Monday, January 12, 2009

Take a Walk with Me Behind the Scenery.

Walk with me pilgrims... behind the scenery into the varying degrees of darkness that we call the mind. Regardless of personal opinion to the contrary there is only one mind and we all share it. You might compare it to an ocean and the thoughts within it to fish. You might compare it to an airport where planes take off and land each day. You could compare it to email. It is a medium of perception and understanding through and across which vibrations travel. Looking out into the world with the sense feelers of the eyes you can see all of the objects designed from the mind stuff. You can see the raw elements of nature and you can see the compounds formed from them.

Are you with me so far? Of course you are. We all live in this mind. This is where we are all of the time, using our ‘sensey feelies’ to interpret data. According to what we think it means or... what someone tells us it means. Here is the place where Law and Order really begins... in your mind. It is the accumulation of a lot of fish in accord. Sometimes these fish get together and make it happen and sometimes it isn’t fish but more like cattle, or still fish and someone drives a bunch of whatever to a point of proclamation. You get canned fish. You get tinned beef. You get laws and you get things. The people that make things, like to make laws too... don’t forget that when you are out shopping for canned fish, tinned beef or comprehensive law.

Adjustments are made to your perceptions so that you can see people; fish, cattle, things, laws, laundry and a Tonawanda White Fish (used condom washing up on shore in the Great Lakes area) as something other than what they actually are for the benefit of those who provide it for you at a cost.

It doesn’t matter if it is information or sun tan lotion. It doesn’t matter if it is pizza or a pissoir. It doesn’t matter if it is your body, somebody or the body of the law... there is going to be an operation that wants to provide you with it at the least cost to themselves for the most affordable price to you. Think of it as Ethan Allen furniture. Think of it as a chair; first there is the idea of sitting down, then comes the design for what is preferred, then comes the process of making it and then comes the product and there you have it.

Still with me? Of course you are. It’s one big ocean and we are each a drive-by with fish in our heads.

The business of business is business or should I say it is selling you something that lasts for a period of time and getting you to buy the same thing again... because it feels good. It looks good. It sounds good. It smells good or... tastes good. Badda bing and so on and so forth.

People make weapons for wars that haven’t happened yet because war is an industry. It only stands to reason that business interests have an interest in seeing that wars happen in particular locations so that weapons can be used and replaced and the foundry hums and so do the hookers at the conventions except that 'job' is added to the word hum which should not be confused with Om but which does relate at a particular level.

Really big wars can be very profitable but they can also be chancy and blow up shit you want to keep. It’s better to localize the conflict and... if you can get rid of the residents and the infrastructure you can also insert your next Disney World at that location and make lots more money with your derivative efforts.

This worked with the Native Americans. It will work just as well for the Palestinians. Even if you don’t have a war on the table you can create the fruitful conditions necessary to create one. Iraq was a good testing ground in this case as can be seen by the Embassy Theme Park. Oops... wandered off there.

The thing is that most people don’t want things to be the way that a few people want them to be. One of the reasons is that the few get ever more and more of everything and most people get less and less. Also... most people have a conscience and they don’t want certain activities performed because they are evil; ugly, nasty, disgusting, immoral or, what have you.

So... we have to go back to the cans and the tins and what not where they process the information and the laws in such a way as to make it okay to do whatever you want. When you are working with laws then the cowpunchers are lawyers and I guess you could say that Congress is the stockyards.

Here’s an interesting thing and one of the reasons why fair and just laws are a good thing; people who like to make money and have more than everyone else are not inclined to share. It’s the nature of the beast so... they tend to use their money to influence information and laws in order to do whatever they want. When you have fair and just laws these people are restrained but otherwise you are going to have problems sooner or later because there has to be balance and with these people there is no sense of balance at all.

Do you know that there are a lot of people who think that what is happening in Palestine is the Palestinians fault? Yes indeed. Now, obviously... anyone with a conscience or a capacity for objective reasoning; some intelligence wedded to a moral compass or any of a variety of qualities that can be found in real human beings... people like this know that the situation is no fault of the Palestinians no way... no how. On the other hand there are a lot of people who don’t really care what happens to other people as long as it doesn’t happen to them and these people are easily convinced just by asking them, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

It is a curious thing how such a large body of people can be coached into working and voting against their own best interests for the benefit of a certain group of psychopaths who routinely take them to the cleaners over and over and over again.

You would think that by this time people would have woken up to the way banks and corporations; politicians and religious organizations behave. They thought they had when they opted for Communism which they didn’t get anyway and we’ve seen a number of experiments here and there. Some of them work very well but only in a limited scope because most people really are that stupid.

Well... here we are in our mind where it all begins before it appears in touchy-feely land and if we could just get that big slobbering mass of the rest of us to wake up to the fact that they are consistently being hosed day in and day out why... we could probably do something about it.

For some reason people really do believe you can get different results by doing the same thing over and over again. Possibly they think that it’s okay as long as it’s happening to someone else, somewhere else but you know. You know that sooner or later they are going to get around to you. Even somebody half awake could see that they have been getting around to you for a little while now. Whatcha gonna do about it?

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Anonymous said...

Hamas behind the scenery, an Israeli creation doing exactly what it was designed to do, be an implacable enemy for Israel to parade before the world as proof that the Palestinian people are hopelessly addicted to terrorists and so deserve what they get. People should know by now, everything through the Zionist lense is a lie as evil and loathsome as they are. My heart is crying for you Gaza, every day.

Anonymous said...

Visible explains things with a Mr. Rogers dummy on his lap--Perhaps now they will listen--perhaps not--
If not, try it with a headless Elmo doll from gaza--pull the string and watch him bleed
Can you say "Visible"...I knew you could--
Welcome to the neighborhood
Well done Les!!


Anonymous said...

The masses are cows, either they are getting milked or they are getting slaughtered.

I sat up in the middle of the night and realized that this is not about Jews it is about a tribe that switched to Judism. that is why they wipe out other jews and use them as bait.

So much history is bullshit. The truth lies within. The outside is only perception and that can be manipulated and is.

Les, you have a remarkable gift to reach within to the truth and then bring it out to share. Wow! Your soul shines!


nina said...

Yes, yes, I see it. We were already in our own successful businesses, the businesses of crisis management, public relations, personnel, weapons research and manufacturing, special ops, law enforcement, we were already our own DARPAs, our own Little Agra, our very own holographic NASA, why we've been an incarcerating Definatory en masse, writ large, writ nano, writ off... and now, after a brief intermission in popcorn overdose and supersize brain freeze spilled accidentally into the next aisle and the next and accidentally showering all those poor souls seated ahead and behind us, soaked in the fruits of our binge at the conscessions counter, the cellos sob in minor key, their bows stab through our hearts like airliners stabbing skyscrapers, cluster bomblets and white phosphorus obliterate the big screen. We look and we search and we seek everywhere all the time relentlessly, it MUST have SOMETHING new, right, but (here's the spoiler) Part 11 looks just like Part 1.

RML said...

Les --
Your quote here is the crux (crucifixion), the nexus, the raison d’être of our existence right now!

"... Even somebody half awake could see that they have been getting around to you for a little while now. Whatcha gonna do about it?"

Most people that I know -- who are willing to discuss it -- do not understand the complete absence of moral outrage in the US of A. They attribute it to the general malaise of a nation that can no longer create fake money so that they can buy more stuff they don't need.

"Whatcha gonna do about it?"
How do we even know how to address our predicament? Where do we look for an answer, any answer, and suggestion to prevent us from sailing off the edge of the earth?

I'll tell you something, Bro, we will not find the solution here in America. And, it's quite clear to me why we won't. Americans have become addicted to being devices that consume beta pharmacopoeia with unknown consequences (other than the drive to want more). We are not machines, just devices. We have turned-over our free will (i.e., soul) to others: doctors, the media, the mirror, and all the other feedback loops that inhibit our ability to take action; even if the action is necessary for our own survival.

The reason that we are a complete and udder failure as a "free" people is not the mystery, it is not what baffles the sentient (though it is to those trapped inside the junkie mind-set). The over-worked phrase of "unintended consequence" rings true in this situation. Americans have and continue to be conditioned (marketed) to rely on others for almost everything imaginable. Some of us have experienced this first-hand: i.e., the junkie has the Jones, and the pusher(man) is the only one who can take the pain away. Our over-medication has pulled us into this self-perpetuating loop of pain-avoidance.
We are like the junkie selling his sister, and like Burroughs -- so self-absorbed that nothing else matters.

"Whatcha gonna do about it?" It's like we're looking in the crackhouse for someone to come out and make everything alright. Not all right, for all people, but alright so that we can get more stuff, feel even better about our stuff. We want to go through no pain to get our fix. We are a society of addicts, and, like all addicts, we are addicted to wanting more. Wanting more so that we don't feel or see the pain we are causing the world because of our addiction.

"Whatcha gonna do about it?" I'm not excusing the junkie (been there done that as they say). I am saying that we cannot anticipate or expect any behavior from an addict other than his/her self-absorption.
We are at the juncture for the rising of the Bodhisattva within us -- the rising of non-local Compassion. But goodness requires a unity of being, of shared emotions from the deepest grief to the highest joy.

For junkies to feel empathy, sympathy and kindness they would have to be clean of their addiction. Withdrawal is a bitch, and the junkie fears this more than anything. In the addictive cycle, the smack, the La Buena has run out. Homes, the party's over. There's still some H on the streets, but the supply, the goods, have dried up.

And on that cold bitter morning, the sun blaring raw pain on the junkie's scrambled brain, when the man ain't no where to be found, there will be that flash of desperation -- like sticking your finger in a wall outlet. The mercy and compassion the junkie screams for is off in other lands dealing with people who have real pain and real needs.

Karma will have its way – the eagle morphs into the turkey, cold it will be.

"Whatcha gonna do about it?" We will all stick together.

Visible said...

I'm still giving out free PDF copies of my novel "The Dark Splendor" so, if you want one, email me.

Anonymous said...

Greetings all. Nice to see things evolving here and new faces and their accompanying opinions and energy - a slightly different "flavor" if you will (the beginning of that upward trend forecast by someone who, well, forecasts maybe?). I was surprised by the number of replies in the past couple weeks while I was gone but it makes perfect sense. More folks around my part of the world are presenting that dazed, slightly stunned appearance and increased readership and participation at places like this are a logical (and good, I think) step in the shaking up of the comfort zones of the curious or just stirring.Not always pretty, but how many of us spring forth from a slumber fully engaged and ready to go? That more folks are coming in and hearing what all of you have to say/offer is encouraging somehow, even if it is hard to let in most of the time. Thank God for Visible Origami.

