brilliance.

notamobster said...

wow, either I'm psychic or Marxilist is reposting the very same thoughts from other people, that he posted last week...

Anonymous said...

Les: Take a look at this news article which states that European Nations indirectly support the rogue failed fascist state of Israel.

So we are not just talking about 2 rogue states (USA and Israel), but Europe is also in part guilty for the maintainance of the rogue, military and nazi military machine of Israel which destroys the lives of both Israelis and Palestinians



07.01.2009 @ 18:14 CET

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - European Union member states authorised the export of €200 million in arms exports to Israel in 2007, the latest figures from Brussels disclose, with France far and away the Jewish state's biggest European weapons supplier.

According to the EU's 2008 report on arms export licences, published in December for the 2007 calendar year and consolidating the accounts that member states must annually submit, 18 member states authorised a total of 1,018 such licences to Israel worth €199,409,348.

Machine guns: the EU sold €200 million of weapons to Israel in 2007 (Photo: wikipedia)
France, Germany and Romania were the top three exporters. France issued export licences worth €126 million, Germany authorised €28 million and Romania €17 million, the EUobserver can reveal.

In response to calls from opposition politicians that the UK government halt its arms exports to Israel and push all other EU member states to do the same, a British foreign office spokesperson said: "We do not approve any defence related exports if we judge that there is a risk that they will be used for external aggression or internal repression.

"We routinely refuse export licences where we believe that there is a risk of this. Any application relating to Israel is considered on this basis," the spokesperson continued.

EU arms code of conduct

The EU has maintained an arms export code of conduct since 1998, but it is overseen at the member state level, not in Brussels, so if Mr Brown were to push for such a move, he would have to convince the 26 other member states.

In 2007, €12 million in small arms and ammunition were exported to Israel by Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Romania and the UK.

Another €23.5 million in "light weapons," meaning those that require two to three people to operate them, such as bombs, torpedoes and explosive devices, were supplied by the Czech Republic, Germany, Romania and Slovenia.

Belgium, France and Romania also sent Israel €18.5 million worth of aircraft and related material. Paris is responsible for €10 million of this sum.

In a fourth, very broad category of armaments in the EU's consolidated report, "electronic equipment" - referring to electronics specifically modified for military use, navigation and guidance equipment, and satellite jamming systems, some €94 million was exported by France (€89 million) and Germany (€5 million).

The rest of the €200 million consists of weapons that fall into other minor categories beyond small arms, light weapons, aircraft and electronics.

Italy, traditionally a major arms exporter, only supplied Israel with €0.5 million in weapons in 2007. Spain, also a leading trader in the sector also sold Tel Aviv just €4.5 million worth of armaments.

Sweden, another major European weapons producer, along with eight other EU member states, delivered nothing to the Jewish state.

Across the EU, only 28 export licences were refused as a result of human rights, internal security or regional stability reasons.

Kaye Stearman, of the UK-based Campaign Against Arms Trade, told this website: "The UN and impartial observers have regularly documented how Israeli military actions have violated international humanitarian law.

"Although the UK's own Consolidated EU and National Arms Export Licensing Criteria is supposed to assess the impact of arms sales on regional peace, security and stability, and the country's human rights record, it seems that this is ignored in the case of Israel."

"Britain must immediately stop selling arms, including arms components, to Israel and also stop buying arms from Israeli companies - arms that have been 'tested' in the laboratories of the occupied territories."

© 2009 All rights reserved

Anonymous said...

What I'm saying is the Jews didnt inven't this kind of behavior, but they happen to be very good at it. And what are you going to do, whine and complain all the way to your slave quarters, or do something? We are being challenged, do we roll over and die or respond.
First step is informing yourself on basic human behavior, understand yourself. don't be lazy, these people have lots of energy and are hungry. If you slack off you die.
Second, face reality, get your head out of the sand, with your impractical beliefs.
These people aren't playing.
Say your swimming in the ocean and a big dark shadow comes up from beneath, what are you gonna do? Scream? You see it's a shark, so,, you start whining about it, it's not fair, no no.
Or do you take some kind of evasive action?
The Jewish people as a group have been very very busy. Think of Genghis Khan, visualize the horde off in the distance, what are you gonna do?
Yes, humans are always forced to deal with the lowest common denominator of our species, but... this ain't Star Trek.
And I wouldn't complain about them too loudly cause they aren't doing anything the rest of the world hasn't done at one time or another. Romans had their slaves too you know. Lets see, the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Persians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Japanese, French, Canadians,,,,just kidding, the Canadians are off the hook. But even they had to deal with their Indians. Anyway, one could get carpal tunnel typing out a list of all the marauding fools over history.

And we also know that anyone who groups anybody in one category is a fool. Jewish people are very intelligent and creative, full of energy, and many put that to awesome good use. Personally I've been around these people all my life. I've seen things would knock your socks off, hehe. And I know I'm slightly prejudice. It's human nature when you see a pattern it's hard to ignore. Like say,,,,you're Lilly white and it's 12:00 am, and you make a wrong turn into the Bronx in your shiny new mercedes. You get out to ask directions, and some big black dude with a trench coat approaches, is it prejudice to have wild ideas float across your mind? Turns out he was an evangelist, and he soaked you for ten bucks, who knew?
Hey it's saturday night...cheers

m_astera said...

Honor to you, Brother, for telling this truth in this place.

It is one thing when someone tells this truth to further their own agenda, but a very different thing when someone with nothing to gain and everything to lose tells it simply because the truth must be told and someone needs to do that.

When an impeccable warrior known for his honor and wisdom speaks, people listen.

Nice soapbox you have here. Glad you are putting it to good use. Hold on to the talking stick.

notamobster said...

Dadnerd - I like how you evoked the image of a thief and then gave us a thief (evangelist soaked you for... forget it.)

Anonymous said...

We are the watchers, they the evil ones. Don't give up. Spread the word. The dark ones can not survive in the light. Expose them and send them to hell!


Anonymous said...

"Ask yourself this question; what could possibly be in it for me to do what I do? There's no payoff whatever. I have a personal problem about injustice, lies, etc... can't seem to shake it. I am compelled to tell what I see. Strange enough, many others see too."

A martyr complex. Nice touch.

Anonymous said...

I commend the courage of the Palestinians fighters as they stand up to extreme overwhelming odds. I salute them! I know the fear of being there if but only briefly. They die in honor.

Know this evil ones, there are many more coming. I know you feel us watching, you hear the drums, the distant thunder of many hooves. Your days are numbered.


veritas6464 said...

FREEDOM OF SPEECH!? Whatha? Freedom of speech is instantly gratified by the act of speaking freely, speak freely and you are free! However, by and of its self does not necessarily obtain permission from the ruling authority. To the contrary, the ruling authority might deem the speech inappropriate and move to abate any further issue. This event and any threats of further punitive action will no doubt be perceived as oppressive. This alleged oppression in our case might include closing Blogs, taking down postings or entire websites. However, these same actions will probably be explained throughout the Media as a lawful necessity by that ruling authority. The deliniation of the conflict would necessarily be argued 'in the public interest' by both sides. On the one hand the right to express oneself freely on any topic - Politics, Genocide, Gaza etc. On the other hand the pursuit of law and Order. No doubt the Ruling elite have the Governments' resources to fight accusations of erroneous conduct. At the same time disseminating information decrying the dissenter with false or spurious accusation of libel, Civil Disobedience (incite to hate?) etc. Then, to what is traditionally the lawful 'first' resort for a Ruling Authority the Courts, for orders of suppression. Let's say one is issued,.. now; a cut to the chase. If you believe this Order to be unlawful, by your interpretation, and so speak freely with this regard, fine. The Ruling Authority then executes its Right to issue a warrant for '..being In Contempt' or what have you. You now have an important choice. A) Shut up, and cooperate with the Court Order, and so, the desires of the Ruling Authority.
B) Defy the Ruling Authority, and continue to speak freely, knowing full well that you will be considered outside the Law and labelled throughout your community as such, an Outlaw. If the Ruling Authority deems it to be outside the Law to express yourself freely, then you must accept the responsiblities of proving your case outside the Law. Are you prepared to be considered an Outlaw by other Bloggers, the Irsaeli Government? The MSM? What about your Employer, your Credit Manager?
Why don't you all sit back and contemplate what is 'free' about freespeech, and if it is free, what is this 'gift' of freespeech worth, to you as an individual. Is it worth all that you have and are? There is nothing romantic about the fight for rights, that unpalatable Pill is sugared by the Poets, Post Mortem.
An Outlaw.

Visible said...

n the one hand I owe no one any allegiance besides my primary allegiance.

As for the martyr complex. It does beg the question of why I'm still here, doesn't it

Anonymous said...

