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The Macroprosopus and the Spinal Meningitis.

One foot follows another. One day follows another. One blog essay follows another and on we go. The world needs a healing agent. When you’re out of sorts the whole body suffers. The world is one body. You could think of the continents as organs and you could imagine a controlling spine that runs to command central in the brain from the sacral plexus on up to where some collection of governors sit in plush leather chairs looking out on things through the dual portholes of the eyes; studying the hidden operations through the internal eye.

There’s a bacterial form of spinal meningitis that’s been assaulting the operations center of the Macroprosopus. Because of this a lot of the Microprosopians have gone mad. When you look into the mirror, you can’t see who you are any more. The reflection has gone all funny. Nature is that mirror and it’s acting out in accordance with the damaged image that’s being transmitted by the transmitters that have this meningitis. Cancers are forming because when things are out of wack you get those rogue cells that attack the host organism. Sure... this is analogy and not precise because I’m probably being affected by it too.

In the slice and dice world of allopathic medicine they like to cut out the offending parts and they also like to inject chemicals into the system to force compliance. The white cell policemen are having a bad day. Many of them aren’t sure of their role any more and they’re attacking the allies of their own primary effort. A lot of them are getting wiped out by lurkers in phony cell markers. It’s a form of AIDS.

There are other modalities that could heal the dis-ease that is raging through the great body of existence. Some say that the system will heal itself if it only stops ingesting and practicing things that are anathema to the holistic workings of ‘the’ system which contains all the other interdependent systems. Some hope the problem will just run its course. Some believe the problem is anything but themselves and that the real enemy is anything that stands between them and what they want. Theories abound and useless efforts at readjustment abound too because all of these efforts seek to include some portion of the things that made the system sick in the first place.

Sooner or later this main system is going to break down. It will become overwhelmed by toxic levels. It will lose the will to continue. It’s being cannibalized by its own inhabitants who seem to believe you really can shit where you eat as long as you convert the shit to something else; rename the shit, make friends with the shit, sign a treaty with the shit or add flavor enhancements. Sure, it’s still shit but it’s tasty, friendly shit that’s been reduced to the level of the white flour in the warehouses thats had everything edible removed so that the vermin won’t even eat it. They just reinject all the nutritional features when they go to make the bread.

There’s no real reason that the Macroprosopus should be in ill health. There’s no sane reason to live in a pattern that destroys the pattern maker. There’s no reason for all the little copies of the main schematic to join together in suicide clubs or operate as lone wolves. The one thing you notice about going mad is that you don’t notice. It all seems natural.

People talk about intelligence and education as if they included wisdom and understanding as a part of the package deal. They don’t. An intelligent cannibal is just going to be smarter about getting what he wants. The value of a good education is dependent upon what you’ve been educated in. What happens is that a situation emerges where those who have developed the power to acquire the most resources for themselves are applauded by the cells that they’ve taken these resources from. The nerve current information transmitters broadcast this as desirable and all the recipients accept this information because it seems to be coming from the official chief operating source. It’s actually coming from the meningitis affected locus points where the original and correct information has been changed into another message that is fever enhanced.

No matter how sick the main organism might be there are always going to be cell bodies who know something is wrong. Don’t ask me how this is possible. For some reason it’s always been the case. Maybe it’s similar to those sensors that tell you something hurts. Maybe that’s all it is. One thing is for sure, nothing is going to get any better until the meningitis is dealt with. You can’t heal the meningitis if those employed for eradication and healing have been convinced that the problem is something else.

I’m not a doctor. I’m an affected cell. But I do know that if all of the other cells stop feeding the meningitis that the meningitis will starve away. Is this a practical truth or is it just more analogy?

The people of this world and this body have to stop contributing to the conditions of their own suffering and confusion. They have to stop participating and maybe they even need to pretend to be assisting while they are in fact working undercover just like the units with the false cell markers. Some kind of revolution is necessary; some kind of purging and a group resolve to end contribution and complicity in their own demise.

