Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Always Darkest just before it goes Black

I’ve been thinking about that Madison Avenue thing that brings us mind molders like reality TV and fake news as our models for contemporary life which presents humanity as a life form capably stupid enough to buy the crap they package along with the morons who tout it. This also brings us the shape-shifter politicians and cultural grooves that are like railway tracks from cradle to grave and which convince us we are just tubes that put things in one end only to send them out another; as if we were ambulatory tubes of toothpaste. If it weren’t for the coloration and flavor of the items going into the tubes we wouldn’t be able to distinguish them from the thing going out of the tubes. Garbage in and garbage out; through the speakers and headphones, from fork to mouth, from bottle to skin, from shelf to cart, from speech center to speech maker and so on and so forth.

I’ve been noticing signs of revolt at all levels of the social spectrum and it’s surprising me. I realize that I’ve been pretty tough on the mainstream fish caught in the nets and not giving enough credit to what looks like a revolution catching fire all around the world. I’m starting to think that some indefinable force is moving through the people of the world and they are starting to react as if they really were capable of independent thought and then I ponder what I hear from so many sources which tell me that the mysterious elite have all of the situations and circumstances programmed and that no matter what I see it is all part of ‘their plan’. It’s enough to make your head spin.

I made a comment the other day about how people like Phil Spector can get away with murder and whoomph! They nailed him and denied him the right to stay out of jail while the weasels work the system. All of a sudden there’s a lot of good news that looks like justice; I can’t be sure because I haven’t seen justice in a long time. Now the Spanish courts are going to indict a few Bush-bots and I happen to know that this is a prelude to nailing some larger sharks.

Here’s what I think. I think there’s a movement going on behind the scenes with a collection of people pretty high up in the power scheme who have had enough of what has been pro forma for so long. I can’t seem to come up with any other answer for what I’m seeing unless... you include unseen forces from mysterious locations or freedom beams from cloaked UFO’s or some variant on the theme. I get the distinct feeling that something has shifted in the deep end of the pool and is gradually spreading into the more visible, shallow end like some kind of purple dye.

If you look at history and isolate periods like The Age of Enlightenment or The Renaissance... the flowering of the Middle Platonic Period or any of the cultural stage sets that came out of nowhere or somewhere, you have to ask yourself... how did this get here? Sure, there are all sorts of academics that will give you a theory based on something they learned at some place where the information gets controlled and packaged and passed on but... I get the sense that you never know what’s going to appear based on what you are told and the confusion of appearances in any particular moment.

One thing seems to be increasingly clear... the truth is coming out on a lot of levels. Someone said that ‘they’ wanted it this way and it’s all part of ‘their plan’. Also we note that nothing has changed in the transition from Bush to Obama. We see the red-eyed boar hogs are hard on for Iran. We see the pirate distraction and H.R. 875 which is the Greenburg driven DeLauro bill and we’ve had The Patriot Act and all of the nasty business coming out of our corporation ruled governments and it looks like the world might want to mutate into a flaming dumpster but... you never know. I get the increasing sensation that it’s all going to blow up in their faces. I just can’t see them taking over the world. What I see is them ‘trying’ to take over the world and doomed for failure just as every previous effort was and ever will be.

Increasingly I hear that ‘they’ only let us know what’s happening in a small way so that they can see who we are and liquidate us. There’s a hard core contingent of people who really think we’re going to be fighting from the rooftops against black helicopters and herded into FEMA livestock pens. Call me Pollyanna but I can’t see us living in some version of The Terminator. Back in the sixties, a large group of people attempted to join hands around the Pentagon and levitate it. This freaked them out in such a way that it suggests they know very well the power of unified human thought and it also suggests why they have been at pains to set us against each other. Here is the key to our victory.

I think we’re looking at a number of variations on The Storming of the Bastille which, I hope this time, is focused on Rothschild banks and certain corporations. I’ve had people tell me that boycotting Israeli goods does no good but... they are really hurting from it and people; the people I’ve been at such pains to criticize are really coming through. Just the other day a crowd of Palestinian supporters emptied the shelves of a French supermarket of Israeli goods. This video has been removed from youtube just as all the Gaza videos keep getting removed while all the Pro-Zionist whitewashes remain.

A whole lot of people are not buying the bullshit any more. I’m removing my Intel processor and putting in AMD because it’s the right thing to do and you can be sure I check carefully now to see if anything I buy has anything to do with the number one terrorist nation on Earth.

Okay... it’s a given that some amount of noxious actions are going to take place. It’s a given that things will get worse before they get better. The financial illusion is being artificially propped up at the moment but there are so many holes in the dyke that it just can’t sustain for much longer. It’s a given that war is the usual response and it’s a given that the red-eyed vampire swine are going to be pulling out all stops but... I can’t shake the feeling that they are going to shoot themselves in the foot and each other in the ass at the same time.

I’ve got a powerful engine of hope just chugging along in my heart. It’s all that much more powerful now that I see that Obama is no hope at all. I’ve got a real anticipation of change now that I see Obama’s change translates into more of the same. Every negative, faith killing thing that comes up just makes me more optimistic. I know that sounds crazy but that’s how it goes... or is ... or seems.

WE... WE have to link our minds across the distance between us and get all of our dynamos humming inside the dominoes in a unified voice. WE have to become one determined group consciousness that automatically rejects the lies and embraces the truth as we encounter examples of each of them in our daily affairs. We know who the bad guys are. We know some of them are aware of what they are and some of them are just following orders. We have to find the place inside our minds where those orders get accepted and we have to free these people by rejecting the orders. We have to drag our feet and not cooperate and accidentally get in the way of everything that ‘they’ are after and head full steam into everything that counters whatever they do.

When you look at the accomplishments of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi you have to realize that there was something inside of them that made everything they said and did a powerful act. That’s no less inside of us than it was in them. We’re just lacking the full commitment that they had developed. We know that what they stood for was the right thing and we know that those who opposed them are the same forces which oppose us today. If we consciously embrace within ourselves the same qualities and bring that forth into our lives we will literally change the world. If there was ever a time for each and every one of us to make up our minds about what is important and what is not... that time is now. Let’s levitate the Pentagon.

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Visible said...

Several people have sent me this and I think it puts it all into perspective.

Small, very small potatoes.

Visible said...

Also, the latest radio show is now available for download.

Easter metaphysical radio show.

Anonymous said...


Finally, some rays of sunlight to disinfect the lies festering and contagious like an epidemic of antibiotic-resistant MRSA sores in a skidrow flophouse.

I, too am seeing more signs of the pendulum swing within the mainstream. Just recently, you wrote rather harshly (yet honestly) about mega popstars who are hired by the 'killuminati' to wet nurse the proles with silicone tits and rock the rubes to sleep with canned tracks and corporate lullybies, in between keeping the sheep braying about their titillating tabloid scandals.

The top brass who run pop culture do all of this in the hope that they will be able to buy enough time to keep bleeding their host nations dry (without awakening the sheeple to the fact that they are being gangraped and robbed by their bestest friend forever in the whole wide world and its' robotic supporters).

They are invested in this 'entertainment' as a means of diverting attention away from the fact that a certain nation continues to become enriched at the expense of much suffering around the globe.

