Monday, January 5, 2009

To Tell the Truth or to Embrace a Lie.

As smart as the minds behind Israel have always been, before and after it’s inception; driving the Palestinians from their lands with wholesale murder, changing the names of their towns, controlling the flow of information through their control of the world press, giving the impression that one of the world’s most well funded military forces is actually being victimized by peasant farmers with shovels and rocks, they have finally done what all vicious deceivers have done throughout history. They have exposed themselves for what they are.

No one expected the internet. Across the world today, people who want the actual news, instead of clever propaganda, are getting it. People know about Israel’s false flag adventures. People know about her culpability for 9/11. They know who PNAC and Larry Silverstein are. They know about Odigo, Comverse and Megaphone. They know about things like this. They know that Israel started both of her major wars and wasn’t attacked by anyone. They know what Israel did in Lebanon and they know what is happening in Gaza. All over the world people are waking up to the fact that Israel is an enemy of the rest of the human race.

Israel has no desire to live in peace with anyone. Israel and her fellow travelers in the U.S. and abroad initiated the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for her own benefit. Now she seeks war with Iran. There should be a wall built around the entire 1967 borders. It should be built a thousand meters high, not to keep out any enemies but to keep Israel within.

Well people... You can see it coming, whatever it is and it’s less likely to be driving six white horses than it is to be accompanied by four dark horsemen. The stage is set for a punishing economic winter in the United States. When Spring arrives it will look like the folks from Idiocracy are watering the plants with Gatorade. It won’t be that hard to sell the public bullshit at a discount when they have no money to buy anything else. Israel’s Federal Reserve looted the countries coffers of whatever might have been useful and now they’ve pinched off the money supply. People who’ve had their material excess taps turned off aren’t going to care who gets killed as long as the water gets turned back on.

Still... the psychopaths need a catalyst to get the final stage in action. Somewhere in the heartland a whole lot of people are going to get to find out the answer to life’s biggest mystery; what happens after you die?

You can look at Gaza as motive for whatever Tavistock graduates get the nod for patsy. You can look at the constant message of weapons to Gaza from Iran to see what nationality the patsies will be wearing over their real clothes. Rahm’s going to be handing Barack Gumby his prepared speech and Homeboy Lincoln will get to stand somewhere near the rubble in a spacesuit and tell the world that America must stand tall in the critical hours of the latest deception.

Meanwhile the internet keeps churning out the facts in stark contrast to the septic overflow of lies pumping out of the MSM.

There’s no question that the boys from Murder Incorporated at the Tel Aviv outlet have absolute confidence in whatever they intend; just as they did when they carried out the 9/11 attacks. They’re dropping white phosphorous on the inhabitants of Gaza and using depleted uranium, probably because of the extreme danger they face from the Pop Rocks and bottle rockets being launched at them from the blasted alleys and broken windows of a defenseless and starving nation that makes the Warsaw Ghetto look like St. Tropez.

Wires attached to the head of the sleeping Hindenburg, Ariel Sharon keep printing out marching orders like the ticker tape over at Bloomie and his police chief have flown over to Israel with one of the many Israeli occupation force, congressional representatives to see if there’s anything they can do for the psychological well being of The Chosen. The people aren’t happy about the smell of charred flesh wafting over the containing walls into the sidewalk cafés of Eilat. Some are questioning if that is actually lox diced up into the cream cheese.

There’s no question that the insensitive canon fodder over in Gaza have gone way beyond the boundaries of good taste. A few days ago they had the temerity to display the bodies of murdered children on various internet outlets as if it wasn’t enough on the part of Israel to kill them in the first place but now they’re forced to look at the results as well. Have they no shame?

I’ll say it again and I will keep saying it until it gets said so many times that even the people who like coming to this site start complaining. Here is why this is going on in the first place. Because of this, The Palestinians have every right to fight Israel in any manner they can manage. There can be no argument against this right. As stated here previously, the Chinese fireworks being lofted into empty lots in ersatz Israel are only landing on property stolen from the Palestinians in the first place.

Israel is practicing bloody genocide upon a displaced people whom they intend to destroy. No more need be said in this regard. It should be further added that this unique holocaust upon which Israel bases all of their arguments for all of the vicious activities in which they engage is not unique at all and further... the residents of Israel and their forebears are directly responsible for holocausts much larger than the one which they have turned into a major industry of blackmail; the millions killed during the Bolshevik era in Russia, the massacre in the Ukraine and for their part in a much, much greater holocaust that lasted many decades longer than their own... the black holocaust of slavery= read the book and argue if you will with the cold hard facts. Of course, I could add much, much more for those too lazy to look on their own but we’ll leave it at this for the moment. You don’t need more than this book anyway.

I don’t really care what you have to say on the matter unless you can refute the evidence left crumpled in the bloody footprints of histories biggest victims written by the perpetrators themselves.

Yes... they’ve been a real credit to themselves and an asset to all of the countries where they spent their time engaged in the same thing over and over again. Somebody show me how this is all some kind of fabrication. Somebody show me why this doesn’t tell the tale beyond all capacity for refutation.

They wanted Israel for one reason only and that was to have a location to practice the same activity upon the world entire from a location they couldn’t be expelled from. We have seen the proof of this more than once in the treacherous blood-stained decades since the occupation of Palestine occurred. Once need look no further than the words of Amstel Rothschild; enter The Federal Reserve. There’s no deep and impenetrable mystery here and the one club fits all creation of anti-Semitism and the holocaust industry are the linchpins of hypocritical defense against any presented truth or criticism of the same old, same old.

If it’s true it’s true and if it’s not it’s not. These things are true and not all the worn out canards and public relations scams in the world can blot out a word of it. This is how it is... until it turns into something else under another name to represent to same damn thing.

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Franz said...

Great job, Les!

I wouldn't worry too much about the incoming flack, I'm sure you'll get some, but it's the same everywhere.

There's reference to "The Secret Relationship between Blacks & Jews" and much else besides in an older but still beautiful piece by Canadian Jewish heretic Michael Bradley called "The Rise (and fall?) of Esau's Empire"
at bottom link. I didn't even know this part:

"... The first known European cow-pokes in President George Bush's Texas, for example, were the Jewish Caravajal family who crossed northward over the Rio Grande out of Mexico in AD 1595 and who had financially backed Christopher Columbus' voyage 103 years earlier..."

The Jewish Conqistadors? But Bradley puts it in historic perspective, the perspective most needed at present. Bradley is worth a look just to see what Esau's Empire really is and why we're all stuck with it.


Anonymous said...

The actions of that "shitty little country" reflect the character and values of "Judaism".

Surprising that the voices of the Foxmans and the Wiesels mute when their tribesmen create more hatred and anti-semetism than all the revisionists and Goebbels combined.

"Judeo-Christian" is an oxymoron.

Crazy Liberal said...

From our friendly neighborhood Zionists.

Not a pretty sight.

Anonymous said...

yes the alternative news sites are the places to visit for an accurate account of things.But not im typing this im watching the bbc news channel. They have just interviewed a former israeli pilot who when asked about the current situation in Gaza said;"i am not a politician so i have no need to lie" and went on to completely denounce the israeli regime almost better than yourself les.Needless to say the anchorman shit himself and tried the yes but, no but trick.someone is going to get their ass kicked at the bbc for letting this guy on.As always the truth will out,its made my day.G reat stuff les god works in mysterious ways.......Baby G

Anonymous said...

Once again, an excellent post. I am beginning to think that everything is going to blow up in their faces. By 'their', I mean Israel,the ruling classes worldwide, and mainstream media. I think the lies have reached their saturation point, and are becoming less and less effective. At least, I hope so. Keep up the great work.

Visible said...

Dear anonymous... no ad hominem is allowed by anonymous posters; sorry about that. It's house policy.

I've also noted the creation of 3 or four nicks for the purpose of talking to or about a particular poster. I can't imagine what the purpose is and I don't really care. I'm just letting you know that I'm aware of it.

dzinto said...

I imagine, in Israel itself people have much clearer picture of the reality than people in the US - thanks to very effective propaganda and de-facto control of the whole American mass media. Don't create illusions about any significant numbers of people in US being aware of the real face of Israel. Yes, internet does exist, but the fraction of folks coming to sites like this is not just tiny, it's negligible in the big picture. I tend to start conversations here and there about this topic, I talked about it already to many dozen people, and I have yet to see another person who is even aware that some alternative view even exists, and that Israel might be anything but world's victim deserving all kinds of aid, up to removing offending Christmas tree and putting menora instead.

Anonymous said...

I hope this one gets picked up far and wide--not for the folks that already know, and not for the folks who will never (care to) know--but for those who are in the middle somewhere--they know someone is pissing down their back and are tired of the MSM telling them it's raining--and something smelly and more solid just landed on their heads--
For those of us who got tired of forwarding such articles due to the lack of response from the recipients--perhaps it's time to start anew--there are so many better writers out here now than there were back in "the early days"--so many more rock solid sources of info--keep up with inserting the links too--good to keep in mind that there are new folks searching every day and although you don't personally like to go into great detail--which I applaud, the links can do that without taking anything away from the flow that is so Visible--
Thank you Les,

Anonymous said...

Hi Les Good Job!You're 100% right about the internet, it's helped tremendously. Back in the 60's , 70's and 80's those of us who could see behind the curtain had Spotlight, used bookstores, our perceptiveness and the support of very few like minded people the Zionists and the great brainwashed called....well, I know you know what they called us, Les. And those who don't-can imagine.
This is the most brutal barbarity of modern times, herding 1.5 million people into an open air concentration camp and going at them with not only a modern military but WMD,s, also, is a hideous barbarity only matched by the cowardice of those who fail to condemn out of fear of.............words. If you condemn what Israel is doing in Gaza and get called an "anti-Semite" there is only one fit two word reply.