Let’s move out of the realm of analogy and look at some simple facts. The world of banks and corporations are the enemy of the residents of the Macroprosopus. These centers have hijacked the information highways. By false presentation they have deceived the residents into making war on each other and on themselves. If the residents stop contributing to the banking and corporate centers these centers will lose the power to operate and the meningitis will no longer have the food necessary to sustain itself in its efforts to destroy itself.

It is the nature of evil to destroy itself. Evil, regardless of it’s perceptions to the contrary, is insane. It believes it is doing one thing while it is really doing something else. It’s fine and dandy for evil to destroy itself and the sooner the better. However, those who support and defend these efforts are destroying themselves as well. Sooner or later, those deceived by evil must cease in their support or admit to themselves that they are evil too. Sooner or later they won’t have to worry about getting this because it’s going to be shown to them loud and clear.

What you believe informs your actions. If what you believe is causing you to suffer then there is something wrong with what you believe. No matter what happens, evil is going to destroy itself. It’s up to you if you go along with the program. Regardless of what happens there are life units that survive in the aftermath. Somehow these life units are in the right place at the right time and possess the skills necessary to continue.

Is there some healing force unknown to the players that steps in at a certain moment every time the organism comes to critical mass? It could be that this is just a mysterious coming together of some portion of the players. Somehow, something comes into play among the players and it sorts to the left and the right as it moves away from the torment of what it was.

If it were not for the fever that clouds the mind as it observes the inner and outer weather, most of us could clearly see what’s against our better interests and what is for our better interests. As it is... some portion of us continues to serve the masters of their destruction and some portion continues to move in another direction, step by step and day by day until there are no more steps and no more days.

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Anonymous said...

One of the more odious cancerous lesions infecting our minds is the phony War on Terror, which is nothing more than a War of Terror, designed to prop up the racist and apartheid Jews only state of Israel.

9/11 was launched in part to help Israel wipe Palestine off the map by conflating our bogus War on Terror with Israel's ethnic cleansing campaign against Palestine.

Another part of this same cancer is the CIA run hellhole sites like Gitmo, which might be closed down.

Since that announcement was made, the blogosphere has come alive with various posters warning what might happened if we release Gitmo detainees who we don't have enough evidence to try in an actual court of law.

All those years and all of that torture against Gitmo detainees is making some people very nervous that if those folks were released, they might go the the International Criminal Court in Rome and file charges against Bush, Cheney, Rice, Feith, Rumsfled, et al.
Best way to prevent that from happening is to keep those detainees in prison.... forever.

My guess is that the two parties that would be most affected by slowing down or shutting down this bogus War on Terror, the Pentagon and Israel, are in damage control mode, trying to obscure the issue and scare the hell out of Americans so we can continue forever this War against the Muslim world.

Sorry, boys,. but that's not going to work.

Got another 9/11 event up your sleeves to scare the hell out of Americans again, so you can continue on your merry way there, Israel and some of you traitors in the Pentagon?

kikz said...

mornin les,

good words.

they've got stevie wonder's

'highest ground' on loop in my mind :)

one of my major day to day probs is discouragement...

unc al says, we just hafta get to work doin the right thing. gettin to work get's ya over being discouraged.

i think he's right. :)

we have to resist discouragement, dispondency and above all not allow ourselves to get polarized into the dementor like/soul depleting energy drain - evil's warped vibration, its deluded 'dance to the death'.

for if, as hermes states... the universe is mental, this axiom is much more important than most any of us realize.
as weak as i am, i have to remind myself of this daily...

rock on unc' al, rock on hermes!


freerangehumannoyed said...

Smiling depressives out there,
Happy learning more about less,
‘till they know a lot,
Of nothing.

Medes dialectic,
Spell left and right,
Fundamentalists wheeled out,
Still simple to fashion,
No need to reinvent,
Efficient clawing machines.

