Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tel Aviv Jane Steps in her Own Fewmets.

Oh the delicious irony. I keep coming back to the Apocalypse factor and all of the revelations that continue to surface as per the dictionary meaning of Apocalypse; apocalypse c.1384, "revelation, disclosure," from Church L. apocalypsis "revelation," from Gk. apokalyptein "uncover," from apo- "from" (see apo-) + kalyptein "to cover, conceal". Not a day goes by that something doesn’t crawl out from under the rocks, like those strange creatures you see appearing on the beach as the sun goes down in Venice, California.

Jane Harman, the Zio-con Congresswoman who covers the ground from Santa Monica to San Pedro has been caught offering to subvert the course of justice or, as they call it in Congress, performing ‘business as usual’. The delicious irony is that Jane was a serious player in all of the illegal shit that the Bushitas got up to and she got nailed by a legal version of all the illegal operations she was such a cheerleader for. You won’t find any mention of her being Jewish anywhere in the MSM because that would connect certain dots in the mind of the public that have been connected so many times before by so many dual national traitors in the last several decades that well... I don’t really know what to say here. I really don’t.

As usual there’s the implication of a lot more going on in the background and if you’ve got the sort of mind that some of us have, who still have a mind, you might speculate about whether it was Israel that levered this whole thing into the public eye because of what gets discussed in this little item right here. You might wonder if what happened to Tel Aviv Jane is a warning to other members of Congress and people in the justice department to mind how they go in relation to the AIPAC spying case. Then you get the usual bedfellows in a little public snog with the usual self-righteous, Joan of Arc grandstanding and indignant outrage about being exposed... of course... she did it (and has probably done worse) and I don’t really know what to say here. I really don’t.

Then we’ve got another strange suicide by a guy in charge of the books at the place that used to be home turf for this guy. Oh, what the heck, certainly that deserves two news items. There doesn’t seem to be too many details coming out about this, which usually means there’s a lot involved in setting the stage for what we are supposed to believe because the truth just won’t do at all. In the meantime we have this. And we also have the looming specter of the next 9/11 that is on the drawing board somewhere and which involves the same neo-con architects, while the agencies appointed to protect the national interest are also headed by dual nationals who are loyal to another government besides the one they were created to serve. One has only to look at Michael Chertoff and Joe Lieberman’s positions and one can be forgiven for being apprehensive in the extreme. You can see whose interests are being served by Homeland Insecurity right here.

It doesn’t matter what government agency you look into these days. You are almost certain to find a dual national in charge or highly placed there. Obama’s cabinet looks like lunch hour at a New York Deli. Then there’s the looting of America by yeah... uhhuh... more of the same. I don’t know what to say here. I really don’t.

Something has to happen and something will happen but... I have no idea what that is. You know how it is when you see a cockroach? You know there are a whole lot more of them hidden in the walls and other out of sight locations. I never see any in Europe and I don’t know why that is but it’s got nothing to do with the example I am going to make. Just like those cockroaches in hiding you know... YOU KNOW that the sort of thing Tel Aviv Jane did is happening all over the place in both houses of Congress, in federal law enforcement and in the court system. Dirty deals and quid pro quo hum jobs are the order of the day.

I guess I have to say that crime is the normal character of government and business in the UnitedStates and probably over most of the world. Decent and capable people are not allowed anywhere near the levers of power until they’ve been compromised one way or another and then they’re no longer decent though they may still be capable; capable of anything.

So, I see things like this and I read all the explanations that people give for why and then I look at America at the moment and what is happening to her and, I don’t know what to say here. I really don’t.

Something has to happen and something will happen sooner or later. I think that some things are a lot closer than they appear, just like objects in your car’s wing mirror.

Where I live there are criminals who go around in trucks and empty houses of ALL of their contents; appliances, fixtures, the tile on the floor, the windows... everything. There are criminals everywhere and depending on the state of the economy there may be more criminals at one time than another. When the people making the laws and enforcing the laws are criminals then, it is only natural that many an enterprising soul will also take to crime.

Some days I sit here reflecting on all of this sordid business and how it affects the quality of life. These things get inside my head and send off poisonous fumes. It dulls the natural impetus for joie de vive and I have to go outside and do some kind of work among the olive trees ...or the succulents in the planters that I built to remind me... to remind me that there is another side to life besides epidemic corruption and the violence of business interests expressing themselves through a nation’s military upon whatever hapless souls might be living in the targeted landscape.

It’s an act of treason to tell the truth. It’s an affair of slander to tell the truth. It’s against the law to tell the truth. It’s against the law to question lies and it’s a dangerous act to protest against injustice in a public way. Meanwhile, bland announcers and world leaders talk in circles about why this is happening and why that has to happen as if they were discussing the weather instead of deciding to torture and murder people.

The president of the United States has the unbridled nerve to say that it wouldn’t be helpful to prosecute people for crimes against humanity and that we should move on. He pressures congress to keep an enemy of his party and his nation in control of policy over at Homeland Insecurity. Instead of stopping the illegal conflicts engineered by the last crew of gangsters he has increased the conflicts and opened new ones while appointing the usual gangsters to be in charge of ‘change we can believe in’... or else.

We need a revolution more than a person being waterboarded needs oxygen. We need something to rise up in the hearts and minds of the people of the world; some kind of spontaneous revelation accompanied by a collective resistance to the perpetuation of criminal behavior abroad and at home.

Something has to get ignition in the common mind. Something needs to change so that we can find something to believe in. I sit here waiting. I know it can’t go on like this. It just can’t go on like this. I don’t really know what to say here. I really don’t.

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Anonymous said...

I've been reading quietly for awhile and this is my first comment (and a frivolous one at that), but someone who knows and uses the word "fewmets" correctly is a winner in my book. :) You've given me a lot to think about, as has Mr Rivero.

(h/t to the late, great Madeleine L'Engle for that word!)

sounder said...