I did not intend to post. Many comments are very profound - out of my league and my twopence is neither here or there.
But somehow 'Tree' managed to really really annoy me.
I can appreciate that people oppose my views but the sort of person that always manages to get under my skin are the 'holier than thou brigade'. They grate.
I have a sneaky suspicion that 'Tree' is more than happy to lump other groups together. White South Africans and white Rhodesians spring to mind.
It gives such 'moral superiority' to be able to pontificate to others about how one should not collectively attack 'certain' groups. Oh Yes - and 'Tree' can cast the first stone apparently.
I think the holocaust is propaganda based on an event that happened but has been cashed in on until frankly it turns me completely off. I am sick to death of one particular event being used to rub the collective noses of non Jews until the flesh disintegrates.
Unlike the British camps in the Boer war, which were largely extermination camps for woman and children, used to force the submission of the Boers held on Reunion Island, the German camps were generally Labour camps. How can you tell? Logic!! Sheer logic.
If you intend to kill people in the middle of a war - you kill them - and the Germans did. So did the allies. Come on!!
You do not use precious resources - partcularly if you are on the ropes, to load them into cattle tricks and send them at great trouble and logistics across Europe to put them in a camp to gas them and burn them up.
You dig a ditch in situ, shoot them and bury them.
The whole concept of 'extermination' camps is farcical. The Germans were at least a little efficient and intelligent. They wanted them to work and with a little effort you can find photos on the internet showing quite graphically that these camps were used for this purpose.
The truth is coming out after 60 years of how towards the end of the war and after, some three million Germans died from starvation and cold. Like Gaza today, Iraq, Serbia, 'sanctions' were on the Germans. Food and other things were withheld. The German people were starved. So were the people in the Labour camps. The Germans fed their own first. I am sure 'Tree' is sufficiently enlightened to have let his children starve whilst he fed others. Most of us feed our own first - so did the Germans.
The allies starved everyone as successfully as they could. Like Madeleine Albright - (jewish) they thought 500,000 dead children worth the effort. It was war and possibly marginally more excusable than Albright's and Clinton's brutality. It was cruel and frankly the allied attack on German Civilians, we now recognise as a war crime. Interestingly even at the time 'Bomber' Harris, the proponent of this inhuman bombing including Dresden, was denied the peerage given to other military leaders. It just was not 'cricket' I guess.
So Labour camp Jews died, together with the other inmates. Lets be honest, although Jews would like you to think they were the only inmates - they weren't. Its another 'victimhood' lie and distortion.
Ever heard of Jasenovic. Google it. One of the most sordid and murderous camps. Forgotten. It does not suit the Jews to remember this one. Oh yes!! some died but it was a Croatian camp for Serbs. Have any of you any concept of the enormous numbers of Serbs who died for the allied cause. Any concept of the total betrayal of that people by the Allies, including the cold blooded murder of their non communist leader in favour of Tito?.
(If ever there was a group of victims of 20th century politics and war its the Serbs.)
Jasenovic? What? More Serbs died population wise than Jews, yet the neocons/largely jewish once more persecuted and murdered them, when they refused to bow to the NWO, oil and drug cartels.
My other beef is the Palestinian state, 'Tree'.
Now at the end of the war - why were the Palestians dispossessed. Because no one stood up for them apparently.
Lets say the 'international community' had decided to house these poor Jewish victims in England. Lets give them Sussex. Why not? They gave them Palestine.
Why was English land more sancrosnact, Tree? As A child I grew up in Sussex at this time. Why shouldn't I have had to give way.
OK give them Sussex, lets say. So we then watch whilst the English are biffed out into camps in Kent, Middlesex etc etc. Our historic houses are razed. Shame about Petworth and the Brighton Pavilion but that was our culture - we watch the Jews raze - fair enough we watched the Palestinians suffer. But subsequently Sussex became ' not enough', so with violence we watch western Kent 'occupied and Eastern Hampshire. South London gets occupied and the Jews then proclaim London the capital of the new Jewish state. The people of Kent hang on around the Dover coast. One and a half million of them enclosed in a blockaded enclave patrolled by gunships in the channel and gunships and military around the perimeter. Then starved.
I will tell you all, I hope the English would have the gumption and courage to do at least that of the Palestinians dispossessed of their historic lands by a pack of central European Khazars.
I would. There but for the grace of 'the international community' go I, when those rockets fire out.
Hamas would be nothing on some other 'nationalist' groups. Can you imagine a Khazar occupied Provence? A Khazar occupied Berlin. A Khazar occupied Washington DC? Without 'opposition' - dream on!
I am absolutely with the Palestinians, they have suffered a collective wrong and 'Tree' despise me if you will, but when I look at the Serbs, the Palestinians, The Russians (already decimated by 20 years of jewish imposed marxism) , I would say that the Jews had a not too bad WW2. Take a look at the seige of Stalingrad.
I hate Humbug. I am fed up with myths. I am fed up with a bunch of whining, greedy ruthless Khazars emotionally blackmailing the planet on one hand and plundering it with the other.
I bet you there were precious few Semites in the European labour camps. It is the Khazars, and it is they who are the greatest anti-semites of all. They have stolen Palestine.
Now Tree, can we have the freedom of speech to refer collectively to Khazars?
And for anyone who has had the patience to read this far - it is

Anonymous said...

agree with everything. ur 100% correct. i would also love to know more about eugenics and the delibrate method of poising and contaminating our waterways and food supplies to subdue the masses to promoted their ancient cabalistic agender.

Anonymous said...

Martyr complex--don't attack the message, attack the messenger--that's all you got--
Game-Set-Match to Visible--
Go back to the minors--you're out of your league here--
To the fishermen out there, try using a little different bait next time--the big ones who have grown and survived don't bite on what so obviously has a barbed hook underneath


Freddamedgjedda said...

Looks like they are already losing their footing on the site you refered to in your post Les. The truth is amazing!! I am glad theese people at least get the chance to see some of it, and maybe even seek more!

I have not once been proved wrong when I speak of largely unknown(though thoroughly researced and often proven) facts, like those you get here. The truth will have no problem "defeating" the "bad guys"! People are getting less and less "locked" in their view of things! I can feel it, and I experience it with all the people I talk to. This snowball is just getting bigger and faster!

Much love and I salute you all for assisting me and countless others getting a "firmer grip" on reality and truth. This is not over it is just beginning to manifest. I do think people will remember this site and what "happened" here. Longer than our physical lives. This "place" exist as much as we maintain it and evolve it and us. I am open to whatever direction things take!

Anonymous said...

This is really important to understand: The Zionists use Jews as human shields. Ironic, yes?

Zionism was not invented by "the Jews." It is an EVIL cooked up by Great Britain and Christian Protestant Dispensationalism. The very rich Jewish central bankers, being caucasian and elitist, joined in LATER.

Think about the Hagee crowd. 70%-80% of Zionists in America are CHRISTIAN EVANGELICALS. By obsessing over the Jewish angle - horrid and evil as the Talmudic supremacists are - we ignore the fundamental(ist) problem: Protestant fundamentalism, white supremacy, white colonialism, oppression of darker skinned people (including Semites), and a staged Armageddon during our lifetimes.

The NON-JEWISH roots of Zionism:

My personal rant on the subject:

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I understand well what you`re saying but it`s just a habit of mine (a bad one I suppose) to speak my mind and depict things for what they are. I have encountered enough jews where I live and some overseas and I can safely say they are all alike. I`m sorry if you disagree.

I certainly never meant to in any way damage the credibility of Smoking Mirrors and keep up the good work.

Visible said...

Understood man.

I don't really get anything for this. I don't advertise or whatever else it is that people do. God carries me and I'm fine with that. There's not much that I want so I consider myself rich... however- this is what I choose to do with my life, the writing and the music and dancing in the dark when the weather is good. So I would like to have some integrity and credibility if that's possible and I can't get on any one group for all of the world's ills. It's a collective of knuckleheads. a little gift I'm going to send a free PDF copy of The Dark Splendor to anyone who sees this and emails me a request. It was my first finished novel and I've been down the road since then but if you like what I do here it will be a tale you might enjoy.

Anonymous said...


You are WRONG about the director/producer of Birth Of A Nation. D.W. Griffith most DEFINITELY was a Jew:

As were most, if not ALL of the leaders of the Klan since its' inception. As are MOST, if not all of the decision makers of negative negative stereotypes of Blacks, poor Whites, Native Americans, Italians, Latinos, Asians, ans Muslims are portrayed to this very day. Marlon Brando was castigated and brought to his knees a decade ago for asking WHY every ethnic stereotype save for the Jews is drummed into the collective psyche constantly.

Tree, you may or may not be a "Jew", but you are most definitely ignorant and pitifully ill-informed at best, and outright LYING at worst. For reasons only YOU know, "Tree."

Whatever the case may be, "Tree", you are no doubt out of yours.

For fuck's sake.

LanceThruster said...

Was banned at DailyKos this morning for of all things, Holocaust denial. It's nonsense and what I was arguing against was thought crimes and the fact that the historical record doesn't need to be legislated. I also put forth Dr. Norman Finkelstein's thesis that the Holocaust is used as cover for a host of Israeli crimes. Not really controversial but enough for one tribesman to harangue me constantly and for another gay tribesman moderator to ban me (sexual orientation mentioned only for the irony of the perennial victim becoming the victimizer in this case).

The gatekeepers are hard at work making sure messages such as the ones at Smoking Mirrors do not make it into greater circulation. Almost all of us here see that they are not hateful or even that controversial. They are merely the truth stated as plainly and in as compelling a fashion as possible.

Thank goodness that voices such as the ones here have not been silenced (yet).

You know you're on the right track when the other side lives in fear of truth.

Anonymous said...


Icon_xof said...

You got the buck in the heart with this one my friend. It's no accident that the populous has become super-sensitive in recent generations, to a point where one can't bear to be labeled anti-Semitic. Some people are so worried about appeasing others and maintaining their wanna-be-prestige public image that they are content chewing their own ass while innocent lives are torn from this plane without a thought. Media mind fucking has ripped the balls off of our men and luxury, wealth, and power have cauterized the gaping facial vaginas of our leaders. But in the midsts of this catastrophe that is the decline and inevitable demise of our race. It does my heart good to know that there are still people out there who say it like it is, despite the consequences. Mage props my friend.

nobody said...

I just wanted to add a note of specificity to my previous comment. I have never met a Semitic Jew. Only Khazar/Ashkenazi. As I understand it, the Semitic Jews, (who lived next door to their Muslim neighbours, with the women swapping recipes, the men sitting on the stoop, and the kids all playing together) were virtually indistinguishable from their fellow Palestinians. They were not racist usurers who owned everything.

Unsurprisingly, the Ashkenazi johnny-come-lately's viewed them with near equal contempt just like the Muslim Palestinians. They hauled the Semitic kids out of school and fried their brains with radiation. If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, google 'israel ringworm scandal'.

Thinking about it, it was poor of me to be tarring these poor suffering bastards with the same brush as that for their murderous oppressors.

nobody said...

Then again, David Sassoon was a Semitic Jew wasn't he?

Everywhere you turn on this subject, bad ugliness.

veritas6464 said...

Me! Me! Me! I saw it, I saw it first, Me Me me..Could I please have a copy of your first Book?
Thank You Dumballah.

Now then enough kowtowing, I think the point of having an opportunity to comment freely on this Blog comes with the responsiblity of dignified responses, while we are talking we are not fighting. I fought when I served with the Australian Regular Army (ARA). And trust me on this - 90% of 'fighting', is dirty dumb boredom, however, it's not until you first experience the 'exciting' 10%, that you realize how much you miss the dirty dumb boring 90%! Let's all keep talking, even Trees and Marxist-socialist (sorry Les, couldn't help myself), maybe we'll eventually be heard (or seen) by a wider audience. I'm assuming of course, our message is one of Peace(?) Peace now, peace for all, even our enemies. Let's fight this good fight, win it, and then focus on what we can be, not what we are, or have been.
Learning more everyday Les, thanks in part to your Blog.
An Outlaw

Anonymous said...

Hey les,

Thought this might seem appropriate with all that has gone on and it's a message to the wealthy and powerful who seek to do away with us.

John Lennon - Bring On The Lucie (Freda People)

All right boys this is it, over the hill)
We don't care what flag you're waving,
We don't even want to know your name,
We don't care where you're from or where you're going,
All we know is that you came,
You're making all our decisions,
We have just one request of you,
That while you're thinking things over,
Here's something you just better do.
Free the people now,
Do it do it do it do it do it now.
Free the people now,
Do it do it do it do it do it now.
Well we were caught with our hands in the air,
Don't despair paranoia is everywhere,
We can shake it with love when we're scared,
So let's shout it aloud like a prayer.
Free the people now,
Do it do it do it do it do it now.
Free the people now,
Do it do it do it do it do it now.
We understand your paranoia,
But we don't want to play your game,
You think you're cool and know what you are doing,
666 is your name,
So while your jerking off each other,
You better bear this thought in mind,
Your time is up you better know it,
But maybe you don't read the signs,
Free the people now,
Do it do it do it do it do it now.
Free the people now,
Do it do it do it do it do it now.
Well you were caught with your hands in the kill,
And you still got to swallow your pill,
As you slip and you slide down the hill,
On the blood of the people you killed.
Stop the killing now,
Do it do it do it do it do it now.
Stop the killing now,
Do it do it do it do it do it now.
Free the people now,
Do it do it do it do it do it now...