Pushed down with poison,
Words fail,
Symbols fill gaps,
They know,
The hidden,

Institutions forging chains,
Smelting diabolical deception,
Modified patsies you and I,
Trapped and blamed,
Ready to serve,
Cuo bono?

Weeding corrupt answers,
Proffered to questions of truth,
Of origins and qualities,
Self sucked by belligerent macrobes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Wonderfully written, and spot on. I no longer get depressed when I read the news, because I see that there are sites like yours, and WhatReallyHappened, and people are going increasingly to them and ignoring the pablum the MSM spits out like so much vomit.

I think we're getting close to the Hundredth Monkey.

Best to you, as always.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I start thinking I'm a genius, I come here to remind myself that I have much to learn. This piece leaves me breathless.

Anonymous said...

Hej Les,
I just listened to your song from 2002 "Fade Away". I have a tasteful backdrop video in my mind of 911 truth and the decline of the American empire playing on msinstream and indie stations EVERYWHERE. Keep up the excellent work!
p.s.only sheeple deny 911 was an inside job

Sheilanagig said...

You have forgotten something.

Evil does not see itself thusly. Only those who suffer the consequences, can 'see' the evilness of cancerous cells.

Every cell, organism or person sees itself as good (at least for itself).

Beyond all the suffering, protesting, philosophising, destruction and creation - one strategy determines all.

Might makes right.

Always something different and interesting from you and your blog.


Skye said...

Like I've said in other's blogs Les, the more I read, the more I need to learn. It's quite a quagmire really, learning so much as I read, only to realize that I really don't know much of anything as of yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les-good article.
What I'm noticing is that the "bailout" and the Zionist's crimes in Gaza are making it more and more obvious to anyone who is not vested in the System that Greed and War are what the System is all about. Opposition appears to be growing.
Couple things it would be nice if people kept this in mind-those who run the Federal Reserve and those who run the state of Israel-are the nexus, the focus, the hub of many major afflictions bedeviling the human race. And when times get tough for those bastards, they'lle be looking for allies and dupes to be their front men, agents, to share in their complicity. Just like certain Christian Fundamentalists have been used by Zionists. First one has to identify one's opponent and this first step is the most important.
What would also be helpful is to visualize alternatives. If the present System is on the way out, which is what it appears to be, then what will take it's place?
No greed, no war, peace and ecologically sustainability (like the Native American cultures)sounds a good start

Anonymous said...

To understand with clarity what is going on one must have some understanding of history. Not the history they teach in public education.

The dynamics haven't changed all that much, just the technology and the size of the playing field. They are going for the whole pie. They pretty much have it but there are a few strands that remain to put in place.

They control the largest military and economy in the world. But, as Les has mentioned, evil destroys itself. That is why they haven't succeeded in the past. The Zionest over history have been kicked out of one country after another. Will it take kicking them off the planet?


Anonymous said...

Les, Thanks, you've helped me visualize what's been going on inside and outside. My insides don't match the outside and I'm glad for that. There is a source of strength that you use, and that is doing something good for a fellow human being. Your post's do that for me and I suspect many others. There is a force for good and a force from good.


Anonymous said...

Yea, Stevie Wonder sees just fine..

"When you believe in things you don't understand, Then you suffer,
Superstition ain't the way."

Anonymous said...

Pass thru & ran into your serious reasoning, Jah Bless you for your words of truth.

All of You.

Anonymous said...

It all sounds good, but it's still unfortunate to read this, as this is perfectly obvious that stopping the feeding is not going to happen. Every now and then, we hear from someone that our problems will be resolved if we all together do some bold action. For example, let's all not use gas stations for one day, so they get the message. Or let's all don't go to Wal-Mart, so Wal-Mart gets the message. Or, now, let's not give business to the banks so they starve away and die. Tell you what - yes, it's possible. Not for all of course, not even for 1/100th I'm afraid, but for some sizeable amount it is. But to make this dream a reality, lots of work is required. Lots of organization. Lots of calls, and press, and for many years. And of this is exactly what Israel has been doing for many decades, and this is exactly why it has achieved this control. Not by dreaming aloud, but by nonstopping work with their community through synagogues, newspapers, radio stations, and so forth. Political action does require very serious political work.