That something will be here soon, and the thing to ‘believe in’ will be a process centered orientation for psyche rather than the current belief oriented system.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
Amen brother! I believe they will keep it going on as long as they can, but I honestly think what we are dealing with is a collective hypnosis of sorts.Just the glare in many of these creatures eyes and the long void into which they seem to be staring is enough to give any sane person the creeps. Along with the fact that so many of these same creatures truly look like their are suffering from some type of cretinism, I mean just look at Rupert Murdoch or Phil Specter, It's truly enough to make me want to puke on my shoes:( How on God's green earth did we civilized inteligent thinking people ever let this kind of zio garbage garner so much power and have such control over our lives? Question for another day I guess:) Well it just happens to be morel season in my neck of the woods and during that venture it will only be and my maker, oh and my trusty walking stick.
Stay safe and well.

Anonymous said...


I was one of those Anony the Mouse copier types. Sorry. Didn`t think I was stepping on any toes.

Anyway, I brought up Kenneth Wilbur last time I commented, and you said nothing about him, which was a good answer.

It is becoming gradually clearer to me what you are doing. It took me a lot of reading and listening and experience to start to get McKenna`s drift, too.

I guess that walking around a big mind takes some patience before the picture begins to resolve.

Anyway. Keep it up.

"Resist the Devil and he will flee," sayeth the Good Book.

Visible said...

Okay then... yes, I did not respond about Ken Wilber because I have had people ask me about him now and again and, by the way, I think he's been dead for several years.

Anyway, I read some of his things because people wouldn't give me any peace and I wasn't moved by anything he said. I found him hopelessly complex and all that stuff about the different colors did not jibe with what I have learned concerning colors BUT... this is not meant as a criticism of him. I haven't read that much but he seemed very left brain to me and I am almost all right brain. He hits me the way Rudolf Steiner and some others do... my eyes start to glaze and I want to go lay down.

I realize that various people have an audience and just because I am not in it does not invalidate what they are saying. Let us just say that with reference to Wilber, I didn't get him. I tried to several times but I just didn't get it.

Terrence McKenna I do get and thank you for noticing something that Dadnerd also got a few weeks ago.

My tastes are severely limited when it comes to most of the new age thinkers. They are on a different wave length than me. Once again, this is not to say they are wrong or to criticize them. I am on a different ray and I like things simple and love fused. From tests I know that my IQ is pretty high because I'm always within 3 to 6 digits no matter the test but I'm not smart in the same way most people who are smart are smart. I am more purely intuitive and just not much of a technician at all and don't get hard sciences except in an intuitive manner so... I'm more likely to be drawn to poets and mystics and the rest of it; what I call the Gurdjieff side... that just goes right past me.

Anonymous said...

What a frickin' zionazi spokeswhore Harman is!

Anonymous said...

No, we don't need revolution, because that would only cause retaliation and hurt us non-jews the most. What we need is to encourage the woldwide jewish communities to stand up against the american zio-politics and it's fender zone Israel. Killing palestinians is not good and they are the ones that need to express this publicly. They know this but are afraid to say something.

Forget revolutions, because they solve nothing, only change the -ISM.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, as a former resident of Jane's stomping ground can say am glad I left.
In the Russian criminal underground the word "frayer" means sucker or mark, someone to be scammed. Apparantly it derives from Hebrew. And, in Israel, the same word is a term of opprobrium.
I'm wondering if it came originally from the term "friar" or the Latin "frater". Why a term meaning brother, something positive in one language could devolve into a derogatory term meaning something else gives something to ponder?

Zoner said...

Nothing to say is certainly an under-recognized position, and it is amazing how often people say something anyways.

I also don't know what to say anymore, and just gave an example of the above.

Thank you for carrying with whatever you do here.


Anonymous said...

America is NOT Israel’s BITCH, Congress is..!
Israel / Jews are Blood Sucking Parasites of the World, they are nothing more then Leeches feeding on Mankind.
The sooner this World is rid of them the better.
"Die Israel Die"

BMcDonald said...

We have a revolution started called "The Kick Them All Out Project." We are teaching voters how we MUST vote in order to remove all these traitors from office in 2010. We all need to become political atheists and storm the polls in 2010, to use this upcoming election as a pure utilitarian means to remove these A-Holes from office, to actually, finally, for the first time in U.S. History, hold Congress accountable. Please join our efforts at KickThemAllOut(dot)com!

We can do it, IF we have large enough numbers and get a loud enough NATIONAL BUZZ going that we are going to do it (yes even with vote tampering).

We also have Operation Pink Slip in the works where we are going to stage a mock election this year to let Congress Critters know what's in store for them in the next election. Our one constitutional power is the power to hire and fire. We never use it in a way that actually gives us any power or influence over our government. We always vote the way they con us all into voting and nothing changes.

And don't tell me we can't vote them out. We show up every two years and vote the bastards back in! We don't seem to have any problem doing that.

Anonymous said...

Les said:

"You won’t find any mention of her being Jewish anywhere in the MSM because that would connect certain dots in the mind of the public that have been connected so many times before by so many dual national traitors in the last several decades that well… I don’t really know what to say here. I really don’t.

What you mean to say is, you're a filthy racist. Right? But you don't like to admit the truth. Coward.

Visible said...

I don't usually publish howler monkey ad hominems, especially when the don't make any sense and, I usually don't get any but I thought the gang would like to see this because you don't often get something this stupid going public

Anonymous said...

Something will happen. Most of the "upper" class will lose they lifestyles and start the waking up thing. By loss and pain will it come. Think back to Nam, and the masses. People(upper class) didnt get to pissed till their sons had to serve. Its like that, no pain no gain. BurgerKing and Walmat just put off the pain for a little while, but as before, if you start with sh_t you end up with it, whos going to want to hold the sh_tbag?

Le Mat

Emilio Mola said...

Our fifth column is getting sloppy as a result of practicing talmudic logic for the last 60 years. To put it simply, they started believing their own lies. That's the good news. The bad is that we may be facing another pogrom in which many innocent bystanders may get hurt.

Visible said...

I just thought I would mention that today is the 300th posting here at Smoking Mirrors.

paolocaruso said...


With just cursery statistal analysis of the expulsion chart (109 times in 2000 years)that you linked, I would say THEY are about overdo, given they have outdid themselves this time around.