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Anonymous said...

So, why do people believe in the holocaust, anyway?

A Quick Proof that the Holocaust Story is a Lie.

The Jews Declare War on Germany (in 1933).

Death Certificates issued at Auschwitz.

Anonymous said...

Why don't the chosen ones (the goodly variant) stand up and remove the false jews, as Jesus Himself described them?

In my feebleness, I am reminded of the ol' injun (respect, my brothers/sisters) tale of the scorpion and the turtle - about a flash flood, the scorpion needing a ride on the turtle's back to escape certain doom, the turtle refusing 'cause the scorpion will sting him and they'll both die, and the scorpion's whining/pleading that eventually won the day only to end, as was predicted, in death for them both, midstream...

Turtle:"why did you sting me when you gave me your solemn oath that you wouldn't...'cause now we're both gonna die?!

Scorpion:"'cause that's what scorpions do!"

Pax Verbum

Anonymous said...

This is just a reminder that there are some good people in Israel and that Haaretz is a damn sight better than some of the western propaganda rags.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, we can't wait for the 'good Jews' - if there are any - to save us!

The Jews are out enemy, just some are more actively our enemies than others.

This has been the price of Jewish emancipation.

The question is: is there any point shutting the gate after the horse has bolted?

Annsie said...

I came across your site today for the first time and find that many of the people posting are very intelligent. I just wanted to point out that Aaron Russo was Jewish and he more or less gave up his film career in Hollywood to try and educate Americans with his documentary "America Freedom to Fascism" and turned down Nick Rockefeller attempt to become one of them......He was a great man unfortunately the good seem to die young.

Anonymous said...

All of you should see this came to me and I started researching the like of you. I think the whole world is in trouble if there is no other media than these people stated in this document, are also seeking a way of distributing this information. What choices exist other than Blogs and what if they someday (soon will happen) monopolize this too and then later there is no communication? Is this the point. Now we will all be slaves just what they wanted.

Anonymous said...

to the comments of the Anonymous does not have the same rights is this:
No one will have called
the like you are involved
you will only also see
that the likes of me are free
to write of the US wall
is the same of the stahl
they say all that all they say
then later they will only play
to say they may also jew
they may want to know a few
then later they will run and kill
all the ones with God's appeal
to write this letter God of mine
these words of me are all divine
that is one to also see
that you have a light in me
I write is George Orwell
you all need to read this book
"As I write" that is the Jewish media

Anonymous said...

the jews are killing all except the non jews
started under Lenin
view the Russian section
that 65 million non jews were killed first
then Hilter commenced to protect all, not that either was right. But why start something that you can never finish as god will rise someone else soon.

Only a caring American
Where can I place my TRUE war poems without sounding antisemitic? Someone help.

Anonymous said...

Why will the world never see
that the can of coffee tea
and the magic of the star
is the one of only bar
that is how the Starbucks now
will go and then the sun will thaw
the magic of the crack and pot
this is how to make all stop
the Jewish game of this is now
to see that all are high in bow
to say that they are chosen this
is how to get a morning kiss
they can and spray the kids of me
and they later set them free
to only make the parents mad
then later they will soon attack
then the Obama of mine
will have to say to stop in time
then later they will say world see
to say that they will attack free
with all our money in US
to say that it is only guess
that is how to play the game
to see that they will only name
that is how to make all see
this is now anatomy
they will never want to stop
they are now in Egypt top
they have banks of Barclay new
that is also name of Jew
they will then go to take God
in the name of that is Rod
they are chosen to see how
to make Egypt the sea now
then they later will semite
all that new land is the might
then they will also see a war
to take all that is for all
then later they will also say
that the Egypt is the bay
to take the camels to our land
they will only wear a band
this is Kabbalah that spells
alah that is also theirs
they will claim identity
of all that is a deity
untill they take all that you have
you children will only glad
that you had a shorter life
to see that is all their wife
that is how they all just say
that the make of lighter play
is the wives to make it nay
to only later take a clay
and then make the art world ours
to see that we are all stars
we are US you and I
we will only take a dime
to see that they will also do
the same things that all a new
this is all the History
to say that is Mystery
that Goya was a Jewish name
to see him and his Jewish fame
what is wrong with Raphael
he has name of Mikhail
that is how they name them too
they see how to make a true
Truman was a name to claim
that is how to make the blame
that is how to make the same
and now this is only game
this is how to end it all
to then later only ball
All are here to help the world
we are only same as bird
messengers are us you see
to cut our heads is only free
they will also claim us then
to see that is how to hem
the skirts of all the blonds are now
to see all that they will bow
to the money paid to them
this is sell out only hem
and the ones to study me
to later pay the taxes me
to later pay the faxes me
to later pay the masses God.

To all we are all chosen all mankind
all colors and all walks of life
not only Jews. We are only talking
about the German Holocaust, what about
the Armenian Holocaust and the rest ....

Questions? what is the Holocaust just for
no reason people start killing just jews?

Why will there be no tomorrow for all the people to talk so openly for this sort of things than the others that are making all
Arabs and middle East's people Hammas and
Terrorists. Why is this fair?

I am not a terrorist when all the world have
had problems with this for thousands of years not only now. Why hurt Mel Gibson for merely stating the bible?

Why are you killing people to dominate the world with business what is your hurry?

All the businesses that are going out if not your own are ones to open with other names now that you own all, you do not need to make the signs and the names to follow. We are all going to buy from you everything because now you own US.

god bless Les to see that we all have a voice
may be we are all chosen too to protect the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

This is how they(Jews stealing form the outside world news) we never hear this on our news here in America. 96% of he media belongs to the Jews that is why, to steal when they raid the countries with US names and give us a bad name.
We Americans are not thieves they gave us this name

Anonymous said...

Les is true, Les is blue
Les is this a world of you
you are me and you are free
you are one to only see
that is how, you make all
the world new and the tall
you will call all the ones
to say cars are the star
they too now will get tar
the La Brea Tar Pits car
that is how the movie too
was the one of hot and coop
the God us the war not
to see that is only gut
that is you to see crew
of the movie Holocaust
you say me, you say free
you say all the things of Tree
you see us , we are one
we can only want to done
the news us the news thus
is the one lie for none
you are sea you are tree
you are the ozone is free
to say god is abode
in the earth of all the code
they code this they code that
they will never code the brat
that you saw is in time
you will also see it chime
they see all the store now
no one has a dime to pay
they will soon have the moon
that is how to make a soon
they stole all to make call
to see that is only star
that is now to see war
is the kind of you to make
we are here for you dear
to see that is who you are
to say all is alright
we will also have Albright
she thinks the 500,000 deaths
has the price of all that Feds
That is how to make you
the one to make the worth is right
to say that the army will built in words of free
it is us to make boss
all the mafia all the cause
that is who to also
ones to see that they have raised
the death toll is untold
all that jewish likes of grazed
they too now will undo a fairness to the only phased
that is how the world works
Mafia, Us and Hammas games
we are not, one or two
we are only US due
the fight us for our God
the one that God that is now just you

God Bless Les
We all stand for the dignity of our country
they came and raided this country for the Jewishness AND LOOK AT THIS LINK, NOT ONE OF US


Anonymous said...

Les for all the followers that are in the TRUTH
here is a site for the voices too

Anonymous said...

for you Les
God Bless for saving the world and maintaining Freedom not only US but it looks like they make problems everywhere they go , here it is Corriere della Serra the biggest newspaper in Europe (why do we not hear this on our news!) not a question obviously.
God bless all that love god and humankind
I am in arts and I hate to damage art work
let alone god's art, we humans are created by God and no one chooses to see that we can also fight back.

Anonymous said...

sorry Les here is the link I forgot to attach

Anonymous said...

more problems in France to say that they will not stop is what they will bring upon themselves . Les why are they starting to bother all with comments when they make the worse ones on the TV to provoke the KKK and the rest of the world against each other? Does anyone have the answer to this? That means Freedom of discriminating speach is only available for the Jewish stations against Obama and all the rest except the ...well why bother.

Anonymous said...

The parking lot was not full as usual is key on why weren't people at work on September 11, why are we not researching this further? It is an allegation that was directed to the wrong people maybe? If table were turned , I doubt we would be here. We are all in the same shoes to think how can they not talk about it anymore. What about the jet that just was bought for millions? Lets not talk about that either.

Anonymous said...

That 's right the jet that was just bought 40 million, how could the Muslims that blow up only their kids and coffee flasks afford three jets to Highjack and the then security was not that open in the airways..common.. The pentagon. Time will reveal all. For now here is one for 40 million lets not let that deter us from the next purchase, a nuclear plant to get Iran is them not us. Not that I claim religion just that it is a Christian saying this and not a Muslim, for all who might think I am leaning on religion is this:
not a Jew to kill their own leader, for decades the Iraqis did not kill Sadam Hussein THE JEWS KILLED THEIR OWN LEADER, Iran protected its Civilians from Iraqi attacks and vever built a nuclear bomb then either. Why now? Common all reason and do not give in to the scary media saying YOU CANNOT STATE FACTS EITHER ... Just facts that is all

Anonymous said...

"That 's right the plain is to most likely take all the funds to the Swiss Banks to hide the money so that they cannot see our wires so that we can take more money and not claim taxes now that we have all the banks locked to wire internationally, we are the real terrorists we steal the money and later blame the Hamas, Muslims, common Geithner get in the White house we need more money. " Just a thought Less
how Kool we can express our thoughts in US

Anonymous said...

To say me that I am free
its also that of me
that I give and then live
with tar and coffee bean
that I sigh in all rye
that bagel never calls
to say me that is see
the news is on the wall
this all that, then is Pratt
the college you will call
the like me to pay see
its all that you can haul
the schools me to pay thee
to have brother loss
to give drugs to pay thugs
to later have a mall
they will say that all pay
to all that you will Haul
to say Trucks is all you
and you will never call
you pay rent to all debt
that you can pay the banks
that are friends to your ends
that you will only tanks
they will mock to the block
that you will always see
drivers me, drivers you
to say that they will free
the ones you have all new
they will also try
to haul you the meat, brew
that hormone, beer and wine
you feed us, Kosher thus
is only you to clean
the meat you, the meat me
is only to the scene
the movies that you please
with all the cops of crime
to sit tight the blocks wide
open all the time
to steal tax, later PAX Romano is all true
to say that they knew then the taxes were all you
this is why the Mafia will always only crew
the ones you to claim new
are only for the banks
that are near to see dear
that you can smuggle rights
the arts too to see new
all that smuggle sight
that is you to claim new
the art of god is through
the people that died who
are all the US crew
that is how to make bow
the new ones to this claim
to say now no more Thame
this US is our name
you claim me to see you
that you can never see
that is you the one to
always have a free
Cartel me, cartel you
to always have a wall
to say you have a star
is only for the Mall
you see now not a few
will only think of you
later see the debris
that you have caused is you.

