Sunday, April 26, 2009

Waiting outside the Theater for the Curtain to go Up.

Thank you to those who pointed out to me that it is “still April’ and we have our first signs of coming events for the year. We have a nasty selective virus that is doing one thing on one side of a border and another on the other side. It makes some people wonder. You don’t have to go too far to wonder some more. It makes sense that the next thing that the people who have been hard at work on the majority of the bad things we have seen so far and are due to see more of... it makes sense that they would target the populations with something certain to strike fear far and wide; something that would make travel very undesirable.

Yes... biological attacks would put a real crimp into all sorts of things and trot out the usual solutions that turn out to be worse than the thing itself and which pour profits into the pockets of some of the worst people on the planet. It takes no great stretch of the imagination to see how something would play very well into the government publicized ‘summer of rage’ and make the different population groups immediately paranoid of the other population groups.

I don’t have to provide a lot of evidence about the governments’ involvement in these things because we’ve seen enough to this point to know that certain governments are deeply engaged in nefarious acts against the citizens of their own countries. We saw it on 9/11 and we saw it on 7/7. We most likely saw it in Madrid a few years ago as well.

Bio-warfare has a fine economy, precision and safety to its performance. All you need are a few people with test tubes, or whatever conveyances, to drop them on a street corner or toss it off a rooftop. Just add a little air and you’ve got an instant atmosphere. Then Big Daddy steps in and tells everyone to “remain calm” while they set in motion all of their reasonable, emergency measures.

It is in times like these that you have to have faith in something because... well... it’s scary to think about.

Government sponsored bio-ware is a fantastic idea for those performing it. You can inoculate anyone important to you before hand and then just let the games begin. You’ve got camps for unruly survivors and you’ve got coffins stacked outside Atlanta and at many other locations and we’ve seen the planning that is going on for major disasters over recent times.

It’s just a matter of time before some or all of these features come into play as well as any number of scenarios that we will leave unmentioned. I know many people have got backup stores of food; water, weapons and fuel but it is in the cities where you are going to see the serious action. It is in the urban centers that the worst of it will play out with the greatest speed and dramatics. Yesterday it was in Mexico and parts of the American southwest. Now it’s in Queens, New York and New Zealand.

One shouldn’t bother to even ask themselves if certain governments are capable of such a thing. We can be certain of this. They have been at work at various nefarious schemes for a long time. They’ve put all manner of legal frameworks into place and removed other critical legal protections. They’ve been pounding the complicit media outlets with lies about certain imaginary enemy combatants and organizations. They’ve invaded and nearly destroyed countries based on events with which these countries had no association and they’ve manufactured evidence, since proven to be false, as a pretext for invasion, mass murder and populace dislocations. They’ve opened secret torture prisons around the world and been hard at work performing violence upon men with no connection to the crimes they are accused of.

One country is systematically wiping out the native inhabitants of a country whose land they covet as if it were the old American West come back for a re-run and viciously attacking any and all with the courage to criticize them, while the majority of the world’s most powerful nations do nothing.

There is no telling where we will be a week from now, a month from now, a few months from now. So far there is no one visible who has provided any opposition to the violent behavior of Israel, the United States and Great Britain; to name the three most blatant practitioners of genocide mass murder and global disinformation.

Over the course of the last several days we are hearing that porcine little Nazi, Avigdor Lieberman, declaring that Israel isn’t going to attack Iran and that the United States needs to be responsible. By this time we should know that this means there will be an incident designed to provoke the U.S. into going after Iran. Your immediate reading should be just this or... you should assume that Israel means this as a smokescreen because they are going to attack Iran just as soon as enough time goes by to convince everyone that they are not going to attack Iran. That’s how nuts it is.

The other day an Israeli went nuts on an airplane and stormed the cockpit. Immediately- and with no evidence given- we are told that the Israeli “probably” experienced a panic attack. Never at any recent time in any similar event have we ever heard such a thing before. Never has something like this been so quickly labeled and dismissed and then we see that the planes in the air are less well protected than before they seemed to need protection and no one knows where all the money that is earmarked for Air Marshals has gone to.