Anonymous said...

Visible, you are the voice of the prophet - one who sees what is actually going on in front of his eyes and gives an articulate voice to it. There seem to be very few capable or willing to do that.
Last night a friend/adquaintance called me up. Would I go with im to see a film called Defiance which I had vaguely read about and knew was one more offering of the holohoax industry propaganda machine. I said to him, how can you support this film - the jews as victims - made by the same people who are currently slaughtering the Palestinians. He didn't get it - incapable of understanding.
What a gulf seems to exist from those who will not see ....

Anonymous said...

It is mind-boggling to think that any tribe could be so determined to eradicate any potential for good will that may reside in the hearts of the good folk of the world by their unceasing acts of violence, betrayal, aggression, lying, thieving, conniving, etc., etc...?

And yeah, they do exist - the good folk, I mean. And what's more, they are beginning to wake up, albeit so slowly.

Anyone with eyes to see or ears to hear need only lift their head out from the sand for a full panoramavision of the truth-in-yer-face effect. Articles such as you write, help.

The big question--other than the one raised in your splendid article--is why do they do it?

Answer: because they have the blood of Christ on their heads, and know instinctively where they are all, ovey!

Oh, and the other question is: whom do they serve, other than their own and/or their tribe's self-interest?

The big answer: Dis

And dat's da truth, I tells ye!

Make your peace with The Lord...He's waiting for each and every one of you. And, in answer to the first big question visibly raised: once we cross over the veil, that's when we discover what's what, and what's not.

Pax Verbum

God Bless and Protect all of the opressed people in Palestine and elsewhere: you are not forgotten. There are countless prayers constantly being offered up for you all. Your sufferings will not be in vain. Trust in God for He is Just and Merciful...and He forgets nothing. And each and every soul will, at the end of his/her mortal existence, be called to stand before The Divine Judge and account for his/her sins. Lord have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

I remember my father telling me to stop sending links from internet sites--he said he already got his news from the
There must have been a genetic mutation of some sort in my case as I am the only one in the family who will probably ever be at smokingmirrors--but, ya never know.
Over the holidays, my siblings were talking about "the big one" and what they would do--what it would be like-they weren't specific as to the cause but something was definitely in the air, so to speak-their best source of survival, sitting in the same room with them was not included in the conversation--guess they forgot the videos, links, etc. that I sent that they never looked at--anything can happen here, and probably will--just blame it on the terrorists--they will do what they are told and will not be welcome here because, well, they will do what they are told--and might get an extra block of cheese for the middle-child they used to be roommates with--
I can't remember if it is in "Cat Ballou" or "Evil Roy Slade" (John Astin--Gomez Adams) where one of the actors says "There's a rider coming" to which the response is "kill em'"---"it's a woman"--"wound her".....have a nice day!!


Anonymous said...

Good piece again Les. I've told many people about this Gazan killing field, and many agree, but it immediately goes out of the other ear. I've recently lost a lifelong buddy cos he believes the lies about daily rockets into Israel etc. and he thinks I' guessed it anti-semitic. I explained the difference between zionism and real jews, if there still exhists any, other than Ashkenazis, but it didn't register. I'm beginning to not want friends who won't even look for the truth after I've gone blue in the face trying to explain it. Some of them are seriously as thick as pig shit. Actually, the great jazz musician and jewish(?) writer Gilad Atzmon just wrote a very sad piece on about how the average Joe in Israel doesn't even know the truth about Palestinian suffering. Maybe just the screwed-up ex and deserted IDF who are running in their hundreds to Goa, India just to get stoned outa their skulls 24/7 and not think about anything. Mossad go there on rescue missions to save the deserters from telling people...or get them back in killing mode. There was also a very intellectual Arab woman on Sky news last night who wiped the floor with the interviewer on who's fault this all is. I was shocked at the amount of time they gave her to describe the suffering of the Palestinian people now, and for the last 60 yrs. I kinda feel that the top bloodlines in this evil cabal might just offload this 'useful idiot' Israel as she may have fulfilled her purpose, same as America.

kikz said...

it is what it is. and the truth of it should be named, no matter what face it presents.

here we name it... with the 'printing press' of our generation. i'll end w/a few well spoken words frm
uncle al.

The spoken discourse may roll on strongly as the great tidal wave; but, like the wave, it dies at last feebly on the sands. It is heard by few, remembered by still fewer, and fades away, like an echo in the mountains, leaving no token of power. It is nothing to the living and coming generations of men. It was the written human speech, that gave power and permanence to human thought. It is this that makes the whole human history but one individual life.

To write on the rock is to write on a solid parchment; but it requires a pilgrimage to see it. There is but one copy, and Time wears even that. To write on skins or papyrus was to give, as it were, but one tardy edition, and the rich only could procure it. The Chinese stereotyped not only the unchanging wisdom of old sages, but also the passing events. The process tended to suffocate thought, and to hinder progress; for there is continual wandering in the wisest minds, and Truth writes her last words, not on clean tablets, but on the scrawl that Error has made and often mended.

Printing made the movable letters prolific. Thenceforth the orator spoke almost visibly to listening nations; and the author wrote, like the Pope, his ecumenic decrees
Jurbi et orbi, and ordered them to be posted up in all the market-places; remaining, if he chose, impervious to human sight. The doom of tyrannies was thenceforth sealed. Satire and invective became potent as armies. The unseen hands of the Juniuses could launch the thunderbolts, and make the ministers tremble. One whisper from this giant fills the earth as easily as Demosthenes filled the Agora. It will soon be heard at the antipodes as easily as in the next street. It travels with the lightning under the oceans. It makes the mass one man, speaks to it in the same common language, and elicits a sure and single response. Speech passes into thought, and thence promptly into act. A nation becomes truly one, with one large heart and a single throbbing pulse. Men are invisibly present to each other, as if already spiritual beings; and the thinker who sits in an Alpine solitude, unknown to or forgotten by all the world, among the silent herds and hills, may flash his words to all the cities and over all the seas.

Albert Pike
Morals & Dogma;
pg; L 54

Anonymous said...

Best summing up of the whole fucked up mess, I've seen. Ian McKenzie

Anonymous said...

Jj 4:43 PM
Very early in my life (I think I was about 17-18) I learned not to keep at people about what I had discovered about 'God' (and other enlightening things).
It wasn't appreciated and I still see that resistance whenever I inadvertently let slip something that people don't want to hear now.
I just mainly keep quiet, drop suggestions and encourage them to find out for themselves.
My preference is to still stay 'friends' with friends and family than have them ostracise me completely. As you say ‘ya never know’.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your typing skills and insight! I'm surprise this one slipped between your legs tho, it could be the fishy piece of the puzzle we've been waiting for...

...Unfortunately for Israel, 60% of these reserves are in waters controlled by the Palestinian Authority, which has signed a 25-year contract with British Gas for further exploration in the area...

...The possibility that Israel could be permanently excluded from such a tempting energy windfall on their doorstep, and that the main beneficiaries would be Egypt and the Palestinians, has since prompted Olmert to reverse Sharon's veto and reopen negotiations with BG over the supply of Gazan gas to Israel. Despite the ongoing international isolation of Hamas, the BG deal was high on the agenda during Olmert's recent meeting with British Chancellor Gordon Brown...

...Israel is confident that it has enough influence to persuade Egypt to back out of the Gazan deal, with senior government sources asserting that: The gas off Gaza will come to Israel in the end...

Anonymous said...

It's like deja vu all over again. Roll back the tape a few hundred years. A bunch of Europeans landed in the so called "New World" and began a slow but steady take over of the new found property. Just like that map that Les linked, started small, but over time, well what do they call it, manifest destiny?

That's it maifest destiny! These people aren't very creative, why, this whole thing is so old school. Seems like the Jews have taken over where the Christians left off, not that they have left off entirely. Looks like a partnership at the moment. Question is, will they leave reservations for these unfortunate people or just wipe them out?

Sure gives the concept of evolution a bad name, cause I don't see any change in human behavior in recorded history.

Kevenj said...

"..get to find out the answer to life’s biggest mystery.."

All these years I thought that life's biggest mystery was how to (try) to please women.
{Camelot,Richard Harris, Venessa Redgrave}

Well put Les, I only hope you are wrong about the next big one.

Anonymous said...

It was my investigation into 911 that led me to the truth about israel and the zionists. They have been at this shit for a long time, and a little digging into pre WWII history leads us to the unavoidable conclusion that Hitler was right. His methodology left a lot to be desired, but his basic contention that jews had caused most of the financial problems, not only in germany, but around the world was right. Futhermore, it was the zionists that declared war against germany after WWI, and they were activly in the process of trying to financially destroy germany. The whole idea about sterilizing and exterminating a population was first thought up by a zionists for use against the german people,but the history that has been floated out there about WWII doesn't inclued these little facts. As a matter of fact, if you go back in history as far as has been recorded, people around the world and through history have hated the jews. I find it impossible to believe that they have been hated by so many for so long just because they are jews. People are hated for what they do, and judging by results the jews have been doing fucked up shit for a long time.

Now however, largly due to the internet as pointed out by our illustrious author, the ficade of "victim" is being ripped off, and their blatant aggression is being seen for what it is, murder and genocide. We can only hope that now that the bitter end has come loose, that the entire ball of israeli zionist lies will come unraveled. Hell, we might even get to the point where the american people will see the Federal Reserve for the zionist cancer that is really is, and kill it before it finishes killing us. I know people are waking up and starting to see, from all the comments I see on the many blogs I visit. People are starting to see the pro israeli trolls in the MSM trying their best to put lipstick on the Gaza pig, but they arn't having much luck. I get the feeling that this big zit is about to pop, and it's going to be a mess. I don't think I've ever looked forward to such a mess with such delight. Peace my friends.