It has always seemed to me that the SM posts expose the underbelly and reveals the monsters under the bed, while VO tells you "it's O.K., don't be afraid". I wonder if it is on purpose, or just me and my insecurity lining it up that way.

Man, things are different now, even on my sleepy little block and in the way the elements are presenting themselves. I missed this place, but relished the time away.

As far as the question "whatcha gonna do about it?", it is becoming clearer what is needed for me and mine, so a course has been plotted and things set in motion. How are you all faring? Stay warm or be cool, and keep the eyes and mind open. Things might get even more "interesting".

One last thing - who are "they" anyways, and what he hell do they want from us? Everything, I suppose.

Be well.


Anonymous said...


On chapter III of your novel. It is great! It has the key ingrediant that keeps you turning the page - the desire to know what is going to happen next. Bravo.

Yes, our new dealer (Big O) is going to keep the party going alittle bit longer while they keep you in a state of artifical contentment. don't worry folks, it is all going to be ok. Just don't pay any attention to the hand taking your wallet.

The longer you stay a junkie the worse the de-tox if you live to have one. Atilla's tribe is a brutal one. What did Pope Leo I tell Atilla to keep him from sacking Rome?

In this dark land of deception and illusion the truth stands out like morning sunshine. keep shining Les, you are the brightest star in the sky.


Anonymous said...

My hope is that the genocide in Gaza is merely foreshadowing one/one millionth percent of the carnage which will turn and be wreaked instead upon all perpetrators (AS WELL AS their various supporters).

I can imagine Earth would be almost Heaven-like if, somehow these sadists could be purged once and for all.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Smoking Mirrors,

If we are baking a cake, then we should not be surprised when we open the oven and find 'a cake'.

If a farmer has 10 acres of land, which can healthily sustain 5 cows; and he breeds 40 cows, he should not be surprised that he does not have enough food or land for his cows; and he has to cull 35.

Since our world's Corporate, Religious, Ethnic and National Ideologies are based upon, Focus upon, and financially and politically benefit from: $lave and Cannon Fodder Breeding Paradigm aka 'Conquer and Multiply' concepts and practices.... We should not be surprised that we have created a world overpopulated with $laves and Cannon Fodder Breeders, and Megalomaniacs obsessed with 'Conquer and Multiply'.

Like prisoners of war who together have built our own [ratrace] prison camp, we take pride in what we have built together to survive under the circumstances of imprisonment in the mind, in belief systems that are more advantageous to the limited few than to us and most of the rest of humanity. We beginning to catch on to our conspiracy with each other to take pride in being promoted from “field slave” to “house slave” on the old plantation, while ignoring the issue of economic slavery itself. We are learning that what is really important to the actual quality of our lives is not more stuff; it's more awareness.

In the absence of addressing the $&CFB ideological causes, the conspiracy of silence about their 'conquer and multiply' reality; and consequently their terrorism, as a result of overpopulation colliding with scarce and/or finite resources; arn't we simply applying a bandaid to the $&CFB braintumour causes?

Anonymous said...

Les asks a good question. "Watcha ya gonna do about it?" In the case of Americans absolutuely nothing and they will have well earned what they have coming and ultimately brought upon themselves. Maybe then Americans will wake up and start thinking and learning-but I doubt it.

If 10% of Americans had the awareness and critical reasoning skills and courage of Les (and some others) most of the worlds problems would not exist. But Americans will never mature to that point. No way, baby. But don`t forget America that you are free and brave and christians and live in a democracy. And the flintstones are a real family.

I keep my fingers crossed that the Palestinians are preparing for unconventional asymmetric warfare and terminate the evil terrorists who are bombing and murdering their families every day. All real human beings are with Palestine.

That American terrorist embassy theme park (or whatever it is) in the "green zone" should make for an interesting hangout when the Iraqi counterinsurgency finally runs the American terrorists out of their land.

Anonymous said...

C'est la vie Les

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, Point well made. But only CRISIS allows change. Always has. The trick is to be there to channel the energy when the crisis does occur... and it will occur. Its starting now. But someone has to pass out the torches and tell the villagers the correct route to the castle and who to lynch. Otherwise they will just run around the village all evening and eventually go home early to watch Jay Leno.

Anonymous said...

you lost me at: "Regardless of personal opinion to the contrary there is only one mind and we all share it."

bye bye

Visible said...

On the contrary, you lost yourself by being out of your depth. Both physics and metaphysics postulate this truth as well as all Eastern religions but what do they know?

Anonymous said...

There is a very good reason for understanding this notion of one mind. Any serious inquirer of the human condition will realize that we are in fact one consciousness. But trained to believe in individuality and freedom of expression, etc. we miss the fact that we all share common, deep seated characteristics, both physical and psychological. That is basic and shouldn't require a lot of discussion. What it implies though, does require some attention.

Say our consciousness is like an ocean and a pebble is dropped. It creates ripples and streams out over the surface. The whole of mind is being affected by this pebble.
Within this consciousness is a lot of what we called bad, but also a lot of good. Individuals make up the whole, doesn't matter if there are 6 or 6 billion. So in a sense every individual matters. You can't say, "oh what does it matter what I think or say". Someones conformity and complacency is just as powerful as aggressive action. And I think this is why it's important to realize that everyone matters, whether you think you have power or not.

Remember it's always the few that create new things.

Anonymous said...

You see what you did? You wrote something literate, reflective, beautiful and few people have anything to say. This is why the audience is so selective at Visible Origami and why there is ten times as much traffic here. People are a few stairwells behind the curve even when they are smart. You must have run pretty hard to get so far ahead of the pack.

Keep up the great work. It's not the numbers but the quality of the minds that counts.


Anonymous said...

Once again, I fully appreciated what you wrote. I cannot say I enjoyed it, because it is dark and what you write it sometimes frightening. I sometimes dream it reflects something dark in me, and yes, it frightens me...but it makes me think.

Years ago, I had a had this ability. Believe it or not, he was a teacher of Geography...but it was during the wind-down of the Vietnam War (I'm 58, and was about 16 when I was learning from him)...he taught me, though I did not want to learn this, to actually look, see, and reason. None of my other teachers did this. Until then, I was such a 'good girl'...I parroted what I was supposed to have learned, and I got good marks. Along came Mr. McBurney and I started thinking for myself. By the way, I did not necessarily agree with everything my teacher had to say...but his teaching made me question everything else I was learning. I was so happy to finally have a teacher who taught me to think...and I am so happy to have found you, Les, because I continue to think. I guess that means I'm still alive...I still care.


Anonymous said...

I am a constant reader. I appreciate your righteous anger over the world situation and I share much of what you find unbearable or contemptible in our species. I usually don't comment since I've found, in the past, that commenters on other sites are only talking to hear themselves talk, incoherently.
I have been an atheist since about the age of eleven but I am willing to fudge it a little and call myself an agnostic in polite company. What I really like is the idea of karma, which I interpret as 'you get what you deserve'. Let's hope that is true.
There are a remarkable number of evil people in the world but they are greatly outnumbered by the complete nitwits who do their bidding.
There are some days when I, like you in a post a while back, want to stroll out into the woods behind my house and implore the aliens to just come and do what is necessary to straighten out this mess.
I'm an old guy who has witnessed the downfall of the USA and I assume we are all doomed at this point. It will be a contest between my demise and the demise of this once great country. I'm not sure which I prefer.
Jim Manning
not anonymous

Anonymous said...

About war. Yes, wars can be kind of messy, thats why they are transitioning to new type of warfare. We do not actually have real wars anymore, just a culling of various herds under the pretext of security or regime change, mostly in other countries.

But today there is a revolution in military affairs, and those civilians who are capable of independent thought and are not herd animals are the enemy. From "The Information Revolution and the Future Air Force" . The report was a forecast for the year 2020. This from an article in Nexus magazine which is behind a pay wall now.

"The third revolution,..... is the military/technological revolution, or in some places called the revolution in military affairs...... "Biological Process Control:.... It appears likely that there are a number of physical agents that might actively, but largely benignly, interact or interfere with biological processes in an adversary in a manner that will provide our armed forces the tools to control adversaries without extensive loss of life or property. These physical agents could include acoustic fields, optical fields, electromagnetic fields, and combinations thereof.

"Prior to the mid-21st century, there will be a virtual explosion of knowledge in the field of neuroscience. We will have achieved a clear understanding of how the human brain works, how it really controls the various functions of the body, and how it can be manipulated (both positively and negatively). One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be pulsed, shaped, and focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term and long-term memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set...... New weapons that offer the opportunity of control of an adversary without resorting to a lethal situation or to collateral casualties can be developed around this concept. [note the produce and delete an experience set, convenient, no?]

"It would also appear to be possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction. When a high power microwave pulse in the gigahertz range strikes the human body, a very small temperature perturbation occurs. This is associated with a sudden expansion of the slightly heated tissue. This expansion is fast enough to produce an acoustic wave. If a pulse stream is used, it should be possible to create an internal acoustic field in the 5–15 kilohertz range, which is audible. Thus, it may be possible to 'talk' to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them.

" Modern electromagnetic scattering theory raises the prospect that ultrashort pulse scattering through the human brain can result in reflected signals that can be used to construct a reliable estimate of the degree of central nervous system arousal.... Assuming we will understand how our skills are imprinted and recalled, it might be possible to take this concept one step further and duplicate the experience set in another individual. The prospect of providing a 'been there—done that' knowledge base could provide a revolutionary change in our approach to specialized training. "

"A new class of weapons, based on electromagnetic fields, has been added to the muscles of the military organism. The C3I [Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence] doctrine is still growing and expanding. It would appear that the military may yet be able to completely control the minds of the civilian population."