There is more

Anonymous said...

The Jewish Federation stands tall and as soon as anyone opens a business in LA they are ones to go immediately to visit and they will ask, "who is the owner?" you will not have much of a chance to do much business if you are not a Jewish person. This was the decade of LA for me. Also they will not buy from you unless you have affiliation only with them and their circles, they will make claims to remove religious objects out of the sight if they are to bring you Jewish clients. This is the God's honest truth of my dealings with them, that is why I left LA amongst with other discrimination methods of diplomacy. their diplomacy is we are the chosen, and therefore all the other religions like the nation of Islam in US not outside and or places to extract information about the documents that will historically will make us see the truth on google search for they will post anti-semitic comments on this aswell, who can talk? only them and how they choose to manipulate the audience of especially the American children.
Think all...they will remove all but themselves is only the Jewish Federation holds all the information. Do not run off with all of our antiquities to Swiss banks with that 40 million dollar jet now, and later blame the robberies on the Terrorists, all of you witness these predictions also, to kill more in US and later blame the terrorist to bring upon hatred toward US civilians that are middle eastern is an aim it seems like.
this site has stated facts "not anti semitic"
how much do you own to buy the media of literary encyclopedia that is international to make these comments that show how guilty you make yourselves look?

Too bad no more muslims in the world can have a place in US either means you YOU ARE THE ONES THAT ARE ANTI SEMITIC AS JEWS, THAT BLENDING IN PART IS OVER ...REMEMBER THE SHAH LEFT NOW YOU ARE NO LONGER ANTI SEMITIC, YOU ARE ENGLISH, NEXT THAMES AGAIN and later the Christians will be the bad guys till you dominate the world. Facts of life is this, buy our American Blondes to present you.

Anonymous said...

In the years 1939–1941, the FBI compiled the Custodial Detention index on citizens, "enemy" aliens and foreign nationals, based principally on census records, for the war claimed in Japan, to further note that the Jews were only at the same time (cross reference the dates of the photographer and the camp detention center)

This is what they will do now to the Middle Easterns in this country (US CITIZENS and loyal) as an excuse to go after more land and oil for Israel and their bank accounts here. We citizens will still remain homeless and slaves of minimum wage, and the gas meter tax that is new, is only the beginning. Start walking all, Ansel Adams is Jewish FYI and so are all the famed ones to say that many others existed and never made it as photographers. Too bad they never had the name. Even Man Ray was a Russian Jew

Anonymous said...

To all who travel, do drop by Dubai and see the Marina its beautiful and at the airport all the limos holding the tags for the businessmen that are investing in Dubai are ALMOST ALL JEWISH this is why we all cannot travel and we have to not move so we do not see these things. How can you say that donating to causes for the truth is giving money to the Arabs for business is you that donate to the opposition as you say it and later you blame us to sell the arts of the middle east and the you place stolen arts in the museums, who is the thief? Also another question , why is the Arab empire building with US money in Dubai all of us investing in Dubai is many Jewish names that I saw. As I will bring the news I see to my fellow American Citizens. Terrorists are the ones to see that they will claim the monopoly while blaming the guy next door!

Thank you Les for this opportunity to mention the real news

Anonymous said...

sorry Les for you to edit
All the businessmen name tags that Limo drivers hold are those of Jewish Names

sorry we have to be accurate saying the Truth

Anonymous said...

Nexus is this
could the bombing of the car now be that they want to take over the Arkansas Medical Board, Trent Pierce? Lets see if that board too will have a Jewish name soon. If Allegations are directed immediately without further research to the terrorists, to make the rest of the population in US hate our local middle east and Muslims, then we can certainly ask to see if if later we see who replaces that Medical Board too. They are in NY, CA and DC why not all the other states now.. What a symphony

Anonymous said...

Sand bags are the ones to see that all the water that comes is the anger of God, why put sand bags in the building? The building collapsed the fire underneath the building was water that needed the heat to disorganized crime is this, how can sandbags be placed once the building collapsed, how did they make them available to accommodate the pressure to the collapse, it should have spread outward the building architects please join your input in this blog, for the technology of Metal bombs that the scientists
have claimed in links here are also ones to see that the bomb could have exploded internally , why see that they are all in the ashes in the basement means something could have exploded internally first to bring the rest down in such order, that is the research of the master in the bomb making , not the ones to hold guns in the desert the real Semites.

Please research above if you are an expert
because if so, the inside job of 911 was a push of a button with the planes to make sure all die and no one talks

Anonymous said...

Why are these religious leaders the Rabis always getting caught for money laundering and diamonds are the main business? What man of God needs so much money?

Anonymous said...

Satire- How could the Jews see that we are all seeing all and the news only talks about Obama smoking, psychology is the name of the game
"let us take you to see Harry Potter and the smoking we will help you quit, let us just come in the White house so that you can make the news about this only so that no one sees us...shshsh....we are all almost there"

Where is the news of the man in the west who comes and goes to the room of the White House Bush and what is he up to ?? He still needs money for oil so why stop talking about the gas stations that are closing all over the country?

Anonymous said...

News that was the news to see that people should also do their own research and not just eat chips while they watch "Bee" movie for children
what is this movie teaching the children
for any adult parent that is mature your child is learning in this movie to accept the fact that you are only an employee for the rest of your life and the monopoly of the honey is only for one, not for all
For that that is chosen, to use the name of Montgomery is a set up to later make it also their name is this "monopoly is great you just work and do your job best" is the lesson.
Thank you Les I hope all are watching to get the real news and donate to a better cause that we are all getting all the news on our own funds for all... if you see a truth in something please join

Anonymous said...

Satire- Claims of the war are in the hands of the Iranians and their nuke, why are they all of a sudden calm? They will see that art of war is this attack when least expected, is this a book that is only a few chapters and later has a whole edition of many chapters

The only reason to make all against China is because they went for the political game, they stopped the war, they took sides for Iran was an international balance
to claim they make copies is this
they make all the copies that the Americans and the Europeans are and have been buying for years , why now?

All the people of the world should be loved that is what Obama said in his speech, we are following our Presidents promises now , all open your fists to China and Iran too, to all not one.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, did the salary of the President just practically double ? or are we buying our Presidents? Well, I will still have faith in our President to see that they will try to keep him out of the White House as much as possible for now!!! He really needs the resort and the breaks he just started.

The research on what really happened that all the Americans are daily basis on the street can wait.

Anonymous said...

Last thing is this
how can you see that they are all in the same business selling news, they will also say that too to later discredit Obama, this is a tactic to play with time while they are all going to make their adjustments and move on to the next phase of monopoly to later fall in traps of the war is us, we need a monopoly to see that all the computers are being tapped and changed as we speak is
Matrix- the Zionist was the ones to enter the computer systems
Lord of the Rings- The chasing of the power was? (rhymes with Solomon hint).

Brilliant movies watch them again. You will see the light now. How to make a population of the kinds of the manipulated army is to compare the following below:

To take over middle earth is this : map
Middle East and (something
to cook your noodles is Africa)
watch how we will kiss the Africa now to bring all here to get them out of their land so that they can go and take that too

Just for the convenience the above link is the center of the world, take the middle earth is now is my thought and strategy of domination starts from middle earth.

Is this a place that lets you speak so freely US and now we cannot to see that they will all say that these political debates are not a conspiracy theory but very realistic. The strategies of war discussed are the ones to see that they will see this trail and will appreciate to prohibit domination, not to shut the Voice of America. This is the voice of America not the one to also have all the Jewish names to manipulate all the world and say its America. They hide under French, English and all the other citizens to later say that they are Jewish first.

Here is the story line of taking over middle earth. If you do not have time to read see how they manipulate a made army to work for domination and monopoly, our children.
The wisdom of Solomon is this

The wisdom of Solomon is this
the temple is to be rebuilt is they want to destroy Iran to built a temple most likely considering that Iran then under Cyrus the great freed them (all the Jews) why such hatred against a nation that save them.
No loyalty!
These sacred vessels were, at the end of the Babylonian Captivity, restored to the Jews by Cyrus, in 538 BCE (Ezra 1:1-11).

Fists are open only all else, that is why they open so freely and dominate now.

Anonymous said...

Why is this star that causes so much hatred around the world on my money in US and on all the government symbols? Please no more monopolies you are putting our American citizens in danger. Why can't we have a cross on our money instead or a lion.

Anonymous said...

Inside job means this
1- They own all the Trucking companies (the little ones usually struggle and later leave) the major ones are the ones to make certain meth and crystal meth are part of the organization game to push the hauls and make the citizens speed the delivery for prolong drive, otherwise not possible as the pedals are now manipulated to dive slow. This is what puts our citizens at risk also. Who are the major Trucking companies owned by
2- As we continue the movie and music industry takes the artist and later copyrights all their work and owns their rights (steals their light of God given gifts to own them) to only later after making them famous somehow they all end up with Meth and other drugs also, who are the owners of these major music and film companies like ASCAP and BMI?
3- Later they all have to go to Rehab. Sober living by the Sea they are Jewish I know this.

Also Narconon was Jewish even if they have a front as a Scientology rehab facility.

So the inside job means, we give you just enough to take all is America under this Monopoly.

Their faces are later posted on news stations as the bad guys and you will discredit them all , only to see that they will not have the same rights later to claim their own works

Is this how big they are ? What happened to my Dixie Chix. They were claiming something too. Where is that news. Just clean all the news about the owners of all the major US companies. Maybe we would not be so angry if they were only properly and respectfully gaining fame, but to destroy lives to get ahead is why people are angry, that is angry and not jealous. Someone needs to explain this to them.

Anonymous said...

Inside job could also be the fires in LA
as soon as all the non jewish people left
for the houses that burned some of the new people buying all for low prices were jewish americans. Why do they always say jewish american? I do not hear anyone saying muslim or buddhist americas? or anything else...just americans...

Anonymous said...

Here they are they sued Sony for 4.1 million that they were supposed to have gotten paid.
Later they are the mass media of "loved to be hated" is the words of the news anchors that are to play the game. Below

Dixie Chicks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Dixie Chicks are a country music group, comprising three women; ..... [26] The Chicks responded with their own $4.1 million dollar lawsuit against Sony ... - 176k - Cached - Similar pages

Stop disqualifying all of our artists because you took their money. Someone can find owner of the Sony people that they sued I am sure are Jewish named as well. Maybe hiding behind a real manager that is a real American.