Anonymous said...

What are you all going to do when they pull the plug (internet)?

How will you live your lives, then?

How will you constructively utilize the massive amount of energy that you once spent surfing this cyber universe?

Those who talk about solutions (and live by them), and very few seem to at this and other alternative sites (but I could be wrong!?!), might be able to ride out the storm with a chance to make it to the other side. The rest of you will probably end up gnashing your teeth as they come to take you away. Then, more gnashing when they place you in the REAL hot seat, "please don't pull out another tooth!!!"

Note: The "Nothingness" appears to be swallowing up the Gaza, but I can assure you, IT is Everywhere, even behind your computer screen as you read this.

Every time I read someone here post "At a boy, Les, you called it this time. Great Post. You got the touch. You're a poetic God Genius with words. You took the words (thought forms) right out of my mouth!" I think to myself "what are you people doing with your lives?" Let's hear it, what kind of lives do you live? Are most of you sitting in your cubicle, pretending to be working, watching the horror in Gaza on that 15" screen while you stuff another burger/donut/latte down, while letting out a fart flaunting your independence? Then, while breathing laboriously to move your obese body down the hall to the can to shit out whatever you weren't able to digest from all the other trash you've been trying to assimilate while on the net, you wonder why that pain in your solar plexus doesn't seem to dissipate no matter how may prescription pills you take.

Americans can be such slime balls. Most of you are probably up to your eyeballs in debt (75% of Americans are) from buying those toys that keep you busy doing absolutely nothing with your meaningful lives. So, with that insurmountable pressure always at the front door to keep those bills paid, whose got time for a "cause," not to mention, some little kids running around in the desert that I've never met!?

The masses ain't gonna do shit, Les, when the last child in Gaza bleeds to death. By the time Americans "get it" the internet will be turned off, and the multiple addictions will begin to rear their ugly heads. Oh, it will be a site. Lot's of meat eaters off their meds looking for that next meal. I wouldn't want to be a plump "Choo" walking down their street. Mmm, please pass the Manischewitz.

I'm in a foul mood. Deal with your own shit.

European American

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les!!
I almost lost my mother the other day because she asked me "why do you care about those "terrostists", referring to the people in Gaza. The ignorance is sadly not a stranger to me.
I literally threw my mother out of my house!
I have come to the conclusion that I have to let go of those who are that ignorant.
The truth is getting out. Thanks to the internet and those of us who know and feel that smiles and fear mongering from CNN gives you a weird feeling in your stomach that something is not right.
Keep it up les. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I've been readind your great work, and come to realize that their is no such thing as free speech. Whenever someone tells the Truth they are made to look like the so called terroist. or the famous two words.(Anti Semitic)Could someone explain to me how can israel get away with such crimes against humanity?

Anonymous said...

It's a complicated situation. There are victims on both sides. Both sides are caught in the crossfire. It's such an ancient rivalry, we should only expect that they keep fighting.

Moses have the land to the Jews, so we have to support them and give them money and arms. If the Palestinians can't support or understand what Moses did, the Palestinians should be stopped.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say Thank You Les for the courage to do what other paid journalist will never do. Keep up the good work and stay strong! Salem.

Unknown said...

hi guys,

"There was also a very intellectual Arab woman on Sky news last night who wiped the floor with the interviewer on who's fault this all is."

Do you know the name of this lady so I can find clips?

Or maybe someone can post a link.

Thanks in advance.

Odium said...

Hey Les, still good to see you’re at it but I’m not sure how far you will get, maybe some more credit in your PayPal account, good for you, I still love your work but as far as the pennies go you won’t see any from me simply because I don’t have any.

Now, I reckon they did see the internet phenomena of truth, I truly believe they did but I also believe they saw further down the road, meaning the last 8 years won’t account for anything on the web because such a great catastrophe will happen that will render all information useless and throw humans back into the stone age, at leat for a few years, and turning man back into animal, not that there was anything humane about being a human in the first place.

I forget who said it, I think it was you Les?, “everything God has done he has done with Human hands”

So what are we to do? The future is upon us, what it holds? I’m sure someone knows. I’ve had to many personal experiences to deny the existing of something greater than thy self, I never took advantage of it though which I’m certain other people have experienced, taking advantage of and explored it further. Remember, knowledge IS power.

It’s hard to say what’s right and what’s wrong. For me it would be not hurting others that would be the right thing to do but! If hurting others means protecting the many then where does that leave you?

Much of our existence on this crummy planet doesn’t make sense, so other people make sense out of it and literally make cents out of it. Food, shelter and water…sex.

Who knows anymore, I’m not going down the path of destruction, only self destruction, but I won’t take anyone with me. You know what? If someone said to me “hey, see this button? If you push it, it will destroy the Earth and everything and everyone in it, not a single trace will be found of our existence” then I think I might go ahead and push that button. And if I can think like that then god help us all because there are people who actually have control over the button.

Live, love, learn, hate, devour, recycle, shit and piss. Enjoy.


Visible said...


I CANNOT print this stuff. I already told you that. You are going to have to adjust the way you say things and the terms that you use. Otherwise none of what you send me is going to appear here.

The last time I let something like this through is the last time I will ever let something like this through again. There's no reason for you to say the exact same thing all the time. It has the appearance of a setup designed to cause me grief. So... consider what I am telling you.

Anonymous said...

Praz, sorry mate, just turned sky news on and saw and heard what appeared to be an Arab lady defending the Palestinians. Heck, she might have been Israeli given the number of Jewish writers/journos who are sick of the barbarism, she just looked middle eastern. Suffice to say, I was shocked at how much information she was allowed to spill about Israel's cruelty against a defenseless population of civilians.

Anonymous said...

The battle ground includes very much the internet now.

Is there any source of power that has not yet been corrupted? is the great confrontation that is coming between the masses and the elites? Scary, since most of the masses are plugged into the boob tube.

I again put this question out there: What is the end goal of all this?


Anonymous said...

Anyone else following Yellowstone?
Talk about an oncoming catastrophe!!!
It may just be the biggy everyone one is predicting, not least the mayans, Nostradamuis, Uncle Tom Cobley........

Anonymous said...

EuroAmerican—You don’t have us Americans figured out at all—you must have screen-envy—mines much bigger and mounted on the wall in my bathroom so I can just sit on my leather and suede padded toilet seat—at least I think it’s still under me--quite nice actually—call it my cubicle—has a nice 5hp Honda engine with a fan blade for my “exhaust”--
The fridge is within reach as are the donuts and all of my medications—never have to leave and everything is delivered—pizza-chinese food—pharmaceuticals--
My massive amount of energy does take me to 2 sites these days—yep, just 2—well, a lot more if you consider my porn searches—you should see my screen saver—which of course never comes on because I am always….ummmm….busy.
Not prepared you say?—I can use the mouse with either hand or my left or right foot!!
Also had the floor tiled with a sloped drain in the middle for showers—which I rarely take of course—not many visitors these days—gravity fed from the cisterns on the roof
The whole bathroom is also covered top to bottom with 2” steel panels—also 1” steel outside of that with a 3” space in between of matted Kevlar---you should hear a good fart in here—goes on forever—better than watching the sitcoms-they almost ricochet--The confederate flags on the wall start flappin’…it’s knee slappin’ funny---even blew the hinged gun ports open one time after eating some Mexican food—but that’s another story.
Damn kids are on the lawn again—where the hell is that white phosphorous flare gun…..Oh, boy…pizza is here and the welfare check comes tomorrow!!!!!


Anonymous said...

European American 8:08 PM
I don't think the internet will ever be 'pulled'; various countries may ban sections but not completely.
And if you read back comments you will get the general idea of the type of person who does comment here.
The only 'fat kid in his mothers basement' seems to be me (according to Jj) and I'm not American.
However I do agree with you re 'the masses ain't gonna do shit' but I do believe as back with Germany, the world (read Russia/China with EU approval) will reach a point where they will be forced into confronting USA/Israel.
I don't think that's far off!!

Anonymous said...

On WRH there is an article showing that US troops are involved with the slaughter. They are on the RAFAH crossing helping to make sure that the people in GAZA don't food, medicine or weapons. I want to throw up!

this is like herding a bunch of wild animals into a pen and slaughtering them. How could anybody be a part of that?

hey, maybe God is going to take care of the Us with a little fireworks of his own in Yellowstone. would be quite karmic. If I weren't so close, and I am, I would be praying for this. Wish I could leave this cesspool of evil.


ps: Les, I bought one of your cd's. is there a way to contribute directly? Or should I just go to the thrift store and stock up on used shoes?

Wilber said...

Everyone I've ever spoken to about Israelis/Palestinians has sided with Israel. It's like they think I'm a 5 year old when they try and present their view and what they think are facts. It's sad. Makes me think that in the end, we are super fucked.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think a tipping point on the "American Street" against Israel has been reached due to the Gaza atrocities coming on top of Lebanon 2006. Max Blumenthal writing in the Daily Beast asked and answered the question "Why Aren't More Americans Dancing to Israel's Tune?", after going through a litany of pro Israel comments from mainstream media, Congress. (Alexander Cockburn of Counterpunch points out that Obama's silence is itself a radical departure from the usual American political class cheering for Israel). It was posted on Huffington Post, citing data from a December 31st Rasmussen poll on Gaza. Blumenthal thinks a substantial number of Americans aren't buying the media/congressional spin (44% in favor of the assault, 41% against, 15% undecided) because "The same pundits who are cheerleading Israel's assault on Gaza once sold the occupation of Iraq to America, and with a nearly identical set of arguments."

Nancy Chester

Freddamedgjedda said...