"A decoy and deception concept presently being considered is to remotely create the perception of noise in the heads of personnel by exposing them to low power, pulsed microwaves. When people are illuminated with properly modulated low power microwaves the sensation is reported as a buzzing, clicking, or hissing which seems to originate (regardless of the person's position in the field) within or just behind the head. The phenomena occurs at average power densities as low as microwatts per square centimeter with carrier frequencies from 0.4 to 3.0 GHz. By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligible speech may be created. Before this technique may be extended and used for military applications, an understanding of the basic principles must be developed. Such an understanding is not only required to optimize the use of the concept for camouflage, decoy and deception operations but is required to properly assess safety factors of such microwave exposure." [HAARP presumably can be used for this]

In 1969 former science adviser to President Johnson. "Gordon J. F. Macdonald, a geophysicist specializing in problems of warfare, has written that accurately timed, artificially excited strokes 'could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth... In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period...'" [HAARP may have this capability]

So what are you going to do? Nothing. Games over, and it was over 40 years ago. Just a transitioning to the NWO now. People are so dumbed down and misinformed that they do not even know they are repeating the same old things over and over since they do not know what happened 10 years or more ago, and most of what they think they know is a lie. They can not comprehend the reality they live in, or they do not want to. Ignorance is bliss.

So keep those thoughts while you have them, the time is coming when one will not know if the thoughts are your own or not.

Anonymous said...

I get this eerie feeling when I post a comment on this internet thing. It's like a prayer. Let us pray. Lets have a Vigil. Lets stay up long and late and being right. Stop the death machine. Banish the evil darkness. But guess what? I'm embarrassed by the riches the one has for every You. I am sorry for what I should have done for you, and didn't. Its an excuse to offer that it is easy to look away from evil and pretend it's all ok. It's MY fault to see the Face of Baal which seized the helm of illusion land. I saw it in Las Vegas in 63. I still see it today in the computerized mindset being programmed 360 on th human test tubes ot hese sickos. so be it. Ya Chip.

Anonymous said...

Let us pray. Amen.

Happy New Year everyone. Brilliant author, brilliant comments. I'd like to digress for a moment to share the second letter I sent to President-elect Obama. I've just finished the last one. Anyway, for what it's worth here is the second letter, dated Dec. 31, 2008:

Dear President-elect Obama:

I hope you have had a very happy holiday, and an enjoyable vacation. Soon it will be time for you to go to work. :)
You have a tremendous amount of good will from the American voters, and indeed among people throughout the world. I hope you’ll take advantage of it to do the right thing.
I last wrote to you December 18th regarding domestic matters. This time I would like to expand into the international sphere.

Problem #4: Iraq
Start bringing the troops home NOW. Thanks (or not) to Bush, you have until the end of 2011 to accomplish this.

Rebuild the Iraqi army. When the U.S. soldiers leave, they should donate equipment (except for whatever top-secret things they have; these should either be removed or destroyed) to the Iraqis.

Dismiss ALL the contractors (Halliburton, Brown & Root, Blackwater, and their ilk. There have to be engineers, architects, electricians, etc. in that part of the world who have the know-how to rebuild their infrastructure. The three things they need most are: clean water, electric power, and sewer systems. The U.S. should give that
country all the equipment and monetary support to help them to actually become a functioning nation again.

Downsize the humungous U.S. Embassy and turn the so-called “Green Zone” into affordable housing for Iraqi citizens who have lost their homes. As an additional gesture of goodwill, please rebuild the Golden Mosque. (I recall one American woman who was so disturbed by the wanton destruction of that beautiful structure that she volunteered her own gold jewelry to restore it.)

Some have expressed misgivings about what to do with the returning soldiers in this bad economy. You have already mentioned setting up a jobs program. They need to be included in that, as well as encouraged to go to school under the new G.I. Bill. Until the vets can be placed, they should continue to get a salary, heath care and housing assistance. Given the fact that they have, and continue to put their own lives on the line, it’s the least this country can do.

Problem #5: Afghanistan
During the campaign you said you would like to send 20,000 more soldiers into Afghanistan. With all due respect, Sir, I don’t believe that will help. Because:
1) Osama Bin Laden is dead, and has been for the last several years. Al-Qaeda is a myth, just like the boogieman.
2) President Kharzai only rules in Kabul. The rest of the country is run by the Taliban, various warlords, and bandits.
3) No outsider since Alexander the Great has ever ruled over Afghanistan; ask the Russians.

By 2011 the U.S. will have been in Afghanistan for an entire decade. That’s time enough to pack up and make a diplomatic exit. The best thing this country can do is offer humanitarian aid: hospitals, roads, schools, etc. contingent on the Afghanis allowing for the education of girls and for women to work inside or out of their homes. In fact, literacy should be encouraged for all; the best way to empower a people is to teach them how to read and write.

Problem #6: Guantanamo Bay
Send ALL detainees home with monetary compensation. (You and your staff are mostly lawyers: I’m sure you can come up with some sort of legal agreement.) The ones who are physically or mentally ill (such as Moussaui and Padilla) should receive medical care.
Re-assign (or dismiss) all Gitmo personnel as needed. Once the place is empty, you need to go down there personally, light a torch, proclaim the Guantanamo Bay Facility officially closed, then set the damn place
on fire.After it’s burnt down, clear away the rubble and plant trees and gardens there. (On the way back you may want to make a quiet visit to Mr. Castro.)

Anyway, those are some more suggestions. I hope you find them useful.
Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy and successful New Year,

Gloria J. A.
Chicago, IL

P.S.: By the way, do you remember that song “O.P.P.” by Naughty by Nature? The title refers to Other People’s Property. I am sending you a (P.S.: By the way, do you remember that song “O.P.P.” by Naughty by Nature? The title refers to Other People’s Property. I am sending you a copy of an article by Alice Walker that addresses that very subject, as well as a copy of another article about the hidden homicides of Hurricane Katrina from

Recommended reading:

Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson, Penguin USA, 2007. The true story of a man who set about building girls schools in Afghan villages.

I went to and Mr. Obama was getting plenty of bricks (and shoes) thrown at his head over the gaza situation. I threw my two cents in; surely he must get the point by now.

Everything I ever coould have said about Gaza has been said here, and much more eloquenttly than I ever could. Nevertheless, I will add my own perpective soon. Keep up the good work, Visible. May you have a healthy, joyful and prosperous New Year.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Vis, I sure would like a copy of your book. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, great article. Here is something related to your article, it is a long post, about the origins and foundations of USA:

US voters and citizens have no say and no votes on what the US government does. US citizens feel homeless, alienated, rejected and are not guilty at all for what the fascist US government has done to this world since 1800s.

People have to watch the documentary "Secret Mysteries of America's beginnings" to learn the doubious beginings of USA and why and how it was founded. Even though this country was founded by revolutionary idealist liberators but as soon as it was founded, it turned into an Imperialist system and not a free social democratic republic as its liberators originally intended, because liberators of this country were betrayed by oligarchs and the US revolution was betrayed like the 1917 Russian Revolution where Trotsky and the Bolsheviks where betrayed by the Mensheviks, by burocrats and by Stalin and his Menshevik followers.


9/11 & Bush are Distractions from a People's Revolt from Below

by S. Brian Willson
April 21, 2007

A Bit Of History
U.S.: "Empire of Liberty," Built Upon Three Holocausts

In the 1780s, Thomas Jefferson bragged of a new "empire of liberty," i.e., a nation created essentially for the benefit of White male property and slave owners/speculators, who were to thrive in freedom, prosperity, and tranquility through expansion. Even before formal creation of the Republic, acquisition of Florida, Cuba, the West Indies, Mexico, the western frontier, and Canada were discussed so frequently there was an assumption that Providence intended it. George Washington talked in 1783 of "a rising empire." James Madison believed in "imperial republicanism" as he led the 1787 Constitutional convention behind locked doors to create a new and far more powerful national government. Note that a people's democracy was not intended by our "Founding Fathers" [See Tucker, Robert W. and David C. Hendrickson. (1990). Empire of Liberty: The Statecraft of Thomas Jefferson. Oxford: Oxford University Press; William Appleman Williams. (1980). Empire As A Way Of Life. Oxford, especially chapters 2-4, and pp. 31, 43, 51, 59].

The ugliest truth is that our civilization is built on three unspeakable holocausts, each justified by a White racist ideology, causing the murder of millions, each committed with impunity: (1) acquiring free land at gunpoint while systematically brutalizing hundreds of Indigenous cultures; (2) acquiring free labor by force from ancient Indigenous cultures in Africa by violent removal of those who survived capture; and (3) acquiring cheap resources, labor and markets through thousands of overt and covert interventions at gunpoint into more than 100 countries.

Four Blips in Modern Human History

In addition to our three unspoken holocausts mentioned above, we have been deeply influenced by at least four major blips in history. First, the 5,500-year (nearly 300-generation) period of acceptance and deference to large vertical authority structures (whether monarchial, military, or elected) has led to a chronic pattern of mindless obedience (De La Boetie). Second, 500 years of Eurocentric colonialism materially benefited 20 percent of the world's population as it impoverished and plundered the non-Eurocentric 80 percent. Third, in a much briefer blip, we have become conditioned to the conveniences of the industrial revolution/oil age (soon to be over). And fourth, an even briefer blip of the post-WW II middle class (now virtually depleted).

Consequently, those of us living today among the rich 20 percent, even if personally not so rich, have profited from the wonders of "Western civilization." We have been conditioned to live by its materialist values. But we have become addicted to a grotesque way of life, spending nearly $50 billion a year alone on cosmetics and toiletries (and nearly $80 billion each on tobacco and soft drinks, $15 billion on pet food). [SEE].

Materialism's Pathologies

It is instructive to examine the psychic dynamics of the U.S. "More is not enough!" [See psychiatrist Peter C. Whybrow's, America Mania (2005), in which he discovers that the biochemical processes in the brain related to highs induced from shopping are similar with that of alcohol and drug use]. Our addictions suggest that substantial human archetypal needs are unmet in materialist, class-oriented societies. Psychologist Carl Jung concluded that Western materialist cultures lose connection with deeper meanings of life. Social epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson recently documented that individuals and whole societies have become severely stressed from social and economic inequality [The Impact of Inequality (2005)]. Class positioning, he concludes, is the most common cause of sickness and social malaise, and that inequality seriously obstructs sustainable economic activity and social health.

The majority of European Americans grew up in the brief post-WWII middle class. All of us grew up in the 200-year blip of the oil age and the industrial revolution that facilitated the speed, complex technologies, and population explosions that accompany the religion of consumption. For the most part, if we were living in the middle or upper class, life seemed like a good deal. But it is becoming increasingly obvious that it has all been a delusion.

Our "wonderful way of life" has always been dependent upon a massive system of both domestic and global exploitation beyond comprehension. This has been facilitated ad nauseum by our political/economic/military "democratic" system directed by one oligarchic party with two right wings, one of soft imperialism, the other hard. Believing ourselves to be exceptional, it has been nearly impossible to understand the consequences of our lifestyle on billions of other people and the Earth herself.