Now the president of the United States, instead of being concerned with important matters, is spending his time giving pointless speeches about people criticizing or questioning The Holocaust, which only further serve to prove who controls him instead of doing ANY of the things he promised to do. It is readily apparent that the truth about the holocaust is coming out and that more and more people every day are realizing this. By this time it doesn’t even matter if the numbers are real or imaginary. No one wants to hear about it anymore. We all have holocaust fatigue and we’re all tired of seeing these ‘victims’ wiping out the Palestinians, the Lebanese and anyone else they decide they want to eliminate and we’re all well aware of the tens of millions of deaths that they are responsible for during the Bolshevik years and in many another time and place across the palette of history.

Given how extraordinarily out of wack everything presently seems to be, it’s just a matter of a short period of time before they roll out the stage-work for whatever they have in mind. With Howdy Doody in the White House and Hitler, Himmler and the SS Rockettes Dance Revue camping it up in the Knesset it’s not going to be long at all.

I realize that this isn’t an example of my better work and I’m not telling you anything new. There isn’t anything new to tell you because the same old empty suits are up to the same mischief in front of the same clueless audience. The same vaudeville act is smacking each other around with the same nail-studded pig’s bladder and then blowing up sections of the theater to make up for the lack of entertainment on stage.

I’ll be talking about this on tonight’s Smoking Mirrors Radio show over at Feet2theFire Radio tonight and probably you will be hearing what you are reading because ...what can anyone say when they are waiting for the curtain to go up on the next act and the only thing that’s happening is the sound of the customers rustling in their seats and a lot of coughing that ...might well be caused by more than nervous excitement or just a little dust in the air?

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Masher1 said...

BEWARE of that which you SOW for you SHALL have to reap it sooner or later.

Palestine IS FREE!

Andrew said...

Les, you are beating me to my own doom and gloom! Things are getting very interesting as we move into the age of "enlightenment." What a joke. These people that are instigating the depopulation of the world are truly evil indeed and only care of themselves. I don't know if it is sociopaths leading the psychopaths or vice versa, but it is a guarantee this is a mix of some sort of "paths." Peace be with you and a great blog.

Anonymous said...

I think they are about to pull the electrical plug out of the socket. Good bye internet...good bye "real" news...good bye Les! It was an amazing ride while it lasted. Hope to see you all on the other side.

We did good, huh?

"The Road"... coming this summer to a theater near you. Yum, yum, pass the Adolph's...hmmm, Worchester's might work even better on "this."

Cold turkey gonna heat things up.

Wise man once told me "Some day it will be a crime to go 'outside'."... did he mean outside or did he mean outside?

Back to the Self, EA, back to the Self.

European American

Anonymous said...

Tried to get some address intel on persons of "interest". First question I was asked by the PI, why do you want this information? ans. I'm writing an article. Was thrown out of office. Hopeful if you could direct or post such.

Murphy151 said...

If one examines the nature of war, it is always the common man who enages combat at the behest of the 'great'. So it has been since the dawn of ages but no more. From this day forth and forever more, those who cause, promote and finance wars shall see that evil visited upon themselves. You are being warned to cease and desist now and forever more. This is your final warning.

You have 10 days to rectify the current situation as a signal of you intent.

Actions speak louder than words.

This is the final communication, act now or perish.


su said...

Remember that each and every one of us is the Absolute.
Untouched by anything appearing on the screen.
We are truly divine.
Blessings and strength.

Murphy151 said...

The nature of war is that the many fight for the few but no more. From tomorrow, the few wil fear the many for if they do not desist and cease, they will be disappear from the pages of time.

It is now time to choose good or evil. It is now time to choose freedom in death than life in captivity.

There is no greater battle than that over the soul of man, no matter what your path, the simple choice is either good or evil.

"By their fruits so shall ye now them"

Go with God.


Mouser said...