And may I say that the craziest part of this is that AIPAC major source of funds comes from US taxpayers.

Also I would like to ad that Jane Harman is one toxic murderous bitch, and should be dealt with like a rabid pitbull.

It amazes me why no one in the media openly asks " why exactly does this bitch Harman so badly want to head House Intelligence Committee??" I mean... all of us here know the hell "why" but 90% of the VOTERS (as in people who vote for these scumbag killers) dont have a clue.

Anonymous said...

theres a saying in my country "when those who make the law break the law,then there is no law".
Its everywhere.Something has to break.I hope for reason and truth to show it face,but it doesnt.I hope for peace,but the dark lords are still in charge.I hope.
I'll steal a line again."the sleeper must awaken".

Visible said...

It is not that I do not understand you. It is that my readers will complain if I print the things you send in those tedious rhyme schemes. This way of expressing your self does not work here and I don't want my readers yelling at me for putting it up. Express it in clear terms. I am sorry to tell you this.

Hey Paolo!

Good to hear from you. Thanks for the good words.

Frajer said...

William Wilson,

not exactly. Jews brought German "Freier" from Eastern Europe. See the link above.

This word, which originally meant "bachelor" or "suitor", has entered just about any Slavic language at some point in history, but in the meantime, its meaning has drifted in totally different directions in different languages (including German). Now it stands at "sucker" as in target of Jewish scammers.

Anonymous said...

Your a fucking marvel man. You keep right on going. You remind me of that guy in An Innocent Man, F. Murray Abraham when he tells Tom Sellick how he held his mud.

Gravitas is what it is. I saw your comment at the Bollyn site and couldn't agree more. People are peeling off of you because you are pounding the same nail. It'll come back around. A lot of people have your back. You many not know it but they do.

White Russian

Visible said...

Hey! Yeah... you.

I didn't call for violent revolution. I called for revolution and that could be completely mental. This is about the 368th time that I have asked people to look at exactly what I say and take it like that except if it makes you think and 'you' come up with something new which... is the purpose of this site.

Anonymous said...

Mel Gibson has Russian too

Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

Another great post. I have to say though, all these revelations wear me down a little and I imagine they steal a little of you too.

Take a wee break, turn the light down, roll one if you have it and get a load of this guy

Sometimes, we need to be reminded of all the brilliant and amazing people in the world who outnumber the scumbags and psychopaths.



Anonymous said...

Hes supposed to watch an extreme biking video?

Its no wonder hes carrying that weight.

Anonymous said...

make noise and no one shall see this

for you to view

Just A. Human said...

I have posted “India: Past and The Future – Part II”.

The British tyrants, and specially the “WhatChilds”, got their real wealth from the plunder of India. The history of the Indian subcontinent is pertinent in understanding our current affairs. It was not only the wealth, but also the links and special relation ships cultivated over there during the colonial era that have been instrumental in shaping the world.

Part II covers the era and events from the rise of the Mughals Empire to the fall of the subcontinent into slavery. It is the saga of feudal lords, treachery of the tyrants and, the struggle of humanity.

I am working on Part III that will cover the history of India’s real freedom movements and the real leaders of that movement. It will shed light on the “substitution” techniques (substitution is a well-refined technique of the modern tyranny in which the actual freedom movement is stepped aside by giving prominence to “pseudo leaders” of a fake movement).

You can read the whole article at:

BTW, as I pointed out before, it is NOT Iran that is in sight (don’t get confused with the clutter that is deliberately being made). It is Pakistan whose number has come – Big changes are scheduled for the entire Indian subcontinent. Pay close attention to the events.

I may be wrong. I am Just A. Human.

Anonymous said...

for you to review the utube is intersting

Murphy151 said...

Dear Anonymous 9:36 PM I am glad you watched the video of the guy on the bike because he is a symbol of hope for the future. It is people like this guy who will not go 'silently into the night' because he is already a 1%'er i.e. a member of the 1% of the population that doesn't buy into the lie and never will. See the revolution around you, there are no bullets or barricades or barbed wire. It is as silent and as creeping and as certain as the assault on our freedoms has been these many years. The liars know and recognise the signs, smell their fear and see it in their desperate rear guard action. Les alluded to a tipping point in his article and we are close. I don't profess to know what that tipping point will be but right now it feels like two prize fighters are squaring off sizing each other up. We are many and they are few, someone somewhere will simply say NO, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and it will echo across the world like a tsunami bringing change like you have never seen. I for one want to see more people like Danny MaCaskill, the world will get where its going a lot quicker.


Murphy151 said...

I think Just A. Human may be correct in the assessment of Pakistan; that tortured nation having just been classified as 'mortal' threat by Sec State Clinton (wonder what that actually means in diplo-speak?). The zionists certainly will not want a nuclear armed Pakistan swinging behind their muslim brothers in Iran in the event the Zionists decide to use some of their own nukes. Nah, they wouldn't, would they? Watch Pakistan being forced to hand them over or be subject to a smash and grab raid. Once complete, Iran will need to sleep with one eye open.

Hank said...

Les, how unfortunate that the truth makes you such a filthy racist. I suppose in that vein, there are many of us filthy racists here. Wait a minute, I'm not sure the truth CAN be racist. Anyway, I don't know where you have been reading your public opinion, but your boy anonymous is actually pretty typical in some parts of the good ole USofA. I have read commets whos breadth and depth of ignorance has reset the parameters. I mean I have no idea how their hearts keep beating with such pronounced dimminished mental capacity.

What has to come out? What kind of smoking gun are the masses waiting for? What do the masses have to be slapped in the face with to get their attention?

I hear these people, and I read these people and we are not the same creatures. I may look like the same kind of creature, since we are both locked in the same kind of body, but I am not like them. I have no idea how most humans can do the things they do, not only to each other but to the planet and every other kind of creature on it.

Sorry for my rant, but at this point I have to start thinking that it is the receiving equipment that is bad and not the broadcasting. You tell someone it's red and they see blue, where exactly do you go from there. How do you get someone to see the truth when they refuse to, or as some who are posting here, who might be posting right now as a matter of fact think that they are just too stupid to, see the truth? As someone wise once said, "I don't know what to say here, I really don't."