Anonymous said...

You people aren't listening...
Your just hearing what you want to hear.
Go back and read it again...slowly.

Anonymous said...

Taking the anti Israeli position gets met with opposition in MSM. Perhaps we should “support Israel” by making it obvious what they are really all about. Pointing out that Israel is gods chosen people destined to rule the world. Those who will not submit to voluntary servitude to Israel must be exterminated. Since Judaism, is gods chosen religion, anyone who speaks out against or opposes it must be a terrorist and dealt with as Christ was dealt with. We are Israel, and we control the worlds monetary system. We control the governments of all countries especially the United States. Anti-Semitism must be destroyed at any cost. In the end all that will remain will be the ruling Jews, and the slaves who work for them. The rest must be exterminated as terrorists.This is the only path to world peace.
Perhaps by spreading such a message people will be so offended that they may wake up. Simply write the MSM supporting Israel without excuses. Simply stated those who will not support Israel are enemies of the world. Try sounding like an Israeli extremist. I just wonder how the MSM would respond?

Bob N.Y.

Anonymous said...

I was flipping through the channels and saw a man on the Today show (which I never watch) and it caught my eye. He builds schools for girls in Afghanistan. It actually made me cry. He's not changing politics or rallying against government corruption. But he is making a huge difference in so many lives by this one mission he has undertaken. It lifted my spirits to remember that there are many more like him -- who never get their moment of fame because doing good is such an uncool thing in this materialistic world.

I know education is the key to bringing about the kind of world we want to have. Most of the evil in this world happens because of ignorance. Whether it is the ignorance of those committing the evil as they fail to understand and respect their place and purpose in this universe or the ignorance of the masses who don't know what is going on or know that other options are available if only they insist upon it.

That is what, I think, is so important about this blog and others. Knowledge is power. I came here a while back in search of truth and I am trying to spread that knowledge as far and wide as I can. I still have far more to learn. But you can't fix any problem until you know what is truly causing it. Most people -- even those who are unhappy with the status quo -- are stuck in the blame game. Blame the Democrats. Blame the Muslims. Blame the Republicans. Blame whoever. They spend all their time and energy on passing the buck that they never take time to find out what is wrong, what they need to do to fix it and how to make sure it never happens again.

It is up to those of here who are more aware to keep searching for the truth. Keep pushing the truth to the surface. Refuse to get mired down in the distractions and attempts to divide. I think it is because of those who have spoken the truth about 9/11 that the powers that be are a little afraid to try it again. They know people will start asking some uncomfortable questions the next time. I'm not saying it won't happen in desperation -- but I think there are enough soldiers of truth out there to make it an unappealing option.

It is easy to get discouraged -- but we all have a part to play in making this the world we want. The first step is education. And I thank God for this blog and others like it and for all the souls like yourselves searching for truth and not selling out and settling for "hope".


Anonymous said...

Visible, I love your songs. I know you don't think much of the way you've engineered them but they hit me where I live. I want to thank you for that. This one is coming out of the same tap Dylan used when he was at his best. You're doing good work. The proof is in how little you are getting for it- paradise baby. This world is only a proving ground. What is going on with all of the "Links to this post"? Do you coattails feel heavy?


nobody said...

Hey Skye,

Well, not knowing a thing is neither here nor there. What people know is always (and always will be) massively outweighed by what they don't know. The only thing that counts is curiosity. Curiosity staves off mortification and keeps the juices flowing.

And hey les, you defeated my dictionary with 'macroposopus' mate. I'll give wikipedia a burl.

Anonymous said...

for nobody

m_astera said...

The rational, joyous and creative forces of ongoing evolution vs. the insane, diseased, and boring forces of destruction. Who will prevail?