Howdy Dowdy or Punch'n'Judy...Oboingo is clearly just a talking CharlieMcCarthy dummy only lipsincing the words being said by the AIPAC, ADL and his masters in occupied Palestine. Yes he appears to be giving pointless speaches to his constintuents, the people who voted and believed in him because he is just a voiceless puppet devoid of honor, feelings or even a brain. He's just a Trilateral, CFR, Bilderberger, IMF, NWO puppet. Period. And to justify martial law he is probably worth more assasinated than alive, puppet Biden is a self professed Zionist himself. My guess is Oboingo's days are numbered. You heard it here on Smoking Mirrors 26/04-09.
We the people don't take no wooden nickels and we sure as shootin' don't take no wooden puppets who mouth campain lies that were never intended to be carried out in the first place.

Anonymous said...

"We the people don't take no wooden nickels and we sure as shootin' don't take no wooden puppets who mouth campain lies that were never intended to be carried out in the first place.'

But we shore as shit will take that wooden broom handle in "the holy hole where the legondary* poop comes to see whats new to its stench".

You heard it here on Smoking Mirrors 26/04-09.

*Dats da rap.

Yo, European American

Still alive said...

There will never be anything resembling peace in the middle east or on earth until that virus of the planet known as israeli, america a england are neutered or better yet eliminated once and for all.


Anonymous said...

You can go ahead and take down your links to the Peace Project. Your buddies here on blogspit not only pulled the "Do you know your shit?" post, now they've shut him down completely. Or maybe not. Maybe he just quitted it all by his lonesome. Maybe...

pot said...

From Rebuilding Americas Defenses, a publication of the now defunct PNAC headed by Rumsfeld, Cheney & Co.

"...advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool."

It seems this flu is affecting Mexicans more
severely. Hmm.

It is interesting to note that last time there was a significant outbreak of a new form of swine flu in the U.S. it originated at the army base at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Forty million people got vaccinated, some with serious side effects from the vaccines. Fertility rates went into a downward spiral.

Tamiflu apparently works with this new flu strain, no longer with H5N1, so Rumsfeld's Gilead Science should be happy.

I mean, a politically useful tool? Come on.

No wonder Panasonic recalled their workers families who are stationed outside Japan in preparation for a pandemic this fall. Must have got tipped off.

Anonymous said...

Idly cruising for the MIA, I checked your which has a link to your stuff on youtube, viz. "" which has as its result the usual youtube search screen, and... "No videos found for “les visible origami smoking mirrors”"

I dunno if you DID have anything there, but you don't now... not as styled, anyway. FYI.

Anonymous said...

We in the US have the Patriot Act and various Homeland Security documents which make it a crime to refuse to be vaccinated during an epidemic. Refusal to allow unknown chemicals to be injected into your body will definitely get some federal attention!!

jackruby64 said...

Here's a handy widget courtesy of everyone's favorite Big Brother, Google. Track the progression of the swine Flu! Keep an eye on who in your own neighborhood is contagious!,-116.139221&spn=2.062781,3.99353&z=8

Yay, we got the swine flu, yay.
James aka jackruby64

Anonymous said...

This is a very, very nasty plague.
My mom's friend, who works at the Midland hospital.... says hundreds and hundreds of Mexicans.... 25% mortality rate. Of course, nothing in the media.
If you can see it, you can though....people wearing masks in shopping areas, etc. Horror in their eyes.......
According to my source, it is a pneumonic plague.... You choke up, and then, you die.

Mouser said...

It's pretty well official.
2% of Americans have now succeeded in taking over the entire country.
This minority group has control of the country's banking, media and of its political statesmen (as evidenced by the first ever presidential 'ceder' at the Whitehouse).
The only reason there is not a double national president is because it would attract too much attention.
Remember Mossad's motto:
"Through deception we shall wage war."
Guess what America, we have been deceived.

And to paraphrase the words of Carol King /Tapestry

And it's too late baby
Though I really thought we could make it
but the feeling is gone
and I'm not so strong
and I just can't fake it

It's too late baby
the love is all gone
my feelings are gone
it's really too late now to fake it.