I have seen the most recent revelations in the MSM, and seen the most recent revelations about 911 in the blogosphere, and I see the public reaction and am astounded at the apathy.
Have you ever shot a cow between the eyes with a slingshot, while they were chewing? Nothing, the cow never misses a chew. Just a blank stare, while the pea brain is focused on the next chew. THAT! is the american public. Humans in general, but americans most of all.

If life was fair, ignorance would be painful, and mercy killing would be legal, but life's not fair, so I guess we're stuck with trying to inform the masses. Sometimes I'd rather have hemerroid surgury with no anisthetic, at least that way it would hurt someplace where I could reach it. I don't have that luxury with ignorance. Again, sorry for the rant, and peace my friends.

Anonymous said...

Well Les, you are talking about the mental revolution. That is fine. Although, without trusting Christ that he is willing and able to provide us all or everyone individually with grace, it is undoable. Spirit of this world will not provide the justice or peace you so desperatelly seek. I must say i respect your cry for justice though. You'll get there eventually im sure. But please dont harden your heart too much on your way.

Masher1 said...

As i walk the highways and roads picking OPG (Other Peoples Garbage)for the resulting clean appearance i so much want to see i also see my fellow man looking on an NOT sucking it up and stopping to help even for a short time. As i un-cover the empty beer bottles and throw them into a spot the bottles pickers looking for the food money i see the hand of the drinkers of the beer and pray for them to have a thought of Doing for the many fellow men all around them and ACTING on it instead of just tossing them a bottle as a bone to gnaw like a stray dog. I do the work. I see the need. I fill my trunk with OPG. I hope the example is felt in some way by the many folks that passed by without even a word of thanks for the clean ditches and the absence of plastic bags fluttering in the barbed wire snags. I do for the masses without expecting any reward for I want to see these places CLEAN. I need no boot kicking my butt to do this work for i can see the place i have been given by God is in need of some cleanup and i also see the need to show all the others in my town the need to SUCK IT UP AND DO IT! So if you want the mess cleaned up JUST DO IT! God will help you all to be a good example and will PROTECT you as you Learn to do the deed. Fear not Les We all are in the same boat and even a few can move MOUNTAINS of Other Peoples Garbage if we just try a tad.

Anonymous said...

On your sidebar is a link styled "The Great Linking for Peace Project: Do you know your shit?"

After your "fewmets", I thought it might be interesting to see some vulgar shit, so I went to the link. Guess what? It doesn't exist.


I tried a variant spelling or two, still no luck.

Then I gave up and googled it. Hit!

"The Great Linking for Peace Project: Do you know your shit?
Do you know your shit? Do you have a basic knowledge of chemistry, physics, and growing shit? We make our own food, explosives and drugs. ... - 112k - Cached - Similar pages"

Click. Nope.

I'm guessing the nanny state as represented by some nannybot at blogspit (hmmmm, freudian typo, think i'll leave it) read that phrase "We make our own food, explosives and drugs" and shat a removal notice... or just removed it.

Don't suppose you mirrored it or know of one?

nina said...

Freddie Mac CFO told to take time off... Freddie Mac's acting chief financial officer had met with the mortgage giant's human resources office and had been making plans to take time off only a day before authorities found him dead in an apparent suicide, a person close to the company said Thursday.
A human resources official met with David Kellermann on Tuesday and told him he needed a break because he had been working hard, said the person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the individual wasn't authorized to discuss the matter publicly... MORE@link

His neighbors say he looked a little thin lately. I guess food loses its flavor when you've got the Family breathing down your neck, hands around the old espophagus.

In our old world, Ms. "Domestic-Extremist" imagineer-fearist par excellance, would have been Rosenberged, but this is the New World, the world where the perp is expected to accuse others of that which the perp is doing. Watch her walk. Very soon the legs on this piece will vanish from the twitters.

Still alive said...

Unless the clueless American sheeple do something to eradicate themselves of the insidious 2% of the population that is murdering the world and America too things will simply deteriorate to the point where one day there will be nothing left to deteriorate.

The only thing that will save America now is another revolution and in a addition to eradicating yourselves from your zionist jew israeli terrorist owners you will also have to battle all the treasonous, traitorous domestic terrorists in the government and military and courts and police and fbi and cia and dhs etc. The task facing Americans will be a formidable one.

Perhaps one day the red, white and duh American zombies can start acting like "free" and "brave" people instead of just talking about it. Perhaps one day the American people can set an example for the rest of the world that will inspire others and spread like wildfire.


pot said...

"Apocalypse; apocalypse c.1384, "revelation, disclosure," from Church L.

Apocalypsis "revelation," from Gk. apokalyptein "uncover," from apo- "from" (see apo-) + kalyptein "to cover, conceal". "

The Apocalypse factor suggest a long term conspiracy, no?

But yes, getting people to accept the future holds the promise of an Apocalyptic event that will rid us of evil, and allows people to accept evil in the present. Thats what religion is all about, and the End Timers sit on the sideline waiting to be raptured, secure in the belief it will come for them.

Revolutions that seek change before this are permitted, even encouraged at times, so long as it is along the lines preached by Gandhi and MLK, peaceful like, and pose no threat to the ruling elite. Throw some tea into the harbour, no problem, so long as you paid for it.

AGW and Global Warming hytserics promoted and accepted by Neo-Malthusians is a kind of secular Apocalyptic prophecy disguised as science by the high priests posing as scientists who use climate models instead of crystal balls. This is for those who would like to see the planet depopulated for a new beginning in a New Age. They are so distracted about the coming Green Hell they pay no attention to the real evil. Instead, they think anyone with a large carbon footprint or waistline is the devil, and willingly offer to reduce their living standards, and everyone elses as a sacrifice to Gaia, while hoping and expecting Gaia rids herself of 95% of the population (saving the true believers). Those survivors will join together, as per the revelation they must be one with Gaia and nature in the New Age.