Individual and Collective Complicity

Nonetheless, most of us routinely legitimize the entire scam by voting for one of the usually White male oligarchs/plutarchs while dutifully paying the taxes demanded by their laws (which we foolishly call our laws). To add insult to injury, we allow ourselves or our sons and daughters, often with enthusiastic patriotism, to become loyal military troopers implementing the forceful global policies that allow us, who comprise but 4.6 percent of the world's population, to continue consuming anywhere from 25 percent to nearly half the Earth's resources.

The social myth lingers that we live in a democratic society committed to "justice for all." However, this mythology has pre-empted our capacity to SEE the ugly social secret that our system is in fact an oligarchy committed to exploitation of the many for the benefit of a few.

In these early years of the third millennium, we are finally experiencing the convergence of several ominous political, economic and ecological realities serving as epochal wake-up calls -- for example, global warming, peak oil, the 9/11 event, and Bush's brazen, terrifying responses to 9/11. Perhaps these harsh realities are cosmic offerings sent to wake us from our "holiday from history," as Slovenian psychoanalyst/philosopher Slavoj Zizek describes our severe amnesia. Zizek concludes that September 11, 2001 revealed to U.S. Americans the "desert of the real," the distilled version of the essence of five centuries of behavior of the "civilized West." The U.S. culture and our European predecessors have committed the equivalent of thousands of 9/11s over more than 400 years, directed primarily against non-Europeans, murdering and maiming millions to protect "national security" (read AWOL, the American Way Of Life). We have virtually no clue about the extent of our demonic behavior.


I myself did not have a clue to this tangle of lies, illusions, and delusions until I found myself in Vietnam's Mekong Delta villages shortly after air strikes where I witnessed the napalmed and burned bodies of as many as 900 unarmed fishing villagers and their children over the course of just one week. This bombing was committed with malice aforethought, intended to systematically eliminate (murder by genocide) all Vietnamese who did not openly support the South Vietnamese Government, a corrupt bunch in turn created by our own corrupt, Mafioso-like government.

Subsequently, I delved into details of "American" history. What we did in Southeast Asia from 1950-1975 turns out to be no aberration, just as Iraq and Afghanistan are not aberrations. From the moment our ancestors became "settlers" on this continent, the die was cast. Our savagery has known no limits. Whatever is perceived as being in our way is removed as we seek expansion, profits, and convenience via free land, cheap resources, slave labor, hegemonic power, and hateful vengeance.

Assimilation or elimination

Invariably we describe people who would obstruct our imperial goals with derogatory names like "savages", "gooks", "communists", "evil people", "terrorists", etc. Read the history of how one's hometown came to be settled. For example, the quaint little university town of Arcata, California, once known as Union(town), where in 1860 "little children and old women were mercilessly stabbed and their skulls crushed by axes," their bodies being stacked in town. Or Geneva, New York where in 1779, George Washington's orders were ruthlessly carried out to complete "its total destruction and devastation." Consider today's settlers in Israel/Palestine. Note how easily they justify inflicting barbaric behavior on others (projections outward) by describing their inferiority while believing in themselves as superior (disowned shadows). The spectacularly frightening nature of the 9/11 crimes is familiar to a majority of the world's people. From 1965 to 1973, for example, a period of nearly 3,300 days, the United States waged an unspeakable war of atrocity, a de facto policy of genocide, against the peoples of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, such that more than 1,500 human beings were murdered every day! Read about the thousands of skirmishes the White militia and/or the U.S. Army engaged in against the Indigenous of this country over several hundred years. Over 10 million Indigenous in North America alone succumbed to removal, imprisonment, or death due to strange diseases, bullets and axes. Our ancestors often recorded vivid accounts that included gory details such as bashing the brains of "merciless Indian savages" (a phrase from the U.S. Declaration of Independence).

From the 1790s to the early 2000s, the U.S. military overtly intervened more than 500 times in over 100 nations to pursue its hegemonic designs (and thousands of covert interventions). One military study revealed that between 1869 and 1897, the U.S. Navy made 5,980 port calls to further U.S. commercial and political advantages. Virtually all U.S. wars and interventions have been masked under elaborate rhetorical pretexts, such that we learned an extraordinarily censored version of history. The U.S. military and various police agencies have also intervened hundreds of thousands of times domestically.

The pattern has been consistent: either people will assimilate into the White culture, or be eliminated by it. White supremacy is the cult and we have all been subjected to it -- either in complicity with it, or to be crushed by it. Our origins intrinsically are possessed by shame of genocide through terror.

Our Shadow
Living with painful shame I believe has driven us to do nearly anything to avoid facing the disowned part of our collective and individual psyche. Disowned shadows possess explosive emotional energy, often manifesting in pathological distractions like avoidance, denial, invasions, addictions, etc., which push us to further regress, as if reverting from adolescence to early childhood.

Facing the fraud of our mythological "exceptionalism" terrifies us. We project onto others the very "terrorism" that has built our civilization. Ironically, we have to project our own shadow, "terrorism," onto others, such that we actually come to believe those "evil" others are terrorizing us at every moment. I believe that the political leaders we "choose" or accept, ironically represent our own unmet needs for security. Disowned shadows possess intense subconscious power over us, such that we tend to look to authority figures to rescue us. The capitalist predators and their oligarchic political protectors thrive on inducing fear to maintain an obedient, consuming populace.

Our most imperative healing need is to reckon with our imperial history, our lifestyle addictions, and the consequences of both, and prepare for a leap in consciousness that will take us on a path of responsibility for the consequences of our choices. Focusing on the whos and hows of 9/11, and the evils of Bush, easily can become obsessions. However, I believe they serve as huge distractions from facing our collective shadow, the denial of which overwhelms us with its emotional charge. Our government's deranged and extraordinarily dangerous response to 9/11 can be explained partially because the spectacular 9/11 act, like the shocking, humiliating slaughter of Col. George Armstrong Custer's Seventh Cavalry at Little Bighorn one hundred twenty-five years earlier, pierced our self-delusion of omnipotence, requiring us to resort to historic acts of vengeance (distraction) to preserve the delusion. Note that after Custer's fiasco, the nation was obsessed with completing the genocide of the Indigenous people (eliminating the "Indian problem"), which it accomplished with brute force in 15 years. The emotional energy of disowned shadows is enormous, and extremely lethal when not owned up to.

As a people we are totally capable of busting out of our fear and insecurity and seeking solace in our community as we refuse to comply with the demands of the market. That means we stop shopping other than from local economies, reduce driving and flying to radically minimal levels, and instead, begin cycling, rebuilding local neighborhoods, striving for regional (100-mile?) food diets and zero net energy housing. It means understanding that the mechanical process of voting is the least significant act of participation in a vibrant decentralized democracy. It means recognizing that our system is broken, broken beyond repair. Our way of conducting political business and choosing "leaders" has failed. Political survival goes to the richest. This stalemate offers us humble human beings an incredible opportunity for a renewal from below. Now we have permission to consciously consider not voting in national political selection shams, and more certainly means not paying money (taxes) to our multi-headed Hydra "democracy" that insists on doing whatever it wants despite the expressed sentiments of the people. Thus, creative downsizing and simplifying (contraction) is indispensable to our liberation.

Healing: Contraction, not Distraction
I dream that those responsible for the 9/11 crimes will someday be held to account, and that Bush and company (and all the elected politicians who support a war OF terror, preventive wars, warrantless wiretapping, elimination of Habeas Corpus, torture, etc.) will face Nuremberg trials. Impeachment is an insufficient response, and assumes that the political system itself is authentically accountable. But the distractions, even obsessions, about 9/11 and ridding ourselves of Bush conveniently allow us to avoid addressing directly our disowned, dark cultural shadow: historical complicity with empire through obedience, silence, and consumerism. Our one-party centralized system, disguised as a "Constitutional democracy," thrives on continued plunder which is legitimized by and with our votes and tax dollars!

Facing our addicton to AWOL is a precondition to healing. Taking responsibility suggests radically altering our lifestyles toward right livelihood and sustainability. This requires dramatic contraction. "Slow, simple, small, quiet, and local" (the motto of the 2006 Veterans (Human-Powered) Ride For Peace and Sustainability from Eugene, Oregon to the national Veterans For Peace convention in Seattle, Washington) offers a bold antidote to the impending austerity, likely die-offs, and almost inevitable collapse of every system we are dependent upon. Breaking addictions to mindless consumption and rapid travel are revolutionary acts. Aligning our actual day-to-day choices with our values and rhetoric enables survival with dignity. Once we know deeply within ourselves that every choice has a consequence (the Iroquois Seventh Generation discernment principle), our choices will change dramatically, a leap in consciousness begging to happen.

Our body-minds already know at very deep levels that everything is interconnected in a sacred weave, everywhere at every moment. We just need to access that wisdom. Quantum physics confirms Martin Luther King Jr.'s wisdom, "an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Right here, right now, where I am standing -- very local! The only sustainable social model in evolutionary history has been the local, steady state economy, what visionaries now call bioregionalism, comprised of hundreds if not thousands of sustainable local communities. This is the modern synthesis of the Neolithic, Stone Age village with appropriate technology, utilizing iron, bicycles, solar energy and a partnership model.


EMPIRE OF LIBERTY: THE STATECRAFT OF THOMAS JEFFERSON - Tucker, Robert W. and David C. Hendrickson. (1990).


By Dustin Eric Buehler (Oregon, USA) - See all my reviews

By examining United States foreign policy between 1783 and 1809 in their book "Empire of Liberty," Robert W. Tucker and David C. Hendrickson put the myth of Thomas Jefferson under fire. Tucker and Hendrickson's central thesis is that Jefferson's statecraft wavered between two contradictory principles of liberty and empire. While president, Jefferson often found himself torn between pursuing a foreign policy role that provided examples of liberty, and a role as an "active crusader in international affairs" (Chaudhuri, American Political Science Review, September 1991). Tucker and Hendrickson claim that Jefferson tried in vain to accomplish both of these conflicting goals. The aim of his "new diplomacy" was to pursue the traditional ends of security and prestige while renouncing the traditional means of entangling alliances and wars that had been constantly used by European powers in the past (Mayer, Washington Post, August 2, 1990).