Whatreallyhappened said...

"Some Might Call It Treason
By: Not Sure
The real Harman story is about Israel intelligence operations directed against the United States which have brought about the systematic corruption of the America’s political system by a foreign power aided and abetted by friends strategically placed throughout the government and the media."

Visible said...

Somebody was asking about my youtube videos. Well, they aren't up yet but I am planning on recreating Mr. Visible's Neighborhood which I used to do for a couple of years in New York City. That will be coming in a few months.

Here is a very early clip (only the second show) which you can watch in it's entirety. You can see how rough (and sometimes funny) it was at the beginning before we got a broadcast camera and other effects but... it shows you what I was up to. It got pretty successful after awhile.

Let me know what you think.

Mr Visible's Neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Les, you are saying that you are not telling anything new, because there is nothing more to say. Well, let's see if that is correct.

State of Izrael is a fender zone of mideast. It is it's one and only purpose right from the day 1. It was fouded to protect american zionist clique and their western territores from "harm" from the east. American zionists are the only ones who make decisions in all the political matters....and i mean all of them, even politics for Israel as it was them who created the zone in the first place.

But, in this very present time, some changes have occured, some disturbances in the air some would call it. A barnd new israeli government. This new government is unwilling to support the initial idea of the fender zone Israel, it wants to abandon their benefactors from America
and take all the power to their own hands. Little do they realize in their homicidal minds filled with hatred that they are jeopardizing the whole structure it all stands and is builted on.
The plan was to forever continue to maintain the neverending "peace processes" and avoid the
"danger" to be spread further.
Lieberman cries for murder and it creates very deep wrinkles on the benefactorses forhead.
As you could notice, some compromising actions have taken place against both sides. They fight for power over Israel right now. Look at this article for instance :

Israel is a deadly place, created with hatred and deceit in heart and young jews should NOT support this fender zone they are lurking in by the media propagande.
You see Les, the propaganda that is spread across the whole western world in not aimed on us non-jews, its aimed on jews. To sustain the pride and purpose to fight for the "country" Isreal in young jews.
When israeli politicians say that america will do as they say openly, they dont mean the american people. They mean the american zio-clique by this. Their "opposition", the power stealiers. Don't forget the american policy is aimed mainly on jewish comunities all around the world. Thats why all the politicians in US need to pass AIPAC, so the american zio-clique can be shure that those comunities will stay keen to the idea of Israel and would even sacrifice their lives fo it. They keep them in LIE.

Les, please try to call to arms the young and other jewish people, so they will see through this deadly lie and make an official and public stand against this. Against murder and evil.
Because they are the only ones who will be heard. And if anything goes not as planed and Israel breaks down, they will be the first ones to suffer. If they don't say NO now, they will have no right to complain later.

There is still a lot of work to do Les.


john c, UK said...

Nice Les, you don't half make Cher sound attractive.

Mouser said...

Please bring Mr. Visible's Neighborhood from 1991 back! With all his 'channels' in a new 2009 updated version but with the same hard hitting, truth seeking, exposing journalism content from those glory days.
P.S. Did you ever finish your specialization in pathology/laboratory medicine or is that still on hold.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Les. From the reports in the mainstream media it really seems like this flu is no more serious than any of the usual strains but they want to paint it in the public mind as being so. This is more of the same conditioning, preparing the masses to expect more of this sort of thing in the future, and allows the media to avoid having to cover more important things.

Nevertheless I am ready to flee with my family into the wilderness to avoid any sort of forced innoculation situation and highly encourage others to do the same. Find a good wilderness survival handbook and stock up on camping supplies. Even if this turns out to be nothing we know what they are capable of and hard times are coming either way.