And for those not buying AGW, they got some convinced the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 is the end of a cycle that will bring change. Maybe aliens will come to save us in aflying saucer.

Then are those who say the end of this era is coming, something bad is going to happen, the devil is the Zionists, but that this might be the Apocalyptic event that will get people to unit and think good thoughts and follow Gandhi's model for revolution and then maybe good things will happen. The Zionists (not all Jews) and AIPAC will be banished once and for all.

The ruling elite of course want you to believe it is Zionists that are causing all the problems, just like they wanted people to believe the Jewish banking conspiracy that was the reason for the economic depressions before WW II. This protects those behind the real conspiracy, and after they sacrifice some Jews or Zionists, they can prevent discussion of these conspiracies associating them with those responsible for the sacrifice. But behind the curtains of these false conspiracies are the wizards, or should I say ruling elites. And after the revolution, they are still in control.

Then there are folks like me who believe it is a giant conspiracy leading to a New World Order run by the ruling elites, generating a bunch of false conspiracies to confuse people, creating a false reality with MSM propaganda, and that nothing can be done, it is too late, and all will not end well. I have to admit, I wish I could get off this boat onto one where there is a good ending.

So they got mostly everyone expecting the end to come in one way or another, each with their definition of who is the devil, and all believe that those who believe as they do will be saved in the end, they just got to have hope and think good thoughts, hold hands, merge minds, pray, whatever.

Maybe it's for the best, and thats all I got by way of hope. Imagine a world where majority ruled, it would be a mess.

Anonymous said...

Les, the networking that you provide is a treasure of information. As much as I keep googling there are times when I don't know enough to even search for information, but you make a point to provide sites that would not otherwise be possible for me to read. Thanks. As for dual citizens in our government it makes sense that it would be illegal, who can attest to loyalty to more than one country at a time? If it is not illegal then by all means it should be and probably the only way that will happen is by a referendum on state ballots, AIPAC would have a hard time compromising the entire American block of registered voters. Or would they?

Anonymous said...


They find comfort in agreement with each other. Such a need for agreement drives them to share in the lowest common denominator of base consciousness. So the ideas that pass between the type of people you describe are exclusively not their own by choice. In this way their insecure laziness is also placated and finds support in others who parrot the same nonsense which is usually provided by the MSM.

Have you ever studied this disease in the field? If you are lucky enough to find an example of what I speak, you might find a family grouped in a religious context provides the most fertile breeding ground for perpetuation of this ailment. I hope this helps answer some of your questions.


Franz said...

"Something has to happen and something will happen but..."

Les -- totally right.

There's no such thing as a successful peasant revolt and anyone "Middle Class" seems to have been bought off.

That leaves the Option That Cannot Speak Its Name.

Man, I hate when it gets down to THAT.

Great posts here. But when the Option comes there will be no posts anywhere, so I just had to get my kudos in. Because you say some great stuff and it's going to be rough getting by without them.

There's an ancient word for "sad ahead of time" that I totally forget right now. But I'm sad ahead of time that you won't be able to enlighten and entertain the troops, as in all of us, when TSHTF.

So we'll have to download the Best of Les now, and enjoy it on the run.

Anonymous said...

"To hell with anti-Semitism! Such is the watchword of the day! That, in the end, is the summary, the simple, gloomy result of Aryan rage in action, the demented disparagement, the delerious passion for the 'Self'. The cause is lost. It ends up taking your All, and even disgusting you a little, this impossible Aryan cause. Since we're so corrupt, so hopeless, so stupid, all of us bastards should just disappear! The story of Vercingetorix is starting all over again, identical, in a new format. All has been written... Who's gloating? cheering? jeering? The Jew, of course! What a windfall! Try putting yourself in his place!"
-- Louis-Ferdinand Celine (from Vitoux's 'Celine,' p.359)

Anonymous said...

" From one wall of the street to the other, bent or arched, with their feet pushing against one wall and their heads pressing against the other, the black and bloated corpses that I had to step over were all Palestinian and Lebanese. For me, as for what remained of the population, walking through Shatila and Sabra resembled a game of hopscotch. Sometimes a dead child blocked the streets: they were so small, so narrow, and the dead so numerous. The smell is probably familiar to some old people; it didn't bother me. But there were so many flies! If I lifted the handkerchief or the Arab newspaper placed over a head, I disturbed them. Infuriated by my action, they swarmed onto the back of my hand and tried to feed there. The first corpse I saw was that of a man of 50 or 60 years old. He would have had a shock of white hair if a wound (an axe blow, it seemed) hadn't split his skull.
It a narrow steet, in the shadow of a wall, I thought I saw a Black boxer sitting on the ground, surprised to be knocked out. No one had had the heart to close his eyelids, his bulging eyes as white as porcelain were looking at me. He seemed crestfallen, with his arm raised, leaning against this angle of the wall. He was a Palestinian who had been dead two or three days. If I mistook him at first for a Black boxer it was because his head was enormous, swollen and black, like all the heads on all the bodies, whether in the sun or in the shadow of the houses. I walked near his feet. I picked up an upper dental plate in the dust and set it on what remained of the window ledge. The palm of his hand opened toward the sky, his open mouth, the opening in his pants where the belt was missing; all hives where the flies were feeding....
....At the Damascus airport on my way back from Beirut I met some young fedayeen who had escaped from the Israeli Hell. They were 16 or 17. They were laughing; they were like the ones in Aljoun. They will die like them. The struggle for a country can fill a very rich life, but a short one. That was the choice, as we recall, of Achilles in the Iliad..."
--Jean Genet, Quatre heures a Chatilla

Ivan de Coward said...