However, something is definitely shifting in the wind, Les. Especially when a certain UK popstar (who shall remain nameless in this reference, less my missive gets misconstrued for SPAM or shameless promotion and marketing of said singer) known more for her pretty face and sexy voice than her political astuteness, who is currently enjoying a HUGE spellbound audience (round the clock heavy rotation on all of the corporate 'energy' radio stations found in every major American city and internationally)
starts singing subversive lyrics such as this:

"I want to be rich and I want lots of money
I don`t care about clever I don`t care about funny
I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds
I heard people die while they are trying to find them

I`ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless
`Cuz everyone knows that`s how you get famous
I`ll look at the sun and I`ll look in the mirror
I`m on the right track yeah I`m on to a winner

I don`t know what`s right and what`s real anymore
I don`t know how I`m meant to feel anymore
When we think it will all become clear
`Cuz I`m being taken over by The Fear

Life`s about film stars and less about mothers
It`s all about fast cars and passing each other
But it doesn`t matter cause I`m packing plastic
and that`s what makes my life so fucking fantastic

And I am a weapon of massive consumption
and its not my fault it`s how I`m program to function
I`ll look at the sun and I`ll look in the mirror
I`m on the right track yeah I`m on to a winner

I don`t know what`s right and what`s real anymore
I don`t know how I`m meant to feel anymore
When we think it will all become clear
`Cuz I`m being taken over by The Fear

Forget about guns and forget ammunition
Cause I`m killing them all on my own little mission
Now I`m not a saint but I`m not a sinner
Now everything is cool as long as I`m getting thinner

I don`t know what`s right and what`s real anymore
I don`t know how I`m meant to feel anymore
When we think it will all become clear
`Cause I`m being taken over by fear"

-end track-

Seems the natives and landless peasants are getting restless! Les, I must admit that when I first heard this song on the radio, I wrote it off as a catchy but brainless tune meant to lull us into the matrix dream time. However, I just happened to really listen to the lyrics one particular day and I was completely gobsmacked by this popstar's unabashed mockery of her fan base, her handlers, the star-fucking, starbucks swilling zombies who will no doubt be found mindlessly humming the lyrics of this tune at the sports stadiums between innings and bites of MSG and aspartame-laden 'food' at the Mall's trough.

Yes, Les. Welcome to a new day. The mutiny is going down all across the board, on so many levels. I'm glad to report that you are one of the few singlehandedly responsible for lighting fires underneath the butts of many who'd rather hit the snooze button for a precious few more minutes of Ambien-induced dreams before shuffling off to the 'reality' of their wage slavery plantation nightmares.


Annie the mouse

Stoilov Yuri said...

To levitate the Pentagon you need to collect force.Read to some help:
Moscow, Nezavisimaya Gazeta,
February 19 1993, p. 8
“Dictate’s interests are Motor
Force of History”

At the time of total scrambling, shooting, earthquakes and food searching, it looks unbelievable that somebody among us just now can discuss and present in a new light the most important problems of human being.

Who are we? If neither economy nor people, what else the motor force of history? What is the role of the intelligence? Why everywhere criminal world is so easily growing into state structures? What is awaiting us in the future? Is an intelligent global government suggested by Sakharov feasible? Who of thinkers were not worried sometimes by these questions, but is there anybody who care for them now?

Yes, our turmoil turns out to be just the proper time for these questions. The book of V. Kaitoukov “Evolution of Dictate” – ( in Russian) (published by a Publishing House “Uramos” in Moscow in 1992 on 468 pages) looks like a powerful stream of a fresh wind revealing the global problems of philosophy and is raising hope in the strength of human mind. Applying in the present philosophical treatise the conceptions of Freud, Tolman, Kierkegaard, Hydegger, L. Gumilev, the author synthesized the human knowledge and accumulated experience in an attempt to find out the nature and the essence of dictate, to figure out its most important reasons and the most characteristic forms of manifestation.

The treatise sheds light on such fundamental questions as; What is the prompting basement and the direct initiation of events? Where are all dictators and executers of all ranges and under different guises (from Dionysian to Mao-Ze, Tang) coming from?

Why do “common” in all respect persons at a certain social structure turn to be fierce villains or possessed fanatics?

Where and why is a mass of butchers and informers, revolutionaries of all kinds, elevated victims and indifferent witnesses coming from? Not the less interesting is the question: Why does all of a sudden a certain peace loving nation explosively give birth to a mass of thinkers, or villains, or stoics ready to any ordeals? The philosophical treatise demonstrates explicitly the everywhere penetrating affect of evolving dictate, its most profitable for itself influence on the state ethics and moral, sex and law, external and internal wars, economy and creative intellect, upbringing and education.

The book of V. Kaitoukov is written not for governing officials (the means of their governing they knows quite well). It comes out to be a Prometeus fire for the orientation in the life of true creators of history, the creative intelligence that is called in the book as contradictate passionaries. The last part of the book covering extrapolations and conclusions looks as if not completely fulfilled, but wealthy main content of the book supplies good material for the further considerations.

The value of the book is its positioning a person in the center of attention, that allows the author to screen many transit difficulties and problems and extract those that permanently repeat themselves in any state and at any time.

The book content and the way of its presentation suggest a certain level of readers’ education. Not all of the concepts of the treatise are readily accepted, but profound consideration of the items and good examples from the ancient and current history conceivably demonstrate the correctness of the main thesis suggested by the author.

In spite of the explicit proving of the concepts, the book seems will be popular neither in this country nor abroad. The book will be avoided with the applications of all possible efforts by those who are unveiled in the book including big and small dictate hierarchs, conductors, accompanying “gray” people, highly promoted and valued by dictate actressing prostitutes, and so on, and from them the author would not get any gratitude.

The logically proved and historically argued answers to many questions on the global evolution for a long time agitating people and an attraction of attention to a row of important problems of human being make the book of V. Kaitoukov highly advisable to everybody who is searching a firm foundation in the chaos of life and intellegent direction of his activity. May be, educated descendants will recollect our days as the time of the first edition of “Evolution of Dictate”.
Yu. Stoilov, Ph.D.

Anonymous said...

We have a Tax Tea Party happening in the County Seat today and the Jj's will be attending--the whole county is only 38,000 people--should be fun to see how much police presence there is, etc. Taking a still camera and video camera--gotta go now--need to get some makings for signs--I will be seeking out reporters and giving them an ear full--let's see what makes it into print--


Anonymous said...


You should look carefully at the comments in this posting and I would like to know what you see.

Notice the huge posting at the end and notice the assertions made previously about paid trolls.

Pretty crazy.

Thanks for your interesting writings.

Murphy151 said...

I don't often watch TV however last night I happened upon a programme about Dr Crippen and something Les said brought to mind the whole subject of the truth unfolding. The long and the short of the it is that Dr Crippen was innocent and hanged 14 days after his trial for a crime he could not possibly have committed. The conclusion of the presenter was that Dr Crippen was framed by the Police due to political pressure. Now that in itself is nothing new I hear you say but guess what marks this case as different? The use of morse code and the media of the day are the red flags but what really opened my eyes was the revelation that the Home Secretary of the day was none other than Winston Churchill. His interest in the case only came to light recently when the files were unsealed (why sealed for so long?) and letters in his own handwriting stating that he was to be kept personally informed of the case even at home or on the golf course. All this supposedly for a crime of passion / domestic fatality? They and we know who they are, don't we.....have been at this stuff for a long long time but truth will always win the day. It might come to late for some but it will come.......

Anonymous said...


The whole planet is a crime scene and they will have us burn it down.

Politics and the Occult, The Left, The Right, and the Radicaly Unseen
By Gary Lachman.

Anonymous said...

" Let’s levitate the Pentagon."

LOL. Yes, lets!!! Let them try to pin THAT on
AY-Rabs with box-cutters. :)

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les,

I often get the same feeling. People are becoming informed and are stirring. This is true, and amazing how informed the 20,000 laidoff UBS bankning employees become with a pink slip. The truth had been repressed with every paycheck.

To be frank, it was mainly Jewish interests that caused the depression and the particularly the collapse of the German economy. And the people did rally... hailing Hitler even throughout the USA. But look at how Jewish interests prevailed. It was brilliant on thier part, and undeniably well orchestrated. Their trade-off was to rid themselves from Europe for a few decades...but they never really left. They and the banks were always in control.