Peace and blessings to you and yours Les.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les-
Yes I heard of that Israeli having a "panic attack" on that plane, h really tried to hijack it, and I thought what a double standard. Someone of any other nationality or religion would be an "evil terrorist" , a big boogeyman, but since the person in question was a Jewish Israeli, everything is OK, he's just a "troubled victim" . What absolute bullshit!!!
And the vile stinking putrid mothers running the US MSM think people are going to be so stupid as not to notice this double standard?
Shit. Why don't they just nominate every Jewish Israeli Likudnick as a saint? If Americans can't figure out who is running their information machine by now they are stupider then I don't know wha to say, I sure wish more fellow citizens here would wake up.

Zoner said...

"Be simple and await the Coming"

Sounds like a plan to me.


Anonymous said...

The virus threat is big for anyone trying to make fear. The clear picture is still out on this virus, and no ones should be flipped out by it. We have gone this route before, just before other world events? The bug is a tool to glue people to the TV and soon the chapter will be turned for the masses, but first they need to get tons of us to watch. It should work out to, "we need a world government" to help stop the next bug, or react to the next "world bug event." You see, the bug in Mexico isnt any worse than about twenty moving though south asia rightnow, just no news on those. We get the story closest to home. I have worked NBC issues for years in the Army and its not the case that virus make good weapons, in fact they suck for that. They do get people sick and bring down the overall engery of a unit but thats about it. As so, we are being taken down, a road of fear for your flesh, falsely.

Le Mat

kikz said...

Model State Emergency Health Powers Act
some powers differ state to state, but a delcaration of emergency does include powers of quarantine and forced vaccination.

just google...

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, wanted to suggest that with the current crop of pernicious psychopaths, torturers, war mongers and greedheads still in power in the US and not yet brought to justice, there's more I'd be afraid of with a forced innoculation program, run by them, than an illness or virus. If they can pull 9/11 off, torture innocent people to justify a war they start and then profit from (a la Cheney/Halliburton), fund and support military action against a large concentration camp(Gaza).......if they can do things like that, then shouldn't they NOT be trusted when it comes to medical issues? Trusting the government to run innoculations in this day and age makes little sense. At least not until it changes it's ways.

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget all those microbiologists that got suicided. mob.html

We're with ya Les.

Just A. Human said...

I have compiled some interesting information on the current Swine Flu epidemic.

This whole thing sounds like a Grand Orchestra.

Please read under the heading of “The Swine Run:” and follow the links at:

LanceThruster said...

On our campus, Skull & Bones faked a biological outbreak. While some thought this bordered on criminal (myself included), others kept commenting in the school paper online that it was just good fun.

Seems as if it was an opportunity to gauge public reaction for a possible future false-flag attack.

Anonymous said...

Flu = Lockdown
There are few ways to control a group of people by outright killing, but the fears of that works, for awhile. Death by flu, not good, and with no clear answers or reasons, just plan fear. Well, good old Uncle Sam can help, but you're going to have to line-up and play simons says. If you fall for that, than the threshold for taking the soul becomes less. Than soon, anything outside your little home is the realm for the man, to save you.

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

I am a palestinian and i swear you got more dignity than most Arab leaders. If time comes and i meet you, you have earned half dunum of land in my homeland, Palestine. I hope it one day comes. you really deserve it. More than a king.

Richard Welsh said...

Esteemed Colleages --

Stop beingt so mornically obvious. Don't protest against the politicians.. . Let's have a protest aginst not being allowed to have any real fun. HOW ABOUT A MILLOION MAN MARCH ON BOREDOM? I bet the kid's would come out en masse.

Richard Welsh said...

Les --

I don't want anyone to think me insincere. But when I was a teen, the political protests were much smarter than they ARE NOW. I'LL NEVER FORGET FREE JOINTS AT THE Boston Common. 10,000 appeared out of nowhere. Once they were there and stoned it was easy to raise their consciousness because they loved what they were experiencing. Are you Experienced? Prove It!!!

Richard Welsh said...