I love our Dixie Chics they are truly talented. Again all for money to destroy our civilians. Obama said not to destroy anymore goes for all of you. Open your fists and pay the 4.1 million that you owe our US artists

Anonymous said...

All was under Clive Davis an American Jewish man from New York. Now they had to sell all the dirt and blame the others later

inside jobs are also this to consider the characters of the Society and what they do is rip off people and later blame it on others is all based on facts.

No one from other countries knows these details that are in the US and we live with it everyday, its time to clean our country first. God bless America.

Anonymous said...,11382,L-3353985,00.html

what are the jewish people doing in scientology?
trying to join all the churches in US?
why will we display jews for jesus, is this a cover too? i never saw jews for jesus except for in America.why are jews for jesus when he was crucified by them? just some questions? someone told me its only for the Christmas greeting cards.

Anonymous said...

Here is the answer to the above state facts are here and its important for all to read this is how they will change to supply oil to their country of Israel and not US HISTORY REPEATED ITSELF, we are almost cracking the code open

The above is to block Israel Oil supply so all the Jews in US (TIMES OF 1973 ALSO )tried to become Christians to get oil for Israel and

Jews for Jesus was founded by Martin "Moishe" Rosen in 1973. Rosen's mission, having converted to Christianity himself, was to help bring other Jews to the Christian faith.

History repeats itself except for now just don't convert just make a movie special effects, just a thought about the special effect we have Hollywood..

Les I think all should see this

Anonymous said...

My God the links are all almost here

Anonymous said...

The Oklahoma building was bombed and the whole structure was destroyed proof of the explosives used was in the content of the above link
"The even numbered columns (A2, A4, A6, and A8) in Row A collapsed straight down"

A bomb makes a building collapse straight down
Here is the conclusion of the other site on this subject top of the building related to the truck (external impact) and the the building to collapse was the one to see that
The Murrah Federal Building was not destroyed by one sole truck bomb. The major factor in its destruction appears to have been detonation of explosives carefully placed at four critical junctures on supporting columns within the building. The only possible reinforced concrete structural failure solely attributable to the truck bomb was the stripping out of the ceilings of the first and second floors in the "pit" area behind columns B4 , this is in the reports,

What happened to the World Trade center Bomb report, should this one so much bigger not be investigated like the Oklahoma city bombing
there are resemblances in the structural damage destruction process

at least read the conclusions so similar

Anonymous said...

The Inside job is this
How can not all see that Jesus was crucified and that they paid the Romans, they will always said that they didn't do it, as they do not do not talk about Jews is this the biggest iconography in our world Jesus Christ. That is what happens to you when you say stop paying the taxes that make them all homeless, is me now.

They will claim that people like me want to be Jesus Christ, in defense of Jesus Christ who was only hearing and talking for the creator that made us all, he was only the messenger, kill him so there are no more messengers, this is why all are afraid to talk.

Mussolini's Picture is a reminder to not speak for all the Italians, this is how to treat a public kill and later blame the others.

The two FBI agents that were killed in US and later a little Pakistani boy was framed for that, did anyone keep up with the research that shortly before that the agents had caught the Rabi in NY with diamonds that was money laundering. They will do this and later state that they are in America they will pay taxes.

Recently more has happened "inside job is this" the claims of the grants that are government, the government will tell you these grants do not exist, in US they have for decades been taking all the people ideas against government grants to take away their small business ideas and apply it to their own businesses. They are now asking you to give your family tree medical problems so that they can claim insurance on your health and later blame that you had a family problem and not pay your or cure your health...just the the pills is a whole news ball game, no balls to tell all that alternative medicine and time for meditation and peace is key , not so much work that you have to get up and leave your children so that the government think you are the one to blame as a citizen, (if you have been watching the news you have to read in between the line) that is their news and that is their propaganda, why else dominate the news and try to destroy all the other medias for news Obama my president do not destroy that applies to you too. You cannot destroy anymore. Also for all you Jewish media that claim people like me may want fame to save the world (which is your new propaganda when people are all over the world are screaming this) if I did I would not be anonymous.

This one was my lord Jesus Christ a personal religion of mine not for the world and not as christian American, just for me and to share with my friends here.

God Bless America no more destruction is what my president ordered.

By the way to make rules and break them only for yourself is how to also monopolize , what are you teaching our new president ? that you are the ones to make the rule and the new rule is that you can break the taxes for the higher ups in the White House? The people that can most afford to pay them is you!

There is always blood shed everywhere you go and now, yes this is since the time of Jesus Christ too
nothing personal to anyone, I love all the paths that are chosen to get to one god
we all have the same anatomy and the same needs as humans where ever we go, its just that some of us have a heart.

Anonymous said...

Here are the Rabi that paid the Swiss banks for the airplanes in 1997 New York Times also Jewish run and owned
The New York Times ignored the preceding story, failing to publish it in either its Dec. 23 or Dec. 24 editions. New York Rabbis Convicted of Laundering Cash for Drug Dealers From wire services. Dec. 23, 1997 NEW YORK





Anonymous said...

someone print all the links that was researched some may be removed , they are buying up all the media and this will all too someday disappear.

I tried to help the Amanda Knox girl, she is our US girl and no media will help, why?
Simple "let the Americans raise funds to give the Italians , later we will tell the Italians we did not get involved and they can now owe us a favor" to use our media in America for your own personal interest is a crime, not to mention that using media is now for all... This was the gift of god to all

Bless you Les

Anonymous said...

How Jews convert to muslims to later claim themselves as muslims is this

Could people like these ones be bought for money to run a plain from Swiss accounts above in the wall of my country's economic pillars of my society? Just a question

Anonymous said...

inside job is this
talking to our citizens locally the ones are with the Citicorp that just was funded by the government (feel free all to talk to our local civilians) Here is the Bank that took our government money and we all watched the jet for 40 million take off, Their IRA is dropping since last week by about a thousand HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE ? IS THIS THE NEWS THAT NEEDS TO BE CENSORED ???

Anonymous said...

so now you want to return the jet and all know this and so what is the plan for the other billions that all the money now shows
is on your accounts?? Citgroup, Citicorp, Citi all that no one can catch you is your new games they are all of Jewish names anyway,

Wait a minute is this all the colors in my country are slowly loosing the red
all the colors are sublime ways of making US Israel?

Glad to know that we can have an open forum to see the truth on the streets not the lies of propaganda news.

Waive the news on the plain and hide the billions as an excuse not to pay your promises to your loyal clients of many years.

How to change the world is the contradiction to your news of propaganda, the United Nations had a press that you had propaganda news they were tired of , lets all look for that.

Anonymous said...

Here is the New York times with the news indicating the most recent event "

EVIDENCE OF BOMB IN BODY OF VICTIM; Piece of Metal Pronounced Part of Infernal Machine Taken from Dead Boy. SIMILAR PARTS IN STREET Discovery by Rockefeller Institute Chemist Adds Confirmation to Theory. Chemist Finds Parts of Bomb.

Why did we melt all the metal that was part of the World Trade Center to make a Navy Ship?

is this a way to get rid of the evidence melt the metal into a ship????

To put Never Forget on the ship must be forgotten that we did not investigate beyond your news, its time for all the world to see that we need to investigate and not close the cases to get money. Casualties are higher than the gains, I am sorry Madeleine Korbel Albright also Jewish who said the casualties are worth it " my note to you, not my American brothers"
Do this in Israel to make more money not here.

Anonymous said...

speaking of Citigroup (as you need many names to functions your Northern American needs) who is not delivering after billions

Who also places and influences of donating the media advertisements to keep quiet is this
the reason why we need to hate the Chinese ???
They want to participate and have a bank here too???

This is the real reason to see the news just as it was happening with the funding

Open your fists Obama said to you too, let our Chinese Americans also stay in America and bank her with us, its not all for you,

just in the case you think you are chosen are the Chinese that are people too.
I love all my American colors not only blue and white.

Anonymous said...

An honest anchor is Les
Please see that I wrote plain and sometimes Plane is the real word and he never edited the words from anyone , is this a real honest man!

The essence of the the word plain is this
The Plain meaning rule, also known as the literal rule, is a type of statutory construction, which dictates that statutes are to be interpreted using the ordinary meaning of the language of the statute unless a statute explicitly defines some of its terms otherwise. In other words, the law is to read, word for word and should not divert from its true meaning. It is the mechanism that underlines textualism and, to a certain extent, originalism.

The words used to demonstrate when someone tells a story to read all and not out of context to jump the conclusions and later change as you please to suit your own news agencies. Is this a law that the news agencies will not comply to??? This is how news works in plane

All of you who want to know how words can manipulate 1: to treat or operate with or as if with the hands or by mechanical means especially in a skillful manner
is the film below

To make a movie for the Smithsonian is our innocent pilots , the will manipulate with skill the jets
to buy the jets and order the commanders needs a "well something like a code red"

who is the voice behind the buttons to push all the on and off on the editing rooms of the news companies those are the names behind our beautiful American people who do not know.

Wake up and smell the tea, caffiene is what runs the world to the ground so by then all the new generations are brainwashed as the employee and slave of the ones to order the monopoly
the Bee Movie is this too. How to brain wash is all of this, all countries help us dominate the world , you will never know what is really going on in our country the backstage to the world.

The movie just shows how to use fighter pilots from all countries that unite to get one brilliant strategy to monopolize ONE AT A TIME.

Anonymous said...

A grant idea for you , here is the Holocaust museums that you pound in all the worlds brains in US, ( I am in US as a citizen and here) we have several Holocaust museums for Jewish Americans, can we please have them for our US military for this war that claims Israel as the supporting agent for the cause?

Also can we also see the Armenians and Polish and Russians are treated equally for the past too.

Homage to Churchill all the isms should be wasms but I guess we cannot discriminate all and only think of you.

Anonymous said...

For the Socratic conversation here this is the truth that Socrates never wrote the book all you intelligent people know this. If not here is the method. My point below

Thus, the Socratic Method is a conversation, a discussion, wherein two or more people assist one another in finding the answers to difficult questions. Why did Socrates proceed in this manner? Despite his many claims of ignorance Socrates understood better than those with whom he spoke that it was not enough simply to "learn" facts, to memorize lessons, or to parrot lectures. To know truly, to seek wisdom, one must work toward understanding. If the question "what" leads us to see what we do and do not know, then the question "why" leads us to understand our world in a more full and fundamental manner.