Hank: "Wait a minute, I'm not sure the truth CAN be racist."
I could be wrong, Hank, but I guess you meant this to be a sarcasm and you sincerely believe that truth CANNOT be racist.
I beg to differ. Let's take a look at the following statement: The white race was and is the most successful race in building civilizations throughout history.
Would you consider it as a truth. If you say 'yes', wouldn't that be a racist truth? If you say 'no', I would be very interested to hear you arguments. Here is another statement: The Jewish race was and is the most successful race in wrecking civilizations thruout history. Is that a true statement? If you say 'yes', wouldn't that be a racist truth? If your answer is 'no', I would say you have not done your home work. Here is another statement that makes many people of all colors very uncomfortable or angry: Becoming the best chess player or highly successful mathematician or world class theoretical physicist or the best brainwasher the world have ever seen or the best financial ponzy schemer requires a lot of intelligence and cunning, and no race can beat the Jews in these games. If so, wouldn't you agree that the Jewish race is the most intelligent race on earth. Is that a racist truth?

Have you ever thought about the following. When somebody throws at us accusations like 'racist' or 'anti-semite' why do we take defensive posture automatically and reflexively, just like Pavlov's dogs subjected to classical conditioning. Being 'racist' means to favor and prefer your own race. I am a racist, I favor and prefer my race to any other race. And I am very suspicious of anybody who says that he prefers or likes other races more then his own. I would feel much more comfortable and have more respect for anybody of any race who loves his own. I favor and prefer my countrymen over the citizens of a foreign country of my own race. I favor and prefer members of my family over my countrymen. These are very basic and natural feelings and I am not about to apologize to anybody for the way I feel. And I think it is fare to say that I am an anti-semite because I feel hostility towards the Jews. Further still, I do not feel hostility to any race or any ethnicity except the Jews, so perhaps it would be fare to say that I am a pure anti-semite. Take it or leave it. I don't think I have to go to lengthy explanations why I feel that way, not to this audience anyway.

If you are a politician I can understand why you would be terrified of being accused of racism or anti-semitism. Those words are highly effective weapons of mass destruction. Who invented those weapons? To what ends? Who is using those weapons? Why those weapons are so effective on politicians (and non-politicians I might add)? I am sure most of the readers of this blog will recall the charge of anti-semitism that was thrown at Dr.Paul at one moment during the presidential campaign when he started gaining popularity at unacceptable pace. Poor Ron was scared to death. Dr. Paul is in lose-lose situation here (at least today). If he engages in honest discussion of race issues he will be destroyed by the media instantaneously and if he goes I-am-no-anti-semite routine (which he did) he cannot be a leader capable of saving his country. But why are YOU scared, what do you have to lose by admitting your natural feelings.

Kids have no problem admitting and expressing their natural feelings but we grown-ups do. A funny example comes to my mind. I have twins of age 6. One day they came from school and told us that the teacher showed two pictures to the kids and asked them who would they vote for - McCain or Obama. I was very surprised to learn that 6 year old kids have been subjected to that kind of questioning. "And whom did you pick?" - I asked. "McCain" both said. "Why McCain?" I thought they would say something to the effect that McCain reminded them of some of their favorite cartoon characters. But they answered "We didn't like the other guy". "But why?" - I wouldn't let it go. They looked at each other and refused to answer. Are my kids racists? Probably they are. A black kid of age 6 would probably have selected "the other guy", and if so I would not be alarmed at all by that and I certainly would not feel any hostility to the black kid. By the way, my kids love "The Little Bill" by Bill Cosby. I love Bill Cosby series myself which has miraculously escaped the ugliness and degeneracy that Jews brought to the entertainment industry.

I am sorry, I got carried away, I shouldn't have taken this much space. And, Les, you are a nice guy, and if you decide, for whatever reason, this topic (or, specifically my post) is not appropriate for your audience don't feel bad, I will understand - this is an explosive topic and the discussion can go where you don't want to go. After all this is your blog.

sounder said...

Hank wrote…

"I hear these people, and I read these people and we are not the same creatures."

I disagree Hank. Although one difference may be that people like us are more willing to confront cognitive dissonance, we do little more than the sleepers to resolve the dissonance. We are products of the same psychical conditioning system (dualism) that has shaped society for centuries.

"I have to start thinking that it is the receiving equipment that is bad and not the broadcasting."

The receiving equipment is limited by what it is able to tune to. So I will maintain that it is the ‘broadcast’ that is at fault. We will remake our psychical conditioning system (the broadcast) when the ‘climbers’ and the ‘dancers’ see the other as an asset rather than as a threat.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

Magical Powers and the Absence of Love.

Anonymous said...

Paula Abdul was set up and the video is missing too.
Where is my video to asses the truth is the biggest point I will make
in exchange to know who is on my back and trying to set me up Les. That is all I want as a citizen. Not a dual citizen either.
To set up the ones to want to set up me
is no law
I have been damaged first MANY times to get here.

William Wilson said...

People wonder how it got that way.
Thank "The Greatest Generation" who swallowed the anti-"Isolationist" bullshit, and the Boomer New Left, who swallowed the Old Left's Stalinist and Trotskyist bullshit.
Thank those from the former generation who were disconcerted seeing old arguements and forces they'de thought they'de laid to rest awaken before their eyes, and those from the latter who went ape when told they were being duped, misled and conned.
I guess jail (for those of the "greatest generation"
who spoke out) and social ostracism (for the "boomer" era dissidents) was enough to keep most back then from questioning, investigating things that were just as true back then as it is now. Namely, that certain Jewish backed groups have far too much power, and this power is exercized in a systematic yet capricious way to the detriment of other groups, as well as those of their own ethnicity who might disagree with them.
To return to my original answer to the question why did things get the way they did?
People were afraid. Thats why.

Anonymous said...

art is clue to see that they will raise the prices of all the dead people when they die

Anonymous said...

Lets see if you will post this one or you will help me too

Hammurabi ?
the lower angle is the number 7 in persian
and the the upper angle is number 8 any relevance?

Are we all in our own?

Anonymous said...

Definite additions to the List of the Proscribed:


Anonymous said...

How is it that "the Jews" are a race when they are white, black, brown, red, yellow, European, Asian, African and Indian?

P.S. The "Aryans" are not a race either. Aryan is a way of life.
The concept of Aryan, along with the Sanskrit word itself, was extant long before there was a Europe or people in the West who could do much more than grunt.

Eamon said...