So lets talk about your Bastille. It looks to me that they may want us to storm it. Whats up thier sleaves. GOrdon Brown, openly stating with impunity, the infamous phrase" New World Order"...just as the elder George Bush did decades ago. ARE THEY BAITING US LES???

Bernie Madoff took in billions and sent the money to Israel, where much of the TARP money has gone. The Egyptians and Jordanians do their bidding.

In the CIA, NSA and other western intelligence, there may be an insurrection under way. But supervisors openly wear their yamakas as a source of prestige. Zionist interests have all bases covered... ALL BASES COVERED.

BUt there are the Russians, the Chinese, much of the Muslim world and seperatists in Texas, Maine and North Dakota. ANd the EVERGROWING unemployed white color workers. Those who while sitting at their kitchen tables trying to understand the reason for their demise, will turn to the internet and quickly understand who caused their problems.

The bright spot is that the information is EVERYWHERE on the net. And surprisingly so, whether the protocols are a forgery or not... the evidence coming from all varied sources are surprisingly consistent and spot on.

When the bell finally rings you cant get it out of your head.

Hogwash said...

You can forget about the "mainstream" media EVER investigating the real issues. The OWNERS do not share our values. They are only interested in pushing their pro-Israel agenda.
Since most of the crimes(9/11 hoax, and countless other false-flags) are committed by Israel and it's agents, how do you see them acting in our best interests?

Of course they will never act in our interest, so the only solution is to BOYCOTT ANY company that promotes, or has a pro-Israel bias.

Mainstream media is BANNED in my home. I don't want their filthy lies coming anywhere near my family.

Anonymous said...

Pollyanna, thanks

A path, some action, and a guiding hand.
Well done.
Remember, Martin Luther King never really got shot. Its all in the mind. He's still around.
And yes, those poor fools where scared that the Pentagon was going to float off, never to be seen again!!!

Le Mat

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, great essay I particularly liked the title.
In 1986 we had a worldwide Harmonic Convergence, devoted to sending "good vibes" and positive energies from participant's hearts and minds to the planet, the nations and the universe. I went down to the beach at dawn and saw thousands of people, lined up as far as the eye can see, a unified conscious effort for good.
Looking at the positive events which took place in the world around that time or shortly there
after -I feel there probably was a definate cause and effect or synergy going on.
It'd be nice to see another Convergence.
It might even be taking place now.

Just A. Human said...

You mention your roots seeping into the ”Hindu” religion.

I had the opportunity to live in India (Delhi, Kharagpur, Bombay, Chennai, Heyderababd) and study Bhagwat Gita, Epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata and bits of Vedas.

I am putting a series of articles on Indian Subcontinent – Past to Future. The first article is on line and I am working on the next.

As has been the case in every time and space, it is the saga of the feudal tyranny and human suffering.

For your information, word “Hindu” was originated from the Afghano-Persian reference to the region. They called India (unified) “Hindustan” and the people of India as “Hindu”. It had no relevance to any religion. In their local lingo, Afghanis, Iranians, Turks and Arabs still call all Indians as “Hindu” or “Hindi”.

“Hindu” or “Hinduism” as a religion pays their homage to the innovative talents of the feudal tyranny.

You can read the article at:

Any comments and suggestions from you and your readers are welcome.

As an addendum, a few notes for your review:
1) Many of the “unusual” events and “abnormal actions” that we are witnessing may be the result of a rift occurring between the political and financial power elites.

2) There is more hidden than visible in the sagas pf personalities like “Mahatma” Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mohammad Ali Jinah, Kamal Ataturk and Nelson Mandela. There is a common denominator (and also the numerator) in the “production” of these “leaders” of non-violence and “fathers” of nations.

I will cover the role of “Mahatma” Gandhi in my “India – Part II” article.

You would like to read “India: Past and Future – Part I” at

3) As for as Iran is concerned, I don’t believe that Iran is the target. Like the Saudis, Turkish, and Egyptians, Iran is also playing its part – every one has a role.

Hank said...

I think I know what you mean Les, and I have also seen signs. You know I'm about as cynical as a human can get, but at the same time I carry a huge bag of hope and optimism. I call it the happiness through pessimism. That is, if you always expect the worst, all your surprizes are good ones.

Even during the latter days of the Bush administration, there were those in the govt. and the pentagon, that were at work behind the scenes, foiling their attempts to find an excuse to attack Iran. If you'll remember, when they were steady beating the Iran war drum, the NIE came out and stated clearly that Iran had suspended it's nuclear weapons program in 05, or was it 03. In any case it pulled the rug out from under their propaganda campaign, and stopped their run up to another war. There are other signs from Obama, and though I cannot see exactly where he is going with them, they are there. The two most recent are Obama saying publicly that he would participate in direct talks with Iran, and the last minute stay of extadition for an alleged nazi war criminal. Both of these things suggest that Obama is not as controlled by israel as some of his other decisions might indicate. Let's face Les, it would be very difficult for israel to attack Iran while we are haveing direct talks. A pre-emptive move to stop an israeli attack? Time will tell, and I'm certain we will be watching closely.

As you have said, there are places where Obama looks like he is just adhering to the previous status quo, but look at what they are. For the most part, they are huge issues and will take time. It is much harder to get rid of a stump from a large tree, than it is to pull a weed. The big issues will require a fight with the powers that be. Obama is the new gunslinger in town, and will have to earn a reputation before he gets to fight the big boys. Obama has been pulling weeds since he took office, reversing many of Bush's executive orders, especially regards to the environment. He has stated clearly that gitmo has to go, and that america will no longer use torture, or rendition, or sub contracted interrigators. He has gone to europe and the middle east and done what needed to be done before any real progress could be made, he apologized and we all know what for.

You're right Les, I see more and more truth pop up in the most unexpected places, you know, like a MSM news broadcast, and it gets my bag of hope and idealism twitching. Make no mistake, I'm still cynical and expect the worst, but I am hoping for a big surprize. Peace my friends.

psychegram said...

The shift I see happening right now isn't just the restive shuffling of a coming mass mutiny, though there is certainly some of that (how much is genuine, though? Some of the urging towards armed rebellion originates with known propaganda sources, an attempt to channel a predictable mass reaction in a useful direction). There's also a shift going on in the consciousness of that small fraction of partially awakened and activated humanity - perhaps caused by that awakening - in which their perspective is moved from discovering what's wrong towards working towards what's right. I'm seeing that all over the place, too, and experiencing it in my own life as well. Well, it is spring, isn't it?

Is it possible that enough woke up in time that the worst can be avoided? Maybe, depending on how vividly you picture that 'worst'. We're still a long way from the peak of the best, however, and there's a lot of rough, rocky ground between here and there so down here in the murk of mud and time, well, we ain't out of the hills yet.

But what's changed is, I think, a lot of us are getting the idea that we really can win this thing.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible you have made a lot of difference to me.You have probably heard about the one where we are reminded that you can not possibly change the world but you sure can change the way you approach the world I have because of a lot of what you have said over the years and for that I am grateful and will always be may you keep sharing your wisdom and insight/enlightment in other words this is a simple way of saying thank you and Suzanne for doing what you do.May you stay blessed and protected and the light to shine on you.


paolocaruso said...

Okay Les, If we take things at face value, it truly looks like Israel is losing the PR war, and their financial house of cards is collapsing (albeit with Madoff and Wall Street infusions).

If this is truly the case, then this is the best and only time for the enlightened dissidents in the military, intelligence agencies, corporations and governments to rid themselves of the zionist octopus. The media is a more difficult situation, it will have to be totally flushed out and restructured with integrity.

If the bold amoung us do not make our move now, the zionists will proceed to use the last semblence of power (the US military) to win back the respect of the US dollar and hegemony.
It will happen in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East. Then on to take back south America.

Anonymous said...