Probably depends a lot on who owns the game board and makes the rules. I know where I'm placing my bets: on the house.

Parfer DeCourse said...

Yes we have the body... We find it is full of dis-ease from head to toe. The United Cell Workers of America has ordered a strike to turn up the heat and create a fever, the likes this body has never seen, to smoke out the evil within...this Meningitis of the Macroprosopus!

We find there is no "War on Terror" like there was never a "War on Drugs", "War on Poverty", "War on Cancer" and all the minor skirmishes along the way...merely distractions to give this body the impression that something was being done for it's genera; health...these are merely symptoms which prevent the proper diagnosis.

Turn up the heat, I say, against those who have infected the promised land. Our body is a wonderland and a Temple for the Soul. It must be treated as such...(Don't wait for the vaccine, the WHO has tainted it...)


Anonymous said...

Link to some of the history you don't get in general education sources. Worth well it!

Les, linking the above to your novel, there is a part where they describe a man who was delivering documents and was stuck by lightening which allowed secret (evil) information to get out. Hmmmm...

My latest thought is to prepare to whether a storm and wait for the sun to shine again.


veritas6464 said...

Greetings Dumballah, me and some of the boys from my squadron had a T-shirt printed circa 1982 (Cavalry Troop, C Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment, motto -"Through the Mud and The Blood, to The Green Fields Beyond!") embossed in felt iron-on letters were the words "Fighting for Peace, is like Fucking For Virginity".

In Vino Vertas.

an outlaw

Anonymous said...

Hi Les. Re: your last post and "Mother Teresa'

I looked at the links you give me. Thank you for that. I have to put my hand up and say I had no idea this stuff was out there. I don't know what to say.
In future I will keep my big mouth shut until I get my facts right. That said, I am deeply saddened by what I have learned. I feel I need to do some research of my own on this matter as she is someone I look up to. I hope you will understand when I say I’m hoping the links you gave me are wrong about her. Anyway, thanks again for your help.

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, Very appropriate analogy. The holistic cure may indeed be revolution...actually it is revolution.. but only possible when we reach crisis stage.

Greg Bacon mentions the media playing on the consequences of releasing prisoners from Gitmo.
I have read these reports of exprisoners rejoining alqaeda. My instincts immediately alert me to bogus a CIA-MOSSAD ruse. And if not a ruse, keep in mind, these nazis got to work on these prisoners minds for up to six years. If Alqaeda really exists, I would recommend to their leaders to beware of these exgitmo members. They are compromised, and could be manchurians candidates. I would go far as to check their skin for implanted GPS devises. Either way, I dont believe the US would have released these guys if they hadnt rendered them either useless. Otherwise they may be collaborators, or its just a setup.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish posting up now.

What Really Happened? I Really Want to Know.

RML said...

“The world needs a healing agent. When you’re out of sorts the whole body suffers. The world is one body.”

Here we have both the problem and the solution. You are absolutely right about the allopathic (the bread and butter of the elite through time) meme being the scam that it is. And, we are all stuck to it whether we like it or not.

Our perspective on dis-ease (where the word "sin" comes from) is as politicized and wrong-headed as our (pick any) concept of, say, free elections. We go through the motions pretending all along that our (meaningless) actions will actually have some positive repercussions.

We have all bought a lie. All of us. We frame our perspective on the world from an allopathic point of view. We never look at cause; never look at the whole system; and, most importantly, never look at the "intelligence" of the Whole.

Just look at the mess that we call the "economy" (which actually means "management of the house"). We are going to "suppress" the problem -- making it go away. And, if that doesn't work, we'll start amputating the limbs. That's how we've always done it. That's why we keep doing it.

What is so ironic, is that the founder of Homeopathy provided the world with the term Allopathy (which translates into "different suffering"). For example, an allopathic prescription for nausea would be a medicine that would suppress the symptom of nausea.