Things are as they are supposed to be - frustrating as that might seem at times to men who think they are so very wise (I am guilty of such, far more often than not). Men WILL wake up, but not until the Being who created the men, sleep, women, sex, children, food, air, water, war, etc., sees fit to end their slumber.

hANOVER fIST said...

Anon wrote:

"How is it that "the Jews" are a race when they are white, black, brown, red, yellow, European, Asian, African and Indian?"

They are naught but Khazars (mongoloids) masquerading as Yids.

Bill B. said...

And here is this piece of the UAE Prince's Brother torturing on the MSM!


Hank said...

Ivan de Coward,

rac⋅ism   /ˈreɪsɪzəm/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [rey-siz-uhm] Show IPA
–noun 1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

By this definition, I would have to say that the truth is just the truth. White people are better at building civilazations. If this statment is backed up by evidence, then it is just a statement of fact, and does not in itself imply that white people have the idea that they are in any way, better people or believe that they should rule others.

There are differences between all human races, and a simple acknowledgment of that is not racist. To cite a difference and then claim that it in some way makes you superior to any other human, or that because of it and no other reason you should be ruling would be racist.

Oh, and just so you,ll know, most of the jews today are not semetic. Most of what we know as jews today came from the Khazars. Palestinians are semites. Peace Ivan, and have a nice day.

Murphy151 said...

For all of us but especially our American friends....from today.

John Kennedy once said to a assembled group of scholars in the White House, "I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered at the White House - with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone."

The quotes below prove his point.

When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe

-Thomas Jefferson

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

-Thomas Jefferson

It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.

-Thomas Jefferson

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

-Thomas Jefferson

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.

-Thomas Jefferson

No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.

-Thomas Jefferson

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

-Thomas Jefferson

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants..

-Thomas Jefferson

In light of the present financial crisis, it's interesting to read what Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:

Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.


Dadnerd said...


The wellspring of your expressions must be coming from the right hemisphere, but your ability to run that over to the left side of the brain, repeatedly, is what separates you from most. I still marvel at that, and wonder when will the well dry up, then you post this latest thing and it starts all over again. I laughed at the truth of what you said, because humor always has an element of truth in it to be funny.

This for instance..."...been caught offering to subvert the course of justice or, as they call it in Congress, performing ‘business as usual’"

But then you go into a more serious mode and I stopped and pondered at the truth of what you said, and you do this two or three times a week!

You are not normal!

So who is the hammer and what is the anvil, and what is that chunk of metal between the two?

Not quite sure why I just typed that.

Okay I've got it. We know the mind is like steel, hard to bend, hard to change, what will make people see something uncomfortable, something real? Oh I forgot the role of intense heat in the equation. Okay I've got it now.

The heat is absolutely necessary to see Truth. We may need someone to hammer home the obvious. But we absolutely need that intensity to see it. If you be chillin like a villain it aint gonna happen.

My only question is, while reading places like this, do we have that intensity, or are we just surfing the web on our break time while sipping coffee? Are we hungry for understanding or just filling time? Seriously we do need that heat to make it happen.

I'm not saying to agree with what you read here, question it. I'm thinking, to really get it, you have to be involved, not passive.

Just my opinion.



Anonymous said...

Copied from above comments:
"White people are better at building civilazations."

Really , is that a fact? I don't think so. I'd have to say that if what we've got today, as in The U.S. as a prime example of White CIVILIZATION, well then it is clearly nothing, absoulutely nothing to be proud of and it's definitely not a prime example of a good or better civilization.

Also, that statement completely ignores the millenia long civilizations in China. Are Chinese regarded as white then?

Furthermore, what exactly is the measurement for a good or better civilization or for civilization for that matter? It's all too relative, subjective, isn't it. btw, I'm with Ghandi on what he said about western civilization. Sure would love to see some of it!

As for other nations, cultures, particularly traditionally and heavily non-white societies, could it be that their civilizations were systematically destroyed by white people time and time again throughout history?

Yea, when someone makes such a bloated and disingenuous statement as the above, I just have to speak out in the name of truth. The whole truth.

Anonymous said...

Here's a perfect example of contemporary western "civilation"! See the video accompanying the news article. Yesterday in Toronto Canada, really makes one prouder n shit huh.

Oh yea we westerners have reached the pinnacle of civilization. lmao Actually not laughing but I would be if it and we weren't so damned.

Visible said...

Hoo! we're tacking into the wind now.


I was probably writing my comments over at Visible Origami while you were writing this. You'll see what I mean when you see it.

Visible said...

Anon; yeah... the shoppers. Nothing is going to stop them or...

It made me laugh too. What else can you do?

Ivan de Coward said...


I appreciate your willingness to look into this issue of race. Academic discussion on the level of dictionary definitions wasn't exactly what I had in mind, especially because I am not very good at that. Anyway let's take a closer look at the definition of racism step by step.

1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, USUALLY involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

Please pay attention to the word USUALLY. According to the above definition, you don't have to believe that your own race is superior and has the right to rule others, to be branded as a racist. All that is required is a belief that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement. Do I believe it? Is civilization building a cultural achievement? Absolutely. I am a racist.

2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

If I had a say in policy making, would I prefer immigrants of European descent (which definitely is a discrimination) over any other cultural or ethnical group based on my belief that American culture is essentially a European culture and that too much of a foreign culture would distort it? Absolutely. I am a racist. If Saudi Arabia has adopted a similar approach to their immigration policy I would hail them for defending their own culture. I am perfectly OK with the Chinese or Indians or any other people defending and cherishing their own culture. Culture is a precious and fragile thing, you cannot afford to have it distorted without dire consequences. And that is exactly what happened to America - it's culture has been distorted beyond recognition. Do I have to say that I am not implying my culture is 'better' or 'superior' to any other culture. I just want to preserve my culture.

3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Don't you think that Iraqis and Afghanis hate Americans, not just the American soldiers that kill and torture and humiliate their kin but ALL Americans. You bet they do. They are racists.

My point was that we don't have to be afraid to be called racists or anti-semites. It's OK to be a racist, it's OK to be an anti-semite.

Anonymous said...