The "mysterious elite" don't have all the bases covered. How about this nanothermite thing that has been on the net a week or so? How can they counter that? All the controlled media and less than worthless congress can do is ignore it. It could get very difficult to ignore when its becoming mainstream news in other countries. Some of these countries had their citizens murdered in the trade centers on 911. (By chance no Chosen were killed in the towers so at least there won't be any Israel lawsuits)

One thing is for certain, the corporate/ZOG controlled US government is corrupt beyond redemption. It can't be changed. It is up to the citizens. If they don't like what they see then they shouldn't cooperating with this diabolical "system." As you said "drag your feet". Separate your needs from your wants and only purchase what is necessary. If possible get out of debt, or at least don't accumulate new debt,unless you are unemployed and will be filling bankruptcy. Might as well get some of that TARP funny money. There are people out on the street going hungry because they don't have paper. The same paper that the government (Fed) prints by the hundreds of billions and gives to the same people who orchestrated this mess. Debt is slavery.

Anarchy isn't the answer. They have the big guns and military. A military that is sworn to uphold the Constitution and will be stationed on American streets. When push comes to shove will they kill their own citizens/brothers and sisters? Well they are spraying all kinds of shit in the sky every day (and their wives and children are breathing it), killing people in foreign countries, while risking getting their ass blown off. And they volunteer for this. Not too bright or compassionate, I don't trust them, but that's just me.

Well need to get back to the markets and try to fathom what the PPT (plunge protection team) is up to. Will we have another monstrous low volume rally. How about gold and silver where the physical price (if you can find any) is 20%+ above paper. Probably the only time in history where you have a shortage and the price doesn't go through the roof. I love free markets.


Just A. Human said...

My bad! The link for the article (my previous comment post - addendum) should have been:

Many of the “unusual” events and “abnormal actions” that we are witnessing may be the result of a rift occurring between the political and financial power elites. Here is the link:

Should have taken 2nd cup of coffee before typing.

Anonymous said...

Im seeing a theme going on here thats going to sidetrack us? This idea that a power struggle is taking place between different "behind the seens" forces.
What isnt happening is this, a clear brake from the tools and words of control. Its no little thing that no one will or can ever take control of you or your mind. When we start to play house with these master of the world, we just give in to their barbie lifestyle. They give to take away. Problem, I have nothing you can take from me and I only have things to give if you want to add to and not "have to have."
We seem to need a big brother-father to fight with, and thats got to change.
True, those that seek the world's fruits will have to share and then comes some power play, but why do we care who owns some piece of land or what name the mustard is? We give power to the very people and events we see blacking our time by such caring.
Last, we can see and even talk about the "goals" of the power elite but to react in anyway, other than a blind stare, is a waist of energy.

Le Mat

Brian said...

Awesome article. The ONLY thing we can really do to change anything is WALK AWAY.

We have to turn our backs on their systems and programs.


Drop our birth certificates, drivers licenses etc. On masse, refuse to obey.

Shut down their factories, close their banks, bulldoze their empire. Erase their control. There are billions of us and only a few thousand of them. Get rid of the cancer. When the cancer is gone, the symptoms disappear.

Again, thank you very much for this article.

Anonymous said...

It's really quite a treat watching the "mainstream" media squirm after all these years of denying the NWO and having to admit they were wrong and that the "conspiracy crazies" were right. This has caused legions of ill-informed sheep to do a double-take and many are finally asking the obvious question "WHAT ELSE HAVE THEY BEEN WRONG ABOUT"?

People really are waking up faster than I've ever seen before. Let's just hope we reach critical mass before they pull the plug on the Net.

Masher1 said...

Bullshit situations that cannot continue just plain WILL NOT CONTINUE. Sorry all you Bullshit EVIL folks out there. We can and will end the run of your dead end situation. SOON!

Anonymous said...

True, "zionists" are working on a world thats returns the SQ and the dollar back by force and blood. Yes, Africa is one big sandbox for China and the US to fight in, rightnow. But are the "zionists" calling the shots or just reacting and moving to higher ground? Are they filling up the sandbags for a rainy spring? Is there a nation not on the casting list? China, Russia, or who ever we want to put in their place, arent fighting againist anything, but playing their part.
Just a Human is right, Iran is just doing its part. The "zionists" hope we get drawn in to the story lines and titles, dont. The zionists or what I call the Atomists, are followers of the sun. They worship it and look to it for good reason. When was the last time we controlled a sun spot or the path of the moon? Here, we can find truths but what to do with them? The Atomists look to light for control, in fear of their own darkness. To bad the next sun spot or traveling comet will end it for them, no more sun light, no more fake self.
Bottom line, there's a war on for your own sun light, and the "zionists" are hiding it well from the massses, but not for long. They know something big is coming too, something that ends the cult of flesh before us. Its then clear why and what they have done and will now do, sale sex, well packaged lives, and the kitchen sink. Anything to get us to look at skin before light.

La Mat

Peter Greene said...

@Les: Les, I don't want to seem like a jerk...but I think you've miscalled this visible change in affairs wrong, dead wrong.

I strongly feel that

a)Ice Age coming, NOW. Possibly a serious one. Remember 15,000 years ago? No? Some people do. The reasons for this are summed up in my most recent ravings on the current RI comment thread.

b)All of the financial systems controlled by folks who know this are being intentionally and rapidly crashed, in order to concentrate as much wealth in as few hands as that we can build this civilization's equivalent of the Pyramids and the secret Masonic tombs etc. Tech stashes for social and physical tech. Because the bad weather is going to kill most of us, and no chemtrails or radiation can stop the Mother's great wings of Ice from folding shut to protect herself as space changes around us. All we're doing is upsetting the system a little. It won't help us.

c)Big and little fish are getting caught because the pool is being drained. They are flopping in the sun they haven't felt for aeons. Doesn't matter - they are going to die like the rest of us. There will be no real survivors. All we can do is stow knowledge to speed up the species' next rise to tech and our next attempt at the brass ring. This one is OVER. It's not any white knights. It's total system failure. The few at the top may seem advantaged to us - but you'll note they are building cryogenic seed banks and monumental buildings, not buying vineyards and gold. Like birds feeling an earthquake, we are dropping our normal pursuits and reacting to the crisis in a deeply-felt genetic way. Burying deep seeds, composing laments, building our children's funeral beds and hoping our sun will rise again.

d)Read R. A. Lafferty's And Name My Name. There's nothing clearer about the process that comes next. Nothing. He was a prophet.

Anonymous said...

Greetings From Ohio—
Well, went to the tax protest as promised and had a good time. About 125 to 150 people gathered around the courthouse at the town square where the two state routes cross.

Old, young, teens, kids, even our County Clerk of Courts was there—lot’s of great signs and enthusiasm—also a great opportunity for us established lunatics to talk to those who are just venturing down the rabbit hole—or maybe dipping their toe in.

I stayed for about an hour and a half and talked with a lot of the folks—a surprising number of folks came up and were asking questions as one of my signs read:
“ABOLISH THE NON-FEDERAL, FEDERAL RESERVE”—needless to say, some folks are a bit more informed after today. Quite a few WRH readers there as well—Great Opportunity to exchange info on where to look for news, etc. My guess is that there will be a lot of searches regarding Israel as well.

Other than the undercover cops who were almost comical in their not fitting in—and the creeps across the street wearing grungy clothes but with $2,000.00 cameras and $1500.00 telephoto lenses—it was good. As we marched around the courthouse, I stood next to one of the cops who’s handcuffs and holster failed to hide themselves under his windbreaker and announced his presence to all as they walked by as he snapped pictures with some kind of fake press credentials around his neck—he started to walk away so I just followed him and kept alerting others—he was a local. There was also a guy in a burgundy colored pickup truck with a German Shepherd in the back of the cab who was in full blown riot gear—the truck had regular civilian plates—he decided the jig was up when he got caught at the stop light and I loudly announced his presence—it was kinda freaky and I wondered how many others were around—lot’s of cop mustaches and ankle holsters—it was like I had X-Ray vision—

Now, if this were a major city, you would expect such a law enforcement presence but we are a dinky little town in the middle of nowhere—just food for thought—

It was interesting though that the cops looked pretty uncomfortable and maybe even a little nervous about “policing” their neighbors—

This is a small community and between the folks there, we all pretty much know who is local law enforcement and who was “visiting” from out of town—made for an interesting non-standoff-standoff –We were definitely more confident than they were—

That’s’ all from the homeland---


Anonymous said...