Instead, Jefferson would rely upon what he called "peaceable coercion"--a foreign policy establishing security by commercial arrangements, through the force of American ideals. Jefferson believed that liberty and empire could go hand in hand in the formation of United States foreign policy.
Tucker and Hendrickson analyze several policies during the Jefferson administration to give historiographical context to their argument. The 1803 Louisiana Purchase is mentioned as a case in point. On the surface, the acquisition of almost half a continent at a negligible price was a great triumph of statecraft.

Jefferson believed that this incredible land acquisition "preserved the republican character of the Union by removing the presence of dangerous neighbors and the prospect of wars that must result in the imposition of unbearable burdens on society" (Dallek, New York Times, July 1, 1990). It also insured that a predominantly agricultural political economy would be sustained while the United States experienced a steady increase in population. The Louisiana Purchase appeared to be clearly within the interests of the United States.
However, Tucker and Hendrickson point out that in order to make this purchase, Jefferson abandoned several of his sacred principles of liberty. In acquiring Louisiana, Jefferson abandoned his deeply held commitment to strict construction of the Constitution, which did not specifically mention a power to acquire territory (Dallek 1990). Tucker and Hendrickson question this abandonment of principle in light of the circumstances revolving around the purchase. They point out that Napoleon would most likely have not repudiated the agreement if action had been delayed, and that the speedy ratification of the treaty that Jefferson advocated was not necessary (Cunningham, Journal of the Early Republic, September 1991). Like Henry Adams, whose history of Jefferson's administration the authors admire and frequently draw upon, Tucker and Hendrickson emphasize the president's abandonment of strict construction in regard to the Louisiana Purchase as evidence of his desire to establish an empire.

This book has many notable strengths. Tucker and Hendrickson advance their ideas with a portrayal of Jefferson's statecraft that is very comprehensive. Most of the main foreign policy circumstances and events of the Jefferson era are described in detail--in addition to the Louisiana Purchase and policies regarding Native Americans, the authors provide comprehensive analysis on the maritime crisis with Great Britain, and Jefferson's views on Napoleon. Tucker and Hendrickson give a freshness to historical subjects of the Jeffersonian era that have already been mulled over by countless historians.
Along with its strengths, a couple weaknesses exist in "Empire of Liberty." Occasionally the authors press their points too hard. Although Jefferson somewhat abandoned his embrace of free trade in 1807, Tucker and Hendrickson exaggerate his original devotion to the principle. Additionally, labeling him as a "true believer in strict constructionism" until the Louisiana Purchase ignores his acceptance of Hamiltonian policies from the inception of his administration (Kaplan, Journal of American History, June 1991). Tucker and Hendrickson's critique of Jefferson's foreign policy is perhaps somewhat overbearing.

Regardless of any shortcomings Tucker and Hendrickson's analysis may have, they do an exceptional job of making a definite contribution to Jeffersonian literature. They create a picture of Jefferson somewhat different than the image conveyed by such historians as Gilbert Chinard, Merrill Peterson and Dumas Malone. "Empire of Liberty" tends to lean more towards to so-called "darker side" of Jefferson represented by the work of Leonard Levy. Overall, by provoking thoughts on Jeffersonian foreign policy, Tucker and Hendrickson's work contributes monumentally to the discourse on the life of Thomas Jefferson.

psychegram said...

We do tend to talk just to hear our voices, sometimes, don't we? Certainly I'm guilty of that, though with awareness of that ego-issue I'm taking slow, painful steps towards correcting it.

And that's really the answer to 'whatcha gonna do?' At least for me. Take all that bad negative energy that's being propagated by the trolls, and turn it inward, against those parts of 'my'self that are no more authentically me than shackles are a fashion statement. It's all fuel for the inner spiritual fire; every slight from every petty tyrant is another opportunity for self-observation, a chance to purify what's inside a little more, to Ascend one more step on the infinite staircase.

They want us at home, drooling in front of the TV or sitting at the computer with our dicks in our hands. Failing that, though, the next best place - from Their point of view - is fighting in the streets. Riots mean riot cops, insurgents draw counter-insurgency units, and rebels bring civil war. At any scale, start shit and those who thrive on chaos will love you for it, love you so much they'll kill you.

Don't focus on what needs fighting. See it, but see around it. Ever move through a crowd without getting trampled? You didn't make eye contact with anyone, did you? You looked around them, followed the empty spaces. Focus on any one issue, any one hazard, and you're liable to draw it towards you. Close your eyes to it and it'll roll right over you. You have to see it, yeah, but more importantly right now, you have to see where it isn't.

Arjuna, wherever your rider takes you, never lose heart in this fight. It's dark and it's ugly and God only knows how you keep it from staining your soul at the end of the day, but it's a fight that must be fought and you are the champion who must fight it.

Anonymous said...

"On the contrary, you lost yourself by being out of your depth." - classic.

I read above someone commenting about this post being dark. I've taken note of that in comments in the past. Guess they haven't noticed that it's always dark or darkest before the dawn.

Anonymous said...

Glad your still free to write. Had wonderings over whether you'd get tagged by Mossad over your somewhat anti-semitic piece last year. But then I remember no public visitor counter indicating the reach of the message. Impressed as I am with the near million visits, I wish it were more. Since finding your blog a year ago, I'v noticed a recuring theme throughout your comments and perhaps your own content, which I may have 2 penny thoughts of my own.

Questions as to why the world is the way it is. It all boils down to motive. People want to be special. Some people live to look down on other people. Bad things are a natural consiquence. From race relations to familial relations to employment relations, there will always be one side seeking to impose their will over the other using a variety of manipulations usually ending with violent forms of coersion. After all what do people value more than life itself? If every single human being sought not to exploit each other, but only themselves we would achieve something close to a paradise earth.

From an evolutionary perspective, the first humans who decided to put someone in charge and accept "rulership", screwed any chance of mankind living free. If the universe is born of God, and I sincerely hope that it is, then perhaps we need some elevated throne to revere and since God seems... invisible, money and power are the gods of the ages and I'll be damned if it doesn't make me sick. Yes Les, these are both conjurations of the human mind so a sickly mind have we all. If all of us held money and power valueless, better still notionless... I guess we'll never know whilst man sit atop the throne of God Almighty.

I ponder the nature of existence every day it seems and I would feel remiss if I didn't point out that these "end times" or "last days" or whatever the hell you want to call them, seem to be moving along nicely. Oh, I should also say that somebody posted a comment on another of your posts regarding the mark of the beast on the Star of David, I can't believe I missed that (not that I was looking). But there is also a fourth six which I concluded may indicate the "number of man". The beast and man in a single representation... Got me thinking anyway.

For a life without servitude under man. Peace.

LS Hope

Anonymous said...

"It is a curious thing how such a large body of people can be coached into working and voting against their own best interests for the benefit of a certain group of psychopaths who routinely take them to the cleaners over and over and over again."
Want to no why? It is simple. The real structure of Dictate never changes.
It only evolves.
Read "Evolution of dictate" by V.M. Kaitoukov at

Anonymous said...

Les said:
…there are a lot of people who don’t really care what happens to other people as long as it doesn’t happen to them and these people are easily convinced just by asking them, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

In my neck of the woods some retailers are indeed closing their doors and a few companies are terminating a percentage of their workforce. Yet, the economy as a whole is thriving - for I live in the land that manufactures those tanks transporting the chosen ones as they blast their way through the killing fields of Gaza. No one (and I do mean NO ONE) winces in pain or is able to admit to the injustice when the images of “our” locally manufactured pride n’ joy (?) are displayed by the MSM. The masses truly do not care and do not want anyone like me busting their buzz with “truths”. They SEE it alright, but they are racing away to escape it and “friends” now avoid me – they don’t like to share...

My neighbors, whose cars sport magnetic yellow ribbons (which in my mind translate to, “Love it or leave it.”) are continuing merrily on their way borrowing on what little equity they have with these vast home makeover projects (ha, as Seen on TV).
What intrigues me is how much pleasure they receive with the destruction of the current structure rather than the never-to-be-completed end result. I think to myself, “If your home is a reflection of your soul then why are you shattering all the mirrors?”
Since we are of one mind they read my thoughts – and they no longer call - they don’t like to share...

I wasn’t one who wandered in from another site but was delivered to “Les’ place” several months ago by a hidden force. Since it’s not the first occurrence I surely recognized and gratefully acknowledged it when it happened.
I also was one to take you up upon your generous book offer. Though written as a novel it is also a textbook illuminating the truths of GOOD and exposing those of EVIL. I was often forced to stop reading and note the page that I would want to reference later. Other times such an utter joy would be revealed that I could only express my sentiments on the keys of my piano!

As much as I didn’t want it to come to an end I still completed your book last night – only because I’d knew you’d have a new Smoking Mirrors in the morning. ‘LOVED IT!
As I read your words ever present in my thoughts were how others would perceive this material – those who lack in “virtues,” devoid of empathy or compassion and masters of platitudes. I wondered how my neighbors’ and the vast number of others’ with attitudes of, “It’s not my problem” or (wince) “Shit happens.” would view the messages? Another commonality I’ve observed that is woefully absent in the land of the I-don’t-want-to-see is actually an underlying theme in The Dark Splendour – one so fundamental that it goes unmentioned. That would be LOYALTY, which just doesn’t fit into the, “Dog eat dog world” mindset.

I went over to Amazon wondering if a hard copy of your book existed. Once there I was delighted that it indeed was available when the “customer reviews” caught my eye – so I moseyed over to take a look. Ha – my inquiring mind got the answer! Reading The Dark Splendour is like holding up a mirror to ones self & open mind. The negative reviewers’ words, dripping with vitriol, confirmed that which I had suspected… it’s not the book that they so despise… but rather themselves! Makes me wonder how thick the drywall dust is in their homes.

Thank you for the book, Les, and the walk!

~ born intuit

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

If anyone writes to Barry Soetoro aka Barry Obama they should ask for his birth certificate. They are about to swear in a so-called President whose name they cannot even be sure of, never mind his identity or nationality.
But he is the 'Chosen' one.
Slightly off topic but always enlightening

Your idea on collective thought seems rather like a semi benign 'borg' hive.
I protest that I share even a smidgeon of such collective thought with the mass murdering Khazars attacking Gaza.
But then, I may be in a collective delusion.
What is real?

veritas6464 said...