Homeopathy works to stimulate the body's own innate healing systems. A person's symptoms are indicators of a disturbance in this balance (homeostasis) - what Hahnemann called the vital force. Homeopathy views the suppression of symptoms (whether by medicines or lifestyles) as working against the vital force and possibly driving the illness to a deeper level resulting in a chronic condition. All true healing systems deal with dis-ease at the cause, not at the effect.

"Macroprosopus" is the perfect word. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Love your thinking and you say it so eloquently, thanks for all you do.

Visible said...


I'm glad you showed up. I've had your blog listed by there hasn't been anything new there in months. Are you actively writing somewhere that I can exchange for what I have listed. Your intelligence and deep reasoning capacity needs to be heard. I'm a big fan. Please email me and let me know what to do.

Thank you all for your kind words. it's not a good idea for me to say too much here because I say all I have to say when I write my posts but you make it possible for me to continue and I am gladdened and grateful for the support. I just want you to know that.

Visible's radio show happens this evening and you can find the link to Feet to the Fire at the main page right hand menu or... in a few days you can download the show from the other link in the same menu.

Anonymous said...

Speaking in different tongues from post to post with the same message of truth--flowing like a river, or one drop at a time--
How high's the water momma.....three feet high and rising--and the bottom land is becoming more fertile for growth......"link" seeds are being planted--
Shine on....


Anonymous said...

I,m not crying out for help nor am I seeking platitudes of positivity but yesterday continued a series of like days and nights where I catch 'the mind" trying to set me up that the presence evil as evidenced in the mundane world proves the futility and duplicity of MY intellect when placed up against the omnipresent banality of the unique condition. Mind is divided here. Hear? Sure. I see the real , eternally triumphant Macroprosopus. If We{if so identified} cant lose{be wiped completely out] BUT As We confront the possible future we are largely forced to recognize a general contagious apathy that is alive and "well" in us, we admit to de moralization-o what's the use. If communal happiness is possible, it ought to feel like it. I hope it's not just me, but I deeply crave someone to rock me back and forth and promise me what maturity and experience forbid, some sort of viable solution to the mortal problem and human suicide. At 64 I ought to have had enough of the broken promises of Pollyanna, you could say I was a dreamer. But now the dream seems to fade, AND NOW i DREAD THE DAYS TO COME...Now is still OK but Another shoe is poised to drop and the savage debauchery seem to be around the next turn. But do I taste the nectar of vindication now that the wormwood wine is all that's left? Sorry, but no. I preached and cajoled and warned and predicted the payback that everyone faced but who listened? I discovered the miracle tree of knowledge and the first rule I learned was how lonely the enlightened One truly is. Not bad, just lonely. Does it get any better? I don' know, I can't say. The Media seems to like the fuzzy future without real leadership which doesn't gloss over the huge problem of retroactive justice that insists on perpetuating the war of final destruction ready to finish off the bastard species. What would justice look like? Would the living have knowledge of this triumph [for lo these thousand years] of organized evil over youth and beauty and love? Or, survive into old age humiliated to find that evil is the condition of the human being? Sorry to be "negative" but where is the analysis going off the track? When did it become "positive" behavior to suppress our doubt of popular opinion and "negative" to voice reservations about unilateral dictatorship of by and for the morons? Is someone running a remote control psyop here? Is there a suicide making machine cranking out death wish? Giving us dark and morbid feelings about what is going to happen individually as well as collectively? Again, I don't know. Sue me.

Anonymous said...


My mother grew up in Germany. She came from a wealthy family lived there throughout the war. My father was a war crimes investigator. He always said when I was growing up that the facts did not match what was claimed.

My German uncle, who was a captain in the army was sent to prison along with ~300 others under him at the end of the war. When they were released two years later only two walked out. they were starved to death. He was bitter. (tough too!)


RML said...

Thank you, Les. I sent you an email.