Lord Reptor,

Fire and ice in circles, now fire someday ice.

What is clear about the process, you come to it as you wish and not by words of a prophet. The end of things will be, but the start of other lines of thought must surely be, in your mind at least? What's to come is then not clear but more like a dream, not formed yet but moving. Will you let others push you along or will you step over this coming death to wishful new plains?
A iceage is coming but only after the warming. No one on this planet will or can out do such things, and the elite dont want to either. Its just a good story of fear, used to cast you into darkness. Nature's power is your power, not the other way around.

Le Mat

gurnygob said...

is anyone else having problems signing into their youtube account

Peter Greene said...

@Le Mat: Thanks.

I learned some years ago that I am to serve the Mother. It's kind of gone hand in hand with a bunch of other clearly classifiable psychiatric symptoms. Thank goodness for higher functions and to Hell with the Chicago School sociologists and behaviourist scum.

I don't think there's going to be a warming, sonny. The Flood is the Melt. Read Gilgamesh. Read Howard.

I don't think we really knew it was over until a few months ago. We were very close to developing thinking matter. I think the Brass Ring is somewhere in that envelope. Nanomolecular self-constructing thinking systems. The next step after DNA. The way to find the Father - our current form cannot handle Time well enough to go intergalactic. However, the fact that we have developed the Net is a good sign. If we had been able to extend the same principles to our political transactions (i.e. Tues-Fri I'm the butcher, Sat. I teach English, Sunday I teach meat-cutting, Monday I'm the mayor- this week - flexible political and power boundaries - acknowledgement of differentials and their changes. Acceptance of death. Acceptance of Life. but i do digress)....

too late....

teach your children WELL

Peter Greene said...

I think in fact many writers hear the future musings of the Overmind. And end up in the same spots.

This one screwed my head up. Something's coming, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

KUDOS to another genius blog, Les. I admit, I totally love what you say, and how you say it.
I think the same thoughts, often. Perhaps this is true, but I tend to look at this situation with the "100 Monkey Rule" in mind.
When I was an undergrad, w a Poli Sci major, they taught me that there is a "Bell Curve" of public opinion. There was a nice graph of it, in the textbook. I kept thinking about that bell curve, and how the opinion leaders, like yourself, constitute the top 1% of the public opinion. Eventually, the public catches up. At that point that it does catch up, it suddenly becomes mainstream, accepted and noted as fact. We are getting to that point, as a group.

They have targeted the middle class, including some of the middle-upper class. Madoff is the tip of the iceberg. That makes people mad.

The six owners of the main stream media have been churning out inferior product for at least 8 years. They have hit their last chance, as they kill the TV, as a prime time entertainment machine, in favor of the web.

Too much commericals, too little social value, too many lies.......are catching up with the power suckers.

It's like these men and women are on a cliff, and they are going to have to plunge off. They are in denial, and cashing in their chips for foreign nations, but when they get there, it's worse for them there, than it was here.

Madoff can move his cash to Tel Aviv, but who wants to live in Israel?? Can you tell me why anyone would want to move to a place where you have to steal land from children, in order to make a home, and to make it worse, your kids have to serve in the IOF, and commit war crimes to allow you to keep it?
What good is something like that?
Israel is not so nice. But, the trouble is, that the world is imploding.

I am hoping the entire system fails, utterly and completely. I am hoping that they are all arrested, and all their wealth taken away, and the wealth of their entire family, to pay for these war crimes, crimes against humanity, murder, theft, treason and other heinous crimes that they have committed against groups and individuals.

The whole thing has to crash, if they are going to be treated, like the virus that they are. They must be isolated, and removed from their cash flow.

They are not so smart. If they were, they wouldn't have been this evil. That much excess doesn't net out a long term benefit.

So, whatever they started, they won't be able to hide, much longer.

The die is cast.

Anonymous said...

Lord Reptor,

I too work in the name of the mother, and over time with much medation has this come.
Im not playing with your words but a muse she is, the mother.
Somedays I see her three faces, but most of the time Im workin with or by one of them.
I say this very poorly, but DNA is the start of, and end of the left brain world. It is far more, and maybe a key to unlocking paths of energy. Nothing men make, with their hands alone, will do that. Tech isnt the answer, but the SQ wants you to think that.
The Gilgamesh is kinda the "first book" or story and most others copy it.(Western world)
Its tales are to be looked at, yes but to divine with it is too hastey. For countless thousands of year before the Gilgamesh, did humans not have the same stories, why? Moreover, the Gilgamesh is about a father/son turn over, the raising sun and the setting one. This story is and will be long after the next deep freeze. Sorry, I asume too much, the sun spots thing is going to heat up the place, then the ice will come.

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

I sent in some photos of our little get together and they put them up on WRH--
Can you spot Waldo--oops, I mean Jj


Peter Greene said...

@Le Mat: I read Gilgamesh with some excitement, finding traces there that were meant to be found. I feel that we are cyclic, but also that our amplitude increases each time, building, penduluming, taking advantage of growth and riding the edge-wave of destruction. I think that our tech development is absolutely linked to our growth as a species. I don't see anything as an end in itself, ourselves included. I once felt that by seizing understanding of our gene-code, we could work toward the light - now I feel that we are but a platform, just an act in a play, that we struggle not to rise but to give birth. Mayhap we still shall.

As to this warming....the melting ice spots might my dear have more to do with mid-20th-century radiation tech than they do with the's the spring where you are?

Still cold?

Anonymous said...

BTW, being anonymous doesn't mean that I have less right to be heard. Being anonymous means that I can say what I think, and nobody can stop me. That is true freedom of speach, and I believe that it is essential to freedom of thought, the essential test of humanity.

It also means that I don't have a profile that I can use here. Peace.

Franz said...

Good job Les.

The New World Order types despise creativity. It's why precisely one-half-dozen people either make or green-light EVERY movie made in a country of 300 million. By controlling the distribution chain, no disapproved filmmakers can get a public. It's also why movies suck. It's why there's fifty holocaust movies every year and the rest are bad remakes of 70s junk that sucked the first time around.

Creative opposition will and HAS worked. When the DVD called "911 in Plane Sight" went out cheap or free a couple years back, thousands and maybe hundred thousands of people saw their own apprehensions backed by real investigative firepower.

Anger piles up in drifts. Let it. Let it seem like lazy apathy till the ceiling drops. Don't you just love it that Rush-puppy's dittoheads ain't going to see it coming? One day they'll be telling their Welfare Queen jokes, the one's that were old when Reagan dusted them off in the 80s; then the NEXT day... heh-heh. Yes, I really DO love it.

But when the dust clears this time you internet Tom Paines will be getting loads of credit, you know that. Are you ready for that? This isn't an idle question anymore.

YES WE ARE BEING GOADED. But if we stay creative it will backfire. That will be the moment some of us have worked for many years to happen. It will happen.

Anonymous said...

The Good Old Days~Least We Not Forget

"Levitate the Pentagon (1967)"

On October 21, 1967, 70,000 demonstrators came to Washington, D.C. to "Confront the War Makers." This was the first of the biannual Anti-War demonstrations to fuse protest with the whimsicality of the counter culture and to take civil disobedience to new levels of confrontation. It would become the prototype for the demonstrations at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago -- except that the latter was marred by extensive police violence.