No No No, here's my interpretation of the es'seance: The Right to think and the Responsiblity to think are universal - that we affect a World a Galaxy, a Universe is just swell so long as enough people thunk it at ONCE! Egregious Prayer? Egregious Will? Egregiously Conspiring for a given result? "Pray with me sinners!" So sayeth the Shepherd, So sayeth the Flock!" Wheether aar naart yaw'll weeth uz, aar agin'uz"!
Thank You Dumballah,
That's what I got anyway. The following I would probably discuss with the other attendees of your lecture, over weak coffee and sweet biscuits..." I think now that I'm always going to be a good little sheep, and properly 'led', I will attain a higher level when it is my time...whatever, what I would be thinking..."for now I'm happy with eloquent semantic banter. Should we be considering to fight them with guns and bombs? That is the question! Fuck me, some of these people are even more melo-dramatic than me, how on earth do they get away with it? I clap loudly as another accolite is praised!
(So, busy struggling with my desire to "Cry Havoc...) Love this place! No one can hear me complaining! SANCT-UARY!! You know, there was this Aussie Media legend, he was cool, he was corse, he even entertained me after a while, The called him 'Jacko'. Mark 'Jacko' Jackson was a Football Star, Red-neck Jock to the extreme, also he was a gifted charming Goof-it-up-tough-jock showman. Jacko combined rap-like lyrics with an amount of Australian comedy and a laconic working-class wit..(I plead the Stockholm Syndrome). He had a hit song entitled; 'I'm An Individual'. During the public launch/travelling circus of this 'Hit' Single, he would quiet the crowd (it became easier with subsequent 'Pavlovs' Dogs')then he would muster them to crouch down on their haunches - as one - and then spring into the air whilst screaming "Im An Individual"! That, Les, is a Phuq'n troo story! He would piss himself laughing all the way to the Bank, I interviewed him several times when I was allowed to be a 'Professional Journalist', years later I met him at a Political Dinner Function, he told me that I was the only Journalist he had ever had a drink with,(I would have made a great 'Whiskey Priest', I enjoy listening, to those less morally fortunate than me) because..., I annoyed him to the point of expletives, because, I made him reflect on his conduct in the Media, I made him uncomfortable with what he knew to be "..a contrived and shameless con". Touche Les.) However, I am more confused now than ever, should I follow my sentient being and join the column as it marches toward the 'Har Megido' or should I meditate for calm and sedation before reasoning the alternatives? Do I have time? The Mantra or the Machine-gun?
Shaun the Outlaw
"Reporting into Net Over!squeeeelch!Tsssst,.."Roger that, wait, wait out, !"squeeelch,tssst!

Anonymous said...

Whatcha gonna do about it?

The only thing one can do. Study National Socialism. Understand why it was such a fundamental threat to the despotic political systems of the world that capitalism and communism united to destroy it.

Dream of a National Socialism movement taking power away from the criminals in London, Washington and Tel Aviv.

Visible said...

A Gloria. You have to email me at so I can send it in a reply.

M.S. I told you about the size of the c&p's before. I'll let this stand by way of example (even though I'm likely to get yelled at.) I won't let any more through. I told you to place links with a brief summary.

Thanks all.

Anonymous said...

In response to the poster who commented about their being so few responses, I'll give him a reason why I could post a response on the last blog and this one I hesitated. I suspect others may have the same reason. It is quite simply guilt.

I totally get what Visible is saying. It isn't that the concept is beyond me. I'm no genius, but I can follow a logical argument. But I also totally get how I probably share more guilt for the way things are than the average blind as a bat American. I KNOW what is going on -- but I lack the courage to do anything real about it. Yes, I have marched. I have written my representatives, I tell friends and family about the truth. But when it comes to taking REAL risks, I back out everytime.

I tell myself it is to protect my kids. And in some ways it is. Protection from real harm but mostly from the embarrassment and shame of being the kids of the "crazy" woman in the neighborhood. My "awakening" led me to two hospital stays in the psych ward. I know full well that if I ever really made a stand, that info would be made public and I'd most likely be looking at a third stay -- in a state hospital, not the week only stay because that is all your insurance covers kind of thing.

Breaking free from the world view we've been conditioned to accept does make you feel like you are losing your mind. I can tell you it is scary. And it isn't always fun to see the world as is when the people around you don't and just wish you'd shut the hell up and go away. I've lost pretty much all of my "friends". Even for a solitary person like myself that is hard.

I'm not a natural leader. In fact, I've always been a follow the rules, by the book kind of person my whole life. I rebelled in very safe ways -- becoming a vegetarian, joining the other 5 members of the Young Democrats at my conservative college. But I've never had the courage to break free of this desire to fit in. It is pretty ingrained in me.

So, what comment could I add? I, who should know better, am afraid to rock the boat. At least the other sheep in the US can claim they didn't know ... I knew and did nothing. And that is a far worse crime.

So maybe that is why many of us aren't commenting. We need to wash the blood off our hands -- it is getting our keyboards kind of messy ...

Anonymous said...

psychgram wrote:

"They want us at home, drooling in front of the TV or sitting at the computer with our dicks in our hands"

Yes, but I vow not to get any enjoyment out of it.


Parfer DeCourse said...

Reuven Azar - Counselor for Political Affairs

Mr. Reuven Azar is currently Counselor for Political Affairs at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC.

In 1994, Reuven Azar was a member of the Israeli delegation to the Palestinian donor community. He served as the coordinator for Israel-Quadripartite Negotiations on Displaced Persons.

In 1996, Reuven Azar was assigned to the post of Second Secretary and was late promoted to First Secretary and Head, Economic-Political Desk at the Embassy of Israel in Cairo, Egypt. During his tenure he was a member of the Israel-Egypt Joint Agricultural Committee.

Between 2000-2003, Reuven Azar served as the First Secretary for the Bureau for Middle East Economic Affairs and was the Coordinator for Economic Activities - Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. In addition, he was a member of National Committee for Natural Gas Market Development

Reuven Azar received both his MA and BA in International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Born in Argentina in 1967, Reuven Azar immigrated to Israel at age thirteen. He is married to Rachel, and has 3 children: Roni, Ofir and Oren.

During a recent phone call, the caller stated:
"I feel sorry for the American media. Their instincts are to defend dead Arab children…"

Reuven Azar replied:
"But nits make lice, don’t they? "

Such is the attitude we are dealing with here...!


Anonymous said...

Hi Les -the best as always.
To answer your question at the end of the article- you do what you can. Some of us have been doing things for a very long time others less, some write, some march, some argue and convert, some are examples, there are probably as many paths to defeating the Zionists as there are those against it. The most important thing I see is-people are waking up. It's taken a long time, but it's happening. Would it be self indulgent to say "I told you so"?
I do hope that activists remember that the ends do not justify the means, because when the pendulum swings the other way , those of us who see an alternative to what the Zionists have planned for us, we don't want to sink to their level.

Anonymous said...

This might be relevant to the debate.
I am posting the introduction as well as the link so you can understand what it is all about.
What did the Nazis and 20th century American
captains of industry have in common?

They employed the same public relations experts.

Note that I didn't say they employed the same
public relations *techniques*...they employed
and learned from the same exact people.

Here's the story of Edward Bernays who participated
in bloody coups in Central America for the United Fruit,
marketed all kinds of disastrous habits like smoking
and was Joseph Goebbels' favorite public relations


Anonymous said...

Recipe for Freedom:

I gave up my car almost four years ago. FREEDOM!
I threw my TV in the trash about six years ago! FREEDOM!
I quit my job yesterday. FREEDOM!

We need to return to the village. Grow our own food, etc... We all know the story.

Someday, I will throw this laptop away as well.

I won't play their game anymore. BRAVO for all that come here. Just like watching the morning sun break over the hills as the day brightens.

Thank you Les for all that you have done.


Anonymous said...

Les Visible: Hi, sorry for the long post, the thing is that it was too interesting, written by Brian (Brain) Wilson haha he is a real brain indeed, by an american like Michael Rivero, Alex Jones, Howard Zinn and other americans who are really awake and aware that USA has been ruled by a mafia-cartel since 1800s.

I'll write shorter posts in my next posts.

Take care and have a nice day with your friends and families ;-)


Anonymous said...

Gaza is not a refugee camp it is an extermination camp. This Holocaust is not fiction. Time for a new kind of crusade.


Anonymous said...

I commend you on your post
There are others here who do not have the temerity to be so honest
And please hesitate no more

Anonymous said...

There have been reports of shots being fired at Israel from Syria and Jordan. If true, good! If I had a gun and Israel was in my sights I would be shooting as well. Bastards!

There have been reports also of drugs found in municipal drinking systems in the US. Maybe it explains why they all walk around like zombies. It is not just denial, that would require an awareness, it is pure lack of awareness. Hence - 'Day of the Living Dead'.

Long live Palestine!


Kevenj said...

"On the contrary, you lost yourself by being out of your depth.."


"Yes, but I vow not to get any enjoyment out of it."

Liar, liar.
Pants on fire.

Anonymous said...

Gaza might be simply a pawn in a big chess game. People playing the game will sacrifice a pawn in a heartbeat to achieve the ultimate goal of checkmate.
If we go back when the Soviets and the Americans where vying for control of middle east oil, we see most of the aggressive action was covert. On both sides. Once the Soviet threat was more or less diminished, we see a different picture emerge. Suddenly we see boots on the ground.
Okay so Iraq and Afghanistan have been more or less subjugated, but they still have this big thorn in their side, Iran. Also India is in the picture, and you could see how someone might want to stir up trouble and keep them to be busy dealing with Pakistan.
So if you just back up and look at the big picture you see China and Russia and India, (half the worlds population?) requiring oil to exist, and so does the whole western world. And the middle east has the easiest oil to drill in the world. Very suspicious.

I think we all need to keep in mind that oil is literally the grease that runs the world. We can't downplay the importance of it. It's actually not a game.

When we say America we mean Israel and Britain too, there is no difference, they are the same entity.

So when we see actions taking place in Gaza I hope we keep in mind the big picture. The picture the media will never portray.

Kevenj said...

@ Scarlett

I second Tony's wise assessment, and echo his sentiments exactly.
I'm a 'newbie' also, just after 911 with the uproar and screams for blood in our FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIAN churches, I began asking silly questions which put a serious crinkle in my social life.
Why did I have to do that? I don't know. Sometimes I wish I was just like everyone else around here: In the military,employed and blind as a bat.. crap, at least they're employed.
Scary is a good word, but I know I'ld rather be around people that hold Truth to be Holy like many here do,and honor that goes beyond blowing the shit out of someone who's bombing your convoy, than be invited to every weekend football/kegger party in town and talk about running averages.