The point of all this is as a unit to claim the rights of the nation that is here US we are the citizens and those with History in their mind know that I do not defend the Muslims that are extremist and nor do I agree with the Quran that claims women with their body covered, but I will not let Jews take advantage of their politics to win the hearts of American as an excuse to rob the country with all the business ventures that you already have all, since you do and so obviously have done so and there is no reversal of fortune while all saw and could not speak for thousand of years that the Semites that you were as anti semitic comments, just treat all the people well and fair.

Why are my friends now trying to buy condos in US with this economy you will play games, yes you Bank of America, you promise a contract to be delivered size of a bible to sign last minute as closing, no one can have the contract to see what is in the content till you sign your life away, then bankruptcies are not an option anymore and you will claim that house too? Is this the new way, this is now that Obama is in office,
people go talk to civilians and get your won news.

I am trying to help with the contract to read and you will not release it to the buyer (not me a friend) but it could be all my American friends that are used to your abuse.

Here sign your life away, your children don't count they are not chosen

Inside job is this quietly for years and now break the economy and files and no one will see your files, was this a reason? if you?

Our president is not on the streets daily talking to people to see all this

Anonymous said...

All the lies and flies are this
to see that is not a hiss
hitler was the one to say
that you had a moving day
you will also move to Jew
all the countries are now you
you will also see us all
to say that is here its all
you will see that you will too
find the people and you brew
nothing you will ever do
you ruin our names and only crew
My people are the ones to see
that I have a family
the US are the ones to know
that is true of all the know
that is how to claim your war
to sit in back and tell them car
let them sell their cars of new
then we later only clue
they are one to buy them too
then later the lease, never you
to rent all our lives is this
not a child of yours is Kiss
then you later also see
that the clothes of China me

Open your fists and don't hide the words in the country of law, stop malicious word settings

Anonymous said...

Satin me and Satin thee
the satin is only free
the satin is one to cling
that is how to cling to me
was the robe of Jesus me
that is how he claimed a war
to see you will also star
he was on to Zeta too
that is how to also do
how to make a merge of you
is the one of only True
she is also in the game
to see that she also fame
her mother is only right
to talk of you only bright
why to kill our Kennedy
is the one to only see
that is how the Nexus me
will try to see the link of Tree
that is also yours to know
that the presidents only go
and they also will just do
a bit more because of Jew
that is how to kiss them now
to do later only bow
and then when they stop and see
you will make them enemy

How can you see Muslim walls
not to make them stop the calls
only ones of you you say
you will never holy play
that is the links here you see
that the Jewish victory
is the one to say its you
to see that all religions do
no one come to whaling wall
to see it is only fall
that is how the Jesus me
will predict a wall of Three
the one that is only you
that is only works of cue
and the ones to see me cry
are the ones to see me die
later they will Jesus me
to say that is god is see
they will later do a third
to come to me only bird
that is how to make you see
that the world is now just free
to claim war is only Tree
that is how to make the Lee
the Levis is the ones of you,
this one America knew
the one to say the rest of true
is the one of hiding glue
that is how to make you see
that the world is honestly
here to see that all are now
in the time of only Wow
that is how to open eyes
that have left the news and tried
to speak all the time is free
this is the country you see me
that is how the god of mine
build my pillars in divine
the one to see all of me
is the one that 's liberty
the France that has also you
is the one to also do
all the things that all just knew
you will also Scotland do
you will use the Terrorist
to claim that is only miss
the misles you have money to
are the ones of only clue
look the past history
in the net no mystery
you claimed all the vessels new
are the ones you'll only sue
the ones to say money thus
have the ones of China fuss
are the ones to US do
all the plans of war are clue
you will also art of war
against that of Chinese Star
that is how that they will know
you will want to take a blow
then you later blame it all
on the heroine of war
that is God then you will claim
that is how to make a blame
you will not the blamer me
to say that is how its knee
the ones of the Amnesty
you have also freedom see
you will never say the name
that you have to hold the claim
that is how to make the blame
is the owner also name!
that is how to make you see
that the child is also me
that is how to make you see
why would rhyme in birth of me
come so fast and rapidly
to save the world now is you
will see the stars only new
the anger of god is three
is the one of Mars in me
there are cysts that I have paid
for the Kaiser that is said
they will only take it now
to see that is holy cow
they are larger than the sky
the ones god has in the eye
of the world for you to see
are the Mars 'Cysts are three

Kaiser Permanente was paid for my insurance for years, when I had a cysts they said come back in 6 months , then in six months they saw another and said come back in six months
then in six months I came back and later they said another six months when there were three cysts last it was three years ago, I tried to go to London to get a student visa was all I needed and was treated as a Terrorist as a US citizen,

you drive people out of their own country for medication and you later take all my money and run

This is you to cause a war
Mars the planet has three cysts
the are mine

Go back to Israel for free medication only for your children not US
with US money that is gained with trickery

All see you All

Anonymous said...

Go see all the links to the Kaiser Permente links to National Jewish Health
Both .org
is this how to slowly take our hospitals too only surgeries for the jewish community Extremely strong and not others, I know others that have died through your negligence for this eventual merger.

Wake up US and smell your mint tea
coffee is bad for you its only to drive for 80 hour shifts of slavery for their sake too
one of many links as example

Behavioral Research Center Projects - National Jewish Health
The Colorado Asthma Toolkit Program is funded by the Colorado Department of Public ... Clinics are initially trained in best practices for harm reduction of ... partnership between National Jewish and Kaiser Permanente of Colorado. ... - 38k - Cached - Similar pages

These are the inside jobs so far with
Medical, trucking, music company, Movie industry, the art is we all know who has them all to manipulate sales through auction case for Taubman, he is also Jewish here is proof
German Jewish is the article below this
why bother stating nationality anymore?
only questions.

Here is the good old days
when they were actually treated with the dignity of our prisoners
Taubman who also is relevant to the links here is a German Jewish American (oh my god
why don't you just say American , actually don't you will still give us bad names)

He price set the arts that all today think they are buying for investment and do not understand that monopoly means all
stop selling art we dictate all the names and all the games. Later when you want to sell
only a few players win , we choose.

inside job is this

Alfred Taubman - this is the name of the art game

Anonymous said...




Born in London as Peter James Henry Solomon to a Jewish family (Biography), the only son of Harold Solomon and Flora Benenson, Peter Benenson adopted his mother's maiden name later in life. His army officer father died when Benenson was aged nine from a long-term injury, and he was tutored privately by W. H. Auden before going to Eton. At the age of sixteen he helped to establish a relief fund with other schoolboys for children orphaned by the Spanish Civil War. He took his mother's maiden name of Benenson as a tribute to his grandfather, the Russian gold tycoon Grigori Benenson, following his grandfather's death.

Anonymous said...

Inside job is this
our new agency, are they bias to save our Americans with all their law degrees that they claimed mostly through government funds or savvy underwriting legal contracts meant for most to default and now our American has not a chance to be proven a legal case she claimed not being the one who stabbed

if she was Jewish we would have the media all over this to save her with other news entries such as this

but I guess its our civilian jobs too just
make sure not pension plans for us now

That article above amongst with many will let you see how easily stabbing can take place

how is it that when you try to make a "wasm" about Arabs they can just angry the reputation they have in Italy the Arabs are
"Arabiata" as in angry
this will show that the jews are the ones with a V for Vendetta yes she is Jewish too
the actress who looks like our Amanda but
here are Amanda's quotes in this article
the woman who met her and describes her is obviously Jewish so she made a joke:

"The first time I met her, when I got the job here, she asked me if I was Jewish. I told her I was. She then screamed: 'My people killed your people,' and began laughing hysterically. I didn't know what to say. She just kept laughing about her Germans killing my Jews. After that, I did not like her. She really freaked me out."

from the article

Why then we have to raise funds when we can save money with our news agencies doing all this cut and paste about our own Americans to prove acts about the other side means to weigh the story

one girl made this claim we gave you Ellis Island entry ....go fight for her with dignity
and claim her rights innocent till proven guilty

you all know how Italians as nice as all are some cultural issues exist for a single young girl who was reading a Harry Potter book and was in love. With a Sicilian Doctor's son who has a knife collection.

I fight for her in my heart till she is proven what she is.

Anonymous said...

Amanda Knox is the name of the above entry
Thank you Les
for Amanda's sake

Anonymous said...

inside job are the like of the inquiring minds into the life of the stars, lets compare one here and one in UK

David Beckham a British and a reputable guest in our country has just been involved a lawsuit this year, this is the newspapers that their owners to pry into lives to sell stories is cut and paste. She drinks and he care for her so what, how can you pry in the ones lives of the Mexicans at Home Depot
they are tons of them at all the Home Depots and they work for peanuts

Have you ever interviewed them? As a collective they will let you know their stories, they are paid cash, illegally and then the last month or so of the job they all have to chase their monies and they cannot sue because they are 1- not legal 2- do not have money to sew. Well I will not even touch the fact that all the yous are in the Law and are almost the judges too to make that a monopoly , why treat these poor Mexicans like this? They will hate America and later have millions of kids to later take our land is their plan.Words from their mouths

The others are in UK
Kate Moss - her boyfriend of years is drugged with Meth Crystal and provided with this drug freely to always remain a distance away from her (divide and conquer sort of thing) and we see that soon the Green Jewish man and her are in business)

Talking to Kate Moss she will say that he declined (all do when they become addicts they all start somewhere)

These are the stories of matching coincident
or are they Carl Jung, a huge believer in synchronicity, believed that a true synchronous event is when two or more events occur that have no relevance to one another, but still have a significant correlation.

The significant relation is that you are always in the same business of doing things the same way where ever you go.

Leave my movie stars alone and let them have a peaceful life, remember you have be lawyers doctors and or diamond and jewelry dealer
not all ...take all.

Other people are with you win(for a while) and not with you die

Anonymous said...

Sam I am
sam I am the green eggs and ham
is the one to now say Graham
to later have a piece of you
is the only thing he 'll so
that is story Taubman too
to say later he will too
say that America me
to see that is he is free
they will all just steal and run
and they later only fun
to say all are only news
dollars and cents only dues
we can never find the link
to say that is only bling
he was one to whole all
to see now he has a store
this Debeers the family
has killed all the happily
ones of you and me to see
that he has a diamond tree
they will always only game
to say that is only pain'
that is love to only stain
to see girls are diamond Spain
they will Spanish only do
cause the war was not a true
victory was of the Queen
to see she is also bling
They took Koh-i-Noor
The biggest diamond that was me
to say that was only free
that is how the bloods are shed
this is how the vows are Ted
the Kennedy was one to steal
when the slaves were all the free
that is how to claim him dead
he too had a only head
she was one to run and catch
the head to the strings attached
That is only black box you
is the TV only too
that is the news of sales is me
to see that the Doherty
is the one of liberty
then to later God will do
is the one of likes of you
watch the games of God play
is the Amy Winehouse say
she is also one of you
you will see how the God due
the one you take and all he will
to say that is only seal
she has all the friends in her
to see is it bears in her
to say that is back in black
she has only words of sac
the money that she took all
was the one of only car
that is also for the cars
that has name of all the stars
one of you for one of mine
is the game of life of crime
why will you all just not stop
to see that you always cop
you buy all the city hall
and then later pity all
you will play the games of new
to see games of actors you
you will always say its true
to see that is how to clue
the lies to say you will make
to make people only bait
to later the likes of me
to make songs are only free

The above is a story base on a novel
no words can be used against me

Anonymous said...