My name is Bob Nixon but anonymous will do.If any of you think you had anything to do with the election for office of any those clowns,you are sadly mistaken.The evidence of this is the total take over of our government by the Israely Zionist.Do you honestly believe that your vote made one iota of difference now or any time in your past.Do your own research and see if any of the promises the clowns made were ever brought to fruition.Not one.You are led to the slaughter house because you want to beleive what you are told over and over and over again.THE ONLY THING THAT WILL BRING ABOUT CHANGE IS IF WE ALL JUST QUITE COOPERATING .ENOUGH SAID.Bob

Anonymous said...

Well folks, lab-grade combined swine/human/bird flu done been released in Mexico City...
schools closed, all public facilities closed, and people leaving the airport taking it everywhere.
Sanjay Gupta on CNN: "We've never seen anything like this one." I imagine not! Already here in TX.
10% fatality rate. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

When I no longer hear "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states, blah, blah, blah" ...only at that time I think we may make it after all.

Masher1 said...

Torture Memo smoke? Anyone NOT think the swine flu killer is from the good ol USA? the banker boys Must be desperate to get the death train moving before they all hang. 9/11 WAS most assuredly a INSIDE JOB. TOP level inside. Military,Political,Media,Banking and Education. We see them all.

We have them by the balls.

We WILL live to see them ALL HANG!

Nice tight nooses for them all.

They can't hide their evil ways from our scrutiny long enough to get away.

Our world will get one hell of an education on not doing deviltry before this one is over.

All you atheist devil worshipers WILL be made EXAMPLE for all the survivors of the days of education to come.

I hope you are all ready to be in the dark for a while without food or water.

God will protect you if you do your individual good works that he tasked you with.

Only those with a need to be free and good will see the fix thrown down. I hope i can.

I bet the poo going through the fan will look scary as hell for the evil ones of our day. Good riddance to the sick twisted poisoners. We are not so easily done away with EVEN with your nastiest concoctions.

We don't fear the work of man.... GOD is the master of this hell and YOU all better learn this QUICK if you want off this 'MAN' fucked up rock!

To become pure and good is your only Hope of escape from this place of reeducation. I would get on it if i were you.

Mouser said...

"This saga is another example of how a manufactured smoke and mirrors propaganda veils reality. The “war on terror” mantra continues to be propagated as justification to wage permanent occupation and control over the middle east by the global elite."

Anonymous said...

OK, Brother, this is it.

As my astrologer-mate has been saying for months, the next BIG ONE is gonna be 'them mofos' RUNNING A PLAGUE through the life grid. This is symbolized by the approaching/ongoing Neptune-Chiron conjunction = "poisoning/wounding/deception/trauma".

I knew (we both knew) last night that we would awake this morning to know what the big EVENT was going to be, since TODAY'S trigger is the exact MARS-SQUARE-PLUTO.
The GAZA invasion, which produced a world-wide trauma/shock began at the EXACT moment of the MARS-CONJUNCT-PLUTO - Dec. 27. Today those two planets are SQUARED, which is almost always the worst aspect. "massive aggressive power abuse against the collective".

Our friend, "Dr. F", has an important post up on Rense, here:
...and there are other informative postings as well.

COLLOIDAL SILVER is one thing to get, stock up.
More info on herbal immune strengtheners surely will be forthcoming.

Les-ji, your essay on VO is exquisitely beautiful and sooooo right on! Aaaaaahhhh!
So much I would like to say, but, gotta go plant in the garden and finish the chicken coop today.

too much love

Anonymous said...

...And, in addition:
Was told that in the 1918 "Spanish" Flu epidemic (almost identical to this new lab-created strain), the ONLY thing that worked, saved folks, was HOMEOPATHY. All homeopathic doctors are knowing that this is coming, and have appropriate remedies. Homeopathy can also neutralize the evil vaccines if need be.
There is a remedy called "influenzum", though not often in shops, but may be ordered from the big suppliers. Eat well, strengthen immune systems, stay on top of this, people!


Visible said...


if there is a cutting edge you on it.

COLLOIDAL SILVER I keep hearing about from our dear friend Don Duca, also a drummer, by way of Tulsa, OK ...more recently of South France.

There's silver all over the house these parts.

anyway, keep on chooglin...

Anonymous said...

oops, les....MY BAD! I meant to post this link abuot the suicided Freddie Mac CEO and his connections to the missing 50 Billion dollars that was funneled to, know where:

please redact the last link! I beg of you, thank you kindly, good man.

Anonymous said...

So, what's the deal? What are all the potential reasons, that a global pandemic, massiviely out of control at this very moment, is about to swallow us live? And where, when and why, all of a sudden, in every MSM outlet?

Is it just too obvious now? The timing? Have I been fooled again or they just messing with my mind?

What a curious adventure discovering these strange venues contained in the behavior of the Human without Being.

We are still in April.

European American

Knight Templar said...

Greetings Dumballah,...... Many thanks again and again for bringing something so flavoursome a SWEET LEAF into my life. Just A. Human, followed your leader and was and am humbled, beautiful concise writing, will respond, with regards; an outlaw.
Les,..a well delivered punch always looks good. Did you hurt the opponent, or did your fans just cheer as they always do? Unocal, President Kharzie, Pipeline, Georgia, Oilfields, Slant-drilling, etc, etc, etc. PAKISTAN. Fight the bastards as hard as you can now. Because when we all come up for air afterwards (those that have prepared of course - FIND HIGH GROUND WITH NATURAL ROCK COVERAGE, NOW!) will have to come out with a rock solid agenda.
We here have prepared and you are all welcome in the land downunder, we can and will make a stand here, Brothers/Sisters all over the world, start to prepare now!

Our chinese Pro-consul Mr. Potato Head is giving away more of the nothing they have been trading for so long. We are now being programmed with horror-pandemic bogey-men MSM of Mexico New Zealand and Queensland Pig Flu. Fuck me, Bird Flu, Horse Flu, for fuke sakes any one gett'n the picture? "Change you can forget about"!

It's not about to happen, it is happening!

Let me be the first to welcome you all to the Age of Aquarius (FIND HIGH...yada,yada.).

An Outlaw



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