Initiated and organized by "the Mobe" (the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam), a loose coalition of 150 groups, some of the events of the weekend were planned and some were not. They provided something for everyone, from committed pacifists to Vietcong sympathizers, united only by the common aim of ending the war.

David Dellinger, Mobe co-ordinator and radical pacifist, asked Jerry Rubin to be project director for the march. Rubin had run the Viet Nam Day teach-in at Berkeley on May 21-22, 1965 and other anti-war actions on the west coast since then. It was his idea to target the Pentagon, but it would not be the only place of protest that weekend.

The biggest rally was held at the Lincoln Monument on the D.C. Mall. During the afternoon, people lined the reflecting pool and listened to speeches. Dellinger said the time had come to go from protest to resistence. Dr. Benjamin Spock, world famous for his book on baby and child care, told the crowd that he felt betrayed by President Johnson. He had campaigned for LBJ in 1964 because he promised not to escalate the conflict in Vietnam. Four months after the election the President sent massive numbers of American troops into battle.

READ The Complete Article & Check Out The Photos At:

Posted by: Deacon Blues

pot said...

Both Gandhi and MLK were assasinated and neither accomplished anything really.

Gandhi was a British soldier in the Boer War and recruited Indians for subsequent British wars. The British were going to surrender their colonies post WW II anyways as part of the deal for the NWO, and the result was India was partitioned, resulting in Muslim controlled Pakistan and which gave India a version of a Cold War which enabled a defacto military authoritarian state pretending to be a democracy (sound familiar). Many of Gandhi's followers before the end of WW II were brutally suppressed, and the government became the antithesis of what was preached by Gandhi in public.

MLK had financial backing from known Communists and his chief organizer was a former Communist Party member. The blacks in America got some Civil Right bones thrown to them with the help of MLK, such as welfare and food stamps in the War on Poverty, and were then subjected to the insane War on Drugs, and you know where the drugs are coming from, resulting in extremely high incarceration rates that feed the Prison Industrial Complex. They are not much better off than in the 60's despite or because of the Wars on Poverty and Drugs.

But their preaching of non-violent protest are attractive to the ruling elite, so their memories are kept alive and their accomplishments exaggerated. It is quite possible that both were agents of the ruling elite who were put down when their services were no longer needed, and enough of their followers identified to be dealt with in other ways.

I guess they didn't read the small print on their contracts.

Hope is a matter of faith, not reason, but it's better than nothing I guess.

Still alive said...

Let`s give a big shout out to humanity!

I`m glad to see you`re replacing that crap Intel processor with and AMD Les.

I recently purchased a computer and MADE CERTAIN that what I bought had no Intel or Nvidia crap in it (are you listening Apple?)

I`m pleased with my computer and AMD processor and surf happily guilt free.

Joseph said...

"What I see is them ‘trying’ to take over the world and doomed for failure." This is what I have always maintained. Control beyond the "self" is at best a temporary illusion. But try to explain that to these sociopaths who have less than "0" empathy, and are running the end game. They will never come to any personal triumph through deep introspection to finally "see" themselves. They are simply the walking dead.

kikz said...


Peter of Lone Tree said...

Banker linked to 1980s S&L scandal dies after jumping off Tampa International Airport garageHeadline says "jumping off" but maybe defenestration is back in style.

psychegram said...

Jj ... would be the gentleman in the black hat and hoodie, holding the "Abolish...." sign. Right?

I always pictured you as being more ... bearded.

robotic supporter said...

basic laws of human stupidity
by Carlo M. Cipolla

Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.

The probability that a certain person be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person.

A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.

Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake.

A stupid person is more dangerous than a bandit.

citizen49a@gmail. com said...

Les, you're on the right track buddy, but really, it's not nearly as elusive or ephemeral as you seem to perceive it. And unfortunately, the odds are strongly against the immediate emergence of any utopia, or whatever you sense around the corner 'after the fall'.

What we're looking at, and what people are beginning to sense through their own daily experience of either being laid off, or knowing someone who's laid off, and seeing it all accelerate into a downward spiral, is nothing less than the breakdown of our economic and soon to follow political system.

There will certainly be a lot of energy, both psychic and likely kinetic (as with bullets and other bits of destructive metals travelling through the air at great speeds) associated with this event, as the dispossessed, i.e. 90% of us, are not going to be terribly pleased with our new status as third world citizens of the Untied States of Goldman Sachs.

It will take some time to sort things out, and 'sort' is probably not the right verb to describe the process that is imminent

Anonymous said...

this blog is pretty good. Les, you are always right on point with the societal changes going on and you articulate them well in the way you are writing about them.

tonight, on an ABC news affiliate, I heard an 'infomercial' the JUST US DEPT is airing about what we post on blogs; "if you post on a blog, please be aware that your identity is logged and your comments may come back to haunt you" or somesuch paranoia inducing uber right wing bullshit. now, we are months since the Obombaton took office, and we have these fuckwads in the JUST US DEPT trying to essentially 'shut down' the blogs with this bullshit threat.

well, you know what, Les, LET THEM LOG ME. I write exactly how I feel, and what I think, and yes, I am fomenting REVOLUTION in nearly every single word I put into blogs, but I am not advocating a bunch of senseless killing and random acts of violence. Oh no. I am advocating millions of us encircling what I call 'the Whore House' at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. soon, and DEMANDING THEY ALL VACATE IT AND GIVE IT BACK TO "WE THE PEOPLE" AND LET US REFORM THIS GOVERNMENT FROM GROUND UP.

yep, that means tossing almost every single member of CONgress and the Senate, and telling them; "if you come back here, we will SHOOT YOU ON SIGHT" and make sure they know that they will not be tolerated any longer on premises.

we're not going to take it any more. This is not a crazy idea, we have had a man named Thomas Jefferson espouse the concept of disbanding a government that 'no longer serves the will of the People' and 'reforming it' after it's abolishment.

we can start again. the time, I think, has come. We need to wait till it's crystal clear that they have no intent to listen to us any longer, and then we must just start showing up by the tens of millions in Washington, D.C., by whatever means we must get there.

fuck the roadblocks and checkpoints, in other words. They can't stop 200 goddamned million of us, and they certainly aren't going to shoot or nuke us all for being there....they need some of us 'former' slaves to do some of the work for their corrupt, lazy asses.

it's time. shall we mount up?

Visible said...

I know what you mean Pot... it's like life is pointless because it ends in death and the Sun doesn't accomplish anything because everything that grows rots and dies (or is it the other way around?) this is why it's perfectly okay for the Zionists and people like Mao and Stalin to do whatever they like because it doesn't matter. Think about it. None of it matters now does it? It doesn't matter what the Khmer rouge did. It's all cool.

And I see what you mean about King getting money from communists. that would surely be something he could have personally controlled because his whole operation was just him and a couple of secretaries he was fucking.

Gandhi not only did no good he fucked things up for the Indian people because they pissed off the British who left and then it was just a bunch of savages again. The British are the world's main class act wherever they go.

So... having Bush for president or anyone else for president doesn't really matter because nothing really matters and everyone is compromised and there is no difference between living free or as a slave and living conditions in any place in the world shouldn't be improved because no one would care any way and pain and pleasure are both the same so it doesn't matter if you stick knives in people or feed them because in the end no one will remember.

It's all so clear now. Gaza is exactly what it should be and it shouldn't change; worse would probably be better. Life has no meaning and there are no useful struggles to engage in. I know you're right about King and Gandhi and strangely enough you are not the only one to say this. There are others here who have said almost word for word what you said but I don't find that strange either.

I've always wanted to do something hideous and you've given me carte blanche. If it weren't for all the good solutions that you also mentioned in your response I would probably be pretty low after reading that but, you know what? There's no difference between high and low or anything really. It's all the same. Everything is the same. I'm thinking that in the morning I will eat my own shit for breakfast. It's cheaper and I make it every day so it's a renewable resource. I've fooled myself into thinking that anything else tastes different and I don't even eat breakfast.