Les --

How to enligthten the unenlightened? Show them how to have more fun. It's really that simple. Think about and ACT THE PROTEST -- PROTEST THE LACK OF JOY. You'll be amazed how effective you are. I know. We've already done this once before. AND WE GOT GOT A LOT CLOSER TO KNOCKING THE WHOLE SHITHOUSE DOWN -- 5 TO 1 BABY ONE IN FIVE -- NO ONE HERE GETS OUT ALIVE. SEIZE THE MOMENT AND COME ALL OVER THEM THE TIME IS NOW!!!

Richard Welsh said...




Mouser said...

Dear Anon 1:01 AM
Les certainly has infinitly more dignity than all Israeli leaders put together. Wouldn't you agree. Only a troll or a shill would beg to differ. I doubt offers of land are required, just truthful humane treatment of one's fellow man. That would exclude the use of white phosphorous on civilians. They really don't deserve it in any way whatsoever. Only a cowardly zionazi would do such a thing to innocent men, women and children.

Dadnerd said...


Sorry I don't think you are sincere.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

Temporary Lives and the Operation of the Sun.

Mouser said...

In domestic violence it has been scientifically proven there is much greater than normal incidence of the victims of physical abuse turn to violence upon others later in life.
Not unlike one of the main victims of Nazi regime becoming itself fascist in its violent, aparthied treatment of their Arabic brethren and countrymen.
Fascism and violence beget fascism and violence - but that does not make it right or acceptable.
Iran's head of state was fully correct in the criticisms he laid forth against Israel in Geneva at the racism conference.

Anonymous said...

RJ, are your naked ears tortured by the sirens sweetly singing? Carving deep blue ripples in the tissues of your mind?

European American

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, wanted to mention this.
1-The upcoming once in 25000 years event
2- the possibility that this event might be one reason for the huge population now occupying the planet.
3-Certain governments, certain nations, certain oligarchies becoming more and more twisted and deleterious to well being of the majority of the humans on the
4-Those who are becoming aware of 1, 2 and 3, either separately or together, becoming ever more linked to one another via their subconscious mind(s). Possibly, the forming of a group consciousness.

Each of these 4 circumstances, there appears to be a type of synergy going on. Each component not only working with the other, but possibly hastening a process.

Michael F said...

LanceThruster, did this Skull & Bones mock-biological outbreak occur on the Yale campus?

Dr. True Ott said...

Perhaps the curtain to the theatre is beginning to rise and we won't have to wait much longer.
"Dr. True Ott reminds his readers that: Mutations of the traditional influenza virus cannot naturally become deadly virulent. It takes laboratory assistance and the addition of toxic adjuvants in a prepared vaccine to accomplish this task. In short, the only way for a ‘pandemic’ to occur is if it is pre-planned and lab-induced as a biological weapon."

mNemosys said...

been watching your posts peripherally for years.
Can't add much as I always find it an odd notion to point at the sky and tell those who choose pretense as their ethic that "the sky is blue"...

To paraphrase [and mangle a l'il] "Eyes mutha-f*gga--- do have 'em?!!!" is beyond absurd.

...however: your wit and focus on personal creativity requires my thanx should things go badly for those of us who embrace izness: freedom = life = creativity = joy!

keep doin it to it!

all else : "gravity works"....

That is to say: "be" and avoid those who engage in the opposite of "being"; they will shortly be sleeping in the bed they made and reasonable humans need not tuck them in.
How will this turn out? ...dunno: but I'ma have fun doin my thang regardless. [what else is there?]
again: thank you.

Anonymous said...

To those who see the obvious.......Is there any comfort in i told you so?

Anonymous said...