I am so tired of theese "news" on this headfucking device. I never watch it but my girlfriend... They all get to say a few words, some are true some not, but it doesn't matter because: ISRAEL HAS VIOLATED INTERNATIONAL LAW. Several times and the UN has done nothing! Israel has been at it for 60 years, goddammit. This means that the UN is not what its paraded as...

How this simple fact slips by people is to me a mystery. How people even here can miss that. We probably have the blood of WW3 on our hands soon because of this "tunnel -vision". I know you know, at least most of you.

Well its not anything new here but it obviously needs repeating.

Why don't we just all agree on Jacque Fresco's vision or any other who can measure in terms of humanity, and start making it happen. There are sites like Project Avalon that is doing just this. I'm ready, and I know many of you are!

Crazy Liberal said...

It seems that the YouTube video that I linked to in my previous post has been censored.

Now why would YouTube censor video of Israeli atrocities being committed against the population of Gaza while at the same time allowing pro-Israeli views to run without any censorship?

I think we all know the answer.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, but its/it's is a pet peeve of mine. "It's" is a contraction of "it is." Please do not use "it's" when you mean "its."

notamobster said...

I am terribly sorry to whomever, if I am misquoting, but I'm with Jj(???)... what the hell are they distracting us from? What are we missing right now, while our eyes are locked on the trainwreck? "Get your hand out of my pocket!!", as Malcolm X is murdered type of thing....

European American - many of us are pissy, many foul moods to go around... God help me, I'm with Tony on this one - critical mass is nigh on the horizon. (by the by, Marxilist is the kid in his mom's basement, we all know you're an angry old curmudgeon, TONY! ;-)

Anonymous said...

European American,
You do make a point. The thing is what the hell are we supposed to do about all this madness going on? At least shouting our outrage is something. I don't know how many fat-assed internet geeks there are among us, but at least we have an outlet for our indignation- writing out congressmen would be a worse joke.
What I have written here and other places, is for everyone to go out and buy the biggest, ammunition packing rifle you can and be prepared to use it when they declare martial law or if they come for you since your on some zionist shit list. It seems that a lot of people are doing this since gun sales are up significantly. We'll see how many will actually fight back but at least knowing a lot of people are armed might slow them down a bit. And if not, well,it's better to live on ones feet than to die on one's knees. No one gets out of this madhouse alive anyway.
So cut us a little slack

Visible said...

Gee, I hate to say this but 'peeve' is one of the most annoying words on Earth and sounds like some mysterious body function that I don't want to be reminded about. Please don't use it any more. Thank you.

Visible said...

I know that many of you who read here are like me. You can't fathom the ignorance and insensitivity of your relatives and associates. It beggars the imagination how stupid and uninformed people can be. Their level of denial and obstinacy goes beyond the borders of belief. They think things like This are real.

I post these essays at This location. and here you can see what they made of the latest.

These people are professionals; lawyers, doctors and various college educated types with the most pretentious ideas about themselves who are driven mad by any proximity to the truth.

I'm very careful about how I word what I say and I've always got hard data to back it up or I wouldn't say it. I would say that I suspect it or that it appears to me to be such but I wouldn't say it was unless I was convinced and supported by facts or the overwhelming weight of circumstantial evidence.

Anyway... for purposes of amusement, I thought you might like to see what these people who get all of their information from the MSM think; or rather, don't think. I should point out that some of them are drunks too and you can probably spot who that might be.

Anonymous said...

Part of the truth can be seen at
Scroll down past the pictures for the English article.

As for US troops at the Rafah crossing, I saw a piece on the net that there is a US military base just down the road from there, hidden away in the hills. The question is, who ordered their mobilisation to Rafah, and were the Egyptian government "asked" or "told"?

Les, re that third link you gave, I couldn't carry on reading the comments, they made me sick to my stomach! I reckon people will believe what they want to believe deep down, and no amount of facts or truth will make them change their minds. It's as though they have their own personal firewall that prevents the truth from reaching their brains!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Les. That last post was me, landers.

Stay well.

Anonymous said...

Just taken a look at that gross! link.
Heavens above, no wonder the US is in such a bad way. Are these your typicals???
Has anyone ever noticed some sort of mathematical ratio between filthy language and a complete vacuity (is that the right word?) of actual thought or knowledge. Is there an equation?
Its as if they use such language to compensate for sheer plain unadultered ignorance. It also shows the level of their minds - crude and filthy.
Just a passing thought. How many of these repellent people backed Barry Soetoro to the Presidency?. I rather think the Nation of Islam did. Ironic perhaps. Thought provoking.
I want to buy that book but on the UK Amazon site it costs a bomb. I will get it from the US courtesy of a friend or relative - I refuse to hold a 'credit' card only debit which causes a problem.
As for friends and relations opposing my views. I have spent a lifetime making sure that my children have rational and knowledgeable political thought.
Fortunately it has largely worked. I don't have much close conflict of opinion.
We all have the wit to see the truth some faster than others. Admittedly I am usually ahead of the game - but thats another tale.
Should we pile in on the other site? I am not sure it would achieve much. It was only one or two people posting.

Anonymous said...

The responses to your blog on Slate are typical. I get the same thing whenever I try to throw some facts into the mainstream world view. Or, they are just ignored and the vapid, misinformed debate just rages on around them. I often try to just get people to watch the "Loss of Liberty" video, since to me it is beyond question and should piss off the average flag waver. But, I never get a response- never. I've sent the link to people I know who I think might be a little open to the "Truth" but never, never do I get a response. It's a fascinating, if depressing , psychological disfunction.
I've read that when the first Spanish ships appeared over the horizon that the native people who witnessed this were literally ubnable to see them since the sight was so outside their world view. I don't know if this is factual or not but it is psychologicaly possible and explains a lot. The human mind performs every trick and deception to sheild itself from any threat to its Beliefs. It takes a major, personal catalyzing event for the process of belief shaking to occur. I don't know if you've ever read Carlos Cateneda but in his books he describes how much effort and time and shocks to his psyche it took for his world view to be effected by the Yaqui sorcerer Juan Matus and his ancient spititual view of things.
So this is what we're up against. Things are just going to play out. Whatever catastrophe is ahead will maybe be the catalyst for the shift in human consciousness that is fast approaching, as the Mayans and others predicted.

Crazy Liberal said...

European American,

Who the fuck are you to judge, hiding in your self-righteous cocoon.

We have been trying to quell this injustice that has befallen us for the past eight years but to no avail. We, the citizens of the US don't need a person like you dictating what we should or shouldn't do. It's hard enough as it is dealing with some crazy ass administration trying to subjugate it's own populace by taking away our rights.

Who gives a crap if you're in a foul mood, you self-righteous fool. We're all in it together regardless of what your belief system is.

Deal with it or get out of the way.

paolocaruso said...

In Febuary, in the USA, the television broadcasting is switching from analogue to digital. So the govt is offering free converter boxes to people who can not update their televisions. The propaganda is important to America.

The solution is merely to get more people to accept their computer screens as the form of entertainment. Joe and Jane Sixpack are acculturated to have a television in front of their couch in the living room.

The technology is there to switch a good portion of the population over to their computers. Certainly mainy of those will spend their day on porno and gambling, but others will find thier way to the truth.

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, BTW your post was great, and never worry about repeating the truth. As Jj and the others, I can surely relate to stupid thick headed relatives. But I have come to the realization that when the shit hits the fan, and they are desperate,these people will not factor in either way. Give them a flaming torch, and point them in the direction of the bad guys and they will riot through the streets of town.
The fact is that we are among the new cadre, who must sort out the fact and create order.

USUK ISRAEL is in desperate times doing desperate things. They have lost wars when they were riding high, but now they are in the perfect storm and on top of it they have thrashed to shreds any semblance of their democracy-humanrights-goodguy facade. I think they're finished, but make no mistake, they will not go easily.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to add this-I wouldn't put it past the Zionists to be using this Gaza deal to make up lists-of those of us who protest. What do you think they're going to do when they see that the taps- i.e., money STOLEN from the US taxpayer-might be turned off?
Also, I'd watch for the Zionists to begin buddying up to countries which are doing better and/or have plenty of natural resources. After parasites kill one host they tend to try to move on to another. Fortunately for some countries that have resources and are doing well-like Russia-have wised up and the Zionist's games won't play there any more. Took 92 years and millions of lives. If I was Brazil, Venezuela, South Africa, Canada, Zaire-I'd watch my step.

Anonymous said...

From Rense
David Icke in full voice.
I am not sure about lizards but he is great on this one.

Anonymous said...

I will say this to all who read here. it is time to get outof the US. Sadly, I am not in a position to go myself. (yet) We will soon learn what the term police state means. Something bigger than 9/11 will happen and if there were any thoughts of having freedoms here, don't.

don't think that buy guns will be a way to defend yourself from the police state. The weapons and technology they have make guns look like bows and arrows. Guns may protect you from all the desparate people who will soon be in panic mode.

BE very careful. Once they have all the A/V in digintal mode, you will not know what you are seeing or how it is affecting you. Be very careful. I haven't had a TV in years. they may turn this screen in front of me against me as well.

They are masters of mind control. Just look at the slaughter that the masses are witnessing and not reacting to. There should be rioting in the streets.

When I learned that the US was part of the slaughter, not just supplying weapons, I knew the situation was far darker than I ever imagined.

Folks, I ask this again, they don't seem to care what you think, what is the end goal? Make sure you are sitting down when you realize it.


Anonymous said...

Les, Thank You for your works. This site is a bastion of sanity which allows me to remove myself from the morons who are programmed by CNN, NBC et all. The majority of the US is completely ignorant in their understanding of who the Jews really are and what their agenda is. Seems to me the sheeple will either be lead to a large slaughter or there will be a miracle which wakes them up. My guess is the former as the Bible states only a small remnant will 'Come out of Her' (remove themselves from the Rothchild-invoked 8th Beast system). Keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

Want to boycott Israeli products/ Bad news, most of them are AMERICAN!

read it and weep, pass this on:

Randall said...