Probably you know that Jesus Christ took money from communists too but what's wrong with that. Communism is the same as every system isn't it? What I have realized now is that I should probably stare at a wall for six or seven years like Bodhidharma or I could get a cell and pretend I'm Tony Perkins in a real life movie where I wouldn't even hurt the fly crawling on my hand. I've ordered a hockey mask on EBay and it just occured to me that I can write these posts in my own language now and everyone will still get exactly what i am talking about which won't mean anything. apoib w o; ppiaefp p0ap0 p0ifkma0w q09ajajepoa9090b 0a9a-0 0 0a0-sn -aopwrakrk ma0-a9 -a===-00ADIFIVN0-

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now.

Screwed, Blued and Tattooed under the Hairline.

Anonymous said...

Thank you les, for your words of wisdom delivered with clarity you really do not expect in these times of skulldugery treason and grand theft. I am now "awake" in this living nightmare we call life, but i am heartened by the fact that so many people are becoming aware of just what has been going on behind the scenes for years. and like all great plans for world conquest, they will fail... STEVE E. not so Great Britain...

Anonymous said...

I suppose I'm one of those folks who thinks everything we believe is a product of the proverbial "man" wanting us to believe it. Left or right, extreme or moderate, all of it is a lie designed to maintain the power structure as is. Brilliant really.

Information. Explosive, out of control information is what is driving the anti-authoritarian elements of our world closer to revolution. We can get information everywhere now. And it's free. Which makes it a huge threat to the power structure.

So some of the more buried stories these days are about the ACTA treaty, and countless bills before the U.S. Senate, national European governments like Denmark and Sweden, and the EU Congress to regulate and censor internet content. While the whole mess of liberals and conservatives whines about taxes, bail outs, left-wing media, right-wing media, the economic crisis, and pirates, there is a very real possibility that this now-free place called the internets will become what cable television has been for decades: programming for the masses. No more free information, not in price or in spirit.

Although the death of thousands of innocents in imperialist wars around the world is a much larger tragedy, the discrete attempts to control information and profit from it are horribly tragic given the untapped potential of the internet medium if left to the people.

One of the biggest challenges is recognizing the real issues. The more people worry about guns, FEMA, the economy, and the apocolypse, the less they notice the rug being pulled out from underneath them. If you accept that most of what we all believe is instilled by someone else that wants us to believe it, then all the revolutionary talk is potentially feeding the frenzied attempts to control internet content more strictly and thus save society from the "terrorists" that would incite revolution.

After thinking long and hard about what that revolution might look like, I came to a "be careful what you wish for" moment. Are you SURE you know who the bad guys are here? I'm not. Maybe authority and power structures are the only thing keeping the animals within all of us under control, animals that mind you have been increasingly unleashed by the power of anonymous online communication.
It's a massive clusterfu&* out here

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jj- well done.

William Wilson said...

Anonymous from Ohio-first, kudos to your efforts in tax resistance.
News from Seattle- Here, the mainstream media is saying that tax protestors make, on average, a quarter million a year. And this has been bandied about and echoed by the sheeple in workplaces here.
Look at how Deviously Clever the rat bastards in the media and those giving them orders are.
By insinuating that tax protestors are well-off, they are attemting to drive a big wedge between them and other average folks. And, attempting to portray said protestors as not only more affluent, but also, by implication, irresponsible.
The fact that sheeple viewers out in la-la land swallow the media's bologna is disgusting, scary and simply awful. The mainstream media is probably the most putrid institution in America.

Yutani said...


That response to Pot was absolutely brilliant.
You encapsulated what it means to be human
and why we must struggle to improve ourselves each and every day.

Anonymous said...

Just emailed to me:

"Members of Congress should be
compelled to wear uniforms just like
NASCAR drivers, so we could identify
their corporate sponsors."

How about full body tattoos using an ice pick and some carcinogenic ink, in addition?

I stopped supporting the payrolls of both the political NASCAR drivers and their sponsors on April 15, back in '86. Have celebrated that day ever since.

European American

Anonymous said...

Annie the Mouse,
I want to have your children!
Seriously - YOU ROCK!

You keep on lighting fires of truth everytime you have the chance.
Like Jackson Browne said (before he wrote and inspired another group of Cali freedom birds) so aptly Browne sang pre 80's - before many of us had woken up - at the dismay he felt to what the American secret service was doing in S. America (early murder inc.) he sang;
I ain't no Republican,
I ain't no Democrat,
I'm a patiot.

Anonymous said...

Lord Reptor
"I feel that we are cyclic, but also that our amplitude increases each time, building, penduluming, taking advantage of growth and riding the edge-wave of destruction"
- nice, very well said. Cyclic acts are hard to stop and look at?
"I don't see anything as an end in itself, ourselves included."
- may I suggest a good song or a wanding walk on a Sunday afternoon, these seem to be ends to themselves to me?
"now I feel that we are but a platform, just an act in a play, that we struggle not to rise but to give birth"
- this too seems very on spot, but will you do the play writting or will you let others tell you, your part?

Cold or hot both happen here in Wyoming. But to easy is it to see global changes in one temp. Some places will get hot with less rain or some will get cold with tons more snow etc.. The weather patterns are changing do to sun spots(the warming of the sun), the speed of the earth movenment and our place currently in the "cosmic soup." Im sure many other thing are effecting this weather change to, but at very large scale are the above working.

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

The line that King or Gandhi where just fronts is just what the bad guys want you to puke up(even as it is true in many senses). Im not one to get pissed, but this is as bad as it gets here.
Yes, King and Gandhi had their acts and words printed and put on TV by the "masters" and yes they where happy to let this powerful speakers keep the "piece" with non war like group movements but that shouldnt be a crack on the message that we still have today, from their deaths.
You Les, can be misused and turned around for someone else's needs too!!! Look at all the readers that dont truly get your words and then run off at the mouth (hoping not me today!!)
We take what we want from anything, and if we let the "master" give us the menu, will no bitchin here please.
The "I have dream" speech is all we every learned in school, and is one of Kings not so good works. Whats that saying about the editors of the book we teach with?
Ok, back to the "Let’s levitate the Pentagon" thing. Les you're so right here its not funny. The "master" did get super sacred of the 60's and the grassroots actions taking place. So what did they do, make Malcom X or any other "front man" they needed to sidestep these new movenments.
Look at the reation to words and not who is saying them. You will be the only one listening anyway?

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

Let not the words of man muddle your vision. nature can do it with clarity. A few months ago we had a wildfire that burned up several thousand acres. A tragedy? Now this same land is covered with beautiful green grass while the lands that had not burned are that dry brown color. So, do not fear the coming burning down of this sick system, something new and better will grow to replace it.



Anonymous said...

Maybe your "April cognition" Les, regarding possible upset in the time/space continuum, is taking place almost exclusively on the subtle. Carnage between Light and Dark occurring on a massive scale but clearing that realm of the "Boogies" nevertheless. And, on this gross plane, consciousness is being enlivened in humankind? Maybe that is what you meant all along, or something along those lines?

I've had some rather profound internal revelations of late. Like "I am totally responsible for EVERY situation that I encounter." It truly makes sense on the level of my experience now rather than just "thinking" in theoretical terms about it. And when there is that internal acknowledgment, that I create this world around me, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable that experience seems to be on the outside, I still sense an underlying feeling of undeniable contentment pervading my life.

Life can be so very strange and yet, life is still a joy.

European American

Anonymous said...

moving to the outside..the first breath..ready to burst free..i hears the shell cracking.

Edric Trewick of before radio.

Ray Zerwitt said...