Dear Anonymous (@ 5:09),
There are suicide machines (psychotronic generators) that "broadcast" in biologically significant frequencies. They exist. In some cases, a shopping mall can do the same thing: the long pipes of the HVAC system -- like a huge pipe organ -- are sending these subsonic (ELF) frequencies, simply because the ducts are hollow with certain dimensions that make them pitched when air rushes through them.

Tell yourself the truth: it's not the YOU that's going crazy, it's your body re-acting as if the YOU was telling it that your best option is self-extinction. Read up on "Gloomy Sunday" the suicide song. We live in a vibratory universe (whether we like it or not).

I don’t like telling people what to do, but you need to get out of your skin (die to yourself ["I die daily"]. If you don't play an instrument, learn to play one. Take Chi-gong for seniors. Do any practice that requires you to concentrate on something other than your reactions. Learn to breathe deeply.

The real trick: even though all of the negativity projected at us is very personal; don't take it personally.

The retribution, the fear, the pending doom is not your own. You are the wheat, not the chaff, even though the whole stalk bends and sways in the same wind.

Anonymous said...

What were going to see in the next few years is a collapse and dismantling of the United States. Lest I forget, massive looting as well. 'They' also will attempt to dismantle all of the major superpowers into smaller controllable blocks. Then, we will have a NWO. There will be many Gazas after that. The population will be reduced and it will be almost paradise for the elite.

I would say that we all should meet here in a few years to see how it all turned out but I fear that will not be possible.

Di nos quasi pias homines habent

Anonymous said...

Four poker players in a room. They have no poker chips. They can only get them from me. I only loan out $1 chips at 10% interest. They each borrow 10 chips. At the end of the game, is it possible for all of them to pay me back in chips?
Answer: and scroll down to The Solution and then Money As Wealth Blog

notamobster said...

I haven't read the essay or the comments, yet. So, my apologies for being off topic (maybe)

did you see that Israeli soldiers who committed war crimes in Gaza have been guaranteed protection by their government

Anonymous said...

America and israel and england and australia and canada and the rest comprise the "axis of meningitis".

Kevenj said...

Excellent Les,

My conerstone on my posts, and you hit a home run.

"The love of money is the root of all evil". yea I get that, and so is the Fed, but hey, I'm still stuck in it over here in the
country on earth.At least for a while. Don't want to play the game, but in large part GOT to play the game, and they know it. What to do?
Write to my congressman? Yea.

... but why *would* evil being intelligent, carry on doing what they know will utilmatly destroy them?
Is this a Yin/Yang type thing?

Anonymous said...

I love this subject.
You have cells of different functions cooperating as a whole. Taken together they comprise the whole of a particular organism. Human beings, are supposedly the most complex arrangement of cells. Cells of course are made up of individual elements that have their own particular function. And those elements are made up of molecules that have their own particular function.
Take one group of cells, say the heart muscles, they are made up of cells that perform in a particular way, in total harmony with all the other variety of cells. Together they make a new cell called the human being. The conflict comes when organisms from outside the main cell invade the colony. At this level all I see is order.

What about ants? Army ants for instance, and all the variety of the same type... they seem to work in total harmony. Marching across the jungle floor, self sacrificing where necessary...They almost seem like cells of the greater body called the ant colony. Are the individual ants, in essence, cells of the group? The group being a whole without a skin?

How is it that ants are more advanced than humans?

How is it that some cells of the body attack other cells and break down the whole body?

We may be flawed and destined to destruction.

I picture these ants ruling the world, :-)

Anonymous said...

Let me say one more thing about these ants. :-)

Okay one ant colony equals one human being, right?

In both cases they meet another colony of the same type, what to do?

The ants just might try to kill each off to proclaim rights to the resources, can't blame them for that.

Humans however are slightly different. If the other colony is a female he may work something out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, Re: the Mother Theresa thing...
I have left a post over at my blog "The Irish Catholic" I would be happy if you took a wee look left me a comment, good or bad it matters not.
Thanks again for thoes links.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up this morning.