Hell, I can always buy a six pack & bring it home.

Visible said...

Now... a little something for your entertainment. I know you people are a fun-loving bunch but are also- by and large- good people.

I'm real surprised at how many of you took me up on the free copy of my book. I am grateful you are taking the time to read it.

While this has been going on, people have been writing me about the negative comments at Amazon about the book and wondering what that is all about. The story here is way too long to get into and also includes a real hatchet job by the publisher who brought it out but I'm not going to detail that. If he steps away and I never hear from him again then... I'll leave it be... I'd like to think I'm a nice guy.

However... if he ever does make an appearance I will be glad to give you that story too. I'm doubting that he'll be wanting that even if he had as many lawyers as Egypt has grains of sand.

At Amazon the people trashing the book are all from that Best of the Fray Site.... and, once again... I'm not going to detail the players and the situation because, I like to think I'm a nice guy...

and once again... (grin) and so on and so forth.

But what you who read the book can do for me is to go to Amazon and write your HONEST opinion of the book.... nothing more.

It's the first one I finished and it's been followed by others that are in a holding pattern awaiting the elimination of all the barricades that have kept me in the air... thankfully not reliant on fuel or gravity.


carry on.

Visible said...

I take it that most of you have seen what is going on with Starbucks worldwide. It's at the top of the headlines at whatreallyhappened.

The tide is turning.

Anonymous said...

If we want to get back our mass decency, and fair judgement as only a normal human being, we must aim to get to these goals. And these are just fair demand, if we consider the percentage of population.

1. we have to ban and kick out jews from our financial system. no more passing laws or manupulation of financial system by jews.
2.ban jews from government.
3.ban jews from congress. they have dual citizenship and there is conflict of interest as they call it.only 2 atmost
4.ban jews from any media ownership
5.let Americans vote. if they love isreal that muuch to give so huge of an insane support, lets give them a piece of land here and bring them next to us, and end the conflict.
anything unreasonable? check the percentage in population.

Anonymous said...

I just boycotted them because what they try to pass off for coffee tastes like shit and gives me the hershey quick step--must have been a sign--they are closing them faster than they opened them--

Anonymous said...

Gaza is part of a larger plot to fuel tensions in the region and give Israel and it's Anglo-American allies a pretext to expand the conflict in the Middle East beyond Iraq. It seems intended to renew the war on terror after some attack is launched in retaliation against israel or those who support them. It may also be useful in getting hate crime legislation passed in the US that would make it a crime to criticize Israel.

From Larouche:

The fears that a third force would provoke Israel, or give it the pretext to expand the Gaza offensive, were made real on Jan. 8, when rockets fired from southern Lebanon hit Israel. Hezbollah denied any involvement in the attack.

A new Lebanese Shi'ite countergang, opposed to Hezbollah and calling itself the Arabic Islamic Majlis of Lebanon, announced its formation of a militant resistance group on Jan. 7. The next day, the day on which the rockets were launched against Israel, its leader issued an alert for his militia to get ready to resist an invasion of Lebanon by Israel.

The group is said to be sponsored by London and has offices in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Great Britain.

The Arabic Islamic Majlis is headed by Ayatollah Alsayed Mohammad al-Huseini, and was founded in October 2006, after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, when Hezbollah defeated the Israeli army.

Al-Huseini toured continental Europe and Britain, according to the group's website, and held meetings with political personalities in London in February 2008. In a Sept. 15, 2008 report posted on its website, al-Huseini is pictured in front of a banner stating, "Thank you Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of goodness and humanity." The context of the photo is a letter sent by al-Huseini to Prince Nayef bin Sultan, Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia, thanking him for the support he has given to the "charities" run by Majlis."

The Muslim Brotherhood which founded Hamas also has offices in London under another name, where Hamas is not designated as a terrorist group and may get some of it's financing.

The top level of many of these terrorist groups due the bidding of the Anglo-American-Israeli alliance. They are a tool of the ruling elite that also controls the drug trade and organzied crime that finances these operations.

The tables seem to being set for Obama (not saying he knows this) and the test Biden is said is coming. Israel and America are the poodles of the ruling elite who originated in London and Europe and operate in the shadows today.

Thats the way it looks anyways.

Visible said...

as the intermediary moderator I let this comment pass neither because I support or oppose it. I think people know where I'm at if they know where they are at and then there's everything else.

I'm not going to debate this or that.

I'm just going to speak my mind as I am inspired to from a source beyond my own abilities that I trust and which I don't have to define because all of us have some version of it.


I have a friend on Maui that I used to speak to on the phone a lot. We brushed up against each other in the course of our lives in a sort of ships at sea thing. I was never very convinced that he liked me all that much but I cultivated him because I thought we had understanding's in common and, you know... both of us are successful in our own ways. It's a hard call to make comparisons

anyway we were on the phone one day when he started yelling at me about something... out of the blue. I don't remember what but I wasn't in the mood for it and probably I'm never in the mood for that sort of thing and I probably said so and hung up and never called again. I figured I was probably annoying him and it wasn't going to bother either one of us if we never saw each other again so why carry on anyway. It's not like we were actually friends but more acquaintances....

this is irrelevant to anything and I have no idea why I'm writing it but so it goes. He used to love Starbucks.... those four and five dollar tranny drinks.... sorry (grin) but dressing up a cup of coffee into a a drag show that wants to perform on the stage of my tongue never did much for me.

First of all I'm one of those 'first blush' tea drinkers anyway and secondly I have always been very European and Asian in my tastes where comestibles are concerned (don't want to leave out latin foods)and I do drink coffee but I don't see how these nouvelle upscale froth and sugar and sticky shit concoctions are better than any decent espresso or cappuccino or garden variety rich fresh coffee bean into the cup.

To me it's pretense and indulgence and I have nothing against that as far as other people go. They've got their tastes and I have mine.

Some people like jewelry and have hair on the back of their hands. I don't wear any jewelry at all and don't have any hair on the back of my hands. Is one better than the other? No. Different strokes.

Long convoluted way to say not a whole lot. I just never cared for Starbucks type of things... nouvelle cuisine that's full of things that aren't any good for me and I can cook better (to my tastes) than the best restaurants I've been in with rare exception. If I go out anywhere for anything like that it is because someone I am with wants to, or because I might be performing there (which I don't do anymore anyway). Usually I wish I had eaten at home but the people side can be good so I put up with the taste bud cheerleader prat falls on my senses.

Visible said...

To answer the questions I have been getting about The Dark Splendor not being on Amazon; it's listed as Splendour not Splendor and the link is here

Comments welcome

Anonymous said...

Pot said...

"The top level of many of these terrorist groups due the bidding of the Anglo-American-Israeli alliance. They are a tool of the ruling elite that also controls the drug trade and organized crime that finances these operations."
The little bit I know about Larouche, or at least his group, is his research in the drug trade reaching back to the era of the Opium Wars in China. A good read if you have the stomach for details is, "Dope Inc. Britain's war against the US ( major expose of global drug trade)" 1979. I think the writers dedicated that work to Larouche.

A little research will inform you that the drug trade may be the biggest enterprise on the planet. Thank god we invaded Afghanistan, now they are the number one producers of opium. What is being done with all that money?

We know Rumsfeld announced missing trillions one day before 9/11, where is that cash? The Federal Reserve is pumping money, (liquidity) into the banks by the billions, very strange. We see trillions and trillions of dollars uncounted for, where is it, and what is it being used for?

From the creation of the Bank of England so many years ago to the present, all roads seem to lead to Israel, so many of the players are Jewish, what's up with that?

Wasn't it the British who implemented the existence of the state of Israel? Is this accurate?

"In 1917 Chaim Weizmann, scientist, statesman, and Zionist, persuaded the British government to issue a statement favoring the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine. The statement which became known as the Balfour Declaration, was, in part, payment to the Jews for their support of the British against the Turks during World War I. After the war, the League of Nations ratified the declaration and in 1922 appointed Britain to rule in Palestine."

I'm getting very very suspicious.

Just like America is ruled by these people, it sure looks like Britain has been too, for a long long time. I'm getting very very suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you read Andrew Harrington Hitchcock's Synagogue of Satan? It's a time-line of events starting in seven or eight-hundred AD (Khazars) and going up to 2006. I wish I could figure out the veracity of this book; there are no references.


m_astera said...


The Jews were expelled from England in 1290 (for usury) and not allowed back into the country until 1655, just after the English Civil War. I've always figured that the Amsterdam Jews funded Cromwell just to get themselves back into the country.

veritas6464 said...

21:16 hrs AEST Queensland Australia, BBC WORLD NEWS has just announced a new Tape by Ossama Bin Liners, in which he calls for a jihad of Terrorist actions in support of Gaza. FUCK ME! He's got the timing of a schlapschtik fall-guy! That guy could write comedy. The SS Dignity and the USS Liberty parallels drawn:

Anonymous said...

21:16 hrs AEST Queensland Australia, BBC WORLD NEWS has just announced a new Tape by Ossama Bin Liners, in which he calls for a jihad of Terrorist actions in suppor end

I trust the CIA/Mossad have managed to find a better actor than in their previous efforts.

Anonymous said...

To Scarlett

Seems to me you are being too hard on yourself.
Not everyone who agrees with a cause is equipped or qualified to be a soldier. You have children who need you. It would not be right for you to risk hospitalization or incarceration when they need you. Your primary responsibility as a human being is to care for them AT THIS STAGE IN YOUR LIFE. At another time you may be free to be a soldier. In the meantime, you will be accomplishing a great deal for the truth if you teach your children to think, to question, to doubt, to reject materialism and have a healthy skepticism towards the government and the media when they are at an age to understand such things. Perhaps they will be the ones who help make the necessary changes. the hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world.

Don't beat yourself up for what you can't do, but do what you can do.

Visible said...

I must say that I am astounded at the number of people who took me up on the offer of my occult thriller novel.

Remember... all I ask is that you tell me what you thought of it and if you were willing to, go to Amazon and give your honest opinion because certain elements at The Best of the Fray at came after me with picks and shovels due to my commentary on the world situation there where I have posted for a few years under the name of apollonius...

So... on to a visible origami I think.

Anonymous said...