Yeah man, on the one site this she-idiot said it all: Jews This (so fucking what?) Jews that (So fucking what?)- sums it up: There are those who are apathetic about anything, evil and who's
committing it. They side with evil by not opposing it. Enablers.
Really that's where the line is being drawn.
Grey areas are turning white and black.
Families dividing. Not caring is the biggest evil of all.

Anonymous said...

The next step after total control is to reduce the population so that the elite can have all the resources to themselves. Darn it, I gave away the ending.

Anonymous said...

They don't need a bunch of troops to cover every area--they are counting on letting people go on rampages when the food runs out-makes for good TV-which won't take long--survival of the most heavily armed and ruthless--let the thugs do their work for them--find the most ruthless and pay them off--or allow them to operate in areas with certain concessions--vigilantes for hire-take and rape what you want-those who don't tow the line will then be dealt with by the troops after the numbers have been culled back--look for brownouts and rolling electrical outages--the message has to get through the TV and then total darkness for a while--think sensory deprivation, and then overload--won't be bad here but god help you if you're in a city--or on your way out--think Katrina on a countrywide level---you're on your own--which is just fine with me--then again, maybe they'll just turn up the heat slowly as jobs and infrastructure disappear more rapidly--what do I know...I've seen what I thought were ideal dates and times for something to happen...and nothing....


Anonymous said...

I just heard Obama's press conference where he only said he has grave concerns about civilian casualties. Then he said we only have one president at a tme but on Jan. 20th, he'd have " plenty to say". Now call me a dreamer or hopelessly hopeful, but if Obama agreed with the current policy of the current gang (and the MSM by extension), what reason would he have not to just jump on the bandwagon? The way he said" plenty to say" feels like he's going to come out with something , maybe, hopefully, posibibly, that's going to surprise everyone. We'll see.....

Anonymous said...

What will happen next will be made to look like a battle between good and evil.

But the truth is, it will only be evil working with evil.

Be carefull my friend, for they wish to drag us only deeper and deeper into a hole.

And my friend, they are clever and wise.
Don't ever imagine that they are not.

Anonymous said...

Reverse the question—we all keep guessing when and how—we “know” it’s coming yet people have been wondering about that for a while—we are just the most recent batch to wonder—most civilizations have wondered—kind of an end times thing yet somewhere in the middle. We know some former John Birchers that were on to this stuff (the gov’t—NWO, etc.) a long time ago and still they wonder when—but I wonder why it hasn’t happened yet—I don’t mean some buildings going down—I mean something so horrible it will shake everything to the core.

Why has nothing been done —I mean “THE BIG ONE” —it’s been a long time since 911 and yet, nothing—no sequel. People are still as gullible—or stupid, take your pick. Seems that a third world economy sure would have a lot more pissed off (at the gov’t) people than a healthy one—If the food chain gets shut down, it doesn’t matter if people have money or not—there is nothing to buy. Which is easier to manipulate, the people in a healthy or a sick economy? We surely thought it would happen under the Bush regime—8 freakin’ years of every day opportunity—these guys don’t care if they got caught pulling a fast one—adding one more to their long list wouldn’t make any difference—I just can’t imagine any regime with less regard for the law, or consequences.—and they are almost out the door.

What is the perfect storm? If the end game is some kind of world domination scheme, there certainly have been enough opportunities to carry it out—they can basically choose any day they wish and tell us that anything is the reason and, well, there you have it.
There are chemical-biological-nuclear-microwave..blah blah blah—all kinds of weapons and all kinds of troops—but there have been for a long time—heck, there used to be even more troops and no internet to tell people what’s going on—If they plan on taking out all but the most docile, why all the cameras—spying-etc.?

What would it take for Americans (in my case) to go whole hog-- kill all the fuckin’ towel heads (name your country)-- nuke em’ and give Israel a blow job-- screw the draft I’m joining up now nuts? Is there such a thing or would Americans do the usual—“I’m all for it but I ain’t goin’ myself” routine.

What has stopped them? Are there people in the military and other areas working independently of the neocons or whatever the flavor of the day is, that keep the lid on?
Is Israel afraid of China and Russia?

I don’t see these folks as patient as they are portrayed in the NWO writings—don’t tell me that they couldn’t shut down the world and poison it in a few minutes if they wanted to. There are so many ego’s at work here, there is no way that they would leave ANYTHING for the next generation to accomplish—they have owned it lock, stock, and barrel for a long time—why do all the fuckin’ if you don’t get to…well, you know, finish the job.

What am I missing? Maybe some of you history buffs in here can find some parallels to what has happened in the past—What is the perfect storm made up of—do the parallels of the past even have any bearing on now?

I also don’t see Israel letting their cash cow die unless they have already milked it dry—which, I suppose they have. They steal the technology, they steal the money—but they are leaches—they don’t make it for themselves—they have others make it.
As far as I know, they have no natural resources to make steel, etc. They have no major exports except terror—yet they survive—and others let them survive—heck, the real ones in charge don’t even want to live in that shitty little country so maybe Israel is just some kind of smoke screen---

Don’t know how to end this, so I just will.


Visible said...

Clever maybe...

Wise? Not at all.

Well said Jj.

Anonymous said...

This is a specialty site set up by Aussie Zionists, especially for Australians (we feel very privileged) and this article to counter the murder going on in Palestine
just for us Australians- very sensible, very logical, very calculated and complete disinformation.
What’s happening in Palestine at the moment will be talked about by everyone. What we need to do is to have talking points to counter the negative comments with which our friends and family will attack us. When they say ‘the Palestinians have never ceased fire on Israel’ we must counter with something like ‘but they are ‘useless bombs’ (home made, un guided, etc.) but Israel are using the latest American weaponry against literally peasants’ or ‘they are bombing their own lands, these lands they are bombing were never Israel’s to use; they are stolen’.
Whatever works to counter this propaganda and highlight the horror that Israel is perpetrating upon the Palestinian people. From experience- be prepared to duck!

Anonymous said...


Another dynamite essay. Thank you for your bravery and your caring...

Be safe...

Anonymous said...

There are certainly many wise men who the clever made dead.
I understand on whatever level I understand it that death is an "escape" of sorts out of these bodies we are trapped in here--is the only thing we need to do is be "honorable"?
It's not how you die but how you live?
Perhaps an idea for the next mirrors or origami--covering what I wrote and your response? Would love to read it in the Visible style!!
Peace my friend--

Anonymous said...

I think that this is the beginning of the end of Israel. They have lost the any pretense of moral ground.

why do they kill for this land?


Anonymous said...

They don't need to cut the internet. They'll just use it to run their tech through our monitors and fuck with our minds with EM frequencies. This is why everything is changing over to digital and HD TVs. Same thing with cell phones. This is why they will eventually almost give it all away to us; much like the drug dealer who gives you the first hit or two gratis. Anything electronic will soon be pure poison for us all, and I'm not just talking "content" here. Computers, cell phones, TVs, ipods, anything wireless can and will be used for tracking us, monitoring us and then relaying very specific frequencies into our poor little exposed minds. Then, being super-fucked by the zionists will be cool to us. Having no future will become OK. It's a perception thing, and the Elite know exactly how to remotely and electronically fuck with our perceptions. And I mean right down to a single hertz or even one decimal point thereof. No jokes. Me thinks lining one's house with flexible lead panels (like a doctor would do an X-ray room) will become quite important in the near future. Oh, and lead based paints; you thought they got rid of it all because of the harm it was doing to US!!?? I think not...


Anonymous said...


You and others like you have won a battle. In my opinion, Israel may have appeared to win on the ground but they have lost the "Battle of the Blog". Truth and Love have power!


Anonymous said...


An immediate end of the bombings and the rest of the military operations in the Gaza strip, and a full money compensation by the Israeli government to the families of victims on both sides of the fence.

An immediate and full cease-fire, including an end to the economic and military siege on the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip, and ending military operations in the Palestinian areas; Stop the firing of projectiles at the residents of the Southern Israel.

Continue the joint demonstrations of Jews and Arabs against the war in Gaza, the National Separation Wall, the conflict, and the extreme right wing.

End the military and police repression of the right to demonstrate, and end the institutionalized nationalist-racist incitement against Arabs.

End the playing on the fears of the public in Israel by the Capitalist establishment, end the use of the lives of residents for the sake of elections and the use of soldiers as cannon fodder.

End the military adventures of the ruling elite and its attempts to bury political and social problems in this manner.

A complete prisoner exchange which will include the release of the soldier Gilad Shalit.

Direct talks between Israeli and Palestinian residents, and strengthening of the ties between working people and social organizations form both sides of the national divide.

Build large socialist parties composed of working people, both in Israel and in the Palestinian areas, which will lead a struggle to solve the burning social issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Take the army out of the Palestinian territories and remove all measures of oppression and occupation, which have been imposed on the Palestinian masses, including the checkpoints, roadblocks, separation barrier, and settlements. No to land annexations – land swaps only on the basis of complete and democratic agreement between the Israeli and Palestinian workers and poor.

Real security and peace – end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and an end to the political, economic and military interventions and dictates carried out by the big powers on the masses of the Middle East and carried out by the Israeli government in the Palestinian territories and in the neighboring states.

A struggle for a Socialist Israel alongside an independent Socialist Palestine, with borders which will be determined democratically by direct discussion between residents’ representatives, with guaranteed full freedom of movement; A struggle for Jerusalem to be the joint capital of the two socialist states, with autonomous rule of the two sides of the city.