Just wtf? The media is bashed here in half of these comments and media darlings are adored in the other half. I don't know much about Ghandi, but he looked like a lean, mean and focused S.O.B I only look at him with suspicion because my enemy scribes love him so much. King, on the other hand, was a reknowned plagiarist. Even his "I have a dream speech" was plagiarized. His own wife pleaded with them not to release the fbi reports on him, because "his memory would be ruined". You didn't eat your own shit, you ate theirs. But it was a buffet. You took what delighted your palate. Bobbing for turds, I think you called it.

Did you see them getting hosed down on the TV? Why do people hose down dogs? Yeah, they were doing THAT. With dingaling white girls. What did YOU think they were doing? Do you have a love and hate relationship with the lying scribes?

Dadnerd said...

"Members of Congress should be
compelled to wear uniforms just like
NASCAR drivers, so we could identify
their corporate sponsors."

I love it!

pot said...

Les. I don't mean it doesn't matter or that these things are OK, but the fact that man keeps doing this shit over and over again suggests maybe that's the way it's meant to be, and is man's nature.

Perhaps man will evolve to a higher form as a result of this and life will be better for all who remain after the carnage to come. Who knows. I don't worry about stuff I can't control, so perhaps it appears I don't give a damn.

Maybe there was a path man could have taken in the past that could have taken us to a place I once believed was possible. I can not see it happening now.

As I reflect on how we got to where we are, what the agenda seems to be, and how ignorant the majority are to the fact their reality is mostly an illusion, and knowing the gap between what they believe and what is, is pretty large, I just don't see much hope anything will change in this regard.

I share my version of the truth in the hope someone may build on it. Thats all I got for ya.

You remind me of Dorothy saying over and over again she wants to go home to Kansas when she is stuck in Oz w/o any transportation. That only seems to work in a dream, but who knows, maybe you and others can work magic just by thinking you can. Who am I to judge.

As for Jesus, he was against the money lenders and those great families that spawned what came to be known as the Illuminati and later Marxist Communism, or whatever -ism it is now. Both are about global domination.

The Illuminati families beliefs and bloodlines go back to Babylon in 600 BC when a heritical sect of Judaism was corrupted with Baylonian magic and astrology. When the Persians conquered Babylon they were introduced to the Magi who taught a corrupted version of Zoroastrianism.

This led to the assimilation of Mithras to Baal, worshipped as Lucifer, which became the core of the Ancient Mysteries, and later the Kabbalah. However, it took Plato for the initial doctrines to be expressed, which is global domination ruled by an elect, or ruling elite.

The roots of the Illuminati network was centered around the House of Herod and included an important Armenian bloodline descended from the Lost tribes, and their mixed Alexandrian and Persian heritage (Alexander the Great and a Persian Royal family), a herditaary Syrian priesthood of Baal, and the family of Julius Caeser. It was the coalescence of these families that incepted the Conspiracy.

Jesus, like MLK and Gandhi, preached peace and non-violence, and formed the basis for a new religion which would be open to everyone and would turn the majority into gentlemen who were taught to obey their leaders and pay their taxes.

He was done away with, like MLK and Gandhi, and his resurrection faked by Joseph of Armathea, a member of the Sanhedrin controlled by King Herod, who conspired with the two Mary's to give birth to the new religion.

Paul was an agent of the House of Herod. He coopted Christianity by preaching a version of Christianity that led to the Mysteries of Mithras being introduced in Catholic Christianity, Constantine the Great is also of an Illuminati bloodline via Julius Caeser, and also a gnostic version of Christianity in the secret societies like the Templars, Rosicrucians and Freemasons.

The Merovingians intermarried with a family which was a claimant of the line of King David and culminated in all of the leading families of the Crusades.

These same families also created Islam recognizing the benefits in being able to pit different religions against each other in a divide and rule strategy.

They were able to infiltrate and subvert Catholicism and Islam, and later split them into sects so Christian fought Christian and the different sects of Islam proved useful for recruiting terrorists which they would control as well. The more divisions the merrier.

As for not understanding you, I understand you better than you think, I just do not agree with you on everything, just as you do not agree with everything you "hear".

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

How Rare is True Spiritual Inquiry?

Visible said...


I got what you were saying as, I pretty much think I got, what you had said. We disagree on degree of control not on the means and mediums. I have a great deal more optimism AT THIS PERIOD OF TIME than I might at other points. I have my reasons.

I absolutely do not expect people to agree with me. One of the main purposes of all of this is to inspire debate and you see the relative level of intelligence that we get here which I would say was pretty unique; not to mention the general accord.

I hope I have communicated often enough that, "I don't know." and also that I am upfront about my limitations and shortcomings. I would never want to give any other impression BUT... I don't not come to the same conclusions about these two personalities and I also find a bit of s shift in your comment from last time to this time. Most of the time we aren't comprehensive enough about what we mean; that's my problem anyway.

Still... look what it got us, a whole entry devoted to a couple of comments (grin).

I hope you and everyone know that regardless of how I seem to react on occasion, I am delighted by the general tone and by the constant education I get here.

Fred said...

Great post Les

You certainly get everyone freely thinking, the array of comments are a testament to that.

I have no doubt that a new era of awareness is fast approaching the mass conscience. I believe the reason so many are suddenly feeling this, is because we are so close to it now.

I think we have to seriously ponder what our caring, ruling “elite” may be up to here. I don’t believe there is a mutiny of any sort within their ranks, freeing the knowledge which they have so diligently kept guard over for thousands of years.

If they are indeed all seeing, they would have their leaks quickly and surgically plugged, history shows they have no more problem killing their own than they do goyims. Observations of the current climate also indicate they continue playing the game as per the trusted formula.

Take the present media hyped left versus right crap in the American domestic stage. Sure its fun to mock teabaggers, and sure its hilarious watching conservatives whine about oppressive surveillance powers they themselves once embraced, but its all a bit like shooting fish in a barrel really, you need only one functioning brain cell to spot the glaring hypocrisy, yet the Obama Army seem to think they are revealing something.

What these fish in the barrel shooters refuse to see is the powers that are fuelling the massive right wing protests are the same powers that installed Obama. So here we go again with that trusted formula of polarization and division to create havoc for personal gain. Add to this the labelling now that anyone protesting the US gov for any reason is obviously right wing and we may note that while people the world over are awakening, the faithful are becoming even more sheepish.

The reason people are becoming aware is not because the elite are allowing it, its probably not UFO freedom beams, although that theory deserves further investigation, I believe the answer can be found in something else you said Les, about linking minds.

Awakening is coming to pass by exactly the same process, which for all these years has been used against us by the elite as a weapon. Their weapon of fear, out putted through black magik, has been insurmountable for so long. You can give black magik any label you may prefer, it simply refers to the directing and manipulating of thought forms.

When populations on mass concentrate on the same thought form, as in religious prayer, the resulting conditioning on individual minds is overwhelming. You can pretty much take everything monotheistic religion has ever tried force feeding us with as double speak, not just to amuse the vulgar as they say, but to program us into slavery. Hence black magik, as this power within all of us, is being directed for harm.

If we reverse the poles, way may see why enlightenment is now catching on, enough critical mass has been achieved for the energy to propagate through out the sum.

The elite know this all too well, they know that now this process has taken hold there is no stopping it, so what are they up to? If they are busy collecting nuts for the winter, it’s not because of the coming ice age. I believe humanity has the ability, technology and will to survive such an event of nature.

Being adepts in mind control, I don’t believe the elite will succumb to positive energy and develop a sense of compassion and equality in a new era. So what are they up to? You are right Les, the time is now, the time is now!

Anonymous said...

A very interesting post. But I'm afraid nonetheless...As long as we have the Internet, or should I say the mostly uncensored Internet, we stand a chance to see "their" manipulation and read critic blog posts like this one. But..."they" know that they have to target the internet to blind our sight and reach their goals...

See and for example.

Just my two "anonymous" cents...




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