Satin you, Satin me
Satin white as only plea
saying you, saying me
saying all the promise thee
that is how, to make war
the words of our own car
president me, president free
is the one of RA
the eye now, that is me
is the one to see
that you have a news thee
to say that its not me
you took Racoons to tea
the White house knew
security due
is the one to cut
then in paste, you will haste
to make the white house you
to make news that is clues
now that we all see
that the door, will ignore
that is how to Gore
you will now, have a plea
that is how to mock
Private lives, only styles
are the ones of KA
they have you, they have me
this only make of Fa
the ones you will not sell
only to the Ra
money mine the Ra eye
is the one of you
to see all is now you
the Dead Sea oil and clue
that is Fa German KA
to sell the ones of best
you later, lobby press
that is only Crest
you later change the name
Where is Keri now
the best of all supplies
are the ones of flies
that is how to make you
a one to only you
then later you will new
all the products too

for all who are following, if you have ever been to Germany they have has the best product called Fa, you will try to find this for years if so, they are stale and or expensive to stop the supply and later we only get the best of the dead sea only
from Israel, where is the Keri lotion ?
What happened to the products that were American made in my America, all are products are also selling are from the Jewish community on the counters
Your news discredits products for the years that you did the comparisons and later took over
Inside job is this

Anonymous said...

Inside job is this
So far the jet for Citicorp was established as 42 million, 50 million and god knows what else
these are news agencies of your own

and the one that is returned is now 50 million


YEAH right whatever

Anonymous said...

Here is the Chronology of the bombings at least a few, lets start with the
Triangle Shirwaist Fire (Also New York Building) note the building was fireproofed then and not much damage from the upper level fires to enter the lower part of the building
that is advanced technology in 1911 Wow! lets get to the point. Money and Greed? or just get rid of the Italian mafia attached to my business?

Both owners of the business, Isaac Harris and Max Blanck, were Jewish immigrants from Russia. They were subsquently tried for manslaughter but acquitted, then ordered to pay $75 restitution.

Interestingly enough these two articles will establish the characters of the style in which business as usual is the name of the game this

quote from the articles and attached the articles

"By 1911 the Triangle Shirtwaist Company had already become well known outside the garment industry: the massive strike by women's shirtwaist makers in 1909, known as the Uprising of 20,000, began with a spontaneous walkout at the Triangle Company. During the strike, owners Blanck and Harris, two anti-union leaders, paid hoodlums to attack the protesting workers and hired prostitutes as replacement workers to show contempt for the strikers.[5]"

Here are the articles

Also just an observation of the date 1911

To fireproof a building and loose 20 floors on top and what about the rest of the 80, ok fine lets say half? but all coming down in such a clean manner ?

So now the others

NOW LETS LOOK AT THIS ONE FOR THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING, no relations to the above except for the Greed of Money and Enron

is this article on the Oklahoma bombing that was linked to Enron (lets just say Money Greed for all the causes of these companies)
may I add at the cost of our family and friends blood

why impeach a person when they are trying to prove a point ?

Above the mentioned bombing is established by the Rockefeller Lab that the metals were the evidence

Here is the point they have the oil industry as well to see that the Mexican Ship that was empty was traveling to the oil area in the map
of this vicinity (all nearby Veni

How to connect what happened is this new event , and really think tank

search all the Jewish History of Mexico and you will see that Rockefeller Also Jewish was Partial to Diego Rivera that has painted the murals in his building, and why was the fantastic David Alfaro Siqueiros the great artist at the same time in Jail in Mexico. They were all revolutionaries then, also Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo both considered Jewish were and still are the ones for millions in the market and David Alfaro Siqueiros will only pull about the quarter in the price is PARTIALITY OF THE JEWISHNESS OF ALL OF US as you demonstrate.

I am just wondering did we explore beyond your Rockefeller lab for bomb testing for our US buildings that went down and did we really have news and evidence capacity to further investigate on why so many recent explosions and

The 2007 (sorry sometimes you have to back track and cross reference to see the light)
The part that is lightly state is his

"Firefighters sought to put the out the blaze that sent flames shooting into the air from the Mexican-flagged ship that was carrying no cargo at the time of the explosion, Farly Hernandez, the Dockmascaapei shipyard director told Reuters."

in this article

I was in Curacao traveling and happened to see oil tanks and saw that 20 years ago , and tonight watching TV and saw that only 2 diplomats were expelled from to expel Venezuela's diplomats by Israelis is the link to the oil and the Mexican empty tanker (well look up tankers carry oil) In the name of Mexico is this

to expel Venezuela's diplomats

This is why you will see that all are linked somewhere and not one country has an inside job but now all do

Follow the money and the bomb institutions are the Rockefellers not the Desert men in linen with rifles (totally outdated) look at the news that are of the the supposedly extremist in the desert that they show as enemy (all running with outdated rifles)
Facts are these
I am just curious to see how to fix this Greed that drives Gods people and innocent believes to street life in US and to Drugs and destruction to keep all quiet

Oh yeah the Anthrax thing
Great read is A Plague Upon Humanity that Anthrax was around since Japanese war

So was this Anthrax also the Desert men with rifles????

How much more lives for your Greed.

Sam I am is this

Time to clear out all the fun
the job of God now is won
you have all the games in you
that you always only do
"that was the bomb in the plane"
is now your news story say
you will read that all of us
have caught your lies and we fuss
on the news you see it clear
you will change as we keep near
go and change your lives of crime
to see that your world of rhyme
is the one to only prime
the news is here with us
we care about America
do not touch our President
to monopolize all your world

Sanctuary for the ill is the truth
all are suffering for your ill
inhumane treatments of the war
prisoners we need to interview them not you.

here is the point , they own Mexico anyway by now that is to say that the major hotel players and the resort are all them
that is how to make them see that they are now in the Los Angeles area monopolized the industry and housing is the

Anonymous said...

Good cop Jews Bad Cop zionist Zoos
this is how to play the game
this is how to play the same
you will say that is not us
while you meet and support Lust
you will make a news of two
later say its only crew
that is how to see the light
is the one to have the might
are the ones that few of you?
is one of your own lies too
statistics are also new
that is how the news you do
to say that is only true
the magic is only Lieu
these are the site you destroy
to say that is only ploy
then you later go and play
the Versace game of Tray
she will serve you beer and wine
Donatella never mind
that is how to make her see
that you had a drug in me
she too become drug attic
to say that her brother meek
was the one to really see
that the Florida only ME
the Jewish game is kill them all
that is how to hide the wall
that is google you now see
they will print and you will plea
"not that news that is not us"
"not that bruise that is not us"
Us is you and only you
this Jew and Zionist due
one of same is only play
to say good cop bad cop may
that is how to buy us too
Police force is now just you
you will also brainwash two
then they later only clue
that is how to make them see
you will make them happy me
that is how to go to war
is the one to go offshore
all the Dolphins and the Seals
are the ones to die in wheels
of the ships are not just you
and the Oil of Rockefeller too
is the one of internal combustion
see the news (private news need to go worldwide)

The donkeys of the East cannot
destroy like this God's Art
you want to display the art
that the Iran recent start
you said " the art needs to be publicly seen"
is you to steal the art
to later in the cart
of the plane you Mart
you will later Swiss
the bank for your kiss
will also the cellar do
to see you have all the new
you have taken all the art
and you save them in the start
long ago in Swiss accounts
hidden in the dungeon mounts
your art too should also rise
to the surface not disguise
you just lost a major news
to see that is also Jews
that are all the internet
you see all are in the net
of you hands to later dos
all the things that you can loose
these are the people all
to segregate the Google wall
is your plan to see that clear
you will also disappear
you see now the countries wide
see that you will always hide
how many times you took the man
that made "Windows" by the hand
he will never let you get
the control and you beget
Money you is not of him
blood of you is hot the film
you can also only do
911 only new
then you later make a film
"me the Nazi poor me quiln"
"Poor me Jew just me all"
Now you see the Google wall
hide your cover you are clear
then to later disappear
was the London 1966
also you the fire bricks
you set all the Christians too
on the fires only due
look at 1966 when they London
only bricks, took your sorry ass and fixed
you reputation of fire hicks
you will say its never me
only steal and hire free
to see that the baptized me
is the one to now all see

You are the cause of all the destruction
of the countries you go too and later you hide and rise again

Rise Rise Rise is now God no one else
we are all chosen children of god
Go home you Anti Christ

All that are not Christian never anti-Christ
we all respect each other's religion
I love the Buddha go sit still and learn a few things from the Buddha.

To all men of peace rise against this world monopoly
Do not buy all their products and see their movies in the news
Soon they will brainwash the teenagers that these desert men are the cause of 911 and rise a fake army like the movie
Lord of the Rings of Suruman which is a rhyme with Solomon
you are the ones raising an army like Suraman
brainwashed children
We fight for our children in America stop your brainwash movies. All these Nazi movies took years to make

all lawyers know that the dead cannot defend themselves what did you do to make Hitler rise?? Where is the documentary on the before math?

Anonymous said...

singing you singing me
singing all that will be free
singing you and the sea
is the world of all the plea
never write the soul might
of my Les is the flight
you are now
in Gods hands
for all that you will sight
you are Les all the rest
are all that you will guess
your friends here
to see near
hope of you in best
all the best to all of you in Hawaii
you people are the cornerstone of the world to make a forum of this sites and you are all wonderful GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR CARING


Anonymous said...

Les this is for all



SAINT GEROME??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Jerome did not embark on the work with the intention of creating a new version of the whole Bible, but the changing nature of his program can be tracked in his voluminous correspondence. He had been commissioned by Pope Damasus in 382 to revise the Old Latin text of the four Gospels from the best Greek texts, and by the time of Damasus’ death in 384 he had thoroughly completed this task, together with a more cursory revision from the Greek Septuagint of the Old Latin text of the Psalms. How much the rest of the New Testament he then revised is difficult to judge today, but little of his work survived in the Vulgate text.

In 385 Jerome was forced out of Rome, and eventually settled in Bethlehem, where he produced a new version of the Psalms, translated from the Hexaplar revision of the Septuagint. He also appears to have undertaken further new translations of other Septuagint books into Latin; but these are not found in the Vulgate text. But from 390 to 405, Jerome translated anew all 39 books in the Hebrew Bible, including a further, third, version of the Psalms, which survives in a very few Vulgate manuscripts.


funny that the two top students preferred in my class were Jewish without my decades of experience too

This is how you ONLY ME JEW
People are sick and tired of your .............