I selected anonymous. Not going to whine though. I have stayed in the shadows for a long time. I have kept my ear to the ground, listening, learning, and questioning. The world may be ending but what to do? What to DO? I do believe that our strength is in numbers, and not merely through force. Of course, we must take action, and we will. But we must also use our minds, we must always use our hearts. We must join the fight when it is approaching. Not wait for it to come to our doorstep. For then we have no chance of fighting, no chance of freedom.
I read your words my friends, and I am sickened. Will we not work for our world to be restored? There are nearly seven billion people in the world...yet you speak as if we are outnumbered. How many people work for the governments of the world? A billion tops? (excluding communism) That leaves the rest of us to fight. To die, if necessary, to stop this disgusting bid at power. There will be blood on our hands. There is no denying this. But when it dries, it will wash away. It will not stain. For we have a righteous calling ahead. If not for a god, then for a world. How many millions have been murdered to ensure that we remain docile? Sitting alone in front of our computers? How many lies have we been fed? Yet we still want to believe. The media is a business. The internet is a business. Religion is a business! Nothing is free in our world. And soon enough we will have seperated ourselves from each other so completely, so irrevocably that we will no longer know what a friend is. We will be moved as a flock, wherever the shepard wishes. Never communicating only listening to what the T.V. tells us. My god, we're half way there. How else would the savior have been elected, if not for uneducated, spoon-fed MTV morons? My message is this. Congregate. Meet, plan, build relationships with people you trust. If/When the time comes to fight you will be a thousand times more prepared.

mNemosys said...

"Anonymous said...
To those who see the obvious.......Is there any comfort in i told you so?" those who pretend:
is there any "comfort" in having destroyed "comfort" for those who attempt to LIVE truthfully and treat "life" with the honor and love it is due?

silly question. [well...a lie, really, in any case]

ask the indigenous children of "amerikkka", the african slaves, the non-african slaves, the chinese, the poor, the japanese, the Hawaiians etc prepared for spit in your eyes [at the very least]

...and DO keep in mind: ain't nuthin new about this story [history] nor is amerikkka the only villian..[as if]....

The tale of those who lived with love, honor and trust is not a pleasant one to those who embrace deceit. [nor has that tale ended....nor shall it...this is simply the chapter where the evoldoerz [tm] revisit the karmic reflux while makin thangs really uncool fo' the reasonable and honorable few to whom life is a creative movement, yet again, one more time, even....bahahaha...though, in truth; the horrific tragedy of it all is terribly unfunny....but whachagonnado right?

....the day those of you who embrace pretense decide to put "it" on the line [for no reason other than that is the only way to live truthfully] is the day all of this horror will stop and "comfort" will not be in such dire straights.

dig? [unlikely] only a liar would make a case of comfort vs discomfort.

the other "anonymous" said...lotsa stuff and used "we" as if it's a useful and tasty condiment.

It isn't. [well, not for me]

"congregate"? with whom...and for what? "people you trust"? [bahahahahaha]
"prepared"? for what? the steam roller of the masSmind overload vs life ALLWAYS adds up WRONG. NO.MATTER.WHAT. new day: same sh*t.

ask da injuns, da kneegrows, da wimminz etc etc....

There is no "we". There is no "they"
"they" iz "we".

"I" don't play that game.

[nor should anyone, but that ain't for me to say]

...but if'n ya like grand gestures: "live with love, creativity and honor" cause, like, it tastes great and is less filling..ya know?

Anonymous said...

Are innocent animals alive? Are they also life?
Do they feel pain? do they fear death?
Talking spirituality over chicken salad is absurd.

Anonymous said...

I just remembered that last week I came upon an article on the Net, informting that "Mexico City is turning off it's water"- when you read it, it turns out that because of a DROUGHT -the officials are turning off water IN a Rotation method -for 2 days in different areas of the city. They've been doing that for some time.

Who do you think gets no water? THE POOR NEIGHBORHOODS, FIRST. If the officials do it with the rich and able, they'll be doing it to themselves-plus their would be a huge outcry from the rich.

So, one must make a connection betw. an outbreak of disease-as has been going on there with the Swine FLu - and no water for washing, or flushing toilets, etc. Plus poor people are more crowded together.

But this news is not reported in the General Mass Media, and it was passed by casually, on the Net. Nobody else has brought it up, or made a connection.

Anonymous said...

"Everybody gets the same amount of ice. The rich get it in the summer and the poor get it in the winter."

Olive Farmer said...

Love your stuff.
Want to read about olive farming?
....and some other stuff!



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