Dreaming of Personal Splendor in a Chicken Coop.

Anonymous said...

KevinJohn-Think of them as addicts (evil) they need to keep getting more vile every time to get the same buzz that they are hard-wired for-- all the time thinking they are the victim and everyone else is bringing this on them--it gives them an excuse--The "chosen" anyone?
Killing black africans, towel-heads---doesn't get them hard any more--they want that fresh made in the USA meat--
They don't want the 18 year olds--doesn't get them hard--they need the 10 year olds--families watching children be killed or raped--it's the only rush they have left and it's fading--they have all the money, they print it and steal it--now they want to see what happens when no one has any money but them--
Yet, that won't be enough as they turn on each other as the only rush left and therein they will destroy themselves--
Private wants to be sergeant--sergeant wants to be general--general wants to be king --and king, wants to be king of kings--
Look at those who thought they were with the in crowd and are chaff in the wind now--they eat their own too--just a little slower--
We don't have anything of value here in the USA any more..we are a leper now with only warm bodies that will be put in the meet grinder with an M16 and a DU shower--
They say that rape is not about sex, it's about control and fear--this is what they are all about--
Do what you need to do and no more--don't feed the machine any more than you have to--and release the fear/dread-- don't feed that beast and the beast dies--it may flail around for a while but it will be swallowed up by the earth--it's a personal thing that you can do right where you are--
Continue to gain strength by contributing here and elsewhere--there are a lot more of us than they want us to think, yet, it comes down to us individually right where we are--


Anonymous said...


I don't see a need to put links in for sites discussed here but the news makes it look like the 'evil ones' are actually on the defensive. The truth does not need to be defended only lies.

I feel something deep inside like the early morning sun, something is shining through. the masses are seeing little bits of light. You have been a part of the vanguard of the army of truth.



Anonymous said...

"Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Social Movement in History Is Restoring Grace, Justice and Peace to the World" is a book by Paul Hawkins describing something like the immune system of the planet, in the form of people sponaneously organizing and working for improvements in response to the present insanity.

Randall said...

the non violence people have thier heads up their asses.
The courts, the high office, all of it has been taken over.
People in the "truth Movement" who advocate all these worthless non violent soulutions live in LALA land.
You can't fight violent pigs, Zionists, and thier hangers on, with peaceful anything.

I f I had some funds, I'd take my old ass out
and follow JB Campbells advise.
Holy shit, what will it take to wake you fuckers up?

Phyisical life ALWAYS come to an end.

How about hastening it for some of these fucks?

Scared of being labeled?

They already indiscriminately murdered 3000, Americans, and you worry how they LABEL you now????
They have no compunction about murdering, regardless of whatever.

Jesus, get to the next level of knowing.

This "911 truth will be labeled as violent"
bullshit, IS bullshit.
Revolution is about bloodshed, pure and simple, but you all exist in the otherside
of the world they created for your minds.
"Don't rock the boat, they label us all Terrorists".
Well, newsflash, we already are, and 3,000 died who weren't so labeled.
You are now in 1913 Russia- 1933 Germany,
and 2009 America.
Wake the fuck up, and buy guns while they are still for the buying.
Be ready to use them, unless you like doing time.
Wake the fuck up.

kikz said...

yo randall...

you should wake the fuk up.

you shouldn't ASSume that because 'we peeps' don't advocate first strike revolution, that we sit here unarmed, or unwilling to defend our lives.

Visible said...

You can now listen to my latest radio show. Just go to the entry on the bottom they are all listed by date. There's a read me file there too but I have no idea what that's for.

Listen here Visble on the Radio

Can anyone tell me what that huge list of Links to this post is all about on the bottom of this page?

Randall said...

Kikez Yo, stfu, I didn't assume shit. IOWS, if it don't apply...

Sounder said...

I have enjoyed your work for a long time now Les. The crew here puts out fine material also, so thanks to all.

3.) The manifest expression reflects the balance between order and liberty within consciousness.

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