Anonymous said...

Les for all



YOU WANT TO SEE THEM" no thank you and I almost fainted you sick animals selling my US soldiers heads for money to the Italians

In the name of science one or few not thousands.

Mennagio hospital
ask the electricians in the department the hospital has confidential contracts


Anonymous said...

Do not forget to ask them all the cysts they removed from the people in a matter of month recently. It was like an epidemic
ask the civilians in the street
the businesses hide news. They may be honest in the Italian countries. They will will tell you it was like an epidemic, someone said they are trying to poison our food so that we cannot garden and to buy from the store is the only options.
Personally I think its ALL SELL YOUR LAKE COMO

send an Italian 20 year old to translate all
all are afraid to talk unless in their private homes.

They are clueless who is doing this.
The Italians think it Mafia. Its all the Como that is the Russians moving in.
Russian ??

Anonymous said...

thank you Les for the Chronology is great on the link below
not as internet savvy in preparation but I rock in research. It was all the money that I paid for school and all my prayers to ask God's help to unveil the truth.

thank you for the additional link and the chronology
I can see how its all coming to me its divine.

Anonymous said...

The above in demonstrates how to help all and have a team effort to have all help in solving the inside job, any computer savvy people and new agencies that will commit to this forever monopoly of war and terror for Greed and Money to save mankind?

God Bless
I am here to help

Anonymous said...

Question to Falserro on the Vatican news that he thinks the Italians are behind this, I beg to defer

here is why
To Tony Falsetto the Truth in the mine of lies is this

How can the Catholic Church become the one to save them from the Nazis when they were in the London and US lands and not Italy.

The Catholic Church will see that the Jews are protecting their monies in the banks and will have the underground protect them
that is the missing link

Common sense is the war
money and not all but one!

Sam I am is this
not the mention the book now
to see the reformation how
they also had all the news
that the books are only Jews
all he people of the news
will also always just say and do
keep the money rolling in
only jews to sex appeal
they will invest all the funds
and they later all the nuns

All the answers are inside all of us
and we are all Gods children
he will never give one man or one kind the

this is why I am anonymous other wise I would write a book to make money
Questions answered through Les 's Site only

Anonymous said...

Les your music I saw was the best
I read one line of the press
of the internet is guess

In me honest that's your line
you will never see the me
to want to take all of thee
if you go away all now
who will hold the candle THOU
you will never have the fails
of the victory of Whales
You can France and Africa
all the French now Africa
you will see the notes of Wall
will be there to note a far
they woo all the songs you sing
tell them on the stories mink
they have donated all mine
that is how to make a dime
that is how to non-profit
they will recycle it fit
I saw on the news of mine
that they took the life of crime
then they sold the minks in streets
to say that was only treat
they took all the money cash
all the TV only rash
to the Jewish games they do
was the Non-profit only true
they will never claim the cash
they can openly the crash
that is how they will care now
to say it is not dare cow
that is now the England do
was the cow of Buddhist few
in the country India do
only Dal if you can eat
then the rest is only meat
they will take the meat in time
to make all the Tartar wine
and the meat of only Jew
is the one of only few
that is how to meat us all
that is how to cyst us all
(who has cysts just stop the meat)
is the one of me God's treat
that is how to make all sick
that is how to make all weak
that is how to Prison wall
they will later only fall
that is how to make all know
that the prison wall is flow
the walls now will only talk
that is how to only stalk
that is 2012
they say that is only valve
that is how to stop the net
to segregate is only wet
the wires will now only new
that is now the only Jew
later they will only do
all the websites only Jew
that is how to fight the wall
to say that is only car
that is how to make you stop
driving only only cop
that is how to make the world
dominate the world is top
that is how to segregate
not a friend in Europe bate
they will make us all in lime
of the light of movie crime
that is how they'll ruin you
if you never record do
with them only only Jew
that is how to make them you
you will also want to talk
to the people in the stock
of the French and Africa
to make them An..gelica
Houston was the name of Ground
only see the moment browned
later he was also do
that is now you only two
they will never play his sounds
to see if he only found
that is dead to later claim
his song on he record played
later she the model too
will go and the later Jew
will claim all the records new
that is how to Jewish lieu
in the absence its ALL ME
and the name of only free
that is how to later sit
and the grapes of only Pitt
will come to the door an knock
to say it is only clock
that is how to clock their time
to see that is only crime
that is how to make up room
for the one of only Doom
that is how to keep him now
to see that is how to bow
later he will drug a two
then to later only do
The Pitt fans are almost dead
that is only for the head
of the company Sony
and the later only ME
that is how to later kill
all the ones with sex appeal
that is now to later see
only Jew is only ME
that is how to send this files
to the FBI is crimes
later I will say your name
that is how to make you dame
that is how to make you dame
that is how to make you dame
the record was the stuck is me
to say that I was also free
that is how to make you me
is the one to make you see
that is how to make you see
that the rhymes in you and me
are the same and you will see
how the god of fancy me
has to come for us to always be
all the angels of the free

To Les and the Rhymes of Dimes
Anonymous is me and chimes

Sacre coeur is only here
How to make them disappear
is this how to make you see
that you have a friend in me

You Sam I am is only new
that God's rhymes she 'll bloody do
British walls to join us too
that is news for all world too
save the world is you and me
save the world the world of free

you (ME ME ME's) wrote that in the bible to brainwash all
that is how you change all the books
now we are all in the light of god.

Anonymous said...

we should have a Jew Report dot common site
a friend of mine just a built a whole website for this Jew and never got paid. He cannot claim this anywhere they know it and they will take advantage of kind hearts.

Someone should take them to court to a Chinese

Los Angeles Anonymous reporting for all the web designers MONEY UP FRONT IN CASH

Open your fist Obama said to all of you now is clear

Anonymous said...

How do we know you are not the ones doing this to find an excuse to make war again. This is you to make problems and later make an excuse to want to bomb places? Just a Mel Gibson story that a lot of people are in the know also. To make him the bad guy is you , not us. How many anti christian or anti muslim did you by pass and now you stick to one diplomat in London to say a comment is you to make problems , all are quiet and only talking and the killings and jail house rock???

Anonymous said...

money re arranged is the 767 billion to later re confirm this price
our country just sold to the ones to leave all the rest to God we trust is this
not on the money anymore
we will not see that we trust the money too.
At least that was honest.

How can you re arrange the money you took to begin with and now say you are doing us a favor? How common

Anonymous said...

Satire - who are the mafia ?

"We will give you the US body parts from the war and later you owe us a favor"

Does this sound familiar. I hope the Italians do not think that they will owe anyone favors we are the ones to see that the US needs research labs to train the rest of our population too who want to be doctors and surgeons. Or is this a monopoly too?!

Anonymous said...

Hello all the business week
is the one of Les is big
this is news of recent call
but the claim of only wall
was a scrap of paper see
that was only Mafia, "ME"
that is them to COMMON DO
that is law the law of "who"?!
that is that is also you
to see who took land and brew

The searches will show that they started
to convert to Christianity since 2008
in the Vatican to then go and take the Mafia 's wine is who????


this is how you will all see


Anonymous said...

les for you and your research
post for all if you want later

Unknown said...

You say you don't get many negative comments here. Well, I suppose I'm one of the few.
I am a jew, like the one's you talk about here. But I have never murdered someone in Russia, I have never claimed that my jewish life is any more important then a catholic one, a buddhist one. Heck, I've never even voted. Yet you blame "the jews" as a whole, as though I, as well as all the rest of all jewish population, have done these things together. What about the little jewish babies, or the elderly ones who wait for they're grandchildren to call one last time before they die? You are blaming them too.
I don't expect to change what you believe, because I know you strongly believe this. But please, for the sake of the innocent, realize that you are, though not lying completely as I'm sure you're bored of hearing, being very unfair.
Yes, I know you'll thing of this as annoying whining, because thats what it is to you, but as a jew, it is my responsibility to speak up for myself and many others.

warren said...

i have a site www.

I somewhat agree with you,but there is far more to this problem then meets the eye. The rulers have the assholes and ignorant masses working for them. one of their arms is christian fundamentalism. they go around the world using force on people of other faiths and forcing them to submit or be tortured. they and many other chrisrians promote ziomism besides buying there products listening to their news and buying their overated advertised products and merchandise.the so called elite use
gentile names and marry gentile women so whatever you call them i dont think they care as they use these phoney apostate preachers and love cults to hide behind like the idiots who watch the news and believe all muslims are terrorists

Unknown said...

I wish to personally thank-you so very much.

I'm so very happy to see that there are others out there who have the bravery to speak the truth about what some jews have done and are doing to this and other countries. They obviously are not the innocent victims they protray themselves to be, not in the least. Their money, their lobby has bought American politicians, judges, the courts, the rule of law, and has molded them into a tool to advance their causes, greed and control of wealth, and to legislate laws counter to the good of all the world's citizens. Most Americans can only quess of how these traitors have sold out their right to live free and enjoy the liberty that is now being erroded daily in the name of political correctness, etc, as well as the right to be free from life long indebtness to greedy masters the Banksters.

Anonymous said...

Antifada Coalition of poets: "poetica for peace&literature for moral and ethical responsibility" HONORED HUMAN-BEING MUST BE ANTI-SEMITE, AS LONG AS... long as the bloodsuckers are the traditionally enemies of mankind/
what we still testimony that they are the most n-o-n-s-e-n-s-e f-a-s-c-i-s-t c-r-e-a-t-u-r-e-s.../



written by Andrea Collins

Truth B Told said...

In Germany, during the 1930's, the jew did EXACTLY what they are currently doing to the USA - demoralization, spreading anti-christian views, spreading anti-german views, and perpetuating homosexuality. This gave rise to Hitler, who cleaned up Germany. This involved rounding up the evil and placing it into work camps. Thanks to the massive lie campaign of the jews and the American WWII anti-german propaganda machine, the evil jew has gained a stronghold in the USA. Cries of anti-semitism, racist, and nazi, are tools of the evil zionist jew to quench the truth from carrying on. The jew-owned media moguls have had their day in the sun - spreading lies and covering up the truth. This will not happen with the internet. Soon the truth about the evil jew will be at hand, and as they were expelled from the 100+ countries in the past, it will happen to them again. The jew can not stop the spread of the truth. They will soon be exposed as the evil "people" that they are... the chosen of satan, and not the chosen of God.

Mens Suits said...

You can tell a lot about the opposition from the names they choose to give you. Think of 'truther': a name that implies derisively an obsession with 'truth' as such. Only in our age could such a thing be considered bad. And what of 'denier', first of the Holocaust variety, and later 'Global Warming'?



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