A united struggle of the masses of the Middle East for Livelihood, Peace and Socialism; For a Socialist and democratic Middle East within which the rights of all groups and minorities would be guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

jj: hmmm u gotta understand that Israel is like Puerto Rico, it is a sort of USA and UK state. There is an economic-wedding between US oligarchies and Israel, so we are dealing with a very complicated issue here


Freddamedgjedda said...

I love this "place"!

For those who don't like when words are used in the wrong place or the wrong way. I for one is not from an english speaking country, I'm from Norway. Write me something in norwegian, and I can analyse it for you... Get my point?

I also wanted to say that what is now the biggest political party in Norway is pro-Israel. (The leader of the party was filmed entering Bilderberg meeting) And we have an election next year. And we produse 11% of the Nato ammunition as of now. "I love the place I live but I hate the people in charge". Same as you all.

Anonymous said...

hmmm serious this time, twisted stuff going on , they are determined no matter how much inocense is lost ,war with Iran ,the elites planned it and they are going to push with all their might untill they get what they want, as you say the mindset looks completely infected with hatred ,colonialists another representative of negative energies at work on our beautiful earth. peace neil

Anonymous said...

I've been coming here regularly for quite awhile. This post did it for me. I had to comment.

I appreciate the candor and dedication I find here. Your delivery is awesome. Coupled with the regular commentors, this site is so damn refreshing!

With regard to this post I have to say that any group of people that have, throughout history, been given the boot from most every country they've migrated to seems very suspect at the least. And their behavior over the last half century corrobates my theory.

Anonymous said...

Re: marxist-socialist. You are not looking for to much, are you?
Re: JJ. death is an "escape" of sorts. Try telling that to the families of thoes who have lost their lives in Gaza. Sorry JJ.
I had the chance to go on a peace march for the people of Gaza tonight. About 500-800 people strong. Thats not to bad for Belfast and at short notice. During the march some one took a heart attack and Last I saw the medics were trying to revive the poor soul. If the person died, then it would say something of how they died and maybe not how they lived, if you get my point. "honorable"?

Anonymous said...

Proportional to population, wouldn't 600 dead
Gazans be like 120,000 dead Americans (300m pop.),
i.e., FORTY 9-11s? And yet the world yawns.
Texas TV is being bombarded with evil Christian
Zionuts ads supporting Israel, showing huge missiles raining down, people in hospitals, destroyed homes. "Do something call this number
to support Israel!" Mr. Hagee's doing, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

amicus - "why do they kill for this land"

because the zionist jews are, amongst other things, a gangster organization. Historically they use a pro-forma plan to insert themselves by hook or by crook into a country's legal, educational and other professional infrastructures; control and change them, then rape and pillage the country for its riches and subject the indigenous peoples and their culture to degradation, humiliation, destruction, and real or virtual slavery - until they they get booted out. (see "History - last 2500 years")

With possession of Israel they can't be booted out (so they think) and with modern global technology they can then happily rape pillage, murder, steal and generally enslave and destroy the whole planet to their HEART'S CONTENT !.

So they think.

sorry about the CAPS - can't do italics. And I wanted to highlight those words because I think they are profoundly important.

Anonymous said...

Good for Chavez - yet again.
Bit under reported. Now why would that be?
PS off topic.
Anyone else getting thoroughly brassed off at the attacks of Russia over the gas.
If you don't pay your gas bill you get cut off. I would.
If you pinch others peoples gas - you are stopped from access.
Any doubts I had that this was an internal spat went when I watched some Yank apparatchek (spelling?) of Bush using this to abuse the Russians - in particular Putin - and start promoting the theft of Caspian gas and the Nabucco (spelling?) pipeline. Russia can't be trusted ......blah blah
Its another US/UK/Isr/Nato 'op' using the Ukraine orange crud..

Anonymous said...

I must drive you potty with links but this is really worth a read.
You can always just ignore me. (I will never know!)

veritas6464 said...

marx-soc get a grip! your shit reeks mate, for fuck-sake have an independant thought. You suck up on the one hand and dig your dirty poisoned finger nails in with the other! There is nothing complicated about murdering kids! And prais eto the mediator for allowing us to live vicariously off his Blog. Nothing to say about your Last Les - be the man of the hour, you ARE the man of the hour. And now for a belligerent Aussie ex-journo' ex soldier with a grudge against the 'Media' and a cluster of Gongs he never wears and I don't march on ANZAC Day for the same reason!
Cheers, to all the frustrated and eloquent fellow-travellers that have bumped into each other at this turn-stile of eruditon "The road to erudition" apologies to mssrs, Tom Hanks et al. Want some beligerence:

Anonymous said...

Hey, Les. You know, I've been keeping up with all of this here and the boob tube(makes sure my BS detector is still functioning) and a quote in an interview of Olmert(sp?) when the protests first started kinda jumped out and bit me in the ass.

The interviewer asked him how the response(aggression) by Israel could possibly be in proportion to the number of Israelis that have succumbed to the bottle rockets and this is what he said: "Whose side are you going to take? The terrorists? Or the 'rest of humanity'. Jews".

So, hey, I gather he's saying that if you're not a "Jew", you're a terrorist? Hmmmmmmm. I further guess what he's really saying is if you not an elite, then you're automatically a terrorist.

They aren't even trying to hide this facade any longer. That's what the war really is. The elites vs. the rest of us. So many haven't figured out that that is how the battle lines are drawn. As they become more brazen, more will figure it out, and it will not be too good of an outcome for the wealthy and powerful.

In the interim, more of the same, unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

'Turkish supporters throw shoes at Israeli basketball players ahead of match in Ankara.'

I wonder which side won the match?


Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that the numbness was injected BEFORE gaza this time--banking scandals--madoff--auto companies--bankruptcy--stores closing--rotten Christmas sales-protests in greece and whatever else I am forgetting to mention-will you have a job tom'w--doesn't seem like a cover up after--but a "who gives fuck I got my own problems" setup prior.
Not the most eloquent way of saying it but that's all I got for now--

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I just listened to Obama. He said. " I am conserned about what is going to happen in Gaza.... then as if it were a slip up he said..." what is happening in Gaza. Might be nothing, but it caught my attention.
Just wondering if he knows there is a lot more to come. I am hoping it was just a simple mistake on his part. I see Iran is getting brought in to it, more and more.

Anonymous said...

Man, that is one of the best things I ever read. You make it so clear. Well, the cats out of the bag about Israel.

Beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Occupation 101:

Anonymous said...

amicus - "Why do they kill for this land?" Why the massacre of the Palestinians with the intent to wipe out the entire Middle East & cripple the rest of the world? What MORE can they possibly WANT?
It is to finally seize total control and demolish the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aksa Mosque.

With no survivors left or helpless to defend the Wakf Muslim Religious Trust the Rothschilds “Red Shields” can finally reach their holy grail - King Solomon's Temple.

Which they typically deny - from Tel-Aviv, Oy! Oy gevald!
Today I celebrate “my” Christmas with gratitude for being gifted with Les and his genius pen and for the camaraderie and wit of his faithful responders.
Rosie, I truly appreciate “links” and in fact maintain a file for future reference ~ my thanks to you & others! :)

~ born intuit

notamobster said...

intuit - Orthodox Christian? I only ask because I've never known any orthodox Christians (not trying to be funny, there). Nice to meet you...

Anonymous said...

born intuit

"With no survivors left or helpless to defend the Wakf Muslim Religious Trust the Rothschilds “Red Shields” can finally reach their holy grail - King Solomon's Temple."

very interesting and intriguing, especially given the origin of the knights templars and the beginnings of the renaissance. I'm just going off to read through the links you posted properly, but do you have any specific ideas or thoughts

Anonymous said...









The problem is better understood by applying a Marxist, class-war critisism of the world. What i mean is that maybe Rachel Corrie was not part of the upper bourgeoise classes of USA, but just another oppressed lower middle class american, victim of capitalism, like most of us are.

So we are dealing with a class problem really, more than a *national* problem. In other words, the upper-classes of other countries like the Arabian Muslim Countries only have compatibility, solidarity and links with the upper-classes of America and the world. Why would they worry about Rachel Corrie.

So again, our main enemy is not just zionism, and Israel zionist authorities and US corporate zionist imperialist government.





Anonymous said...

Jj, If you let them they will keep you reeling so you have no time or order in your head to think about any one particular thing or place priorities on 'things'.
If you let them they would have us all walking around stunned, in a daze and pliable.
If you let them.
No fear. Whatever it takes to get the job done (without bloodshed of course).
Focus, prioritize, do it! (No reference to the shoe company ad).
And remember you must have the tools, the where-with-all and want whatever, greater than the opposition to succeed.
Anthony Robins eat your heart out!

Anonymous said...

You're following the ways of truth Les, keep doing what your doing. You are a hero. I have a poem I would like to share with you about Palestine and the current crisis May Allah guide you and keep you safe. All the best,

sayfudeen watt:

On seeing an Israeli soldier taunt an aid worker helping an Arab lady across a warzone

My Heart feels like it's being ripped apart
I feel the wieght of a thousand stones drowning me.
I can't eat.
I am sick to my stomach.
Gaza is bleeding my child, Gaza is bleeding.
And they don't care.
I am sick of wearing the fashions of the oppressors,
Thinking the thoughts of the oppressors,
Laughing at the cynical jokes of the oppressors.
A culture that turns boys into sarcastic killers.
Cocky in their cockpits-taunting with humor learned in clubs and college hallways-
belittling real epic heroism- an unarmed observer, a human shield for the otherwise animal Arab.
Israel is like that cool prick jock in your class- who people listened to because of fear
Yeah, him,
but with a legion of tanks, a sky full of fire
and absolutely no one to stop him
when he begins the work that bullies do.
I for one bear witness: THIS IS WRONG
And this is the exact and logical conclusion of our market economy
that sits in a putrid ether if meaningless shadows- Lies covering broken images
A series of "laughable" misnomers, if not for all the blood:
The "Enlightenment", the "Declaration of Independence", Israel's anthem, "The Hope."
When you finally wake up and see them in the light, read instead:
the "Covering of Darkness" the "Declaration of World Slavery." "We Will Crush Thee."
No excuse, no excusing the excuseless
And if you feel nothing for the Palestinians
Know that you are not anything that can be characterized as human.
But instead some monster predator, out of control, drunk with dunya.
But there is a judgment day and believe me
The one sitting smugly in the hot tub in the Catskills completely at peace with himself
is as guilty as the ones who write the orders and follow the orders
To shoot little girls in the head.