"Pot", from above, gave some nice info on some of the neuroscience tech "they" have and this seems to me to be the most important thing we can do first: shut the devices down; cut the cables; burn down these installations that broadcast the frequencies. I really feel that once people are in more control of their thought processes that we will reach critical mass quickly and be able to oust the real perps. The TV spewing forth the MSM's scripted propaganda is certainly a big form of mind control, but it pales in comparison to the specific frequencies that can be broadcast over vast areas ("Woodpecker" frequency being the first in the 1970s out of Russia) which literally affect our own brain frequencies and perceptions. Also, don't forget that "disease" can be transmitted this way also, so our physical health can be manipulated... Scary, but true and us "truthseekers" can't ignore this huge pink elephant in the room any longer.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, all, for the responses. I'm trying to walk a fine line in my life, I suppose. On the one hand, I don't want to harm my kids or brainwash them either, for that matter. I hope I'm teaching my kids to think which means someday they will disagree with me on something. I'm just hoping the disagreements are on minor issues and not the big ones :) But, I also can't stay out of it -- because then I'd be teaching my kids that you only stand up when it isn't risky to do so.

As a parent it is my job, at least I think so anyway, to try to leave this world a better place for my kids. I don't want to avoid the fight today if it means my kids will have to fight tomorrow. If the fight is going to get ugly and if there are sacrifices to be made, I'm the one who should make them. What kind of a coward passes that off to their children?

I'm not there yet, but I'm slowly developing my courage. And it is thanks to sites like this one and the people who post here that I am making progress. Hopefully, I'll get there while I can still make a real difference. I hope we all do.

Anonymous said...

Visible said, 'I must say that I am astounded at the number of people who took me up on the offer of my occult thriller novel."

Wouldn't it be nice if whoever took you up on your generous offer and liked the book, slipped you a 'little something' in return.
You could be a millionaire by the weekend mate.


Visible said...

Thank you Tony but I'm already a millionaire where it counts and the rest will come. I don't even have an efficient way to process money given the severe limitation Pay Pal puts me under.

But never fear. It appears some very cool things are in the works.

notamobster said...

"There are a remarkable number of evil people in the world but they are greatly outnumbered by the complete nitwits who do their bidding."

--nitwits indeed, sir (or ma'am).

"You might compare it to an airport where planes take off and land each day."

As an airline mechanic for many years, I truly appreciate this analogy inre: the collective consciousness/mind. If you sit at one window, you see the same flights, day-in and day-out. The passengers change, but the routes remain the same. You have any number of carnival barkers at any number of gates, calling for any and all passengers who were assigned whatever their class or seat number to board at once. There are those who sit and watch the masses scurrying busily past; and others still who remain so self-absorbed that they didn't notice that 3 year old they just knocked down.
You have mechanics who keep the planes moving, bag-smashers who make sure your baggage keeps up with you (no matter where you travel), and of course the ubiquitous voice over the PA ever ringing out it's tune, but remaining mostly inaudible to all but the few who would listen.

Let us not forget the air traffic controllers... directing and guiding the masses on their way - always following regulations, and like happened under Reagan - being summarily dismissed should they chose to deviate from the accepted operating procedure (Rosie O'Donnell).

I really appreciated that one, vis. Lit a fire, it did!

Anonymous said...

I think that basically the reason it is so difficult to understand or change the attitudes and beliefs of the majority of people who seem unable to see what is wrong with this world, this culture, this society is that they are basically insane. The diction defines Insanity as "mental illness" and mental illness as:

any of various disorders in which a person's thoughts, emotions, or behaviour are so abnormal as to cause suffering to himself, herself, or other people".

This definition would seem to fit pretty well, if a little vague. If we think of the difficulty that psychologists and psychiatrists have in treating the "insane" and "curing" them, we can get an idea of why our message is basically ignored by most people, i.e., they are totally insane, divorced from reality and are delusional. It is basically pointless to try to reason with them or use any form of logic or evidence to treat them since by definition their insanity blocks out all of this. And worse, since these sick individuals are in the majority, by a large margin, they can collectively decide that anyone thaat doesn't share their various delusions are the ones who are insane.
I majored in psychology in College and in learning about psychopaths and sociopaths, basically they are described as people "anti-social" who do not hold the views, behaviors and perspective of the "sane" and are therefore "irrational". They are generally very intelligent and are "incurable" and can only be "managed" with drugs, electroshock or even cutting out a chunk of their brain- lobotomy.
The point is that all the words in the world, all the logic or evidence we can present will have no effect on this insane population. And further, WE are in danger because "democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch", so We better watch out. That's why the rest of the above aphorism is, "and a well armed sheep to contest the vote".
As a sort of aside, I think that the Nep-Cons "Program for a New American Century" presupposed that the people of the countries they planned to attack(Iran,Afghanistan and Palestine- for starters)were the same kind of fat dumb and happy morons that inhabit the US and most western countries. They obviously were wrong. These people are willing to fight and die for their principles and freedom even against overwhelming, offensive military superiority.
So, in answer to the question initially posed by Les, "What can we do?", my answer is -- Get some f****ng balls! (apologies to the ladies present)

Anonymous said...

The history of the Monsanto family:

Jewish Slave Traders:



Here is some interesting MONSANTO history:

The Jewish Monsanto Family of Louisiana included Benjamin, Isaac, Manuel, Eleanora, Gracia and Jacob. They made frequent purchases of Blacks including twelve in 1785, thirteen and then thirty-one in 1787, and eighty in 1768.

In 1794, Benjamin sold “Babet,” a Black woman, to Franco Cardel. Manuel sold two Blacks from Guinea named “Polidor” and “Lucy” to James Saunders for $850 in silver.

As individuals they were owners of Africans whom they named “Quetelle,” “Valentin,” “Baptiste,” “Prince,” “Princess,” “Ceasar,” “Dolly,” “Jen,” “Fanchonet,” “Rozetta,” “Mamy,” “Sofia,” and many others. Isaac repeatedly mortgaged four of these when in financial trouble. Benjamin Monsanto of Natchez, Mississippi entered into at least 6 contracts for the sale of his slaves which would take place after his death. Gracia bequeathed nine Africans to her relatives in her 1790 will, and Eleanora also held Blacks as slaves.

Manuel Jacob Monsanto entered into at least 12 contracts for sale of slaves between 1787 and 1789 in Natchez and New Orleans, Louisiana.1135 “His family consists of himself and seven Negroes.”1136 Later, “Jacob Monsanto, son of Isaac Rodrigues Monsanto, one of the very first known Jews to settle in New Orleans, owner of a several-hundred-acre plantation at Manchac, fell in love with his slave, Mamy or Maimi William. Their daughter Sophia, grew up to be a lovely quadroon.” An excerpt of one of Benjamin’s many slave contracts follows:

“Be it known to all to whom these presents shall come, that I Benjamin Monsanto do really and effectually sell to Henry Manadu a negro wench named “Judy,” aged Eighteen years, native of Guinea, for the sum of four hundred Dollars in all the month of January in the year one thousand Seven hundred and ninety one; and paying interest at the rate of ten per cent for the remaining two hundred and fifty Dollars until paid; said negro wench being and remaining mortgaged until final payment shall have been made; wherewith I acknowledge to be fully satisfied and content, hereby renouncing the plea of non numerata pecunia, fraud, or others in the case Whatsoever; granting formal receipt for the same. For which said consideration I do hereby resign all right, title, possession and claim, in and to the said Slave, all of which I transfer and convey to the Said Purchaser and his assigns, to be, as his own, held and enjoyed, and when fully paid for, Sold, exchanged, or otherwise alienated at pleasure in virtue of these presents granted in his favor in token of real delivery, without other proof of property being required, from which he is hereby released, binding myself to maintain the validity of this present sale in full form and right in favor of the Purchaser aforesaid, and granting authority to the Justices of his Majesty to compel me to the performance of the same as if Judgment had already been given therein, renouncing all laws, rights, and privileges in my favor whatsoever. And I the said Henry Manadu being present, do hereby accept this Instrument in my favor, receiving said negro Wench as purchased in the form and for the consideration therein mentioned and contained, wherewith I am fully satisfied and content, hereby renouncing the plea of non numerato pecunia, fraud, or other considerations in the case Whatsoever; granting formal receipt for the same. Done and executed, in testimony thereof, at the post of Natchez, this nineteenth day of the month of February in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety….”

Benjamin Monsanto, sold land and “a Dwelling House, Store, and two other buildings, for which I have received payment in a negro, named ‘Nat;’ to my full satisfaction.” Another contract stipulated “that Don Louis Faure is bound to defend the said sale in case the negro shall be claimed by any other Person.” In a 1792 contract, Benjamin mortgaged his Black slaves: “I do hereby specially mortgage three slaves to me belonging, namely Eugene and Louis, aged twenty four years each, the first named of the Senegal nation and the second of the Congo nation; and a Negro Woman named Adelaide, aged twenty eight years, also of the Congo nation; which said slaves I warrant free from mortgage or other incumbrance, as I have made appear by certificate from the Recorder of mortgages; and which said slaves I promise and engage shall not be sold nor otherwise alienated during the term of this obligation…”


The following Jews were known dealers, owners, shippers or supporters of the slave trade and of the enslavement of Black African citizens in early New York history.

Issack Asher, Jacob Barsimson, Joseph Bueno, Solomon Myers Cohen, Jacob Fonseca, Aberham Franckfort, Jacob Franks, Daniel Gomez, David Gomez, Isaac Gomez, Lewis Gomez, Mordecai Gomez, Rebekah Gomez, Ephraim Hart, Judah Hays, Harmon Hendricks, Uriah Hendricks, Uriah Hyam, Abraham Isaacs, Joshua Isaacs, Samuel Jacobs, Benjamin S. Judah, Cary Judah, Elizabeth Judah, Arthur Levy, Eleazar Levy, Hayman Levy, Isaac H. Levy, Jacob Levy, Joseph Israel Levy, Joshua Levy, Moses Levy, Uriah Phillips Levy, Isaac R. Marques, Moses Michaels, (E)Manuel Myers, Seixas Nathan, Simon Nathan, Rodrigo Pacheco, David Pardo, Isaac Pinheiro, Rachel Pinto, Morris Jacob, Raphall Abraham Sarzedas, Moses Seixas, Solomon Simpson, Nathan Simson, Simja De Torres, Benjamin Wolf, Alexander Zuntz

Kevenj said...

I know this is late..

Excellent Les.

Was off to the other magic FDIC center: Richmond, for a while.
Even though I've lost dozens of 'friends' mouthing off, there is so much more to do that needs to be done.

I am ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Get the Google link off if I were you
they bought the Google accounts too for constant checking



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