Anonymous said...

They sacked Jerusleum once when they got out of hand. This time they took control of Rome(US) before doing their dirty work.

The next stage is going to get uglier.

We are a small band here. Be brave, be wise, be safe.

Anonymous said...

Notamobster –
Yes, we still observe the Julian calendar! Last night I was happy to see my Catholic neighbors’ homes still decorated & lit up in honor of the Gregorian Feast of the Three Kings! I spent the evening in deep spiritual reflection by eyeing individual ornaments on my Christmas tree. Each was mentally tagged with the many “gifts” I had been granted the past year, with being guided to Les’ place the [5-pointed :)] star at the top of my tree! And, the pleasure is indeed mine!
~ born intuit

Anonymous said...

visible, I've been holding off on saying anything here because this article was so filled with righteous outrage and hard cold facts that I would have gone into hyperbole with anything I might have said.

Every time I think I can't take it any more you make me cry and I feel like I have to soldier on. I think I'm suffering because of the way I feel about what I see but it is nothing compared to the ones that I see when I think I am suffering. Burn them with your fire visible. Burn them.

Anonymous said...

A small but meaningful piece of information among the mountainous pile of horror our beings are being relentlessly subjected to psychologically and spiritually 24/7:
"Jewish Women Occupy Israeli Consulate in Toronto"

Nevertheless, the gates have been thrown open, the veils have been rent, and the demons are beginning their final blood-and-soul-feast, out in the open, with no shame or hiding, obviously believing there's nothing in the entire creation that can stop them.

The great pres-"elect" took another deep step into the dark demonic pit today with Blair as Intell. head. (See "East Timor")

Definitely "soldiering on" here, infinitely grateful for this "place". I don't count on humans much anymore, so I'm just tellin all the animals and other beings that "it's time" and we need the help of all of 'em NOW.


m_astera said...

Say, Marxist Socialist. I haven't had much to say here recently, but I do agree with the remark from the aussie poster who noted your smarmy obsequiousness combined with filthy poisoned fingernails.

So now it's "Can't we be reasonable in debate" and how you don't even bash anyone eh?

Let me remind you and others:

The last time I stooped to debate this obsequious slime mold, rather than debating me he went to my blog and posted the three most obscenity-filled foul-mouthed sewer scum pieces of name calling I've seen before from a semi-literate. No content, just the obscenities. On a gardening and farming blog, yet.

So I'll return the favor, right out in front of God and all:

MarxistSocialist, as you have demonstrated previously and reinforced tonight: You are known scum. Stinking lying pus-ridden backstabbing sewer skulking filthy weasel scum.

And note: no obscenities necessary, simply good anglo-saxon nouns and adjectives.

Care to find out if I really deleted those posts or not?

Anonymous said...

simon -
My question is not, “Why” but rather, “Why NOW?”

The Luciferians are enraged, brutal beasts moving wildly, in all different directions. They are notorious for being vicious & blood-thirsty – but are now uncontainable. Are they, like JJ feels, throwing us curves as distractions in anticipation of "the Big One"? Or are they crazed and panicked – of being exposed in the light. Does 2012 plays into the picture when “truths” will be revealed? If anyone would know the “secret” to what happened to the Mayans it would be the Ziocons – because they no doubt played a BIG part in that production.

Perhaps it is because they’ve realized that having it ALL does not bring them the insatiable pleasure for which they lust – inflicting pain and death through starvation, deprivation and sadistic torture… while they watch:

Israelis Watch the Fighting in Gaza From a Hilly Vantage Point - They Come With Binoculars and Lawn Chairs; Nurse Znaty: 'I'm Sorry, but I'm Happy'

~ born intuit

Anonymous said...

Israel just sent five missiles into Lebanon. This is going to get bigger fast Force is the only thing that will stop this rabid beast. And that my friends is WWIII.

Who can blame Iran for wanting a N bomb with these guys on the block. Packing my bags and heading for the hills, oh wait, I live in the hills and they are on fire. hmmmm....


Anonymous said...

You know I hate to drop a stone here but I must say that whilst I abhore and loathe the Israelis, Gaza is actually Palestine.
Where is the outrage from the rest of Palestine? Pretty thin on the ground in the circumstances.
Where is Abbas? (counting his swiss held gold -like Arafat?)
The excuse is that the West Bank Palestinians can't do much as Abbas would have them shot.
All of them?
I notice Hezbollah weighing in. Shows up Abbas even more.
If anyone doubted he was anything better than a zionist puppet - they have their answer.
I would hope that if my people were being bombed and murdered I would do something more than watch.
Frankly when you see so many Palestinians seemingly betraying their own by indifference or politics - it really does depress me.
Just out of interest - a follow up to 'born intuit' links - thanks for the kind words by the way. I presume you are all familiar with the classic 'Holy Blood and Holy Grail' by Michael Baigent etc. It was the basis of the De Vinci code (I always felt the law was most unjust to those who sued for plagaism).
Although it has been picked over - most of it remains a very interesting thesis. The links reminded me of it.

Anonymous said...

Good news if you live in Ohio--ODJFS (Ohio Department of Job and Family Services) the branch that handles unemployment has had their web site crash for the past 4 days due to people trying to file for benefits online. Their usual call volume of 7500 per day has increased to 80,000 calls per day--
And the band played on.
Also, Mumbai-like attacks "could" happen in the USA according to some gov't wanker--the msm should be watering that seed and drowning it in the next few days--I can see that happening in multiple locations instead of a nuke or something--would make for a nice lock-down..

notamobster said...

MARXILIST - I am not so friendly as Master_a. I wrote you a lengthy and scathing rebuke last evening, and deleted it, in favor of a more measured approach (seems these people have rubbed off on me).

Suffice it to say, you continually rail against republicans, rednecks, AND libertarians. I often wonder, in stunned silence, if you even read your own posting... Do you honestly believe you don't attack people and their ideology? Dear God, man... "get a grip!" The reason I tend to pick on you, is that you just don't seem to have many thoughts of your own, and when you do, they tend to contradict you. Most of the regulars here, love to engage in spirited debate... but, when confronted with insults and thoughts cloned from other minds, they are likely to smell blood and go on the offensive.

Take your own advice and examine the manner in which you engage people, here and elsewhere, and you may just find many people are more receptive to what you have to offer. (though, I'll never accept the wholly Jewish orthodoxy of Marxism, because it just keeps the "working class" toiling away for the oligarchs at the top - centralized authority will not work, so long as humans are given to greed, desire, and self-interest!)

Anonymous said...


Read this about the way Israeli citizens feel, they don't feel any remourse, sadness, grief and repentance by what the Israel troops are doing to the Palestinian people. written in the New York Times:

A majority of Israelis remain staunchly behind this operation, considering it utterly justified. Residents of the south who live within range of the rockets say they hope that the country’s leaders will not give in to international pressure to end the campaign too soon.

"Beersheba residents salute the soldiers," read a handmade banner hanging outside an apartment building here.

The soldiers have a special place in Israeli society and culture. Men and women are routinely drafted for mandatory service at 18, and when there is a war on, most families know someone involved.

Residents are hanging Israeli flags outside their stores and flying them from their cars. "We are really happy," said Tzuri Chen, a taxi driver. "We’ve waited for this for a long time."


Anonymous said...

notamobster: Hello, i haven't offended anybody in the debates in this blogger. Anyways, why do you keep saying that Marxism (Socialism) is a jewish ideology? It just happens that Marx, Trotsky and even many jews of the late 1800s and early 1900s were oppressed workers, victims of oligarchic and dictatorial political systems around that such as Nazi Germany (Remember that the jewish people were victims just like muslims, black, spanish and white poor americans, and palestinians of today) remember that when Marx was alive, zionism was not a very well developed ideology and sentiment. And even if zionism ideology was strong, Marx, Trotsky, Lenin weren't zionists at all, they were just preocupied with the interests of the oppressed people and victims of oligarchic economic systems in the world as a whole. So they were not nationalists, zionists nor racists. They didn't care about any special races or groups just about poor people in general.

Besides capitalism ideology is the real reason of why USA is the way it is. So let's not blame Marxism and Socialism when the culpability and root of United States deep problems are caused by the capitalist system along with its expansionist profit-driven wars, and not by Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and the apologists and followers of leftist, socialist doctrines.


Anonymous said...

A message From the Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela about the Israel-Gaza conflict:

We the people of the Bolivarian Country of Venezuela condem the killing of men women and children by Israel This is Capitalism in is best form,this is the ultimate show of power by its American surrogate-Israel. American never care about other people but themselves. America is responsible for what the Israelis do to the palestinias. America is in itself a war machine that destroys our planet,our enviroment and summits the rest of the world to it politics of ocupation, hunger, and mass media to erazed human conciousness. America is leading itself to its own destruction. Its a country run by the SATAN and the dark forces of evil .America commits the destruction of other societies in the name" of fighting terrorism" while America itself is the !Terrrorist number 1 in the world", while most of the countries remain idle. Israel has to pay for what is doing to the palestinians and one day with god help will have to be pulverized into cosmic dust.


Anonymous said...

(Marxist-Socialist). . . plus the call to eliminate the so-called "middle class" (bourgoisie), the ONLY ONES WHO KNOW where the bodies are buried! WTF! You drank the Koolaid.

Marxist-Socialist, NO ONE is going to fall for it! WE - the bourgoisie - ARE the working class. People either work for a living or we don't. Some of us are more comfortable than others due to the privileges of education and location.

Yes: Some work for the elites. They have seen their soft underbellies. Some of them are ready to strike, hence the recent calls for "revolution" on the internet, managed on high by the likes of Naomi Klein (CFR/Rhoads scholar).

The bourgiousie is the class that THREATENS the elite. That's why the Elite paid for the development of Marxist and Nihilist theories: To rid itself of its only competition! Its only competition is the growing class of educated people who've grown wise to its tactics and have the power to bring it down.

We're not falling for it this time. The elites would love to take down the internet to keep the plebes wallowing in envy of and bitterness toward each another, but they can't. They need the internet as badly as we do.

Bottom line: That dude in that new Mercedes has a JOB. Like it or no, he's one of US.

Anonymous said...

A little history: Stalin's Jews -,7340,L-3342999,00.html

This is not a Jew/Gentile thing because Stalin also targeted religious Jews. He targeted all religious PEOPLE, but deliberately staffed his concentration camps with Ashkenazim due to their reputation for brutality.

Anonymous said...

You're a top bloke Les and I always enjoy reading what you write. Keep it up, I know you will.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Chavez! He also kicked outthe Israeli Ambassador.
What a guy.

This is an excelent video of the successful then failed coup against Chavez- very enlightening:
"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

Anonymous said...

Marxist- socialist

Not sure if you look at WRH. Just in case you don't you may like to read this item just posted. Of course nothing will move you - you will still support and promote the evil creed of communism.
I think it confirms some of the claims made by me and others and, of course, reinforces the thought that marxism is an evil jewish philosophy largely enslaving any population. In this case the Russian people.
It also confirms the claim I made at one stage as to the racial identity of many torturers and murderers of the Russian people.
Please don't accuse me of being anti-semitic.
I doubt if any of these killers and monsters were semites. They will be Khazars almost to the last.,7340,L-3342999,00.html
No wonder this race is prepared to leave starving children clinging to the dead bodies of their mothers, refusing succour.
From Haaretz
One wonders just how gross an act such folk are capable of. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

Folks... I know you are expecting something from me and this being the day... given my usual timing... you might well expect it now but... i really don't know what to say at this point. I've searched my heart and mind and I have nothing to tell you.

You know what's going on and I fear that if I speak now I will say some truly forceful things and worse... back them up with facts. People don't like facts. People don't like the truth. The truth has always been my safe haven. It has nurtured and kept me well. It has kicked the ass of my opponents when there were more of them than I could deal with.

I love the truth so I must keep my mouth shut right now. I hope you understand and I will come back if I can just find my head. I had it only a moment ago and now it's gone so...

bear with me.

Visible said...

Folks... I know you are expecting something from me and this being the day... given my usual timing... you might well expect it now but... i really don't know what to say at this point. I've searched my heart and mind and I have nothing to tell you.

You know what's going on and I fear that if I speak now I will say some truly forceful things and worse... back them up with facts. People don't like facts. People don't like the truth. The truth has always been my safe haven. It has nurtured and kept me well. It has kicked the ass of my opponents when there were more of them than I could deal with.

I love the truth so I must keep my mouth shut right now. I hope you understand and I will come back if I can just find my head. I had it only a moment ago and now it's gone so...

bear with me.

Anonymous said...

Oh Les . . . Please keep writing.

Meditate upon the Rumplestiltzkin fairytale. I've been meaning to over at my blog, but I don't have your poetry.

notamobster said...

I like facts and truth... Like the fact that the ever-benevolent Israel is merely quashing a civil disobedience, by starving those women and children. How about the truth that anyone who thinks zionism is bad, are crazy conspiracy nuts who, according to NBC "should be sent to the secret prisons and never be heard from again"....

Kevenj said...

Well Les, I am sure you will get it back and soon.
I, like Stacy and others like the facts, but sometimes the facts alone don't account for what's going on. Like jj said, I.just.can't.understand.why.they.don'

when they can, and they know they can.

At the risk of sounding odd, there seems to be something spiritual about the alignment within Israel within the current timeframe.
Silly? Time will tell.
Even if you did stop speaking Les, the rocks would sound the calls for truth, as Notamobster speaks of.

Anonymous said...

I think most people here that visit this site are much more interested in "Truth", than the typical person in the world. But how do we know we are really serious? People who demand the truth, never settle for idealistic beliefs that other humans have dreamt up. Communism, Capitalism, or whatever ism is your favorite. Humans are too complex to be controlled by some ism that is supposed to lead them to perfection. There is always those who circumvent the ideal. What the ism's seem to forget is the criminal element in humans. And they will always figure out a way to get around the utopia you dream up.

Those who demand truth will overturn every rock, look under every leaf, listen to everyone and everything. They would never settle for conjecture, concepts, theories. And in that quest you may accumulate conclusions, and guess what? If you really want the truth you have to question your own conclusions. So the question is, are we promoting our idea of what is real, or are we really deleving deep, refusing to fall into the same trap people have done for centuries. Because there is real comfort in believing. Therein lies the problem. We feel secure in our belief, and it's almost impossible to let it go. We essentially are afraid, afraid to stand alone.

In belief there is carried the seed of violence, because the other guy has a different belief and both will fight, at some point, it's built in.

Marxist-socialist, I think people here are coming down on you because they sense you are just using propaganda to further your beliefs. They are questioning whether you are interested in Truth. But we are all in the same boat. I just stated its counter production to draw conclusions and that itself is a conclusion, hehe. So it's tough.

But I think it is an observable fact, if you are serious in understanding the complexity of this existance, you have to be creative, and drop your preconceived ideas.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for you Jj, nota, and wtp in USA, this one is the one that does the camels back in. You've just sealed your future!
None of you have a skerrick of good karma left; you now must take what is coming your way. May the retribution be swift and minimal but as I have said before I hope ‘they’ don’t treat you as you do the people you so horrendously murder and maim in your hostilities, invasions and illegal occupations around the world.
Iraqis Slaughtered - 1,297,997.
Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War and Occupation of Iraq - 4,223

Anonymous said...

One thing I have learned in matters such as these is that if the truth seems obvious, it is probably not the whole truth.

There is more going on here than Israel deciding to kill a bunch of Palestinians in election year politics or inaccurate rockets that have not killed anyone since August.

Russia has cut-off Europes gas over a dispute with our puppets in Ukraine. Madoff discussion ends. Hizbolla now said to be lobbing rockets at Israel (yeah, right).

I think back to last August with Georgia forces backed by Israel and US clashing with Russia. The price of oil then plummets, badly hurting Russia and Iran's revenue flows.

Going back further, to 2000, we saw Sharon stir up a hornets nest and set the stage for those who "hate" us to attack us in 2001.

Perhaps when Obama is tested, as Biden says he will be, the MSM will say Gaza was a trigger, and the GWOT may renew itself. Who knows, maybe we will blame Pakistan, Russia and/or Iran and invade/occupy or just obliterate one or more of these countries.

The table is being set for Obama, what will be served will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Bless you for bringing the mostly unheard truth with such passion, accuracy and integrity. I am forwarding this link to my friends and acquaintances. This really needs to be said.

The murderous outrage that is israel and the washington puppets that do their bidding need to be exposed to the world.

I am a Vietnam vet, still have PTSD. It does my heart good to know so many others know the truth.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear Les
No wonder you can find nothing to say.
What can be said?
Egypt sealed the border - and the IDF exterminates.
I sometimes get some comfort from the thought of karma, however these NWO satanist swine are so cocky it seems they fear nobody, not even a God.
It makes one question even closely held beliefs of some sort of spiritual come uppance, well it is with me.
You are all too young to remember the killing of the Ibo. But people once watched a million die. Written out of history.
The world watched the Serbs bombed for 78 days and nights, their country destroyed around them.
I really question the human race at times.
PS the news just admits a patient starved to death in one of our hospitals - 26 days without much food.
Whats next?
We just degenerate - it every way.

Anonymous said...

mornin les,

surgery's over.. daughter doing well... i'm pooped to say the least. thanks all for prayers & goodvibes sent :)

kikz.... can't get to any of my google accts.

Anonymous said...


'a bunch of Palestinians'???

Your unfortunate choice of collective noun has just ripped a veil off your subconscious prejudice!


Anonymous said...

You're right Tony--I made the ammo up in my basement, Nina designed the shipping boxes, m-astera actually came back to the states and carved ocean going rowboats from giant redwoods and notamobster (when he wasn't dripping blood from his fangs)has been, with his chemical background, making up white phosphorous play toys for Palestinian children--we're making a fortune with a no-bid contract and are all going to retire in Australia so that you can lead us to Valhalla---you are such a putz.
On another note to Dadnerd--the seeds of violence are sown only by those who want to impose their will on others--there is a big difference between attacking, and being attacked--self defense is different from genocide--
Les, perhaps the funk comes from bashing your head against the wall at that other site--as it is with us--or has been with us with family and friends--I just let it go--Even watching the msm puts me in a funk unless I just do it as "research" and attach no emotion to it--also, with so much traffic coming in these days it's good to see you defining-re-defining where you are coming from--any newbies coming in need to know--and those who have been here for a while need to be reminded--

Anonymous said...

Great news about daughter
Best wishes for a swift recovery

Anonymous said...

Could I bring this blog to everyones attention.
You may care to leave a message.

Anonymous said...

landers, well, when the killing is random among a group of people, who are all Palestinians, thats collective, right? Bunch, "a lot", in this context is not prejudiced



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